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RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

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  • RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling


    New Era Wrestling
    For those that want to review the original New Era Wrestling,
    click here...


    Review the hype behind TNEW...

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    Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

    "pulls up a chair, and sits down, ready for an awesome ride."
    Originally posted by African Mike
    I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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      Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

      New NEW?
      Link to classic NEW?


      Good luck man, you know I'll be reading.


      Originally posted by RT
      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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        Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

        Back from commercial, the Impact Zone is still buzzing after RVD’s earth-shattering confrontation with Eric Bischoff...

        -Mike Tenay “If you missed it at home, you just saw the replay after commercial...I can’t shake it, Taz. RVD couldn’t possibly mean what we think he means, could he?”
        -Taz “You heard the chants, Mike! TNA is entering a New Era!”

        With that, the music of Abyss is heard...the fans boo loudly as the main event of the evening, Abyss & Rhino vs. the Motor City Machine Guns, is about to get underway...

        -Mike Tenay “This may be a non-title match, but you can bet that these two teams are going to leave absolutely nothing in the ring.”

        -Mike Tenay “What a Scissor Kick by Alex Shelley! Rhino is down!”

        Rhino is seated in the corner as Abyss attacks both members of MCMG, taking both of them and himself to the arena floor with a sickening THUD!

        -Taz “Rhino is down and out in the corner! MCMG are down right in front of us, but Abyss took himself out in the proce-...HEY! What’s this!?”

        Suddenly the fans roar as RVD appears from the crowd! He sneaks into ringside carrying a steel chair!

        RVD lays the chair across Rhino’s chest...he then hops onto the apron and makes his way to the adjacent turnbuckle!

        -Mike Tenay “Oh no no!”
        -Taz “YES YES YES!!”

        The ref can be seen waving RVD off and shouting “IF YOU JUMP, THEY’LL BE DQ’D!”...RVD looks around...stands up....raises his thumbs...”R-V-D-!!”

        ...RVD leaps!...

        ...RHINO MOVES!

        -Taz “How the-?”
        -Mike Tenay “Rhino didn’t move! Abyss just saved the day!”

        We see Abyss trying to revive Rhino while backing up the ramp....RVD, having failed the Van Terminator on Rhino is lying in the ring holding his back...

        DING! DING! DING!

        The ref is seen calling for the bell! He shouts something to the ring announcer as MCMG look confused at ringside...

        -Announcer “The referee has called a stop to the match as a result of disqualification. Your winners...ABYSS & RHINO!!”

        The fans boo while MCMG are in disbelief! They shout at the ring announcer who cowers away...they then turn their attention to RVD, who is still down in the ring...

        As Abyss and Rhino continue to back up the ramp, familiar music is heard and the fans begin to boo as Eric Bischoff enters the Impact Zone...

        -Bischoff “No no no! Hold it right there! I’m not putting up with this crap anymore! Abyss! Rhino! Get back in the ring and finish that coward off once and for all!”

        The fans boo even louder as Abyss and Rhino do as their told and head back to the ring...meanwhile, the Motor City Machine Guns have also entered the ring...RVD struggles to his feet and after realizing that he’s surrounded by 4 men, he reaches for the steel chair...but Abyss kicks it out of the ring!

        -Mike Tenay “This looks bad. Really, really bad!”

        RVD searches for an escape, but it’s no use...Bischoff stands at the entry way smiling at his handy work...

        Suddenly, cameras pick up activity in the parking lot...the white limo that escorted RVD to and from the Impact Zone rolls into view on the big screen...

        The Impact Zone is abuzz and waiting with anticipation...all the men in the ring and even Eric Bischoff turn their attention upwards...the white limo’s back door opens and out steps...


        -Taz “Alright this doesn’t make a lick of sense.”

        The fans don’t know what to expect as Double J smiles into the camera...Bischoff looks puzzled, but clearly worried..

