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RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

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  • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling


    The video begins with our usual shot of Stevie Richards smiling at the camera.
    -Richards "Welcome one and all to 'Episode 4 - Unplugged'. I'm assuming you all enjoyed Impact! last week, as did I, except for one, big red glaring omission. Where was Kane all night? Did he feel like embarrassing Rob Van Dam was enough? Of course he didn't. Methinks his absence was intended..."

    "Anyway, speaking of embarrassment, it's always nice to see a familiar face get embarrassed when they try and steal your spotlight."

    "Most of you may not agree that Chris Jericho was embarrassed on Thursday, but I beg to differ. Not only did he look rusty, but he was on the receiving end of one of the hardest Last Calls I've ever seen James Storm deliver."

    "Chris Jericho might as well have stayed away from wrestling all together and stuck with Dancing With The Stars. At least on that show, he could look like a fumbling idiot and still get cheers from an audience of morons with nothing better to watch. Here in TNEW, we don't need his brand of shotty entertainment. What are we going to do? Sit back and listen while he calls everyone backstage 'junior' or 'assclown' for the millionth time? This is Total NEW ERA Wrestling, not a 'Best Of 1999' DVD."

    "A mistake was made on Thursday night by The Originators. They replaced me with something that reminds everyone of the past, which is exactly the opposite of what that group has always set out to achieve. Did anyone else see CM Punk's face as Impact! went off the air? Talk about a situation that was easily avoidable."

    "But never fear, my friends. This Thursday all will be right in the world when yours truly returns to television...well, not counting this little gem of a show. On Thursday night, I plan on making a statement of my own that is sure to turn some heads. says the events on WWE Raw last night would bring a smile to Shane McMahon's face. Well, prepare to see Shane McMahon more elated than ever before. Chris Jericho isn't the only one with a surprise or two up his sleeve. New Era Hero out."


    • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling


      Impact! Preview
      Tonight on TNEW Impact!, the fallout from last week's return to air will hit full stride.

      After the events at Main Attraction XIII, TNEW returned to television last Thursday with a shocking surprise. As the 10-Man Tag Team Battle between The Originators and Fortune was about to begin, everyone was eagerly awaiting the man that would replace the injured Stevie Richards as the fifth man and teammate of The Originators. As Christy Hemme took centre stage, she began a speech that was all-too-familiar with fans of New Era Wrestling and blew the roof off the Impact Zone as she announced Richards' replacement, Chris Jericho.

      The match was an all-out brawl with both teams giving it their all to earn the bragging rights they've wanted for months. But when it was all said and done, after a string of attacks from The Originators, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin kept Beer Money at bay outside the ring while Paul London, CM Punk and Chris Jericho went to work in the ring. As the bell rang, Chris Jericho and CM Punk had submissions applied, making AJ Styles and Kazarian both tap out to the Walls of Jericho and the Anaconda Vice simultaneously.

      However as the show went off the air, one thing was hanging over The Originators' victory: the scowl on CM Punk's face as he watched Jericho celebrate. In an earlier conversation with TNEW World Champion Edge, CM Punk was told that whoever joined The Originators that night for the main event would steal the spotlight and ultimately cause yet another rift in the New Era Originals as a whole.

      Now that we know Edge's prediction has come true, what is in store for The Originators and even more so, Chris Jericho? As Edge continues to play with the minds of Stevie Richards and now CM Punk, how will Shane McMahon react to the Champ's increasing ability to demean him in front of the superstars of the company? And will Fortune take this loss lying down, or simply move on?

      Taz Out
      After a vicious attack at the hands of Kurt Angle last week, TNEW Impact! announcer Taz will be staying out of harm's way this Thursday. He will be taking the night off to recover. No word on if a replacement will join Mike Tenay at ringside, or if he'll simply announce the show solo.

      Matches Announced
      While a lot of questions remain unanswered, does know of two matches that will be taking place tonight on Impact!

      The first match will see Abyss and Hernandez continue their violent and bloody feud in a good ol' fashioned Hardcore Match. Hernandez got some revenge for Abyss' recent 2x4 attacks by getting himself disqualified for choking Abyss with a TV cable. These two monsters have a deep-brewing hatred for one another that has been building for weeks. Will a Hardcore Match get everything out of their system, or will they continue to battle it out until one of them is dead?

      The second match has learned of will see the team of Beer Money take on Gunner & Murphy. Through unfortunate interference from Generation Me last week, Gunner & Murphy picked up their first win as a team in months over the TNEW Tag Team Champions, Team 3D in a non-title match up. Gunner & Murphy have made it obvious that they'll take any win no matter how questionable, so as they look to make it two in a row tonight against Beer Money, will James Storm and Robert Roode be able to shake off their devastating loss last week?

      All this and more as TNEW Impact! hits the air tonight!


      • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

        A quick video package is shown highlighting Chris Jericho's arrival in begins with Christy Hemme introducing him, then ends with CM Punk staring him down as TNEW Impact! went off the air last week...

        Then the main intro video for TNEW Impact! hits the air! The fans in the Impact Zone go wild as pyros erupt throughout Universal Studios Arena! We're LIVE! for TNEW Impact!

        Mike Tenay welcomes the fans at home as the music continues to play and shots of the crowd continue to be shown..
        -Mike Tenay "As you all know, my good friend and co-announcer Taz is sitting at home tonight after a heinous attack by Kurt Angle last week, so I'll be flying solo. I'll do my best to bring to you another edition of TNA Impact! and what an edition it's going to be!"

        As Mike Tenay speaks, graphics for each match flash up on the screen..
        -Mike Tenay "Announced earlier today, we've got two big matches coming at you tonight. Kicking off the show in just a few moments will be a Hardcore Match between Hernandez and Abyss! The two monsters have been at each other's throats as of late and I mean that literally and not figuritvely! Hopefully they both walk out of here alive tonight!"

        "Also later on tonight, the TNEW Tag Team Division continues to heat up as Beer Money is back in action against the team of Gunner & Murphy, who are coming off a surprising yet cheap win against Team 3D last week. As the Tag Teams in this company continue to vie for a #1 Contendership spot, will Generation Me make another disrespectful appearance to screw over a team that continues to best them, or will we finally see a good, clean fight between two talented teams?"

        As Mike Tenay continues to speculate on the current state of the Tag Division, the fans boo loudly as the music of Abyss is heard..."The Monster" appears from the entry way carrying his trusty 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire...he raises it above his head, acknowledging the crowd as they continue to bring the heat...
        -Mike Tenay "Ever since Abyss eliminated Hernandez from the Triple Threat match at Main Attraction XII by slamming the ring steps into his leg, we've seen nothing but pure, unadulterated violence from the two men that are about to partake in a Hardcore Match tonight. Abyss has used that 2x4 several times on Hernandez, getting disqualified as if his only goal was to injure the Latin giant."

        The boos then fade into loud cheers as Hernandez appears on stage with his manager and confidant, Hector Guerrero!
        -Mike Tenay "And last week, Abyss pushed Hernandez too far when their singles match took a violent turn. Outside the ring, Hernandez managed to get a cable wrapped around Abyss' neck. The referees managed to get Hernandez off, but the damage was done. Now, we watch as these two prepare for battle once again."

        As Mike Tenay speaks, a replay of last week is we cut back to the ring, Hernandez steps through the ropes and is immediately struck over the back by Abyss with the 2x4! The bell rings as Abyss covers!

        Abyss vs. Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero
        Hardcore Match

        The crowd gasps as Abyss goes for the early win!



        Hernandez kicks out! We can already see several small cuts on his lower back as Abyss pulls him to his feet. Hector Guerrero turns back to the ring, having covered his head in shame. He watches as Abyss tosses Hernandez out of the ring and onto the arena floor. Abyss quickly follows, kicking Hernandez hard in the head. He then flips up the ring apron and wastes no time pulling out everything and anything he finds under the ring. He tosses several chairs beside Hernandez, making sure to let each one land on the Latin monster. Abyss then pulls out a ladder and slams the top end of it into Hernandez's ribs. Abyss tosses the ladder aside and reaches under the ring again, this time finding a large metal sheet. He lies it on top of Hernandez and winds up, falling onto the sheet and driving his elbow into it. The metal sheet dents as Hernandez cringes in pain.

        Abyss gets to his feet and drags Hernandez with him. He slams him into the crowd barrier and Hernandez turns around. Abyss winds up with one of the chairs and brings it down just as Hernandez gets out of the way. The chair slams into the crowd barrier and stays put, but Hernandez reacts quickly, Uppercutting the chair into Abyss' face! Abyss staggers back and allows Hernandez the chance to catch his breath and give his head a shake.

        Hernandez takes control of the match, opting to use his fists to pummel Abyss around the ring. He bides his time, keeping Abyss in check with hard rights and lefts. This continues for several minutes until we notice some red dripping from above Abyss' right eye. Hernandez lines him up as he leans on the crowd barrier and charges, drilling Abyss with a wicked Running Elbow Smash. Abyss almost cartwheels onto the ground as blood sprays into the air.

        Finally Hernandez lifts Abyss to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. After brutally beating "The Monster" Abyss all the way around the ring, Hernandez takes to the top rope to try and finish Abyss off.

        Abyss is on his hands and knees, scrounging around the ring with his one good eye. Blood fills the other as he finds his trusty barbed wire 2x4 lying in the corner of the ring. He reaches for it as Hernandez stands on the top rope, holding up his arms for the crowd. They cheer as he leaps into the air for a Flying Axe Handle, but Abyss manages to get the 2x4 in his grasp, jamming the barbed wire end into Hernandez's gut! Hernandez falls to the mat and clutches his stomach. We see small cuts on his stomach now as he rolls onto it, revealing that the cuts on his back have gotten bigger. Like a shark stalking its prey, Abyss gets to his feet and notices the cuts.

        -Mike Tenay "This isn't good. I don't like the look in Abyss', eye."

        Abyss grabs the 2x4 at either end and slams it into Hernandez's back. He begins see-sawing the barbed wire over his spine, gouging at his skin! The fans gasp as Abyss then rakes the barbed wire down his back, ripping open more skin! Abyss tosses aside the 2x4 as Hernandez lies on his side, screaming in pain!

        The crowd watches as Abyss reaches into his pocket and removes a small brown bag. He begins dumping thumbtacks on the canvas! Abyss wastes no time lifting Hernandez to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. As Hernandez comes back, Abyss reaches at him for a Black Hole Slam, but Hernandez ducks away from his grasp! He rebounds off the ropes, but the gashes on his back press into them and he screams in pain and slows his pace! This distraction is just enough for Abyss to spin around and wrap his arms around Hernandez...

        ...BLACK HOLE SLAM ON THE THUMBTACKS! The fans cringe as Abyss drives the massive Latino's torn back into hundreds of tacks! Abyss covers!




        Winner: Abyss
        The fans watch as Abyss rolls off of Hernandez and sits in the ring...he grabs a handful of thumbtacks and lets them slowly fall through his fingers, bouncing off the mat...
        -Mike Tenay "Abyss picks up the win in what might have been one of the most painful things I've ever seen in a TNEW ring."

        A replay of the Black Hole Slam is shown, then the view cuts back to Abyss...he's on his feet now, glaring down at Hernandez, who hasn't moved...tacks can be seen stuck in his sides and he eventually rolls over, revealing that dozens of tacks are embedded in his open back...the crowd can't believe the violence they have just witnessed as Abyss eventually makes his way backstage...


        The view cuts backstage and we see TNEW Manager Shane McMahon making his way down a hallway towards the ring! The fans give a heavily mixed reaction as he rubs his chin, clearly pondering what he's about to say...he turns a corner and disappears as we fade to commercial...

