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CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

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    Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    I won't post a full review because that would be pretty pointless in here. Instead, I'll just start typing and see what happens.

    "What You Need To Know" Every fed should have this from now on. I can't tell you how good of a first post this is, especially for CHIKARA, which many around here are unfamiliar with (myself included, although I'm slowly fixing that).

    When I write hype/build-up, I tend to try and make it feel "real" (Twitter posts, fake articles from fake websites, etc.) but you just put it out there and school the reader big time. So much clearer and just..better. Everyone is on the exact same page by the time they start reading the fed , especially with those bios you posted for your roster. Very good work there too.

    The blog entries to tie everything together are great. You really let your creativity shine with these, and it shows. You're aware that 90% of your readers have no idea who these people are, which makes these that much better. Not only are we getting insight to each character, but we're also seeing your creative side and your knowledge of each member is shown as well. As a reader, I like to believe that the person writing knows their shit. The more you make me believe that, the better. You and Shinobi both show your capability and knowledge with your respective feds better than anyone else here.


    You summarize your shows very well, but I wouldn't mind it being broken up just a little more. I don't mind reading it as a summary/review/story/whatever, but I also wouldn't mind seeing a couple sub-headings thrown in so we know where the matches are, who's involved, etc. I wasn't confused or anything, I just like shows/matches to be as pretty as possible. More of a personal preference, and I understand if you tell me to go fuck myself.

    Not much else to add. Very excited for your next show, and I'm glad you've found that spark again after the event we will not speak of. I give you an 8.8/10 overall. Why not.


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      Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

      Before they compete in the Young Lions Cup the next night, against eachother no less, The Leaders of the New School will show their tag team specialties to the world when Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr, head off against CHIKARA’s most iconic tandem, Fire Ant and Soldier Ant of The Colony! With Points in Play! On a weekend when these Young Lions will be chasing singles success, they’ll also have a chance to gain a place on the Campeonatos de Parejas leader board!

      More points will be in play, this time at The Foggiest Notion! It will be TAG TEAM SPECTACULAR as no less than FOUR tandems go to war. It’ll be Chuck Taylor and Icarus of F.I.S.T. against Los Ice Creams, The Batiri and for the first time ever, the partnership of Sara Del Rey and Ayako Hamada! Points will be in play for all but F.I.S.T. with Taylor already holding the titles alongside Gargano, who is of course in Young Lions Cup action. However, the involvement in this match is to try and stop any other team gaining the points required to challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas in the future. Will they succeed? We’ll find out at the Foggiest Notion.


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        Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

        Whatever you do, don't let this fall by the wayside. There's so much potential here for you to deliver on. You've got a great concept to work with, one that hasn't really been touched on for as long as I've been here at the least. You've got an obvious knowledge about the concept as well. Your delivery and hype matches up perfectly with the real promotion which only accentuates just how great this can be. I can't wait to see more!
        We ARE pro-wrestling.


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          Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

          18/6/12: Mantis Black, your Babylon … it approaches …

          Your tree of life dwindles to a close …

          It’s in motion, the nefarious anger, a ball of energy release to explode into nothingness.

          Oh yes, your day of reckoning. Drawing near. Drawing closer.

          But alas, your time is coming, but has not arrived.

          Your anger though, it builds. I can feel it.

          You hide your entire complexion under a crimson mask, but you can’t hide from me. You can’t hide from your greatest foe.

          I see your fears. I see your anger. I see it building inside you. It flows like a torrent. You can’t control it.

          Mantis Black, this gets to you.

          I see your fears. I see your anger. I see it building inside you. It flows like a torrent. You can’t control it.

          Mantis Black, this gets to you.

          Two years. Two years. You controlled me for two years, but now, your control, it’s gone. Your control of this situation is zero. You fear what I will do to you.

          Two years you kept me as your pet. Did your bidding. My time. My time to ascend my own tree of life. DESTINY. One must control ones own destiny.

          Your two years is in motion Mantis Black. It’s uncontrollable. Unstoppable.

          The next phase, it must begin.

          I must wage war with your companion.

          But not you. Our war can wait.

          It will wait.

          I shall not wage war with a lost soul. Indeed, the man known as Hallowicked, he is conflicted, he’s lost in the long grass, his soul is yours. For now.

          I must have the masked warrior known as Frightmare.

          Don’t fear Mantis Black, The Batiri, my three children, they shall not be tempted to interfere. This is my moment. My defeat of Frightmare will signal a shift in my strategy.

          The war is on-going, but the next phase is inevitable.

          You can’t stop it.

          You can’t control it.


          End Game.



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            Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

            20/6/12: Delirious, the Eye of Tyr is gone, smashed into a million pieces, yet what remains is a shell of the person I and the Eye of Tyr helped transform.

            See Delirious, the true you, the true you was saved, redeemed, revealed and unleashed by me. I saved your soul when I used the Eye of Tyr on you.

            It wasn’t manipulation, but a necessity. I saw things in you. I saw what you could become with a little guidance. I unleashed the true Perfect Weapon on CHIKARA and this organization changed forever. The real you was revealed to the world, a crazed, maniacal, destructive force NO ONE could live with.

            Your form today, this is not your true form. When you destroyed the Eye of Tyr, you destroyed your true self. All these long and smart sounding words, the calm nature of your walk to the ring, It’s not you. It’s not the true Delirious.

            You made the gravest mistake of your life when you shattered my Eye of Tyr, not just because it changed you into something I trust you will come to hate in time, but because when you smashed my precious artefact, you opened a can of worms my friend, a can of worms that cannot be closed as long as we both are alive.

            I have tried to be nice and reasonable, I didn’t want to have to do any harm to my greatest soldier in the war of nefarious means, but to protect both myself and my Envoy, trust in me this, I will do what I have to do to take you down and to end this once and for all!

