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RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

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    Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling



    Just moments after our last update, it was confirmed. In what sources are calling “the biggest feud in sports entertainment since Vince invaded the NEW”, WWE management is moving forward with a lawsuit against TNA.

    Footage of Vince McMahon leaving WWE HQ earlier today confirmed what everyone else on the planet seemed to already know:

    Originally posted by Excerpts from footage
    The footage is shaky, most likely taken on a cell phone, but it’s clear enough to see Vince McMahon exiting WWE HQ and climbing into the back of a black Lexus...

    -Camera Man “Mr. McMahon! Are you in fact moving forward with a lawsuit against TNA?”

    -Vince “Of course we are. I thought everyone already knew that.”

    -Camera Man “And this is regarding the ending of TNA Impact! last night?”

    -Vince “Look I’m not in the mood to answer this obvious bull crap. Yes, legal action is being taken against TNA and yes, it’s regarding-”

    Mr. McMahon is interrupted by a man in a suit, obviously a legal advisor of some kind...the man whispers in his ear...

    -Vince “What? Oh hell, I can comment on whatever the hell I want, damn it! TNA is in the wrong here, not us! Get in the car and you, get that camera out of my face! I’m done here.”

    More questions are shouted at Vince but it’s no use...the car door slams shut and disappears into New York City traffic...
    With one huge question answered, that only leaves about a thousand more on the minds of wrestling fans the world over. Where does this leave the future of TNA? Does Eric Bischoff have a say in this? Where does this leave Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett? How will this effect the WWE’s stock after losing top drawing stars in such a short period of time? How do those stars fit into all this, if at all?

    Stay tuned folks. This is going to get bumpy.


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      Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

      I'm liking where this is going. Edge, CM Punk and Chris Jericho leaving the WWE (hopefully coming to NEW, unless I missed something~!), two horrendously good looking stables (Originators ^_^), an unexpected twist to Impact!, and Taz & Tenay announcing! Promo's are solid, if not a little lacking in character, and easy to read. I enjoyed excerpts more than I thought, they make it really easy to focus on whats going on immediately, giving the opportunity to build up other events at a slower pace, and allowing the reader's brain to not overload right at the start of a Fed. (Well, a follow on from the previous NEW, but you know what I mean).

      I'm not able to get TNA over here, so the whole 'Hogan/Bischoff in TNA' thing is kind of weird for me, lol. When they were talking, I couldn't help but think of the WCW invasion thing TNA did last year (or is it still continuing?), with The Outsiders and X-Pac being involved. That's not a jab at your writing, by the way. So... on the off-chance they ever do turn up at some point or another... you'd better do it right, OR [email protected]

      Overall, very interesting thus far RT, I enjoyed it, and look forward to more.. hopefully with a dash of Chris Jericho.


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        Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

        From TNA's Official site...
        Dear fans,

        As you may have already heard, the WWE is filing a lawsuit against TNA as a result of the horrific accident that occurred at the end of TNA Impact! on Thursday night. We here at TNA Wrestling would like to assure you that this will in no way effect us in bringing the highest of quality sports entertainment programming to you, the loyal TNA viewer.

        While we cannot comment freely at this time on a personal level, we would like to address the matter as professionally as we can, as to not upset our fine, handsome team of lawyers.

        What you saw at the end of TNA Impact! on Thursday night was horrible enough. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rob Van Dam and his family and we here at TNA will keep you updated on his condition and progress when there is sufficient information to do so. In the mean time, we are not only shocked and appalled at the incident that occurred, but we are deeply disgusted that the WWE would move forward with a lawsuit at such a sensitive time.

        They are calling it "copyright infringement". We are calling it an accident and coincidence, which is exactly what it was. The incident is under investigation by the proper authorities and whether the pyros resembled a certain WWE Superstar's entrance or not is a matter that will be settled in court. We are confident that after all is said and done, TNA will come out on top.

        For now, this is all we care to share regarding this issue at the moment. When there are further details, you, our fans, will be the first to know.


        TNA Management


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          Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

          Excerpts from TNA Impact!...

          A brief recap is shown of the final moments of last week's Impact!...we see Bischoff discussing a plan with an unknown accomplice deep within the Universal Studios arena...shortly after, RVD is set ablaze by what appears to be an accident with stage pyrotechnics that eerily resemble that of a particular WWE Superstar...the footage is edited enough so that you see the explosion, but not RVD running down the tunnel on fire like the live feed showed last week...the camera focuses on the reactions of The Originators and the members of Fortune, then quickly cuts to static...

          TNA Impact! kicks off with a bang! The entry way is lit up with fireworks as the fans go wild, anticipating another historical night!

          -Mike Tenay "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of TNA Impact! I'm Mike Tenay alongside Taz and we should probably apologize ahead of time if we're a little too somber for some of you tonight."
          -Taz "I thought about making a pyro joke at the start of the show to lighten the mood, but it just wouldn't feel right."
          -Mike Tenay "Probably for the best, Taz."

          A crowd shot shows several "GET WELL SOON RVD!" signs and related phrases from fans...

          The fans roar as Shane McMahon makes his way out into the Impact Zone! He enters the ring to address the crowd alone...

