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CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

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    Gavin Loudspeaker, as per always, is the welcoming committee of one for the night’s proceedings, but unlike usual, he doesn’t get to start things off with a jingle, on account of the entrance of one irate member of the CHIKARA roster. That member was an infuriated Grand Champion … Eddie Kingston!

    Stomping his way around the ring, Kingston ordered Gavin away. Pacing around the ring, The War King made his feelings clear …

    “It’s now been six months since GEKIDO arrived. Like many threats, I took them seriously, but not too seriously. I’ve seen many groups come and go and they’ve never beaten CHIKARA. Never. HOWEVER, Gekido, you are different. You know why? Last night, you didn’t just threaten CHIKARA; you threatened its fabric when you took from me the thing I hold dearest. You took MY Grand Championship, 17! I suggest, for my own sanity and your health, you come out here, leave that title on that ring apron and back away before I do something you will really, really live to regret!”
    The crowd roars as a passionate response follows the words of CHIKARA’s icon. A spirited Kingston drops the microphone as he awaits what he wants to see happen … however, it doesn’t, instead, much to the disbelief and annoyance of the crowd, GEKIDO’s liaison to the Board of Fun, the dastardly, greasy excuse of a man known as Derek Sabato heads out on their behalf …

    The smirking Sabato does nothing but to annoy Kingston further, but he remains inside the ring and listens to what Sabato has to say, but doesn’t like it. Sabato had the nerve to call Kingston “short sighted”, saying that when 17 took the belt he loved so much last night, it wasn’t a steal, it was the rightful response to CHIKARA’s failings to come to terms with GEKIDO’s arrival and subsequent dominance.

    Sabato implied that the taking of the belt was the only logical next step after the failures of Wink Vavasseur to respond to his emails and calls, and to then have the cheek to MAKE The Swarm compete when the intention was to strike over so-called “working practises”.

    Sabato then got to the crux of the matter, declaring that as long as GEKIDO were treated like outsiders and not the five most talented members of the CHIKARA roster, these continued attacks and takings of possessions, and limbs, would need to happen and that tonight, unfortunately, the Grand Championship would not be given back … UNLESS … Eddie Kingston apologized for himself and on behalf of CHIKARA.

    Shaking his head in sheer disbelief, Kingston leaned over the ropes and mouthed “Are you serious” at Sabato before shaking his head, as if to suggest Sabato was asking the wrong thing at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Sabato seemed resigned and proclaimed “If that’s the way it’s gotta be, that’s the way it’s gotta be” before suggesting Kingston would get one more chance.

    17 would appear later in the night and give him another chance to apologize and “repent his sins”, but that would be, according to Sabato, “the last chance saloon”. Sabato promised that if he didn’t take that last chance, he wouldn’t ever see the gold of the Grand Championship again!

    Kingston walks back from the ropes, rubs his chin before dropping to his back and bolting from the ring! Kingston runs to the curtain as Sabato turns and runs, hightailing it by kicking in the firedoors of the building and escaping out and down the hall, Kingston in hot pursuit!

    “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE” reverberates all around the place as, yet again, CHIKARA is thrown into a state of chaos with a Grand Champion, without his belt, chasing a men through the building as revenge, retribution and the need to feel that gold around his waist again the utmost thought in his mind.
    After those few fraught moments, we move onto the first contest of the night, and it was all set to be a Frenzy, a Six Man Frenzy! Six of CHIKARA’s best were ready for battle. “The Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus, Gran Akuma, "The Hot Property" Fire Ant, “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, Ophidian and Archibald Peck would do battle, knowing that one fall to a finish was the name of the game, the winner gaining strong momentum heading fast toward the end of Season 11.

    As you’d expect, it’s high paced right from the get go. No tags are necessary, meaning all six men remain inside, or outside the ring, at the very same time. Icarus and Gran Akuma take the chance to get their hands on eachother, Icarus never having quite gotten over his defeat to Akuma at Chikarasauras Rex. They’re not the only two with a grudge to settle though, Peck and Mr. Touchdown fight in one corner of the ring, Veronica Ticklefeather looking on as Peck and her share a brief look, this only serving to fire up Peck even further as he lays into Touchdown with his new found ruthless aggression!

    As those two battles continue to commence, Fire Ant and Ophidian, more used to tag team action in the past, now go head to head, all alone, and as you’d expect with their two styles, it’s fast paced, high flying and nonstop. Ophidian’s hard hitting palm strikes wear down Fire Ant and after consulting the masks of Amasis and Hieracon in the corner of the ring, Ophidian decides on a strategy, throwing Fire Ant out of the ring and on top of the warring four others at ringside!

    The problem is, one man moved, that being Gran Akuma and he slides into the ring, catching Ophidian off-guard with a big Lariat to the back of the head! Akuma made the cover, but Ophidian managed to kick out at two, just in time! Akuma though, the punisher he is, didn’t relent. Seeing a chance with the four others all down and out on the outside, Akuma layed into Ophidian with hard kicks, throwing him to each of the four corners, throwing some shoulder thrusts into the midsection of the Master of Snake Style. A missile dropkick follows and rocked, Ophidian rolls from the ring, past the rec0vering four men and away from danger, grabbing the masks of Amasis and Hieracon and showing yet more mental instability, shouting at them as he escapes and cowers in one corner of the building, away from the action.

    Back inside the ring, the remaining five battle it out. The blue of the mat can hardly been seen beneath the five war-torn bodies who throw each punch and kick with the enthusiasm of a man knowing what a stark opportunity this is. Though not an elimination match, it’s clear Archibald Peck is done in the match. After mass confusion, Veronica knocked from the ring apron by Mr. Touchdown, and despite Peck being the object of her attempted distraction, Marchin’ Archie shows significant compassion for his former beau as he leaves the ring and carries her to the back in his arms. As for Angelosetti, the NFL extraordinaire doesn’t seem too bothered, more interested in winning that the condition of the woman he won just last month.

    Things then start to break down further, if that’s even possible. Akuma and Icarus meet outside the ring and start to battle all around it, the thought being they’d rather injure eachother than win the match. Back inside the ring, Fire Ant and Mark Angelosetti go punch for punch. Fire Ant gains control and shoves the brash youngblood into the ropes before hitting him with a crossbody! Fire Ant turns around … right into a kick from Ophidian! Ophidian hooks him up; he’s looking for the Egyptian Destroyer! He lifts Fire Ant up, but the pocket rocket slips down behind him, he runs the ropes, running neckbreaker to Ophidian!

    Ophidian is down and Fire Ant gets to his feet, he pumps his fist as he turns back to Touchdown, who rakes him in the eye! Touchdown slams him hard into the corner … Extra Point in the corner! Fire Ant stumbles out, Touchdown runs the ropes … Shoulder Tackle attempt, DUCKED! Fire Ant slides across the ring and jumps to the top rope, he sets himself! … ONLY TO BE SHOVED FROM THE TOP BY DEVIANT! deviANT came out of nowhere and Fire Ant crashes and burns! Touchdown gets to his feet and delivers the Three Point Stance to Fire Ant before lifting him to his feet. Touchdown screams out “THIS IS IT NERDS!” before bouncing off the ropes, and this time connecting with the Shoulder Tackle! Fire Ant is thrown against the ropes, bouncing off of them, he’s down and out, the cover is made … and the count of three is delivered! Mr. Touchdown wins!!

    Chaos reigns supreme! Icarus and Akuma are both out on the side; Ophidian is curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the ring and deviANT walks through the crowd, emotionless having again made GEKIDO’s mark on CHIKARA’s finest! Mr. Touchdown meanwhile stands firm, and apparently forgetting the plight of his senior employee Veronica, jumps for joy as he plays to all four corners of the building, his Young Lions Cup defeat and woes associated with that seeming a distant memory!

    Angelosetti soon leaves, destruction in his wake. Ophidian is still curled up, his taken masks clutched tightly in his hands, Fire Ant still down and out, Icarus only now starting to crawl away from Akuma who holds his ankle after having it thrown into the ring steps, but only one thing mattered in the grand scheme of things; Mr. Touchdown had yet again proven that even though 2012 may have been a mixed year, 2013 and Season 12 of CHIKARA Pro Wrestling was shaping up to be The Year of Touchdown, at least if the last couple of months was any indication …
    A singles showdown was next and Soldier Ant made his entrance. Getting to the ring, Soldier helped Fire Ant to his feet, helping him from the ring. However, it was clear Soldier had retribution in his mind having been made to submit last night, giving GEKIDO the win in the four team elimination main event. Not only that, but being made to submit with the Chikara Special had clearly had an effect on The Colony’s defacto leader, judging by his very different approach to tonight’s match.

