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NWA Resurrection

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  • NWA Resurrection

    Written by WMS, graphics by the heroic Heteroflexible, ravishing RT and superlative Spreutels.

    For almost a decade Steve Austin has been retired from in-ring action. With a burning passion to heavily invest time in wrestling once again, he and a select few of Texan business men buy the rights to the NWA name, titles and likeness with the intention of bringing wrestling back to Texas as well as giving fans an alternative to mainstream products such as WWE. Aided by former ROH, Dragon Gate and EVOLVE writer Gabe Sapolsky, Austin approaches several talents, some of which are nearing the end of their WWE and TNA deals, to kickstart the promotion with the view of hosting it's opening show in June.

    APRIL 2012

    @OfficialPWI: What's all this twitter talk of Steve Austin starting his own wrestling promotion? Looks at the date... #aprilfoolsguys
    @_Thrilliam Stone Cold running his own wrestling promotion? Must be an April Fool's. #noteveninfanfic
    @carverofshapes This hangover needs to kindly fuck off. The Austin rumours sounds random, but would I be behind it? Hell yeah!
    @brezzyhayter I would definitely support Stone Cold running his own promotion #stayfearless
    @JRsBBQ I've had so many tweets this morning asking me if the whole SCSA thing is an April Fool. Certainly wasn't brought up the last time I talked to Steve...
    @OfficialPWI: Just got off the phone to Steve Austin! He wants us to conduct an interview with him later in the week, said very little else. From the little he did say [..]
    @OfficialPWI: [..] It seems there is an element of truth in all the rumours today. #noaprilfoolpeople
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    Re: NWA Resurrection


    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "Our twitter feed the past week has been off the charts, and this man alongside me today is responsible for that. Next to me right now is none other than 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, who requested we do this interview with him today. Steve, I'd like to say thank you from all of us at Pro Wrestling Illustrated for giving us the opportunity to this with you. I can't say enough how cool it is to be able to do this."

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "It's great to be here. Thanks for having me."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "So Steve, we'll skip right to the basics. I'm sure all of our readers will know the backstory to all of this. Last Saturday, a day before WrestleMania in fact, twitter started to blow up with a flurry of rumours that you were in the process of starting your own wrestling promotion. Most people just saw this as a rumour, nothing more than that. Something you see on twitter all the time, but this is where it gets interesting - you get in touch with us here at PWI and say: 'I've got something I want to say and I'd like you guys to be involved', and confirm our tweets authenticity with a retweet. You've been trending every day since. Getting to the thick of it, what is this all about Steve?

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "Well, I'll skip the bullshit. Yeah, it's true - Stone Cold is starting a wrestling promotion. I've actually been in the process of starting a promotion since around this time last year. It's took a lot of time, a lot of effort and patience but I'm excited - we're excited, me and a few of the guys that have helped me back this financially. Without them I wouldn't have been able to do this all properly."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "There's obviously so many questions running around my head right now, but I'll dip my toes carefully rather than jump in. What was the thought process behind starting your own promotion? Is this something to do with Vince and the WWE o-"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "No, not at all. Not in the slightest. In fact, I want to stress that this promotion is not direct competition to WWE and Vince. It really isn't. Vince has known about this since the start, and it has his complete blessing. He welcomes an alternative and we've had a lot of discussions about it all. He's ribbed me a bit about how I'll start to age within months (laughs) but yeah, he's been fantastic. To answer your question, what was I thinking? Well, long story short as much as I was enjoying relaxing at my ranch, living an easy life and doing bits and pieces with TV and Hollywood and stuff, I was missing it all. Wrestling has been a huge part of my life for such a long time, and since I've retired it's slowly but surely crept out of my life. I miss it, and starting this promotion is just a great way to embrace it again. I'm a wrestling man, and always will be."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "So what you're saying is your promotion will serve purely as an alternative?"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "That's exactly what it is - an alternative. I've got deals arranged with a lot of guys that you can see on your TV right now with both WWE and TNA. These guys are coming to the end of their deals, and are wanting a fresh challenge. They don't feel they are being utilized to the best of their abilities and I'm going to try and do something about it. I'm giving them a chance to prove themselves, so yes it's very much going to be an alternative to the product you see in WWE and TNA."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "Could you shed some light on what you have planned for your promotion, have you decided upon a name, a location, etc.?"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "I was expecting you to ask me that a little sooner (laughs). What you need to know is that we've bought the rights to use the prestigious NWA name. National Wrestling Alliance have also gave us the rights for their championship belts, and we should tie up any loose ends such as vacating the titles of their current holders by the time we start up. We think it's quite a coup to be under the NWA banner, and I think it's a perfect fit especially in relation to our targets and what we hope to do. As for location, we're gonna do all our shows from the Texas area, at least for the time being. We'll definitely look at branching out to a wider region after a certain period of time, depending on the response from the general public. Obviously, we hope that to be a good response so I'd like to think we will start holding shows out of the area before the year-end."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "Wow, that's absolutely huge news. TNA is a company that started under the NWA umbrella too, was TNA a promotion that you looked at and tried to take something from?"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "If someone were to tell me, that this promotion would result in a Bischoff and Hogan takeover down the line, I wouldn't have spent a penny on ensuring this would all go ahead. Hell, I'd probably spend it all on beer just to forget some of the crap those two have done (laughs)."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "(laughs) So I take it you'll be focusing on younger talent unlike TNA?"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "We'll be focusing on guys that haven't been properly used, guys with talent and no attitude problems. TNA is currently everything I'll be making damn sure we don't end up being like. I've actually been able to convince Gabe Sapolsky, who was a huge part of ROH's success, to quit everything he is doing and come down to Texas and help me with the direction of the company. Paul Heyman told me a lot about Gabe's talent, and I've heard a lot of things from others so I was keen to get in touch with him and see what he was about. Needless to say, I was impressed when we finally got round to meeting. Also, speaking of Paul Heyman he will also have a role to play. Me and him go back a long way, we've been friends since my WCW days, and he owed me a couple of favours so I'm proud to say he's going to be one half of my commentary team. The other half? JR, Jim Ross has agreed to come out of retirement and help us out. I can't tell you enough how delighted I am to have him be a part of this."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "From your commentary team alone, I'm so excited to see what guys you have lined up for this, when can we expect to see more information?"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "Quite a few things are still in development, such as contracts. We've got a team of expert web developers who are slaving away trying to get our website done. I've seen it so far, and it's only about 60% done but it's looking fantastic. We're hoping to get the site up by the start of May so expect to see more information then. When the site is up and running, we'll reveal the roster and also release information relating to the first show which will be available to view on iPPV. We've just agreed a deal to get our main shows showed on iPPV, we're hoping to have roughly 8 a year on a Friday night. We're also in talks with a few channels to broadcast a weekly hour-and-a-half show that we're looking to broadcast on a Tuesday night. That should be wrapped up soon also."

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated: "We're running out of time Steve, it's been fantastic to interview you and hear this awesome news. Is there anything else you'd like to say?"

    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: "Nothing much, just to remind everyone to constantly check the url - '' over the next few weeks. It's currently in maintenance but May time, it will be up and running and you'll find all the information you need on the site. Thanks for allowing me to do this guys, I appreciate it."
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      Re: NWA Resurrection



      -Styles Clash and Spiral Tap
      -"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor

      -Showcase Submission (Single Leg Boston Crab), Shellshock and Lionsault
      -"Diamonds Forever" (Instrumental) by Kanye West

      -Singles (w/JBL & TAKEOVER)
      -450 Splash and Brainbuster
      -"Prelude 12/21" by AFI

      -Tag Division (w/Kofi Kingston, Prince Nana & "The Embassy")
      -Crucifix Powerbomb
      -"McDuck Money" by H-Squared

      -Slicedbread #2 and Sweet Talk (Superkick)
      -"Sweet Talk" by Kito ft. Reija Lee

      -Singles (w/JBL & TAKEOVER)
      -Cross Rhodes
      -"Prelude 12/21" by AFI

      -Future Shock
      -"Broken Dreams" by Shamana Harvest

      -"Ole" by The Bouncing Souls

      -Tag Division (w/Mark Briscoe)
      -Jay Driller
      -"Gimme Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

      -Tag Division (w/Tyler Black, JBL & TAKEOVER)
      -Contra Code and End Time
      -"Prelude 12/21" by AFI

      -Moonlight Drive and Starship Pain
      -"Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors

      -Tag Division (w/Big E Kingston, Prince Nana & "The Embassy")
      -Trouble in the Embassy
      -"McDuck Money" by H-Squared

      -Tag Division
      -Mark Out (Cut-Throat Driver)
      -"Gimme Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

      -London Calling (SSP) and London Connecting (Superkick)
      -"Stay Away" (Instrumental) by Nirvana

      -Crossbody and Gory Neckbreaker
      -"Sirius" by The Alan Parson's Project

      -Gibson Driver and Inverted Cloverleaf
      -"5 Minutes Alone" by Pantera

      -Singles (w/JBL & TAKEOVER)
      -Musclebuster and Rear Naked Choke
      -"Prelude 12/21" by AFI

      -Tag Division (w/Jimmy Jacobs, JBL & TAKEOVER)
      -Avada Kedavra and God's Last Gift
      -"Prelude 12/21" by AFI


      -Jim Ross (Play by Play)
      -Paul Heyman (Color)

      -Todd Grisham (Main Interviewer)
      -Candice Michelle (Secondary Interviewer)

      -Prince Nana (Clients: The Embassy - Kofi Kingston, Big E Kingston)
      -John Bradshaw Layfield (Clients: TAKEOVER - Austin Aries, Cody Rhodes, Jimmy Jacobs, Samoa Joe and Tyler Black)

      -John Bradshaw Layfield (90% stake, 40% acquired from "Stone Cold")
      -Shawn Michaels (10% stake, 10% acquired from "Stone Cold")

      **As of November 2012**
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        Re: NWA Resurrection

        NWA: Resurrection History


        iPPV HISTORY
        Flair for the Gold Night I and II
        A Fistful of Matches
        Fear & Loathing
        True Grit
        WARGAMES: What Price Glory?
        Scars and Stripes
        The Redemption

        Tuesday Night Showcase - live on FOX Sports

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          Re: NWA Resurrection


          -May 7, 2012


          NWA: Resurrection are delighted to be able to officially announce a lucrative new partnership which has been put in place with three of Japan's premier wrestling promotions. We have officially agreed terms with Dragon Gate, Pro-Wrestling NOAH and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) to share talent for a fixed number of events per year. Wrestling fans will be able to see some of Japan's most talented wrestling products wrestle at NWA: Resurrection's premier event - details of which will follow shortly...

          *Scroll down to read more*

          -May 8, 2012


          British rockers 'You Me At Six' have kindly granted permission for us to use their song 'Bite My Tongue' as the official anthem of our premier event, details of which will be made tomorrow - exactly one month before the event takes place!