          -Shane "First of all, allow me to extend my thoughts and prayers to Rob Van Dam and his family. While the hospital isn't saying much, his wife has informed me that his injuries are severe and it will be a long road to recovery. I hope you all join me in wishing him the best and to get the Whole F'n Show back in the ring as soon as possible."

          Loud chants of "RVD!! RVD!!" erupt in the crowd...Shane pauses a moment as a sign of respect, then continues...

          -Shane "You're probably all wondering why I'm out here alone. Well, as luck would have it, Eric Bischoff is-"

          The loudest boos the Impact Zone has heard in recent memory drone on from the crowd...they're loud enough that Shane has to lower the mic for a moment...

          -Taz "Gee Mike, you think the fans suspect Eric Bischoff was involved in RVD's little 'accident'?"
          -Mike Tenay "Even a deaf person could come to that conclusion."

          -Shane "As I was saying, Eric Bischoff is barred from TNA programming pending the outcome of the trial that the WWE has filed against TNA."

          The boos turn to cheers for a moment, then Shane continues...

          -Shane "As for my partner, Jeff Jarrett, he is off tonight for a personal matter but will be back next week. That leaves yours truly at the helms for tonight and hopefully with Eric Bischoff gone for the time being, things will settle down around here...but I think it's safe to assume they won't. There are still targets on the backs of TNA Superstars and it seems that whoever is out there taking these men out of action isn't just targeting people close to Eric Bischoff, but to myself and Jeff Jarrett as well. Someone is working on their own accord and tonight, I plan to find out who that person is."

          Another big cheer from the crowd...

          -Shane "I've currently got a security team deep within the Universal Studios arena searching for the assailant."

          Focusing on the big screen now, we see several large security guards with flashlights searching around the area Eric Bischoff was last seen talking to his accomplice...

          -Shane "With any luck, they'll come across something that will aid us in catching this person, if they're even still inside the building. With Bischoff gone, there's a good chance the person isn't here tonight and-"


          Shane is almost knocked off his feet as once again, the Fires of Hell explode from the stage! The crowd around the tunnel and entry way shield themselves from the heat as the fires continue to burn for a moment, then quickly flicker out!

          -Taz "OH MY GOD!"
          -Mike Tenay "I think Shane can stop speculating now!"

          Shane watches the entry way, wide-eyed and in utter shock...his mouth dropped open, he doesn't dare take his gaze off the tunnel, waiting for any sign of movement...

          -Mike Tenay "What the hell is going on around here?"
          -Taz "I couldn't even begin to tell you Mike, but I don't like it. Not one bit."

          Shane waits another moment, then slowly inches backwards to the side of the ring opposite the entry way...he leans over and drops the microphone where the ring announcer can pick it up...

          Shane steps through the ropes and backs towards the crowd...he hops the crowd barrier, still glaring at the entry way without blinking...he backs up a ramp and disappears into the concession area...

          Commercial break...


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            Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

            As we come back from break, the music of Tommy Dreamer fills the Impact Zone and the fans give him a rousing applause as he makes his way to the ring...

            -Mike Tenay "Well as our first match gets underway, we'll show you a quick recap of what happened before the break."

            As the recap is shown, Taz explains that Tommy Dreamer requested tonight's match against any member of Fortune that is man enough to face him in a Hardcore Match as revenge for what happened to Rob Van Dam...

            As the Fortune theme plays, we see Kazarian step out of the tunnel, cracking his knuckles and eyeballing Tommy Dreamer...beside him, stepping into the Impact Zone for the first time in weeks is Ric Flair!

            -Mike Tenay "The Nature Boy is back!"
            -Taz "Oh boy, here we go..."

            Flair has a microphone in hand and as Fortune's music fades out, he addresses Tommy Dreamer...

            -Flair "Tommy, listen to me good son. I know you're angry, I know you're upset and I know you think that Fortune had something to do with what happened to your pal Robby last week. But listen-"

            The crowd is booing Flair louder and louder as he speaks...he stops for a moment, looks to the audience, then continues...

            -Flair "But listen Tommy, Kazarian, AJ Styles, James Storm or any other member of Fortune didn't have nothin' to do with what happened to RVD last week. Bischoff may have borrowed my boys for some protection, but I assure you they had nothing to do with it."

            Dreamer doesn't react at all...he simply stares down Kazarian, who is doing the same right back at him...

            -Flair "Now Tommy, if you walk away now, we'll spare-"

            Flair quickly drops the mic and rushes backstage as Tommy Dreamer sprints up the ramp!!

            -Taz "Looks like Dreamer's heard enough!"

            *DING! DING! DING!*

            HARDCORE MATCH

            Kazarian and Dreamer duke it out on the stage! The fans go wild and chants of "DREAMER! DREAMER!" begin to erupt from different sections around the Impact Zone...

            Tommy Dreamer eventually gets the upper hand, landing several shots in a row and knocking Kazarian off balance...Dreamer grabs him by the back of the head and turns, tossing him off the stage!

            -Taz "Atta boy Tommy!"
            -Mike Tenay "He's wasting no time taking it to Kaz!"

