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    Hi there guys, I hope you don't mind me starting this thread here. I had a look around for one specifically pertaining to youtube clips or shows but couldn't seem to track one down so thought i'd start this in an effort to get my little project out to the masses.

    I've put together an online show entitled "The Arm Bar Critic" in which I review classic PPV's from wrestlings past. I know, I know that in itself is hardly original or thread worthy but if you take a look at what I've produced I hope you might find it's a fairly unique project.

    Rather than simply pouring my thoughts into a webcam I fill the show with clips, skits, characters, history, pop culture and comedy to create something that I hope will appeal to anyone with a passing interest in pro wrestling.

    The first show I'm tackling is Wrestlemania 7 which due to the depth of knowledge I have coupled with the abundance of hilarious material at my disposal is already up to 5 parts (Lack of an editor and an insane level of self indulgence might also be responsible for this)

    Links to all 5 parts are contained below


    I really hope you guys enjoy what I've put together and I would absolutely love to get some feed back and hear what works, what doesn't and what I can do to improve future instalments.

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    We don't appreciate people registering on our forum just to advertise.
    It's in the site rules if you had cared to look.

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