        -Jarrett “Hello Eric. Hello Impact Zone. I hope you’re all having a good time because you’re about to become part of history.”

        A few cheers break out, but most of the crowd stays in silence, waiting for Jarrett’s announcement...

        -Jarrett “You see, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and the other day, something hit me. I realized that TNA is heading down a path that I don’t want to be a part of. Bischoff and Hogan seem to, but neither of them know what’s good for TNA, its superstars or its fans.”

        -Bischoff “That’s a god damn lie!”

        -Jarrett “Eric, please. Do us all a favour and keep your mouth shut for just a damn minute.”

        Loud cheers...

        -Jarrett “Bischoff and Hogan don’t deserve control over TNA. That’s why I took my stake in the company, which just happens to be the majority and split it with an old friend. Someone who I trust, someone who is a visionary and someone that I know will take TNA in the right direction. Ladies and gentlemen, RVD spoke of a ‘conductor’ earlier in the show and now I’d like to introduce you to him. I give you...


        -Mike Tenay “WHAT!?”

        The fans go absolutely wild as Shane McMahon emerges from the limo! RVD has a huge smile on his face while the four other men in the ring don’t seem to know what the hell to do!

        Eric Bischoff is completely floored...

        -Taz “Not only has Jeff Jarrett turned on Bischoff, but he’s taken controlling majority of TNA and shared it with the son of his oldest enemy!”

        Bischoff turns back to the ring...

        -Bischoff “To hell with this! That doesn’t change the fact that these four men are going to pound the hell out of Rob Van Dam right here, right now!”

        Abyss and Rhino turn their attention back to RVD...he begins to back up, when something strange happens...

        …...Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin step in front of RVD! They block Abyss and Rhino from getting to him, crossing their arms and shaking their heads...


        Bischoff’s words strike a chord and Rhino and Abyss continue to advance, but Shelley and Sabin aren’t budging...

        -Mike Tenay “The Motor City Machine Guns are stepping up for RVD!”
        -Taz “I guess we know who’s side they’re on! Should we be calling them the Motor City Machine Guns, or The Originators!?”
        -Mike Tenay “You’d need Paul London and CM Punk to answer tha-OH MY GOD!!”

        As if Mike Tenay summoned them himself, CM Punk and Paul London appear from the crowd! The slide into the ring and stand side by side with Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley!

        -Taz “It’s an Originator reunion!”

        Eric Bischoff looks as if he’s about to lose it as he screams into the microphone...

        -Bischoff “DO SOMETHING GOD DAMN IT!”

        Rhino is the first to act...he gets fed up and charges with a miscalculated Gore, but CM Punk simply side-steps Rhino and allows him to run straight out of the ring! The fans go wild as the other four men in the ring attack Abyss! They lay into him with kicks and punches to the head and back! Abyss tries to get to his feet, but it’s useless...he slides out of the ring to safety...

        Abyss and Rhino retreat back up the ramp...Bischoff tries to convince them to continue the attack, but they simply shake their heads...Bischoff throws the microphone down and feeback rings through the speakers...”This Could Be Anywhere (In The World)” by alexisonfire, the old NEW theme song, hits the speakers...the fans go absolutely wild as RVD and The Originators stand tall in the ring...Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett smile from the big screen as TNA Impact goes off the air...


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          Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

          From TNA Wrestling’s official site...
          In the wake of what many are calling the most historical TNA Impact! ever, speculation is higher than ever. We saw Jeff Jarrett split controlling interest of the company with Shane McMahon, effectively removing Eric Bischoff and (the injured) Hulk Hogan from any position of power they had. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that Bischoff won’t take this lying down.

          What does Bischoff and his limited power have in store for Rob Van Dam and the newly re-formed Originators? You’ll have to tune in this week to TNA Impact! to find out!
          Minutes after TNA Impact! went off the air, a new, mysterious website appeared online...there wasn’t much to it, just a blank screen with a message from Jeff Jarrett...

