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PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

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  • PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

    Name: WWE Legacy: Season II
    Show Count: 20

    RAW Roster


    SMACKDOWN Roster


    WWE: Legacy History





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    Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Chapter 2

    SummerSlam Results

    WWE Tag Team Championships -/- TLC Match
    Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne def. The Miz & John Morrison

    Street Fight
    Shawn Michaels def. Brian Kendrick

    Samoa Joe def. CM Punk

    Hell in a Cell
    The Undertaker def. Jeff Hardy

    Million Dollar Championship
    Cody Rhodes def. MVP

    WWE Undisputed Championship
    Ted DiBiase def. Randy Orton

    The Civil War Comes to an End
    The Union (John Cena, Triple H, Batista, Matt Hardy & Christian def. Team JBL (JBL, Chris Jericho, Edge, Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler.)
    As a result JBL must sell the WWE to which ever buyer the board of governors recommends. He loses all control and influence in the WWE.

    The Week That Changed Everything

    The WWE will never be the same again and this week is the start of the change coming into the WWE Universe. We have an actioin-packed week in store full of must-see tv.

    Monday Noon: WWE Draft } All WWE Superstars will be drafted between Raw and Smackdown live on

    Monday Night: WWE All-Star Raw } In a special three-hour broadcast we usher in a new era and find out just how far the changes will be going in the WWE

    Tuesday Night: ECW's Final Stand } As we enter a new era we say goodbye to another. SyFy is broadcasting live the last ever episode of ECW with an action-packed broadcast to close the show.

    Friday Night: WWE Smackdown } Smackdown's new season starts with a bang as the new era in WWE is now in full effect by this stage.
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      Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Chapter 2

      Ted DiBiase World Heavyweight Champion
      Shawn Michaels
      The Undertaker
      Mr Kennedy
      The Brian Kendrick
      Jeff Hardy
      Cody Rhodes Million $ Champion
      Jack Swagger Intercontinental Champion
      Kofi Kingston
      Matt Hardy
      Dolph Ziggler
      Randy Orton
      Bill DeMott
      Michelle McCool
      Triple H
      Zack Ryder
      Brie Bella
      Nikki Bella
      Ezekiel Jackson
      Santino Marella
      Beth Phoenix
      Alicia Fox
      Eve Torres
      Paul Burchill

      Michael Cole
      Jerry 'The King' Lawler
      Josh Matthews

      John Cena
      Kevin Steen
      CM Punk
      Samoa Joe
      William Regal
      Christian ECW Champion
      Rey Mysterio Unified Tag Team Champion
      Evan Bourne Unified Tag Team Champion
      Chris Jericho
      The Big Show
      Matt Hardy
      Mickie James
      Alex Shelley
      Chris Sabin
      Tyson Kidd
      DH Smith
      Kelly Kelly
      Gail Kim
      The Miz
      John Morrison
      Chavo Guerrero
      Dustin Rhodes
      Jillian Hall
      Bryan Danielson
      Mark Henry
      Jimmy Wang Yang

      Matt Striker
      Todd Grisham
      Byron Saxton

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        Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Chapter 2

        Dave Batista has officially announced his retirement from the WWE with Summer Slam being his final appearance for the foreseeable future. Batista teamed with John Cena, Triple H, Christian & Matt Hardy to defeat Team JBL and rid the WWE from JBL's tyrannous reign. Batista is a multiple time World Champion having had memorable feuds and matches with Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Edge and The Undertaker. His moving on is a big loss for the WWE and it remains to be seen where he will be focusing his efforts. Sources differ as to what his passion is and if he'll try MMA, acting or even go to TNA.

        Raven, Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer are also expected to announce their retirements in the near future. All three men are scheduled to compete at ECW's Last Stand but none of them were part of the WWE Draft earlier this afternoon. Expect roster cuts and FCW call-ups all to take place within the next six months as WWE ushers in a new era.

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          Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

          Despite everything and being a royal prick, you know I'll be reading and supporting you on this. I just wish I had the time and drive to contribute, but I'd much rather see you push forward and kick ass without me than waiting forever for me to actually do something.

          Good luck, and kick ass. I know you will.


          Originally posted by RT
          "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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            Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

            A video plays highlighting the entire Civil War story. It shows JBL rising to power, abusing that power and turning the WWE upside down. It shows Team JBL annihilating Team ECW in WARGAMES. It shows JBL bullying whoever got in his way to ensure that he always got what he wanted. It zooms in on an image of JBL smirking. Then the picture fades to black before The Union burst onto the screen. IT shows D-X, Batista, Matt Hardy, Christian and their leader John Cena rallying together to slowly but surely take out JBL. Images flash across the screen from last night’s final battle as Team JBL is defeated and JBL is eliminated from the WWE once and for all.

            Then we cut to the arena, the pyro goes off, the fans go wild and Michael Cole, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Matt Striker welcome us to a special All-Star edition of Monday Night Raw.

            The Champ Is Here

            Ted DiBiase’s music hits and the new WWE Undisputed Champion comes out to the ring in a sharp business suit, but more importantly with the Title belt around his waist. After the implosion of Legacy DiBiase made his aim clear – to win the big one and last night at Summer Slam he finally did it. DiBiase gets on the mike and starts to tell the WWE Universe that despite every one saying he’d never do it they believed in him and now he is standing as your new WWE Champion. He continues talking but Matt Striker suddenly grabs a mike and stands up at the announce table. He apologises for interrupting but he’s been given the order to do so over his headset. He says he’d like everyone to please welcome the new general manager of Monday Night Raw...


            The fans go wild as Stephanie McMahon struts down to the ring looking better than ever. The crowd seem genuinely surprised to see her but not nearly as surprised as Ted DiBiase who has a very worried expression on his face. Steph shakes his hand as soon as she gets in the ring but she too seems a little worried. She begins by saying what an honour and a privilege it is to be the new GM of Monday Night Raw. She promises to do everything in her power to keep Raw where it belongs – as the number one brand in Sports Entertainment. She says that this is indeed a new era in the WWE and that new era starts tonight. Unfortunately a new era brings some changes and that’s why she’s out here now to speak to Ted DiBiase. She congratulates him on his huge victory over Randy Orton at Summer Slam but reveals that the WWE Board of Directors have decided to once again separate the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. As of right now Ted is the holder of both belts. DiBiase seems very confused as a member of the ring crew brings the Big Gold Belt and the ‘Spinner’ WWE Championship into the ring. Stephanie hands the two belts to DiBiase and the ring crew take the Undisputed Title away.

            Stephanie goes on to say that the Board of Directors want the World Heavyweight Championship to be on Raw while the WWE Title will be defended on Smackdown. She then tells Ted not to worry, he won’t be stripped of either title but he will be forced to defend both belts...tonight. She says that this is nothing personal, but it’s purely a business call made by the board and there is nothing she can do about it. Tonight is all about seeing where Raw and Smackdown are going and part of that means seeing who will be the champions. Of course there’s a fair chance that Ted will successfully defend both belts and if that’s the case he will compete on both brands. By now DiBiase has heard enough and tells Steph to cut the crap and tell him who he’s defending against. His celebration seems a lifetime ago now. She announces that the top four ranked superstars from each brand will face off in a mini tournament and the two winners will face DiBiase tonight for their respective brands championships. This is called All-Star Raw for a reason. A graphic with the brackets appears on the screen.

            A) CM Punk vs. John Cena B) Chris Jericho vs. Edge
            Winner A) vs. Winner B)
            Ted DiBiase vs. Winner for the WWE Title

            C) Cody Rhodes vs. Triple H D) Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
            Winner C) vs. Winner D)
            Ted DiBiase vs. Winner for the World Heavyweight Championship

            By now Ted is utterly dejected. Steph apologises again before suggesting he head to the back to get ready. Tonight is the biggest night of his career whether he likes it or not. The first match of the next.

            John Cena vs. CM Punk

            Cena, having had a rough few months handling Dolph Ziggler, seems to be back to his best, captaining The Union to incredible success at Summer Slam. He comes out to a thunderous ovation from the WWE Universe as he debuts a new purple t-shirt. CM Punk meanwhile is the polar opposite. He rose to the very top of ECW as the most hated man in sports, but at Summer Slam he was shut up by his former ally – The Samoan Submission Machine – Samoa Joe. The two start tentatively but it doesn’t take long for the action to heat up. It’s a back and forth slobber knocker with both men on top of their game. The fans are 100% behind Cena and his momentum just keeps growing as he eventually defeats Punk with an Attitude Adjustment.

            Cody Rhodes Backstage

            Cody Rhodes is backstage looking at himself in the mirror, admiring both his physique and his Million Dollar Championship. “Just the man I was looking for!” Stephanie McMahon walks over and a smile spreads across Cody’s face as he tells Stephanie what a pleasure it is to see her. Stephanie says that she’s here representing the Board of Governors. She says that he was tied with Shawn Michaels in the rankings as to who’d get a shot tonight but she said that he should go forward as Million Dollar Champion. The board agreed on one condition – you hand over your belt. Cody’s face immediately drops. She says that since Jack Swagger has brought the Intercontinental Championship to Raw it’s time to trim the fat. She can’t force him to relinquish but if he refuses he’s out of the tournament and HBK’s in. Cody begrudgingly hands Steph the belt. “You know I was looking forward to meeting you and becoming...friends, but Steph this is most disappointing. The only reason I’m agreeing to this is because I know that by the end of the night I will hold a title again – The World Heavyweight Title. Now if you don’t mind I’ve a match to prepare for.”

            Edge vs. Chris Jericho

            These two competitors are both in foul moods and a win would help them get their careers on the right paths again. Both men were integral to Team JBL during the Civil War and both men were part of his losing team at Summer Slam. Neither man is particularly esteemed by the fans in attendance but Jericho does seem to be getting a few more cheers. They start off arguing in the middle of the ring about who was to blame for Team JBL’s loss and it soon turns to a fist fight. This one sure wasn’t pretty but it got the job done. Neither man relented and the end only came when Jericho hit a code-breaker out of nowhere for the victory.

