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CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

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    Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    First of all, I take back everything I said about not posting the shows back to back. Putting them both up so close together was way better than waiting. You got that feeling like it was a wild weekend of CHIKARA action, which made reading it that much better. If I had to wait for Smack In The Middle I would've been PISSED.

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again: the way you present your shows is perfect. If you wrote out a full show the way it's usually done with the guys you're using, so many people (myself included) would be lost. Instead, you bring the reader in, sit them down, give them a nice refreshing drink, maybe a little tickle, then make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to read some awesome stories. You've found a way to utilize a relatively unknown roster effectively.

    I like that you're pushing Del Rey and Hamada. That's an aspect of CHIKARA that deserves some of the spotlight; their unique ability to mix female and male wrestlers and make it fun and entertaining. The more I get familiar with Del Rey and her career, the more my opinion of women's wrestling changes. I'm glad there is more to women's wrestling than Divas and Knockouts.

    Chuck Taylor is the man. That is all.

    The Swarm rules.

    Mr. TD kicking his helmet up the ramp was a nice touch. Love little visuals like that. Such a nice touch, and I almost felt bad for the douchebag.

    Delirious and The Eye of Tyr...I'm a little lost on this, but I feel like it can only lead to bad things. Ultra Mantis Black doesn't seem like someone you want to piss off.

    Eddie Kingston and 17 at each other's throats is some fun reading. Eddie Kingston as the fighting Grand Champion is displayed incredibly well through your writing, and I truly believe him when he says he's ready to fight. Someone's gonna get hurt, and I can't wait.

    Awesome shows, awesome blogs, awesome everything.


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      Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

      As seen in his latest blog, Eddie Kingstonís intensity is at an all-time high. It was an interesting weekend for Kingston. He watched his best friend Jigsaw have his knee taken apart by 17 and The Shard at The Foggiest Notion, before battling to a disqualification victory against 17 the next night at Smack in the Middle, having demanded the match earlier in the night.

      Kingston remarked in his blog that he was ready to take on all-comers and heíd continue to be a fighting champion, even through his problems with 17 and The Shard. That idea will be put to the test, because the Grand Championship of CHIKARA will be defended at The Great Escape when "The War King" Eddie Kingston takes on ďThe Queen of WrestlingĒ Sara Del Rey!

      These two have had a defining few months, and in Del Reyís case, a year. Since breaking away from the villainous BrŁderschaft, Death Rey has picked up some huge wins, including against El Generico and Claudio Castagnoli, whilst putting in sterling, tough performances against the likes of mike Quackenbush. Sheís now got reward for all that work. The opportunity of a lifetime awaits at The Great Escape. Can she do it? Can Sara Del Rey become the Wo(man)?

      Eddie Kingston will have other ideas and with GEKIDO maybe waiting in the wings, heíll have to muster up all his strength, energy and mind to compete with Sara Del Rey and put his focus on the job.

      A tough fight in prospect and itíll go down in South Portland, Maine next month!


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        Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

        Gran Akuma is back! The Mystical Warrior From Afar returns next month and heíll face an immense tough couple of tests as he competes in singles action on both nights.

        First, Akuma will face off with ďMr. TouchdownĒ Mark Angelosetti at The Great Escape, but then, it gets even tougher and even nastier Ö

        Indeed! On the second night, itís the newly bald and newly unstable Tim Donst looking to drive a stake into the heart of Akumaís comeback!

        A bit two matches which will determine what path Gran Akumaís comeback will take. Will it take him back to the top or will his marvelous road to a career recovery be forever tarnished, his comeback halted before itís even begun?


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          Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

          Give Ďem The Axe sees Johnny Gargano aim to reach the last four of Young Lions Cup X. The night before, Gargano will team, as per usual, with Icarus and Chuck Taylor as F.I.S.T compete in trios action. We got word that they didnít want just any normal match, they wanted to lay out an open challenge to any group of three men or women who wanted to oppose them, to act as a warm-up for what they termed ďThe Summer of GarganoĒ which started the next night.

          Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur agreed, the documents have been signed and it will go down at The Great Escape! Who will step up and accept and prove they can live with CHIKARAís Most Dangerous Trio?


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            Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

            Originally posted by Ocire View Post
            This. This is why I love this fed.


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              Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

              As you may have noticed, we currently have two tandems on two points toward title contention. The Swarm and Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey are locked together. Now normally, weíd let things develop nice and naturally, organically if you will, but this is no normal time. The summer has arrived and itís a big-time in CHIKARA history, so we asked ourselves. How could we top the year thus far and how could we make this coming weekend even better? Well, we managed it and we trust that you will be impressed! Feast your eyes on the following!

