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New Era Wrestling

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    Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

    NEW Premiere Recap & Results
    New Era Wrestling's NEW Tuesday Night premiered in a big way this past week, earning themselves a rating of 1.9 for the show, which ran just over 90 minutes in length. NEW CEO Adam Copeland could not be reached for comment, but has been vocal on Twitter about the show's early success.

    The rating is much higher than anticipated for two very likely reasons. First, it was the premiere show that was hyped for weeks, feeding off the tremendous success of TNEW and the fans' cries for something more. Secondly, NEW finds itself the sole source for sports entertainment on Tuesday nights, and with no competition in that category, we should be seeing even higher numbers in the future.

    To go along with the exceptional rating, NEW's official website is reporting that, although they can't account for the number of streams happening worldwide after the show went off the air, their servers were "working overtime". Furthermore, NEW is reporting that the show has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the past week, and that's only on the official site, as there is no way of tracking pirated copies and the like.

    Quick Results
    Drew Galloway def. AJ Styles

    Tag Team Round Robin Match
    Bro Canada! def. US Express 2.0

    Tyler Black def. "The Originator" Paul London

    Tag Team Round Robin Match
    "The Originators" Shelley & Sabin def. The Young Bucks

    NEW Television Championship
    Prince Devitt (c) def. Rob Van Dam, Roderick Strong & Christian


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      Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

      I've got a full review coming your way RT, but I just want to get this in before you start another show. That first episode of NEW Teusday Night was excellent. Great show to start it all off with, because I am hooked. Loved every match, and I really liked Ambrose's promo. 5 star stuff for sure.

      Then you have custom intro videos that you made from scratch. It doesn't get any more awesome than that. There aren't anymore excuses as far as being unfamiliar with your roster. I love the bio's on the first page. I love everything about this so far.


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        Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

        Greensboro, NC, USA
        Greensboro Coliseum
        Att: 15,500

        The camera pans the much bigger Greensboro Coliseum as the second episode of NEW Tuesday Night goes live to air!

        -Joey Styles "The upper deck may be closed off, but every other seat in this house has a cheering NEW fan in it, or at least it would if they weren't all on their feet! Welcome to NEW Tuesday Night!"
        -Coach "These fans have plenty to be jumping and cheering about, Joe. Tonight, the Tag Team Round Robin continues with the US Express 2.0 trying to earn their first victory as a team against none other than "The Originators" Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin!"
        -Joey Styles "And don't forget that The Briscoes are making their NEW debut against the beloved Bro Canada!"

        The camera zooms in on a fan in a Zack Ryder costume waving a modified Canadian flag has Ryder's trademark sunglasses and spiked hair on the maple leaf...

        The fans then give a heavily mixed reaction as we hear the theme of Tyler Black...Black barely notices the crowd as he runs his hand through his black and red hair and casually climbs into the ring..

        -Coach "This is certainly no way to treat the future NEW World Champion."
        -Joey Styles "After the disrespect he showed their beloved lead Originator last week, it's no wonder that they're booing him. You need to pay more attention, Coach."
        -Coach "And you need to stop pandering to the sheep."

        Black stands in the centre of the ring, hands on his hips...

        Then the ovation begins all over again as Matt Sydal bursts through the entry way and runs to one end of the stage, pointing to the fans! Sydal has a huge smile on his face as he does the same at the other end of the stage, before removing his sleeveless shirt and jogging to the ring, sliding into place..

        -Joey Styles "Tyler Black is going to have his work cut out for him against the much faster and agile Matt Sydal."
        -Coach "He's certainly the most enthusiastic person to step in an NEW ring thus far. I don't know if I'd be this enthusiastic about getting my ass whooped."

        Sydal runs right up a turnbuckle and throws his arms in the air, grinning wide over the cheering audience...but as he hops off the corner and into the ring, he's met with a Forearm Smash from Tyler Black! The fans boo as Sydal drops to his back and the bell sounds..

        Tyler Black vs. Matt Sydal

        Tyler Black all but seals his heel status as the fans turn on him completely for the cheapshot on Sydal. Black drops to his knees and drives his fist into Sydal's head several times before roughly dragging him to his feet and hitting a huge Stalling Suplex. Black gets right to his feet and towers over the much smaller Sydal, flexing his arms and shouting at the audience.

        As Joey Styles and Coach argue about size over speed, Tyler Black pulls Matt Sydal back to his feet and sets him up for God's Last Gift and an early finish, but Matt Sydal manages to squirm out of Black's finisher and roll over his back, running into the ropes. Sydal looks for a Crossbody, but Black catches him rather easily and hits a Fallaway Slam.

        Sydal finds himself in serious trouble as he struggles on his hands and knees, and for a second week in a row, Tyler Black connects with his vicious Curb Stomp, otherwise known as Local Man Ruins Everything. Sydal is helpless after that, and is pulled to his feet and planted with God's Last Gift and a 3-count.


        The fans boo as Tyler Black dusts his hands, smirking as he paces in the ring and grins at the audience...

        -Joey Styles "Well that ended as fast as it started. That is definitely not the NEW debut that Matt Sydal wanted to make."
        -Coach "Well that's what happens when you have a pipsqueak like him running around trying to prove something."
        -Joey Styles "Matt Sydal has proven himself plenty, Coach. And if I know him, he'll shake this off and be right back here next week."
        -Coach "So he's not only tiny, but stupid too. Gotcha."

        Tyler Black slowly exits the ring with a big smile on his face as he heads up the ramp toward the backstage area...

        Commercial break...


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          Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

          After the break, we see Tyler Black walking backstage...he turns a corner and heads into a locker room, where Drew Galloway is seated in a chair, his legs up on a gym bag and his hands clasped behind his head..

          -Drew Galloway "Congrats, my boy!"

          Tyler Black is unimpressed, and he kicks Galloway's feet off the gym bag, causing Galloway to stand up...both men get nose-to-nose, Galloway's smirk mirroring Black's snarl..

          -Tyler Black "What the hell do you want?"

          -Drew Galloway "It wasn't obvious enough for ya, lass? I was offering my respects, congratulating you for beating yet another boy half your size. You're a real tough lass, aye?"

          -Tyler Black "Your feet were on my bag."

          -Drew Galloway (laughing) "Aye, they were! But don't get too excited, I'm afraid I don't swing that way!"

          Black shoves Galloway backwards into some lockers, then takes a swing at him! Galloway ducks and Black's fist slams into the metal locker, creating a huge dent! Galloway then starts throwing punches at Black's midsection, who fires back by hammering his fist into Galloway's spine!

          Before things can get too out of hand, several other NEW stars in the locker room seperate the two with the help of some officials...both men continue swinging and kicking, and leave each other with some choice words...Black is eventually pushed out of the locker room, and things settle down...


          The view cuts to another area backstage where we see the lovely Maria Kanellis standing by with none other than Eric Young...the crowd boos Young as he stands with his hands on his hips, the collar on his custom leather jacket pulled up around his ears..

          -Maria Kanellis "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with NEW Superstar Eric Young. Eric, you wanted to-"

          Eric Young pulls the mic from Maria's hand, and begins shouting into the camera..

          -Eric Young "I wanted to tell Prince Devitt that Eric Young is coming for him! I wanted to remind everyone out there, every stoner jackass that is laughing behind my back, everyone that thinks they deserve a shot at the Television Championship that they need to go through ME first!"

          Just then, Prince Devitt wanders up behind Eric Young, the NEW Television Championship around his waist! The fans roar as Devitt appears ready for a match, and he slaps Eric Young on the shoulder, spinning him around..

          -Eric Young "And I-HEY! Wha-...what do you want?"

          -Prince Devitt "It's you that wants something, ain't it?"

          -Eric Young "Y-..yeah."

          -Prince Devitt "Well, get to askin' then."

          -Eric Young "I-..I want a shot at the Television Championship."

          -Prince Devitt "You got it. See ya out there."

          Devitt slaps Young on the shoulder again as he walks off, winking at Maria, who shoots him a smile back...the fans roar as Eric Young looks puzzled, then adjusts his collar and storms off after Devitt..

          -Joey Styles "Well I guess that settles it then! Eric Young gets his shot at the Television Championship, NEXT!"

          Commercial break...


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            Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

            The quick acoustic intro to Big Sugar's cove of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" used to drive the NEW fans wild, but as Eric Young steps out onto the stage, his back to the crowd, pointing at the giant red maple leaf on his back, he hears only boos..

