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WWE Forum Spoiler Policy

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  • WWE Forum Spoiler Policy

    • Label thread titles to indicate that you are posting a spoiler. Please do not put the actual spoiler in the thread title. It's better to be vague in the thread title than to make the spoiler/rumor obvious.

      Good thread titles
      - Rumor for tonight's SmackDown
      - Possible SummerSlam Spoiler

      Bad thread titles
      - Big Show set to turn face again on Raw
      - Major superstar returning at SummerSlam


    • If you are posting about a spoiler in an existing thread that isn't already labeled as a spoiler thread, use the spoiler tags.

      Ex. In a thread called "Who will be the next NXT champion?", you could put...

      [spoiler]Hideo Itami pinned Samoa Joe in a non-title match at the most recent NXT taping, so maybe he will win the title next.[/spoiler]

      ..and it will show up as:



    • Threads and posts (outside of the party thread and MVP thread) pertaining to anything from a newly aired Raw/SmackDown episode should not be made until 2:15 AM EST, which is three hours after the live airing ends. This coincides with the ending of the west coast airing (11:15 PM PT).

    • For PPVs: once the show has ended, new threads and posts are immediately fair game. For all other shows: once the United States airing of the show has ended, new threads and posts are immediately fair game.

    Many of us don't care much about being spoiled, but be courteous to those who do!