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New Era Wrestling

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    Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

    Eric Young



    Florence, Ontario, Canada

    "Dear Mr. Fantasy" - Big Sugar

    Finishing Move
    Youngblood Neckbreaker (Wheelbarrow lifted and dropped into Neckbreaker)

    Signature Moves
    Spike Piledriver
    Diving Elbow Drop
    Bridging Northern Lights Suplex

    We've thought about it, and we can't really sum up Eric Young's reason for being in New Era Wrestling better than he did:

    "Before TNEW, I came off a promising rise to be forced into a crazy person gimmick that I hated. During TNEW, I was allowed to be the wrestler I've always wanted to be, the fans loved me for it, and I had a long run as Television Champion. After TNEW, I wasn't allowed to shave and I'm one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

    This was the easiest decision of my career."


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      Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

      El Generico



      Hill Valley, Quebec, Canada

      "Ole!" - The Bouncing Souls

      Finishing Move
      Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!! (Brainbuster onto Top Turnbuckle)

      Signature Moves
      Ole Kick (Running Big Boot to Cornered Opponent)
      450 Splash
      Tornado DDT
      Exploder Suplex
      Multiple Moonsault and Dive Variations

      One look at El Generico should tell you why he belongs in New Era Wrestling, but in case you don't know, he's a luchador...from Canada.

      The ultimate babyface, El Generico is a fan favourite across North America, fighting and flying his way up the ranks in indy promotions both in Canada and the United States.

      Generico found most of his success in Pro Wrestling Guerilla, where he is the only person in PWG history to hold the World Championship and Tag Team Championship at the same time on two seperate occasions. Unfortunately for Generico, his personna, while currently holding a massive cult following, would never take on the grander stages of sports entertainment.

      Luckily for him, New Era Wrestling doesn't give a shit about selling personnas to the fans. All New Era Wrestling sees when they look at El Generico is the definition of what makes wrestling fun. The Canadian Luchador is sure to expand his fanbase and anyone who knows him won't be surprised when he surges to the top of the mountain.


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        Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

        A.J. Styles



        Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, United States

        "Get Ready To Fly" - GRITS

        Finishing Move
        Styles Clash (Belly-to-Back Inverted Mat Slam)

        Signature Moves
        Spiral Tap (Corkscrew Somersault into Leg Drop or Senton Bomb)
        Pele Kick (Backflip Kick)
        Discus Clothesline
        Fosbury Flop (to outside)
        Multiple DDT, Suplex & Kick Variations

        After the way he acted in the time of TNEW, it's surprising to find AJ Styles making the jump to New Era Wrestling for a second time. But what Styles lacks in manners, he makes up for in loyalty.

        Styles' first stint in New Era Wrestling was his shot at the big time, and may have happened had the company stuck around longer. But unfortunately, Styles soon found himself back in TNA as a member of Fortune.

        Forever loyal to the company Styles grew up in, he found himself taking a stand against TNEW and everything it stood for. He led Fortune on a crusade against the NEW Originals not once, but twice, something that a few men on this roster will not soon forget.

        AJ Styles is good at making enemies, but he's even better at beating them in the ring. Unfortunately for those enemies, Styles has jumped ship once again for NEW, a promotion that he feels he should be at the top of by any means necessary.


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          Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

          Dean Ambrose



          Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

          "Conditions Of My Parole" - Puscifer

          Finishing Move
          Hook & Ladder (Elevated Double Chickenwing Wheelbarrow Facebuster)

          Signature Moves
          Midnight Special (Over Shoulder Back to Belly Piledriver)
          Moxicity (Spinning Side Slam)
          One Hitter (Vertical Suplex dropped into DDT)
          Crossface Chickenwing
          Fujiwara Armbar

          "Eccentric. Cocky, but not in a flamboyant way. When I think of Dean Ambrose, I think of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho," says Will Powell, New Era Wrestling's Assistant to the Co-Assistant Creative Director. "I think of Brian Pillman, only if he had slow pacing in his "Loose Cannon" promos the way Jake Roberts or Raven did. He truly is different from the rest."

          Dean Ambrose rose to fame under the name Jon Moxley, where he competed in several indy promotions and enjoyed his share of championships across the board. But Ambrose's brash attitude and unpredictable personality hasn't earned him many friends, but has given him more than his share of enemies.

          But Ambrose isn't out to make friends, Ambrose is out to hurt people, and he'll do it just about every way possible. His talent in the ring is only matched by his love for violence, and if you get on his bad side, you're in for a world of hurt, and he'll enjoy every second of it.


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            Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

            T.J. Hart



            Calgary, Alberta, Canada

            "Don't Bury Me, I'm Still Not Dead" - Riverboat Gamblers

            Finishing Move
            Dungeon Lock (Crossed Leg-Trap Triangle Choke)

            Signature Moves
            Code Blue (Snapmare Neckbreaker)
            Rolling Stampede (Super Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam)
            Multiple Submission Variations
            Multiple Kick & Suplex Variations


            Zack Ryder



            Merrick, New York, United States

            "Don't Bury Me, I'm Still Not Dead" - Riverboat Gamblers

            Finishing Move
            Zack Attack (Inverted Overdrive)

            Signature Moves
            Rough Ryder (Jumping Leg Lariat)
            Broski Boot (Running Facewash)
            Double High Knee
            Double Underhook Powerbomb
            Multiple Knee/Kick Variations


            Tag Team Name
            Bro Canada!

            Tag Team Finisher
            Overcrowded Prison (Dungeon Lock/Rough Ryder Combo)

            Broskis unite! Your soon-to-be new favourite tag team is here, and only in New Era Wrestling.

            Another star that got sick of the WWE's formula of building up fan favourites just to bury and punish them, Zack Ryder actually approached CEO Adam Copeland about joining New Era Wrestling as soon as he got word of the company's resurrection.

            "I'm done," says Ryder. "I got my 15 minutes of fame, which is more than I could've asked for. I know what my future holds if I stay in the WWE, and it's not a future fit for the Long Island Iced-Z!"

            Zack Ryder found himself stuck in the limbo that is WWE developmental, a nightmare for anyone that finds themselves in his situation. Ryder had the crowd behind him, but was unable to break onto the scene until he re-created himself. Through incredible dedication, hard work, and YouTube, Ryder did the unimaginable and captivated audiences across the world. Soon after, he found himself the reigning WWE United States Champion, although his reign was short-lived.