            -Joey Styles "Well if you need a lesson in how to make a crowd of people turn on you overnight, just do what Eric Young does."
            -Coach "What? Call the fans on their BS? Demand a title shot that is rightfully his? Sorry Joe, I don't see what Eric Young did wrong here. He held the TNEW Television Championship for damn near 6 months, and nobody is more deserving of this shot than him."

            Eric Young rubs his hands as he marches to the ring, jogging up the ring steps..he removes his jacket and hands it to Valerie Wynd at ringside before beginning to hop back and forth on his feet, warming up...

            And as Eric Young watches from the ring, the fans rise to their feet and cheer for the NEW Television Champion, Prince Devitt! As Devitt steps out on stage and throws his arm in the air, Eric Young only glares at the shining Television title wrapped around his waist..

            -Joey Styles "Well that's jealousy if I've ever seen it."
            -Coach "You of all people should be more than familiar with being jealous."
            -Joey Styles "Are you just going to try and turn everything I say into an insult?"
            -Coach "Are YOU going to try and-"
            -Joey Styles "Ugh..never mind."

            Devitt jogs up the ring steps and right up the nearest turnbuckle, raising his fist in the air again as the fans cheer even louder...Devitt then hops over the top rope and into the ring, removing the NEW Television title and handing it to the ref, who shows it off for everyone to see..

            Eric Young vs. Prince Devitt
            NEW Television Championship

            The bell rings and Young and Devitt square off, Devitt looking much more relaxed as he paces around Young and claps his hands, getting the fans going. Both men lock up and push one another around the ring, neither man giving up much ground. Devitt gets Young into a corner and shoves his arms into his face, which brings in the referee. He splits them up and Devitt backs up, and when he takes his eyes off Young for a second, Young boots him in the stomach and throws him in the corner. The fans boo as Young starts kicking Devitt in the stomach, eventually getting him into a seated position and stomping on his chest repeatedly.

            When Young drops to his knees and starts slamming his fist into Devitt's head, the ref intervenes and pulls Young off. This angers Young and the two get into an argument, giving Devitt time to get back to his feet. When Young returns to the corner, Devitt connects with a Throat Punch that puts Young right on his back. The fans cheer as Devitt sits on the top rope and leaps from the second with a Diving Elbow Drop and a quick cover that Young immediately kicks out of.

            Devitt goes to work and lies on Young's back, trapping him in a Rear Naked Choke. Young panics and thrashes around for a moment, struggling for air, but after a minute or so he manages to roll onto his back, putting Devitt's shoulders on the mat. The ref begins to count and Devitt is forced to break the hold in order to kick out.

            Young rolls to his feet and swings at Devitt, who easily ducks out of the way and hits an Overhead Kick that stuns Young. He falls against the ropes and Devitt whips him across the ring. As Young bounces off the far ropes, Devitt launches himself off the second rope and meets Young in the centre of the ring with a Springboard Elbow Smash that earns a round of applause from the crowd and a quick 2-count for Devitt.

            Devitt gets up and dusts his hands, calling for the end. The fans get to their feet as he waits for Eric Young to rise, preparing to finish him off. Devitt hooks Young's arm and sets him up for the Bloody Sunday, but Young slips out of it as Devitt lifts him. Devitt swings his leg for Young's head, but Young ducks beneath that too and kicks Devitt in the gut, nailing a Spike Piledriver out of nowhere!

            The fans boo as Young falls on his back beside Devitt, clearly still feeling the effects of Devitt's onslaught. Young finally manages to cover, but the Television Champ gets a shoulder up just in time.

            Young slams his fist into the mat and gets behind Devitt, grabbing his legs and setting up for a Youngblood Neckbreaker. He begins to hoist Devitt in the air, but as he does, Devitt pulls forward and rolls, flipping Young over and sitting on his chest for a Roll Up pin and the victory!


            Eric Young flops out of the pinfall just as the ref's arm comes down for three, and as Devitt scrambles out of the ring, Young lunges after him...Devitt just gets under the bottom rope as Young reaches for him, and as the fans cheer, Devitt is handed the Television title and throws it over his shoulder, backing up the ramp..

            In the ring, Eric Young is fuming, leaning over the top rope and glaring at Devitt..Prince Devitt winks at him before turning to the crowd and raising his fist...

            ...WHAM!!! Devitt is drilled from behind! Appearing out of nowhere and driving Prince Devitt to the ground is Eddie Kingston!

            -Joey Styles "OH MY GOD! Eddie Kingston almost took Prince Devitt's head off! What a cheap shot!"
            -Coach "Eddie Kingston struck first, then struck second! He's making Prince Devitt's life in NEW a living hell!"

            Kingston stands over Devitt for a moment, his face painted with black war paint...he pulls Devitt to his feet and runs him back down the ramp, tossing him into the ring...before Devitt can get to his feet, Eric Young lifts him up and connects with the Youngblood Neckbreaker as Eddie Kingston looks on...

            As Kingston grins from ringside, Eric Young stands over Prince Devitt, the fans booing like crazy...

            Commercial break...


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              Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

              We're welcomed back by the sound of a roaring crowd and the theme music of The Originators as Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin charge out onto the stage, posing for the fans in attendance...the two men march to the ring as a graphic for the Round Robin tournament flashes on the screen momentarily...

              -Joey Styles "These two men always exude confidence when arriving in an arena, but this week they have some extra swagger coming off a huge win against The Young Bucks."
              -Coach "Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are obvious front-runners for the fan voting, but they better not underestimate the US Express 2.0. Also, it's only a matter of time before they step into the ring with my choice for the first NEW Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes."

              Shelley and Sabin pose on opposite turnbuckles as the music of their opponents hits...

              As Bruce Springsteen takes over the speakers, the fans in attendance turn on the third generation stars when they arrive on stage...Windham and Taylor Rotunda, otherwise known as the U.S. Express 2.0, b-line it for the ring, both looking much more focused than last week..

              -Joey Styles "Losing your debut match is hard to shake, and the US Express 2.0 has a huge hill to climb against two thirds of The Originators."
              -Coach "I have faith in these two, Joe. They need a win here in a big way, and will definitely do anything to get it."

              Windham and Taylor don't waste any time playing to the crowd...once again, Taylor steps into the ring first and glares at Chris Sabin, who removes his black hoodie and tosses it on the floor...

              "The Originators" Shelley & Sabin vs. U.S. Express 2.0

              Sabin goes for a lock up, but Taylor gives Sabin a kick to the midsection instead. Taylor immediately puts Sabin in a Top Wrist Lock and controls his right arm, which Sabin easily reverses. Taylor and Sabin go through a brief exchange, each reversal getting more flashy for Chris Sabin and earning applause from the crowd. Eventually, Sabin finds himself in a Full Nelson, which he reverses by dropping to his backside and driving Taylor's jaw into the top of his head. Sabin springs free and bounces off the ropes, launching Taylor backwards with a Dropkick to the chest. Sabin watches as Taylor crawls to his feet and tags in Windham.

              This time both men circle each other and when Sabin comes in for a lock up, Windham obliges and uses his sheer size advantage to bully Sabin around the ring. Taylor watches from the apron as his brother shows him how it's done and isolates Sabin in a corner, landing a huge forehand Chop to the chest that puts Sabin right on his knees. Windham lands a hard punch to the head and then grabs on to Sabin with a Shoulder Claw that makes him scream out loud.

              As Alex Shelley watches helplessly, his partner is picked apart by Windham Rotunda, looking much more impressive this week than last. Windham uses his weight and mat ability to keep Sabin on the ground for several minutes, culminating in a Camel Clutch right in the centre of the ring. With Windham sitting on his back, Sabin is helpless, but refuses to tap out. Frustrated, Windham Rotunda gets up and stomps viciously on Chris Sabin's lower back before backing into the ropes and hitting a Body Splash on his spine. Windham flips him over for a near fall, then tags his brother in.

              The damage is done to Chris Sabin when Taylor comes in to play, and Windham easily nails a Backbreaker, which he holds as Taylor leaps off the top rope and hits a Leg Drop, flipping Sabin onto his head. Taylor goes for the pin and Alex Shelley has seen enough, storming the ring and kicking Taylor in the head. Windham doesn't hesitate when he sees Shelley in the ring and drops him with a Lariat.

              The referee tries to restore order, but Windham shoves the ref out of the way and goes after Alex Shelley, who has rolled out of the ring. As Windham beats Shelley around the ring, Taylor crouches in a corner and beckons Sabin to get up. Sabin eventually obliges Taylor, who springs outward, looking for the Taylor Made, but Sabin falls to his back and hits a Drop Toe Hold, driving Taylor's head full speed into the bottom turnbuckle! Taylor goes limp and appears to be out cold as Sabin hooks his crotch and rolls him up for the victory!


