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Chris Jericho talks Bret Hart, Triple H feud

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  • Chris Jericho talks Bret Hart, Triple H feud

    Just something I found regarding Bret Hart's remarks towards Triple H:
    (Sorry, I don't know how to put it in quotes )

    Recently, Bret "The Hitman Hart" made the news when he dismissed Triple H as a great wrestler, calling him mediocre at best. Wrestlezone reported on Feb. 5 that Chris Jericho came to Triple H's defense and discussed Hart's comments.

    Jericho trained with the Hart family in Canada before breaking into the business and goes back a long way with Bret. Despite that, he said he was surprised to hear of Bret Hart's comments about Triple H. He said it might be an old grudge from the Montreal Screw Job days.

    "Old, old, old wounds die hard," Jericho said. Chris said Hart and Shawn Michaels have worked things out but he might still have a problem with Triple H.

    Jericho then went on to put over Triple H, saying he has had dozens of great matches. He also said that last year's Triple H match with Brock Lesnar was not great, but was a very good one. He called Triple H one of the best

    While Bret Hart may not like Triple H, Jericho said it is ok to say you don't like someone because they are a "jerk' but there is no way anyone can discount what he does in the ring. Hart called the Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker a disappointing match, but Jericho called it "amazing."

    "Triple H may be a little bit underrated as far as the amount of flak that he takes over the years, but, as a performer, Iíll tell you straight up he was definitely one of the best, from that era and even up until last year," Jericho said.

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    Re: Chris Jericho talks Bret Hart, Triple H feud

    This is plastered all over the Bret Hart/HHH thread.