            Kazarian lands on the crowd barrier chest-first, then falls on his back and clutches his sternum...Dreamer stands over him for a moment, then shouts at the crowd, resulting in a cheap pop...Dreamer then lowers himself down to the concrete between the stage and the crowd barrier and picks up Kazarian...

            Dreamer leads Kazarian over to a production table and slams him head-first into it! Kazarian's head bounces off the table with a sick "THUD!" and he falls backwards, grabbing his forehead...Dreamer searches for an object, finding a nearby cable...Dreamer loops it in his hand, letting about 3 feet of slack hang from his wrist, then begins whipping Kazarian!

            The crowd cheers as sickening "THWACK!!"s can be heard coming from Kazarian's legs and back...he tries to escape Dreamer, but Dreamer is relentless! He beats Kazarian all the way back over the barrier and gives chase as Kazarian finally runs to the ring and slides in, lying on the mat clutching his back...

            Dreamer pulls himself up on a turnbuckle and eyes Kazarian...Dreamer goes for the high risk Elbow Drop...

            Kazarian moves! Dreamer slams into the mat and holds his arm, giving Kazarian a moment to catch his breath...finally Kazarian is up and he pulls Dreamer up with him...he begins punching Dreamer in the head, knocking him around the ring...after a few minutes, Kazarian whips Dreamer into the ropes and goes for a Dropkick, but Dreamer clutches the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring to a round of applause from the crowd...

            Dreamer shakes off the beating he just got and leans on the crowd barrier, near a folded up steel chair...Kazarian gets to his feet after the missed Dropkick and sees Dreamer leaning...Kazarian backs into the opposite ropes, runs, dives...

            CHAIR SHOT!!!

            Tommy Dreamer knocks Kazarian out of mid-air with a HUGE chair shot!

            -Taz "OH MAN! That's gotta be it!"

            ...but Dreamer isn't done! He sees Kazarian is down and he reaches into the back of his pants...

            -Taz "Whoa, I don't like where this is going..."
            -Mike Tenay "Nothing good will come of this."

            Dreamer pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid! The crowd roars as Dreamer gets that sick look in his eye and begins squirting the lighter fluid all over Kazarian!

            -Taz "No Tommy, c'mon man! Enough is enough!"

            Tommy Dreamer tosses the lighter fluid aside and ignites a lighter! He smiles to the crowd, not seeing that Kazarian has pulled himself up on the crowd barrier...he turns to acknowledge their cheers, then turns back to Kazarian...


            Kazarian makes a quick cover!


            *DING! DING! DING!*

            Winner: Kazarian
            The crowd boos as Kazarian, soaked in lighter fluid, distances himself from Tommy Dreamer as fast as he can...

            -Mike Tenay "You may disagree with me Taz, but even though this is a hardcore match, I'm glad Dreamer took his time and paid the price."
            -Taz "Anything goes in these matches Mike, but I think one person going up in flames in TNA is enough for a while. And what a move off the barrier! Impressive, but that doesn't mean I'm happy Kaz won."

            Kazarian clutches the back of his head and tries to wipe some of the lighter fluid off his body...he backs up the ramp to a chorus of boos...

            Commercial break...


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              Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

              Later in the show, we see Shane McMahon backstage in an office...he has a cell phone in his hand with two-way...

              -Shane "So you haven't found anything yet?"
              -Voice on other end "No, nothing sir."
              -Shane "Alright well, keep looking and stay safe."
              -Voice "Yes sir."

              Shane flips the phone shut as someone knocks on his office door...he summons them in and the fans roar as all four members of The Originators enter!

              -Shane "Heeeyyy! What can I do for you guys?"

              -CM Punk "You need to get us in that ring, Shane."

              -Shane "No, absolutely not. You guys are lucky I even let you in the building tonight."

              -Paul London "C'mon Shane! The fans got totally ripped off last week and we're itching for some revenge!"

              -Shane "No! I forbid it! You guys are targets number one through four for whoever is attacking Superst-"

              -CM Punk "That's exactly why we need to get out there, Shane! Your little crack team of security gurus aren't going to find each other's pubes down there, let alone whoever it is that's attacking us! Let us lure him out then BAM!!, he gets an Original beatdown."

              Shane pauses for a moment and is about to say something, when his two-way cell rings...

              -Shane "Hold on...hello?"

              The second Shane answers, horrible screams are heard from the other end of the line! Loud crashes and smashes are heard as the voices on the other end of the line beg and plead for mercy! The last voice can be heard clearly after the other men stop screaming...


              The line goes dead and the office is completely silent, as is the Impact Zone...Shane looks up at CM Punk...

              -Shane "Get out there."

              CM Punk nods at Shane, then turns to leave the office...the other Originators follow..anticipation gets the better of the audience and they begin to cheer...

              Commercial break...


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                Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                Originally posted by Quick Results from the night's matches
                Kazarian vs. Tommy Dreamer - Hardcore Match
                Winner: Kazarian

                Jay Lethal issues an Open Challenge; answered by Abyss

                Hard fought match by Jay Lethal ends when Jay Lethal takes the advantage to the top rope, but misses a Flying Elbow Drop and walks right into a Black Hole Slam from Abyss.
                Winner: Abyss

                Hernandez vs. Douglas Williams
                Winner: Douglas Williams

                Rhino vs. Christopher Daniels

                Rhino dominates The Fallen Angel in one of his worst matches yet. The veteran's age is starting to show...
                Winner: Rhino

                The fans go wild as the music of The Originators hits! All four members make their way into the Impact Zone!