          *Scroll down to read more*
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            Re: NWA Resurrection



            24 HOURS before tickets go on sale for NWA Resurrection's inaugural event, the board of directors have announced full details of the double-header iPPV event, that will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Taking inspiration from NWA's proud and vast history, the event entitled 'Flair for the Gold' will eminate from Houston, Texas - the same city that figurehead Steve Austin headlined at WrestleMania 17. The event will take place over two nights with Night I on Friday June 8, being followed by Night II, the very next night on Saturday June 9. Some of Texas' very finest wrestling products such as Terry Funk, John Layfield and the 'Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels have accepted invites to be in attendance as we decide two championships in the space of two nights with the NWA World Tag Team Championship and the prestigious NWA World Heavyweight Championship both being decided over the course of the weekend. Featuring three of Japan's finest wrestling talents, we are delighted to reveal how Night I will shape out.*

            *Night II will be revealed on the day of the event, based on the results of the previous night.

            || Flair for the Gold Night I ||

            || NWA World Heavyweight Championship Bracket ||
            | EIGHT MAN TOURNAMENT |

            || ROUND ONE ||
            Drew Galloway versus Richie Steamboat
            John Morrison versus Austin Aries
            Alex Shelley versus Jerry Lynn
            AJ Styles versus Roderick Strong

            || NWA World Tag Team Championship Bracket ||
            | FOUR TEAM TOURNAMENT |

            || ROUND ONE ||
            Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston
            The Briscoe Brothers versus Jimmy Jacobs & Christopher Daniels

            || Japan Showcase||
            MVP (NJPW) versus PAC (Dragon Gate) versus KENTA (NOAH)

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              Re: NWA Resurrection

              || ROUND ONE ||
              Drew Galloway versus Richie Steamboat
              John Morrison versus Austin Aries
              Alex Shelley versus Jerry Lynn
              AJ Stylesversus Roderick Strong

              I'll put my money on Lynn to win this tourny.

              || NWA World Tag Team Championship Bracket ||
              | FOUR TEAM TOURNAMENT |
              || ROUND ONE ||
              Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston
              The Briscoe Brothers versus Jimmy Jacobs & Christopher Daniels

              I'm calling Londrick to win this tourny.

              Japan Showcase
              MVP (NJPW) versus PAC (Dragon Gate) versus KENTA (NOAH)

              I'll be reading and reviewing this one WMS. The fact that it takes place in cities that I grew up in has me very interested. I like a good setting, and it doesn't get any better than Texas. Perfect cast of characters too. Just the right mix of new talent and interesting veterans. Can't wait to read this first show.


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                Re: NWA Resurrection

                You always do as you believe so
                I'm gonna fall asleep and take a seat
                And watch you fall apart
                'Cause in the end
                What are you without me?
                I slow this down 'cause I know that you can't keep up
                Oh baby I, maybe I was alone from the start
                I might be proud, but at least I'm proud of something
                You've taken pride in becoming nothing
                You keep me on the edge of my seat....
                -You Me At Six - Bite My Tongue

                NWA: Resurrection - Flair for the Gold Night I
                Friday June 8, 2012
                George R. Brown Convention Center - Houston, Texas

                As the words 'edge of my seat' resonate from the lips of 'You Me At Six' we get our first glimpse of the modest George R. Brown Convention Centre where over a thousand Houston fans are buzzing in excitement for the dawning of a new era, for a night billed as the 'resurrection of professional wrestling in North America'. After a quick pan of the venue and the many fans in attendance, the camera stops dead center to the announce table, right by the side of a black and blue coloured wrestling ring - the NWA logo emblazoned on it. At the announcing table sit two familar faces, Paul Heyman and Jim Ross. 'JR' introduces us as Heyman chips in with the hyperbole and excitement that is often associated with him. The two converse, discussing the weekend in store, putting over the crowning of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in particular. They are interrupted by a theme song which bears many connotations to those familar with NWA history, The Alan Parsons Project's 'Sirius' which is met with a thunderous response from the Texan crowd.

                Richie Steamboat - son of the legendary Ricky 'The Dragon Steamboat' comes out looking overwhelmed with the response he is getting. The young rookie is almost brought to tears by the reaction but is soon snapped back to reality when the theme is replaced by Sharman's Harvest's 'Broken Dreams' which welcomes out Drew Galloway, who has no plans to be sentimental, storming to the ring before slapping the taste out of Steamboat's mouth. Galloway's actions are met by loud boos which drown out the sound of the bell ringing, as the match comes to a start.

                Opening Match
                NWA World Heavyweight Championship ROUND ONE
                Drew Galloway vs. Richie Steamboat

                Summary: Galloway controls the opening stages of the match after gaining the advantage with a slap to the face prior the bell ringing. Galloway bullies Steamboat, making the most of his size and weight advantage. Steamboat displays great tenacity and fighting spirit, coupled with the support of the crowd willing him on and starts a comeback, making the most of Galloway's cockiness by bringing him down with a picture-perfect dropkick which connected with Galloway while he was in mid-air attempting an ambitious and uncharacteristic top-rope maneuver. Steamboat rallied on from that game-changing dropkick, putting together a series of moves that showed signs of talent inherited from his father. Galloway meanwhile, showed signs of desperation, trying to roll out of the ring to get a breather but his plan backfired as Steamboat came rocketing through the ring ropes, connecting with a suicide dive. Steamboat played to the crowd, starting to gain confidence with the momentum very much in his favour as the match reached the five minute mark.

                Finish: Steamboat failed to keep a firm hold of the match, allowing Galloway to find a way back into things. The pair trade shots and signature moves, scoring respectable near-falls with Steamboat inches away from making a perfect start to his NWA career with a backslide, as the match escalates. Steamboat gets the better of Galloway for an inititial moment, with Steamboat taking a chance by going up-top in the hope of putting an end to the match. Galloway gets to his feet looking dazed and confused as Steamboat takes flight from the top-rope with a beautiful crossbody. Galloway looks hopeless but somehow manages to avoid the crossbody, diving out of the incoming Steamboat by a nano-second. Steamboat crashes and burns, thudding off the canvas as Galloway slowly gets to his feet, a deranged look in his eyes as he realises how close he was to saying farewell to his championship dream. Galloway sweeps his hair out of his face, collecting himself before picking up Steamboat's limp body, taking little time to connect with a devestating Future Shock. Galloway looks at the fans at ringside for a brief moment, picturing their faces as he hooks the legs of Steamboat to deny what would have been a popular victory.

                Winner: Drew Galloway (via Future Shock - pinfall)

                Aftermath: Galloway kicks the body of Steamboat out of the ring, celebrating his victory alone in the ring, looking incredibly smug and arrogant as he does so. Heyman and Ross discuss Galloway's chances in the tournament as we get a quick replay of the ending sequence. A close-up shot focuses on Galloway who looks to be happy with how his night has started.

                Backstage Candice Michelle is standing by with The Briscoe Brothers - Jay and Mark Briscoe. Candice thanks them for joining her at this time, but before she can say anymore Paul London and Brian Kendrick walk into shot, with shit-eating grins wide across their face. They look the two brothers up and down before walking off towards the ring. Mark and Jay look perplexed, with Jay motioning to go after the two only to be stopped by Mark, who says 'leave it'. Jay is unhappy with his brother stopping him from confronting London and Kendrick and walks out of shot, leaving Mark to apologise to Candice before chasing after his brother, as the camera returns to ringside.


                At ringside, Heyman and JR discuss a potential bout between The Briscoes and 'Londrick' as Heyman dubs them. Ross refers to The Briscoes as 'two hot-headed sons of a' and that 'Londrick' may be playing with fire by attempting mind games with the pair. Heyman says that London and Kendrick are two guys that are don't care for reputations, calling the pair 'dangerously unhinged'. The conversation is interrupted as the theme music of the two men Heyman was referring to, plays over the personal announcement system. Tomoyasu Hotei's 'Battle Without Honor or Humanity' welcomes out Paul London and Brian Kendrick who walk out to the ring, rather than run like they did in their previous WWE run. The pair don't play up the audience, instead taking their places in the ring and talking over their game plan with smirks across their faces.

                Their music is replace by the theme of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne - Ozzy Osbourne's 'I Don't Wanna Stop'. Kingston and Bourne come out in similar fashion to how London and Kendrick once did, looking energetic and pumped up for the match. Their energy feeds off to the crowd who respond to the team favourably. The two tandem's take their place in the ring, quickly deciding on who will start the match-up as the bell rings.

                Second Match
                NWA World Tag Team Championship ROUND ONE
                Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston

                Summary: Kingston & Bourne shoot right out of the starting blocks, overwhelming London and Kendrick in the early goings, proving too much for the pair with their aerial offence. London and Kendrick attempt to regroup on the outside after the first couple of minutes go completely against them, but find themselves soon on the receiving end of a double plancha courtesy of Kingston and Bourne, which the crowd go nuts for. London and Kendrick stay patient however, and the patience pays off as London is able to reverse Bourne's DDT attempt, flap jacking him before he can fully connect, into his and Kendrick's corner. London and Kendrick take full advantage of Bourne in their corner, making the most of quick tags to wear down Bourne. London and Kendrick isolate Bourne for the next few minutes, wisely using their experience to turn the match into their favour.

                Finish: After Bourne makes the hot tag to Kingston, the match looks back in their favour with Kofi clearing the ring of London, before going close twice in quick succession with a leg lariat and then a reverse neckbreaker. London and Kendrick are hanging on by a thread with Kofi looking inspired and dangeous. Kofi signals to his partner Bourne to end things, with Bourne going to the top rope ready for a Shooting Star Press right as Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise but London pushes Kendrick out of harms way just before he gets his head took off by Kingston's boot. Kendrick stumbles right into the Bourne's direction, knocking him off the top turnbuckle and crashing to the outside. Kofi goes to work on London but Kendrick regains his senses as he sees London wrapped around Kofi. Kendrick runs over and connects with an enziguri to the back of Kofi's head, before London sweeps Kofi down with a reverse STO - a move the two call 'Get Well Soon'. Kendrick hooks the leg for three as London watches on, the two snatching a win just as it looked like they were destined for defeat.

                Winner: Paul London and Brian Kendrick (via Get Well Soon - pinfall)

                Aftermath: The pair celebrate their win by embracing one another before leaving the ring, sharing crossed words with a few fans at ringside as they do so. Back in the ring Kofi and Bourne get back to their feet, met by a good response from the crowd who are fully appreciative of their efforts. Ross and Heyman put over the contest and the division in general before the camera switches to the backstage area.

                Austin Aries is seen standing backstage as the words 'earlier today' appear. Aries isn't in his ring gear, instead in a casual hoody and jeans but nonetheless he looks intense, which is evident to see once he begins to speak.

                Austin Aries: "It's 3pm, five hours before the show starts and I'm here, I'm the first guy in the building and let me tell you all, I'll be the last one out. When I found out my opponent for tonight was John Morrison, I couldn't have been any happier. I can't think of a better first opponent than this absolute fake. Morrison is a fine example of what exactly is wrong with the wrestling industry today.

                "Gone are the days of blood spraying across the canvas, instead replaced by fake tanner and smugness with Jonny Morrison being the posterboy for this new wave of fakery. Well tonight John, I'm going to slap the taste out of your mouth, I'm going to kick the teeth out of your head and I'm going to take professional wrestling back for professional wrestlers like Austin Aries.

                "Don't mistake me as being one for nostalgia, because I'm certainly not but there's a fine line between the washed up has-beens like the likes of Terry Funk who I hear is in attendance tonight, and the likes of John Morrison who represents a new breed of professional wrestlers, who quite frankly aren't tough enough to lace my boots. And tonight, Austin Aries proves to you all, that he is the past, present and future of professional wrestling!"


                The pre-tape segment comes to a close with Austin Aries looking darkly into the camera lens and is replaced by a shot of the ring, with The Door's Roadhouse Blues playing over the PA system introducing John Morrison who seems unfazed from Aries' harsh words. Morrison takes his place in the ring just as his music is replaced by Marylin Manson's "Personal Jesus" which brings out Austin Aries. Aries, now in his ring gear, looks on at John Morrison, but first makes a stop at ringside first where he spots the legendary Terry Funk. Aries says nothing at Funk, instead looking at him with a look of disgust before backing towards the ring not taking his eyes off Funk. Funk looks quite perplexed but finally Aries' attention is brought back to Morrison as the bell rings and the two lock-up.