            All-Star Spotlight: Samoa Joe

            Samoa Joe debuted in the WWE alongside his mentor and ECW legend – Tazz. The two men made an instant impression, joining forces with CM Punk and helping him capture the ECW World Title. With Joe and Tazz by his side Punk was unstoppable; the only man who looked capable of doing anything about was the man who was as loyal to Punk as anyone could be – Joe himself. Then came the day that changed everything. Announced on Samoa Joe failed a random drug test and as a result of the WWE Wellness policy was suspended for thirty days. The Straight-Edge Saviour CM Punk was naturally livid and with Joe at home, he took his anger out on Tazz and eliminated him from the WWE forever. Punk started to melt-down without Joe and lost his ECW Championship to Christian in a brutal Last Man Standing Match at The Bash, but that was only the start if Punk’s worries.

            The next week on ECW Samoa Joe’s suspension was up and he returned to meet his former ally turned enemy face to face. Punk blamed Joe for all of his failures and spent the entire 30 days of Joe’s suspension doing everything he could to run the Samoan Submission Machine down. Joe snapped and tried to take Punk out. The date was set and last night at Summer Slam the two men finally met. Samoa Joe proved that he was more than just Punk’s enforcer but that he was a force to be reckoned with in the WWE on his own as he defeated CM Punk, making him tap out to the Coquina Clutch. Samoa Joe is fast, agile, strong and determined and now that he’s a lone wolf time will only tell just how unstoppable he truly will be.

            Cody Rhodes vs. Triple H
            Cody Rhodes has been on an impressive winning streak lately and looks to continue it tonight. Although he has sacrificed his Million Dollar Championship to be a part of this tournament, if he progresses it will be more than worth it. Triple H has had a mixed year but he proved just how good he is when he, and the rest of The Union, rid the WWE of JBL forever. Now that he’s taken care of business his sights are set firmly on his number one aim – capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. Cody’s growth over the past few months shows in the match as he outsmarts Triple H on a few occasions. Triple H, however, still keeps control of the match and seems well on his way to victory. The surprise of the night however comes when Cody rolls up The Game, with a fist-full of tights, and gets the pin fall. Rhodes slips out of the ring quickly celebrating as an irate Game watches on in shock on his knees.

            Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

            A very dejected Randy Orton makes his way through the curtain and down the aisle. Since Wrestlemania the Age of Orton has been in full effect as Orton has been the Undisputed WWE Champion. Last night at Summer Slam he lost his coveted championship to his former protégée Ted DiBiase. Tonight is his chance at retribution. It won’t be an easy task. Darkness fall on the arena and the hairs on the back of everyone’s neck stand up as The Undertaker makes his way into the ring. These two men have shown their real sadistic side lately and both have only one thing in mind – the World Heavyweight Championship Match. Again like in Edge/Y2J the fans don’t know who to cheer for. Pretty soon however they have someone to cheer as Jeff Hardy, although battered an bruised from Hell in a Cell, makes his way through the crowd. He runs into the ring, but instead of going after Taker, he kicks Orton in the cut and hits a Twist of Fate before sliding out again. The Undertaker looks confused but soon realises what’s happened as the referee calls for the bell and disqualifies The Undertaker, giving Randy Orton the victory. The Undertaker chases after Hardy but it’s too late – the charismatic enigma is long gone. Instead, the dead man returns to the ring and takes his frustration out on Orton laying him out with a choke slam and a tombstone pile-driver.

            Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

            Suddenly Cody Rhode’s music hits and he comes running down the aisle with a referee. It seems he’s having his match with Orton now instead of later. The referee seems hesitant but after listening to his ear piece he rings the bell and the match is on. Rhodes drags the barely conscious Orton to his feet and nails him with a Cross-Rhodes. He covers him and picks up the win. Rhodes is ecstatic in his celebrations as later on he’s facing Ted DiBiase for the World Heavyweight Championship.

            All-Star Spotlight: Tag Team Division

            Tag Team wrestling is slowly but surely starting to return to its glory days once again thanks to WWE:Legacy. After Wrestlemania we had two sets of dominant tag team champions in Legacy and the Colons. Things didn’t stay that way for long as both teams imploded. John Morrison and The Miz made the most of this opportunity and unified both belts to become the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Since then a plethora of tag teams entered the scene; the return of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, The Hart Dynasty, The Motor City Machine Guns and The Burchill Foundation. Miz and Morrison proved dominant but at Summer Slam, they finally met their match as in a gruelling TLC match they lost their belts to Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne. The new owner of WWE has made it clear to both general managers and to the board of governors that the tag team championship will be made most important. What new teams will emerge and what more experienced teams will step up as Bourne and Mysterio look to prove themselves as fighting champions.

            Interview with Ted DiBiase

            Backstage Todd Grisham catches up with Ted DiBiase who is now dressed and ready for action. He asks him, now that he’s had time to reflect, what is his reaction to having to defend both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship tonight? “You know Todd, I’m not going to lie and say that I relish the opportunity to prove myself – I dont’ – this sucks. Last night I fulfilled my life’s ambition by proving that I am the best wrestler in the world – and now that might all be taken away from me? You know I won these titles for a reason – I am that good and tonight I’m going to prove it. I’m leaving with both belts and when I do, it’ll be simply priceless.”

            John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

            These two men have had some historic battles in the past and will surely have more now that they’re both on the same brand. Chris Jericho regularly led the way alongside JBL during the Civil War and John Cena captained The Union – these two both have a lot to prove. As usual they fail to disappoint and put on a great show. Above all else they show just how important being WWE Champion is to each of them. Although it seemed like the odds were stacked against Ted DiBiase when this tournament was initially announced it’s now clear that it would take no less than a Herculean effort by whoever wins this match to defeat DiBiase – as they’re leaving it all in the ring. Jericho shows his never say die attitude when he gets his foot on the ropes after an attitude adjustment. This forces Cena to step it up a notch and he delivers an AA of the second rope before pinning Jericho for the victory.

            All-Star Spotlight: TBK vs. HBK

            Shawn Michaels and The Brian Kendrick used to be friends. They had a teacher-student bond that was seemingly unbreakable. However, during a time of turbulence for "The Heartbreak Kid", the self-proclaimed "Loose Cannon" Brian Kendrick unleashed a side of himself that no-one thought possible. He made it his aim, his mission in life to eliminate his former mentor from the world of professional wrestling forever. As the weeks went on, Kendrick continued to attack Michaels on numerous occasions, usually from behind and using underhanded tactics. He threw 'HBK' off the stage on an episode of RAW, and threw him head first threw the titan-tron on another Monday night. He was also the man who cost Michaels the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules.

            Michaels would soon get his revenge however, defeating his former pupil in a much-hyped showdown on RAW, and put the final nail in the coffin in a Texas Street Fight at Summer Slam. The two gave it their all to finish off the other and in the end, Shawn Michaels emerged triumphant.

            Written by WP – spelling and grammar fixed by PB

            WWE Championship Match: Ted DiBiase (c) vs. John Cena

            The next two matches will be the defining matches of Ted DiBiase’s career. Either he cements himself as an all-time great or he crumbles under the pressure and become little more than a paper champion. DiBiase comes out to a good reaction from the fans but it’s nothing compared to the huge reaction John Cena gets. DiBiase doesn’t seem to understand why Cena is getting more cheers than him. He looks dejected and appears like a defeated man before the match even starts. Cena has been through two matches already but when his back’s against the wall and the odds are stacked against him he thrives. DiBiase tries to step it up but he’s no match for Cena who becomes the new WWE Champion when he makes Ted tap. The WWE Universe is ecstatic. Cena has been through hell over the past few months and is finally back where he belongs - with gold around his waist.

            World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

            Ted sits in the corner of the ring with his head in his hands, trying to catch his breath as Cody Rhodes music hits. The Uncommon Son of a Common Man marches to the ring with his usual swagger as he looks to take out his former legacy team-mate. By the time Rhodes gets to the ring, DiBiase has given himself a shake and goes all out, doing his best to hold onto the World Title. He takes the fight straight to Cody who seems shocked at how DiBiase is. These two men put on a clinic, DiBiase more than making up for his poor showing against Cena. Rhodes is determined however and even manages to kick out of a dream-street. After this happens Randy Orton’s music hits and The Viper makes his way to the stage. He brings a steel chair with him and sits on it, watching the conclusion of the match. This distraction gives Rhodes enough time to recover from the Dream-Street and he nails DiBiase with a Cross-Rhodes. 1,2, kick-out from DiBiase this time. Cody wastes little time however and he gets DiBiase up and hits the move again. He stands over DiBiase’s lifeless body staring straight at him before dragging him closer to the corner. Rhodes gestures that it’s all over as he climbs to the top rope. He leaps off with a picture perfect moonsault and hooks DiBiase’s leg for the three count.

            Reality sinks in to Rhodes after a few seconds and he leaps into the air, realising that he is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Cody quickly gets the big gold belt from the referee and kisses it before holding it in a firm embrace. Orton has a blank expression on his face as he stares at Cody before heading to the back. Ted DiBiase, who rolled out of the ring, comes to just in time to see the referee put the title around Cody’s waist. Rhodes is elated whilst DiBiase look as dejected as a man can. Tonight was advertised as the beginning of a new era in the WWE and it has more than delivered. John Cena has won the WWE Title and is on top of Smakcdown while Cody Rhodes becomes the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion, beating his former mentor Randy Orton’s record by a few weeks. Welcome to a new era in World Wrestling Entertainment – bigger and better than ever before.