            "The Ryder Revolution is moving to New Era Wrestling, and he's bringing one of my favourite young stars along for the ride," says CEO Adam Copeland. "The team of T.J. Hart and Zack Ryder, otherwise known as Bro Canada!, are going to win the hearts and minds of the NEW crowd and then some."

            T.J. Hart found early success in the WWE when he was part of the New Hart Foundation as Tyson Kidd, alongside DH Smith and Natalya Neidhart. But in typical WWE fashion, the stable was quickly buried after being pushed too soon and not giving ample time for the crowd to warm up to the young stars.

            "All I am to the WWE fans is another punk from Alberta looking to ride the coattails of the Hart family," said T.J., shortly after signing with New Era Wrestling. "Well if that's what they think of me, then they're in for a big surprise when Bro Canada! hits the NEW ring. I'm adopting the last name 'Hart' as my last 'F you' to the WWE and their way of doing things. It isn't for me. It's not who I am."

            "Bro Canada! brings the flashy New York charisma and attitude of Zack Ryder and the traditional techniques of the Hart family to the tag team division," added Copeland. "This team is the total package, and while they may be polar opposites, the duo are going to be a heavy fan favourite for a long, long time."


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              Re: RT's New Era Wrestling




              Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

              "I Got Mine" - The Black Keys

              Finishing Move
              Unprettier (Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster)

              Signature Moves
              Frog Splash
              Flashpoint (Diving European Uppercut)
              Mutliple DDT Variations

              "I got this one, guys. Take five.

              New Era Wrestling. The company that, like its stubborn fans, refuses to die. Third time's a charm, eh fellas? Yeah, we'll see.

              Although, things are already looking up for you. It turns out that I, Captain Charisma, have parted ways with the evil corporate monolith, the WWE. Yes, like all of you, I'm a man without a home, just more talented and handsome.

              How did the old song go? "This city is haunted by ghosts from broken homes?" Fitting. Depressing, but fitting. But depressing or not, the NEW theme certainly hits the nail on the head. The WWE is broken. The product that 90% of wrestling 'fans' swallow on a daily basis is constantly shoving the same old crap down the throats of its loyal followers, and when they finally get something right, like crowning me World Heavyweight Champion...well, we all know how long that lasted.

              So yes, my incredibly amazing brother convinced me to walk away from the WWE once again. Only this time I'm not going back as soon as they realize that it was a mistake to let me go in the first place. This time I'm going to be the wrestler I deserve to be, that you, the fans, deserve to see week in and week out, dominating everyone and anyone that dares step foot in the ring with me.

              Captain Charisma is back. The Pontiff of the Peepulation is here to stay. The NEW People's Champion is going to take on a whole new meaning, and you've got a front row seat. How lucky!"


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                Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                Roster Additions

                Jimmy Jacobs



                Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

                "Nightmare" - Avenged Sevenfold

                Finishing Move
                End Time (Guillotine Choke, sometimes preceded by a Snap DDT)

                Signature Moves
                High Angle Diving Senton
                Berzerker Drop (Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster)
                Multiple Stomps (sometimes with aid of ropes)
                Berzerker Boot (Running Big Boot)

                Jacobs began working for local promotions in Michigan at the age of 14. Ever since, he has slowly climbed the ladder of indy success using many different personnas along the way. "The Emo Warrior" has earned himself a tremendous cult following in the indy ranks, which climaxed five years ago with the birth of the Age Of The Fall.

                The controversial stable came to light in Ring Of Honour, after a ladder match between The Briscoes and the team of El Generico & Kevin Steen. When AOTF debuted, Jacobs gave a scathing promo that caught the attention of fans around the world. The promo was so violent and so controversial, ROH decided to remove it from the pay-per-view that aired, which has been regarded as one of the biggest mistakes in ROH history by the IWC.

                Now, with Tyler Black as NEW World Champion, the Age Of The Fall have reunited, once again led by Jacobs. New Era Wrestling may have just met its biggest obstacle, and only time will tell the kind of havoc Jacobs and his minions plan on wreaking on a bigger stage.


                Necro Butcher



                Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

                "Nightmare" - Avenged Sevenfold

                Finishing Move
                Necro Bomb (Tiger Driver)

                Signature Moves
                Choose Death (Sidewalk Slam onto two chairs, set up back to back)
                Asiatic Spike (Thumb Chokehold)
                Choke Bomb
                Death Valley Driver
                Stiff Strikes (mostly with headbutts and punches)

                The Necro Butcher is truly a man that needs to be seen to be believed, and not a man you want to enter a ring with.

                Rising to stardom across several southern promotions in the late 90's-early 00's, Necro Butcher caught the eyes of many with his insanely violent, yet creative, hardcore match types. Not one to back away from violence, Necro Butcher craves the very brutality of wrestling, competing in deathmatches of all kinds against any opponent.

                Butcher was a key part in the initial run of Age Of The Fall, in that he was truly not a man to be fucked with, and captured the essence of the stable perfectly. He was the animal let out of its cage, the dog off its leash, the man that was going to do the unthinkable to his opponents.

                Now Age Of The Fall are back together, and terrorizing New Era Wrestling. The person or persons that want to get at Tyler Black and his World Championship are going to have to think long and hard about if they want to go through Necro Butcher first.


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                  Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                  Card looks fantastic RT really looking forward to Black/London, Machine Gun's/Young Bucks and the main-event.


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                    Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                    Raleigh, NC, USA
                    J.S. Dorton Arena
                    Att: 7,500

                    The NEW Tuesday Night opening package fades out to a panning shot of the J.S. Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North the camera lowers to street level, we see a small crowd of fans hoping for last minute tickets..

                    ..while the roar of the crowd can be heard inside! Rapid shots of the crowd inside the arena show thousands of NEW supporters roaring and chanting "N-E-W! N-E-W!" as "Revolution" by Pennywise continues to play, culminating with a loud POW! as a single charge explodes from the stage!

                    -Joey Styles "It's been 4 long years since I've been able to say this at a New Era Wrestling live event.."
                    -Jonathon Coachman "Whoa whoa whoa, Joey! You're not gonna do that now, are you? Spoil what all the kids are waiting for?"
                    -Joey Styles "I've been waiting too damn long, Coach! Ladies and gentlemen...