                -Mike Tenay "After the confrontation by The Originators in Shane McMahon's office, at least two of these men got their wish tonight as former NEW Tag Team Champions CM Punk and Paul London team up for the first time since New Era Wrestling folded to face Beer Money in tonight's Main Event!"
                -Taz "And don't forget that insane phone call that swayed Shane's opinion, Mike! These guys weren't even supposed to be out here tonight, but it was this that changed Shane's mind."

                A recap of the horrific phone call from earlier is shown...

                ...we come back to the ring and CM Punk and Paul London begin their warm ups as they toss aside their New Era Original t-shirts...

                The party quickly dies and the cheers turn to boos as Beer Money, Robert Roode and James Storm, makes their way to the ring accompanied by the other three members of Fortune, AJ Styles, Kazarian and Douglas Williams...finally, out of the tunnel comes their manager, Ric Flair...

                -Taz "The whole gang's here tonight, Mike!"
                -Mike Tenay "This can only mean one of two things: either Fortune has something in store for The Originators tonight, or they're simply hoping to protect themselves from whoever is attacking everything that moves backstage."
                -Taz "Can't it be both?"
                -Mike Tenay "I suppose it could..."

                As Robert Roode steps into the ring to square off against Paul London, the fans get riled up with anticipation...with no surprises and no explosions at the moment, it looks like a match for the ages will finally take place...

                "The Originators" CM PUNK & PAUL LONDON w/Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley
                Beer Money (ROBERT ROODE & JAMES STORM) w/AJ Styles, Kazarian, Douglas Williams & Ric Flair

                Tag Team Match

                Match Summary
                Both teams are eager to get things underway and it shows when the bell rings...Paul London and Robert Roode start with a traditional Lock Up, jostling for position...Paul London shows a surprising amount of strength for someone who is easily at a disadvantage when it comes to size in this match...

                After a few chops to the chest knock Roode into the corner, London works the head and body for a few minutes before dragging him by the hair over to his corner, where he tags in CM Punk, who climbs to the top rope...London exposes Roode's ribcage for Punk, who nails a Flying Axe Handle to the delight of the crowd...CM Punk takes over for a few moments, working the head and body as London was doing, wearing Roode down early in the match...

                Quick tags by London and Punk prove to be the difference maker as they pick apart Robert Roode, pleasing the audience...they cheer The Originators on as Shelley and Sabin play cheerleader from ringside, not forgetting to take time to keep a close eye on the members of Fortune on the other side of the ring...words are exchanged throughout the whole match, especially between Kazarian, Styles, Shelley and Sabin...this stable feud is only in the early stages of development and is already one of the most heated in recent memory...

                Finally, the tables are turned when James Storm decides he's had enough...he tries to step through the ropes, distracting the referee just long enough for James Storm to hit a Low Blow on CM Punk...Roode rolls him up and gets a 2-count, before crawling to Storm and tagging in...

                The fresh Storm stomps on the back of CM Punk's head as he tries to tag out and Beer Money uses the advantage wisely, isolating CM Punk in their corner and beating the ever-loving hell out of him as only Storm and Roode can...


                -Taz "It looks like The Originators are getting the fight they wanted out of Beer Money!"
                -Mike Tenay "Love 'em or hate 'em, Beer Money is one of the best tag teams in the industry today. There was no way they were going down without a fight."

                James Storm smiles at his handy work as CM Punk clings to the ropes furthest from Paul London for support...Punk is picked up and, in a sign of total disrespect, gets slapped right across the face by Storm!

                -Taz "Oh man! That kind of disrespect will surely result in words being exchanged in the locker room!"

                Storm Irish Whips CM Punk into the opposite ropes, where Paul London decides to take it upon himself to save his partner and blind tags Punk on the back...feeling the support, Punk lays it all on the line and dodges a Clothesline from Storm...he bounces off the opposite ropes as Paul London readies himself on the top of the turnbuckle...

                .....Scissor Kick from CM Punk! The fans go wild and get to their feet as London hops off the top rope...


                -Taz "Did you see that Mike!?"
                -Mike Tenay "I've never seen a team take advantage so quickly against Beer Money before!"



                .....BROKEN UP BY ROBERT ROODE!!

                The fans boo Roode as he is told to get out of the ring by the referee, but CM Punk takes it upon himself to teach him a lesson and Clotheslines him right over the top rope! Punk and Roode fall to the arena floor, leaving Paul London and James Storm alone in the ring...Paul London crouches in the corner, preparing for a Running Enziguri, but right as he takes off, AJ Styles trips him up!

                -Mike Tenay "Oh COME ON!"
                -Taz "I don't think the ref saw that, he was watching the action outside the ring! PAY ATTENTION REF!"

                London falls on his face hard and James Storm uses the time to recover...he and London make it to their feet at the same time...London throws a wild punch at Storm...

                -Taz "Bad decision!"

