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Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

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  • Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

    All talk about ratings goes in this thread

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    Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on


    Source: EWrestlingNews

    The 1/17 TNA iMPACT! Wrestling drew a 1.15 (1.2) cable rating, with 1.6 million viewers. This is up from last week's show that drew a 1.02 (1.0) cable rating with 1.3 million viewers. The average viewership was up over 300,000 people.

    It is also slightly above the 1.14 (1.1) cable rating the show drew two weeks ago on 1/3 also drawing 1.6 million viewers.
    Not much of a pop for the wedding. Although, the pop was less about the wedding and more about the potential for a big A's & 8's reveal. Hey, wrestling fans are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for.

    Anyways, next week will show if the fishes really took the bait... or if they just nibbled it and went on their way.

    Will there be breakdowns? Stay tuned!


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      Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

      Ratings, who cares?

      Like I've said in another post, I'm from the UK. So ratings to you Americans may mean a lot more to me, but I don't care. For me they mean nothing. But I would like to try and see if someone was able to convince me otherwise...

      Mess with E.C.3. and you're in for; Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble....



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        Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

        Well, the only time fans should really care about the ratings is when they're really low... 'Cause that could spell the end for a company that is almost solely driven by ratings.


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          Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

          Alright, time to break down some ratings... so that they may rise again and become stronger...

          From PWTorch... It pees when they burn... ???

          First Hour Break Down

          Q1: Impact opened with one of their best Q1 ratings in the new timeslot, scoring a 1.16 rating for the immediate Genesis PPV fall-out, wedding show introduction, Jeff Hardy cutting a promo, and set-up for the opening match.

          Q2: Once people got a taste of the show, Impact dipped sharply to a show-low 1.02 rating for Hardy & James Storm vs. Daniels & Kaz, and one commercial.

          Q3: Impact increased slightly to a 1.07 rating for Gut Check, one commercial, and Kenny King vs. Christian York.

          Q4: Impact dipped slightly to a 1.04 rating for various backstage and video segments and two full commercial breaks.

          Second Hour Break Down

          Q5: Impact got its second wave of new viewers tuning in for the top of the hour, scoring a 1.24 rating. This segment featured Sting calling out Hulk Hogan ahead of the wedding, plus one commercial.

          Q6: For the second time in three weeks, TNA placed a Knockouts match after a Hogan-themed Q5 segment to hold the audience. The segment scored a 1.23 rating for Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky, followed by one commercial.

          Q7: Impact dipped slightly to a second-hour-low 1.19 rating for Bobby Roode and Austin Aries cutting a promo before being confronted by Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. There was also one commercial, then introductions for the wedding angle.

          Q8: Impact scored a 1.34 rating for the final wedding intros, one commercial, and the full wedding angle that went the final ten minutes of the show.
          My thoughts:

          Q1: The audience's bodies were ready for some wedding hijinks.

          Q2: I guess Daniels' tush isn't as tasty as he'd like to think...

          Q3: The crowd does like fresh things. (Yeah, I know York has been wrestling for over 16 years... but that was 16 years of irrelevance... No offense.)

          Q4: I blame the people they were too lazy to name... Shame on them.

          Q5: And here comes the trend! *The crowd pops*

          Q6: Dat ass keeps 'em watching! Woo!

          Q7: And now Chavo gets to leech off of Double R and Double A... Eddie needed the break.

          Q8: What if everybody really tuned in just to catch Bellator? I'm just kidding.

          The only way to get mainstream wrestling fan's attention is to do big stupid things... Unfortunately, TNA doesn't seem to know how to hold their interest for an entire show.

          Anyways, let's see how many of these fans return next week. Until then, whatever.


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            Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

            The biggest ratings were two Hogan segments, we're toast.


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              Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

              It's ratings time! Oww!

              From the PWTorch... Torchalicious!

              TNA Impact on Thursday, January 24 officially scored a 1.17 rating, essentially even with last week's 1.16 rating.

              It's the highest rating in the new timeslot and, coincidentally, the highest rating since the same week in 2012 when the Jan. 26 episode scored a 1.17 rating.

              Impact scored a 1.08 first hour rating (vs. 1.07 last week) and 1.26 second hour rating (vs. 1.25 rating last week).

              The lowest quarter-hour rating was at the beginning of the show for Taz's explanation of last week's heel turn. Impact then peaked with a 1.36 rating at the top of the second hour for Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan addressing the wedding angle, with a new wave of viewers tuning in for the old first hour.

              Impact then dipped one-tenth for the remainder of the show, finishing with a 1.22 rating for the TNA World Title main event of Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels.
              Things are looking up! For TNA standards...

