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New Era Wrestling

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  • Re: New Era Wrestling

    After the break, "Short Fuse Burning" by Less Than Jake is playing and Matt Sydal is standing in the ring, microphone in hand! The crowd starts to settle, with some chants of Sydal's name echoing out as his music fades..

    -Matt Sydal "I don't think I need to tell you all why I'm out here."

    The cheering continues as Matt Sydal paces gingerly in the ring, his ribs heavily wrapped with tensor bandages..

    -Matt Sydal "Last week, I proved that a man losing two matches in a row can make a bigger difference, and a bigger impact, than a man who dares call himself a Champion."

    The fans roar again, as Sydal turns to the entry way...

    -Matt Sydal "So AJ Styles, I don't care what it takes for you to get inside this ring, but I'm not leaving until I get the rematch that I deserve!"

    The fans cheer in support of Sydal, then buzz with anticipation as they await the arrival of AJ Styles..

    But the fans don't get their wish...instead, they boo as loud as they can as the music of Eric Young fills the air...

    Eric Young emerges from the entry way wearing dark grey trunks and boots...he cracks his knuckles in his fingerless black gloves as he glares at Matt Sydal...beside Young, AJ Styles emerges with a microphone in one hand, and a crutch in his other, supporting his weight...the NEW Television Championship belt glistens from around his waist as he addresses Matt Sydal and the booing audience...

    -AJ Styles "Excuse me, Matthew? 'The rematch you deserve? I'm sorry, I didn't know you DESERVED anything!"

    More boos, as Eric Young nods in agreement..

    -AJ Styles "You want to talk about what you deserve after losing not one, but TWO matches last week? While you were doing that, my man Eric Young here was taking down giants like Drew Galloway, and looking for more!"

    More heat, some chants of "AAAAASSHOOOOLLLEEE!!" gaining strength..

    -AJ Styles "I'm not going to walk down there and hand you this title, which is exactly what would happen if I fought your greedy ass in the shape I'm in. But don't worry, because the very healthy, very capable, very ANGRY Eric Young is going to oblige you with a match, RIGHT NOW!"

    Matt Sydal waves his arms and calls on Eric Young, who makes his way down the ramp as the bell rings!

    Matt Sydal vs. Eric Young

    Eric Young picks up some steam and hops on the apron, faking out Matt Sydal after making it look like he was going to dive in the ring. Sydal steps at Young and reaches for him, but Young ducks and slams his shoulder into Sydal's injured ribs.

    Matt Sydal goes down in a heap, and the simple shoulder attack has already rendered him useless. Eric Young laughs to himself before slinging himself over the top rope and hitting a Slingshot Elbow Drop to Matt Sydal's lower back. Sydal cries out as Eric Young grabs his arm, rolls over his back and flips him into an Armbar!

    Matt Sydal kicks his legs and screams in pain as Eric Young targets his heavily wrapped shoulder. Sydal claws at the nearby ropes and refuses to tap, but Eric Young shows no signs of releasing the hold any time soon.

    In trouble early, Matt Sydal fights through the pain and tries to shimmy his weight towards the ropes. But when he does, Eric Young slams the heel of his boot into Sydal's neck and face, keeping him still.

    As this is happening, AJ Styles limps down to the ring with his crutch and begins to circle the ring. He leans under the ropes where Sydal is reaching, and shouts at him to give up. Matt Sydal refuses, and begins swatting at AJ Styles' head, but Eric Young slams his boot into his face again and keeps him still.

    AJ Styles backs away from the ring, laughing to himself, as the referee shouts at him to keep his distance. The ref turns back to Sydal, who still refuses to give in. He claws at the ropes one last time, but this time, when Eric Young raises his boot to slam into his face, Matt Sydal rolls towards Young and hooks his leg, pressing his shoulders into the mat for a near fall!

    Eric Young has a hard time recovering from the awkward pin, but he scrambles to his feet much faster than Sydal can. When Matt Sydal stands, Eric Young lunges at him with a Lariat and causes Matt Sydal to flip onto his stomach. Young paces in the ring, absolutely furious, and decides he's going to go for the win.

    Young steps onto the second rope and stands facing Matt Sydal, who begins to push himself onto his hands and knees. Eric Young leaps and hits a Diving Elbow Drop to the back of Sydal's head. This drives Matt Sydal back onto his stomach and knocks him silly. Eric Young rolls to his feet and smiles at the crowd, taking his time to walk around Sydal before hooking his feet and going for the Youngblood Neckbreaker...

    ...Matt Sydal counters! He rolls forward and gets Eric Young into another surprise pin...

    ...but Eric Young kicks out! Matt Sydal tries to roll to his feet, but he can't even stand up straight and Eric Young easily kicks him in the stomach and sets him up..

    ...SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Eric Young makes the cover...

    ...MATT SYDAL KICKS OUT!! The fans go crazy as Eric Young is wide-eyed and furious! Outside the ring, AJ Styles shouts at Young to stop screwing around, and slams his arm on the ring.

    Eric Young rolls to his feet and doesn't waste any time this time around, as he lifts Matt Sydal by his legs and connects with the Youngblood Neckbreaker for the victory.


    The bell sounds and Eric Young gets right to his feet, glaring down at Matt Sydal with furious eyes...the referee tries to raise Young's arm, but he pulls it away and celebrates on his own, the crowd booing him the whole way..

    Young circles around the ring and hears AJ Styles shouting at him...Young looks at Styles, who points and shouts "Finish the job"...Eric Young smiles at AJ Styles, then once again applies an Armbar to Matt Sydal, who screams out in immense pain...

    ...but there's movement on the entry way! Charging down the ramp are none other than El Generico & Prince Devitt!

    The crowd goes crazy as Generico and Devitt hit the ring, chasing off Eric Young! At the last possible second, he breaks the hold and scurries out of the ring, joining AJ Styles as the two back up the ramp, shouting insults at the men in the ring, who both call them on...



    • Re: New Era Wrestling

      After the break, the crowd erupts when the music of Bro Canada hits! TJ Hart & Zack Ryder immediately appear on stage, both wearing matching blue trunks and boots, Ryder's accented with white stars and Hart's accented with white maple leaves..

      -Joey Styles "Another big opportunity here for Bro Canada, who were given a shot at the Tag Team Championship on good faith by The Originators not too long ago."
      -Coach "They came dangerously close to ending Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin's winning streak that night, too. There's no telling what they'll manage to pull off here against the Rotundas."

      Hart slaps hands with a few fans as Zack Ryder sprints around the ring with his iPhone in hand...he pauses in one corner of the ringside area and gets a snapshot with a group of screaming fans that are all wearing Bro Canada headbands and wearing new Bro Canada t-shirts, which have an American flag on the front with white maple leaves in place of the usual white stars..

      And not surprisingly, the mood suddenly changes when The US Express 2.0 appear on stage...the crowd turns on Windham & Taylor Rotunda as they stand on stage with the Tag titles held high..

      -Joey Styles "This is interesting, but not surprising Coach. Some of these fans want to see Bro Canada with the Tag Team Championship belts around their waists, while others are just plain pissed off at the Rotundas for their actions last week."

      A replay is shown of the final moments of NEW Tuesday Night last week, when a melee broke out after The US Express 2.0 successfully defended the Tag Team Championship against The Briscoes...when Jay Briscoe accidentally drilled Taylor Rotunda with a punch, Windham stormed the ring and all hell broke loose...

      Back in the ring, Windham & Taylor hand over their belts to the referee and begin warming up...they seem to want to get the events of last week behind them and get right down to business, Taylor exiting the ring while Windham squares off with Zack Ryder...

      Bro Canada vs. The US Express 2.0
      NEW Tag Team Championship

      Zack Ryder stands in the centre of the ring and offers his hand for Windham to shake. Ryder can be seen talking to Windham, telling him "Let's move on," and "Let's have a good one, bro." Windham looks at Ryder up and down, and doesn't break his stance. Instead, he slaps Zack Ryder's hand away and hits him with a flurry of punches!

      The fans boo as Windham Rotunda beats Zack Ryder back against the ropes, Ryder doing everything he can to defend himself. He drops to one knee and Windham keeps slamming his fists into Ryder's back, forcing him to the ground. Windham changes up and starts stomping on him, and Ryder had no choice but to roll out of the ring.

      Ryder spills onto the ringside floor, and the camera zooms in on TJ Hart. He's glaring at Windham, and looks completely pissed. Windham then exits the ring and grabs Ryder, slamming his head off the edge of the ring before rolling him back inside. Windham tries for a dirty pin with his forearm pressed into Ryder's neck, but only gets 2.

      Windham immediately snatches Ryder into a Sleeper Hold, but Ryder manages to fight to his feet rather easily. He gets his body sideways and starts throwing elbows, but Windham won't let go. Instead, he just tosses Ryder across the ring and onto his backside. Ryder grabs at his tailbone and cries out, then Windham storms over to him and snatches up his arms, locking him in a Surfboard Stretch.

      Windham drives his knee into Ryder's back, and he cries out and shakes his head to let the ref know his intention. Ryder finds himself trapped for some time, and can't find the strength to overpower Windham Rotunda. Ryder is worn down to almost nothing, locked in the stretch for several minutes, but refusing to give up.

      Finally, the crowd clapping along, Zack Ryder manages to pull his legs underneath himself and lift his weight upwards. He stands up enough that Windham is forced to stand too. Windham drives the top of his head into Ryder's back to try and put him back on the ground, but the release of pressure on his arms allows him to break free! Ryder slams his elbow into Windham's head and hits the ropes, but he's immediately met with a ring-shaking Sidewalk Slam!

      Windham Rotunda falls onto his back and takes a deep breath, then sits up. He rolls to his feet and glares at Zack Ryder as he tags in his brother. Taylor Rotunda charges into the ring and goes to work on Ryder, landing a few well-placed stomps before dragging him to his feet and hitting a beautiful Stalling Suplex.

      Taylor plays to the crowd, but is met with boos. He looks at Windham with a look of confusion, but Windham simply shakes his head and tells his brother to focus.

      Taylor goes back to work, grabbing Zack Ryder by the ears and pulling him to his feet. He grabs Ryder in a blatant choke and hoists him into the air, but Ryder kicks his feet and lands a stiff shot to Taylor's ribs. Taylor drops Ryder, who lands on his feet, and dives for TJ Hart's outstretched hand!

      TJ Hart storms the ring and ducks under a Clothesline attempt from Taylor. Hart hits the far ropes and takes down Taylor Rotunda with a stiff Forearm Smash. Taylor gets right back to his feet, but is then met with an Arm Drag! Taylor rolls to his feet and falls against a corner, where TJ Hart charges at him and hits a huge Monkey Flip! Hart then lines up Taylor Rotunda as he once again pulls himself to his feet, and hits him with a powerful Running DDT! Hart covers, and gets a 2-count.

      TJ Hart rolls to his feet and glares at Windham Rotunda, shouting something at him to try and draw him into the ring. Windham simply leans on the ropes and winks, not falling into Hart's trap. Hart then goes back to Taylor, pulling him to his knees. Taylor slams his fist into Hart's stomach, knocking the wind from him, and buying himself a minute to breathe.

      Taylor Rotunda then dives at TJ Hart with a heavy Lariat, taking the Canadian out. Taylor is on his hands and knees, shaking out the DDT he recieved, and manages to tag in Windham as TJ Hart rolls back to his feet. Windham charges into the ring, but Hart dummies him and falls down, pulling the ropes behind him and letting Windham Rotunda fall to the outside!

      TJ Hart pulls himself back to his feet, lines Windham up, and hits a Slingshot Body Press!

      ...but Windham CATCHES TJ HART!! Hart tries to wriggle free, but Windham has him trapped! He runs at the nearest ring post and slams Hart's back into it, then follows up with a Fallaway Slam!

      Hart's back smacks hard on the thin ringside mats, and Windham sits at ringside smiling to himself. He grabs TJ Hart and rolls him into the ring, following close behind and making the cover.

      ...RYDER BREAKS IT UP!! Zack Ryder dives into the ring and returns the favour to Windham, driving his fist into his head over and over! This brings Taylor Rotunda back in the ring, who dives at Ryder and tackles him, pounding his fist into his head over and over!

      As Ryder and Taylor brawl in the ring, the referee tries to restore order. But it's no use. Ryder and Taylor refuse to hear the referee's shouts, and when Windham and TJ Hart get back to their feet and begin exchanging punches, the referee has no choice but to call for the bell.


      The referee is booed right out of the ring when he calls for the bell, and he avoids the four men pummeling one another in the ring long enough to get to the outside...he then runs toward the entry way and signals for help, but instead, The Briscoes come charging down the ramp!