            Smack in the Middle, this war, it will take a new turn. On behalf of Frightmare, I accept your challenge!

            Frightmare is more than ready. In fact, he can’t wait. His first singles match in nearly a year, oh yes, is he ready.

            A year of pent up frustration, aggression and talent ready to explode.

            It’ll make your two-year plan look harmless, my child.

            Delirious, you wanted this war, and I’m afraid a war is what you are going to get.

            Bring The Batiri to the ring if you so wish, because I have a score to settle with them too.

            I just hope that when this ends, be it this year, next year or in 2014, you don’t look back in regret when your grand demise is viewed by the world.

            You brought this on yourself.



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              Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

              As was seen in his latest blog, Delirious has stepped up his campaign against UltraMantis Black. With The Batiri as ally’s, you could argue the crazed Lizardman is as destructive as ever. During his latest blog, he made a proposal, a challenge if you will. Delirious wanted to face a member of The Envoy, but not just any member. He didn’t want to face his former partner Hallowicked, nor the man he’s taken such a dislike too in Black. He wanted to face off with the recently returned Frightmare.

              Well, UltraMantis Black responded earlier today via a blog of his own and it’s all been signed sealed, and will be delivered at Smack in the Middle! It will be Incoherence versus Incoherent No More when ‘The Frenetic Ball of Kinetic Energy’ Frightmare faces off with Delirious!

              Delirious has vowed to make UltraMantis face his Babylon, his vicious intent to destroy Black having consumed him. The Perfect Weapon is as dangerous and effective as ever. Will Frightmare’s obvious ring-rust and only recently recovered knee be able to live with the onslaught sure to be inflicted upon it?

              Smack in the Middle will see two relative rookies square off when the dastardly Jakob Hammermeier is challenged to a dual by the Wrestle Factory’s latest graduate, Saturyne! Jakob has found himself primarily as Tim Donst’s punching bag this season, but now has a chance to step into the limelight himself, but will he? Can he overcome the rapidly improving Saturyne?

              With all matches now confirmed, the countdown has begun to The Foggiest Notion and Smack in the Middle, featuring Young Lions Cup X!


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                Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                THE FOGGIEST NOTION
                Saturday 23rd June, 2012
                Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

                AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! ~ ONE ON ONE!
                Jigsaw vs. The Shard

                Johnny Gargano vs. Kobald vs. Adam Cole

                Saturyne vs. Mixed Martial Archie vs. Ryan Taylor

                TRIOS SHOWDOWN!
                3.0le vs. Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier and Ophidian

                EVIL STABLE WARS!
                The Spectral Envoy vs. The Swarm

                POINTS IN PLAY!
                The Colony vs. Leaders of the New School

                The Batiri vs. Los Ice Creams vs. Sara Del Rey and Ayako Hamada vs. F.I.S.T


                SMACK IN THE MIDDLE
                Sunday 24th June, 2012
                Syracuse, New York

                El Generico vs. Ophidian

                FOUR ON FOUR!
                The Colony, Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey vs. The Batiri and Tim Donst

                POINTS IN PLAY!
                3.0 vs. The Swarm

                Michael Elgin vs. Marty Scurll vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

                Green Ant vs. Helios vs. "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti

                Frightmare vs. Delirious

                ROOKIE SHOWDOWN!
                Jakob Hammermeier vs. Saturyne

                Feel free to make your predictions. Winner gets reps, props and a little bit of sex.


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                  Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                  El Generico
                  Ayako Hamada (Awesome that you are using her)
                  The Swarm
                  Zack Sabre JR
                  Green Ant
                  Jakob Hammermeier

                  I'll give your show a review when it's posted, Hopefully it will be able to get me into a CHIKARA fed.


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                    Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                    The Shard
                    Adam Cole
                    Ryan Taylor
                    The Swarm
                    The Colony

                    El Generico
                    The Batiri & Tim Donst
                    Marty Scurll
                    Mr. TD


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                      Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                      Jigsaw vs. The Shard
                      Johnny Gargano vs. Kobald vs. Adam Cole
                      Saturyne vs. Mixed Martial Archie vs. Ryan Taylor
                      3.0le vs. Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier and Ophidian
                      The Spectral Envoy vs. The Swarm
                      The Colony vs. Leaders of the New School
                      The Batiri vs. Los Ice Creams vs. Sara Del Rey and Ayako Hamada vs. F.I.S.T

                      El Generico vs. Ophidian
                      The Colony, Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey vs. The Batiri and Tim Donst
                      3.0 vs. The Swarm
                      Michael Elgin vs. Marty Scurll vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
                      Green Ant vs. Helios vs. "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti
                      Frightmare vs. Delirious
                      Jakob Hammermeier vs. Saturyne


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                        Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling


                        THE FOGGIEST NOTION

                        LIVE FROM CANADA!

                        The Summer of the Young Lions kicked off with that very subject being visited with a first round eliminator in Young Lions Cup X! Ryan Taylor debuted as he competed against Saturyne and Mixed Martial Archie. Taylor played the role of the arrogant young gun to a tee, keen to make his mark in his first appearance; Saturyne playing the young upstart that battled against the odds against her bigger male opposition, whilst Archie showed no ill effects from his recent problems with Veronica as he continued to show he was one of the most skilled fighters in the universe. Well, CHIKARA …

                        As the match continued, Veronica herself appeared again, taking the view of Archie away from his fighting toward her affection. As the two got into a verbal jousting at ringside, Taylor and Saturyne pounced by attacking him. As they then fought, Archie got to his feet again, only to see ‘Mr. Touchdown’ Mark Angelosetti appear beside the “beautiful” Veronica! MMArchie wasn’t happy and told him to “go away” and “give love a chance”, but as he did this and turned around ready to do battle, he was leveled by Saturyne who had flown off the top rope and hit a huge crossbody! Unable to kick out, MMArchie was counted to three and the pre-tournament favourite of many had been eliminated at the very first hurdle!

