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World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

    As to the Briscoes, I don't think you're ever going to be pleased with their promos

    As to the hype videos, the videos were designed more like a puro-hype video or one that you would see in ROH. They're not videos of Carlito walking on a beach and spitting out an apple (which would be considered vignettes). They're videos of wrestlers wrestling. I'll try and give a bit more on that with the next show, but that's the basics of what they are.
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      Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

      WCW Underground 1.02

      And right off the bat, we've got another squash. Perfect-o! I'm pleased to see that DOOMSDAY will just be a no-nonsense, silent behemoth of a team.

      Even this early, I wonder how far the Butcher can go in any fed as a legitimate threat to the roster. Sure, he's a dirty brawler, but I couldn't believe he'd have a chance when put in there against a Kurt Angle or Davey Richards. Right now, I see him being used to put over Punk (no problem with that) and then left in the midcard. Corino's a good opponent for him; he's got that old-school punch-them-until-they-stop-standing fighting style. I think the Punk/Necro storyline is my highlight so far; hopefully the storyline is given the proper attention and becomes something deeper, much like Punk/Raven was in ROH. I want it to be personal, y'know?

      Woo, another squash. Very glad to see you will be using Underground in this way. The Cross look strong and London/Generico get their heat back... though I am completely baffled as to how you're using JML/JBL. He's an out-spoken guy, not a 'sheep' at all, so it's kinda intriguing that he goes on a person-by-person basis as to how he feels about them; it's not decided upon by whether they're a heel or a face. But unless the guy's going to be involved, either as a wrestler or a manager, you should probably keep him from interrupting a rising tag team to shoot them down. I got the feeling that the lone Texan could beat the shit outta' The Cross because of how forceful he was; something that makes me think less of Ares & Castagnoli, which isn't good for a team you're building as the top heels of the division.

      Are Davey and Eddie now officially Kurt's students? That's cool. If anyone has the credibility, both in terms of how much respect the other wrestlers have for him, and being known as a 'great technical wrestler', he seems the ideal fit to have students. Natural fit. I'm glad that Davey will be taking a backseat at the moment, because I thought that him being pushed right into the main event scene was perhaps a little hasty. Hopefully Kurt and Alberto will have their thing, and Davey will get his shot after you've really built him up and made us rally behind him.

      I love Pearce's schtick, both during and after the match, but wow, what an upset! After taking such a beating from Kurt Angle, I figured Pearce was going to be the top heel of the fed (of course Kurt won the match, so my predictions weren't well-placed...), but that's two losses in a row. That's okay, nothing wrong with being slow outta' the gates. But losing to Konley? Haha, I thought he was just some jobber brought in to be squashed. Guess I better google him...

      Another guy I didn't expect to lose, in Chris Hero. That's perfectly fine though, since Albright is a credible part of your roster. I'm very interested in how you build Brent up, especially since the obvious road was matching him with Angle in some way.

      This show was on the positive. Yes, I'm not a summary guy... but what you did, you did right. Things pretty much make sense and everything fits in it's own place (ie no square pegs in round holes). I'm not blown-away, but I can't complain and I'm a biiig complainer, so that's a good thing. xD

      - Interesting that you brought in real-life happenings, ie Kurt Angle's arrest. It makes things a hell of a lot more interesting and it's easier to buy into the scenario when you've got an inkling of realism. Two months is a long time, but I guess that's why you added Davey and Eddie to the storyline, to fill the space? Concerned you'll jump the gun of Davey/Dos Caras... but sometimes you need to do what's right for the moment and if that means covering for Angle's absence, I suppose it'll have to do.

      - Angle's a big name, but being one of the 'legit workers', he fits in with the indy guys. I'm not too sure about Batista, Jericho or HBK, though... they're way too big for this project, IMO, and would stand out like a sore thumb. A WCW with Goldberg and the nWo filling the roster? Sure, but this seems to be the promotion you sign with when your other options are exhausted.

      WCW Underground 1.03

      Poor Pearce... boring or not, you gotta' feel bad for the guy. Main Event for next week sounds good. I like how you're keeping the big stars limited, but bringing them out from time-to-time, making it a special moment.

      Of course Punk was going to win, but I'm pleased because Konley looks... I dunno... a little weird. He looks like he's wearing a fake, putty face over top of his real one. Punk doing what he does best, cutting promos. Again, I'm not big on breaking the 4th wall but I guess you're following up on the momentum of the big WWE storyline so I'm not gonna' be too down on it. I also like that Punk isn't TOTALLY focused on 'boo drugs and alcohol' and you're branching out there, with his focus being more on bad wrestlers. Punk is a brilliant character to write, but once you've read him in one fed, you've usually read him in all, y'know?

      What does Fastball Special mean? It sounds like a drug term, but I'm no Necro Butcher...

      Again, no surprise to the victors. The London line was pretty much perfect. It's a crappy play on words that a five year old would say, which makes it perfect for Paul, since he's lost his mind completely over the last year or so.

      Love the Three Kings. Completely refreshing group, so I'm excited to see what comes of it. Don't understand why JBL (yeah, I said JBL. That's shoot!) didn't throw off his headset and get into a fist fight with Aries, though. He's ready to smash Ares and Claudio for speaking a different language, but I guess being labelled a 'fat Texan' isn't insulting as the mere presence of foreigners. Eh, that actually makes sense for him. I like that the guy reporting the show is catching on with the whole squash thing. He's mimicking my thoughts exactly.