                Third Match
                NWA World Heavyweight Championship ROUND ONE
                Austin Aries vs. John Morrison

                Summary: Aries starts the brighter of the two, winning the ground and pound with Morrison, keeping him on the ground in the early goings, attempting to cut off his aerial offence. Aries is particularly intense, delivering clubbing elbows with Morrison, blow after blow to the back of the head, trying to keep him down on the canvas. Aries finally takes the match away from the canvas, drilling Morrison into the turnbuckles, leaving him no time to rest as he flies in his direction with a flying elbow, delivered square to the face of Morrison. Aries leans on the turnbuckles and blows a kiss in the direction of Terry Funk, as Morrison drops to the mat in a heap. Aries glares at Funk for a while longer before going back to work on Morrison. Five minutes pass without Morrison having as much as a look in, with Aries being completely dominant, looking to make good on his promise from earlier.

                Finish: Aries starts to play around to the crowd more and more as the crowd and his dominance grows stronger. Aries has Morrison laid out after dropping all of his weight on his sternum with a fireman's carry, but he opts against going to the top for a 450 splash. Instead he wants to hurt Morrison, and hoists him up looking for a Brainbuster. Aries lifts Morrison up with relative ease, playing to the crowd again by lifting Morrison up and down ala Scott Steiner. Aries laughs before once again blowing a kiss in the direction of Terry Funk, who is joining the crowd in voicing their displeasure for Aries. Aries finally goes for the Brainbuster but his timewasting and pandering to the crowd costs him dearly as Morrison rolls over his shoulders and grabs a hold of his legs, catching him in a cradle: One...Two...Three!

                Winner: John Morrison (via Cradle - pinfall)

                Aftermath: Morrison rolls out of the ring immediately, taken aback by how he won the match despite having little offence. He celebrates at ringside before exiting backstage as Austin Aries tears his hair out in the ring, furious with himself for losing despite having total control for the full length of the match. He slowly makes his way out of the ring, sharing displeasuries with Terry Funk at ringside who mocks Aries for losing. Aries looks close to losing his cool, but doesn't take any action, instead leaving to a chorus of boos.

                Candice Michelle made her second appearance of the night, coming out to the ring to introduce some of the legendary figures in attendance tonight. The camera followed her around ringside as she introduced the likes of Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat and finally John Layfield - who looked rather disgruntled - and Shawn Michaels - who was all smiles, sitting next to his wife Rebecca. Candice says she hopes the audience joins her in applauding the stars of yesterday, adding that this weekend sees the birth of the stars of tomorrow. The George R. Brown Convention Center start a unison of applause before finally it is announced that the next match of the evening will be the highly-anticipated Japan showcase.


                Representing New Japan Pro Wrestling is MVP, a familiar face to the American audience, and as a result gets the biggest response of the three. He seems to be happy to be back in a North American ring, soaking in the crowd response as JR puts over his talent. He is followed out by PAC, a British wrestler who is representing Dragon Gate. PAC isn't too well known and as a result the reaction to his entrance is minimal, with Paul Heyman commenting that the crowd will do a complete 360 on their reaction once they see a minute of 'this kid' in the ring. The last competitor to make his way to the ring is KENTA, who gets a slightly louder response than PAC, with some fans being aware of his credentials. KENTA shows no sign of being interested, looking completely focused on the job at hand - getting a win for his promotion. The three men take their place in the ring, with the task of representing their respective promotions on foreign soil as the bell rings.

                Fourth Match
                All-Japan Showcase
                MVP (NJPW) vs. PAC (Dragon Gate) vs. KENTA (NOAH)

                Summary: From the first few minutes it's evident that the fans are in a fast-paced encounter with PAC being the shining star in the first couple of minutes, envoking a massive reaction from a previously non-respondent Texan crowd. He slips out of KENTA's Falcon Arrow attempt, sidestepping a Yakuza Kick by MVP before landing a beautiful dropsault onto the chin of MVP, sending him flying into KENTA with both men landing through the ropes, spilling onto the outside. PAC takes a deep breath, looking around the audience who anticipate what he does next, as he heads towards the ring ropes before gracefully leaping over the ropes, twirling and twisting in the air before landing a jaw-dropping corkscrew shooting star plancha, connecting with both KENTA and MVP. PAC hurts himself slightly but is still first to his feet, as he raises his arm in the air, a number of fans beginning to chant his name - two moves was all that was needed to make him a favourite in Texas.

                PAC may have become a quick favourite with his high-flying approach but it costs him dearly as he tries one move too far, and finds himself punished by KENTA who sidesteps a moonsault body block attempt, before planting him into the canvas with a beautiful Fisherman Buster. KENTA goes for a Cloverleaf but is interrupted by MVP who makes his way back into the ring and almost turns KENTA inside out with a Lariat. MVP feeds on KENTA's scraps, locking in a crossface on PAC in the middle of the ring. PAC struggles and howls in pain, as he tries to claw his way to the ring ropes. He finds himself just inches away but MVP smartly rolls his body over, making the ropes an unreachable target for the Brit. PAC bites down on his own fingers, trying not to tap but finally he stretches his hands out about to submit only for KENTA to break the submission at the very last second, diving down towards MVP with an elbow to keep the match alive.

                Finish: The match continued on as it set off, with all three men going close with a number of near falls in a contest that had no clear sign of a winner. A finish came at the fifteen minute point with MVP going for his finisher, the Playmaker, only for KENTA to block and hoist him onto his shoulders looking for the G2S. MVP struggled, throwing wild elbows to the face of KENTA but to no avail as KENTA kept a firm hold of MVP, looking to connect. PAC came to MVP's rescue with a spinning leg lariar to the face of KENTA, sending KENTA flying backwards with MVP still on his shoulders. MVP dropped over the ropes and crashed to the outside while KENTA kept on his feet by hanging onto the ropes. PAC went for the attack with a Tiger Suplex but KENTA had enough him in to block with a huge right knee to the side of PAC's ribs, sending his opponent stumbling backwards. KENTA followed up with a flurry of slaps and punches before ending with a final kick to the side of PAC's head, leaving PAC struggling to remain on his feet. KENTA quickly ran the ropes, connecting with a massive Running Busaiku Knee Strike, sweeping PAC off his feet and to the canvas, folded in half. KENTA hooked the leg of PAC for an emphatic three count with MVP breaking the pinfall just a second too late.

                Winner: KENTA (via Running Busaiku Knee Strike - pinfall)

                Aftermath: All three men lay on the canvas for a few moments, exhausted from the effort put into the match. Finally the victorious KENTA was first to his feet, soon followed by MVP. The two men looked at each other for a few moments, out of breath before finally shaking hands and shaking in respect. Their attention wavered to PAC who was still hurt on the floor, the two men helped the Brit up to his feet. The two men shook hands with PAC who could barely stand up straight after being seen off by KENTA. KENTA and MVP raised the arms of PAC with all three men standing tall in the ring, in front of an appreciative American crowd. KENTA and NOAH had the bragging rights but truly, it was wrestling that was the real winner following a fantastic match-up.

                Backstage, opponents Alex Shelley and Jerry Lynn are seen talking, just minutes before their match-up. We can't hear their conversation, but the two are all smiles and wish each other luck. Lynn walks off as Shelley stares on, his smile fading away and replaced by a look of repulse. He snaps out of it as he realises Todd Grisham is walking in his direction, asking him if he has time for a quick interview. Shelley seems reluctant but agrees, with Grisham quickly asking him for his thoughts ahead of his match with Jerry Lynn that will take place in the next few moments.

                Alex Shelley: "It's a real honour to be making my debut against Jerry Lynn. Jerry's a good friend, someone who helped me progress as a wrestler back in TNA and has always been a cool guy to me and my family. I can't wait to go out there, and tear the house down with him. I'm excited, and I've also got a lot to prove as the last year hasn't been a great year for Alex Shelley. Everything changes tonight though Todd, 2012 is the resurrection of NWA and Alex Shelley. You'll see what I mean when I get out there."

                Shelley thanks Todd before walking out of sight, as the camera returns to ringside where fans are awaiting the arrival of Jerry Lynn.


                They don't have to wait for much longer as Fear Factory's "Replica" blares over the personal announcement system, welcoming out the veteran Jerry Lynn. Lynn beams with delight at the loud response from the fans, as he power walks to the ring eager to make a winning start to what he has promised will be his 'final run'. His music is replaced by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Weapon of Choice" which introduces a popular Alex Shelley. Shelley is all smiles, pointing at Lynn in the ring before joining him in the squared circle. Shelley poses on the top rope, looking as if he was thouroughly enjoying the attention from the fans. He jumps back down and takes his place in the ring. The two shake hands before locking up as the bell rings and the match begins.

                Fifth Match
                NWA World Heavyweight Championship ROUND ONE
                Jerry Lynn vs. Alex Shelley

                Summary: Shelley dictates the opening stages, winning the lock-up and powering Lynn down to the mat. Shelley is in his element wrestling on the floor, keeping Lynn pinned down with a number of painful-looking holds, trying to disable Lynn from his renowned high-flying offence. Shelley goes for an early submission, locking in a submission stretch on Lynn. Lynn looks in excruciating pain but has enough to break out of the move, using leverage to roll away and burst out of the stretch. Shelley goes straight back on the attack, going for another submission but Lynn counters into a roll-up, which Shelley only narrowly kicks out of. Shelley backs off slightly, trying for a more careful approach but Lynn takes heart from nearly catching Shelley off-guard, and is able to duck a sharp clothesline attempt from Shelley, spinning around before kicking him in the gut and nailing his younger opponent with a Spike DDT. The move gets the fans to rally behind Lynn who begins to force his way back into the match.

                Finish: The two trade close falls as the pace picks up following a slow start. The fans are on the edge of their seat as Shelley has Lynn hoisted up for Shellshock. Lynn spins out of the hold however, and goes for another DDT, but Shelley blocks and counters with a beautiful Fisherman Suplex. Shelley bridges the suplex which gets a two count before Lynn shows great athleticism and bridges out, twisting hold of Shelley and attempting a Cradle Piledriver. Shelley blocks again however, with the two men seemingly knowing each other move-for-move. Shelley goes for another Fisherman Suplex but Lynn counters, twisting his leg around Shelley's and rolling him up with an inside cradle. Shelley looks trapped but manages to use his momentum to roll through and instead trap Lynn's shoulder. Lynn bursts out at two and three-quarters before Shelley launches another attack. Lynn ducks however, before running the ropes and leaping over Shelley, catching him with a roll-up: One...Two...No! Shelley rolls through! One...Two..Thr-No! Lynn uses his leverage to roll backwards and keep Shelley's shoulders pinned down: One...Two.....Three! Yes!

                Winner: Jerry Lynn (via Roll-Up - pinfall)

                Aftermath: Lynn celebrates for a few moments before Shelley returns to his feet. Lynn looks a little apprehensive but offers his hand to a seemingly upset Shelley for a handshake. Shelley glares at him for a few moments with his hands on his hips, before shaking his head. Shelley rejects the handshake and instead goes for an embrace. Lynn accepts and the two hug after a hard fought match. The two are all smiles as the embrace ends, but Lynn's smile is wiped off his face as Shelley kicks him where it hurts! The crowd don't boo, instead shocked as Shelley looks down at Lynn with a look of disgust across his face. Shelley spits down at Lynn's directions before exiting to loud boos. Shelley, red in the face with anger, doesn't look once at the fans as he makes his way backstage leaving behind Lynn, who is left both hurt and confused in the ring.

                Backstage we see The Briscoe Brothers looking in happier spirits than previously in the night, with Jay forgetting his troubles with Londrick earlier in the night. The pair look focused, and they hug before walking towards the ring, adrenaline and energy clear to see as the two brothers aim to get the win that will see them clash with London and Kendrick for the NWA World Tag Team Championship.