              The bell sounds and the crowd roars as Chris Sabin falls on his back, exhausted and hurting...outside the ring, Windham Rotunda stops his onslaught on Alex Shelley to see that his team has lost once again...Windham swears loudly before kicking the ring steps, then climbs into the ring...he stands over his brother, who is still out cold, putting his hands on his hips and trying to decipher what happened...the ref fills him in, and Windham swears again, kicking the very turnbuckle that took out his brother moments ago...

              Chris Sabin rolls out of the ring, and while he and Shelley are more worse for wear, they are the victors, and eventually get to their feet and back up the ramp, celebrating through the pain...


              Cutting backstage, we see the elegant Valerie Wynd backstage in front of the NEW backdrop...

              -Valerie Wynd "Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Captain Charisma, the Pontiff of the Peeple..Chrisian!"

              Christian steps into view wearing a yellow t-shirt with black lettering that reads "Redefining Christianity"...he has a smile on his face as he winks at the camera...

              -Valerie Wynd "After your disappointing loss last week, what are your plans for-"

              -Chrisian "Whoa whoa whoa, Val. Disappointing? What do you mean?"

              -Valerie Wynd "Well I just assumed it was, given what was at stake?"

              -Chrisian "Pfff, the Television Championship? Hell I'm thankful that I got eliminated from that match. I didn't give up everything to come here and be some second rate star. No, no, Val. Do you really think I would do that to my Peeps?"

              Christian looks into the camera again, smiling as the crowd roars and he earns his cheap pop..

              -Valerie Wynd "So what happens next?"

              -Christian "What happens next? I become NEW World Champion, THAT'S what happens next!"

              The fans cheer again, chanting Christian's name...but the pop is short-lived as AJ Styles steps into view, shoving Christian aside and getting in close to the mic..

              -AJ Styles "Wait a minute! Wait a damn minute! You? The NEW World Champion? Come on, man! What makes you think that you even have a chance!?"

              Christian starts to speak, but AJ Styles arrogantly talks over him..

              -AJ Styles "The people you speak of didn't come here to watch your boring ass, they came here to be amazed. They came here for The Phenomenal One, the ONLY future NEW World Champion!"

              Christian finally gets angry and grabs Styles by the shoulder, spinning him around to face him...Valerie repositions to get the microphone in between them, barely enough room for her to do so..

              -Christian "I had a feeling someone was going to step up when I made that claim, I just didn't think it was going to be a midget."

              -AJ Styles "And I didn't think you were going to show up here and keep living in your brother's shadow."

              The fans let out a loud "OHHH!" as Christian and Styles touch foreheads, both about to erupt...

              -Christian "Be in the ring later tonight, or I'll drag you there myself."

              Christian storms off and AJ Styles looks on momentarily before doing the same...Valerie Wynd is left speechless as we go to commercial...

              Commercial break...


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                Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                A brief commercial break gives way to Pantera, which drives the crowd wild and amps them up for the arrival of Rob Van Dam!

                RVD gets the crowd going from the stage with his signature taunt, before heading to the ring and warming up..

                -Joey Styles "I know we're supposed to use this time to hype up the ensuing match, but I can't get over what just happened backstage."
                -COach "You're telling me. I can't wait for AJ Styles to teach that punk Christian a lesson!"
                -Joey Styles "That sure got heated quickly, and won't only serve as our main event for the evening, but certainly have major implications on the World Championship picture."
                -Coach "Yeah, like AJ Styles winning it."
                -Joey Styles "I thought you were a Tyler Black man."
                -Coach "What did you just say to me?"
                -Joey Styles "That could've been phrased better. My bad, homie."

                As RVD continues to stretch in the ring, Joey Styles and The Coach are interrupted by the music of The Originators! The fans go wild as the theme plays for a second time tonight and Paul London charges to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and coming to a halt right in front of RVD..RVD sticks out his hand and Paul London accepts, hopping to his feet as the fans continue to cheer...

                ...until the music of Roderick Strong hits...the fans aren't happy to see Strong entering the arena after his actions last week, but Strong couldn't care less...he walks to the ring confidently wearing a grey t-shirt that reads "Backbreaking 101", and removes it before climbing into the ring..

                -Joey Styles "After the premiere that these three men had last week, all of them finding themselves on the losing end of big matches, they're sure to tear one another apart looking for their first victory since coming to NEW."
                -Coach "The master of the backbreaker against an Originator and The Whole F'n Show. What isn't to like!? Let's do this!"

                Rob Van Dam vs. "The Originator" Paul London vs. Roderick Strong

                Roderick Strong carefully eyes his opponents, who stand side-by-side across the ring. The fans are buzzing with anticipation, then cheer as Paul London and Rob Van Dam look at one another, then charge at Strong! They both swing at Strong, but he ducks out of harm's way and spins around, slamming his boot into RVD's chest and knocking him down. Strong then lands a series of hard rights to the head of Paul London and backs him into a corner, punching faster and faster before stomping on London's chest and sending him running out of the ring!

                London and RVD find themselves on opposite sides of the ring, looking puzzled. The fans still boo, but much less louder now having seen that impressive display. Strong paces in the ring, calling both men on, until RVD and London both oblige and climb onto the apron. Strong waits as they both communicate with one another, nodding in agreement, then hopping onto the top rope and springboarding into the ring! Strong sees this coming and moves out of harm's way, and Paul London and RVD collide in mid-air! They fall to the ground and get up simultaneously and turn around as Roderick Strong backs into the ropes and leaps into the air, connecting with a Double Sick Kick!

                Strong impresses enough of the crowd to earn a weak pop as he covers London for a 2-count. Strong pulls London to his feet and begins working him over, until RVD recovers and attacks Strong from behind. RVD beats Strong to his knees, then hits the ropes. Strong lunges forward at RVD looking for a Clothesline, but RVD ducks and rebounds off the opposite ropes, connecting with a Crossbody and a 2-count of his own. RVD is already showing signs of exhaustion though and Strong quickly beats him to his feet, attacking The Whole Fucking Show and sending him out of the ring again.

                As Roderick Strong leans over the ropes and shouts at RVD, Paul London lunges at Strong and sends him over the top rope with a Clothesline to the back of the head. Strong hits the floor hard and RVD moves in to attack, but doesn't see Paul London climbing to the top rope. When RVD finally looks up, the agreement they had ends as London comes crashing down with a London Calling to the outside that takes out both RVD and Strong!

                The fans go wild as all three men lay on the ground, the ref beginning a 10-count. When he reaches 5, London rises and throws RVD back into the ring. He follows close behind and forces the ref to stop the 10-count when he pins RVD, getting a near fall. London pulls RVD to his feet and goes for a Sliced Bread #2, but Van Dam simply throws London at the turnbuckle, which London straddles and screams in pain.

                RVD takes a moment to recover, then moves in for the attack, punching London in the back several times before leaping and kicking him hard in the kidneys. RVD then positions London for a German Suplex from the top rope, which brings the crowd to their feet. But before RVD can execute, Roderick Strong appears and slams his forearm into RVD's back before getting between RVD's legs. The fans cheer, anticipating what is coming next...

                ...DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!! Paul London takes the worst of it and slams into the mat hard, bouncing full over onto his stomach and flopping out of the ring! RVD lands above Strong, who lies on his back clutching his head. The fans go wild with cheers and chants for all three men, continuing to cheer as Roderick Strong climbs over RVD and covers him.



                RVD just kicks out! Roderick Strong swallows his frustration and gets to his feet, bringing RVD with him. Strong hoists RVD onto his shoulders looking for the Death By Roderick, but RVD slips out of it and lands on his feet, connecting with a sloppy but effective Van Daminator! With Strong down, RVD sees his opportunity and leaps to the top rope. The fans go wild as RVD struggles to get in position, still feeling the German Suplex he suffered, but he manages to stand up straight and raise his arms...


                RVD leaps..

                ...and connects! He bounces off Strong and clutches his ribs, kicking his legs in pain. The fans cheer as he drags himself over to a down-and-out Roderick Strong and drapes his right arm over his chest.



                LONDON CALLING ON ROB VAN DAM!!!

                Joey Styles loses it at the announce table as Paul London slams into RVD's back with a desperation London Calling! Paul London takes a moment to fight through his own sacrifice, then rolls RVD onto his back and makes the pin.



                Roderick Strong breaks it up! The fans groan as Strong rolls over and begins driving his elbow into Paul London's skull, knocking him off Rob Van Dam and onto his back. Roderick Strong mounts London and continues driving his elbow into his head repeatedly.