      The 3 on 3 is for the next iPPV? Alright, that's actually better than blowing it on an internet show. I originally thought it was for tonight, then went back and edited it thinking it was next week because I spotted Angle/Corino for tonight... but now it's going to be on the PPV. If Kurt's missing two months, why is he competing at the PPV? Why is he wrestling tonight?

      Love you for bringing in the original Team Angle. It certainly makes for an interesting twist to the storyline, and I'll be looking forward to how this plays out.

      Another show that didn't do anything wrong. If I can find a negative, it's that it felt like too many squashes. You know I love the idea, but when every single match, you can predict the winner/s as soon as you read the names, it takes the fun out of it.

      - Plus for bringing in Jimmy Jacobs. A little weasel with the two biggest guys on the roster standing behind him? That ought to be fun. And I'm a fan of tournaments; looking forward to the teams you assemble for it.


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        Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

        Originally posted by zap
        What does Fastball Special mean? It sounds like a drug term, but I'm no Necro Butcher...
        It's an X-Men reference. Back in the 80s, Colossus would throw Wolverine at someone/thing and they called it a "Fastball Special." The name itself sounds quick - which a team like London and Generico should be, as well as kind of goofy - which a team like London and Generico should be Plus, the whole "cult-sensation"-thing kind of matches up with comic book references, IMO. So that's where I got it.

        Originally posted by zap
        The 3 on 3 is for the next iPPV? Alright, that's actually better than blowing it on an internet show. I originally thought it was for tonight, then went back and edited it thinking it was next week because I spotted Angle/Corino for tonight... but now it's going to be on the PPV. If Kurt's missing two months, why is he competing at the PPV? Why is he wrestling tonight?
        That's just the thing! You have to remember: four episodes were filmed in on the afternoon of 9/3. So the last three episodes and the next episode all were filmed with certain storylines and what not prior to his arrest. His arrest and subsequent suspensions basically throws a major kink into the plans, you know? So now it's an issue of, OK - how will WCW deal with this considering they've built four episodes of storylines leading to one conclusion - but the next four episodes can't take that into account anymore.

        And thus, the story of WCW isn't just what happens on TV. It's all of it. Newswires and WON news pieces. And we all sit there and we judge certain promotions for how they treat their law breakers (TNA is still pushing Jeff Hardy? FFS!), so it's an opportunity for me to now just show you how I would book around this circumstance - but also the way I would handle it if I were actually the person in charge. I love this part of the fantasy booking!

        I also thought I should mention, since you've brought up the WCW-name, that I'm not looking at this as WCW that existed from '90-'01. This is the WCW I watched on Saturday mornings as a kid when it was just a TV show and not the name of a promotion. And if you have ever seen it (as a kid or on WWE 24/7), then it's easy to see the influences with squash, promo, squash, promo.
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          Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

          WCW Underground 1.04

          - Show opens with a recap of CM Punk's incredible promo from last week.

          - Normal video package to open the show plays.

          - Lenny Leonard and JML at the commentary table run down tonight's show. Lenny calls it the biggest yet as the WCW Championship will be defended tonight and on top of that we'll have a rematch from the Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament featuring CM Punk vs. The Necro Butcher.

          Match #1: Three Kings (Austin Aries/Brian Kendrick) vs. Drew Adler/Shane Rockwell

          - As has become the norm, the Kings approach the commentary table for some mic-time. Aries does most of the talking. He says that fat, out-of-shape losers like JML have ruined this industry in the ring and now outside it too. JML says he might be retired be has no problem whippin' Austin's pretty-boy ass. The Kings end up surrounding JML but music hits and out come, to a pretty strong reaction, THE BRISCOES! Mark takes the mic and rambles incoherently for a bit. Aries responds: "I have no idea what you just said." Jay yells "MAN UP!" and gets in the ring, beckoning for them to come after him. After some deliberation, Joey Ryan slides in and we have an impromptu match!

          Match #2: Jay Briscoe vs. Joey Ryan

          - A commercial plays hyping the Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament DVD, which can be purchased on

          - A video package plays hyping the tag division. We get clips of all the major teams in action, usually highlighting their tag team tandem moves as well as finishers. Clips play of DOOMSDAY, The Briscoes, The Cross, Fastball Special, and Three Kings. The package ends with the words: "TAG TEAM WRESTLING REBORN."

          - Lenny Leonard and JML talk about all of the great tag team action. JML gives a shout out to the Briscoes for coming to his aid. He says he hopes to see the Briscoes kick some royal ass in the future. Leonard says the Briscoes might just get the chance as the tournament to crown the first ever WCW Tag Team Champions of the new era will kick off next week. The eight-team tournament will take place over four weeks, culminating on 10/29 in the main event of the next WCW iPPV: Halloween Havoc!

          - A video package plays detailing the series of events between Alberto Dos Caras and Team Angle, leading up the to debut of Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team last week.