              Oh YES! Itís going down at Give Ďem The Axe! The Swarm and Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey will go to war, there can only be one winner, those winners will go on to gain three points and become the next in line for a shot at F.I.S.T and the Campeonatos de Parejas!

              Itís looking like a make or break weekend for Del Rey. She could walk out of the weekend with points toward title contention, as well as being the second-ever Grand Champion of CHIKARA! BUT, you canít rule out the devastating deviANT and combatANT. They have made their short careers all about inflicting pain, and this night will be about all the more. Pain and points will be on the line and theyíll be gunning for both without a doubt!

              Gunning For Gold! Points in Play! A Contenders Decider! It all goes down at Give Ďem The Axe!


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                Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                2/7/12: The Foggiest Notion is the biggest moment of my career thus far. At least, it was. The single biggest night of my career to date now takes place on July 29th in Everett, Massachusetts.

                You’ve seen a lot of me so far but not heard a whole lot. See, when I graduated from the Wrestle Factory in November of 2011, Mike Quackenbush told me something. He told me that I’d get far if I did just one thing and one thing only and that’s letting my wrestling do the talking.

                Apart from Sara and now Hamada, I’m in an organization filled with my male counterparts. A lot of ‘em, in fact most of ‘em, they talk a whole lot, at times too much, but me? I’m not going to make that mistake.

                This will be one of few blogs from me. You won’t have to read a blog from me to know how I am. I’ll show you in that ring. I am a rookie, I understand that, but it’s not going to stop me in my quest to become the winner of the Young Lions Cup.

                People blag a lot about destiny, fulfilment, needs. I’m not going to make any promises. I’m going to make guarantees. That cup, it will be mine and then, every guy and gal in the back will see that you don’t need to talk a whole lot to get noticed in this sport.

                You won’t be hearing from me, but you’ll sure be seeing me.



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                  Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                  7/7/12: Smack in the Middle was a night of decimation. There was a war engaged between my Envoy, Delirious and The Batiri, but itís just not good enough.

                  Delirious, I told you: Iíve had enough. I didnít want to destroy you. I wanted to save you. Save you from yourself. Your current guise is clouded. Iím not sure what that was at Smack in the Middle, but it wasnít you. You didnít compete like the Delirious I came to know and love like my own.

                  What happened to you? What happened to the Perfect Weapon? You ask yourself this question every night when you go to slumber, Iím sure, but I know exactly what happened. When you destroyed the Eye of Tyr, you destroyed everything that encompassed the greatness that you possessed. When you shattered the Eye of Tyr, you shattered the sheer ruthlessness and affectivity of your offence.

                  Indeed, The Perfect Weapon Ö no longer Ö you even had to wave a clearly fake Eye of Tyr to try and distract the man known as Hallowicked. You know what his weakness is and you capitalized on it. Iím not sure what that actually was, but we can both be sure it wasnít anything like the Eye of Tyr was and what it used to be able to do.

                  But now Delirious, we have a problem. How do we solve this? Iím sure youíre happy to wait until this so-called ďBabylonĒ in 2014, but Iím not. Neither is Frightmare, nor Hallowicked. He still has nightmares about the events of Smack in the Middle, so Delirium, I have a proposal to make.

                  The Greatest Escape in Maine, Give Ďem The Axe in Everett, letís do it all over again! You made your challenge last month but this month, itís my turn!

                  The Great Escape, you release your Batiri and you tell them to enter that ring and meet myself, Frightmare and Hallowicked there for a little Trios action Ö yes?

                  Oh, but Delirious, wait, that is not all. You see, since I turned into a protector of CHIKARA and its Universe, I have come to see what the world really wants, and in this situation, I know what they want. They are craving it Delirious and we are the only two people who can give it to them Ö

                  Sunday 29th July, 2012 ... The Everett Rec Center, Everett, Massachusetts ... LETíS GO TO WAR DELIRIOUS!

                  July 29th, letís give the world what theyíve been waiting for Ö letís give the world what youíve been waiting for Ö letís give the world the greatest war that CHIKARA has ever seen! Letís give the world the showdown of the immortal evildoers Ö

                  Letís give the world Ö

                  UltraMantis Black versus Delirious!

                  Iíll be waiting.



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                    Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                    We got big news just through and it all went down after the events of yesterday at A blog was posted by UltraMantis Black which referenced the events of this past weekends events and what happened between The Spectral Envoy, The Batiri and Delirious. These events shocked even the esteemed CHIKARA board of fun, and indeed, a challenge was made. UltraMantis Black did not just lay out one challenge, but TWO!

                    First of all, he challenged The Batiri to meet his envoy of nefarious soldiers at The Great Escape in a Trios War in South Portland, but that wasnít all! The next night, he wanted something even more. He wanted the man he once controlled. He wanted Delirious Ö ONE ON ONE!

