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WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

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  • WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

    *WPW is returning in September 2013.

    - The Future of Professional Wrestling on HBO (2 Episodes)
    - Radio Silence (November 2012)


    WPW World Pro Wrestling Champion - KENTA
    Defeated: Samoa Joe at Battle At The Dome
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Date: March 31st 2013

    Previous Champions: -
    Samoa Joe (August 2012 - March 2013)

    Silver Champion - HOMICIDE
    Defeated: Hirooki Goto at Battle At The Dome
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Date: March 31st 2013

    Previous Champions: -
    Hirooki Goto (December 2012 - March 2013)
    Randy Orton (August - October 2012) - Vacated belt

    *The Silver Championship is a special belt created by WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. The champion must defend the belt three times against challengers from WPW and other promotions. If the belt is successfully defended three times then the Silver Champion may earn a title shot whenever they want against the WPW World Pro Wrestling Champion. Should the Silver Champion lose, he must defend the belt three times again and earn another title shot. Should the Silver Champion become WPW World Pro Wrestling Champion, the belt must be relinquished to the Championship Committee.

    Super Crown Champion - LOW KI
    Defeated: Katsuhiko Nakajima at Retaliation
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Date: February 24th 2013

    "Progress or Throwback?" - Wrestling Observer Newsletter September 2012.


    • July 2012
    • WPW is founded by a group of investors from the pro-wrestling world led by Kurt Angle and Naoki Sugabayashi. They announce the Gold Rush Series featuring 32 of the best wrestlers in the world in a knockout tournament to crown the first WPW World Pro-Wrestling Champion.
    • Wrestlers from TNA, NJPW, WWE, ROH, and many other promotions sign on to compete.
    • HBO agrees to broadcast the entire tournament and signs a conditional agreement with WPW to broadcast its content.

    • August 2012
    • Samoa Joe wins the Gold Rush Series, defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi in a 2 out of 3 Fall/Submission match to become the first
      WPW World Pro-Wrestling Champion.
    • WPW debuts weekly wrestling show Siege of Chicago on HBO.
    • Randy Orton defeats Masato Tanaka at Siege of Chicago to become the first ever Silver Champion.

    • September 2012
    • World Wrestling Entertainment issues a cease and desist launches a comprehensive lawsuit on the eve of WPW's first pay-per-view Future Is Now citing loopholes in contract details of former WWE wrestlers who had signed on to work WPW. Those wrestlers are forced to quit the promotion and return to WWE.
    • WPW is forced to cancel the pay-per-view and are dropped from their previous agreements with broadcasters.
    • Kurt Angle steps down as WPW's COO and Spokesperson.

    • October 2012
    • WPW struggles through a tour of the Midwest with a skeleton roster to make ends meet.

    • December 2012
    • Naoki Sugabayashi moves WPW back to Japan where they begin booking shows in Tokyo from the Ryogoku Kokugikan.
    • AJ Styles makes an appearance at Warrior's Way costing Hiroshi Tanahashi a WPW World Title match against Samoa Joe.

    • February 2013
    • Once again AJ Styles and a masked accomplice interfere in the WPW World Title rematch at All or Nothing and WPW is forced to cut the feed of the result of the match.
    • Low Ki defeats Katsuhiko Nakajima to become the first ever Super Crown Champion.
    • John Morrison returns as a 'Shaman' after spending months on the sidelines from a severe facial injury caused by Masato Tanaka.

    • April 2013
    • WPW hosts its biggest ever show at the Tokyo Dome - Battle at the Dome featuring a super-card culminating its rivalries in Japan.
    • Shaman and Masato Tanaka take part in a brutal Exploding Barb-Wire Steel Cage battle resulting in a victory for Shaman and Masato Tanaka's departure due to injury.
    • Homicide becomes Silver Champion by defeating Hirooki Goto with the help of Low Ki. They would later form the group known as the Underground Kings.
    • AJ Styles wins a WPW contract by defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi at the event.
    • KENTA becomes WPW World Pro-Wrestling Champion after Samoa Joe is beaten down by Hiroshi Tanahashi during the match.

    • May 2013
    • Broadcast deals are signed across Asia and South America to carry WPW-TV.
    • WPW opens an office in New York City to re-enter the North American market.
    • The Hammerstein Ballroom becomes the home of WPW programming for the summer. Later it is dubbed "The Temple" of pro-wrestling.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

    A note from the Author:
    I have been away from pro-wrestling for around six years and tuned back in during the Summer of Punk and a lot has changed since then. Even back in 06' I had a creative itch to do my own BTB/Fan Fic and never really had a right fit and suffered many false starts. Recently I got this itch back and decided to try it out. This Fic is inspired by 'Busa and Zap's "One Night Stand" also 'Busa's FMW not to mention Holzhammer's Tripod Site which I happened to stumble upon and which brought back many memories. So I thank you if you are tuning in to this fed and I hope to deliver an entertaining read for you if you do take your time out to read through it. Thanks again, T-Money aka Guru.

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    Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

    HBO Special – The Future of Professional Wrestling – Episode 1

    Tuesday July 10th 2012

    Fade in to a set with black and white photographs of past professional wrestling matches adorning the wall. The studio is dimly lit in gold light. Sat on a stool at the center of the frame is MATT STRIKER dressed in business casual.

    Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Matt Striker, the host of this special. I am a former professional wrestler and currently a color commentator and interviewer. Tonight's program is the first exclusive look behind the events that have transpired within the professional wrestling industry during the past two weeks which have left this otherwise stable industry in complete turmoil.”

    We cut from Striker to various related video clips and archive pictures as he begins his voice-over.

    The smoke rose into the air with a series of unrelated walk-outs and subsequent contract terminations of prominent wrestlers from the two internationally recognized professional wrestling promotions.

    The first of these individuals was Kurt Angle who gave a televised announcement that he was retiring from active wrestling as he felt he could no longer compete at the level requested of him. Rumors were that he had been offered an executive contract to stay on and develop the younger talent but he had refused.

    Within 24 hours of Kurt Angle's release another shocking event took place. The man we all know as Samoa Joe was also released from the company after he assaulted five staff members and walked out of a TV taping. A lawsuit has already been filed against him and he is due to appear in court later this week.

    Joe's release sparked widespread speculation in the community but no one had any idea what was on the horizon just a few days later. The premier wrestling promotion in the world based in Connecticut whom I cannot name here, granted release to the already suspended wrestlers Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio Jr. Both had been suspended as a result of the company's Talent Wellness Program and they had requested to be released from the company.

    Speculation was rife as to where Mysterio and Orton would end up. Everyone thought they would jump ship to the Nashville based number two but both denied this in various interviews and mentioned they simply wanted to take time off.

    You can still say all this was a long time coming for these particular individuals and there was nothing to be alarmed about. Until, a headline emerged that a further ten wrestlers had walked out of the Connecticut promotion within 48 hours of the previous releases. These ten would be termed the 'rebels' by insiders in the company irate had what had happened and furious that such dependable members of the midcard had taken this sudden turn. They however did not know the whole story as it was slowly revealed that the remaining time on their contracts were bought out and negotiations were done at the very top with Vince McMahon to at least attempt to keep things as private as possible. Their profiles were subsequently removed and all mention of them removed from television. We will briefly show you who exactly these rebels are.”

    A graphic rolls showing archive photos of the ten, their ring names appear as captions – Drew Galloway aka Drew McIntyre, Nick Nemeth aka Dolph Ziggler, Jake Hager aka Jack Swagger, Jorge Areas aka Hunico, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Paul Lloyd Jr. aka Justin Gabriel, TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd, Ron Killings, Luis Urive aka Sin Cara.

    This drastically altered that company's programming and affected their pay-per-view and television booking significantly enough that the conspiracy theories had reached a fever pitch. People believed that the Nashville promotion had struck back from the release of Joe and Angle to cripple the Connecticut promotion's midcard, a professional wrestling cold war perhaps. Did the Nashville promotion really have this much financial flex though? Of course not. Wishful thinking at best.

    Almost a week passed, the speculation simmered from time to time, social media gave no clues at all just pointless banter. The community believed that perhaps this was just a cost cutting measure from the Connecticut promotion to trim their roster and finally unify their programming into one three hour show as they had always been planning.

    Slowly the conspiracy theories were simply gone, both promotions aired their live programs the following week and did well enough to cover up the losses of talent. The dust had settled. No way...

    The day was June 30th 2012. In the very earliest hours of dawn in Chicago, Illinois outside the Allstate Arena rose massive banners. The entire outside of the arena was covered with not only the faces of the wrestlers who had quit their promotions but of wrestlers from promotions across the world like Hiroshi Tanahashi, MVP, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Morrison, Homicide, Shelton Benjamin, Chavo Guerrero, and El Mesias among others.

    The fire was lit now, and promptly a hazy video was broadcast across sports stations in the US and picked up by select networks around the world. At the head of a table sat Kurt Angle. Behind him...a logo showing the initials W, P, W. Let's show you a clip.”

    Ladies and gentlemen professional wrestling is dying a slow death in North America. It kills me to see my sport burned in the glare of the lights of this circus that is mainstream America. I have had enough, I cannot sit back and watch it die. It is time for the sport, the supporters, and the wrestlers to fight back, to show what it is that we love and live for. By gathering investors from across the world passionate and generous to preserve the legacy of this sport I have set the wheels in motion.

    Our goal is to not only to elevate the sport presently but become the standard of quality, innovation, and build the most elite wrestling promotion in the world.

    The irony is I never had to sell this idea to anyone who has agreed to be a part of this revolution. Everyone I spoke with knows what I am talking about, everyone knows what they have to do. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to be a part of something that will change professional wrestling forever. I give you WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. The future is now.”

    Angle's faces fizzles out replaced by a blue circular logo with the initals WPW – WorldWide Progressive Wrestling written below in blue caption.

    Cut back to Mr. Striker in the studio. He had a script in his hand the whole time as he throws it on the floor and the cameras move in to his face. Dead serious.

    As I sit here before you, any wrestling supporters will know that I also was granted my release from....screw it, from World Wrestling Entertainment. I have the entire story right here and I don't need a script to tell you what is about to happen in the professional wrestling world. Everything will change now. We have the talent, we have the staff, but most importantly we dared to dream...and we will not stop until it is manifested. Anyone who ever gave a damn about this sport, who grew up breathing and living professional wrestling, this is dedicated to you. Progression begins now. Long live WorldWide Progressive Wrestling! Good night.

    Striker smiles getting off the stool and walking out of the studio. A clip rolls with a deep voice-over.

    WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
    Gold Rush Series
    8pm-10pm on HBO
    Friday 27th, Sat 28th, and Sunday 29th July 2012
    Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    “The inaugural tournament to crown the first true World Pro Wrestling Champion with a knockout style tournament begins on Friday 27th July 2012. All participants are listed by the names that they have personally registered with. The matches were decided based on a randomized draw on July 10th 2012 at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

    Section A and B will take place on Friday 27th July and Section C and D will take place on Saturday 28th July 2012. Sunday will be the start of the round of 16 to determine which eight wrestlers go into the Quarter Finals and Gold Rush Series II at the same venue on Saturday August 4th 2012 and eventually the semi-final, and Grand Final on Sunday August 5th 2012.”

    Friday 27th, Sat 28th July 2012
    Round of 32

    Sunday 29th July 2012
    Elite 16

    Saturday August 4th 2012
    Quarter Finals

    Sunday August 5th 2012
    Semi Finals
    Final – 2 of 3 Falls/Submission to crown World Pro Wrestling Champion

    Friday 27th July 2012

    Katsuhiko Nakajima

    Jey Uso
    Low Ki

    Jimmy Uso

    (Justin) Gabriel

    Samoa Joe
    Tyson Kidd

    Chavo Guerrero Jr.
    Taka Michinoku

    Carlito Colon
    Ron Killings

    Shelton Benjamin
    Charlie Haas
    Saturday 28th July 2012

    Masato Tanaka
    John Morrison

    Jake Swagger
    Hirooki Goto

    Davey Richards

    Rey Mysterio
    Sin Cara

    Jay Lethal
    Chris Sabin

    Randy Orton
    El Mesias

    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Drew Galloway

    The Ziggler (Dolph)
    Hiroshi Tanahashi


    HBO Special – The Future of Professional Wrestling – Episode 2

    Tuesday July 17th 2012

    Fade in to a set with black and white photographs of past professional wrestling matches adorning the wall. The studio is dimly lit in gold light. Two sofas and a chair with two coffee cups are set up. On the right side is Matt Striker, dressed in business casual. We are focused on him.

    Welcome back to another edition of The Future of Professional Wrestling on HBO. My name is Matt Striker. On our first episode we revealed our identity to you. We are WorldWide Progressive Wrestling, a promotion determined to become the standard bearer of professional wrestling.

    The last episode was all about revealing to you what has brought us to this juncture and we also revealed to you the card for the 32 wrestler Gold Rush Series which will determine the first World Pro Wrestling Champion.

    Tonight's episode will deal with some of the talent that are featured on this card. If you noticed, there are quite a few wrestlers on that card who compete for one particular promotion and have willingly put their names into this tournament. The promotion I speak about is New Japan Pro Wrestling and the wrestlers include Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hirooki Goto, Shinsuke Nakamura, MVP, Taka Michinoku, Low Ki, and Masato Tanaka.

    Many people have questioned how we have secured the services of all these talent and my guest tonight is perhaps best placed to answer this question. Indeed in saying that, I would like to introduce him, he is the President of New Japan Pro Wrestling, and an investor in WPW Mr. Naoki Sugabayashi. Sir, thank you for coming.”

    The shot is expanded to reveal Mr. Naoki Sugabayashi dressed in black suit and tie nodding to Mr. Striker.

    Striker - “Sir, what is the relationship between you and WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. How did this all come about?”

    Naoki Sugabayashi (with translation) -“There were two investors in this promotion before me. One of them was Kurt Angle. Everybody knows his history with NJPW. He has wrestled for us many times and is a popular wrestler in Japan. He called me at the start of the year while he was still actively wrestling and mentioned it briefly that he was involved in raising a new promotion.

    I met him again in March in Tokyo and once we met his plans were much more concrete. He had already negotiated deals with some of the top talent in the USA to join the promotion. He wanted to have the best talent from Japan compete against the best from the USA and South America and therefore asked me to send some of our wrestlers for a time, and for sure at least the Gold Rush Series.”

    Striker - “But it became much more than that didn't it?”

    Naoki Sugabayashi - “Yes. I was alright with sending some of our guys here but this was also a great opportunity for NJPW to establish a firm stronghold in the American pro-wrestling circuit. I gave Mr. Angle the condition that NJPW wrestlers would freely go back and forth but we wanted to have a stake in this new promotion. He agreed with me so we completed the formalities and now you will be able to see our finest wrestlers compete here in WPW.”

    Striker - “Are you at all worried that Hirooki Goto and Hiroshi Tanahashi, both being Intercontinental and Heavyweight Champions respectively, might come out of this tournament worse off and demean their respective championships from NJPW?”

    Naoki Sugabayashi - “Just a little bit, yes. I initially did not want to send either of them here but they insisted on it and Kurt Angle did his fair share to convince them without my knowledge as well. But its alright, we now have a stake in this promotion so we want to see it do well here in America and I understand that having these guys fight in it enhances the reputation of the World Pro Wrestling Championship and whoever eventually wins it is going to do it by merit and can truly proclaim they are a WORLD champion. So at the end of the day I have faith in our wrestlers to keep the reputation of NJPW and the titles they have won intact and go very far in this tournament.”

    Striker - “Thank you once again for being here sir.”

    Naoki Sugabayashi - “Thank you.”

    Fade out.
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      Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

      I'm loving your backstory for this federation, can definitely see this fic being something to watch if your shows follow suit in quality.
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        Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

        WorldWideProgressive Wrestling
        Friday July27th2012. AllState Arena, Chicago. LIVE on HBO.

        Gold and white pyro explode from the rafters as “End of the Line” reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it . Below that is a picture of the WPW World Pro Wrestling Championship. We cut to the WPW logo on top of the entrance gate that is two large screens joined together. The haze from the fireworks clouds the atmosphere as the THUNDEROUS CHEERS continue while cameras soar across the arena.

        The voice of Matt Striker introduces the program, “The winds of change are blowing through the city of Chicago. Progression. Progression is finally here for the professional wrestling world. The future is truly now. My name is Matt Striker, I proudly welcome you to the first ever event of WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. This is the beginning of the Gold Rush Series! Thirty two of the best wrestlers in the world, only one of them will get the right to call himself the first ever WORLD PRO WRESTLING CHAMPION! Tonight is the first round, eight matches take place from Section A and Section B, we will find out eight of the Elite 16 TONIGHT.”

        Our very first match is Hunico VS Katsuhiko Nakajima as Striker gives us a run down of both men's history – Hunico has never been the same since losing his mask to Sin Cara in 2011. He is looking to redeem himself in this tournament. Nakajima on the other hand is a 24 year old pro-wrestling record breaker and Striker believes it is the blooming of a phenomenon and dubs him the “prince of puroresu” saying that Hunico has to make Nakajima's destiny wait another day.

        No Entiendes La Onda” by Cypress Hill thumps the PA system as Hunico dressed in his Sin Cara negro gear but with bandana and wife-beater instead of his mask emerges from the back bad mouthing people and smashing signs in front of his face. He walks down to the ring feeling out the crowd who are too damn close to the entrance door. The haze from the pyros is still visible.

        Still Island” by DJ Krush seeps into the atmosphere as silence falls over the arena and the lights blinker. The crowd has never heard or seen this before. KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA emerges as the light show continues and the crowd ROARS with approval. Light flickers give us glimpses of his face as he walks down to the ring slowly.

        Hunico VS Katsuhiko Nakajima

        The first match and clash of styles, or so people thought. Hunico is forced to compromise his high flying tendencies as Nakajima blasts Hunico's rib cage with stiff kick after stiff kick refusing to let him fly. Hunico spends a brief amount of time battling out with cheap eye gouges and punch combinations, even a hopeful Saito suplex. Hunico misses a Falling Star senton and Nakajima destroys his rib cage and an inverted bear hug leaves Hunico for dead. Nakajima gets a near fall after a bridged german suplex one...two...thr-kickout! No mercy though as Hunico is stomped on the ribs and put into a bear hug converted into a belly to belly suplex. Hunico's spirit shows as he gets some offense with a cross body to Nakajima on the outside but the damage is already done as Nakajima withstands Hunico's desperation offense including another failed Falling Star senton before Hunico even leaves the top rope and Nakajima finishes Hunico off with a superplex and then another final german suplex bridged into a pin one...two...three.

        Winner, via pinfall: Katsuhiko Nakajima

        The crowd loves Nakajima's style as he motions for the World Pro Wrestling Championship on his waist and Striker makes a note of Nakajima's attack on Hunico's rib cage as a metaphor for anyone who dares dream about wearing the championship other than Nakajima.

        Our second match begins within a few minutes as Striker fills us in on the two competitors. Jey Uso will have his hands full against one of the finest light heavyweights in the world, Low Ki and it may be a very steep learning curve for the youngster who along with his brother is only used to tag team competition.

        The Samoan “Siva Tau” chant thunders through the arena as Jey Uso appears from the back performing the Siva Tau war dance to respectful cheers from the fans as he slaps a few hands on his way to the ring and eats up the atmosphere.

        Resurrection” from the Afro Samurai OST screeches through the PA system as smoke shrouds the entrance gate. The fans roar as Low Ki emerges from the smoke, breathing heavily in his signature attack stance. He breathes in the air, it is absolutely electric inside. We cut to Jey Uso who corners himself and the seriousness comes over him as to the occasion. Low Ki roars out and walks to the ring sliding inside and raising his arms.

        Jey Uso VS Low Ki

        Uso goes desperate from the first bell and is able to mount some explosive early offense including a flying calf kick and does not give Ki any moment to rest. Eventually though Low Ki is able to recover outside the ring and once he returns he is able to reverse a Samoan driver into an underarm DDT and even though Uso attempts multiple reverse whips he is helpless as Low Ki ducks an onrushing clothesline and delivers Uso a Ki Krusher 99' for the one...two...three.

        Winner, via pinfall: Low Ki

        Low Ki celebrates inside the ring as Striker remarks on Jey Uso's rookie mistakes and how easily he was thrown off his gameplan and punished so incisively by Low Ki.

        Cut backstage to the locker-room area where wrestlers and staff are exchanging greetings and some are warming up for their upcoming matches. In walks the spokesperson of WPW, Kurt Angle. Angle shakes a few hands and shares a few hugs with old friends.

        Back to the ring, Jimmy Uso is warming up for the next bout as “Mass Appeal” by Gangstarr blazes through the speaker system as the arena is cloaked by red and blue lights. Out emerges Homicide to a thunderous response. He is with his Puerto Rican flag and bandana wearing a “187” shirt as he makes his way towards the ring eating up the atmosphere in the building. Jimmy Uso looks on nervously.

        Jimmy Uso VS Homicide

        The first minutes are a complete slugfest as Jimmy Uso does his valiant best to hang with The Latin Terror. Initially he is successful by stomping 'Cide into a corner and nailing a sitout full nelson bomb moments later for a one...two...kickout! Uso continues to plug away with a back body drop, then a leg drop but Homicide rolls out of a cannonball senton from Uso to change the complexion of the match. 'Cide methodically goes to work on Uso's face and head while Uso is hanging like a puppet on the turnbuckle and washes his boot all over Uso's face, finishing with a running low angle single leg dropkick. Moments later Uso is decimated by a running neckbreaker as 'Cide goes for a mercy pin one...two..thr-shoulders! Homicide nods in approval but then perfectly performs a triple rolling suplex combination on Uso which prompt “Eddie Guerrero” chants across the arena. Homicide throws his bandana on Uso and slits his throat to finish the match with Da Cop Killa double underhook piledriver, legs hooked, one...two...three!!!

        Winner, via pinfall: Homicide

        Almost immediately the fans in Chicago chant in unison “187” as the referee raises Homicide’s arm and he enjoys every moment nodding his head. Striker applauds Jimmy Uso's resistance.

        Homicide is about to leave the ring when he sees Jimmy Uso stumble up somehow holding his head. Homicide re-enters the ring and walks towards Uso and extends his hand. Uso looks around as the fans clap before going to reach for Homicide’s hand AND HOMICIDE KICKS USO IN THE STOMACH! Uso cringes in pain as Homicide lifts him up for an underhook sitout powerbomb!

        Homicide spits on Uso’s body before going outside the ring and grabbing a microphone and a chair. He places the chair inside the middle of the ring. The referee rolls out Uso smartly as Homicide sits down in the chair and takes a look at Uso crawling on the floor as the ref tries to help him to the back.

        Homicide - A wise man once said “How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies?” That’s EXACTLY how I feel right now. You brand this as the toughest promotion in the world, the most progressive wrestling promotion, the ELITE?! ...And you serve me young pups like Jimmy Uso. I spit on his existence man. I see NOTHING tough here, just a bunch of chumps who don’t have a clue.
        Homicide looks up at the WPW logo hanging from the rafters with the World Pro Wrestling Championship pictured below it. He points towards that picture.

        Homicide - I’m coming for that belt and I hope….I hope to god whoever is in my way is ready, whoever you are I am not looking for easy wins, I am not looking for the short way out. I will school you, I will hurt you, I will make it the longest night of your career if you’re in the ring with me. Just to give you a taste of the fact that I spent two decades in this game, I will not back down and I will not tolerate if some undeserving b*tch a** punks try to hang on my coattails, hang on my sacrifice and make a name for themselves. F*CK YOU.

        Homicide drops the mic to cheers of agreement from the crowd as he rolls outside the ring and slowly walks to the back still shouting his points to the people nearest. Matt Striker says all Homicide had to was wait instead of becoming frustrated so quickly and taking it out on Jimmy Uso.

        Once Homicide is gone the ring is cleaned up for our next match.

        The arena is covered in gold lights. “We Buy Gold” by 8Ball and MJG featuring Big KRIT erupts through the PA System as MVP emerges from the back, clad in his black and gold under armor attire and black shades with gold designs.

        The Rising” theme music hits the systems as Gabriel emerges from the back to a very warm reception from the locals. He does not waste any time jogging into the ring before kneeling down and looking at the WPW logo printed on the mat. He looks at it and points before raising his arms up in the air as MVP watches with a cocky smile on his face.

        Striker admits that Gabriel's career has already seen valleys and peaks, the highest point being part of The Nexus of rookies in his previous promotion. This is another chance for him to bring momentum back into his career by advancing against MVP in the Gold Rush.

        MVP VS Gabriel

        The match begins fast and furious with Gabriel and MVP exchanging hands and numerous whipping contests and close dodges. Gabriel takes advantage being faster and is able to nail some dropkicks and a forced enziguiri to slow the pace. This plays into MVP's hands though as he withstands Gabriel's assaults and turns the tide by blocking a springboard moonsault from Gabriel with his kneepads. MVP puts Gabriel in a single leg boston crab for nearly two minutes taking out Gabriel's biggest advantage, his legs. Gabriel refuses to tap however and makes it to the ropes. MVP spends an eternity arguing with the referee and pays for it by walking into a springboard huricanrana into a leg hook one...two...thr-kickout! MVP is taken off guard and charges, once again they play cat and mouse until MVP gets in a shoulder facebreaker. This time no wasting time, MVP nails Gabriel with the Oyasumi (single underhook DDT) and pins Gabriel one...two...three!

        Winner, via pinfall: MVP

        “We Buy Gold” hits almost immediately as MVP goes to the turnbuckles to celebrate not even waiting for the referee to acknowledge the win. Striker gives us a rundown of the now concluded Section A of the Gold Rush Series – Katsuhiko Nakajima, Low Ki, Homicide, and MVP advance to the Elite 16 taking place on Sunday night!

        Cut to the front of the arena where SHELTON BENJAMIN is entering the doors dressed in a black tracksuit. A security team member greets him and shakes his hand.

        Security Guy – Mr. Benjamin, welcome to the Allstate. I was told to escort you directly to Mr. Angle's office he will be expecting you right this moment.

        Shelton is a little surprised but shrugs anyway.

        Shelton Benjamin – Okay, you're gonna have to lead the way though bossman.

        Shelton is guided by the security member through the hallways as we follow him walking past other wrestlers preparing for their matches. Eventually he is led up a long flight of stairs and finally arrives at a door aptly named 'Kurt Angle'. The security man knocks and hears a “come in” from inside before letting Shelton in. Inside is KURT ANGLE, dressed in a WPW logo t-shirt and dress pants looking out of the skybox at the Allstate Arena crowd.

        Kurt Angle – This is beautiful isn't it.

        Shelton Benjamin drops his bags not really sure what to expect and takes a seat by the skybox window.

        Shelton Benjamin – Yeah it is...I guess..umm..did you...did you need something from me Kurt? You could have texted...

        Angle turns around, a big smile on his face as he pats Shelton on the shoulder and takes a seat himself.

        Kurt Angle – I don't know if you know but you are in the main-event tonight against Charlie Haas. The first main-event of the first event of WPW.

        Shelton Benjamin – Yeah I've been meaning to thank you for giving me this opportu---

        Kurt Angle – Save it. You already know you deserve it so I won't build you up. What I want to stress is that it isn't about you. It isn't about Haas either... It's what you, us, we represent as a collective and how you are going to represent this organization. That is why I put your match as the main-event. No matter who wins between you two it is more about what it means for this company. I want you to carry yourself in a way that brings respect and honor to this promotion, that is why I brought you here. Enough with the gimmicks and bullshit, just go out what you do best and take your chance because this is once in a lifetime for not only you but me as well. Anyway, you go get ready for your match because Charlie is not going to give you a second to breathe.

        Kurt and Shelton exchange a handshake as Shelton Benjamin gets up and heads for the door.

        Kurt Angle – This is it Shelton, this is what you've been waiting for. Take it.

        Something dawns on Shelton Benjamin's face as he opens the door and leaves.
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          Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

          Cut back to the arena as for a brief moment the cameras soar across the Allstate Arena crowd, people have just come back with snacks and drinks. Some who spot the cameras try to get noticed as others talk amongst each other anticipating the next bout. We are ready for Section B.

          Bed of Nails” comes out the PA system as Tyson Kidd emerges from the back to muted cheers from the crowd. He simply looks around at his new surroundings unfazed before climbing into the ring and testing out the ropes. Matt Striker remarks how Tyson Kidd earlier said he wanted to be known as “The Last Hart” alluding to being the last wrestler to come out of Stu Hart's Dungeon. Striker mentions also that there are no shackles in this promotion and only talent will speak for the young man.

          Kidd waits in the ring as the fans anticipate who is coming next. Tyson Kidd looks around starting to finally get nervous as “Joe's gonna kill you” chants break out across sections of the crowd.

          Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” thunders through the Allstate Arena as the crowd absolutely explodes as the entrance gate is shrouded in smoke. The roof nearly blows off the building as indeed Samoa Joe with the towel wrapped around his neck and the menacing growl comes storming out of the entrance gate and past the smoke. Joe shouts out in his war trance, prowling towards the ring before climbing in. Joe looks at Tyson Kidd with complete disdain as he prowls the four corners feeding off the Chicago crowd still electric off the entrance. Striker says Joe is one of the heavy favourites in the tournament and if anyone is to be feared in this promotion it is Samoa Joe. Tyson Kidd's chances are slim to none tonight.

          RND. OF 32 SINGLES MATCH
          Tyson Kidd VS Samoa Joe

          The match begins with Tyson Kidd charging at Samoa Joe only to be absolutely floored by a running big boot. Kidd's game plan is out the window as Joe stomps a mudhole into him and whips Kidd into the corner before connecting with a stiff running sidekick into Tyson Kidd's face. Kidd staggers and eventually falls to the mat. Joe then goes to work on Kidd with a combination of german suplexes and even spends a sequence just irish whipping Tyson Kidd from one corner to another before going for the mercy cover with Kidd on the floor one...two...shoulder! Again Joe is quick, taking Kidd back up and delivering a thunderous powerbomb into a prawn hooking both legs one.......two.....thre...kickout! Kidd is hurting as he writhes around the floor as Joe haunts him and delivers a Samoan elbow on Kidd's bare back to stop his movement completely. Joe drags Tyson Kidd up and whips him again into the corner. Kidd is pasted on the turnbuckles as Joe charges at him but misses the splash crashing into the turnbuckles and clutching on the ropes for balance. Tyson Kidd staggers away from Joe waiting for Joe to stumble off the ropes. Kidd flies off in what looks like an enziguiri but actually traps Joe's head as Joe falls to the ground and applies a Dungeon Lock (cross legged trap triangle choke) as the crowd explodes in shock. Kidd screams out in desperation begging Joe to tap out as Joe writhes and tries hard to break out of the hold. Kidd intensifies it further but Joe continues pushing Kidd towards the corner somehow. Kidd is forced to the bottom turnbuckle as Joe twists and turns trying to place a leg on the ropes. Tyson Kidd turns the angle of the choke to a perfect diagonal keeping Joe's legs away as Joe starts dripping saliva from his mouth, Joe's fading! There is chaos in the crowd as they cannot believe this is about to happen the referee raises Joe's free arm, it drops ONE! He raises it a second time, it's about to drop for a TW---Joe's alive! Joe's still in there as he screams out and out of pure guttural strength and twists his body one final time and his leg touches the ropes! Tyson Kidd is counted by the ref one...two...he's refusing to let go...four...he finally lets Joe out of the Dungeon Lock. Joe shudders to the ropes as Tyson Kidd catches his breath and crawls far away to the other side of the ring almost. Samoa Joe is finally getting up but Tyson Kidd is perched on the top rope as he silently waits for Joe to get up. The crowd is trying to warn Joe as Kidd launches off the top right into Joe, swinging Tornado DDT! Joe is flat on his back as Kidd crawls over to his body and drapes an arm over Joe one...two...three-NO! Joe has an arm up! Everyone is on their feet as Kidd rolls off Joe nearly in tears of frustration. Tyson Kidd gets up waiting for Joe to at least get to his knees and then runs off the ropes, enziguiri to Samoa Joe's skull! That kick could be heard around the world as Samoa Joe collapses to the mat once again. Tyson Kidd hooks the leg this time one.......two.....thrrrrrr---NO! Joe kicks out just barely. Tyson Kidd backs away slowly, Joe is barely moving. Tyson Kidd looks around the ring, stumbling across trying to find some way to put away Samoa Joe who is now starting to stand. Kidd poises himself and then hops to roundhouse kick Samoa Joe but Joe ducks barely and catches Kidd with a stiff right hand. Samoa Joe continues hammering away at Tyson Kidd and forcing him to the ropes before whipping him to the other side and then connecting with a one armed side slam to Kidd on the rebound. Joe does not wait a second as he elbow drops on Kidd once, twice, thrice, four times with elbow drops to Kidd's back. Kidd rolls around in agony as Samoa Joe clutches his own head still having difficulty finding his bearings. Joe drags Kidd up whipping him into the corner before planting a few right hands to Kidd and then sitting him on the top rope. Joe locks in for the Muscle Buster but Kidd reverses pushing his legs off the ropes and into a neckbreaker on Samoa Joe! Kidd drapes an arm over Joe again one...two...shoulders! The Chicago crowd is going wild as Joe and Kidd both crawl away to catch their breaths. Kidd charges first with a flying forearm smash to knock Joe down temporarily. Joe gets up as Kidd rebounds off the ropes and then slides feet first under Joe pulling Joe down in the process and tries to go for the sharpshooter! Instead of pushing away Joe pulls Kidd in before he can lock in the move and puts Kidd in the Coquina Clutch (rear naked choke with body scissors). Chicago is exploding as Kidd's eyes light up he tries to break free but Joe has him firmly in his grip. Tyson Kidd is on the brink as the referee grills him and the raucous crowd is roaring and Kidd taps on Joe's shoulders and again and again! Kidd taps out! Kidd taps out! Samoa Joe wins!

          Winner, via submission: Samoa Joe

          Joe releases the hold and crawls to the edge of the ring huffing and puffing as Tyson Kidd lays flat on his stomach attempting to cover his face, nearly in tears. Matt Striker is going insane in the commentary booth admitting how close this match was and that Joe will walk wounded for the rest of the tournament after this gruelling encounter giving Kidd respect for his bravery.

          The referee walks over to raise Samoa Joe's hand as the crowd gives both competitors a standing ovation. Joe crawls over to Tyson Kidd patting him on the back and consoling him slightly before rolling out of the ring, exhausted as Tyson Kidd sits up and looks around himself in anguish.

          Cut backstage where HOMICIDE is seen about to leave the arena with his bags and headphones on but he is caught at the door by LOW KI. Homicide slowly takes his headphones off.

          Low Ki – Listen man, I respect you but what you said out there earlier tonight, you said that for YOU, not for me. I trained under you and damn I wouldn't even be here if it was not for you but you have no right to represent me in front of the world like that. You don't speak for me.
          Homicide starts cracking up with laughter.

          Homicide – Little ass Low Ki getting extra careful not to step on toes huh?

          Low Ki faces up to Homicide visibly irate as Cide' becomes serious now.

          Homicide – All you need to know bruh is that I have your best interests at heart. I always did and I always will. I don't talk shit for no reason, Ki. Now, let me go because I gotta face MVP on Sunday and you got a date with Nakajima and that boy don't play. Whatever I said today, you're gonna see what I mean for yourself, very, very soon.

          Low Ki backs off still not really satisfied with the answer as Homicide smiles and motions for Ki to relax as he opens the doors and leaves the arena.

          Back to ringside as the cameras remain transfixed on the double screen entrance door where the WPW logo graphic is currently revolving.

          The crowd roars with approval as “No One to Depend On” by Santana comes into full blow and out comes Chavo Guerrero himself dressed in his classic gear as he raises his arms acknowledging the raucous crowd. Striker says its a privilege for WPW to have Chavo Guerrero compete and that “El Rey” (The King) has been drawn here by the lure of becoming the supreme champion in professional wrestling.

          Michinoku”. The crowd once again roars in approval as the legendary Taka Michinoku emerges from the back, a towel covering his head and dressed in a promotional t-shirt saying “It's business motherf*cker” and his black ring tights as he struts to the ring with his cocky smile. This time Striker mentions that Taka has won championships in FMW, AJPW, NJPW, the list goes on...this is a dream match for many fans of the sport.