                        The crowd were in disbelief as Mr.TD looked at his finely chiseled pecks, smiled and flexed his muscles before taking his leave, WITHOUT Veronica. MMArchie got to his feet, downtrodden as his problems with Veronica and Mr.TD had again cost him. Taylor and Saturyne meanwhile had a stare down behind Archie, realizing that next month, they’d do battle in the next phase of the Young Lions Cup, the winner moving onto the Last Four, one step closer to a slice of history …
                        Points were in play next up as Soldier Ant and Fire Ant of The Colony looked to regain standing on the board as they faced off with Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr., two men who would be competing in the Young Lions Cup the next night. Though this was Scurll’s debut, this was Sabre’s second time around in CHIKARA having competed in last year’s Young Lions Cup. Sabre showed his vast improvement, The LRDS of the New School proving more than a match for their more experienced and illustrious opponents.

                        The Colony were clearly buoyed by their part in the big win at Chikarasauras Rex, showing Sabre and Scurll why they were the definition of CHIKARA’s tag team division. In the end, the experience and skill of The Colony was just enough to help them come out on top, Fire Ant being tossed outside onto Sabre for the Ant-apault before Scurll was locked in the Chikara Special by Soldier, unable to get out of it, not the first in that situation, and he was forced to tap out.

                        However, a competitive battle was had and as Sabre and Scurll were applauded for their efforts, The Colony offered their hands, which were accepted. As Fire and Soldier took their leave from the ring, Sabre and Scurll looked at eachother as attention turned to tomorrow night and their involvement with Michael Elgin in the Young Lions Cup. Both signaled that they’d do anything to come out on top as they both then turned and looked at the shimmering gold cup that sat out at ringside, the very thing they’d fight tooth and nail for tomorrow night …
                        Next up, it was time for the second match of Young Lions Cup X. It was the second eliminator between ‘The Bees Knees’ Johnny Gargano, ‘The Sunrise Kid’ Adam Cole and the demonic Kobald of The Batiri. Kobald spent most of his time hiding out at ringside or avoiding Gargano and Cole, who decided to go all out on eachother instead. As Kobald tried to pounce when both men got tired, he was assaulted and sent packing to the outside. Returning again inside the ring, Kobald showed he has more about him than a terrifying mask as he started to pray on the tired nature of both men and their offense.

                        As the match slowed, and then quickened, Kobald came into his own. As Cole pushed Gargano into the ropes, he flew into Kobald, Gargano rolled up, but only for the count of two. Gargano and Cole got to their feet, but Gargano, seeing Kobald lurking, ducked and Kobald proceeded to dive on top of Cole, hammering away. Smiling, Gargano ran the ropes and hit a Superkick on Kobald, before lifting the dazed Cole to his feet and hitting the Hurts Donut! Gargano hooked the leg, the referee counted the three and Adam Cole was eliminated!

                        Once again, something of a shock had occurred as Cole, one of the most revered youngsters on the wrestling circuit, had his dreams crushed at the first hurdle. Gargano was joined in celebration by Chuck Taylor as the Campeonatos de Parejas did a lap of honor and as they returned to the back, Kobald cackled with delight as he’d wriggled and wormed his way out of a horrible situation and had somehow managed to advance through to the next phase of the YLC.
                        It was Trios time next as 3.0le of El Generico and 3.0 teamed together once again to combat Tim Donst, Ophidian and Jakob Hammermeier. The match was notable for the appearances of Ophidian and Donst. Donst wore the same skullcap he wore earlier in his career, this time shielding his newly shaved head. Ophidian meanwhile continued to show off his new look, both he and Donst in particularly bad moods as they looked to get back on the winning trail …

                        3.0le showed what a well-gelled unit they truly are but were opposed by the unrivaled fury of their opposites. Whilst Hammermeier was something of a spare wheel, seeming to get on the nerves of his partners, Donst and Ophidian showed they remain premier athletes, a renewed brawling style apparent in both. 3.0le, knowing Jakob as the weak link, tried to dispose of him, but Donst and Ophidian never allowed him to be isolated, knowing the key to winning was them being involved in the match. However, that wasn’t enough. The pace quickening, the end came sooner than people thought. 3.0le started to get the momentum and when it all started going wrong and Donst was in the crosshairs of Matthews, Parker and Generico, he violently and without remorse shoved Jakob into the dragon’s lair before escaping from the ring. Jakob was hit with a Brainbuster and then The Sweet Taste of Professionalism and with Donst having left and Ophidian at ringside; the count of three came without much effort at all!

                        As 3.0le celebrating, Matthews and Parker echoing Generico’s signature jig and pose, Donst looked on in disgust as he held onto his skullcap and disappeared to the back. Ophidian meanwhile stood at ringside and looked inside, in particular at Generico. The Tijuana Luchadore returned the look as he pointed and shouted “TOMORROW!” before stomping behind the curtain himself … Jakob meanwhile was kicked out of the ring by Matthews and Parker as the crowd cheered and laughed, Generico gaining momentum heading into Smack in the Middle …
                        On that note, The Foggiest Notion took a brief 10-minute intermission, during which Eddie Kingston posed in the ring with fans, alongside his Grand Championship, a smile on his face, a rare occurrence indeed. Kingston also made mention he’d make his presence known when his best friend Jigsaw took on The Shard later in the night …
                        Points were in play yet again in a four team Elimination Showdown. The Batiri, Los Ice Creams, Icarus and Chuck Taylor of F.I.S.T and for the first time ever, Sara Del Rey and Ayako Hamada did battle to try and gain positioning on the leader board. It didn’t take long for the first points to be gained and therefore the first elimination to be determined, The Batiri delivering a fatal blow to Los Ice Creams hopes as Obariyon hit a Backcracker on El Hijo del Ice Cream to eliminate them!