            ***Well there we have it. This is ultra-summarised to set the scene for what's coming ahead. I know the matches are minimal but they have everythin I need them to. I'll post ECW soon, mostly unchanged from the last thread and then I need to re-work Smackdown. As always reviews and comments are really appreciated, I only want to get better.***

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              Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

              WP Reviews WWE All-Star RAW

              - Opening with the Undisputed Champ, Ted DiBiase! After all his hard work and months of trails; overcoming Edge, being kicked out of Legacy, fighting amongst Orton, Rhodes and MVP, he finally dethrones Orton with the huge payoff at SummerSlam and wins the gold... ah, Steph McMahon, good to see her. Two separate titles again, thought you'd go that route... oh, dear. I have a terrible feeling DiBiase will lose both the titles tonight. If that happens, I won't agree at all. I mean, if he has gone through all of what I mentioned above and overcame such headline stars as Edge and Orton, only to lose tonight... what was the point of his build up the last few months, only to have him lose? The only way I'll go for it is if DiBiase turns heel down the line as a vengeful, pissed off spoilt brat. If he loses both titles and you demote him to jobber status... well, I just dunno what to say.

              - John Cena defeats CM Punk. Expected, as I know you have big plans for Cena, and if it's the same as what you originally planned, I see Cena winning the Smackdown tournament and taking the gold. We'll see.

              - Cody Rhodes was pretty awesome here. No more Million $ Championship, makes sense, I dig that. However, I now am pretty much convinced Cena will win his match against Ted, and Cody will win his. Hmmm... Cody has beaten Ted before and I always tried to make him look equal to Ted in the past, so this makes sense. It'd be a bold and brave move to put the gold on Rhodes, as I've never seen him pushed as a bona-fide main eventer here in Fan Fic. Should be interesting.

              - Jericho defeats Edge. Not much else to say here really.

              - Joe will be a beast in this fed. And I can't fucking wait for it.

              - Yep, Cody picks up the win against Trips. I'm calling it, Cody wins the big one. As for Triple H, I hope you have some plans for him. In Legacy, he just kinda' always seemed 'there', ya know? He was injured, then put in a dud fued with Nash (my bad ) and hasn't done much since apart from being in The Union. Here's hoping you utilize him well.

              - Orton vs Taker. Two heel matches in one night totally baffles me. I just can't understand the logic. The fans would've been silent not wanting to really cheer for either man. Meh. Hardy screws Taker? You telling me this six month feud isn't over? After their title match at Backlash, Taker screwing Hardy at Judgement Day, Buried Alive at Extreme Rules and Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam, there's more to this feud? I will wait and see before I pass judgement. For all I know, there could be something extra to squeeze out of this feud and you could kick ass with it. Time shall tell.

              - Rhodes picks up a sneak victory on Orton. I sense perhaps an Orton face turn after being royally fucked over by his, I guess now former ally in Rhodes. I'm thinking my predictions will come true.

              - I liked our Tag Division. Kick ass with it.

              - Ted's interview has pretty much sold me on the fact that he will be nothing more than a fluke champion, with months of build down the shitter. Joy. Like I said, the only way I see this working out as a positive is if he turns heel. PLEASE don't let him fade away. I know you're running the ship now, but I figure if this was real life, Ted must have been busted for drugs in order to get this kind of fast demotion ala RVD.

              - Cena beats Jericho. You're now saying that the tournament means it would take a huge effort for the finalists to beat Ted. This is just one big fucking burial, isn't it? Forget what I said about the heel turn, you may as well fire Ted after this. He'll lose to two guys who have both wrestled two matches before him. Then again, it is SuperCena and Rhodes won his match with Orton in mere seconds. I dunno what to think.

              - TBK and HBK. My crown jewel.

              - "DiBiase looks like a beaten man before the match even starts". Wow, such confidence from the man who overcame so much, huh? Cena beats DiBiase, no surprise there. I'm 1-0 at the moment. And now DiBiase has to tackle Rhodes. I'm pretty sure I know what is coming...

              - Why the moonsault? Like seriously, why? The second Cross-Rhodes on a lifeless Ted wasn't enough? Fire Ted. Please, fire him. I'd rather Ted be gone then be subjected to a massive burial. No heel turn will save him now, and I know your not a fan of his anyway. One good thing to come of this however, was Cody. I am really looking forward to what happens next with him.

              - Overall, good show. Though REALLY baffling decision to have two heel vs heel matches. Plus, the show long burial of Ted was confusing. I don't take offense, it's your fed. I just always picture Fan Fics as real companies, real booking. And the show long burial of Ted just didn't make sense... unless the company was under new management and you just wanted Ted gone. Which I suppose is what this is. Anyways, beside that, good show. I will wait and see where things go from here; the Rhodes and Cena title reigns should be interesting, and I'm now interested into what else you can do with Hardy and Taker. Plus, several characters from Season I who I wonder what you'll do with; Zigger, Kendrick, Michaels, Punk, Joe, DeMott... and Kevin Steen. Should be a fun ride. Good luck partner, kick ass.


              Originally posted by RT
              "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                ECW on SyFy
                All Good Things...

                The show opens with a video montage showing the highlights of the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling. IT begins with Shane Douglas winning the title and kick-starting the era of Extreme. It shows the breath-taking new styles of Malenko, Guerrero, Benoit and Jericho being introduced to an American audience. IT shows tag teams like the Dudleyz, Public Enemy, the Impact Players, the Gangstas and the Pitbulls. It shows new stars emerging like Mick Foley, Steve Austin and Rob Van Dam. IT shows the ECW faithful of Dreamer, Raven, Sabu, Sandman, Whipwreck, Funk and Taz all doing battle. It shows the ECW invasion of the 90’s complete with Lawler calling them extremely crappy wrestling. An image of the bingo hall comes up before fading to black, signalling the first closure of ECW. Then it shows Rhino goring someone through a table and Heyman shakig hands with Stephanie McMahon as ECW is reborn in the Invasion. It moves on to One Night Stand – showing the passion and excitement that the fans still had over the old company. They show all of the ECW Originals celebrating in the ring as ONS closes before fading to black again. Then, John Cena facing off against RVD is shown, with a five-star frog splash that started the revolution back up again. It shows The Big Show and Lashley as dominating champions. CM Punk making his debut and the rivalry between the Originals and the New Breed. It shows all that was great about WWECW. Then came the civil war. It shows Bourne, Mysterio, Tyson Kidd and Bryan Danielson all tearing it up in the ring. IT shows CM Punk being showered with trash as the most hated man in sports. It shows Christian finally defeating Punk and becoming the people’s champion. It shows Raven, Dreamer and Foley getting another chance in the spotlight and it shows Umaga decimating Finlay in a steel cage. The screen fades to black and when it comes back ECW Champion Christian is standing by.

                “I remember when I was trying to break into the business the one thing I knew would help me get there quicker was if I could get into ECW. ECW was the place you went to to get known. To win over the most hardcore and dedicated fans in this business and to prove that you had all it takes to be at the top. When I think of ECW I think of some of my best friends in this business paving the way for me. I think of Jericho, Malenko and Eddie. When I think of ECW I think of Tag Team wrestling that allowed Edge and Christian to change the game with TLC matches – I think of the Dudleys, the Impact Players and the Pitbulls. When I think of ECW I think of all the guys who were told they would never make it but who fought tooth and nail to prove otherwise – of The Sandman, of Tommy Dreamer, of Raven, of Mick Foley of Stone Cold Steve Austin. When ECW returned a few years back it provided that exact same platform for the guys who hadn’t yet made it or the guys who were told it was too late to prove their worth. The Big Show showed that he is still a force to be reckoned with. CM Punk and John Morrison showed that they were here for the long haul. Mark Henry, Dreamer and Matt Hardy showed that they still belong on the biggest stage. I never made it in the original ECW so when I had the chance to join this evolved incarnation I jumped at it. These past few months have been the highlight of my career. I took a huge risk when I left the WWE a few years back and when I came home – I knew I would have to do a lot to prove myself. Being here in ECW, winning this ECW World Championship and doing it all with the great ECW fans has shown that not only do I belong here but that I belong at the very top. Sunday night The Union defeated Team JBL and with that ultimately we signed ECW’s death certificate but I’ll be damned if we don’t go out with a bang. Tonight I am defending this title for the last time against Samoa Joe and tonight will be a night for the ages. Tonight I cement my place in history as the last ever ECW Champion. All good things must come to an end – tonight we make history, tonight we end it right, tonight – for one last time – Joe, we’re taking it to the extreme.”

                Evan Bourne vs. Rey Mysterio

                ‘Don’t Question My Heart’ plays as we watch the ECW opening video one last time. The pyro goes off, the fans go wild and Matt Striker and Joey Styles welcome us to ECW – The Farewell. They hype up the fact that the WWE is entering into a new era thanks to the defeat of JBL at the hands of the Union but stay focused on the fact that tonight isn’t about that, it’s about ECW. The first match of the evening sees the WWE Tag Team Champions face off against each other as Rey Mysterio takes on Evan Bourne. These two men represent ECW in its entirety. Rey Mysterio introduced North America to Lucha Libre Wrestling in the original ECW and this past year re-ignited his career there. Evan Bourne is still a young up-and-comer but by putting on great matches (both against and teaming with Mysterio) he has cemented his place in the WWE Universe.

                Fresh off defending their titles in a classic TLC match against The Miz and John Morrison at Summer Slam, the tag champs start things off with a hand shake. They start with a test of strength before quickly transitioning into some fast holds and reversals. Rey gets the advantage and throws Bourne into the ropes but he bounces back with a sunset flip and a two count. It’s exactly the type of match you’d expect these two to have with lots of energy and fast-paced action. The fans know exactly what to expect and have plenty of duelling chants going – supporting both men. After plenty of back and forth action the match finishes with Evan Bourne picking up the roll-up win on Mysterio – the very opposite result of their first match against each other, when Mysterio surprised Bourne. Rey seems a little perturbed by the roll-up but raises Bourne’s hand none-the-less. What new challenges face the tag team champions and what brand will they end up on after ECW?