          - Alberto Dos Caras and WGTT come out and approach the broadcast table. Dos Caras says that Angle thought he had it all worked out, but then Dos Caras went and threw a kink in the plans. Dos Caras says that guys like WGTT are top-of-the-line and while Eddie and Davey might be wolves, WGTT are MEN. Benjamin puts in a word or two, but is clearly out of his element next to Dos Caras. Dos Caras says it's time for his monthly title defense and he decided to pick a man who has done pretty well in singles action on WCW Underground. He says his opponent is of the highest caliber and is none other than: Caleb Konley.

          Match #3: Alberto Dos Caras [c] vs. Caleb Konley - WCW Championship Match

          - Alberto takes the mic again and says at Halloween Havoc, he and Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team are going to break Team Angle.

          - Another commercial for the Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament DVD plays.

          - Lenny makes a big announcement for next week's show: the main event will be Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, taking on Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards!

          Match #4: Michael Cannon/Lee Roy vs. DOOMSDAY

          - Lenny calls DOOMSDAY over for a word. No dice as they just start menacingly into the camera and exit. They need a mouthpiece.

          - The same video package that opened the show plays, recapping the Butcher/Punk-feud.

          - Lenny speaks about how quickly this feud got violent. He says there are some people in the world when you put them in the same room, they just explode even if they don't know each other. He says two guys like Punk and Butcher who are such opposites are bound to ignite an explosive fuse when they come together.

          Main Event: The Necro Butcher vs. CM Punk

          - Not content, CM Punk continues his assault until security finally pulls him away. Punk has Butcher's blood all over him as the show ends.
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            Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

            From the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

            Originally posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
            - With Kurt Angle facing a suspension that begins next Monday and won't end until the end of the year, lots of names have been floating around about who will replace him as the top babyface of the brand. Dave Bautista, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Hassan Assad (formerly MVP), John Layfield, and even Brock Lesnar have been tossed out there. Bautista and Michaels are unlikely, even though both have professed to being huge fans of the product via Twitter. Jericho, Assad, and Layfield all hinted at possible in-ring returns this weekend. Lesnar is definitely not coming in, no matter what cryptic remarks Heyman might make on his web site. Smart money is probably on Assad, as Jericho has claimed if he ever got back into a ring it would be WWE and Layfield is probably still too banged up.

            - On the other hand, Jimmy Jacobs confirmed on a podcast interview this week with Dave Lagana that he would be coming in starting with this weekend's taping. He'll most likely serve as a much-needed mouth-piece for Takeshi Morishima and Bison Smith.

            - They'll be starting an eight-team tournament over the next four weeks leading into the next iPPV to determine tag champions. There will be a tournament match on each show for the first round, with the semis and finals taking place on iPPV - the final being the main event of the show.

            - There was some talk this week about a secondary title, but the feeling is that there's not an undercard to support it. When you think about it, that's pretty spot on since the only non-main event singles programs right now are Punk/Butcher and Albright/Hero.

            - If I were to bet money, I'd say Halloween Havoc - which already has the Alberto Dos Caras & Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. Kurt Angle (who will be replaced) & Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards trios match and at least three matches with the tournament - will be filled out by a CM Punk vs. Necro Butcher-match and a Chris Hero vs. Brent Albright-match.

            - CM Punk has spent weeks hyping an autograph signing on his Twitter. This week he sent out the following tweet, "Canceled the autograph signing. Cut my thumb. Fuck off if you're mad." Can't say he's not trying to get heel heat, at least.

            - We'll have our radio show with WCW booker Dave Lagana uploaded on Saturday, hopefully. It's a good one with tons of insight on the spoiler-free crusade.
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              Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

              So TM, I tried writing you a review last week on my cell phone, but obviously, the government wanted to screw me and deny my post. Damn the man. Anyways, we're here now, on a regular computer, reading your awesome WCW, and that's all that matters...

              So first and foremost, let it be known - despite what I'm doing now, I'm a huge mark for WCW. It's what I grew up on, it was my first fed here, and it was also practically my first fed back here after 7 years of being gone. But this isn't about me, it's about you, and how you've managed to capture the reigns on my extremely short attention span as of late. The first thing that I've seen many people pick up on is also the first thing you know I'm going to bring up - your roster. At first, I was confused and almost enraged at seeing absolutely none of my favorites from the glory days, but now, I kind of get it. It's in the name. This is wrestling for the 21st Century, and any relic from the past is going to get lost in the shuffle. Many would have opted to use a different promotion or even create their own, but you've instead opted to use a brand that's well known. That alone is something different, yet for some reason, with the likes of Angle, Punk, Dos Caras (I love the fact you call him Alberto Dos Caras. Such a better name, I think) it works. Don't ask me how, but it works...

              I enjoy pictures in my feds, but if any fed doesn't need them, it's yours. The meat truly is in the story, and already with your first couple posts you have proved to me that you're an excellent writer, my friend. The way you format everything is crisp, and doesn't lag on. I don't feel like it's a chore to read what you have to say, everything's already clarified and I have no trouble following. My only problem being, is that your matches are just a tad too short for me. Minor complaint, especially with the great way you summarize, but I feel that at least as you go on and these stories develop, you might need to extend your match length to give these feuds just a little extra depth. I recognize every name in your tournament so far despite Adam Pearce (I've heard his name, just never checked him out) and so that's a good sign. Apparently, not many people watch the indies, because a lot of folks seem to be confused on who you are using. While again, it feels a little weird to read these guys wrestling for the big gold belt under the name of Lou Thesz, it works for me.