    Next to enter was his opponent, a person also involved in a vicious war as of late, one third of The Batiri, “The Deadly, Demonic Warmonger” Obariyon! Draped in a black cloth, covering his entire body, only slight flickers of his yellow face paint were visible as he made his way toward Soldier Ant and the ring. He had passed Fire Ant on the way, but his attention was solely on the ring.

    Upon entering, he ripped the cloak from his skin, but as he did, he was immediately met with a barrage of fierce strikes as Soldier Ant took it to him even before Jon Barber had the chance to call for the bell!

    Soldier Ant doesn’t let up for a second as he provides such a barrage that Barber is forced to step in. Obariyon escapes to the ring apron, in shock at the nature of said shock, more used to inflicting such pain rather than receiving it.

    Obariyon dives from the ring apron, over the head of Soldier Ant, nailing a dropkick when Soldier turns around. The Colony’s lieutenant remains standing however and not even a couple more dropkicks especially rattle him. Soldier Ant unleashes a salute before attempting the Saluting Forearm … only for Obariyon to hop backwards and escape from the ring! He doesn’t last long on the outside though, being chase and harassed by Soldier Ant until he’s forced to slide back in!

    Soldier slides back in also, but those crucial few seconds allow Obariyon to recover some sort of composure and he hits a series of elbow drops on Soldier Ant before he’s even able to regain his footing, pinning The Colony’s most experienced member down to the mat. Obariyon uses the sort of gang mentality that The Batiri employs, this time on his own, concentrating his area of assault not on one part of Soldier’s body, but all of it, making his mark to such an extent that no area of Soldier Ant’s being is safe.

    The match continues and it’s back and forth nature does too. A more technical aspect starts to shine through as Obariyon tries to battle again, and use his harder, stronger style to try and contest the sort of technical prowess that had made Soldier Ant one of the most decorated of CHIKARA athletes.

    Soldier Ant starts to get what seemed to be momentum of critical importance, but just as there seemed no way out for Obariyon, the Warmonger struggling to stay alive, Soldier Ant was stopped in his tracks as he attempted to pull Obariyon down with an Armbar, his focuses turned to the curtain, where standing, saluting from afar was combatANT!

    Soldier Ant’s polar opposite stood like a statue, giving the distraction, allowing Obariyon to sneak up behind Soldier Ant, but at the last critical moment, Soldier turns around! He fights off Obariyon with two or three right hands, but looks back at the curtain, where combatANT no longer stands … he’s gone, just like that, and this is Soldier Ant’s mistake as he gets dealt a Knee Attack to the back, before Obariyon grabs on and nails the Backcracker! Soldier writhes in pain as he arches his back, the pain unbearable, and there is no comeback as Obariyon covers for the count of three and the successful victory!

    The crowd sits in shock and angst of what has just happened, for the second match in a row, albeit indirectly this time, The Swarm has cost a member of The Colony a match! Soldier Ant remains on the mat; his back held as various officials rush to tend to him, but for Obariyon, it’s sheer delight, without a doubt the single biggest singles win of his career.

    Exiting the ring, Obariyon is jumped by Kobald who jumps on his shoulders, cackling with delight as the two make their way behind the curtain. Soldier Ant meanwhile makes his way to the ring, shoving away the attention of the officials charged to help him. His head bowed, shaking all the time, he makes his way from the ring himself, but can’t even bear to look at his adoring public, rejecting their attempted handshakes and commiserations as he takes a lap of the ring before exiting, contemplating yet another defeat, his second of the weekend!
    It’s time for a little light relief as the always fun-loving, good-time having Colt Cabana makes his entrance, much to the delight of the Indiana natives. Smiling after gaining one point on the board last night in Milwaukee, “Boom Boom” has some fun with some kids at ringside before entering the ring and stealing the microphone of Gavin Loudspeaker, resulting in him being chased around the ring by Mr. Loudspeaker, much to the laughter of all involved.

    One man not laughing however is the man who arrives to combat Cabana, a man who has become increasingly unstable as the months, and defeats go on, one Tim Donst. There is no skullcap present today; his bald head now present and widely seen for the first time since Chikarasauras Rex. Donst climbs into the ring and to say he is unimpressed by Gavin and Cabana’s antics would be the grandest of understatements. As the bell is prepared for, Donst sits in one corner of the ring, staring ahead at Cabana, who risks upsetting Donst even further, engaging in what he seems to think is a staring contest.

    The two have a test of strength to start, Cabana slapping Donst around the head before pushing him over. Embarrassed, Donst runs at Cabana, only to collide with the corner turnbuckle. Donst tries to remain calm, but with Cabana and the crowd laughing at him, it isn’t easy. Another test of strength follows, but after grabbing the hair of Cabana, Donst capitalizes, pulling him down by his hair and stomping on his head. Shouting “I’M STILL THE MAN!”, it’s clear Donst is trying to convince himself of that fact rather than the watching audience.

    Donst’s known collegial past, combined with Cabana’s heavily influenced European grappling style makes for an imaginative and intriguing battle of wits and nerve, the majority of the contest spent trading hold and counter hold on and around the center of the mat. Cabana’s knees soon start to make an impact though, using them to weaken the back of Donst, the concentration being on the spine, ensuring Donst’s though is always of his back, even when at a stable base and looking to attack, or indeed, defend.

    Donst shows his fighting spirit though, putting his mental and physical anguish aside to reverse out of an attempted Billy Goat’s Curse and after running the ropes, hits a running neckbreaker. Cabana rocks and rolls as he climbs to his feet, with the help of the ropes, but gets taken down after a scissor movement from Donst, a kick to the back of the head following! Cabana is down and out and Donst, sensing a chance, smirks as he climbs out of the ring. Donst holds his fist high before, for the first time in several months, making the sign of the deceased Brüderschaft … Donst propels himself over the ropes, back into the ring, looking for a Plancha back into the ring, but Cabana moves! … Donst rolls through, he gets back to his feet, Cabana slides in-between his legs, he pulls on Donst’s trousers, pulling him to the mat and rolling him up, his shoulders are pinned! … and the count of three follows!

    Out of nowhere, Colt Cabana had defeated Tim Donst! Donst’s over eagerness and attempt to play to the crowd had backfired, dramatically and critically for his chances of a first win in several months! Jumping to his feet, Cabana seems as surprised at the sudden nature of the match’s end, but smiles even still as his delight shines through, even going as far as to hug the senior official!

    Cabana makes his way to one corner of the ring as he raises his hand to the fans and waves to the children at ringside, two and zero for the weekend. He turns to celebrate with the other side of the building … BANG! Cabana is rudely awakened as Donst smashes him right across the forehead with a steel chair! A maniacal look on his face, Donst smashes the steel chair down as he rubs his hairless cranium … Cabana is down and knocked outcold, his eyes closed, his body limp …

    His eyes glazed over, Donst stares right ahead, not a flicker of emotion or movement in his eyes. His body is as still as Cabana’s, but not in as much pain, as you’d expect. Donst eventually starts to make slight movements, but only toward the ropes. He climbs out of the ring, jumping to the floor. Donst takes slow steps, one at a time, his head pointed straight ahead. He stops for a moment when a fan gets dangerously close to his face, the youngster shouting “YOU’RE A MONSTER!” … but does Donst flinch? No, he remains steadfast in his route toward the curtain …

    Cabana remains out inside the ring, no sign of significant movement on his part.
    It’s with this in mind that Intermission is taken, allowing various officials to come to the ring and start to rouse Cabana, with the aide of smelling salts. It takes a while, but they finally do, two of them taking an arm and helping Cabana to the back, cheers ringing in his ears, the fans hoping they’d see him back in CHIKARA very soon indeed.

    After the clean-up and break between what had just happened, Leonard Chikarason appeared, for the first time in many a moon. In his capacity as “keep internet dwellers and others involved in CHIKARA news man”, Chikarason revealed that Night Three of the upcoming King of Trios in Easton would be available to buy and watch LIVE on GoFightLive!

    The audience sharing his obvious delight, chants of “CHIKARA!” burst out and continued with Chikarason teasing that this was shaping up to be the greatest King of Trios weekend yet!
    Once Intermission had come to a close, with big news still filtering through, it was time Atomico Incredible! It was due to be the battle of Good and Evil as GEKIDO fought against some of CHIKARA’s finest athletes in four-on-four action!

    GEKIDO were the first to make their arrival. Led by The Shard were the trio of deviANT, assailANT and combatANT of The Swarm, having already had two involvements in defeat for members of The Colony tonight. The Shard acts as chief motivator as he goes around all three of The Swarm one by one, giving them instructions and geeing them up for what lays ahead …

    … as they stand and wait, the lights darken and they are introduced to their opponents. First to make their entrance, as dark, devious and deadly as ever are The Spectral Envoy of Hallowicked, Frightmare, and as always, led by UltraMantis Black! Black holds his staff high as he approaches the ring, the three standing and waiting, Black pointing his staff toward GEKIDO and nodding his head as the invaders look on.