        Commercial break...


        • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

          After the break, the former New Era Wrestling theme song hits as TNEW Manager Shane McMahon steps out of the tunnel, mic in hand...the fans are split down the middle as Shane approaches the ring and climbs the steps...

          -Mike Tenay "When you're in a position of authority in this business, controversy follows you around like a lost dog. Once in a while, that dog has rabies and happens to be your World Champion. Shane McMahon finds himself in a unique situation and it's hard to blame him for not handling it well. He's in the middle of a war with his own father's company, a war in which he has no control over what happens. The men who he considered his best friends and allies have turned their backs on him with good reason. Unfortunately those men happen to be some of the most powerful and influential men on the TNEW roster."

          "Shane McMahon has been given some breathing room ever since his father called off his dogs. However, with attacks still occurring on WWE soil, it's only a matter of time before a retaliation happens. What actions Shane takes as we move forward could make or break the company and sadly, it appears that he is the only person that realizes that fact."

          Shane McMahon paces in the ring with his head down as the crowd buzzes in anticipation...
          -Shane McMahon "I hate to admit it, but Edge has been right about a few things all along."

          Big pop at the mention of the World Champ's name...
          -Shane "I've been doing some thinking lately and it's no mystery as to why Edge has won back the crowd. He carried out one of the most heinous acts imaginable when he aligned himself with Eric Bischoff months ago, but he had every right to do it. I failed him as a mentor and a friend and it would be wrong of me to blame him for taking a different path to become the Champion he deserves to be."

          Another huge pop from the crowd...
          -Mike Tenay "This is rather unexpected, but a very welcome change in attitude from Shane."

          -Shane "However, there's one thing that Edge doesn't realize. Just as I need him to be the Champion this company deserves, he needs me to be the leader this company needs."

          Shane pauses as the crowd settles..
          -Shane "Edge wants me to step aside and I plan on doing just that. But what he needs to realize is that anything involving this ongoing war with my father and Eric Bischoff has to be handled by me."

          The booing is immense as Shane mentions Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff...
          -Shane "So from this point forward, I'm putting my foot down. When it comes to this ring right here, Edge is the rightful Champion and will remain so until someone takes the belt from him. It will continue to be business as usual in Total New Era Wrestling as long as I am in charge. However, as long as I am manager, anything behind the scenes or involving the war with the WWE will be handled by me and me only. If Edge, Stevie Richards, or anyone else has a say in how I run things off-camera, they can keep it to themselves."

          "Y'know it's funny. Edge continuously contradicts himself, yet nobody seems to notice. He talks about how he wanted to usher in a new era in his own career and become a star in TNA after he was fired from the WWE, however when he refers to me, he insists that I return to my old ways and look to the past when questioning how to do things. Things haven't been going Edge's way until recently, but he needs to realize that things haven't been going my way either. Does he really think I wanted all this? Does he believe this is what I had in mind when I stepped foot in the only competition my father has?"

          Shane pauses as the crowd begins to rally behind him...
          -Shane "We may be small, but we are mighty. We may be constantly at the mercy of a higher power in this business, but we are what we are. And what we are is a company that is constantly on the rise. The world watches our every move and for the first time ever, we sold out the Georgia Dome last month in one of the most controversial and exciting Pay-Per-Views in the history of sports entertainment."

          "Eric Bischoff may be responsible for changing the company's name, but I am responsible for the beliefs and values that this company now stands for. I am responsible for Stevie Richards having the freedom of speech he rightly deserves, even if he chooses to use it to slander me. I am responsible for Edge becoming one of the greatest and most loved Champions this company has ever seen....

          ....and I have the ability to take that away."

          Shane smiles in the ring as the fans begin to boo!
          -Mike Tenay "Just as the cheers and chants were rising in his favour, Shane manages to suck the air right out of the Impact Zone and turn everyone against him! What the hell?"

          Shane continues to smile that trademark McMahon Smirk as he raises the microphone to his lips...
          -Shane "Before this war returns to our doorstep, it's time to iron out the wrinkles in this company for good. Edge, you and I are going to settle our differences once and for all. Last week I told you to enjoy your time as Champion while it lasts and next week, you're going to find out exactly what that means."

          The fans are irate as Shane drops the microphone in the ring! He struts over to the ropes and adjusts his open collar before stepping through the ropes...he hops off the apron and shoots his sleeves before adjusting his collar again...Shane looks incredibly proud of himself as he walks up the ramp and disappears backstage...
          -Mike Tenay "Next week? What the hell is Shane talking about? He promises to stay out of Edge's way, but at the same time he threatens the TNEW World Champion! This is a side of Shane McMahon we haven't seen in a long, long time."

          Commercial break...


          • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

            As we return from the break, the fans roar as we see the TNEW World Champion Edge standing by backstage with SoCal Val!

            -SoCal Val "It's with great pleasure that I am joined by your World Champion, Edge!"

            The crowd continues to cheer as they chant his name...eventually the cheers die out slightly and Val continues...
            -SoCal Val "Before we get down to things, I first want to ask you your thoughts on Shane McMahon's comments moments ago."

            Edge tilts his head up and laughs slightly, then rubs his chin...
            -Edge "Ha ha, well y'know Val, Shane is a McMahon after all. I knew it was only a matter of time before his true colours bled through to reveal exactly the kind of boss he's always been. He's always been cocky, he always wants things his own way and if he can't get things the way he wants them, he drags everyone down with him. He's always been that way."

            "I've said all along that I know Shane McMahon better than anyone else, so his words don't come as a surprise to me. I'm just glad that everything is all out in the open and we can move on from this constant bickering and get down to business."

            -SoCal Val "Which is?"

            -Edge "The business of pure, unadulterated entertainment as I do everything in my power to keep this belt in my possession. Shane is going to respect my wishes...hell, the people's wishes, and stay behind the scenes. But that doesn't mean he isn't going to do everything he can to take away my World Championship. As long as I am Champion, Shane looks weak and doesn't have the power he so desperately craves."

            -SoCal Val "Given Shane's history over the past few years with New Era Wrestling and now TNEW, it's rather shocking to most that he is acting this way."

            -Edge "That's very true Val and I thank you for pointing that out. I've been working my ass off to not only win back the TNEW World Championship, but also expose Shane McMahon for the sneaky son of a bitch he's always been. I knew the people had to see it for themselves in order to believe me and that's exactly what has happened."

            "Now that Shane has finally backed off, things will be better. He made a point to stay hidden in New Era Wrestling and things couldn't have been better, which is why he and I became so close and why he probably felt he could latch onto my success here in TNEW."

            -SoCal Val "Speaking of your success, it wouldn't have been possible without 'The Spear Heard 'Round The World'. Tell us a little about that."

            The crowd patiently waits Edge's reply as he looks down and removes his sunglasses...
            -Edge "Y'know, I've always felt bad about that. In order to expose Shane, I had to create a martyr out of Stevie Richards. Everything I did from that point until I won back the TNEW World Championship from John Cena, was carefully calculated and carried out with extreme caution. Unfortunately, while I was doing that, everyone else was flying off the handle so to speak."

            "However, as luck would have it, we've got more important things to concern ourselves with. Eric Bischoff tried to meddle with my business and stir the pot by showing 'The Spear Heard 'Round The World' after my victory over Cena. But, as we've seen, The Originators, who were his target to begin with, have proven to be more mature than I originally thought. They've put this behind them, just like I've been trying to do and just like everyone else should do."

            "Eric Bischoff can weasel his way into people's brains all he wants, but he'll be unsuccessful as far as I'm concerned. But that's something to concern ourselves with another time. Bischoff has better things to worry about with his new job, Shane and the others have moved on and from what I can tell, there's no clear #1 Contender in sight. All I plan on doing right now is relaxing and enjoying, as Shane said, my time as World Champi-"


            The camera pulls back and we see Stevie Richards holding one half of a Singapore Cane in his hand...splinters of wood are scattered around Edge as he lies face down on the ground, blood trickling from the back of his head! Richards squats down beside Edge and pulls his arm up, rolling him onto his side...Richards grabs a handful of Edge's blond hair and gets right in his face, pointing the sharp end of the Cane in his hand at Edge the whole time...
            -Richards "So everyone forgot about 'The Spear Heard 'Round The World', huh? Everyone, Edge? EVERYONE!? ARE YOU SURE, EDGE!? You think you DESERVE to be Champion, do you? You think you can just call the shots now and scare off the only man that gives a DAMN about everyone but himself? The man that made all of this possible, YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!? Shane has his faults, BUT HE'S THE REASON WE'RE HERE!!"

            Stevie Richards shakes Edge's head violently as he screams! Suddenly, trainers and staff appear out of nowhere and grab Richards around his arms! Caught off-guard, he can't defend himself and is dragged away kicking and screaming!

            Richards is dragged off down a hallway as Edge still lies motionless...SoCal Val and a medical staff member tend to Edge as we cut to commercial...

            Commercial break...


            • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

              When we return from the break, the team of Gunner & Murphy are already making their way to the ring...the fans boo as both men walk to the ring shirtless with black jeans on...they climb into the ring and raise their arms on opposite sides of it toward the crowd, resulting in further heat from the audience...
              -Mike Tenay "As you saw moments ago, Stevie Richards surprised everyone with a violent attack on the TNEW World Champion."

              A quick replay of the events before the commercial is shown as Mike Tenay walks us through it...the view then cuts back to the ring where Gunner & Murphy await their opponents...

              As the music of Fortune hits, the fans cheer for their unlikely favourite in this match, Beer Money! Robert Roode and James Storm step onto the stage and pose at either end; Roode wearing a long robe and Storm wearing a black duster topped with his trademark black leather cowboy hat...
              -Mike Tenay "While the majority of Fortune tends to attract heat from the Impact Zone audience, a lot can be said for the duo known as Beer Money, in that no matter what they do, the crowd seems to love them."

              "It was during their feud with Team 3D months ago when the two teams joined forces against a common enemy in Generation Me. After teaching the young tag team multiple lessons in respect, Beer Money earned themselves a shot at the Tag Team titles. They came up short in a Tables Match against Team 3D and now against the rising team of Gunner & Murphy, Robert Roode and James Storm look to get back into the Tag title spotlight."

              Roode and Storm remove their entrance attire and toss it on the arena floor...Robert Roode stretches his arms as he begins to pace in the ring opposite Murphy and the bell sounds to signal the start of the match...

              Beer Money vs. Gunner & Murphy

              The match is nothing special in the opening minutes and after a couple botched moves by Gunner & Murphy, the crowd begins chants of "BORING!", which prompts Robert Roode and James Storm to try and carry the match. Beer Money easily takes control of the match as Gunner & Murphy lack the experience and chemistry of the clearly superior team.

              After several quick tags that result in Gunner being isolated in the ring from his partner, James Storm is in the ring lining up for the Last Call.

              -Mike Tenay "With any luck this match will be over after this. It's painfully obvious that Gunner & Murphy only made it this far in the Tag Team Division due to outside interference from Generation Me and a little luck."

              Gunner is kneeling in the ring and shaking his head. He grabs the ropes and tries to hoist himself up. As he does this, James Storm charges from the opposite side of the ring and unleashes a lightning fast Big Boot..

              ..but Gunner pulls down the ropes! James Storm gets hung up on the top rope and can only watch as Gunner levels him with a vicious Clothesline! Storm snaps backwards onto the canvas as Gunner falls toward his partner and finally tags out!

