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World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

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  • World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.



    Upcoming iPPV

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.


    WCW proudly presents The Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament! Eight men will battle it out to be named the first new WCW Champion in over a decade! Pro wrestlers that you know and have yet to meet will go at it in a single-elimination tournament with a champion to be crowned all in one night.

    Professional wrestlers competing in the tournament include: Brent Albright, Kurt Angle, The Necro Butcher, Steve Corino, Alberto Dos Caras, Chris Hero, CM Punk, & Adam Pearce.

    PLUS~! The world debut of what could be the most dominate force to ever
    step foot in the ring: DOOMSDAY. From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a force to be reckoned with. In a tag team exhibition, the team of DOOMSDAY - comprised of Japanese wrestling stars Takeshi Morishima & Bison Smith - will face off against independent pro wrestling's cult classic tag team: Fastball Special ("The Generic Luchadore" El Generico & "The Intrepid Traveler" Paul London).
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      Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

      Welcome to Fan Fiction. It's always nice to see a new face and a new fed, especially one with such a talented roster. However, can I suggest that you try formatting and colours to make your fed look more presentable? Also, take a look at our rules and guidelines, check out Fed Thread and other feds to give you more of an idea of what FF is about.

      Man of the world.


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        Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

        Yeah, I co-sign everything WMS just said but I also want to add my excitement. I've loved your posts in the Wrestling forums so I'm psyched for this.

        s u r r e n d e r

        ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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          Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

          Originally posted by WMS
          Welcome to Fan Fiction. It's always nice to see a new face and a new fed, especially one with such a talented roster. However, can I suggest that you try formatting and colours to make your fed look more presentable? Also, take a look at our rules and guidelines, check out Fed Thread and other feds to give you more of an idea of what FF is about.

          Eh, I'm not big on that stuff (HTML, etc.). To me the meat is in the stories that I'll be telling. I'll probably toss together some text-based logos in Photoshop, but that's about it. If it's something I have to do, then I guess count me out. I didn't think there was that much to the whole fantasy booking-thing here. Sorry.
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            Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

            WCW Newswire (8/19/11)

            - Anticipation is already building for the 8/27 iPPV, "The Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament," LIVE on! GFL has informed WCW executives that pre-buys have been strong and continue to increase. We at WCW want to assure those who are giving us a chance that the statement of "Wrestling for the 21st century" isn't just our tagline - it's our state of being. If you have yet to purchase the iPPV off of the website - do so now!

            - WCW officials were surprised this afternoon with a voicemail message left in German. Not much could be made out from this message, with the notable exception of "Generico." Could something be in store for "The Generic Luchadore" on 8/27? There's only one way to find out: order now on!

            - Tickets are currently on sale at for the 8/27 iPPV which will take place live in Atlanta, GA at Center Stage. Center Stage is rich with WCW history and the 8/27 show will be no different. Tickets are selling fast (front row is already gone!), so act quick. If you can't be there in person, make sure you check out to order it.

            - will be making a HUGE announcement next week about the state of WCW action and how you will be able to view it on a weekly basis.

            - WCW officials were sent a video clip to place on our a web site this morning. Unfortunately, due to the content (lots of guns and swearing), we cannot in good conscience upload it. We do feel confident, however, in summarize the general message of the video for you: The Briscoe Brothers are coming.
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              Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

              Originally posted by TMMW
              EDIT: No pics or anything. Unnecessary. All that matters are the stories to follow.
              This just gave me a boner. Now don't give me blue balls.


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                Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                WCW Newswire (8/25/11)

                - We are only two days away from one of the biggest wrestling events of the year: The Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament! WCW will be reborn on 8/27, LIVE on iPPV! Tickets are SOLD OUT for the event, which will feature an eight-man tournament to crown the first WCW Champion of the new era. Wrestling greats involved include CM Punk and Kurt Angle. Tickets may be sold out, but you can still order it from and watch it LIVE on iPPV this Saturday at 8:00 pm.