                We see a quick replay of Londrick's victory earlier in the night, with Jim Ross saying the winner of this match will meet them tomorrow night to the first NWA World Tag Team Champions of the NWA: Resurrection era. Heyman puts over some of the legendary tag teams to win the belts before being interrupted by "The Haunted" as made famous by Walls of Jericho. Out walk the team of Christopher Daniels and Jimmy Jacobs, wearing dark attire and face paint. The two seem to have been forgotten men in the tournament with most of the emphasis going on their opponents for tonight, The Briscoe Brothers. The heavy tones of Walls of Jericho is replaced by Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Back My Bullets" where The Briscoe Brothers walk out to the best reaction for any tag team of the night. The brothers power walk down to the ring but don't make it to the ring before Jacobs and Daniels come out of the ring and meet them half-way, looking to make an immediate impact! The action finally spills back into the ring, with the referee calming things down and making a degree of peace, before the match officially begins.

                Sixth Match
                NWA World Tag Team Championship ROUND ONE
                Jimmy Jacobs and Christopher Daniels vs. The Briscoe Brothers

                Summary: Jacobs and Daniels look like men on a mission, and a ruthless streak in the two is clear to see from the opening minutes, where they control the match, punishing both Briscoe's, obviously upset by being the forgotten team in the tournament. Daniels in particular is intense, and goes close with a snap suplex and flying knee drop on Jay Briscoe. Jacobs though is also full of agression as he stamps away at Jay, keeping him in his and Daniels corner. Jacobs delivers a wicked snapmare before drilling his foot into Jay's back, before locking in a sleeper trying to wear down Jay and tire him out. The Briscoe's finally break into the match when Jay finds a way out of the opponents corner, knocking Daniels down with a step-up enziguri before leaping and tagging in Mark, who is full of fight and energy. He meets an oncoming Daniels with a huge leg lariat before taking out a rushing Jacobs with a Fisherman Buster, sending Jacobs rolling out of the ring. Briscoe turns his attention back towards Daniels, hoisting him up for an atomic drop, calling for his brother Jay as he hoisted Daniels up. Jay came flying down from the top rope with a missile dropkick, connecting to Daniels head before Mark hit the atomic drop, going close to a three as the match stepped up a gear as the minutes passed on.

                Finish: The finish came after the ten minute mark with both teams going all-out for the victory. Jacobs and Daniels seem to have the upper-hand with both men going for superplexes to their opponents. On one corner Mark Briscoe counters, slipping behind Jacobs, before drilling him with a strike to the back while Jacobs was still standing on the turnbuckle. Mark takes advantage, lifting Jacobs off the turnbuckle into electric chair position, as Jay wrestlers with Daniels on the opposite corner. Jay manages to punch Daniels back down off the turnbuckle, before using Daniels' shoulders as a stepping stone and leaping towards Jacobs who was still positioned on Mark's shoulders, connecting with a huge clothesline sending Jacob's flying off his brothers shoulders and crashing towards the canvas, a move known as the Doomsay Device, made famous by the legendary Road Warriors. Jay joined Jacobs crashing down to the mat, as Mark rushed over to Daniels clotheslining him out of the ring, leaving his brother to wrap his arm over Jacobs to get the three count.

                Winner: Jay and Mark Briscoe (via Doomsay Device - pinfall)

                Aftermath: Jay and Mark embrace in the ring, sweaty and fatigued after a hard fought win over an impressive Jacobs and Daniels. Their celebration is interrupted by Londrick who appear on the entrance ramp, catching the attention of the two brothers. They tease that they are going to hit the ring with Jay and Mark prepared to take the fight to London and Kendrick. London and Kendrick look at each other before charging to the ring, only to stop before the end of the ramp. They look at the two brothers and a twisted smile begins to unearth across both their faces. Before Jay and Mark can take action however, they are ambushed from behind by Daniels and Jacobs who have returned to their feet. The two stamp away at the two Briscoes as Londrick watch on admiringly. London and Kendrick exit to the back, full of smiles as their opponents for tomorrow night get softened up in the ring by Daniels and Jacobs. Jacobs hits a massive contra code on Jay, with Daniels landing the Angel Wing's on Mark, leaving the two battered and bruised in the ring. London and Kendrick watch on from the top of the ramp with sick smiles across their faces, knowing full well they have the advantage ahead of tomorrow's title match.

                We see a quick clip of AJ Styles pacing around a backstage area just minutes ahead of the night's main event. He is interrupted by Alex Shelley who walks into Styles' direction, looking awfully pleased with himself. Styles notices and calls Shelley out on his earlier actions.

                AJ Styles: "What's your problem Shelley? You've got all the talent in the world but you're a real asshole."

                Alex Shelley: "I might be as asshole Styles, but you know what else I am? I'm a winner, and that might not have been the case tonight but believe me, things are changing around here AJ. You can be the posterboy here just like you were in TNA, which got you absolutely nowhere in the end, but the real star is Alex Shelley and unlike you AJ, I won't crack under pressure."

                Styles looks Shelley up and down before slapping him in the face. Shelley looks as if he's going to react but keeps his calm and opts to give Styles a verbal lashing as opposed to a physical reaction.

                Alex Shelley: "The truth hurts huh? You were Mr. TNA, you got shot after shot but you still blew it and became an afterthought. Good luck with Roderick out there next, who knows - I might just come down and give you some moral support, ha!"

                Shelley walks out of sight with Styles looking on, looking as if Shelley's words got to him mentally just moments before his main event match against Roderick Strong. Styles drops his head as the camera returns to ringside.


                Heyman and Ross question Styles' state of mind as Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" blasts over the personal announcement system introducing Roderick Strong, who looks all action as he marches down to the ring. Heyman puts over Strong as an underappreciated talent, and says it is important that Styles concentrates fully on Strong otherwise he'll be punished. Strong's music is replaced by Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" as the crowd await the arrival of AJ Styles. His music almost loops over before he finally comes out, still looking taken aback by Shelley's words just moments earlier. He joins Strong in the ring, and tries to gain focus as they go for a lock up, the main event of the evening finally begins.

                Main Event
                NWA World Heavyweight Championship ROUND ONE
                Roderick Strong vs. AJ Styles

                Summary: Strong completely dominates the first few minutes of the match, taking advantage of Styles' wandering thoughts, punishing him with a series of backbreaker variations as well as trying to disable his arsenal and slow down his offence with rest holds. Strong doesn't break a sweat, as he tactically works down the speedier Styles, looking to score a win that would shoot him into the next round of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Heyman tells us all that Strong is a man you have to pay your full attention to, otherwise you'll face the consequences as AJ is finding out tonight.

                Finish: Styles finally starts to get into the match as it nears its conclusion. He slips out of a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt from Strong, slipping behind the big man before hitting a huge lungblower, allowing himself time to get a breather and his head back into the match-up. Styles seems to take confidence from countering one of Strong's backbreaker attempts, and goes on a run of near-falls as he hits Strong with a number of signature moves, picking up momentum going near with a Pele Kick on the first occasion and then a reverse frankensteiner, leaving Strong dazed and confused. The 'master of the backbreaker' still had enough smarts to get the arm up, but the two blows to the head slowed him down a little, allowing Styles to attempt the Styles Clash, trying to pick up the victory. Styles had Strong in position but was interrupted by a voice coming from the top of the entrance ramp.

                "Pressure getting to you yet AJ?!"

                The voice belongs to a grinning Alex Shelley, who slowly makes his way down to the entrance ramp. AJ's attention is fully on Shelley and he's punished as Strong has enough about him to roll through and pin Styles: One...Two...Th-No! Styles bursts out at three. Strong goes straight back onto the attack, wrapping Styles in a bearhug as Shelley is now at ringside, laughing and shouting abuse directed at Styles. Shelley is blindsided though as Jerry Lynn comes out of the crowd and spears Shelley to the floor! Lynn and Shelley go at it on the floor with officials running from backstage to try and separate them. Back in the ring, Styles fights out of Strong’s bearhug before delivering another Pele Kick, straight to the temple of his opponent! Styles contemplates going for the cover but instead slowly makes his way to the top rope before leaping off and crashing down with a beautiful Spiral Tap, square to the chest of Strong! Styles hooks the leg for the win.

                Winner: AJ Styles (via Spiral Tap - pinfall)

                Aftermath: Styles makes his way back to his feet and is soon joined by Jerry Lynn who raises his hand in the air. The two embrace and stand tall in the ring, as Alex Shelley looks on from the entrance ramp, his eye blackened and his face red with anger. Night I goes off the air with two of the four men left standing in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament, Lynn and Styles celebrating in the ring. Heyman and Ross thank us for joining them for a night that will stand the test of time, reminding us that Night II will take place tomorrow night and promises to be even better...
                END NIGHT I
                Man of the world.


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                  Re: NWA Resurrection


                  || Flair for the Gold Night II ||

                  || NWA World Heavyweight Championship Bracket ||
                  | EIGHT MAN TOURNAMENT |

                  || ROUND TWO ||
                  Drew Galloway versus Jerry Lynn
                  AJ Styles versus John Morrison
                  || FINAL ||
                  x versus y

                  || NWA World Tag Team Championship Bracket ||
                  | FOUR TEAM TOURNAMENT |

                  || FINAL ||
                  Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus The Briscoe Brothers

                  ||NWA v.s Japan Series||
                  Roderick Strong (NWA) versus PAC (Dragon Gate)
                  Austin Aries (NWA) versus KENTA (NOAH)
                  Alex Shelley (NWA) versus MVP (NJPW)

                  Man of the world.


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                    Re: NWA Resurrection

                    System's Semantics
                    Night I

                    - Obviously know of Drew, but I haven't seen much of Richie.
                    - I don't know how to describe your format style, almost minimalist. Always looks very organized.
                    - Solid opener, enough to keep the show interesting but not too over the top that the following matches will look bad in comparison.
                    - I've never heard the expression shit-eating grin outside PW, and I'm glad...
                    - How dare you interrupt Candice?
                    - Tag match 101, was enjoyable.
                    - I read that as "Sharing cross words". Book it
                    - I don't really see John Morrison as the antithesis of "Real Pro Wrestling" but nevertheless intrigued.
                    - I love Aries entrance music
                    - I didn't see Morrison winning coming. Glad you didn't go the obvious Funk interference route.
                    - Candice Michelle as your announcer/interviewer seems a bit strange for an NWA fed.
                    - 3way was very dissapointing, flips and signature moves. Seemed like a Lucha match more than Puro,
                    which seemed to be what you were going for (an American crowd appreciating a puro style).
                    - I'm glad you demonstrated that Lynn was a ring veteran in the early going.
                    - Very good match, psychology was perfect.
                    - Nothing good or bad to say about the tag match, other than "Winner" should be plural.
                    - "Stamp away"
                    - Aftermath has me intrigued.
                    - The Alex Shelley distraction was so obvious and unnecessary.
                    - The segment beforehand was fine, without Shelly needing to inject himself into the match.
                    - "night II will take place tomorrow night" O RLY? I know what you meant, but it stills reads humorously.
                    - Jerry Lynn raising his hand at the end was fine, Still think Shelly wasn't needed.
                    He could have came out on Night II and say how disgusted etc he was by the end of Night I.


                    Great show, I didn't like the Triple Threat and some other trivial things but that's all.
                    Format looks great, and the card was very enjoyable. Your match summaries were incredibly well done, in terms of the match structure.
                    Looking forward to night II.
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                      Re: NWA Resurrection

                      My goodness. You will be QUITE the challenge. Great roster? Check. Easy to digest results? Check? Fun, old-school meets new-school style of booking? Check. Seriously man, this is awesome. I'm very anxious to see Night 2, so get on it ASAP. Awesome stuff, man.
                      We ARE pro-wrestling.