    As if what they were already confronted with wasn’t challenging enough, things go up another notch with the first of two grand in-ring returns for the night, the lights now back up and the familiar tune of Stan Bush playing, the curtain being ripped aside to reveal the rejuvenated and now fully recovered “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush!

    Quack looks from side to side, but his attention is focused on GEKIDO and he rushes past The Envoy and does a bit of invading himself, the ring, and this sends The Shard and The Swarm to the ring apron as The Envoy join the patriarch inside the squared circle! The crowd roars as all four men stand tall and they oppose the greatest threat to CHIKARA since the Brüderschaft, this no longer about the business of protecting about CHIKARA … for all men, this was personal, but especially for one man, the man that was responsible for the company’s creation. As preparations were made for the match’s start, the look on Quack’s face told the story of a man determined to protect what he had helped mould into one of the signature wrestling promotions in the world … at ANY cost …

    The Swarm and The Shard try to discuss things on the outside, but they are soon stopped when The Envoy and Quackenbush slide from the ring and start the fight on the outside! The battle is fierce as all eight men fight a war through the seats and all around the building! It’s a commentator’s nightmare out there in the wild west of the fight, Quackenbush paying particular attention to The Shard, throwing the pocket rocket hard into the steel that holds up the entrance curtain!

    The Swarm though try to provide their own dose of pain, assailANT very nearly delivering Frightmare through the Commentation Station Table at ringside, only to be picked up and thrown by UltraMantis and Hallowicked onto combatANT and deviANT just yards away! The four are then plucked from the turf and carried by CHIKARA’s army back to the ring, thrown inside as Quackenbush, Frightmare, Black and Hallowicked play to the crowd, some order being restored, at last, but everyone knowing that situation could change at a moments notice.

    Frightmare and deviANT, the two smallest competitors in the match, start things off, deviANT showing his, well, deviant nature, immediately gaining the advantage by going to target the knee of Frightmare only to then use that distraction to aim a kick at his back. Frightmare tries to role to the outside, confirming a tag, but he’s blocked off by combatANT, GEKIDO knowing that a successful target of just one wrestler could see them wrestle total and utter control of the contest.

    A few minutes later, it comes down to The Shard and Mike Quackenbush. Loudly telling Shard that considering he couldn’t get his hands on 17, he’d have to do, Quackenbush goes to work, chasing Shard around the ring, the small man trying his best to avoid the evil intentions which lurk deep within the psyche of Quack, the patriarch of CHIKARA trying his best to catch Shard and make him feel the sort of pain that GEKIDO has caused himself, his trainees and his friends since the start of Season 11.

    The match continues in much the same pattern, Quackenbush showing more of a want and need to inflict pain than anyone else, even the vicious Shard himself, or even The Swarm. Even the normally devious UltraMantis Black is forced to come in between Quackenbush and his painful desires, telling him in no uncertain terms that his desire to win much come before his desire to inflict pain.

    A breakdown in affairs is inevitable and indeed, it happens. Quackenbush ignores the pleas of UltraMantis Black and after being provoked by The Shard, he sets off in chase behind the curtain and to the back. Distracting Black, The Swarm swoop in and attack like a pack of dogs. The Envoy are down and out on the outside and Black is defenceless against the onslaught. Saluting Forearm from combatANT! … Running Neckbreaker from assailANT! … Flying Knee Attack to the face by deviANT!

    The three men stand and stare, but are soon interrupted by Frightmare and Hallowicked who try and protect their leader, but pay the ultimate price. The numbers game is too much and after much effort, they get beaten in much the same fashion as Black, disposed of from the ring. Frightmare’s knee takes a ravaging and after being locked in an Ankle Lock by combatANT, he is thrown to the floor, hitting it knee first!

    As assailANT and deviANT keep watch on the ring apron, combatANT confronts Black, who rattles off a couple of punches as he tries to defend himself, but there’s no danger of that as combatANT hits him with a Stunner! combatANT tries for the cover, but Quackenbush reappears, running to the ring and straight for combatANT! combatANT ducks though, Quack colliding with deviANT and assailANT, driving them to the arena floor! Quack isn’t satisfied though, ignoring the plight of Black by launching himself over the ropes and onto the The Swarm gathered on the floor!

    Inside the ring, combatANT laughs and as Black gets to his feet, he’s powerless to resist as combatANT hits him with yet another Saluting Forearm, before ducking in and behind him, locking in a Sleeper! combatANT snaps the neck back and forth and it doesn’t take long to put Black to sleep and the official is forced to call the match to a close!

    combatANT lets go as Black crumples to a heap on the floor. He cracks his head mockingly before rolling out of the ring as Frightmare and Hallowicked come in themselves and dive toward Black in recognition of the state he is in. combatANT calmly makes his way around the ring where he sees Quackenbush layed alongside deviANT and assailANT. He shakes his head before picking Quackenbush up, muttering something into his ear and then, without any remorse, as usual, throws him over the Commentation Station where he collides with Leonard F. Chikarason and the two go flying!

    combatANT then drags assailANT and deviANT to their feet as he helps them through a parting in the crowd and out of the usual side exit they use to enter and exit CHIKARA shows. Meanwhile, elsewhere, chaos ensues. Various officials run out to help check on Quackenbush and Chikarason whilst Frightmare and Hallowicked take an arm of Black and put him over their shoulders before leaving the ring, the crowd’s lungs bursting as they chant the name of The Great and Devious.

    As The Spectral Envoy take their leave, in a dark corner of the building, without no one seeming to notice his arrival, Delirious kneels and rests his back against a wall. His head in his hands for a moment, he removes them, a smile seen crossing his face, satisfaction at the state of his foe and the continuation of what Black had already called the single worst year of his career to date. 2014 couldn’t could soon enough …
    Following that chaotic few moments, it was time for what would become a defining night in the history of either of the two combatants of the finale match to the long and winding road that was Young Lions Cup X!

    First out, to one of the loudest reactions of the night was the ever resilient rookie, The Colony’s youngest member, Green Ant! Coming to the end of only his fourth year, Green Ant could still be claimed to be in the early stages of his career. As he entered the ring, the poise of the ant made it clear that four years was too long and after having success as part of a trio, it was time for him to break out on his own and get some long-awaited singles recognition.

    He’d be opposed by a woman right on the other end of the rookie scale. Saturyne made her entrance to a nice, respectful round of applause, the bright and bubbly latest Wrestle Factory trainee having a breakout year, reaching the final of the Young Lions Cup in only her EIGHT month as a member of the CHIKARA roster! Bouncing around the ring, CHIKARA’s latest woman wonder didn’t seem put off by the clear height and strength difference there would be between her and Green Ant. If anything, she seemed spurred on by it.

    The cup itself was present, raised high into the air by Bryce Remsburg, signifying it was at stake, before it was placed on a black clothed table at ringside, its shimmering silver burning bright into the eyes of Saturyne and Green Ant, the grand prize at stake becoming ultra clear for both participants.

    As the bell rings, the two immediately lock up. Green Ant throws Saturyne into the ropes, but as she returns, she stumbles. Holding her ankle, she looks up at Remsburg and Green Ant, wincing. Green Ant stands and inquires if she’s okay, only to be taken down with a snapmare! A kick to the back follows as Saturyne points to her head and smirks, using her womanly ways to her advantage! A side not seen before, the Green Ant fans in attendance aren’t exactly thrilled, but she smirks as she targets the back of her opponent.

    Wrapping Green Ant in the ropes, Saturyne launches fast and furious kicks into his spin. As he gets free and stumbles forward, Saturyne shows tremendous strength to lift Green Ant up before powering him back first to the mat! Green Ant rolls from the ring but Saturyne is in hot pursuit. She throws him toward the ring steps, only for Green Ant to jump onto them and to the other side. He stops himself just colliding with the fans in the front row before Saturyne uses the steps as a launching pad, hitting a flying forearm that leaves Green Ant sprawled in the front row, chairs and fans alike scattered everywhere! Saturyne yells but not everyone is behind here, a big contingent of Indianapolis fans of Green Ant.

    As the minutes pass, Green Ant puts aside the pain, breaking through the barrier to start to make inroads, praying on the inexperience of Saturyne. In just that little moment of hesitation when propped on the top rope, the entire match turns upside down when she falls, untouched by Green Ant, hitting the mat hard. There is no time for compassion this time, and Green Ant doesn’t make that mistake, taking the leg of Saturyne and smashing it against the mat! He then does it to the arm before throwing Saturyne head first into the turnbuckle, catching her with a release Tiger Suplex as she stumbles out!