              The crowd boos as Murphy enters the ring and grabs James Storm by his hair. He lifts him to his feet and sets him up for a Powerbomb. He raises Storm into the air, but before he can bring him down, James Storm's legs slide off of Murphy's shoulders and he falls downward onto his backside bringing Murphy with him for a huge Sit-out Facebuster! James Storm rolls backward onto his feet and backs off the ropes as Murphy quickly gets up and staggers forward...

              ...LAST CALL!!! James Storm covers!

              ...but there's no count! James Storm looks around and sees the referee being distracted by Jeremy Buck!

              -Mike Tenay "You had to see this coming.."

              James Storm gets to his feet and shouts at Jeremy Buck, not seeing his partner being pulled from the apron by Max Buck!

              He grabs Roode by the hair and holds a chair in his free hand. He slams Roode's face onto the chair and onto the ground, knocking Roode out cold! James Storm then turns around just as Max Buck slides into the ring with the chair...

              ...CHAIR SHOT ON JAMES STORM!! Max Buck quickly rolls out of the ring, but not before throwing Murphy's arm over James Storm's chest! Generation Me disappears into the audience as the referee turns around to make the count!




              Winners: Gunner & Murphy
              Gunner quickly hops into the ring and lifts Murphy to his feet! Still in a daze, Gunner has to hold him up as the two celebrate!
              -Mike Tenay "For the second time in as many weeks, Generation Me has screwed over a much better Tag Team in order to give Gunner & Murphy a victory. As the two undeserving winners slowly climb into the Tag Team Championship spotlight, it appears that something else is at work here."

              Gunner & Murphy continue to celebrate and we see Robert Roode lying face down outside the ring...
              -Mike Tenay "Folks I'm being told we're throwing backstage quickly."


              As the cameras cut backstage, we see a scuffle breaking out in a hallway...we can see Shane McMahon against his office door as Edge struggles to get to him, being held back by several TNEW officials...


              -Shane "Well, that was part of it."

              Edge tries again to break free as Shane smirks in his face..

              -Shane "What I've started? You started this Edge. Don't get all pissy when someone decides to fight fire with fire. Now get him out of here."

              For the second time in the evening, a TNEW Superstar is dragged away kicking and screaming by TNEW Staff...

              Commercial break...


              • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                As we return from the break, the lights in the Impact Zone go completely out...the fans roar as a single spotlight hits the stage and Christy Hemme steps out of the tunnel wearing a sparkling black evening gown...her fiery red hair hangs around her shoulders and she appears much classier than she has in recent months where her usual garb was a tattered tanktop and short skirt...chants of "JERICHO! JERICHO!" begin as she brings a new custom silver microphone to her lips...

                -Christy Hemme "For those of you that don't know him, HE IS CHRIS JERICHO, the most charismatic man in TNEW, the 'entertainment' in 'sports entertainment' and the man that is going to tear the roof off the Impact Zone!"

                As Jericho's music begins, the fans go absolutely wild! Rather than a countdown at the beginning, the acronym "TNEJ" simply throbs as white rings flash up the tunnel...Christy Hemme steps onto the ramp to remove herself from harm's way, then as the music picks up, huge pyros of every colour explode from the stage! As the fireworks and smoke clear, we see the familiar silhouette of Chris Jericho in his power stance, arms outstretched, shaking his fists as the crowd continues to go crazy!
                -Mike Tenay "Honestly folks, the shock still hasn't worn off from last week! I almost want to get up and join this crowd because I still can't believe I'm saying is CHRIS JERICHO!"

                Jericho spins around to face the audience and all the lights in the Impact Zone flare up and illuminate the stage...Jericho looks out over the crowd from behind dark aviator sunglasses and is wearing a beaten up leather jacket with torn blue jeans...he grabs Christy Hemme around the waist and pulls her in close and the two raise their arms to the electrified audience!

                Christy and Jericho make their way to the ring and eventually climb the ring steps...Jericho sits on the ropes and allows Christy to step through...after joining her in the ring, Jericho takes her silver microphone from her as his music fades out...he stands in the centre of the ring as the "JERICHO!" chants become deafening...

                -Mike Tenay "This crowd is even louder than last week! Only Chris Jericho could make 2,000 people sound like 10,000!"

                Jericho eases up on his stance and begins pacing in the ring as he speaks...
                -Jericho "Now I'm not going to stand here and do the obvious. I don't care how many times you whine or moan or bitch or complain; there's no way in hell you're going to get me to say 'WELCOME TO....TOTAL...NEW ERA...JERICHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

                The fans lose their mind as Christy smiles and applauds...Jericho keeps the intensity up with his voice..
                -Jericho "Some of you may believe that the New Era was ushered in with Shane McMahon. Some of you may believe that the New Era was ushered in when that snake Eric Bischoff rebranded the company. Some of you may believe that the New Era has begun with the resurgence of Edge as the true TNEW World Champion. But what you don't understand is that a New Era simply CAN NOT begin without the most charismatic man to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, the most entertaining man in sports entertainment history, your master of ceremonies, your AYATOLLAH OF ROCK...AND...ROLLAH...


                Jericho smiles as he receives another big pop...
                -Jericho "But let's look at things for a second, shall we? We've got all these self-proclaimed saviours trying to tell everyone else that they are the change this company needs. That they can win Championships and fight wars and they don't need anyone's help. But what they aren't doing is listening to the people who really control what goes on around"

                Yet another pop..
                -Jericho "You, the fans, the people who filled the Georgia Dome in this company's biggest pay-per-view to date! You, the fans who line up around the block each and every Thursday for a chance to see pure entertainment, not a[BLEEP]les trying to hog the spotlight!"

                The fans cheer as Jericho stops and looks down thinking to himself, as if to say "Wait..I'm doing the same.." he laughs to himself then continues..
                -Jericho "You've got Bischoff working both sides! Edge vs. Shane! StevieTV! It's all CRAP! I heard the call of the fans yet again and have come to serve YOU, the loyal TNEW viewer, and finally give you and the rest of the world something to truly cheer for! I hung up my tap shoes and told the boys over at 'Dancing With The Stars' that Chris Jericho was needed, now more than ever, to step in and show the WORLD what TRUE entertainment means!"

                The crowd blows the roof off the Universal Studios Arena! Chants of Jericho's name begin again as he steps up onto a turnbuckle and raises his arms...

                Surprisingly, the fans boo as the music of The Originators hits...emerging from the entry way is CM Punk and he looks pissed...

                -Mike Tenay "I didn't think I'd see the day that an Originator was booed in this building, but given CM Punk's actions last week and now interrupting Jericho on his own, can you blame them?"

                CM Punk has a microphone in hand and he completely ignores the audience as he glares at Jericho from the stage...
                -CM Punk "Chris, you should really watch what you say. You say the fans don't want to watch some a[BLEEP]le steal the spotlight, yet last week you get Christy to stand up here like a cheap whore and announce you to the world."

                The boos get even louder, but CM Punk continues to ignore them as he continues..he walks over to the edge of the stage and sits down, dangling his legs over the edge...Christy Hemme looks shocked that her stablemate would refer to her in such a way..
                -CM Punk "You demean Christy, then make your little entrance while everyone screams their stupid heads off and try to upstage the people who have been doing all the heavy lifting. The people like Paul London, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and myself who have fought, bled and watched their friends sidelined by the evil that has been lurking in this company for months. You think you can just walk in here and tell everyone how it is? What gives you the right? What have you earned?"

                Jericho raises his silver mic to his lips, but he's immediately cut off!
                -CM Punk "No, I'm not done! Just stand there and listen, Chris. You've talked enough. Maybe you'll learn something about how things are done around here. Maybe you'll learn that you haven't paid your dues. Maybe you'll learn that you weren't needed last week. You crossed the line when you tried to upstage me in the ring by locking in the Walls of Jericho when I already had the (much more painful and exciting) Anaconda Vice locked in on Kazarian. Did you notice that, Chris? Did you even care, or were you too worried about stealing the spotlight from the-"

                -Jericho "Oh SHUT THE HELL UP, Junior!"

                CM Punk stops and slowly lowers his microphone to his side...he simply glares at Jericho as the crowd goes wild! Jericho gets right up close to the ropes and leans toward CM Punk as he shouts into the microphone..
                -Jericho "All I'm hearing is 'blah blah blah, nobody pays attention to me!' This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Y'know, for someone who believes in the unity of the New Era Originals above all else, you sure put yourself in the position of 'leader' a lot!"

                "I knew your whiny ass was going to give me trouble, so I'll tell you what. You think I haven't paid my dues? You don't think my incredible reputation speaks for itself? You want to cause even more problems within the company when we should be focusing on bigger things? That's FINE BY ME, PUNK! It's time someone took you down a peg or two, junior! We're settling this little dispute in the ring TONIGHT!"

                CM Punk is absolutely fuming! He hops to his feet and throws his microphone down on the stage and shouts at Jericho as Jericho's music begins to play! Jericho and CM Punk stare one another down as we cut to commercial...
                -Mike Tenay "That's what I'm talking about! CM Punk versus Chris Jericho, TONIGHT!!"

                Commercial break...


                • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                  When we return from the break, we see SoCal Val standing in the ring, mic in hand..

                  -SoCal Val "Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome a very special guest to the Impact Zone tonight. Live via satellite, he is a former TNA Heavyweight Champion and former TNEW Superstar...Jeff Hardy!"

                  The fans go wild as Jeff Hardy appears on every screen in the Impact Zone! He's sitting in a black leather chair in a dimly lit room with a desk and small lamp beside the corner of the screen reads "LIVE - Raleigh, North Carolina"...the audience in the Impact Zone chants "HARDY! HARDY!" as he quietly thanks Val for the introduction..
                  -SoCal Val "Jeff, you requested this time to speak to the TNEW audience. That request has been granted, so take your time and let us all know what's on your mind."

                  -Jeff Hardy "Thanks Val."

                  Jeff Hardy looks down for a moment, then back up as the cheers subside..
                  -Jeff Hardy "First and foremost I'd like to thank Shane McMahon for allowing me the time to speak. I'd also like to thank the TNEW fans both in the Impact Zone and watching at home for your support. I never got a chance to say goodbye after I was forced into retirement by losing to Kurt Angle at Main Attraction XIII."

                  Loud boos at the mention of Kurt Angle..
                  -Jeff Hardy "Kurt Angle is a hell of a competitor and while I don't agree with a single word that comes out of his mouth, he bested me in the ring when I put it all on the line. I've accepted that my time in TNEW is over and I've moved on."

                  "However, someone out there won't let my career rest. Someone out there has sullied the name of Jeff Hardy, the name I spent over a decade trying to etch in the history books. Someone out there is using my personna and my theme music to terrorize the WWE and I for one won't stand for it."

                  Jeff Hardy pauses as a hush falls over the crowd..
                  -Mike Tenay "Jeff Hardy says he has nothing to do with the attacks in the WWE, that he's being framed. Question is, can we believe him?"

                  -Jeff Hardy "I have absolutely nothing to do with the attacks on WWE superstars over the past couple weeks. After I left the Georgia Dome after Main Attraction XIII, I booked the next flight to Raleigh and I've been here with my family and friends ever since. However, even if I did have anything to do with the attacks, I'm no longer a member of TNEW or the WWE or any other company and as far as I'm concerned, I don't have to put up with the slander toward my name. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a FREE AGENT."

                  The crowd roars at the prospect of Jeff Hardy being a free agent between companies!
                  -Jeff Hardy "So-"

                  The booing is intense as Eric Bischoff quickly steps out onto the stage, mic in hand...

                  -Bischoff "Whoa whoa, hold it. Am I hearing this correctly?"