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                        Re: NWA Resurrection

                        The Rolling Thunder Review
                        WMS Presents "NWA Resurrection"

                        I don't ever remember saying that on Twitter!

                        Stone Cold running a promotion would have my full, undivided attention. The fact that you made it an NWA ressurection just makes it that much cooler. Exceptional idea, sir. The interview was spot-on too. Not that it's hard to capture Austin's personality, but you did it very well regardless. Very informative and a great way to build-up the fed.

                        Loving your roster. My expectations are already insanely high.

                        FLAIR FOR THE GOLD NIGHT 1~!

                        Interesting theme choice. Not my cup o' tea exactly, but the song does the job.

                        Summary & Finish. Love it. Everything is clear, concise,'s like you've done this before! Great opening match, and I see that you too have decided to push Drew Galloway. THE BATTLE IS ON, SIR.

                        Sorry, I got distracted after Googling Candice Michelle. I miss her.

                        You're building Briscoes vs. Londrick? FUCK YES.

                        Glad you're using Bourne/Kingston as a team again. I really enjoyed them as a tag team in the WWE. It's a shame what happened to them.

                        Fast-paced spotfest, exactly what I expected and exactly what we got. So much fun. Your tag division is going to be insane.

                        Austin Aries promo did its job. That's all I really have to say.

                        Morrison sneaks the win! I won't lie, I was expecting another heel win like the opening match with Galloway. You made the right call, and I'm interested as to where Aries will go from here. I know how much you like writing him, so I'm going to follow this closely.

                        I only know MVP from his WWE days, and my knowledge of PAC and KENTA just comes from watching the odd match on YouTube, but you paint a good picture with the entrances. I noticed that not many people do that around here, and I can never figure out why. It's the perfect opportunity to get the persona over that you want each wrestler to have.

                        This match is my favourite of the show thus far. You captured the Japanese style perfectly by letting the wrestling speak for itself. All three guys standing tall after that match would have been a sight to see.

                        Holy crap you put Jerry Lynn over Alex Shelley. Did not expect that at all. I'm going to have a hard time buying Shelley as a heel, but it's definitely something that will be a fun challenge for you.

                        Man, so much going on in this show...

                        I'm a bit surprised that you put The Briscoes over Daniels and Jacobs, but then again, I didn't expect Londrick to be playing the role of the heel team in the match. Nice little swerve at the end to get that done. Very well written match and aftermath.

                        Shelley tells AJ what everyone is thinking. Nice. I'm starting to buy this.

                        Of course AJ wins after that encounter. Kind of took the surprise away by having Shelley and Styles confront one another before the match, but at the same time, you could have written it either way and had Shelley screw Styles. Either way, I'm happy with the result. Alex Shelley vs. AJ Styles down the road sounds amazing, and you've got Roderick Strong and JERRY FUCKING LYNN in the mix.

                        Overall: 9.8/10

                        I don't think I've ever given a perfect score to a show, but this is damn close. Your writing and execution is probably the best in Fan Fic, and you don't rely on graphics to trap readers. You can do it all without, which is something only you and TMMW seem to be able to pull off. I'm having a very hard time finding anything wrong with this show, and I only expect big things from you. Amazing job.


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                          Re: NWA Resurrection

                          I slow this down 'cause I know that you can't keep up
                          Oh baby I, maybe I was alone from the start
                          I might be proud, but at least I'm proud of something
                          You've taken pride in becoming nothing
                          You keep me on the edge of my seat....
                          -You Me At Six - Bite My Tongue

                          NWA: Resurrection - Flair for the Gold Night II
                          Saturday June 9, 2012
                          George R. Brown Convention Center - Houston, Texas

                          We are treat to a quick video highlighting Night I in small detail. We see AJ Styles, Drew Galloway, John Morrison and Jerry Lynn advancing to the semi-finals of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament; Paul London and Brian Kendrick's victory as well as their altercation with the men they meet tonight, the Briscoe Brothers who are also shown winning their match. Austin Aries' stare-off with Terry Funk and Alex Shelley's post match attack of Lynn are also shown as the video comes to an end with You Me At Six being drowned out as the George R. Brown Convention Center comes into view. The song is replaced by the frantic voices of Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, who speak of their excitement for tonight. JR's words of 'two championship titles will be decided' ring in our ears as the camera pans quickly around the venue, allowing us to picture the fans who appear to be buzzing with anticipation. Ross and Heyman put over the NWA vs. Japan series and say the first three matches of the night will determine the winner of the series.

                          They are interrupted by the theme music of Roderick Strong, with Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" playing over the PA system. Strong, who was in last night’s main event, walks out looking intense and focused, eager to give NWA a winning start in the three-match series. Strong takes his place, as Heyman and Ross put over Strong's performance last night, commenting on how he was unlucky not to come out of the match as the winner. His opponent is New Japan Pro Wrestling's MVP who gets a favourable reaction, with most familiar with his WWE work. MVP looks happy with his reception, but doesn't let it knock his concentration as he eyes Strong in the ring, telling his opponent that this is going to be his night. Ludacris' "Get Back" stops playing and the two tie-up as the bell rings.

                          Opening Match
                          NWA vs. Japan Series Match I (0-0)
                          Roderick Strong vs. MVP

                          Summary: From the get-go, it's evident that the match will be a hard-hitting affair, similar to what can be seen in NJPW, with Japanese wrestling being renowned for its hard hitting style. MVP controls the early goings, backing Strong into the corner, before unleashing a number of chops and slaps to the chest. Strong's chest is red-raw as MVP sets him on the turnbuckles, rocking him with an uppercut to the jaw before joining him on the top rope. MVP goes for a top-rope superplex, but Strong beats him away with huge forearms, nearly knocking Porter off the top rope altogether. Strong catches him however and jumps down towards the canvas with MVP still in his arms, landing on his feet before catapulting MVP over his head with a quick fall-away slam. Strong gets a near fall but the move is enough to turn the match in his favour, allowing him to dictate the match after MVP initially started the stronger man.

                          Finish: Strong's dominance is finally countered by MVP who avoids a corner clothesline attempt by Strong, and hits him with a desperation Yakuza Kick, sending Strong slumped in the corner. MVP drags him to the middle of the ring and locks in a crossface, going for the kill (). Strong claws and crawls over to the ropes, with MVP unable to stop him with a hard-hitting bout making him feel fatigued. Strong finally reaches the bottom rope with MVP breaking the hold, rolling away from Strong with both men down on the canvas, trying to get a breather. Finally they return to their feet, slugging it out in an exchange of lefts and rights. MVP wins the exchange and takes it over to the corner again, trying to attack Strong with a flurry of chops but Strong hits back with chops of his own sending MVP retreating from the corner. MVP swaggers back and charges at Strong attempting a Lariat, however Strong thinks quickly and counters with a toe trip, sending his opponent flying head first into the turnbuckles. MVP bounces off the turnbuckles before turning around into a kick to the guy before Strong executes a devastating Gibson Driver (Sitout double underhook powerbomb) drilling Porter into the canvas, landing a three count to put an end to a huge opening contest.

                          Winner: Roderick Strong (via Gibson Driver - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: Strong helps MVP to his feet after the match-up and the two shake hands after an impressive opening display. Strong celebrates his win while MVP hobbles to the back. Heyman and Ross put over the match and the effort displayed by the two, as Strong exits the ring, looking just as worse for wear as his opponent.

                          The lovely Candice Michelle announces that NWA Resurrection has agreed an exciting deal with FOX Sports, where every Tuesday night, NWA Resurrection will be aired live on their channel. Candice thanks the Texan fans for their incredible support last night, and thanks them for coming again tonight. She says that the stars of NWA Resurrection will thank them for their support, every Tuesday night on FOX Sports and announces that the deal will begin this Tuesday with the first main event being a rematch of tonight’s NWA World Heavyweight Championship contest.

                          She is interrupted by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Weapon of Choice" which is met with a chorus of boos, as Alex Shelley struts out to the ring, staring a whole through the crowd as he chews away on some gum. He spits it out and bats it with his hand into the crowd, laughing at some of the nearby reactions. He regains a look of seriousness as he meets eyes with Candice Michelle in the ring. He circles the ring, vulture-like, finally getting a microphone and joining Candice in the ring. He simply stares at her for a few moments before addressing her and the audience.

                          Alex Shelley: "First and foremost, I'm disgusted that I wasn't personally asked to make this announcement. When you're discussing television, no one else out there has the face for television, like Alex Shelley does! I'm a true star, the new star of NWA. Instead we get some washed up skank delivering the news. You're no star Candice, and before you begin - adult movies do not count!"

                          Shelley basks in the crowd response, with the boos almost deafening. Candice meanwhile is close to tears, she goes to slap Shelley but Shelley catches her arm mid-slap. They look into one another's eyes for a moment before Shelley releases her arm and Candice exits the ring, storming back up the entrance ramp and out of sight. Shelley blows her a kiss, and laughs as a 'Shelley sucks!' chant gains momentum. Shelley continues, speaking over the top of the noisy Texan fans.

                          Alex Shelley: "This is my ring, and now that I'm alone I have something I wanted to say. Tonight, I'm scheduled to represent NWA in the NWA vs. Japan series, against PAC. Well, let me tell all of you something, Alex Shelley represents no one other than Alex Shelley himself! So to all the head honchos, to Steve Austin and all the other guys in the back, you're going to have to find a replacement because I'm not wrestling tonight. If you people are lucky enough, I may just show my face later in the night in some other capacity but that's about it, so to all of the fans out there who wish they were me, tune into FOX Sports this Tuesday Night, the only place you can find the new star of NWA on your television sets."

                          Shelley drops the microphone, and walks out of the ring looking pleased with himself, the boos from the crowd almost sounding out his theme music. He exits as Jim Ross on commentary calls him an 'arrogant asshole' with no respect for anyone or anything. Ross says despite Shelley dropping out of the series, NWA will field a replacement. Ross and Heyman discuss the next match of the evening, another NWA vs. Japan series match, which will see KENTA representing Pro-Wrestling NOAH, up against NWA's Austin Aries.


                          Silence looms over the arena for a few split seconds before Twista's "Art & Life" plays over the personal announcement system. Out walks KENTA, who is met with a postive reaction following his victory over PAC and MVP the previous night. KENTA is indifferent to the reaction, charging down to the ring eager to remain unbeaten over the course of the weekend. His obstacle tonight is Austin Aries, who was involved in an altercation with the legendary Terry Funk last night which is recapped courtesy of a quick replay. The replay ends and KENTA's music is muted. Seconds later Marylin Manson's "Personal Jesus" blasts across the PA system, introducing Austin Aries who walks out to a negative reaction from the Texan crowd. Aries is sporting a black t-shirt with the slogan "Saviour of Pro-Wrestling" splashed across the front of it. Aries storms down towards the ring, making a brief stop at ringside where he spots Terry Funk. Funk tells Aries that "you're going to get your ass kicked again", whereas Aries simplys stares deep into Funk's eyes. Finally, Aries takes off his t-shirt and throws it towards Funk before joining KENTA in the ring. We see Funk has thrown the t-shirt out of the crowd, but Aries doesn't know this as he is now in the ring locked-up with KENTA, as the bell rings.

                          Second Match
                          NWA vs. Japan Series Match II (1-0)
                          Austin Aries vs. KENTA

                          Summary: Aries' mind seems to be occupied elsewhere as KENTA controls the early goings, sending his brash opponent crashing back down to earth with a series of stiff shots, sending Aries towards the corner with a flurry of chops, kicks and punches before delivering a huge knee lift leaving Aries doubled over in pain. KENTA shows no mercy to his opponent, hooking Aries from behind before delivering a bridging German Suplex, which the NWA star narrowly escapes from before the count of three. Aries tries to shake the cobwebs away and get into the swing of things but KENTA is far too fast, almost one step ahead of his opponent. He almost gets the better of Aries with another suplex, this time a beautiful double underhook but Aries is able to get out at two and three quarters. At last, Aries forces his way into things slipping out of a Falcon Arrow attempt from KENTA before countering with a forward Russian legsweep, a move out of sheer desperation yet it buys enough time for Aries to gain a breather and work on a game plan to get back into the match. Aries begins to dictate the pace of the match from this counter, attempting to work down his opponent en route to a brainbuster, a move capable of finishing any encounter.