              Dos Caras beating Angle was surprisingly a shock to me. I was for sure you were going to paint Angle as the face of your promotion, but now that I've read further on, I like what you've decided to do with him instead. You really know how to sum up your character's in short descriptions. Like I said, your format of writing is exceptional, and I didn't have to force myself to picture it in my mind. Dos Caras winning and the after match description already has me pumped up for the rest of these shows, now..

              I enjoy The Newswire. It's easy to read, and keeps us informed on where you're fed is going. It seems like Fan Fic is reaching it's own sort of "reality era," these days, as many of us have begun implementing behind-the-scenes stories into our projects, and while yours may not be as extravagant, it doesn't have to be. It does it's job perfectly, streamlining us ahead to what's happened, where we are, and what direction we're ultimately heading. Good job, mate. I like the fact the WCW is doing an internet show, rather than scoring a national TV deal already. Something different is always nice. I like the fact that you're building up Davey Richards in response to Kurt Angle's arrest, and just for the fact alone that I'm kind of a Richards mark. I also like that you've featured the realism of Angle being a drunkard so poignantly. Glad you're switching Aries to JBL on commentary, because JBL is just, well, awesome. I wish Aries would just go back to his bad ass gimmick in ROH already... those pink boas are starting to get annoying.

              Okay, so I haven't heard of Drew Adler or Ace Rockwell, so finally, you're using some people I'm not accustomed to. I enjoy when someone writes with someone different, because I'm always interested in checking out some new talent that's around these days. I do like that you're doing squash matches, and while a lot of this talent is relatively new, it has a very old school feel to it that I can't put my finger on. This is different, man, and a good different I mean - it's refreshing, really.

              So, I just wanted to tell you first and foremost - you write an amazing CM Punk. Let alone, a Punk who's only being summarized. Boggles my mind, because despite the fact that he's been one of my favorite wrestlers for years now, I struggle at times to feel like I'm genuinely writing what he'd say, yet, I picture this scenario between him and Butcher perfectly. It's no stretch as to why their feuding, and I mean, the angle has been done before, but not with Necro under the banner of WCW. Straight Edge Savior vs. Crowd-favored Party guy can sometimes seem cheap to me, but it doesn't here. Punk's got some great lines to capture my interest, and I'm intrigued to see where Necro Butcher fits in to all of this. LOVE the fact that you've chosen to use Morishima and Bison in this fed. Some of my favorite Japanese competitors around, but I'm not too keen on the title of DOOSMDAY, to be honest. I got a bad LOD vibe, but with the way you've built them up as of late, I can look past that. They're seeming extremely menacing and squashing jobbers left and right, as they should be. Bringing in Jimmy Jacobs to become a mouthpiece for them should be exciting to see, as well.

              I'm sorry this review couldn't have been more in-depth, but with my schedule as of late, and this show I'm tackling right now, I haven't had a lot of time on my hands. Just know that I'm a big fan of this fed right now. Originality is something hard to come by around here, and you've got something different than your atypical "WCW revival project." I'm salty about the fact that you've decided to use some of the same indy guys I was wanting to implement in my ECW, but then again, we have two totally different projects don't we? I have no doubt you'll succeed here, TM, and I extremely look forward to reading what you have in store for us from this point on.

              WCW - A Wrestling Wiki \\ WWE - Smackdown vs. Raw (w/The Dazz)
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                Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                From Figure Four Wrestling:

                Originally posted by
                - No reports so far about the actual content of the WCW TV tapings yesterday afternoon. Non-disclosure agreements were given out again and we were told the majority of people signed them.

                - While no actual content was divulged, we were told that the shows taped were done out of order again - but it was much easier this time around to fit the pieces together. It was said that these tapings were much better than the first and that the finalized Halloween Havoc card is an absolute must-buy.

                - No word on whether he was at the tapings or not - but Chris Jericho was definitely seen in Atlanta yesterday. A couple of pictures popped up of him in a GameStop on Twitter.

                - We're working on some audio issues with our interview with WCW booker Dave Lagana, but the show should be up for certain tomorrow. It's a great show and Dave talks at length about his anti-spoiler crusade, as well as going into some details about the Angle-arrest, talent he would like to see in WCW, what Jim Ross brings to the table, and a pretty big announcement that effects WCW going forward.
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                  Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                  Thanks for the kind words Radikal. As far as guys like Drew Adler and Shane Rockwell go, don't worry about not knowing them. They're local talent in Atlanta (working for a promotion called Platinum Championship Wrestling). A lot of the guys I'm using are local guys from the state. I'll probably draw some out of South Carolina and Tennessee as well. They serve one function: job.
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                    Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                    From 411mania:

                    Originally posted by
                    Figure Four Wrestling recently had a radio interview with WCW booker Dave Lagana. Here are the highlights:

                    On the anti-spoiler crusade: I feel it's integral to a product - like TV or movies or comic books or whatever it is - I feel it's integral that you keep the secrecy of the product so that first-time viewers get the full effect. It's like watching the Star Wars trilogy for the first time. You get blown away in Empire Strikes Back, but if someone tells you beforehand that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father, then it completely ruins that entire moment in the movie. I think it's the same here. We knew it wouldn't work for the first taping, but can you imagine watching week-to-week and not knowing what will happen next? Imagine you're watching the third episode of Underground, with no idea what will happen, and then all of sudden here are Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas - two guys with a history with Kurt Angle - and they're beating up Kurt Angle and Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. That's one of the big advantages of going live, but we can't do that right now. It's not in the finances. But now we have this weekend and the tapings and we're hoping that the measures we've taken with the lawsuits and the non-disclosure agreements, that we'll be able to keep some things under wraps. We hope too. We have some big, BIG things in store for this taping and we want to keep that under wraps for as long as possible. And let me thank you for your part, because you certainly did yours. You didn't post the results when they were e-mailed to you and we really appreciate that. It might seem to you that you got the better of that deal because here I am, but really we did and I'm happy that things have gone how they've gone. It's not the most popular decision, but we did what we needed to do to build and keep interest in our product.

                    On Kurt Angle's arrest, which took place one day after the last WCW TV tapings: That was a real blow. We had just - the day before - we had just filmed four weeks worth a television. All of it building to this six-man tag team match with Angle and the Wolves taking on Alberto and Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team. We had done all of that TV and the next day that happens. And you have applaud the management, because they could have simply slapped him on the wrist and we could have proceeded as planned. It would have made my life easier, sure. But I think they made the right call. If you nip it in the bud - if you nip the drug problems and the alcohol problems in the bud right at the beginning - then it will hopefully save trouble in the future. And think about the message it sends - this was Kurt Angle. He was meant to be the top draw of the promotion, make no mistake about it. He was to be our John Cena. But even the top guy, the guy we rely on the most, isn't invincible. He made some careless mistakes and he's going to pay for them. The best part of it is, he's owning up to those mistakes and he's taking the punishment. You have to respect that. I hope this is just the first step in a change for him, because he is a genuine future Hall of Famer for sure.

                    On Angle's suspension and how it effects storylines: It definitely created some problems. We had four weeks of TV building up a match on our next iPPV, which is on 10/29 on [laughs], and all of sudden he's going to be suspended for two months following the next taping. So I could have him for four more episodes basically, but not the iPPV. So it creates an issue of what do we do to fix this? And not to toot my own horn, because I'm only a portion of the equation here, but I think we came up with a reasonable solution. Look - I had planned out everything through December with Kurt Angle in mind. There was logical beginning, middle, and end to this story we were going to tell. Now we can't tell it. So we had to go back to the drawing board and come up with something else. And that's what we did and I think what we've come up with is just as strong and plausible as where we were going with Angle and Eddie and Davey. I think as the fans tune in next week and in the weeks leading up to to the iPPV and the iPPV itself, I think the fans are really going to enjoy what we're giving them and how it all fits together.

                    On Jim Ross joining WCW as Head of Personnel: Jim Ross is the guy who found the Rock, who brought Steve Austin and Triple H to WCW, he's the guy who discovered Brock Lesnar. It's easy to see that Jim Ross has an eye for talent and that's why he was brought in. And you're going to see the effects of that almost immediately. We told him, "Ross, we need a guy to talk for Bison and Takeshi." And he went out, watched some DVDs, caught a live event, and came back with the perfect person. And I don't think it's any surprise at this point, but that person is Jimmy Jacobs. He was Ross' first big hire. We had Jimmy do a promo with the guys and we had a certain mindset for how we wanted it delivered. We gave him some bullet points - we're not scripting promos here you know - and told him to operate in this frame of mind, and he delivered gold. Just absolute gold. So we were definitely excited with what Ross has already brought us and what he's going to bring to the table. He's a great talent both on commentary and when it comes to seeking out talent.

                    On Jim Ross possibly doing commentary at some point: Well, I guess there's no harm in saying this: Jim Ross will be doing broadcast commentary on every iPPV from here on out. He won't be doing TV, but he will be doing the live commentary on iPPV. We haven't decided on whether we'll go with a three-man booth or just Ross and Layfield or Ross and Lenny. We haven't gotten there yet. But yeah, Ross will definitely be doing some commentary for us. And what a great idea that is. The man is the best of all time on commentary, bar none. He'll sit there and list all these guys he thinks are better than him, but when it comes to calling matches, Jim Ross is in a league of his own. He'll call the 10/29 iPPV.

                    For the full radio interview, visit
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                      Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                      WCW Newswire (10/4/11)

                      - It's been awhile, but we're back with a brand newswire to lead you into this week's WCW Underground!

                      - After much debate regarding the finish of the very first WCW main event, which saw Davey Richards take the WCW Champion, Alberto Dos Caras, to the limit; WCW officials have decided to increase the time limit on all matches. Effectively immediately, all main event and championship matches will have a 20-minute time limit. Additionally, all non-main event matches and non-championship matches will have 15-minute time limits.

                      - If you haven't already, check out to see all of the latest WCW merchandise including DVDs and apparel!