                Running on pure adrenaline, Strong gets up and storms around the ring, dragging his fist across his neck and calling for the end. Rob Van Dam rolls out of the ring as Paul London slowly gets to his feet. He groggily stands in front of Roderick Strong, and as Strong comes at him, London leaps and connects with a Dropsault!

                Roderick Strong staggers backwards and hits the ropes behind him as Paul London lazily gets to his feet..

                ...SICK KICK!!! Roderick Strong lunges forward and connects with a vicious Sick Kick to the head! Strong covers!





                Roderick Strong rolls onto his knees and pumps his fists as he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd...the referee grabs his arm and raises it in victory, but Strong only celebrates for a moment before pulling his arm free and asking for a microphone..Valerie Wynd obliges and his music quickly fades out as he paces in the ring, speaking through laboured breathing..

                -Roderick Strong "There's been a lot of talk this week about the NEW World Championship. With just over a month to go before Pick Your Poison, it's pretty much a given that every singles wrestler backstage wants to get their name out there, and I don't blame them."

                "But while the Tyler Blacks, Drew Galloways, Christians and AJ Styles' of this company are bitchin' and moanin', Roderick Strong is out here winning matches and giving you a reason to cheer."

                Strong earns himself a weak pop, but a pop none the less..

                -Roderick Strong "I know you want to keep this show moving, so I won't waste your time, but when it happens, when the time comes for your voice to be heard, just remember that this was the first of many Roderick Strong victories in New Era Wrestling!"

                Roderick Strong slams down the microphone before exiting the ring...the fans give him a worthy ovation as he walks up the ramp, not looking back...

                Commercial break...


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                  Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                  When we return from the break, the fans erupt in a huge ovation as "Cochise" by Audioslave begins to play!

                  -Joey Styles "What!? Are you serious!?"
                  -Coach "Does this mean what I think it does!?"

                  The drum beat fills the arena as white strobes flash from the stage...white smoke begins to pour from the entry way and billows upward toward the rafters, eventually smothering the entire stage, the strobes behind it making it look like a giant storm cloud..

                  As the cymbals crash, bright white light fills the arena! The fans get even louder with every flash of light, each one brighter than the last!

                  -Joey Styles "I can't believe it, Coach! The CEO, the greatest NEW Champion to ever grace the ring, is on his way out here right now!"

                  Then, when the music reaches its peak, a huge white explosion of fire erupts from the stage with a loud POW!! The fans scream and cheer as loud as they can as the man they've all been waiting for rushes out onto the stage...



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                    Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                    When we return from the break, the Tag Team Round Robin graphic flies onto the screen momentarily, before disappearing and giving a panning shot of the crowd...

                    The fans go wild when the music of Bro Canada! hits, and almost immediately, Zack Ryder rushes onto the stage! The Long Island Iced Z plays to the crowd as once again, TJ Hart stands stage centre, hands on his hips, looking as serious as ever...

                    -Joey Styles "Bro Canada got a huge win in their debut last week, but they've got a massive hill to climb tonight as another team makes their NEW debut."
                    -Coach "Yeah, a team that is going to be the first NEW Tag Team Champions! I can't wait for Jay and Mark Briscoe to teach these wannabes a lesson!"

                    As they head to the ring, Zack Ryder notices the fan with the huge Canadian flag with Ryder's sunglasses and hair on the maple leaf...Ryder pauses and grabs a nearby fans camera, and snaps a shot with the young fan before giving him his sunglasses...TJ Hart grins as he passes Ryder, then both men jog the rest of the way to the ring and climb opposite turnbuckles, playing to the roaring audience...

                    When the music of The Briscoes hits, their long-time fans in attendance make themselves heard, but the pop is much weaker than expected after the high-energy arrival of Bro Canada!...however, Jay and Mark aren't phased in the slightest as the brothers step onto the stage wearing red pants and their usual Confederate bandanas..

                    -Coach "Finally! NOW this Round Robin can get started! I can't believe we had to wait a week to see these two in action."
                    -Joey Styles "I'm just as excited as you, Coach. But there's no denying that Bro Canada was impressive in their debut, and we could see what most would call an upset here."
                    -Coach "Do you even know how ridiculous you sound?"

                    The Briscoes take a moment to show appreciation to their fans in attendance, but are mostly focused on their opponents as they tear of their bandanas and toss them aside...Jay steps into the ring first and squares off with TJ Hart as the bell rings!

                    Bro Canada! vs. The Briscoes

                    Jay and Hart lock up right away, not wasting any time. After jostling for position momentarily, TJ Hart gets Jay in a Wrist Lock that is short-lived, as Jay immediately flips out of it and chops Hart in the leg. Hart hits the canvas and Jay drives an elbow into Hart's chest before trying to apply an Arm Bar. Hart easily squirms out of it and spins onto his feet, grabbing Jay's ankles and looking for a Boston Crab. Jay twists his torso and flips Hart onto his back, then tries to drive his forearm into Hart's head. Hart dodges the attack and both men scramble to their feet, squaring off again to a polite applause.

                    Jay rubs his chin and dismisses Hart, tagging in his brother. Hart smiles as Mark steps into the ring and they circle one another, eventually locking up as well. This time Mark bullies Hart into a corner before breaking the lock up and striking Hart in the chest with both hands. Mark then sends Hart into the opposite corner, who hits the turnbuckles chest-first and staggers backwards into an Overhead Belly-to-Back Suplex from Mark, who holds for a 2-count.

                    Mark then tags his brother back in and the two Briscoes go to work as Zack Ryder looks on. Mark puts Hart in a Full Nelson and lifts him up as Jay kneels in front of him. Mark slams Hart onto his brother's knee and the modified Full Nelson Backbreaker bends Hart awkwardly as he screams in pain and is covered for another 2. Jay then puts Hart in a Chin Lock and holds it for some time as the ref talks to Hart.

                    After a few moments, Zack Ryder gets the fans rallying and Hart uses the rush of adrenaline to fight his way to his feet. He starts throwing elbows into Jay's stomach and breaks free, hitting the ropes, but immediately finding himself back in a Chin Lock. But Hart wraps his hands around Jay's head and falls on his backside, breaking the Chin Lock with a Jawbreaker and flopping to the mat, lying side-by-side with Jay.

                    As Jay shakes off the attack, Hart crawls toward his corner, reaching for a tag. Jay sees this and grabs Hart by the ankle, but Hart gets to his feet and connects with an Enziguri, taking down Jay Briscoe and finally tagging in Zack Ryder.

                    The fans cheer as Ryder goes to work, first dropping Mark to the outside with a Running Elbow Smash before grabbing Jay by the head and hitting a Suplex Slam. Ryder covers but Jay kicks out immediately. Ryder then backs up against the ropes and calls for Jay to get to his feet, wanting a Rough Ryder. As Jay gets up, Ryder prepares to attack, but Mark grabs his foot, causing Ryder to spin around. This leaves Ryder open for a Roll Up, but the ref is scolding Mark Briscoe and doesn't see the cover!

                    Coach starts belittling the referee from the announcer's table as TJ Hart sprints around the ring and attacks Mark Briscoe! Inside the ring, Jay Briscoe releases the Roll Up and gets in the referees face. The two argue mometarily, but Jay gives up and turns around...

                    ...right into a Rough Ryd-NO!! Jay Briscoe ducks and Zack Ryder hangs himself up on the top rope! He flops back into the ring and Jay Briscoe quickly attacks, connecting with the Jay-Driller! Jay Briscoe covers and TJ Hart can't get back in time to break it up!


                    TJ Hart slides into the ring just as the referee's arm comes down for a third time...Jay Briscoe rolls out of the ring and leaves Zack Ryder lying on his back, TJ Hart standing over his partner with a look of pure disappointment on his face..

                    -Coach "BOO YAH! That's how it's done, folks!"
                    -Joey Styles "The Briscoes earn their victory tonight, that's for damn sure. What a finish!"
                    -Coach "That's just the first of many, baby! Get used to seeing that right there!"

                    Jay watches as his brother gets to his feet and joins him on the ramp...Mark staggers slightly after the attack, but Jay gives him a slap on the back and tells him to "man up," before they both back up the ramp with their arms raised in victory...the fans give a decent ovation as they disappear backstage, and we see TJ Hart tending to his fallen partner, who still hasn't moved..


                    Before heading to commercial, we see a shot of AJ Styles heading towards the arena in a royal blue hoodie...the fans boo as he turns a corner and we see "PHENOMENAL" written on the back in silver...