                          Finish: The self-proclaimed "Saviour of Pro-Wrestling" looks in total control as the match nears the ten-minute mark. He takes the wind out of KENTA with a gutbuster followed by a quick swinging neckbreaker, targeting the back, neck and ribs in quick succession but it only gets him a near-fall. Aries takes a little too much time lifting KENTA from the ground however and KENTA fights back with a huge roundkick to the head of Aries, catching him midfall before hoisting him on his shoulders. KENTA goes for the Go 2 Sleep but Aries still has enough about him to deliver a series of stiff elbows to the side of KENTA's head, clubbing away until finally the fourth blow to the head is enough and he is able to slip behind KENTA and hoist him onto his shoulders. Aries spins slightly before running and landing a rolling fireman's carry, puncturing KENTA into the canvas. Aries looks down at his fallen opponent for a moment before climbing towards the top rope, ready for a 450 Splash. He stands tall on the turnbuckle and points into the direction of Terry Funk, signalling him to watch closely. Aries grins confidently before taking flight, only to be foiled by KENTA who raises his knees at the last nanosecond, with Aries crashing sternum-first. Funk leads the cheers at ringside as KENTA slowly gets back to his feet, picking up the winded Aries before placing him on his shoulders, throwing him in the air before drilling him with a huge Go 2 Sleep. Aries smashes face-frist off the raised knee of KENTA and collapses to the mat, leaving KENTA to hook the leg for an emphatic three count.

                          Winner: KENTA (via Go 2 Sleep - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: Now that his job is done, KENTA celebrates at ringside slapping the hands of fans, some of which he has won over during the course of the two nights. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp for a moment basking in the adoration of the American fans, before he raises his right arm in the air and thanks the fans for their support. He exits, having done Pro-Wrestling NOAH proud while Austin Aries finally gets back to his feet in the ring. Aries kicks the bottom rope out of frustration, in utter disbelief that he has lost two nights in a row despite looking in control for large periods of both matches. He rolls out of the ring and over towards Terry Funk, who is all smiles. Aries is furious, red in the face, repeatedly asking Funk if he thinks it's funny. Aries puts his hands on his hips before leaning towards Funk and spitting directly in his face! Aries laughs as Funk wipes the spit from his face, and tries to take a swing at Aries but it's too late as Aries leans back and out of touching distance before rushing off backstage, having the last laugh. Funk has to be restrained by family members at ringside, with the crowd absolutely raging at Aries' actions. Ross blasts Aries for his disrespect, while Heyman sympathises with him over the situation. Terry Funk leaves his seat with a few of his family members joining him, as we go to a video hyping the fact two titles will be decided tonight.

                          We return from the quick video with Jim Ross and Paul Heyman still discussing the events that have just unfolded. JR says that Terry Funk and his family have left the show, and are upset with the treatment they received from Austin Aries. Austin Aries has apparently left the arena, but it is understood he will be punished by NWA officials for his behaviour. JR reminds us that the scores are tied 1-1 in the NWA vs. Japan Series, with the next match being the decider.

                          The commentary team are interrupted by Jurassic 5's "What's Golden", which initially gets a mute reaction but when PAC walks out moments later, the center erupts in cheers. PAC looks delighted with the reaction, having clearly won over the fans with an impressive performance the previous night. He high fives a few fans at ringside before taking his place in the ring, curious to who he will be facing following Alex Shelley's withdrawal. His question is answered by the sounds of Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius" which is met with even more cheers. Richie Steamboat walks out, soaking in the cheers from a crowd who have quickly taken him to their hearts. He nods towards PAC in the ring and wastes little time in joining him. The two men are rarities, complete contrasts to the likes of Shelley and Aries, they are full of respect and modesty. The two shake hands before a tie-up and the bell rings.

                          Third Match
                          NWA vs. Japan Series Match III (1-1)
                          Richie Steamboat vs. PAC

                          Summary: Steamboat and PAC go at it with both men displaying a high octane, fast-paced style. Steamboat looked the brighter spark early on, throwing himself under PAC, before hitting him with a monkey flip, sending him flying into the corner. PAC came at Steamboat once again but Steamboat was able to slow him down with a beautiful arm drag, making sure to keep ahold of the arm, and lock in an arm bar. Steamboat tried to wear down his opponent, but PAC is a real livewire and managed to fight his way back into the match. PAC was successful in breaking the hold by using his flexibility to kick Steamboat in the head repeatedly, forcing him to leave go of his arm. PAC showed no signs of his arm being injured as he leapt around the ring, catching Steamboat with a beautiful springboard tornado DDT, before going close with a Standing Star Press. Steamboat was able to get the arm up before three, and keep himself in the match. Five minutes had passed, with no signs of a clear winner as a stalematch of a match continued to progress.

                          Finish: Both men went all out to hit that one big move that would decide the winners of the series. Steamboat and PAC found themselves in familiar territory, with both men fighting on the top turnbuckle. Steamboat found the advantage, chopping away at the chest of PAC until finally PAC dropped from the top turnbuckle and back towards the canvas. Steamboat was quick to react, and went for a massive crossbody but PAC was able to roll through with the momentum to pin Steamboat down: One...Two...Th-No! Steamboat rolls through and now PAC finds his shoulders on the canvas: One...Two...Thre-No! No! PAC bursts out at the last split second and both men scramble back to their feet, with PAC landing a side kick to the gut of Steamboat. PAC scoops Steamboat up looking to set up a move leading up to his Shooting Star Press finish, but Steamboat is able to counter brilliantly, catching the left leg of PAC just before he hit the mat before rolling him over and pinning him with a small package: One...Two...Three! Steamboat wins in exactly the same fashion as his father did at WrestleMania 3 over Randy Savage.

                          Winner: Richie Steamboat (via small package - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: Both athletes make it back to their feet, breathing heavily after a fast-paced bout. Steamboat extends his hand and PAC shakes it without hesitation. PAC leaves the ring to applause as Steamboat celebrates winning the series for NWA, his first win in the company. JR and Heyman predict big things for Steamboat's future, as we see a replay of the small package counter that earned him the victory.

                          Backstage Todd Grisham is backstage with Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Grisham asks the duo known as Londrick for their thoughts ahead of their NWA World Tag Team Championship match with the Briscoe Brothers later tonight. Kendrick takes the reigns and replies.

                          Brian Kendrick: "Didn't you see what we did last night Grisham? We got under the skin of the Briscoe's and in the end, they got attacked by Daniels and Jacobs. Getting under people's skin is what we do best, along with wrestling."

                          The zoom-in shot of Kendrick zooms out, and we can see Paul London annoying Grisham by slapping him around the back of the head. London stops when he notices the camera is on him, and he puts his hands behind his back like a naughty school-boy, before talking.

                          Paul London: "Some people call it arrogance, and we know a hell of a lot of people don't like us, but you know what - we couldn't give a rats ass about popular, and we never have done. Personally, I've never been 'popular' but one thing I've always been is talented. And tonight, against the Briscoe’s, it's real simple. You've got two of the most talented tag teams in world wrestling in that one ring, but the one thing we have that the Briscoe’s don't is a brain, and last night was evidence of that. We already know your weaknesses, we go out there and get under your skin again, and you'll play into our hands."

                          Brian Kendrick: "You're looking at your NWA World Tag Team Champions."

                          Paul London: "We don't care about the teams before us, and we certainly don't care about the teams that will come after us, because our time is now. No ass kissing, no popularity contests, we'll go out there and get it done, whether you like us or you hate us. Deal with it."

                          The duo barge past Grisham, knocking him against the wall before leaving the sight of the camera. A red-faced Grisham takes us back to ringside, ahead of the first NWA World Heavyweight Championship Semi-Final contest.


                          Back at ringside, JR and Heyman speak of their excitement for the first of two Semi-Final NWA World Heayvweight Championship matches. They are interrupted by Fear Factory's "Replica" which is met with loud cheers ahead of Jerry Lynn's arrival to the entrance ramp. Jerry walks out, and looks absolutely delighted with the response he is receiving. He walks down to the ring, looking pumped ahead of a huge match. Being a veteran, Lynn is no stranger to big matches, but nearing the end of his career this one will mean as much as any he has had in the past. In the way of Lynn, is the Scot, Drew Galloway who's entrance music Sharman's Harvest's "Broken Dreams" is met with jeers. The people in this crowd are wanting a Lynn victory, they're not many folks who'd get a good reaction against this man tonight. Galloway doesn't appear to be nonplussed; he's a man who doesn't care for cheers, instead feeding off causing pain to his opponent. He meets with Lynn in the ring, the two staring each other up and down before locking up. The bell rings.

                          Fourth Match
                          NWA World Heavyweight Championship ROUND TWO
                          Jerry Lynn vs. Drew Galloway

                          Summary: Galloway proves to be a massive obstacle for the veteran, as he punishes Lynn from the opening bell, sending him dizzy with a huge big boot before pummeling him in the corner with lefts and rights. Lynn managed to escape but couldn't help himself from staggering around the ring before nearly being turned inside-out courtesy of a big clothesline from Galloway. Eager to rain on everyone's parade, Galloway continues to let loose on the veteran, whipping him in the turnbuckles before displaying astonishing speed and power with a big Stinger Splash, leaving Lynn slumped in the corner. Galloway cockily posed in front of the fans as Lynn squirmed under his boot with Galloway trying to crush his throat with his right boot. Galloway releases his boot from Lynn's throat before a count of five, basking in boos as the crowd voice their displeasure at the fact things aren't going well for Lynn. Lynn showed fight, as managed to put the brakes on Galloway's snap suplex attempt before countering with an inside cradle attempt: One...Two...Th-No! Galloway bursts out and goes straight on the attack, shocked Lynn nearly got him out of nowhere. Galloway holds Lynn in the corner, putting him on the turnbuckle attempting a superplex but Lynn fights out, with left and right forearms to the big man before wrapping his arm around the standing Galloway before jumping and twisting mid-air planting his opponent with a beautiful Tornado DDT! The move turned the match on its head, allowing Lynn to work his way back into things and with the backing of the Texan crowd, he gained momentum as the match continued.

                          Finish: Continuing to rally from the crowd, Lynn could take heart from a spirited performance, with the younger Galloway clawing and scratching to stay in the match after Lynn locked in an cross armbar, a move he hadn't used since his old WCW days. Galloway managed to reach the bottom ropes and stay in the match but Lynn looked very much the stronger man, feeding from the energy of the crowd to go close to victory with a flying crossbody, Galloway only narrowly avoiding defeat once more. Galloway smartly rolled out of the ring to try and derail Lynn's run of steam but his plan backfired as Lynn soon met him on the outside, flying through the ring ropes to knock his opponent down with a stunning Suicide Dive. Lynn rolled Galloway back in the ring, looking to put him away with one last move but before he could join Galloway back in the ring his attention was diverted.

                          "Hey Jerry! Jerry, over here! Jerry!"