      -Joey Styles "Oh great, here we go!"
      -Coach "What was the word you used last week? PANDEMONIUM!! OH MY GOD!!"

      Jay & Mark Briscoe slide into the ring and immediately attack Windham & Taylor Rotunda! They punch the Rotundas back against the far ropes, then simultaneously whip them across the ring before connecting with syncronized Dropkicks!

      Windham & Taylor Rotunda both roll out of the ring and rush to the timekeeper's table to grab their tag they clutch them close to their chests, they each head towards the ramp as The Briscoes stand on adjacent turnbuckles and call them on, much to the delight of the crowd...

      Then suddenly, The Young Bucks appear in the ring! Matt & Nick Jackson once again appear unarmed, and the fans watch as they sneak up on The Briscoes and Bro Canada...

      ...and do nothing. When The Briscoes and Bro Canada finally turn around and see them in the ring, Matt & Nick simply begin asking forgiveness..they put their hands up in defense and back away, trying to talk to the other four men in the ring, but Jay Briscoe gets in Nick Jackson's face and shoves him across the ring! Matt shoves Jay back, and Mark immediately leaps in with a sucker punch!

      All hell breaks loose in the ring again as Bro Canada and The Briscoes lay into The Young Bucks, beating them senseless!

      -Joey Styles "Coach, I hate to say it, but it looked like The Young Bucks were just trying to talk."
      -Coach "I've been saying this since last Sunday, Joe! The Jacksons are getting treated incredibly unfairly!"

      Then, The US Express 2.0 slide back into the ring and attack! The fans boo, the fans cheer, some fans don't know what to do...all they know is that Windham and Taylor Rotunda are helping The Young Bucks!

      Windham tosses TJ Hart out of the ring and onto the floor, while Taylor does the same to Mark Briscoe...Zack Ryder and Jay Briscoe are trapped, and each fall victim to a Powerbomb, courtesy of the Tag Team Champions...

      With the ring cleared, The US Express 2.0 turn to The Young Bucks...they cower in fear, but the Rotundas don't attack...instead, Windham grabs a microphone and addresses the crowd...

      -Windham Rotunda "About 10 days ago, the biggest crime in New Era Wrestling was committed. No, I'm not talking about what happened to The Oringinators, I'm talking about the theft of these Tag Team titles."

      The crowd buzzes as Windham lifts his tag belt and looks at it longingly...outside the ring, The Briscoes and Bro Canada writhe in pain..

      -Windham Rotunda "My brother and I wanted nothing more than to be the NEW Tag Team Champions. Teaming together just worked for us, and we couldn't have been happier when we got our shot in NEW."

      "We are the sons of a hero, and the nephews of a legend. We-"

      Windham pauses and nods as the crowd politely acknowledges and applauds..

      -Windham Rotunda "We wanted nothing more than to prove that we could carry on the historical bloodline of our relatives. But now, we're nothing more than two common criminals."

      "The Young Bucks are evil, coniving, perverted little PUNKS...but last Sunday, they were robbed of these titles. And last Sunday, WE were robbed of our dignity by the four men lying at ringside right now."

      Windham and Taylor lean over the ropes to get a good look at The Briscoes and Bro Canada, who are just now starting to recover..

      -Windham Rotunda "These four men, if you can call them that. We-"

      Windham gets angry as the crowd boos loudly once again..

      -Windham Rotunda "We, the sons of a LEGEND, have to share the Tag Team division with...with these people? Two slack-jawed redneck ASSHOLES, who give America a bad name! And speaking of, YOU, Zack Ryder. How DARE you call yourself an American after teaming with a boring, untalented Canadian!?"

      Windham sneers at Zack Ryder as the crowd gets right on him...

      -Windham Rotunda "You're a poser, a jackass, and a clown. This is why you couldn't cut it in the big leagues, Zack. Nobody takes you seriously. Your own partner doesn't even take you seriously. You are NOTHING to us."

      The fans are almost as hurt as Zack Ryder is, who sits against the crowd barrier and pouts..

      Windham and Taylor then turn to The Young Bucks, who are on their feet now..

      -Windham Rotunda "We've got one thing left to prove, now that we've shown the morons at ringside what we're truly about. And that's to beat you two fair and square. So next week, be in this ring, and be ready for the fight of your lives."

      Windham Rotunda throws the microphone down, and he and his brother Taylor stand tall once again with the tag titles held high...

      Commercial break...


      • Re: New Era Wrestling

        After the brief commercial break, the fans are welcomed by a shot of the large "BATTLE ROYALE" banner hanging above the crowd, and the sound of booing...appearing on the stage in his usual heavy black jacket is Dean Ambrose, and of course, he looks angry..

        -Joey Styles "Dean Ambrose has a microphone. That's never good."
        -Coach "That's ALWAYS good, Joe! He's the most entertaining guy in the company right now. Why wouldn't you want to hear what he has to say?"

        Ambrose begins slowly walking to the ring, smiling as he pulls the mic to his lips..

        -Dean Ambrose "And your first entrant in the Battle Royale...ME!! Of course, right? Who else would it be? Why should ANYONE be surprised that the man with the least chance of taking home the Contender's Championship tonight is DEAN...AMBROSE.."

        Ambrose gets angry and throws down the microphone, ripping off his jacket and throwing it on the ground too..he snatches the mic back up and rolls into the ring, pacing and shouting at the crowd..

        -Dean Ambrose "Well HERE I AM, folks! Your number one entrant! But guess what, Mr. CEO? Are you listening? Do you have your Twitter thumbs ready? I AM GOING TO WIN. Throw the whole roster at me, will you? That's fine! It's happened before, and it'll happen again!"

        "Once again I'm inside the CEO's head, and nobody...NOBODY is going to stop me from-"

        Ambrose turns to the entry way as he's interrupted by the music of Christian! The fans give a decent pop, though some are reluctant to cheer for Captain Charisma, but he doesn't hear them...instead, Christian steps onto the stage with a microphone of his own, and addresses Dean Ambrose..

        -Christian "Will you please just SHUT UP, Dean?"

        Another small pop, and Christian begins heading to the ring as well, already dressed to fight..

        -Christian "I tried to bow out of The Peep Show gracefully because the people don't want to listen to us bore them to death. That didn't work, so I tried to help the only guy who had my back, and well, we saw how that turned out. But luckily for you, Dean, that cowardly little attack knocked some sense into me before I did something really, REALLY stupid, so guess what?"

        Christian rolls in the ring and gets right in Dean Ambrose's smirking face..

        -Christian "You might as well drop this whole 'General Manager' business, because it's NEVER...GOING TO HAPP-"

        POW!! Dean Ambrose clocks Christian right in the mouth with his microphone! Both mics slide out of the ring and the bell sounds, and the Contenders Championship Battle Royale is underway!!

        -Joey Styles "Here we go! A new competitor will enter the ring every 3 minutes, until a Contender's Champion is crowned!"

        Battle Royale for the NEW Contender's Championship

        Christian goes down hard and grabs his mouth, slowly rolling onto his side. He's in a complete daze, and Dean Ambrose easily mounts him and begins slamming his fist into his head.

        Ambrose pauses to grab Christian by his throat and start shouting in his face, but Christian siezes the opportunity to jam his finger into Ambrose's eye. Ambrose flops on the mat and grabs at his face, and Christian ignores a warning from the referee as he pulls himself to his feet.

        Christian shakes off the attack and grabs Ambrose by his hair, pulling him upward. But Ambrose counters, latching on to Christian's wrists and falling onto his knees with his head tucked under Christian's chin. The Jawbreaker puts Christian against the ropes, and Ambrose fights to his feet and charges with a wild Clothesline attempt..

        ..but Christian ducks! Ambrose sails over the top rope, but manages to land on the apron! Christian falls to his knees and breathes heavily, celebrating and thinking that Ambrose is out. But Dean Ambrose climbs back in the ring, hooks Christian's arms...

        ...HOOK & LADDER!!! Christian is down and out, and just as the clock winds down, Dean Ambrose grabs Christian by his head and tosses him over the top rope!


        A buzzer sounds as Christian flops onto the floor at ringside, and the fans await the next entrant.

        The crowd goes crazy as Clutch hits the speakers, and Roderick Strong sprints down the entry way! Dean Ambrose readies himself as Strong dives under the bottom rope, but he barely gets a single punch landed before Strong rapidly springs to his feet and lays into Ambrose, beating him senseless with a flurry of right hands!

        Roderick Strong backs into the ropes and tries for an early Sick Kick, but Dean Ambrose sees it coming a mile away and easily ducks. Ambrose spins behind Strong and kicks him in the gut, looking for a DDT, but Strong spins out of the headlock and twists Ambrose's arm. He drags Ambrose to the mat, and locks him in a Crossface!

        The fans go crazy as Roderick Strong keeps the painful submission locked in for a moment, and making Dean Ambrose tap! The submission doesn't count as an elimination, and after making Ambrose scream for a few moments, Strong releases the hold and tries to send Ambrose into the ropes. When he does, Christian reaches up from the arena floor and grabs Ambrose's boot, distracting him! Ambrose spins around and shouts at Christian, who backs off as the referee shouts at him. Ambrose turns back around to face Strong...

        ...SICK KICK!!! Dean Ambrose is caught right in the jaw with a Sick Kick, and is launched over the top rope!


        The fans roar as Dean Ambrose crashes to the outside, and is out cold! Looming over him is a very angry Christian, who looks up at Roderick Strong. The two share a glance, and no words are said between the two enemies. But the crowd understands perfectly as Christian looks back down at Ambrose and grabs him by the hair, dragging him to his feet and throwing him into the crowd!

        Christian beats Dean Ambrose through the audience as Strong enjoys the last few seconds of his rest. The buzzer sounds, and the next entrant arrives.

        Roderick Strong looks on in anguish as the NEW Tag Team Champions both step onto the stage. The crowd boos as Windham & Taylor Rotunda both march to the ring, Taylor picking up speed and diving under the ropes. He and Strong begin to exchange punches, and as Taylor gets the upperhand with a knee to the gut, Windham steps onto the apron...only to be stopped by the referee!

        Windham looks confused as the referee informs him that only one entrance may enter every 3 minutes. The referee puts three fingers in his face and points at the arena floor, telling Windham to wait. Windham argues, but doesn't want to be disqualified from the match, so he reluctantly obliges.

        Back in the ring, Taylor Rotunda has Roderick Strong on the mat after slamming his fist into his back. Taylor drops an elbow onto Strong's back, then scrambles over him, pulling his leg up and locking him in an STF. Taylor's hands are clenched over Strong's face, and we can only see his gritted teeth as he claws at Taylor's hands, trying to release the hold.

        Taylor Rotunda keeps the submission locked in for some time, looking at his brother at ringside. Windham tells Taylor to keep it locked in, looking at the clock and counting down the minutes.

        As we fall under one minute remaining, Roderick Strong somehow manages to slip his head free of Taylor's grasp. Taylor tries slamming his elbow into strong's head to keep him still, but Strong rolls onto his back and wraps one leg around Taylor's head, pulling him onto his shoulders. Strong then gets one of Taylor's arms trapped, and locks him in a Triangle Choke!!

        The crowd goes crazy as Taylor Rotunda has nowhere to go! The immense pain in his arm forces the younger Rotunda to tap, but it does nothing!


        The buzzer sounds to end the three minute countdown, and Windham Rotunda storms the ring, stomping Roderick Strong on the head! Strong breaks the hold and Taylor Rotunda rolls out of harm's way as Windham pulls Roderick Strong to his feet and hits a double-handed Chokeslam!

        Windham Rotunda continues his attack, stomping on Roderick Strong as he tries to roll to safety. Windham puts both his hands on the ropes and rubs his boot in Strong's face as he ends up sitting in the corner, and is counted down by the referee, who has moved to ringside to make more room inside the squared circle.

        Windham releases the illegal hold and drags Roderick Strong to his feet. He wraps his arms around Strong's neck, trapping one arm, and looks out at the crowd before hoisting Strong in the air, turning, and landing with a brutal modified Powerslam.

        With one minute remaining, Windham Rotunda is joined by his brother, and the two stand over Roderick Strong, lifting him to his feet once again. Taylor nods at his brother, who sets up Strong for a Powerbomb. He lifts Strong in the air as Taylor hits the ropes and jumps with a Double Knee Backbreaker...

        ...ROTUNDA RUSH!!! Roderick Strong is pulverized with the devastating tag team finisher of The US Express 2.0! The NEW Tag Team Champions stand tall, enjoying themselves, as the fans boo and the clock finally winds down.

        And the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd throws the crowd into a frenzy of cheers! The Briscoes storm the ring, and barge right past the referee at ringside as he tries to stop one of them from entering the ring! Both Jay & Mark Briscoe hit the ring, and the fans are lit up!

        They exchange shots with the Tag Team Champions as the referee tries his best to intervene. The Briscoes are having none of it, and after the referee makes a loud 5-count, he calls for the bell.


        Jay & Mark couldn't care less as they get the upperhand on the Rotundas. Both Taylor and Windham are sent into the ropes, but both manage to avoid the expected syncronized Dropkicks from The Briscoes by hooking their arms on the far ropes. Jay and Mark fall onto the mat, then scramble to their feet just in time for Jay to recieve a Lariat from Windham, and Mark to feel the Taylor Made!!

        Mark is Speared almost in half and slams his head hard on the canvas. Taylor Rotunda kneels beside him and has a sick grin on his face. He watches as Mark Briscoe rolls out of the ring and leaves his brother in trouble.

        Windham Rotunda picks Jay Briscoe up by his ear and gets right in his face, shouting something inaudible at him. Windham then whips Jay into the far corner, leaving him open for Taylor to charge with the Taylor Made..

        ...but Mark leaps onto the top rope! Taylor Rotunda slams into the ringpost with his shoulder and goes limp! Windham looks up just as Jay Briscoe hits a Diving Back Elbow, taking him out!

        The referee continues to shout at Jay Briscoe to exit the ring, but Jay refuses to listen. He pulls himself to his feet as Windham Rotunda does the same, and Dropkicks him in the chest. Windham falls against his fallen brother in the corner, and Jay Briscoe runs at The US Express 2.0. The crowd roars as he goes for a Body Avalanche..

        ..but Windham catches him! Windham Rotunda tosses Jay Briscoe over the top rope, and he lands right on his brother Mark!


        And right as Windham Rotunda rids the ring of The Briscoes, Bro Canada rushes to the ring! The fans are going crazy as Zack Ryder dives into the ring, leaving TJ Hart at ringside to cheer him on!

        Ryder lands a leaping forearm blow to Windham's head, then begins slamming his fist into the larger Rotunda's skull! Ryder pummels Windham into the ground, then pulls him to his feet, whipping him across the ring. Ryder meets Windham half way...

        ...ROUGH RYDER!!! The arena erupts as Zack Ryder bounces to his feet and pumps his fist-TAYLOR MADE!!! TAYLOR MADE ON ZACK RYDER!!!

        The crowd is silenced as Taylor Rotunda destroys Zack Ryder with a Taylor Made, then stands over him with that sick grin once again, until Roderick Strong sneaks up behind him..

        ...DOUBLE-KNEE BACKBREAKER!!! Strong grabs Taylor by his long black hair and pulls him downward with a sick Lungblower, taking him right out! Strong then drags Taylor Rotunda to his feet, and does the unthinkable, showing a tremendous amount of strength and LIFTING Taylor onto his shoulders..

        ...DEATH BY RODERICK!! The fans go crazy as Roderick Strong drags himself to his feet and tosses Taylor Rotunda over the top rope!


        With 90 seconds remaining before TJ Hart can enter the ring, Roderick Strong goes on the warpath. Windham Rotunda is just pulling himself to his feet with the ropes, and Roderick Strong charges at him, trying to take him over the top with a Lariat. Windham bends over the top rope, but keeps his weight centred and manages to stay in the ring. Strong then opts for punching him in the head instead, and whips him across the ring. Roderick Strong looks for a Sick Kick, but Windham avoids it, hits the far ropes, and crashes into Strong with a Diving Shoulder Tackle!

        The three men left in the ring are down and out, as the buzzer sounds and TJ Hart enters the ring. Hart heads right for Windham Rotunda, who is trying to get to his feet, but totally exhausted. Hart connects with a Running Knee Strike to the side of Windham's head, knocking him down. Hart then immediately goes for the Dungeon Lock, but Windham Rotunda's powerful legs are too much to control, and Hart is flipped onto his back.

        Both men get up at the same time, and Windham throws a desperate right hand that TJ Hart easily avoids. Before Windham can even turn around, Hart leaps in the air and latches onto Windham's head, dragging him downward for a picture-perfect Jumping Neckbreaker!

        TJ Hart then goes up top, but as he does, Zack Ryder finally gets to his feet and heads towards the ropes. He leans on them for support, grabbing at his ribs, until Taylor Rotunda reaches under the bottom rope and grabs Ryder's foot! Ryder tries to shake him free, but he's dragged to his stomach! Taylor tries to pull Zack Ryder from the ring, but TJ Hart dives to the outside, sacrificing himself for his partner!


        The fans roar as TJ Hart lands hard on Taylor Rotunda, taking him out! Zack Ryder crawls back to his feet and looks at his partner, leaving himself open for an attack from Windham Rotunda! Windham slams his arm into the back of Ryder's head, sending him over the top!


        The fans boo as Windham Rotunda leans over the ropes and shouts at Ryder, not noticing Roderick Strong biding his time in the corner of the ring! Strong waits for Windham to turn around, then finally lands that Lariat, taking Windham to the outside!


        The fans go crazy as Roderick Strong falls to one knee and catches his breath. He once again has time to rest alone in the ring, and he uses every second to his advantage.

        Outside the ring, The US Express 2.0, Bro Canada and The Briscoes are all doing battle, throwing fists and feet and everything in between. The brawl takes itself around all sides of the ring, as Roderick Strong can only sit back and watch.

        Then, the clock winds down and the next entrant arrives...

        With all the other tag teams eliminated, the fans boo as The Young Bucks arrive. They chuckle to themselves as they take their time heading to the ring, pausing halfway down the ramp to flex for the crowd.

        Strong calls on either one of them, not caring who enters the ring first. But before either Jackson gets a chance, The Briscoes sprint around the ring and attack!

        With no chance of restoring order, and Roderick Strong unable to exit the ring, everyone can only watch as The Young Bucks get dragged into the tag team brawl happening around the ring! Joey Styles & The Coach throw to commercial as the brawl shows no signs of stopping!

        Commercial break...


        • Re: New Era Wrestling

          Back from the break, we see The Briscoes smiling to themselves as they roll Matt Jackson into the ring. He's barely moving, and is easily snatched up by Roderick Strong and tossed over the top rope.


          As Matt Jackson crashes to the floor, the clock winds down and we hear the music of the next entrant..

          Eric Young sprints down the entrance ramp and sees Nick Jackson nearby, getting double-teamed by Bro Canada. He grabs Nick by the hair and throws him into the ring, then dives under the ropes before Bro Canada knows what's happening. Nick lies on his back, completely motionless from the beat down he recieved, while Roderick Strong b-lines it for Eric Young.

          Strong gets the upperhand on Young, pummeling him against a corner of the ring, until Eric Young reaches up and rakes Strong's eyes. Eric Young earns himself a stern warning from one of the referees. As he does this, he notices Nick Jackson on his feet and charging, and Young manages to duck just in time and launch Nick Jackson over the top rope.


          Nick Jackson crashes into Bro Canada at ringside, and the tag team brawl continues, eventually spilling over the crowd barrier and up the stage as all four teams eventually beat one another out of view.

          Inside the ring, Eric Young kicks Roderick Strong in the gut and hits a Snap Suplex, which he turns into a Sleeper Hold. Young has an easy time wearing down an already exhausted Roderick Strong, and he keeps the Sleeper applied for quite some time. As Roderick Strong begins to fade, the buzzer sounds and the next entrant arrives.

          The crowd erupts as "Scots Wha Hae!" hits and Drew Galloway appears on stage! Galloway is still limping quite a bit and has a large black knee brace on, but he makes it down the ramp in impressive time and climbs onto the apron as Eric Young releases his hold on Roderick Strong and charges!

          Galloway reaches over the ropes and slams his fist into Young's face, knocking him onto his back! Galloway steps into the ring as Eric Young rises to his feet, and is pummeled by The Pissed Off Scotsman! The fans are cheering and chanting "SCOTS WHA HAE! SCOTS WHA HAE!" as Galloway lays into Young with devastating punches that cause Young's feet to leave the ground!

          Galloway then pulls Young from the corner and whips him across the ring so hard that Young slams into the opposite turnbuckles and flips over the top rope onto the apron. Young manages to land on his feet, and when he does, Drew Galloway is there to connect with a Lariat that makes Young do a complete backflip onto the arena floor!


          The crowd roars as Eric Young slams into the ringside mats, but then are silenced as Drew Galloway looks over his shoulder just in time to see Roderick Strong connect with a SICK KICK!! Galloway is caught in the jaw and flops over the top rope and onto the floor!


          Roderick Strong earns a decent pop, but many fans are just as pissed off as Drew Galloway. He lands awkwardly on his knee, but is too out of it from the Sick Kick to notice. He sprawls out on his back as Eric Young comes to, and looks down to see Galloway lying unconscious beside him. Eric Young gets a sick grin on his face, and he drags Galloway to his feet, forcing him to walk up the ramp towards the stage. Eric Young throws Drew Galloway into the scaffolding beside the entry way, and the two brawl out of view as the buzzer sounds.

          The crowd goes wild as Prince Devitt is the next man to enter Freedom Hall! Devitt sprints to the ring and dives under the bottom rope, springing to his feet and getting the jump on an extremely tired Roderick Strong. Strong stands his ground, but Devitt lands a Knife Edge Chop that takes Strong out of the game.

          Strong runs for a corner, but Devitt is on him right away, hitting a series of Chops to his chest, each getting harder and harder. After a half dozen of the painful attacks, Strong gets a burst of adrenaline and grabs Devitt, throwing him into the corner and beginning a series of Knife Edge Chops of his own! The fans roar and cheer as Strong's Chops get faster and faster, until his hand is just a blur and the smacking sound of each attack landing is all that can be heard!

          Just as Prince Devitt looks like he might collapse from the pain, Roderick Strong wraps his arms around him and hits an impressive Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Devitt bounces across the ring as Roderick Strong takes a moment to breathe.

          The fans are on their feet as the men in the ring prepare to engage again. Strong is the first up, and he beats Prince Devitt to the punch, driving his knee into his gut and pushing him back against the corner behind him. Strong begins driving his shoulder into Prince Devitt's stomach, and after a few shots, Devitt fights back by smashing his fist into Strong's spine, driving him to one knee.


          The music of Matt Sydal makes the fans in Freedom Hall go crazy, and the former Television Champion gets down the ramp as fast as his injuries will allow hi-POW!! Sydal is laid out by someone crouching beside the ramp! The attacker stands over Matt Sydal, and we see it's none other than AJ Styles!

          The fans are livid as Styles takes the butt end of his crutch and drives it into Matt Sydal's ribs! He lands several shots to Matt Sydal's injured ribs, each one causing him to scream in pain! As Joey Styles & The Coach wonder aloud of AJ Styles has been hiding in the crowd all night, the TV Champ drags Matt Sydal to his feet and drags him beside the entry ramp towards the side stage area. A few nearby fans are grabbed by security as they toss garbage at Styles, but he ignores them as he throws Matt Sydal into the side of the stage!

          Matt Sydal collapses to the exposed concrete and is in serious pain, struggling for breath. Styles slams his crutch into Sydal's ribs again, and the camera zooms in on Sydal as blood appears in his mouth! The fans cry out in horror as Sydal coughs up blood, and AJ Styles leaves him a crumpled mess before limping out of view.

          Back in the ring, Roderick Strong and Prince Devitt continue to tear one another apart, not seeing the vicious attack. Strong has Prince Devitt locked in a Rear Naked Choke, and Prince Devitt is desperately throwing elbows into Strong's shoulder and ribs to try and break the hold, just as the buzzer sounds.

          The already furious crowd grows even angrier as Avenged Sevenfold hits, and Necro Butcher charges down the ramp! His wild hair bouncing behind him, Necro Butcher dives into the ring and stomps hard on Roderick Strong's back, allowing Prince Devitt to break free and roll out of the way.

          Necro Butcher sits on Roderick Strong's chest and starts flailing his arms, landing a flurry of stiff and wild punches. After a moment, Butcher grabs Strong by his head and starts biting him, causing the referee in the ring to step in. Necro Butcher gets up and shouts at the ref, but when he does, Prince Devitt lunges at him and connects with a Swinging Neckbreaker!

          Prince Devitt takes a moment to get up, but when he does, he leaps climbs to the top rope and connects with a Double Foot Stomp to Necro Butcher! Devitt rolls to his knees and grabs a nearby rope for support, and takes his time to catch his breath. The crowd pops for Devitt as the buzzer sounds again...

          And the biggest pop you'll hear all night comes when Pantera hits, and Rob Van Dam charges to the ring! RVD slides under the bottom rope and makes a direct line for Necro Butcher, grabbing a handful of his hair and hitting a series of punches! RVD then springs to his feet and hits the far ropes, cartwheels across the ring and plants Necro Butcher with a Standing Moonsault!

          Rob Van Dam waves his arms as he springs to his feet, and the fans are deafening with chants of "R-V-D! R-V-D!" Rob Van Dam then turns to face the men in the ring, and Prince Devitt goes for the upset elimination..

          ...RVD ducks! Prince Devitt is launched over the top rope to the outside!


          Rob Van Dam sees Roderick Strong getting to his feet, and beats him to the punch. RVD hits a kick to Strong's gut, then sends him into the ropes. Strong reverses and RVD comes back at him with a Lariat, but Strong ducks. RVD then stops in his tracks, and surprises Roderick Strong as he turns around, landing a Super Kick!

          Roderick Strong goes stiff as a board and flops onto his back, and RVD looks to the crowd, who respond with yet another massive pop. He sprints across the ring, then rolls forward for the Rolling Thunder on Roderick Strong...

          ...WHAM!! Necro Butcher lays out Rob Van Dam! Right as RVD stands up, Necro Butcher is there with a stiff punch to the face that knocks RVD out cold! Then, as Necro Butcher raises his fist, we see that he's wearing brass knuckles!

          The referee notices too, and as the clock winds down, Necro Butcher is disqualified.


          With 10 seconds remaining, Necro Butcher looks down and sees blood pouring from RVD's forehead. He gets some on his hand, and wipes it across his face, shouting at the booing crowd.


          The mood drastically changes when El Generico arrives! The crowd, desperate for retribution, cheer as Generico dives fearlessly into the ring...

          ...WHAM!! Generico is laid out cold by Necro Butcher! The referees storm the ring, but Necro Butcher refuses to leave. He raises his fist and threatens them, and they back away, terrified of the animal in the centre of the ring.

          But one man isn't terrified, and that man is Roderick Strong! He gets to his feet and sees the mayhem before him, and rushes up behind Butcher, grabbing him by his hair and the back of his shirt, and tosses him over the top!

          Roderick Strong collapses in the ring as the crowd goes wild for him, exhausted from spending nearly 40 minutes in the ring. Strong takes a long breather and surveys the damage around him, then looks up at the clock to see that 30 seconds is all that remains before the final entrant arrives.

          Strong decides to wait out the 30 seconds, fighting his way to his feet and readying himself as the buzzer sounds...

          ...and nothing happens. No music, no nothing. Roderick Strong looks confused, and watches the entry way for another moment before finally turning around...

          ...VAN DAMINATOR!! Roderick Strong is taken out with a stiff Van Daminator to the chin! The fans go crazy as Rob Van Dam falls against the corner, blood pouring from his head, barely able to stand. But RVD gets to the top, fights his way to his feet...

          ...FIVE STAR FROGSPLASH ON RODERICK STRONG!! Rob Van Dam sells the splash big time, and the crowd roars and cheers for him to get to his feet. When he finally does, he has no problem pulling Roderick Strong to his feet and tossing him out of the ring!


          Rob Van Dam falls against the top rope and leans with both arms dangling to the outside. He can barely keep his eyes open, and blinks hard as he turns around a bloody mess...




          The crowd goes insane! EL GENERICO IS THE NEW CONTENDER'S CHAMPION!!!

          -Joey Styles "OH MY GOD!!! El Generico! El Generico is the Contender's Champ!"

          El Generico falls to his knees with his arms stretched up in the air! He yells at the top of his lungs as the audience goes insane!



          • Re: New Era Wrestling

            NEW Tuesday Night News & Notes

            There's a bit of fallout from the Contender's Championship Battle Royale, specifically the condition of Matt Sydal. As we know, Sydal has been wrestling with a rib and shoulder injury, and sources are telling us that this has been against doctor's orders. After the vicious attack at the hands of NEW Television Champion AJ Styles last night, Sydal was taken to hospital after coughing up blood. PW insiders have been told that Sydal's injuries are not serious, but will be forced to sit out next week's show.

            Also of note, the clear iron man in the Battle Royale was of course Roderick Strong. Strong spent over 40 minutes in the ring last night before being eliminated by Rob Van Dam, and Strong commented after the show:

            "I could go another 40 minutes. Hell I'll go another hour. I was never in doubt of myself reaching the goal of becoming Contender's Champion, and had Rob not got the jump on me late in the match, I truly feel like I would've brought it home. I'm at the top of my game right now, and ready to break anyone that gets in my way."
            Also commenting backstage after the show went off the air was Irish sensation Prince Devitt, who had this to say in regards to the match:

            "Gettin' my hands on the Contender's Championship would've been super, but it just wasn't in the cards. No skin off my back though. I've still got a bone to pick with that li'l twit AJ Styles anyway."
            And a final interesting note on last night's show tells us that New Era Wrestling has truly embraced the future of media. NEW's main sponsor, YOU On Demand, has reported that for the first time since NEW's resurrection, internet streams & downloads of the show accounted for more viewers than those that watched on television. And those were just the ones that the company is able to track, not accounting for pirating and the like.

            When asked about the success, NEW Owner and CEO of YOU On Demand Shane McMahon simply said "Looks like we're going to upgrade our servers..again."


            NEW Tuesday Night Preview

            Last week via Twitter, NEW CEO Adam Copeland made two announcements that will surely set the stage for some incredible battles. Tonight, Drew Galloway gets a shot at the NEW Television Championship when he takes on AJ Styles, but will Styles weasel his way out of yet another title defense?

            Also, firing back a shot at Age Of The Fall and their underhanded tactics, Copeland has awarded Matt Sydal a shot at the Contender's Champion Jimmy Jacobs next week, giving Sydal a week off after the vicious sneak attack by AJ Styles as Sydal tried to enter the Contender's Championship Battle Royale.

            It will be interesting to see how the next two weeks play out, and where New Era Wrestling's title picture goes from here as we creep ever closer to the end of the year, and NEW's final pay-per-view before hiatus, Christmas Chaos.


            It's been over two weeks since Age Of The Fall made their debut in NEW, and viciously attacked The Originators. In that two weeks, it's become as if The Originators never existed, and sources at NEW HQ in Asheville, NC aren't saying a word.

            The only mention of The Originators came via a Tweet from WWE Champion CM Punk, but since the Tweet hit the interwebs, Punk hasn't made mention of it at all, and has dodged every question pertaining to said Tweet in interviews.

            Aside from speculation and trash talk in the arena, not a single NEW star has the vaguest idea as to the condition and whereabouts of The Originators. Furthermore, CM Punk's heroic Tweet has been shrugged off as nothing more than a joke.

            More Confirmed Matches

            Also confirmed for when NEW rolls into Nashville, TN, The US Express 2.0 will be defending their titles for a third week in a row against none other than The Young Bucks. The NEW Tag Team Division has erupted into a sea of bad blood over the past two weeks, and the Rotundas are the only ones with a lifeboat. The Briscoes want revenge, Bro Canada wants respect, and The Young Bucks are tired of being mistreated. There's no telling what will happen as emotions continue to boil over.

            And finally, in a very special Triple Threat main event, Rob Van Dam will try for his first victory in months against El Generico and Prince Devitt. You won't want to miss that, or any of the action tonight on NEW Tuesday Night!


            • Re: New Era Wrestling

              Nashville, TN, USA
              Memorial Gymnasium @ Vanderbilt University
              Att: 14,316

              A brief replay of the final moments of last week's Contender's Championship Battle Royale is shown, ending with Maria Kanellis forcing out the announcement that Jimmy Jacobs is the NEW Contender's Champion...

              As Pennywise takes over and blasts through televisions and internet streams across the globe, the opening video package gives way to an aerial shot of Vanderbilt University...the camera then pans down across the brightly lit Memorial zooms in on the big white marquee that reads "NEW Tuesday Night - SOLD OUT" as scattered fans scream and cheer in the brisk nighttime air..

              -Joey Styles "It's all hands on deck tonight in Nashville, Tennessee as the brutal and violent Age Of The Fall take full control of the NEW World Championship picture. For The Coach, I'm Joey Styles and NEW Tuesday Night!"
              -Coach "Last week Jimmy Jacobs pulled the swirve of the year by sneaking into the ring and eliminating El Generico to become the NEW Contender's Champion. With that belt around his waist, not a soul in the company will have a chance at getting in the ring with Tyler Black anytime soon and Joe, I hate to admit it, but it was a genius move by Jacobs."
              -Joey Styles "And to add insult to injury, Jimmy Jacobs was hiding in the crowd decked out in Originators merchandise, which he slammed the fans earlier that night for buing in to, calling them 'hypocrites'. It's going to be a wild ride tonight, and only time will tell when Age Of The Fall's stranglehold on New Era Wrestling will loosen."
              -Coach "They haven't made many friends since arriving in NEW, Joe, but that doesn't seem to bother them. And you'll be happy to know that just moments before the show came on the air, CEO Adam Copeland posted a Tweet saying that if any member of Age Of The Fall shows up in the arena at any point tonight, Jimmy Jacobs will forfeit the Contender's Championship."
              -Joey Styles "Well, at least we might get one normal night here in Nashville, and maybe our HUGE main event will go off without a hitch!"

              A graphic flashes on the screen for the main event of the evening, that will see Rob Van Dam team up with Roderick Strong to take on the team of El Generico & Prince Devitt...

              The music of Drew Galloway causes the crowd to leap back to their feet in a tremendous ovation! Galloway emerges from the entry way with his hair pulled back tight, his navy blue trunks and boots on, and a large black kneebrace on his right knee...

              -Joey Styles "Drew Galloway could be well on his way to becoming the first ever New Era Wrestling Grand Slam Champion tonight with a win here. His reign as World Champion was short, but it still counts, and getting his hands on the Television Championship tonight would be incredible for him."
              -Coach "You might get your wish, Joe. Galloway is barely favouring that knee of his and looks completely ready for this match. It's just a shame that our CEO is forcing an injured Champion to defend tonight."
              -Joey Styles "Injured my ass."

              Galloway climbs onto the apron and steps over the top rope, then walks across the ring with his arms raised high in the air...the fans roar as he begins warming up, pacing angrily in the ring and glaring at the entry way..

              The fans boo loudly as the music of the NEW Television Champion begins, and the boos only get louder when AJ Styles emerges from the back with a crutch under one arm and a microphone in his other hand..

              -AJ Styles "This is an outrage, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves!"

              The Phenomenal One's music fades out as he hobbles towards the ring...Styles is wearing his wrestling gear, topped off with a sparkling blue hoodie and the Television Championship around his waist..

              -AJ Styles "It's obvious what's going on here. The CEO has his own personal agenda, and therefore is forcing me to fight injured. You all can't just accept the fact that I am the BEST at what I do, and accept me as Champion. Well guess what? I DO NOT ACCEPT THAT. And neither does he."

              Styles smirks and nods at the ring, and when the camera turns to face Drew Galloway, we see Eric Young dive into the ring! Galloway doesn't even turn around, and Young boots him right in his injured knee!

              The fans are irate as Eric Young stomps away at Drew Galloway's knee, all the while the Scotsman tries to defend himself while crying out in pain..

              AJ Styles eventually makes his way into the ring and smiles as Eric Young continues to dismantle Drew Galloway..then, after a moment, the crowd becomes furious as AJ Styles throws his crutch aside! Styles puts all his weight on his 'injured' leg, then hops to the side and throws out his arms, howling at the booing audience!

              AJ Styles then takes off his sparkling hoodie and removes the Television Championship from around his waist...the referee in the ring tries to get in Styles' way, but he simply palms the referee's face and shoves him across the ring...Styles then stands over Drew Galloway and raises the Television title high in the air..

              ...WHACK!! Styles whips the title across Drew Galloway's back! The fans are beside themselves as Styles whips Galloway again...and again!

              Finally, there's movement on the entry way! The crowd goes wild as Prince Devitt charges down the ramp and slides into the ring! Eric Young sees Devitt coming and ducks out of the ring, but Styles isn't so lucky! Devitt leaps at Styles and grabs him by the shoulders, pulling him downward for a Lungblower!

              Prince Devitt spins to his feet and immediately grabs Styles' crutch..he raises it over his head and snaps it in two right across AJ Styles' chest! The crowd goes crazy as Styles flops to the outside and screams in pain, clutching his ribs!

              Inside the ring, Prince Devitt stands guard over Drew Galloway as Eric Young looks on...he sneers at Devitt and Galloway before disappearing into the audience, leaving AJ Styles at ringside...

              Commercial break...


              • Re: New Era Wrestling

                When we return from the break, Joey Styles & The Coach fill us in on the events from a few moments ago...but when we return live, we see that Prince Devitt is standing near the crowd barrier, searching for Eric Young...satisified that Young is gone, Prince Devitt then picks up AJ Styles by his head and rolls him in the ring!

                The fans pop as they realize what Prince Devitt is up to...he reaches into the ring and grabs the Television Championship, then walks it over to Maria Kanellis at ringside! Devitt tells her to ring the bell, and she does!

                Drew Galloway vs. AJ Styles
                NEW Television Championship

                The fans go crazy and begin to chant Galloway's name, but he's still down in the ring and in serious pain. AJ Styles rolls to his feet and looks around, realizing what has gone on. He sees his title sitting on the timekeeper's table and the lovely Maria Kanellis smiling at him from her seat. He curses to himself then backs up into the ring..

                ..ROLL UP! Galloway rolls up AJ Styles, but he just kicks out! The fans groan as AJ Styles springs to his feet and gets his head in the game, and immediately lays into Galloway with a flurry of punches to the head. Drew Galloway can barely defend himself and he tries to crawl toward the ropes, but it's no use. AJ Styles slams his boot into the back of Galloway's injured knee, and all the momentum is in his favour.

                After a few stomps to Galloway's knee, Styles tries to control his leg and goes for a Figure Four Leglock, but when he turns, Galloway boots him in the ass and knocks him to his knees. Then, in one swift move, Galloway pounces on Styles and drives his elbow into his back, pushing him stomach-first into the mat! Styles tries to scramble free, but Galloway gains control of his arms, and goes for the Lock Ness Monster!

                AJ Styles has his left arm trapped against Galloway's body, but his right arm is still free. As Galloway tries to fight him into the hold, Styles reaches desperately for the nearby ropes. He screams and claws his way towards them, and before Galloway can lock him in, Styles latches onto the bottom rope and Galloway is forced to let go.

                Galloway crawls onto his knees and tries to stand up, but he can't put any weight on his leg. He puts his weight on one arm and tries again, but Styles is already up and kicks Galloway's arm from beneath him. Galloway rolls onto his side and is hurt and exhausted from trying to capture AJ Styles in the Lock Ness Monster. Before he even knows what's happening, AJ Styles finds that Figure Four Leglock and locks it in tight. Galloway screams in pain and knows he has no choice but to tap out, or suffer an even more serious injury.


                Galloway taps as he cries out in pain, and AJ Styles releases the hold immediately, seeing Prince Devitt about to climb back into the ring...Styles scurries to the outside as Prince Devitt enters, and snatches his belt from Maria at ringside...Styles raises the belt over his head and smirks at Galloway and Devitt as he heads for the ramp and disappears backstage...


                The view then cuts to a hallway backstage where we see a door open from the parking walks Christian dressed in jeans and a grey jacket, usual grin on his face...suddenly, Christian is jumped on from behind by Dean Ambrose! Ambrose covers Christian's face with a rag and wrestles him to the ground! Christian goes limp and stops fighting, and Ambrose drags him back into the door he leapt slams shut and the crowd gasps as we cut to commercial...

                Commercial break...


                • Re: New Era Wrestling

                  When we return from commercial, the camera is showing a close-up of Christian, who appears to be unconscious...the camera pulls back a tad, and we see that Christian is in a dimly lit room, tied to a chair...then, a hand emerges from the side and passes something beneath Christian's nose..after a few seconds, Christian snaps to and panics..

                  -Christian "WHA...WHERE! WHAT THE HELL!?"

                  Christian searches the room with his eyes squinted, blinking rapidly...the camera pulls back further and a man in black shorts and a thick, black coat steps in front of Christian, chuckling to himself...

                  -Dean Ambrose "You don't know who I am, or where you are, but you're going t-"

                  -Christian "You're Dean Ambrose and we're in a supply room somewhere in Memorial Gym. Did you chloroform me, man? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is!? HELP!!!"

                  Ambrose is facing the camera, and when Christian shouts he grits his teeth and swears..Ambrose then spins around and backhands Christian right across the face!

                  -Dean Ambrose "SILENCE!! I ask the questions here, and I only have one: where is Adam Copeland?"

                  Christian turns his head back to Ambrose slowly, and glares right through him..

                  -Christian "Are you kidding me? You know exactly where he is."

                  -Dean Ambrose "LIAR!!"

                  Ambrose slaps Christian again..

                  -Christian "Stop slapping me! This is ridiculous, Dean. You know that Adam lives in Asheville. You've been to his house for cryin' out loud."

                  Ambrose looms over Christian with a sneer on his face, then turns his head slightly..

                  -Dean Ambrose "Don't you think I would remember something like that? Don't you think I would know if I've been to our exalted leader's PALACE!? His white tower where he Tweets and pulls the strings and makes us DANCE FOR HIS ENJOYMENT! I would remember something like that, Christian. But what I do remember, my dearest friend, is YOU turning your back on ME!"

                  Ambrose winds up to slap Christian again, but Christian manages to make him stop..

                  -Christian "WAIT! Wait, Dean, just...wait. Clearly you're insane, which I mean in the nicest way possible, bu-"

                  -Dean Ambrose "Thank you."

                  -Christian "..but this isn't how you get the CEO's attention. Do you know how much trouble I've caused my brother? The company was barely a month old and I got him sued for making anti-religious statements in his home state. I broke his unwritten, cardinal rule about not wasting time in the ring. I've done him zero favours since coming here. What makes you think that tying me up and beating me senseless is going to get his attention? He's probably sitting at home laughing his ass off!"

                  Dean Ambrose pauses and turns around, pacing in the room...Christian watches him closely, then continues..

                  -Christian "Look, you're a smart guy..I guess. You know this isn't how you get things done. You've gone against authority figures before, Dean, and you've WON. You need to outsmart him, and if you let me help you without attacking me from behind every chance you get, you and I..WE can make this happen for you. just have to trust me."

                  Ambrose stops pacing and thinks to himself...he then looks at Christian and walks behind him, reaching down and untying him...Christian lets out a sigh of relief and tries to stand, but Ambrose puts a hand on his shoulder and sits him back down..

                  -Dean Ambrose "You've earned my trust for now, Adam's Brother. But the world of pain you will enter if you decide to betray that trust will be ASTRONOMICAL. That's your ONLY warning."

                  Ambrose releases Christian's shoulder and disappears into the dark room, chuckling to himself...Christian shakes his head in disgust, and dusts himself off...

                  Commercial break...


                  • Re: New Era Wrestling

                    After the commercial break, Valerie Wynd is standing by backstage with The Young Bucks..the fans boo as the Jacksons both flex for the cameras, dressed in neon pink attire..

                    -Valerie Wynd "Ladies and gentlemen, in just a few short minutes Matt and Nick Jackson will be taking on The US Express 2.0 for the NEW Tag Team titles! What are your thoughts going into this very important match?"

                    -Nick Jackson "Val, my brother and I tasted glory for only a short period of time, when we became the ONLY tag team in New Era Wrestling thus far to defeat The Originators. We ended their streak, and tonight, we're ending another one."

                    -Matt Jackson "At All Hallow's Eve, we were robbed of what is rightfully ours. Not by The US Express 2.0, but by The Briscoes and Bro Canada, four men who can't stand us, and four men who have zero respect for the belts that represent our division."

                    -Valerie Wynd "The last couple weeks have seen the two of you enter the ring under strange circumstances. Last week it almost looked as if you were trying to apologize. Care to shed some light on that?"

                    -Nick Jackson "The funny thing is, Val, we WERE trying to apologize. We had learned the errors of our ways, and we finally realized that Con-Chair-Tos and beatdowns weren't going to get us the belts any faster. We respect the Rotundas for recognizing that, but that doesn't mean we're going to lay down tonight."

                    -Matt Jackson "And as for apologizing, everyone else can shove it. We tried to be taken seriously for once, but we were only met with hostility and violence. If that's what The Briscoes and Bro Canada want, that's what they'll get. If they want us to be the bad guys, then we'll be the bad guys. But we'll also be the NEW Tag Team Champions."

                    Matt and Nick walk off as Valerie throws back to ringside, where Joey Styles & The Coach are standing by..


                    -Joey Styles "The Young Bucks sure seem fired up, Coach. What do you expect from them tonight?"
                    -Coach "It's a tough call, Joe. They have all the elements to become the first multiple Champions here in NEW, but The US Express 2.0 have been an impenetrable force as of late. And with the way things have been going, who's to say the match will even happen? The Briscoes and Bro Canada can't help but get involved when The Young Bucks are around."
                    -Joey Styles "Bad blood in the Tag Division to be sure. Things are certainly getting out of hand lately."
                    -Coach "The Tag Division is on the verge of collapse, Age Of The Fall are acting like they own the place and are in full control of the World Championship, Dean Ambrose might actually murder Christian if he doesn't make good on his promises, Eric Young & AJ Styles are making life a living hell for Drew Galloway, and while the four men in our main event tonight seem to be able to co-exist, they all have their own agendas in regards to their respective goals. Friendship and respect only gets you so far, and NEW is running short on both lately."
                    -Joey Styles "Incredibly insightful, Coach. Guess we're just going to have to wait and see. And so will you! We'll be back in sixty seconds with the NEW Tag Team Championship!"

                    Commercial break...


                    • Re: New Era Wrestling

                      When we come back from a short break, the music of The Young Bucks drives the crowd into a frenzy of boos and taunts...

                      -Joey Styles "And here we go! The Tag titles are on the line, as The US Express 2.0 put them up for the third week in a row in an attempt to prove that they are not only the descendants of a legend, but the most talented team in NEW today."

                      Another moment goes by and Matt & Nick Jackson have yet to arrive on Joey Styles & The Coach wonder what is going on, the view suddenly cuts backstage to where an all-out brawl is underway!

                      -Joey Styles "OH MY GOD!!"
                      -Coach "Called it!"

                      Backstage, all four teams in the Tag Division are throwing punches and kicks at one another! The Briscoes have Matt Jackson against a wall and are kicking and stomping him senseless, until his brother comes to his rescue! Bro Canada have their hands full with Windham & Taylor Rotunda, Zack Ryder going blow-for-blow with Windham and TJ Hart slamming his fist into Taylor's head with a handful of his hair!

                      Things spread out a bit as TJ Hart drags Taylor towards a wall and throws him head first into it, then spins around to attack Windham and assist his partner...with Matt Jackson apparently out of commission, The Briscoes have an easy time with Nick Jackson, kicking him in the stomach and planting him on the hard concrete with a Double DDT!

                      The Briscoes get up and high-five, then join the beatdown on the Tag Team Champions...Jay Briscoe and Zack Ryder pummel the hell out of Windham Rotunda while Mark Briscoe and TJ Hart drag Taylor Rotunda to his feet...they each grab an arm and whip Taylor against a large refreshment table, which he crashes into and topples over, landing hard on his side while drinks and food fly in all directions!

                      As this happens, the camera turns just in time to see Jay Briscoe and Zack Ryder hoist Windham Rotunda up in the air with both arms, slamming him down on another nearby table! Windham crashes through it and is out cold, and The Briscoes and Bro Canada exchange high-fives and insults for the other two fallen teams..


                      Mark Briscoe grabs one of the Tag titles off the ground and drapes it across Windham Rotunda's chest..

                      -Mark Briscoe "Go ahead and keep that warm for me, will ya?"

                      The Briscoes laugh and slap the background, TJ Hart and Zack Ryder walk off, leaving The Briscoes to taunt and celebrate some more...they eventually follow suit, and the camera zooms in close to Matt & Nick Jackson, who are both lying on the ground writhing in pain...

                      ...then, as the crowd settles and we hear the taunts of The Briscoes disappearing down the hallway, footsteps are heard...they get closer and closer as someone's boots clack hard on the concrete...after a moment, the boots come to a stop right beside The Young Bucks, who both look up at who the feet belong to, and appear totally confused...

                      -Voice "It's time."

                      Matt & Nick Jackson close their eyes and put their heads down...

                      Commercial break...


                      • Re: New Era Wrestling

                        We're welcomed back by Bouncing Souls, and the crowd leaps to their feet clapping and singing along! When the music picks up, El Generico leaps onto the stage to a HUGE ovation!