                    The camera then cuts to another backstage area where Christian marches to the arena, as serious as ever! The fans begin to cheer as Christian disappears from view...

                    -Joey Styles "AJ Styles! Christian! The main event IS NEXT!!"

                    Commercial break...


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                      Re: New Era Wrestling (May's #1 Fed!)

                      A few scattered cheers are heard amidst a sea of boos as we're welcomed back from the break by AJ Styles..."The Phenomenal One" struts out onto the stage and is a dark silhouette in front of immense lights beaming from the entry way...Styles peers at the audience from beneath his royal blue hood before whipping it off and shooting his arms outward, setting off a loud explosion of blue pyros...

                      -Joey Styles "I'll never understand how AJ Styles got a spot on the NEW roster. Hell, I don't even know why he would accept the offer."
                      -Coach "Any company should be begging to have AJ Styles on board, Joe. He's the perfect blend of ability, showmanship, and skill. He doesn't need the approval of the likes of you."

                      Styles casually struts to the ring, ignoring the fans as he lets his blue hoodie slide off his back and land on the floor...he gets in the ring and winks at Maria Kanellis, who gives Styles a disgusted look...

                      The Greensboro Coliseum erupts when the opening riff to "I Got Mine" by The Black Keys booms into the arena...moments later, The Pontiff of the Peeple Christian steps onto the stage, slowly spinning around and pointing a large black "C" on his bright yellow t-shirt while a fountain of gold erupts in the entry way..

                      -Joey Styles "You mentioned the perfect blend of ability, showmanship, and skill, Coach? Well throw in some charisma and charm, and you've got it in Christian."
                      -Coach "Please. Ever since his brother left him high and dry, Christian couldn't hack it, which is why he's here. Yeah, he got a couple pity titles thrown his way, but him and all his fans know that's all they were. He doesn't even belong in the same ring as AJ Styles."

                      Christian removes his t-shirt as he walks along the apron, then tosses it at a nearby fan before stepping through the he does, AJ Styles pounces, slamming his fist into Christian's back and starting the match early! Maria Kanellis forgoes the introductions and rushes out of the ring as the bell sounds!

                      AJ Styles vs. Christian

                      Styles continues his onslaught as Christian tries to fight his way into the ring. He's eventually beat down to one knee as Styles is relentless, slamming his fist into Christian's spine over and over. Styles then violently pulls Christian to his feet and sends him into the ropes, taking him down with a High Knee Strike and covering for one.

                      Styles snatches Christian's head and bends him back over his knee, locking him in a modified Inverted Facelock. Christian claws at Styles' hands, but Styles responds by punching Christian in the ribs. With nowhere to go, Christian has to endure the pain of the hold for some time, before finally gaining enough ground to flip himself over and release enough pressure to strike Styles in the midsection. But with Christian facing Styles now, he's open to a Guillotine Choke, which Styles easily applies by wrapping his legs around Christian's torso and holding him in the centre of the ring.

                      As Coach commends Styles on his supreme mat wrestling ability, Christian tries to rake at Styles' eyes, but is unsuccessful. Christian does his best to fight out of the submission but Styles is relentless with the Guillotine Choke in deep. After a few moments, Christian manages to push his weight forward and press Styles' shoulders to the mat, forcing Styles to roll onto his side to avoid a pinfall. When he does this, Christian snaps his head free and immediately begins driving his elbow into the head of AJ Styles over and over.

                      The crowd pops as Styles scrambles out of the ring, Christian crawling after him. Styles walks on the floor with his hands on his hips while Christian kneels in the ring, holding his neck and struggling to breathe.

                      As Styles circles the ring holding the side of his head, Christian capitalizes by hitting the ropes and attacking Styles with a Baseball Slide. He sends Styles into the crowd barrier and the ref starts over with a 10-count as Christian kicks Styles several times in the ribs. After a half dozen strikes, Christian sends Styles back into the ring and pulls himself onto the apron, connecting with a Slingshot Senton and covering for 2.

                      Christian stands up and bends down to grab Styles by the head, but as he does, Styles connects with a stiff kick to the head that drops Christian like a rock. Styles takes a moment to recover, then pulls himself up with the ropes and climbs up top. As he crouches on a turnbuckle, Styles watches as Christian gets to his feet, shaking off the kick. Christian staggers at AJ Styles and turns right into a Flying Clothesline. Styles ends up on his knees and drops his arms over Christian for another 2-count.

                      Styles slams his fist into the canvas three times and shouts at the referee before getting to his feet and leaning on the ropes. Styles watches as Christian gets to his feet and charges at him, and Styles drops to his back and lets Christian topple out of the ring. Styles immediately leaps out of the ring looking for a Slingshot Crossbody, but Christian moves! AJ Styles lands on his feet, but his head and chest connect with the crowd barrier and he falls on his side!

                      Christian has all the time in the world to regain his composure and after stomping on AJ Styles for good measure, he rolls him back in the ring. Christian calls for the end as he paces around AJ Styles, who is still lying on his side and clutching his neck. Christian reaches down and hooks Styles' arms behind his back, pulling him to his feet and setting him up for The Unprettier...

                      ...AND CONNECTS!! The crowd roars as Christian connects with The Unprettier and covers!



                      THE REFEREE IS PULLED FROM THE RING!! The fans boo as the referee is suddenly dragged to the outside and punched in the face by Roderick Strong!

                      Joey Styles and The Coach try to make sense of the attack, but before they can, Roderick Strong slides into the ring and drops an elbow to the back of Christian's head! Caught off guard, Christian is helpless as Strong drags him to his feet and sends him into the ropes, connecting with the Sick Kick!

                      Christian flops out of the ring as Strong stands over AJ Styles. He then pulls The Phenomenal One to his feet and sets him up...

                      ...DEATH BY RODERICK!!

                      Roderick Strong is standing tall in the ring, and with no other option, Valerie Wynd announces the match has ended in a no contest as the timekeeper rings the bell.


                      The fans aren't sure how to react after the attack by Roderick Strong, but they know exactly what to do when they see Paul London, Rob Van Dam & Matt Sydal rushing to the ring!

                      -Joey Styles "Here come the troops! Things are about to explode here!"

                      Surprisingly, Roderick Strong stands his ground, even though he's completely outnumbered! Paul London is the first in the ring and is met with a stiff punch to the jaw that takes him down...Matt Sydal is next and he ducks under another swing from Strong, but bounces off the ropes and runs right into a Powerslam!

                      The crowd starts to rally behind Strong, but before he can recover from the attack on Sydal, RVD lays into him and starts beating him against the ropes...RVD sends Strong running across the ring, then does the splits as Strong leaps over him...Strong comes back and RVD is up...

                      ...VAN DAMINATOR!! Rob Van Dam drops Roderick Strong with a Van Daminator!!

                      -Joey Styles "This is pure insanity!"
                      -Coach "Roderick Strong stood his ground and took out two of his three attackers! To hell with Tyler Black, THAT MAN is our next World Champion!"

                      Suddenly, the view cuts backstage and we see several officials trying to break up Tyler Black and Drew Galloway! Both men are exchanging punches backstage and a handful of officials and staff are trying to break them up!

                      The view cuts back to the ring and out of nowhere, AJ Styles enters the ring and attacks Rob Van Dam! As they both exchange blows, Matt Sydal and Paul London pull themselves onto opposite turnbuckles...the fans cheer in anticipation as Styles and RVD leave themselves open for simulatenous Missile Dropkicks!

                      -Joey Styles "This is pandemonium! It's every man for himself!"
                      -Coach "All these guys want their shot at the NEW World Championship, and are stopping at nothing to get it! Are you paying attention, fans!? These men are destroying one another for your votes!"
                      -Joey Styles "If we survive this brawl, we'll see you next week! Pick Your Poison is still over 30 days away, but things are already out of control!"

                      As NEW Tuesday Night fades from view, we're left with the mayhem unfolding in the ring and backstage...

                      NEW Tuesday Night goes off the air...


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                        Re: New Era Wrestling (May's #1 Fed!)

                        NEW World Championship Tournament?
                        After NEW Tuesday Night went off the air last week, CEO Adam Copeland posted a tweet about the mayhem that took place during and after the main event. Copeland commented on how he hoped he wouldn't have to step in already, and finished the tweet with simply "#tournament?"

                        Judging by the number of re-tweets he got shortly after, it appears the fans are in favour of a tournament happening. Given that Copeland has no interest in an on-air authority figure "slowing down the show", this appears to be his best option in an attempt to restore some order and prevent more of what happened at the end of Tuesday's show.

               will keep you posted on developments.