          Michinoku climbs into the ring taking his towel off and smiling some more as the fans eat it up. He has a quick hand shake with Chavo before the ref checks on both of them to get the match started.

          RND. OF 32 SINGLES MATCH
          Chavo Guerrero Jr. VS Taka Michinoku

          The ref calls for the opening bell as Chavo Guerrero and Taka Michinoku circle each other. The first moments are spent with feints and half punches as the crowd is split 50/50. Eventually Michinoku gets Chavo with a kick and a dropkick from a whip. Michinoku nails a signature springboard dropkick as well from the ropes leaving Chavo out for a time. Chavo is able to recover through reversing an attempted Michinoku Driver from Taka and rolls him up for a one...two...kickout! Taka is comically shocked as the two exchange smiles and this time Chavo is able to get the upper hand with an inverted suplex slam followed by monkey flipping Taka. They fight atop the top turnbuckle for a long time as Chavo had earlier attempted a superplex and they keep hammering away but Chavo wins the battle with a hard uppercut and an unexpected flying Death Valley Driver from nowhere! Michinoku is out cold, Chavo hooks the leg one...two...three!!!

          Winner, via pinfall: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

          Chavo's hand is raised by the referee as he shakes off the pain and climbs the turnbuckle once again raising his arms and interacting with the crowd to a warm reception.
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            Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

            Cut backstage to a black interview set with the blue glowing circle and the letters 'WPW' inside it. Before we know it “Cyrus the Virus” himself, DON CALLIS comes into the frame. Sections of the crowd seem to cheer.

            Don Callis – You took one call, no answering machines, no fourth or fifth ring. No, I picked it up on the first ring. I get a call from a close friend who's close friends with a somebody. They said where is Cyrus the virus? We're looking for the virus. Well...long story short I was back home in Canada working 9 to 5 busting my ass to go up the corporate ladder and then kaboom...recession. So who's the first guy they lay off? I spend a year and a half in complete obscurity blowing all my savings and watching old tapes “reminiscing”. Yeah..tough luck, NO! No because see life comes full circle once more and I am back where I belong, back where I should have never EVER left. Professional wrestling, the new beacon of it, WorldWide Progessive Wrestling, and it is my privilege to interview a REAL wrestler, a stalwart in this profession, a man who is going to main-event tonight against his friend and former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin, a man who has been put on a path by god to continuously have to prove himself and has no problem doing it over and over again. He is know in the indies as The Outlaw, Mr. CHARLIE HAAS.

            The cheers in the arena can be heard as Haas walks into the frame shaking hands with Callis, extremely serious as he awaits the questions.

            Don Callis – Charlie, I'll get right to it. The first event in WPW history, and you get the main-event spot against close friend Shelton Benjamin, if there ever was a chance to not only become the World Champion through the Gold Rush Series but also to finally lay to rest the doubts about your ability to become a “made” guy in this business, this has to be it doesn't it?

            Charlie Haas – Don, you are absolutely right. Myself and Shelton have had similar career paths. We've endured bullshit everywhere we went, I bet WPW might throw me some bullshit too but that's fine. What sets this place apart is the level of competition here, the Gold Rush is the most prestigious tournament for any wrestler no doubting that. No other promotion has “it” at the moment, this is why I am here. As for tonight, as for Shelton... there is one huge difference between me and him. Simply, who wants it more? ME. I WILL beat him tonight because I just don't have any other options left. I canceled all my independent dates, all my other freelance work and I have been waiting, training for a month and a half for just this night. I don't have age on my side, I don't have Shelton Benjamin's billing, I'm the sidekick right? I'm the “OTHER GUY”. But I'm fine with it because in the squared circle, once that bell rings all that has no weight at all.

            Don Callis – You arrived in Chicago two days ago and have been training ever since. Shelton Benjamin arrived barely an hour ago and gets called into Kurt Angle's office and treated like a prince. I suspect you have something to say about this show of affection from our beloved spokesman?

            Charlie Haas – If Kurt needs to oil Shelton up to face me then so be it. It will not change tonight's outcome, I am not leaving Chicago without an entry into the Elite 16. I saw what Kurt said to Shelton...he's right, this is the one, this is that chance. I thank the stars which have aligned for me and I will prove that what I will do out there will more than justify being in the main-event and a participant in this prestigious tournament. As for Shelton, I just hope he's ready.

            Don Callis – Thank you Charlie. Charlie Haas ladies and gentlemen goes one on one tonight against Shelton Benjamin in our main-event, the winner goes on to the Elite 16 of our Gold Rush Series which will take place in 48 hours on Sunday. Back to you Matt.

            Back to ringside. A big reaction follows “Ahora” by Zion Y Lennox as Carlito Colon emerges from the entrance door yelling “I'm back” and is immediately hailed by the Chicago faithful. Striker remarks how Carlito left the majors for a few years and has in the process become a Puerto Rican wrestling icon winning the WWC Heavyweight title thirteen times. He says that now Carlito is back to prove it in the States.

            Carlito Colon enters the ring, nodding to himself with a big smile at the great reception as...The lights go black and white, our screens go black and white, noise flares through our TV sets as the picture continuously shakes and the crowd is going absolutely INSANE.

            Made You Look” blasts through the PA system. Out of the back comes Ron Killings dressed in his usual black jeans and various bands on his arms, no crazy look just dead effing serious. He runs down and slides into the ring and immediately starts pummeling Carlito Colon, and Chicago is going crazy at the blows! The ref stumbles towards the ring ropes to start the match.

            RND. OF 32 SINGLES MATCH
            Carlito Colon VS Ron “The Truth” Killings

            The bell is finally rung very late as Carlito has already taken multiple shots to the head and is getting stomped in the corner by Truth. Killings continues his assault whipping Colon from corner to corner, then a double underhook facebuster knocking Carlito out cold. Truth is relentless performing a scoop slam and begging Carlito to get up but he is already down and out. The crowd is in shock more than anything as Colon barely stands and is clotheslined outside. Truth flies out himself with an over the top rope suicide dive on Carlito! The ten count is broken at four, Truth brings Colon back inside but still no pin attempt, instead he mounts him on the turnbuckle and takes a run up for a huge huricanrana. Truth keeps kicking Colon's shivering body and performs a stiff leg drop on Carlito. He finally goes for the cover one...two...three! Colon was out a long time ago, the bell mercifully rings.

            Winner, via pinfall: Ron “The Truth” Killings

            The Chicago crowd is still in shock at the dominance shown by Ron Killings as his arm is raised by the referee. Matt Striker is at a loss for words, that the contest was evenly matched on paper but Colon did not even get ONE offensive move in the match.

            Truth rolls outside of the ring as the referee checks on Carlito. Truth goes to grab a mic and puts it to his lips, waiting for an eternity and then just drops the mic and walks towards the back as “Made You Look” plays in the background. Striker questions what is going on in the mind of Ron Killings and warns all the other entrants to beware of him in the future rounds.

            Cut backstage where MVP is seen talking to some production members in passing and grabbing a drink from the vending machine, dressed in street clothes ready to leave after his match tonight.

            All of a sudden he is jumped from behind BY TWO MASKED MEN as they throw him head-first into the machine and proceed to beat him down. They drag him back up and throw him into production gear before grabbing a rod and beating him over the head with it. MVP is completely laid out as they walk away shaking each others hands.

            Cut back to inside the arena as we look down from a camera hanging on top of the rafters at the ring far below us. The blue circle and the 'WPW' initials are written on the canvas.

            =::SEVENDUST - ENEMY::=

            - Thunders through the speaker system as the cameras cut to the entrance door and smoke arises from the ground up. The crowd goes wild as Charlie Haas emerges out of the smoke shaking a few hands before running into the ring and pumping his chest.

            =::LL COOL J - I SHOT YA::=

            The arena goes semi-dark, a spotlight starts to flicker near the entrance ramp. “I Shot Ya” echoes through the Allstate Arena. A tremendous reaction is felt from the crowd as the spotlight disappears for a few seconds and re-appears with a silhouette of Shelton Benjamin appearing at the entrance. Shelton then walks down slowly towards the ring, eyeing Charlie Haas very seriously as Haas stares back. Striker hypes it saying what is going on in the mind of Benjamin having to face his close friend and their career paths already colliding in WPW with the Elite 16 spot at stake in a few precious moments.

            RND. OF 32 SINGLES MATCH
            Charlie Haas VS Shelton Benjamin

            Benjamin enters the ring as both men circle each other. The fans are cheering for both wrestlers as the atmosphere becomes 50/50 with chants going both ways. Benjamin comes out to offer his hand to Haas who shakes it but then catches Benjamin with right hands to the face! The fans explode as Haas launches thunderous right hands to Benjamin and forces him towards the ropes. Haas whips Benjamin to the other side and attempts an inverted atomic drop but Benjamin reverses the move into a side headlock choking away at Charlie Haas. Benjamin can't hold Haas for long as Haas lifts Benjamin into the sky for a huge belly to back suplex. Benjamin bounces off the mat and slides out of the ring clutching his back, clearly winded. Haas screams for him to get back inside as Benjamin soaks up the atmosphere as the crowd slowly gets on his back as well. The referee starts counting Benjamin out one...two...three...four, Benjamin slides back into the ring but is forced to lean out to stop Haas from attacking instantly. Once distance is established and the ref has driven Haas back, Benjamin brings his head back in the ring and goes to the middle as Haas and Benjamin lock into a shoulder tie-up. Benjamin once again gets the better of Haas with an arm wrench on Haas' left arm. Benjamin then proceeds to bring Haas towards the corner and climbs up to the turnbuckle and walking on the ropes before flipping onto the mat with Haas' arm in tow as Haas is flipped off the impact to save his arm. The fans applaud this move as Benjamin goes back to Haas stomping on his left arm some more before dragging Haas up by the arm and whipping him into the turnbuckle. Benjamin then takes a run up and goes for a Stinger splash but Haas dodges as Benjamin comes reeling off the corner to be met by a stiff shoot kick by Haas to Shelton's chest downing him. Haas drags Benjamin up, lifting him into a thunderous over the head belly-to-belly suplex. Haas goes for the cover one...two...shoulders! Haas lays a few stiff shots to Benjamin up before dragging his friend up and throwing him into the corner. Haas begins to drill his shoulder into Benjamin's midsection as Shelton howls in pain. Haas then drills his boot into Benjamin's midsection again and again. He then brings Benjamin back into the middle for a turning sidewalk slam. Benjamin is hurting badly as he tries to crawl to the corner but Haas has only one thing on his mind, victory. He tries to pull Benjamin up but Shelton gets in a few desperate right hands to keep Haas at bay for a few seconds so that he can lean on the turnbuckle and get up properly. Haas charges at Benjamin as Benjamin ducks, then nails Haas with a superkick on the rebound! Haas is flat on his back as Shelton goes for the leg hook one...two.......kickout! Haas rolls away trying to recover from the sudden impact as Shelton, panting, realizing the opening hurriedly readies himself and meets a recovering Charlie Haas and nails him with a T-Bone suplex into a bridge hook of the legs one...two...thr-kickout! Benjamin berates the referee before stomping on Haas for a while and then climbing the turnbuckle to the top. Benjamin raises his arms and then leaps off for a diving senton but Haas ducks, Benjamin rolls through it getting back up, both men charge – Haas wins with another crucial overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Benjamin sending him crashing to the opposite corner. Benjamin clutches his ribs, sinking into the corner as Haas recovers his bearings before hulking over towards Benjamin and pulling him into the middle and locking in the Haas of Pain! The Chicagoans are going crazy as Benjamin howls out. Haas' eyes are red and he is screaming for Benjamin to tap out. The ref is down besides Shelton asking him his decision as Shelton keeps screaming but he is fading ever so slowly. The howls are replaced by gasps as Haas continues applying the move with the same vigour. Again the referee begs Benjamin for an answer as the pain is so clear on his face now. Haas' fingers are numb from holding Benjamin's boots. The crowd roars all of a sudden - Benjamin shows primal force as he nudges and moves somehow lifting his shoulders and eventually his head and rolling out clumsily from the Haas of Pain. A collective breath is taken by the crowd as Haas can't believe what he has just seen. Benjamin is lying in the corner clutching his midsection crying out in pain. The referee goes to check on Benjamin as Haas clutches his head, ripping at his own hair, the anger is starting to take over. Haas stomps over to Benjamin, hurling the ref out of the way, dragging Shelton up and connecting with a german suplex, he keeps hold of Benjamin though, and another german suplex, and a third german suplex, Haas goes for a fourth but Benjamin gets some lazy elbows desperately into Haas' face making him relinquish the hold. Benjamin collapses to the mat though as Haas staggers back clutching his face. Shelton Benjamin desperately tries to squirm his way up, leaning on the ropes, making every effort to pull himself up. Haas runs at Benjamin but Shelton pulls the ropes down as Haas goes flying to the outside. Shelton crawls to the other side of the ring getting as far as possible. Haas recovers on the outside as the ref starts the ten count. One...two...three...four...five, Haas rolls back into the ring to break the count. By this time Benjamin is up, right behind the referee blocking Haas' vision. Haas pushes the ref out of the way but Benjamin has already climbed to the top turnbuckle and flies off by the time Haas sees him, into a somersault neckbreaker!! The crowd explodes as both men are laid out on the mat. Benjamin is wheezing, coughing up saliva as Haas lays there staring up at the lights. Every single supporter implores Benjamin to go for the cover as he somehow musters enough strength and drapes an arm across Haas. One......two.....thre---shoulders! Benjamin rolls of Haas and just lays there, burnt out from the effort. The crowd is on their feet as Haas begins to move ever so slowly. Benjamin and Haas both struggle to get themselves to their feet. Benjamin is on his first, he waits for Haas to come up and turn...the crowd is roaring...Benjamin waits, and waits, Haas finally turns, Benjamin goes for the Superkick, reversed by Haas! Ankle lock applied by Charlie, Haas changes it forcing Benjamin down and converts it to a Haas of Pain! The roof is exploding from the arena as Haas roars out for Benjamin to tap. Benjamin is nearly out cold as Haas continues to apply the hold. The referee begs Shelton to give a decision but Benjamin cannot even speak, saliva is spouting out of Shelton's mouth, his eyes are rolling back. Charlie Haas continues to apply the Haas of Pain as Benjamin's eyes start to close from the pain. The referee checks with the ringside assistants and then back to Shelton Benjamin. Charlie Haas is screaming his knuckles are turning white, he continues applying the hold. The referee finally goes to raise Benjamin's arm for one, and again two, movement, he hesitates, then a third time....THREE!!!! The bell is rung. Charlie Haas breaks the hold, Benjamin collapses lifeless to the mat.

            Winner: Charlie Haas

            There is chaos at ringside as the referee calls for medics to the ring. Charlie Haas goes to the corner, no victory celebration, nothing, he just watches seriously as Benjamin is attended to by the doctors. Matt Striker speaks on the situation, “Shelton Benjamin put his reputation and respect on the line and refused to lose it, there can be no arguing with that, he refused to tap out but the body does not always listen to the mind. I just hope he's okay...I really hope he's okay.”

            The crowd has grown quiet as Benjamin is eventually put onto a stretcher as Kurt Angle himself comes out to take a look at Shelton. Charlie Haas meanwhile sits in the corner covering his face. Striker remarks that Haas did win, he did prove his point but Shelton Benjamin did not submit, he did not get pinned and seeing his close friend getting injured in his hands is going to leave a cloud of emotions inside Charlie Haas.

            Kurt Angle watches Shelton Benjamin get stretchered out of the ring and stares blankly at Charlie Haas who looks lost looking towards the mat, refusing to meet his gaze as we go off the air....

            Gold Rush Friday July 27th '12 Results

            Katsuhiko Nakajima def. Hunico

            Low Ki def. Jey Uso

            Homicide def. Jimmy Uso

            MVP def. Gabriel

            Samoa Joe def. Tyson Kidd

            Chavo Guerrero def. Taka Michinoku

            Ron Killings def. Carlito Colon

            Charlie Haas def. Shelton Benjamin
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              Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

              WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
              GOLD RUSH SERIES
              Saturday July 28th2012 . AllState Arena, Chicago. LIVE on HBO.

              Gold and white pyro explode from the rafters as “End of the Line” reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it . Below that is a picture of the WPW World Pro Wrestling Championship. Across the far walls of the arena are hanging the faces of eight of the sixteen entrants that have made it to the Elite 16 – Katsuhiko Nakajima, Low Ki, Homicide, MVP, Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero, Ron Killings, and Charlie Haas. We cut to the WPW logo on top of the entrance gate that is two large screens joined together. The haze from the fireworks clouds the atmosphere as the THUNDEROUS CHEERS continue while cameras soar across the arena.

              The voice of Matt Striker introduces the program, “Beyond the thousands of people here, on the very far walls you will see the pictures of the eight men who have so far made it through to the Elite 16. Tonight they will be watching intently, because eight more of the world's best wrestlers will put it all on the line tonight to join them in Elite 16. My name is Matt Striker, welcome to the second night of the Gold Rush Series. Also we will hear from Shelton Benjamin who is in stable condition now and recovering after his match with Charlie Haas last night, more on that later tonight.”

              The very first match of the night is Masato Tanaka VS John Morrison as Morrison even though vastly out of his depth, is able to mount early offense but the match completely breaks apart as the referee is knocked out midway through and what proceeds to happen is the equivalent of a pro-wrestler's nightmare. Masato Tanaka brings a chair into the match an proceeds to ravage Morrison with repeated chair shots, DDT's, even a Flying Chair Drop before nailing a Dangan Bomb on Morrison on top of the chair. Conveniently Tanaka shakes the referee up for the one, two, three and takes the win.

              All of a sudden Kurt Angle comes out with members of the medical staff and security as people begin to cheer. Tanaka looks around and Angle is in his face immediately screaming at him! The medics attend to Morrison as Tanaka and Angle argue. Tanaka pushes Angle in the chest and rolls out of the ring! Both men stare each other down as Angle shouts at Tanaka further.

              Tanaka disappears to the back as Morrison is still out cold on the mat and attended to by the referees. John Morrison is finally helped to the back also, half unconscious and his face completely disfigured in blood and bruises. Striker remarks that Kurt Angle is failing to control law and order in this promotion already, why was the match not stopped or a new ref brought in once the referee was knocked out?

              Meanwhile backstage MVP is on the search for Homicide as he believes he is behind MVP getting ambushed last night by the two masked men. MVP happens to stumble across Low Ki and exchanges some choice words as Low Ki denies knowing Homicide's whereabouts, “Well, listen anyway. (Whispering) You tell that piece of shit that unless he finds the two guys that ambushed me last night or gives me a damn reason why I should not think he did it, our fight tomorrow night is not going to begin after the bell, and it won't end after the bell. You go ahead and tell him that. I want an answer before the night is over.”

              We cut back to ringside as we get set for our next match, Jake Swagger VS Hirooki Goto The blood has been cleaned up by the ring crew from the previous match as they make their way to the back. Matt Striker fills us in on both men. Goto is the reigning IWGP Intercontinental Champion of New Japan Pro Wrestling, he's been on the edge of the proverbial glass ceiling but never had the chance to win the premier championship in any promotion that he has worked for, Swagger is a natural athlete but people question his hunger after a bright start but no recent success. Swagger and Goto go back and forth in a technical wrestling clinic with numerous suplex variations and heavy brawling. Swagger is able to Ankle Lock Goto but that's as close as he is getting. Just when Swagger begins to dominate and complacency kicks in, the battle hardened Goto lands a Jigoku Kuruma (Wrist Clutch Olympic Slam) to take the victory.

              Matt Striker reveals to us that Cyrus The Virus, Don Callis visited a nearby hospital in Chicago where Shelton Benjamin was recuperating from his match with Charlie Haas yesterday. We cut to the footage of the interview that was conducted.

              Don Callis –Shelton, thanks for allowing this interview on such short notice. My first question being, how is your condition now?”

              Shelton Benjamin – “Thanks Don, I'm good. They said I have to take a few weeks off but I should be in ring condition later this coming month.”

              Don Callis– You and Charlie Haas had a very competitive match last night, some believe both of you put too much into this match and you ended up being the major victim of this. What are your feelings on this match and do you blame Charlie Haas for taking you to the extreme?”

              Shelton Benjamin – “In this sport you can never blame your opponent for doing what he does. Charlie had a game-plan and he executed it to perfection, that's fine with me but he did not beat me. I did not tap out, I did not give up.”

              Benjamin turns towards the camera that is placed inside the room.

              Shelton Benjamin - “As far as I am concerned...Charlie Haas will never ever be better than me.”

              There is shock even from the watching Chicago crowd at Benjamin's proclamation. There is a brief silence from Don Callis unable to speak for a moment before he gathers himself.

              Don Callis – That's a big statement Shelton. He is still in the Gold Rush Series and you're not. I mean --”

              Shelton Benjamin – He's still in the Gold Rush Series but does he really believe he is better? Does he really think he can win? He still knows he couldn't finish the job, he gave everything and I was not broken. He KNOWS THIS.”

              Don Callis - “Well from your reaction, it seems that this is far from over between the two of you.”

              Benjamin smiles.

              Shelton Benjamin - “It's over for me, once I return I am going after whoever is World Pro Wrestling Champion.”

              Don Callis - “What if Haas becomes champion? He's still in the tournament...”

              Benjamin looks at Don Callis as if he's gone insane.

              Shelton Benjamin - “Will not happen.”

              Back in the arena our next match is Davey Richards VS KENTA. Striker informs us that Richards and KENTA have history together, Richards was KENTA's protege for a short period of time when KENTA arrived on the North American shores but the relationship did not last very long. Richards is coming off the peak of his career having been Ring of Honor World Champion, KENTA is one of the biggest superstars of Japan. The match is dominated by Richards completely, reversing everything KENTA throws at him and KENTA is barely able to hang on during the match after Richards nails a very dangerous Running Sitout Powerbomb. The match goes much longer than expected by Richards as KENTA continues to survive near fall after near fall and Richards begins to get frustrated. At one point KENTA is on the outside as Richards attempts a Suicide Dive but KENTA reverses into a Cutter from mid-air to the floor. This turns out to be the opening as Richards is brought back into the ring and KENTA locks in the Omoplata Crossface forcing Richards to tap out. Both men shake hands after the match as Richards gets on the microphone, “I hope you go far, and no matter what happens know this, I will always respect you and have your back here in WPW.”

              Backstage Ziggler slowly walks towards the common locker-room all suited up, with his gear in his bag. Once he enters he sees Jake Swagger sitting there amongst other wrestlers, his face buried in his hands. Swagger tells Ziggler to go away but Ziggler asks for a favour, “be in my corner tonight man, that's all I ask.” Swagger agrees as both men shake hands.

              Our next match is the final match of Section C, pitting two Lucha Libre legends against each other – Rey Mysterio VS Sin Cara. Matt Striker mentions how Mysterio has spent half a year on the sidelines waiting to come back as everyone seems to have forgotten about him and he is in new surroundings so definitely has a task of reminding the world what he is all about. Sin Cara has been on and off, but has not reached the heights in America that made him a legend in Mexico. The match is evident for Sin Cara trying to impress and overshadow Mysterio taking the early offense to the veteran and never letting Mysterio spend more than five seconds on his feet with multiple Headcissor Takedowns and snap Springboard Moonsaults and Leg Drops. At this point everyone is firmly behind Mysterio to reply with some offense but the moment never comes as Sin Cara continues his dominance with a Moonsault Side Slam off the top rope. Sin Cara goes for the cover but Mysterio kicks out of a deep two count. Even the crowd is shocked that Mysterio is still alive in this match. Sin Cara knocks Mysterio out with a springboard Leg Drop and then goes to the top once again with Mysterio flat on his back to attempt a Flying Moonsault but Mysterio moves out of the way. Sin Cara lands awkwardly as Mysterio goes to the ropes and stands on the outside waiting for Sin Cara to get up. Sin Cara does get up after an eternity and Mysterio flies off into a Springboard Summersault Seated Senton on Sin Cara and hooks the legs one, two, three. It's over and the Chicago crowd explodes at Mysterio's finish.

              There is a brief moment where the cameras catch John Morrison being admitted into a nearby hospital and Kurt Angle has actually accompanied him there personally as the doctors check on Morrison's damaged face.

              We return to the AllState Arena for the next bout, the first of Section D pitting high-flying mavericks, and no strangers to each other, it's Jay Lethal VS Chris Sabin. Both men get a thunderous reception from the Chicago crowd and make sure to shake each others hands before the match. Striker lets us know that Sabin is just coming off a host of injuries that have frustrated his once promising career. WPW is a new chapter for Sabin, as for Lethal, he is one of the best athletes in the industry and circumstances have not been kind, for Lethal this is the chance at full legitimacy and the next level into superstardom which is still eluding this naturally gifted wrestler. The first minutes of the match are very tense as Lethal tries to feel out how in-shape Sabin really is by attempting many feint kicks and double circling to keep himself beyond Sabin's eyesight. Sabin eventually gets frustrated and explodes on Lethal with a series of moves, the most devastating being a very stiff Enziguiri which nearly knocks Lethal out. Sabin tries a Tiger Suplex on Lethal but gets only a two count. Lethal recognizes that Sabin really is close to 100% as he ducks and dodges, avoiding running big boots and reversing Sabin's Fisherman Buster into a rolling pin but Sabin kicks out at one. Sabin continues relentlessly attacking Lethal and eventually Lethal is no longer able to dodge as Sabin reverses an attempted huricanrana from Lethal, pushing Lethal above his shoulders and carrying him into the turnbuckle with a running Crucifix Powerbomb. Lethal barely kicks out at two and a half. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock (cross legged Samoan Driver) but Lethal reverses into a thumping Tornado DDT and pins Sabin one, two, three for the win. Lethal barely rolls out of the ring as Sabin gets up almost immediately, his frustration plain to see.

              Backstage Don Callis welcomes us to an interview with Hiroshi Tanahashi with a Japanese translator.

              Don Callis - “Hiroshi, tonight you go one on one with Ziggler in our main-event and the final match in the Round of 32. Being the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the face of New Japan Pro Wrestling, a huge amount of pressure is on you to give a good showing not only tonight but should you make it through, in the entire Gold Rush Series. What is your mindset going into this match?”

              Tanahashi - “Firstly I am grateful to all the staff in WPW for giving me this opportunity, also to NJPW for allowing me to compete here without restriction. As for your question Don Callis, I am ready for Ziggler, he probably has less tapes of me than I do of him, since he's too busy watching himself all the time (laughs). But yes, being IWGP Heavyweight Champion I can speak for all of us who came here from the East, we recognize that this is an opportunity like never before. We are not all friends but we share a common purpose, to show the rest of the world how good we are. Tonight is all about showing that to the WPW supporters around the world.”

              The interview is concluded as Tanahashi leaves the set to go prepare for the main-event. We cut back to the ringside area for our next match in Section D, Randy Orton VS El Mesias. Chicago greats Orton with a great reaction as Striker says Orton was one of the first “stars” signed for WPW and love him or hate him, he is an integral part of why they are on television at the moment. He does believe though that Randy Orton did not know what he was coming in for when he signed on the dotted line, his opponent El Mesias made his name in AAA Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion and has been in some of the most brutal matches in wrestling history, Mesias will put Orton to the limit to qualify for the Elite 16. There is no love lost between Mesias and Orton as the match erupts into an all out brawl within moments of the bell and the ref fails to maintain control. Orton holds his own against Mesias as both men refuse to concede an inch. Mesias nails Orton with multiple spears but he keeps getting up, Orton himself tries multiple DDT's but Mesias just will not stay down, merely shaking further and further as the match goes on. The crowd roars midway through the match as both opponents are getting on their feet and for a fleeting moment a stare down happens. Orton shouts obscenities at Mesias and they brawl again as Mesias is thrown outside the ring and Orton attempts a Diving Crossbody onto the floor! Orton breaks the ten count at seven rolling Mesias back inside. Mesias quickly goes to Orton and attempts a Fireman's Carry Facebuster, Orton reverses into an RKO for the one two three. Both men are given a rousing reception as Mesias nurses his wounds but is up again quickly and Orton makes his way to the back raising one arm and making sure he does not have his back to Mesias.

              Grainy footage airs showing a montage of mainstream America, shocking disasters happening, rampaging industry, masses of people flocking into stores, advertisements glamourizing wealth and riches, people dying mercilessly in distant countries. Sexual imagery, brutal fights and robberies, everything you see on the news and read about. In the undercurrent is a raspy radio voice narrating all through it.

              The light of the sun, the abundance of the earth, it was not enough for you. Let there be light you once said, now it is your darkness that is spreading across the oceans, taking everything in its path. The cycle goes on and on, so cruelly magnificent, I smile too. Somehow we all dance in this circus of death. Can we let go? Is it too late? Is it too late? IS IT TOO LATE?!!”

              Just as abruptly the footage is reduced to a small pixel, then gone, replaced by black.

              We are back at ringside as the cameras float over the arena to capture the many signs and crazy antics of the Chicago faithful, the AllState Arena is covered in gold and white lights. Within moments we are set for our next match, Shinsuke Nakamura VS Drew Galloway. Striker runs down the tale of the tape for both men, Nakamura “The King of Strong Style” is one of the pillars of New Japan, a former three time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and someone who has also had forays into mixed martial arts in the early 2000's. Galloway was underutilized in his previous promotion so people have no idea how good he really is. Both men are given a warm reception by the crowd, both remain supremely confident in their entrances and demeanour inside the ring. The match starts very stiff with Nakamura destroying Galloway from distance with kicks to the ribs and eventually putting Galloway almost out cold with an Inverted Powerslam but only getting a two count. Nakamura continues the offense methodically for another few minutes but Galloway refuses to lose ground as a desperate big boot brings him back into the match and he is able to reign in Nakamura with a variety of Flapjack, clotheslines, and even a Scot Drop (Reverse STO). This only gets him a two count for his troubles but Galloway definitely now has the upper hand as he goes to work on Nakamura's left leg with a variety of stomps and modified slams including a Shin Breaker to make sure Nakamura lands on that leg itself. The match nears its climax as Galloway locks in a Sharpshooter but Nakamura makes it to the ropes. By the time Galloway sees Nakamura next after wasting time arguing with the ref he's nailed by a flying springboard Boma Ye (High Knee). Galloway is absolutely positively out as Nakamura hooks the leg but still only a two count. Nakamura relies on his right leg to move, waiting near the turnbuckles and resting as Galloway comes about slowly. Nakamura attempts another Boma Ye but Galloway ducks completely and nails Nakamura on the rebound with a low running Dropkick to the same left leg. Nakamura is writhing on the floor as Galloway lifts him up and nails his finishing G-Spot Piledriver (Spike Piledriver) with no resistance. Galloway with the cover one, two, three, it's done Galloway advances to a big reception. Nakamura offers Galloway his hand but Galloway refuses to shake it and the crowd instantly turns against Galloway but all he does is smile as he limps back towards the locker-room and Shinsuke Nakamura spits on the mat in disgust at Galloway's blatant show of disrespect.

              We are in the parking lot where MVP is about to leave the arena with his bags, looking over his shoulder at every moment to avoid another ambush. In front of him arrives Homicide.

              Homicide - “I'm here.”

              MVP stares Homicide down for a long moment. Homicide is unflinching, just as serious.

              MVP - “This chance...It's important for me too...I got a family, I got dreams, I been through the trenches just like you have. All I for you to be honest with me, did you have something to do with me getting jumped last night?”

              Homicide - “You arrogant son of a bitch. You really think I would be that scared of you to have some goons jump you. In fact, if I had someone jump you, your career would be over before your very eyes, might as well be your life too.”

              MVP and Homicide stare down, looking as if they are about to collide right now. MVP backs off, and starts walking away.

              Meanwhile back inside the arena the ring is prepared for the main-event as officials check to make sure everything is intact. It will be Ziggler VS Hiroshi Tanahashi. Striker lets us know that Ziggler has been so close to reaching superstardom this past year that the Gold Rush Series may as well be the culmination of the past year's efforts. Tanahashi is the reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the face of New Japan Pro Wrestling. He not only carries his own fate but also the pride of Japan on his shoulders as he looks to make a tremendous impact on these shores. This match is eagerly anticipated by the supporters inside the arena, Ziggler gets a thunderous ovation as he is accompanied by a reluctant Jake Swagger to the ring. Hiroshi Tanahashi comes out to a warm reaction from the crowd as he wastes no time in getting inside the ring and facing up to Ziggler. The match begins with a collar and arm tie up with Ziggler taking the upper hand by applying various hip and headlocks to limit Tanahashi's movement. Eventually Tanahashi gives Ziggler a dose of his own medicine by reversing a sitting facelock by flipping up and over Ziggler's body and transitioning it into a cross arm bar on Ziggler's left arm. Ziggler is able to lift himself enough to fire right hands at Tanahashi and break the hold. This however is the beginning of the shift as by the time Ziggler is able to get back up he walks into a Shining Wizard kick by Tanahashi. The next few minutes are all Tanahashi as he irish whips Ziggler into the corner and goes to work with various kick combinations and stomps wearing Zig down to the bare bones. Tanahashi finishes the moment with a big Underhook Suplex. Many people expect the cover but Tanahashi instead goes to the top rope as Chicago rises to its feet, Tanahashi flies off for the High Fly Flow (Frog Splash) but Ziggler rolls out at the last second as Tanahashi goes bouncing in pain. Tanahashi tries to recover quickly and run at Ziggler who comes off the ropes and flies into Tanahashi twisting into a Sling Blade (spinning sitout sleeper slam) pulling Tanahashi to the floor. The crowd boos, he used Tanahashi's own move on him. Ziggler gives a very quick grin and covers but gets only a two count, replacing the grin with frustration. Ziggler drags Tanahashi up whipping him into the ropes followed by a Corner Splash as its his turn to stomp the life out of his opponent. Tanahashi is powerslammed back into the middle by Ziggler and followed up onto with a Jumping Elbow Drop into a cover, just a two count again. Jake Swagger at ringside gets vocal pushing Ziggler on to finish Tanahashi off. Ziggler waits for Tanahashi patiently to get up, Tanahashi swings wildly as Ziggler ducks and then catches him with a Bridging German Suplex, again a two count. Tanahashi is pulled up by his hair by Ziggler as he trash talks Tanahashi and places calculated right hands to Tanahashi's forehead. Ziggler whips Tanahashi into the ropes, Tanahashi ducks the first clothesline, rebounds off the ropes, ducks the second, puts Ziggler into a full nelson and then nails a Bridging Dragon Suplex, Ziggler kicks out after a deep, deep two count. Tanahashi struggles and is in visible pain, leaning on the ropes for balance clutching his stomach as he brings Ziggler to his feet, locks in and goes for a Kinkasan Suplex (high angle German suplex) but Ziggler flips over his back, off the ropes and flies back with a Zig Zag (Jumping reverse bulldog) on Tanahashi. The crowd is going nuts is this really going to happen Ziggler goes for the hook of the legs one, two, but no! Just at the last moment Tanahashi kicks out. Ziggler clutches his head, drained and angry as he looks to Jake Swagger and then back at Tanahashi. Tanahashi is shivering on the other side, trying to get up as Ziggler prowls, waiting for Tanahashi to stand and face him. Tanahashi stumbles to the ground again as the referee goes to check on his condition. Ziggler turns around to look to Swagger but he is nailed with a steel chair by Jake Swagger! The AllState Arena is in chaos as Ziggler falls to the mat, Swagger rolls out of the ring sliding the steel chair back underneath and walks back not looking back once as Ziggler is laid out. Tanahashi finally comes to his senses, he sees Ziggler laid out and does not waste any time mounting the top rope and this time flies off into a High Fly Flow (Frog Splash) on Ziggler and hooks the leg one two three. Tanahashi wins the match to a very, very mixed reaction from the crowd.

              Jake Swagger stands by the entrance gate watching Tanahashi celebrate, not a single expression of joy or satisfaction on his face as Ziggler is still laid out on the mat to take us off the air...

              Gold Rush Series Saturday July 28th '12 Results

              Masato Tanaka def. John Morrison

              Hirooki Goto def. Jake Swagger

              KENTA def. Davey Richards

              Rey Mysterio def. Sin Cara

              Jay Lethal def. Chris Sabin

              Randy Orton def. El Mesias

              Drew Galloway def. Shinsuke Nakamura

              Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Ziggler

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                Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

       Press Release -29.7.2012

                Dear supporters,

                This evening we will witness the eight matches involving the Elite 16 wrestlers from around the world which will take place later tonight in the Gold Rush Series LIVE on HBO at 8PM from the AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois. In light of this we have some very exciting news to offer for the future of WorldWide Progressive Wrestling at the conclusion of the Gold Rush Series.