    Green Ant doesn’t go for the pin, instead placing her in a seated position before lifting her up into a Surfboard! Green Ant has some fun as he rocks back and forth, faking to release the hold, before grabbing her by the neck and torqueing the body of the woman! He eventually relents before pushing her face forward into the mat. Green Ant mockingly steps over her befallen carcass, continuing the theme of both competitors showing a much different, nastier side to their characters, it coming out in the most extreme and important of circumstances.

    The match continues on further, both combatants becoming more and more tired. Each strike becomes harder, each step more sapping, Saturyne seems to be struggling more though, the pace she relied on in the early goings now having left her. One burst of quickness sees her dodge out of the way of an attempted dropkick, only to be caught by Green Ant in an Armbar when she gets to her feet, dragged down for the Chikara Special: Green! … Green Ant starts trying to hook up the arms and legs for his newly refined signature, but Saturyne waves all her limbs as she tries to refrain from being caught in the devastating hold …

    … Green Ant doesn’t let go though, even though Saturyne manages to get to her feet. Her arm is still being held onto, though she rolls through and manages to flip Green Ant onto his back, following him to the corner and delivering a monkey flip. Landing on the opposite side of the ring, Green Ant lays as Saturyne rives and hits a standing Senton! … and then a standing Moonsault! … she covers, but only for the count of two!!

    She drags Green Ant to his feet, ratting off some hard punches and forearm shots, they don’t have a critical effect, so she switches to kicks, but they don’t work either. Pounding her leg, she lets out a primal scream before running the ropes, she returns back, she grabs onto the leg of Green Ant, looking for a running DDT, but she’s shoved off by Green Ant! Saturyne doesn’t relent as she hits the mat, putting aside the pain as she gets straight to her feet, but before she can turn around, Green Ant chops her down by the knee, and this time, he makes no mistake, locking her up and into the Chikara Special: Green!

    Saturyne shouts as she briefly waves one arm, but Green Ant’s body strengthens as he puts all his might into the Chikara Special, and indeed, the inverted version of the classic CHIKARA manevour is impossible to escape from and it’s only a matter of time before Saturyne is forced to call it quits! GREEN ANT HAS WON THE YOUNG LIONS CUP!

    It’s without doubt the greatest night of his career to date, and he reacts like it! Green Ant is to his feet and can hardly believe it as Bryce Remsburg raises his arm high. Now The Colony’s most decorated singles star, he parades around the ring as those in the audience, especially the front row, bow at his presence, a rare victory in a year of defeat and pitfalls at the hands of a group of Invaders.

    The eye-watering shimmering silver of the prestigious cup is now brought into the ring by the dastardly, devilish and 99% incompetent Director of Fun, one Wink Vavasseur! Wink doesn’t hesitate in starting off the celebrations as he shakes the hand of Green Ant before preparing to offload the cup into his possession …

    … HOWEVER, before he can, all attention is turned as against one side wall of the building appears assailANT, combatANT and deviANT of The Swarm!

    All three stand and watch on at the success of the man they hold in such low regard for his successes. The jealous few start to move forward but as they do, the roars of the crowd herald the arrival of Fire Ant and Soldier Ant, rushing to the ring in defence of their own!

    GEKIDO stops in their tracks as Fire Ant and Soldier Ant, both cost matches last night, unlike Green Ant, lean over the ropes and all but kneel begging for The Swarm to enter the ring and provoke the fight, but alas, it doesn’t happen. Looking at eachother, assailANT, deviANT and combatANT shake their heads, dropping them before smashing through a fire exit and walking out of the building, for once showing no desire to inflict any mental or physical pain on this night of all nights.

    Back inside the ring, Wink isn’t in a mood to hang round and finally hands over the Young Lions Cup to an excited Green Ant! Forgetting what has come, Green Ant celebrates as he lifts the cup high into the air! Putting aside their own troubles this weekend, Fire Ant and Soldier Ant applaud their man before lifting one of CHIKARA’s fast improving starlets onto their shoulders.

    Walking around the ring like the king he rightfully feels, the thoughts of what GEKIDO has done and continues to threaten to do is a distant memory as the festivities kick into high gear and for tonight at least, CHIKARA celebrates a good victory for all that is good, knowing that though many wars lay ahead, a battle has been won for the good guys with The Colony’s success continuing, courtesy of Green Ant …
    As The Colony eventually leave the ring, they are replaced by a group that opposes them for the tag of the greatest group in CHIKARA, and two of those three men in Chuck Taylor and “The Bees Knees” Johnny Gargano make their way out. Swinging their titles high above their head, the two men smile and play to the crowd as they head toward the four sided battleground, “The Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus seen following them in the background.

    Before they can even reach the ring, their opponents make themselves known. The two point tandem of Ayako Hamada and “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey appear in front of the Indiana natives. The two look at eachother and high five before making a beeline for the ring, surprising F.I.S.T. with their speedy entrances. F.I.S.T. regroup at ringside as Hamada and Del Rey get greeted with a monstrous round of applause.

    Chants of “NEXT TAG CHAMPS! NEXT TAG CHAMPS! NEXT TAG CHAMPS!” is the chant that rises up from deep within the voice boxes of the adoring public as Del Rey and Hamada limber up their wrists, Gargano and Taylor handing their titles over to Icarus before carefully making their way into the ring themselves. Taylor tries to intimidate the two with some kungfu, only for Hamada to nearly take his head off with a roundhouse kick! This sends Taylor running to a corner of the ring, his hand over his mouth as Hamada stands and smirks, Taylor sniping back, shouting “YOU DON’T SCARE US WOMAN”, the chances of the double date Taylor alluded to in a prior blog seeming a distant though at this moment.

    The match starts and indeed, that double date chance is thrown out of the window. Taylor and Gargano mockingly play up to their positions as supposed “dominant males”, only to get a slap around the face each from Hamada and Del Rey before being thrown to opposite corners! The two then get dealt a mega clothesline before both jump over the top rope and to the outside. F.I.S.T has a group huddle with strategic discussions present … only for Hamada to launch herself over the top rope and onto all three members of F.I.S.T.! Hamada rolls back into the ring and her and Del Rey both motion as to make it as clear as the loveliest bit of crystal you could find; they are coming for the Campeonatos de Parejas!

    The match starts to develop an integrity and depth as the minutes pass, the chaos gone, replaced by a controlled sort of chaos if you will. Del Rey and Hamada continue to control things, proving they are not to be underestimated. Indeed, five minutes have passed and The Queens of Wrestling are in complete ascendancy. Gargano and Taylor’s frustrations are clear for all to see. Frustrations normally restricted to Taylor and Icarus soon spill over to Gargano and Icarus, Icarus’s failed attempts at gaining his partners the distraction proving the iron to the fire of Gargano who confronts him and doesn’t seem happy. F.I.S.T. almost pay for this, as Gargano confronts Icarus, Del Rey nearly hooks Taylor up into the Royal Butterfly, only for Gargano to break the attempt up, disposing of Del Rey over the top rope and to the outside, only for Hamada to hit him with an Axe Kick, right across the head, and then the back of the neck!

    Taylor is behind her and delivers a couple of hard clubs to the back of Hamada, grabbing her in a full nelson. Taylor mockingly swishes his hips, but Hamada is quick to wriggle our and behind Taylor, dragging his legs from under him. Taylor smacks his face hard on the mat before Hamada runs in front of him, bouncing off the ropes and returning with a hard running dropkick! Taylor’s body launches back furiously as he rolls to the outside. Hamada then goes to work on Gargano with knifedge chops, throwing Gargano into the ropes and catching him with a fireman’s carry when he returns. Hamada slides to the outside as Del Rey jumps to the ring apron before launching herself over the ropes and landing a splash on Johnny! She hooks the leg … but Gargano manages to kick out at two!

    Del Rey rolls back into the ring as Hamada regains her footing. The two woman drag Gargano up, each using an arm to throw him into the ropes. Gargano manages to grab the ropes just in time and before Del Rey and Hamada can strike hard and fast, Taylor launches himself from nowhere to take them out with a powerful double clothesline! Flicking his hair and berating them, Taylor starts laying into them with continuous foot stomps.

    Gargano recovers and joins in on the attack. Concentrating attention on Del Rey, Taylor drags her to her feet, hitting Sole Food (Inverted Stomp Facebuster) before Gargano takes his place on the top rope, diving off and hitting Hamada with a Missile Dropkick. He follows this up with an Enzuigiri before Taylor this time climbs up high, diving off the turnbuckle and hitting a perfect Elbow Drop! Taylor covers Del Rey and Gargano places himself on top of Taylor, providing more weight … but Del Rey’s arm just escapes out from the cluster of bodies for a near fall!