                    We earlier today got a phone call, but the line was fuzzy, the only thing we could hear was muffled breathing, followed by a strange continued ďBAHĒ Ö we assume this was Deliriousí way of accepting the challenge but indeed, there were still some discussions to be had.

                    The CHIKARA Board of Fun convened and after many hours of rock, paper, scissors and intellectual chat, Wink Vavasseur took charge and decided to grant the wishes of all involved!

                    The Great Escape, it's The Batiri versus The Spectral Envoy and then, at Give Ďem The Axe, itís finally going down! After all these years, itís going to be UltraMantis Black going into combat against his greatest creation, his former "Perfect Weapon" ...Delirious!

                    Things just continue to heat up! The Great Escape looks amazing but Give Ďem The Axe has the potential to be truly historic! Everything is on the line on this night and for The Envoy and Delirious, along with The Batiri, that could never be more apt. Delirious has promised that 2014 will be Mantisí Babylon, but can he wait?

                    Will he inflict the ultimate punishment two years early, or will The Envoy quell the march to 2014 by giving back some of what Delirious and The Batiri had handed out to them in the recent past? High stakes for everyone involved when we come to Maine and Massachusetts later this month!



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                      Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                      12/7/12: When I left the BrŁderschaft in the middle of last year, my intention was to climb the ladder all the way to the very top. I wanted success and at that point, the chase for the Grand Championship was just beginning.

                      I didnít quite come out on top in that chase, but I kept on going and have picked up wins against the likes of Claudio Castagnoli, El Generico, Aja Kong, whoever you name, Iím either beat them or fought them until they have no fight left in them.

                      Itís all brought me to this point. Itís all brought me to later in the month and what is without doubt the biggest weekend of my career to date.

                      Because later this month, I donít just look to move one step closer to becoming a Campeo de Parejas, but I also challenge Eddie Kingston to try and become the Grand Champion of CHIKARA. The biggest two matches Iíve had.

                      Itís poetic justice that the first of these is against two of a group of five invaders, considering how the last few years have gone for me. I got so concerned with not being given chances that I took it, but in the wrong way. Last year, I changed the way I took chances. I took them still, but in a different way. I took them by competing again, and beating the very best that CHIKARA has to offer.

                      Iíll do it one more time later this month because when I wrestle Eddie Kingston, I defeat is just not possible. It canít happen. Iíve worked too hard and too fast to come this far and lose at the very final hurdle, so I wonít. I canít be beaten.

                      Eddie, weíve been around eachother a lot of years. Weíve both been through a lot and weíve come out of it as two of CHIKARAís premiere stars.

                      When we fight on July 24th, it wonít be pretty, but it will be full of respect. When you give me a lariat, Iíll respect it. When I give you an axe kick, Iím sure youíll do the same, but I trust you wonít respect one thing.

                      Iím sure you wonít respect the fact that at Give Ďem The Axe, Iíll be walking out with the Grand Championship of CHIKARA and your spot as the single best this company has to offer.

                      I know you already know this, but just bear in mind, when your laying down having been levelled with my Royal Butterfly, remember that itís not personal, it never is.

                      Itís just the way itís gottaí be Ö



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                        Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                        Two lost souls will combine at The Great Escape. It’s been decided that since they can’t seem to get a break on their own, they’ll be paired together! It’s genius! At The Great Escape, Tim Donst and Ophidian will pair up to combat Fire Ant and Soldier Ant of The Colony!

                        Not only that, but when informed of the match, the makeshift pairing decided that they had no intention of having Points in Play during this match. According to Donst, they have no intention of pairing up long-term. This is a simple step to rejuvenation for him. Ophidian meanwhile seemed scarred by the past and when told the intention was for points to be in play, he shouted “NOOOOO!”, clutching at the mask of Amasis beside him and seeming visibly unnerved by the prospect of being back in a tag team.

                        With that in mind, and with The Colony’s consent, CHIKARA officials give the go-ahead for this tag team match to be competed, rarely, with NO points in play!

                        The Colony continue to be haunted by The Swarm and GEKIDO as a entity, so this seems to be the perfect time for Donst and Ophidian to get their seasons back on track … but can they? When it really matters, can these two men get back on track against one of CHIKARA’s iconic tandems?


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                          Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                          17/7/12: So this is it. After more than half a year of trying my hardest and running through every hurdle imaginable, Iím finally there. Iím finally just under a couple of weeks away from my official return as a CHIKARA athlete.

                          Itís been a long road. When I got kicked out by the group that I helped define, I thought there was no way back. Well, at least for a minute. Then I came to the conclusion that I was going to train every single day, 10 hours a day to get into the greatest shape of my life, then travel around the world, shake off the ring-rust and prove how good I really am and then come back and get my revenge.