                - WCW officials were left another strange voicemail this week. Again, the comments were in German so unfortunately the message has not been fully decoded. However, like last the time - the name "Generico" was mentioned. Is something ominous in store for El Generico and Paul London at this Saturday's iPPV? The cult-sensation tag team is already faced with the daunting task of DOOMSDAY (Bison Smith & Takeshi Morishima). For the answers to these questions and more, make sure you order the iPPV this Saturday from!

                - Lastly, officials are happy to announce the date of our NEXT live event. This event will take place on 9/3, live from Center Stage in Atlanta, GA - the site of this Saturday's iPPV! However, it's definitely worth mentioning that this isn't just any live event. This will be the first taping for the official WCW Internet TV show! You'll be able to catch WCW action on a weekly basis beginning 9/10/11 from! To get in on the ground floor and be a part of his HUGE and HISTORIC event, visit NOW for tickets!
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                  Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                  - The show opens with a video detailing the history of WCW and the NWA. Lots of great clips are shown from the 80s and 90s, before ending on a somber note with clips from the final Nitro in 2001. The video then explodes with clips derived from the indy scene, Mexico, and Japan over the last decade highlighting wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Alberto Dos Caras, The Necro Butcher, and CM Punk. It comes to end with stark white text on a black background that reads: "Pro wrestling for the 21st century."

                  - Cut immediately to ringside and a cameraman runs around the ring catching the vocal crowd. It finally ends on the commentary team of Lenny Leonard and Austin Aries. Lenny Leonard welcomes the fans, calling this one of the biggest events he's ever been to. He says there are some 800 fans in attendance and that Center Stage has been sold out for weeks in anticipation of this event. A graphic pops up with the tournament brackets, which end up as:

                  CM Punk vs. The Necro Butcher
                  Steve Corino vs. Alberto Dos Caras
                  Kurt Angle vs. Adam Pearce
                  Chris Hero vs. Brent Albright

                  Lenny then gives his prediction to win: Chris Hero. Austin Aries is pulling for CM Punk. Lenny Leonard thanks the fans again and the camera cuts to the middle of the ring with Bobby Cruise who starts the introductions for the opening match.

                  Match 1: Brent Albright vs. Chris Hero

                  - On the stage behind the ring stands Lenny Leonard. Lenny brings out The Necro Buthcer. Necro is wearing a black t-shirt that reads, "Drink. Smoke. Fight." Necro promises to pile the bodies to the sky and gets in the ring. CM Punk comes out next and complains about how it's beneath him to wrestle a "heathen" like Necro. CM Punk threatens to call the police about the hobo in a public area, but then decides to take care of the hobo-problem himself.

                  Match 2: Necro Butcher vs. CM Punk

                  - We cut back to ringside where Lenny Leonard profusely apologizes for the previous match. Austin calls him a wimp, for it. He says Punk gave Butcher exactly what that hobo deserved. Lenny tosses back to Bobby Cruise for introductions for the next match.

                  Match 3: Kurt Angle vs. Adam Pearce

                  - Leonard catches Angle before he departs and asks Angle for his thoughts. Angle says that Pearce is indicative of the level of talent he has to face in WCW. He comments on how Pearce is a former NWA World Champion and is no slouch and then compliments Pearce on a hard-fought battle (off-screen, Pearce gives Angle the middle finger). Angle says that the time of fighting guys pretending to be movie villains and men with DayGlo tans is over. Angle leaves and Bobby Cruise does intros for the next match.

                  Match 4: Alberto Dos Caras vs. Steve Corino

                  - Lenny Leonard brings to the stage one of the more famous tag teams on the indy scene, The Briscoes. Mark and Jay yell incoherently for a minute or so before finishing with a "MAN UP!" When they leave, a young man runs onto the stage and tells Leonard something in his ear. Leonard then dramatically announces something has happened in the locker room.

                  - In the locker room we see Paul London and El Generico laid out. Leonard rushes into the shot asking some surrounding wrestlers if they knew what happened. One of them points rolls London onto his belly to reveal a spray-painted, red cross on his back.

                  - A video segment plays hyping the debut of WCW on the Internet.