                Matt Hardy vs. Bryan Danielson

                The next match sees a man whose career has been revitalised on ECW vs. a man whose WWE career started here. Matt Hardy brought the ECW Championship to ECW and defended it against the likes of Kane and the Big Show. After losing the title to Jack Swagger, thanks in part to foul-play from JBL, he joined The Union – a group of the top superstars in the WWE determined to remove JBL from power. At Summer Slam, along with Triple H, Christian, Batista and John Cena he did just that defeating Jack Swagger, Edge, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Kane. Bryan Danielson has only been in ECW a few months, but with Raven by his side, he has impressed defeating the likes of Tommy Dreamer, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Although matched up with the tyrannical Raven he has divided crowds – some detesting him and others getting behind him because of his in-ring ability.

                This match isn’t quite as friendly as the last encounter as Bryan Danielson takes the fight straight to Hardy. Being the last night of ECW, both men are keen to make an impression on whoever the new WWE Owner is and they do everything they can to pick up the win. Bryan tries to wear Hardy down with his various submission manoeuvres but Hardy’s never say die attitude prevents him from tapping out. He battles out of plenty of moves, making frequent use of the rope break. Of course, Danielson is keen to remind the ref that he has till five. Eventually Hardy frustrates Bryan and manages to change the pace of the match turning it into a brawl, hitting Danielson with everything he has. Of course, Danielson is good enough to adapt to different styles and does just that. Eventually Hardy gets the advantage and after a side effect he goes to the second rope for a leg drop. Hardy leaps but Bryan rolls away from danger. He reacts quickly and launches at Hardy locking in the LeBell Lock. Hardy tries to find a way out but Danielson has it locked in perfectly. He fights for as long as he can but he has no choice but to tap. After the match Danielson grabs a mike. He says that after tonight Raven is retiring from wrestling which means that from here on in – he’s going to be his own man. This match right here just proved however exactly what he has been telling everyone all along – he is the best wrestler in the world. Whether he ends up on Raw or Smackdown the one certainty is that he will hold gold – guaranteed.

                CM Punk Promo

                A quick video montage plays reminding everyone of the memorable rants of the Straight-Edge Saviour – CM Punk. It shows him ripping into Mikey Whipwreck, telling his ‘snake in the ice’ story and celebrating with the ECW Title and the Nation of Violence. It shows him ranting against Christian and Samoa Joe. We cut back to the arena and ‘This Fire Burns’ plays as Punk comes out to address the ECW faithful one last time. Matt Striker laments at how he will miss Punk’s almost sermon-like ramblings while Joey Styles rejoices at their departure. The fans don’t disappoint and meet Punk with the boos he has become accustomed to. He just smirks and picks up a microphone.

                “Tonight is a glorious night. Tonight after months of toiling and persevering and holding on I finally, finally can be free from the bonds of oppression. I am being released from this den of iniquity and back into the place where I belong. All of you fans will start chanting tonight – ECW! ECW! ECW! As if it makes you part of a family. This is not a family it is a disgrace and a dark mark on this great business. Over the past few months I have strived to be different. I have strived to show you all a different way than this and you haven’t wanted to hear it. Well guess what, tonight you get to here it one last time. My name is CM Punk. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t smoke. I’m straight edge which – yes- means that I am better than all of you. IT means I’m better than Shane Douglas who was once the ECW Champion but now works in Target. It means I’m better than The Sandman whose addiction meant that he never had a career outside of the bingo hall. It means I’m better than Terry Funk who never knew when to quit and whose addiction turned him into a shell of his old sense. It means I’m better than Mick Foley whose addiction to the cheers turned him into a phoney and a whore. It means I’m better than Christian who tucked his tail between his legs and came back to the WWE begging for a job. It means I’m better than Samoa Joe who disgraced himself by being suspended for violating the wellness policy.

                All of these men, these ECW ‘legends’ who you fans have turned into icons of extreme are weak failures and I’m because I am straight edge it means that I am better than all of them. Tonight is a great night because I finally get out of this cess pool, this pathetic excuse of a brand. Tonight it the death of ECW and I’m not here to give some cheery farewell of choked up emotionalism. You all hate me. I get it. Jealousy is an awful thing. Here’s the reality, I’m going to Raw or to Smackdown and I am going to the top of the WWE whether you all like it or not.” Punk raises his arms soaking in the boos of the fans. “Of course there is one thing I’ll miss about ECW. You see I’m going back to the PG show so this is the last time I’ll get to say this to you. So please, listen careful. F -*censored* YOU!” Punk throws down the mike and storms to the back smiling and arguing with the fans along the way.

                Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven vs. Mick Foley

                The next match up was a triple retirement match. Tommy Dreamer, Raven and Mick Foley have all announced their retirement from active competition and this is their last farewell. Striker and Styles put them over as the three greatest superstars in ECW history from its inception through to this more recent conception. All three men come out to a huge reaction from the fans who have a huge amount of respect for the warriors. Of course this match couldn’t just be a triple threat – it’s an extreme rules 3-way dance.

                As soon as the bell rings all three men roll out of the ring and go straight under it, looking for some weapons to spice things up. Raven emerges with a stop sign, Dreamer a kendo stick and Foley a steel chair. They throw their weapons into the ring and then stare at each other tentatively, not knowing whose going to make the first move. At the same time all three roll back in and a brawl breaks out. This one is definitely a slobber knocker! Although all three men are quite clearly in the twilight of their careers they leave it all in the ring and put on a great show for the fans and for ECW. Eventually Dreamer and Raven team up and Foley and, after brawling up the aisle, send him flying off the stage and through a huge stack of tables and equipment below. This allows them to finish the match without him, ending their careers and their storied rivalry in one go. The finish comes when Raven drives a kendo stick into Dreamer’s nuts and hits the even flow DDT onto a steel chair. After the match the two men embrace and get a standing ovation as well as an incredibly loud and emotional ECW chant.

                The Hart Dynasty vs. The Burchill Foundation

                Of course the new breed of ECW is about more than hardcore matches and kendo sticks. It’s about an extreme desire to win and putting it all on the line. Few wrestlers have epitomised this work ethic more than The Hart Dynasty and The Burchill Foundation. Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, Natalya, Paul Burchill, William Regal and Katie Lea Burchill haven’t been in the spotlight of The Civil War, but they have put on classics week in week out showing their yearning to win at any cost. Tonight, the girls are at ringside as Smith and Kidd take on Regal and Burchill in a tag team match. The winners become the number one contenders to Mysterio and Bourne’s tag titles whilst the losers will be forced to disband.

                Kidd and Burchill start things off, reminding everyone of their classic best of five series earlier in the year. This doesn’t last for long however before Regal interjects himself into the match, using cheap tactics to gain control. Regal and Burchill show just how dangerous they can be by isolating Kidd and using double team manoeuvres to wear him down. Eventually Natalya has had enough of Katie Lea’s cackling and a good old fashioned cat fight breaks out on the outside. AS Regal tries to break up the cat fight Kidd tags in Smith and leaps at Regal with a plancha. Smith is fired up and hits a number of big power moves on Burchill. Burchill rolls out of the ring to regroup but Kidd is quick to meet him and Smith follows. The ref struggles to gain control as a brawl breaks out on the outside. Eventually the action gets back in the ring and after a great effort by both teams, determined to stay together, it’s the Harts that pick up the win after a devastating Hart Attack on William Regal. All three members of the Hart Dynasty celebrate in the ring as they prepare to move away from ECW for the first time in their WWE careers.

                Christian vs. Samoa Joe

                From Shane Douglas to Christian the ECW Championship has always been one of the most coveted championships in wrestling history. Tonight the final ever ECW Champion will be crowned. Will it be Christian – the man who helped lead The Union to victory over Team JBL or will it be Samoa Joe – the man who defeated CM Punk at Summer Slam. Both men are big crowd favourites and get huge reactions from the crowd. Joey Styles stresses that whoever wins this match will be an excellent name to end the ECW Title. Both men stand in opposite corners of the ring as Justin Roberts does the full title match introductions.

                Joe takes the fight to Christian from the get-go, making the match a really physical encounter. Christian struggles to keep up with Joe’s frantic pace at the start, with Joe almost dazing Christian with his strikes and kicks. Christian is the champion for a reason, and he soon starts reversing Joe’s attacks before gaining momentum and going onto the offensive himself. As expected, it’s a great match. Although Joe is after Punk himself, Christian isn’t exactly best buddies with the man who stopped him from winning the ECW Title on his first try. They give it all, determined to leave ECW with the title around their waist. After an exhausting twenty minutes or so Joe snaps and goes into overdrive. He throws Christian into the corner with brute force before chopping him until his chest turns raw. He sets him up on the top rope getting him into position for the muscle buster. At this stage CM Punk emerges from behind the curtain and starts walking down to the ring talking trash to Joe. Joe is momentarily distracted which is the only opening Christian needs to hit a reverse DDT on Joe. He waits for Joe to get to his feet and nails him with the Killswitch and gets the pin. Christian is your last ever ECW Champion.

                It’s only after he gets the pin that Christian notices Punk and he seems instantly pissed off. Punk is just smiling as he walks to the back. Christian raises his belt in the air but begrudgingly, as if Punk’s distraction has tainted his win. Regardless, Styles and Striker put over Christian and Joe for their great match and say that Christian is still the epitome of what an ECW Champion should be. They expect both men to go far on either Raw or Smackdown.


