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American Hardcore Theatre: ECW's Real History

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    Originally posted by ShinobiMusashi
    Thanks man. Was able to get a little work done on it today, I updated the Tri States Wrestling article with videos of the Owen Hart match(excellent) and an Eddie Gilbert vs Cactus Jack barbed wire match as well as all time results for all TSWA shows: http://americanhardcoretheatre.weebl...tling-alliance

    Edit; I've actually read in a few books about how none of the TSWA shows were filmed and the footage is super rare but I was able to find a few full shows on Youtube(that were just recently uploaded this year):

    Autumn Armageddon '90(Terry Funk vs Jerry Lawler! REVERSE CAGE BATTLE ROYAL!):
    part 1:
    part 2:

    Autumn Armageddon '91(Owen Hart vs Takayuki Iizuka , Last Blood Battle Royal, Kevin Sullivan vs Terry Funk, Eddie Gilbert & Medusa vs Cactus & Luna Vachon, Abdullah the Butcher vs The Shiek steel cage)
    part 1:
    part 2:

    Bunch of other shows are on Youtube, video quality is super bad but it's cool, going to be watching some of these soon. This is where ECW came from.
    Great to see te beginnings of things.
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