                An agreement has been reached with Home Box Office (HBO) to continue to broadcast WorldWide Progressive Wrestling's content exclusively on Saturday Nights at 8PM. HBO has picked up our content for a minimum of 25 episodes (spanning two hours each) with an option to extend. This means WPW programming will be broadcast on HBO for the coming six months and beyond depending on their performance.

                Once the Gold Rush Series is concluded this coming Sunday and we have crowned our World Pro Wrestling Champion, a new weekly series initially based in our home of the AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois entitled "The Siege of Chicago" will begin to air on Saturday nights at 8PM. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning, the progression of professional wrestling is truly underway and we humbly welcome you to join us for the ride.


                The WPW Staff

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                  Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                  WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
                  GOLD RUSH SERIES
                  ELITE 16
                  SaturdayJuly 28th2012 . AllState Arena, Chicago. LIVE on HBO.

                  Gold and white pyro explode from the rafters as “End of the Line” reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it . Below that is a picture of the WPW World Pro Wrestling Championship. Across the far walls of the arena are hanging the faces of the sixteen entrants that have made it to the Elite 16 in the eight matches they will compete in tonight – Katsuhiko Nakajima VS Low Ki, Homicide VS MVP, Samoa Joe VS Chavo Guerrero, Ron Killings VS Charlie Haas, Masato Tanaka VS Hirooki Goto, KENTA VS Rey Mysterio, Jay Lethal VS Randy Orton, and Drew Galloway VS Hiroshi Tanahashi. We cut to the WPW logo on top of the entrance gate that is two large screens joined together. The haze from the fireworks clouds the atmosphere as the THUNDEROUS CHEERS continue while cameras soar across the arena.

                  The voice of Matt Striker introduces the program, “One of sixteen men will become World Pro Wrestling Champion one week from now, to be that one, they will all square off tonight, its all or nothing, careers will be made or disappear into the horizon. Welcome to the WPW Gold Rush Series, the ELITE 16.”

                  The very first match of the night is Katsuhiko Nakajima VS Low Ki as both men are cheered heavily by the fans as they appear and Striker dubs this the “battle of the blade” for the mastery both men display in creating offence through their specialized kick combinations. Striker explains how both men dominated their first round opponents but this should be a much more even fight. There is a quick handshake between the two as the raucous crowd encourages them onward. The start is very cautious from both men, Low Ki and Nakajima size each other up, plenty of feint kicks and bare touches as they continue to circle each other. Nakajima ducks a Spinning Heel Kick from Ki but is not able to mount offence as Ki is already back on his stance. This continues for about two minutes, both men looking for an opening which is not there. Nakajima and Ki stare down and out of nowhere Ki nails him with the John Woo Flying Double Foot Dropkick sending Nakajima crashing into the corner. After this, it is all Low Ki as he nails a high flying combination of kicks on Nakajima situated on the turnbuckle, finishing off with knife edged chops and then bringing Nakajima into a thunderous Dragon Wing (Double Underhook Suplex) and into the cover for a two count only. Low Ki spends the next few minutes working on Nakajima's head with various stomps and sleeper holds wearing the Prince of Puroresu down until the point that the fans begin to clap and spur Nakajima to come back. Finally he does, Low Ki misses a slow roundhouse kick, Nakajima comes up behind and sends Low Ki crashing after a huge German Suplex. The momentum shifts completely as Nakajima fights back with stiff shoot kicks to Low Ki's ribs, rebounding off the ropes into a Lariat, refusing to give Low Ki a second to breathe. Ki is put through more tribulation as Nakajima performs a huge Back Suplex and goes for the leg hook, just a two count. Nakajima lifts Low Ki up and all of a sudden the arena lights go completely off! “Now what?!!” exclaims Matt Striker, within thirty seconds they are back on and Katsuhiko Nakajima is laid out, blood is spurting from his forehead. Low Ki is in the corner still reeling as he gets up slowly and the referee is totally confused as he goes to check on Nakajima. The crowd boos incessantly as Low Ki stumbles over to Nakajima, drags him up and then nails a Ki Krusher 99' (Fisherman Driver) to Nakajima and goes for the cover one, two, three it's over.

                  There is heavy booing from the fans inside the AllState Arena as Low Ki stumbles out of the ring, lumping his way towards the back. Striker is heard half whispering in his headset under the huge amount of boos, “what...just happened? We are losing control here.”

                  There is a long pause in the program where the cameras just soar through the arena, some members of the crowd booing and throwing less than gracious signs up to let us know they were expecting a fair contest. We finally cut backstage to where Ziggler is sitting inside his dressing room, taped up on his head and in his own zone, frustrated. Todd Romero enters the frame and asks for an interview but Ziggler does not speak at all, he stays in his own thoughts and Romero eventually gives up and leaves.

                  Back at ringside we are all set for our next match in the Elite 16. It is Homicide VS MVP as Striker explains that there are many questions going into this match tonight, first being who were the two men who attacked MVP two nights ago and what are Homicide's real motives after his outburst about the lack of competition on the same night. Both men come out to a rousing reception from the Chicago faithful but there is clear tension between them as MVP refuses a pre-match handshake from Homicide who merely shrugs as if he already expected it. As soon as the bell rings the battle is on and a slugfest ensues with MVP a man on a mission as he pummels Homicide into the corner and stomps the life out of him. Homicide is dragged back out and whipped into the ropes as MVP gets him with a Facebreaker Knee Smash and clotheslines 'Cide to the mat and continues to stomp away at him. The ref is forced to limit MVP's stomps as Homicide is able to crawl slowly in between the hits and put his head out the ropes to stop the assault. Homicide even rolls out of the ring to delay MVP further as the ten count begins and the crowd begins to boo 'Cide. After about seven Homicide slowly gets back into the ring, still leaving his upper body out so that MVP is forced to wait. Homicide and MVP finally square off once again as MVP again gets the better of Homicide beating him to every punch and then nailing a snap DDT on Homicide before performing a series of elbow drops to his chest. Again the arena lights go completely black! The crowd explodes in boos as they come back on, the referee is laid out but MVP is fighting back, they roar as MVP starts laying into the two MASKED MEN that attacked him two nights ago, MVP clotheslines one of them down and throws the other into the corner. This is short lived however as Homicide comes from behind and pulls MVP into a Gringo Cutter as MVP lies laid out on the mat, one of the men literally throw the referee back into the middle of the ring as both slide out and the referee barely counts one, two, three and Homicide picks up the win.

                  The AllState Arena crowd erupt in protest as the two men continue their assault on MVP. Homicide is outside the ring looking in as the fans roar for him to go inside and help MVP as he promptly rolls inside and is about to attack them from behind. Striker, “come on Homicide, redeem yourself and help him!”

                  Homicide is about to throw a punch but both the masked men turn around and confront him, words are exchanged as Homicide spouts something inaudible. They both put their guard down and stand staring at Homicide, they begin to pull their masks off. Our cameras focus in on their faces as the masks slowly come off and the arena is in chaos, it's Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso, The Uso Brothers! The Chicago crowd roars in disgust as the Uso Brothers embrace Homicide. The three of them raise their arms together as Homicide laughs in complete satisfaction. Matt Striker cautiously whispers through his headset again, “ladies and gentlemen...I apologize on behalf of WPW staff as what is going on in this ring is not at all what we intended, this is not what this promotion is about. Homicide and The Usos have shown a complete disregard for the integrity of this tournament.”

                  Homicide grabs a microphone as The Uso Brothers stand by him, keeping vigil as The Notorious 187 gathers his thoughts.

                  Homicide - “Why? WHY? Because of everything that's been denied to me, every time I am overlooked. This is for every single time in my career that they told me to “stay within the limits”, to play my role, to bide my time. No more, I'm sick of hearing that shit. My time is now. Do you hear me? MI TIEMPO ES AHORA! Ya'll believed in it all along didn't you, ya'll believed...ya'll believed just like I...a long time ago would have believed. MAN I GREW UP BELIEVING, through the harshest of conditions I grew up believing that one day I'd get my due, all the sacrifice, the rotten ass luck that I had been given, it would all mean something, that one day it would all work out to some higher accomplishment, to a greater future. Its been two decades in this game, I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I spent my adult life trying to make something out of nothing in this professional wrestling business and what do I have? WHAT DO I HAVE? A couple of people in my neighbourhood giving me dap for being a tough guy? A couple of dozen internet wrestling fans, here today, gone tomorrow? That's bullshit.”

                  There is absolute silence inside the arena, every single person is waiting on Homicide, The Uso Brothers are transfixed by every word he is saying.

                  Homicide - “Let me put this all in perspective for all of you behind the safety of that guard railing, all of you watching at home without a clue. If I decide to retire tomorrow, ya'll give a crap or two for about two days, then its nothing. I'm gone...olvidado. All I get from this game is a little bit of respect...and that DON'T EVEN MEAN SHIT. Respect ain't paid my bills, respect got me no savings, respect got me NOTHING. On Friday night I spoke my heart out...and none of you gave a crap about it. My goal here is the World Pro Wrestling Championship. Two people in the back heard what I had to say, two brothers confronted me backstage. They understood, and this is the irony that its the same two who I was trashing that night. The Usos...”

                  Homicide hands the mic to Jimmy Uso as some boos and some pleas can be heard from the crowd. Uso seems very emotional and angry.

                  Jimmy Uso - “In your eyes we are just the token Samoan wrestlers. In your eyes we're just the next two from the Anoai'i family. In your eyes we're just labels, we're just the novelty on the program. Just the next product. How long have we been held down due to this? My brother and I...we're tired of living in the shadows of our family, that only got us through the door, but we been locked in a dungeon since. We're tired of walking the same road that Homicide was walking, the road that many wrestlers walk...the road that doesn't matter, the road our father walked (huge boos). (Whispering painfully) The road to failure and obscurity. From now on...we take care of our dreams, we make our own mark, we ain't doing it for you anymore.”

                  Uso gives the mic back to Homicide as the three of them look right into the camera which pushes in in from the stands.

                  Homicide - “It's sad that I had to beat the life out of MVP to catch everybody's attention. But it's the way things are going to get handled from now on. The days that we got kicked around are over. The days that we bear the brunt of wrestling politics is over. Now we stop believing that eventually things are gonna pay off, now we're just gonna take what we want... do whatever we want to whoever we want, whenever we want. I am coming for the World Pro Wrestling Championship, The Usos are coming to take out everybody, we're taking whatever you throw in front of us and more, we don't give a damn about your rules, and I dare you, like I did on Friday night...I dare anyone to come and stop us so we can show you what we about.”

                  Homicide drops the microphone as him and the Uso brothers exit the ring. MVP is still laid out as the officials finally get to come and tend to him and the trio make their way to the back.

                  There is a long delay in the program as MVP is taken out of the ring, the blood is cleaned up by the officials and order is slowly restored. Our next match of the night is Samoa Joe VS Chavo Guerrero as both men come out to a rousing reception. Striker explains that Samoa Joe faced an unexpectedly difficult fight in the Round of 32 against Tyson Kidd and nearly lost the match where as Chavo dispensed of a fellow legend Taka Michinoku relatively easily. Joe usually is the favorite but the circumstances may just favour Chavo tonight but then there are big doubts if Chavo can use his classic Gory Bomb finisher against Joe so we may see a different tactic. There is a handshake before the bell rings as Joe and Guerrero square off. Guerrero immediately catches Joe with a low running dropkick right to the knees flooring Joe and goes to work on his legs immediately. Chavo double foot stomps on Joe's legs and subsequently puts him in a side headlock for more than a minute but Joe is able to battle out and nail Chavo with a clothesline. Joe is very limited in his movement but is able to nail a rushing Chavo with a backbody drop, and then on the rebound with a belly to back suplex after Chavo missed a clothesline. Joe throws Chavo into the corner and goes for a Corner Splash but Chavo moves out of the way, then dropkicks Joe back into the corner. Chavo takes another run up and hits another low angle dropkick to Joe's knees, flooring the Samoan Submission Machine. Chavo climbs to the top rope and does a Flying Leg Drop to the back of Joe's head. Chavo with the cover, but just a two count. Joe can barely move as Chavo baseball slides Joe in the face. Chavo then drags Joe up to go for a DDT but Joe heaves up and lifts Chavo and runs into the corner smashing Chavo's back. Joe hammers away at Chavo as the crowd comes back into it and then throws Chavo into the opposite corner as Chavo bounces off and Joe nails an Ole Kick to Chavo's head. Big mistake from Joe as he clutches his knees and screams in pain after the move, Joe collapses atop Chavo for the cover but a close two count is all he gets. Chavo begins to get up slowly but Joe nails an Inverted Atomic Drop and then floors him with a Running Forearm. Chavo tumbles outside the ring leaning on the announce table to gather himself as Joe tries to follow but Chavo jumps up and stuns Joe's head onto the ropes as Joe goes flying back to the middle of the ring. Chavo jumps up to the ropes and launches off into a Missile Dropkick to floor Samoa Joe. Chavo with the hook of the legs one, two-thr no just a two count. Chavo stomps on Samoa Joe, coming back with stiff knees to the head and then a double foot stomp on Joe's legs. He then signals to the crowd and goes up top for the Frog Splash but Joe pushes himself up and hits the ropes to make Chavo lose balance and land on his groin. Chavo is in real pain as Joe staggers over, Muscle Buster to Guerrero! Joe with the cover one, two, three it's all over.

                  A tremendous amount of applause from the supporters is given to both Chavo Guerrero and Samoa Joe as Joe and Chavo share a handshake and a hug and Chavo readily raises Joe's hand after the match in tribute of the performance.

                  We cut backstage to a tense scene near the production trucks as Katsuhiko Nakajima is livid at Kurt Angle as his handlers and agents protest along with him. Angle manages to calm him down for a moment as several production members are able to restrain Nakajima from attacking Angle himself. Kurt Angle screams at the production members, “I want Low Ki in my office, FIND HIM NOW.” In the background Matt Striker once again hopes that Kurt Angle still has control over the program as these events are becoming far too common in the last few nights.

                  We return to ringside for the next match of the Elite 16 which is Ron Killings VS Charlie Haas. The cameras soar across the arena as the ring is once again prepped. Both men make their entrances as Matt Striker fills us in on this match which has an air of mystery around it due to the nature of victories that both men gained in the previous round. Both left their opponents destroyed and in the case of Ron “The Truth” Killings, Carlito Colon has not been heard from or accounted for since that match and is officially “incognito” according to WPW insiders. Charlie “The Outlaw” Haas we all know about, putting Shelton Benjamin on the shelf is not a task that most wrestlers can accomplish. Both wrestlers make their entrance to roars from the crowd, now hungry to see the two collide. Killings is silent, serious and looks Haas dead in the eye while Haas shifts around the ring getting a feel for the atmosphere. The match begins frantically with Haas and Truth throwing everything at each other. Truth catches Haas many a time with the spinning heel kick while Haas gets in a few back body drops and snap arm drags. Haas eventually slows Truth down considerably after a sudden overhead Belly-To-Belly suplex and then proceeds to put Truth in a Reverse Chin Lock and zero out the pace of the match. Truth is able to power his way up and drops Haas with a Back Suplex. Truth now takes initiative beginning with a Leg Drop and then a flurry of Scoop Slams to Haas. Truth drags Haas up to go for the Jumping Reverse STO but Haas pushes him away and then nails Truth with a Swinging Neckbreaker as both men are down. The ten count is broken at five when Haas is able to get up first and then begins his assault of German Suplex after German Suplex on Truth. Truth's body starts to shiver and flop as Haas scoops Truth up but Truth slides off Haas' back and rebounds off the ropes with a Corkscrew Forearm Smash. Haas tries to get back as Truth goes for a Jumping Corkscrew Hook Kick but Haas ducks and Truth hits the referee instead! Truth comes to his senses and turns around but is then scooped up and Haas finally nails him with an Inverted DDT. Haas with the cover but there is no one to count! The crowd in Chicago voices their frustration as Haas tries to wake up the referee, nudging him furiously. Too little too late, out of the crowd comes running Shelton Benjamin all patched up on his ribs as the crowd explodes. Benjamin gets into the ring behind Haas who has no idea what is going on. Shelton smiles, so satisfied as he prowls behind Charlie Haas. Striker, “Charlie don't turn! DON'T TURN!” Haas does turn and wham, he is nailed by a Superkick as Benjamin rolls Truth over Haas and slaps the referee's head and rolls out, escaping through the crowd. The referee counts one, two, three and Truth wins.

                  Matt Striker, “Shelton Benjamin is supposed to be in the hospital! This is just...” Truth rolls out of the ring instantly knowing how fortunate his victory was as Haas lays laid out on the mat and we catch a shot of Benjamin high up on the far exit of the arena laughing. The camera goes close and you can hear him say “You will never be champion, as long as I am alive you will never. I AM THE BETTER MAN.”

                  In his Skybox, Kurt Angle sees what has unfolded with Benjamin and Haas as several production members and security personnel stand beside him. He shakes his head, walking away disgusted from the view and sits down. He looks at the floor for a long time, his face buried in his hands.

                  Kurt Angle - “Where is Low Ki?”

                  Production Member - “We can't find him.”

                  Kurt Angle - “Homicide? The Usos?”

                  Production Member - “They left after Homicide's match, we tried to catch up to them---”

                  Angle looks up, absolutely furious and then he sees our cameras looking at him.

                  Kurt Angle - “What the fuck? Get the camera out of here, CUT THE FEED! CUT THE FUCKING FEED!”

                  Immediately we cut to a 'WPW' logo with the blue circle and then quickly to the promo shown last week.

                  A montage of mainstream America and the larger world - shocking disasters happening, rampaging industry, masses of people flocking into stores, advertisements glamourizing wealth and riches, people dying mercilessly in distant countries. Sexual imagery, brutal fights and robberies, everything you see on the news and read about. In the undercurrent is a raspy radio voice narrating all through it.

                  The light of the sun, the abundance of the earth, it was not enough for you. Let there be light you once said, now it is your darkness that is spreading across the oceans, taking everything in its path. The cycle goes on and on, so cruelly magnificent, I can only hopelessly smile at it. Somehow we all dance in this circus of death. Can we let go? Is it too late? Is it too late? IS IT TOO LATE?!!”

                  Just as abruptly the footage is reduced to a small pixel, then gone, replaced by black.

                  The AllState Arena crowd is packed to the rafters, waiting as various chants break out in the spare time but are immediately replaced by roars as Kurt Angle makes his way out of the entrance gate and towards the ring flanked by production members and security personnel. Matt Striker explains that this step should have been taken a long time ago, “I certainly am in no position to speak on how to run a wrestling promotion but Mr. Angle should have had more visibility and clearly laid out the fine print for everyone here as slowly but surely we are heading towards chaos during this Gold Rush Series.” He runs down all the incidents from tonight and the past two nights, including Tanaka severely injuring John Morrison, Jake Swagger interfering in Ziggler and Tanahashi's match, MVP getting jumped backstage later to be revealed as The Usos, Homicide and The Usos beating down MVP, Low Ki's victory over Nakajima due to light failure, all these events that “are seriously hurting not only Mr. Kurt Angle's credibility but the credibility of WorldWide Progressive Wrestling in its infancy.”

                  The ring is surrounded by the security personnel as Kurt Angle, flanked by a select few of his production members gets inside the ring, waiting for the crowd to quiet down as he is handed a microphone.

                  Kurt Angle - “I really do regret that the first time I get to address all of you is in a moment like this. My wish was to address the public after we had finished the Gold Rush Series and I had congratulated a worthy champion. Tonight I am forced to come out here because I can no longer ignore it and sit back and watch what is happening in WPW.”

                  Angle takes a moment to survey the masses assembled before him, glancing at the security staff below and the production members around him as well.

                  Kurt Angle - “The Gold Rush Series means a lot to me, it is something very close to me. My plans to cement this organization as the truest and most respected professional wrestling promotion, and the promotion that you, the people can be proud of is embedded in the spirit of this tournament. This is why, and because I am retired now and there are very few things I care about...this is why, it truly hurts me to see the reputation and prestige of this tournament tarnished by a few short sighted and greedy wrestlers who think they can manipulate the rules and disrespect the spirit of the tournament and the honour of their opponents.”

                  Warm applause is given by the Chicago crowd assembled inside the arena.

                  Kurt Angle - “I don't want to name them now, out here, as it gives them more press for their actions, actions which don't deserve any kind of press or recognition at all. Actions which make me SICK TO MY STOMACH because I myself, have done these things in my career and when I look back they were not at all worth it. So what I am here to do is announce a solution to preserve the integrity of the Gold Rush Series. Since many of the wrestlers are not on permanent contracts it is difficult for us to implement any serious legal and financial discouragements to stop them from taking advantage. Therefore I have decided to take the advantage out of the equation and level the playing field, everyone now has a chance to fight back against those who try to take the upper hand. I have found a way to preserve the integrity of this tournament, from here on out... ANYTHING GOES! SURVIVAL RULES, just pinfall, submission, or knockout. No count-outs, no disqualification, only the strong will survive...only the strongest will prevail and become World Pro Wrestling Champion.”

                  There is a mixed reaction as one section of the crowd roars in approval but the other half are not so sure. Kurt Angle smiles, a wide smile, so satisfied and basking in his own genius. Matt Striker is shocked at this turn of events, “he's absolved himself of all responsibility during these matches! What is Kurt Angle doing?! He's lit a fire that can cause pandemonium in this promotion. How is this a SOLUTION?! This won't stop anything it will just encourage further chaos!”

                  Angle puts the microphone to his lips again, but then thinks twice, smiling before handing the microphone to the ringside staff and making his way out the ring. Striker continues to stress the importance of this announcement and how it will change the entire shape of the promotion, and the Gold Rush Series from now onwards.

                  Within moments we get set for our next match, Masato Tanaka VS Hirooki Goto. Striker explains that Goto had a straightforward ticket to this round defeating the very difficult Jake Swagger on the way here while Masato Tanaka brutalized John Morrison to book his place in the Elite 16. Both men are no strangers to each other, Hirooki Goto defeated Tanaka to become IWGP Intercontinental Champion but since Kurt Angle's announcement everything is different, Tanaka you can say would be best suited to the new “survival rules”. Tanaka and Goto both make their entrances as Tanaka has a huge smile on his face and taunts Goto, attempting to scare the younger opponent but Goto stands firm, staring into Tanaka's eyes. As soon as the bell rings Goto tackles Tanaka to the ground and pummels away at him. Tanaka is able to throw Goto off but Goto keeps coming back with Lariat after Lariat, Muramasa after Muramasa (Spinning Heel Kick) to keep Tanaka on the backfoot. Goto eventually nails a Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker to Tanaka and goes for the cover but gets a two count. He then whips Tanaka into the ropes but Tanaka throws a charging Goto over his head as Goto lands on the edge of the ring, hanging on barely – but Tanaka with a stiff elbow throwing Goto to the floor. Tanaka gathers himself for a moment then takes a run up and rebounds off the ropes to perform a Suicide Elbow but Goto smashes a steel chair into Tanaka's face! Tanaka is flopping on the floor as the crowd applauds Goto for using Tanaka's favorite weapon against him and Matt Striker points out the same. Goto has no mercy on Tanaka as he chair shots him on the back and then drags him up, smashing Tanaka's head into the ringpost. Goto rolls Tanaka into the ring and pulls Tanaka up and then down into a Vertical Suplex Side Slam. Tanaka is out as Goto hooks the leg one, two, thr-no just a two count but Masato Tanaka is busted open. Goto pummels Tanaka's head repeatedly whipping him into the corner before attempting to tackle Tanaka in the ribs but Tanaka moves out as Goto crashes into the ringpost. Goto falls back into the ring clutching his right shoulder as Tanaka mercilessly stomps on Goto, blood dripping on the mat. Tanaka quickly slides outside the ring, bringing that same chair inside and smashes Goto on the shoulder with the chair again and again. Tanaka goes for the cover but Goto kicks out at a deep two. Tanaka slowly lifts Goto up into a Fireman's Carry and goes to do a Running Death Valley Driver on the chair but at the last moment Goto slides off and hits a Neckbreaker to Tanaka's head on the chair! Tanaka bounces off the mat, Goto with the hook of the leg one, two, three.

                  Roars of approval greet Goto as the referee raises his arm but he pulls away nursing his right shoulder. Masato Tanaka lays on the mat clutching his head as Matt Striker proclaims that karma truly has struck after Tanaka tried to destroy John Morrison's face in the previous round.

                  In the Skybox, Kurt Angle is holding court with his personal security crew and staff as Low Ki is ushered inside by a production member.

                  Low Ki - “Kurt, I know you won't believe me but I had nothing to do with the lights going out during my match with Nakajima.”
                  Angle turns around at Low Ki, smiling as Low Ki is taken by surprise.

                  Kurt Angle - “It doesn't matter now does it. You've got your spot in the Quarter Finals next Saturday and if you paid attention to the bracket your opponent is your former teacher and master, Homicide. You can prove to me and the world that you are not part of his crew by eliminating him from the Gold Rush Series.”

                  Low Ki - “And what about The Usos?”

                  Kurt Angle - “For your sake, you better have a plan B if they decide to make their presence felt. Survival rules Ki...survive and you'll make it to the Semi Finals. Just in case you're wondering, I am rooting for you and I do hope that I can believe you as well.”

                  Angle turns around and goes back to his meeting, leaving Low Ki just standing there frustrated from this nonchalant reaction from the spokesperson of WPW. Matt Striker can be heard wondering why Kurt Angle is acting this way all of a sudden.

                  The next match in the Elite 16 is KENTA VS Rey Mysterio as both men make their entrances to a tremendous reaction from the supporters inside the arena. Matt Striker describes how both men defeated their contemporaries, “The American Wolf” Davey Richards and Sin Cara respectively. This will be a new test as neither man has faced each other before and the first match to clash the styles of Mexico and Japan in WPW. The match begins with much fanfare, Mysterio is cheered heavier but KENTA receives a warm reception from the crowd as well. Both men spend the initial stages feeling each other out, Mysterio with feint kicks and KENTA mostly on the back-foot. KENTA tries to attack but Mysterio fends him off with a couple of snap Hip Tosses. KENTA finally snaps and charges at Mysterio with a Spinning Heel Kick but Mysterio easily ducks coming back off the ropes but KENTA is too quick and Flapjack's Mysterio to the mat. KENTA immediately seizes Rey's legs and tries to lock in a Cloverleaf but Rey boots KENTA into the ropes, running up and quickly nailing a 619 (Tiger Feint Kick) to KENTA sending him crashing. Mysterio hooks the leg one, two, thr-no! KENTA just about kicks out and Striker wonders why Rey used the move so early. Rey looks to put KENTA away quickly as he performs a snap Leg Drop and then goes to climb the top rope and waits, perched as KENTA begins to stagger up. Mysterio launches off but he's caught in mid air by a Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick from KENTA. The crowd explodes at this sudden sequence as Mysterio is laid out and KENTA goes for the cover one, two, three-NO! Mysterio just gets a shoulder up as KENTA backs away to catch his breath. KENTA pounces on Mysterio once again and nails him with a Bridging Tiger Suplex, one, two thr-no! Again, Mysterio kicks out of the pin. KENTA slides away, wiping the sweat off his face as he hangs on the rope, panting. The crowd is raucous and tense at the same time, sensing how badly both men have tried to win this match so early. KENTA staggers back to the middle of the ring, dragging Mysterio into the corner, placing a couple of stomps and then mounting Mysterio on the top rope. KENTA places a few shots to Mysterio and tries to lock him in for a tope Fisherman Buster but Mysterio battles back with elbow after elbow, Mysterio just will not stop, he elbows KENTA on the neck the head, anywhere he can nail as KENTA staggers spouting fluids into the air and stepping a notch down to the second rope. Mysterio stays on the top rope, he flies off, Sunset Flip Powerbomb to KENTA to the mat! The arena is exploding as KENTA's body shivers and Mysterio crawls around in pain. Mysterio puts his body atop KENTA one, two, three, its over!

                  Roars meet the climax of the match as Mysterio is not even able to stand and KENTA is completely laid out on the mat as the referee barely holds Mysterio's arms up. Matt Striker proclaims how dangerous each move can be and points to this match as both KENTA and Mysterio went for a high risk high impact strategy and Mysterio, barely, just barely has escaped with a win.

                  We go backstage to the WPW interview set with black background and the blue circular logo as Todd Romero is standing by with Randy Orton.

                  Todd Romero - “Randy, in a few minutes you are going to go one on one with Jay Lethal in one of the final Elite 16 matches in the Gold Rush Series. The rules that you trained for however have been turned upside down, Kurt Angle has introduced “survival rules” for the rest of the tournament, your thoughts?

                  Randy Orton- “They can change the rules as much as they want. Personally, I don't know what is going on in Kurt Angle's head but its not going to matter. “Survival rules” huh? That suits me just fine. As for Jay Lethal, all I can say is best of luck and may the best man win.

                  Todd Romero - “We haven't heard much from you since you signed for WPW. Being one of the marquee names that this promotion was founded on many have begun to question your commitment to the cause and if you are just here for the short term, would you have something to say about this?”

                  Randy Orton - “I'm here aren't I? That should be enough for people. Once I win the Gold Rush Series and become World Pro Wrestling Champion maybe the questions of commitment will be answered.”

                  Todd Romero - “Thank you for your time Randy, best of luck. Back to you Matt.”

                  Randy Orton nods to Todd Romero and sets off for his match.

                  Back to ringside and it is time for Randy Orton VS Jay Lethal as the crowd heats up for both men's entrances. Matt Striker runs down the tale of the tape, Orton beat El Mesias convincingly but Jay Lethal barely squeezed past a familiar opponent in Chris Sabin. Both men have vastly different builds and styles and it will be very interesting to see how both adapt to the “Survival rules”. Orton and Lethal both make their entrances sharing a quick handshake and then squaring off as the crowd hotly anticipates the match and various chants break out. Lethal immediately goes on the attack targetting Orton's legs with stiff kicks as he tries to knock him off balance. Orton shrugs off the first few and tries to get a few swings but Lethal easily ducks and dodges and they are back to facing off and circling again. Lethal charges this time around but Orton easily wriggles around and nails the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker as Lethal goes bouncing up to the ropes but Orton brings him back with an Inverted Neckbreaker in succession. Orton with the cover but just one and a half. Orton spends almost a minute laying a combination of punches and powerslams to severely reduce Lethal's energy and then Irish Whips Lethal to the corner and mounts him in on the top rope and nails a thunderous Superplex. Orton with the cover again but just a two count. Orton continues his dominance over Lethal with a Chinlock locking it in extra tight as Lethal struggles for breath. After what seems like an eternity Lethal is able to battle out just barely as he elbows Orton in the guts and runs off the ropes but Orton catches him with a Lou Thesz Press and pummels Lethal in the head some more. There is no escaping as Orton drags Lethal back up and then nails a Full Nelson Slam once again going for the hook of the legs but again just a two count. Orton pounds the mat, its that time as the crowd is on its feet, Lethal staggers up, Orton goes for the RKO but Lethal throws him into the ropes, Orton rebounds off into a Spinning Enzuiguri from Lethal. Orton drops to the floor like his head has been blown off as Lethal collapses to the mat. Lethal slowly comes back and drags Orton up but Orton replies with a huge European Uppercut that sends Lethal staggering back, but Lethal replies with one of his own! Orton with another...and Lethal with another! Orton staggers to the ropes but comes back and nails another European Uppercut, but Lethal replies just as strongly with one of his own! The crowd is roaring as Lethal and Orton start hammering away at each other. Lethal seems to be winning the battle as he whips Orton into the ropes and comes off them himself and nails a huge Leg Lariat to fell Orton. Lethal with the cover – two count. Lethal goes to the corner, and climbs the top rope signalling to the masses and flies off into a Hail To The King (Diving Elbow Drop) on Orton. It must be, Lethal writhes around for a moment then comes back with the hook of the legs one, two, no Orton kicked out. Orton desperately tries to get back up crawling towards the corner, clutching his chest as Lethal studies him and waits till the opening and runs into Orton with a stiff Double Foot Dropkick to the chest! Orton shudders off the corner, stumbling around the ring as Lethal waits and waits and waits, Orton finally goes to a position near the ropes as Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection (Belly to Back turned to Neckbreaker) but Orton reverses in mid-air, RKO! Orton with an arm over Lethal – one, two, three Orton just barely picks up the win.

                  Randy Orton rolls out of the ring, clutching his chest and falls to the floor in exhaustion as Jay Lethal begins to come about and bangs his fists on the mat in frustration. Matt Striker says this seems like a mirror image of what happened to Lethal against Sabin where Sabin dominated for large periods but Lethal won, now Orton has done the same to Lethal but a valiant effort nonetheless.

                  We cut to a taped video, it is set in the University of Oklahoma's wrestling gym. Many amateur wrestlers are plying their trade and training with the coaches as Jake Swagger walks into view wearing his 'OU' jacket and track pants. Swagger shakes hands with a few of the coaches, watches the athletes, studying and admiring before speaking. He does not look at the camera, rather focusing on the wrestling.

                  Jake Swagger - “Everyone I know has been asking me why, why did I turn on Ziggler. Why did I ruin his chances of becoming WPW Champion? It's funny how they faked the surprise, as if nobody ever saw it coming. Its the sign of the times I guess that people just can't read through the lines.

                  Since 2010 I have been held down, Ziggler felt like he was held down too so I thought we had ourselves an alliance. Two hungry young guys fighting to make a name for themselves in the business. I should have known it was always going to be about him. I should have known that I was just a means to an end, a step ladder for Ziggler to fulfil his own dreams.

                  I got so caught up in our “team” and trying to get noticed, that I lost sight of what brought me here. I was already one of the best wrestlers in the world, if not the best, I have been a winner since I began my career, why the hell do I need to reduce myself to useless antics when I can get it done in the ring against anybody. Its not some dialogue, its not a boast, like you said's not showing off if you back it up. The evidence is there for everyone to see, just look around here and ask somebody, I am an All American, one of the best.

                  I lost nearly three years of my career hanging out with that self absorbed piece of shit. Its time for me to get those three years back. That's why I am here, these are my roots, this is my inspiration. So when I return I'm taking my years back, I'm filling the gap, and naturally it has to begin by getting rid of the main reason I lost those years...Ziggler.

                  It comes full circle, he wanted me to be that pillar that he can depend on while he goes after his own selfish goals. That pillar is no more, it is replaced by bars, a prison, a out Zig. Ruining your chances to become WPW Champion, yeah that's a step in the right direction but I'm coming for so much more.

                  I'm coming to end your career and make you watch me take over the wrestling world as you sit there helpless and broken.”