                The only thing left to finish off ECW was for Paul Heyman to come to the ring. He gets a standing ovation and is clearly emotional. He tries to talk but is drowned off by chants of ECW and ‘thank you Paul.’ When he does get going he keeps it short but sweet. He says that ECW was never about a style of wrestling but about a style of person. It was about being different, about being against the grain and about giving the best fans in the world whatever they want. He says that although ECW ends officially tonight – ECW will never die. At this the old ECW theme hits and floods of wrestlers make their way to the ring. Sandman comes through the fans. Sabu, Dreamer, Raven, Foley, Dudleys, Taz, Rhino, Guido, Whipwreck, RVD, Terry Funk, Big Show, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, Christian, Samoa Joe, and many others all come down and hoist Heyman onto their shoulders. Suddenly Glass Shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes charging down to the ring with cases of beer in his hands. He marches straight up to Heyman, hands him a cold one and the two toast to ECW. The show closes with the fans and wrestlers all on their feet, celebrating what was ECW.
                *Pretty much the same as from the other fed. Thoughts and reviews are always appreciated.

                s u r r e n d e r

                ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                  Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                  In Case You Forgot or Fell Off

                  The pyro goes off, theme hits and a new era of Friday Night Smackdown begins with Todd Grisham and Matt Striker hyping tonight’s huge main event as John Cena defends his recently captured WWE Championship against CM Punk.

                  The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Cryme Tyme

                  The show starts with tag team action as the relative new-comers to the WWE, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, go up against the boys from Brooklyn. Striker puts over the fact the unified tag titles are now the exclusive property of Friday Night Smackdown. Both teams get good reactions from the fans and the WWE Universe is treated to a fast-paced athletic contest. IT seems the new home is refreshing for the guns as they seem a lot more confident and sure of themselves than they did on ECW. Both teams keep having to rush into the ring to break up three counts to the point where Shad has had enough and knocks Sabin off the apron. Sabin and Shad start to brawl around the outside, allowing Shelley and JTG to go at it alone in the ring. Unfortunately for Shad his plan didn’t work and Shelley is able to hit JTG with the Sliced Bread #2 for the win. The Machine Guns are new to Smackdown and they’ve made an instant impact with an impressive win.


                  A video plays to hype up the arrival of Kevin Steen to Smackdown. It’s a simple video of Kevin sitting in a chair, speaking directly into the camera. Below is a transcript of what he had to say:

                  “My name is Kevin Steen and I have been a professional wrestler for 11 years now. I want to personally thank the WWE for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the WWE Universe, not just as a fan (which I have been all my life) but as a wrestler. This is an opportunity I have dreamt about and I honestly cannot believe that I am finally here. I want all of the WWE Management to know that I will not let you down and that signing me will prove to be the best decision you ever made.

                  I, ah, I’m sorry, I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. I grew up in Quebec, Canada and well I never really fit in. I remember my Mom’s boyfriend, when I was a kid, won this great big teddy-bear for her at a fun-fair. One night, I guess I was buggin’ him or something, but he gave me the bear and he said “Here, you like that wrestling crap right? Well go wrestle with this while I wrestle with your mom.” So I did, I really did and that bear in many ways quickly became my best friend. Maybe even my only friend for the longest time.

                  So I took this bear and I took my Mom’s boyfriends advice and I wrestled with that bear. I spent hours alone in my room, imitating my heroes. I would powerbomb him like I was Vader. I would lock him in the Sharp Shooter like I was the HitMan. I would climb up on my bed and come crashing down with the elbow like I was the Macho Man. When I was 14 and had watched Mick Foley fall off the Hell in a Cell, I would dive off my wardrobe or off a tree onto Teddy, just to feel the rush of being like my hero. My Mom never noticed. She was usually drunk with her boyfriend.

                  One day however her boyfriend went away. There was lots of yelling and I watched from my bedroom window, teddy in my arms, as he stormed out and drove off. He kept yelling at her...he kept calling her a whore. At first my blood boiled and I couldn’t believe that this man could speak to my mother like that – so I went to the only refuge I had – I went to wrestling.

                  I took my teddy and oh boy did we have a slobber knocker. I took all of my fears and my frustrations out on that tattered stuffed toy but it wasn’t too long before my mom burst through the door. She was drunk and yelling and I just sat there and took it. I knew she was upset and I knew it wasn’t my fault so I just took it. Then...then it happened. Then she grabbed teddy. She grabbed him and she headed straight for the trash. I yelled and I pleaded for her not to take him away but should she wouldn’t listen and she did it – she took away the only thing in my life that had any meaning.

                  It was then that I saw her for what she really was – a cold and callous woman who cared not about me or my dreams but only herself. I sided with the boyfriend and I I told my mother that he was right – that she was nothing but a lousy whore. She slapped me right across the face and the moment that her hand slapped my skin I made my decision. I was running away from home and I was becoming a wrestler. All of my life the only thing that mattered to me was wrestling and it was time that I took things seriously. I vowed from that moment on that I would make it in this business – that I would be a wrestler...
                  To be continued...

                  Tyson Kidd vs. Evan Bourne

                  Tyson Kidd comes out next to a fair reaction from the crowd, accompanied by DH Smith. Natalya is backstage preparing for her match. The Hart Dynasty defeated The Burchill Foundation on the last ever ECW, forcing Regal and Burchill to disband and earning the right to be called number one contenders at the same time. The crowd go wild however when Evan Bourne’s music hits and he, along with Rey Mysterio, comes out with his two sets of tag titles on either shoulder. Bourne and Mysterio defeated The Miz and John Morrison in a TLC match at Summer Slam to hold onto those belts. Kidd and Bourne have similar in-ring styles and frustrate each other early on by not allowing each other to get the advantage. Fresh off his win over Rey on ECW, Bourne eventually breaks Kidd down and starts to string together a series of kicks to take him to the mat. Here, however, Kidd showed his Hart Dungeon Experience and outwrestles Bourne, hitting him with a series of quick pin attempts. After plenty back and forth action Bourne regains control and sets Kidd up for the Air Bourne SSP. Bourne leaps off the top rope but Kidd rolls out of the way. Bourne lands on his feet but Kidd meets him with a super kick. He quickly scrambles on top and gets the three count and the win.

                  Smith and Rey quickly slide into the ring after the match and all four square up. A still groggy Bourne places a hand on Rey’s chest before extending the other to Kidd. All four shake hands but as they do The Miz and John Morrison appear on the screen, sitting in deck chairs. ‘Really? Really?” Asks The Miz. John Morrison says that it looks like they’ve stumbled onto an episode of Guys Gone Wild. The Miz says that Bourne and Rey got lucky at Summer Slam and that he doesn’t care about these little canucks and their number one contendership. Morrison says that as the longest reigning WWE Champions in recent history they deserve another shot and they will get it. Bourne, Mysterio, Smith and Kidd are nothing compared to Miz and Morrison and it’s only a matter of time before they get the chance to prove it. ‘BE JEALOUS!’

                  William Regal vs. Dustin Rhodes

                  The next match is a strange on as William Regal takes on Dustin Rhodes. Neither man are particularly well-liked by the WWE Universe, but they soon side with Rhodes as Regal slides out of the ring before they even lock up. He grabs the mic and says that this match isn’t starting until he gets the respect he deserves from the WWE Universe. Of course this only makes the fans boo him more. Rhodes simply shrugs his shoulders before going outside taking the fight to Regal. The fans get behind Rhodes as the two men brawl all around the outside area. Rhodes gets the advantage and slams Regal’s head off the ring steps before rolling him into the ring. He whips him into the ropes before nailing him with a stun gun for the 123. Rhodes backs up the aisle with a smirk on his face as Regal starts to throw a tantrum in the ring yelling at the fans to shut up. He grabs a mic and says that none of you will be laughing this time next week.

                  Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly

                  The WWE Diva’s are in action next as Natalya makes her return to Smackdown. Natalya and Kelly are both over with the fans but only one of these Diva’s was ever going to get the win. Knowing the battle she has ahead of her Kelly starts with all guns blazing taking Nattie down with two quick dropkicks followed by a head scissors. Nattie quickly gains her composure however and takes Kelly down with a spear to stop her in her tracks. She lifts Kelly up and then down with an atomic drop as the fans get behind her. She lifts Kelly to her feet and delivers a quick snap suplex before locking in the Sharpshooter for the win. Natalya is back on Smackdown and seems prized to make an impact.

                  On This Day...I See Clearly...

                  Edge makes his way out to the ring wearing his usual torn up jeans and a checked shirt. He seems to be in a sombre mood and has little time for the jeers of the WWE Universe.

                  “You know it’s funny. I spent the past few months focusing not on gold or on being the ultimate opportunist but instead I focused on helping out another man. I focused on being a crucial member of Team JBL in the Civil War. You see JBL has always been the leader of the locker room here in the WWE and so it seemed to make perfect sense to back him as he looked to gain total control over the WWE. And it started pretty well. At Extreme Rules in WARGAMES we showed Team ECW exactly what we were capable of and we annihilated them. Somewhere after that we seemed to lose our way. Mick Foley embarrassed me at The Bash and then at Summer Slam our momentum was finally crushed as The Union defeated Team JBL and finished the Civil War once and for all. I’ll be honest, this absolutely sucks. I’ve gone from main eventing Wrestlemania in an unforgettable TLC match to being amongst the first eliminated in last week’s battle royal. Well all of that is about to change. I am about to climb my way to the top of the ladder and I guarantee that I will be in a marquee match come March at Wrestlemania 26. But first, I’m not going straight for the WWE Title. No, I’m going to save that for later. First – I’m going for the WWE Tag Team Championship. You see there’s another man in a very similar position. At Wrestlemania he was in one of the three main events trying to end the streak. He too, devoted his time to helping JBL in the Civil War and he too was eliminated much too early in last week’s battle royal. Together we are going to become WWE Tag Team Champions as we prove that we deserve our spots, and come Wrestlemania, one way or another, we will steal the show. Please welcome my new Tag Team Partner – Chris Jericho!”

                  The fans erupt into a chorus of boos as Jericho’s pyro erupts and the 5-time World Champion comes down to the ring dressed in his usual smart suit. Jericho, like Edge earlier, isn’t in a cheery mood, but seems focused and serious – ready to make a statement.