                  Jeff Hardy slumps back in his chair and slowly shakes his head...Eric Bischoff stands on the stage and turns slightly, looking up at Jeff Hardy while also being able to address the crowd...chants of "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" are heard as Bischoff speaks up and continues..
                  -Bischoff "Jeff Hardy is a free agent? For real? The Enigma, The Prodigy, one of the most entertaining and hard-working superstars this business has seen in the last 10 years, is now saying that he's ready to bargain?"

                  -Jeff Hardy "Eric that's not what I-"

                  -Bischoff "Wow! I can't believe I didn't know about this. Well it's a good thing I showed up tonight because Jeff, I plan on making you an offer!"

                  The crowd is hesitant, but some cheers are heard..
                  -Bischoff "You claim that someone is using your name to wreak havoc in the WWE? Well why don't you do something about it? Why don't we put a stop to all this right now and you can come work for the most illustrious, respected and famous company in the business...World Wrestling Entertainment!"

                  The crowd loses their minds and the booing is relentless...Eric Bischoff smiles from the stage as Jeff Hardy leans forward in his chair...
                  -Jeff Hardy "Eric, I want you to listen and I want you to listen good. I told you MONTHS ago that you and I were finished. I meant it. I came here tonight to address the fact that I am NOT the one attacking WWE Superstars, not to discuss a contract with the likes of you."

                  -Bischoff "Now Jeff, don't do anything stupid.."

                  -Jeff Hardy "I'm not. If you ask me, the only one doing anything stupid is you."

                  -Bischoff "What's that supposed to mean?"

                  Then the lights go out...

                  The Impact Zone is the loudest it's been all night as "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy begins to rumble through the arena! The roar of the fans is the only thing that can be heard aside from the beats building and building, until finally..

                  "WE ARE THE PRODIGY!"


                  As purple fireworks erupt from the stage, the crowd gets even louder! The ovation is astounding as the faint silhouette of Eric Bischoff can be seen through the darkness...his eyes are transfixed on the entry way as he and everyone else expect the arrival of Jeff Hardy...

                  ...but nothing happens...the music fades out and the chants of Hardy's name are all that is heard...

                  Suddenly, black lights turn on over the ring..the strange glow illuminates Bischoff's white hair...then, the crowd goes wild once again as we see a purple figure ascend a turnbuckle! The figure is wearing a purple hoodie and matching pants and it is clear that the man on the top rope is none other than Jeff Hardy!

                  Eric Bischoff slowly turns around as the lights return to normal..we can see that Bischoff is laughing to himself..he raises the mic to his lips, but as he does, he locks eyes with the man on the turnbuckle, who leaps through the air!

                  WHISPER IN THE WIND!! Jeff Hardy takes out Eric Bischoff with a sky-high Whisper in the Wind! Bischoff's head slams into the mat as Jeff Hardy rolls to his feet! The crowd erupts as Hardy snatches up Bischoff's microphone!

                  -Jeff Hardy "Total New Era Wrestling...World Wrestling Entertainment...hell, Ring of Honor! It doesn't matter what yard you show up in, you faceless coward, I'll be there waiting! This bul[BLEEP]it stops NOW!"

                  Jeff Hardy's music hits again as he slams the microphone down on the canvas! The crowd cheers and chants his name as he hops up onto another turnbuckle and plays to the crowd while we cut to commercial...

                  Commercial break...


                  • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                    After the break, SoCal Val is standing by with the self-proclaimed "True American Hero", Kurt Angle...the crowd boos as Val begins, but is promptly interrupted by Angle..

                    -SoCal Val "Ladies and gentlemen, I-"

                    -Kurt Angle "Yeah step aside, Val. We don't have a lot of time."

                    Angle snatches the mic from Val's grip and rudely steps in front of her..
                    -Angle "Before I go out to the ring and partner up with one of the truest Americans in this company, Mr. Anderson, I just want to address the man that is sitting at home instead of sitting at the announcer's table."

                    "Hello Taz. Does your ankle hurt? Is your old, out-of-shape body unable to get around because I almost tore your foot off last week? Of course it does. Now, as you sit at home absolutely fuming, thinking about stepping into my ring and getting revenge, maybe you'll think twice. Maybe you'll keep your ass in your seat at ringside like a good little boy. Maybe next time you feel the urge to choke me out, you'll remember that I AM the greatest submission wrestler in this company today and I WILL not be so forgiving next time."

                    Angle tosses the mic back at Val who fumbles it and drops it on the Angle walks off, he looks down at her and says "Nice catch," before walking toward the arena...


                    As we cut back to the arena, Mr. Anderson is already in the ring with his microphone in hand...the crowd is still booing as he speaks over them...

                    -Mr. Anderson "To go along with what my excellent partner just said, I'd like to remind a certain someone that they got lucky last week. Rob, before you come out here tonight, I just want to remind you that with Kurt Angle in my corner, you're not going to get lucky with another cheap roll up. You're not going to be victorious two weeks in a row and you and whoever your punk ass partner is will DEFINITELY not get a win over the incredible team of Kurt Angle and MISSSTEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...


                    Anderson lets his mic ascend to the rafters as the fans continue to boo..

                    Kurt Angle's music hits next and the boos continue as the "True American" Kurt Angle poses on the stage...his red, white and blue pyros erupt behind him as he raises his arms, then struts to the ring, cockily glaring at the nearby fans as they boo and flip him off...
                    -Mike Tenay "If there's one thing I'd like to see before I retire, it's Taz beating the hell out of that man right there. I'm not sure what kind of condition my co-announcer is in right now, but if he even has a chance at stepping into a ring with Kurt Angle, I'd be the first person to stand up and cheer my ass off."

                    Angle joins Mr. Anderson in the ring and the two shake hands...

                    Finally after several minutes of heat from the Impact Zone crowd, they're given something to cheer about as The Whole F'n Show Rob Van Dam steps onto the stage! The pryos erupt with a quick BANG! and the sound echoes through the arena as RVD steps through the smoke and raises his thumbs, announcing himself along with Jeremy Borash and the rest of the Impact Zone audience!
                    -Mike Tenay "Well folks there's a lot of emotion riding on this match here tonight. While Kurt Angle continues to run amok on this company, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam have come to have a mutual dislike for one another after RVD took out the sore loser in an excellent match up. While Anderson seeks revenge in this tag team match for whatever reason, RVD didn't have any trouble finding a partner to step into the ring against two of the most hated men in the company. I'm sure RVD's partner won't surprise anyone either..."

                    Rob Van Dam stands halfway down the ramp, glaring at the two men in the ring...

                    Then, as Big Sugar's cover of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" begins to play, the fans go wild yet again! The "RVD!" chants subside and give way for the TNEW Television Champion, Eric Young! Young steps onto the stage through a shower of gold fireworks and lifts his arms to acknowledge the roaring crowd! Young quickly steps up beside his partner and the two slap hands before charging into the ring! The bell sounds and the fans cheer, chanting RVD and Eric Young's names as the four men exchange blows!

                    Kurt Angle & Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam & Eric Young

                    The crowd continues to cheer on Young and RVD as they exchange rights and lefts with Angle and Anderson. RVD gets the upperhand on Mr. Anderson and smashes several elbows into the side of Anderson's head, throwing him into a daze and allowing RVD to easily press him against the ropes. Angle throws a knee into Young's gut and pushes him against the opposite ropes. Angle and RVD both go to Irish Whip their respective opponents across the ring, but Young manages to get a reversal on Angle and send him charging at his own partner! Angle and Anderson smash into one another in the centre of the ring and stumble backward. RVD drops to his backside and pulls the ropes down behind Anderson, allowing him to fall to the arena floor. Eric Young rolls up Kurt Angle for an early pinfall!



                    Kurt Angle easily kicks out and rolls out of the ring. On the opposite side, RVD hits a Slingshot Body Press over the top rope as Anderson rises to his feet! RVD and Mr. Anderson crash to the arena floor and RVD quickly rolls to his feet and drags Anderson with him, smashing his face on the announcer's table. On the other side of the ring, Eric Young takes it to Kurt Angle and an all-out brawl ensues on the outside of the ring. The referee desperately tries to restore order as punches, knees and kicks are exchanged outside the ring for several minutes.

                    Finally things begin to settle and Rob Van Dam tosses Mr. Anderson back into the ring. RVD climbs onto the apron and takes his position in his corner. On the opposite side of the ring, Kurt Angle has managed to get the upperhand on the Television Champion and he slams his spine into a ring post! Eric Young crumples to the ground and Angle quickly lifts him up giving him no time to rest. He rolls Young into the ring and then takes his respective position opposite RVD's corner.

                    Eric Young and Mr. Anderson are both down and out as the referee begins a 10-count. He reaches a count of 8 before Mr. Anderson finally pulls himself to his feet with the ropes. RVD claps his hands and rallies the crowd behind Eric Young who barely makes it to his feet as Anderson attacks. He kicks out Young's leg from beneath him and puts him right back on the ground. Anderson stomps on him a few times and then decides to slow the pace of the match by isolating Young in his corner.

                    After several quick tags with Angle, Anderson and the "American Hero" have worn down Eric Young incredibly fast. Angle uses several different choke hold maneuvres including pressing his boot against Young's throat in the corner while Anderson wrenches on his head from behind. The referee puts a stop to the illegal move immediately and gives Anderson warning while Angle hits a Snap Suplex on Young and covers. The referee quickly makes a two count and Angle tags Anderson back into the match.

                    After putting his boot on the top rope, Angle watches as Anderson slams Young's head into it. Once again the ref is forced to scold Angle and Anderson and this brief distraction allows Eric Young to sneak up on Mr. Anderson and hop to his feet, using his last ounce of strength to bring him down with a Reverse Neckbreaker! The crowd roars as the back of Anderson's head slams into the canvas and Eric Young lies on his side, panting heavily. After a few moments and chants from the crowd, Eric Young manages to dive at his corner and tag Rob Van Dam into the match!

                    RVD bolts into the ring as Anderson tries to tag out. RVD hits a sliding Dropkick to the back of Anderson's head, knocking him silly. RVD then kicks up to his feet and throws an elbow at Angle, knocking him off the apron! RVD quickly spins around and grabs Anderson, whipping him into the corner. RVD does a fast lap around the ring and charges, leaping toward Anderson and hitting an awesome Monkey Flip. As Anderson slams on his back in the centre of the ring, RVD rolls through the Monkey Flip and lands on his feet. He then turns to the crowd quickly, then bounces off the far ropes and rolls through the centre of the ring...

                    ...Rolling Thunder on Mr. Anderson! RVD covers!



                    Kurt Angle pulls RVD from the ring! The referee gets up and shouts at Angle, who slaps RVD across the chest! But before the referee can call for a disqualification, Eric Young appears out of nowhere and charges around the ring! He hits Angle with a powerful Lariat which sommersaults Angle onto his back! The stiff landing causes Angle to cry out in pain as Eric Young continues his attack!

                    Back in the ring, Mr. Anderson is seen leaning on the ropes, breathing heavily. Rob Van Dam is facing away from the ring and Anderson sees this. Anderson charges across the ring toward RVD and attempts a Baseball Slide to the back of RVD's head...

                    ...but Van Dam moves! At the last second, RVD spins around and sees Anderson charging, then sidesteps out of harm's way! Anderson lands on his feet outside the ring, but immediately receives a Van Daminator for his troubles! RVD's leg slams into Anderson's face, knocking him out cold! RVD then rolls Mr. Anderson back into the ring and quickly pulls himself up on the apron! The crowd rises to their feet as RVD stands high on the top rope! He looks down and sees Eric Young taking care of Kurt Angle by sending him sailing into the ring steps, then raises his thumbs as the crowd chants along...
                    -Crowd "ROB...VAN...DAM!!!"





