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RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

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    Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

    After the break, we see Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett backstage in an office...we catch them mid-conversation and Jarrett doesn't look too happy...

    -Shane "Listen, I'm not trying to attack you, ok? I just need a heads up if you're going to act drastically."
    -Jarrett "Drastic? C'mon Shane! I did what everyone else wants, including you!"
    -Shane "I'm not saying I don't support your decision, but I am saying that when we make decisions, we make them together. We don't just react to a situation! We're partners and I'm trying to look out for you. As soon as you let him inside your head, he wins."

    Jarrett backs off for a moment...

    -Jarrett "Ah damn it, you're right. But hell, a lot of good it did us now, right?"

    Shane nods in agreement as he holds up the papers that Bischoff handed him earlier...

    -Shane "These papers prove everything we've been speculating so far. We have to be extra careful about how we act from now on, ok?"
    -Jarrett "Alright."
    -Shane "Do me a favour and go get the guys. We should show them this."

    Jarrett exits the office as Shane slumps down on a black leather couch...he exhales loudly and puts his head back, closing his eyes...he mutters the words "God damn it..." as we cut back to the arena...

    We hear the music of "The Fallen Angel", Christopher Daniels! The fans give a rousing ovation to one of TNA's finest veterans as he makes his way to the ring...

    -Taz "I'm dying to know what that document says, Mike!"
    -Mike Tenay "You're not the only one, Taz. Hopefully our first match of the night will take our minds off it."
    -Taz "Hey, if Christopher Daniels is in the ring, I'm Captain Focused!"
    -Mike Tenay "..right."

    Highlights of Daniels' last match are shown as Mike Tenay refers to last week's interview with ProWrestling Obvserver...Daniels discussed the appearance of Shane McMahon and NEW Superstars in TNA as well as his declining physical presence in the ring, blaming his age for his recent setbacks...

    The audience gives a mixed reaction for Hernandez as he exits the tunnel, accompanied by Hector Guerrero, who is waving a large Mexican flag...

    -Mike Tenay "What's Hector Guerrero doing out here? Shouldn't he be calling this for our Spanish friends?"
    -Taz "Looks like Hernandez is building up his entourage after that tough loss to Douglas Williams last week. Besides, if you're looking for a manager, who better than Hector?"
    -Mike Tenay "Either way, Daniels has a hell of a test coming his way tonight. I hope he's shaken off last week and is prepared for one of TNA's biggest stars. I mean that in more way than one."

    Christopher Daniels vs. Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero


    The crowd is clearly behind Daniels as the match begins with a traditional Lock Up...things immediately turn for Daniels as he is easily overpowered by Hernandez and tossed into a corner of the ring...Daniels gets to his feet and goes for the Lock Up again, but Hernandez wastes little time tossing him right back in the corner...

    The crowd appears to be disappointed with Daniels as he is slow to get up...before he has time to shake things off, Hernandez pounces, forcing him against a turnbuckle and dismantling him with hard punches and kicks to the midsection...

    The beat down continues for a few minutes until Hernandez sends Daniels into the ropes with an Irish Whip...Daniels bounces back and ducks under a Clothesline attempt from Hernandez...Daniels bounces back, but runs right into a massive Sidewalk Slam! The crowd lets out a loud "OHH!" as Daniels' head bounces off the mat...

    Hernandez covers for a 2 count, then continues to lay into Daniels with shots to the head and stomach...

    Hernandez picks up Daniels and lifts him high over his head...he then brings Daniels down for a sickening Backbreaker! Daniels crumples to the mat and Hernandez covers again...



    Daniels kicks out! The crowd is brought to life for a moment, cheering Daniels on and hoping for a turn of events...Daniels is tossed into the ropes again, but this time he goes for a Flying Crossbody, only to be caught mid-air by Hernandez!

    -Taz "This is bad."
    -Mike Tenay "No, this is REALLY bad."

    Christopher Daniels is held for a moment by Hernandez, who spins around and carries him to a corner...Hernandez, in a great feat of strength, steps onto the second turnbuckle, all the while keeping Daniels in his clutches! Hector Guerrero cheers him on in Spanish from ringside...

    Hernandez leaps...

    SUPER FALLAWAY SLAM!! Hernandez immediately covers!




    Winner: Hernandez
    -Taz "Well that didn't take long."
    -Mike Tenay "Daniels sure has slumped lately and it's hard to tell if he'll ever bounce back from this one. What is Christopher Daniels going to do, Taz? I hate to see him like this."
    -Taz "Well I'm not letting him take my spot, that's for sure!"

    As Daniels sits in the ring watching Hernandez leave the arena the victor, we cut backstage to Shane's office...he and Jeff Jarrett are standing in front of all seven NEW Superstars...the fans cheer loud enough that at first, it's hard to tell what Shane is appears he's thanking everyone for joining him and making sure that all seven men are accounted for...he and Jarrett are clearly worried by the information the document Shane is holding contains...

    As the crowd relaxes a bit, Shane is finally heard clearly...

    -Shane "-all probably saw what happened out there and, much like everyone else watching, you're wondering what this document contains that has Eric Bischoff all proud of himself. Well our worst fears have been answered. This document in my hand is a photocopy of a contract, dated Jan 6th, the day all this nonsense started happening and RVD was...well, y'know..."

    Shane pauses a moment and clears his throat...

    -Shane "Anyway, the jist is this: Eric Bischoff can do pretty much whatever he wants with the limited power he has. While Jeff and I share 50% of controlling interest in the company, Eric Bischoff holds the other half. He also inserted a "No Fire" clause in his contract. Why he neglected to tell anyone this is beyond us, probably because he likes playing head games."

    Everyone in the office can be heard muttering and shuffling around...on camera, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer shake their heads in disappointment...

    -Shane "That's not the worst of it. What he did next, none of us saw coming. Turns out that you guys aren't the only former NEW Superstars signed to TNA. Bischoff signed one of his own the morning of Jan 6th and it explains everything that's been happening lately."

    Shane hangs his head, being silent for a minute...he then looks up...

    -Shane "It's exactly what we expected. Eric Bischoff signed K-"**CRASH!!!**

    -Mike Tenay "What the hell was that!?"

    All the men in the office are startled as Shane is interrupted by a loud crashing sound outside his office! More crashes are quickly heard, followed by screams from men and women alike...the lights in the office flicker for a moment...

    Edge and Stevie Richards lead the rush out of the office...the lights are flickering on and off and as they enter the hallway, a plume of fire erupts in the distance! Edge and Richards get everyone to stay back, then as the lights stop flickering and the fire disappears, they usher everyone forward...

    Once all the men are out in the hallway, the camera quickly follows and the aftermath of whatever mayhem they heard is seen...there are two broken tables, both of which were covered with refreshments...a woman wearing a headset is screaming uncontrollably, having been covered in hot coffee...two men drop their clipboards and tend to the panicking woman...


    Another explosion rings out down the hall! The lights go out and when they come back on, we see the man holding the camera has been knocked to the ground! The camera lies on the ground in a stationary position...Edge leans forward and looks just past the camera...

    -Edge "ARE YOU OK!?"

    The camera man replies off camera that he is fine...the screaming continues and the lights return to normal, except far down the hallway where it's completely dark...eerie laughter emerges from down the hall, lasts for a moment, then disappears...

    Through all the commotion and yelling, a limp body is seen lying face down in one of the broken tables...blood is dripping from the shattered wood as well as pooling at the feet of whoever is lying there...