                LAST CALL!!...Storm covers!


                CM Punk smashes Robert Roode's face off the crowd barrier! He turns to get back in the ring...


                ...CM Punk is grabbed by Ric Flair!


                Winners: Beer Money
                -Taz "Ah hell!"
                -Mike Tenay "Nobody ever said Beer Money fought fair. They rack up a big win, the first in this feud with The Originators that I'm sure will go on for quite some time."

                CM Punk slides back out of the ring and confronts Ric Flair...he holds up his hands and shakes his head, obviously not wanting to get involved with a young Superstar like CM Punk...

                -Mike Tenay "CM Punk is absolutely fuming!"

                The crowd roars in anticipation of CM Punk decking Ric Flair, but before he can, AJ Styles comes across with a sucker punch!

                CM Punk goes down, but almost immediately, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are there for support! An all-out brawl ensues both outside the ring and in the ring, where London and Roode continue to exchange shots!

                -Taz "Oh baby! I knew this was coming!"

                The numbers quickly come into play and much to the crowd's dismay, The Originators quickly fall to a disadvantage...Fortune takes over the fight, tossing them in the ring after a brutal beat down...

                All four members of The Originators are down in the ring, with the five members of Fortune standing over them...AJ Styles shouts at them while Kazarian and Williams continue to kick and punch at their ribs and lower backs...with nowhere to go and Fortune strutting around the ring, biding their time with this beating, The Originators have to simply lie there and take it...

                ...until Tommy Dreamer runs into the Impact Zone! The fans go wild as Dreamer rushes to the ring, chair in hand! Dreamer run-WHAM!!

                -Taz "OHH!"
                -Mike Tenay "What the hell!?"

                Tommy Dreamer is taken to the ground by Ric Flair! The fans are absolutely irate as Ric Flair turns back around and continues shouting orders at the men in the ring...

                -Taz "That old bastard sure isn't afraid to get his hands dirty!"

                Ric Flair continues to shout orders while keeping a close eye on the entry way...Fortune continues to decimate The Originators in the ring, completely ignoring the crowd's loud boos...

                ...but suddenly, in a section opposite the entry way, the boos turn into wild cheering...

                -Taz "Something's happening behind us, Mike!"
                -Mike Tenay "What's this? Someone is making their way through the crowd!"

                With Ric Flair distracted by the entry way and the members of Fortune distracted by their handy work in the ring, nobody sees the lone man making his way through the crowd and pull himself up on the crowd barrier...

                Finally, the rest of the fans in the Impact Zone cheer in unison, chanting the man's name...the members of Fortune hear Ric Flair's frantic shouting and pointing just in time to turn around and see him on the crowd barrier, Singapore Cane in hand! It's none other than...


                -Mike Tenay "The New Era Wrestling's greatest unsung hero has made his way into the Impact Zone!"
                -Taz "I know this guy better than pretty much anyone, so I'm baffled as to why he's still just standing there! What the hell, Stevie? Get in the ring!"

                The members of Fortune turn their attention to Stevie Richards, finally giving The Originators a break...they slide out of the ring and out of harm's way...

                The crowd continues to buzz with anticipation, but Richards continues to stand on the crowd barrier, not moving...finally, after a moment or two, Richards raises the Singapore Cane above his head, then lowers it to his mid-section, pointing towards the entry way...

                -Taz "What the-...what's he doing?"

                Richards continues to point at the entry way, staring a hole right through Fortune, who are frantically looking back and forth, trying to watch both sides of the ring...

                ...finally, an answer to this madness emerges...


                -Mike Tenay "I don't believe it."

                If there were a decibel meter in the Impact Zone at that very moment, it would have exploded...

                -Taz "No way! Is it who I think it is?"

                White smoke begins to pour from the tunnel...a single large strobe flashes, while the lights surrounding the tunnel flash bright white with the tempo of the drum beat...

                ...more smoke pours from the entry way, covering the stage and rolling out into the crowd surrounding the area...

                ...finally, the music and huge white pyros explode in unison! The fans roar as the former WWE Superstar and NEW World Champion makes his way out into the Impact Zone! It's none other than...


                Edge rushes into the Impact Zone and wastes no time charging towards the ring! Ric Flair waves his arms, begging for Edge to simply run by him...

                SPEAR!! SPEAR ON RIC FLAIR!!

                Flair is laid out cold at the side of the ring, much to the fan's enjoyment! Fortune readies themselves in the ring, preparing for Edge to rush them...


                Stevie Richards lays out Kazarian with a Singapore Cane shot to the back of the head! Kazarian falls face-first on the mat and rolls out of the ring!

                Douglas Williams swings at Richards...

                ...Richards ducks!

                STEVIE KICK!! Stevie Kick on Douglas Williams!

                Douglas Williams is sent sailing through the ring ropes and lands with a hard "THUD!!" on the arena floor! With 2 men down and 3 to go, the recouperated Originators storm the ring! They begin to kick and punch at AJ Styles, James Storm and Robert Roode, but the 3 men narrowly escape the ring as Edge and Tommy Dreamer join them!

                -Taz "I can't believe what I'm seeing! Edge! Edge just blew the roof off the Impact Zone!"
                -Mike Tenay "And Fortune! Shane's team of New Era wrestlers just got a massive boost!"