                    Winners: Rob Van Dam & Eric Young
                    The Impact Zone erupts as RVD hops to his feet and raises one arm in victory! The ref checks on him as he holds his ribs, fighting through the pain to pick up the win and celebrate with his impromptu partner, TNEW Television Champion Eric Young!
                    -Mike Tenay "Rob Van Dam and Eric Young made HUGE statements here tonight! They want everyone in TNEW to know that they are NOT to be toyed with! Cowardice and disrespect get you nowhere and...hey, wait a minute."

                    Mike Tenay is cut off as Kurt Angle slides into the ring behind RVD and Young...the crowd begins to boo as Angle slams his forearm into the back of RVD's head and takes him down! Angle then quickly sweeps Eric Young off his feet and rolls him onto his stomach! Before Eric Young knows what's happening, he finds himself in the Ankle Lock!
                    -Mike Tenay "Damn Kurt Angle! Damn him! He's already almost broken Eric Young's ankle once, now he wants to finish the job!"

                    The TV Champ cries in pain as Angle wrenches harder on his ankle...RVD is outside the ring and he dusts himself off, shaking his head and collecting himself after the vicious forearm shot from Angle...RVD eventually pulls himself onto the apron and attempts to get back in the ring to save Eric Young, but Mr. Anderson has other plans! Anderson appears from the arena floor where he rolled after being on the wrong end of a Five Star Frogsplash...he grabs RVD by the foot and pulls him off the apron, allowing RVD's face to smash into the edge of the ring! RVD bounces and clutches his face, then gets snatched up by Anderson...

                    ...MIC CHECK ON THE ARENA FLOOR!! The fans boo like crazy as RVD's face bounces off the unforgiving arena floor!

                    -Mike Tenay "Somebody! Somebody stop this!"

                    The fans continue their hatred as Angle tightens his hold on Eric Young...Eric Young is slamming his fists into the canvas and doing everything he can to fight through the pain as the ref tries to pry him free from Angle's grasp...

                    ...but when all hope seems lost, the fans cheer as there's movement on the entry way! Charging to the ring is none other than Taz!

                    -Mike Tenay "TAZ! TAZ IS HERE!!"

                    Taz appears in the ring behind Angle wearing a black and orange track suit...he doesn't waste any time going for Kurt Angle and he reaches for the Tazmission...

                    ...but Angle escapes! Angle turns his head at the last possible second and sees Taz behind him! Angle immediately releases the hold and drops to his knees, rolling out of the ring and away from Taz's grip!

                    -Mike Tenay "What a coward! Angle is running like a scared little girl!"

                    Angle backs up the ramp as Mr. Anderson turns his attention from Eric Young and clues in...he looks up at Taz, then sees Angle leaving the Impact Zone...rather than do something stupid, Anderson realizes he's outnumbered and follows Angle out of the arena...

                    Back in the ring, Taz helps Eric Young to his feet...Young favours his ankle but appears to be ok...soon after they climb out of the ring and find RVD seated against the apron...they help RVD to his feet and the three men exit the Impact Zone to a standing ovation!


                    The view then cuts backstage and we see a shot of The Originators! The crowd gives another pop as we see CM Punk warming up in his ring attire while Paul London, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley look on...

                    -Paul London "So are you sure you want to go through with this?"

                    -CM Punk "What do you mean? What, like I'm scared of Chris Jericho? C'mon."

                    -Paul London "No I"

                    -Alex Shelley "What he means is that you're acting really weird, man."

                    -CM Punk "Weird? Weird how? How am I weird, huh?"

                    -Paul London "Well like that right there. You've been all hostile lately. It's strange, that's all."

                    -CM Punk "Chris?"

                    Chris Sabin nods in agreement and hangs his head...CM Punk stops warming up and sticks out his chest, confronting his stablemates...
                    -CM Punk "Weird? Hostile? What's the problem, guys? You got something to say?"

                    -Alex Shelley "Look, we just don't understand why you're directing all this hate at Chris Jericho. The guy helped us last week and-"

                    -CM Punk "WE DIDN'T NEED HIS GOD DAMN HELP!"

                    CM Punk shouting completely silences The Originators and the Impact Zone crowd...
                    -CM Punk "Last week's match was FINALLY our shot. It was FINALLY our turn to show the world that The Originators were more than Shane McMahon's lackies."

                    -Alex Shelley "But-"

                    -CM Punk "BUT NOTHING! You heard how they talked about us. You heard how we were nothing more than Shane's followers, how we were nothing more than henchmen in a much bigger picture. Well it's time we put our foot down. It's time WE became the bigger picture. No longer will The Originators be forgotten for the pain and suffering we went through with Kane. No longer will we be pushed aside as a war with the WWE rages on. No longer will we be IGNORED!"

                    Shelley and Sabin hang their heads in disappointment...the camera centres on Paul London as he steps toward CM Punk...
                    -Paul London "Look. I'm your oldest friend in this company. I've been with you since the beginning, before The Originators even existed. And I'm telling you, now, right here, as your friend...I don't like this. You've already scared off Christy and you're starting to scare off the people that have your back, that WANT to have your back. I'm not going to give you the whole 'the war is out THERE, man!' speech because I know you better than that. Instead, I'm just going to go on record and tell you that you're scaring me. You're listening to all the wrong people and letting the likes of Edge get inside your head. This is the opposite of how we should be acting and I'm not the only one that feels that way."

                    CM Punk tilts his head and looks over Paul London's shoulder...Shelley and Sabin are nodding...
                    -Paul London "Don't look at them, look at me. It's wrong what you're doing, man. It's wrong and deep down inside, through all that anger and know it's wrong too."

                    Paul London walks off as CM Punk watches...he turns to Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin who follow London...CM Punk thinks for a moment, then heads in the other direction...

                    Commercial break...


                    • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                      After the brief commercial break, the fans in the Impact Zone are giving a standing ovation as Taz rejoins Mike Tenay at ringside!

                      -Mike Tenay "Ladies and gentlemen it's a surprise and an honour to welcome back my partner, Taz! Taz how are you doing?"

                      Taz finishes waving to the audience and sits down, putting a headset on..
                      -Taz "Better now, Mikey baby! This is awesome!"

                      -Mike Tenay "How's the ankle?"

                      -Taz "Ah it's fine, Mike. I was only going to rest up so I can kick Kurt Angle's ass properly when we meet in the ring, but I couldn't resist coming here tonight and getting a few licks in on him. Too bad the coward ran away."

                      -Mike Tenay "So it's true then? You're challenging Kurt Angle to a fight!?"

                      -Taz "It's inevitable, man! Kurt Angle and I can do this night in and night out but instead, I'm going to be the bigger man and beat him to the punch."

                      Taz turns to the camera in front of the announcer's table..
                      -Taz "Angle, you think you're the best submission wrestler in the business today? Well you sure proved it when you ran out of here like the bitch you are! How about we settle this little issue one-on-one in a Submission Match at Main Attraction XIV!? HOW 'BOUT THAT, KURT!?"

                      The crowd erupts as Taz's words are played over the speakers! Mike Tenay shouts in approval and begins applauding along with the fans!
                      -Mike Tenay "You heard it here first, folks! Taz has laid down the challenge to Kurt Angle! Submission Match at Main Attraction XIV! WOW!"

                      Taz nods in approval and sits back as we prepare for the main event...

                      The crowd continues to roar with cheers and chants as the music of Chris Jericho hits! As the fans' newest favourite phrase "TNEJ" flashes throughout the Impact Zone and the music builds, large fireworks erupt from the stage and through the smoke we see the silhouette of Jericho, arms outstretched and shaking with adrenaline!

                      Chris Jericho spins around to face the audience as spotlights hit him...he's all smiles as he marches to the ring and acknowledges the roaring he does this, a brief video plays recapping the night's earlier events and the confrontation between Jericho and CM Punk that led to this match...

                      -Mike Tenay "Taz, your thoughts on the main event tonight."

                      -Taz "Well if you ask me, and you have, this is just a classic case of CM Punk being a bit of a jerkoff. He's always been that way and he's finally been pushed to his limit. He's tired of being ignored and I get that, but he's going about this the wrong way. Instead of getting the world's attention by attacking an ally and hurting the people you trust, why not set an example and become the leader he could so easily be?"

                      -Mike Tenay "Wow Taz, that was quite insightful, even for you. Are you sure you're okay?"

                      -Taz "Don't be a wise guy. I get emotional when someone badmouths my Christy."

                      Jericho paces in the ring and chats up the referee as he awaits his opponent...

                      Jericho continues to warm up as CM Punk wastes no time getting into the Impact Zone...still fuming from his earlier exchange with his friends and fellow Originators, CM Punk b-lines it for Jericho and glares at him the entire time...Jericho is ready and he gets into a fight stance as CM Punk enters the ring...he watches CM Punk closely who stands and glares at him for a moment, then turns to Jeremy Borash and extends his hand, asking for the mic...

                      As The Originator's music fades out, CM Punk stands perfectly still and glares at Jericho as he speaks...

                      -CM Punk "Since I didn't get a chance to speak when I was out here earlier, let me be perfectly clear. Chris, I want you to know that you are not the only thorn in my side. I want you to know that you are not special and that the only reason I've come out here tonight is to begin my quest in reclaiming The Originators name. We are tired of being overshadowed by bickering managers and owners while we continue to do their dirty work while opportunists like you can walk in here and stake claim over all our hard work. After I make an example of you tonight, The Originators will be stronger than ever and we will take our rightful place as the leaders in this war."

                      CM Punk drops the microphone as the bell rings...the crowd is completely silenced by his words as Jericho gives him a sly grin, as if to say "Alright, let's do this..."

                      CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

                      Jericho and Punk lock up in the centre of the ring. The jostle for position for a moment before CM Punk uses his strength to force Jericho to one knee. Jericho fights his way back up quickly, but CM Punk gives him a swift kick in the knee to put him right back down. Jericho lets out a yelp as CM Punk grabs him by the head and slams him backward on the canvas. CM Punk doesn't hesitate to grab Jericho and drag him to his feet, violently dragging him toward a corner as he does so. CM Punk slams Jericho's back against a turnbuckle and begins driving his shoulder into his ribs. After a few shots, CM Punk turns and walks in a circle to gain momentum before rushing at Jericho and leaping toward him, driving his knee right into Jericho's face! Jericho falls forward and CM Punk covers!



                      Kick out by Jericho. CM Punk pulls him to his feet again and this time he locks him in an Abdominal Stretch. CM Punk grimaces as he tightens the hold and watches as Jericho struggles and grits his teeth in pain. This goes on for several minutes with CM Punk stopping intermitently to slam his fist into Jericho's exposed ribs.

                      After applying the hold and wearing Jericho down, CM Punk opts out of the submission and lifts Jericho onto his shoulder, looking for a Pump Handle Slam. As he's about to bring Jericho down, Chris Jericho kicks his legs and fights out of it, falling off CM Punk's back and shoving him forward into the ropes. As CM Punk rebounds, Jericho leaps in the air for a Dropkick and connects. CM Punk falls forward and rolls out of the ring. With CM Punk down, Jericho takes a quick moment to catch his breath, then rolls to his feet, favouring his injured ribs. CM Punk gets up as well and watches as Jericho attempts a Plancha from inside the ring! CM Punk moves and guides Jericho farther forward than he would've liked, which causes his head to connect with the crowd barrier! Jericho's head snaps back and he slumps to the floor. This gives CM Punk ample opportunity to use the 10-count to beat Jericho around the ring and slam him into a ring post. CM Punk climbs back into the ring and resets the count, using another 10-count to continue beating Jericho to a pulp outside the ring.