                        Religious Right Outraged
                        Some interesting news out of Greensboro, NC this morning as Robbie Perkins, the city's Republican mayor, stated that he was "outraged" at the t-shirt worn by NEW superstar Christian.

                        During his interview and on his way to the ring for the main event, Christian wore a yellow t-shirt that simply read "Redefining Christianity". While the shirt wasn't given a second thought by those in attendance, mayor Perkins had this to say:

                        "It is an outrage that a superstar of [Christian's] calibre would do something like this. Children were at that show, and they look up to him and many other New Era Wrestling superstars. The city of Greensboro prides itself on its Christian values, and we don't need the likes of him slandering our religious beliefs."
                        Neither Christian nor Adam Copeland could be reached for comment on the matter, but perhaps we got all the answers we need by taking a look at NEW's official website, where the t-shirt in question is now available in their merchandise section.

                        As of right now, the t-shirt is sold out.

                        NEW Tuesday Night Quick Results
                        Tyler Black def. Matt Sydal

                        NEW Television Championship
                        Prince Devitt def. Eric Young

                        Tag Team Round Robin Match
                        "The Originators" Shelley & Sabin def. US Express 2.0

                        Roderick Strong def. Rob Van Dam & "The Originator" Paul London

                        Tag Team Round Robin Match
                        The Briscoes def. Bro Canada!

                        AJ Styles vs. Christian ruled NO CONTEST


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                          Re: New Era Wrestling (May's #1 Fed!)

                          Adam Copeland Announces NEW World Championship Plans

                          Over at NEW's official website, CEO Adam Copeland has announced the plans for the NEW World Championship qualifying tournament that he hinted at last week.

                          Copeland has hand-picked 8 participants who will battle it out in the coming weeks in an elmination-style qualifying tournament. The winners of each match will move on until only 2 are remaining.

                          Here's the fun part: the final 2 competitors will do battle in the main event at Pick Your Poison in a match style of the fans' choosing. Furthermore, while the winner of the match will be crowned the NEW World Champion, the loser will become the NEW Contender's Champion.

                          As we all know, the Contender's Champion holds the right to cash in their title for a shot at the World Championship. If the Contender's Champion is unsuccessful, or fails to defend the title a minimum of every 30 days, the title is vacated.

                          The 8 competitors selected for the tournament have also been announced, and are as follows:


                          Tag Team Round Robin Recap

                          Copeland also reminded the fans to start thinking about which two teams they are going to select to take part in the NEW Tag Team Championship match at Pick Your Poison. Copeland posted the standings for the Round Robin match, and can be seen here:


                          Pick Your Poison Early Fan Poll
                          Finally, with a little over 30 days to go before NEW's first pay-per-view, CEO Adam Copeland has left it up to the fans to pick the venue for the historic event.

                          Copeland truly wants this first pay-per-view to be a reflection of what the NEW fans want to see, right down to the last detail. With three venues "available" for the event in three "incredible cities", Copeland has decided that the pay-per-view should be held where the fans want it most.

                          The three contending venues are:



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                            Re: New Era Wrestling (May's #1 Fed!)

                            Richmond, VA, USA
                            Richmond Coliseum
                            Att: 11,992

                            As Pennywise continues to play, we get a panning shot of the outside of the Richmond Coliseum as the sun sets in Virginia...a small gathering of locals stand outside the venue as the cameras cut inside, panning the sold out crowd as they wave signs and cheer like crazy...the camera sticks to a young fan dressed as Zack Ryder waving a half-Canadian half-US flag, then cuts to another fan pulling on his "Redefining Christianity" t-shirt and screaming into the camera..

                            -Joey Styles "It's a beautiful summer evening here in Richmond, Virginia, and it's even more beautiful inside the sold out Richmond Coliseum! Welcome one and all to NEW Tuesday Night!"
                            -Coach "The fans get better with every show, Joe. So far our resurrection tour across the eastern United States has been an absolute blast, with the crowds growing and getting more electric with every new show we do. I can't wait to see what next week brings!"
                            -Joey Styles "Neither can I, Coach, but for tonight, we've got an amazing show for the fans here and the people watching at home and online! Tonight, the Tag Team Round Robin continues as the US Express 2.0 tries to get their first win against The Briscoes!"
                            -Coach "No easy task for anyone, Joe. Also tonight, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are on their bye week while The Young Bucks look to get their first win against the hot and favourited Bro Canada!"
                            -Joey Styles "Speaking of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, it looks like they're already enjoying their week off!"

                            The camera cuts to a press box high above the crowd, where the two Originators are seated...the fans roar as the pair are shown on the screens in the arena, kicking back and being served ice water by arena staff!

                            -Coach "That kind of attitude isn't going to win you Championships. Shame on those two."
                            -Joey Styles "The fact that they're sitting in first place undefeated says otherwise, Coach."

                            The cheering continues as The Briscoes step out into the arena, getting a much better reception this week than last..

                            -Coach "You were saying, Joe? A win here tonight by The Briscoes puts them in a tie for first with Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin."
                            -Joey Styles "So it does, Coach. So it does."

                            The Briscoes take their time getting to the ring, nodding at the fans and getting riled up as several audience members near the crowd barrier slap them on the shoulders...Mark and Jay are both wearing black bandanas over the lower part of their faces, which they eventually remove and toss aside...they then climb opposite turnbuckles and remove their black t-shirts, which are thrown into the crowd...

                            As Jay and Mark Briscoe continue to warm up in the ring, Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA" is met with loud boos...but, as the US Express 2.0 marches out into the arena and towards the ring, the brothers barely notice as their sights are set purely on their opponents..

                            -Joey Styles "I don't get the booing, Coach. Windham and Taylor Rotunda have been working just as hard as every other team in this Round Robin."
                            -Coach "Yeah, but they suck."

                            Windham and Taylor waste no time getting the match underway, as Taylor doesn't even enter the ring and simply stands on the apron...Windham Rotunda and Jay Briscoe circle one another as the bell rings immediately!

                            The Briscoes vs. US Express 2.0

                            Jay Briscoe turns his head and starts clapping to keep the fans pumped up, but when he does, Windham charges and slams his forearm into the back of Jay's head. The boos are more apparent now as Windham slams his fist into Jay's back several times before sending him into the ropes and connecting with a Big Boot. Windham covers, but Jay kicks out at 1 and scrambles to his corner, quickly tagging out.

                            Jay and Mark have some words as Mark steps into the ring. Mark approaches Windham for a Lock Up, but then kicks Windham in the gut, bending him over. Mark turns to his brother and shouts "That's how we do!" before turning back and getting taken out by a Falling Clothesline. Windham then grabs Mark with both hands and begins choking him, which the ref quickly counts off.

                            The fans continue to boo as Windham drags Mark Briscoe to his feet and locks him in an Abdominal Stretch. Mark cries out in pain as Windham shakes him violently. Windham keeps the hold applied for several minutes, pausing every so often to punch Mark Briscoe in the ribcage.

                            Finally, after being satisfied with wearing down Mark Briscoe, Windham turns the hold into a Gutwrench Powerbomb and presses on Mark Briscoe's legs to hold for a near fall. When Mark kicks out, Windham tags in his brother Taylor and lifts him up, exposing his ribs again. Taylor Rotunda climbs to the second rope and leaps forward, driving his knee into Mark's ribs. Taylor covers Mark and earns a 2-count of his own.

                            Taylor Rotunda rolls Mark Briscoe onto his back and holds him still, leaping up and driving his knee into Mark's ribs. Taylor does this a half-dozen times before going for another cover, with Mark kicks out of more easily. Taylor stands up and looks at his brother, who shouts "Finish him off!" from the apron. Taylor backs into a corner and pays homage to the CEO by crouching and waving his arm, gritting his teeth and calling for the Taylor Made.

                            Mark Briscoe is in severe pain as he struggles to get to his feet. He slowly rises and can barely stand up straight as he uses the ropes for support. Finally, Mark turns to face Taylor, who surges from the corner...

                            ...AND CONNECTS!! Taylor Rotunda spears Mark Briscoe into the corner with the Taylor Made! He covers as the fans are in total shock!



                            Jay Briscoe breaks it up! The ref shouts at Jay to exit the ring, but Windham Rotunda is already there! Windham swings at Jay Briscoe with a wild right, but Jay ducks and drops Windham to the canvas with a Super Kick!