              Break down!

              First Hour Break Down

              Q1: Impact opened with a 0.96 rating for Taz explaining his heel turn after a replay of the end of last week's Impact. Included was one commercial. This was a big difference from a 1.16 Q1 rating last week.

              Q2: Impact bumped up to a 1.08 rating for Tara vs. Velvet Sky in a Knockouts Title match, plus pre and post-match segments and one commercial.

              Q3: Impact stayed the same at a 1.08 rating for various video packages leading to Joseph Park's in-ring promo. Included were two full commercial breaks.

              Q4: Impact bumped up to a 1.18 rating for Zema Ion & Kenny King vs. RVD & Christian York in X Division action, one commercial, and Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan coming to the ring to address the wedding angle last week.

              Second Hour Break Down

              Q5: Impact jumped to a 1.36 rating for Bully & Brooke addressing the wedding angle, Sting joining the discussion, one commercial, and video packages on Jeff Hardy.

              Q6: Impact's audience jumped down one-tenth to a 1.24 rating for Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez, one commercial, and a video package on Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson.

              Q7: Impact dipped to a second-hour-low 1.20 rating for Kurt Angle confronting Mr. Anderson, one commercial, an Aces & Eights video, and ring introductions for the TNA Title main event.

              Q8: Impact increased slightly to a 1.22 rating for Hardy vs. Daniels in the main event, one commercial, and A&E attacking Hardy to close the show.
              My thoughts:

              Q1: That rating is almost as small as Taz...

              Q2: That rating would be better if Velvet would show off more delicious ass meat...

              Q3: Consistency! Thank you Joseph!

              Q4: Was it Youth? Or the old ECW druggies? You decide!

              Q5: The trend plus stupid casual fans! Huzzah!

              Q6: Hernandez must have stole the rest of them ratings... Yup, blame the Mexican...

              Q7: Anderson continues to prove why he's a top star in TNA... Sarcasm!

              Q8: Daniels' tush must have saved the day... Or not... I don't know.

              TNA can't count on one strong segment every week. More consistency! That needs to happen somehow. I just don't know what that somehow is...



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                Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                Time for some ratings, bitches.

                Partial Source:

                -- Thursday night's episode of iMPACT! Wrestling scored a 1.16 (1.2) cable rating, with 1.58 million viewers. Those numbers are even with last week and make for the best run for iMPACT! since this time last year, when five straight episodes pulled a 1.16. The show ended the month with 1.53 million average viewers, the highest since January of 2012.
                I guess the rest of TNA's fanbase finally returned from whatever epic adventure they went on. What show ended? Was it Pawn Stars?

                Break the ratings down!

                The quarter-hour ratings are below:

                Q1: 0.98 rating - Daniels and Kazarian's "Braveheart" bit
                Q2: 1.10 rating - Brutus Magnus vs. Devon, Joseph Park making his OFN Challenge.
                Q3: 1.13 rating - Joseph Park vs. Robbie E., first part of Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero
                Q4: 1.06 rating - Second part of Aries vs. Chavo, Kurt Angle backstage segment
                Q5: 1.38 rating - Sting, Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray, and Brooke Hogan's in-ring segment
                Q6: 1.25 rating - Dixie Carter's announcement of Impact going on the road, Velvet Sky & James Storm vs. Tara & Jessie
                Q7: 1.22 rating - Video packages and backstage segments
                Q8: 1.17 rating - Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in the steel cage, post-match heel turns by Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff
                My thoughts:

                Q1: They may take their lives... but they'll never take their RATINGS!!!

                Q2: Magnus = Ratings! Prove me wrong.

                Q3: I guess Joseph Park successfully kayfabbed the viewers at home. Well played, Mr. Park.

                Q4: I blame Chavo... and so does Pepe...

                Q5: Stop working the ratings, Hogan! Fuck him! The trend wins!

                Q6: I blame Dixie Carter... She pissed off the Impact Zone... Way to go...

                Q7: "Insert joke about packages here"

                Q8: Not even a 5 O'clock shadow can save Kenny from being boring... Next step: Get a shitty tattoo.

                I guess TNA is back to where it started... sort of. Eh, still better than being stuck below the 1.0 mark.



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                  Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                  I'll show you my ratings if you show me yours... Ho-Ho!

                  TNA Impact on Thursday, February 7 scored a 1.04 rating, down 12 percent from last week. This ended TNA's three-week run scoring a 1.16 or 1.17 rating.

                  Impact averaged 1.41 million viewers, down 12 percent from last week's average of 1.58 million viewers.