                      Finally, CM Punk rolls Jericho back into the ring and climbs through the ropes. He watches as Jericho climbs to his feet, then kicks Jericho in the gut, attempting a DDT. Jericho stands his ground and shoves off, allowing CM Punk to slam backward onto the canvas. When CM Punk clutches his head, Jericho falls to his knees, but sees opportunity and gets a burst of energy. He turns and runs at the adjacent ropes, backflipping across the ring and hitting an amazing Lionsault! Jericho covers!



                      CM Punk just kicks out! Sensing that he's taken the upperhand, Jericho begins stomping on CM Punk and forces him toward a corner. Jericho checks his face several times for blood, but never stops his assault. CM Punk finds himself seated in the corner of the ring as Jericho presses his boot against his neck. The ref counts him off and Jericho releases the illegal submission and pulls CM Punk back up, this time locking his arms around his waist and hitting a Side German Suplex! Jericho lies on his back breathing heavily as CM Punk sprawls out in the centre of the ring. The crowd is still on their feet and cheering like crazy as both men take much needed breathers.

                      Jericho is the first to his feet and he looks around the ring, assessing his options. He crawls toward CM Punk and grabs him by the head, guiding him back to his feet yet again. Jericho now hooks CM Punk's head in his arm and does the same with Punk's arm, looking for a Suplex. Jericho attempts to lift CM Punk in the air, but Punk hooks his leg and stays on his feet. Jericho attempts again, but this time CM Punk breaks free and snatches Jericho's left arm! He hauls Jericho's arm backward and puts it behind his head, then sweeps his leg and fights Jericho to the ground! Jericho tries to defend himself, but CM Punk easily overpowers him and locks in the Anaconda Vice!!

                      -Mike Tenay "Anaconda Vice! CM Punk just muscled Jericho into his deadliest submission!"

                      -Taz "I've got to remember that one for my match with Angle, provided he doesn't chicken out."

                      CM Punk rears his head back and screams at the heavens as Jericho cries out in pain! The fans in the Impact Zone begin to boo as Jericho kicks his legs and does everything he can to take his mind off the immense pain in his arm! Both men are screaming their heads off as the referee is in perfect position, waiting for Jericho to communicate. Jericho shakes his head and shouts "NO! NO! NO!" over and over at the ref while he tries to figure out a way to relieve the tension.

                      After what seems like hours, Jericho finally makes some some headway and kicks his legs enough to give him momentum to turn sideways. Jericho spins 90 degrees and finds himself inches from the ropes. He looks down at his feet and reaches with his toes, stretching out just enough to kick the bottom rope with his toe. The referee sees this and demands that CM Punk release the hold. CM Punk ignores the ref for a moment, but then eventually releases the Anaconda Vice, slamming his fists into the canvas as he does.

                      CM Punk gets back to his feet and stalks Jericho as he struggles to get up. Jericho makes it to his knees before using the ropes to pull himself to his feet, then staggers toward CM Punk, who is ready and waiting. He hoists Jericho onto his shoulders and is looking for the Go 2 Sleep. He lifts Jericho high in the air, bringing him down toward his knee...

                      ...JERICHO REVERSES! He clutches CM Punk's right leg and lands on his feet! He absorbs the impact into his chest and fights through the pain to sweep CM Punk onto the canvas! CM Punk waves his arms and struggles like crazy as Jericho looks for the Walls of Jericho! The crowd roars as Jericho tries to flip CM Punk over, but CM Punk is too quick and manages to hook his arm over the ropes!

                      The crowd groans as Jericho is forced to back off. He slumps to his knees and is clearly exhausted. CM Punk lets go of the ropes and gets to his feet, as does Jericho. The two begin exchanging shots in the centre of the ring.

                      -Mike Tenay "This is an absolute war between these two. I didn't think we'd see anything like this."

                      -Taz "Are you kidding? I didn't expect any less! These two superstars were going to give us one hell of a match, one way or another!"

                      CM Punk gets the upperhand on Jericho and beats him against the ropes. He sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip, but Jericho ducks under a Clothesline attempt and rebounds off the ropes behind CM Punk. As CM Punk slowly turns around, Jericho leaps through the air...

                      ...CODEBREAKER!!! CODEBREAKER ON CM PUNK!!! The crowd goes wild as Jericho covers for the win!!



                      CM PUNK KICKS OUT!!! Jericho is in complete disbelief as CM Punk kicks out of the Codebreaker! The fans, who haven't sat down since the match began, begin to cheer and roar and chant Jericho's name! He slowly gets to his feet and is still favouring his ribs, but he manages to grab his dazed opponents legs and flip him over. CM Punk is awake, but barely. He can't fight off Jericho fast enough and he easily locks in the Walls of Jericho!

                      -Mike Tenay "WALLS OF JERICHO! This HAS to be it!"

                      CM Punk's eyes are closed and he is completely out of it as Jericho wrenches on his back. With no communication between him and CM Punk, the referee raises his arm in the air...


                      He raises his arm again and it falls again...


                      Jericho tightens the hold as the referee raises CM Punk's arm one last time...


                      Winner: Chris Jericho
                      The roof is blown off the Impact Zone yet again as Chris Jericho falls forward, releasing the Walls of Jericho! He's completely exhausted as the ref checks on him and Jeremy Borash announces him the winner!
                      -Mike Tenay "Both these men left it all in the ring and in all honesty, CM Punk has nothing to be ashamed of. He proved his point and although Jericho is the victor, he deserves this ovation just as much as the winner tonight."

                      -Taz "You said it Mike. All that's left for these two men to do is shake hands and move on."

                      Jericho pulls himself to his knees and raises his arms in victory...CM Punk is still out of it and the referee checks on him...he shakes him and slaps him on the back, which eventually causes CM Punk to stir...he lifts his head and places it in his hands, eyes still closed...he's out of it, but he knows the outcome of the match, whether conscious or simply through instinct...

                      Chris Jericho is on his feet now and he's joined by Christy Hemme, who rushes down to the ring and joins in the celebration! The fans go wild again as Jericho pulls himself up one turnbuckle and raises his arms while Christy applauds beside him...Jericho basks in the moment for a second then hops off the turnbuckle, joining Christy...he looks down and sees CM Punk on his knees, groggily shaking off the Codebreaker and talking with the referee...

                      Chris Jericho keeps an eye on CM Punk as he rises to his feet...he gingerly walks over to Jericho and confronts him...a hush falls over the crowd as Chris Jericho steps in front of Christy Hemme, using one arm to keep her back...CM Punk looks at Christy, then looks back at Jericho...

                      ...and extends his hand!

                      -Mike Tenay "That's what I wanted to see! Finally some class from CM Punk!"

                      CM Punk holds out his hand as the crowd goes wild! They begin to chant his name as Jericho reluctantly steps forward and accepts! CM Punk turns to face the audience and raises Jericho's arm in victory! Both men stand in the centre of the ring, arms raised, the crowd going absolutely insane!
                      -Mike Tenay "This is perfect. This is the kind of unity we need to see. This is what Total New Era Wrestling is all abou-NO!!"



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                        Raw Recap: Settle It In The Ring, You Two
                        As tensions flared between WWE Superstars Triple H and John Cena over the past few weeks, a decision has finally been made by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff to end this feud before things get out of hand. This Sunday at WWE Night of Champions, Triple H and John Cena will step into the ring one-on-one to settle their differences.

                        Ever since John Cena turned his back on Shane McMahon and Total New Era Wrestling to return to the WWE, frustration has been around every corner. Cena initially left TNEW in order to stay loyal to the WWE and its fans, stating that he regretted his decision to align himself with 'that coward Shane (McMahon)'. Cena has one thing on his mind: war. And he plans on winning that war with or without Triple H's help.

                        Meanwhile, Triple H has fallen into the role of "WWE Ambassador", reporting to Vince McMahon and carrying out his orders in regards to the ongoing war with TNEW. Triple H has earned himself the title of Vince's 'ONLY son' in spite of Shane and his love for his 'New Era' creation. Triple H has led several attacks on TNEW and it's superstars with the aid of Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal & Christopher Daniels, who jumped ship months ago for 'fame and greener pastures'.

                        When Vince shocked the world and announced that Eric Bischoff was the mysterious Raw General Manager, he also decided that a 'cease fire' between the WWE and TNEW was necessary in order to regroup and 'kill TNEW once and for all'. Bischoff agreed as well as Triple H, who insists that no matter what decisions Vince makes, they are to be followed. However, John Cena doesn't see things that way. He came to the WWE to fight and feels that a cease fire is nothing more than a Shane McMahon tactic.

                        This brings us to last night. John Cena confronted Vince and Bischoff and as you might have guessed, tensions were at an all-time high. Video below:

                        The video begins with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff discussing something in an office...
                        -Bischoff "I'm telling you Vince, it's the only way."

                        -Vince "I hate to admit it, but you're right. I don't see any other way to settle this."

                        Just then, John Cena bursts into the room! The fans cheer as he gets right in Vince's face!
                        -Cena "Listen Vince, it's time I put an end to this once and for all! Let me beat some sense into that jerkoff son-in-law of yours RIGHT HERE, TONIGHT!"

                        The crowd roars as Vince tries to calm Cena down..
                        -Vince "Whoa whoa whoa, hold on John. Calm down. Eric and I have discussed this and we-"

                        -Cena "I don't care what you and Eric have discussed! Make it happen! Or would you rather I just kept beating his ass every chance I got!? Huh? Would you like that, Vince?"

                        -Bischoff "John, you're out of line."

                        -Cena "I'm out of line!? This is all YOUR FAULT, Eric! None of this would be happening if you would stop playing mind games with those punks in Florida and let us do our God damn jobs!"

                        -Vince "Damn it John, listen! Everything was going fine until you decided to come back here and stir things up! Now I'm going to tell you something and you'd better damn well listen...I didn't want you back. You decided to drop everything you had in this company and leave to help my good-for-nothing offspring and his little pipe dream. I had invested millions in your success over the years and you threw it all away without the blink of an eye. You were DEAD TO ME."

                        "But then you came crawling back. You realized your mistake and you crawled to my doorstep, hat in hand, begging for your job back. I was ready to kick you to the curb, but Eric Bischoff talked me into reinstating you. Yeah, that's right. Bischoff is the only reason you're here. He assured me that you would fall into line and never let anything like what happened with TNEW happen again. Now if you don't respect my decisions, that's fine. But you had BETTER DAMN WELL carry them out, do you hear me!?"

                        Cena just glares at Vince, unsure how to react..
                        -Vince "Now as a sign of good faith, I'm giving you what you want, but this BS ends NOW! No more sneak attacks. No more disrespect. When this is over, you fall into line and we FINISH this GOD DAMN WAR ONCE AND FOR ALL, YOU GOT IT!?"

                        Cena takes a moment...
                        -Cena "Yeah, I got it."

                        -Vince "Good. Then it's settled: this Sunday at Night of Champions, you get your wish. It'll be John Cena vs. Triple H. Fight it out in the ring and be done with it. Now get the HELL out of my office."

                        Cena takes one last look at Vince and Bischoff, then reluctantly exits...
                        Finally. It's nice to see one side's authority figures calling the shots and making decisions instead of squabbling amongst its own roster. Hopefully Vince and Bischoff can kill this and move on to better things, like more invasions, more beatdowns and more battles. If there's one thing we like, it's an all-out war between companies. If Triple H and John Cena settle things and get on the same page, look out.