    Paul London and CM Punk rush to the motionless body...after getting a look at his face, London immediately gets to his feet...

    -London "No...NO! THAT SON OF A BITCH!! I'LL KILL HIM!!"

    CM Punk quickly grabs London, who tries to run off down the hall...Punk calls for help and Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin quickly come to his aid...Stevie Richards continues to protect Shane McMahon as Edge continues to tend to the fallen camera man...

    -CM Punk "NO PAUL! WAIT! STOP!"

    The camera man gets to his feet and picks up the camera..he assures Edge he is fine, then fights through the warzone in the hallway and shows that the beaten and tortured body lying on the broken table belongs to X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick...

    Commercial break...


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      Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

      After the break, we see Brian Kendrick being loaded into an ambulance...he has a neck brace on and several layers of gauze wrapped around his arms and midsection...

      Paul London & CM Punk are in the ambulance with him...

      -London "It's ok, Brian. We're going to get you help."

      -Paramedic "That's good. Keep talking to him. Keep him with us."

      CM Punk puts a hand on London's shoulder as the ambulance doors shut...the other NEW Superstars watch as the ambulance pulls away into the distance...

      Edge turns his attention back to reality...he looks at Jeff Jarrett, then immediately becomes worried...

      -Edge "Hey, where's Shane?"


      We see Shane McMahon walking briskly down a hallway...he comes to a wooden door that reads "ERIC BISCHOFF"...Shane throws the door open without knocking and startles Bischoff, who is seated at his desk...

      -Bischoff "HEY! WHAT THE-! SECURITY!!"

      But it's no use...Shane hops over Bischoff's desk and grabs him by the collar! He slams Bischoff into the wall behind his desk and gets nose to nose with him!

      -Shane "Yell all you want Eric, nobody's coming!"

      -Bischoff "HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!"

      -Shane "Stop your GOD DAMN YELLING and listen good!"

      Shane shakes Bischoff by the collar and slams him into the wall again!

      -Shane "I don't know what it is you want, nor do I care. But know this: if you don't put an end to these cowardly attacks, then I will put an end to you, GOT IT!?"

      Bischoff turns his head away, closing his eyes...

      -Bischoff "Oh Shane, you just don't get it. You McMahons are all the sam-"

      Shane slams Bischoff into the wall again!

      -Shane "No Eric, YOU don't get it! You really think I'm done with changing TNA? You think I'm done calling in an army to rid this company of a[BLEEP]oles like YOU!? I'M JUST GETTING STARTED ERIC!! I'M JUST GETTING STARTED!!"

      Before Bischoff can say anything, shouting is heard from the doorway...Shane lets go of Bischoff and turns around to see all the members of Fortune!

      -Kazarian "What the hell are you doing in here!?"
      -AJ Styles "What are you doing!?"
      -Ric Flair "GET HIM!"

      Shane rushes the group of men, catching them off balance and knocking them into the hallway! The fans in the Impact Zone cheer as Shane is the first to his feet, giving him a chance to run off down the hall! The members of Fortune quickly get to their feet, but decide not to give chase...

      -AJ Styles "YEAH! AND STAY OUT!!"

      Ric Flair smacks Styles on the back of the head...

      -Flair "Seriously? Get in the office, boy!"

      The members of Fortune step into Bischoff's office...the camera pulls around and as the office door closes, we see the look on Bischoff's face...the members of Fortune apologize and make excuses, expecting Bischoff to be angry, but we only see a crooked smile on his face as the door slams shut...

      Commercial break...


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        Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

        Back from commercial, we see Jeff Jarrett walking down a hall, the bottom of the screen reads "DURING THE BREAK"...he's walking away from the camera as it follows him and we quickly see that Jarrett is fuming! He curses under his breath, kicks in doors and knocks several tables over! He passes a stage hand and knocks his clipboard out of his hands, then throws open a door into a lobby...Jarrett makes his way to a set of glass doors that lead into the parking lot...

        -Taz "Jeff Jarrett has left the building!"

        We cut back to the Impact Zone as the fans prepare themselves for the night's Main Event...

        As the music of Fortune plays, the fans bring the boos as Robert Roode and James Storm emerge from the tunnel...

        -Mike Tenay "They may be just a fraction of Fortune, but together, they are Beer Money and tonight they might walk out of the Impact Zone the TNA Tag Team Champions."
        -Taz "Normally I'd say their chances are good, but after the things I've seen happening around here lately, I don't even want to begin to make predictions!"
        -Mike Tenay "Earlier tonight we saw the horrific aftermath of an attack on X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick backstage. As Shane McMahon was about to tell the world who Eric Bischoff signed and ultimately, who has been behind these attacks, all hell broke loose."
        -Taz "I know nobody has said it out loud yet Mike, but I only have one person in mind as to who is behind the attacks on Hogan, Hardy, RVD and now Kendrick, but I don't even want to say his name out loud in hopes that I'm wrong. He's one of the biggest, meanest, most sadistic men I've ever crossed paths with."

        As Beer Money warms up in the ring, the music of the TNA Tag Team Champions Generation Me plays...

        -Mike Tenay "After a stunning upset over the Motor City Machine Guns nearly a month ago, new TNA Tag Team Champions Generation Me look to make their first successful title defense here tonight."
        -Taz "That was a hell of a match Mike. After defeating Gunner & Murphy in a #1 Contender's Match, Generation Me shocked the TNA world when they pulled the upset over MCMG after several failed attempts to take the titles from them. Can they make it two huge wins in a row?"



        The match begins with Matt and James Storm, who circle one another for a moment...James Storm moves in for a lock up, but Matt ducks and catches Storm off-guard, kicking him hard in the ribs...Storm falls to one knee, allowing Matt to capitalize early with a stiff kick to the head! Storm falls onto his back and Matt bounces off the ropes, hitting a Running Backflip Splash! He holds for the early cover!



        Kick out by Storm...Storm gives his head a shake as Matt tags in his brother Nick...Nick and Matt get to work as the ref counts down from 5...after Matt is kicked out of the ring, Nick takes charge, isolating James Storm from his corner as much as possible...

        As Matt and Nick use their speed, agility and intelligence to keep James Storm from tagging out, all Robert Roode can do is watch from ringside as his partner is dismantled by this surprising young tag team...

        Nick and Matt begin to get cocky, taunting Robert Roode as they lay waste to James Storm...finally, after a few insults are thrown his way, Roode decides he's had enough...he tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him, allowing Matt and Nick to double team James Storm, choking him out on the ropes! Surprisingly, this results in the crowd turning on Generation Me, beginning to boo them...

        -Taz "It's been a long while since Beer Money had crowd support in a match!"
        -Mike Tenay "These TNA Tag Champs may be skilled, but they lack discipline and respect. That'll turn the Impact Zone on you almost every time."

        Matt, having hopped off the apron to help choke James Storm, gets back up and tags Nick exits the ring, he turns to the audience to mouth off at someone in the front row...taking his eyes off James Storm for just a second proves to be a terrible mistake as Storm quickly hops to his feet and drops Matt with a Clothesline! Nick turns slowly around...WHAM!! James Storm knocks him off the apron with a HUGE Dropkick!

        Nick flies off the apron and hits his face off the crowd barrier as he falls! The crowd begins to roar as James Storm crawls over to his corner and tags in Robert Roode!

        -Taz "Listen to this crowd!"
        -Mike Tenay "It's like I said, Taz: the fans in the Impact Zone don't care for immaturity and disrespect. They came to see a good clean match!"