                          It all led to Chikarasauras Rex and I did just that. I got my revenge and now, after a bit more fine-tuning and a signing of the contract, Iím ready for Maine and Everett. My proving ground, as far as Iím concerned, is over. I have no need to prove myself any longer. Everyone knows how good I am and if they donít, Iíll show them against Tim Donst and Mr. Touchdown later this month.

                          Thereís nothing mystical about me anymore. Everyone knows what I stand for and what I fight for. Iím one of the baddest guys youíll come across and Iíll fight anywhere, anytime. Just ask Icarus, whose still licking his physical and mental wounds from the ladder match.

                          As for my future Ö my future is clear, as our my goals, or goal. My one single goal is to win every match I contest and eventually, be it this year or in 2013 when CHIKARA enters its 12th season, Iíll be coming straight after the Grand Championship of CHIKARA and whoever is holding it.

                          Gran Akuma doesnít do a lot of talking, but take note of these words and even more than that, take note of what I do to Tim Donst and Mr. Touchdown next weekend.



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                            Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                            23/7/12: Iím sick and tired of everything.

                            Iím sick and tired of being fought over at each and every CHIKARA event. Itís tiring. I never asked for any of this. I never asked to start liking Mr. Touchdown, it just happened.

                            I never told Archie that I no longer wanted to be his Majorette, I was just simply conflicted and he took that as a sign that I was quitting the role. The truth is, I could not handle it all. It got too much for me.

                            The last few months have taught me that youíve got to make a choice. That is why I have spent the last couple of months watching both Touchdown and Archie in action, because I needed to decide which of them I wanted to be with, strictly in a professional capacity of course.

                            The problem is, I canít decide Ö

                            So I came up with a solution. I got the go-ahead from Wink, so it will happen at Give Ďem The Axe. One more time, itíll be Mr. Touchdown against Archibald Peck, one on one, but this time, the winner doesnít just get the chance to inflate their ego and celebrate.

                            Iím willing to put it all on the line, including myself!

                            The winner of that match will not just gain my heart once and for all, but theyíll also be able to claim my services as a manager.

                            This is the only way to end this. Itís gone too far and itís been too hard, on all of us. I know Mark wonít admit it, but I know he wants me as bad as Archie does, so itís time to settle this. Once and for all.

                            I just hope whoever loses doesnít hold it against me.



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                              Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                              There seems to be stipulations and challenges galore being made through the Blog by the Stars section on It continued today through the means of part-time majorette, full-time sugar muffin Veronica.

                              Veronica hasnít been overly impressed with either Archibald Peck or Mr. Touchdown in recent times. She proclaimed that whilst they both want her, only one man can win her and sheís willing to put herself on the line! What a woman!

                              At Give Ďem The Axe, itís ALL or NOTHING! Archibald Peck will go one on one with ďMr. TouchdownĒ Mark Angelosetti, the winner will gain Veronicaís heart! Ö and her services!

                              Who will finally end this war and get the girl?! Will it be the nerd with many sides to his personality or will it be the high-school jock that has always been a thorn in Peckís side? Only one man can win the girlís heart. Weíll find out who in Everett!


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                                Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                                26/7/12: I bet that beautiful picture of me with my flowing locks is still being used for these damn blogs.

                                Is this a conspiracy?

                                I suffered the worst moment of my life at Chikarasauras Rex and I still canít get away from it.

                                Wherever I go, whatever I do, Iím haunted by the image of being shaved bald by Hallowicked. My hair won awards in High School and within a few minutes, it all gone. ALL GONE!

                                Everyone in the back, theyíre all laughing, ridiculing me!

                                I will not stand for it. I am and forever will be the single greatest Young Lions Cup Champion in history, I was the greatest rookie start-up this company has ever seen, handpicked for greatness and I was the driving force and the jewel in the crown that was the BDK, the most dominant group of individuals that pro-wrestling has ever and will ever see again.

                                Tim Donst isnít going to sit back and stand for it. This coming weekend is crucial and I wonít let myself down just so all of you reading this can laugh at me.

                                As for you Gran Akuma, I might just let you have my skullcap because youíll need it after I cave your head in with punches and kicks this Saturday night.

                                As for you Fire Ant and Soldier Ant, put GEKIDO to the edge of your minds. In fact, I suggest you forget them, because your worst nightmare is right here.

                                No, itís not Ophidian, itís me. Tim Donst.

                                Iím done with being a hilarious sideshow, I want to and I need to take center stage and I will this weekend.

                                You want to know why?

                                Because Iím THE MAN!

                                The Donstitution has been written.

                                Tim Donst