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Great Saturday Morning Slam today!

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  • Great Saturday Morning Slam today!

    WWE Saturday MorningSlam 11/24/2012

    El Local(Ricardo) vs Justin Gabriel
    A pie eating contest with R-Truth(and little Jimmy), Ryder and Santino
    Uso's vs 3MB

    Overall thoughts: Someone said that Saturday Morning Slam was the best wrestling TV show and this week it gets my vote. This was simply a fun half hour with a little something for everyone. We got some okay wrestling and we got to see some of the wrestlers in different situations as usual. Best of all, it didn't take more than two minutes for the non-wrestling stuff which is perfect. A big thumbs up for this one.

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    Re: Great Saturday Morning Slam today!

    It is a fun show but it was rather meh for the the show. I like the video packages that they do between the two matches. The pie eating contest was god awful and did anyone else catch the not so subtle inuendo when Brodus and the Funkadactyls came out?


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      Re: Great Saturday Morning Slam today!

      havent been a fan of this show but decided to catch it this week because of ryback. odd that i noticed some kid in the front row had his austin 3:16 shirt blurred out and the cameras cut away from the impact of the 2 meat hook clotheslines ryback hit. i know this is suppossed to be a kids show but really??!!

      also must note tyson kidd hit one of the prettiest top rope elbows ive seen in a very long time.
      "Everyone back to my trailer for pot pies and mountain dew" - Kevin Nash


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        Re: Great Saturday Morning Slam today!

        this is 1 show i don't watch i'm curious who else watch this show