                  - Back to ringside where Lenny announces that the scheduled DOOMSDAY vs. Fastball Special match will not be taking place at this time. He says officials are working hard to come up with a replacement later on. A graphic pops up with updated tournament brackets. Aries points out that Dos Caras gets an automatic shot at the finals since Butcher and Punk were counted out. Another young man comes out and says that replacements have been found for Fastball Special. The camera cuts to Cruise in the ring for the intros.

                  Match 5: Caleb Konley/Sal Rinauro vs. DOOMSDAY

                  - At ringside Lenny Leonard wants to know what happened to Fastball Special. Aries pontificates that it has something to do with the mysterious voicemails that WCW officials had been receiving during the week. Leonard announces a brief intermission.

                  - INTERMISSION

                  - Lenny Leonard welcomes the fans back and they show the updated tournament brackets again. Leonard takes the opportunity to hype the upcoming television taping on 9/3. Leonard tosses it over to Cruise, who is in the ring and ready for intros.

                  Match 6: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Hero

                  - Kurt Angle, exhausted, offers a handshake to Hero. Hero just spits on him and leaves. Alberto Dos Caras storms the ring from nowhere and attacks Angle, kicking off the main event!

                  Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. Alberto Dos Caras - WCW Championship Match

                  - Medics take Kurt Angle out of the ring. Alberto spits on Angle as he's taken out. Dory Funk, Jr. comes out and presents Alberto with the WCW Championship. Alberto cuts a promo in Spanish to piss the fans off. Trash fills up the ring. Leonard doesn't like that Dos Caras won, but admits he did it fairly. The show ends with Dos Caras on a turnbuckle, raising the WCW Championship in the air.
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                    Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                    I don't have much to say about your debut show except that I really enjoyed skimming over it. I wish you presented your matches a little bit differently (i.e. spoiling Angle going into the finals), but that's just one little thing. I like your format, it's super easy to read and you managed to get everything told that needed to be told. Very inspiring for me, as I'm having a hard time getting off the ground with a fed, but reading this gave me a general idea of how I could present.

                    Anyway, great presence. Glad you're in Fan Fic and CANNOT wait to see what you have in store, following tonight.


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                      Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                      Thanks for the comments. Didn't even think about the spoilers. I'll figure out a way to address that next time I run a tournament like this.
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                        Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                        Yeah my suggestion with a tournament like that would be to name the matches differently. Say like Semi Finals - Match One, then have who is in the match in the top of the spoiler section, like Kurt Angle vs. Chris Hero. That way you wouldn't spoil who makes it through and who doesn't. On the show it was a great read, I didn't know a few guys but that's ok and the main event felt like it would have been a treat to watch. Good luck with this man
                        Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                          Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                          WCW Newswire (8/30/11)

                          - The Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament is in the record books, and the winner and first WCW Champion of the modern-era is none other than Alberto Dos Caras! The Mexican Aristocrat had something of an easy path to the championship, but nonetheless he remains the champion. Early word is that his first defense might be sooner than he thinks.

                          - We are only days away from our live Internet TV taping. Tickets in at Center Stage are already sold out, but you will be able to view the action first hand on your computer one week from Saturday!

                          - Talent on hand for the show includes: WCW Champion Alberto Dos Caras, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, The Necro Butcher, Steve Corino, Adam Pearce, DOOMSDAY, Fastball Special, The Briscoes, Brent Albright, Chris Hero, Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards!

                          - WCW Officials are looking into the matter at hand as it relates to the assault laid on Fastball Special last Saturday.

                          - WCW Officials are happy to announce some regulations regarding the WCW Championship. The title, at a minimum, must be defended once a calendar month. That is to say, the championship must be defended at some point between September 1 and September 30 and then at some point between October 1 and October 31. There is no specific number of days between defenses.

                          - Additionally, WCW is making a progressive move as far as regulations go in the pro wrestling environment. Foreign objects will not be accepted in the ring. However, it is accepted and understood that things can get out of hand in the ringside area. In moments like that, it will be up to the referee's discretion as to whether not to signal for a disqualification. Additionally, while the standard might be a 10-count, in WCW referees will be using a 20-count when wrestlers stray to the outside.
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                            Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                            From the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

                            Originally posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
                            - There were a lot of people backstage on Saturday night in Atlanta for the WCW show. Big names including Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels, and John Layfield.