          Originally posted by
          Many questions remain unanswered, but one thing is for certain: when TNA Impact! returns in the new year, the world will be watching...


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            Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

            Wow. That was one hell of an intense ride. Shane appearance, Originators, JJ, RVD owning the "Whole F'n Show" (no pun).

            A comment I alos mentioned in WP's show, I like the length. It flows nicely, and I never felt the "Ugh. I'll just come back on tomorrow and finish reading" feeling.

            Can't wait to see where this goes and what Bischoff & Hogans roles are now gonna be. Good job RT.

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              Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

              Excerpts from TNA Impact! - Jan 6th, 2011

              After a brief recap of the last TNA Impact of 2010 plays, the show kicks off with a bang and the fans could not be more amped! Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to TNA Impact!

              -Mike Tenay “Welcome to a new year and a New Era for TNA Wrestling!”

              ”This Could Be Anywhere (In The World)” by alexisonfire hits and the fans go crazy for Jeff Jarrett and Shane McMahon as they head into the Impact Zone and down to the ring!

              -Taz “I don’t want to get too ahead of myself here Mike, but I really do think we’re in for a hell of a year in TNA!”
              -Mike Tenay “Well Taz, TNA has been a good home to plenty of sports entertainment’s greats with a lot of history and poise...but since Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan decided to spit in the face of all those years of greatness, I welcome this New Era with open arms!”
              -Taz “Ha ha! That’s what I like to hear!”

              Jeff Jarrett is the first to speak...

              -Jarrett “I’d like to thank y’all for that warm welcome you just gave me and my new friend here.”

              The fans chant “SHANE-O-MAC!!” over and over as Jarrett pauses for a moment...

              -Jarrett “That really tells me somethin’. It tells me I made the right choice. It tells me that Shane’s hard work and determination in his years since the WWE have really paid off. It tells me that there are still some damn fine wrestlin’ fans left in this world!”

              Shane and Jarrett smirk at the cheap pop, but it works...the fans eat it up and chants of “SHANE-O-MAC!!” and “DOUBLE J!!” can be heard...

              -Jarrett “Now, while I know that bringing Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to power was my doing-”

              Jarrett is cut off by loud boos...

              -Jarrett “...while I know it was my doing, I know that with Shane McMahon at my side, by taking back controlling interest in the company, things are lookin’ up. I’m not a man that lives with many regrets, but Bischoff and Hogan are one of ‘em, and I do apologize.”

              -Taz “It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong, Mike!”
              -Mike Tenay “And Jeff Jarrett is one of the biggest.”

              -Jarrett “So-...”

              The fans boo loudly as Jarrett is cut off by Eric Bischoff. He’s barely in the Impact Zone before he begins interrupting...

              -Bischoff “Whoa whoa whoa, hold it.”

              Bischoff is accompanied by the members of Fortune, all wearing street attire, mainly jeans and collared shirts...

              -Taz “Looks like Bischoff brought some protection!”
              -Mike Tenay “Or ‘bought’.”

              -Bischoff “Hold it right there. You mean to tell me that you two are going to stand in that ring, lying to these fine people here tonight? You’re going to sit there and act like the ‘evil reign’ of Bischoff and Hogan is over, just because you say it is? Don’t make me laugh!”

              The boos continue as Bischoff glares at Shane and Jarrett from the stage...the members of Fortune stand arms-crossed, clearly having chosen their side in this war...

              -Jarrett “Eric, please. Have some dignity, will ya? Just move along before we have to do something we regret.”

              The members of Fortune step forward...

              -Bischoff “Oh yeah? Like what?

              Bischoff begins to smile as the members of Fortune inch closer to the ring...

              -Taz “Uh oh Mike! Looks like Shane and Jarrett should have brought some protection too!”

              The fans boo as they fear the inevitable...suddenly, Shane grabs the microphone from Jarrett and speaks to rousing applause!