                    Styles and Coach pause for a moment as the fans continue to roar and chant, the music gone and the house lights back to normal..

                    Styles and Coach discuss how great it feels to be back, then get down to business..

                    -Styles "Tonight we'll see the beginning of the Tag Team Round Robin that will be taking place in the weeks leading up to Pick Your Poison."
                    -Coach "I'm very excited about this. Every tag team in NEW will get the chance to face every other team once before the pay-per-view."
                    -Styles "That's right. Then the NEW fans around the world will go online and vote for the two teams they want to see doing battle for the NEW Tag Team Championship at Pick Your Poison."
                    -Coach "And don't forget about the main event. The NEW Television Championship will be decided in a Fatal Fourway elimination match!"
                    -Styles "I can't wait!"

                    The fans give a welcoming ovation to the man who will help kick off NEW once again, Drew Galloway! The towering Scotsman steps onto the stage and raises his arms, giving the audience a confident glance as he poses for all to see..

                    -Styles "I can relate to this young Scotsman."
                    -Coach "HA! In what way could you possibly.."
                    -Styles "We were both ignored in the WWE for our tremendous talent."
                    -Coach "Ugh. Don't start on me already, will you?"

                    Galloway poses atop one of the turnbuckles as he awaits his first NEW opponent..

                    A new theme hits and the crowd gives a heavily mixed reaction when AJ Styles steps out onto the stage..

                    -Coach "Looks like these fans have better memories than I thought."
                    -Styles "You severely underestimate them, Coach. How could they forget the way AJ Styles acted during the rise of TNEW, when he's an NEW Original himself?"
                    -Coach "Please. AJ Styles doesn't need to ride the coattails of this place to get on top. He did that all on his own, and he knows it. He's here to simply dominate another promotion like he always does."

                    Styles peers out at the audience from beneath his royal blue hood before snapping it back and throwing out his arms, which is accented by blue pyros erupting with a bang at either end of the stage..the boos become more ominous now, as the fans are less than impressed..

                    Drew Galloway paces in the ring in his blue and white trunks, resembling the Scottish flag, as AJ Styles runs up the ring steps and straight up the nearest turnbuckle, still posing for the booing crowd...Galloway decides he's had enough and rushes at Styles, striking him hard in the stomach and dragging him into the ring as the bell sounds!

                    Drew Galloway vs. AJ Styles

                    Galloway pulls Styles into the ring with a Hip Toss right off the top rope, slamming Styles to the mat below. Styles sits in the ring grimacing in pain as Galloway winds up and kicks him hard in the kidneys, following through to play to the cheering audience.

                    Galloway pulls Styles to his feet and Styles finally gets his hoodie off as he swings wildly at the huge Scotsman. Galloway shoves Styles into a corner, does a quick half lap around the ring and goes for an Body Avalanche, but Styles gets his boots up and catches Galloway right in the jaw. Galloway staggers, clutching his jaw, then receives a Diving Clothesline from Styles as he explodes from the corner.

                    The match is all AJ Styles from that point on, Styles using his entire arsenal against Galloway, never missing a chance to taunt and disrespect the crowd. Styles continues to build on the heat from the crowd, seeming to enjoy it and use it to his advantage.

                    Galloway tries to turn things around and begins brawling with Styles, but AJ manages to hold Galloway in a Head Lock long enough to pull him toward a corner and hit a Tornado DDT for a near fall. As Galloway tries to shake out the cobwebs, Styles signals for the end and gives the Scot a boot in the gut, setting up for the Styles Clash. Styles shows tremendous strength by getting Galloway in position, but right before he connects, Galloway slinks his weight downward and pulls Styles to the canvas with a Hurricarana pin and a three count!


                    The fans roar as Drew Galloway sneaks out the surprise victory! AJ Styles kicks out right as the 3-count is made, and springs to his feet, thinking the match is still on...when he hears the bell and clues in, Styles begins arguing with the referee as Galloway leans against the crowd barrier being congratulated by the nearby fans..

                    Galloway and Styles make eye contact, and Galloway's wide victorious grin enrages Styles, who decides to take it out on the referee...the fans boo as Styles kicks the ref in the stomach and plants him with a Styles Clash in the centre of the ring..

                    -Joey Styles "One match down, one referee down. At this rate we'll be pulling people from the audience to officiate."
                    -Coach "They'd probably do a better job than that hack in the ring! Fast count, ref! Styles got screwed!"

                    Galloway stands in the crowd basking in the cheers as AJ Styles watches him from ringside, hands on his hips, a scowl on his face..

                    Commercial break...


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                      Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                      After the break, the fans are welcomed back by Windham and Taylor, otherwise known as The US Express 2.0, NEW's newest tag team..

                      -Joey Styles "The first match up in the Tag Team Round Robin is the definition of new entertainment, the kind that this company is all about."
                      -Coach "You said it, Joe. Windham and Taylor Rotunda have left behind the prison that is WWE developemental and moved to greener pastures, where they'll take their chance at becoming the NEW Tag Team Champions and try to begin the road to filling the shoes of their ancestors."

                      Taylor rushes to the ring and slides under the bottom rope before hopping atop the far turnbuckle and throwing back his long black he raises his arms, Windham climbs from the apron to the side of the opposite turnbuckle and both men stand tall over the crowd, getting a surprisingly warm reception..

                      -Styles "Windham and Taylor addressed questions from the fans earlier this afternoon after arriving here at the J.S. Dorton Arena. Take a look."

                      Originally posted by Stage Screen - The US Express 2.0
                      "A lot of people have been asking why we're here," says Windham, rubbing his taped hands together, his brother Taylor at his side. "I'd like to ask those people if they're the same ones that think Husky Harris is talking to them right now."

                      "FCW demanded that I try some bullshit gimmick to try and get over with the fans. After several failed attempts that saw Husky Harris wear a mask, and Husky Harris wearing a fedora, it was obvious what we had to do. It was time to go, and time to restore some pride to our bloodline."

                      "Tonight marks the first of many matches that will see me and my brother make our ancestors proud. We're going old school, and whoever steps in the ring with us is going to learn that The US Express 2.0 is the best damn tag team alive today."
                      The view cuts back to the ring where Windham and Taylor go over their gameplan, waiting for their opponents...