                            - The big plan, as of now, is to build the promotion around established guys (Kurt Angle) taking off relatively new-to-the-world guys (Alberto Dos Caras) with the idea that it will help kick-start a cyclical process of continually building new stars, milking those stars, and then using those stars to build new stars. Great idea, but it almost never ends up happening that way.

                            - Many of the higher end officials were very pleased with how the show came off as far as in-ring content, video production, and the fans go.

                            - There is another show scheduled for 9/3 which will be a TV taping for an Internet TV show. The show is already sold out. They're using an attendance model for business, where they're basing all profits off of selling seats.

                            - Backstage, Kurt Angle and CM Punk emerged as locker-room leaders. One person described it as "completely unlike any major promotion ever, where the old guys were genuinely helping new guys get prepped and going over ideas for matches with them."
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                              Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                              I've been meaning to post this review for a few days (stupid 55-hour weeks).

                              First and overall, I love your no-nonsense/streamlined approach to this fed. You rebuking the norms of fed presentation is so bad ass. Also, the brevity and clarity of your writing makes it easy and a joy to read.

                              Also overall, I actually like the use of the WCW brand here. It's such a recognized name that it prevents superstar talent like CM Punk, Kurt Angle and Alberto Del Rio from sticking out like a sore thumb. On the flipside of that, you also use relatively well known talent from the independent scene... so it all seems to fit in a way.

                              Now, onto your first show/iPPV...

                              An overall note regarding your first show: you write match summaries very well. Some of the terminology used in them breaks the fourth wall here and there (e.g. "does several spots to hurt the arm"), but fuck it... who really cares about the fourth wall? Every match is engaging and each one tells enough of a story to be worth all the words used.

                              I don't know how to organize this review, so bear with me if it's a little less than structured.

                              I'm not familiar with Lenny Leonard, but Austin Aries seems like an interesting (a good interesting) choice to play the heel color commentator.

                              I've already read everything, so these are hindsight notes:

                              -The opener match would be a great way to hook the audience and kick off the night if this happened in real life. Albright looks reasonably strong, which in turn makes Hero seem all the stronger when he goes over. This is a good setup for Hero's strong push to the semifinals.

                              -I dug the Necro/Punk brawl and double count-out much more than I thought I would at the outset. I'm definitely left wondering where this will lead... a) because I think Necro cares more about kicking ass than winning titles, whereas the opposite seems to hold true for Punk; and b) Punk is a pretty big name in this fed, and him not making it to the finals is very interesting. This match and finish keeps all parties looking strong. I definitely dig it. For some reason, it reminded me of a chaotic Foley brawl.

                              -Angle/Pearce is a nice, glorified squash for Angle. If Punk is out, it's definitely clear after this that Angle is going to the finals via the semifinals. You know that one of the heels is getting the bye, and it makes sense to give it to Del Rio because Hero arguably needs the extra match to build him up more for the readers who are less familiar. Only other note about this match is that it begins setting up the umpteen Angle Slams that we'll see tonight that never have enough umph to finish anyone. I can't fault you for that though. If anything, that's adding an element of realism. It would be nice though to see the Angle Slam return to glory as a legit finisher.

                              -PS, I fucking love time limits. Between the matches so far and how they've played out, how the brackets are set up, how the tournament unfolds, the addition and use of built-in drama via time limits... it is crystal clear that a) you know exactly what you're doing as a booker; and b) you're a fucking ace when it comes to booking (IMO).

                              -I like the non-backstage backstage segments with Lenny catching talent either en route to the ring or en route to the back. Seems more gritty and real, less staged and gives me less of a reason to have to suspend my disbelief... I like.

                              -Angle puts Pearce over post-match with his words, but I don't think it's going to do much for Pearce. I see Pearce being a JTTS in this incarnation of WCW. I have no problem with that though since I'm not very familiar with him.