              -Shane “Alright alright, whoa whoa whoa! Hold on Eric, hold on! Let’s talk about this.”

              The members of Fortune stop advancing...Shane lowers the mic and covers it, whispering something to Jarrett...after a moment, Jarrett seems to agree and Shane speaks...

              -Shane “Sure, we could come out here and be all talk, but that’s not our style. That’s yours.”

              Laughter and applause...Bischoff begins to fume...

              -Shane “We’re men of action, Eric, which is why we’re here, ready to take TNA in the right direction. So instead of sitting here jabbering on, lets make a match. Hell, lets make tonight’s Main Event!

              Loud cheers!

              -Bischoff “...go on.”

              -Shane “Tonight, in this very ring, the five members of Fortune that are glaring at me with their beady little eyes right now-”

              The members of Fortune get angry..Kazarian advances but AJ Styles holds him back, shouting “No! Hear him out!”

              -Shane “Those five men versus the team of Rob Van Dam & The Originators in a 10-Man Elimination Match!”

              -Taz “WOW!”

              The fans clearly approve, as do the members of Fortune...Bischoff rubs his chin...

              -Bischoff “You’re on!”

              More loud cheers...Bischoff and Fortune turn to leave...

              -Shane “Oh and Eric.”

              Eric turns back to Shane McMahon...

              -Shane “If your team loses...


              Bischoff goes completely pale as the fans explode! Jeff Jarrett laughs and high fives Shane McMahon!

              -Mike Tenay “Did I hear that right!?”
              -Taz “You sure did! Bischoff better hope that when that match is over, one or more of the members of Fortune are still standing, or else he’s done for!”

              Realizing there’s nothing he can do, Bischoff turns and leaves the Impact Zone...AJ Styles offers some support, but Bischoff brushes him off...

              Commercial break...


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                Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                After returning from commercial, we see Eric Bischoff pacing backstage...all the members of Fortune are with him...

                -Bischoff "Alright, listen up. Those two jackasses out there think they have everything figured out. They think they're just going to run things how ever they see fit. Well, we're not going to let that happen."

                -AJ Styles "Well, with all due respect boss, they do have controlling interest in the company."

                Bischoff stops pacing...he turns and glares at AJ Styles...

                -Bischoff "Oh really? Is that so, AJ? That's very interesting. I had NO GOD DAMN IDEA!! You decide to speak up NOW!? To tell me something I ALREADY KNOW!?"

                -AJ Styles "Well I-"

                -Bischoff "No! Shut up! You're done talking for tonight! All of you get out of my sight and get ready for your match! You all have jobs to do, as do I. Shane and Jarrett aren't the only ones who can play games around here."

                Bischoff watches as the members of Fortune exit his office...

                Later in the show, we see Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett backstage with Rob Van Dam and the four members of the Originators, CM Punk, Paul London, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley...the four members of the Originators are all wearing black t-shirts over their wrestling gear...

                -Shane "I can't even tell you guys how psyched I am for tonight. We've got the Whole F'n Show, Rob Van Dam, leading one of the greatest stables of the last 10 years, The Originators, into battle to show TNA what sports entertainment is all about."

                -Jarrett "I couldn't have said it better. You guys have really impressed me so far. I mean hell, taking down Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan was one thing, but now tonight, you're going to mop the floor with Fortune! Ha ha! I can't wait!"

                The Originators look at Rob Van Dam...they seem confused...

                -CM Punk "Wait...Rob, did you tell them we attacked those guys?"

                -RVD "Yeah bro, I thought you guys did."

                -Paul London "No man, it wasn't us."

                -RVD "Wait...really? Alex? Chris?"

                -Shelley "Don't look at us dude."

                -sabin "Yeah man, we had nothing to do with it."

                Shane and Jarrett share a glance of concern, but quickly shake it off...

                -Shane "Well hell, it doesn't matter. They've got enemies elsewhere and as long as they're not picking off us New Era guys, then what's the harm?"