                        The match continued and Del Rey and Hamada more than held their own, and the two women managed to trump the men as Del Rey finally got her revenge over The Batiri, her and Hamada hitting their own signature maneuvers, the Hamada Driver and the Royal Butterfly, at the same time, the double pin providing them with their very first point, in their very first match together …

                        It then came down to two teams, the previously mentioned Del Rey and Hamada and Icarus and Chuck Taylor of F.I.S.T. Icarus and Taylor were clearly overly keen to prevent the two points being gained, trying to cheat their way to victory, Icarus’ fanny pack, loaded with something, of attempted use, but stopped by Bryce Remsburg when he realized their dastardly plan was in motion.

                        All these negative tactics turned out to be futile when Icarus was left alone in the ring and after getting knocked damn near out by a magnitude of Axe Kicks by Del Rey, Hamada followed up, this time showing off the AP Driver (Fisherman Buster) and this was what it took to pin Icarus for the three and giving CHIKARA’s female all-star tandem the victory and now TWO POINTS toward title contention! Del Rey and Hamada were clearly delighted as Taylor and Icarus stood at ringside. Taylor shouted that they’d never get the third point and even Johnny Gargano himself appeared, mouthing that he had “bigger fish to fry” and that he “wasn’t scared of no chicks” … Del Rey and Hamada, almost expecting the typically obnoxious reaction simply shrugged their shoulders, their actions doing the talking for them.
                        Then it was time to be “treated” to our first of two appearances by the Invaders of GEKIDO. First into the squared circle was The Swarm as they showed down with The Spectral Envoy of Hallowicked, Frightmare and their ever-devious leader, UltraMantis Black. This was billed as Evil Stable Wars and indeed; it was just that, both trios doing things not akin to the true CHIKARA spirit at all.

                        Like many times in the past few months, Delirious joined the action with a watching brief as he stood at ringside and looked on at the action, much to the anger of The Envoy. He was soon joined by Kobald, buoyed by his earlier advance in the Young Lions Cup, the two providing ample distraction to Black especially. The Swarm, like the typically advantageous group they are, pounced on the continued distraction, The Envoy never able to get a stranglehold on the match as they worried as much about what Delirious was, or rather wasn’t doing …

                        The match breaking down, bodies were flying everywhere, giving Kobald a chance to distract John Barber, the official in charge. As he did, Delirious came to the ring apron, gaining the attention of UltraMantis, just as he looked to unleash on deviANT. UltraMantis turned and pointed, shaking his head, but as he did, he took his eyes off the ball and was taken out with a Russian Leg Sweep by deviANT, before combatANT came into the ring and locked in the Chikara Special! The Swarm again showed their knowledge of the CHIKARA Universe and UltraMantis was unable to escape, Barber turning just in time to see Black, despite it going against all his instincts, tapping out! The Swarm has gained victory!

                        As the bell rung, combatANT and deviANT scarpered, joining assailANT on the outside before jumping the rain and walking through the crowd to pastures new, like they had since they had arrived. Hallowicked and Frightmare, just missing out on them were furious, Frightmare especially. Kobald crawled back to Delirious who patted him on the head and motioned for him to return backstage, which he did. Delirious meanwhile stood and stared at Incoherence inside the ring …

                        As the crowd looked on, Delirious simply looked at Hallowicked and nodded his head and smirked, before turning his attention to Frightmare. The two opponents for tomorrow shared a brief look, Frightmare having to be held back from launching himself over the ropes at Delirious. The Perfect Weapon meanwhile, he again just continues to stand, before moving his hand and making the controversial motion of a slit of the throat, grabbing the tassels that fall in front of his face from his mask before turning on his heel and taking a slow walk back from the ring and behind the curtain …

                        UltraMantis meanwhile starts to get to his feet, but as he stands up, Hallowicked and Frightmare continue to be pre-occupied with Delirious, almost forgetting the plight of their fearless leader behind them and the defeat the three of them just suffered at the hands of the Invaders of GEKIDO.
                        …and then, it was Main Event time. A match months in the making for many, but years in the making if you were either man, but especially the newcomer of GEKIDO. Two men who had started out in New York, before Jigsaw, according to Shard “left him out in the cold” were going to hook it up again, this time as sworn enemies. It was time for good to meet evil as polar opposites The Shard and Jigsaw finally waged war, one on one. However, there were two very interested spectators at ringside in 17, the leader of GEKIDO and the Grand Champion of CHIKARA, ‘The War King’ Eddie Kingston

                        Kingston and 17 had eyes for only eachother as war games were played inside, and outside the ring between The Shard and Jigsaw. The smaller Shard uses his superior agility and quickness to dodge Jigsaw’s bullets, his aerial ability making it hard for Jigsaw to pin him down. Jigsaw too showed some skills that The Shard seemed uncomfortable in dealing with, until the match continued and both men seemed to remember back to those days in New York, starting to out think the other man and see what they were going to do before they even did it.