                      When Riverboat Gamblers hits the sound system, the fans go absolutely wild! Zack Ryder bounds out onto the stage and drives the fans crazy as he rips off his shades and tosses them into the audience! Right behind him, somber and calculated, is TJ Hart..

                      Ryder finds himself on one side of the stage, pointing at the back of his blue vest that has a large white star behind a smaller red maple leaf...TJ Hart wears white trunks with a red maple leaf and a smaller white star in the centre..

                      -Styles "I knew these two would steal the show early, Coach! Give it up for Bro Canada!"
                      -Coach "Um, no. I won't. These clowns are about to learn a lesson in respect, just you watch."

                      Zack Ryder is all energy as he makes his way to the ring while TJ Hart slaps hands with some fans in the front row...Hart and Ryder eventually stand on opposite turnbuckles, where Ryder pumps his fist in a "WOO! WOO! WOO!" chant, and Hart simply stands with his arms crossed, smirking at the crowd..

                      -Styles "These guys are polar opposites, hailing from opposite parts of North America. Let's see how they handle themselves."

                      US Express 2.0 vs. Bro Canada!

                      The match begins with Taylor Rotunda and Zack Ryder pacing in the ring. They lock up after a moment and Ryder is quickly shoved across the ring, bouncing backward and landing on his knees. Ryder looks surprised as Taylor throws back his long black hair, the fans booing.

                      They go for another lock up, but this time Taylor kicks Ryder in the stomach, then rakes his eyes. The fans boo louder as the ref scolds Taylor, but he shoves past him and b-lines it for Ryder, where he throws a knee into his gut. Taylor then hits a Snap Suplex on Ryder and tags in his brother, Windham.

                      Windham takes control of the match, using his massive hands to squeeze Ryder's skull. Windham then slams Ryder's head into the mat and falls to his knees, wrapping him in a Chin Lock. Windham holds it for some time, wearing Ryder down, who is already fading fast and reaching for a tag.

                      After another minute, TJ Hart gets the crowd rallied and Ryder gets to his feet, throwing a few elbows into Windham's midsection. Ryder breaks free and hits the ropes, looking for a Rough Ryder, but finding a Powerbomb from Windham, who holds for a 2-count.

                      Windham drags Ryder to his feet and tags in his brother Taylor, who goes up top. Windham hoists Ryder onto his shoulders and Taylor hits a Missile Dropkick that sends Ryder sailing across the ring. He flops to a stop near his corner and as Taylor Rotunda is flexing for the crowd, TJ Hart tags himself in. Taylor doesn't see it and turns around just as Hart comes sailing off the top rope, connecting with a Diving Crossbody. Taylor rebounds to his feet and Hart connects with an Arm Drag, then another. When he goes for a third Arm Drag, Taylor stands his ground, but Hart is ready and leaps upward, taking Taylor to the ground with a Head Scissors and holding for an Arm Bar.

                      This brings Windham into the ring, who stomps on Hart's head and breaks his brother free. When the ref tries to intervene, Zack Ryder springs to life and uses the ref to gain some extra height, finally connecting with the Rough Ryder! The crowd roars as Windham rolls out of the ring and Ryder follows.

                      Inside the ring, Hart gets to his feet as Taylor struggles, and quickly takes him to the ground, applying the Dungeon Lock! Taylor cries out in pain and only lasts a few seconds before tapping out!


                      TJ Hart immediately releases the hold as the fans erupt and the bell sounds! Zack Ryder leaves Windham lying at ringside and joins his partner to celebrate their victory!

                      -Joey Styles "Bro Canada have made a statement here tonight, picking up their first win in their debut match in NEW!"
                      -Coach "Better enjoy it while it lasts. It's a shame that these clowns will probably earn enough votes to get in at Pick Your Poison."

                      Ryder and Hart exit the arena together, high-fiving fans on their way out...Taylor slumps to ringside and helps Windham to his feet, who kicks the ring steps in frustration...

                      Commercial break...


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                        Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                        When we come back from the commercial break, the big screen above the stage springs to life with static...after a few seconds, this image appears with an emergency broadcast tone...

                        The view then cuts to Dean Ambrose, who is sitting behind a desk in a black leather chair...Ambrose is wearing black shorts and boots with a black blazer over his torso..he's leaning back with his feet on the desk and his hands behind his head, and the placard on the desk reads "General Manager Ambrose"...

                        -Dean Ambrose "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to New Era Wrestling Tuesday Night. I am your loveable General Manager and wrestling GOD, Dean Ambrose. But you can just call me 'Mr. Ambrose.' I like to keep things laid back around here."

                        Ambrose sits up and leans on his elbows..

                        -Dean Ambrose "You're probably asking yourself why an immortal icon like myself decided to jump ship to NEW, rather than pursue a career in the big leagues. There's two things wrong with that. First, you shouldn't be questioning the decisions of a God. Second, the WWE is NOT the big leagues. The big leagues exist only where Dean Ambrose exists, therefore New Era Wrestling is now the greatest company to ever exist ever."

                        The crowd buys the cheap pop, and Ambrose nods, holding up his hand to silence them..

                        -Dean Ambrose "Settle down..settle...HEY! SHUT UP!"

                        Ambrose slams his fists on the desk, and the sudden outburst earns some boos from the crowd..

                        -Dean Ambrose "When the boss is talking, you all listen. I know our big-toothed CEO promised that, and I quote, 'NEW won't have boring, washed up guys wasting time talking,' which is true. But I am neither boring, nor washed up, nor waisting your time. Your lives are now better having been graced with my voice. The entertainment value of this show just skyrocketed to well over 500% of market value. That is why I've declared myself the General Manager of NEW."

                        "You can't just throw a bunch of talentless showboats in a ring and expect things to work out. Clearly our CEO wasn't thinking when he didn't put someone in charge. Thankfully, I, Mr. Ambrose, have taken it upon myself to not only be the greatest superstar in the history of NEW and therefore, the history of the world, but I am also declaring myself GM of NEW Tuesday Night."

                        Ambrose earns himself a ton of heat, the crowd beginning to chant "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" *clap clap clapclapclap*...

