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PPV maybe going away?

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  • PPV maybe going away?

    WWE CFO George Barrios spoke with and was asked if the shift of PPV events from traditional PPV to the WWE Network, should the network launch, mean the end of PPV. Barrios responded in the affirmative: "We believe over time. We believe the value proposition will be much more powerful to subscribe to a network at $12.99 to $40.99, 24/7, you have the pay-per-views, a lot of great content, our library, a lot of retrospective programming that we're doing that's testing really, really well, we're producing it right now so over time, I think the pay-per-view does go away." You can see the video interview and read a full transcript at

    Saw this on my .net app the other day, and I found it interesting. I can see how for the non big 4 this could work, but I just can't imagine the company missing out on those fans that wouldn't want to pay for the WWE network, but want to see Mania, Rumble, etc.

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    Re: PPV maybe going away?

    Come on man. There's already a thread and it's on the first page.