                        As the match broke down and the fight went to the outside, 17 and Kingston got into it too. Both men trying to defend their colleagues and partners, they brawled with eachother, 17 trying to lock in the very same hold to Kingston that has ruled Mike Quackenbush out of action for several months. Kingston though shoved 17 off of him, right into the steel steps, the two men then fighting around the crowd and behind the curtain, punches and kicks being thrown second after second. The Shard and Jigsaw meanwhile, they battle back into the ring, Shard showing his utter contempt for Jigsaw again as he numerous times in a row attempts to nail him with his own move, the Jig ‘n Tonic. Jigsaw though, it being his own move, knows exactly what it takes to reverse out of it. A German Suplex nearly does for the GEKIDO man, but he kicks out. It’s then that 17 reappears, jumping to the ring apron, drawing the ire of Jigsaw who knocks him off.

                        Jigsaw turns, he ducks a Roundhouse Kick attempt, he runs the ropes … Leg Lariat connects! The Shard tosses and turns in pain, before jigsaw drags him to his feet and unlike Shard, he manages to hit the Jig ‘n Tonic perfectly and make the cover and gets the count of three! GEKIDO has again been defeated!

                        As the ringing of the bell fades, the crowd explodes, delighted that once again, GEKIDO have been thwarted by some of CHIKARA’s finest. Jigsaw though does not get a second to celebrate as he’s taken out from behind with a steel chair by 17! 17 continues to pound away, the bones of Jigsaw’s ribs and then knee cracking and creaking as 17 unleashes an unlawful and outrageous attack … as no hope seems to be left, Eddie Kingston appears yet again and slides in the ring …

                        … the crowd roars as he comes to the aid of his partner … ONLY FOR SHARD TO NAIL HIM WITH A SUPERKICK! Kingston goes down, knocked out cold as 17 casually, without as much of a flutter, delivers a fatal final two blows to the knee of Jigsaw, a knee that has previously been injured before …

                        17 slams the chair to the mat as The Shard joins him, breathing so heavily that his mouth can be seen blowing beyond his mask. The two, standing tall, look at eachother, the eyes of 17 showing that of a man insistent on wreaking havoc in any given situation, Jigsaw lays out on the mat, holding his knee, writhing in pain as Kingston is still knocked out beside him. The ultimate devastation been caused, 17 and The Shard round off a successful night for GEKIDO coming off of Chikarasauras Rex as, like always, go through the crowd as The Foggiest Notion ends on the most sinister and devastating of notes.


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                          Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                          SMACK IN THE MIDDLE

                          Live in Syracuse, New York!

                          Gavin Loudspeaker, resident ring announcer and musician, tries to kick Smack in the Middle off with a jingle, but he doesn’t get far into it before bursting into the ring comes CHIKARA’s Grand Champion, ‘The War King’ Eddie Kingston!

                          Kingston shoves Gavin out of the way and suggests he leaves the ring, which he wisely does. Kingston, pacing shouts and holla’s as he refers back to last night, where despite his win, Jigsaw was brutally assaulted by 17 with a steel chair. He also references the fact that he was superkicked by The Shard.

                          Kingston’s anger is obvious as he tells the crowd of how he took Jigsaw to the hospital late last night and had to watch him down painkillers like they were candy just to stop the excruciating pain. Kingston said he wasn’t going to stand for it. He wasn’t going to talk about it, he wanted to fight. He was out there to call out 17 and give him the ass whipping of a lifetime!

                          The crowd roars, clearly wanting it to happen, an electric New York atmosphere having been created, Kingston and the natives don’t get what they wished for however, instead, the slimy and ridiculous jerk that is Derek Sabato, appointed liaison to GEKIDO, appears instead. Sabato attempts, in futile fashion, to calm Kingston down, but avoids entering the ring. Instead, he claims that 17 has not arrived yet, and has no intention to. Indeed, he is nearby, but wasn’t and isn’t going to appear unless he gets a little something in return.

                          Sabato tells Kingston that 17 told him via text message that he expected Kingston to be angry and demand a fight, and he agreed that they should do just that, but he wanted something up for grabs. Instead of the mere chance at just hurting Kingston, he wanted a shot at the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! If he got it, he’d make his way to the building and fight Kingston later on … Kingston did not even need to think about it and before Sabato cold continue, the champ roared for him to tell 17 that he’ll be waiting for him in the ring later in the night! “The war is on!” Kingston shouted as he got ready to bring the fight to 17 and avenge his best friend.
                          After all that unfolded, the entrants in Match 3 of Young Lions Cup X arrived. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, Green Ant and the returning “Future of Flight” Helios! The arrival of Helios especially sparked a genuinely excitable reaction from the Syracuse natives as they welcomed back one of CHIKARA’s storied young stars. Helios’ improvement was evident as he brought it to two men that had not even arrived in the CHIKARA universe at the time of his last appearance way back in 2009.

                          Just like last night, Veronica yet again appeared, this time to cast an eye over Mr.TD, floating between admiring glances of his physique and disgust at his ego and mannerisms inside the ring. Indeed, sensing her disgust at times, Archibald Peck appeared, in his split-personality marching gear, he and Veronica argued all the way to the back, obviously getting under the skin of Touchdown. This ended up being his undoing as Helios and Green Ant hit him with stereo dropkicks, before Helios, without remorse, dropped Green Ant with a leg sweep and then a standing Moonsault, before fighting off attempted hits from Touchdown, stepping up into a Hurricanrana! He flips, pinning Touchdown to the mat … for the count of three! Mr. Touchdown was eliminated from the Young Lions Cup!

                          Cackling in delight, the crowd were more than pleased to see the end of Touchdown, but the same could not be said for Touchdown himself. Angelosetti appeared ready to strike out, only to see Helios, and then Green Ant standing tall, thinking better of it, escaping from the ring, kicking his football helmet all the way up the aisle and behind the curtain, his anger nearly boiling over.