                        TNEW Impact!: X-Division #1 Contendership Match Announced
                        It has been announced that this Thursday on an all-new TNA Impact!, a #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship will be decided on an Over The Top Battle Royale!

                        After the X-Division Championship was stolen from the company by Matt Morgan, two unlikely heroes emerged in Brian Kendrick and The Amazing Red. They did everything in their power to get the title back but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Finally, in a show of pure ego, all three members of T.N.E.W. agreed to put the title on the line at Main Attraction XIII in an Ultimate X match against any three TNEW Superstars. Kendrick and Red paired with AJ Styles, who turned out to be an unlikely hero when he won the match for TNEW and brought the belt back to home soil.

                        However, his victory was marred when Brian Kendrick assisted with the win by holding back Jay Lethal. When Red confronted Kendrick about this, Kendrick assured him his only intention was to bring the belt home. Red seemed to buy it, but still felt he was the one that deserved to win. This didn't sit well with Kendrick, who delivered a surprise Super Kick to Red, obviously ending their alliance.

                        Now, AJ Styles basks in the glory of bringing some gold into Fortune while no #1 Contender is in sight. That will all change on Thursday when many of TNEW's best and brightest enter the ring in a Battle Royale! Who will walk out of the match standing and into Main Attraction XIV as the #1 Contender?

                        TNEW Impact!: Who Will Face Eric Young?
                        Another #1 Contendership Match will be taking place this Thursday. Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson & Kurt Angle will all step into the ring in a Triple Threat match to decide who will go on to face TNEW Television Champion Eric Young!

                        After teaming up to take on RVD and Young last week, Anderson and Angle will be forced to compete against one another. Will they co-exist to eliminate Rob Van Dam's chances at becoming #1 Contender, or will an all-out brawl between the three men prove to be the deciding factor? Only one way to find out!


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                          BREAKING NEWS

                          According to TNEW's official website, the Main Event on TNEW Impact! this Thursday will see Stevie Richards taking on TNEW World Champion Edge. But here's the kicker: the World title will be on the line!

                          Stemming from last week's heinous attack on Edge at the hands of Richards, Shane McMahon has personally issued the match. In a statement from Shane, he states that he is 'rewarding Stevie (Richards) for his years of loyalty and respect.' He also went on to say that he hopes Stevie 'teaches Edge a lesson in loyalty and respect because he's going to need it post-match.'

                          More on this as it develops. Once again, Stevie Richards will be taking on Edge this Thursday for the TNEW World Championship LIVE! on TNEW Impact!


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                            Battle Royale!
                            What are the two best words in the world of sports entertainment? Some might say 'steel cage', others 'foreign objects'. For our money, however, it's definitely 'BATTLE ROYALE!'

                            Tonight on an all-new episode of TNEW Impact!, at least seven superstars are going to step foot in the ring for a shot at AJ Styles and his X-Division Championship. Two participants will start in the ring, then every 3 minutes another one will enter. The seven superstars that are competing so far are as follows:
                            -Paul London
                            -The Amazing Red
                            -The Brian Kendrick
                            -Douglas Williams

                            It is unclear if any other participants will make their way to the ring. The match is open to everyone on the roster so we could be seeing some surprises on Thursday night. Be sure to tune in.

                            World Championship Main Event
                            As if you need a reminder, but we'll tell you anyway. Tonight's main event is not the Battle Royale everyone is buzzing about. No, instead we will see Stevie Richards try to fulfill his destiny and become the TNEW World Champion when he takes on Edge for the title. Coming off last week's attack on Edge, Stevie Richards clearly hasn't let 'The Spear Heard 'Round The World' go. He plans to defend his boss, TNEW Manager Shane McMahon, to the very end. Richards feels Edge should do the same and has chosen to get that point across through what else? Violence.

                            Regardless of the outcome of the main event, Shane has promised Edge a post-match surprise. He has stated that he wants Richards to 'teach Edge a lesson in loyalty and respect'. Shane went on to say that Edge is going to need it post-match. After his threats last week, one can only guess what Shane has up his sleeve in his sudden and surprising plot to take down his company's World Champion once and for all.

                            Will Richards become the first person to beat Edge for the TNEW World Championship? Or will Edge retain and welcome Shane's surprise?

                            Jericho Gets Punked
                            While we focus on Battle Royales and World title matches, let's not forget the events that occured as Impact! went off the air last week. As the show came to a close after the night's main event which saw a jealous CM Punk take on Chris Jericho, all seemed well. Jericho had picked up the victory after making CM Punk pass out to the Walls of Jericho and when CM Punk came to, he applauded Jericho and joined in the celebration.

                            But then things took a turn for the worse. Just as Impact! was preparing to go off-air, CM Punk connected with a devastating Go 2 Sleep on Jericho. Before the match, The Originators begged CM Punk to reconsider his hatred toward Jericho and suggested they should accept his help and focus on bigger things. CM Punk chose not to listen and now, after turning his back on his stablemates, has created a dangerous enemy in Chris Jericho.

                            The fallout from one simple Go 2 Sleep could end up changing the game entirely. How will Jericho react? How will The Originators react? Who's side is CM Punk on in this war, besides his own?

                            #1 Contenders Galore
                            Aside from finding a #1 Contender for the X-Division Championship, tonight's episode of Impact! will also crown a #1 Contender to the Television Championship. A Triple Threat match was booked earlier this week between Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle & Mr. Anderson.

                            Some fans say that RVD finds himself at a disadvantage, given the way Anderson and Angle have been working together lately. However, there are several wild cards in this match. Eric Young owes RVD after the punishment he sustained last week in order to pick up a win in their tag match against Angle and Anderson. Also, Kurt Angle has other things on his mind, namely TNEW Announcer Taz, who has been a thorn in Angle's side for weeks.

                            RVD may appear outnumbered in the ring, but his backup lurks around every corner. Will Angle and Anderson co-exist long enough to turn this into a singles match? Or will RVD overcome the odds and show the world why he's 'The Whole F'n Show'?

                            Tag Team Turmoil
                            As the Tag Division continues to steal the show, tonight's tag matchup will see "The Originators" Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin take on the opportunistic team of Gunner & Murphy.

                            The former Motor City Machine Guns step into the ring as a tag team for the first time in months. After deciding that they would like to be the first to bring some gold into The Originators, their quest began by making a surprise appearance at MAXIII, decimating Generation Me in the process. Since then, Gen Me has gone on to hand two wins to Gunner & Murphy over Team 3D two weeks ago in a non-title match and Beer Money last week. The team of Gunner & Murphy don't seem to mind picking up these sleazy wins and when they step into the ring against Shelley & Sabin, the team that crossed Gen Me in the first place, it seems obvious that Max & Jeremy Buck are going to involve themselves somehow as every team in the division continues to vie for the spot of #1 Contender to Team 3D's tag titles.

                            Hardcore Heaven
                            After facing one another in a Hardcore Match last week, Abyss and Hernandez are far from done with one another. While Abyss managed to pick up the victory after hitting the Black Hole Slam onto a pile of thumbtacks, everyone knows that this feud runs much deeper than those thumbtacks could ever cut. While everyone who is anyone in TNEW tries to win their respective battles amongst each other, don't take your eyes off Abyss and Hernandez. It's anyone's guess how this feud will come to an end and if the past few months have told us anything, it's going to be a bloodbath.

                            All this and more as TNEW Impact! comes at you LIVE! tonight at 9/8 CT.


                            • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                              As TNEW Impact! comes on the air, a black and white video of CM Punk and Chris Jericho is shown...both men stand tall in the ring as the crowd cheers, chanting CM Punk's name, while CM Punk is raising Jericho's arm...then, as the voice of Mike Tenay echoes the word "NO!!", CM Punk hauls Jericho up onto his shoulders...the footage slows down and the crowd noise fades away to just the sound of a heartbeat...then as CM Punk brings Jericho down and connects with a Go 2 Sleep, a loud clap of thunder is heard as the video fades out...

                              The opening montage for TNEW Impact! is shown with several new shots of Chris Jericho included! We're LIVE! from Orlando, Florida for TNEW Impact!

                              As the camera pans across the roaring audience, Mike Tenay & Taz are at the helm..

                              -Mike Tenay "Just as Shane McMahon warned everyone two weeks ago, I am going to warn everyone now: the war is at our doorstep. Impending doom looms over TNEW like a storm cloud, yet not a single person in this company has the ability to put their problems aside to unite and face the only problem they should all be focusing on. Hopefully tonight we can begin to form the union that will fight off the WWE once and for all. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Mike Tenay alongside Taz and you're in the Impact Zone!"

                              -Taz "Forboding, Mike. Very forboding. Ominous even."

                              -Mike Tenay "Someone has to be, Taz. Someone has to remind the people and remind the superstars of this company that there are bigger things at work here than their egos. While I'm sure some realize that, most won't put their differences aside when they are needed most."

                              "But as for tonight, we've got one hell of a show for you, folks. We've got a Battle Royale, we've got the World title on the line, we've got #1 Contendership matches and we've got all kinds of action. So let's get to it!"

                              The crowd isn't sure how to react when the music of The Originators begins to play...then, after only a second or two, CM Punk storms out of the entry way and down the ramp wearing jeans and a black Originators t-shirt...the booing in the Impact Zone is relentless as he gets about half way to the ring, then the boos turn to cheers as Paul London, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin all appear, solemnly following behind CM Punk...

                              -Mike Tenay "Well folks, um, I don't know what to tell you. We should be seeing a tag team match right now between the teams of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin and Gunner and Murphy. However, it appears that CM Punk is on his way out here to say something."

                              CM Punk is already in the ring shouting at Jeremy Borash to hand him a microphone...while he does this, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, who are dressed for their match against Gunner & Murphy, look to Paul London for answers...London simply shakes his head and points at the ring, telling them to get inside...
                              -Taz "I know what this is, Mike. We've got a 'you're with me, or you're against me' moment coming here."

                              CM Punk paces in the ring as The Originators stand in one corner of the ring, watching intently while their theme music fades out...
                              -CM Punk "Last week I made a statement that I completely and absolutely stand behind."

                              The crowd boos loudly while chants of "JERICHO!" can be heard faintly...
                              -CM Punk "Now this week, I come out here to find out if the people I call friends, the people I apparently 'scare', are behind my actions as well."

                              More boos...London shakes his head at Punk while Shelley and Sabin discuss something amongst themselves...
                              -CM Punk "Now as you can probably tell, Christy Hemme was not invited out here. As far as I'm concerned, she's made her decision. If she wants to continue acting like Chris Jericho's whore, then that's her call. I mean it's not like myself and the other Originators protected and saved her from Kane several months ago. It's not like we've given her our upmost respect and took her under our care without a single thought, but hey, I guess that's what friends are made of these days."

                              As CM Punk says this, he walks right up to Paul London and gets in his face...London doesn't back down, but he turns his head slightly, asking CM Punk to back off..
                              -CM Punk "Did you hear that, Paul? Or are you too busy being scared to pay attention?"

                              More boos from the heated crowd..
                              -CM Punk "Now Paul, last week you told me something that truly hurt me. You told me that I was scaring you. You told me that the hard work and commitment to this company that I've shown more than ANYONE ELSE over the last half year or so scares you. The decisions I make for the good of The Originators scares you. How do you think that makes me feel, Paul? How do you think I feel, knowing that you didn't have my back last week."

                              "I will tell you this, however. I too consider you my oldest and dearest friend in this company. The same goes to you two.."