        Robert Roode rushes into the ring and catches Matt with a hard right hand as he gets to his feet! Matt bounces off the canvas...another right from Roode! And another! Finally, Matt is taken hard out of the ring with a Running Clothesline!

        With Matt and Nick both down on the outside of the ring, Robert Roode is left alone...he turns and sees that James Storm is recovering in their corner, lying on the apron and trying to pull himself up with the ropes...

        The fans in the Impact Zone scream aloud as huge flames erupt from the stage! The arena turns an eerie red glow and after burning for a moment, the flames disappear...

        The Impact Zone is dead quiet...nobody dares speak or react as music begins to play...

        alexisonfire - "You Burn First"
        I said, "Cover me if there is a fire,
        'Cause I want you to burn first."

        Red smoke begins to pour from the tunnel, filling the Impact Zone and blinding several audience members close by...

        She screamed at me, "I want to be desired."
        I said, "Easy girl, I know it hurts"

        As more and more audience members cough and shield themselves from the smoke, the red lights in the Impact Zone begin to sway and flash like strobes...

        Let's all give thanks that I am a liar,
        'Cause I've got a feeling I just might get worse.
        Now there's nothing wrong with you,
        I'm just tired.
        And I'm in a mood for a brand new curse.

        The stage and ramp light up with small flames that flicker in the smoke...

        You burn first,
        You burn first,
        You burn first,
        You burn first.


        Cover me if there is a fire,
        'Cause I want you to burn first.

        The flames jump and shoot in unison!

        She screamed at me, "I want to be desired."
        Easy girl, I know it hurts

        They continue to burn! The heat from the fire causes everyone in the Impact Zone to begin panicking!

        Let's all give thanks that I am a liar,
        'Cause I've got a feeling I just might get worse.
        Now there's nothing wrong with you,
        I just grow tired.
        And I'm in the mood for a brand new curse.



        The ring posts explode in flame! The crowd screams again as a large figure is standing in the centre of the ring!

        The figure stands over 7 feet tall and is wearing a large red cloak with a hood covering its face!

        The camera zooms in and we can only see two white eyes glowing from underneath the hood...the Impact Zone is in shear panic as Robert Roode doesn't think twice about hightailing it out of the ring!

        Finally, after a minute or so, the figure raises its hands to its grabs the hood and pulls it back...

        ....IT'S KANE!!!

        Screams echo from the audience as Kane's eyes glow bright white, his shoulder-lenght black hair covering most of his face...though we can't see his expression, fear fills the hearts of millions watching across the globe...

        -Mike Tenay "Ladies and gentlemen, our worst fears have been answered. Kane is in the Impact Zone!"
        -Taz "I never thought I'd be glad to say I'm not on the active roster more than I am right now."
        -Mike Tenay "I don't think that matters to Kane, Taz!"

        The referee is nowhere in bell has sounded, no clear winner has been called, but none of that seems to matter at this point...the only thing that matters is the cloaked body of Kane standing in the ring, glaring out over the Impact Zone...

        Kane doesn't move for a moment, but suddenly the screams turn to cheers as movement comes from the tunnel! The red smoke has yet to dissipate and running through it are Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin!

        The two remaining Originators in the building storm the ring, much to the delight of the crowd! Shelley charges Kane...

        ...WHAM!! Kane takes down Shelley with a stiff right hand! Sabin does the same, and meets the same fate!

        -Mike Tenay "More movement on the stage!"

        Stevie Richards & Tommy Dreamer take their turn, rushing the ring with Singapore Canes! Richards is the first to charge...

        Big Boot! Kane levels Richards with a "THWACK!!" heard in the rafters! Dreamer swings at Kane, but Kane ducks...

        ...Kane slams his hand into Dreamer's throat!

        ...CHOKE SLAM!!!

        -Mike Tenay "DEAR LORD!!"

        The ring shakes violently as Dreamer lies motionless! Kane stands over him, raises his arms...


        Kane, quickly sensing something is wrong, spins around to face Edge! The crowd goes absolutely insane as Edge and Kane stand face to face in the ring!

        -Mike Tenay "EDGE! EDGE IS HERE!"

        Edge breathes heavily as he glares a hole right through Kane...Kane stares right back...

        ...suddenly, there's movement behind's Stevie Richards! He's back on his feet, Singapore Cane in hand! He swings at Kane...


        -Mike Tenay "WHAT THE HELL!?"
        -Taz "WHAT DID WE JUST SEE!?"

        Edge stands up and looks down at Stevie Richards, who is out cold! The fans are in complete shock as Edge smiles at his work, staring down at Richards with the most evil of grins...

        A chair is tossed in the ring! Then another! Chairs and garbage begin to litter the ring as Edge and Kane stand together...all hell is about to break loose as TNA Impact goes off the air...

        END SHOW


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          Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

          Okay... that was unexpected. But still fucking AWESOME.
          Originally posted by African Mike
          I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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            Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

            That was fantastic. That's overtook Spreuts' show as my favorite this year. An amazing twist and you made Kane come across as both evil and intimidating, something WWE hasn't done since he was unmasked.
            Man of the world.


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              Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

              Run In Review (R.I.R.)

              The storyline is coming along well, the creation of NEW continues... but I just can't get past a Hernandez squash and a Tag title match being the only matches on Impact... Bischoff, Jarrett, Shane McMahon, I'm kind of left underwhelmed. And then Kane, Richards, Edge, Dreamer... apart from Edge .. none of these guys have been revelvant for a long time. Nothing really new about them.

              Whenever I've written a show I always have the live audience in mind. They always have to be treated with stuff in the ring. If I had gone to that show I would have left disappointed.

              Pieces of paper, "no fire clause", I don't know.. It's all too WCW/Russorific/TNA to me.... I love all the hype, all the twitter stuff, all of that has been genius.. the show was just lacking. There really isn't too much to review... Jarrett loses his temper, Bischoff is being a jerk.. Kane appears, Edge spears Richards... it's all part of the story, but I think this could have been put basically in one segemnt and then had another 3 matches on the card that pushed this major storyline you're building towards.

              Iam a reader though RT and am keep watching to see what happens next, so in that you've succeeded!


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                Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                I just want to mention to keep in mind that I'm only posting excerpts from a 2 hour show. That's why I posted times and what not in the earlier posts, to get the reader used to that idea. I guess I should have pulled it off better, but that's neither here nor there.

                I'm focusing on the main story line only. Sure, there's bullshit matches to keep the fan entertained, but who cares? Why should I waste my time and effort on writing a Mixed Tag Match with Daffney and whoever the fuck vs. Winter and some other jobber? Nobody gives a shit.

                Instead, I focus my time and energy on the main storyline, with other storylines slowly emerging (Daniels' age, Hernandez getting a push, Kurt & Anderson not commenting on NEW, etc). I can expand and grow the fed at my own pace, all the while keeping everything I put in front of you interesting.

                I'm only defending this because it's not a very common take on Fan Fic, yet I think it works better for people like me who have trouble staying dedicated. I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything. I appreciate the review and I LOVE constructive feedback. I'm well aware that some people will like it and others won't. I'm just glad you're a reader and I'll be taking a look at Ultimate TNA shortly (probably tomorrow on break).


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                  Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                  I knew it was Kane! But still, that owned. That whole scenario with Edge & Kane staring into each other was obvious, but fuck obviousness, if I was there, I'd be going crazy.

                  Awesome shit, RT, awesome shit.


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                    Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                    | JEFFSUPERAREVIEW |

                    • So originally, I thought I was reviewing your last show, but it turns out I hit the wrong button and was reviewing the one before that… so here is the second from last show.

