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Stephanie Mcmahon speaks about unifying creative teams

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  • Stephanie Mcmahon speaks about unifying creative teams

    Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE chairman Vince McMahon, has been in the family business since high school, when she worked the company switchboard. But her training started a lot earlier, when as a child she sat in on her dad's creative meetings "pretending to be not listening, but I was. It's just really what I've always wanted to do." She began leading the WWE's creative writing team at age 22 and was promoted to her current title in 2007, where she oversees the development of TV, pay-per-view, print, digital and social-media programming.

    A couple years ago, she merged the creative teams, which had been split by channel. "We are all telling the same stories. And digital and social offer the ability to continue storylines 24/7 so our fans can consume the content anytime, anywhere on the device they prefer." Her influence will soon grow if the WWE, as planned, launches its own network.

    Did you know? Ms. McMahon, who is married to wrestling star Triple H, used to appear in WWE programming, just like her dad. But "it just got to be too much," she said, as she began having children (she now has three kids).
    Who is the boss? Who made wrestling? Who is sports entertainment?


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    Re: Stephanie Mcmahon speaks about unifying creative teams

    I'm still so upset that she probably won't be a regular on screen character ever again, or at least not until she's too old to still be hot.

    I miss her.


    This will remain in my sig until The Rock gets his WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch.