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ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

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  • ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

    This is an alternate reality of what would have happened had the ECW not died back in early 2001. I'm going to rebook the storylines from January 2001 through the decade, and try to keep the talent availability, and roster moves as realistic as I can to the changes that occured within the industry through the decade. Lets have a little fun with what could have been of the ECW, had it never died, and lost its core fanbase in January of 2001. Lets put some of that 20/20 hindsight to use, and pretend that Vince Mcmahon actually takes Paul Heyman, and the ECW seriously.

    The following is actual fact, and a description of events that occured in January of 2001:

    January 13th, 2001: Just 1 week after the Guilty as Charged PPV, The ECW holds it's final show in Pine Bluff Arkansas. The company soon cancels its March 11th Living Dangerously PPV, and prepares to file for Bankruptcy in the spring.

    Meanwhile, SEG, parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is also on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, after a long, draining battle to secure legal sanctioning from state athletic commisions, as well as a majority of their top drawing talent leaving the company to the rival Japanese Pride FC promotion(Vitor Belfort, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, Royce Gracie), retiring(Frank Shamrock, Bas Rutten), or persuing other career endeveors, such as pro wrestling(Don Frye, Ken Shamrock).

    Executives of the Las Vegas based "Station Casinos" casino chain, Frank, and Lorenzo Fertitta, and their bussiness partner Dana White approached SEG to purchase the UFC in late 2000, and in January 2001, the men purchased the UFC for $2 million under the parent entity of Zuffa LLC. Lorenzo Fertitta made this statement to Fighters Only magazine about the purchase:

    "I had my attorneys tell me that I was crazy because I wasn't buying anything. I was paying $2 million and they were saying `What are you getting? I said `What you don't understand is I'm getting the most valuable thing that I could possibly have, which is those three letters: UFC. That is what's going to make this thing work. Everybody knows that brand, whether they like it or they don't like it, they react to it."
    ...And, this is where the Fan Fiction starts:

    February 1st 2001:

    Breaking news in the Pro Wrestling industry:
    Vince Mcmahon's WWF buys the ECW for an undisclosed amount, saving the company from bankruptcy. Mcmahon was inspired by the recent buyout of the ailing UFC by Zuffa, and seen the potential threat that the company was to the WWF's PPV marketshare in the future. Zuffa's new UFC relaunch will debut on the 23rd of this month at their UFC 30 ppv, to be held in Atlantic City, NJ. The ECW will hold their first show under new management on the 16th of this month, to be held at the ECW arena in Philadelphia.
    In a statement issued to the press, Mcmahon made the following statements:

    "The ECW attracts a different brand of wrestling fans. A demographic of 18-35 year old men that we feel we can appeal to better with the ECW brand than what we can with the WWF, which is meant for a more broad, general audience. Throughout the history of wrestling, there has always been different types of wrestling for different types of fans. In the same way that the WCW apealed to the southern, blue coller, country fans of the south with their "Rasslin" style in the 80's, and early 90's, the ECW appeals to the type of wrestling fans that think they know it all. The types of fans that have all of the inside information, and a general knowledge of how the Pro Wrestling industry works behind the curtains thanks to "dirt sheet" magazines, and the rise of the internet. The ECW also has a trademark style of wrestling that appeals to people outside of the traditional pro wrestling fan base. The "Spot-Fest", weapon based violence style would never be very successfull among the majority of the WWF's fanbase, but there is a different demographic that the ECW attracts, a demographic that would not usually be interested in the WWF's brand. After the backlash from sponsers in recent years over the WWF's sleazy "Attitude" style, which was inspired by the ECW, and used by the WWF to overcome the more traditional WCW in the Monday night ratings war, we had to tone down our product to please our sponsers. Most of our sponsers are family oriented companies(Stridex, Castrol GTX, Mars Candy). With the ECW's edgier fanbase we believe we have a demographic that is attractive to edgier sponsers, which should allow us to continue to allow the ECW to push the envelope in the way that the company has in the past decade, all the while maintaining that rabid fanbase that it still has. Paul Heyman came to me like a man, and asked me for help. He convinced me that the ECW had a deep underground nationwide following. The thing that conviced me was their show in Los Angeles 6 months ago at their Heatwave ppv. I seen the biggest crowd in the history of the company, and I realized that it was a company that was about to die from bad management. I made loans to Heyman to keep the ECW alive, substantial loans of money that I knew I would probobly never see returned. Paul came to me, and told me that the loans were not enough. Paul convinced me of the potential of the three letters(ECW), and I've decided to make an investment in the brand. We(the WWF) are going to assume complete ownership of the brand."

    "I think that Zuffa has the bussiness savy, and the money to give the UFC a solid push in the PPV market, especially among the ECW demographic. In order to remain competitive among that demographic, the WWF has officially purchased the ECW."

    "The ECW will resume operations with an event at the ECW Arena on February the 16th, and will return to a bi monthly PPV schedule starting with Living Dangerously to be held as planned on March 11th. We have officially bought the ECW Arena, and the place will be undergoing some renovations. The ECW Arena will be transformed into a television studio, and will be the permanent homebase of the company. Paul Hayman will be kept on the payroll as executive commisioner, and will remain in command over most of the company's wrestling related decision making. Hayman was responsible for the ECW's trademark "R Rated" style, and we want to keep that style. The bulk of the ECW's roster will remain intact, and the company will focus on getting back in the black financially, and returning to cable tv in the year 2001. Until we find a new cable network for the program, the ECW will continue to operate in the same small scale, "grass roots" manner that it did before they debuted on TNN in 1999. ECW Hardcore TV will run in syndication with an hour long program leading up to the bi monthly PPVs, and the traditional ECW "Super Card" events at the ECW arena taking place during the months in between PPV's. ECW PPV's, merchandise, and programming will be much more widely available through WWF home video,, and various other means of cross promotion."
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------================================================== ================================================== ==============
    Here is where we are now

    November 2001
    World Champion


    FTW Champion


    World Tag Team Champions

    Roster as of November 2001:
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    Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

    Hardcore TV 2-23-2001
    Hardcore TV 3-2-2001
    Hardcore TV 3-9-2001
    Living Dangerously 2K1 3-11-2001

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      Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

      Hardcore TV 3-16-2001
      Hardcore TV 3-23-2001

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        Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

        Breaking news:

        March 26, 2001:


        Hardcore TV 3-30-2001

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          Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

          Hardcore TV 4-6-2001
          Hardcore TV 4-13-2001

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            Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

            Cyberslam 2K1 4-14-2001
            Hardcore TV 4-20-2001
            Hardcore TV 4-27-2001

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              Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

              Hardcore TV 5-4-2001

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                Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                I've been really enjoying this. The format makes it so easy to read. I don't feel like I'm engaging in a book study by following. Keep it up!
                We ARE pro-wrestling.


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                  Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                  Hardcore TV 5-11-2001

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                    Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                    Hardcore Heaven PPV 5-13-2001

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                      Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                      Hardcore TV 5-18-2001

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                        Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                        Extreme Championship Wrestling
                        Championship Title Histories.

                        ECW World Tag Team Championship Title History


                        ECW Television Championship Title History


                        Officailly sanctioned, and recognized ECW FTW(F#ck the World) Championship Title History.


                        ECW World Championship Title History

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                          Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                          Hardcore TV 5-25-2001

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                            Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                            Hardcore TV 6-1-2001

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                              Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

                              ECW Home Video avalable at

                              Distributed by RF Video

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