                    Review I - My overall concern when I read it the first time was that I didn’t feel like I was reading a show. I felt like I was getting just a single storyline. I know that the storyline has branches and it’s more complex than a single storyline, but when you get down to the meat and potatoes of the matter, it really is just a single storyline that you posted. I don’t know if that’s going to be the plan for the long haul but it does leave a little to be desired. I assume for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, it’s probably the ideal situation since you only have to think of one great story instead of one or two great stories and a handful of good storylines. I suppose what I’m saying is, if writing just this one story will keep you going, then write just this one story. But if you have the time, I wouldn’t mind seeing you expand on it.

                    • I don’t see how everyone can say that they knew it was Kane. You pretty much gave it away right off the bat. I would have tried to do something a little less obvious. I mean, the four corner explosion didn’t have to be used. Should have come up with something new to Kane, just like how you gave him his black hair back.

                    • Tommy Dreamer is one of those few guys whose TNA run has actually hurt him for me. I used to absolutely love the guy. But over the course of his TNA run, I got tired of all of the “sentimental” talk he does. He’s been pussified. I hate what TNA has done to some of my favorite wrestlers. The match itself was fun and since there wasn’t a twenty minute speech from Dreamer about honoring the old ECW and the hardcore legends, it was even better.

                    • Who are the four members of the Originators? Oh and that phone call was very awesome. I don’t know how I missed that the first time I read it but it just echoes all of the anticipation for what is to come. Do you ever explain who was the person screaming on the other end? Nevermind, I see at the end who the four members are.

                    • The last match was pretty much a clustercuss following the ending. The match itself was very well paced and written but afterward it just became wrestler after wrestler entering the fray. You didn’t slow play any of this at all. Right off the bat it was all members of NEW right there. I suppose since I read the second episode first, most of this wasn’t really shocking to me.

                    • One thing I took from this whole show is that, I believe you are the master of Attitude-Era-esque wrestling. Having read your NEW and now this, I’m confident that you are the quintessential writer of that type of wrestling. I’ll admit that it wasn’t my favorite era of wrestling, but I also can’t deny that you put such a spin on it that I can’t help but love it.

                    Review II – All of my old concerns from the first show are still there. I’ll try not to readdress them if at all possible. Again, I’d like to see you doing more with the non-NEW/TNA storylines that would be I assume filler storylines, but as I also said before, whatever keeps you writing when you have the free time is good enough for me.

                    • I did, surprisingly, enjoy Eric Bischoff’s statements opening the show. They did seem very in-character and also the content was good too. I especially liked the moment when he was talking about how the fans were demanding change and now they’ve rejected the very change he brought on.

                    • Something I always hated in real world wrestling that you did in this is when a Fed Owner or authority figure doesn’t know that he can’t fire someone. I think you’d have to be a numbskull to not know at any given time who you have the authority to fire. As a manager, I know who I can, who I can’t and who I need authority from higher to release. It made Jarrett look like a buffoon for also not knowing.

                    • I don’t exactly know if the Daniels/Hernandez segment actually coincides with your storyline, but it may be exactly what I asked for in these two reviews (something from the Fed that didn’t pertain exactly to the NEW/TNA storyline). I don’t know. But it was fun nonetheless because it didn’t have that wrap around it.

                    • The subtle incidents of the lights flickering and crashes throughout the building in the night just kept building up the suspense. Like I said before, it was obvious since the first show who it was, and you only kept making it more and more obvious over the course of this show. It actually makes me wonder why Kid acted like it was a surprise at all that he guessed.

                    • The backroom segment with the wrestler walking down the corridor through a trail of people who have been attacked was just amazing. I can’t think of having read such an amazing segment in such a long time. The entire suspense of the situation was perfect. In fact, I really wish you would have ended this show there. Left the suspense out there just a little bit longer. I’m not saying that it was bad how you ended your show, but this segment leading to Kendrick being injured may have been a perfect stopping point for the night.

                    • Anyways, you went forward with bringing Kane out and that wasn’t the surprise. The real surprise was Edge turning on his NEW friends. In real life WWE and now with your fed, I’ve always wondered how these turns work after the member had attacked the people he was suppose to be siding with the whole time. Did they just make the decision to turn right then? Or was the attacks on their friends just perpetrated to give off the impression that they were not on the other side?

                    • Regardless. This was a very fun show. I’m not going to say it’s the best one that I’ve read this year but it’s up there. It was really missing the moments that an entire Fed has. What I suppose is that it’s just one big storyline; you need the small moments of a Fed to go along with it. But for what you wrote, you have presented it perfectly.
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                      Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                      With my beautiful ASSistant Velvet Sky

                      - First things first, I have been looking forward to reviewing this. People have been giving TNEW so many good things to say. So, I have things to learn from this thread.

                      - I really enjoy the Twitter updates, although it's basically non-kayfabe, I think it works for this. It definitely adds a little more to the fed itself.

                      - Alright, so here we go. The Bisch promo seemed a bit off, but it got the point across. It's obvious he is a heel, and you did well getting that across to the reader.

                      - When Shane and Jarrett entered, your Eric Bischoff picked up a little bit more. NOW I felt like it was him speaking.

                      - Eric Bischoff is fired, but doesn't seem too effected by it. Probably has something to do with the paper he handed Shane, so good little cliffhanger there. Makes me wonder if he will be back?

                      - Nice little back and forth between Shane and Jarrett, really sells the importance of these papers. Probably the contract to the guy I'm thinking is coming into TNA/NEW.

                      - I enjoyed Hernandez and Daniels, not too long but not too short and gets the point across. I really liked the ending from the second rope.

                      - Holy shit. I don't know what to say about this segment, it was awesome. Fire, explosions, people dying.

                      - I don't know what can follow THAT segment. I'm pumped to see who is coming.

                      - Interesting. This seems to be really personal, McMahon going in to attack Eric. He then gets chased off by Fortune. Good stuff, just keeps hyping who is coming.

                      - Again, a nice match summary. But... THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE.

                      - That's gotta be... That's gotta be KANE!

                      - WHAT!? Edge speared Steve! WHATTTT!

                      - Damn RT, that is GREAT shit. Nice swerve ending!

                      - All in all, it's a pretty short show but I understand that it's to focus on the main storyline. I can't wait for the next show to see what happens. GREAT job RT.

                      - If you have AIM or MSN, I would LOVE to talk to you sometime on the subject of FF and all that good stuff.

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                        Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                        WMS’ review of RT’s TNEW – Excepts from TNA Impact!

                        -Just thought I’d open up by saying I’ve been following TNEW and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. I also went back a few months ago and read all of NEW after hearing amazing things about it from the rest. I was so happy that I did. Anyway, here we go!

                        -‘Hundreds of signs’ considering the shows set in the Impact Zone made me chuckle but who cares, I love hyperbole!

                        -I have to say, I really dig your format. It’s something that appeals to me when I’m reading a show. If it looks nice, I’m more likely to read.

                        -I liked the tease of Kane, but instead it was Bischoff who came out. You’ve done a good job of making me hate Bischoff in your previous excerpts in addition to his twitter updates. You’ve built him up as being a real egotistical, nasty piece of work. And that’s how he should be.

                        -Alexisonfire rule.

                        -The opening segment was very well done. I usually don’t like commentary in fics, but I didn’t mind Tenay and Taz here. It flowed well, even with their participation. The interaction between Bischoff and Jarrett/Shane was well portrayed and I liked how Bischoff tricked and slimed his way out of being fired. You also kept the suspense going by not revealing what was on the paper. That’s something I’ve always wanted to achieve when writing – lull the reader into a sense of security. Once you’ve got them wrapped round your finger, you can achieve so much.

