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Slammiversary at Boston University

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  • Slammiversary at Boston University

    Word. The last time TNA advertised a ppv in Boston they ran a show in a town up near the New Hamshire boarder. This is a pleasant surprise for Boston wrestling fans that have no use for an automobile.

    Since ROH stopped running shows in Boston (ironically enough, same campus and just two blocks away) a few years ago, there has been nothing as far as pro wrestling goes in this historic city. Yeah, we get the alway fun WWE shows but that's at the other end of town and we deserve better. I know Dragon Gate tried their best just outside of the city the past couple of years but their lack of advertisement did them in.

    The arena they picked will be just perfect. State of the art facility, less than 10 years old. Right off the interstate with plenty of parking and about a block from two T (our transit system) stops.

    Why this hasn't happened sooner, I don't know. But I do know this will help this area's wrestling scene and who couldn't use another Fandago?

    Thanks to Tom~! for the Banner