                  We return to the ring for our final match in the Elite 16 as WPW spokesperson, Kurt Angle himself comes out once again flanked by security personnel and sits down next to Matt Striker in the commentary booth as Striker wastes no time in grilling the spokesperson about his speech earlier but Angle refuses to comment and tells Striker that he's only here to watch the contest. It is now time for Drew Galloway VS Hiroshi Tanahashi. Striker explains that Galloway earned his spot in this round with a hard fought victory over Shinsuke Nakamura but refused to shake the veterans hand. Tanahashi fought toe to toe with Ziggler but was aided heavily, and that's an understatement by Jake Swagger's chair shot on Ziggler. Tanahashi and Galloway both make their entrances as the crowd is clearly pro Tananashi in Chicago but Galloway doesn't seem to give a damn anyway. The match begins with a flurry as Galloway and Tanahashi both trade blows before Galloway overpowers Tanahashi and locks him into a Sleeper Hold. Tanahashi wriggles his way back out and nails Galloway with an Arm Trap German Suplex holding into a pin but a one and a half count. Galloway is up even before Tanahashi and fells him with a hard Clothesline. Galloway whips Tanahashi into the ropes but Tanahashi rebounds off into a Flying Forearm Strike on Galloway. Galloway is back up quickly again but Tanahashi is ready and ducks Galloway's Big Boot and comes from behind and locks in the Dragon Sleeper! The masses are rabid as Tanahashi has Galloway firmly placed in the Dragon Sleeper. No, Galloway is so powerful he lifts Tanahashi who still has him in the Dragon Sleeper and nails a running Powerslam to the mat to completely reverse the move. Galloway grabs Tanahashi by the hair, nailing a few shots to his head before whipping Tanahashi into the corner and stomping a mud hole into him. Galloway then brings Tanahashi back into the middle and lifts him into a Fireman's Carry Flapjack hard to the mat. Galloway then drags Tanahashi back up again and scoops him up to perform the Ego Trip (Scoop Lift Facebuster) but Tanahashi rolls off his back, locks Galloway in and nails a Kinkasan Suplex (High Angle German Suplex) into a pin one, two, thr-no! Galloway just barely kicked out. Tanahashi now drags Galloway up and wraps his arms about, hooking the leg and into a thunderous Twelve Six (Cut Throat Leg Hook Sitout Slam) and goes for the cover but again a two count. Frustrated, Tanahashi puts Galloway in a very tight Reverse Chin Lock, cutting off his air and desperately telling the referee to question Galloway. Galloway refuses to give up, furiously pushing at Tanahashi and trying to get off the mat but Hiroshi Tanahashi is not going to let go. Tanahashi plants his leg on Galloway's back to accentuate the pain even further. Almost three minutes pass, Galloway's body is beginning to give away as Tanahashi continues the pressure, relentless. After the fourth minute the referee begins to raise Galloway's right hand to check if he's conscious but it is not required as Galloway bursts into action – he reaches up and gouges Tanahashi right in the eyeballs as Tanahashi falls away screaming in pain. Galloway gets up, furious, saliva running down his mouth as he goes to attack Tanahashi but Tanahashi nails him with a Drop Toe Hold and slides over as Galloway tries to battle away but too late, the Dragon Sleeper is locked in! The crowd is going crazy as Galloway screams in pain and Tanahashi senses it, the Sleeper is as tight as it can be there is no way out, Galloway taps! Galloway taps out!

                  Tanahashi rolls away from Galloway, sitting on his knees as the referee raises his hand and he celebrates, elated with the hard fought victory. By the commentary booth Kurt Angle has taken his headset off and is clapping for Tanahashi. The fans give their respect with a very warm ovation as Tanahashi celebrates by climbing the turnbuckles and bowing to the Chicago crowd. Striker, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of the Elite 16. Hiroshi Tanahashi has made it to the Quarter Finals, he is joined by Low Ki, Homicide, Samoa Joe, Ron Killings, Hirooki Goto, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton. It has been a landmark night in WPW's infancy. Some great moments, but also some moments that may change the destiny of this promotion. What you see now is the temporary calm after the storm but the smell of something bigger yet to come is still in the air. All I can say for sure is that this time next week, we will have the first ever World Pro Wrestling Champion, good night, and thank you for watching.”

                  Kurt Angle gets into the ring and shakes hands with Hiroshi Tanahashi, raising the victor's arms to a very mixed reaction as we fade off air...

                  Gold Rush Series Elite 16 Results

                  Low Ki def. Katsuhiko Nakajima

                  Homicide def. MVP

                  Samoa Joe def. Chavo Guerrero

                  Ron Killings def. Charlie Haas

                  Hirooki Goto def. Masato Tanaka

                  Rey Mysterio def. KENTA

                  Randy Orton def. Jay Lethal

                  Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Drew Galloway

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                    Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                    WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
                    GOLD RUSH SERIES
                    QUARTER FINALS
                    Saturday August 4th2012 . AllState Arena, Chicago. LIVE on HBO.

                    Gold and white pyro explode from the rafters as “End of the Line” reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it . Below that is a picture of the WPW World Pro Wrestling Championship. Across the far walls of the arena are hanging the faces of the eight remaining wrestlers who will fight each other in the Quarter Finals – Low Ki VS Homicide, Samoa Joe VS Ron Killings, Hirooki Goto VS Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton VS Hiroshi Tanahashi. We cut to the WPW logo on top of the entrance gate that is two large screens joined together. The haze from the fireworks clouds the atmosphere as the THUNDEROUS CHEERS continue while cameras soar across the arena.

                    The voice of Matt Striker introduces the program, “Eight remain, four will make it to the Semi Final tomorrow, two will make it to the Final at the end of that same night. The road is about to end, welcome to the WPW Gold Rush Series Quarter Final Round!”

                    Before Striker can continue the Chicago crowd erupts as Ziggler appears through the entrance gate, no music, nothing, he almost seems sorry to be there as the raucous crowd gives him a very loud but mixed reaction. He begins the slow walk down to the ring, as Matt Striker exclaims, “Last week Jake Swagger revealed why he turned on his friend and comrade, Ziggler and cost him his match against Hiroshi Tanahashi and a chance to go on to become WPW Champion. He mentioned that three years of his career were wasted with Ziggler, and he was continuously overshadowed by his brash ally, no more he said, he vowed to end Ziggler's career and make up for lost time.”

                    Ziggler climbs into the ring dressed in a grey suit and dress pants, and in a very somber mood. Some fans chant “Ziggler” but he is not listening at all. A microphone is handed to him by the ringside staff as he goes to a corner and lays back, framing his words and probably his mind.

                    Ziggler - “I know the Gold Rush Series Quarter Finals are about to get underway but I had to get some things off my chest and I hope you all will bear with me here. I don't even know where to begin with this... If it was anyone else, ANYONE, I wouldn't even give a damn. When its your own friend, and forget what we do here as a job, when its someone you are friends with EVEN outside the job, someone you know through thick and thin will have your back...and he turns on you, he feels like you held him back...I'm...”

                    Ziggler shakes his head, still in disbelief.

                    Ziggler - “You think that I used you to climb up the ladder of the wrestling world? You think that I am the one hogging the spotlight? You think I held you back?”

                    Ziggler puts his head down, there is silence all around the arena as he looks down, still distraught. Finally he says...

                    Ziggler – (Whispering) “You're absolutely right.”

                    Ziggler looks up, looking into the far camera as the crowd literally explodes at his last words and he slowly, discretely, begins to chuckle. Matt Striker explains that the “lines have been drawn, Ziggler and Swagger are bound by fate now to collide.”

                    Ziggler gently puts the mic down, absolutely changed from his admission, back to his supreme aura of confidence as he steps outside the ring and walks to the back raising his arms, “You're took you this long Swagger?” he roars out to members of the crowd, laughing his way to the back.

                    The lights in the AllState Arena are dimmed as we are set for the first match in the Quarter Finals round, it is now time for Low Ki VS Homicide.

                    =::GANGSTARR - MASS APPEAL::=

                    Blue and red lights flicker inside the AllState Arena as a chaotic reaction meets Homicide who appears out of the entrance gate, heavily bandana'd in his street fight gear flanked by The Usos who are simply dressed in black T-Shirts and track pants as the trio begin their slow walk towards the ring. Matt Striker recollects the events from last week, the formation of an alliance between Homicide and The Usos and the brutal beatdown of MVP who Homicide cheated to beat to get here. Also the fact that Homicide can be considered the man who created the change – the change to Survival Rules in WPW as Kurt Angle was unable to tame the chaos that 'Cide and The Usos caused. Speculation is rife that he had a hand in Low Ki's match against Katsuhiko Nakajima as well, but only time will tell, “You're looking at the most dangerous man in WPW right now.”

                    =::2PAC - NO MORE PAIN::=

                    The crowd roars as the arena is covered in grey and we see double takes, shadows of Low Ki's visage before he even appears out of the entrance gate. Once he does, a bright fluorescent light temporarily flickers around him as he makes his way towards the ring, climbing inside as the lights slowly come back. Striker explains how Low Ki defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima due to mysterious circumstances, the lights went out in the arena and Nakajima lay out cold on the mat. Many including WPW spokesperson Kurt Angle believe Homicide and The Usos are behind it but Low Ki claims to know nothing of it.

                    Homicide and Low Ki face off in the middle of the ring as Homicide can be seen and heard saying, “I told you...this is it, this is real. Everything is gonna change now man, you can still ---”

                    Low Ki smiles, shaking his head and then turning around to walk way, he comes right back with a Flying Big Boot to the head of Homicide as the Chicago crowd roars in satisfaction. Homicide jumps up and comes back but Low Ki with flurries of Arm Drag Takedowns and then two stiff kicks to Homicide's chest, finishing with a springboard off the ropes into a Roundhouse Kick. Homicide is floored. Ki immediately goes to work with absolutely relentless stomps on Homicide's midsection, stiff boot after boot as Homicide gets the breath kicked out of him. Homicide quickly rolls out of the ring, The Usos immediately coming to his side as he leans on the commentary desk panting. The Usos go to either side of the ring, taunting Low Ki and trying to distract him. Jimmy Uso gets up on the ropes even but Ki feints a Running Elbow and Uso jumps back down. Jey Uso tries to climb into the ring from the corner ringpost but Low Ki dropkicks him out, but he fell for the trap – Homicide drags Low Ki's legs into the ringpost and locks in a Figure Four Leglock wrapped around the ringpost! The referee is helpless to do anything due to the Survival Rules as he pleads for Homicide to let go of the hold as since he is outside the ring Low Ki cannot even submit. Low Ki is in visible pain as he screams out but Homicide will not release the hold. The Usos get back around but Homicide instructs them to stay away as he finally breaks the Figure Four Leglock and then slams Low Ki's right leg into the ringpost before re-entering the ring. Low Ki can barely get up as Homicide uses the ropes to elevate himself and stomp on Low Ki's right leg again and again. Ki tries to crawl to the corner to get away as the crowd boos heavily at Homicide's tactics. Striker whispering, “ladies and gentlemen it does not look good for Low Ki right now...” Homicide slowly pulls Low Ki up to his feet, teasing him with some rest but then lifting him high, and back down with a Delayed Fisherman Suplex with the right knee hooked. Homicide with a confident cover one...two...thr- shoulders up! Homicide is a little bit surprised as he sarcastically smiles at the referee before laying a couple of right hands to Ki's forehead and then whipping him into the corner. Homicide sets his sights, then backs himself up all the way to the other corner as the crowd is tense, Low Ki is shivering, this could be it. Homicide runs at Low Ki and dives into a Double Foot Stomp but Low Ki pushes himself up and dodges as Homicide crashes his legs into the turnbuckles. Low Ki uses the ropes for balance, staggering away from Homicide. Homicide wriggles his way out from the turnbuckles and begins to stand, Low Ki re-appears right in front of him, locks him in, and drops Homicide with the Ki Krusher 99' (Fisherman Driver). The crowd is roaring as Low Ki goes for the hook of the legs one...two...thre-kickout. Low Ki cannot believe it, he falls back to the mat in exhaustion, slowly crawling further away from Homicide to recuperate as The Usos at ringside breathe a huge sigh of relief. Homicide slowly shows some signs of life, turning over sideways and attempting to find the nearest support as The Usos feed information from ringside. Chicago urges Low Ki on as he waits for Homicide to get up and face him, he himself leans on the ropes on the other side in the meantime. Finally 'Cide gets up and staggers to the middle as Low Ki charges at him but Homicide nails a low Roundhouse Kick to floor Low Ki and then locks him into an STF! Low Ki cannot escape, Homicide roars out in deathly elation as the referee begs Low Ki...yes, Low Ki's tapping, Low Ki tapped out. “Homicide is in the semi's! Homicide goes through!” Striker says.

                    The Chicago crowd is booing heavily but some claps can also be heard as Homicide releases the hold but refuses to have his arms raised as he climbs the second rope immediately, tapping his forehead as he goes back to Low Ki who is still face down on the mat. “You can't beat the master...” Homicide screams in Low Ki's ear as The Usos join him and share hugs, before the trio finally raise their arms together. They slowly roll out of the ring and towards the back, jubilation clear on their faces as the referee checks on Low Ki.

                    Matt Striker exclaims that Homicide had Low Ki well scouted and having The Usos in the Sruvival Rules environment is priceless. “I really am concerned now, who is going to stop Homicide now? Low Ki was trained by him, he knew everything and some say had the best chance of knocking Homicide out of the Gold Rush Series, yet Homicide has just demonstrated his domination over his pupil, albeit with the presence of The Usos. He is now two matches away from becoming WPW Champion.”

                    We go to a pre-recorded press conference in the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. A giant black and blue 'WPW' circular logo hangs in the background and Kurt Angle is seated completely alone, scores of security personnel behind him. He addresses the press assembled there. A championship belt sits in front of Kurt Angle, sprawled out for all to see. It is in adorned with a silver emblem, a silver circle going around the center of the championship, thin lines depicting continents and a fist running through the middle.

                    Kurt Angle - “Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased, and satisfied to make another landmark announcement associated with WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. As the historic Gold Rush Series draws to a close and a new World Pro Wrestling Champion is crowned tomorrow night, we look forward to the future.

                    There has to be a credible way, an option, a chance, a dream, whatever you want to call it. There has to be a way and a path for every wrestler that sets foot in this promotion or this sport in general, to be able to become World Pro Wrestling Champion. There also has to be credibility and reputation associated with anyone who challenges for the World Pro Wrestling Championship.

                    Keeping all this in mind, I am proud to present to the wrestling world, the first of its kind, the prestigious, Silver Championship.”

                    Quiet applause is given by the people assembled at the conference.

                    Kurt Angle - “The rules that govern this championship are truly unique and the first of their kind. First let us explore the advantages of this championship. The man who wins this championship, and is able to hold it for 5 title defences or more is guaranteed a World Pro Wrestling Championship match thereafter. As long as he is still champion by the time the World Title match begins, his title shot remains valid. Should he win, he must relinquish the Silver Championship to the Championship committee, should he lose against the World Champion, he must again defend it at least 5 more times before he can receive another opportunity.

                    Now I will explain the stipulations of holding this belt and what is required of a Silver Champion. As I mentioned, a minimum of five title defences are required to be eligible to challenge the World Champion. What makes this Championship truly “progressive” and unique is that it can be defended not only in WorldWide Progressive Wrestling but any other promotion. Should there ever be a circumstance where the Silver Champion is challenged by a champion from another promotion, he must defend his belt against that opponent either at a WPW event or an event of the other promotion.

                    If, our Champion loses his belt, we welcome...with open arms, the wrestler from the other promotion to defend the Silver Championship here in WPW, or elsewhere at least 5 times and challenge the World Pro Wrestling Champion to a match.

                    The first ever Silver Champion will be crowned at our inaugural “Siege of Chicago” event this coming Saturday in an eight man tournament. The participants will be announced during the week.

                    Once again, thank you for joining me ladies and gentlemen and see you tonight at the Quarter Finals.”

                    Kurt Angle gets up and holds the Silver Championship aloft as the press take photos.

                    We are back at ringside as we prepare for our second Quarter Final match for the World Pro Wrestling Championship, it is time for Samoa Joe VS Ron Killings.

                    “Joe's gonna kill you, Joe's gonna kill you, Joe's gonna kill...” chants thunder across Chicago.

                    =::LED ZEPPLIN - KASHMIR (PUFF DADDY MIX)::=

                    The roof explodes from the building as Samoa Joe emerges from the smoke, towel over his head, breathing fumes as he roars out from his war trance and makes his way towards the ring. Striker explains to us that Samoa Joe had another gruelling match after his classic against Tyson Kidd in the first round, this time against the legendary Chavo Guerrero in the Elite 16. Joe more than earned Guerrero's respect and as predicted, is one of the front-runners in the Gold Rush Series but may face his toughest test yet against the enigmatic Ron Killings.

                    =::NAS - MADE YOU LOOK::=

                    We wait for an eternity as Ron “The Truth” Killings finally emerges from the dark, dressed in his usual jeans and black armbands. He walks to the ring slowly, staring down Samoa Joe from a distance as the crowd roars in the background. Striker, “In the first round he took Carlito Colon out of action in the most one sided match I have ever seen, in the Elite 16 he took advantage of Shelton Benjamin's revenge on Charlie Haas. Ron Killings is a dark horse in the Gold Rush Series, nobody knows what will happen next, all we know is that so far he has won and circumstances have favoured him.”

                    The referee explains the Survival Rules to both men as they stay on each corner of the ring. Joe and Truth don't speak, don't shake hands, just stare each other down as the referee checks everything one final time before ringing the bell. Both men begin a slow walk to the middle of the ring, facing up to each other. They engage in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up as Joe pushes Truth to the corner but Truth wriggles out and starts stomping and punching away at Joe. Truth does not stop until Joe is sitting on the mat. Truth throws a boot in Joe's face and pushes it in cutting Joe's breath away. Truth then Snapmares Joe into the middle and into a Reverse Chinlock. Truth shows no emotion at all, just churning Joe's neck from time to time as Joe gasps for air. The ref asks Joe if he wants to give up but Joe screams out, “fuck you” very loudly to a roar from the crowd as Truth finally begins to show some anger. Truth drags Joe all the way down to the mat from the sitting position and keeps the Chinlock fixed. The crowd wills Joe on but Truth has his gameplan absolutely set. Joe pushes at Truth's arms, wrenching Truth's left wrist, lifting up at the same time and getting back up, reversing the Chinlock into an Arm Twist but not for long, Joe pulls Truth in and goes for a high German Suplex. Killings bounces off the mat, staggering into and then coming back off the ropes as Joe once again lifts him up for a snap Samoan Drop. Joe is gathering momentum as he hits Killings with a flurry of Elbow Drops and then takes a run up off the ropes into a Running Senton on Truth. Joe drags Ron Killings up, hitting him with a couple of Forearm Smashes which knock the wind out of The Truth. Joe lifts Truth up for a steep, steep Dragon Suplex bridged into a pin one...two...kickout! Truth crawls away, rolling out of the ring and panting for breath. Joe sees Truth outside, taking a small run up and flying out into an Elbow Suicida (Suicide Dive into a Flying Forearm Smash) to Truth on the floor. Samoa Joe has no time to rest, he drags Ron Killings up and smashes his head into the ringpost. Killings staggers back as Joe nails another Samoan Drop on the floor! Killings is out for the time being as Joe picks him up by the hair, laying in a couple of right handed shots and then rolling Truth just about into the ring. Joe brings Truth back up, whipping him into the corner, Truth comes back off and walks into a super delayed Sidewalk Slam. Joe with the hook of the legs! Truth kicked out. Joe goes to the corner, crouched, waiting for Truth to get up. Joe runs at Truth as soon as he does, but misses the Ole Kick completely, Truth rebounds off the ropes onto a tremendous Jumping Corkscrew Hook Kick. The tide is turning again as both Truth and Joe are on the mat recuperating. Joe is up before Truth and goes to pick him up but out of nowhere Truth nails the Reverse STO! Truth with the hook of the legs one...two...thre-no! Joe just about kicked out. Truth staggers over to the nearest corner and mounts the turnbuckles to the top, waiting for Samoa Joe to get up. The crowd is also on the edge of their seats as Joe takes an eternity to get up. He sees Ron Killings but it is too late, Truth flies off the top, landing on Joe's neck into a perfectly executed Huricanrana that sends Joe tumbling out of the ring. Joe is out on the floor, rolling around clutching his head as Truth once again climbs the nearest corner as Joe begins to get up. Truth dives off the top turnbuckle into a Rolling Senton Bomb on Samoa Joe on the outside! The supporters are roaring inside the arena as Joe and Truth both are laid flat on their backs. Slowly both begin to show some life. Truth is up first, he uses all his strength to drag Joe up and roll him back in to the ring. Truth somehow gets his body over Joe and makes the cover one...two...thr-shoulders. Truth rolls away again, huffing and puffing as Joe lays there in the same place. Killings goes to the turnbuckle again, a rare raise of his arm to the crowd who roar back, having been won over by his exploits. He goes to the top turnbuckle, carefully balancing himself. Striker, “Truth has tried everything so far, what else is left for him to do to Samoa Joe?” Time stands still – Samoa Joe is laying on the mat, Ron Killings on the top rope – Killings soars into the air into a 450 Splash – he lands but Joe moves out at the last moment! Truth is out cold on the mat, face down where he landed. The AllState Arena crowd is on their feet, chaotic reactions in the air. Samoa Joe uses the ring ropes to sit up – he has no clue where he is, but he sees Truth's body, he crawls over and rolls Truth to the other side and goes for the cover one...two...three. It's over.

                    There is thunderous applause for both Samoa Joe and Ron Killings as Joe's arm is raised by the referee but he is still lying on the mat. Striker, “Ron Killings threw it all on the line and got nothing in return. Samoa Joe again wins and he is through to the Semi Final, only two opponents separate him from the WPW Championship. As for Truth, wow, he has been shrouded in mystery since he came here but do not doubt his desire, his will to win this match – he has not attempted the 450 splash in a decade and he brought it out tonight but Joe used his gut instincts, something just ticked inside to make him move out of the way, and he has dodged a bullet here ladies and gentlemen. Joe will now meet an old foe in Homicide in the Semi Final tomorrow night!.” Joe makes his way slowly to the back as Truth finally begins to come about and looks out at his lost opportunity and buries his face in his hands, Joe catches that and pounds his chest and salutes Truth from a distance.

                    In the back Todd Romero is standing by at the WPW interview set with none other than “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas who is pacing about heavily, frustrated and we probably know why.

                    Todd Romero - “Charlie Haas, last Sunday in your Elite 16 match against Ron Killings we saw the unexpected happen – or maybe not so unexpected – Shelton Benjamin came in and Superkicked you to cost you the match and a chance to compete in tonight's Quarter Finals. Mr. Benjamin was supposed to be in the hospital but clearly his motivation was to disrupt your match. What are your thoughts?”

                    Charlie Haas - “After our match two weeks ago I had a hint of regret in my heart, maybe, just maybe I took Shelton too far...but I just want to thank him for clearing my doubts. I obviously did not take him far enough. This son of a bitch has the audacity to say he's better than me when I damn near killed him in the ring already.

                    SHELTON...if you're hearing this. You made the biggest mistake of your life. You cost me a chance at the WPW Championship – the first time around I tore your body in half. I guess I couldn't finish the job. Next time we see each other, I'm taking you out completely. You won't be seen in a WPW ring as long as I am around. That's all I will say, show up if you dare to...I'm ready anytime, anywhere we can really find out once an for all who is the better wrestler.”

                    Haas storms off as Romero nods to the camera to finish the segment.

                    We are back at ringside for our third Quarter Final match, it is the moment, it is time for Hirooki Goto VS Rey Mysterio.

                    =:OD - SOUTHTOWN::=

                    The loudest reaction of the night comes as a flurry of masks appear and the lights are darkened, masks worn by Mysterio throughout his career as the music builds up further - the lights start to flash in various colours and as the music explodes into life and the arena explodes in lights and out of the entrance gate emerges Rey Mysterio as the sound reaches thunderous levels in the arena. Mysterio runs down to the ring, climbing the four turnbuckles and saluting the fans. Striker explains to us that Mysterio first defeated Sin Cara, and then had a cliffhanger with KENTA who he scraped past to bring him to the moment that he is in now – against Hirooki Goto. Mysterio was one of the first names signed to WorldWide Progressive Wrestling and has lived up completely to his billing so far.

                    =: DJ KRUSH - KEMURI::=

                    The lights once again go dark, a rustic tone illuminates the AllState Arena as the music starts to flow through the PA system. Out comes Hirooki Goto from the smoky entrance gate as the supporters in side the arena roar in tribute. Goto slowly walks to the ring as Matt Striker fills us in on his exploits so far. He defeated Jake Swagger in the Round of 32, and then bore the brunt of the new Survival Rules as Masato Tanaka made sure Goto paid a heavy price for victory. Nonetheless, Goto is here now and faces another legend in Mysterio in hopes to get to the Semi Final tomorrow night.

                    Goto enters the ring and engages in a quick pre-match handshake with Rey Mysterio as the bell is rung and the match is underway. Mysterio feints and keeps Goto at a foot's distance in the early going. Mysterio then springboards off the closest corner and nails Goto with a surprise Dropkick. Goto is up instantly as Mysterio again springboards off the ropes and onto Goto into a spinning Headscissors Takedown. Goto again gets up quickly and comes at Mysterio who baseball slides under Goto's legs, rebounds off the ropes into a Cross Body falling into a cover one...shoulders. Mysterio gets up, rebounding off the ropes and goes for a bulldog – but Goto reverses, lifting Mysterio high into the air and back down for a thunderous Belly To Back Suplex. Goto with the hook of the legs one...two-kickout by Mysterio. Goto quickly shifts over, lifting Mysterio up in a front facelock, high, high into the air for a huge delay and then a devastating Brainbuster! Goto again with the tight cover one...two.....shoulders. This time though Mysterio is much slower as Goto goes to work, whipping Mysterio into the corner, laying into him with a flurry of shoot kicks and vicious right hands. Goto turns Mysterio around, sitting him on the top turnbuckle facing towards the crowd, and then grabs Mysterio's head into a Rope Assisted Neckbreaker. Mysterio's body flops around on the mat as Goto hurriedly goes for the cover again! Goto is getting closer, he can sense it as he pulls Rey up and then whips him into the ropes, Rey comes back off as Goto rebounds off the opposite side but completely misses the Lariat. Goto looks around for a moment but Mysterio attempts a kick at Goto, who catches but Mysterio swings around into a Leg Feed Enzuigiri. Mysterio and Goto are both down on the mat as the crowd wills them on. Goto moves to the corner, as does Mysterio, both beginning to get up and get back into it. Goto and Mysterio stagger into the middle of the ring getting into a fist fight, each swinging wildly at the other. Mysterio forces Goto back with each round of punches and eventually Goto is whipped into the ropes by Mysterio, as Mysterio goes for the Dropkick but Goto hangs onto the ropes, Mysterio reaches thin air – Goto runs at the fallen Mysterio and wraps his legs quickly and pulls his head in – Deathlock Camel Clutch! The crowd is exploding as Mysterio screams out in pain, Goto roars out for him to tap. He's seized the opening. Mysterio withstands the pain somehow, clawing, turning around, reaching at the mat and just somehow gets a hand to the nearest rope, Goto should have applied it in the middle. Goto breaks the hold immediately, honouring the rules completely. Mysterio tries to pull himself up using the ropes, clearly hurting from the submission. Goto waits for Mysterio and picks a moment – running at Rey, but Mysterio with a leg scissors takedown to the second rope. Mysterio doesn't even bother signalling, he makes the run up and nails the 619 (Tiger Feint Kick). Mysterio springboards off the top rope and lands a Diving Headbutt on Goto. Mysterio with the cover one...two...three-shoulders! Mysterio looks out, half in disbelief. He stomps on Goto four, five times before mounting the top turnbuckle backwards, positioning for a Moonsault – Goto rallies himself and climbs the turnbuckle and flings Mysterio back into the ring with a huge German Suplex off the top! Goto with the hook of the legs! Kickout by Mysterio! It's Goto's time to pound the mat as he waits for Mysterio again, Mysterio gets up ever so slowly, clutching his back, Goto turns him around, locks him in and lifts him up for a Shouten Kai (Vertical Suplex Sitout Side Slam) but Mysterio reverses it rolling off Goto into a killer Neckbreaker! Goto is out cold, Mysterio crawls over and hooks the leg one...two...three. Rey Mysterio has beat Hirooki Goto.

                    The Chicago crowd erupts as Mysterio's arm are raised by the referee but he first goes to check on Hirooki Goto who nods to Mysterio that he is okay. Striker, “Rey Mysterio – the man who can reverse just about any move, he did it to KENTA and now he's done it to Hirooki Goto. What a crucial, crucial victory for Mysterio but Goto was close, he was damn close. Mysterio advances to the Semi Final to meet the winner of Orton versus Tanahashi which is coming up next!”

                    Cut to a montage of mainstream America and the larger world - shocking disasters happening, rampaging industry, masses of people flocking into stores, advertisements glamourizing wealth and riches, people dying mercilessly in distant countries. Sexual imagery, brutal fights and robberies, everything you see on the news and read about. In the undercurrent is a raspy radio voice narrating all through it.

                    The light of the sun, the abundance of the earth, it was not enough for you. You idolized the light, devoted your prayers and your rituals to it. Now it is your darkness that is spreading across the oceans, taking everything in its path, you have forgotten everything, sucked into the walls of your own creation, a deathly spiral. The cycle goes on and on, so cruelly magnificent, I can only hopelessly smile at it. Somehow we all dance in this circus of death. Can we let go? Is it too late? Is it too late? IT IS TOO LATE...for you”

                    Just as abruptly the footage is reduced to a small pixel, then gone, replaced by black.

                    We return from the video package to the AllState Arena, Kurt Angle is in his skybox, looking much more relaxed than we've seen him in a long time. Sitting next to Angle is none other than New Japan Pro Wrestling President Naoki Sugabayashi. They can be heard speaking about the upcoming match between Tanahashi and Orton as refreshments are brought into the room by the staff. We return to ringside it is time for our last Quarter Final match - Randy Orton VS Hiroshi Tanahashi.

                    =::METALLICA - I DISAPPEAR::=

                    An awe inspiring gold light display atop the entrance gate paves the way for Randy Orton to emerge. The crowd roars as the cameras close in on Orton whose eyes are covered in silver contacts giving him a ghostly look as he smiles wickedly walking towards the ring. Striker fills us in on Orton's exploits so far – two hard fought victories over El Mesias and then Jay Lethal, Orton has kept a low profile since arriving in WPW as a marquee star but as he himself promised that once he wins the Gold Rush Series, his actions will speak for themselves. Striker, “It is game time for Randy Orton, he is in the Quarter Final against the best of NJPW in Hiroshi Tanahashi, the snake has risen from his slumber as he continues his quest for the gold.”

                    =::IN THE AIR TONIGHT - SAGEONE MIX::=

                    The lights dim in the arena, the music slowly flows through the system as the crowd roars for the music, a light show begin, silver in colour, slowly climaxing as the lights form a bubble on the entrance gate and everything else is dimmed. Hiroshi Tanahashi emerges as the light flickers out and silver lights glow all around the AllState Arena. He begins his slow walk to the ring shaking a few hands, very confident and at ease. Striker, “The ace of the universe he is known as and so far the cards dealt to him by fate have followed that path. Tanahashi was lucky in the Round of 32 to get past Ziggler, no such luck required against Drew Galloway as the face of New Japan continues his rise towards the final. Make no mistake though and not taking away from the former competitors, he is finally facing a true World Champion caliber wrestler in Randy Orton and this will be a very different proposition for him.”

                    Tanahashi goes up the ring steps, stepping inside and raising his arms for the thousands as a very warm reaction is given for the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. There is no handshake, Orton and Tanahashi engage in a stare down as the officials prep the match and the bell is rung. They both walk back towards their respective corners and then come back, it is time. They engage in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up, Orton quickly slipping his arms around and putting Tanahashi in a Side Headlock. It does not last long as Orton is pushed to the ropes and Orton rebounds off walking into a Flying Forearm Strike from Tanahashi. Tanahashi drags Orton up but Orton swings back wildly with stiff shots to Tanahashi's face before whipping Tanahashi into the ropes again and this time Orton gets Tanahashi with a Falling Clothesline. Orton with the cover one...kickout. Orton pulls Tanahashi up, quick Powerslam to the mat. Orton off the ropes, into a Knee Drop to Tanahashi's face! Tanahashi pulls away clutching his head as Orton catches a breath before pulling Tanahashi to his feet, but Tanahashi drops his shoulders lifting Orton's left leg from under him and then rolling into a leg hook one...two...kickout by Orton. Orton gets on his knees but Tanahashi comes around and nails a resounding Shining Wizard completely flooring Orton. Tanahashi pulls Orton up by his neck, lifting him perfectly into a Half Hatch Suplex into a hold pin one...two...kickout again by Orton. Hiroshi Tanahashi again has to pull Orton up to his feet, stomping him in the midsection, he lifts Orton up once again - high into the air and back down into a vertical Suplex. Tanahashi then goes to climb the turnbuckles, signalling for the High Fly Flow, but Orton is up within seconds of Tanahashi's climb and comes up to the top turnbuckle and pulls Tanahashi back with a huge Hip Toss off the top. Orton literally screams at Tanahashi to turn around and get up, wisely Tanahashi does not, he goes to the corner, kneeling, with his back still to Orton. Randy Orton looks around and then shrugs running at Tanahashi attempting a Corner Dropkick – Tanahashi dodges out the way! Orton flies into the turnbuckles crumpling in pain clutching his legs. Tanahashi comes back at Orton stomping repeatedly on the both injured legs. Hiroshi Tanahashi rolls himself out of the ring, dragging Orton's left leg half way out and then performs a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on Orton's left leg. Orton spits out in pain, crawling towards the middle of the ring as Tanahashi gets up to the ring, standing by the ropes. He watches Orton crawling towards the middle and then effortlessly pulls him back and locks in a Cloverleaf. Randy Orton writhes in pain, his head in his hands as he screams out. The crowd is on its feet now, they can sense the end coming as the referee checks on him. Tanahashi is not letting go, he pulls his chest up along with Orton's legs, a dangerous angle for the Cloverleaf. Orton, to his credit has controlled the pain, wheezing heavily as he tries to twist his body. He uses guttural strength – and somehow turns his body around and then pushes Tanahashi into the ropes, Tanahashi stumbles back – Orton rolls him up one...two...thr-kickout! Tanahashi gets up quickly and runs at Orton – Orton flies off the mat, RKO! Striker, “Last ditch RKO by Orton, a closing move but has he ever needed it this badly before?!” Orton and Tanahashi are both on the mat, Orton spewing out saliva and Tanahashi looks like he's almost passed out as the supporters applaud and roar for both men. Orton after an eternity lays an arm over Tanahashi one...two...three-shoulders. Roars from the crowd. Orton slowly, ever so slowly, staggers up to his feet. He pulls Hiroshi Tanahashi up by his hair, lays into him with lazy but effective right hands and then whips Tanahashi into the ropes expecting him to rebound back as Orton jumps for the Lou Thesz Press but nobody's there. Orton lands on his knees, screaming in pain – not long – Tanahashi with an Enzuigiri to Orton's face. Orton slow collapses to the mat, knocked out. Tanahashi hooks the legs one...two...three...NO! Shoulders are up from Randy Orton. Tanahashi crawls away, getting up slowly with the support of the ropes. He pulls Orton up, locking in from behind into a Kinkasan Suplex (high Angle German Suplex). Tanahashi does not let go, he lifts Orton up and another Kinkasan Suplex, smashing Orton's upper body into the mat. Tanahashi again with a cover one...two...thr-again a kickout by Orton. Hiroshi Tanahashi just cannot put Randy Orton away. Tanahashi staggers onto his feet, grabbing Orton and lifting him up by the neck. Tanahashi tries to whip Orton to the ropes, Orton reverses and whips Tanahashi running after him to clothesline but Tanahashi pulls the ropes down and Orton goes flying out and crashes to the outside. Orton writhes around the floor, the pain is affecting him too much. Tanahashi takes one look, then takes a run up and through the ropes for a Dragon Rocket Suicide Dive onto Orton! Both men tumble to the floor from the impact. Tanahashi and Orton both begin to get up, immediately trading blows as soon as they see each other. Orton out of sheer desperation nails the harder punches pushing Tanahashi back. Eventually Orton grabs Tanahashi and slams his head against the announce table and then throws Tanahashi right at the ring-post. Orton brings Tanahashi back his way, rolling him onto the announce table and climbing atop it. Striker, “Survival rules...oh god.” Orton slowly lifts Tanahashi up, putting him in a lock...he's setting up fo a DDT on the announce table as the crowd goes wild. Orton tries to DDT Tanahashi but Tanahashi bends his knees at the right moment, he then pushes up with sheer strength and tosses Orton over his back and onto the floor! Randy Orton springs right back, hopping onto the announce table and catching a still dazed Tanahashi with an RKO through the announce table! The atmosphere is rabid inside the AllState Arena as both men lay crumpled in a heap of metal and plastic. The referee and ringside staff check on both men to make sure they are okay to continue and a thumbs up is signalled by the ref. Moments pass as both men crawl out of the wreckage and Randy Orton is the first to wobble onto his feet and staggers over to Tanahashi who seems to be busted open. Orton drags Tanahashi up and rolls him back into the ring. He then gets in afterward and goes to Tanahashi and slowly locks Tanahashi in and into an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker as Tanahashi crumples to the mat again. Orton with the cover one...two...thr-shoulders. Orton scowls at the referee, going back and stomping on Tanahashi's head which is already bleeding. Orton lifts Tanahashi up for a Wrist Clutch Olympic Slam but Tanahashi rolls off his back and Superkicks Orton in the face! Tanahashi with the hook of the legs one...two...three-kickout! Tanahashi cleans the blood off his face and picks Orton up and goes to lift Orton up for a Belly-To-Back Suplex and into the air but Orton flips over Tanahashi's back and goes for another RKO – no Tanahashi pushes Orton into the ropes and goes for a Roundhouse Kick, Orton ducks and runs off the opposite ropes as Tanahashi turns around into a Lou Thesz Press as Orton unloads on Tanahashi's busted forehead. Orton lifts Tanahashi up again, he locks him in for a DDT but Tanahashi lifts him up and tries to ram him into the turnbuckle but Orton releases himself and Tanahashi runs into the turnbuckles. Orton pulls Tanahashi back out and mounts him on the top rope and climbs up himself. Orton locks Tanahashi in but Tanahashi furiously punches back at Orton's rib cage. Orton is about to lift Tanahashi for the Superplex – no Tanahashi in a last desperate effort pushes Orton off and as soon as he lands Tanahashi launches off into the High Fly Flow (Frog Splash) and nails it! Tanahashi rolls away and then back, with the cover one...two...three!!!! Tanahashi wins! Orton did not kick out this time. It's all over at last.