                        -Forgot to mention, you did a great job of selling Shane’s reaction as being one of panic. Good stuff. And in the beginning of the second segment, you continued – Jeff and Shane’s back and forth and Shane’s plea for Jarrett to get the guys means its serious business.

                        -Daniels and Hernandez are a good match. I like the angle you’re going with, with Daniels. Mostly because I’m going to be doing something similar in NWA: Genesis. I’ll be intrigued to see how it plays out.

                        -Your match summary is real fun. It’s different to how most people summarize these days but it’s simple and effective. Beginning summary, period of time, ending sequence. It makes for an easy read and is entertaining also. And despite this match being a quick read, you did an awesome job of putting over the fact that Daniels was underperforming and the fans felt for him.

                        -No surprise with the result, Hernandez is young and benefits from a strong win and a loss for Daniels builds his personal story and allows you to enhance the angle.

                        -And we find out more details and just when it looks like we are finally set to find out everything … you continue to tease us! Nice work.

                        -What followed was fantastic. Just like Jeff’s writing with Rhodes/Hollywood Blondes, you pulled me in, got me attached and just made my jaw drop really. You described the scene and the chaos perfectly. Powerful writing and the reveal that Kendrick was attacked at the end was brilliantly done. All round awesome. Stuff like this is what separates the hall of famers/soon to be hall of famers from the rest.

                        -And with London, Kendrick and Punk out of action that means Shane has less men at his disposal.

                        -Bischoff and McMahons confrontation was enjoyable although all their parts in this show have been to be fair. You did a good job of putting across McMahon’s frustration at how things are going. Damn, I hate Bischoff.

                        -I don’t know what to make of Shane evading Fortune. Should I be thinking Fortune are weak or should I think that Fortune aren’t happy for working with Bischoff after recent events? Food for thought for myself.

                        -And another man down. This isn’t good!

                        -I really like how Taz and Tenay are both discussing their fear of what may happen. Things like that make a lot of difference.

                        -Beer Money versus Generation Me was your best match of the excerpt, really fun read and by having the reveal happen during a tag title match, helps make the titles a big deal.

                        -I loved Kane’s entrance. Once again, more alexisonfire. The song choice really fits Kane too. The lyrics one sentence and then the description of his entrance and the reaction of everyone else was superbly done.

                        -We all knew it was Kane, but you know what … so? You built him up brilliantly and made it come across as a huge moment.

                        -He’s grew his hair back? Badass.

                        -Kane’s domination was awesome. He came across as an absolute beast.

                        -And then came the MASSIVE moment. Edge and Kane’s stare down and then finally Edge spearing Richards and aligning with Kane. I didn’t see that coming at all. Massive twist, every bit as good as some of the twists in Jeffs show. Having read the history between these two, it’s an even bigger twist. I can’t wait to read what you have in store for these two men. Their alliance is huge.

                        -An awesome moment to end the show. Once again, no faults. A real fun and easy read and I’m just happy to have you writing again. Great work RT.

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                          Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                          Dear fans,
                          As you all have recently discovered, WWE Superstar and former World Champion Kane has left the company.

                          After several attempts to extend Kane's contract failed, it was the decision of both sides that it was time to part ways.

                          The WWE and all its staff wish Kane the very best in his future with TNA.



                          Say It Ain't So, Edge! Impact! Highlights! Roster Updates! WWE Rumors & More!

                          Edge Digs His Heels In TNA
                          After a thunderous debut from former WWE World Champion Kane at last night's Impact!, the question on everyone's mind was finally answered. However, what happened after Kane dismantled multiple TNA & NEW Superstars, nobody saw coming.

                          Kane finally showed his face as Impact! came to a close last night. As red lights flashed, red smoke filled the Impact Zone and the Fires Of Hell sent the fans running for cover. When Originators CM Punk & Paul London left the Universal Studios Arena with fallen comrade, X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick, it was up to Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin to exact some revenge. After Kane made quick work of them, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer gave it a shot, with even worse results.

                          Finally, everyone's prayers were answered when Edge stepped through the red smoke and into the Impact Zone.

                          But alas, all is not fair in love and war and when Stevie Richards attempted to sneak up on Kane with a Singapore Cane, it was Edge who laid him out with the "Spear Heard Round The World".

                          What is Edge's motive? How could he turn his back on the organization that did so much for his career during the rocky days in the WWE? After being let go from the WWE for being addicted to pain killers (which Edge claimed was false via Twitter), he was taken in by Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett, only to turn his back on them when they clearly need him most.

                          Only time can tell how this one will play out.

                 Bischoff was right?
                          After claiming via Twitter that TNA was in fact in the right during the whole court proceeding, Eric Bischoff continues to predict the future somehow.

                          Earlier this morning in a statement released by the WWE, it appears that Kane was in fact sharked from the company after contract negotiations fell through. Bischoff clearly knew something we didn't and was very candid regarding this issue.

                          As more and more details arise, it seems very surprising that someone held in such high regard in the wrestling community would be so open about the goings on behind the scenes. Whether this is a new angle TNA is trying or not, one thing is for sure: Eric Bischoff is the man to watch.

                          Kendrick Out
                          After the heinous attack by Kane on Impact! last night, X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick will be sidelined indefinitely. With two major Champions on the disabled list, it's hard to believe that TNA has higher ratings than WWE Smackdown! and is even close to competing with WWE RAW.

                          Sources say that the Title picture is going to get very interesting, so watch out for that in the coming days and weeks.

                          Triple H Wants In On The Game
                          In an interview with WWE Superstar Triple H this morning with ProWrestling Observer, the veteran and future WWE Hall of Famer had lots to say regarding the happenings in TNA. Check out some excerpts from the interview below...

                          -PWO "By now you've been brought up to speed with the recent events in TNA. We-"
                          -HHH (laughs)
                          -PWO "..what's so funny?"
                          -HHH "Oh nothing, just that you and the rest of the world suddenly seem to think that TNA is relevant."
                          -PWO "What do you mean?"
                          -HHH "TNA has always had a market by picking up the WWE's trash. Look at their roster if you don't believe me. Kurt, Ken Kennedy, the Hardys..the list goes on. Now they've picked up a few other guys that couldn't cut it in the WWE and all of a sudden everyone wants to watch."
                          -PWO "Couldn't cut it? Edge? Kane? CM Punk? You're talking about former World Champions here."
                          -HHH "Please. You call them 'former World Champions', I call them 'former bridge Champions'. All those guys did was keep the belts warm while Cena and I weren't using them."
                          -PWO "Wow, you'll have to forgive me for being a little surprised."
                          -HHH "Well Bischoff isn't the only one that can be candid around here."
                          -PWO "Anything you want to add before we move on?"
                          -HHH "Just that it's very fitting that TNA is located in Florida."
                          -PWO "Why's that?"
                          -HHH "Because it's a state where old people go to die."
                          How will TNA respond to that one? Things are heating up between these two companies that has even the casual fans wanting more.

                          Injury Update
                          Hulk Hogan
                          Listed as day-to-day. No word on his return to TNA television at this time.

                          Rob Van Dam
                          Suffered 3rd degree burns on much of his legs, torso and forearms. Surgery to repair the damaged skin was successful, however there's no telling whether or not scarring will be an issue. It will still be some time before RVD completes rehab and can return to action, but when he does, sources say we shouldn't be surprised if his ring attire covers more of his body.