                  “I am the best in the world at what I do. Lately however I have been distracted and led astray by following the fantastical whims of a dubious entrepreneur. Instead of leading Team JBL to victory we lead Team JBL to disgrace. That will never be the case for Edge and Chris Jericho again. Between us we hold a combined 14 Intercontinental Championship reigns, 14 World Title Reigns and most importantly an incredible 16 WWE Tag Team Title reigns. If I’m being honest, and I am an honest man, I was starting to get sick of Edge. But if I am to place on the very top of the WWE – there is no man with the accomplishments and achievements to compliment me better than him. We are not here to pander to all you parasites – we are here to win matches. We both do that better than anyone else and we will show that together. Do you understand what I am saying to you right now? You see...”

                  Jericho is suddenly cut off by the familiar music of The Big Show. The largest athlete in the world comes down to the ring with a smile on his face and shakes hands with a few fans on his way. It seems to be a slightly different Big Show than the one we’ve seen over the last few months.

                  “Blah blah blah blah blah. Damn are you guys boring. We get it, you’ve sucked for a while and now, you wanna get better. Newsflash guys – this is Smackdown, not a therapy session. Maybe if you ran your mouths a little less and did more talking in the ring you’d get things done better. Now, if you look at Team JBL – well they competed twice. Once they won and once they lost. Now you guys were in the team both times. Me? I was only in the time they won. See the link? You lost the largest athlete in the world and you automatically lost your mojo. Now I’m gonna cut this short but it seems like we’re all on the same page. I too am entering the tag team division here on Smackdown. Yeah, so if you boys want to get anywhere near those championships – you’ve got to get through me.”

                  By the time Big Show is finished talking he’s face to face with Edge and Jericho. Jericho makes a smart comment about how a tag team is two men, not one and that he cannot enter the division alone. Show just smiles and as he does fire bursts from the ring-posts. Kane comes out from underneath the ring apron and slides into the ring. Edge and Jericho try to fight the two giants off but both are met quickly with chokeslams. It seems that Kane and The Big Show have been reformed as a tag team which will send shivers down the champion’s spines.

                  Samoa Joe vs. Chavo Guerrero

                  Samoa Joe comes out for this match to a great reaction from the WWE Universe but in a very foul mood after CM Punk cost him his chance of becoming ECW Champion Tuesday Night. Chavo never stood a chance. Joe immediately goes at Chavo, ripping his chest to shreds with the hardest chops you’ll see in the WWE. He backs Chavo into the corner where he grabs him by the head and tosses him across the ring. Chavo slowly gets to his feet and is met with an exploder suplex. Joe picks him up, sets him on the top turnbuckle and drives him into the mat with a muscle buster. He then locks in the Coquina Clutch and Chavo taps instantly. Samoa Joe is angry and Samoa Joe is in the best shape of his career- a lethal combination.

                  The Instant Classic

                  Christian makes his way to the ring next in his ring gear and with his ECW Championship around his waist. The fans are behind him as much as ever and it’s very much a battle on the brand between him and Cena as to who is the real people’s champion. Before his match he grabs the mic.
                  “I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m sick of talking. The time for talking is over. Basically I am disgusted at how I retired this ECW Championship belt. On the last ever broadcast of ECW I defeated Samoa Joe to become the last ever ECW Champion. But I didn’t do it by my own merit. CM Punk interfered in the match which enabled me to defeat Joe. As far as I was concerned holding this championship meant that you were the man in this business. The man who could step in this ring, take whatever was thrown his way and still walk out champion. A man doesn’t take a cheap victory with someone else doing your dirty work. That is why I am hereby reinstating the ECW Championship. Regal, you can make it official or not, I don’t care, this is a matter of pride. From now on, if you step in between these ropes to dance with me, I’ll be putting this bad boy on the line because I’ll be damned if the legacy of ECW is going to end like it did against Joe. I determined to show that holding this title belt is more than a prop, but holding this title belt proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am the Instant Classic.”

                  The fans give Christian a respectful cheer as he looks to prove his worth. They get for a great match when Finlay’s music hits and he bursts through the curtain ready to take on Captain Charisma and go for some championship glory. Finlay has had some time off after Umaga’s death. Finlay was the monster’s last rival. The two friends shake hands before the match but as soon as the bell rings all friendship is tossed out the window. The match is aggressive from the get go as both men look like they have a point to prove. Christian in particular is very aggressive and tries to wear Finlay down quickly from the off.

                  As the match continues on both men frustrate each other by how well they know each other in the ring. Despite their willingness to take it up a notch neither man manages to push it up a level as the other keeps cutting their attacks short. Finlay gets frustrated first and throws Christian shoulder first into the ring post. Christian falls to the outside but Finlay doesn’t let up and follows him out. He picks Christian up and throws him shoulder first into the announce table. Finlay seems really determined to win and pulls his straps down after rolling Christian back into the ring. He positions Christian as he climbs to the second rope. He climbs to the second rope and jumps off looking to hit a leg drop but as he does, Christian rolls out of the way. Finlay starts to get to his feet but as he does Christian somehow manages to roll him up with a small package and picks up the quick victory. Christian is hurt after the match, holding onto his shoulder. Finlay is pissed and quickly heads to the back instead of checking on his friend. Christian stares at Finlay confused as he gets to his feet slowly with the ref handing him his ECW Title.

                  WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk

                  CM Punk’s entrance hits and he comes through the curtain to a huge chorus of boos filling the arena. Punk has a smirk on his face and a mike in his hand and decides to address the WWE Universe on his way down the aisle. “All you fans should be rejoicing because Smackdown finally has a Saviour. You are all giddy in expectation, waiting for ‘The Champ’ to come out and send you home happy but I am here to not only crush your hopes but to save you from yourselves. You see you all think that John Cena is the man who fulfils your dreams for you but all he is doing is holding you back from the seeing the reality that is your pathetic, addiction riddled lives. Well the escapism ends tonight. No longer can you live vicariously through John Cena because I am here to defeat him, to become the WWE Champion and to be your Straight-edge Saviour!”

                  Punk just stretches out his arms and soaks in the boos. The boos very quickly turn to cheers as John Cena’s music hits and the champ comes running down the aisle, saving us from CM Punk’s rant. Having lost Monday Night on Raw Punk shows a whole new attitude and proves exactly what he is capable of, dominating most of the match. Punk takes his time and slowly and methodically breaks down Cena, showing that he is certainly in Cena’s league. The Champ never says die however and works up into a come-back. He gets into position for the 5-Knuckle Shuffle but as he goes for the fist drop Punk gets his foot up and kicks him right in the jaw. Punk scrambles to his feet and hoists Cena up onto his shoulders for the GTS. Punk lets out a scream but before he does the move music rings out throughout the arena.

                  Samoa Joe stomps his way out onto the stage and points at Punk. Punk drops Cena and leans against the ropes telling Joe ‘this is how you get the job done!’ He spoke too soon however and turns round into an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena. 123 – Cena is still the champion. Joe runs down the aisle and ignores Cena, grapping Punk and nailing with a muscle buster. He then grabs the WWE Title and hands it to Cena, raising his arm as the show goes off the air.

                  **Really glad to get this pumped out. It's a mix of stuff I had written for the first and second Smackdown and a few new bits as well. Really excited about this - it was a slow show and it might seem like it not much happened but we have a 7 week build before the SD! ppv so the feuds aren't gonna be hugely intense straight away. As always all reviews and comments are greatly appreciated.

                  s u r r e n d e r

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                    Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                    Monday Night RAW is proud to present it's first stand alone Pay-Per-View event since these events became joint-brand extravaganza's in 2007. Bad Blood was a event promoted by the RAW brand in both 2003 and 2004, and we are proud to announce that in the month of September, this event will be returning via Pay-Per-View.

                    From this point forward, both RAW and Smackdown will trade PPV's each calender month, meaning Smackdown will host a stand-alone PPV of its own in the month of October. The only exceptions to this new format is the "Big Four" PPV's being dual-branded: Survivor Series in November, Royal Rumble in January, WrestleMania in March and SummerSlam in August will feature talent from both brands as a way to differentiate them from other events and keep their prestige as the events with the longest lineage and history.

                    Check back for more updates as they become available.

                    WWE Pay-Per-View Calender 2009/2010
                    September: Bad Blood (RAW)
                    October: TBA (Smackdown)
                    November: Survivor Series (RAW & Smackdown)
                    December: Cyber Sunday (RAW)
                    January: Royal Rumble (RAW & Smackdown)
                    February: No Way Out (Smackdown)
                    March: WrestleMania XXVI (RAW & Smackdown)

                    s u r r e n d e r

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                      Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                      A Run In Review

                      You've put up Raw, the last ECW and your awesome effort! As Smackdown was always to be your initial project I wanted to review it mainly as it is the start of something due to ECW closure...

                      MCMGs vs. Cryme Tyme- great to see such an exciting team open the show. These guys will really get your tag div moving even though you've already got a great div with Morrison/Miz, Bourne/Rey, and Hart Dyn all part of it. Not sure if these two teams would have good chemistry but I'm sure you are building them towards the better fore mentioned teams for feuds...

                      I think I've read this promo beofre. It;'s a great promo but kind of like a repeat for me

                      Kid vs. Bourne+ awesome, technical high flyers would keep the crowd pumped. It also allows for the tag title storyline to continue so its a win/win.

                      The next two matches I'm not sure what purpose they played, I'll stay tuned...

                      Big Show got it right, it was pretty poor. I may be a bit biased as I hate Edge. Jericho's promo was perfect, well done there, great stuff, and these two add again to a very stacked tag division!! I hope you can keep all these teams relevant and interesting you have heaps here. Well done to keep that moving. It does kinda say a little that you don't have too much for these guys and have put them inot tag teams, howevere if your plan is to push the tag titles and create storylines and feuds because you love tag matches then well done...

                      Joe squashing Chavo.. love it! No mic time for Joe..a little disappointing.