                      - The Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament DVD is on sale! This week only you can purchase the DVD, and as a bonus, receive a free WCW t-shirt! The DVD features many excellent matches, including the highly-lauded Kurt Angle vs. Chris Hero match that some are calling a "Match of the Year." The DVD comes with a special "History of WCW" featurette that Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, calls "One of the greatest videos on WCW I've seen. Honest, even when it hurts."

                      - Starting this week on WCW Underground is WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament. Tag team wrestling is alive and well in WCW, and this tournament will not just crown the best tag team in WCW - but in the world.

                      - There have been lots of rumors about who might be showing up on this week's Underground. We have it under good authority that a former champion of a major promotion has purchased a ticket to sit ringside. When Jim Ross, Head of Personnel, heard of the situation he immediately started making phone calls. A WCW intern overhead Ross on his cell phone in the hall way saying something to the effect of, "He could be OUR most valuable player!" Whoever it is, it's sure to be huge! Make sure that whatever you do, you don't miss this week's WCW Underground!

                      - Tickets are still on sale for this month's iPPV - Halloween Havoc - on 10/29! Check out for more details!

                      - We're happy to announce the next set of TV tapings which will take place on 10/30 from Center Stage. Check out for ticket details.
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                        Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

               BREAKING NEWS

                        WCW officials are proud to announce the newest member of the WCW talent roster: CHRIS JERICHO! A veteran of in-ring competition, Chris Jericho brings a level of excellence that few can match when it comes to the sport of pro wrestling. Any promotion in the world would be excited to call Chris Jericho a member of their roster, but as of today - only WCW can do that!

                        A former champion on many levels in many promotions, Chris Jericho stands in a league of his own. He has captured major titles in three major North American wrestling promotions: ECW, WCW, and WWF/E. Not only that, Chris Jericho has also served as a major player on an international basis having main-evented in Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

                        Chris Jericho will be sitting ringside on the next episode of WCW Underground to take in the action that he'll soon be a part of. One thing is for sure, whenever Chris Jericho is around - controversy is to be expected. Make sure you tune in and watch WCW Underground tomorrow on!
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                          Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                          From Figure Four Wrestling:

                          Originally posted by
                 recently announced that Chris Jericho has been signed. The press release said that he would be sitting at ringside for tomorrow's episode of WCW (which was taped last Saturday). For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who subscribes to this web site, we can't go into great detail about why they chose to announce this signing the day before he appeared. One would surmise under other circumstances and perhaps in other promotions they would have appear as a surprise with on mention. Nevertheless, this should at the very least increase the viewership for tomorrow's episode. I will go into greater detail about this in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It is worth mentioning that Lenny Leonard and John Layfield both made airplane trips to Atlanta this morning for undisclosed reasons. Given this announcement and their position in the company, I think it might be easy to put two and two together. More details with be forthcoming in the newsletter this week.
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                            Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                            WCW Underground 1.05

                            - A video package recaps the recent drama between Team Angle and Alberto Dos Caras/WGTT.

                            - Normal video package opens the show.

                            - Chris Jericho is shown sitting at ringside. A graphic pops up calling him, "WCW's Newest Wrestling Star: Chris Jericho."

                            - Lenny Leonard and JML are at ringside and talk about the huge main event for evening: Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards taking on Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team. They also talk about the new time limits on matches. Regular matches are 15 minutes, main event and championship matches are 20. Leonard and JML then run down the WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament. As they're doing they're interrupted by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is pissed that the WCW Championship title defense for the month of September was against Caleb Konley. Angle says Konley is a great guy, but definitely wasn't deserving of a title shot. Angle complains that WCW was supposed to be an alternative to garbage on Thursdays that makes you dumber and the crap on Mondays that bores you to death, but instead you got guys gaming the system like always. This brings out, of course, Alberto Dos Caras. Caras asks, "Who are you to doubt Caleb Konley?" Well he's no El Dandy, that's for sure. Dos Caras get into a bit of a back and forth and almost come to blows, with JML separating them. A scrawny, geeky guy in a suit comes out and introduces himself as a representative of WCW's "Executive Director." He says the E.D. doesn't like how Caras handled business, but he also doesn't like Angle questioning his decisions and mentions that Caras beat Angle fair-and-square at the Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament iPPV. Angle says that was a fluke win and would bet his career that Caras couldn't do it again. The geek starts to talk but Caras interrupts him and asks Angle if he really means that. Angle says he'd put his career on the line right now if Caras had the balls to give him a title shot. Caras accepts! The geek approves and we got our opening match after a quick commercial break!

                            - A commercial hyping Halloween Havoc on iPPV plays, hyping up the WCW Tag Team Championship tournament.

                            Match #1: Kurt Angle vs. Alberto Dos Caras [c] - Career vs. WCW Championship Match

                            - A commercial plays hyping the Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament DVD, which can be purchased on

                            - A video replay of the previous match plays.

                            - Kurt Angle is still in the ring and arguing with the referee. Alberto Dos Caras is on the outside, waving "bye bye" at him. Leonard calls this the most disgusting thing he has ever seen. JML even calls it a crap way to end things for Angle. WGTT come out and join in with Caras. Richards and Edwards come out and console Angle in the ring. Angle grabs the mic and says thank you to the fans before leaving. Big chant of "You got screwed!" from the fans, Jericho included.

                            - Another commercial plays hyping the Halloween Havoc iPPV at the end of the month.