                  Bellator MMA that followed Impact averaged 807,000 viewers, up 100,000 from an average of 705,000 viewers last week. The Bellator show included an announcement from TNA president Dixie Carter.

                  As for Impact, the show ranked #29 in overall cable TV viewers Thursday night, a distant #32 among males 18-34, and #20 among males 18-49.

                  Last year's Impact this week scored a similar 1.06 overall rating, but the demographic ratings were significantly higher last year - three-tenths of a rating in m18-34 and two-tenths in m18-49.
                  I guess the honeymoon is over for the fan's interest... Get it? 'Cause the wedding pulled in the viewers and... Ah, fuck you! Breakdowns coming soon! Maybe!



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                    Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                    Now I've got ratings by the numbers... Overalls by the score... Everyday you love them less... Each day I love them more...

                    -- The Valentines Day edition of TNA iMPACT! Wrestling scored a 1.01 (1.0) cable rating, with 1.30 million viewers. Those numbers are down 2% and 8%, respectively, from the 1.03 and 1.41 million viewers the week before.

                    The show slipped slightly in the key male demos including the lowest male 18 - 49 rating of the year.
                    I would blame the fact that it was Valentines Day... but we all know wrestling fans... Nevermind... Bad joke... Even if it does ring true for some of us... Sigh...

                    Breakdown coming soon... And I ain't just talking about the ratings... Heh.


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                      Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                      Wow, TNA gets a million viewers weekly huh? I'm pretty shocked to be honest. I thought they were much less known than that. This is good though!


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                        Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                        Hey, why don't we breakdown some ratings together? I promise I'll be gentle... *Awkward silence*

                        Source: PWTorch... It's super buff and super naked...

                        First Hour Break Down

                        Q1: Impact opened with a 0.92 rating for Hulk Hogan's speech about trying to find a #1 contender to the TNA World Title by the end of the show. Sting then joined Hogan in the ring to set the stage for Team TNA vs. Team Aces & Eights at Lockdown. This was followed by one commercial.

                        Q2: Impact was essentially the same at a 0.91 rating for Daniels vs. Magnus in the first unhyped "impress Hulk Hogan" match, plus one commercial.

                        Q3: Impact stayed at a 0.91 rating for the seriously underhyped Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle "impress Hulk Hogan" match, plus one commercial.

                        Q4: Impact inched up to a 0.94 rating - the first hour peak rating - for the first-half of a mixed tag match featuring the Knockouts. There were also two full commercial breaks.

                        Second Hour Break Down

                        Q5: Impact jumped to a show-high 1.19 rating for the second-half of the mixed tag match, post-match involvement from Brooke Hogan, and video packages. The segment benefited from only having half of a commercial break.

                        Q6: Impact dipped to a 1.08 rating for James Storm vs. RVD in another match trying to impress Hulk Hogan, plus one-and-a-half commercial breaks.

                        Q7: Impact dipped to a second-hour-low 1.00 rating for the Hogans talking backstage, ring introductions for the Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode main event, one commercial, and the first half of the main event.

                        Q8: Impact increased slightly to a 1.05 rating for the finish of Aries-Roode, one commercial, and Hogan teasing a #1 contender decision that was interrupted by Aces & Eights.
                        My thoughts:

                        Q1: I blame age...

                        Q2: Magnus' 6-pack scared off the fans. They can't handle them abs.

                        Q3: Consistency is usually an ok thing... But not when we're dealing with a freakin' Joe/Angle match. That's just disgraceful.

                        Q4: Ass still draws! Cheeks, don't fail us now!

                        Q5: #Trend. 'Nuff said.

                        Q6: See, kids? Drugs really are bad for you... and ratings...

                        Q7: I blame nepotism...

                        Q8: Hijinks and shenanigans weren't enough to bring back all the viewers... What has the world come to?

                        I guess the venue and crowd wasn't TNA's major problem... Who knew? Then again, one step in the right direction doesn't really get you anywhere. What's the next move? Kill A's & 8's? More KO's? Eric Young? I don't know.

                        Laters, random people I don't know.


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                          Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                          Ratings time!

                          Brought to you by PWTorch... Even through the darkest days their fire burns always...

                          TNA Impact on Thursday, February 21 scored a 1.02 rating, essentially even with a 1.00 rating last week.

                          After TNA averaged a 1.13 rating in January, the first three shows of February have slid one stair-step to an average of a 1.02 rating.

                          Impact averaged 1.35 million viewers, up from 1.29 million viewers last week.