                        -Joey Styles "While he was never technically the Contender's Champion last week, the crowd definitely wanted him to be."
                        -Coach (laughing) "Why? Of all the people to try and stop Tyler Black at this point, the LAST person in mind should be a wimpy luchador!"

                        A quick replay is shown of last week's Battle Royale ending, where El Generico thought he had won the Contender's Championship by eliminating Rob Van Dam, right before he was tossed over the top rope by Jimmy Jacobs, who had disguised himself as a fan at ringside..

                        Back in the arena, Generico once again makes sure to slap hands with as many fans as possible..he circles the ring with his black and gold cape flowing behind him, then jogs up the ring steps and climbs in the ring before doing his trademark shuffle and pointing to the sky..

                        And when Bouncing Souls gives way to Flogging Molly, the fans get even louder as Prince Devitt appears on stage and raises his fist in the air!

                        -Joey Styles "He rid New Era Wrestling of the evil beast that is Eddie Kingston, and with him out of the way, Prince Devitt looks to regain the NEW Television Championship and staked his claim for good earlier tonight."

                        As Devitt makes his way to the ring, a replay is shown of earlier in the evening when Prince Devitt came to Drew Galloway's rescue, chasing off Eric Young and cracking a crutch across the Television Champion's ribcage...

                        -Joey Styles "Galloway was unsuccessful in taking the strap from AJ Styles, but I think Prince Devitt wants to be the one to do it anyway."

                        And as Prince Devitt steps into the ring and shakes hands with his partner, Clutch booms into Memorial Gym and Roderick Strong wastes no time appearing on stage!

                        -Joey Styles "I'm jealous of Roderick Strong's ability and stamina, Coach. Figuratively speaking, were I to spend over 40 minutes in that Battle Royale last week, I'd still be hooked up to oxygen in a wheelchair, ringing a bell for help like Hector Salamanca."
                        -Coach "You and I both, man. Roderick Strong is an absolute machine, and almost nobody stood a chance against him in the ring last week. Had he arrived a bit later in the match, I'd bet everything I have that we'd be looking at the Contender's Champion right now, Jimmy Jacobs or no Jimmy Jacobs."

                        Roderick Strong looks as focused as ever as he rolls into the ring and shoots his arm into the air! The crowd roars for Strong as he paces against the near ropes, eyeballing his opponents across the ring..

                        And finally, when the all-too-familiar riff of Pantera hits, the arena erupts into the biggest pop of the night! Rob Van Dam rushes onto the stage and stops dead in his tracks as Maria Kanellis and the crowd bring it home, the entire crowd shouting and copying his trademark taunt..

                        -Joey Styles "And last but not least, the man that has made it his goal to avenge The Originators on behalf of the locker room and stand up to Age Of The Fall, the man that wants the Contender's title more than anything, a true veteran of the sport, Rob Van Dam!"

                        RVD jogs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, hopping to his feet with both arms high in the air...

                        The fans continue to cheer and chant as RVD and Roderick Strong slap hands, then turn to their opponents and do the same in a show of absolute respect...

                        Roderick Strong and Prince Devitt look to start the match, and as RVD and El Generico step onto the apron and begin to stretch, the fans are electric as the bell finally sounds!

                        El Generico & Prince Devitt vs. Roderick Strong & Rob Van Dam
                        Roderick Strong and Prince Devitt circle one another for a moment, sizing each other up. Devitt claps his hands a few times to get a rally going, and as the claps get faster and dissipate into applause, Devitt and Strong lock up and fight for position. Devitt quickly realizes he's losing the battle, and drops to his side, whipping Strong over his shoulder for an Armdrag.

                        Strong rolls right to his feet and cranks his neck, getting back to it as the fans applause lightly for Devitt. He and Strong lock up again, but this time it's Strong that gets the Armdrag in, and keeps control of Devitt's arm. Strong keeps Devitt on his side by applying pressure to his shoulder, but after a moment, Devitt manages to fight to his feet. He slips out of the hold and whips Roderick Strong's arm around, flipping him onto his back. Devitt keeps his grip on Strong's wrist and holds his arm straight up, then kicks Strong right in the elbow.

                        Strong pulls his arm close to his body and cries out as Prince Devitt hits the far ropes. Devitt rebounds back and connects with a Running SSP on Strong that he holds for a 2-count, then climbs to his feet and tags in El Generico.

                        The crowd lets out a pop of "OLE!" as Generico leaps onto the top rope and hits a Springboard Dropkick to Roderick Strong, who is just trying to get to his feet. Strong is knocked across the ring and he ends up underneath the far ropes. El Generico slides to the outside and drives his elbow into Roderick Strong's chest before playing to the crowd in the front row. Generico high-fives a few fans before turning back to Strong, who is still lying in the ring. Generico slides back under the ropes and lands a few hard stomps before picking up Strong. He holds him for a DDT and points to the sky, but the theatrics prove to be his demise as Roderick Strong starts slamming his fist into Generico's ribs. Strong gets his head free and gains control of Generico's arm, and he holds it while landing a series of Knife Edge Chops, beating Generico to his knees.

                        Roderick Strong continues to slam his hand into El Generico's chest over and over, all the while keeping control of his wrist. Generico is in serious pain as Strong pulls him up and presses him into the ropes, whipping him across the ring and going for a Hip Toss, but Generico somehow gains control of Strong's arm and drags him down for a modified Facebuster!

                        Generico lands on his back and takes a moment to recover, then goes for a pinfall but only earns 2. He pulls Roderick Strong to his feet and drags him towards Prince Devitt, who he tags in. Devitt goes up top as Generico holds Strong's arms behind him, but Strong breaks free! He slams his elbow into El Generico's face, then shoves Prince Devitt off the top rope and to the outside!

                        Prince Devitt lands hard on his feet and collapses as Roderick Strong throws El Generico to the outside as well! Both men lie side-by-side as Roderick Strong stumbles towards his corner and gets the tag to RVD!

                        The crowd goes wild as Rob Van Dam hops into the ring and gets that all-too-familiar look in his eyes. He backs into the ropes for momentum, then sprints across the ring and dives to the outside, landing on El Generico and Prince Devitt!

                        As Generico and Devitt crash to the ground, RVD manages to roll and land on his feet, raising his arms in the air and getting some "R-V-D!!" chants before rolling Prince Devitt back into the ring. RVD pulls himself onto the apron, hops over the rope towards a corner, and hits a beautiful Split-Legged Moonsault on Prince Devitt, which he holds for a near fall.

                        Van Dam is on fire and well-rested, and quickly keeps momentum in his favour by dragging Prince Devitt to his feet and sending him into the ropes. Van Dam does the splits and forces Devitt to leap over him, and when he returns, RVD goes for a Monkey Flip, but Devitt grabs his ankles and sits down, pinning Van Dam! RVD just manages to wriggle free, but as he turns onto his knees and looks up at Prince Devitt, he's met with a stiff punch to the throat.

                        Prince Devitt kneels beside Van Dam for a moment to catch his breath, then pulls him to his feet. Devitt sends RVD into a corner and charges, but RVD gets his boots up and catches Devitt in the jaw. Van Dam spins around and hops up top, but Devitt is too quick to recover and gets between his legs. Van Dam can't escape, and ends up on Prince Devitt's shoulders!

                        ...ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP!! The crowd goes wild as Devitt plants Rob Van Dam and rolls him over for a pin, but Rob Van Dam manages to kick out just in time.

                        The move absolutely devastates Rob Van Dam and he appears to be in a world of hurt as Prince Devitt gets to his feet and tags El Generico back in. Generico eagerly dives into the ring and pounces on RVD, grabbing his hair and driving his fist into his head multiple times. Generico then leaps up and hits the ropes, running at RVD and planting him with a Running Senton before covering for 2.

                        When Rob Van Dam kicks out, he uselessly reaches for his corner. Roderick Strong sends some words of encouragement his way, but it's all he can do as he watches El Generico whip RVD against a corner. El Generico backs up and raises his hand, and the fans let out a loud "OLE!" as he charges and connects with a brutal Ole Kick!

                        Rob Van Dam is in a total daze as Generico pulls his leg off the top rope and hooks his arm around RVD's head. He walks him along the ropes and tags in Prince Devitt, who goes up top as Generico hits a Snap Suplex. Devitt leaps and follows up with a Double Foot Stomp, then covers, but only gets another 2.

                        The fans rally behind Rob Van Dam now as Prince Devitt drags him to his feet. RVD is doubled over in pain and can barely run as Devitt sends him into the ropes yet again, then takes him down with an incredible Tornado Enziguri!! The fans are silenced as the stiff kick to the head knocks RVD out cold, and Devitt goes for the victory..

                        ...RVD KICKS OUT!! He throws his shoulder up at the last possible second and stays alive, while Prince Devitt sits in the centre of the ring and smiles in disbelief.

                        Devitt gets to his feet and takes a breather as he waits for Rob Van Dam to rise. When Van Dam makes it to his knees, Devitt hooks his arms around his back and tries to life him into a Canadian Backbreaker position, but Rob Van Dam stays put. He manages to keep his feet planted and Devitt can't find the strength to lift him. After a couple attempts, RVD throws his elbow into Devitt's ribs and breaks free! He quickly tries to follow up with a Van Daminator, but Prince Devitt ducks and watches as RVD spins around off-balance. Devitt goes for a Cutter, but RVD shoves him into the ropes. Devitt rebounds back at RVD...

                        ...VAN DAMINATOR!! The roundhouse kick hits its mark and Devitt is out cold!

                        Rob Van Dam falls to his knees in exhaustion and looks at his corner. Roderick Strong could not be more stretched out as he begs for the tag. Van Dam is in serious pain, clutching at his ribs, but he drags himself towards his corner just as Prince Devitt begins to come to. Devitt shakes out the cobwebs and heads for his corner as well, and both men dive for tags and get them at the same time!

                        The fans pop as Roderick Strong and El Generico collide in the centre of the ring! Strong gets his forearm up and catches Generico in the head, but Generico bounces right back to his feet. Strong follows up with another Forearm Smash, but Generico is up yet again. The third time, Strong grabs Generico's arm and looks for a Crossface, but El Generico stays on his feet and won't give in. Strong tries to wrestle Generico to the mat, but El Generico fights back into a standing position and does a backflip. Roderick Strong loses control of Generico's arm and the luchador ends up behind him. Generico leaps up onto Strong's shoulders and goes for a Victory Roll!



                        Strong counters!



                        Generico counters!



                        Roderick Strong kicks out! El Generico is right on his feet and maintains the advantage, and as Roderick Strong tries to get up, Generico goes for a kick to the head..

                        ...Strong grabs Generico's leg! He whips the luchador onto the mat and scrambles over his shoulders...

                        ...CROSSFACE!!! Roderick Strong has the Crossface locked in!!

                        The fans are on their feet as El Generico looks to be in a world of trouble, locked in the deadly submission right in the centre of the ring! With nowhere to go, Generico doesn't look like he can hold on for long, but he doesn't have to as Prince Devitt rushes into the ring and breaks it up!

                        Of course, this brings an exhausted Rob Van Dam into the ring, who connects with a Clothesline on Prince Devitt and takes him out of the ring. RVD leans over the top rope as Prince Devitt gets back to his feet, then slingshots to the outside and takes him out!

                        RVD and Devitt are down for the count, and inside the ring Roderick Strong stalks El Generico. As Generico pulls himself up, Strong sends him into the ropes, looking for a Sick Kick...

                        ...El Generico ducks! He rebounds off the opposite ropes and catches Roderick Strong with an amazing Leg Lariat!

                        The fans pop as Strong sprawls out on his back in the ring. Generico is slow to get up, but he gets up quickly enough that he has time to head for the top. He's clutching his arm and grimacing in pain, but Generico points to the sky and the fans rise to their feet as he climbs the turnbuckle and sets up for a Moonsault.

                        El Generico checks and sees Roderick Strong is still down and out...

                        El Generico leaps, but Roderick Strong springs to his feet!

                        ....DEATH BY RODERICK!!!!

                        The crowd goes insane! El Generico comes around for the Moonsault, and is caught in mid-air with the Death By Roderick! Strong covers and the roof is blown off as he gets the three!


                        Clutch blasts back into Memorial Gym as Roderick Strong gets the win!

                        -Joey Styles "OH MY GOD!! DID YOU SEE THAT!?"
                        -Coach "That was the most justified 'OH MY GOD!' you've had yet, Joe! That was incredible!"

                        El Generico isn't moving as Roderick Strong rolls to his knees and has his arm raised by the referee! The crowd continues to go wild for some time, even as Rob Van Dam and Prince Devitt both crawl back into the ring..