                          Jeff Hardy
                          Suffered severe head trauma when attacked in the Universal Studios parking lot several weeks ago. Doctors say that his head was slammed in the car door more than once and upon arriving at the hospital, Hardy had slipped into a coma. He has yet to regain full consciousness, but is moving his fingers and toes and responding to questions, which is a very good sign that he'll make a complete recovery.

                          Brian Kendrick
                          Brian Kendrick was rushed to Orlando General Hospital last night and is in stable condition. He was unconscious upon arrival, but sources say he is awake and talking this morning. Kendrick has feeling in all his extremities, though it is still too early to tell the extent of the damage and how long recovery will take. Kendrick is scheduled for an MRI later today.

                          Tommy Dreamer
                          Suffered cracked and burised ribs at the hands of Kane on Thursday. Dreamer is expected to be out for at least 30 days.


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                            Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                            TNA Impact! comes on the air and we see Shane McMahon pacing in his office...the audience lets out a huge cheer, happy to see that their fearless leader isn't shying away from the spotlight after last week's events...

                            -Shane "C'mon...c'mon!"

                            Shane is trying to reach someone on his Blackberry...he dials and hangs up a few times before finally tossing it on a leather sofa nearby...

                            -Shane "Damn it! God DAMN IT!"

                            Shane sits down on the sofa and leans forward, putting his head in his hands...

                            -Shane "Damn it, Jeff...where are you?"

                            The Impact Zone lights up with a bang as the thousands in attendance leap to their feet! We're LIVE for TNA Impact!

                            -Mike Tenay "Ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to another edition of TNA Impact! As always, I'm Mike Tenay and beside me is the toughest commentator in the business today, Taz!"
                            -Taz "Aww hey, thanks for the kind words Mikey baby! But enough of the mushy stuff, we've got a lot to cover tonight!"
                            -Mike Tenay "That's right folks. As you saw last week, history was made with the debut of Kane!"
                            -Taz "Yeesh! I still get chills when I think about it. How creepy was that entrance? The smoke...the fire...yikes!"
                            -Mike Tenay "And don't forget Taz, we saw a side of Edge that we never thought we'd see here in TNA when he come out to face the Big Red Machine."

                            Clips from last week are shown, culminating in Edge's Spear on Stevie Richards...the fans begin to throw chairs and garbage in the ring as we cut back to Tenay and Taz...

                            -Mike Tenay "An insane night in the Impact Zone if I do say so myself."
                            -Taz "You don't, Mike. You'd have to be insane not to think that was insane."

                            The crowd settles just in time to start booing for the first time in the evening as Eric Bischoff makes his way into the Impact Zone...once again, Bischoff is all smiles, totally ignoring the crowd's reaction and waving...he even blows a kiss at a young female fan at ringside, who promptly displays her affection with a single, extended finger...

                            -Mike Tenay "If anyone is going to shed some light on what happened here last week, it's this man Taz."
                            -Taz "Which is unfortunate, because Bischoff never explains anything clearly!"
                            -Mike Tenay "Just an addition to the long list of reasons these fans are booing here tonight."

                            Bischoff steps into the ring and waves for a moment, until he takes a microphone, politely thanks the Timekeeper, then begins addressing the crowd...

                            -Bischoff "Thank you, my friends! Thank you so much for that warm welcome!"

                            The booing gets louder...chants of "ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!" begin to shower down on the ring...

                            -Bischoff "Now now, that's no way to talk to the savior of TNA, now is it?"

                            Even more boos...expletives can be heard off camera as the production team scrambles to adjust the microphones for the PG audience at home...

                            -Bischoff "Well, maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't take all the credit. Besides, my 'insurance investment' deserves some as well. But I think there was a little misunderstanding last week. You see, last week when I attempted to explain things, only to be rudely interrupted by Shane McMahon, I-"

                            HUGE roar from the audience! Chants of "SHANE-O-MAC!!" drown out Bischoff, who is forced to stop and listen...his smile begins to fade, but then he eventually smirks and shakes his head...

                            -Bischoff "Oh no no no, no way. You're not getting to me that easy. You're all just as bad as him. You won't let anyone come out here and talk, will you?"

                            The crowd becomes deafening with chants and cheers...Bischoff shrugs his shoulders...

                            -Bischoff "Alright, well fine. That's fine. I'll just bring my 'insurance investment' out here and let him explain himself."

                            Bischoff turns his attention to the entry way...

                            -Mike Tenay "Wait a minute."

                            As if the booing couldn't get any louder, the fans dish out the harshness tenfold as the music of Edge plays...after a moment, through the white smoke appears public enemy number one...

                            -Taz "Bischoff said he was bringing out his insurance investment that he tried to introduce last week."
                            -Mike Tenay "I know. I thought that was Kane."
                            -Taz "So did I...this is starting to make a lot of sense."

                            Edge joins Bischoff in the ring and shakes his hand, grinning as only Edge can...Bischoff hands over the microphone to him and steps back, applauding Edge as he gestures at the audience...

                            -Edge "Wow, Eric told me you guys were all about the warm welcomes, but hearing about it just doesn't do a justice. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

                            Chants of "ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!" get louder as Edge continues...

                            -Edge "It's with great pleasure that I'm out here tonight with Mr. Bischoff so I can get a few things off my chest. First and foremost, you're welcome. I know not many of you have thanked me personally, but I just want to extend my appreciation. Now that TNA has been saved by yours truly, the real fun can begin, which brings me to my first order of busines-"

                            Everyone in the Impact Zone breathes a sigh of relief and leaps to their feet as Shane McMahon appears on stage!

                            -Taz "Yes! I was hoping we wouldn't be forced to listen to Edge go on for hours!"
                            -Mike Tenay "It looks like Shane's heard just enough!"

                            Shane doesn't waste any time interrupting Edge and Bischoff...

                            -Shane "I've heard enough!"

                            -Mike Tenay "See?"
                            -Taz "Wow, well done."

                            -Shane "I tried to warn you last week, Eric. But if you want to continue this sherade some more, then be my guest. However, you can consider this your last warning: I'M JUST GETTING STARTED!"

                            The fans go wild as Shane paces on the stage, glaring at Edge and Bischoff...Bischoff takes the microphone back from Edge...

                            -Bischoff "Oh that's right, you did try to warn me last week, didn't you? Was that when you came in my office and assaulted me, then ran away like a small child?"

                            -Shane "Like a small child, Eric? This small child ran over your little cronies in Fortune like they weren't even there!"

                            Shane gets another pop from the crowd, referring to knocking down every member of Fortune in his escape attempt from Bischoff's office...

                            -Bischoff (laughing) "Oh yeah, I do remember that. I think that was right before Jeff Jarrett stormed out of the arena. Was that him you were trying to call earlier tonight?"

                            Bischoff and Edge share a laugh in the ring as Shane interrupts..

                            -Shane "Keep laughing, but know this: I'm not through with you...either of you...and Edge-"

                            Shane pauses for a moment, looking down at his feet...Edge listens intently, grinning from the ring...

                            -Shane "...words cannot describe the hurt you've caused me. But now that you've chosen your side, I can't even begin to tell you the kind of hell that is going to rain down on you."

                            The fans cheer as Edge mockingly shakes in the ring...he and Bischoff continue to laugh, then Bischoff continues...

                            -Bischoff "Well Shane, that was beautiful. But if you're done, we'd like to get on with more important things. We're glad you came out here because you're just in time to help us usher in the New Era of TNA!"