                          - On cable TV Thursday night, Impact ranked #31 in overall viewers, a distant #41 among males 18-34, and #26 among males 18-49. Impact was topped by the NBA on TNT, but also other male-oriented programming including "Guiness World's Records & Impractical Jokers" on TruTV, "Swamp People" on History, and Family Guy repeats on TBS.

                          Impact's key demographics were even compared to last week's show. The biggest difference is a comparison to last year this same week. Key demo comparisons:

                          M18-34 - 0.86 HH rating (2012) vs. 0.47 HH rating (2013)

                          M18-49 - 0.83 HH rating (2012) vs. 0.57 HH rating (2013)

                          The drop-off has made Spike TV's reality show "Bar Rescue" arguably the most-watched show on the channel now. The new Season 3 of Bar Rescue, which airs on Sunday nights, is averaging 1.5 million viewers, a 1.10 rating among m18-34, and 0.6-0.7 among m18-49. The show is also garnering female viewers, which TNA typically struggles with
                          Maybe the guy from Bar Rescue could come in and help make TNA more successful? Alcohol solves all problems... Seriously, though, I would love seeing him yell at both Dixie and Hogan. Huh? Oh, I don't watch enough of the show to remember his actual name...

                          See you again when(or if) the breakdowns pop up.


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                            Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                            Let's have some ratings, yes?

                            From EWrestlingNews... It's a thing on the interwebs...

                            Thursday night's episode of iMPACT! Wrestling, which saw Jeff Hardy return after being off TV for four weeks due to the promotion's trip to the UK, scored a 1.14 (1.1) cable rating, with 1.49 million viewers. Those numbers are both up 10% from last week's 1.02 and 1.34 million. The episode also saw big improvements in the male key male demos, with a 2013-high in the male 18 - 49 demo and almost a high in males 18 - 34.

                            The show ranked #26 in overall viewers for cable shows for the night, #27 among males 18 - 34 and #15 among males 18 - 49.
                            The Impact Zone = Ratings? Heh... No.

                            Waiting for breakdowns starting... NOW!


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                              Re: Ratings Thread....January 17, 2013 and on

                              Ratings... I'm breaking you down, man!

                              Source: PWTorch... They destroy all you've done...

                              First Hour Break Down

                              Q1: Impact opened with a 1.08 rating for Bully Ray's show-opening promo, Jeff Hardy returning to TV, and Daniels & Kaz interrupting to set up the TV main event. There was also half of a commercial.

                              Q2: Impact dropped to a 0.97 rating for Velvet Sky vs. Tara in one of two Knockouts matches this week. Pre-match intros went longer than the match, though, and there were one-and-a-half commercial breaks.

                              Q3: Impact increased to a 1.04 rating for Austin Aries vs. Hernandez and one commercial.

                              Q4: Impact increased to a first-hour-high 1.10 rating for Kenny King capturing the X Division Title from Rob Van Dam and two full commercial breaks. It appears that even the minimalist of hype (as opposed to zero hype) for an X Division Title match has potential to attract an audience.

                              Second Hour Break Down

                              Q5: Impact popped to a 1.31 rating with a new wave of viewers tuning in to see Jeff Hardy, but finding Aces & Eights instead. Sting then joined the discussion to announce his team for Lethal Lockdown before a fight broke out. There was also one commercial.

                              Q6: Impact began its steady decline with a 1.27 rating for various videos and backstage segments wrapped around Ivelisse Veliz vs. Lei'd Tapa in a Knockouts Gut Check Challenge match.

                              Q7: Impact dipped again to a 1.23 rating for an update on A.J. Styles, a skit involving the Robbies, and hype for the TV main event.

                              Q8: Impact fell to a second-hour-low 1.13 rating for Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray vs. Daniels & Kazarian in the main event.
                              My thoughts:

                              Q1: Not even Jeff Hardy can save the first quarter... much...

                              Q2: Dat ass has failed us all... WHY?!?

                              Q3: Aries' cape can only do so much when you put him against a person cursed with the Chavo.

                              Q4: I blame RVD for stabbing apples with pens...

                              Q5: Trend! Plus Hardy? Why should he get any credit? He had his chance earlier... and he blew it. I'm giving this one to EY.

                              Q6: Well, at least the ratings didn't plummet to their death... That's at least a good sign.

                              Q7: AJ's hobo beard scared them away...

                              Q8: Oh, that's no good. I mean, both guys that are in the Lockdown mainevent were in that one... plus Daniels' tush... Shame, shame, shame.

                              Eh, I think TNA deserves a pass on this one... I mean, they were in the Impact Zone... Once they leave that place behind, shit will get real.