                        Van Dam pulls Roderick Strong to his feet and raises his arm, while Prince Devitt checks on El Generico...Devitt and the referee talk to Generico, who finally shows signs of life and rolls onto his side, clutching his chest..

                        RVD and Strong finish their celebration, but don't exit the ring..instead, they too check on El Generico, and eventually, all three men help Generico to his feet..the crowd pops again as all four competitors stand tall!

                        After a moment, RVD heads to the ropes and asks Maria for a microphone...while Roderick Strong and Prince Devitt continue to hold up El Generico, Rob Van Dam addresses the crowd...

                        -Rob Van Dam "This right here. This is what it's all about!"

                        The fans roar again, chants of "N-E-W!!" beginning to spread through the stands..

                        -Rob Van Dam "I want you to all take a long look at the three men standing in this ring with me right now. I want you to think about the courage and fight in the hearts and souls of men like them, and men like Drew Galloway, who fights night in and night out through pain and injury for all of you!"

                        Another big pop, the chants of "N-E-W!!" getting louder..

                        -Rob Van Dam "I want you to think about next week, when Matt Sydal shows Jimmy Jacobs what happens when you step into this ring with men like us, and TAKES BACK the NEW CONTENDER'S CHAMPIONSHIP!!"

                        HUGE pop, the entire crowd chanting along!

                        -Rob Van Dam "We've been through it all, yet New Era Wrestling is bigger and stronger than ever! This isn't a rally cry, or the announcement of a war, or anything that we've done in the past. This is a reminder that the heart and soul of New Era Wrestling doesn't lie with men like Jimmy Jacobs and Age Of The Fall. The heart and soul of New Era Wrestling lies with the people in this ring, the people I've mentioned, the millions watching at home, and all of you here tonight!"

                        "So Paul London, Alex Shelley, and Chris Sabin, when you-"

                        RVD is silenced by the biggest pop of the night, as the mention of The Originators makes the fans go crazy!

                        -Rob Van Dam "..when you're healed up, and you come back to us, I want you to remember this moment right now. I want you to remember that you're not alone in this fight, and vengeance...vengeance WILL BE SERVED! BECAUSE THIS IS OUR TIME! THIS IS OUR TURN! THIS IS OUR.."

                        RVD throws the mic into the air!

                        "...NEW ERA!!!"



                        • Re: New Era Wrestling

                          NEW Tuesday Night Preview

                          Tonight on NEW Tuesday Night, the CEO makes good on his promise as Matt Sydal steps into the ring with Jimmy Jacobs in an attempt to remove the stranglehold that Age Of The Fall have on New Era Wrestling.

                          Two weeks ago at the Contender's Championship Battle Royale, Matt Sydal was the only competitor that never entered the ring, due to an attack by Television Champion AJ Styles. Sydal was seen coughing up blood, but we've been informed that it was simply due to a cut in his mouth and not an internal injury. Sydal has been cleared to compete, and is ready to bring the Contender's Championship home:

                          "I didn't even realize I had sliced open my mouth, and was scared s***less because of my ribs. But I'm good to go, and I'm forever grateful to Mr. Copeland for giving me this chance."

                          "[Jimmy Jacobs] has always been a loudmouth that rarely backs up his words. Let him bring his army to the ring, I don't care. All that matters is that bronze, which is going to end up around my waist one way or another."
                          Of course, the army that Sydal refers to is all that anyone is talking about this week. We know that The Young Bucks have aligned themselves with Age Of The Fall, but even more interesting was the appearance of four men in black masks and outfits that were seen just as NEW Tuesday Night went off the air. Speculation is running rampant, but all we can do is wait it out and see what Jimmy Jacobs has up his sleeve.

                          Rob Van Dam Challenges Necro Butcher

                          And on his quest to continue making statements against Age Of The Fall, Rob Van Dam has issued an open challenge to Necro Butcher for a Hardcore Match.

                          The Whole F'n Show made himself the centre of attention upon his return to NEW two weeks ago, when he interrupted a rant by Jimmy Jacobs to insert himself in the Contender's Championship Battle Royale. RVD, one of few veterans in NEW and easily the most decorated, took offense to Jacobs' rant about the hypocrisy of NEW and their claim to the term 'new era', when guys like The Originators bring the same thing to the ring week in and week out.

                          Van Dam stood up to Age Of The Fall, and has been the focus of their hatred ever since. Now, RVD puts himself in harm's way against the Butcher, looking to make an example and chip away at Age Of The Fall. Only time will tell if this was a good decision.


                          • Re: New Era Wrestling

                            Birmingham, AL, USA
                            Bartow Arena
                            Att: 9,355

                            As Pennywise continues to play, the opening package fades to Blaze The Dragon, the large dragon statue located in front of Bartow Arena..the statue is lit up with bright white lights and just before we cut inside the arena, a blast of smoke emerges from its nostrils!

                            Inside Bartow Arena, the 2nd-biggest audience the arena has ever seen screams and cheers, waving signs and chanting "N-E-W!!" over and over...made up of mostly UAB students, the crowd is loud and wild as hell as Joey Styles & The Coach welcome the fans watching and streaming at home..

                            -Joey Styles "The Age Of The Fall army continues to grow and threaten the very core of New Era Wrestling, but Rob Van Dam and the rest of the locker room stand defiant! Will Matt Sydal succeed in bringing the bronze back to the righteous side, or will Jimmy Jacobs and his minions continue to stand in the way of Tyler Black's NEW World Championship? For The Coach, I'm Joey Styles and NEW Tuesday Night!"
                            -Coach "After RVD gave an incredibly passionate speech last week after what was one of the best matches in NEW history, Jimmy Jacobs revealed that not only had The Young Bucks joined forces with him, but four mystery men as well."
                            -Joey Styles "The Young Bucks joining with Age Of The Fall couldn't have come at a worse time for the NEW Tag Division, which has reached a boiling point of epic proportions. These tag teams can't even make it to the ring anymore without throwing fists."
                            -Coach "Age Of The Fall's evil presence has trickled downward onto the rest of the roster, Joe, and if you ask me, Jimmy Jacobs couldn't be happier with the result."

                            The view then cuts away from Styles and Coach and we see a shot of Christian standing backstage...the fans give a heavily mixed reaction while Christian stands by an exit door dressed in street clothes..

                            Christian checks his surroundings while holding a cell phone near his head...then, the exit door bursts open and in walks none other than Dean Ambrose...the fans boo as Ambrose enters the building, and before he looks up, Christian puts the cell phone to his ear and pretends to be carrying on a coversation..

                            -Christian "Yeah...yep, for sure....of course.."

                            Dean Ambrose looks up and sees Christian, who holds up a finger to tell Ambrose to wait a moment...Ambrose gives Christian an angry look, then crosses his arms...Christian keeps talking while backing up against a wall, as Ambrose gets right close to him..

                            -Christian "Okay...yeah, I'll tell him...thanks."

                            Christian hangs up the phone and gives Dean Ambrose a grin, then begins to walk off...Ambrose grabs Christian by his collar and shoves him back up against the wall, pressing his forearm into his neck..

                            -Dean Ambrose "Well?"

                            -Christian "Well what?"

                            -Dean Ambrose "What was that about?"

                            -Christian "Oh that? It was just my brother. Nothing you'd be interested in."

                            Christian tries to walk off again while typing on his phone, but Ambrose shoves him against the wall, harder this time..Ambrose then grabs Christian's phone and smashes it on the floor, stomping on it several times while still holding Christian by his collar...he then looks up at Christian again, sticking his chin right in his face..

                            -Dean Ambrose "Try me."

                            -Christian "Oh, okay well..he said that he understands your frustrations with the company, and he agrees with you."

                            Ambrose looks puzzled, but a slight grin escapes his mouth...he loosens his hold on Christian and steps back..Christian picks up the remains of his phone and shakes his head in frustration..

                            -Dean Ambrose "What else did he say?"

                            -Christian "He said that something definitely needs to be done about the current state of New Era Wrestling. He said that some kind of order needs to be restored, and he can't think of a better man for the job than-"

                            -Dean Ambrose "I KNEW IT!!"

                            Ambrose smiles and laughs to himself while clapping his hands together..he gives Christian a big hug, lifting him off the floor..

                            -Christian "Dean..DEAN! Wait! There's more."

                            Ambrose puts Christian down and smiles at him as he continues..

                            -Christian "He also said that if you agree to a match at Christmas Chaos, you'll get your wish. The winner of the match will be named the General Manager of New Era Wrestling."

                            The smile fades from Ambrose's face as he looks Christian up and down...after a moment, the smile comes back as Ambrose puts a hand on Christian's shoulder..

                            -Dean Ambrose "Well then...why wait until Christmas to get my gift?"

                            ..WHAM!! Ambrose slams Christian against the concrete wall! Christian sprawls out on the ground and Ambrose begins stomping on his back! Christian tries to crawl away, but Ambrose grabs him by his jacket and throws him through the exit into the night! Dean Ambrose doesn't stop, and he gives chase, following Christian through the door as it slams shut behind him!

                            Commercial break...


                            • Re: New Era Wrestling

                              Back from the break, the music of Drew Galloway makes the fans go crazy! Galloway storms through the entry way with the same black knee brace on, although he appears to be walking rather well considering his injury..

                              -Joey Styles "For weeks Drew Galloway has been battling through pain in order to get revenge on Eric Young, who has been a thorn in the Pissed Off Scotsman's side for weeks."
                              -Coach "I've never seen Drew Galloway this focused before. He's been spending his time between shows rehabilitating and training in order to get his knee back up to 100% as fast as possible, and his goal is to destroy Eric Young as soon as he can. I've never seen anything like it."
                              -Joey Styles "I knew Drew Galloway would be a force to be reckoned with in NEW, and if he continues down this path, there's only going to be great things coming his way."

                              Galloway steps through the ropes and raises both arms, fists clenched...he shouts at the crowd from atop a turnbuckle, who chant and cheer in return as his music fades..

                              And the ovation continues when Flogging Molly's familiar hum hits the speakers...the drumbeat cues the green spotlights and Prince Devitt appears on stage, his arm raised in the air!

                              -Joey Styles "Since his Loser Leaves Town Match against Eddie Kingston at All Hallow's Eve, Prince Devitt has made it his personal goal to regain the NEW Television Championship and become the first person to hold a title more than once since our resurrection."
                              -Coach "He's got one hell of a mountain to climb, Joe. The Phenomenal One isn't going to give up his title easy. I fully expect him to be the Television Champion for quite some time."
                              -Joey Styles "Or we could have a new Champion tonight. Don't forget that given the rules of the title, if someone does pin AJ Styles tonight, they'll become the Television Champ."

                              As Prince Devitt and Drew Galloway shake hands in the ring, Big Sugar hits the speakers and Eric Young slowly steps onto the stage, a wide grin on his face, his leather jacket collar popped up around his the fans let him have it, Young spins around to show off the huge red maple leaf on his back as golden sparks shower down around him..

                              -Joey Styles "It's going to be tough to decide who I hate more in this match tonight. I can't stand the smugness of either Eric Young or AJ Styles."
                              -Coach "You just have a problem with greatness, it seems. I for one am excited to see two of the most talented men on the planet join forces against Team UK there."
                              -Joey Styles "Ireland isn't part of the UK, Coach."
                              -Coach "Oh what's the difference?"

                              Galloway and Devitt look on from the ring, Galloway already leaning over the ropes and shouting at Eric Young...Young stands at ringside and continues to grin as he awaits his partner, and slowly removes his jacket..

                              And the booing gets even more intense as the music of AJ Styles hits..the Television Champion steps onto the stage with the belt strapped tightly around his waist, flashing blue in the flickering strobes surrounding him..Styles does his usual pose, basking in the crowd's hatred as blue fireworks pop behind him...

                              -Joey Styles "I feel like I've said all that can be said about AJ Styles, and it was all proven last week when he revealed that he faked his injury all along to try and dodge competitors."
                              -Coach "Not even I can defend AJ Styles' actions as of late, Joe. He's my boy and all, and he's insanely talented, so it's hard to see him act like he did. Totally uncalled for, but I still believe he'll hold on to that belt for a long time, which is something nobody can argue."

                              Styles and Young walk on either side of the ring, Styles shouting at the referee to tell Galloway and Devitt to back off before he enters the ring...the referee talks Galloway down, who continues to shout insults at Eric Young, who just smirks from ringside..

                              After a few minutes of heated trashtalk, Galloway finally steps into his corner..AJ Styles tells Eric Young to get in the ring, and he does as Styles takes his place on the apron after handing over the Television Championship to Maria...Styles is sure to kiss the title one last time, and instructs Maria to be careful with it...Maria rolls her eyes as the bell sounds..