    F.I.S.T. aren’t done there though and putting aside the troubles they had in the early goings, with Hamada and Del Rey, as well as themselves, the dominance of the Campeo’s increases with every passing minute.

    The match is now much less one sided than it was, the swings of momentum now much more pronounced. Things change, maybe critically, when Taylor and Gargano butt heads, literally, thrown into eachother having each tried to attack CHIKARA’s two premiere woman athletes in opposing corners. Del Rey tries for the Royal Butterfly on Gargano, only to be nailed with a big back body drop … Hamada tries to lock in a sleeper, but Gargano nails her from behind, freeing Taylor from her grasp. Taylor sets himself as Gargano smirks, standing on the other side of Hamada …

    Hamada turns, but ducks at attempted Superkick! Gargano stops just before he connects with Taylor … both men breath a heavy sigh of relief, but as they turn … double spear from Hamada and Del Rey! Gargano dives to the outside, but Taylor is left alone! Icarus is going out of his mind at ringside as he tries to help Gargano, but hope seems lost as Hamada drags Taylor to his feet, delivering a sharp Headbutt before driving him over with a DDT! … Standing Moonsault follows!

    Del Rey hooks the arm of Taylor; she sets herself … LeBell Lock is synched in! The crowd comes alive, the smell of championship gold changing in the air! Hamada drives on her partner as Taylor screams like a girl, reaching out, but unable to reach the ropes. His arms stretched out as far as they can go, the referee asking him if he wants to quit. Taylor shouts no, but it’s then that Icarus throws in what look to be a pair of Brass Knuckles!

    Hamada sees them however and stomps on the hand of Taylor before he can pick them up, instead chucking them back at Icarus! The referee leaves the scene of the LeBell lock and reprimands Icarus, but Hamada turns, only to be hit with the Hurts Donut from Gargano! She’s tossed to the outside as Del Rey lets go of the hold, the chaos ensuing around her providing an able distraction. She fights Gargano off with hard right hands, but he manages to rake the eye before Del Rey winds up a right hand that sends Gargano scattering across the ring!

    She turns back to Taylor, clearing seething, but Taylor reaches up and brings her down into a Small Package! 1 … 2 … 3!! F.I.S.T. HAVE STOLEN IT! THE CAMPEONATOS DE PAREJAS REMAIN WITH THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS TRIO!

    The boos of the crowd do nothing to drown out the cackles of delight of Icarus as he enters the ring. Icarus applauds Gargano and Taylor as he holds the belts. Taylor drags himself to his feet but doesn’t show any delight, at least for now, before ripping his title out of the grasp of Icarus before celebrating with Gargano, handing him his title too.

    The two men embrace as they jump up and down. Icarus seems deflated by being left out of the group hug, his night getting worse when Hamada enters and lays him out with a hard club to the back of his neck! Icarus crumples into a heap as Taylor and Gargano escape out of the ring, their title reign and their bodies JUST intact.

    Taylor and Gargano don’t seem too concerned about the plight of the Multi-Tattooed Wonder as they take their laugh, smiling and congratulating eachother on another successful title defence.

    Sara Del Rey meanwhile gets to her feet, having sat on the mat astonished, joining Hamada in the center of the ring. Having fought so hard to get the three points, the circumstances that dictated their inability to become the Campeo’s has clearly devastated them.

    However, as the fans give them a rousing reception, the two lock hands and raise eachother’s hand high into the air, the moral victory having been sought and discovered, even if the literal one had passed them by. The two take a small dose of pleasure in seeing The Winged Ring Warrior layed out beneath them as they look ahead to whatever the future may hold, and who knows, one more shot one day soon at F.I.S.T. and the chance to become the first ever women to hold the Campeonatos de Parejas.
    As one title contest comes to an end, another gets set to begin. It’s the fate of the Grand Championship of CHIKARA that brings a rather dismayed, to say the least, Eddie Kingston out to the building and as with earlier in the night, he is once again without the title he has held for the entire year.

    Rolling into the ring, The War King immediately takes the microphone and makes it clear he won’t apologize for ANYTHING. Indeed, he also wouldn’t apologize for what he did to Derek Sabato, 17, The Shard and any other member of GEKIDO if they didn’t hand back his Grand Championship!

    After waiting a few moments, it becomes clear that no one from GEKIDO is going to be appearing. Kingston, now reaching break point, says that if he doesn’t get his title back by the end of the night, he’ll make it his mission to drive GEKIDO out of CHIKARA himself and make it his one goal to ensure that they are unable to wrestle again …

    Kingston throws the mic aside as he paces the ring … He is soon introduced to his opponent, and indeed, returning after two months, ready to face his best friend for the grandest prize in CHIKARA pro is the one and only “Wrestling Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma” … Jigsaw! The crowd stands in unison to welcome back one of their favourite sons! Jigsaw looks down at his right knees, flexes it and nods his head before making his way to the ring, showing no apparent signs that his right knee is anything but 100% recovered.

    As he enters the ring, he gingerly circles his friend, Kingston still showing severe signs of a mental breakdown. Jigsaw leans forward and stretches out his hand, but Kingston shoves it away. “Tomorrow, you’re my best friend. Tonight, you’re my enemy.” … Jigsaw backs off and nods his head in acceptance whilst Kingston throws his shirt away to unveil his wrestling regalia, tearing at the straps. Jigsaw places his knee on the ropes and adjusts something beneath his trousers before turning back to confront the champion.

    After Gavin Loudspeaker makes the introductions and Bryce Remsburg checks that both men are not wielding anything they should, and having weirdly not been able to show off the prize the two will be wrestling for, the bell is rung and the Grand Championship showdown and the eighth defence of the belt is underway!

    The early goings is what you’d expect from two men so used to eachother, and of course such good friends. Though no quarter is given, it’s also cautious to the extreme, especially on the part of Jigsaw. A couple of lock up’s go the way of the Grand Champion, Kingston threatening to go for the knee, only for Jigsaw to dodge out of the way, looking on in suspicion, but accepting it was a fact that Kingston was going to at least try and target the right knee.

    Jigsaw shows no ring rust as he aims to take early control, managing to floor Kingston with an elbow smash. Kingston dives toward the knee of Jigsaw, but narrowly misses; Jig always managing to stay one step ahead of the attempts. This only infuriates Kingston further and after he tries a kneebuster, he’s thrown into the corner, Jigsaw attacking his own knee, the left one, one which had been injured throughout 2011 in some way shape or form, and had only been surgically cleaned out and repaired earlier in the year.

    Kingston’s volatile nature had backfired for a while, the strangest of turns, the man who had just returned from injury channelling his two month pent-up aggression into an attack on the same body part of his opponent, who just happened to be his best friend also. A Superkick to the left knee of Kingston is blocked, Kingston pushing Jig away before rolling out of the way himself.

    When jigsaw returns, Kingston fights him off with punches. Trying to turn the tide whilst his knee remains in good enough shape to compete, Kingston throws his considerable force into a huge lariat which damn near rips Jigsaw’s head off, bouncing off and out of the corner turnbuckle, his head smashed hard against it. Kingston follows it with the Backfist to the Future! He covers … but Jigsaw’s foot somehow finds the bottom rope!

    Kingston isn’t going to relent though as he stands Jigsaw back to his feet. He holds his back as he looks up at the champion standing in front of him. Still clearly struggling to remain calm in the face of the events of this weekend, Kingston seems composed by his friends look into his eyes, but then, Kingston’s eyes glaze over, he shrugs his shoulders, then drives Kingston back into the corner with hi hard, broad shoulders!

    Kingston thrusts his shoulders into the gut of Jigsaw, again, and again, and again, until Jigsaw can hardly move. He slumps to a seated position before Kingston kicks the knee of Jigsaw right against the mat! Jigsaw rolls out, screaming in pain, but Kingston doesn’t relent, picking up the right leg of Jigsaw, bending the knee, before driving it to the hard, unforgiving mat below! Not once, not twice, but THREE, DEVASTATING TIMES!

    Kingston picks up Jigsaw, he picks him up before arching his knee again and throwing him knee first into the top turnbuckle in one corner! Jigsaw bounces out and to the ring mat and as he writhes in agony, Kingston kneels down, looking upon his best friend and shakes his head before ominously stating “I’m sorry, but it’s gotta be done” … before taking the knee of The Masked Riddle, wrapping it inside his two legs and locking in a Kneebar! Jigsaw can’t last hardly a second, the pain’s too much and he’s forced to tap out! In ferocious and unforgiving circumstances, Eddie Kingston was STILL Chikara Grand Champion. It was now eight successful defences and counting!