                              CM Punk looks over London's shoulder at Shelley and Sabin, then back at London..
                              -CM Punk "..but to know that you didn't have my back one time leads me to believe that I can't trust you anymore."

                              More boos from the crowd..CM Punk lowers the mic as Paul London rubs his face in frustration..
                              -Mike Tenay "Are we really seeing this, Taz?"
                              -Taz "I'm afraid so, Mike."

                              CM Punk turns back to the ring and paces again, rubbing his free hand over his head..
                              -CM Punk "So here we are, standing in the ring where we first stormed into this company, guns blazing, ready to take over the world. Do you remember what that feels like, guys? Do you remember when we first joined forces in New Era Wrestling? We were unstoppable. We had it all. What went wrong? How did we end up a representation of the very inner battles that are happening in TNEW at this very moment? Why are we allowing ourselves to be the example, rather than the cause?"

                              Paul London looks choked up as he watches CM Punk in the centre of the ring...Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin hang their heads...

                              The crowd completely erupts as the music of Chris Jericho hits! The music only plays for a moment as Jericho and Christy Hemme both step out onto the stage...Jericho appears very somber and even signals to the crowd to quiet down...Christy Hemme stands beside him in a bright red dress, her arms folded, tears running down her face...

                              -Mike Tenay "This is almost too hard to watch."
                              -Taz "I know! CM Punk made Christy cry! Screw Kurt Angle, I'm gonna choke THAT son of a bitch out!"

                              Jericho eyes CM Punk from the stage while Christy stands to the the ring, CM Punk glares at Jericho and begins to seeth with hatred...Paul London sees this and closes his eyes in frustration, appearing to accept that his old friend is on his own...

                              On the stage, Jericho begins..

                              -Jericho "So let me get this straight. I show up in TNEW and turn the sports entertainment world upside down as the biggest wild card in this war with the WWE that you totally want to win...yet instead of celebrating and uniting and setting an example for the rest of the guys backstage and showing them that we have a fighting chance at winning this war, you make this all about you."

                              The crowd pops as Jericho and CM Punk glare at one another...
                              -Jericho "You turn this into the CM Punk Show, whining and complaining and turning your back on the only people who were decent enough to try and talk some sense into you. What the hell, Punk? What the hell did I ever do to you, you selfish PRICK!?"

                              HUGE pop for Jericho...Christy Hemme spitefully applauds from the stage..
                              -Jericho "You know what? I'm already tired of you, Punk. I don't need to concern myself with the likes of you. I'm not getting tied down into some BS pissing contest. I beat you fair and square last week and unlike you, I'm moving on to better things."

                              Jericho throws down his microphone and turns to leave...he takes Christy by the arm as the crowd cheers...
                              -CM Punk "Better things, Chris? Better things like what, Dancing With The Stars? Or are you planning on touring with your poor excuse for a shi[BLEEP]ty excuse for a metal band? Or is it going to be one of the many other things that you put above the fans? Above your career? Above what REALLY matters, which is dedication. Respect. Honour. All the other things The Originators HAVE ALWAYS STOOD FOR!"

                              As CM Punk shouts his last sentence, he gets right back in Paul London's face...this time, however, London is fed up...the crowd goes wild as Paul London snatches the microphone from CM Punk's grasp!
                              -Paul London "THAT'S IT, GOD DAMN IT! Enough of this! Jericho is right, Punk! If this is what you want to concern yourself with at a time like this, then SO BE IT! You can count the TRUE Originators OUT!"

                              Paul London slams the microphone back into CM Punk's chest! The crowd goes crazy as The Originators music hits again! Paul London exits the ring while Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin stand behind CM Punk with their hands on their hips...they watch as CM Punk slowly steps out of the ring, totally dumbfounded...he stands at ringside as we cut to commercial...
                              -Mike Tenay "Shelley and Sabin will take on the team of Gunner & Murphy...I think...NEXT!"

                              Commercial break...


                              • Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

                                As the commercial break comes to an end, we return to TNEW Impact! to a shot of CM Punk sitting at ringside in a folding chair...
                                -Mike Tenay "Ladies and gentlemen, we're not really sure how to describe what just happened so, uh...we'll just show you."
                                -Taz "This is just wild, Mike."

                                A quick video begins to play with the text "DURING THE BREAK" in the corner...we see CM Punk standing at ringside with his hands on his hips, head hung, while Paul London exits the Impact Zone behind Chris Jericho and Christy Hemme...CM Punk looks up, then walks to the crowd barrier and motions for a fan in the front row to stand up...the fan obliges and CM Punk reaches over the barrier, grabbing the fan's seat! The fan stands dumbfounded as CM Punk takes the chair and sets it at ringside, then sits down...

                                We return to a live shot of CM Punk still seated at ringside, his elbows resting on his knees, staring at the floor...

                                -Taz "CM Punk refuses to leave ringside, Mike. I think he's snapped!"
                                -Mike Tenay "He's a man without hope, Taz. That's the best way I can describe it. As much as he's been an absolute bummer lately, you have to feel for him. He just watched everything he's worked hard for over the years slip away."
                                -Taz "He doesn't seem to know what to do without The Originators, Mike. It's satisfying, yet sad at the same time."

                                As Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin stand in the ring and try to get CM Punk's attention, the music of Gunner & Murphy hits...the fans boo as the team makes their way to the ring...
                                -Mike Tenay "I know we should be talking about how Gunner & Murphy have capitalized on interference from Generation Me lately, but I just can't take my eyes off CM Punk. I feel like I'm going to miss something if I do."
                                -Taz "I'm totally thrown off too, Mike. But look at Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. If anyone's distracted, it's them."

                                Alex Shelley leans over the ropes and continues to try to talk some sense into CM Punk, but he has none of it...Chris Sabin smacks Shelley on the shoulder and gets him to focus as Gunner & Murphy step into the ring...they pose for the booing crowd, then Gunner steps out, eyeballing CM Punk for a moment from the apron...Alex Shelley gets out of the ring as well, looking troubled...Sabin and Murphy square off as the match begins...

                                "The Originators" Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin vs. Gunner & Murphy

                                Once again, Gunner & Murphy look sloppy in the ring against yet another veteran tag team. Chris Sabin controls the match from the get go and uses his speed and technique to keep Murphy in the ring, quickly tiring him out. As Murphy is trying to rise to his feet from an attack, Sabin hits a Flying Leg Drop to the back of Murphy's head, then rolls through the ring, tagging in Alex Shelley. Shelley remains focused, not letting himself get distracted by CM Punk, and manages to work together with Chris Sabin to keep Murphy isolated. Gunner is unable to tag in and allows frustration to get the better of him, stepping into the ring several times and distracting the ref, giving Shelley and Sabin ample opportunity to hit several tag team maneuvres. After connecting with the ASCS Rush, Shelley, the legal man, covers Murphy, which causes Gunner to get fed up and enter the ring, stomping on Shelley's head to break up the pinfall. This brings Chris Sabin in the ring and all hell breaks loose.

                                While Chris Sabin takes it to Gunner with stiff kicks, knocking him back into a corner, Alex Shelley leaves Murphy on the canvas and assists his partner with beating on Gunner. Alex Shelley then hops to the top rope as Chris Sabin sets up Gunner for a Falling Neckbreaker. The crowd gets to their feet as Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin prepare for the Skull & Bones...

                                ...Shelley is pushed from the top rope! The fans boo loudly as all attention turns to CM Punk, who is surprisingly still sitting at ringside, completely ignoring the action in the ring. The culprits enter the ring with steel chairs in hand and we quickly see that Generation Me have entered the ring!

                                -Mike Tenay "These guys are like clockwork, Taz. But I think this time, they might actually get G&M DQ'd!"

                                Generation Me quickly go to work as Jeremy Buck swings his chair at a charging Chris Sabin. He lays out Sabin with a stiff chair shot to the head as Max Buck slams his chair into Alex Shelley's back at ringside. This attack continues as CM Punk continues to stare blankly at the floor, completely oblivious to his former stablemates being dismantled by steel chairs. The ref calls for the bell and Jeremy Borash declares Shelley and Sabin the winners by DQ.

                                Winners by DQ: "The Originators" Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
                                However, just as Sabin and Shelley are declared the winners, Gunner grabs Jeremy Buck by the shoulder and spins him around...Jeremy Buck tries to talk some sense into Gunner as he towers over him, but suddenly Gunner is attacked! Max Buck enters the ring and slams his chair into Gunner's knee! Murphy is on his feet now and he charges at Max Buck, who ducks, allowing Jeremy Buck to connect with a vicious chair shot to Murphy's head! The fans boo loudly as Generation Me stand in the centre of the ring, dented chairs raised above their heads!
                                -Mike Tenay "This is just sick! When are these two going to be taught yet ANOTHER lesson in respect!"
                                -Taz "Ask and you shall receive!"

                                Just then, the fans begin to cheer as two men are seen charging down to the ring! Sliding into the ring in blue jeans and black t-shirts are none other than Beer Money!

                                The fans roar as Robert Roode tackles a surprised Max Buck to the ground! He begins pounding away at him while James Storm watches Jeremy Buck charge at him with his chair. Jeremy Buck swings, but James Storm is ready...

                                ...LAST CALL!! James Storm's boot catches the chair mid-swing and smashes it back into Jeremy Buck's face! He stands over Jeremy Buck, pumping his arms and screaming at him, until suddenly he's attacked from behind! Gunner, back on his feet but limping badly, slams his forearm into the back of Storm's head! Roode sees this and attempts to attack, but Murphy is ready, taking him down with a huge Running Lariat!

                                -Mike Tenay "All hell is breaking loose!

                                Then the fans blow the roof off the Impact Zone as the music of Team 3D hits! They continue to go wild as Brother Ray and Brother Devon charge down the entry way and slide into the ring!

                                -Mike Tenay "Team 3D! Team 3D is here!"
                                -Taz "And they mean business, Mike!

                                Ray and Devon slide into the ring and immediately get to their feet, exchanging blows with Gunner & Murphy! Team 3D easily gets the upperhand on the exhausted and injured team with Brother Ray beating Gunner against the ropes and sending him over the top with a hard Clothesline! Devon then whips Murphy into the opposite ropes and sets him up! The crowd calls it as Brother Ray leaps in the air!

                                ...3D ON MURPHY!! Murphy hits the canvas hard and immediately rolls out of the ring as Robert Roode and James Storm get back to their feet...Alex Shelley is outside the ring now and back on his feet, beating the hell out of Max Buck! Chris Sabin joins his partner at ringside while Jeremy Buck continues to lie outside the ring, completely unconscious after receiving that vicious Last Call...Roode and Storm exit the ring and keep a close eye on Gunner and Murphy, who still aren't moving...Robert Roode and James Storm slowly back up the ramp as Shelley and Sabin both toss Max Buck over the crowd barrier, then send his partner along with him...Gunner and Murphy begin to stir as Shelley and Sabin leave through the crowd, leaving Team 3D alone in the ring to stand tall and play to the roaring crowd!

                                -Mike Tenay "The TNEW Tag Team Champions have the last laugh tonight, but how long will that last? Take a good look at the teams out here tonight, folks. Any one of them, or hell, ALL of them could be stepping into the ring with Team 3D in the near future!"

                                As Team 3D celebrates, Shelley and Sabin continue to beat Generation Me through the crowd...Beer Money exits up the ramp while Gunner & Murphy both stand at ringside, watching the Tag Champs and trying to make sense of what just happened...

                                As we cut to commercial, the camera zooms in on an empty folding chair at ringside...

                                Commercial break...