                    Tremendous reactions follow from the supporters inside Chicago's AllState Arena as Tanahashi rolls away cringing in pain and the referee barely raises his hands and points at Tanahashi. Striker, “Hiroshi Tanahashi prevails! He has just beaten Randy Orton in a do or die match and he will contest the Semi Final against Rey Mysterio. What a match ladies and gentlemen, multiple instances where we thought it was over for both men but credit to Orton and Tanahashi they both persevered. Orton went for the Superplex, which runs in his family, adapted from his father but Tanahashi, blood in his eyes somehow had the sense to stop the move and finish Orton off for good. It has been a historic night once again in WorldWide Progressive Wrestling – our final four – It will be Homicide versus Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio versus Hiroshi Tanahashi, the winners will battle in a 2 of 3 Fall or Submission Match on the same night tomorrow night, please do join us and thank you for watching, it has been a privilege. Matt Striker out.”

                    We go off the air as Randy Orton finally stands up a little and shakes Tanahashi's hand and motions for him to “go get that belt.”

                    Gold Rush Series Quarter Final Results

                    Homicide def. Low Ki

                    Samoa Joe def. Ron Killings

                    Rey Mysterio def. Hirooki Goto

                    Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Randy Orton

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                      Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                      WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
                      GOLD RUSH SERIES
                      Sunday August 5th2012 . AllState Arena, Chicago. LIVE on HBO.

                      Gold and white pyro explode from the rafters as “End of Line” reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it . Across the far walls of the arena are hanging the faces of the final four – Homicide VS Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio VS Hiroshi Tanahashi. We cut to the WPW logo on top of the entrance gate that is two large screens joined together. The haze from the fireworks clouds the atmosphere as the THUNDEROUS CHEERS continue while cameras soar across the arena.

                      The voice of Matt Striker introduces the program as we cut to ringside where inside a podium guarded in glass sits the World Pro Wrestling Championship in all its glory and magnificence – a masterpiece of black and gold, “Some nights ago I proclaimed 'progression'. Ladies and gentlemen that was the introduction of the concept. Now the true essence will unfold before your very eyes. Tonight on August 5th 2012 – broadcast on HBO and inside the full capacity AllState Arena here in Chicago, we will crown the first ever World Pro Wrestling Champion. The best wrestler and first true World Champion will be one of these four men – Homicide, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, or Hiroshi Tanahashi. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Gold Rush Series, this is the Finale!”

                      There is a sudden cut backstage as the camera-man is running through the parking lot and stumbles upon Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso laid out on the hood of their own car, their clothes bloodied up. Officials and staff are already on the spot calling for medics and tending to The Usos. Kurt Angle also arrives on the scene flanked by his security personnel.

                      Kurt Angle - “Get the doctors in, make sure they are in the hospital as soon as possible.”

                      Homicide runs into the scene, surveying the damage with his head in his hands as he walks straight up to Kurt Angle.

                      Homicide - “You just let this happen huh?”

                      Angle is first taken aback, but then chuckles to himself.

                      Kurt Angle - “If I did, you wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it. But I didn't, you know there's a long line of people not including myself who have problems with The Usos. I guess someone decided to be the change they wish to see in the world.”

                      Homicide quickly sheds all his emotion, going back to his usual cold self, smiling back at Angle.

                      Homicide - “Fair enough. Keep that smile on your face man, you're going to need to maintain it when you hand me the WPW Championship after I beat Samoa Joe and whoever comes in the Final.”

                      Homicide goes to The Usos, patting them on the back and whispering some words before leaving the scene as the doctors arrive to check on them. Kurt Angle smiles to himself as we cut back to ringside.

                      Matt Striker - “We only just came on the air ladies and gentlemen and the The Usos have been sent to hospital due to a mystery attack in the parking lot just moments ago. Homicide will come out alone right now to face Samoa Joe. This was not the game-plan that he had in mind coming into tonight. These are not ideal moments for Homicide. Within seconds he takes on Samoa Joe for a place in the Final and a possible chance to win the WPW Championship and its all or nothing. Homicide will live and die by his word now.”

                      The lights dim across the arena it is time for our first Semi Final as an Electronic Voice echoes the names of our two combatants through the PA system – “Ladies and gentlemen. It is now time for our first Semi Final. It is time for “The Notorious 187” Homicide VS “The Warrior of the Islands” Samoa Joe.”

                      Blue and red lights flicker inside the AllState Arena as a tumultuous reaction meets Homicide who appears out of the entrance gate, heavily bandana'd in his black street fight shorts and black boots. Alone and even more menacing 'Cide prowls to the ring scanning the AllState Arena. Homicide mouths off to the crowd assembled there around him. Matt Striker describes Homicide as “the most dangerous man in WorldWide Progressive Wrestling, he has turned the organization upside down and brought the administration of Kurt Angle under chaos. Survival Rules is a result of Homicide and The Usos' despicable actions against MVP and a rumoured interruption in Low Ki's Elite 16 match against Katsuhiko Nakajima. Last night the numbers game and Homicide's superior knowledge of his pupil helped him defeat Low Ki and reach this point. He faces again, someone he knows very very well and this time the numbers game has evaporated with The Usos taken out by a mystery assailant just moments ago. 'Cide has what he spoke about when he first entered WPW, real competition and someone who is capable of going toe to toe with him in every department...”

                      The roof explodes from the building as Samoa Joe emerges from the smoke, towel over his head, breathing fumes as he roars out from his war trance and makes his way towards the ring. Matt Striker runs us down Samoa Joe's road to the Semi Finals – every match he has been in has been a war, a man who was expected to dominate has had his hands full against Tyson Kidd, Chavo Guerrero, and as the public says someone who could and should have beaten him – Ron Killings. Joe has somehow made it through to this Semi Final to face his biggest test in former Ring of Honour adversary, Homicide. “Samoa Joe is the neutrals pick for the tournament but here he faces someone who knows him, someone who was there when he started and someone who is also in the prime of their career in Homicide”, says Striker.

                      Samoa Joe enters the ring, giving a menacing look to Homicide. Once again 'Cide smiles at Joe, welcoming him and going for a handshake. Joe refuses instantly much to the delight of the jam packed Chicago crowd. The referee checks on both men. The bell rings as Joe and Homicide pace around the ring, feeling out the atmosphere. The crowd is completely pro Joe as “Joe's gonna 187 you” puns are directed towards Homicide who does not seem best pleased about it and his mood soon changes. The bell rings and Homicide charges at Joe kicking him in the midsection and firing away at his opponent. Joe is forced into the corner as Homicide stomps a mud-hole into him. He lays stiff kicks straight to Joe's face as the referee is helpless to stop it and Samoa Joe clutches his head in pain. Homicide drags Joe out of the corner and whips him into the ropes and goes for a Flying Lariat but Joe catches him in mid-air and nails him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Slam to the delight of the thousands packed inside the arena. Joe with the cover one...two kickout by Homicide. Joe does not wait long, picking Homicide back up and literally throwing him into the corner turnbuckle and running into him with a Forearm Smash. It's Joe's turn now he relentlessly stomps into Homicide's midsection. Joe pulls Homicide back into the middle of the ring, he saddles him in and drops Homicide with a devastating Exploder Suplex. Joe again with the cover one...two...kickout by Homicide. Joe pulls 'Cide up and tries to whip him into the ropes but Homicide reverses into an Arm Drag Takedown and keeps hold of Joe's arm into a Kimura Lock with the Neckscissors! There is pandemonium in the stands as Joe screams out in pain, his body twitching from the pressure - and Homicide intensifies the lock – no Joe is too close he reaches the ropes barely with outstretched fingers. Homicide is forced to relinquish the hold as he rolls away but comes raging back with a baseball slide Double Foot Kick to Joe's face. Homicide again stomps mercilessly on Joe's back and mouths off a dozen expletives to his helpless opponent. Homicide drags Joe by the hair and places his head on the bottom rope and squeezes his foot over Joe's head choking the Samoan Submission Machine. The ref breaks it up but Joe's face is turning blue as he spits out fluid trying to roll away from his opponent. 'Cide goes back at Joe stomping on his back just as Joe had begun to pull himself up by the ropes. Homicide drags Joe into the corner, standing him up on the turnbuckle and then places his right foot under Joe's chin and with the support of the ropes he presses in choking Joe's neck again! The crowd is already on his back as again the referee breaks the move and goes to check on Joe – but Joe shoves the ref away and clotheslines Homicide straight to the mat! Homicide absolutely did not see that coming. Samoa Joe however is having huge difficulty breathing as he kneels on all fours, gasping for breath. Homicide slowly begins to get up as Joe waits and then locks Cide in and catches him with another superb Exploder Suplex back to the mat. Joe with the cover one...two...kickout. Homicide tries to roll away but Joe drags him back, standing Homicide up. Joe whips Cide into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a snap Samoan Drop. Samoa Joe finally has some semblance of control in this bout as he once again picks Homicide back up, again whipping him into the ropes and waiting to give him a Back Body Drop but nobody's there – Cide leans on the ropes – Joe decides to run at him but Homicide pulls the ropes down and Joe goes crashing to the outside. Homicide wastes no time – running off the other side and back and jumping over the tope rope into a Somersault Tope onto Joe on the outside! Both men are down as the referee rolls out to check on them. After a while we see Homicide getting up first, he pulls Joe up as well and tries to throw him into the ring steps but Joe reverses, pulling Homicide in and nails a Belly-To-Belly Suplex to Homicide on the floor! Homicide is cringing in pain, his body frozen from the impact. Striker, “Whoever makes it to the Final is going to go there with stitches and bruises, Samoa Joe and Homicide have so far made sure that they both bear the marks of this bout on their bodies.” Samoa Joe walks over to Homicide, clutching his own injured neck. He picks Homicide up, then Scoop Slams Cide to the floor. Homicide screams out, clutching his back, frozen in pain. Joe rolls Homicide back into the ring, rolling inside right after and wasting no time in laying kicks into Homicide's midsection. He mounts Homicide up on his shoulders and goes for a Death Valley Driver – reversal – Homicide slides off Joe's back and kicks Joe on the knees, Joe is forced to kneel as Homicide comes off the ropes and launches a Shining Wizard Kick to Joe's face! Joe is flat out on the mat as Homicide goes for the hook of the legs Homicide crawls away trying to recuperate, Samoa Joe is still nearly out cold on the mat. Homicide goes to the corner and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle, facing Samoa Joe as he looks out for a brief moment then soars into Flying Leg Drop landing on Joe's injured neck! The Chicago crowd is shocked as Samoa Joe convulses in agony. Homicide with the cover one...two...three-shoulders! Homicide cannot believe it as he bemoans the count and tosses his shirt at the referee's face who screams back for him to maintain his composure. After spending precious time arguing with the ref, Homicide looks out at the crowd and screams out “it's over”. He goes over to Samoa Joe and tries to lock in the STF but Joe turns around and kicks Homicide back, quickly getting to his feet. Homicide runs back at Joe but Joe nails him with an Inverted Atomic Drop and then lifts Homicide into a High Angle Suplex to the mat. Again Homicide screams out clutching his back as Joe slaps himself into full consciousness, trying to fade away the grogginess. Joe slowly drags Homicide to his feet, he whips Homicide towards the corner – reversal Homicide whips Joe into the turnbuckle as Joe staggers off but ducks a clothesline from Homicide, then locks Cide in a Full Nelson for a Dragon Suplex with the Bridge. Cover by Joe - One...two...thre-kick out just barely! Homicide squirms to the edge of the ring, feeling his back. Striker, “How many more suplexes is Homicide going to withstand from Samoa Joe? At every corner he turns, after every reversal you can bet Joe will attempt another one to break Homicide's back for good.” Samoa Joe walks over to Homicide, lifting him up by pulling his opponents ears and dragging him towards the center of the ring. He hooks him in and is about to go for another suplex but Homicide desperately punches away at Joe's abdomen wriggling his way out somehow. Both men are now face to face as Homicide aims blows right to Joe's head – and Joe returns with a devastating arsenal of his own. Both men going toe to toe as the Chicago crowd gets amped once again. Homicide forces Joe back, his Brooklyn hands standing him in good stead as he whips Joe into the ropes and as Joe comes rebounding back Homicide gets him with a Drop Toe Hold and goes for the STF – no, Joe wriggles out of it and snapmares Homicide to the mat – and locks in the Coquina Clutch! The crowd is exploding as Homicide screams out in pain, his hands slipping as he tries to grip Joe's own hands and push them off his neck. Joe roars out for him to tap as does the crowd but Homicide uses guttural strength somehow to pry Joe's hands from the deathly grip. Joe and Homicide both roll away from the scene and try to get up fast but Homicide flies into Joe with a Twisting Enzuigiri. Joe is out cold, Homicide with the cover one...two...three-no! Shoulders somehow, everyone thought it was over! Homicide holds his head in his hands, screaming out and then pounds the mat with his fists. The ref goes to check on Samoa Joe who seems to be panting heavily, desperate for breath. Homicide goes on the attack, ruthlessly pushing the referee out of the way and pulls Joe back up and goes for an Inverted DDT – no it's reversed – Joe pulls Homicide up off his feet and nails an Island Driver (Sitout Side Powerslam) to the mat and collapses himself! Homicide's body shivers for a moment as Joe slowly crawls over and goes for the hook of the legs one...two...three-no! Again, again an absolutely split second kick out this time by Homicide. Striker whispering, “Again, that was a last gasp near fall. Ladies and gentlemen the tricks inside the bag are dwindling for Samoa Joe and for Homicide, only the pure truth will remain now – the better wrestler, the man who can endure the pain will make it.” Joe ever so slowly begins to get up, Homicide is not moving at all. Joe stumbles over towards Homicide and tries to pull him up but Homicide catches him with an Eye Rake as Joe collapses back. Homicide shows some signs of life now as he begins to get up, using the ropes as support, trying to find his bearings. Joe has pulled himself to a corner, still clutching his eyes in pain. Homicide finally sees Joe in the corner and stumbles over but Joe explodes out of the blocks catching Homicide by surprise as once again both men exchange desperate rights and lefts. Homicide catches Joe with another Eye Rake to the disdain of the crowd and then DDT's Joe to the mat! Homicide collapses atop Joe one...two...three-no shoulders! Still Joe will not get pinned! Homicide just rolls off, burying his face on the mat, exhausted from the effort as Joe lays there staring up at the lights. The ref checks on Joe's eyes and gives a thumbs up to the ringside staff that he's still okay as Homicide gets up and goes over to the turnbuckle to climb to the very top. He looks out for a brief moment and then flies off into a Frog Splash on top of Samoa Joe! Homicide with the cover one...two...thr-shoulders from Joe again! Striker, “Joe again! AGAIN! This match continues!” Again Homicide is forced to roll off as he retreats to the corner, looking out into the sea of faces, a little bit lost in exhaustion as the crowd continues roaring – because Samoa Joe is again starting to budge. Homicide waits for Joe to get up and turn around – he makes a run at Joe, kicking him in the abdomen and locking him in – he goes for the Double Underhook Face Buster – reversal, Samoa Joe tosses Homicide over his head into a Back Body Drop. Homicide screams in pain, his injured back buckling under the pressure. He begins to get up as Joe whips him into the corner and goes for a Splash, but Homicide moves out of the way and Joe goes crashing into the turnbuckle. Homicide turns Joe around and mounts him on the top rope . He tries to pull Joe out with a Gringo Cutter from the top – no, Joe pulls Homicide up by the head, pulling his legs in – Muscle Buster off the top rope!!! Joe and Homicide are out on the mat. The roof is exploding! Joe crawls over – an arm across Homicide one...two...three! It's over! It's all over! Samoa Joe defeats Homicide!

                      Striker, “The fall of the ages. Samoa Joe has defeated Homicide to get to the final! This felt, it was, I mean it was a final for both men. They took it all out tonight. Homicide's back is broken, I am sure of it...and Samoa Joe for the next few hours will have to breathe deep because every single breath he draws is precious. Homicide has reminded him of it, it is precious...the WPW World Pro Wrestling Championship is precious. This is what it means! THIS is what it means.”

                      There is thunderous applause from the crowd assembled in Chicago. Samoa Joe is laid out on the mat as is Homicide. Officials rush to the ring to check on both men and help them recuperate. We cut to a shot of the World Pro Wrestling Championship enclosed in glass and then back to the two competitors who are staring up at lights as the doctors perform checks. Homicide seems to be motioning to his back and a stretcher is called for. Samoa Joe is barely moving, his face is completely pale as he is helped up to his feet by the officials and he is barely able to raise an arm to even more cheers from the masses.

                      We cut to from highlights of the match to backstage interview set where Todd Romero is standing by with Rey Mysterio who is warming up as Romero readies the interview.

                      Todd Romero - “Rey, in a few moments you go one on one with Hiroshi Tanahashi in the Semi Finals. Just one step away from the Final and a match against Samoa Joe to win the WPW Championship. What are you thinking right now?”

                      Rey Mysterio - “Well we just saw what its going to take to advance tonight right? I'm not even thinking about Samoa Joe right now. Hiroshi Tanahashi. A man I have never wrestled before, the champion of New Japan. These are the kind of matches I always wanted to have, I am prepared and I cannot wait to face him.”

                      Todd Romero - “You've had some fantastic matches so far in WPW, they say you are the underdog of the tournament but now in the Semi Final perhaps the element of surprise is gone?”

                      Rey Mysterio - “Todd, the element of surprise only lasts until your music hits. Once you go out there and against the caliber of guys here in WPW there is no such thing. I will do my best to defeat Tanahashi and go on to face Joe for the belt, that is why I am here – to write the next chapter in my blessed career and make some more history.”

                      Todd Romero - “Thanks Rey, and best of luck for your match. Back to you Matt.”

                      We go to Matt Striker at his commentary booth at ringside.

                      Matt Striker - “Before we continue we would just like to show you footage from a press conference which took place yesterday before the Gold Rush Series Quarter Finals where WPW Spokesperson Kurt Angle made a monumental announcement regarding a new championship in WPW which will have repercussions for all the wrestlers involved in this promotion. Let's take you back.”

                      We go to a pre-recorded press conference in the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. A giant black and blue 'WPW' circular logo hangs in the background and Kurt Angle is seated completely alone, scores of security personnel behind him. He addresses the press assembled there. A championship belt sits in front of Kurt Angle, sprawled out for all to see. It is in adorned with a silver emblem, a silver circle going around the center of the championship, thin lines depicting continents and a fist running through the middle.

                      Kurt Angle - “Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased, and satisfied to make another landmark announcement associated with WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. As the historic Gold Rush Series draws to a close and a new World Pro Wrestling Champion is crowned tomorrow night, we look forward to the future.

                      There has to be a credible way, an option, a chance, a dream, whatever you want to call it. There has to be a way and a path for every wrestler that sets foot in this promotion or this sport in general, to be able to become World Pro Wrestling Champion. There also has to be credibility and reputation associated with anyone who challenges for the World Pro Wrestling Championship.

                      Keeping all this in mind, I am proud to present to the wrestling world, the first of its kind, the prestigious, Silver Championship.”

                      Quiet applause is given by the people assembled at the conference.

                      Kurt Angle - “The rules that govern this championship are truly unique and the first of their kind. First let us explore the advantages of this championship. The man who wins this championship, and is able to hold it for 5 title defences or more is guaranteed a World Pro Wrestling Championship match thereafter. As long as he is still champion by the time the World Title match begins, his title shot remains valid. Should he win, he must relinquish the Silver Championship to the Championship committee, should he lose against the World Champion, he must again defend it at least 5 more times before he can receive another opportunity.

                      Now I will explain the stipulations of holding this belt and what is required of a Silver Champion. As I mentioned, a minimum of five title defences are required to be eligible to challenge the World Champion. What makes this Championship truly “progressive” and unique is that it can be defended not only in WorldWide Progressive Wrestling but any other promotion. Should there ever be a circumstance where the Silver Champion is challenged by a champion from another promotion, he must defend his belt against that opponent either at a WPW event or an event of the other promotion.

                      If, our Champion loses his belt, we welcome...with open arms, the wrestler from the other promotion to defend the Silver Championship here in WPW, or elsewhere at least 5 times and challenge the World Pro Wrestling Champion to a match.

                      The first ever Silver Champion will be crowned at our inaugural “Siege of Chicago” event this coming Saturday in an eight man tournament. The participants will be announced during the week.

                      Once again, thank you for joining me ladies and gentlemen and see you tonight at the Quarter Finals.”

                      Kurt Angle gets up and holds the Silver Championship aloft as the press take photos.

                      Back to ringside and the commentary booth with Matt Striker.

                      Matt Striker - “There you have it ladies and gentlemen – the Silver Championship, the pride of WPW. The first ever Silver Champion will be crowned at Siege of Chicago 1 so don't forget to tune in. Coming back to tonight... it was a battle that will light up this promotion for years to come as Samoa Joe defeated Homicide in a devastating match and who knows we may yet see something even more intense later tonight as Rey Mys-- Sorry, we are receiving word...”

                      Cut to backstage - The frame is shaking as the camera-man hastily follows tripping over equipment in the process running the hallways. He arrives again at the parking area of the AllState Arena just as we see a Masked Assailant run towards the convoy of medics and officials carrying Homicide in a gurney towards the ambulance. He swings a chain wildly dispersing the officials who barely offer retaliation. He then pulls Homicide off the gurney and pummels him with fists. He takes his mask off...its MVP!!! Homicide is battered against the ambulance as MVP unloads on him with lefts and rights while the officials just watch. Striker, “Why aren't they stopping it?!!” Homicide begins to swing back, smashing MVP's head into the rear tires as MVP begins to bleed. Homicide fights for his life stomping MVP into the ground, wayward and shaky punches landing on his assailant. MVP stops moving at one point as Homicide gets the chain and smashes it across MVP's head. Homicide then staggers like a madman over to the gurney – he drives it into MVP's neck! Striker, “What are the officials DOING?!! Oh my god I think Homicide just broke MVP's neck.” Homicide makes sure MVP is knocked out cold as he sits down on the parking lot floor in exhaustion. The officials and medics are standing at a distance just watching him.

                      Homicide (screaming at officials) - “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT HUH? THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT? FUCK ALL OF YOU!”

                      Homicide sits on the floor, busted up and bruised, sweating and bleeding in anger and exhaustion. The officials all stand back and WPW Spokesman, Kurt Angle arrives on the scene. He walks up to Homicide and kneels so that they see eye to eye. Angle stares at Homicide for a moment before speaking.

                      Kurt Angle (whispering) - “How are we doing tonight 'Cide? Good? Great. (Coming closer) Consider yourself lucky that it was only MVP who had a grudge against you. You're still breathing – your career is not over, see that's the silver lining. I know you feel like the chips never fell for you but be thankful for what little you still have Homicide. Hell of a match with Joe by the way...”

                      Angle extends his hand but Homicide doesn't shake it, just staring coldly back. Angle shrugs, walking away and nodding to the officials to come tend to both Homicide and MVP.

                      We are back at ringside as Matt Striker expresses his concern at the situation between MVP, Homicide and Kurt Angle's handling of it.

                      Matt Striker - “I just cannot fathom why this has been allowed to develop to this point. MVP had his chance in the Gold Rush taken away by Homicide, Homicide did it to to make a point to the world but at the cost of MVP's future. MVP will stop at nothing sacrificing his own well being as we saw tonight, and tonight's setback will only encourage him to go to further lengths to gain revenge on Homicide. Two men's careers can be destroyed if they are not properly placed under authority – but Kurt Angle refuses to crack down and for what reason? I have no idea!”

                      The lights dim across the arena it is time for our second Semi Final as an Electronic Voice echoes the names of our two combatants through the PA system – “Ladies and gentlemen. It is now time for our second Semi Final. It is time for “The Immortal” Rey Mysterio VS “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi.”

                      A flurry of masks appear and the lights are darkened, masks worn by Mysterio throughout his career as the music builds up further - arena lights start to flash in various colours and as the music explodes into life and the arena explodes in lights and out of the entrance gate emerges Rey Mysterio dressed in black and gold colours, his attire heavily embroidered with crosses and verses as the sound reaches thunderous levels in the arena. Mysterio runs down to the ring, climbing the four turnbuckles and saluting the fans soaking up the electric atmosphere in Chicago. “Just two matches, two falls, two moments away. Rey Mysterio has gone through some of the toughest opponents in the Series so far. Defeating Sin Cara, KENTA, and Hirooki Goto last night to reach this point. You heard him proclaimed as The Immortal, that is the level of respect his accomplishments have brought him over his multi-decade career. A living icon of Lucha Libre. WorldWide Progressive Wrestling is now the home of the Immortal Rey Mysterio, the legacy continues now against Hiroshi Tanahashi.”

                      The lights dim in the arena, the music slowly flows through the system as the crowd roars for the music, a light show begin, silver in colour, slowly climaxing as the lights form a bubble on the entrance gate and everything else is dimmed. Hiroshi Tanahashi emerges as the light flickers out and silver lights glow all around the AllState Arena. He begins his slow walk to the ring, draped in a silver coat and his wrestling gear also in silver as he shakes the hands of the supporters all around him on his way to the ring. “There were doubts. Big, big doubts if Hiroshi Tanahashi could last the distance in this tournament. He proved everyone wrong by defeating Randy Orton last night in a match where Orton gave him everything there was to give. Tanahashi has been considered lucky, but there is no luck involved when you've made it this far. Now it's just guts and guile that will win you the match. The Ace shall trump them all...”

                      Tanahashi climbs into the ring and goes to shake Rey Mysterio's hand to a very warm reception from the Chicago faithful. Both men stand in their respective corners, looking out into the massive crowd who are anticipating an epic encounter. The ref checks on them both and then makes the signal as the bell is rung and we are underway. Mysterio and Tanahashi both begin to circle each other, Mysterio tightening his mask as Tanahashi slaps his arms. Tanahashi goes for a quick slide to test Mysterio who is alert enough to move to the opposite side. Mysterio hangs on the ropes for a moment staring down Tanahashi who has just a small hint of a smile on his face. Striker, “Hiroshi Tanahashi seems to be much more relaxed tonight, I don't know if that is wise against Mysterio.” Tanahashi and Mysterio circle again – this time Mysterio goes for a Low Angle Baseball Slide but Tanahashi jumps up into the turnbuckle as Rey goes crashing into the ringpost. Tanahashi flies off the turnbuckle with an Elbow Drop to Rey's head. Tanahashi then pulls Rey into the middle of the ring and locks in a Reverse Chinlock securely tightened. Mysterio fights to break the hold, using his legs to push Tanahashi backward. Rey uses his feet to launch himself over Tanahashi's head and break the hold as Tanahashi squirms for ideas but Mysterio is too quick as he nails him with a stiff Roundhouse Kick. Rey with the cover one...two...kickout by Tanahashi. Mysterio rebounds off the ropes into a Leg Drop on Tanahashi. Rey continues the assault before Tanahashi can get up by springboarding off the ropes into an Elbow Drop on Tanahashi's bare chest. Tanahashi cringes in agony as Mysterio kicks the left side of Tanahashi's abdomen keeping his opponent on the ground. Mysterio now goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the top as Tanahashi begins to get up. Mysterio launches off into a Seated Senton Splash – no reversed into a Powerbomb into a pin by Tanahashi! One...two...thr-no! Kickout by Mysterio. The arena is buzzing at the sudden turn as Tanahashi collapses back onto the mat clutching his midsection and Mysterio lays there motionless careful to rest his back for the moment. Tanahashi slowly gets up, pulling Mysterio up by the mask and whipping him into the ropes and going for a Spear but Mysterio moves out of the way and Tanahashi flies into the ropes, getting tangled and eventually falling out of the ring. Mysterio runs off the other side of the ropes, springboarding off the top rope – Flying Cross Body – reversed in mid-air – SPINEBUSTER ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! It is broken to pieces as Matt Striker squirms out of the way, and officials rush to the scene to check on the crumpled bodies of Tanahashi and Mysterio, both are still breathing as the crowd roars “holy shit” into the atmosphere. Tanahashi wriggles out of the way of cables and wood, taking a monitor and smashing it across Mysterio's back. Tanahashi pulls Mysterio out of the wreckage, carrying him over his shoulder. He runs Mysterio's back right into the ringpost as Mysterio crumples back to the floor. Tanahashi rolls Mysterio into the ring right after, climbing in behind. Slowly and methodically Hiroshi Tanahashi hooks Rey in for an Inside Leg Hook Michinoku Driver slamming Rey's body into the mat. Tanahashi hooks the legs one...two...thr-no! Kickout by Mysterio! Chicago roars in approval. Mysterio rolls onto his front, clutching his back with his right hand but laying motionless in the same spot as the referee again asks him if his back is okay. Tanahashi waits for a moment and then slowly lifts Mysterio up, and a quick snap Irish Whip into the corner. Tanahashi walks over to the corner, laying punches into Mysterio's masked head and then taking a run up and Dropkicking Mysterio in the midsection as Mysterio falls back to the mat. Striker, “We saw in the previous rounds that Mysterio was the master of the reversal but not tonight – Hiroshi Tanahashi has scouted every single move and The Immortal is looking very human tonight.” Tanahashi begins to pull Mysterio up, bringing him back to the corner – lifting Mysterio up to the top turnbuckle, having Mysterio face out to the crowd. Tanahashi pummels Rey's back with a few arm smashes and then climbs up behind Rey – to attempt a Kinkasan Suplex (High Angle German Suplex) but Mysterio finally shows life – he desperately elbows Tanahashi in the face multiple times as Tanahashi teeters on the turnbuckle. Mysterio gets a final elbow in as Tanahashi falls back to the mat. It's Rey's time now as he stands up on the top turnbuckle – a fleeting moment the camera sees him gritting his teeth in pain as he flies off into a Moonsault on Tanahashi! Mysterio with the cover! Tanahashi just about got his shoulders up as Mysterio rolls off him, lying on the mat for a moment and then staggers up slowly. Tanahashi also scrambles to the ropes, desperately trying to get up. Mysterio sees Tanahashi leaning against the ropes and runs in for a 619 but Tanahashi ducks underneath at the last moment as Mysterio flips back into the ring. Tanahashi launches a Superkick, Mysterio ducks, Tanahashi follows through to the other side turning as Mysterio comes off a Springboard into a West Coast Pop Huricanrana into a hook of the legs one...two...three-kickout! Kickout...just by Tanahashi! Mysterio can be seen holding his hands in prayer, knowing how close it was as Tanahashi gasps for every last breath. Mysterio gets to his feet again reluctantly, clutching his lower back and waiting for Tanahashi to slowly get up to his feet. Mysterio takes a run up and flies onto Tanahashi twisting him into a Headscissors Takedown back to the ropes. No time to even signal – Mysterio immediately takes the run up and goes back around for the 619 – reversed – Tanahashi catches Rey's legs, pulling him back into the ring into a Cloverleaf slap bang in the middle! The crowd is going insane they don't want it to end this way as Rey screams out in pain. Tanahashi modifies the angle twisting Rey's legs and pulling the Cloverleaf just less than vertical! Striker, “AGAIN! AGAIN Tanahashi with the reversal on Mysterio!” Mysterio screams out in pain, desperately clawing at the bare mat to try and reach the ropes but there is absolutely no escape, the submission is in the middle of the ring. Tanahashi roars out, himself begging Rey to tap, the strain clear on his face as the referee kneels down while Chicago is thundering. It seems as if seconds pass like eons, Mysterio's continued effort to reach the ropes and Tananashi's sheer guts to keep him in the middle – the end result – MYSTERIO FINALLY TAPS. Tananashi immediately releases the hold and collapses to the mat. Striker, “Hiroshi Tanahashi has scraped his way to the final! What a victory by submission and you have to feel for Rey Mysterio, he was moments away from taking that spot himself.”

                      Mysterio is laying on the mat, surely his spine cracked as the referee rings the bell and Tanahashi is announced the winner. Tanahashi collapses to the mat right after, his face buried on the mat as Mysterio is laid out opposite him as the crowd is still at a shock at the suddenness of the result. “Tanahashi has beat the master of the reversal at his own game tonight...just. Rey was a 619 away from the win but Hiroshi Tanahashi reversed into a Cloverleaf and now ladies and gentlemen its going to be Joe VS Tanahashi for the strap later on tonight in a 2 out of 3 Fall or Submission Match,” says Striker.

                      Cut to a video – A desert somewhere, nothing in sight just dunes and the looming fiery sun shining above. Slowly pan downwards to footprints snaking through the sands far towards the horizon. The video cuts eerily from time to time, the audio sometimes coming ahead – we catch what seems like the glimpse of a triangle in the very far horizon. A familiar and eloquent voice loops into the video, cutting off at times.

                      Voice - “The greatest gift has been given to me.”

                      The video's abnormal cuts become more and more frequent as the voice distorts heavily and the triangle flashes more and more, the footprints appear and vanish between cuts – only the sun is constant.

                      Voice - “This present moment – no longer matters. I spoke to time and he assured me he was on MY side so tell me, where does YOUR freedom lie?”

                      The jump cuts reach a fever pitch where we no longer know if we are still in the desert – it is a mixture of eerie imagery.

                      Voice - “Before you slip into unconsciousness...”

                      The video completely fizzles out and we are left in the darkness for many moments.

                      We cut to the hallways of the AllState Arena where we see Chavo Guerrero walking into the medical room – Inside Rey Mysterio is being checked on by the doctor and other medical officials, it is crowded inside. We first see Sin Cara sitting by the table at Rey's feet amongst the crowd, completely on edge because someone else is in the room as well. Chavo walks in further and sees none other than Hunico sitting by Rey's bedside – watching silently as Rey is checked on. It doesn't seem as if Mysterio can see Hunico there as he is surrounded by the doctors. Chavo comes inside, staring at Hunico coldly but Hunico remains in the corner, avoiding Chavo's gaze. Chavo turns to Rey.

                      Chavo Guerrero - “Rey...I am sorry about the match man, I really thought you had that tonight.”

                      Rey Mysterio - “Tanahashi was the better man tonight. I am gonna need to step it up here to compete in the future bro.”

                      Chavo tries speaking normally but is unnerved at Hunico's presence.

                      Chavo Guerrero - “Listen if you need a ride home tonight I got you. Me and Cara will be riding back once you get cleared up.”

                      Rey Mysterio - “Thanks man I appreciate it.”

                      Chavo turns around giving one last cold glare to Hunico and walks out, Sin Cara is about to follow but changes his mind, sitting back in his spot and staring at Hunico constantly.

                      - EXTENDED INTERMISSION -

                      Cut back arena-side as the cameras soar across the crowd which is waiting eagerly for the Gold Rush Series Final. Out of the entrance gate comes Kurt Angle, spokesman of WPW as he walks down towards ringside alone. Striker, “The spokesman and a man who has a lot to answer for in coming nights - Kurt Angle gets a brief distraction from the chaotic events that have plagued this tournament since the beginning and can finally watch two of the best competitors go at it for the WPW Championship. A silver lining in the dark clouds that surround our infant promotion at the moment.” Angle comes by ringside and pats the glass inside which the World Pro Wrestling Championship is enclosed before shaking hands with a few crowd members and signing some autographs. He finally takes a seat as the lights are dimmed. And then...