    Getting to his feet, Kingston rubs his head, removing the sweat from his brow. Kingston gets his hand raised by Bryce Remsburg, but he then orders him from the ring. Jigsaw is now on the outside, having rolled out of the ring of his own accord. Kingston grabs the microphone from Gavin and returns to the center of the ring. Breathing heavily, Kingston makes one last statement; “GEKIDO, it’s your move …”
    Kingston drops the microphone and before he can even wink, the dastardly and despicable Derek Sabato appears! Sabato seems to show genuine enjoyment in Kingston’s win, whilst assuring him he is a man of his word. Kingston refused to apologize for his and CHIKARA’s actions and thus, Sabato says that it’s unfortunate and that now, “GEKIDO feels there must be consequences” …

    Kingston senses something isn’t right, but he can hardly muster enough energy to respond when he turns around and gets kicked in the knee by 17!

    Sabato then goes back behind the curtain before then returning … with the CHIKARA Grand Championship in his grasp! He smirks in evil fashion as 17 puts the boots into Kingston. Sabato then speaks again and says that there is one way Kingston can stop this. He can stop this and get his Grand Championship back with one very simply step - he defends the title against 17 … RIGHT NOW!

    The shocked gasps of the audience says it all. 17 stands and rubs his hands in the ring as Kingston holds onto the ropes. He looks at 17 and then back at Sabato and through fritted teeth, picking up the microphone, Kingston shouts to the heavens … “BRING IT ON YOU …” … but before he can finish, 17 delivers a running knee, knocking Kingston backwards against the ropes!

    Bryce Remsburg re-enters the ring as Jigsaw is taken toward the back by various medical officials, despite his reluctance. Remsburg doesn’t seem happy but regardless, after checking with Kingston, who though dazed, still nods his head, Remsburg calls for the bell! We have a second Grand Championship match of the night!

    17 goes on the assault right away, he kneels down and unloads with fierce left and right hands, getting back to his feet and driving his boots into the knee of Kingston. Kingston is powerless to resist and frenzy having just been involved in the most fast and brutal matches he’s had all year.


    … 3!!!


    The shock can’t be understated. The noise filters out of the building all at once. GEKIDO has stolen the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! The Invaders, who have made it their sole mission t destroy CHIKARA from the inside out, they had taken possession of the organizations greatest prize!

    Kingston is layed outcold, a trampled mess upon the pristine white mat, marked with nothing more than his befallen carcass. 17 stands above him and laughs as Remsburg stands and looks on. As Sabato makes his way to ringside and forces Gavin Loudspeaker to make the proclamation of 17’s victory, 17 himself takes great pleasure in Bryce Remsburg, the man who handed over the Grand Title in emotional circumstances at High Noon last year, being forced to raise his hand as the victor … the most shocking moment in CHIKARA’s storied history!

    Sabato enters the ring and calmly hands the Grand Championship over to 17. The two men stand and stare at eachother and Sabato shakes his hand as 17 calmly takes the gold and drops it to the mat! 17’s lip curls as he stamps on it and in the ultimate sign of disrespect, spits on it! The crowd is disgusted, but none more so than Remsburg! The title dedicated to his late friend Larry Sweeney, Remsburg has seen enough, leaving the ring in a state of extreme shock and anger, but as he leaves … he’s confronted as a heavily limping Jigsaw makes his way out from the back ...

    Jigsaw falls and grabs onto Remsburg’s shirt. Remsburg looks at him, grabbing his mask and begging him not to do what he’s about to do, but Jigsaw shakes his head as he rushes toward the ring! Jigsaw though is still limping and falls just before he gets there, clutching his knee as Remsburg comes to his aide!

    The crowd looks on concerned as 17 and Sabato stand tall, but that isn’t all. To rub salt into the wounds, The Shard, assailANT, combatANT and deviANT all come out to the ring. They all stand and with 17 in the middle, the Grand Championship on the mat beneath them, they raise their arms in the sign of an ultimate victory!

    GEKIDO had promised to come and wreak havoc and to inflict the sort of injustices they had felt were piled on them for more than a decade in various forms, and on this night, they had divided and they had conquered!

    A despondent Jigsaw is helped back by Bryce and as they disappear behind the curtain, Green Ant, Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush all appear! Stood in a stunned shock, the four look on at their evil opposites and Quackenbush especially seems taken aback. Turning on his heel, 17 smirks as he points at Quackenbush and shows the Grand Championship off to him, holding it high.

    Mike Quackenbush had earlier in the season talked about being sick and tired of CHIKARA being a place where invaders came to make their name at his, his trainees and the fans expense, but this was a whole different level.

    GEKIDO hadn’t just made their name, they’d written it into history. Regardless of what would happen from here, GEKIDO would always be a name in the history of CHIKARA, a tainted stain on the legacy of the little promotion that could.

    Quackenbush drops his head as he walks alone back behind the curtain, GEKIDO remaining stood as they stare out The Colony, CHIKARA’s iconic trio unable to make sense of what has just happened, only knowing that the company that had been their home for their entire wrestling careers had now changed …

    … FOREVER.


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      Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

      20/8/12: Up until this weekend, I didn’t see anything different in you five guys than I did in the likes of The Kings of Wrestling and The Brüderschaft.

      I was willing to let you have your fun, but the fun, it stops. Now.

      You crossed a line this weekend. Beat me up all you want, I can defend myself. Hell, the “match” me and 17 we had, it wasn’t traditional but I can take the fact I was beat. It just means I can come back stronger and have a chance to destroy you myself.

      Nah, the problem I have, 17 spat on the title I have spent 9 months defending to within an inch of my life.

      When you spat on that title, you didn’t just spit on me. You spat on CHIKARA. You spat on all the boys in the back. You spat on Mike Quackenbush, the guy who ensured that this guy has a job, but most of all … most of all, you spat on the legacy of the single greatest friend I’ve had in this business. Larry Sweeney.

      For that, you’ll suffer. That guy, he loved this business. You didn’t always like his ethics or the way he went about things. Hell, me and him, we had our fallings out, both inside and outside this ring, but the one thing he was, the one thing he prided himself on was RESPECT for this business, respect built up through tearing himself apart for it and sending himself across the country with little to no money, just show he could get his name out there.

      You guys, you didn’t do that. You decided to rock up here years after being rejected. You decided to make your names at our expense by attacking us outside of a match and you clearly have no respect for the business or this company.

      …and that leaves us with a problem. You’ve got something I want and I need and there’s only one way I can get it back, so guess what? Yeah, that’s right. The King of Trios can wait for another year. This year, I’m cashing in the rematch clause that I’m entitled to as a former champion and I’m cashing it in on Night Two.

      You guys got recognition, now you’ve got it. You wanted the chance to show your skills and earn your spots? You got that too, courtesy of 17. Me and you, one on one. No gimmicks, no sideshows, just a straight up fight for that title.

      You might not have respect for that title, this company or this business, but believe me, once I’m done with ALL of you, not just you 17, I’ll make sure you have that respect.

      Respect is Earned.
      So let me beat it out of you.

      Congrats, punks. You’ve got my undivided attention.

      Eddie Kingston


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        Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

        22/8/12: Howdy Chikara fans! Are you excited for King of Trios? I know I am! Season 11’s been incredible thus far, hasn’t it?!!

        I’m not disputing that it’s been a chaotic couple of months, but that’s just the way of the world. Myself and the Board of Fun have had many problems to deal with, the main one being Derek Sabato’s attempts to leverage the most out of us in regards to GEKIDO.

        Derek however was employed by me to be the liaison to GEKIDO. Nothing more, nothing less. There is a contract both sides have to honor and this is the best way to ensure I don’t have him wreaking too much havoc in matches like he did when a senior official. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’ll have to do.

        With 17 as Grand Champion, I understand it will be a troubling period for you, the CHIKARMY. None of us are happy, but the situation is what it is. Eddie Kingston wanted the match and unfortunately, he got it and paid for it. I have read over his blog and subsequent email sent to me detailing his intentions to cash in his rightful rematch for the Grand Championship of CHIKARA. I shall be making a final decision in the coming few days and will inform you all in due course.

        There are many irons in the fire at the moment as we head full steam to King of Trios. I have received many documents enclosing submissions for one of the 14 open spots that are left for this year’s annual extravaganza. I now need to weed the worthy from the worthless and that continues to take time, but be assured, as soon as I know, you’ll know!

        We also have many surprises lined up for our three nights in Easton and I can’t wait to show the world what we’re all about! … and don’t forget, Night Three will be available LIVE on iPPV!

        I’m simply bursting with excitement. I trust you are too.