                              Drew Galloway & Prince Devitt vs. Eric Young & AJ Styles

                              Eric Young looks incredibly stiff as he squares off with Prince Devitt, who quickly dances away from his opponent. Eric Young lumbers into the centre of the ring, and doesn't even have time to react before Devitt lands a swift kick to his thigh. Young reaches for Devitt to try and tie him up, but Devitt dances away again before landing another kick to the exact same spot.

                              Eric Young wipes his face in frustration and swings at Devitt, who smiles as he ducks away and lands yet another stiff kick to Young's thigh. This time Young staggers slightly and almost falls to one knee, and another kick from Devitt puts him on the canvas. Prince Devitt then snatches his ankle and takes control of Young's leg, stomping on the back of his leg as he controls it with his hands. Eric Young can only cry out in pain as he tries to fight free, but with each well-placed kick, Young only becomes weaker and weaker.

                              Finally, Prince Devitt drops his elbow on Eric Young's knee and wrenches his leg. Eric Young claws at Devitt's head and tries to pull him in close for a Sleeper Hold, but Devitt simply wriggles free and keeps the Leglock in tight. Finally, Young manages to get his other leg over Devitt's head and pull him backwards onto his shoulders for a pinfall, but Devitt kicks out immediately.

                              Eric Young spins onto his hands and knees, but he can't put any weight on his leg. Before he even has a chance to try and stand, Prince Devitt kicks him hard in the ribs, then grabs his injured leg and raises him off the canvas, slamming his knees on the mat. Young screams in pain and turtles, pulling his knees in close in a poor attempt to defend himself from Prince Devitt's onslaught.

                              AJ Styles shouts at Eric Young to get up, but is quickly silenced when Prince Devitt fakes a punch at the Television Champion. AJ Styles flinches, then quickly becomes enraged as Prince Devitt and the crowd laugh at him. Styles tries to get into the ring, and Prince Devitt welcomes him, but the referee puts a stop to it before anything comes of it.

                              As Styles shouts at Devitt from across the ring, Devitt tags in an eager Drew Galloway, who dashes across the ring and pounces on Eric Young immediately. Young is pulling himself up with the ropes when Drew Galloway hits a Dropkick to his knee, putting him right back on the canvas. Galloway then dives at him with an Axe Handle, slamming his clenched fists into Young's spine. Galloway pulls himself to his feet and stomps on Young's chest as he tries to crawl away, but only scurries backwards and traps himself in a corner. Seated against the turnbuckle, Eric Young can only watch as Drew Galloway slams the sole of his boot into Young's neck and chest over and over and over, until finally the referee steps in and forces Drew Galloway off.

                              This brings some heat from the crowd down on the referee, who suddenly finds himself the focus of Drew Galloway's rage. Galloway screams at the referee that he did nothing wrong, but the referee tells him to back off and keep things clean. Realizing his argument is futile, Galloway shoves past the referee and grabs Eric Young by the head, who suddenly rakes Galloway's eyes!

                              Drew Galloway staggers away and falls to his knees, clutching his face! The referee isn't sure what happened, but Prince Devitt fills him in, calling the referee every name in the book. The ref shouts at Devitt, who dismisses the official with a wave of his hand as the crowd continues to boo.

                              Eric Young is in no shape to capitalize, but the dirty move gives him enough time to limp to his corner and tag in AJ Styles.

                              Styles sees Galloway trying to get up and charges into the ring, cutting him down with a Chop Block to his injured knee. Galloway grabs at his knee brace, grimacing in pain, while AJ Styles gets up and glares at Prince Devitt. Styles flicks some sweat Devitt's way before kicking Galloway as hard as he can in the kneecap. He then grabs Galloway's leg and controls it, kicking the back of his knee as Devitt did to Young earlier. Styles spends a moment or two doing this, all the while staring at Prince Devitt and mocking him. Finally, Styles calls for the end and looks to lock in a Figure Four..

                              ...SMALL PACKAGE! GALLOWAY ROLLS UP STYLES...but AJ Styles kicks out at 2. Styles angrily scrambles to his feet and begins kicking at Galloway's leg again, but this time Galloway fights through the pain and hooks his arm around one of Styles' legs! Styles can't figure out where to go, and is easily tackled to the ground by Galloway, who mounts Styles and pounds the hell out of him!

                              Rights and lefts rain down on AJ Styles and Drew Galloway shows no signs of letting up! The fans go wild as Drew Galloway unloads on the Television Champion, who finally manages to kick and wriggle his way free. Styles latches onto the bottom rope and pulls himself out of the ring, collapsing on the floor below.

                              Drew Galloway climbs to his feet and shouts at Styles to get back in the ring, but Styles simply shakes his head and dismisses Drew Galloway. The fans boo as AJ Styles grabs his TV title belt from the timekeeper's table and heads toward the ramp!

                              Eric Young looks on with his arms up in disbelief. AJ Styles circles the ring and plans to make a hasty exit, but before he can, Prince Devitt latches onto his shoulder and rolls him into the ring!

                              The crowd pops as AJ Styles rolls to his feet and glares at Prince Devitt! Styles, still holding the TV title in his hand, sees Drew Galloway out of the corner of his eye and ducks beneath a Lariat attempt. Galloway spins around, and Styles swings the Television Championship for his head!

                              ...Galloway ducks! He drops on his side and pulls AJ Styles down with a Drop Toe Hold! Styles is trapped and Galloway easily puts him in the Lock Ness Monster!

                              The fans go crazy as AJ Styles cries out in immense pain as his arms are bent awkwardly behind his back! Styles looks to already be on the verge of tapping out, but Eric Young makes the save by diving into the ring and slamming his forearm into the back of Drew Galloway's head.

                              Galloway releases the hold, but Prince Devitt has seen enough. He charges into the ring as well, attacking Eric Young. In all the commotion, AJ Styles slips out of the ring with his Television Championship and falls all over himself as he makes a speedy exit up the ramp!

                              The referee stays on the ball though, and begins his 10-count. AJ Styles is already out of sight by the time the referee reaches 3, and he continues as all hell breaks loose in the ring.

                              Behind the referee, Prince Devitt drags Eric Young to his feet. Young is helpless as Prince Devitt boots him in the gut and hooks his arm...

                              ...BLOODY SUNDAY!!! Devitt plants Eric Young on his face and puts him right out cold! Drew Galloway grins from ear to ear as he looms over the fallen Canadian at his feet, and quickly traps his arms in the Lock Ness Monster!


                              Eric Young is screaming bloody murder as Prince Devitt plays to the crowd!


                              Eric Young begins to tap, but Drew Galloway doesn't release the hold! Not that it matters anyway...



                              The crowd erupts as the 10-count is made and the referee calls for the bell! As soon as he does, he grabs Drew Galloway's arms and attempts to pull him free of Eric Young! Galloway holds the submission for another few seconds, then releases, pushing Eric Young's face into the canvas as he stands up and joins Prince Devitt in celebration!

                              -Joey Styles "Not only has AJ Styles dodged every opponent in the past few weeks, but he just ditched the ONLY PERSON to have his back this whole time!"
                              -Coach "What is up with that guy, Joe? Styles could have wiped the mat with all these nobodies, yet he just bailed! C'mon, man!"

                              The fans roar as Galloway and Devitt stand tall, Eric Young writhing in pain at their feet...

                              Commercial break...


                              • Re: New Era Wrestling

                                After the break, the cameras are following Eric Young down a long hallway backstage...Young is stomping down the hall angrily, cursing to himself has he rapidly searches for someone..

                                -Eric Young "Where is that son of a bitch!? Where is he!?"

                                Young turns a corner and looks around in lost frustration as some production crew members look on...he spins around in a circle checking his surroundings, then suddenly locks eyes with who he's looking for..

                                -Eric Young "HEY! AJ!!"

                                The camera spins around and we see Television Champion AJ Styles stop in his tracks..he hangs his head for a moment, then turns around, grinning from ear-to-ear..

                                -AJ Styles "Eric! How-"

                                -Eric Young "You bailed on me, you son of a bitch!"

                                Eric Young leans forward and shoves AJ Styles backwards! AJ staggers slightly, then falls over a chair behind him! The crowd pops as AJ Styles tries to get back up, but can't before Young pounces on him and grabs him by the neck!

                                -Eric Young "I was the ONLY person that had your back, and this how you repay me!?"

                                Young drags AJ Styles to his feet and hurls him at a wall! Styles tries to fight back and he swings at Young, but Young ducks and slams his shoulder into Styles' gut! Styles hunches over and looks up just as Eric Young backhands him across the face! Styles sprawls out on the floor as Eric Young begins kicking him in the ribs!

                                Eric Young shouts at Styles the whole time he lays into him, then drags him to his feet and throws him through an exit and into the night! Eric Young then grabs the Television Championship off the ground and looks at it, then opens the door..

                                -Eric Young "You forgot your precious belt, not that you deserve it, you prick!"

                                Young throws the belt out the door and lets it slam behind him...he turns and begins to walk away, but stops in his tracks when he sees that Drew Galloway is now standing in his path!

                                The fans cheer as Eric Young rolls his eyes, expecting an attack...but it never comes...Galloway stands with his arms crossed, and simply steps aside, letting Eric Young pass...

                                ...but he puts a hand on his chest, stopping him...Eric Young looks up at Galloway, who grins at him..

                                -Drew Galloway "Don't let this fool ya, lass. You and I still have unfinished business, but it can wait."

                                Galloway lets Eric Young walk off, and he does so with a scowl on his face...


                                The view cuts to another area backstage, and we see The Briscoes and Bro Canada! The fans roar as the two teams stand in what looks like a loading dock, looking over their shoulders and talking low to one another..

                                -Jay Briscoe "It's only a matter of time."

                                -Zack Ryder "We know that as well as you guys."

                                -TJ Hart "I don't like this at all, but what are we going to do?"

                                -Mark Briscoe "Just don't panic you wimpy Canuck."

                                -Zack Ryder "Don't talk to my Canuck that way, you hick!"

                                -Jay Briscoe "BOYS! Calm down, goddamnit!"

                                As their voices rise, they all hush one another and look around again..

                                -Jay Briscoe "Look, The Young Bucks joining up with those emo dicks is nothing but bad news for all of us. Things have been bad, yeah, but whether we like to admit it or not, this is a war."

                                -Zack Ryder "Gomer Pyle is right, TJ. The Young Bros are going to use their new alliance to get those belts by any means necessary, and if we don't stop them then none of us will be seeing gold for a long time. We've got to band together, or die."

                                -TJ Hart "Fine by me. As long as that fat idiot Windham Rotunda gets what's coming to him, I don't care who I have to trust."

                                -Voice "Fat idiot!?"

                                The two teams turn around to see the NEW Tag Team Champions stroll up behind them...Jay Briscoe swears under his breath as Windham & Taylor Rotunda step into the group with the tag team belts slung over their shoulders..

                                -Windham Rotunda "I like this little group therapy session you little boys have going on here, but we're just fine on our own thank you very much. The day that the decendants of legends need help from a Canadian, a Jersey Shore wannabe, and two redneck pigs is the day we hang up our boots. We're the blood of a legend, and don't need your help."

                                Windham and Taylor smile to themselves as TJ Hart steps forward, getting right in Windham's face..

                                -TJ Hart "Blood of a legend, huh? Well I trained with THE legend. The best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. And I'll take that over claiming a birthright like some smug asshole any day!"

                                Windham laughs to himself and glares down at TJ Hart as the fans roar behind him..

                                -Windham Rotunda "And what are you going to do abou-"

                                SLAP!!! TJ Hart slaps Windham right across the face! Taylor Rotunda jumps on Hart just as the other three join in the fray! An all-out brawl ensues, but before it can get to full steam, The Young Bucks and the four men in black arrive!

                                The fans can be heard booing from the arena as The Young Bucks lead the charge, and the six men dismantle The Briscoes, Bro Canada, and the Tag Team Champions!

                                The beating is severe, and when it's all said and done, The Young Bucks stand over the six fallen men at their feet, and grab the Tag Team titles in their hands...the masked men in black stand in a line behind them, arms crossed...

                                -Nick Jackson "You were all right about one thing. It's only a matter of time before we take these belts back, just like you took them from us at All Hallow's Eve. The only difference is that when we do, there won't be a damn thing you can do about it."

                                Nick and Matt toss the belts back on the rightful Champions and nod at the men in black...all six walk off as the camera fades..

                                Commercial break...