                            - A video package recaps the Necro Butcher/CM Punk feud.

                            - Leonard says he's still in shock over the idea that Kurt Angle is no longer in WCW. He then follows up that we'll hear from CM Punk next week. Also in action next week will be Chris Hero, as well as two matches in the WCW Tag Team Championship tournament.

                            Main Event: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas) vs. Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards

                            - WGTT continue their assault afterwards, with Alberto Dos Caras joining in. The fans start chanting "JERICHO" who finally jumps the rail with his chair and clears the ring out. Jericho grabs the mic and says he's seen enough. Jericho says he spent years here in Atlanta being held back because he was too short and he spent years up north being held back because he couldn't work the right style. Jericho says he's sick and tired of seeing the best and brightest of the future bumping against the glass ceiling like he did. He says he refuses to allow great, talented wrestlers like Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards be held back by old-timers trying to protect their spots and he won't let them suffer like he did. He says since Angle is gone, Edwards and Richards need a partner on iPPV and he's tossing his hat into the ring. Edwards and Richards agree and have a NEW six-man tag match at Halloween Havoc. This ends the show.
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                              Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                              From the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

                              Chris Jericho, real name Chris Irvine, has signed a two year contract with WCW. The contract was actually signed last week and Jericho was originally meant to be a surprise on the 10/6 edition of WCW Underground. Jericho was hired to take over the top babyface position that opened up with the Kurt Angle suspension that begun on 10/4.

                              There has been a great deal of controversy involving this entire situation. The first is, of course, Kurt Angle's arrest. Even though he's had the charges dropped down to reckless driving, WCW is taking a hard stance when it comes to talent being arrested. Dave Lagana said on a radio show with us this week that WCW officials wanted to make a point that no one is above the promotion, including the top draw. Kurt Angle has originally been the focal point of a long arching storyline that would end in December. We saw the beginnings of said storyline come into play on the first four episodes of WCW Underground (Kurt Angle taking Davey Richards under his wing, the conflict with Alberto Dos Caras). The end result was that in December, for a big end of year iPPV, would have been a Kurt Angle vs. Alberto Dos Caras rematch from the first iPPV, likely with Angle going over for the WCW Championship. But then the arrest and subsequent suspension killed that.

                              Instead, WCW aired the Angle/Dos Caras rematch on WCW Underground this week with the stipulation that if Angle lost - he was gone from WCW. Angle ended up losing a ****3/4 and that's how he's being written off TV. The finish of the match protected Angle in two ways. One way saw him have Dos Caras pinned but the referee completely out of position to make the count, so that when the referee did make the count, Dos Caras kicked out. This put the blame on the referee instead of Angle, and it works incredibly well. The fans chanted "That was 3!" and "Bullshit!" because of the ref's screw up. Then Dos Caras used the same counter he did at the first iPPV but Angle remembered it and countered it himself with a powerbomb. Then Dos Caras finally got the pin after countering an Olympic Slam with a roll up and holding the tights. The problem is, Angle is still under contract and come December, per the nature of the WCW contracts, he will start receiving guaranteed paychecks. The guaranteed paychecks, while not for much but are good enough, were meant as incentives to lure talent away from WWE and TNA. On top of that, Kurt Angle took the suspension knowing he had burned bridges with the other two major promotions, ROH couldn't match the money WCW was giving, and the knowledge that when his suspension was up - he would be back. That creates a problem of killing a stipulation very early into the lifespan of a promotion. If Kurt Angle comes back in December, then the fans who are already accustomed to stipulations not meaning anything thanks to WWE and TNA, will see this as business as usual and that could really hurt WCW. WCW is trying to position itself as "Wrestling for the 21st century" and is trying to stray away from those same problems TNA and WWE have. For now, it appears they might have backed themselves into a corner.

                              Chris Jericho did appear on the 10/6 show. John Layfield and Lenny Leonard were flown to Atlanta, GA the day before the show to re-record commentary for the episode. The original plan was to have Chris Jericho show up and then save Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards from an assault at the end of the 10/6 show. This was how it was presented live. It's an old school angle that has, in the past, done well with business. The problem is, and Dave Lagana caught on to this albeit after the taping, is that in 2011 - this kind of stuff won't work. You can't tell the fans that Jericho is just a fan in the audience who gets in the ring at the end and nothing happens to him. Insulting the fans' intelligence is something that doesn't usually work out. So they announced on the WCW web site that Jericho had signed and had Layfield and Leonard cut new commentary for the next four episodes since the original commentary portrayed Jericho as someone in the right place at the right time.

                              Jericho cut a promo at the end of the episode talking about how he was held back in WCW for being short and held back in WWE for not knowing how to work the main event style. These are both pretty valid claims, as Kevin Nash is the person who convinced Goldberg not to do a program with Jericho because Jericho was too short. Triple H was notorious in WWE for cutting the legs out from underneath Jericho on multiple occasions, citing that Jericho couldn't work the main event style. Jericho never really drew big in WWE until a fantastic program with Shawn Michaels, which working with Michaels protected Jericho since Michaels and Triple H are friends. But the story is that Jericho sees Dos Caras in the role of Triple H/Kevin Nash and that he's holding down Davey Richards and Jericho refuses to let that happen. They went with this because Chris Jericho doesn't have that natural "fit" a coach for Davey Richards that Kurt Angle did, so they had to work out another way to fit them together.

