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  • Hair Match

    Have a hair match tha involves Shit,sorry ment Shield,couldnt help myself. That way when they lost we could see that half blonde crap leave and that greesy long black crap buzzed.
    What is wwe writers thinking. Don.t they hear the people in the arenas. The Boo's aren't because they are the bad guys. The bad guys get a "You Suck". The boos are because they are getting ripped off to a good finish. Everything these 3 never will be's are a bigger joke than Vickie.
    First off the real Randy would have already took them out one at a time,back stage. The same goes for Miz.
    Good story line: They put Kane thru a table, he pulls old school Kane and sets straight up.Why not since you put him back in old school look?

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    Re: Hair Match

    Your threads really are terrible. Please stop making them.