                      Christian vs. Finlay - mmm I didn't really like this. After ECW had a Paul Heyman appearance was hoping for a more "extreme" defence. I hated how WWECW had DQ's and hardcore matches were not normal stips likethe original ECW. Finlay's a tough guy but would have prefereed a more hardcore opponent and some chairs thrown in perhaps... Christian just doesn't fit the bill as a hardcore/ ecw champion sorry. It's just me. Was also hoping for a confrontation with Edge too... just me though.

                      Main event time.

                      Punk's promo spot on! Brilliant. Match was great. Joe handing Cena the title and sucking his cock.. hated it! My imagination was racing ahead of what I was reading and was picturing Joe eyeballing Cena as he is the Champ and is gunning for him, but has other business to deal with in Punk first. A sort of I'll kick your ass soon Cena look. And Cena not being too impressed with Joe interfering dynamic. He ignored Cena at first to hit the msucle buster, why not keep that going??

                      Enjoyed your show PB, it looked great, easy to read and got me pumped more than once. You've got some really great workers in there and I can't wait to see how you push your huge Tag division. I'm also interested to see who you are going to send after Cena as most of your ME talent is in the tag division and Punk is busy with Joe...

                      Look forward to your next episode(s)



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                        Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                        Only Smoke and Mirrors...

                        Previously on WWE: Legacy:

                        *The Union def. Team JBL at Summer Slam forcing JBL to hand over control of the WWE to the Board of Directors. They appointed Stephanie McMahon as the GM of a whole new Monday Night Raw.

                        *The Board of Directors separated the Undisputed WWE World Title into the WWE Title for Smackdown and the World Title on Raw.

                        *Cody Rhodes def. Triple H and Randy Orton in the one night to get the opportunity to face DiBiase for the World Title. It was a hard-fought contest between the former tag team champions, but there could only be one winner and Rhodes came out on top becoming the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion.

                        *DiBiase followed the best night of his career at Summer Slam with the worst. He lost the WWE Championship to John Cena and the World Title to Cody Rhodes.

                        *Jeff Hardy, despite brutally suffering at the hands of the Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell, managed to hobble into Raw long enough to cost the Phenom his match in the Title Tournament.

                        Raw kicks off in style as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to a ‘Vintage’ Monday Night Raw. The ring is decked out with a black carpet and black and gold ring ropes. Justin Roberts is standing in the ring with a microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for you new Heavyweight Champion of the World – The American Nightmare – Cody Rhodes!” Cody debuts new theme music as the arena fills with boos. Rhodes walks out with a very sharp suit. He stands on the stage and slowly opens up his suit jacket revealing the glistening gold belt with a huge grin on his face. As he does, black and gold confetti starts to fall from the arena ceiling. He unbuckles the belt and raises it above his head with one arm – the fans sickened at the sight of it. He slowly and confidently struts to the ring; a constant smile on his face.

                        “Folks please show your respect for true greatness – please put your hands together for the new face of Raw – please stand up for your New World Heavyweight Champion – The American Nightmare: Cody Rhodes!” Cody lifts his championship up high again – only further aggravating the fans. “Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker – all huge superstars and future hall of famers, all here on Monday Night Raw but this belt – this beautiful shiny belt (he pauses breaking into a huge grin again) well it means that I am better than them and that I am the best wrestler alive today. Ted DiBiase said that he felt like he was dreaming at Summer Slam when he became champion – well last week on Raw he fell into a nightmare as I defeated Randy Orton and Triple H in the same night before defeating him and becoming the youngest champion in WWE History. And so it’s only appropriate that we start things right tonight by celebrating this momentous occasion in style. Tonight is my night and nothing will get in the way of that.”

                        “It’s a New Day!” echoes around the arena as Rhodes is quickly interrupted by Ted DiBiase. DiBiase comes down to the ring unshaven, wearing sweat pants and a ‘Raw’ t-shirt. He has lost his championship swagger and seems like a broken man. He grabs a mike.

                        “You know what Cody I’m really not in the mood for a back and forth encounter here and I’m really not in the mood for all of your usual garbage. Here’s the facts 1) Last week was the worst night of my life as I lost everything. 2) You are the World Heavyweight Champion and if I’m going to prove that Summer Slam wasn’t a fluke – I need to be World Heavyweight Champion and 3) I have a re-match clause and I feel like cashing it in right here tonight in Portland Oregon!”

                        Rhodes and DiBiase square up and start talking trash as the fans are ready to see these two go at. The atmosphere changes very quickly however when Randy Orton’s music hits and the Viper comes to the ring wearing his ring gear and a t-shirt. Despite showing just how vicious he can be over the past few months – his reaction isn’t totally negative. It seems a minority of the WWE Universe have enjoyed Orton’s dominance and are starting to get behind him.

                        “Wow. Really wow. It seems I’ve created not one but two monsters. Two spoilt brats who seem to forget exactly how they got here. The reality is that both of you are nothing without me and I made your careers. And Ted you seem to forget that although Cody beat you last week, I too have a re-match clause in my contract – so if anyone’s taking home the World Championship tonight – it’s me.”

                        All three men start to argue and an exacerbated Rhodes speaks again.

                        “Dammit. You two need to realise that tonight isn’t about you, it’s about me. It’s about Cody Rhodes being the youngest ever World Champion so why don’t you both just head to the back and let my celebration continue in peace?”

                        ‘I’m all grown up’ hit’s and Stephanie McMahon marches out to the stage to get a bit or order. She says that it’s been obvious for a very long time that these three men have been on a collision course towards each other. Orton had fought DiBiase and DiBiase has fought Rhodes and Rhodes has fought Orton and to be quite frank – she’s getting sick of it all. It’s true that both Orton and DiBiase have rematches and they’ll get them but not tonight. At Bad Blood – Raw’s first pay-per-view – Legacy will implode once and for all as Cody Rhodes defends his World Championship against Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match. As for tonight, well even though he’s champion, the show isn’t entirely about Rhodes. So tonight Legacy will ride again as they will team together in a six-man tag team match against the returning Mr Kennedy...and...D-X! Rhodes is furious in the ring and starts to throw a hissy fit. DiBiase quickly exits, seemingly satisfied with getting his shot. Michael Cole asks how Legacy will be able to put aside their differences to team together one last time and as he does he gets his answer – Orton levels Rhodes with an RKO as we go to commercial.

                        Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

                        The All-American American Jack Swagger comes out to the ring with his Intercontinental Championship around his waist, ready for action. Swagger has had an incredible year for such a new superstar. He had a good run with the ECW Championship until CM Punk won it in a six-man match. From there he took Matt Hardy’s Intercontinental Championship and was an integral member of Team JBL – main eventing Summer Slam. The fans are much happier to see his opponent tonight- Santino Marella! Santino tries to have a joke with Swagger in the ring to start things off but the IC Champ just looks at Santino as if he’d called his mother a whore. He quickly charges at him, ducks behind him while hooking his arms around his waist. Santino panics as Swagger quickly throws him across the ring with a release German suplex. Swagger stays on Santino and drives his knee into his back before locking in a cobra clutch. Swagger gets vicious and starts to pull Santino’s head back by the hair – forcing the referee to break the hold. Santino writhes in pain on the mat in the corner. Swagger punds his chest before running, jumping over Santino and up onto the second rope before launching himself backwards nailing a slingshot splash. Swagger does push-ups in the ring as he waits for Santino to get to his feet. When he does he’s met with a gutwrench powerbomb and then a 123. Jack Swagger shows just how good he is now that he’s on Raw. He seems focused and set to hold onto his title at whatever cost.

                        Jeff Hardy – Never Say Die

                        Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen when The Undertaker defeated Jeff Hardy in the Hell in the Cell match at Summer Slam it left its mark on Hardy. Hardy has been ordered to stay at home this week to help him get on the mend. We’re going to join Jeff now via satellite to hear see how his recovery is coming along. So Jeff, how are you feeling?

                        Jeff Hardy: Well I’m on the mend. There’s no doubt about it – Hell in a Cell takes it out of you and I’m knocked up but I am desperate to get back to action. Yeah, the Undertaker got the best of me at Summer Slam, but that doesn’t mark the end for Jeff Hardy.

                        Jerry Lawler: You know, you were meant to stay at home last week as well Jeff but you dragged yourself to Raw and cost the Dead-man his shot at the World Title. Here’s my question – do you really think it’s wise to raise the ire of the Phenom after all he’s put you through?

                        Hardy: King, that’s exactly why I’m not done with the dead man. He’s put me through hell and done everything he can to make my life a misery. I cannot let him have the last word. This – between me and the Undertaker – it’s about more than championships and more than wrestling – he has made my life hell and I cannot let him away scot-free. At Summer Slam I failed to send him back to hell, but I will not stop until this is finished.

                        Cole: Aren’t you worried about just what else the Undertaker can put you through?

                        Hardy: No. Absolutely not. There is nothing The Undertaker can do than can be worse than what he’s already done. I live my life to the extreme which means I never give up and I never say die – not even when it comes to the Undertaker.

                        Cole: Jeff thank you for your time and we hope that you get back to 100% soon and join us back here on Raw.

                        Would the real Dolph Ziggler please stand up

                        Dolph Ziggler comes out to the ring next with a sour look on his face. This brash young superstar has made a huge name for himself by trading wins with John Cena before becoming a part of Team JBL. He’s dressed for action but, as usual, has plenty to say first.

                        “Last week a new era in the WWE began as we crowned not one but two new World Champions. Apparently the top ranked superstars on Raw and Smackdown battled it out to get a shot at the gold. But yet, last time I checked, yours truly, Dolph Ziggler, wasn’t involved. Last year I was held back and so I did something about, I smashed my way through the glass ceiling and I made it on my own. I annihilated the poster boy John Cena and staked my claim as one of the top superstars in the WWE Universe. It seems however that that counts for nothing here. It seems that the same guys get the same spots and I – the actual top superstar in the WWE – get left behind. So, that’s fine, I’ll stop complaining. Instead I’ll prove to the board of directors, to Stephanie McMahon and to the entire WWE Universe that Dolph Ziggler isn’t a flash in the pan but that I am the real deal. So...who wants a shot? Who wants to step up and prove themselves? I am willing to face anyone in this entire locker-room to prove it.”