        Until next time.



        • #79
          Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

          We’re now heading full steam for King of Trios 2012. We’re now just about three weeks away and things are hotting up! We have four teams confirmed, so how about we let you know about the next two spots to be filled?

          The next two King of Trios entrants are …


          Women of Wrestling, otherwise known as WoW! will be the sole representatives for the women’s cause as Sara Del Rey and Ayako Hamada welcome the rookie sensational Saturyne into their midst, fresh off a appearance in the finals of the Young Lions Cup. All three had their fair share of disappointment on our last weekend swing but will be looking to make amends in Easton. No one should take these beautiful, but brash and fierce women lightly, for they could cause a huge shock if given the opportunity.

          They will be joined by a 2nd consecutive appearance in King of Trios, UltraMantis Black and his Spectral Envoy, consisting of Hallowicked and Frightmare. These three have seen Season 11 dominated by a war with Delirious and his new found Dark Army, The Batiri. Can The Envoy refocus as they go in search of the Holy Grail? Can they succeed, or will the ghost of Delirious loom large and put paid to their hopes?

          That’s now six teams confirmed, and as always, all could well make a case for being up there with the favorites for the win. This year’s field is wide open, and who knows, we could be talking about WoW! or The Spectral Envoy as achieving history once we roll out of Easton on the 17th of September.


          • #80
            Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

            25/8/12: Am I doing this thing right?

            It’s been a while. I nearly forgot what the term “blogging” meant.

            This bionic baller’s been away for a fair few months. Infact, I haven’t competed so far in Season 11 and I know that’s disappointed my legions of boisterous fans.

            I went away to do my own thing, but now, I’m back, or at least, I hope I am.

            A lot’s changed around this place. The fun loving CHIKARA I was a part of has changed quite a bit over the months, replaced by the sort of fury and frenzy I haven’t personally seen, even in the times of the Brüderschaft.

            I was there this weekend and walking through the halls, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but one thing was terribly wrong. I searched high and low and couldn’t find him, and it took a few minutes for me to remember. Dasher Hatfield is no more.

            My man Dash was driven from this place by his own flesh and blood just a couple of months ago. All he wanted was to help his Great Nephew become the best he could be. He used to call me up and say how proud he was of this young kid training ready for his great debut, and then, he debuted and it all changed …

            Dash always held out hope he could change him, he wanted to change him. No one wants to see their own flesh and blood lead down the wrong path, but it was Dasher’s trust, in the end, that did for him. My homie was too kind for his own good.

            But you know what? None of that matters. This is a new time for year, the single greatest time of year. It’s a time of year The Throwbacks come alive and I want that to happen even more than ever before!

            Wink, I know you got a lot on your mind dawg. Making matches, dealing with Sabato, laser eye surgery, but man, do the right thing. I’m not just asking you, I’m begging you son, do the right thing! Do what the fans have wanted and give the original version of The Throwbacks a chance to compete one more time in King of Trios!

            I don’t know what the future holds beyond then for us, but I do know you want this to be the greatest King of Trios of all time, and all you need to know is that it won’t be ANYTHING unless you throw The Throwbacks back into the mix, even if only for one last weekend.

            Wink, do it. Not just for me, not just for Dasher, but do it for the fans. You won’t regret it and you KNOW it makes sense.

            I’ll be waiting by the digits. Call me!

            Your Boy, Sugs


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              Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

              26/8/12: So, I’ve got some bad news …

              No, I’m still single ladies! The Chuck’s still up for action, don’t doubt that!

              The problem is that it’s looking like King of Trios isn’t going to be graced by the greatest group in professional wrestling today.

              Unfortunately, Johnny’s gone on safari in Japan, so that’s left me in something of a pickle. It doesn’t feel right competing in King of Trios without my partner, so I made the decision that for this year, F.I.S.T. is going to have to sit things out …

              I’m not happy about this. Johnny should be here preparing to bring home the second ever King of Trios victory to F.I.S.T. and continue our dominance. Instead, he’s more interested in chasing lions around a forest or whatever.

              I’ve clearly got to make decisions, and I will. I’ve been told that the spot we would have taken in King of Trios is up for grabs, providing I can put together a trio to take its place, so that is what I am going to do.

              I already have a little something in mind and I’ll be letting you all know in good time.

              Until then though, stay fresh, and Johnny, if you’ve got reception wherever you are, stay safe and come back in one piece.

              I miss you.

              Chucky T


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                Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling (December's Best Fed!)

                The one thing King of Trios is renowned for, apart from its remarkable action, is the vast array of athletes that it showcases. Indeed, all types of athletes, teams and organizations are recognized and that will be no different in 2012!

                We complete the first half of the sixteen trio field with the announcement of two special guests trios … for one night only! Easton, get ready to have your minds rocked!

                The seventh and eighth entrants into the 2012 King of Trios are …


                First of all, Ring of Honor will be represented when Adam Cole, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong are sent to Easton to do war with trios from around the world! This trio consists the past, present and future of professional wrestling and will be sure to pose a considerable threat with their differing, yet devastating ring skills.

                But if you like that, you’ll LOVE this. The magical wrestling city of Detroit is getting in on the act and for the first time ever, Detroit; Michigan will be involved as The Detroit Three come to King of Trios! Alex Shelley, “The Man Monster” Rhyno and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown will all team up as they all make rare, one time only appearances inside a CHIKARA ring. These men have all competed on the biggest of stages in professional wrestling and will therefore arrive in Easton as a trio not just to respect, but to fear as potential winners.

                That’s now eight down, but there are eight to go. The petitions for places are being sent in by the dozen and Wink Vavasseur and the Board of Fun continues to rifle through them and pick the best trios to make the best field of 16 trios there has ever been.

                More will be added until we reach the magic 16 and with under three weeks left, things will now start moving at a pace, so stay tuned for updates.


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                  Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling (December's Best Fed!)

                  I love these teams and I can't wait for this show. King of Trios is the show I'm hyped up for the most in fan fic right now. Excellent buildup. Expect a full review.


                  • #84
                    Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                    Wink Vavasseur and the Board of Fun convened yesterday afternoon to decide on the situation regarding 17 and Eddie Kingston. It was decided that the rematch that Kingston stated he wants to cash in WILL happen and it will happen on Night Two of King of Trios in Easton!

                    It’s going to be “The War King” Eddie Kingston gunning to get his treasured gold back when he faces the skilled assassin 17! What will happen when these two men, who have quickly become the most bitter of rivals, meet inside the squared circle, this time in a fair one on one battle? Can Kingston survive 17’s devastating move set and ability to break a man into pieces?

                    But that’s not all. Wink Vavasseur decided to not just rest on his laurels, he has decided to go big. Therefore, he has declared two more matches to take place at King of Trios.

                    First of all, on Night Two, the two comrades of Kingston and 17 will do battle. It will be the second war they have fought this second. With years of history between them, it’s going to be a playground of pain and violence …

                    … In Easton, it’ll be The Shard going head to head with Jigsaw! The question is, is Jigsaw’s knee ready for yet another encounter of this magnitude, or can he run through the pain barrier and gain the revenge he seeks for the attack inflicted upon him that lost him two months of his career?

                    That won’t be the only time he gets a chance to have that ultimate revenge. Wink, in all his wisdom, has decided these two matches is not enough, so on Night Three, it’s going to be a Tag Team Showdown with Points in Play!

                    Points, Pride, Passion and Revenge will all be in play as 17 and The Shard of GEKIDO combat Eddie Kingston and Jigsaw on the finale night of the 2012 King of Trios!

                    Most companies would make you wait for all this, but not us, we’re giving it all to you ASAP, and we’re giving it to you all in the space of two nights! It’s just how we roll, but there’s no need to thank us. Just be there, or tune into iPPV on Night Three to see the tag team showdown. You won’t regret giving us your time and attention.


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                      Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                      2/9/12: In 2007, I was involved in the first ever King of Trios and now, five years on, with the tournament bigger and better than ever before, I’m back!

                      I’ve spent the last several months travelling the world, but mainly, I’ve been in Japan, and It’s been fun. For the first time in years, I’m on the right road in my career. I’m enjoying wrestling in front of thousands of fans and being appreciated for what I bring to the table and I know that CHIKARA will appreciate the show me and everyone else involved will put on later this month.

                      I’ve got to say though, it’s strange. I’m in a trio and it’s not involving my best friend Chris Sabin, but if I had to pick two partners, I couldn’t pick better than I have been given. Forget Detroit, I don’t think the entire United States has two tougher men than Rhyno and Monty Brown.

                      I’ve wrestled alongside and against these men for most of my career in “another” place. I know exactly what they bring to the table and another thing I know is that when we get to Easton, we’re not just going to be a force to be reckoned with, but we’re going to be a force that becomes the 2012 King of Trios!