                -Jarrett "Ha ha, that's right Shane! Hell, does it really matter who's doing half our dirty work for us?"

                All seven men share a laugh, until something catches RVD's eye...

                -RVD "Whoa, nice shirts guys!"

                -CM Punk "Ah, you like?"

                CM Punk turns around and shows off the back of his t-shirt...the other Originators follow suit...the t-shirts have white lettering on the back, resembling a motorcycle gang cut...they read NEW ERA ORIGINAL..

                -RVD "Aw man, why don't I get a sweet shirt?"

                Jarrett follows as RVD and the Originators walk away...Shane stands back for a moment, watching them leave...his smile slowly fades into a look of concern...something is clearly on his mind...after a moment, he shakes it off and catches up with the others...

                Commercial break...


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                  Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                  It's time for the main event, but before getting to the Impact Zone, we see Eric Bischoff backstage...he's somewhere deep in the Universal Studios arena, near boiler rooms and mechanical rooms...he's beside a row of pipes, leaning against a grate...darkness is all anyone can see beyond the grate, including him...

                  -Bischoff "You there?"


                  -Bischoff "Listen, if you're there, tell me."

                  CRASH!! Something slams against the grate! Bischoff almost jumps out of his skin...

                  -Bischoff "Damn it! Not cool! Cut the drama, ok? I have to get to ringside!"

                  CRASH!! CRASH!! Two louder crashes are heard...the sound of steel pipes hitting the floor can also be heard! Whatever is back there is not happy!

                  -Bischoff "Alright! Alright! Just listen! Everything is set, ok? You know the plan, just follow it like I told you and everything will work out. Can you do that for me?"


                  -Bischoff "I'll take that as a yes. Just do me a favour and DON'T screw it up."

                  Bischoff turns away from the grate and the camera do begin heading back towards the Impact Zone...

                  -Bischoff " job depends on it."

                  Back in the Impact Zone, the fans boo loudly as Fortune makes their way to the ring...

                  (Couldn't find a good copy of theme... -RT)

                  -Mike Tenay "Well Taz, we're about to witness a historical match here in TNA. One that will surely be ringing in the ears of wrestling fans the world over for some time to come."
                  -Taz "You said it Mike, but I think the big question everyone is asking now is: who the hell was Bischoff talking to?"
                  -Mike Tenay "I'm sure there are some theories out there, but the obvious choice has to be Bischoff's favourite henchman as of late, the unstoppable Abyss."
                  -Taz "That was my guess too."
                  -Mike Tenay "Sure it was."
                  -Taz "The boilers? The steam? The dark drama? Who else could it be!?"

                  As Fortune stands in the ring warming up, receiving their hate from the crowd, a theme nobody ever thought they'd hear again begins to play and the fans love every second...

                  The theme for The Originators blasts through the Impact Zone and the fans eat it up! They cheer their hearts out as CM Punk, Paul London, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley all emerge from the tunnel, still wearing their "NEW ERA ORIGINAL" t-shirts...

                  -Taz "You can't help but love these guys, Mike! Even when they were condescending heels in the NEW, half the fans still loved every second they were in the ring!"
                  -Mike Tenay "Some people just come for the wrestling, Taz. Those are the people who respect anyone, regardless of their personal beliefs or goals. Those are the fans that TNA has lost and those are the fans that Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett intend to get back."
                  -Taz "Well getting the Originators back together has got to be a huge leap in the right direction!"

                  The four men stand at ringside, not daring to enter before their 5th arrives...

                  ”ONE OF A KIND!!”

                  -Taz "And here's the man of the hour!"
                  -Mike Tenay “With a familiar entrance theme to boot!”

                  The Impact Zone goes ballistic for their new found hero, Rob Van Dam! He stands on stage and pauses, basking in the moment...he nods to several fans in , raises his thumbs and the crowd calls back with him...