                          Alex Shelley is seen standing on the entrance ramp with a microphone in one hand, steel chair in another. Shelley slowly approaches the ring as Lynn rolls back in the ring before being counted out. Lynn's eyes are still focused on Shelley as he goes to pick Galloway up. Lynn's attention goes back to Galloway as he pushes him between his legs and goes for the Cradle Piledriver. Before he can execute the move however Alex Shelley rolls in the ring with steel chair in hand. The referee immediately rushes over to Shelley and removes him out of the ring, but his back is turned to the action. Lynn is completely focused on Shelley leaving the ring and is punished when Galloway drops down and connects with a low blow while the officials back is turned! The referee turns back in time to see Galloway connect with the Future Shock. Galloway drills Lynn into the canvas before hooking the leg for the three count as Shelley watches on from the outside, beaming with delight.

                          Winner: Drew Galloway (via Future Shock - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: The crowd are furious with Shelley's actions, and he is booed and attacked with litter as he marches back up the entrance ramp and to backstage, his job very well done. In the ring, Galloway celebrates his win over a fallen Jerry Lynn. Shelley is out of sight, but the boos continue with fans despondent that their hero Jerry Lynn has been screwed out of a chance to wrestle for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Galloway couldn't care less continuing to celebrate overjoyed at the fact he will be in tonight's main event, as the cameras leave ringside and go backstage.

                          We see the Briscoe's backstage warming up ahead of their NWA World Tag Team Championship match against Londrick. We can't get an audio but the two look intense with Mark giving some words of advice to his younger brother. Jay nods in agreement and they fist bump before continuing their stretches. They are interrupted by Todd Grisham who walks into sight asking for a few words. He is quickly met with an emphatic response from a cool-headed Mark Briscoe.

                          Mark Briscoe: "We've got a match to prepare for. Just for further notice Todd, the Briscoe boys don't do trash talking. We go out there and do our talking in the wrestling ring."

                          Jay Briscoe: "How do you like that for an interview?!"

                          The Briscoes look at Grisham in disgust before continuing their pre-match routine as Grisham doesn't bother trying to argue; instead he takes us back to ringside where Ross and Heyman talk of their excitement for the Briscoe and Londrick match a little later in the night.


                          The crowd wait in anticipation before The Door's Roadhouse Blues fills the arena, welcoming the "Shaman of Sexy" John Morrison. Morrison walks down to the ring, wearing his infamous fur coat, looking ecstatic ahead of a match that will decide who will join Drew Galloway in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship main event. Morrison takes his place in the ring, posing for the fans and basking in their adoration as his music is replaced by Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" which is met with an even bigger reaction than the one Morrison received. The entrance ramp is soon graced with the footsteps of AJ Styles, who unlike Morrison doesn't seem fazed by the crowds response. He marches down to the ring, ignoring the fans and everything else in sight with the exception of John Morrison. Styles doesn't take his eyes off his opponent for a minute, not even while removing his hooded jacket which is promptly thrown out of the ring. With their eyes locked, the two men tie up and the bell rings.

                          Fifth Match
                          NWA World Heavyweight Championship ROUND TWO
                          AJ Styles vs. John Morrison

                          Summary: With a championship opportunity on the line, both men adhere to their usual octane offences which results in the fans being treated to a wonderful wrestling contest. Both men are eager to progress and as a result, give it their all plus more. Morrison crashes and burns in the early goings, seeing his spingboard heel kick attempt foiled by Styles who ducks before planting a huge Pele Kick to the side of Morrison's temple. Styles doesn't allow Morrison any time to rest up, as he picks him up before whipping him into the turnbuckles before hitting a huge dropkick to the chest, displaying great hang time before finally connecting with the chest of Morrison, winding him in the process. Styles looks the stronger man in the opening five minutes as he goes dangerously close to securing a pinfall following a reverse STO, which saw Morrison thud into the canvas. The "Shaman" isn't one for giving up easy, and being famed for his resilience he kicked out at two and three quarters. Styles follows up quickly with a standing senton out of pure frustration, but Morrison kicks out once more. Styles' frustration costs him as he takes too much time attempting a vertical suplex, allowing Morrison to slip out and connect with his finishing move, Moonlight Drive! Morrison and Styles bounce off the canvas, with Morrison taking his time to reach over to Styles, finally putting his arm over his opponents chest: One...Two..Thr-No! Styles gets his right arm off the canvas before three. Morrison takes heart from nearly picking up the three, and for the next few minutes dominates the proceedings, trying to hit one more Moonlight Drive to surely end the match-up.

                          Finish: Morrison continues to go for his finishing move but to no avail, and finally Styles counters out of an attempt to hit the move that works the match back in his favour when he spins out of Morrison's grasp before nailing him with a beautiful overhead belly-to-belly. Styles pulls himself up and braces himself as Morrison comes flying back at him with a forearm smash but Styles is able to counter, lifting Morrison up before darting him backwards into the turnbuckles. Styles waits as Morrison drops backwards to the canvas, before attempting to climb the turnbuckles. He finally gets to the top, although takes his time in doing so. This allows Morrison to get back to his feet where he runs towards Styles and shows great athleticism by jumping onto the second turnbuckle before hitting Styles with a massive uppercut. The jump and uppercut takes a little out of Morrison but he eventually joins a dazed Styles on the top rope, hooking his arm around Styles' neck in an attempt to hit the Moonlight Drive from the top rope! Morrison hooks and takes flight but Styles is able to put the brakes on, blocking the move which results in Morrison flipping without Styles and crashing to the canvas below. Styles looks down at Morrison's body, composing himself before eventually taking flight with the Spiral Tap, landing directly on the mid-section of his opponent. Styles hurts himself slightly with the move, but is still able to hook the leg to get the win following an evenly matched contest.

                          Winner: AJ Styles (via Spiral Tap - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: Styles celebrates his hard earned victory, clutching his neck and showing fatigue from a fast-paced match-up. He stops in his tracks as John Morrison returns to his feet. The two men look at one another for a moment before finally Styles nods in approval and offers his hand to Morrison who accepts. The two embrace before Morrison exits the ring, allowing Styles to soak in the moment. Jim Ross reminds us of our main event - Drew Galloway versus AJ Styles with the winner being crowned NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

                          Todd Grisham has given up on interviewing talent backstage, and finds himself in the thick of things, right in with the Texan crowd - beside him is the legendary Shawn Michaels! Todd thanks Shawn for joining him, with the 'Heartbreak Kid' all smiles.

                          Shawn Michaels: "I'm confused why you want to interview little old me?! You should be trying to find Morrison or Styles, because I'd love to hear from them following that match. Boy, what a match."

                          Todd Grisham: "Do match-ups like that ever make you consider stepping back into the ring?"

                          Shawn laughs heartily before shaking his head, answering Todd's question.

                          Shawn Michaels: "If anything, it's the complete opposite Todd. Styles and Morrison just put on one hell of a show out there, I'm not sure the Heartbreak Kid could live up to those standards these days, but hell it was a pleasure to watch two talented young individuals put on a show and shake hands at the end of it. NWA have nothing to worry about."

                          Todd Grisham: "Both men have been compared to you, with their styles certainly similar to the way you wres-"

                          Shawn Michaels: "These guys are fantastic, I really think it's unfair to say they're the next so and so, because they aren't. AJ Styles is the first AJ Styles and he should be co-"

                          Michaels stops talking, a look of disgust etched across his face. The reason for this is John Bradshaw Layfield who walks into the cameras view, wearing his usual suit and hat combination and looking as arrogant as ever. He looks at Grisham before looking Michaels up and down, beginning to talk.

                          John Bradshaw Layfield: "Some things never change. You just can't help but steal the spotlight can you Michaels?"

                          Shawn Michaels: "John, don-"

                          John Bradshaw Layfield: "If any comparisons are to be made this weekend, there should be one, and one only. There's one wrestler in particular I see a lot of myself in and that is AJ Styles' opponent tonight, Drew Galloway. Galloway is a winner, something I have prided myself on my entire life. That's the difference between me and you Shawn, I'm a winner. When the chips are down, I find a way to win. You on the other hand, you piss everything away. You may con everyone else with your 'born again' act but believe me, you don't fool me."

                          Something inside Michaels flips, and instead of reacting to Layfield with a verbal response, he wrestles the big man down to the floor, hitting him with lefts and rights. The two roll around on the floor fighting until they are finally broken up by a dozen or so members of security, who restrain the two men. Michaels' wife Rebecca comes running into view as members of security tell her they have to leave the building. Layfield brushes himself down, sporting a bloodied lip and is irate when he is also told he has to leave the building. Michaels and his wife leave quietly with Shawn looking quite embarrassed over his own actions. Layfield continues to protest as security lead him away, with the cameras promptly returning to ringside.


                          JR and Heyman discuss what they have just witnessed with JR less than complimentary of Layfield. They are interrupted with the announcement that the following contest is for the NWA World Tag Team Championships which is met with much excitement, with fans anticipating NWA: Resurrection's first championship match in it's history. The buzz of excitement turns into a chorus of boos as Tomoyasu Hotei's 'Battle Without Honor or Humanity' plays over the personal announcement system, signalling the arrival of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The arrogant pair, known collectively as Londrick, swaggers to the ring with arrogance. The pair don't appear to give two shits what the crowd make of them, as they take their place in the ring awaiting their opponents.

                          They don't have a long wait as the boos are replaced with cheers as Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Back My Bullets" welcomes out The Briscoe Brothers. The Briscoe's charge out onto the entrance ramp and towards the ring, not taking their eyes off London and Kendrick, who can’t stop smirking. Finally the two teams meet in the ring, with Londrick taunting their opponents while Mark Briscoe talks into the ear of his younger brother, keeping him calm and focused. London starts things out for Londrick with Mark starting out for the Briscoe's as the bell rings and our tag championship match gets underway.

                          Sixth Match
                          NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
                          Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. The Briscoe Brothers

                          Summary: The Briscoe Brothers keep London in their corner in the first few minutes of the match, bullying London with stomps and punches as they set out to disable him from using any of his high-flying skills. Jay Briscoe gets tagged in and stomps away at London in the corner of the ring, telling London "no one makes me look like a punk!" before dropping a big elbow to the heart of his opponent. Satisfied with his beatdown, he tags his brother Mark back in, who attempts to do more damage to the cocky London. Mark hoists London up before slamming him in the turnbuckles, following up with a quick atomic drop before throwing him over his shoulder with a neat arm drag. Briscoe foolishly doesn't keep a hold of London's arm and is made to pay as London hits him with a desperation jawbreaker, sending Mark rocking backwards. London crawls up and to his feet as Mark gets back up and tries to go back on the attack, but London manages to fire back with a huge dropsault gaining him enough time to make the tag out to Brian Kendrick. Kendrick springboards from the ropes and towards Mark Briscoe knocking him down with a huge leg lariat. Kendrick locks in a hold on his grounded opponent, stretching away at his arm while talking trash to Mark's brother Jay as he did so. Jay reacted furiously, screaming for his brother to make the tag out so he could come in the ring and give Kendrick the beating of a lifetime. Kendrick was smart however, dragging Mark further away from his corner before tagging out to London. Kendrick tagged out, keeping a firm hold of Mark's arm, not releasing it until London came crashing down with a missile dropkick to the same arm. London and Kendrick made quick tags the next couple of minutes, working on Mark's arm in an attempt to hurt it enough to stop him from hitting his finishing move, the 'Mark Out'. Furthermore, their tactics also added to the frustration of Jay Briscoe, who looked dangerously close to losing his cool as he watched Londrick work away at his brother. The first five minutes weren't the brawl or high flying contest fans expected, as both teams remained in first gear, waiting for the right time to up the tempo and earn themselves the NWA World Tag Team Championships.