                          Green Ant and Helios meanwhile shared a smile and then a shake of the hand as they looked ahead to their match next month. Green Ant then turned to leave … UNTIL HE GOT DRILLED IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Helios drives Green Ant’s head into the mat several times before kicking his lifeless body out of the ring and to the floor below. Helios stands and smiles before pointing at the shimmering cup at ringside, visibly seen mouthing “it’s MINE!” as The Future of Flight makes a triumphant return to action, seemingly having made an enemy on his very first night back.
                          Points were in play next as two teams looked to go 2-0 for the weekend as 3.0 of Scott Parker and Shane Matthews faced off with deviANT and combatANT of The Swarm. 3.0 showed their Rudo roots still run deep within them as they used questionable means to try and oppose the vicious onslaught of The Swarm.

                          The Swarm however, buoyed by GEKIDO’s dominance last night, continued the successful rebound from Chikarasauras Rex, taking just eight minutes to defeat Jagged and Big Magic, a saluting headbutt from combatANT being followed up by a Roundhouse Kick from deviANT that did for Matthews and Parker, giving these two members of The Swarm two points toward title contention! The Swarm then signaled that the titles were clearly in their sights as they headed out through the crowd, 3.0 left to rue another loss and a dive off the leader board.
                          Next it was time for what was being billed as “Incoherence versus Incoherent No More” as Frightmare of The Spectral Envoy opposes the now radically different former Incoherant, Delirious. Roles were reversed as Frightmare was the crazed of the two, his intense pace and passion near overwhelming as he showed his ring-rust is rapidly declining in force. Delirious showed pockets of resistance, but in a match situation, seemed unable to live with his younger opponent. Delirious didn’t seem like The Perfect Weapon CHIKARA had come to fear…

                          The match continuing, Obariyon, Kodama and Kobald of The Batiri made their presence known as they backed up their apparent new leader in Delirious. The struggle he had gone through had stopped as Frightmare became aware of the problems The Batiri may pose. However, their presence was futile, for their was soon an appearance by UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked, Frightmare’s friends and partners who chased The Batiri to the back, lashing down upon them with bruising punches and kicks, giving them a good old fashioned beating …

                          … back inside the ring, Frightmare and Delirious trade strikes, neither men taking a particular advantage. Delirious then suddenly struck with a big axe kick to the back of Frightmare’s head before rolling out of the ring. Delirious returned and smiled manically, before Hallowicked then returned and slid into the ring! Former friends store down as Hallowicked stepped in front of Frightmare. He pointed at Delirious who turned his head and shook his head, before holding something up, shocking the crowd, and Hallowicked … it was … the Eye of Tyr?

                          Everyone was shocked and amazed at its apparent resurrection, Delirious swung it back and forth, Hallowicked looking at it, as bemused as everyone … before he was kicked square in the groin by Delirious! Delirious placed the Eye of Tyr into his pocket before picking up Frightmare, hooking his arms, lifting him high and then dropping him with Mantis’ own Praying Mantis Driver! The referee made the count of three and Delirious, after a match in which he had struggled to gain any sort of momentum in, had come out as the victor!

                          Getting to his feet, Delirious was rocked as UltraMantis Black appeared, but before he could get his hands on Delirious, The Masked Manic rolled out of the ring and scarpered up the aisle and behind the curtain, laughing all the way … Black meanwhile dropped to his knees, his head in his hands, struggling to put aside his frustration as his two protegees and minions of nefarious means lay flat out, his one-time Perfect Weapon transformed into something as un-controllable, and dare we say it, dangerous as he has ever been.

                          The question on everybody’s lips though wasn’t it about Delirious himself, it was about what he had just done. Had he managed to retrieve and reincarnate the Eye of Tyr?

                          Was it now in his possession and his weapon of choice?

                          His Perfect Weapon if you will?
                          The first round of Young lions Cup was rounded off by the last eliminator, to be contested by Marty Scurll, Zack Sabre Jr. and ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin! Contested between two debutants and a man whose rarely appeared in Zack Sabre, this trio showed why they are three of the hottest young properties in pro-wrestling. Scurll and Sabre put aside their ambitions for a collective effort to try and overcome the awesome strength and skill of Elgin, the Canadian-born force of nature at times tossing them around the ring like rag dolls.

                          As Elgin’s sheer dominance continued, this drove a wedge between the LRDS of the New School, the tandem essentially breaking apart in the face of such riches, driving Elgin out of the ring before turning attention to eachother, Sabre making the first move by striking Scurll with a leg sweep and a standing Moonsault. Elgin watched on from the outside, smiling, seemingly all part of the plan. Not even the best of friends could remain cohesive with such success hanging by a thread …

                          In the end, this dissension was the driving force behind the end-game in terms of this match, Elgin violently shoving Scurll into Sabre, who was on the ring apron, forcing Scurll to kneel down and check on his partner, but as he turned around, Elgin leveled him with a HUGE Lariat before picking him up and slamming him back down to the unforgiving mat below with the Spinning Powerbomb! Elgin made the cover and the count of three was administered! Michael Elgin and Zack Sabre Jr. had rounded off the eight advancing to the second round of Young Lions Cup X!

                          As Elgin celebrated, flexing his muscles, a glint in his eye as he looked at the shimmering golden cup at ringside, Sabre held his head at ringside, slouched against the steps. Looking over the apron at Scurll who lay down and out, the quest for success having taken a toll on their partnership. A little smirk though signaled Sabre felt this may have been a necessary evil as he looked ahead to bigger and brighter things in his future.
                          It was time for some good old mixed tag warfare next, Four on Four to be exact as Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey joined their male counterparts, Soldier Ant and Fire Ant of The Colony to oppose Tim Donst and The Batiri, still smarting and hurting from the earlier assault inflicted upon them by The Spectral Envoy. Jakob Hammermeier would have joined the latter, but was viciously shoved aside by Donst who marched to the ring, looking to end a nightmare June on a high, Jakob forced to sit this one out.