                Edge, Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer, CM Punk, Paul London, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin all stand tall in the ring...the fans cheer them on as Fortune scurries up the ramp, down the tunnel and out of the Impact Zone...Stevie Richards turns to the crowd and begins Rob Van Dam's thumb taunt, only he chants "N-E-W!! N-E-W!!", which the crowd quickly echos back...

                -Mike Tenay "Just when you thought this week couldn't get any more exciting, look at the men standing in the ring here tonight."
                -Taz "This is unbelievable Mike. I've never seen anything like this."

                The crowd continues to cheer as the 7 former NEW Superstars stand tall together, basking in their take over of the Impact Zone, when...


                The crowd screams as the men in the ring all take cover in the centre, shielding themselves from the flames! The large red pillars of flame erupt from the stage and the ring posts! They burn continuously as the entire Impact Zone is bathed in an eerie, red light, both from the flames and the lights around the arena...

                The crowd is unsure how to react, having been scared out of their skins...suddenly, deep laughter can be heard from every speaker in the Impact Zone...the crowd buzzes while the men in the ring continue to shield themselves from the flames...finally, after a minute or so, the flames die out, as does the laughter and the lights in the Impact Zone return to normal...

                The only thing filling the Impact Zone, which was louder than a dozen rock concerts only seconds ago, is silence...

                END SHOW
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                  Wow. Superb. Awesome. Fantastic.

                  Sure it had some minut things, but nothing that I would have changed. This is nicely done from every point that matters RT, you got me hooked fo' sho! I'd give you a fuller review....but here is a synopsis:


                  *keep this thing going bro, I can't WAIT for the next show!

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                    These images will get better, I promise. I'm still without Photoshop at the moment. -RT


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                      Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling



                      EDGE MAKES AN IMPACT!...DEBUT, THAT IS!

                      Edge to the rescue!
                      Although many people may have anticipated the end to last night's episode of Impact! to happen at some point, everyone was pleasantly surprised when former WWE Superstar Edge crashed Fortune's party.

                      As the members of Fortune dismantled their rivals The Originators, it quickly became apparent that they weren't the only former NEW Superstars that were going to call TNA home for the forseeable future. After an attempt at saving The Originators by Tommy Dreamer was thwarted by a crafty Ric Flair, prayers were answered when one of NEW's most surprising and most deserving stars, Stevie Richards, made his way through the audience. After distracting Fortune long enough to get The Originators out of the ring, Audioslave's "Cochise" began to play, white smoke filled the air and the fans went bonkers as Edge charged into the Impact Zone to save the day.

                      After a Spear on Ric Flair and a few Singapore Cane shots from Stevie Richards, Fortune high-tailed it backstage. The celebration didn't last though. After chasing Fortune out of the Impact Zone, The Fires Of Hell exploded once again, this time all over the arena. Flames and red light startled the audience, as well as the NEW Superstars in the ring who prepared for the worst, but only heard taunting laughter before everything went back to normal and Impact! went off the air.

                      That's enough, Kane...
                      Upon waking up this morning, it seems the question on everyone's mind is "Kane, where are you?"

                      While we can't say for sure if it is in fact Kane that is taunting and terrorizing TNA and NEW Superstars alike, it seems more than obvious that that is exactly what is happening. After spoiling last night's NEW reunion and beat down of Fortune, Kane still refuses to show his face.

                      If there were some kind of legal issue revolving around Kane and what is happening between the WWE and TNA in court, you would think they would stop using the gimmick and 'infringing on copyrights', but things only seem to be getting more and more obvious. Will Kane show up when Eric Bischoff returns to Impact!? He may be responsible for the injuries to various superstars in the past few weeks, but what is his agenda, besides seemingly random attacks? Is there a different angle that the wrestling world has missed completely?

                      One thing for sure is that, as we get closer to an answer, the anticipation continues to grow.

                      Eric Bischoff: Sports Entertainment Figurehead and...Tweety Bird?
                      Shortly after Impact! went off the air last night, Eric Bischoff launched a new Twitter account (username: BischoffTNA) and stated that he would be providing updates on the progress of the trial between WWE and TNA that begins next week.

                      Many wrote this off as a hoax, but the account was authenticated by Bischoff himself in a phone interview early this morning and Bischoff will be 'tweeting' daily. He also claims that everyone at TNA expects this to be a quick trial because, to quote Bischoff, "after the way things have been going, the WWE can't afford a long one."

                      You have to admire that kind of cander at a time like this. Stay tuned, folks.

                      The Fallen Angel speaks out
                      ProWrestling Observer caught up with Christopher Daniels last night after Impact! and he was kind enough to comment on the recent happenings in TNA, as well as his own career. A few excerpts from the interview are below:
                      -Daniels blames his recent losses on his age finally catching up with him. While he doesn't feel old, his body just isn't working the way it used to. He declined to comment further on that subject.
                      -He stated that, while helping take down Eric Bischoff and Fortune sounds appealing, he's staying out of the drama as long as he can and plans to keep it that way. He doesn't see a point in getting involved.
                      -While his future as a wrestler is becoming more and more uncertain, he plans to just focus on rebounding from his recent losses and continue pursuing the Television Title, currently held by Mr. Anderson.
                      It should be noted that TNA Television Champion Mr. Anderson (who was briefly a member of NEW) and former TNA World Champion Kurt Angle were also asked to comment on the recent events, but declined.

                      Show me more Tweets!
                      X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick threw in his two cents last night via Twitter. It is shown below:

                      "Wishing my good buddy Paul London and the rest of The Originators the best of luck in teaching Fortune a lesson in manners. It's a long time coming and in my opinion, there isn't anyone better to take on the task. If they ever need a hand, the X-Division Champ is at their disposal."


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                              TNA scores a "victory" in court
                              The case may be closed, but the fun is just beginning. The trial was short, as was anticipated, given the circumstances surrounding the case. Both sides wanted a quick resolution even though both sides had very opposite ideas as to how the trial would play out. While TNA scored a 'victory', it didn't come without a price.

                              After hearing both cases and calling several witness to the stand, both lawyers gave their closing remarks Wednesday morning. After a brief recess, the judge found in favour of TNA, although his closing remarks were far from what anyone expected. has an exclusive look at the transcript. Check out the key points outlined below:

                              "It is my understanding that right before the WWE declared bankrupcy and folded in 2007, all trademarks and copyrights were handed over to the sole owner, Shane McMahon. Since that day, even though the WWE has been reborn, the WWE has been an entirely different brand and has not taken advantage of, or been in negotiations with, Shane McMahon or anyone else involved with New Era Wrestling since (the NEW) went under nearly 2 years ago."

                              "Due to (Shane) McMahon's presence in TNA, for the reasons mentioned earlier, all of WWE's claims to pre-2007 copyrights are null and void and are the property of the (now defunct) NEW. The infringement in question falls within that category and for all rights and purposes, it is 'fair game.'"

                              "It is for these reasons that I find in favour of TNA. That, plus the reasons mentioned already, are my professional opinion. It is, however, my personal opinion that in the future, the WWE should focus on their own brand and not cling to childish issues such as this. These actions are a waste of the court's time."

                              "However, TNA is not entirely off the hook. Due to the reprise of the WWE and to avoid ongoing lawsuits, it is strongly recommended that TNA either cease and desist with infringing on current copyrights, or find a sound, legal way to get around these issues should they decide to continue down the path they have chosen. Stepping on the WWE's toes, so to speak, was wrong, equally as childish and easily avoidable. I will not be part of a pissing contest between adults. This could easily have been settled out of court and in the future, should something like this arise again, I would recommend that is exactly what happens."
                              The judge then dismissed the court. Strong words for both sides and now, with that out of the way, the fun can begin. How will TNA react to the judge's harsh words? The WWE isn't used to losing, so could this be the beginning of a war? Only time can tell...

                              "I'm back!"
                              Now that the court case is settled, we can expect a HUGE episode of TNA Impact! later tonight. Eric Bischoff was barred from the show until the trial was over due to his involvement, so we can expect him to be out in full force tonight.

                              Bischoff continues to distance himself from the rest of the industry, poking fun at the WWE and Vince McMahon via Twitter. In one tweet, he refers to Vince's "wrinkly old face" and in a later tweet, he openly calls out the WWE, bringing up the fact that "this was legal the entire time".

                              While Bischoff continues to lose friends and alienate himself, the "Big Red Question" on everyone's mind though is whether or not Bischoff will bring the Big Red Machine with him when he returns to Impact!. One thing is for certain, no matter what Bischoff does, it's going to be huge.

                              Don't miss TNA Impact! tonight at 9PM EST/8 CT.


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                                Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                                Excerpts from TNA Impact!...

                                The show begins and the air is electric...dozens, if not hundreds of "EDGE", "NEW" and related signs can be seen strung throughout the audience as TNA Impact! enters homes across the world!

                                -Mike Tenay "Welcome one and all to another edition of TNA Impact! I'm Mike Tenay and as always, my partner beside me is none other than Taz!"
                                -Taz "I can't tell you how excited I am for tonight, Mikey Baby! This past week in the wrestling world has been off the hook and it's about to get even crazier here tonight, I can feel it!"
                                -Mike Tenay "As you all know, former WWE & NEW Superstar Edge made his TNA debut last week, with the aid of another of New Era Wrestling's greats, Stevie Richards."
                                -Taz "Oh ho, my boy Stevie! He was the guy to watch in NEW and now that he's chosen a side here in TNA, all I can say is 'look out!'"

                                As Mike Tenay and Taz continue to discuss the current state of TNA, the highlights from last week are shown, ending with a 'bang!' as once again, The Fires of Hell fill the Impact Zone...

                                The party in the Impact Zone quickly dies and as Eric Bischoff enters the arena, the crowd's mood does a total 180...

                                -Taz "Guess who's back!"

                                Despite the booing, Bischoff is all smiles as he waves at the crowd and enters the ring, microphone in hand...

                                -Bischoff "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all for that wonderful welcome!"

                                The boos only get louder as Bischoff continues...

                                -Bischoff "Now I know you're all a little cranky since things haven't really been going your way, but c'mon now, everything's looking up! TNA is stronger than ever and who do you have to thank?....ME!!"

                                Bischoff waves some more as the booing gets almost deafening...some sections begin chants of "SHANE-O-MAC!!"

                                -Bischoff "There's no need to thank me; I was only doing what I felt was right. I saw that TNA was going downhill, but rather than point the finger at someone, I took responsibility and did something about it. There, you're welcome."

                                -Mike Tenay "Eric Bischoff has a lot of guts to come out here and address the crowd this way after all that's been going on the past few weeks."
                                -Taz "Not only that, but to take full responsibility! You have to admire that, even if he is a little sneak!"

                                Bischoff's smile fades and his expression turns to that of confusion...

                                -Bischoff "I...I don't understand. You wanted change in TNA, right? wanted to be entertained, right? I...I just don't get it. Everything I did...everything HE did, was for you. We did this for you!"

                                The fans don't want to hear any of it...the boos and insults continue to be slung until...

                                The fans go wild as Shane McMahon steps out into the Impact Zone! He's accompanied by his partner, Jeff Jarrett!

                                -Taz "Here we go!"
                                -Mike Tenay "Business is about to pick up!"

                                Chants of "SHANE-O-MAC!!" and "DOUBLE J!!" fill the air...Bischoff glares at the crowd, but doesn't react harshly...

                                -Bischoff "Ah, my good friends Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett. You're right on time!"

                                -Shane "Can it, Eric. We're not here to listen to you waste everyone's time spewing garbage. We're here to speed this up so you get to the point!"

                                Bischoff looks slightly offended, but lowers his head, smiles, then he does, Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett slowly make their way to the ring...

                                -Bischoff "Alright then, Shane. You're clearly a busy man these days. I'm sure it isn't easy watching your father's business crumble AGAIN."

                                Mixed reaction from the crowd...Shane stops for a moment, mutters something incoherent, then walks faster to the ring, getting inside before replying...

                                -Shane "What's been going on outside of the Impact Zone is no concern to myself or Jeff. The fact that you brought this upon us, however, is not going to go without punishment."

                                -Bischoff "PUNISHMENT!? Ha ha ha! Punishment, Shane? Really? You're going to walk out here and play daddy? I DON'T THINK SO!"

                                Bischoff's tone becomes overbearing and intimidating...he gets right in Shane's face, who doesn't back down an inch...

                                -Bischoff "You want punishment, Shane? I will be the one dishing out PUNISHMENT from now on, you got it!? Before I was so rudely interrupted by you and your little 'friend' here, I was about to explain my insurance investment. You see, I may have claimed responsibility for everything that's been happening around here lately, but it wasn't my doing that left Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam crippled. It was HIM."

                                The crowd doesn't know how to react..they only get louder, as if drowning out Eric Bischoff will somehow delay the inevitable...

                                -Shane "What are you talking about, Eric?"

                                Bischoff, turned away from Shane and Jarrett, slowly turns back...his grin is an evil one, his voice coarse, as he continues...

                                -Bischoff "I unleashed an unstoppable force on TNA. Hogan...Hardy...RVD...they were all collateral damage as my 'insurance investment' did what he felt necessary to restore TNA to the way it should be. The way I feel it should be.

                                Shane and Jarrett look at one another, not sure what to think...finally, Shane speaks...

                                -Shane "Eric...who is it? Who is this insurance investment you're talking about?"

                                Bischoff shakes his head...

                                -Bischoff "No. No, you won't stop us. You want to change TNA. You think invading us with your 'Little Federation that COULDN'T' is going to stop us, but you can't. It's too late. Now you just get to sit back and watch."

                                Jeff Jarrett then grabs the microphone out of Shane McMahon's hands! He screams at Bischoff as the fans cheer him on!

                                -Jarrett "Oh to hell with this, Eric! You want to play little mind games with us? You want to beat around the bush? Well how 'bout this: YOU'RE FIRED!!"

                                Jeff Jarrett slams the microphone down on the canvas as the fans go nuts! Shane McMahon looks at Jarrett in shock, clearly not anticipating such a reaction!

                                -Mike Tenay "Jeff Jarrett just fired Eric Bischoff!"
                                -Taz "Well I guess that takes care of that!"

                                Eric Bischoff smiles again, but rather than say anything, he simply sets down his microphone, reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a few pieces of paper stapled together...he hands the papers to Shane, waves at the crowd one more time, then exits the ring...

                                Shane McMahon watches as Eric Bischoff leaves the Impact Zone smiling and waving at the crowd...Jarrett leans over the ropes, leaving Bischoff with a few choice words...Bischoff doesn't turn around and acknowledge him...he simply exits down the tunnel, leaving Jarrett fuming at ringside and Shane McMahon standing in the centre of the ring, reading over the booklet of paper Bischoff just handed him...

                                Shane doesn't react...he simply looks around, folds the paper up and places it inside his jacket pocket...he climbs out of the ring, pats Jarrett on the shoulder and leaves...

                                -Taz "What the hell did that paper say?"
                                -Mike Tenay "I don't know Taz, but I bet it explains everything Shane needed to know! Hopefully we'll find out after the break!"

                                Commercial break...