                        -Dean Ambrose "You catch more flies with honey, you idiots. Clearly I have my work cut out for me. I was going to grace you all with my presence later tonight, but instead I'll just sit here and be bitter. You have yourselves to thank for that. See you next week IF you learn some manners first."

                        The screen cuts back to static, and we fade to commercial..

                        Commercial break...


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                          Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                          When NEW Tuesday Night returns to the air, the fans give a heavily mixed reaction when they hear the music of Tyler Black...the former FCW Champion steps out onto the stage in black and red gear, his hair dyed half black and half red...

                          -Joey Styles "Not the reception I was expecting for Tyler Black."
                          -Coach "Yeah, these fans are idiots. They should be cheering!"
                          -Styles "I meant that I thought he would get booed more. After the comments he made about The Originators, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin specifically, I thought this audience would be against him more."
                          -Coach "Don't complain that there are actually sensible people in this crowd, Joe. I'll just be happy when Tyler Black squashes Paul London like the bug he is."

                          Black climbs a turnbuckle and plays to the crowd, acting rather dismissive of the booing fans...

                          Then, for the first time in the evening, the music of The Originators begins to play and the fans go wild! Paul London charges out the entry way and sprints to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and immediately leaping up the nearest turnbuckle, driving the fans crazy!

                          -Joey Styles "That's more like it!"
                          -Coach "Ugh. BOOO!!"

                          Paul London points at Tyler Black as he removes his black and white vest...Black looks livid as he steps closer to London, whon hops off the turnbuckle and lands behind the referee...the ref gets in front of Black and warns him, telling him to return to his corner to start the match...Tyler Black leaves some choice words for London before doing as the ref says...

                          Tyler Black vs. Paul London

                          The second the bell rings, Tyler Black charges at London and swings wildly at him. London easily ducks out of the way and launches himself at Black, striking him in the head with his elbow. Black staggers against the turnbuckle and London begins driving his shoulder into Black's midsection over and over. After several shoulder strikes, Black falls to his backside and London backs up, charging at Black and connecting with a Face Wash. London's boot goes through the ropes and he reaches for Black, but Tyler Black is already outside the ring.

                          As Black walks around the ring shaking his head, London pulls himself to the top rope. As Black turns to face London, he leaps for a Diving Crossbody and connects, taking both him and Black to the ground. The fans cheer loudly, chanting London's name as he springs to his feet and poses.

                          London then drags Tyler Black to his feet and rolls him in the ring. As Black lies on his back, London gets on the apron and goes for a Slingshot Senton, but Black moves and London's head is driven into the canvas. As London slowly gets up, Black dives at him from his knees and hits a Lariat that slows London down considerably. Black goes for the cover and gets a quick 2-count.

                          With London dazed. Tyler Black takes control and is the first to his feet. He sends London into a corner and works him over with elbow strikes and stiff punches to London's midsection. After a long attack that wears London down and gives Black a chance to catch his breath, Tyler Black whips London across the ring. Black follows close behind and London counters by running up the turnbuckle and leaping backwards with a Moonsault. London miscalculates and misses Black, who runs right underneath him. London manages to land on his feet and as Black spins around, London connects with a Dropsault, knocking Black against the turnbuckles. London quickly springs forward from his knees, hitting a Flying Headbutt to Black's stomach that knocks him to his knees.

                          Paul London then lifts Black up and hooks his head, looking for a Tornado DDT. London gets as far as leaping from the turnbuckle, but Tyler Black throws him into the centre of the ring. As London rises, Black connects with a Super Kick!



                          Paul London just gets a shoulder up, but the damage is done. London is face down and Black quickly rises to his feet, grabbing London's arms, pulling them behind his back. Black puts his boot to the back of London's head and looks out over the crowd, who have begun to turn on Black. Black smiles and pushes downward, driving London's face into the canvas with his trademark Local Man Ruins Everything.

                          Tyler Black then leans over the top rope and grins at the crowd, running his thumb across his throat. The crowd boos louder as Black turns and drags London to his feet. Black sets up London for a Turnbuckle Powerbomb, but as he prepares to launch London at the corner, Paul London flips over Black's back and surprises him with a Roll Up pin!



                          Tyler Black drives his heel into London's head, knocking him loose. Black is the first up and as London rises, Black goes for another Superkick, but this time London ducks and connects with another Dropsault! Black falls backwards and London slowly gets up, giving Black too much time to recover. London squares off with Black and looks for a Sliced Bread #2, but Black simply tosses Paul London forward into the centre of the ring. As Paul London rises to his feet, Tyler Black boots him in the gut and wraps him up, connecting with God's Last Gift and sealing the victory.


                          Tyler Black gets to his feet as the bell rings, and stands over Paul London, glaring down at him...the referee raises Black's arm and he savours the victory, standing tall and grinning at the booing crowd..

                          -Joey Styles "Paul London starts his second run in New Era Wrestling the same way he did the first time: with a loss."
                          -Coach "Are you surprised, Joe? Tyler Black said he was going to become the NEW World Champion, and after that display, I wouldn't be surprised."
                          -Styles "He's still got a long way to go before getting his shot at that belt, but what a start. Up next, The Originators try to save some pride as Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin step into the ring against the Young Bucks!"

                          Tyler Black wipes sweat off his brow and disrespectfully flicks it at Paul London before exiting the ring and heading up the ramp...

                          Commercial break...


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                            Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                            After the break, the screen above the stage lights up and we see Jay & Mark Briscoe sitting outside the J.S. Dorton Arena in the parking lot...Jay and Mark are seated in lawn chairs behind a large pick-up truck and are tailgating with a group of screaming fans..

                            Originally posted by Stage Screen - The Briscoes
                            "Big match comin' up, eh Mark?"

                            "What's that Jay?"

                            "I said 'big match comin' up, eh Mark!?'"

                            "Yes yes, it would appear so. So what are we doin' out in the parking lot?"

                            "You mean other than sittin' back and crushing beers with these loud-ass mother fuckers? Well we're out here because we're on a bye this week. The Briscoes drew the short straw and they're gonna sit outside and lock this shit down in true Laurel fashion!"

                            The fans cheer and scream as Jay and Mark raise their beer cans and toast each other, before chugging the beers and slamming them on the pavement.