                  A hush falls over the crowd...

                  -Taz “Oh my...oh my God...”

                  Sensing the worst, the camera switches to the’s an awkward view, one that clearly wasn’t pre-determined by the production team...the camera is stationary at a bad angle, but the ring and ramp to the tunnel can be the tunnel, off camera, the flicker of flames can still be seen...screams begin to emerge from the audience members closer to the entrance way and the crowd begins to panic...

                  The members of Fortune can be seen standing in the ring, clearly distraught...they act as if this wasn’t staged...The Originators react simply out of concern for their friend and rush up the ramp...

                  -Mike Tenay “Uh, folks I can’t...I can’t even begin to describe-”


                  END SHOW


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                    Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                    RT’s TNEW

                    Oh what the fuck, what’s one more review for an old friend. The beginning part is ok. There’s something I don’t like about your formatting, or maybe that I’m just not used to, I don’t know. Jarrett’s promo, was I don’t know, it was just pretty cookie cutter. I’m not to the part where Bischoff comes in yet, but it was like, I was wrong, now I’m going to make it right, it doesn’t build any conflict, I think TNA was just so wrong that any change would be right. I’ll wait to pass judgment.

                    Bischoff didn’t explain why he was still there. Jarrett just pretended they were gone and they really weren’t. I don’t get it, anyways Fortune is with Bischoff and they want to fight, to bully their way back to the top, and by the way, sorry ADD meds are wearing off, I figured out what I don’t like. The way you space things out and include the detail make very little content feel like it covers a long time. Trying to include so much crowd reaction and commentator comments over such a short promo makes the whole thing feel like it’s dragging on when it would be much shorter in real life, so maybe while that’s realistically all of the things that are happening, you might want to only focus on what you think is most important to sort of, make the space and time a bit more proportionate, if that makes any sense, disregard if it doesn’t.

                    So Shane O Mac smoothes over the situation and makes the main event. Good stuff, that’s just fine, in my opinion. Everything was just fine, it was very standard, nothing bad, but nothing that really drew me in.

                    OK, that segment was a step backward in my opinion. Bischoff seems totally powerless and totally aware of it. There is nothing that makes me thing anything other than the good guys winning is going to happen. The things are just happening, sure he made AJ mad, but what does that mean? What is that going to do? Is AJ going to turn against him? I didn’t sense that. I sensed AJ walking away looking dejected and Bischoff sounded like he might have a plan, but it wasn’t very clear. The heels are looking super weak ATM.

                    OK, the Shane/Jarrett/Originators segment has me smelling a swerve. The NEOs are fucked. Someone else took out Hogan and Hardy and they have more targets on their list. Shane suspects something, but he isn’t saying it. OK man, I’ll admit, now you’ve got me intrigued. So Fortune and Bischoff are just a front, they’re going to appear to be the problem and that’s when the real problem is going to show up. I can feel that player, I really can.

                    All right. All right. Does Bischoff know who took out Jeff and Hulk? Maybe Bischoff is the enemy. Which shows his disdain for Fortune, he knows he doesn’t really need them, because he’s got a secret weapon. God, I hope I’m right because if not, I might be disappointed.

                    Why does Taz say ‘heels’? Fuck that man. Sorry. Yeah, now it better not be Abyss, because I was thinking Abyss too and this could be one of those things where you’re going to get me to deny it up and down only for it to be right. NO MAIN EVENT! BISCHOFF KILLED RVD! Ok, dude, have you read NXT, because I had a show end very similarly a few weeks back. It doesn’t matter, but man, that just. I don’t know if that was the way to end it. Building the mystery was good, but, and I know this was just tidbits, but man, there was no ending. I guess you have me hooked for next week, but I think you could’ve left me a little satisfied first before establishing my hunger for more.
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                      Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                      Ok, so the whole show was based on just the feud between these two? Oh wait....just caught the top part where it says "excerpts". Gotcha.