                            Edge puts his arms up in the air, laughing and clapping...

                            -Bischoff "It looks like you've got your wish after all! After the trial was settled, I sat down with our lawyers and we found a way to make sure TNA moves forward safely and becomes the greatest sports entertainment company of all time!"

                            Bischoff stops and pauses as Shane looks on, confused...the crowd quiets down...

                            -Bischoff "Ladies and gentlemen, let Edge and I be the first to welcome you to...


                            White pyros erupt from the ring as a large black and white banner drops from the ceiling! Four more banners drop in the corners, all of them covering up the existing TNA Logos with logos that read TNEW!

                            -Mike Tenay "What the hell is this?"
                            -Taz "I think they've found their loophole and a way to take Shane McMahon down another few pegs!"

                            Shane McMahon is absolutely fuming! He throws his microphone towards the ring as the crowd boos and curses in anger...Bischoff and Edge celebrate for a moment as sparkly confetti litters the ring...finally, Bischoff turns to Shane...

                            -Bischoff "Oh and Shane, one other thing. Speaking of hell raining down upon you, I want you to take a look at the brand new TNEW Big Screen. You see, while Edge was my insurance investment, we needed a distraction. In fact, unleashing our good friend Kane was all his idea. In exchange for a hefty salary and immunity for the both of us to go ahead with our plan to destroy you from the inside out, Kane has carte blanche to basically do whatever he wants, including this..."

                            Everyone's gaze turns up to the TNEW Big Screen beside the stage...we see a shot of Jeff Jarrett exiting the Universal Studios arena with the words "LAST THURSDAY" in the bottom left corner...

                            Jarrett exits the arena through a set of glass doors, cursing and muttering under his breath...the camera cuts away as it did last week, but then another view is shown of outside the arena in the parking's a video from one of the security cameras outside...the image is pixelated and black and white, but you can clearly see Jarrett walking to a black Escalade...he clicks his keyless entry, when suddenly a large figure in a cloak leaps from off screen and grabs him! Jarrett tries to struggle away, but the figure punches and kicks him into the pavement! The figure stands over Jarrett, who lies on his back clutching his ribbcage...the figure raises his arms slowly upwards...for a split second, the arms begin to come down quickly, but the camera cuts to static...

                            Back in the Impact Zone, Shane watches in horror...he runs his hands through his hair, facing the tunnel...Bischoff and Edge smile from the ring...Shane doesn't react...he stands still for a moment, then leaves the Impact Zone, head down...

                            Commercial break...
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                              Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

                              Back from the break, we see Eric Bischoff and Edge talking and laughing in Bischoff's office...

                              -Edge "Did you see the look on his face? This is how I know I chose the right side. Those "New Era Originals" are so not awesome! They're not only a bunch of whiney 'this is the way wrestling should be' wimps, but they're the weakest of the weak!"

                              -Bischoff "That's what I love about you, Edge: you're honest, like me. But hey, we haven't discussed your reward!"

                              -Edge "Reward?"

                              Bischoff pulls a briefcase out from behind his desk...he turns it towards Edge and opens it...inside is a large belt, plated with platinum and white gold...on the belt we see the words "TNEW World Champion"...

                              -Bischoff "What do you say to being Interim TNEW World Champion?"

                              Edge is taken back...the fans can be heard booing from the Impact Zone...Edge doesn't say anything, he simply stands up, as does Bischoff, then wraps his arms around Bischoff and hugs him, lifting him off the ground...

                              -Bischoff "Whoa, ok! Easy! Ok!"


                              The view cuts to Shane McMahon's office where the mood is a rather somber...Shane is lying on his leather sofa, his arm draped over his head, covering his eyes...

                              Someone knocks...

                              -Shane "What?"

                              In walks Stevie Richards! The fans erupt in applause for one of NEW's greatest heroes!

                              -Richards "Hey Shane, you got a minute."

                              -Shane "No. Why?"

                              Richards pulls up a chair to the sofa, sitting right by Shane's head, almost like a psychiatrist would...

                              -Richards "I hate to see you like this, boss."

                              -Shane "Thanks. You might be the only one."

                              -Richards "Nonsense! Listen to that crowd out there!"

                              Richards stops, gazing upwards and cupping his ear...faint chants of "SHANE-O-MAC!!" can be heard, bringing a smile to Richards' face...

                              -Shane "So what's your point?"

                              -Richards "My point is, Shane, that sitting around here moping isn't going to fix anything."

                              -Shane "Oh yeah? And what do you suggest we do?"

                              -Richards (standing up quickly) "We FIGHT!"

                              Shane moves his arm to look at Richards, then goes back to the way he was, shaking his head...

                              -Shane "It's no use, Steve. Kane kidnapped Jeff Jarrett and is doing god-knows-what to him, Edge did the unthinkable and every time we try to get back at Bischoff, someone ends up nearly getting killed! I can't risk anything else happening to you guys."

                              -Richards "But Shane-"

                              -Shane "That's enough Steve. Leave me alone. I need to think."

                              Richards lowers his fist and sulks on his way out of the office, but stops in his tracks and turns around...he then looks up, rubbing his chin and turns towards Shane...

                              -Richards "So I guess you didn't hear the news then."

                              -Shane "What news?"

                              -Richards "That Bischoff is naming Edge the Interim TNEW World Champion."

                              Shane immediately sits up!

                              -Shane "He did WHAT!?"

                              Shane storms out of the office, slamming the door on his way out! Richards smiles..

                              -Richards "That's more like it. I've GOT to see this! SHANE! Wait up!"

                              ..and gives chase..


                              Back in the arena, the fans are preparing themselves for the first match of the evening...

                              The fans boo as Hernandez enters the ring, once again with Hector Guerrero at his side, Mexican flag in his hands...

                              -Mike Tenay "This first match up should be a doozy."
                              -Taz "A doozy?"
                              -Mike Tenay "That's right Taz, a doozy."

                              As Mike Tenay and Taz discuss Hernandez and his new relationship with Hector Guerrero, highlights from last week's domination of Christopher Daniels are shown...the Pressing Backbreaker, the Super Fallaway Slam and the highlights end with Daniels sitting in the ring, head down...

                              As the music of Eric Young hits, the fans give a rather surprising ovation for the young Canadian...Young, accompanied by Orlando Jordan, carries a blow-up doll with him...Orlando Jordan attempts to take it away from him several times, but Young refuses to give it up...

                              -Mike Tenay "Eric Young could be one of the most promising stars in TNA today. Oh, excuse me...TNEW?"
                              -Taz "Yeah, what the hell is with that? Are we going to get sued again if we say TNA?"
                              -Mike Tenay "Better to be safe than sorry."

                              As Eric Young stands on a turnbuckle and raises his blow-up doll above his head (much to the shagrin of Orlando Jordan), Mike Tenay and Taz throw to a recap of the night's earlier events, focusing on the announcement that, to avoid further lawsuits, the company has changed its name from TNA to TNEW...

                              Back in the ring, the bell sounds and Eric Young and Hernandez waste little time!

                              Eric Young w/Orlando Jordan vs. Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero


                              The fans quickly back Eric Young, with chants of his name echoing from the cheap seats...Young and Hernandez go for a lock-up, but Hernandez drops Young to his knees with a cheap kick to the midsection...Hernandez lifts him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, taking him down with a quick Sidewalk Slam, then leaping to his feet and flexing, screaming at the crowd...