                              -The pre-match stuff for Corino/Del Rios is classic Del Rio. He shows enough personality there that I can buy him as the top heel in WCW. I like the notes from commentary during this match especially. You're very talented at something that is very hard, IMO, and that is taking snippets of very summarized commentary and interjecting them into match summaries (while maintaining the commentators' voices, no less) to build up either the characters in the ring, the story being told in the ring and/or both. I see Corino being the face equivalent of Pearce. Slightly less glorified squash gives Del Rio the push into the finals.

                              -I got a good laugh out of the Briscoes promo. London and Generico being laid out raises intrigue, as does the red cross. I'm not familiar with stuff from the independent scene, so I don't know if the red cross is a dead obvious giveaway or not about who is behind this.

                              -I appreciated the realism of the time killing/stalling between announcing that the DOOMSDAY match was off and finding a replacement set of challengers. The ensuing squash was all sorts of awesome, and I love your pairing of Smith and Morishima as this DOOMSDAY team. The match description gave me this perfect vision of a awesome and fitting LOD homage. It fits. I fucking love their update/puro spin on the Doomsday Device. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this tag team in your WCW.

                              -Oh, duh... Between the voicemails in German or whatever and looking at your roster page, the red cross has to do with The Cross - Aries and Claudio. I'm such an idiot. That ought to be an interesting pairing with an interesting gimmick. Your heel tag teams are already looking much more interesting that whatever face tag teams you have going on. I don't really care if you ever balance that out or not, because DOOMSDAY is that fucking awesome.

                              -Intermissions are overdone. I'd rather just have seen the show flow right into the semifinal match. If that's my biggest qualm about your show though, I'd say that you're doing something pretty fucking right and hitting the nail pretty fucking dead on the head.

                              -Angle/Hero was easily the showstealer. It makes Hero look pretty fucking strong, and I just know he'll be a big player in WCW. Angle's Angle Slam continues to be a practically pointless finisher, but at least Angle is bringing legitimacy back to cradles. That's about all I'm going to comment on. I'll start sounding too marky if I continue much longer on about this match, how well the summary read and drew me in, how awesome your booking mind and writing are, etc.

                              -I love Hero rejecting the handshake and spitting on Angle. Angle eventually becoming everyone's spittoon tonight is kind of funny. I also love Del Rio jumping Angle. Totally fits Del Rio's character, saves Angle's face if/when he loses, and reminds me of Jericho's fun run through Austin and Rock at Vengeance '01.

                              -The main event was the second best match of the night. The only drawback, besides having to immediately follow the showstealer, was that it was pretty obvious that Del Rio was going to win. That aside, the match/match summary was still an extremely entertaining ride. Angle passing out keeps him strong, and I kind of hope you ride him into the ground in this fed. I'd like to see the Wrestling Machine finally breakdown beyond repair in a fed and be sold to the junk yard for scrap. A retirement angle or something, with wrestling's never-say-die veteran riding off into the sunset or something. I don't know. I pretty much just want to see Angle die a triumphant/tragic death in the ring in FF. Is that so wrong of me?

                              -Love the ending/post-match stuff. Fuck sending the fans home happy. Just kidding. With all the awesome in-ring (and out-of-ring) action they've seen tonight, there's no way the fans can't be happy.

                              -Overall, pretty fun and solid first show - really set the tone of this fed well. I can't wait for more.

                              Finals/additional thoughts: really fucking interesting final note in your 8/30 newswire regarding action at ringside. Given the glimpse I've already been given of your booking genius, it'll be super intriguing to see how this regulation comes into play. Also, this feels more like vintage WCW now with special regulations. Hopefully there will be no rules against throwing anyone over the top rope during matches. The notes from WON, especially about who was backstage, are also very interesting. I can see JBL and Roberts both being fucking bad ass fits in this WCW. Fuck Shawn Michaels. Just kidding. I can see you making HBK work in this fed too, and in a pretty sick way.

                              All in all, if you stick with this and update it regularly enough, I can see this easily being a FF-P10 #1.
                              : 04/02/11}:forever&always
                              ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...