                          Donst acted as the perfect partner for The Batiri, as hell-bent on inflicting pain and punishment as they are. His recent tribulations formed part of a dangerous new part of Donst’s psyche. Donst though is opposed by Hamada at various points during the match, her ability to counteract Donst’s actions visibly having a further effect on his mental state. Indeed, as the match reaches a critical phase, everyone, especially The Batiri, is shocked as Donst amazingly walks away! Bryce Remsburg ticks off Donst for an illegal choke and after Soldier Ant nearly rips off his skullcap, threatening to expose his newly shaved head, Donst kicks him before diving to the outside and scarpering to the back!

                          The Batiri are clearly hamstrung by this, struggling to contain the four they oppose. They manage to for just a few minutes longer, until Kodama is left two-on-one against Soldier Ant and Hamada, Ant hitting a Saluting Forearm Smash, knocking Kodama into Hamada who hit a Hamada Driver and covered for her 2nd victory of the weekend, giving the all-star, all-world quartet the win!

                          As the two men and two women celebrated, The Batiri regrouped on the outside, Kodama out, Kobald and Obariyon furious, knowing that their victory chances had been destroyed, but not by the opposition, but by their own teammate no less. As they retreated to the back, Del Rey, Hamada, Soldier and Fire Ant all held up eachothers arms, The Colony extending their winning run, Del Rey and Hamada continuing a fierce first weekend as a tandem, Hamada 2 out of 2 and bringing the fight as her CHIKARA career kicks off in full force.
                          From that high, we went to a big low with the appearance of everyone’s un-favourite ring announcer, one Jakob Hammermeier. Just as Jakob too the mic, ready to unleash his Respect-O-Meter on the crowd, Saturyne burst out through the curtain to save hundreds of souls from mental wreckage, German’s worst son looking furious with the disgraceful interruption.

                          He didn’t exactly transform this into a frenzy of fury, it only took Saturyne five minutes to break him down, the Rings of Saturyne providing the deathblow to Jakob and his chances of a win. Smiling, Saturyne bowed, continuing her quite amazing career start, but Jakob meanwhile, things went from bad to worse, now a punching bag for both Saturyne and his own colleague Tim Donst. Something told us that he’d be delighted to see the back of this weekend.
                          What was now part of a double main event took place, a rematch from last November as the reincarnated Ophidian looked for revenge as, in a rematch from Cibernetico: The Animated Series, he fought the fun-loving masked man from Mexico, El Generico!

                          Having defeated him the night before in a Trios match, Generico continued the momentum from that, toying with Ophidian who got more maniacal as the match went on, struggling to keep his composure, even when in control. Indeed, as he attempted the Death Grip, he suddenly stopped, crawling to the corner of the ring where he started shouting uncontrollably at the three former masks of himself, Amasis and Heraicon. This allowed Generico to gain his footing, nearly separating Ophidian’s head from his shoulders with a running dropkick.

                          Ophidian struggled for the rest of the match, but just about managing to stay separated from the corner of the ring and the devastating Yakuza Kick/Super Brainbuster combination. However, it was at times too close for comfort, the mask of Generico being pulled and prodded as Ophidian tried, mostly with success, to battle out and away of the Tijuana Luchadores clutches.

                          In the end, Ophidian found El Generico’s onslaught too much. His mental state clearly diminishing as he failed to properly lock in the Death Clutch two times inside a couple of minutes, Ophidian went up high, but it was a costly mistake, Generico kicking the ropes, Ophidian falling to the buckle below. A big-time Yakuza Kick followed, before Generico finally managed to drive Ophidian’s head into the turnbuckle below with a devastating Brainbuster! The body of Ophidian went limp as Generico made the cover, the count of three forthcoming!

                          Generico leapt to his feet, the crowd singing alone as various ferocious shouts of “OLE!” went up, Generico two for two on his return to CHIKARA. Ophidian was the exact opposite, now nought for two for the weekend, his defeats adding to what was becoming a real problem for the uncomfortably unstable Ophidian. Generico continued up the aisle to the back, delighted, but his opponent remained inside the ring, sat against the turnbuckle, his head in his hands, his recent rejuvenation having done nothing to quell the downward spiral of the snake style of Ophidian …
                          As Ophidian eventually left the ring, the crowd watched on as the dastardly Derek Sabato, Liaison to GEKIDO, appeared. Sabato took a spot at ringside and seemed to be looking around and checking ringside. As he sat down on a steel chair, boos came up from one corner of the building and that’s where, emerging from the shadows was the leader of the invaders, 17! 17 approached the ring and climbed the steel steps, walking along the ring apron. 17 looked out at the audience and shrugged his shoulders … BEFORE GETTING KNOCKED OFF THE APRON! The crowd went wild as Eddie Kingston tossed 17 down to the arena floor! The war was on as Kingston took 17 for a tour of the sights and sounds of the arena floor!

                          The match eventually regained some sort of control, returning to the ring, but it was still brutal, Kingston dominating, his mental torture at the hands of GEKIDO manifesting itself into an all-out assault on 17. Sabato looked clearly bemused, and almost a bit concerned for the person he reports from, 17 struggling to keep up with the sheer pace and brutality of the Grand Champion’s offense …

                          Just as 17 seemed to be falling at Kingston’s feet, he took to ringside and then returned with the Grand Championship. In hand, 17 threatened Kingston, but The War King wasn’t fazed, smiling and begging for 17 to try. He did … smashing it right between the eyes of the champ! Kingston though … he wasn’t fazed! The icon of CHIKARA simply put his hand to his head, smirking before running through 17 with a vicious Lou Thez Press! In amongst all this, the referee calls for the bell, signalling a disqualification, but Kingston and 17 don’t care a jot, both men rolling around on the mat, rattling off punches on eachother!!