                            "Best of luck, fellas! You're gonna need it come next week!"

                            When Hanson takes over the screen from The Briscoes, the fans boo louder than they have all night...not a single person is happy to see The Young Bucks as they step onto the stage and flex..

                            -Joey Styles "Our second Round Robin match is about to begin, and I for one can't wait!"
                            -Coach "You going to say that about everything tonight, Joe? How about showing some respect to the best tag team in NEW."
                            -Styles "You can't mean.."
                            -Coach "Of course I do! The Briscoes should be out here, not getting drunk in the parking lot!"
                            -Styles "Those fans seemed to enjoy it."
                            -Coach "Those fans are alcoholics."

                            Matt and Nick Jackson stand on the bottom rope on opposite sides of the ring, grinning wide at the fans in the front row...several fans are already chanting insults and curse words at them, which only get louder as the music fades out..

                            ..which gives way to loud cheers! The audience erupts and gives the biggest pop of the night so far as The Originators theme hits for a second time! Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin step onto the stage and point at The Young Bucks before rushing to the ring and sliding into place! Matt and Nick Jackson attack them immediately, and all four men begin to brawl as the fans go wild and the bell rings!

                            Shelley & Sabin vs. The Young Bucks

                            Alex Shelley and Nick Jackson exchange punches as Chris Sabin forces Matt Jackson back into a corner. Sabin begins kicking Matt in the stomach, forcing him to the ground. Sabin presses his knee against Matt's neck and the referee counts him off, trying to restore order. Chris Sabin rips off his black hoodie and throws it out of the ring as he storms over to his partner.

                            Sabin slaps Shelley on the shoulder and the two send Nick Jackson into the ropes. Nick rebounds and Shelley and Sabin hit a Double Hip Toss, then slap hands before dropping Double Elbows on Nick's chest. Shelley and Sabin then play to the crowd for a moment before Chris Sabin goes back to work on Nick, and Alex Shelley and Matt Jackson take their spots on the apron.

                            With order finally restored, Chris Sabin goes to work. Nick gets sent into the ropes again, but this time he hooks his arms as Sabin looks for a Sit-Out Dropkick and finds nothing, landing hard on his lower back. Sabin cries out in pain as Nick hits a Dropkick of his own to Sabin's chest, slamming him backward and going for a pin, earning himself a 2-count.

                            Sabin easily kicks out and Nick Jackson turns the tables, pounding his fist into Sabin's head multiple times. Nick then brings Sabin into his corner and tags in Matt, where both men kick Sabin several times in the corner, until the ref throws Nick out of the ring.

                            Matt takes his time working over Chris Sabin, isolating him in the ring and keeping him from tagging out. This goes on for several minutes with Matt and Nick doing everything in their power to generate as much heat as possible. Finally, Matt puts Sabin in a Reverse Chin Lock. He holds the lock for a moment before Alex Shelley starts pounding his fist on the turnbuckle, rallying the audience. Sabin springs to life and flips over onto his back, pinning Matt Jackson's shoulders underneath him and forcing him to kick out and break the lock. Matt is the first to his feet and he angrily charges at Sabin, who hits an Arm Drag followed by a Hip Toss, followed by a Dropkick that sends Matt Jackson flying through the ropes.

                            Sabin wisely tags out and Alex Shelley hops over the top rope, charging across the ring before Matt Jackson can recover. As Matt gets to his feet, he's met by Alex Shelley, who connects with a Suicide Dive! Both men crash into the announce table at ringside.

                            Shelley then drags Matt to his feet and tosses him in the ring. Shelley stands beside Nick Jackson on the apron, and with the referee checking Matt in the ring, Nick sneaks in a cheap shot by sweeping Shelley's leg and causing him to fall chin-first on the edge of the ring. Shelley collapses on the arena floor, but almost immediately Chris Sabin is there for revenge! Sabin pulls Nick off the apron and begins beating him down outside the ring. He and Shelley set Nick up for a Double Suplex, lifting him up, then dropping him back down stomach-first on the crowd barrier!

                            Alex Shelley immediately crawls back in the ring where Matt Jackson is standing talking to the ref. When Matt sees Shelley, he shoves the ref aside and swings at Alex Shelley, but Shelley ducks and drills Matt with a Superkick! Matt goes down like a sack of bricks and Shelley easily locks in the Border City Stretch! With Nick isolated in the crowd and Sabin standing guard, Matt has no choice but to tap!


                            The crowd goes insane as Alex Shelley delays breaking the submission for a few seconds, just for good measure..Chris Sabin immediately joins him in the ring and the two celebrate in the ring, basking in the roar of the crowd..

                            Commercial break...


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                              Re: RT's New Era Wrestling

                              When we return from the break, the fans begin to cheer and whistle as we see a shot of the beautiful Maria Kanellis backstage, mic in hand, a huge black and white NEW backdrop behind her..

                              -Maria Kanellis "Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Eric Young!"

                              The TNEW marks in attendance give a loud cheer for Eric Young as he steps onto stage, rubbing his shaved head, clearly frustrated..he's wearing his same custom leather jacket from TNEW with the large red maple leaf on the back and a banner wrapped around it that reads "Canadian Made"..

                              -Maria Kanellis "Eric, how do you-"

                              -Eric Young "I shouldn't even be here, Maria. I should be OUT THERE!"

                              -Maria Kanellis "Eric, what do you mean?"

                              -Eric Young "Oh don't play dumb with me, Maria. You're better than that. And I'm better than THIS! The Main Event, for the NEW Television Championship. Who, above anyone else, deserves to be in that match? Huh!?"

                              -Maria Kanellis "Um, I'm guessing I'm supposed to say 'you do.'"

                              -Eric Young "You're DAMN RIGHT I do! This whole New Era Wrestling thing occupied and dominated TNA and televisions across the world, and who was the man that they saw holding the Television Championship week in and week out? Who was their beloved Champion then? Who was the star they all deserved?"

                              "It was ME. It was Eric Young, the purest wrestler in the business today, 100% Canadian Made, the beautiful great white north, that breeds only THE BEST superstars. Superstars like me, who deserve to be Television Champion."

                              Just then, Rob Van Dam wanders up behind Young and Maria..the fans can be heard screaming and cheering from the arena..when Maria turns and notices RVD, he puts a finger to his mouth and shushes her..