                      Roars of “Joe's gonna kill you” erupt across Chicago as Samoa Joe emerges from the fumes for the second time tonight, beaten and fatigued but still able to scowl out as he slowly walks towards the ring nursing his neck which was so heavily worked upon by Homicide earlier in the night. He raises one arm into the air as the Chicagoans explode in cheers for the man known as “The Warrior of the Islands”. Joe slowly climbs into the ring looking out into the sea of humanity in front of him and nodding in respect, his eyes a little tired but focused. Striker, “Samoa Joe has been through a gruelling Gold Rush Series to get to this moment. Tyson Kidd – a young upstart attempting to make his name – defeated. The legendary Chavo Guerrero – defeated, the unpredictable and dominant Ron “The Truth” Killings – defeated, and finally an old nemesis and the most dangerous man in WPW today, Homicide – defeated just minutes ago. Only one man remains between Samoa Joe and his quest to become the first EVER WPW World Pro Wrestling Champion.” Joe soaks up the atmosphere and waits in the corner, eyes focused and brows furrowed...

                      Gold lights beam out of the entrance gate while the rest of the arena stays in the dark as the lights flicker and then explode out as the AllState Arena is covered in gold and out comes Hiroshi Tanahashi to a superbly respectful reaction from the Chicago crowd. He has changed his gear to a gold attire to reflect the occasion. Tanahashi also walks slowly towards the ring, fatigue evident as he reluctantly shakes a few hands of the crowd but his glare is deep and he can only see one man – Samoa Joe who stares back from inside the ring. There is a quick shot of the World Pro Wrestling Championship encased in glass by ringside where Kurt Angle is sitting to present it to whoever wins the match. Striker, “Moments ago Hiroshi Tanahashi showed his guile, his intelligence that has been so consistent throughout this tournament in defeating his opponents. An array of the top wrestlers in the world – Dolph Ziggler, Drew Galloway, Randy Orton, and tonight The Immortal Rey Mysterio just moments ago. Even though he is the champion of New Japan no one thought he would get this far and now he is so close, so close to winning the WPW Championship and achieving his goal of putting a shining crown on an illustrious career.” Tanahashi enters the ring, looking out into the crowd and then back at Samoa Joe. He stretches his legs and the referee makes the required checks signalling to the officials to ring the bell.

                      The cameras look down at the ring from far above in the rafters as we see the circular WPW logo printed on the mat. The camera begins to spin around, hypnotic as it glides slowly towards the ring and the logo, the view of the crowded faces around the ring slowly fading out of the frame until we see Samoa Joe and Tanahashi standing on opposite corners and the ref in the middle – this is IT. Joe and Tanahashi walk towards the middle and engage in a face off. The crowd is absolutely electric as the moment is captured by many close-ups, Tanahashi turns to the crowd who roar back but Joe's expression never changes and he never flinches – continuing to glare at Tanahashi. Both men track back, returning to their respective corners one last time before beginning the dance of death – as they start circling each other. Striker, “One fall or submission is not enough – you must get at least two to win this match. Survival rules apply so there is no count-out, no disqualification. Thirty two men started this tournament...only two remain.” Tanahashi and Joe engage in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up – Joe forces Tanahashi back to the ropes but just at the last moment Tanahashi slickly uses his knees to push back and then catch Joe with a Side Headlock. Tanahashi pulls Joe down to the mat and keeps the Headlock firmly clasped. Samoa Joe heaves and pushes, using his sheer strength to lift Tanahashi up, the headlock still clasped on and lifts Tanahashi up by his legs into a giant Back Suplex that finally forces Tanahashi to release the hold. Joe recuperates, catching some oxygen as Tanahashi staggers to his feet. Joe prowls to Tanahashi and launches Shoot Kick after Shoot Kick to Tanahashi's midsection and a combination of Chops and finally takes a run up before nailing a Running Big Boot to floor the champion of New Japan. Joe with the cover one...two...shoulders up. Joe pulls Tanahashi up to his feet quickly and whips his opponent into the corner and goes for a Flying Calf Kick but Tanahashi ducks as Joe crashes into the turnbuckle and crumples to the mat clutching his right leg. Tanahashi goes over to Joe and stomps on the right leg repeatedly before dragging it to the ropes and placing it on the second rope. Tanahashi climbs the same turnbuckle Joe got injured on and flies off the second turnbuckle and Dropkicks Joe's right knee off of the ropes. Samoa Joe screams in agony, pulling away with his arms to the safety of the other corner as Tanahashi catches his breath. Tanahashi goes to catch Joe's right leg again but Joe rolls out of the ring, limping out of reach. Tanahashi tries to come out of the ring but Joe pulls Tanahashi's legs down and drags Tanahashi out, Clotheslining him to the floor. Joe hooks the legs one...two...kickout by Tanahashi. Samoa Joe is visibly hurting on his right leg now as he staggers over and pulls Tanahashi back towards him and locks him in and lifts Tanahashi up for a snap Suplex on the cold floor. Tanahashi clenches in pain. Samoa Joe's mission is clear as he gets up quickly, again pulling Tanahashi up and then whipping him into the barricade. Striker, “Every move is amplified. Both men have gone through wars just minutes before – it is truly a matter of who can conquer the pain that their bodies are going through and inflict even more on their opponent.” Joe drags Tanahashi up, placing fist after fist shot to Tanahashi's temple to keep The Ace down. Samoa Joe finally rolls Tanahashi back inside the ring, stomping on his abdomen repeatedly giving Tanahashi no chance to rest. Joe again pulls Tanahashi back to his feet, lifting him up and is about to go for the Island Driver – but Tanahashi wriggles off his back, barely pushing Joe into the ropes as Joe rebounds off but Tanahashi catches him with a tremendous Sling Blade (Spinning Sitout Sleeper Slam) at the very last second! Both men are collapsed on the mat out of sheer exhaustion – Joe clutching his injured neck and Tanahashi face down, crawling towards the corner. Tanahashi claws at the turnbuckle, barely getting up to his feet and sees Joe still laid out. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks out into the crowd and flies off into the High Fly Flow (Frog Splash) – NO! He missed it! Joe rolled out of the way at the last second. Samoa Joe comes to life! He roars over to Tanahashi going for the cover ONE...TWO...THREE-NO! No! Tanahashi kicked out! Joe does not even wait a second. He staggers up to his feet and pulls Tanahashi up, lifting him into the – ISLAND DRIVER!!! Hook of the legs from Joe ONE...TWO...THREE!! Joe wins the first fall! “Joe with the Island Driver and in the driving seat! It's on Tanahashi now, one more and Joe will win, Tanahashi has to pick up the next fall he cannot get pinned or submit now. He has to take it!” screams Striker. Chicago is absolutely thundering with various chants and expressions.

                      Samoa Joe – 1

                      Hiroshi Tanahashi – 0

                      Joe falls back on the mat in sheer exhaustion from the effort as Tanahashi lays there – near lifeless, looking up at the lights and letting his body heal for a moment. The referee informs both men (Tanahashi barely can hear him) that a 90 second rest period is being enforced as medics climb into the ring to check on their health. Slowly the seconds tick away as Tanahashi finally shows some life, getting up to his feet ever so gradually. The referee signals that they may resume as Joe runs on the attack pummelling Tanahashi with forearms to the back and then fists as Tanahashi turns to face Joe and protect his own back – to no avail as Joe launches Shoot Kicks to the midsection felling his opponent very quickly. Joe tries to go for the Coquina Clutch to finish off the match but Tanahashi desperately rolls to the ropes getting one hand to them and Joe is forced to break the semi-hold. Samoa Joe pulls Tanahashi by the hair into the middle of the ring, kicking him again in the midsection and locking him in and lifting for a Powerbomb – but Tanahashi reverses into a Huricanrana sending Joe tumbling to the corner. Joe comes back with a Forearm but Tanahashi ducks and from behind nails Joe with a KINKASAN SUPLEX ALMOST BREAKING JOE'S NECK! The High Angle was lethal. Samoa Joe is close to unconscious on the mat as Tanahashi goes for the cover ONE...TWO...THRE-NO!SHOULDERS UP! Samoa Joe is still in there as he barely gets a shoulder up before the three count. Tanahashi holds his head in his hands for a moment but sees the chance now – he takes Joe's right leg that was so heavily worked on earlier and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf! The crowd is exploding as they sense a submission, Samoa Joe is forced to show his pain as he screams out but Tanahashi is merciless, his primal survival instinct kicking in – he needs this fall there is no way he is going to release this hold. Joe pulls and claws towards the ropes but Tanahashi drags him right back to the middle as Joe's eyes begin to weaken, the earlier blow to the neck and now this – Joe is almost fading – no longer trying to pull towards the ropes as Tanahashi literally begs him to tap out. Tanahashi accentuates the angle even more as Joe grimaces, his gigantic body seeming like twisted clay as Tanahashi uses all his force to keep the hold locked. The ref goes to check on Joe – he's not moving, his hands are down, shoulders slumped, eyes are closed. The ref raises his right arm, it drops, ONE, he raises the arm again – again it drops TWO. The AllState Arena crowd are ROARING for Joe to get up. The ref reluctantly goes again, he raises the right arm again, it DROPS!!! THREE!!! The bell is rung, Tanahashi is awarded the decision by knockout. “Samoa Joe did not tap, but the knockout gives Tanahashi the edge – Joe put his reputation first instead of his health, just like Shelton Benjamin in the Round of 32, but this is the Final. He still has to get up and wrestle! I just don't know how, how it is possible, these two men have lasted so long. Both already wrestled tonight and now they've gone well into the deep end they are on pure instinct. Just the will to become Champion exhibited this time by Hiroshi Tanahashi” exclaims Striker.

                      Samoa Joe – 1

                      Hiroshi Tanahashi – 1

                      Tanahashi finally releases the hold and crawls to the corner, retreating into a shell of exhaustion as the medics once again come inside the ring. Samoa Joe is laid out on the mat, he is not moving at all as they desperately try to revive him. “Is Joe gone for good or does he still have something left, and even if he does how much is there. Hiroshi Tanahashi has completely turned this match. First the Kinkasan Suplex and now the Cloverleaf – both targeting the weakest areas of Samoa Joe, the injured right leg and his neck which I just cannot believe is still holding up after the punishment in the hands of Homicide and even from Tanahashi earlier in the match.” More than the 90 seconds pass but Samoa Joe finally shows life as the crowd roars, relieved and also looking forward to see the match continue. Hiroshi Tanahashi does not look best pleased as he waits in the corner, his eyes filled with absolute fatigue. Joe finally is able to stand with help as the referee asks if he can continue and he nods. The signal is given – this match will continue. Tanahashi walks towards the middle of the ring as Joe staggers out of the corner, barely able to keep his balance. Tanahashi swings away at Joe, but Joe swings back! Both men start pounding away at each other, going toe to toe, wanting to lose ground now at this crucial juncture. Tanahashi has Joe reeling after a severe flurry of fists as he whips Joe into the ropes and catches him with a Forearm Smash but wraps his arms around and puts Joe into a Dragon Sleeper! The crowd explodes as Tanahashi keeps Joe standing but twists his neck into a diagonal angle putting pressure on Joe's spine as well as his neck. Joe grabs Tanahashi's tights desperately, trying to lift him up off the mat – JOE WITH THE ISLAND DRIVER!!!! Samoa Joe collapses atop Tanahashi ONE...TWO...THREE-NO! Tanahashi kicked out! Pure desperation on display as both Joe and Tanahashi lay on the mat near lifeless. “What is it going to take. Two men with storied careers, leaving it all out. One more fall or submission is required and you become the first champion, immortalized forever.” Samoa Joe gets up to his feet, his face completely pale, very little oxygen up there due to the neck injury. He limps over to Tanahashi and drags the New Japan Champion up to his feet. Both men are trembling, the fatigue is in full effect and their bodies are giving in as Samoa Joe just about manages to whip Tanahashi into the corner. Joe charges towards Tanahashi, 'Hashi ducks and Joe hits the turnbuckle, clattering off as Tanahashi waits and waits then nails Joe with a SUPERKICK but Joe doesn't fall he teeters on his feet somehow! Tanahashi goes behind Joe and locks his arms into the Full Nelson for a DRAGON SUPLEX BRIDGED INTO A PIN HERE IT IS ONE...TWO...THREE NO! Again Joe barely gets his shoulders up! Tanahashi sits back in exhaustion, brushing the sweat off his face and panting heavily. Samoa Joe again begins to move and Tanahashi pulls himself up as soon as he sees it. Tanahashi staggers over to Joe, a sense of finality in his steps as he waits for Samoa Joe to get up fully. As soon as Joe is on his two feet – Tanahashi comes from behind and tries to lift him up for a final Kinkasan (High Angle German) Suplex but Joe desperately elbows Tanahashi in the face. Tanahashi refuses to let go but Joe battles out with stiff elbows almost shattering Tanahashi's nose! Tanahashi staggers back as Joe heaves and puffs – Tanahashi charges but walks right into a thunderous EXPLODER SUPLEX FROM SAMOA JOE! BUT TANAHASHI IS BACK UP! The crowd are SHOCKED – out of pure adrenaline Hiroshi Tanahashi clobbers into Samoa Joe, not feeling the effect of the suplex at all as he hammers away at the near dead Samoan Warrior. Hiroshi Tanahashi beats Joe down into the ropes, stomping away mercilessly like a man possessed and then comes away and SCREAMS at Samoa Joe to get to his feet. But Joe can barely stand, he hovers near the ropes as Tanahashi makes a final charge to Enziguiri Joe's head off but Joe moves away at the last moment and Tanahashi crashes into the ropes, his legs tangle up as he panics and tries to fight his way out – too late Joe with his own low angle ENZIGUIRI! Tanahashi's body goes near limp as Samoa Joe untangles Tanahashi's boots from the ropes, bringing the half dead Tanahashi to his feet, lifts him up – MUSCLE BUSTER!!! MUSCLE BUSTER!!! The body of Hiroshi Tanahashi is not moving – Samoa Joe just falls on top – ONE...TWO....THREE!!!!!

                      Chicago EXPLODES as pyros go off in the rafters. Samoa Joe lays next to Hiroshi Tanahashi who is lifeless, his eyes are closed. “...and so it begins. That is all I can say with the sincerest effort this is all I will say...and so it begins” whispers Matt Striker amidst the DEAFENING REACTION inside the AllState Arena.

                      We cut to the officials unlocking the glass enclosure – this is the moment that we've been building towards this entire Series. The enclosure is unlocked, Kurt Angle carefully lifts the World Pro Wrestling Championship out and walks up the steps to the ring. Samoa Joe and Hiroshi Tanahashi are still laid out as officials and medics swarm into the ring to check on both men separately. Kurt Angle walks through the crowded ring as the cameras cut to a close shot, Angle whispers to Joe “congratulations man” and Joe barely manages a handshake and a hug as Joe is pulled to his feet. The moment – Angle places the belt on Joe's shoulder as the crowd ERUPTS again. From the ring we see a sole arm raised – Samoa Joe's right arm balled into a fist, his body battered but his arm is raised - in complete victory. The World Pro Wrestling Championship in all its splendour rests on his shoulder. We begin to fade away...just the sheer noise and jubilation of the Chicago crowd remaining as a long shot shows us the entire crowd on its feet, the thunderous reactions the last thing felt.

                      Gold Rush Series Finale

                      Semi Final I
                      Samoa Joe def. Homicide

                      Semi Final II
                      Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Rey Mysterio

                      Final - 2 out of 3 Fall/Submission
                      Samoa Joe (2) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi (1)

                      World Pro Wrestling Champion
                      SAMOA JOE

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                        Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                        PROGRESS OR THROWBACK?
                        A special report by the team. August 2012.

                        The professional wrestling business of the 21st century consists of a small host of independent promotions scattered across mainly North America and Japan but largely monopolized by the giant known as World Wrestling Entertainment. After a near thirty year reign and defeating by absorbing every promotion that has had aspirations of becoming as big or even bigger, the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon sits atop his throne in Titan Towers overseeing and dictating the direction of the business and expanding into ventures in Feature Films and Social Media. At the mainstream level pro-wrestling has moved away from the regional based promotions with dimly lit halls and blood spattered rings. It is now a glossy entertainment oriented worldwide mega-product catered towards a very young generation of fans. WWE is the number one of course, followed by TNA Wrestling who have emerged out of the independents with a stabilized business model to co-exist with WWE on television and pay-per-view.

                        The introduction of the Internet and the progress in technology allowing audiences to view wrestling content through the web and being able to interact with the talent has helped independents bridge some of the gap with WWE. Most of them in North America are still miles away in monetary terms but can boast very loyal audiences and exceptional talent pools which are frequently raided by WWE and the number two, TNA Wrestling. They are in essence following the blueprint of the promotions of old like World Class Championship Wrestling or the AWA and NWA, steady progress and never deviating from the essence.

                        In Japan the business remains as competitive as ever and is as of yet to be majorly affected by the 'entertainment' wave. WWE's reach is global but with their rich wrestling history and love for the sporting aspect of wrestling, puroresu, promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH are thriving – their audience even more loyal than in North America and their talent dedicated to the old school morals of the business.

                        What has just been described was the 'status quo' of the professional wrestling business for the last decade and more. In July of this year, 2012 the industry stood up and watched when a new promotion based in Chicago, Illinois, and a revolutionary TV deal in hand with HBO, WorlWide Progressive Wrestling (WPW) made its presence felt in North America. At the head were a group of investors, two of them well known in pro wrestling – former professional wrestler and Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, and New Japan Pro Wrestling President Naoki Sugabayashi. The other investors it is rumoured were a mix of wealthy businessmen and former wrestlers themselves.

                        In one fell swoop they raided both the WWE and TNA Wrestling for wrestlers that were on the edge of the cliff so to speak, individuals who were disgruntled or were not being given a fair opportunity. The likes of Samoa Joe, Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd, Ron Killings, and others. Also worth mentioning is the shrewd acquisition of major stars such as Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio who had been subjected to suspension due the WWE's dubious Talent Wellness program and had asked for their release. They were quickly snapped up and would actually be the two easiest acquisitions.

                        The rest of the talent, predictably came from the independent promotions from around the world and of course New Japan Pro Wrestling. Accomplished and established talents were preferred - the likes of Homicide, Shelton Benjamin, Jay Lethal, Charlie Haas, Low Ki, KENTA, and others. President of NJPW and WPW investor, Mr. Naoki Sugabayashi in an interview confirmed that NJPW wanted a foothold on American soil and that this venture would provide them the opportunity. The venture with TNA Wrestling had failed completely in exposing the Japanese talent to North America and Sugabayashi had been left completely disillusioned, this was a second chance – a more direct chance. It was now a major opportunity for wrestlers such as Hiroshi Tanahashi and Hirooki Goto to cross over to an even larger audience without having to compromise their style but rather build and evolve it. For the devout professional wrestling fans it was a winning situation, Puroresu was coming to the West and the best from Japan would face off against the best from North and South America.

                        Style. Many of the acquired talent claimed that this was their major lure to joining WPW. Of course, a decent pay cheque was also important but the opportunity to remain on a mainstream level but without having to lower their ceiling within the ring and as personalities was crucial. For the veterans like Homicide, Ron Killings and Masato Tanaka it was the big billing that they had worked all their careers to have, for the youngsters like Tyson Kidd and Jay Lethal it was the chance to truly shine on their own terms and mix it up with the best wrestlers from around the world.

                        The acquisition of talent from WWE was done by paying out 50% of the remaining amounts owed to the involved talent up front with the no-compete clause waived and paying WWE a premium every time the wrestler made an appearance in WPW for the remainder of the contract. This deal was negotiated with Vince McMahon himself with each wrestler also at the table to go over the deal. The WPW investors made sure to make it known that they were not simply trying to raid talent like Eric Bischoff had done with WCW in the 90's. Knowing Vince McMahon's personality however, why would he even come to the table to negotiate with a promotion which was, potentially going to be the first direct competitor WWE would face since WCW?

                        Simply because Vince McMahon and his son-in-law, COO of WWE Triple H were already in the process of combining their two talent pools from the major WWE TV programs RAW and Smackdown into one. TV time was only guaranteed to the established stars. WWE was trimming its roster down to streamline the content and also provide space in the future for their very promising developmental talent trained in the new WWE style plying their trade in FCW and NXT programming – names like Dean Ambrose, the “secret weapon” of WWE.

                        These factors made Vince McMahon less protective of the wrestlers that WPW had requested to buy out contracts for. The hardest to acquire was obviously Dolph Ziggler. Unlike all the other acquisitions he was about to reach his prime in WWE and was heavily involved in television as well. Others such as Hunico, Ron Killings, The Usos, Drew Galloway, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, and even one time World Champion, Jack Swagger were on the fringes, WWE creative had no plans for them and though their ability was promising, there just was not enough space for them on TV. Insiders thought that none of these guys would pose any threat and were expendable. To earn money off their release would be even better. In essence they had already been replaced by other talent and it was an advantage to take their guaranteed contracts off the books and earn a decent premium off them.

                        In the case of Dolph Ziggler, WPW agreed to give him a guaranteed contract with better terms than WWE. They gave WWE a week to match the offer or let Ziggler walk and they agreed to pay WWE a premium per appearance that Ziggler made for WPW. They were confident they'd get their man but careful to make it seem professional and respectable as possible. WWE were not interested in matching terms, the feeling backstage was that the main-event scene was going to revolve around Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, John Cena, and CM Punk for the remainder of the current era. They also were keen to elevate a certain Ryback and NXT Champion, Seth Rollins to the top so Ziggler at this point was allowed to leave. Vince McMahon appreciated how WPW went above and beyond to make sure that Ziggler was not 'stolen' and there was also a nice premium to be earned.

                        Also, who can forget Matt Striker. The news of the talent that WPW had secured from WWE was the big flash but the real coup, well known to true wrestling fans was in Matt Striker. A genius of the new generation of wrestling announcers, a natural, a fan first and foremost – Striker had spent 2008 to 2011 being the MVP of the commentary booth in WWE but never got his due. His contract was so menial, there was no no-compete clause attached, the money he was earning was peanuts compared to others. He was the forgotten man of World Wrestling Entertainment.

                        An unnamed investor in WPW was a huge fan of Striker and personally called him up offering him a vastly better contract and the opportunity to be the voice of professional wrestling in America and the lead announcer of WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. Safe to say Striker jumped at the chance and he was also offered a stake in the company. He was a long-term investment, a sound one, no pun intended.

                        The acquisition of Samoa Joe from TNA Wrestling was a completely different matter compared to the tense but peaceful relationship with WWE regarding talent. Kurt Angle had himself manoeuvred his way out of TNA by proclaiming his retirement from wrestling and refusing to sign a contract as head of Talent Development and promise of similar powers as Hulk Hogan. TNA had absolutely no idea that he had already told Samoa Joe that he was invested in WPW and that Joe was one of the first names on the sheet of wrestlers that they wanted to acquire.

                        Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe always had a relationship, one of immense respect. Kurt Angle told Joe about the vision for WorldWide Progressive Wrestling and how he would be given a chance to explore his complete ability as a wrestler. All the investors in WPW were also excited about taking Joe, he was considered the biggest star outside of the WWE in terms of in-ring talent and ceiling for success. For Joe himself it was not a difficult decision. TNA had lost the way with his on-screen character and he was no longer the centrepiece of the promotion. He was respected in the locker-room but the likes of Hulk Hogan and Sting ran things. He knew TNA Wrestling had become much more watered down since his arrival in 2005 and would continue in that fashion. Also many of his former friends from Ring of Honour were now with WPW, the likes of Homicide and Low Ki.

                        The only stumbling block was TNA's unwillingness to negotiate with WPW and the lengthy no compete clause in Joe's contract. It also did not help knowing the fact that Kurt Angle was now with WPW which irked TNA management. Knowing all this Samoa Joe engineered his exit from TNA Wrestling. He walked out of a Live TV broadcast, a match against Rob Van Dam was abandoned and backstage he had an explosive argument with Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan. It came to such an extent that members of the staff got involved and a physical confrontation ensued.

                        Samoa Joe was promptly suspended and TNA Wrestling management were forced to re-assess the situation. Either release him for nothing or take a similar deal to the one WPW had offered to WWE and this time WPW offered to pay out his whole contract and pay TNA Wrestling a premium for the next fifty appearances that Samoa Joe would make if the no-compete clause was waived so that he could appear on TV. Safe to say, TNA Wrestling jumped on the deal and Samoa Joe was signed to WorldWide Progressive Wrestling.

                        There was also the crucial matter of choosing their headquarters, the home base. Looking at history this is a vital factor in the initial success of a promotion and also helps form its identity in the long run. ECW and Philadelphia ran hand in hand, WCW was the pride of the South, WWE themselves considered New York their spiritual home.

                        Discussions took place amongst the hierarchy as to which city or region would best serve their interests for the next couple of years. Where would be a great place to start and build a foundation to expand from. Cities such as Toronto, Boston, LA, Dallas, Miami, big metro cities were thrown in the mix. Eventually though, a mutual consensus was made. The chosen city would be Chicago, Illinois. A city with a tremendous wrestling history and logistically a 'gate' city into and out of North America allowing for a global reach. The “Second City” would be coming to the fore through wrestling.

                        WPW had already developed a business model by researching the success of promotions of the past and the survival of promotions such as TNA Wrestling and ROH in the current climate of WWE monopoly. The conclusion was a hybrid model that was a throwback to the territorial days of the 80s. It would allow WPW to be bigger than the independents but also not go into a punch for punch war against WWE in every department.

                        It went something like this – after Chicago was chosen, WPW officials quickly secured a deal to host shows at the AllState Arena which was to become the home field of WPW. Pending a TV deal their shows would be broadcast across North America and globally. The initial cost would be at a minimum as the AllState Arena would serve as something akin to a permanent studio and WPW would not have to incur costs for moving from city to city constantly.

                        After a few months the audiences outside Chicago would also become familiar with the product. Once this was achieved WPW would begin touring the major cities in North America for five to ten shows at a time to limit costs, settling down in these cities for more than a one night stand and developing further loyalty amongst the supporters. It would also allow them to test local talent in each of these areas and pick up the very best unsigned talent from every region.

                        With their agreement with New Japan, a tentative date of January 2013 was also kept in mind to host shows at the mythical Tokyo Dome and tour Asia throughout January and February. The feeling was that these were baby steps to full scale global touring in the coming years once the promotion had built up some steam.

                        The most crucial factor in deciding if WPW survived at the scale it was being built for was the potential of a television deal. HBO was always their first choice seeing their track record of producing stellar award winning original programming.

                        The pitch to HBO involved highlighting the type of content and vibe that WPW was trying to create. A new no nonsense, progressive pro-wrestling event with emphasis placed on the sport itself and cutting edge content for an older audience in HBO's desired 18-50 range without any watering down. Elements of puroresu, shoot style promos, and old school wrestling events such as NWA's Starrcade were highlighted to the HBO heads. This was going to be legitimate pro wrestling for true supporters and long timers who had grown up with the sport.

                        HBO themselves were always in need of original programming and pro-wrestling would give them a stability that the cyclical dramas did not and a continuity that Boxing did not either. HBO officials were also impressed by the fact that WPW promised a cult following. A rabid and loyal audience was going to be developed and would subscribe and tune in on a weekly basis throughout the year. They agreed to a two year deal with WPW and the flexibility to move around time-slots as well. This would be the biggest coup of all.

                        With the start-up money well invested in world class talent and the safety of a very stable television deal with HBO, WorldWide Progressive Wrestling was ready to make itself known in the professional wrestling world with a new brand of wrestling. What followed was history...


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                          Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                          WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
                          SIEGE OF CHICAGO
                          Saturday August 11th2012 - The Rise of Champions

                " data-vcode="lVjonruLQ30" data-vprovider="youtube" >

                          A magnificent pyro show opens the inaugural edition of Siege Of Chicago as “Cochise” by Audioslave reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it. Matt Striker greets us, “We told you this was the beginning, the genesis. Last Sunday the first World Pro Wrestling Champion was crowned, last Sunday four men displayed what this business, what this sport means to us, the supporters. Now, PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. LONG LIVE PRO WRESTLING, LONG LIVE WORLDWIDE PROGRESSIVE WRESTLING! CHICAGO bear witness...” he chants to the masses. Of all people Colt Cabana is heard after Striker, “shove your status quo up your asses, we won't be held down any longer. THIS is it baby, its Colt Classic Cabana,colour commentary gig secured, with my man Matt The Tape-Worm Striker, this is The Siege of Chicago, WPW...If you ain't here man, you ain't wrestling, you ain't jack, you ain't nothing” shouts Cabana. We soar across the AllState Arena, the cameras shake from the roars reverberating through the walls. Everyone is waiting for one man...

                          =::LED ZEPPLIN - KASHMIR (PUFF DADDY MIX)::=

                          The electric crowd does not have to wait long as thunderous cheers greet the arrival of the World Pro Wrestling Champion, Samoa Joe. The powerful music gives way to the Warrior of The Islands as he arrives with the magnificent black and gold WPW Belt on his shoulder, a titanic champion roared on by the thousands in attendance. Samoa Joe climbs into the ring and soaks up the tremendous reaction which the crowd give him for more than five minutes continuous. Joe finally motions the crowd to calm themselves as he addresses them for the first time on television.

                          Samoa Joe - “Thank you.”

                          They won't stop shouting as “Joe” chants echo across the AllState Arena.

                          Samoa Joe - “Every man who chooses professional wrestling – he doesn't choose it for success. The circumstances he faces batter into his blood very early that success is elusive in this profession, respect even more so. These men choose professional wrestling to create moments, to live moments, and only a small percentage of them get to look back and feel satisfied that they were able to live up to their special moment. Sunday was one of the toughest nights in my professional career...but I lived MY moment.”

                          There are many claps as Colt Cabana again re-iterates on commentary how satisfying it is to see his colleague at the very top. Joe continues his speech.

                          Samoa Joe - “The old peoples of this world, my own ancestry and other cultures worldwide, they all left behind a legacy. Their greatest figures still live in stone, in mind, in soul. Their actions, what they embodied lives through to this day in all of us. Their ideas and convictions still a source of inspiration for billions. The first kings of Egypt, the greatest sages of India, the bravest warriors of Samoa – immortals. These men and women defined entire centuries, entire ages. In professional wrestling... the age of Samoa Joe is here (rapturous ovation). I now consider it an honour and a responsibility to be the first World Pro Wrestling Champion, and I will defend this belt in such a way that will bring respect back into professional wrestling and...I PROMISE that the name Samoa Joe will live forever in wrestling history.”

                          Samoa Joe drops the mic emphatically and celebrates with the crowd, hoisting the WPW Championship high into the air like the night before, the elation still visible in his movements, it is a grand occasion, the dawning of an era as the “Joe” chants and just sheer excitement pours out of the walls of the AllState Arena. After a minute though, Joe backtracks...

                          The crowd falls silent as a more serious look appears on Joe's face. They wait to hear the Champion again as he grabs the microphone.

                          Samoa Joe - “I am still so caught up in this moment that I forgot to actually address the real reason I was told to come out here to speak to all of you.”

                          Striker and Cabana wonder what it is, the crowd hanging on Joe's every second of delayed silence.

                          Samoa Joe - “This morning I was phoned by the Championship Committee that being the first WPW Champion I have been given the task of choosing my first challenger.”

                          The crowd immediately begin giving their own opinions, various names being thrown into the air. Joe listens intently, a smile on his face – this is a good problem to have being the Champion. Joe puts his arm up, he has someone in mind.

                          Samoa Joe -
                          I went the entire Gold Rush Series without any regret, knowing that everyone I was through my own ability...except one.”

                          Anticipation runs through the arena. Joe elaborates.

                          Samoa Joe- I beat him because...he made one mistake, he was a second too late. He flew off with the 450 Splash and nearly had me, nearly. In fact, his whole career has been nearly moments. They nearly... gave him a chance, they nearly believed in him – but at the end of the day he never got his due, never got the opportunity to even compete at the top level to show what he can do. The man I choose to defend this Championship against, and I hope he accepts, is, Ron...The Truth Killings.”

                          There are shocked expressions on everyone's faces, the reactions are mixed, some people clap others don't even know what to think.

                          Samoa Joe - “The legacy of this promotion, my legacy, and the legacy of this Championship are intertwined now. For that reason some may feel this is a strange choice...but when you look back you'll know why. I know you are not here tonight, so have a week to accept my invitation. The venue will be right here in Chicago (huge cheers) and it will be at our first Special Event – Future Is Now. Ball's in your court.”

                          Joe drops the mic, once again raising the WPW Championship into the air. A large majority of the fans pay their respects with a rousing cheer for the Champion as he makes his way out.

                          We cut once again to Kurt Angle's press conference regarding the Silver Championship:

                          The pre-recorded press conference in the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. A giant black and blue 'WPW' circular logo hangs in the background and Kurt Angle is seated completely alone, scores of security personnel behind him. He addresses the press assembled there. A championship belt sits in front of Kurt Angle, sprawled out for all to see. It is in adorned with a silver emblem, a silver circle going around the center of the championship, thin lines depicting continents and a fist running through the middle.

                          Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased, and satisfied to make another landmark announcement associated with WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. As the historic Gold Rush Series draws to a close and a new World Pro Wrestling Champion is crowned tomorrow night, we look forward to the future.

                          There has to be a credible way, an option, a chance, a dream, whatever you want to call it. There has to be a way and a path for every wrestler that sets foot in this promotion or this sport in general, to be able to become World Pro Wrestling Champion. There also has to be credibility and reputation associated with anyone who challenges for the World Pro Wrestling Championship.

                          Keeping all this in mind, I am proud to present to the wrestling world, the first of its kind, the prestigious, Silver Championship.”

                          Quiet applause is given by the people assembled at the conference.

                          The rules that govern this championship are truly unique and the first of their kind. First let us explore the advantages of this championship. The man who wins this championship, and is able to hold it for 5 title defences or more is guaranteed a World Pro Wrestling Championship match thereafter. As long as he is still champion by the time the World Title match begins, his title shot remains valid. Should he win, he must relinquish the Silver Championship to the Championship committee, should he lose against the World Champion, he must again defend it at least 5 more times before he can receive another opportunity.

                          Now I will explain the stipulations of holding this belt and what is required of a Silver Champion. As I mentioned, a minimum of five title defences are required to be eligible to challenge the World Champion. What makes this Championship truly “progressive” and unique is that it can be defended not only in WorldWide Progressive Wrestling but any other promotion. Should there ever be a circumstance where the Silver Champion is challenged by a champion from another promotion, he must defend his belt against that opponent either at a WPW event or an event of the other promotion's choosing.

                          If, our Champion loses his belt, we welcome...with open arms, the wrestler from the other promotion to defend the Silver Championship here in WPW, or elsewhere at least 5 times and challenge the World Pro Wrestling Champion to a match.

                          The first ever Silver Champion will be crowned at our inaugural “Siege of Chicago” event this coming Saturday in an eight man tournament. The participants will be announced during the week.

                          Once again, thank you for joining me ladies and gentlemen and see you tonight at the Quarter Finals.”

                          Kurt Angle gets up and holds the Silver Championship aloft as the press take photos.

                          A visual appears giving us the Silver Championship Tournament bracket, the winners will move on to the Semi Final and Final to be contested all tonight:

                          Silver Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
                          Dolph Ziggler VS Drew Galloway
                          Randy Orton VS Chavo Guerrero
                          Low Ki VS Masato Tanaka
                          Katsuhiko Nakajima VS Hirooki Goto

                          Samoa Joe's speech stays in the minds of the fans, and perhaps the wrestlers as well as the Silver Championship Tournament Quarter Finals get underway with a furious and daredevil match which was Dolph Ziggler VS Drew Galloway. Striker and Cabana both discuss how Ziggler openly admitted to using Jake Swagger as a foundation to elevate his own career and now he's not afraid to admit it. As for Swagger, he already cost Ziggler in the Gold Rush Series, and has promised to finish Ziggler's career – the question is when and how. Drew Galloway on the other hand gave a spirited fight against Tanahashi in the Elite 16, he has another chance to recover his wayward career against Dolph Ziggler. The match begins with no love lost - both men pull out all the stops early on as Ziggler takes a heavy beating in Galloway's hands who focuses on Ziggler's upper-back all match long and comes close to gaining victory with a Release Powerbomb and again later with an overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex from the second rope, reversing a Flying Elbow Drop attempt from Ziggler. In the end though Ziggler exhibits his penchant for turning matches in milliseconds as he reverses the Future Shock DDT (Snap Double Underhook DDT) throwing Galloway to the ropes and catching him on the rebound with a sudden Zig Zag (Jumping Reverse Bulldog) that gives him the shock victory and delights the Chicago crowd. Galloway does not know what hit him. Ziggler celebrates very little, disappearing to the back – and for good reason as he will find out later in the night.