                          Finish: The match begins to step out of first gear as it rages on, with Jay Briscoe finally making his way into the match after Mark levelled Kendrick with a nasty step-up enziguri. Jay is fresh and full of energy, attacking Kendrick with a huge flying knee before dropkicking London off the ring apron, following him to the outside with a suicide dive. Jay picks himself up and rolls back in the ring but Kendrick gets the cheap advantage, with a knee to the gut before hitting him with a spike DDT, to slow him down. Kendrick tries to slow things down entirely but it doesn't last long and within minutes the match is in bedlam with all four men in the ring exchanging blows despite the protests of the referee. In one corner Kendrick grapples with Mark Briscoe, while London has his work cut out with Jay in the other corner. The Briscoe's look to have the advantage when Jay throws London over the ropes and to the outside, with Mark meanwhile blocking a headscissors attempt by Kendrick by catching him mid-turn and keeping him hoisted on his shoulders. Kendrick tries to fight him off but Mark keeps firm while Jay takes to the top rope. Mark staggers slightly with Kendrick buying a few extra seconds by putting up a struggle as the Briscoe’s attempt to set up for the Doomsday Device. London returns in the ring just as Jay takes flight from the top. London's first action is to quickly dropkick Mark low in the right leg sending him tumbling down just as Jay is mid-air which results in Jay flying over his falling brother, and crashing into the canvas. Kendrick meanwhile does brilliantly, taking advantage of Mark's fall by catching him with a victory roll as he was half-way down to the canvas, wrapping him up for the pin: One...Two...Three! Jay goes to break up the pin but is half a second late - London and Kendrick steal the victory with an astonishing counter!

                          Winners (And new NWA World Tag Team Champions!): Paul London & Brian Kendrick - Londrick (via Victory Roll - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: The two scurry out of the ring and are handed the NWA World Tag Team Titles. The two can't believe their luck, with Ross praising London's quick thinking and Kendrick's excellent counter. Heyman speculates that this won't be the last we see of these two teams against each other with Ross adding that the Briscoe's can feel aggrieved with how they lost. In the ring Jay and Mark look on crestfallen and in disbelief at the fact that they were beaten. Kendrick and London don't care how they won it, as they kiss their titles and hold them high on the entrance ramp much to the displeasure of the crowd.

                          We are treated to a video highlighting both Drew Galloway and AJ Styles' route to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match. The video lasts a little longer than a minute, and plays along to You Me At Six's "Bite My Tongue" - the official theme of the event. Another video hyping Tuesday Night Showcase on FOX Sports, beginning this Tuesday night plays shortly after before we return to ringside where the fans cheer upon the announcement that the following contest is for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.


                          For the second time tonight Sharman's Harvest's "Broken Dreams" plays over the PA system, and is met with louder boos than it received earlier in the night, with Galloway's cheap victory over fan favourite Jerry Lynn being the main reason for this. The Scotsman walks out, mocking the fans over their earlier disappointment by pretending to cry, earning him more jeers. He walks down to the ring, talking trash to members of the audience as he does so. Finally he reaches the ring, posing and soaking in the crowds boos. Galloway seems to thrive on being hated, a huge smile etched across his face as he awaits the arrival of AJ Styles.

                          The George R. Brown Convention Center explodes with cheers as Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" replaces Galloway's theme. The fans are fully behind AJ Styles who walks out to over a thousand screaming fans, all praying he can become NWA World Heavyweight Champion at the expense of the hated Galloway. Styles isn't doing this for the fans, he's doing it for himself with his facial expressions screaming focus and determination. He charges to the ring, fully focused on his opponent and the opportunity to be World Champion. The two men take their respective corners, and as soon as the introductions are made they throw themselves into as tie-up, the bell rings and our NWA World Heavyweight Championship main event is underway!

                          Main Event
                          NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
                          AJ Styles vs. Drew Galloway

                          Summary: Galloway and Styles tie-up with fans quick to get behind Styles. Chants of 'AJ' echo around the arena as Galloway wins the tie-up, powering Styles down to the canvas, trying to keep him grounded and unable to use any of his high-flying offence. Galloway was brutal with his offence, dominating Styles before punishing him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, AJ's back snapping off the tree-trunk legs of Galloway. Galloway continues to torture Styles, digging his knee in the back of AJ, stretching out his arms with a submission manoeuvre that targets both the arms and back of the opponent. Styles is resilient and works his way out of the move, displaying power and strength by returning to his feet. He tries to break free of the hold completely but Galloway still has him by the arms, and is able to pin him back to the mat with a Northern Lights Suplex. Galloway opts not to go for the pin, and instead tries to go back for the same submission but Styles thinks quickly and puts his foot on the bottom rope. Galloway drags Styles back to his feet but is shocked as Styles hits him with an elbow to the face, bloodying the nose of the Scot.

                          Galloway checks for blood, and is enraged when he sees and tastes his own blood. Something inside him snaps, and losing his composure he foolishly rushes at Styles who meets him with a huge hurricunrana, sweeping Galloway off his feet and into a pinning predicament: One...Two..Th-No! Galloway bursts out and rushes towards Styles again but this time he is met with a massive Pele Kick. Galloway staggers back with only the ring ropes holding him up. Styles slowly but surely returns to his feet with a dazed Galloway approaching him. Styles springboards from the ring ropes and connects with a forearm smash, knocking his larger opponent down to the mat. Styles climbs to the top, looking to hit the Spiral Tap but Galloway is able to roll out of the ring and avoid the move. He tries to get a breather on the outside but has no time to rest as Styles improvises, coming down from the top towards the outside with a Shooting Star Plancha! Both men are hurt following a breath-taking move, which is met with huge cheers from the Texan crowd. The two roll back in the ring just before they are counted out, with the first ten minutes providing an evenly-matched contest with no clear winner in sight.

                          Finish: The match is back and forth for the next five minutes, with both men exchanging their signature moves in an attempt to become the first NWA World Heavyweight Champion of the Resurrection era. The minutes that follow see near falls galore as our main event steps in last gear, both Galloway and Styles throwing everything but the kitchen sink at one another to become champion. Styles has his opponent trapped in a Crucifix Hold, putting strain on the back of Galloway before flipping forward and nailing a huge DDT for yet another near fall. He tries to keep his cool, as he lifts Galloway from the canvas, putting him between his legs for the Styles Clash. Styles signals this is the end but Galloway counters, this time with an Alabama Slam delivered with such force Styles' head bounces off the canvas with a sickening thud. Galloway collapses on top of his opponent and hooks the leg, only to see a resilient Styles get the arm up before the three! Galloway rolls off Styles and bangs the mat in frustration. He is almost to the point of tearing his hair out, but thinks better of it and instead lifts Styles up and sets him up for the Future Shock. Galloway goes for the move but can't execute, with Styles blocking and instead shoving Galloway backwards before nailing him with a massive discus clothesline! The move takes a lot out of both men who are beginning to become fatigued as the match nears the twenty minute point.

                          The two men return to their feet, having once again defeated the ten count. They trade blows with Styles mixing things up, by hitting a big side kick of Galloway's thigh. Galloway limps towards Styles attempting another forearm smash, but Styles replies with another kick, once again to Galloway's thigh leaving the big man on one leg. Styles pushes himself onto the ring ropes, springboarding back with a moonsault towards his opponent before hitting a beautiful DDT! Galloway looks out of it with Styles confident that the move he just hit is the perfect set-up for the Spiral Tap. Styles checks on Galloway, but Galloway shows no sign of movement. AJ slowly scales the top turnbuckle, positioning himself ready for the same move that earned him two wins over the course of the weekend. Before he can hit it however, his attention is diverted by a figure who has joined him on the ring apron.

                          John Bradshaw Layfield!

                          Layfield has somehow found a way back into the arena and is now standing right on the ring apron by Styles. Styles doesn't panic and instead delivers a huge boot to the side of Layfield's head knocking the rich Texan businessman crashing to the outside. Styles returns his attention to Galloway who is still flat out on the canvas, leaping off the top turnbuckles only to crash and burn as Galloway rolls out of the way at the last second! The Scotsman returns to his feet, wiping away the blood from his nose and licking his lips as he drags Styles back to his feet and locks him in position before drilling him with an emphatic Future Shock. The crowd boos as Galloway hooks the leg with a huge smile across his face: One...Two...Thre-Noooo! No! Styles gets his arm up and the smile is wiped off the face of Galloway, and replaced with a look of horror. Layfield returns to his feet with a look of shock on his face as he sees Styles is still in the match-up. Galloway and Layfield look at each other for a moment before Galloway drags Styles back to his feet again. Styles is on his last legs as he tries to hit Galloway with another Pele Kick but Galloway simply side steps it, picking Styles back up before once again getting him in position for his finisher. Galloway shouts "It's over!" before hitting the Future Shock for the second time, delivering it with as much force as he could muster. Galloway hooks both legs of Styles and this time gets the three count! Galloway roars in delight as the count is made, with the fans voicing their anger at the fact Drew Galloway has won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

                          Winner (And new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!): Drew Galloway (via Future Shock - pinfall)

                          Aftermath: Galloway is in tears as the referee awards him the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He is on his knees, weeping while holding and staring at the championship belt. Layfield makes his way into the ring cautiously, but Galloway is transfixed by the title, too caught up to notice Layfield's presence. Finally their eyes meet again, and JBL offers a hand shake but Galloway stares him up and down before ignoring the handshake, instead rolling to the outside holding his championship belt high in front of an irate set of fans. Layfield looks on in confusion as he stands over the man he screwed out of the title, a defeated AJ Styles. We see one final shot of our NWA World Heavyweight Champion who is now on the entrance ramp holding his newly won championship high in the air, the biggest smile across his face ignorant to the cheap circumstances in how he won the title. Jim Ross thanks us for joining him over the course of a weekend where history was made as Drew Galloway stands tall and victorious in the George R. Brown Convention Center.
                          END NIGHT II
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                            Re: NWA Resurrection

                            FLAIR FOR THE GOLD NIGHT I & II QUICK RESULTS

                            NIGHT I
                            Drew Galloway defeated Richie Steamboat
                            Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston
                            John Morrison defeated Austin Aries
                            KENTA defeated PAC and MVP
                            Jerry Lynn defeated Alex Shelley
                            The Briscoe Brothers defeated Christopher Daniels & Jimmy Jacobs
                            AJ Styles defeated Roderick Strong

                            NIGHT II
                            Roderick Strong defeated MVP
                            KENTA defeated Austin Aries
                            Richie Steamboat defeated PAC to give NWA the win in the NWA vs. Japan Series (2-1)
                            Drew Galloway defeated Jerry Lynn
                            AJ Styles defeated John Morrison
                            Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated The Briscoe Brothers to become NWA World Tag Team Champions
                            Drew Galloway defeated AJ Styles to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion
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                              Re: NWA Resurrection


                              -June 11, 2012

                              NWA TO PUNISH 'DISRESPECTFUL' DUO

                              NWA board of directors have today announced there will be 'serious' repercussions for both Alex Shelley and Austin Aries, after their behaviour at Flair for the Gold Night II, branding the pair as 'disrespectful'.

                              Both men will be fined $100,000 each for bringing the company into 'disrepute'. Alex Shelley's withdrawal from the NWA vs. Japan series, as well as his interference in Jerry Lynn's match and behaviour towards interviewer Candice Michelle, left the directors with little choice but to impose a serious fine. Shelley will also be forced into action on tomorrow night's inaugural edition of Tuesday Night Showcase where he will face tag team Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a handicap match. Shelley has also been warned that his behaviour will be monitored in the future and that he will be faced with a suspension if his behaviour doesn't improve.

                              Austin Aries meanwhile will be in attendance tomorrow night where he will apologise to Terry Funk and Funk's family for his actions. If Aries doesn't apologise he will be indefinitely suspended.

                              John Bradshaw Layfield hasn't been reprimanded for his behaviour with directors unwilling to comment on that situation.

                              In order to avoid any similar issues in the future, the company hopes to put a general manager in place by tomorrow nights show.
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