                              After responding to the boos by shouting something in Spanish, Hernandez turns back to Young and begins stomping on his back, not letting him get to his feet...Hernandez pounds Young into the ground, then applies a Boston Crab...the ref moves into position, watching Young's arms, while Orlando Jordan tries to talk him through the pain...

                              Young screams in pain as the huge Mexican warrior applies more pressure on his lower back...after a moment, the crowd gets behind Young, cheering him on and beginning a slow clap...Hector Guerrero shouts at several audience members in Spanish, resulting in a small argument breaking out at steps into place to avoid further incident...

                              Back in the ring, Young starts pulling himself to the ropes...he inches his way closer as Hernandez tries to apply enough pressure to make Young tap before reaching the ropes....Young reaches and Hernandez is unsuccessful! Young wraps his right forearm around the bottom rope, forcing Hernandez to release him!

                              Hernandez doesn't even wait his alotted 5 seconds before getting off Young and beginning to stomp on his lower back...dominating Young is proving to be rather easy for Hernandez, who decides to focus his energy on Young's lower back and keeping him on the mat rather than on his feet...after a few moments of stomping on him, Hernandez attempts to lock in a Camel Clutch, but Young is close enough to the ropes that he grabs them immediately...Hernandez doesn't release the hold right away, causing the ref to intervene...Hernandez gets to his feet and faces the ref, backing him into a corner! While Hernandez has the referee distracted, Hector Guerrero begins rubbing Young's face with his elbow! The crowd boos Guerrero!

                              Guerrero continues to grind his forearm and elbow into Young's face while the ref is distracted, but he is forced to hightail it away from Young as Orlando Jordan steps in to defend him! Jordan gives chase around the ring, eventually catching Guerrero! The crowd cheers as Jordan grabs hold of the Mexican flag that Guerrero is holding, resulting in a tug of war!

                              -Taz "Uh oh. I don't like where this is going."
                              -Mike Tenay "Let go of the flag, Jordan...let go of the-"


                              The Mexican flag tears in half! Orlando Jordan is holding one half, while Guerrero is holding this other! The commotion at ringside gains the attention of Hernandez, who immediately leaps out of the ring and chases Jordan! Orlando Jordan runs away, but its no use...with Eric Young down in the ring, holding his lower back, Jordan is on his own!

                              Guerrero barks orders at Hernandez while the crowd gives a mixed reaction to what just occurred...Jordan looks for cover and can only find Eric Young's blow up doll...he tries to shield himself with it, but with one huge Haymaker from Hernandez...**POP** The blow up doll explodes in Orlando Jordan's hands!

                              Eric Young, now on his feet, sees this from the ring...he sees the torn Mexican flag, the popped blow up doll and Hernandez standing on the ramp, watching Orlando Jordan run out of the Impact Zone...after assessing the situation, he looks at the referee, who is in the process of counting Hernandez out...



                              Eric Young reaches towards the ref and lowers the referees arms, interrupting the count...all the while, he glares at Hernandez, who glares right back...the crowd gets to their feet as Hernandez steps back into the ring...the intensity in the atmosphere is huge!

                              Hernandez gets right in Eric Young's face...the two are nose to nose until Hernandez decides to throw a punch...block by Eric Young! Eric Young answers back with a hard right of his own and connects! Hernandez is thrown back, but he manages to throw another wild right...another block by Young! BAM!! Eric Young connects with a HUGE right hand! Hernandez is knocked back into the corner, but Eric Young doesn't let up! He kicks Hernandez in the mid-section, knocking him into a seated position...Young stomps away at Hernandez, Stone Cold-style! He doesn't let up, even with the referee countin in his ear! The ref shouts and tries to pull Young away, but Young shoves the ref!

                              -Mike Tenay "Here's a side of Eric Young we haven't seen!"

                              Eric Young continues to stomp on Hernandez' ribcage and the crowd eats it up! The cheer wildly as Young drops to his knees, punching and elbowing Hernandez as he tries to protect his head! Finally, Hector Guerrero manages to coaxe Hernandez out of the ring!

                              DING! DING!

                              Winner by DQ: Hernandez
                              Hernandez spills onto the arena floor and scurries backwards in a seated position towards the tunnel...Eric Young leans over the ropes shouting at him, not even noticing that the referee has disqualified him...the crowd notices, however, and reacts with huge boos...

                              -Mike Tenay "This may have ended in a DQ, but I guarantee you that after tonight, we're only seeing the beginning of what could be an intense feud!"
                              -Taz "I've never seen Eric Young like this before, Mike! The crowd is loving it, I'm loving it and I think Eric Young is loving it too!"

                              Eric Young continues to shout at Hernandez, who shouts right back...Hector Guerrero finally convinces Hernandez to go backstage and regroup after what turned out to be an all-out brawl in the ring...

                              Commercial break...


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                                Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

                                After the break, we see the current TNEW Tag Team Champions Generation Me backstage with Christy Hemme...the fans give a rousing applause, most likely aimed towards Hemme than Generation Me...

                                -Christy Hemme "I'm here backstage with Matt and Jeremy Buck, otherwise known as Generation Me, otherwise known as the TNA-..oh, excuse me...the TNEW Tag Team Champions!"

                                -Jeremy "Glad to be here, lovely."

                                Jeremy winks at Christy while Matt shines his belt with his wrist...white tape is plastered over the TNA Logo on both belts and "TNEW" is crudely written in with a black Sharpie...

                                -Christy Hemme "Tell me you two, what's it like to be the youngest Tag Champions in this company's history?"

                                -Jeremy "To be honest, Christy, we had no idea until right before the interview. It's a huge honor that we totally deserve, because we've worked hard to get to where we are."
                                -Matt "Yeah, exactly. We really do deserve it after all the training we did over the years. Maybe after the interview, we can show you a couple new moves we-"CRASH!!!

                                Suddenly, the interview is interrupted when Eric Young and Orlando Jordan crash into view! Christy Hemme screams and gets pushed backwards as the two men exchange punches! Young eventually pounds into Jordan, knocking him backwards into the backdrop set up for the interview! The backdrop falls and Jordan finds himself trapped in a large canvas! He lies motionless...

                                Eric Young then looks up at Generation Me, who are protecting themselves from the commotion..

                                -Eric Young "What the HELL are YOU looking at!?"

                                Eric Young fakes throwing a punch, causing Matt and Jeremy Buck to cower in fear...Eric Young scoffs at them, then leaves the scene...

                                Christy Hemme pulls herself to her feet and dusts off her black tank top...

                                -Jeremy "Are you ok?"

                                -Christy Hemme "Am I ok? AM I OK!?"

                                Christy Hemme shoves Jeremy Buck! He falls into Matt's arms and the two watch Christy Hemme storm off!

                                -Taz "Whoa! Eric Young seems to be bringing out the best in everybody! And with a body like Christy Hemme's-"
                                -Mike Tenay "Don't even say it."
                                -Taz "Ok."


                                The view cuts to another backstage area where we see Shane McMahon storming down a hallway with Stevie Richards at his side, rubbing his hands together...

                                -Richards "You've got to let me have a shot at Edge. Pleeeaase let me have a shot at Edge. Just one punch. I won't even-"

                                Shane stops.

                                -Shane (laughing) "Steve, STEVE! Relax. In due time, ok? Right now I have to handle this."

                                -Richards "Now that's the smile I've been missing!"

                                -Shane "I appreciate the gesture, Steve, but we have to be serious. Put on your game face, we're not messing around anymore."

                                Shane and Richards continue down the hall in search of Eric Bischoff...

                                Commercial break...