                      You’ve got a Man Monster, an Alpha Male and a man with the gift on loan from god. What do you think’s going to happen?

                      CHIKARA, be ready because The Detroit Three are coming and we’re coming to win.

                      @LEX SHELLEY


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                        Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                        With the following revelation of the next two entrants into the 2012 King of Trios, it will bring the field up to double digits in number. One of the trios are very familiar to all CHIKARA fans, but the other, well, let’s just say that it’s an early Christmas gift, from us to you.

                        The ninth and tenth trifectas to be entered into the 2012 King of Trios can be revealed as ...


                        Oh yes, for the second year in a row, and to complete a handful of occasions teamed together, 3.0le! of El Generico, Scott "Jagged" Parker and "Big Magic" Shane Matthews will get the chance to channel their crazed and wacky wrestling style into a chance to win the grandest prize a trio can win, but can they? Can they battle against their bigger, and in most cases more experienced trios and come out on top?

                        To go along with this, the big news is that all the way from Jolly Old England, Dave Taylor, "The Anarchist" Doug Williams and the legend that is Johnny Kidd will bring their brand of smash mouth, in your face wrestling to North America in order to have the chance to bring those prestigious medals back across the pond.

                        TEAM England and 3.0le! join their eight counterparts in dreaming of the big time, the chance to be crowned the 2012 King of Trios. We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again; how open is this years field? It could literally go any which way, but that’s the fun of it! … and the fun begins September 14th in Easton!


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                          Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                          With Johnny Gargano letting out his environmental side somewhere deep in the depths of the Japanese jungle (do they have jungles?) … Chuck Taylor has been forced to look elsewhere for two partners for King of Trios.

                          It was expected Taylor would include Icarus and one other for his latest crack at becoming a King of Trios winner, yet that isn’t the case. There is no sign of Icarus, and in fact, Taylor has shocked the Board of Fun by announcing his intention to bring a new group into the fold later this month!

                          That’s right, at King of Trios, “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor is bringing The Gentleman’s Club to CHIKARA for the first time! Taylor will be accompanied by “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy and a mythical creature we’ve seen a bit of lately, the furious “thing” with a clear anger management problem, The Swamp Monster! We’re sure Icarus won’t be happy, but Taylor says his decision is final and that The Gentleman’s Club represents the best chance of him becoming a two time King of Trios winner.

                          The question being begged is this; what does this mean for the future of F.I.S.T. and just what on earth is Icarus going to do in Easton?

                          Oh, and before we forget, we’ve got a little something else.

                          It’s become something of an annual thing, a little bit of fun, but with high stakes, so with that said, we’re delighted to announce that this year’s King of Trios will see the return of the 10 Team Overly Long, Overly Subscribed, Overly Ridiculous (With Points in Play!) Tag Gauntlet!

                          Some familiar faces will be present, as well as some shocks and many pleasant surprises. In the process of this match, we’ll also be giving a point to the winners toward title contention for the Campeonatos des Parejas! A big match with a lot on the line, and a lot of people involved! Who will come out on top and launch themselves toward a shot at tag team glory?


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                            Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                            5/9/12: Hello, it’s me, your trusty Director of Fun here! … again!

                            As you have seen through the last few days, many pieces of business have started to be attended to as the days tick down to King of Trios. I have been very busy and there are a couple of situations I want to address in this blog.

                            First of all, Sugar Dunkerton’s plea to me to reinstate The Throwbacks for King of Trios. I understand Sugar’s predicament. When we signed him on the dotted line for a new and improved contract and discussed his comeback, he mentioned this as one of his ideas. I told him I’d go away and discuss it, and indeed, I did, yet he continued to pester me, leading to the blog he posted late last month.

                            Sugar, I don’t need talent undermining me by bringing our conversations into the public domain, but I have made a decision. You wanted the chance to be a part of The Throwbacks for one more night, so you know what? You will. King of Trios will see the return of The Throwbacks! … but not quite as you see it.

                            Dasher Hatfield is unable to return as consequence of what happened at Chikarasauras Rex, so I’m afraid I’ve had to rejig The Throwbacks for this epic weekend. Therefore, you will be teamed, as usual, with Matt Classic, but you will be joined by who I consider a richly talented young man who I feel will add even more to The Throwbacks than Dasher Hatfield would have. Sugar, I trust you will give a warm welcome to the third member … Mr. Touchdown!!!

                            Now, onto other Trios business. With the conflict regarding GEKIDO threatening to tear CHIKARA apart, I have decided the only option is to create a trio that will represent the spirit of CHIKARA, who have been CHIKARA since day one and are committed to the cause. CHIKARA need another trio to defend the honor of this great company and I have come up with the perfect three men to compete and show the world what this company is all about.

                            If you thought The Throwbacks was a doozy, just watch this, because at King of Trios, we’ll be seeing TEAM CHIKARA competing. Former partners, now bitter rivals will be forced to coexist when Gran Akuma and Icarus take their place alongside “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush in Easton, Pennsylvania!

                            I know this will be controversial, but I trust that these three men will see the bigger picture. This is not about them, it’s about CHIKARA and I have immense faith in their ability to put aside past and present grievances and do what is best for the company that has done so much for them too.

                            I know, isn’t is amazing?! This is my favourite time of the year and it’s shaping up to be one hell of a wild ride!

                            Remember friends, controversy creates cash! Haha!

                            YOUR Director of Fun - WINK


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                              Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                              Wink Vavasseur has been on the blower. Describing himself as “really busy” and getting by on a diet of Lucozade and Double Chocolate Muffins, our Director of Fun continues to be inundated with applications for King of Trios spots.

                              First of all, Wink had to decide what to do about The Throwbacks. Sugar Dunkerton is ready to return and has begged for the reunion of the Throwbacks for one weekend only in Easton. Well, Wink has agreed, but not entirely. You see, it won’t be the original Throwbacks returning. As seen in his latest blog, Wink has decided, in all his wisdom, to team together Sugar Dunkerton and Matt Classic with the brash upstart, “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti!

                              This is sure not to go down well with Sugar, the Boisterous Ball Hog still holding onto the hope that Hatfield, disposed of from CHIKARA by Touchdown, could have returned. According to Vavasseur though, Hatfield can’t return, as per the stipulations of his last match. Therefore, The Throwbacks, a very different Throwbacks, will return at King of Trios! Can they put a chaotic few months behind them to bring success to the group? It has to be said, it’s looking doubtful.

                              But that’s not the only controversial trio we can announce. Mike Quackenbush, as you all know, has been busy with GEKIDO throughout this season. Usually, he’d team with Jigsaw and another partner of choice, however, with Jigsaw busy with 17 and The Shard, Quackenbush is looking for two partners to team with at King of Trios.

                              Wink Vavasseur agreed that he could pick one of his partners, and not hesitating, Quackenbush decided upon Gran Akuma to be the first man. Wink Vavasseur then took the final participant decision, and well, it’s certainly interesting, ‘cause … gulp … that last partner is … “The Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus!

                              This is certainly “interesting”. Instead of F.I.S.T., Icarus will be forced to team with not only Quackenbush, not exactly his best friend, but his former partner, now turned bitter, sinister rival, Gran Akuma! Just how on earth can they coexist? Will they? Can Quackenbush get this trio to work together with the aim of not only winning King of Trios, but stopping The Swarm from doing so? Their chances, like with The Throwbacks, don’t seem strong.

                              We’ll find out for sure in just over a weeks time!


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                                Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                                8/9/12: I like a joke as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous.

                                First of all, I’m not even told about myself, Chuck and Johnny not being involved in King of Trios. Hell, I didn’t know Johnny wasn’t going to be in the country.

                                Then, I come home from getting some ink done (you’ll see it in Easton, guys) and I’m told that I have to team with Gran Akuma of all people?

                                Have you lost the plot Wink? I’m not Quackenbush’s biggest fan, so I guess I can work with him for just one weekend, but Akuma? Putting aside the fact we just don’t like eachother, don’t you realize he wants to kill me? If anything happened to me, would you want that on your conscious?

                                I’m a consummate professional, but this is wrong and I won’t stand for being treated this way. I am one of the main reasons why this company exists. I’ve been here since the beginning, yet this is how I am treated?

                                As for you Chuck, I’m gutted. I thought we were friends? What do a Swamp Monster and Orange Cassidy have over a man like me, as decorated a star as both of them put together … what gives?

                                Chuck, give me a call, let’s talk this out, you can change your mind if you want to. I hope you do.

                                As for you Wink, you may be joking, but I’m not.

                                This is not funny in the slightest and I promise you, no good will come from this.

                                No good at all.