                          In between the matches it is mentioned by Matt Striker that the four final participants of the Gold Rush Series have been given the week off from in-ring action to recuperate from their toils. Samoa Joe, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Rey Mysterio, and Homicide will return to in-ring action next week.

                          The second match of the night tears the crowd's allegiance in half as it is Randy Orton VS Chavo Guerrero in the second Quarter Final. The two veterans put on a wrestling clinic, the match starting evenly with Guerrero being the fresher and faster competitor reversing Orton's attacks with poetic Arm Drag Takedowns and snap Leg Drops. Chavo takes full advantage with a thunderous Northern Lights Suplex but Orton refuses to get pinned. Guerrero displays stunning resilience in the face of an Orton uprising as he withstands the Lou Thesz Press and stiff punches to the head, even a Punt to the head and numerous Snap Scoop Powerslams. Orton's desperation to finish Guerrero shows with a near fatal Gutwrench Neckbreaker that gives Orton a very close two count. The fans begin to get behind the older Chavo Guerrero, surprised at how long he has lasted against Orton but just when Chavo begins to get some offence by throwing Orton to the side with a Spinning Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takedown - he attempts a Gory Bomb to finish the match, Orton wriggles off Chavo's back and catches him with the RKO and the one, two, three. Randy Orton takes the victory and shakes hands with Guerrero as a sign of respect, moving on to the Semi Finals. Matt Striker and Colt Cabana both agree that so far we have seen the “instinct for victory shining through for both Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton in their respective victories.”

                          We go to an 'Earlier Today' video clip – Low Ki is preparing for his match for tonight, practicing Roundhouse Kicks inside the ring. The AllState Arena is empty except for a few production technicians. Low Ki stops dead in his tracks as a figure approaches the ring, the figure comes under the lights and is revealed to be Homicide. 'Cide steps inside the ring as Low Ki angrily walks up to him.

                          Homicide - “It's nothing that you didn't expect."

                          Low Ki - “I thought maybe you'd have the decency to face me alone knowing our history."

                          Homicide chuckles moving his gaze from Ki and looking out into the arena.

                          Homicide - “This is so much bigger than you and me. Jey and Jimmy are in the hospital, but they are dying to come back and finish what we began. Yeah, I lost to Joe fair and square but I will do...what WE will do in the future is going to be more crucial than just a title win or individual success.”

                          Low Ki goes back in front of Homicide, making sure his former mentor sees him eye to eye.

                          Low Ki - “I don't give a shit about your plans, I just came here to wrestle and make a name for myself – I don't want to be involved in what you're doing.”
                          Homicide turns to Low Ki, a big smile on his face.

                          Homicide - “You're not hearing me. You have until next week to decide, you're either with me or against me. Our history is not going to make a difference when things start happening. That's all I came here to tell you.”

                          'Cide walks away, climbing out of the ring and disappearing from the glare of the lights as Low Ki stands in the ring staring back.

                          We return to the presentation as the third Silver Championship Quarter-Final is Masato Tanaka VS Low Ki. Striker explains how Tanaka has taken John Morrison out of action and still nothing has been heard about his recovery. Low Ki has been indirectly embroiled in controversy due to his association with Homicide and winning his Elite 16 match against Katsuhiko Nakajima due to a light problem in the arena caused by Homicide and The Usos – he himself though vehemently denies any wrongdoing and refuses to associate himself with The Notorious 187. Cabana says Ki is a strong personality and a man of his own, he doesn't take too well to being a part of a group so he thinks Ki won't join. The match itself is very unpredictable. It begins with Tanaka and Ki squaring off, Ki throwing Stiff Kicks at Tanaka and performing the Krush Kombo of kicks finishing off with a high speed Roundhouse Kick to get a close two count. Tanaka wisely rolls outside the ring as Low Ki tries to follow but pummels Low Ki across the face with a Forearm Smash with it as soon as Ki tries to come outside. Tanaka hits Low Ki's back with shot after shot – akin to beating an endangered tiger as Ki crawls around the outside desperately trying to escape. He has to improvise – he nails a desperate Tidal Wave Enziguiri springboarding off the announce desk which smashes into Tanaka's face. Ki is able to climb into the ring and recuperate with the precious breathing space he has until Tanaka recovers and re-enters the ring. Low Ki uses all his energy to smash Tanaka with a Dragon Wing (Double Underhook) Suplex and then climbs the top turnbuckle to finish off the veteran with a Phoenix Splash but misses completely and crumples into a heap. Masato Tanaka finishes Low Ki off with a Dangan Bomb for the one, two, three and moves on to the Semi-Final. Striker and Cabana both remark that Low Ki did not seem his sharp self in this match – the cameras even cut to a shot of a frustrated Low Ki kicking the turnbuckles as Tanaka is exiting.

                          The heat is turned up very high as "I Shot Ya" by LL Cool J blasts through the PA System. “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin comes out of the curtains and down to the ring. Striker and Cabana mention that Benjamin has yet to be cleared to wrestle – due to fainting by his refusal to submit against Charlie Haas in the Round of 32. Benjamin was not to be seen after that as he was supposedly in the hospital recuperating, clearly not the case when he came back interfered in Haas' next match against Ron Killings in the Elite 16 costing Haas a passage to the next round and a chance at challenging for the WPW Championship. This rivalry has revolved around who is the better wrestler, Haas feels he is always looked at as the “other guy” and feels he proved he is better by defeating Benjamin via knockout but Benjamin clearly thought otherwise. Shelton Benjamin gets inside the ring, his ribs still taped but all smiles, a look of relief on his face that he is back in the squared circle. The Chicago crowd is still warm to Benjamin, the sight of a world class wrestler never a bad one. With the microphone in hand he addresses Chicago.

                          Shelton Benjamin - “Its good to FINALLY be back inside a ring again. I spent the last few weeks sitting on the sidelines watching other guys get their chances in the Gold Rush Series – thinking every single moment how I could have been there, how I could have won it, how I could be the Champion right now. Well, that couldn't happen because of one man. Charlie Simple Simon piece of crap – all you care about is proving that you're better than me.”

                          Benjamin is beginning to get very heated, clearly his true emotions are now on display in front of the world.

                          Shelton Benjamin - “Last time they interviewed me, I was just being honest. I am a better wrestler. Some people may not believe me, some say Charlie got my number in the Gold Rush...but I can't understand that. I DIDN'T...TAP...OUT.”

                          Sections of the crowd roar their approval, others remain on the fence.

                          Shelton Benjamin - “Some thought I was being arrogant, but I am here to prove it to the world, but even more to Charlie Haas himself, that I am the better wrestler – and I deserve everything that's coming to me.”

                          “Enemy” by Sevendust echoes through the PA System as the AllState Arena crowd roar at the arrival of “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas who walks out of the entrance gate, mic in hand, staring down Benjamin from afar. Shelton drops his mic, going into a fighting stance and beckoning Haas to come and get inside the ring. Haas walks down and enters the ring, caught in between deciding if he wants to fight or not. He decides not to and stays in the corner, holding his hand up to signify it.

                          Charlie Haas - “I am not as angry as I was before. You're damn right I was consumed by wanting to prove that I am better than you. When we joined WPW I thought maybe it would be a new chapter, maybe I wouldn't be overlooked like I had been before, but NO. Same crap, different promotion. Kurt Angle overlooked me, the people...overlooked me, the internet overlooked me, nobody gave a damn about Charlie Haas. So I knew that when I was matched against you, I had to prove I was better. Now...I feel like I did that and it seems to me you are the one who needs to do some soul searching because you just can't stomach the fact that I..AM and always have been THE BETTER WRESTLER and people actually know about it!”

                          Haas smiles, Benjamin picks up his mic again and gets in Haas' face.

                          Shelton Benjamin - “If that's really the case. How about me and on one, let the promotion set the date, we both prepare, we don't compete until our match just so that no one has an excuse to give and we can find out who really is better and settle our grudges once and for all.”

                          The crowd roars their approval as Haas and Benjamin stare each other down. Haas puts the mic to his mouth, ready to give his answer.

                          Charlie Haas - “You're on! That's all I wanted anyway.”

                          Charlie Haas exits the ring, smiling at his accomplishment of getting Benjamin to agree the match while Shelton Benjamin stares a cold one into Haas and mouths off from a distance.

                          Our final Quarter Final match in the Silver Championship Tournament is Katsuhiko Nakajima VS Hirooki Goto. Both men come out to great receptions from the supporters as our commentary team mentions that Katsuhiko Nakajima's “case” is still open for investigation as to losing to Low Ki due to the lights fiasco during their Elite 16 match. Nakajima has a lot to prove and is up against one of the best pure wrestlers in Hirooki Goto who is so very close to breaking the ceiling and becoming one of the best in the business. There is much fanfare for this match as Nakajima and Goto stare each other down, no love lost here. Nakajima and Goto square off and it is an all out brawl between the two with absolutely stiff shots being exchanged between both men. Nakajima gets the upper hand with a surprise Lariat. Goto refuses to give ground as he gets up again but Nakajima Hip Tosses Goto with ease, deflecting Goto's offence easily. Nakajima now takes full control working Goto into the corner and Corner Elbow Smashes his opponent before Superplexing Goto off the top rope but only getting a two count. Goto still cannot get any offence in as Nakajima stiff kicks the meat out of Goto's abdomen while he's down. Nakajima devastates Goto's back with two Aztec Suplexes and a devastating Roundhouse Kick but still cannot get the three count. Goto is heavily damaged but finally gets a desperate last moment reversal of a Northern Lights Suplex into a Tornado DDT. From here Goto shows just how much of a ring general he is lifting Nakajima into the air and down with a Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker. He tosses Nakajima around with repeated Belly-to-Back Suplexes not allowing the young upstart to get any room the breathe. Eventually Nakajima wobbles, his footing giving way as he tries to get up but Goto nails him with a Muramasa (Spinning Heel Kick) and then finishes him with a Jigoku Kuruma (Wrist-Clutch Olympic Slam) for the one, two, three win. Nakajima and Goto shake hands after the match to a rousing reception from the crowd.

                          Cut to a video – A desert somewhere, nothing in sight just dunes and the looming fiery sun shining above. Slowly pan downwards to footprints snaking through the sands far towards the horizon. The video cuts eerily from time to time, the audio sometimes coming ahead – we catch what seems like the glimpse of a triangle in the very far horizon. A familiar and eloquent voice loops into the video, cutting off at times. “The greatest gift has been given to me.” The video's abnormal cuts become more and more frequent as the voice distorts heavily and the triangle flashes more and more, the footprints appear and vanish between cuts – only the sun is constant. “This present moment – no longer matters. I spoke to time and he assured me he was on MY side so tell me, where does YOUR freedom lie?” The jump cuts reach a fever pitch where we no longer know if we are still in the desert – it is a mixture of eerie imagery. “Before you slip into unconsciousness...” The video completely fizzles out and we are left in the darkness for many moments.

                          It is now time for the first Semi-Final in the Silver Championship Tournament, it is time for Randy Orton VS Dolph Ziggler. The crowd is red hot even before the match begins, knowing the battles these two have had in the past as Matt Striker and Colt Cabana take their picks. Both men make their entrances as a stare down ensues. Ziggler, usually a cocky character is cold and silent this time around, Orton of course is always like that. The match begins with Ziggler the more focused and lethal, keeping Orton grounded with a Sleeper Hold wrapped with a Bodyscissors as well. Orton gasps to reach the ropes and is able to, Ziggler seems irate at his plan being foiled. He however does not give Orton a second to ponder catching him with a Swinging Neckbreaker and then a multitude of Elbow Drops to the chest. No showboating tonight from Dolph Ziggler as he drags Orton up and whips him into the corner catching him with a Stinger Splash and then the patented Leg Drop Bulldog but he cannot get the three count. Ziggler goes back to the basics, pulling Orton into a corner and relying on stiff fists to the face of Orton. This proves very costly as Randy Orton fights back in the brawl and batters Ziggler into a daze with an Uppercut. Orton whips Ziggler to the ropes and there is a battle of speed as Ziggler ducks multiple clothesline and Snap Powerslam attempts and catches Orton with a Jumping Reverse STO for a very, very close two count near fall. Ziggler pounds the mat in frustration, Randy Orton just can't be put away this easily. Ziggler lifts Orton up to go for a Reverse Exploder Suplex but Orton viciously elbows his way out, damaging Ziggler's right ear and then Full Nelson slamming him into the mat. Ziggler tries to get back up but Orton catches him with a Slingshot Suplex off the ropes. Orton signals for the end and goes for the RKO upon Ziggler's rise to feet but Ziggler battles out – catching Orton with a Jumping DDT but he just cannot get the three count as Orton kicks out at two and a half. Striker says both men have aimed for the head shot all match long, it is a question of who will keep their senses and how they can navigate through the lack of oxygen as the match goes further and further. Ziggler screams at Orton to get up, fed up with how the match has gone for him as Orton, dazed, slowly, using the ropes as support, finally gets to his feet. Ziggler charges but Orton tosses him over the top rope. Ziggler lands on the edge of the ring as Orton unaware starts to turn and Ziggler jumps off the top rope with a Springboard Dropkick on Orton! Ziggler with the cover ONE...TWO...NO! Again Orton kicks out. Ziggler this time waits in absolute stealth, retreating to a corner as Orton tries to make his way off the mat. All of a sudden the arena erupts in roars as Jake Swagger emerges from the crowd and goes by ringside hollering at Ziggler. Ziggler turns around and screams at Swagger as the two exchange heated words. Ziggler turns and stumbles into the middle of the ring and has no idea – Orton was waiting all along – RKO! RKO! Orton with the cover ONE...TWO...THREE. Randy Orton has moved on to the Final! Orton's arms are raised as the crowd can barely react at the sudden finish. Ziggler is laid out in the middle of the ring as Swagger climbs inside, staring at Randy Orton for a moment as Orton climbs out, his job done. Swagger however has only begun, he prowls over Ziggler's body, studying his fallen nemesis as Striker and Cabana can be heard worrying if Swagger is going to do further damage to Ziggler, but he chooses not to, simply raising his arms over Ziggler's body in a signal of intent.

                          Backstage we once again see Low Ki in the locker-room and huge cheers can be heard when MVP, in a cast and badly bruised enters the frame. Ki stands up, awkwardly, and a little embarrassed to see MVP face to face.

                          MVP - “Listen...enough with the shit. I am here man to man because I need to ask you a favour.”

                          MVP thinks carefully before saying what he's about to say.

                          MVP - “You know Homicide inside out. But I know that you don't run with what he's doing right now. In fact, I'm probably the only one in this world that believes you have had nothing to do with Homicide and The Usos so far otherwise you would have helped Homicide win the World Title by now.”

                          Low Ki seems surprised by MVP's admission.

                          Low Ki - “That's what I've been trying to get across to everyone.”

                          MVP puts his hand up, he already knows.
                          MVP - “Next week Homicide returns to the ring, so do The Usos. I want you to help me take them out first. Then we can for 'Cide together. I won't stop until they pay their dues to me. For this, and out of respect for you, I need your help. Will you help me?”

                          MVP expects an instant reply but Ki waits, thinking hard for a moment.

                          Low Ki -“Homicide came to me today...asking me for my word, just like you. I told Homicide that I didn't want to be involved either way with or against him. But I got no love for The Usos for helping Homicide beat me in the Gold Rush. They are grown, they made their own choices, and those choices made me lose a precious opportunity. I can do that much for you. The Usos...we can take them out, just give me the go.”

                          MVP nods, at least something has been offered by Low Ki. They both shake hands – the deal is done and MVP exits the locker-room with Low Ki looking back, thinking over what he has just agreed to.

                          We return to ringside for the second Semi Final of the Silver Championship Tournament. The winner will face Randy Orton in the Final. A rematch from the Gold Rush Series,Hirooki Goto VS Masato Tanaka. Striker and Cabana remark how last time the two faced each other Goto picked up the win and more than matched his opponent. Masato Tanaka will have revenge in his mind tonight. The match starts off with a slugfest, Tanaka eager to teach Goto a lesson as he brutalizes the younger warrior with very stiff punches and his patented Roaring Elbow (Discus Elbow Smash), and also the Sliding Forearm Smash. Within minutes Goto is struggling to keep up, Tanaka continuously aiming for the chest of Goto stomping the life out of him and winning the 50/50s on the Irish Whips with clotheslines and Flying Elbow Smashes. This is a completely different Tanaka than the one Goto faced in the Gold Rush. At one point Tanaka mercilessly picks Goto up and Powerbombs him back into the mat but gets a close two and a half count. Not that he even cares, he's happy to continue stomping into Goto and then getting to his knees and again sending fist after fist into Goto's temple. He pulls Goto up by the hair, and smashes him back to the mat with a dangerously angled German Suplex, Goto can't breathe – Tanaka lifts him up again for another German Suplex. The fans begin to count towards three but Hirooki Goto finally elbows Tanaka in the face and gets out somehow. Goto repeatedly Headbutts Tanaka injuring himself in the process as both men teeter in the middle exchanging right hands. Goto rebounds off the ropes and downs Tanaka with a Flying Lariat and then screams for Tanaka to get back up, he is now in the same zone as the veteran. Tanaka foolishly does and walks into a thunderous Belly-To-Belly Suplex, he won't stay down however. Goto with another Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Tanaka staggers back refusing to lose ground but Goto nails him with the Muramasa Spinning Heel Kick and almost, almost gets the win with a deep two count. The stiffness in this match is roared on by the supporters in Chicago as Goto drives Tanaka into the corner and goes about kicking the rib cage out of Tanaka's body. He pulls Tanaka up to the top turnbuckle and sets up for a Superplex – this is dangerous territory – Tanaka kicks Goto in the face, the crowd erupts as Tanaka pulls the groggy Goto in, and leaps off into the DIAMOND DUST! Tanaka with the ONE...TWO...THREE. Tanaka has beat Goto and goes to the Final!

                          The Chicago crowd are pleasantly shocked, cheering the usually moody Masato Tanaka's victory as his arms are raised into the air by the referee. Tanaka quickly stops the celebration and goes to Hirooki Goto and SPITS ON HIS FACE! He screams into Goto's ear before leaving the ring, the crowd has already turned on him again as a plethora of boos follow Tanaka to the back but he doesn't even react.

                          The anxiousness inside the AllState Arena is furthered as the WPW Spokesperson, Kurt Angle emerges out of the entrance gate, still flanked by an army of security. He seems in much better mood and health, “slowly and with questionable decisions, Kurt Angle has at least calmed the chaos bubbling under WPW for now. Getting to actually finish the Gold Rush Series has restored some of his reputation backstage, at least for now”, says Striker. “Man, I'm getting a big pay cheque from this guy. Kurt Angle is my wrestling hero as long as we are here in Chi town”, cracks Cabana. Angle walks up to the ring, climbing inside and grabbing a microphone – waiting for a reaction from the supporters as he “presents” himself. Again, there are sections of cheers and a section of them boo.

                          Kurt Angle - “Tonight I want to speak to those who have had a lot to say about me lately. Since day ONE, even though they know that I want the best for them, even though they know they would never get a chance if it wasn't for me, that you all are here...because of ME (huge boos), even though they know that this is something special that they are fortunate to be a part of...they STILL want to create problems and sabotage the foundations that I am building for this promotion.”

                          Kurt Angle is so confident in his own words he cannot even hear the sceptical reaction of the Chicago supporters. A hypnotic vision is in his eyes.

                          Kurt Angle - “ can plan all you want, I pay your cheques and you still have the audacity to go against the man who feeds your family? You must be the dumbest son of a bitch on this planet. It doesn't help that you've brainwashed two of the brightest young wrestlers in The Usos. No matter though, you can keep pressing reset on your game to unhinge me and my work here, as long as I am running things you WILL...STAY IN THE LANE. Next week, after hearing what MVP and Low Ki were talking about. I've decided to aid them in their quest to bring you back to Earth. It begins when those two face off against The Usos (big cheers). As for you, there's a man named Katsuhiko Nakajima who has a score to settle with you, you're gonna be inside that ring come hell or high water next week to explain to him how you sabotaged his match in the Gold Rush. If you don't get it by yourself, I will make you UNDERSTAND one way or the other that this promotion will not tolerate your antics or your excuses. I don't give a crap about your history or your background or your sob stories, we all have them Homicide, you're no exception."

                          Angle is extremely satisfied with himself. Matt Striker remarks that this is more like it rather than creating things like “Survival Rules” which have only resulted in aiding the likes of Homicide to execute their plots.

                          Kurt Angle - “Charlie Haas (huge cheers). guys like him huh? I do too, and that's why I don't understand how Charlie could take such a small event and misconstrue it so badly that he not only harmed his own friend and a fellow professional but broke his code with ME. Charlie how dare you say that I overlooked you? You were in the first main-event of the first EVER show that we had, how much more do you need? I stayed silent all this time, I don't want to take sides, all I told Shelton was to seize the moment, but you not only took the moment but turned it into a nightmare for both of you. But I guess what's done is both left it up to the WPW office to set the time for your match? I'll do it immediately, the two of you will face each other at our special event - Future Is Now taking place in four weeks from Sunday.I won't be a passive authority figure. I WON'T let my vision for this promotion be undermined by a couple of wrestlers who question my reputation and bring discredit to WorldWide Progressive Wrestling. That is why tonight I can finally use this term, tonight there is a Silver Lining. Through all the chaos, all the controversy and commotion. We crowned our champion...your champion, and I want to congratulate him...Samoa Joe, you have my respect, and my admiration (“Joe” chants break out). The silver lining - We successfully completed the Gold Rush Series, we are LIVE in front of the whole world courtesy of HBO, right here in Chicago and in moments, for the first time in the history of wrestling we will crown the first ever Silver Champion.”

                          Angle seems elated, relief oozing out in his words and body language. He still has that deranged look in his eyes though, the energy he expects from the people is lukewarm at best.

                          Kurt Angle - “This promotion will continue to grow, nobody will stop my vision. NOBODY. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, I proclaim myself the Leader of Progression. The leader you deserve..."

                          Angle drops the mic to a very loud but mixed reaction from the crowd, the hecklers and supporters making their voices heard. He returns the microphone to the ringside staff raising his right hand in a fist before he makes his way towards the back, almost invisible with the security surrounding him.

                          It is now time for the Final of the Silver Championship tournament. We cut to the shot - The Silver Championship sits by the ring bell, carefully protected by agents and officials. An Electronic Voice announces our finalists. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is the Final of the Silver Championship Tournament. “The Viper” Randy Orton faces “Dangan” Masato Tanaka!”.

                          =:: METALLICA - I DISAPPEAR ::=

                          An awe inspiring gold light display atop the entrance gate paves the way for Randy Orton to emerge. The crowd roars as the cameras close in on Orton whose eyes are covered in silver contacts giving him a ghostly look as he smiles wickedly walking towards the ring. He's had a very good night and the support of the crowd further puts him in his element as he climbs into the ring and goes on top of the turnbuckles throwing his arms out in defiance. Striker and Cabana remark how Orton has bounced back in grand fashion tonight going past Chavo Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler (albeit with some luck) to compete in this Final after the dissappointment of losing out to Hiroshi Tanahashi in the Quarter Finals of the Gold Rush Series.

                          =::ORIENTAL MOODS - DANGAN::=

                          The AllState Arena ignites with boos as Masato Tanaka makes his way out from the entrance gate, steel faced as he cold shoulders anyone who dares to stick a hand out for a high five. Striker and Cabana run down that Tanaka's show of disrespect to Hirooki Goto was indigestible for the Chicago wrestling fans even though Tanaka is a decorated veteran. Tanaka has gone through Low Ki and the aforementioned Hirooki Goto in one night with truly impressive victories, he is primed for the final hurdle against a very game Randy Orton. Tanaka prowls into the ring and raises his arms in a show of dominance before going to a corner and staring down Randy Orton who looks back intently at his opponent.

                          Matt Striker mentions the stakes, “becoming Silver Champion is the beginning of the road to glory. Five title defences following this victory and the holder will get to choose any time or place to challenge for the WPW World Pro Wrestling Championship currently held by Samoa Joe. This championship can be defended across promotions, not exclusive to WPW and therefore truly whoever carries this belt has to be in for the long haul and prove themselves worthy not only here but to any challengers from across North America and the world. I believe tonight we have two of the most battle hardened entrants and it is no surprise that these two have outlasted the rest.” Cabana agrees, “Championships run in Orton's blood we all know that, but for Masato Tanaka its another chance to get the big billing he always wanted. Knock off Randy Orton and I fancy his chances to go on and challenge for the big one down the line. This is gonna be a helluva match Matt and it will be interesting to see how these two fight each other AND the fatigue factor over the course of the bout.”

                          There is a close up of both wrestlers, they wait intently for the referee to signal for the bell. It rings! Orton explodes out of the corner and downs an incoming Tanaka with a Lou Thesz Press and full blooded punches to the head as the crowd roars him on. Orton quickly lifts Tanaka up and whips him hard into the ropes and follows up with a Stinger Splash and then relentless stomps to the midsection. The veteran Tanaka already seems winded as he desperately tries to fight his way out of the corner but Orton pulls him out by the ears and stiff DDT's Tanaka into the cold mat. Orton with the cover one, two, Tanaka gets the shoulders up. Orton again is on the attack, coming off the ropes with a Delayed Diving Elbow into Tanaka's temple. This match is all Randy Orton at the moment, Masato Tanaka cannot find an opening or even a second to take a breather. Orton goes back off the ropes again and this time comes back with a Leaping Knee Drop again to Tanaka's temple. Masato Tanaka is rolling around clutching his head, surely the insides exploding at the moment as Orton catches a moment and then coils back! The crowd is erupting as Orton kneels on all fours, waiting for Tanaka to stagger up – only one thing on his mind. Tanaka does finally stagger up as Orton goes for the RKO – reversed into a last ditch Neckbreaker by Tanaka to the delight of some puro supporters! Both men are down flat on the mat. After about a minute or so both Orton and Tanaka begin to budge at around the same time, Orton gets to his feet before Tanaka does. He slides into position and wraps his arms around Tanaka's neck in a severe Choke Hold as Tanaka is forced to fight for every breath. Striker mentions that Orton knows Tanaka's instinct of suddenly exploding with offence after a turning point, much akin to Orton himself and the Choke Hold is going to delay anything Tanaka tries. “They don't call him 'Dangan' (Bullet) for nothing, Orton knows that”, adds Cabana. Orton wrenches Tanaka's neck trying to incapacitate the veteran but Tanaka pulls at Orton's face and gouges his eye! Orton rolls back releasing the hold. Tanaka crawls to the ropes, slowly getting to his feet as Orton tries to come back at him but Tanaka this time is ready as he ducks a lazy clothesline from Orton and then nails him with a Sitout Spinebuster into the pin! ONE...TWO...KICKOUT BY ORTON. Tanaka pulls Orton up and whips him into the corner as Orton goes front first into the turnbuckles and staggers off – Tanaka locks him in and nails him with a Belly-To-Back Suplex again into the pin one...two...again kicked out of by Orton. Tanaka gets up to his feet, circling Orton, everyone knows what he's about to do – he goes for a Dangan Bomb reversed – Orton flips off Tanaka's back, he goes for the RKO – reversed by Tanaka – Orton is shoved into the ropes and met with a Rolling Elbow by Tanaka! Orton is almost out cold on the mat, Tanaka collapses atop him ONE...TWO...THR-NO! Tanaka catches his chest, wheezing for breath – the tiredness from the constant reversals now kicking in for the veteran as he crawls to the edge of the ring, sitting and waiting for Randy Orton to start budging. Orton himself isn't in the best of conditions as he struggles to get to his feet, leaning heavily on the ropes, the effects of the elbow from Tanaka still very fresh. Masato Tanaka gets to his feet and comes at Randy Orton while he is still leaning on the ropes, he kicks Orton in the midsection and pulls him into the middle to go for another Dangan Bomb but Orton lifts Tanaka over his shoulder into a Back Body Drop. Tanaka tries to get back up but Orton goes off ththe ropes and kicks TANAKA'S HEAD OFF WITH A PUNT! The crowd is roaring as Tanaka collapses on the mat and Randy Orton ROARS OUT – but he is shocked – Tanaka is trying to get back up already! Chicago is going insane as Tanaka tries to get to his feet, Randy Orton can hardly believe it as Tanaka does manage it but at the last moment – RKO!!! RKO by Orton. He hooks the legs surely ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

                          Thunderous cheers reach the ceilings of the AllState Arena as Orton collapses to his knees, raising both his arms and breathing a huge sigh of relief! “We have our World Champion, NOW, we have our Silver Champion, its the man often criticized for not living up to his name, the so called forgotten man, he has outlasted three other competitors tonight and defeats Masato Tanaka. The man you didn't expect, but you knew he had it in him, the Viper...RANDY ORTON!” says Matt Striker as the cheers keep rising in noise level if it is even possible. Orton is handed the Silver Championship by the referee as he gets up to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle raising it up to the air with both his arms! Colt Cabana weighs in,“Masato Tanaka nearly, nearly beat Orton there twice if he could have just nailed that Dangan Bomb but Randy Orton hasn't changed one bit. The Viper rises to the top again, and now his road to glory begins, just like ours. I am Colt Cabana, with Matt Striker GOOD NIGHT CHI CITY! Matt did you really think I'd let you finish? This is my town babay!” Randy Orton celebrates with his newly won Silver Championship as a final show of PYROS explode from the rafters and we go to the closing shot of the triumphant Viper.

                          Siege of Chicago 1
                          Silver Championship Quarter Final I
                          Dolph Ziggler def. Drew Galloway

                          Silver Championship Quarter Final II
                          Randy Orton def. Chavo Guerrero

                          Silver Championship Quarter Final III
                          Masato Tanaka def. Low Ki

                          Silver Championship Quarter Final IV
                          Hirooki Goto def. Katsuhiko Nakajima

                          Silver Championship Semi Final I
                          Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler

                          Silver Championship Semi Final II
                          Masato Tanaka def. Hirooki Goto

                          Randy Orton def. Masato Tanaka

                          Silver Champion
                          RANDY ORTON

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                            Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                            The Ultimate Ninja Master Review
                            T-Money's WPW: Siege Of Chicago

                            Just to let you know this is one of my favorite feds in fan fic right now. Been wanting to review one of your shows for quite a while now, and I finally have the time, so here we go.

                            First of all, I have grown to not like centered text in fan fic feds. It's not a real bad deal breaker, but I think I would like this fed even more with standard aligned text. Just a small nitpick, no big deal.

                            I really enjoyed the tournament you wrote during the summer. Samoa Joe was an interesting choice for a winner. I've grown to really like the guy after seeing some of his older matches. He's a pretty tough dude.

                            The early parts of that Samoa Joe promo were ace. Great job. I'm not really feeling the Angle promo's. I think maybe a summary would have worked better here instead of writing out his actual dialogue. I do like the structure of the fed with the titles. It has a really unique feel that I really like. I really love tournaments too, especially one night tourny's where the winner has to wrestle multiple times in one night. You have to have tremendous heart to make it through a single elimination one night tourny. Bret Hart's 93 King of the Ring, and Royce Gracie's early UFC tourny wins immediately come to mind.

                            I like the down to earth feud between Ziggler and Swagger. The first two summaries were short and sweet. Nice and easy to read. You have one wicked ass roster, and you seem to have a pretty good idea of what to do with everybody.

                            I'm a huge Tanaka fan. Love the way you have booked him so far. Great summary with him and Low Ki. I liked it a lot.

                            Katsuhiko Nakajima VS Hirooki Goto, I have no idea who either of these guys are, but I fucking loved reading this summary. Great match. You definitely know what you are doing here sir.

                            Orton vs Ziggler is even better. This is an awesome tournament my friend. Tanaka vs Goto was a great rematch. These summaries are really good. You have a great writing style. Tanaka vs Orton in the finals is just awesome booking. I'm loving this show so far.

                            An Eye Gouge!?! I fucking love this!

                            Tanaka has the best "Hulk Up" In pro wrestling history. I like the way you used it here.

                            Damn! That was fucking awesome. I wanted to read Masato Tanaka win it so badly. You did a great job of pulling my emotions into this match. You are good. You are real good.

                            Great show man. Awesome tournament. I loved it.

                            Score: 9/10

                            My only complaints are the format. I don't like the centered text, and you need to do a better job of giving each match a proper header, something like this:

                            WPW Silver Championship Tournament Final
                            Masato Tanaka vs Randy Orton

                            Something like that would tidy things up a bit to separate the text. Other than those minor quibbles I loved this show. You did a great job of booking this tourny. Great fed man.


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                              Re: WPW - WorldWide Progressive Wrestling

                              Before the show begins we see Dolph Ziggler arguing with WPW Spokesman, Kurt Angle.

                              Dolph Ziggler - “I deserve a rematch for what happened last week! AND I want Swagger at Future Is Now so I can finish this for good and get him off my back. Do what is right Kurt, show the world how you're do you say it? The Leader of Progression? Show it.”

                              Ziggler's jab clearly gets to Kurt Angle. He finally snaps -

                              Kurt Angle - “FINE! Tonight, you against Orton for the Silver Championship. Swagger's not going to interfere in that match or else I will make sure he never gets close to a Championship in this promotion. As for the two of you it's you versus Swagger at Future Is Now. It's done.”

                              Dolph Ziggler - “YES! THANK YOU! Thank you wise leader, and Kurt just to let you know – I'm going to beat Orton tonight and win that Silver Championship – and once I do that, at Future Is Now, you can let me defend it against Swagger. I'll make sure he's just one of five on my win record.”

                              Ziggler leaves Angle's office with a cocky smile, absolutely ecstatic. He got what he came for.

                              WorldWide Progressive Wrestling
                              SIEGE OF CHICAGO II
                              Saturday August 18th 2012 – Second Chances

                              A magnificent pyro show opens the second edition of Siege Of Chicago as “Cochise” by Audioslave reaches a dramatic climax. The people are packed inside by the masses, rabid supporters fight to be seen by the cameras hovering over them. The Chicago crowd is ROARING. The WPW logo is visible on the overhead screens. On the rafters also hangs the large logo 'WPW' with a blue circle going around it. Matt Striker greets us, “three weeks away from our first special event we are emanating from the mecca of pro wrestling, the AllState Arena in Chicago, three weeks away from The Future Is Now, this is Matt Striker, without Colt Cabana who has independent dates to fulfil first as we welcome you to Siege of Chicago II. Tonight ladies and gentlemen we will hear from Ron 'The Truth' Killings and find out whether he accepts the invitation to become the first challenger to the WPW Champion, Samoa Joe who also faces Masato Tanaka tonight in a Non-Title Match. Randy Orton, the Silver Champion makes his first defence against Dolph Ziggler. Homicide must face Katsuhiko Nakajima, Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Shinsuke Nakamura, Usos versus Low Ki and MVP, and so much more.”

                              =::-NAS – MADE YOU LOOK-::=

                              The crowd does not have to wait long for the night to kick off as “Made You Look” screeches through the PA System. A rousing ovation is given to Ron 'The Truth' Killings as he makes his way out of the entrance gate. Striker, “Samoa Joe picked Truth to defend his belt against. The reason being that he wanted him to have the opportunity that he's busted his gut his entire career to have. Ron Killings has been a nearly man his entire career probably bar one moment when he won the NWA Heavyweight Championship but even then he was never looked at the same way as other champions. Perhaps that will all change should he accept the challenge of Samoa Joe. Truth has not spoken since he joined WPW, decimating his opponents in the Gold Rush Series and keeping clear of any media. Tonight is the first time we might hear him speak here.”

                              Ron Killings walks slowly towards the ring, surprised and awed by the reaction that he is being given here in Chicago. He gets ringside, peering inside for a moment and taking everything in before he climbs up. A mic is handed by the ringside staff as he touches all four corners of the ring as a ritual. He seems very awed by the reaction as the cheers and roars continue to reverberate across the arena. Finally he puts the mic to his mouth, very carefully speaking -

                              Ron Killings - “Samoa Joe.”