                              -Eric Young "You know, I'm really disappointed in this company and the powers that be."

                              RVD begins mocking Young, pretending to cry..Maria begins to snicker..

                              -Eric Young "I came here expecting to continue my reign as one of the best in the business, be the man that everyone loved in TNEW. Now I'm not even included in the premiere show."

                              RVD continues to mock Young, causing Maria to lose control and laugh..

                              -Eric Young "WHAT'S SO GOD DAMN FUN-"

                              Young spins and notices RVD behind him, and the two find each other face to face...Eric Young and Rob Van Dam stick out their chests and chins..

                              -Rob Van Dam "Oh no, please continue."

                              -Eric Young "You've got 3 seconds to get out of my face, or-"

                              -Rob Van Dam "Or what? You'll complain me to death? You'll cry a river so deep that the Whole FUCKING Show drowns in your syrupy Canadian tears? What, Eric? What will you do?"

                              Eric Young breathes heavily, his nostrils flaring, but he does nothing...Young takes a step back, gives Maria a disgusted look, then wanders away...Rob Van Dam watches him leave, nodding his head, then grabs Maria's hand and pulls the mic in close..

                              -Rob Van Dam "Eric Young doesn't get it, Maria. Eric Young wants to talk about how things were? Yeah, back then, Eric Young got the best of RVD, and he was a great Television Champion. But I am the greatest Television Champion, and when people go to sleep tonight in their warm, comfy beds, The Whole Fucking Television Champion will be Five-Star Frog Splashing whiney bitches like Eric Young in their dreams! Who's going to be Television Champion after tonight?"

                              -Maria Kanellis "Rob Van Dam?"

                              -Rob Van Dam "WRONG! It's going to be.."

                              RVD takes a step back, raising his arms, the crowd shouting along with him!


                              RVD walks off as Maria smiles wide..

                              -Maria Kanellis "The Main Event is coming at you, NEXT!"

                              Commerical break...


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                                Re: RT's New Era Wrestling
                                -Valerie Wynd "The following contest is a Fatal Fourway Elimination Match for the New Era Wrestling Television Championship!"

                                -Valerie Wynd "Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 237 lbs., from Battle Creek, Michigan..."


                                -Joey Styles "Is it weird that I'm getting chills seeing Rob Van Dam walking to the ring to take part in a Television Championship match?"
                                -Coach "Not as weird as your erection."

                                RVD hops in the ring, arms raised, chatting it up with Valerie Wynd before beginning to stretch...

                                -Valerie Wynd "Also making his way to the ring, weighing in at 178 lbs., from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland...Prince Devitt!"

                                Prince Devitt raises his arm and points to the heavens as he marches to the ring, getting a rather warm reception from the North Carolina audience..

                                -Joey Styles "I've been waiting all night to see this young Irishman in action. From what I've seen, it's no wonder that Adam Copeland wanted this guy in NEW more than anyone."
                                -Coach "He's certainly a talented guy, but I'm skeptical. I'm not sure how the American audience is going to take to his brand of wrestling."
                                -Joey Styles "Trust me, Coach. You put RVD and Devitt in the ring together, you're going to have a happy audience every time."
                                -Coach "How would you know? They've never faced one another!"

                                Prince Devitt climbs over the nearest turnbuckle to hop into the ring, then struts to the centre and raises his arm...RVD starts the friendly trash talk, but offers his hand at the same time..the two shake and continue warming up..

                                -Valerie Wynd "And their next opponent, weighing in at 200 lbs., from Tampa Bay, Florida...Roderick Strong!"

                                Roderick Strong takes his time, not appearing on the stage for a moment...he waits for his cue, then steps onto the stage and makes a throat cutting motion and glares at RVD and Devitt the whole way to the ring, not acknowledging the crowd in the least...

                                -Joey Styles "And what can we expect from Roderick Strong, Coach?"
                                -Coach "Intensity, brutality, and if you ask me, a win."
                                -Joey Styles "He's your pick to take the title?"
                                -Coach "He should be everyone's pick. Roderick Strong is the total package; the real deal. He's all business and is the definition of domination. Hey, that's not a bad catchphrase."
                                -Joey Styles "The Definition Of Domination, Roderick Strong...that's actually pretty good."

                                Strong climbs into the ring and sticks out his chin, looking as intimidating as possible...RVD offers a handshake to him as well, but Strong simply looks at his hand and swats it away...RVD and Strong get nose-to-nose, but the referee seperates them...

                                -Valerie Wynd "And the final participant, weighing in at 212 lbs., from Toronto, Canada...Christian!"

                                As The Black Keys shake the speakers in the arena, Christian steps onto the stage and stands with his arms spread wide as a golden fountain of sparks shoots in the air behind him...the peeps in the audience give a huge pop as Captain Charisma slowly makes his way to the ring..

                                -Joey Styles "The Pontiff Of The Peepulation has arrived!"
                                -Coach "Ugh."
                                -Joey Styles "What? A cocky, charismatic winner like Christian isn't someone The Coach likes? I'm shocked."

                                Christian stands at ringside and watches the other three men in the ring...he smirks and takes his time, pacing around the ring and slapping hands with a few fans...the referee tries to get Christian to enter the ring, but he waves off the ref and continues to chat with the fans...

                                ...then suddenly, Prince Devitt flies over the top rope! He takes down Christian with a Springboard Crossbody! The crowd goes wild as both men crash to the floor! Inside the ring, Roderick Strong seizes the opportunity to give RVD a cheap shot, and the referee has no choice but to ring the bell!

                                Rob Van Dam vs. Prince Devitt vs. Roderick Strong vs. Christian
                                NEW Television Championship

                                Christian lies face down outside the ring while Prince Devitt shakes his head and recovers quickly. Inside the ring, Roderick Strong slams his fist into RVD's back several times before sending him into the ropes. When RVD returns, Strong leaps over RVD's head and keeps him running. Strong goes for a Hip Toss on the return, but RVD counters and stands his ground, before connecting with a high kick to the face. Strong staggers backwards and leans into the ropes, springing forward for a Lariat, but RVD is ready and catches his arm, dragging him to the ground and rolling him into a Crucifix Pin! Strong easily kicks out and get to their feet, where they square off and RVD gives Strong the finger, throwing the fans into an "RVD!" chant.