                            Windham rolls to the outside and Jay Briscoe is sent back to his corner by the referee. The two argue as Taylor Rotunda leans in a corner, shaking his head and blinking heavily. He pulls himself up with the ropes and watches as Mark Briscoe pulls himself to his feet again. Taylor decides to try for a second Taylor Made, but this time, Mark Briscoe leaps over him! Taylor runs head first into The Briscoes' corner and is hung up on the second rope. Jay Briscoe sees an opportunity and leaps up, hitting a Leg Drop to the back of Taylor's head! Taylor snaps over the second rope and falls into the ring, clutching his throat. When he struggles to his feet, Mark Briscoe is waiting and uses all his strength to get Taylor Rotunda onto his shoulders...

                            ...MARK-OUT!! Mark Briscoe connects with the Mark-Out and covers for the victory!


                            The fans go wild as Jay Briscoe enters the ring with his arms in the air! He pulls his brother to his feet and shoves the referee away, raising his brother's arm in victory!

                            -Coach "The better brothers won here tonight as The Briscoes join Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin at the top of the mountain!"

                            The camera cuts to Shelley and Sabin, who are leaning on each other's shoulders pretending to be asleep...back in the ring, Jay and Mark Briscoe make a hasty exit as Windham Rotunda comes to and climbs into the ring, chasing them off...

                            -Joey Styles "The Briscoes get the win here tonight, but the even bigger story is that for the third week in a row, Taylor Rotunda has been pinned and put the US Express 2.0 at 0 - 3."
                            -Coach "No way they'll get voted into the tag title match at Pick Your Poison now, Joe. And I think Windham knows that."

                            Windham Rotunda watches as The Briscoes exit the arena to wild cheers, then glares down at his brother, lying on his back in the ring...


                            Before cutting to commercial, we get a shot of Prince Devitt walking backstage with the NEW Television Championship strapped around his waist! The fans cheer even louder as Devitt is headed to the ring, dressed for a match!

                            -Joey Styles "Prince Devitt defends the NEW Television Championship in a rematch against Eric Young, and that match is NEXT!!"

                            Commercial break...


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                              Re: New Era Wrestling (May's #1 Fed!)

                              Earning himself more and more heat every week, Eric Young steps onto the stage to a chorus of boos, which he completely ignores as he smirks and turns his back on the crowd, pointing once again at the red maple leaf on his back...

                              -Coach "If Eric Young doesn't win the Television Championship tonight, I'm calling shenanigans."
                              -Joey Styles "You're allowed to say 'bullsh-'"
                              -Coach "Joe! Have a little class, will you? Canada's greatest export is walking to the ring."
                              -Joey Styles "You can't be serious."

                              Eric Young stands high on a turnbuckle as he removes his jacket and tosses it to Valerie Wynd at ringside...Young makes a belt motion across his waist as he warms up in the ring in red trunks and boots..

                              Then the crowd does a complete 180 when Flogging Molly hits the speakers! The cheers are immense as the NEW Television Champion Prince Devitt walks out the entry way!

                              -Joey Styles "Listen to this crowd, Coach! I'd bet my next paycheck that Prince Devitt is the most loved superstar in NEW today."
                              -Coach "Not even I can deny Prince Devitt's amazing talent in the ring. Adam Copeland made a good choice by convincing him to join NEW. It's just a shame that his title run is going to end tonight."

                              Devitt scrambles up the ring steps and straight up the nearest turnbuckle, shooting his arm into the air as the fans go insane! Devitt removes the Television title from around his waist and holds it high, aiming it at Eric Young and glaring at him from high above the ring...

                              Devitt then hops into the ring and hands the title over to the referee, who hoists it up for all to see...the bell sounds and the match is underway!

                              Eric Young vs. Prince Devitt
                              NEW Television Championship

                              Eric Young continues to swing his arms and stretch as he squares off with Devitt, who simply leans forward with his hands on his knees. Young steps in for a Lock Up, but Devitt has none of it and quickly tosses Young with an Arm Drag. Young rolls to his feet and looks surprised as Devitt stands up straight and winks at him, the crowd already chanting his name.

                              Young looks angry as he goes for another Lock Up and gets another Arm Drag. Young rolls to his feet again and punches his head in anger before rushing at Devitt a third time, who leaps into the air and takes Young down with a Head Scissors takedown. Eric Young ends up in a seated position and Prince Devitt pounces on him, locking the Canadian in a Front Facelock.

                              Devitt holds the Front Facelock for several seconds as Eric Young uses his free hand to claw at Devitt's face. Young eventually lands a couple good punches to Devitt's head and manages to loosen the hold enough to stand up and turn, taking Devitt down with a Snap Suplex. Eric Young spins to face Devitt before he can recover and drops a forearm on Devitt's head. Eric Young then grabs Devitt and begins punching him wildly, prompting the ref to step in. The crowd boos as Young is pulled off Devitt by the referee, much to Eric Young's dismay.

                              As Young tries to plead his case, Prince Devitt shows he can brawl right back and attacks, leaping past the referee and catching Eric Young with a hard right. Devitt and Young both exchange stiff punches as both men fall through the ropes and to the outside.

                              The fall breaks both men up and the referee is forced to begin a 10-count. After a few seconds, Eric Young is the first to his feet and he kicks Prince Devitt hard in the ribs before picking him up and rolling him back in the ring. Eric Young crawls in after him and immediately grabs Devitt's legs, locking him in a Sharpshooter!

                              The booing is intense, but Eric Young hears none of it as he has the Sharpshooter locked in tight. Prince Devitt grits his teeth and bears the pain as Young lowers his weight onto Devitt's lower back, hoping for a submission. But Devitt is close enough to the ropes that he doesn't have to endure the pain for long, and he reaches the bottom rope with relative ease, although the damage has been done.

                              The referee counts to five and Young breaks the hold. Prince Devitt lies on his stomach as Young paces in the ring, a look of pure intensity on his face. Young grabs Devitt and drags him to his feet, setting him up for a Spike Piledriver. But when Young lifts Devitt upward, Devitt continues his momentum and flips upward, planting Eric Young with a Hurricanrana DDT!

                              The fans go wild as Prince Devitt lies beside Eric Young, catching his breath. After a moment, Devitt rolls Young onto his back and covers, but Eric Young kicks out just in time.

                              Still dazed from the attack, Eric Young lies on his side as Prince Devitt gets to his feet. Devitt, still clutching his lower back, leans on the ropes, then turns his attention to the entry way as the fans start to boo. Slowly stepping through the entry way and onto the stage is none other than Eddie Kingston!

                              Kingston stands on the stage dressed all in black. He cracks his knuckles and smiles at Prince Devitt, who stares back, looking puzzled. Suddenly, the distraction gives Eric Young an opportunity and he rolls Devitt up for a pin!



                              Prince Devitt just kicks out! Eric Young uses the burst of adrenaline and drops Devitt with a Lariat before getting behind him and grabbing his legs. Eric Young has Devitt set up for the Youngblood Neckbreaker again, but before he can execute, Devitt twists and flips Young over onto his back. Eric Young can't recover in time and before he knows it, Prince Devitt catches him and plants him with the Bloody Sunday! Prince Devitt quickly covers and retains the Television Championship!


                              Prince Devitt scrambles to his feet and turns to the entry way, but when he does, Eddie Kingston is nowhere to be found! Devitt looks confused as the referee raises his arm and hands him the Television title, but Devitt barely notices...

                              -Joey Styles "The mind games continue as Eddie Kingston almost gets Prince Devitt's number again! I thought Eric Young had him with that roll up!"
                              -Coach "Prince Devitt got lucky tonight. Had Eddie Kingston wanted to, he would've destroyed Devitt in seconds."

                              Prince Devitt continues to pace in the ring, watching the entry way and all other sides of the ring for Eddie Kingston...the crowd cheers, but Devitt isn't celebrating...all he can think of is getting his hands on Eddie Kingston as he finally exits the ring, watching his back the whole way up the ramp...

                              Commercial break...


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                                Re: New Era Wrestling (May's #1 Fed!)

                                After the break, the lovely Maria Kanellis earns a decent pop from the male fans as she stands in front of the NEW backdrop wearing a black tank top and skirt..

                                -Maria Kanellis "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Captain Charisma, The Pontiff of the Peeple...Christian!"

                                Christian steps into view and does the signs of the cross before kneeling with his head bowed...Maria is taken aback, but can't help but chuckle as Christian stands up and puts his hand on Maria's head, muttering a quick prayer..

                                -Christian "Thank you for that warm welcome, Maria. May the lord keep you."

                                Christian turns to the camera and is wearing a white t-shirt that reads "God Bless Mayor Perkins"...

                                -Maria Kanellis "So is this a new side of Christian that we're seeing?"

                                -Christian "Whatever do you mean, Maria? I have always been the holiest of the holy. Do you think calling me The Pontiff of the Peeple was an accident? Amen."