                      First off, love how the opening flowed so smoothly together. From Taz and Tenays announcing to the banter between Jarrett/Bischoff/Shane. Always love reading stuff that doesn't jump around but makes you feel like they are actually in an argument. Nice.

                      Who the hell is Bischoff talking too? Gonna be interesting if you go with the obvious, or someone "outside" of TNA.

                      RVD ON FIRE! Holy hell RT!!! Talk about a way to end the show. But, disappointed there was no actual match.

                      You got me hooked bro, good job there.

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                        Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                        Personally, I'm betting on Kane being the one that Bischoff was talking to. But that's just me. This is awesome stuff, though, RT. I'm loving it.
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                          Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                          Oh, it's pretty obvious that it's Kane, but in a good way. In a, we know Batista's turning on Triple H but we can't wait for it to happen anyway, way. I also hope 'convict' John Cena makes an appearance at some stage.

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                            Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                            Thanks guys! Feedback is always appreciated and definitely considered (and sometimes utilized) when I'm writing.

                            I know my format is a little different from what everyone is used to, but that's on purpose. Basically, all these "Excerpts" are/were written as hype to post in the Fed Thread, but those get so easily lost in the mix up there that I tweaked them a little, extended a few, then just started a thread so more focus could be drawn to the back story and what is actually happening.

                            The excerpts will go on for a little while longer, but eventually, they will be more concise, while others will cover an entire show. There is going to be back story involving TNA and WWE (don't you think WWE would be upset at TNA for infringing on a gimmick copyright at the end of their last show... ), as well as behind the scenes writing as well.

                            Basically all I'm asking is to bear with me. Things will seem all over the place for a little while, but eventually, this fed is going to be a lot of fun for me and you, the reader.

                            Oh and Alyon, I did read your NXT fed (still do, haha). I know of what happened with Holz (sparking my question in the fed thread regarding his whereabouts), but I assure you I wasn't stealing any ideas if that's what you're implying. I already had/have most of what I'm going to do over the next little while planned out and it was purely coincidence that I used something similar. All will be explained soon as to what happened with RVD. (obviously I didn't kill him...RT does stand for Rolling Thunder after all... )

                            EDIT: I also want to say that if you haven't read my original NEW thread, then now is the time while all of this is in the early stages. I will be referring to a lot of what happened there, so to get full enjoyment out of TNEW, giving it a once over or even a quick skim would be wise (the link is in the first post of this thread).

                            /cheap plug

                            EDIT AGAIN: I am aware that in the original NEW thread, the WWE no longer exists as part of the storyline. Like I said..."bear with me"...


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                              Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                              FALLOUT FROM THURSDAY’S IMPACT! WWE SUING TNA?

                              Anticipation for fallout could not be any higher after last night’s episode of TNA Impact! After the episode ended early due to an “accident” involving Rob Van Dam being blown up by pyros on stage, the WWE’s team of lawyers were more than likely awoken by an angry phone call from someone high up at WWE Headquarters, if not by Vincent K. McMahon himself.

                              This morning, witnesses reported a ‘higher than usual’ amount of suits walking in the front doors at WWE HQ in New York City. A few ambitious PW’ers tried to raise questions, but were quickly pushed aside by security. Not since the days of the Monday Night Wars or the initial demise of the WWE after SummerSlam 2007 that led to the creation of New Era Wrestling, has activity around WWE HQ been this high.

                              Though this is all speculation and rumors at this time, it is fairly safe to assume that the WWE is trying to find the correct legal action to take regarding TNA’s infringement on Kane’s gimmick, which is copyrighted by WWE Entertainment. Every WWE personna that is imagined by its creative team is protected by the same laws and cannot be used for commercial gain by any other company, or so it would seem.

                              If TNA’s creative team has found some kind of loophole, there’s no telling what kind of fallout we can expect. The only thing we know for sure is that the only winners walking away from this will be the fans.