                                Strong throws a kick at RVD in frustration, but RVD catches his leg and hits a Step Over Heel Kick. RVD rolls to his feet, but doesn't see Prince Devitt crouching on the top rope behind him. Devitt leaps into the ring and hits a Diving Bulldog, slamming RVD face first into the canvas before rolling to his feet and Clotheslining Roderick Strong out of the ring.

                                RVD tries to shake off the attack, but Devitt pulls him to his feet before he can and drills The Whole Fucking Show with a European Uppercut. RVD falls into a corner and Devitt isolates him there, hitting kick after kick to RVD's head and midsection. Devitt then pulls RVD forward and hoists him up in a Suplex position, stalling for a moment and earning applause from the crowd before dropping RVD with a Brainbuster. Devitt goes for the cover and RVD kicks out at 2.

                                Devitt pulls RVD to his feet again, but this time, Rob Van Dam snaps his arms free and kicks Devitt in the gut. RVD turns and runs off the ropes, hopping over Devitt for a Roll Up. Devitt slams his legs on RVD's head and and sits up, hooking RVD's leg for a pin. Van Dam lifts Devitt off him and rolls onto his stomach as Devitt gets up and charges into the ropes. RVD does the splits as Devitt hops over him and rebounds off the far ropes. RVD rolls backwards and puts his legs over his head for a modified Monkey Flip, but Devitt stops and grabs his ankles, pulling RVD over into a Wheelbarrow position. Devitt quickly steps over RVD's legs and grabs his arms, then falls backwards and locks Van Dam in a Surfboard Stretch out of nowhere! The fans go wild as RVD screams in pain, shaking his head as the ref talks to him. The chants have changed to "PRINCE DEVITT!", until Roderick Strong returns to the ring and kicks Devitt in the head, knocking him loose.

                                The fans boo as Strong picks up Devitt and hits a Short Arm Lariat, causing Devitt to do a full flip before landing on his back. Strong immediately goes to the top rope and hits a Moonsault on Devitt, holding for a 2-count.

                                Strong lifts Devitt to his feet and tosses him over the top rope, where he lands beside a resting Christian. Back in the ring, Strong pulls a wary RVD to his feet and sends him into the ropes, connecting with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and covering for 2. Strong then lifts RVD up and makes a throat cutting motion again before putting him in a Fireman's Carry position. Strong atttempts the Death By Roderick, but RVD slides off his back just in time, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a Running Spinning Wheel Kick. RVD slowly gets to his feet and sees Strong in position, so he turns and bounces off the adjacent ropes, going for a Rolling Thunder...

                                ...but Strong gets his knees up! RVD bends awkwardly and clutches his back as Strong gets to his feet. He pulls RVD up and hoists him onto his shoulders again, this time connecting with the Death By Roderick and earning the 3-count on the Whole Fucking Show.


                                The crowd is silenced, save for some scattered boos, as Roderick Strong poses in the ring. He then drags RVD to his feet and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor.

                                Strong leans over the ropes and mouths off at RVD, completely unaware that Christian and Prince Devitt have climbed back into the ring. The crowd roars as Devitt and Christian drop Strong with a Double Clothesline! Christian then goes up top as Devitt leaps onto the second rope, hitting an Asai Moonsault. Christian leaps from the top and connects with a Diving Elbow Drop, before covering and earning a near fall.

                                Christian pulls Roderick Strong to his feet, but as he does, Devitt sneaks up behind him and pulls Christian backward, hitting a Lung Blower and earning a mixed reaction from the crowd. Christian rolls out of the ring as Devitt lunges at Strong, who is groggy and misses a lazy Clothesline attmept. Devitt ducks and sprints up behind Strong, who turns right into a Calf Kick! Devitt's speed and agility keep the crowd on his side as he quickly scrambles over Strong and puts him in an STF.

                                Strong screams in pain as he reaches for the ropes. Strong might as well be miles away and he raises his hand as if he might tap, but before he does Christian crawls back into the ring and stomps on Devitt's head, clearly angry about turning on him moments ago. Christian pulls Devitt to his feet and hits a quick Snap Suplex. Christian watches as Devitt rolls out of the ring, but as he does, Strong hooks an arm between his legs and rolls Christian up, getting a long 2-count. Christian gets up first, visibly angry now, and rushes at Strong, who ducks, hits the ropes, then drops Christian with the Sick Kick!

                                Strong then grabs Christian's legs, trying to lock him into an Elevated Boston Crab, but Christian won't roll over. He fights out of it and flips Roderick Strong onto his back, slowly pulling himself up while holding his jaw. As Strong rises, Christian tries to charge at him, but Prince Devitt appears on the apron and grabs his head, snapping him backward over the top rope. Devitt then slides into the ring and hits another Calf Kick to Roderick Strong! The crowd cheers as Devitt quickly picks up Strong and nails the Bloody Sunday! Devitt covers and gets the three!


                                The fans are on their feet now as Devitt drags Christian into the centre of the ring, Strong rolling out onto the floor. Devitt steps over Christian and tries to control one of his legs, but Christian uses his free leg to kick Devitt forward and into the corner. Christian gets to his feet and is taken completely by surprise as Devitt uses his momentum to run up the turnbuckle and hit a Moonsault! Devitt lands on top of Christian and covers for a 2-count.

                                Devitt then pulls Christian to his feet and hoists him onto his shoulders, looking for the Prince's Throne. But before he can execute, Christian slides off Devitt's back and sets up for the Unprettier! The fans cheer but before Christian can drop, Devitt stands him up, keeping Christian's arms trapped, and dropping him on his head!

                                Devitt is tired, but slinks to his feet, pulling Christian with him. Christian is completely out of it as Devitt connects with another Bloody Sunday and covers!





                                Prince Devitt is pulled to his feet by the ref, his arm raised in victory! The fans cheer loudly and give Devitt the ovation he deserves as Valerie Wynd climbs the ring steps, the NEW Television Championship in her hands...Valerie gets behind Prince Devitt, still standing with his arms raised, and wraps the shining title around his waist...

                                Valerie Wynd steps back to applaud as Prince Devitt basks in the ovation, when suddenly someone appears in the ring behind him! It's...