                                Maria stifles her laughter as Christian can't help but crack a grin...

                                -Maria Kanellis "You're going to get us in trouble again."

                                -Christian "The lord will protect us."

                                -Maria Kanellis (laughing) "While I hate to cut this short, we've got to get your thoughts on your qualifying match next week. Who is it you're facing and what are your plans?"

                                -Christian "Maria, next week I'm stepping into the ring against Drew Galloway, a man who I have faced before, and a man who I have beaten before. While Drew Galloway looks to make a name for himself here in New Era Wrestling, he's going to have a hard time meeting that goal after I bury him next week."

                                "As far as I'm concerned, Drew Galloway drew the short straw. Whoever ended up facing me in my first qualifying match was going to lose, plain and simple. That man is a Scottish pretty boy named Drew Galloway, a man who doesn't stand a chance against me, and a man who is going to suffer an early exit from this tournament."

                                -Maria Kanellis "Galloway earned a huge win in the first ever match to take place since NEW's return to television over AJ Styles. Since then, he's had his sights set on Tyler Black, another man in the tournament who will be competing later tonight."

                                -Christian "And another man that, if he ends up facing me, will find himself on the losing end. You see, Maria, I will be the NEW World Champion when this is all said and done. I'm the most talented, I'm the most experienced, and I'm the prettiest. I'm the total package, the man that should be leading New Era Wrestling into the future, and the man that will lead New Era Wrestling for years to come."

                                Christian does a quick sign of the cross again to Maria, who laughs and sends us back to Joey Styles and The Coach..


                                As Joey Styles and Jonathon Coachman discuss Christian's confident remarks, we see that Paul London has joined his Originator mates in their press box...all three men are signing autographs for a handful of lucky young fans, who realize the camera is on them and start to wave and scream...London, Shelley and Sabin join in, screaming and waving and playfully stepping in front of the kids to block them from the camera...

                                But the fun stops when the music of Tyler Black hits...he steps out onto the stage wearing a black and grey plaid kilt, topped off with a black Shadows Fall t-shirt...Black stands centre stage and raises his hands, making devil horns with both before sauntering to the ring...

                                -Joey Styles "And our first qualifying match is about to get underway, and an interesting choice of attire for Tyler Black."
                                -Coach (laughing) "I love it! Let the head games begin!"
                                -Joey Styles "Speaking of interesting, this first round match up is just that."
                                -Coach "Interesting is a funny way of saying 'squash'. You think it's interesting because Matt Sydal gets a rematch against Tyler Black? Please. Black may have well just got a bye in the first round."
                                -Joey Styles "Matt Sydal has his work cut out for him against an undefeated Tyler Black, I don't doubt that. But there's no way we're going to see the same result as last week."

                                Tyler Black pulls himself onto a turnbuckle and glares out at the crowd before removing his t-shirt and stepping back onto the canvas...he opens his arms and looks down at the kilt he's wearing...the view cuts backstage breifly, where we see Drew Galloway seated in the locker room alone, watching on a television...

                                Back in the ring, Tyler Black removes the kilt and adjusts his boots, looking incredibly relaxed as he awaits his opponent...

                                The entry way lights up with flashing strobes as "Short Fuse Burning" by Less Than Jake blasts into the arena! The fans give a proper ovation as Matt Sydal bursts through the entry way and runs to the ring!

                                -Joey Styles "Now that's what I like to see, Coach! You wouldn't even know that Matt Sydal got his ass handed to him last week."
                                -Coach "Having a short memory is good in this business, but in Sydal's case, I'd be a little more worried about getting beat senseless two weeks in a row."

                                Sydal slides into the ring and runs right up a nearby turnbuckle, pumping his fists and getting the crowd roaring...his music fades out as he tosses his sleeveless t-shirt aside, then leans into the ropes to warm up...

                                Tyler Black vs. Matt Sydal
                                NEW World Championship Qualifying Match

                                Black tosses back his red and black hair as Sydal quickly sidesteps around the ring. Sydal makes the first move and lunges low at Black, who moves his leg aside and waves Sydal off disrespectfully. Sydal moves in again and tries to sweep Black's leg, but Black moves aside again and stops walking, then slaps Matt Sydal across his face!

                                The fans boo as Tyler Black laughs at Matt Sydal, who falls against the ropes holding his jaw. Black moves in for an attack, but Sydal ducks around him, putting him against the ropes and landing a series of hard rights. The fans cheer, but are quickly silenced when Tyler Black reaches out and grabs Sydal by the neck with both hands and tosses him over the top rope with ease. Matt Sydal crashes to the arena floor with Tyler Black exiting the ring after him.

                                Black lifts Sydal up and slams his face into the crowd barrier. Black then goes to work, punching Sydal in the head a few times before lifting him up in a Gorilla Press, high above his head. Black stalls for a moment and stares at some nearby fans, then drops Sydal chest-first on the barrier.

                                Tyler Black then crawls back in the ring and the referee starts the 10-count over. Matt Sydal is down and hurt, grimacing in pain, as Tyler Black leans against a corner and watches, raising a finger with each count the referee makes.

                                When the count reaches six, Matt Sydal stirs and crawls back to his feet. Sydal is still clutching his chest as he crawls in the ring, where Tyler Black meets him with a hard stomp on his back. Sydal flops onto his back and Tyler Black immediately goes after his injured chest, stomping on it several times before using the ropes for leverage and standing on top of Matt Sydal.

                                The ref counts Tyler Black off and Black immediately drops to his knees, pinning Sydal who kicks out with ease. Tyler Black then drags Sydal to his feet and hits a monstrous Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex that sends Matt Sydal sailing across the ring. Tyler Black casually covers again for another 2-count.

                                Matt Sydal tries to scramble into a corner, but Tyler Black is on him, pressing his boot into Sydal's chest and using the ropes for leverage as he presses harder and harder, cutting off his air. Once again the referee counts him off and Tyler Black circles the ring before rushing at Sydal, who is still seated in the corner. Tyler Black connects with a Sit-Out Dropkick that completely knocks the wind out of Sydal and sends him out of the ring again.

                                As Matt Sydal struggles to breathe, Tyler Black gives chase and beats him around the ring some more before rolling him back into the ring. Sydal is in serious trouble as Tyler Black steps through the ropes and decides to end the punishment. Sydal crawls toward the ropes, but Black grabs his arms and pulls them behind his back, setting up for his trademark Local Man Ruins Everything...

                                ...but Sydal counters! Matt Sydal quickly pulls his legs under him and springs forward, leaping off the top rope. Sydal does a backflip and breaks his arms free, catching Tyler Black off-guard! Before Black can react, Matt Sydal runs into the ropes again and slides between Tyler Black's legs! Tyler Black spins around and walks right into a Spinning Wheel Kick! Sydal and Black both roll to their feet and Sydal leaps, planting Tyler Black with a Tornado DDT!

                                The attack dazes Tyler Black and gives Matt Sydal some time to recover! He clutches his chest as he crawls to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up. Tyler Black rolls onto his side and shakes his head before standing up. As he does, Sydal looks over his shoulder and leaps onto the top turnbuckle, connecting with a Moonsault that takes down Tyler Black! The fans are going wild as Matt Sydal comes to a stop near the ropes, then leaps to his feet...

                                ...DOUBLE HELIX!! Sydal connects with the flashy aerial move and covers!



                                Tyler Black kicks out! The fans groan as Matt Sydal quickly gets to his feet and stalks Tyler Black, who is suddenly in danger of losing the match. Sydal stays behind Black as he staggers to his feet, then quickly hooks Black's arms and spins around, attempting to set him up for the Aftershock...

                                ...but Tyler Black reverses! Before Matt Sydal can execute, Black spins around and slams his arm into the back of Sydal's head. Matt Sydal stumbles forward and bounces off the ropes, walking right into a kick from Tyler Black, who sets him up and plants him with God's Last Gift, which he holds for the pinfall.


                                The fans are distraught as Tyler Black rolls to his side and catches his breath...he lies still momentarily, then wills himself to his feet...

                                -Coach "See that? Piece of cake."
                                -Joey Styles "Piece of-..are you serious!? Matt Sydal almost had that match won! What were you watching!?"
                                -Coach "Tyler Black move on to the second round, that's what I was watching!"

                                Tyler Black exits the ring and tries to play it off, but a look of worry won't leave his face...deep down Black knows how close he was to losing, but he celebrates none the less and leaves Matt Sydal lying in the ring, defeated and eliminated from the tournament...

                                Commercial break...