                          The fight continues to the outside, Kingston just avoiding colliding with the steel steps courtesy of lifting his boot, elbowing 17 in the head. Sabato tries to stop to intervene, but get’s knocked out by Kingston too! 17 and Kingston continue to trade blows all the way up the aisle and to the back, a total lack of control being the end note for Smack in the Middle!

                          The crowd waits, but the war, at least inside the building, is over. All that remains is the Grand Championship of CHIKARA, the chosen weapon of war, layed inside the ring, Sabato a casualty of war on the outside, his broken remains making the place look untidy.


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                            Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                            System's Semantics

                            Smack in The Middle

                            - Interesting opening segment, your format is certainly different.
                            - Millions of comma's, millions of comma's.
                            - This reads more like a comic book fan fic than wrestling.
                            - I think the 2nd segment and 3rd should have been swapped around.
                            - I can appreciate the summarized format but that hasn't done much to get into either team.
                            - Good match but I have no idea what was going on afterward.
                            - I'm just enjoying the match summaries so far, as It's a little hard to follow what exactly is going on otherwise.
                            - Hamada is awesome. very enjoyable match.
                            - You are missing the K "Just as Jakob too the mic"
                            - I can't put my finger on it, but your match summaries don't read like match summaries.
                            I can't picture much of it in my head..except in the few instances you have named moves etc.
                            - Same goes for the main event.

                            This may seem like a short review, but a lot of the time I just had trouble getting a picture of what was happening so I couldn't comment on it.
                            It read like a non-wrestling fan fiction which makes sense as I know CHIKARA is a lot more story heavy than other promotions but when it came to matches and getting an overall sense of what was happening through out it didn't seem to translate well to text.As I read long I just saw new name, after new name and got confused. Though that could be my lack of CHIKARA knowledge (nicknames etc).I'm not a fan of CHIKARA, but even if this was wrestlers I am familiar with I don't think I could get a vivid idea of what was transpiring. Maybe more visuals (As I said it read like a comic book FF) or a different format could have helped me. I'm sure CHIKARA fans would love this and I admire your dedication to an original Fic, but I couldn't get into it, which would be more my personal taste as your writing definitely isn't bad as evident in your past feds. I have seen a few CHIKARA shows, and their style would be very hard to put into writing..I'm sure if I read a play by play of a show it would read similar to this (Except for obviously longer match details). I'll give a few more shows I read and see if I can get a better grasp of your fed.

                            I enjoyed a few matches, and you seem to have a very clear cut idea of what you want to do in terms of storylines and booking, so best of luck with the fed.
                            I may sound like someone who hates rap than reviews a rap album in a way, but I hope this gets some review love for someone more knowledgeable about the actual company.


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                              Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                              As was seen at The Foggiest Notion and Smack in the Middle this past weekend, Young Lions Cup X, the tenth annual spectacular, got underway. Twelve men and women competed in four eliminator matches and when all was said and done, only eight remained. Those eight will now move on to The Great Escape and Give ‘em The Axe next month and the Second Round, one step closer to the chance to be crowned the 2012 Young Lions Cup winner!

                              First, at The Great Escape …

                              Then, the next night at Give ‘em The Axe, the second round concludes!

                              As history beckons and comes close to fruition, the pressure rises.

                              It made Helios attack Green Ant, just as a handshake of respect seemed to have been in the works and it made Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scurll, two Englishman, best friends and partners attack eachother brutally to try and secure their spot.

                              We are now down to straight knockout. No more survival. Only one athlete can move through from each match, leaving four standing next month for what will be the finale of Young Lions Cup X.

                              Who will take the next great step in their career?


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                                Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

                                28/6/12: Last weekend when I fought 17 all around the building, I planned to win that match fair and square. I didn’t plan on retaining my belt how I did. I wanted to win it in the sort of way a true champion should, but sometimes in life, things don’t pan out the way you think. Just ask Jigsaw.

                                I went and saw Jig on Monday morning. He’s still in the hospital.

                                He was angry. He knows I have a temper but he he was disappointed that I let it get on top of me and ruin a great chance to give 17 the ultimate beating. Not a physical one, because I sure did that, but a mental one. I had the chance to beat him clean in the middle of the ring 1, 2, 3 but instead, I chose to beg him to hit me with my title belt, which he did, and from there, as they say, the rest is history.

                                I have a lot of regrets in my life, but last weekend isn’t one of them. I don’t regret what happened, because I was standing up for what I believe in. I ain’t the nicest guy around, but I’ll always fight for what’s right. What 17 and Shard did to my main man Jigsaw, that wasn’t right and I wasn’t going to stand for it.

                                But the weekend, it’s over. We’re moving on. Time fly’s in a wrestlers career and you can’t afford to stand still and I won’t be.

                                17, Shard, in fact, any member of GEKIDO who wants to mess with me, my friends or my colleagues like The Colony, you feel free. I’m right here waiting and I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. I think the same can be said for the guys you chose to make an enemy out of when you got here.

                                As for the rest of the CHIKARA roster, if you want a shot at this belt that sits proudly in my cabinet at home and around my waist when I walk to that ring, you feel free to step up.

                                I promised after winning the Grand Championship at High Noon that I was going to be a fighting champion. Even with the arrival of five men who have become a sworn enemy of mine, that fact hasn’t changed. I’ll defend this belt against anyone, anytime, just like I proved at Smack in the Middle.

                                Get in line, ‘cause this man’s ready to fight.

                                Grand Champ, Eddie Kingston