                              Another part of the show that was added in as part of the Angle-controversy, was the introduction of a yet-revealed character in the WCW Executive Director. The idea is that with Angle going and Jericho replacing him so suddenly, they wanted to give something extra to keep the fans hooked. Mysteries can work well in wrestling, but the payoff can't be drawn out too long and, and this seems simple really, there has to be an actual payoff. Right now the storyline plays similar to the anonymous RAW General Manager that has yet to be revealed and likely never will be.

                              By virtue of the actions of Chris Jericho on the 10/6 show, he's now been inserted into the trios match on the Halloween Havoc iPPV in place of Kurt Angle. Angle and Jericho have different styles, but in their own ways could easily mesh with the other workers in this match, so it should still be a good one.
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                                Re: World Championship Wrestling - Wrestling for the 21st century.

                                WCW Underground 1.06

                                - A detailed video package recaps last week's episode starting with the Career vs. Title match between Kurt Angle and Alberto Dos Caras, Angle losing, and Chris Jericho saving Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards from a beat-down by Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

                                - Normal video package opens the show.

                                - Lenny Leonard and JML talk about the craziness of last week's episode. This brings out Jericho, Richards, and Edwards. Jericho talks about how wrestling has always been about insecure people not wanting to lose their spot. Jericho goes on to say guys like Caras and Triple H have done legitimate harm to this business with their selfish antics. Richards says that WGTT have made some callous mistakes and at Halloween Havoc, the hunt is on. Good, standard babyface promo. I like that Jericho is playing a character similar to his heel role in WWE, except as a good guy. Even-tempered and methodical.

                                - A commercial for Halloween Havoc on iPPV plays.

                                Match #1: Drew Adler/Shane Rockwell vs. Three Kings - 1st Round WCW Tag Team Champion Tournament Match

                                - The trio hit the commentary table for a promo. Brian Kendrick insults JML and Leonard has to get between JML and the Kings. Aries says that they are future tag team champions and no one is getting in their way, especially a bunch of inbred hillbillies like the Briscoes.

                                - A commercial plays hyping up, which is now selling t-shirts and posters.

                                - A commercial plays advertising The Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament DVD. I got mine in the mail and it is well worth it. The retrospective on WCW on the DVD is top-notch stuff and pretty blunt. None of that revisionist history stuff you get from WWE.

                                - Chris Hero approaches the commentary table to cut a promo. Hero says he's the most dangerous man alive right now, because no one gets up from his Deathblow.

                                Match #2: Chris Hero vs. Sal Rinauro

                                - Hero re-approaches the commentary table and says he's disappointed in that. Hero says that knows he's a deadly man, but certainly WCW's "executive director" can find SOMEONE for him to fight. Hero then gets back in the ring and asks for someone else to come face him. This brings out a pretty muscular guy that JML calls "Cru Jones."

                                Match #3: Chris Hero vs. Cru Jones

                                - Hero again takes to the commentary table and brags about how no one can take him down. Leonard asks why Hero refuses to shake hands with people who beat him and Hero says he doesn't respect a single person in the locker room. Brent Albright makes his way out and wants to know if no one can beat him, why he was able to get Hero to tap out a few weeks ago. Hero calls Albright's win a fluke and says there is absolutely no way Albright could beat him twice in one night. A blind man could see where this is going. Albright then lays down the challenge for a 2/3 falls match to settle the score once and for all at Halloween Havoc. Hero says Albright is going to get knocked out, but Albright says that Hero is going to tap out. They go nose-to-nose before the commercial.

                                - Another commercial hyping

                                - Another commercial hyping Halloween Havoc.

                                - A video recaps the Necro Butcher/CM Punk war.

                                Match #4: Necro Butcher vs. Caleb Konley

                                - Butcher takes a microphone from Leonard and goes into an AWESOME tirade against Punk. He starts off softly and as the promo continues he increases the volume and rage. He says that Punk is nothing but a piece of shit and that he wants to fight Punk in the ring and in the alleyway and in the streets and in the locker room and in the crowd. He says he wants to make Punk bleed buckets and he wants to, quote, "rip every single last god damn tattoo off your pale, sanctimonious pile of shit body." ~! Butcher's voice continues to rise, "I'm going to break your damn legs, break your damn arms, break your damn neck. I'll put staples in your forehead and blind you with barbed wire and then I'll rip your damn hair out your head." JML's facial expressions are the coup de grace, here. Butcher finishes, "CM Punk, if you got the balls, let's fight everywhere we can so that some stupid asshole in stripes doesn't end the fight. Falls. Count. Anywhere." Great, great promo and I didn't think Butcher could do that.

                                - A video package recaps the feud between The Cross and Fastball Special.

                                Main Event: Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico

                                - The Cross flee the scene. London pulls a hurt Generico to the commentary table. London goes into one his nonsensical rants that nobody understands. JML comes back again with the awesome facial expressions. After his tirade, London ends with, quote, "The Gods and Titans and Sirens and X-Men cannot save you now. Fastball Special is going to destroy your moon." I shit you not. Anyway, that's the end of the show this week.
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