                              A thunderous ovation meets the mention of the Champion.

                              Ron Killings - “...has brought me back from the dead.”

                              The Chicagoans don't know how to react as we go to a close up of Truth, his face devoid of any expression, he seems tired.

                              Ron Killings - “Really. He has. He did not need to what he's doing by inviting me to challenge him for the strap. I came here to WorldWide Progressive Wrestling because I know I am on the last legs of my career.”

                              The crowd boos, isolated “no's” can be heard inside the arena. People don't want him to say what he is saying.

                              Ron Killings - “What you guys just did for me, I thank you very much. But. I know this is my last ride. My swansong. My goal in coming here was to go out with some respect left in my name. The McMahon machine made me a caricature, a minstrel show of the 21st century (huge boos). I can't go out like that. So during the Gold Rush I made an example of out of Carlito Colon, and I apologize for that. I was just sick of being looked at as a joke all the time.”

                              The arena slowly falls silent, the content has everyone concerned.

                              Ron Killings - “It seems like a lifetime ago when I beat Ken Shamrock and became NWA Heavyweight Champion. I am the first African-American NWA Champion in history.”

                              There are huge cheers from the crowd, some people try to shout encouragement to him.

                              Ron Killings - “But what has that got me? That turned out to be a flash in the pan. They took me down, mixed me in with the rest of the pack. I went back to WWE. This time at least they didn't give me a bullshit ass name like they did the first time. But they never trusted me to run with the torch. They never wanted me for my ability. Joe is right, I'm the nearly man, I should have been a star, I should have been a legend. But I'm not and I don't expect to be anymore.”

                              Again the crowd tries to cheer up Truth.

                              Ron Killings - “All I want to do is go out with my integrity and just be known, that when they speak about me, that he was a good wrestler, and a tough son of a bitch (cheers). I want to fight Samoa Joe for the World Pro Wrestling Championship at Future Is Now?”

                              Tremendous roars of approval answer Truth's question.

                              Ron Killings - “Joe...even if I was on my deathbed...I'd say YES. You WILL need to come and kill me inside that ring to beat me and retain your title...BUT...thank you...for the chance.”

                              Truth drops the mic, looking out into the gigantic crowd as thunderous cheers reverberate at his acceptance. He bows to the crowd in thanks, a little emotional as he steps out of the ring and walks towards the back soaking it in as if it is surreal.

                              We go backstage where we see the team of MVP and Low Ki warming up for their match later tonight against The Usos.

                              MVP - “You ready right?”

                              Low Ki - “I've BEEN READY. Tonight The Usos get taken out for good.”

                              They both look towards a TV screen in the background to observe the upcoming match.

                              =DJ KRUSH – STILL ISLAND-::=

                              The atmospheric “Still Island” seeps through the speakers as Katsuhiko Nakajima makes his way out while the lights in the arena blinker. The flickers give us glimpses of his pissed off face as he walks down to the ring. Striker, “this encounter has been bubbling under for ages. Nakajima was another victim, or alleged victim of Homicide, suffering defeat at the hands of Low Ki due to ironically the lights completely going out during their match in the Gold Rush Elite 16. When they came back on Nakajima was knocked out and Low Ki picked up the win and eventually went on to lose to Homicide in the Quarter Final. Homicide has a lot to answer for against Nakajima tonight.”

                              =::-GANGSTARR – MASS APPEAL-::=

                              The AllState Arena erupts in jeers and heckles as the one and only Notorious 187, Homicide appears out of the entrance gate to great boos. He looks healthy and back to his menacing best as he cockily walk down towards the ring. Homicide is all smiles as he says something pointing towards Nakajima. Striker, “I can run out of words to describe this man. All I can say is he's dangerous. His plans still not clear, but his ability to create absolute havoc in this promotion unquestionable.”

                              HOMICIDE vs KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA
                              Homicide slowly climbs into the ring, studying Nakajima who remains in the corner, not concerned about The Usos as he stares directly at Homicide. Homicide tests the ropes on his side of the ring, nodding to the referee's instructions. The ref goes over to Nakajima who does not react at all, continuing to stare at Homicide. The tension is heavy as the crowd is firmly on Nakajima's side and some over the top “Kill Cide” chants are heard as well. DING, DING, IT'S ON. This match is by no means a technical classic, Nakajima only has one point – to hurt Homicide and he succeeds somewhat in doing so. The most telling action is right from the beginning when Homicide tries to engage in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up but Nakajima swings a wild elbow clocking the Latin Terror across the face. After that Nakajima decapitates Homicide with Irish Whips followed by multiple variations of Gamengiri Dropkicks to the face. Homicide finally gets a foothold in the match being forced to use the Gringo Cutter on Nakajima after reversing a Superkick. He only gets a two count but he knows it can't finish the Prince of Puroresu. Homicide goes to work on Nakajima's upper body and shoulders putting him in a painful Camel Clutch. Nakajima refuses to submit but Homicide clobbers him in the face after releasing the clutch and instead bringing Nakajima into the ropes and wrapping his own body around Nakajima and the ropes into a Rope Hung Boston Crab! The younger Nakajima screams out in agony - Homicide seems to be enjoying inflicting the pain to Nakajima but eventually releases the hold at the behest of the referee. Nakajima struggles to keep up and defend himself properly as Homicide brings him back to the center with an Exploder Suplex. Homicide goes to the corner, mounting the turnbuckle climbing to the very top. Homicide is about to leap off for the Frog Splash but checks his jump as Nakajima gets to his feet. Homicide improvises and goes for a Diving Double Foot Stomp but misses completely as Nakajima moves back catching his leg and turning it into an ANKLE LOCK! The crowd erupts as Homicide screams out in pain. Nakajima is going to SNAP HIS ANKLE IN TWO! Homicide claws desperately towards the ropes as Nakajima roars out for him to tap. All of a sudden come running through the crowd The Usos! Homicide is about to tap – but The Usos storm the ring, Jimmy clotheslines Nakajima to the mat as the bell is rung, it is an immediate disqualification.
                              Jimmy and Jey pummel Nakajima to the mat, stomping relentlessly on him as Homicide crawls to the edge of the ring barely able to stand. Nakajima is whipped into the ropes by Jimmy who then tosses him up in the air for Jey to SAMOAN DROP TO THE MAT! Katsuhiko Nakajima is decimated. The Usos raise their arms in supremacy and the crowd vociferously boos them. Homicide emerges from behind thumping both of them on the back and congratulating them as he grabs a microphone and kneels down next to Nakajima.

                              Homicide - “Kurt Angle, you can't stop us, we'll always find ways to get where we need to be. LOW KI. I hope you're taking a look at this, brother. This is your fate. Oh man this is it, you going against The Usos is just like you going against me, I don't discriminate so you can stop with the bullshit. Tonight... you better hope MVP brings it more than he brought it last time for your own sake because WE CAN'T BE STOPPED.”

                              Homicide clubs Nakajima across the temple with the microphone as Nakajima rolls around in anguish. 'Cide and The Usos raise their arms in mock triumph as the jeers ring across the arena. Striker, “Nakajima would have beaten Homicide. That's what I will remember seeing through this group attack. We are almost desensitized at the consistency of the despicable actions of Homicide and The Usos, I truly hope Low Ki and MVP have an answer because nobody else seems to.”

                              Meanwhile in his Skybox office Kurt Angle looks very displeased as he sits in the corner on a massive leather chair, on the phone with someone. A production staff member barges into the room and goes up to angle.

                              Production Member - “Mr. Angle there is someone you have to meet, urgently.”

                              Kurt Angle - “I don't care...”

                              Production Member - “Sir, all due respect but you really need to give this your focus right now. It's going to get out of hand very soon.”

                              Kurt Angle - “Okay, what the heck is going on?”

                              The production member and Kurt Angle exit his office as we follow behind while they make their way downstairs, we cut from camera to camera – Angle and the production member arrive at the front door of the arena where a woman is surrounded by security and officials. She seems to be enraged, screaming at them. We go closer and it is revealed to be Melina Perez.

                              Kurt Angle - “Everybody just relax here, let me talk to her please.”

                              Angle goes up to Melina who after seeing him has composed herself somewhat.

                              Kurt Angle - “Melina, what's wrong, what's going on?”

                              Melina - “Please, can I speak to you in private.”

                              Kurt Angle (to everyone) - “Go back to your jobs please.”

                              The crowd of officials and staff disperse as Angle and Melina start walking towards his office.

                              Kurt Angle - “What's up?”

                              Melina - “Where is John?”

                              Angle seems completely taken aback by the question.

                              Kurt Angle - “In the hospital where he should be?”

                              Melina - “Two days ago they called me saying he disappeared from the hospital and asked me if I knew. The doctors say they came to his room one morning, and John was gone. I tried his phone, emailed, everything, no reply. I called his parents house, they don't know where he is, he didn't call. Nobody does, Kurt. So I came to you...”

                              Melina starts to tear up, she was hoping Kurt Angle had an answer.

                              Kurt Angle - “Okay look, I'll make some calls and find out what is going on. I'll inform the Chicago PD as well.”

                              Melina - “I already did that – you find out, this is because of you, because of his match with Tanaka. I told him to quit wrestling, he was going to go away from it, try something else BUT HE HAD TO COME BACK because YOU convinced him Kurt, you and all the other selfish promoters and wrestlers. It's because of you and now he's gone, and I don't even-”

                              Kurt Angle - “Come on Melina, he's a grown up he made his own decisions, and I already fined Tanaka for injuring his face.”

                              Melina - “No, you find out NOW or else I am going to do something drastic. I want to know where he is now!”

                              Kurt Angle - “Okay look, you stay here in the building, we have people to take care of you while I get to the bottom of this. He's a worker here after all so it is my responsibility, I'll make sure to find out. Okay?”

                              Angle gives Melina a reassuring look but she is very stressed, still teary as Angle walks away to find out about John Morrison.

                              =::-TRUST COMPANY – DOWNFALL-::=

                              Running out of the entrance gate comes Dolph Ziggler absolutely fired up as he rushes towards the ring, sliding in and berating the Chicago crowd who still give him a very loud reaction as he signals for the belt – alluding to the Silver Championship. Striker, “This match was granted to Dolph Ziggler just moments ago as a gesture of good will due to Jake Swagger's interference in the Silver Tournament match that Ziggler had against eventual winner Randy Orton. Ziggler gets another chance to right the wrong of last week.”

                              =::-METALLICA – I DISAPPEAR-::=

                              An awe inspiring gold light display atop the entrance gate paves the way for the Silver Champion, Randy Orton to emerge. The crowd roars as the cameras close in on Orton whose eyes are covered in silver contacts giving him a ghostly look as he smiles wickedly walking towards the ring. Striker, “Orton's first title defence as the Silver Champion. If he beats Ziggler tonight and wins four more matches he can challenge for the WPW Championship. For the Viper it is about competition, and Ziggler is as good as they come.”

                              SILVER CHAMPIONSHIP
                              DOLPH ZIGGLER VS RANDY ORTON (C)
                              As Orton gets inside the ring Ziggler begins mouthing off to him about how he was lucky to win last time. Orton only smiles wide raising the Silver Championship in Ziggler's face before handing it to the referee. The crowd is red hot as “Randy” and “Ziggler” chants break out in equal measure. Both competitors are vastly popular here in Chicago. DING DING, and Ziggler flies into Orton hammering Orton into a corner and launching a relentless flurry of right hooks. Ziggler brings Orton back into the middle with a snap Suplex and then a twisting Elbow Drop to Orton for a two count. Ziggler drags Orton back up and whips him into the ropes but to his own folly as Orton roars back off with a Diving Clothesline and then a Standing Drop Kick to Ziggler as he re-emerges. Orton picks Ziggler up and tries to go for a Powerbomb but Ziggler punches his way out of it, landing on Orton's side and then nails Orton with a Leg Drop Bulldog. Ziggler with the cover one...TWO...NO! Kick out by Orton. Ziggler drags Orton up, whipping him into the corner and running just behind Orton and nailing a Stinger Splash. Orton staggers off the corner as Ziggler jumps up and catches Orton with a Jumping DDT. Legs hooked, one...TWO....kick-out again by Orton. Ziggler is throwing everything towards Orton – he climbs the turnbuckle and flies off into a Flying Elbow Drop! Again Orton gets a shoulder up at TWO. Ziggler quickly gets up and drags Orton to the ropes, placing him on the second rope with his head on a guillotine. Ziggler climbs the nearest turnbuckle to the top and flies off into a Leg Drop smashing Orton's upper body on the rope as Orton convulses back to the mat. Ziggler stands back up on the edge of the ring, and springboards off the top rope for a Cross Body but Orton catches him in mid-air with a last ditch Snap Scoop Powerslam! Orton staggers back and nearly falls using the ropes for support as Ziggler squirms to get to his feet. The Viper runs at Ziggler and rolls his neck into a Swinging Neckbreaker. Orton is pumped as he pulls Ziggler up by the hair and then mercilessly DDT's him back to the mat. He lifts Ziggler up again! A second DDT! And again, a third DDT! Ziggler's body is flopping as Orton is now having trouble even lifting him up as the crowd roars on the sudden violent turn. Orton has bloodlust in his eyes as he slowly drags Dolph Ziggler to his feet. Ziggler can barely stand as Orton throws him into the corner. Ziggler shudders off and Orton goes for the RKO – but Ziggler pushes him away just barely. Orton turns around and a defiant Drop Kick from Ziggler! The crowd is now cheering Ziggler as both men lay on the mat. Orton and Ziggler begin to get up at around the same time, both turning and beginning to exchange blows with each other. Ziggler strikes, Orton strikes back, Ziggler pounds, Orton pounds back, not an inch is given by either. Ziggler ducks a punch from Orton and then nails him with a Jumping Reverse STO! The crowd is anticipating it – Ziggler with the cover ONE...TWO...THR-NO! Orton just, JUST got his shoulder up. Ziggler wipes the fatigue off his face, stomping relentlessly on Orton to try and keep The Viper completely down. Dolph Ziggler again climbs the nearest corner, but Orton gets up just in time and barges into the ropes forcing Ziggler to land on his groin. Orton goes up towards Ziggler, hammering fists into Ziggler's face and latching him onto the shoulder to attempt a Superplex but no. Ziggler punches Orton's midsection desperately. He finally throws the Viper back down to the mat as Orton rolls around in pain. Ziggler flies off and in mid-air Orton tries to RKO but he misses Ziggler's neck as both men fall awkwardly. The crowd is roaring as Orton and Ziggler both scurry to opposite corners trying to get to their feet. Ziggler is still in this match by a millimetre’s touch. Ziggler is out of the blocks as he flies into Orton with a Forearm Smash putting Orton in the corner. Ziggler tries to Bulldog Orton, but the Viper pushes him away and comes back with a desperation Clothesline. Dolph Ziggler crawls towards the ropes as Orton slowly gets to his feet. Orton readies himself, sweating buckets of fatigue but focused on Ziggler to turn – but Dolph Ziggler just holds on to the ropes, looking out into the crowd knowing what is awaiting on his back. Ziggler tries to duck outside the ring but Orton pulls him back by the hair and nails him with a Belly-to-Belly Side Suplex. Orton beckons Ziggler to get back up, his own footing unsure as he wipes his face to keep his sights clean – on Ziggler. Ziggler turns around and BAM! RKO! RKO! RKO! Orton with the cover one...TWO...THREE!!! Orton has put away Ziggler at long last!
                              The crowd erupts as “I Disappear” by Metallica begins to play and a dazed Randy Orton is handed back his Silver Championship which he gratefully clutches to his chest, tumbling into the corner as he surveys the aftermath of this gruelling battle. Striker, “Randy Orton knows, in his heart, that Dolph Ziggler is so very close to reaching his level. And he KNOWS, and I mean it when I say this – he knows the gift and the curse that is the Silver Championship, the envy of the wrestling world and the goal of every pro wrestler.”

                              Cut to a shot of the arena hallways, the World Pro Wrestling Champion is in the house! We see Samoa Joe walking in with his cap on and his bags, the WPW title draped over his shoulder. He will face Masato Tanaka in a Non-Title match later. Into the frame comes Todd Romero as he jogs to catch up with Joe and prods him for an interview. Joe takes his headphones and hears what Romero has to say -

                              Todd Romero - “Joe, since you just got here I wanted to be the first to inform you that Ron Killings has accepted your challenge for The Future Is Now. The match has been declared official. Your thoughts?”

                              Joe does not seem at all surprised, a huge smile arrives on his face.

                              Samoa Joe - “Yes, Todd. My phone has been blowing up even before I stepped foot in the arena. I respect Truth immensely, everyone knows that. So it is going to be an honour for me to step into the ring with him at The Future Is Now. I am glad to give him this chance but I am wary and I will be prepared as a champion should, for just about anything he has to throw at me. Tonight though, I have to survive against Masato Tanaka so I shall take my leave and prepare.”

                              Todd Romero - “Thanks Joe.”

                              Joe nods to Romero. We fade away as Joe continues on his way to the locker-room.

                              =::-IN THE AIR TONIGHT - SAGEONE MIX-::=

                              The lights dim in the arena, the music slowly flows through the system as the crowd roars for the music, a light show begin, silver in colour, slowly climaxing as the lights form a bubble on the entrance gate and everything else is dimmed. Hiroshi Tanahashi emerges as the light flickers out and silver lights glow all around the AllState Arena. Tanahashi enters the ring raising his right arm and saluting the fans who give him a tremendous amount of respect for his performance in the Gold Rush. He disrobes and waits...

                              =DJ SHADOW – MONGREL MEETS HIS MAKER-::=

                              The arena goes very dark, lights like stars begin to circle on the video screens in the rafters. A group of silvery lights start circling above the entrance gate and then out of the darkness emerges Shinsuke Nakamura to a rousing ovation from the crowd. The cameras close in on Nakamura's quizzical face, he turns his head this way and that way mocking Tanahashi's presence as he saunters down towards the ring. Striker, “A rivalry from NJPW renewed. Nakamura and Tanahashi have been friends working as a tag team in their early days but now they are the two biggest stars of Japan and are fiercely competitive. Nakamura had a shock loss in the Gold Rush Series against Drew Galloway but reports say that he's hell bent on making his foray in WPW a success and personally requested this match against Hiroshi Tanahashi to prove himself.”

                              HIROSHI TANAHASHI vs SHINSUKE NAKAMURA
                              Nakamura enters the ring smiling at Tanahashi, completely at ease. Tanahashi on the other hand is disgusted at the sight of Shinsuke Nakamura as the crowd anticipates this titanic clash. DING, DING. The match is on as Tanahashi comes to the middle but Nakamura is laughing in the corner! The crowd boos as we cut to a shot of a gleeful Nakamura. Tanahashi begins to get mad as the referee scolds Nakamura telling him again that the match has already started. Nakamura nonchalantly nods and lazily comes to the middle to face off against his old enemy. Tanahashi and Nakamura engage in a tie up, Nakamura wriggling his way around Tanahashi and pushing him away into the ropes. Tanahashi comes back to punch him but Nakamura sticks his head out of the ring and the ref is forced to stop Tanahashi. Tanahashi screams at Nakamura to come and fight but Nakamura again wastes time – coming back inside but staying at the edge of the ring. The referee is forced to speak to Nakamura and urge him to return to face Tanahashi. Again both men tie up, again Nakamura somehow wriggles around Tanahashi, putting Tanahashi in a Side Headlock. Tanahashi tries to push but Nakamura won't give in. Tanahashi hooks Nakamura's leg somehow and nails a Belly-to-Back Suplex and Nakamura goes sliding outside the ring immediately. The Chicagoans rail Nakamura on the outside as he spends an eternity recovering from the suplex. Tanahashi waits impatiently inside the ring, visibly frustrated as the ref begins the ten count. Striker, “Ladies and gentlemen this is not what we expected. It was Shinsuke Nakamura himself that requested this match and he does not even want to fight.” At about the count of eight Nakamura slides back into the ring, mock apologizing to the ref. Tanahashi has had enough, he charges past the ref and thunders into Nakamura slinging rights and lefts into Nakamura's face. Nakamura somehow dodges a few of them and rolls outside the ring, turning his back and signalling he's had enough. Tanahashi is not buying it, he rebounds off the other side and launches into the Dragon Rocket (Suicide Dive) through the ropes and into Nakamura's back sending them both hurtling. Tanahashi pounds on Nakamura, tossing him into the ring steps and then rolling him back into the ring. Nakamura as a last ditch effort puts the referee in front as Tanahashi is going to attack and the ref gets knocked down by a stray elbow from Tanahashi. Tanahashi instinctively turns – thinking Nakamura will attack but Nakamura just slides out of the ring and walks over towards the announce table, snatching a microphone from the ringside staff -
                              Nakamura (captioned) - “Tanahashi, you are a hard man to get a hold of. An even more difficult and ignorant man to get the attention of.”

                              Hiroshi Tanahashi looks absolutely pissed as he tells Nakamura to get back inside the ring and finish the match.

                              Nakamura - “This over. I have fought and beaten you many times before. I did not need this match to prove anything to anyone. The real reason I requested this match was to see you face to face and speak to you in front of this audience which really does not know you well enough.”

                              Tanahashi comes to the edge of the ring, leaning on the ropes. He listens to Nakamura now. This does not seem pre-planned, he is a little fearful of what Nakamura is about to say.

                              Nakamura - “There is someone very special to you and me who would like to hold court with you.”

                              Nakamura points outwards. The cameras scan around the crowd – suddenly the screens on the rafters light up – it's... MASAHIRO CHONO! The crowd is going INSANE as we see the legend behind the jet black sunglasses with a huge smile on his face. Age has not made him any less menacing.

                              Masahiro Chono (captioned) - “Hiroshi Tanahashi, the Ace of the Universe, the pride of New Japan. Reduced to this...”

                              Tanahashi is looking up at the screen, quite shocked to see Chono.

                              Masahiro Chono - “You put up a valiant effort against Samoa Joe yet you did not get the job done. Don't you get it? Naoki Sugabayashi has brought you here to die, Ace. He does not want you as his Champion anymore. They will build new stars at home, and you, the Ace, will fade here and die a slow death amongst these strangers.”

                              Tanahashi vehemently opposes Chono's words, saying something back and fervently shaking his head.

                              Masahiro Chono - “The death of the brightest star we have. It would be a shame for us all.”

                              And Chono's feed disappears from the screen. Hiroshi Tanahashi seems bewildered. He looks around the crowd for answers but they are just looking back. Tanahashi looks to Shinsuke Nakamura who has already started walking towards the back as we fade from the scene.

                              Meanwhile on the opposite side of the arena, Melina Perez is scouring for someone. She finally stumbles upon what she is looking for – the dressing room of Masato Tanaka! She does not even knock and just bangs inside the door to find Masato Tanaka is sparring with a trainer for his match against Joe. Tanaka signals the trainer to stop the sparring session as he picks up a towel to wipe his face while Melina just glares back at him. Tanaka walks up to Melina, looking into her eyes as she pierces a hole through him.

                              Melina slaps Tanaka in the face hard! Tanaka is taken aback as he clutches his jaw, his eyes wide with anger but she storms out as he looks like he's about to explode.

                              =::-2PAC – NO MORE PAIN-::=

                              The crowd roars as the arena is covered in grey and we see double takes, shadows of Low Ki's visage before he even appears out of the entrance gate. The shadows center in – LOW KI COMES OUT absolutely electrified as he walks down to the ring, psyching himself up for the match. Striker explains that Ki has as much of a reason as Homicide to take The Usos completely out of WPW tonight...

                              =::-ERICK SERMON – HITTIN' SWITCHES-::=

                              A fire show explodes and the flames keep burning on the side of the entrance gate as MVP emerges from within to a thunderous reaction inside the AllState Arena. Striker, “It's been quite a long time since we've seen MVP compete in the ring. The Gold Rush Series was his last appearance losing at the hands of Homicide in the Elite 16. That's what started everything, Homicide and The Usos used MVP as the example for his goals to dominate WPW. MVP is a man's man, his livelihood has been threatened and now he won't stop until both The Usos and Homicide are eradicated.” MVP looks a man possessed as he steps inside the ring shaking hands with Low Ki and awaiting The Usos with a fearless look in his eyes.

                              =DOM KENNEDY – HELLAGOOD INTERMISSION-::=

                              Again the lights dim as reddish spotlights float across the walls of the arena and the entrance gate. Out pop The Usos in their street gear absolutely cocky and indignant flipping off many of the supporters by the railings. Low Ki and MVP seem just livid at the sight of them as the referee restrains them. The Usos walk down towards the ring, their music nearly drowned by the negative reaction. They get up over the apron and hang on the ropes eating up the vitriol from the crowd and loving, almost grooving to every moment of it as they enter.

                              LOW KI and MVP VS The USOS
                              The referee stands between Low Ki and MVP as The Usos take their sweet time getting ready, dismantling their gear and warming up. Low Ki will begin the match as MVP stands in the corner, Jimmy Uso is the first to start as well. DING, DING. It's on as Low Ki does not wait Drop Kicking Uso into oblivion. Jimmy Uso scurries to his corner, clutching his chest. He tags in Jey who runs in towards Low Ki who easily ducks a clothesline and nails Jey with a Spinning Heel Kick. Low Ki pulls Jey up to his feet whipping him into the corner and flies into him with a Flying Calf Kick as Jey teeters from the blow. Ki continues to dominate Jey Uso with a variety of kick combination and relentless stomps for a good few minutes leaving Jey very weak. Ki tags in MVP to a huge reaction from the crowd as he grins at Jey Uso and then begins to beat him up with absolutely stiff punch and kick combinations. MVP whips Uso into a corner and just stomps the life out of him. “This is not a technical match, this is a ring as a facility for payback and MVP is administering it”, says Striker. MVP brings Jey Uso into the middle and lands a perfect Suplex, keeping the hold and flipping over onto his front keeping Uso in a Dragon Sleeper! The crowd claps for the transition as Jey Uso panics, flailing his arms. Uso is an image of pain as he grimaces, beginning to fade as his brother Jimmy roars him on from very far away. MVP pulls Jey all the way to his corner and tags in Low Ki. MVP lifts Jey Uso up as Low Ki catches Uso's legs and Powerbombs him back into the mat! Ki thinks about going for the cover but then smiles. He looks at Jimmy Uso and flips him off! Low Ki refocuses on a battered Jey Uso, slowly lifting him up, nailing a few shoulder uppercuts and then again taking him into a corner and then beginning the deadly roll into a Tidal Crush Cartwheel Kick into Uso's face. Jey Uso stumbles out of the corner as Low Ki then rebounds off the ropes and and nails him with a Scissors Kick to the mat! Finally Low Ki goes for the merciful cover one...TWO...THR-kick out by Jey Uso! Low Ki goes and tags in MVP who gets right into Uso with a delayed Elbow Drop. MVP lifts Uso up, screaming in his face and then landing punch after punch to Jey Uso's forehead. MVP whips Jey Uso into the ropes but Uso comes flying back with a Spinning Forearm Smash. MVP and Jey Uso are both down on the mat as the ref starts the ten count. Jey Uso desperately tries to crawl towards his corner to escape the annihilation. MVP, still groggy is being barked instructions by Low Ki but it is too late – Jey Uso makes the tag and in runs Jimmy Uso! Uso dropkicks MVP while he is still getting up and then proceeds to throw MVP into a corner and stomp him out to make up for lost time. MVP is dragged back into the middle of the ring with a definitive Scoop Slam as Jimmy rebounds off the ropes and Leg Drops MVP stiffly catching him right on the throat as MVP buckles up grabbing his neck in pain. Jimmy Uso runs at an unsuspecting Low Ki and cheap shots him to the outside and returns to continue stomping on MVP like a madman. MVP tries to fight back, somehow blocking the blows and making it to the ropes and coming back with right hooks of his own directed at Jimmy Uso. Uso begins to stagger back as MVP gathers momentum and German Suplexes Jimmy Uso into oblivion. Uso tries to get up fast but misses a clothesline competely and then turns around into an Arm Trap Crossface as he is put to the mat by MVP! Uso screams in pain but his brother comes flying in to make the save before he can tap out. They double team on MVP whipping him into the ropes for an Alley-Us as Jey pops MVP over his back and and Jimmy finishes him with a Samoan Drop. Low Ki is taking an eternity to get back into the ring as he is cornered by the announce table clutching his face. Jimmy Uso goes for the cover ONE...TWO...THR MVP KICKED OUT!!! They waste no time both of them lifting MVP up for a Double Suplex and then mounting the two corners. Low Ki is still not moving! The Usos fly off into the DOUBLE HEADBUTT ON MVP!!! Jimmy crawls over with the cover ONE...TWO...THREE!!!! The Usos pick up the win against the tide!

                              The AllState Arena erupts in boos as The Usos get their hand raised but quickly stumble out of the ring and celebrate towards the back, ecstatic to score the upset as MVP sits up in absolute shock at what just transpired. He looks over at Low Ki who is only now beginning to climb into the ring and MVP is absolutely LIVID. Striker, “Oh no. It has all gone wrong in the blink of an eye for MVP and Low Ki. The Usos score the upset victory out of absolutely nowhere.” MVP confronts Low Ki as the two of them argue over the finish.

                              We see WPW Spokesman, Kurt Angle with Melina Perez in his Skybox office. She is an emotional wreck as he tries to be as calm as possible in the situation.

                              Kurt Angle - “I...couldn't find anything. I called every single person John is associated with and nobody knows anything. We've filed a case with Chicago PD as well.”

                              Melina - “I don't believe you.”

                              Kurt Angle - “There's one person I called who is not in town but will be here at the end of the week. He thinks he knows something about this situation.”

                              Melina - “Who?”

                              Kurt Angle - “John's former tag team partner and a close friend of yours...Joey Mercury.”

                              Melina - “Joey knows nothing, we haven't spoken to him in years.”

                              Kurt Angle - “I don't know about that, he's gonna come forward next week to speak to me, you, anyone who's listening and offer an explanation on what is going on.”

                              Melina begins to tear up again, the uncertainty eating away at her as Kurt Angle also takes a seat, the seriousness of the situation now dawning on him.

                              =::-ORIENTAL MOODS - DANGAN-::=

                              The Chicago massive erupts in jeers and heckles as the one and only “Dangan”, Masato Tanaka storms out of the entrance gate in a specially foul mood as he screams obscenities towards the crowd and stomps towards the ring. Striker, “Last week Masato Tanaka lost to Randy Orton in the Silver Championship Tournament Final, a man he vanquished, John Morrison has disappeared from the hospital due to facial injuries suffered at Tanaka's hand. Tanaka was earlier confronted by Melina Perez and she definitely got her point across by humiliating Tanaka with a slap. These are not ideal conditions for him to face The Champion, Samoa Joe but a win here and everything, EVERYTHING changes.”

                              =::-LED ZEPPLIN – KASHMIR (PUFF DADDY MIX)-::=

                              The entire arena erupts in cheers as the World Pro Wrestling Champion, Samoa Joe emerges from the smoke, fired up as he raises the WPW Title into the air and makes his slow walk toward the ring eyeing Masato Tanaka. Striker, “Joe's challenge has been accepted. It will be Joe VS Ron 'The Truth' Killings at Future Is Now. Tonight is his first match since the Gold Rush Series, his first as champion. Things will be very different, the way his opponents see him, his visibility, his own desire. Many variables here tonight aginst Masato Tanaka.”

                              NON-TITLE MATCH
                              SAMOA JOE(C) VS MASATO TANAKA
                              Both men engage in an epic stare down. Neither is a stranger to each other and are two of the toughest SOBs in the business today. Joe does not need to raise his title as Tanaka shifts his gaze to it, his eyes transfixed on it. Joe takes the title and hands it to the referee who takes it out of the ring and then signals for the bell. DING, DING. Tanaka is at Joe within a second as he hammers away at the champion with right hands. Tanaka whips Joe into the ropes as Joe comes rebounding back and Tanaka nails an Inverted Atomic Drop and then DDT's Joe into the mat. Tanaka takes his own rebound off the ropes into a devastating Leg Drop and then goes for the cover one..TWO...kicked out by Samoa Joe. Not a moment wasted as Tanaka puts Joe into a Headscissors Ambar wrenching it to the maximum. Samoa Joe struggles to get his free arm and pull out of the Headscissors and instead pushes up and into a pin, Tanaka's shoulders are down one..TWO...Tanaka releases the hold and kicks out. Joe quickly retreats to the corner as Tanaka hounds after him but Joe pulls Tanaka in by the tights as Dangan's head goes into the second turnbuckle. Tanaka stumbles off the corner into a GIANT German Suplex from Samoa Joe! Joe lifts Tanaka up right after - throwing him into the corner and then he goes in with a Running Big Boot to Tanaka's face! He doesn't even wait for Tanaka to fall to the mat and locks him in for an Exploder Suplex but Tanaka with vicious elbows to Joe's head! No letting up from the veteran as Joe staggers back and Tanaka again elbows Joe right in the face almost knocking him out as Joe stumbles to the ropes. Tanaka brings Joe back with a HIGH ANGLE BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX !!! The champion is almost out cold on the mat. Tanaka with the legs hooked he could have it ONE...TWO...THR-NO JOE KICKS OUT! The crowd is almost silent in shock as Tanaka is dominating the WPW Champion. Masato Tanaka lifts a very groggy Samoa Joe up and goes for the Dangan Bomb – REVERSED – Joe pulls Tanaka to the mat and into the COQUINA CLUTCH! Chicago is ALIVE as Samoa Joe screams out for Tanaka to tap but Tanaka reaches the ropes! Joe is forced to break the hold as Tanaka tries quickly to get to his feet but Joe clotheslines him right over the top rope. Joe looks and then rebounds off the other side of the ring and then flies off int an ELBOW SUICIDA RIGHT TO TANAKA ON THE OUTSIDE!!! The supporters erupt as Joe gets up soon after a small grin on his face, hammering the veteran Tanaka with clubbing blows from behind. Joe throws Tanaka into the side of the announce desk. The ref stresses the ten count that has reached five and Joe brings Tanaka back inside the ring and goes for the cover one...TWO...kickout by Tanaka. Joe lifts Tanaka up, throwing him into the corner and then attempts to run at him but Tanaka comes back with a SPEAR FROM NOWHERE! Tanaka with the cover ONE...TWO...THR NO! Joe kicks out! Tanaka now goes crazy with repeated Elbow Drops venting his frustration on Joe's midsection as the champion chokes for breath. Tanaka brings Joe back up and puts him in a headlock as he pulls the World Champion towards the corner and then hops off the ropes and tries a Tornado DDT but Joe reverses – DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!! Joe collapses beside Tanaka, he is barely able to make the cover as he rolls over and barely hooks the leg ONE...TWO...THREE-NO! Tanaka got a shoulder up! Joe staggers to his feet, seeing Tanaka writhing still from the effects. Joe signals for the slit throat! The crowd is erupting as Tanaka begins to get to his feet but Joe comes at him from behind, wrapping him in and into the COQUINA CLUTCH! Tanaka screams in pain, Joe has it fully wrenched this time. It's only a matter...and TANAKA TAPS! TANAKA TAPS! DING DING DING.
                              The AllState Arena erupts in cheers as the music begins to play in the background and Samoa Joe lets go of the hold and his arm is raised in victory. Striker, “The champion was too strong at the end. He almost had the Coquina Clutch early in the match but this time Masato Tanaka was in no position to break out of it. Wait...”

                              =::MADE YOU LOOK::=

                              All attention turns to the entrance gate and out walks RON 'THE TRUTH' KILLINGS to a THUNDEROUS OVATION. Samoa Joe turns towards him – a weary look on his face as Truth walks down to the ring, passing a stumbling Masato Tanaka. Truth climbs inside and he is face to face with the WPW Champion! The electricity is in the air as Samoa Joe holds up the title belt, pointing at Truth and pumping his fist to his chest as a sign of respect. Truth just stares back at him – as if seeing through the very soul of the champion as we fade off the air with the crowd roaring for both men...

                              Siege of Chicago 2

                              Katsuhiko Nakajima def. Homicide via disqualification.

                              SILVER CHAMPIONSHIP
                              Randy Orton (C) def. Dolph Ziggler

                              Shinsuke Nakamura versus Hiroshi Tanahashi went to No Contest.

                              The Usos def. Low Ki and Homicide

                              NON - TITLE
                              Samoa Joe (C) def. Masato Tanaka

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