                        Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP

                        It doesn’t take long for the challenge to be answered as out comes Montel Vontavious Porter – M.V.P.! MVP gets a strong reaction from the fans who hope to see Porter shut Ziggler up. MVP has had a frustrating year losing both his US Championship and becoming the first Money in the Bank winner to not win the World Title. Despite that he has won the fans over and put on plenty of stellar performances. Tonight he looks like he’s had a fire lit under him and he and Ziggler go all out to prove a point. MVP, however, seems to have that extra bit of energy and eventually begins to overwhelm Ziggler. Ziggler grows visibly frustrated and rolls out of the ring. The referee keeps MVP in the ring as Ziggler shows no sign of coming back in. He starts to retreat up the aisle and the referee has no choice but to count him out. MVP half-celebrates his victory but is obviously disappointed at its weak finish.

                        Brian Kendrick visits Stephanie McMahon

                        Stephanie McMahon is sitting at her desk when Brian Kendrick bursts in giving her a shock. He seems distracted and looks anywhere but at Stephanie. He says that he can sympathise with Dolph Ziggler and that he hopes that Stephanie isn’t forgetting the huge impact he’s made over the past few months. Stephanie replies that she has been very impressed with Kendrick and has set him up with a match later tonight. Kendrick says that if she really wants to see what he’s capable of she should make it a no dq match. With a grin Steph says that she likes the way he thinks and makes it official.

                        Kofi Kingston vs. Paul Burchill

                        Paul Burchill is standing by in the ring when we return from commercial break. The fans erupt when his opponents music hits and Kofi Kingston rallies the fans up as he makes his way to the ring. Burchill attacks Kofi as soon as he gets into the ring and starts to wear him down with his aggressive offense. Burchill had a great run on ECW alongside William Regal and looks set to continue that tonight. Kingston however is resilient and battles back with the WWE Universe behind him. Despite Burchill’s best efforts there’s little he can do about a Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere giving Kofi the win. Kingston is on a roll and set to do big things on Monday Night Raw.

                        Are You Ready?

                        Backstage Shawn Michaels is taping up his wrists when we hear a voice off camera. “Are you ready?” Triple H walks into the scene and the two embrace. Triple H says he has never been more excited to be getting the band back together. “Over the past few months we’ve been through hell – now, it’s time to go back to doing what we do best.” Shawn agrees and adds “And if you’re not down with that we’ve got two words for ya” “MISSSSSSTERRRR KENEDYYYY...KENEDYYY!!!” Mr Kennedy comes into the scene and Shawn and Triple H just stare at him confused. Triple H adds – “Isn’t that three words?”

                        Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

                        Brian Kendrick almost stumbles to the ring with his hair covering his face and a kendo stick in his hand. He ignores all of the fans and squats in the ring with the kendo stick across his shoulders, waiting for his opponent. Matt Hardy comes out, re-debuting on Raw, ready to show what he’s capable of. He comes out all guns blazing with a trash can full of weapons and they start going at it right off. Hardy shows just how much of an expert he is in this environment and Kendrick, although innovative, seems to struggle. Kendrick however gets an unexpected aid when The Undertaker appears out of nowhere and chokeslams Hardy onto a trash can. Kendrick is quick to capitalise and covers Hardy to pick up the important win. Taker chases Kendrick out of the ring before picking Hardy up off the mat and delivering a Last Ride before kicking him out of the ring and getting a microphone.
                        Thus Saith the Deadman

                        “Jeff Hardy. It seems you’ve yet to learn your lesson. You...are my...league. This is the devil’s playground and the sooner you realise that you cannot win this war the better. I will go through you and your family until you get the picture. I’m gonna give you one more more chance to At Bad Blood I challenge you to a casket match – to our final battle. And Jeff think long and hard because if you accept at Bad Blood you will Rest...In...Peace!”

                        Double Trouble

                        When we return from commercial break The Bella Twins are in the ring finishing off shooting t-shirts to the crowd, hyping them up in time for the main event. They are finishing up when Lay-Cools music hits and Michelle and Layla start to walk down to the ring – mics in hand of course.

                        McCool: Oh my gosh Lay? Are these girls serious?

                        Layla: I don’t Michelle. It’s like a weird dream.

                        McCool: More like a nightmare.

                        Layla: Yeah, with double the ugly.

                        McCool: I can’t believe these poor people have to sit here and watch these two.

                        Layla: I know, right?

                        The Bellas just stand are stare at Lay-Cool as they make their way into the ring.

                        LayCool: Ok...Real Talk!

                        Layla: You know, just because Smackdown got the Diva’s Title doesn’t mean that the girls on Raw aren’t important.

                        McCool: Yeah, and we’re going to show the entire WWE Universe that if LayCool are on Raw – then LayCool will be on top. Why? Because we’re...

                        LayCool: Flawless!

                        They immediately jump they Bellas and although the twins try to fight back, they were never dressed or ready for fighting and LayCool very quickly dominate. Referees quickly come running out and pull them off but the damage has already been done.

                        Legacy vs. D-X and Mr Kennedy!

                        DX come out to the ring first to a huge ovation from the fans, possibly the biggest of the night. They look like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders and that they’re able to do what they do best. Mr. Kennedy comes out next and he too gets a great reaction – the fans are pumped to see him return. He comes to the ring with a lot of energy and shakes hands with DX – his partners for the night. Legacy come out next – separately of course – and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. DiBiase gets a fairly positive reaction, Orton’s is very mixed and Rhodes gets nuclear heat.

                        DiBiase starts things off Triple H but the match never really gets off the ground. Cody and Orton start arguing on the apron and pretty soon they’re brawling up the aisle. DiBiase leans over the ropes yelling for them to get it back together but to no avail. DiBiase turns round and walks into Sweet Chin Music from HBK (who sneaked into the ring) before stumbling into Triple H who nails him with a pedigree. Triple H points at Kennedy who’s begging for the tag and the fans cheer in approval. H tags Kennedy who climbs to the top rope and nails the fallen DiBiase with a Kenton Bomb for the win.

                        DiBiase is out of it and Rhodes and Orton are out of sight as DX and Kennedy celebrate. DX seem pleased enough with Kennedy and raise his arms in victory. Kennedy falls to his knees and bows down to DX in respect, showing how much he thinks of them. DX have no problem with keeping on celebrating but as they do, Kennedy, still on his knees, delivers a double low blow from behind. He opens his mouth wide, mocking being shocked. He grabs Triple H and drives his skull into the mat with a mic-check before giving the same treatment to HBK. The show goes off the air with Kennedy standing tall over DX.
                        BaD BlOOD

                        World Heavyweight Championship
                        Legacy finally implodes

                        Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

                        Ok, there's Raw. It's still rusty because I'm writing with Will's characters. I'm obviously changing DiBiase a lot but guys like Ziggler, Kendrick, Taker and Jeff he did a really good job with so I need to take a while fleshing them out and getting to know how they act. I also struggled with the LayCool promo so we'll see what happens there. As always all reviews and comments are really appreciated.*

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                          Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                          JBL made a huge mistake when he became soul-owner of the WWE: he ignored women's wrestling. After retiring both the WWE Women's and WWE Diva's Championships, the girls were left to flounder with no focus or direction. Now, the Diva's Championship is coming back to Friday Night Smackdown giving the smart, sexy and powerful female athlethes something to aim for. Smackdown is putting lots of time and effort behind the Diva's division in an effort to create the greatest female division in WWE's History.


                          Mickie James is arguably the greatest female wrestler in WWE History. Mickie was a talented honors student in school who could have chosen any career she wanted, but she was always going to follow her passion and become a professional wrestler. Mickie honed her craft all around America on the independant circuit before making her WWE debut making an instant impact in an all-time great rivalry with Trish Stratus. A multi-time Women's Champion, Mickie is sure to lead the way on Smackdown as the girls fight for the respect and adoration of the WWE Universe.


                          Melina entered the WWE as the manager of MNM - Jonny Nitro and Joey Mercury. It didn't take long however before Melina came away from the sidelines and showed exactly what she was capable of in-ring. Proving she was more than just a unique entrance - Melina combined her incredible flexibility with her never-say-die attitude to capture the hearts of the WWE Universe. It was a long journey for Melina, appearing in the early stages of the original Tough Enough but failing to make the mark. Now she is ready to take her career to the next level on Friday Night Smackdown by capturing the Diva's Championship.


                          There are few families as proud in wrestling history as the legendary Harts. Son of Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart, Natalya has learnt he craft the best way possible: under the tutelage of legends such as The Anvil, Owen Hart and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. She is keen however to prove her own legacy. "eing a third-generation Diva is actually history in the making, but my family didn’t make me who I am today. Don’t compare me to my uncles or my grandfather. Everything I’ve earned is on my own." After managing the Hart Dynasty to the top on ECW (along with tangling with Katie Lea in the mean time) she is ready to be her own person, getting some silverware on Friday Nights.

                          When Gail Kim first debuted in the WWE, she won the women's championship in her first match. Widely considered one the best in-ring talents in the world, Gail has had sucess in every company she had been a part of, and she expects the pattern to continue on Friday's. Skilled in every aspect of the game with a particular emphasis on submission, Gail is a fire-cracker to watch out for. What she lacks in size she gains in heart and determination.

                          As soon as Kelly Kelly appeared on Extreme Expose the WWE Universe fell in love. Her infectious smile and undying enthusiasm makes her Smackdown's Girl Next Door. Debuting on ECW she has been a fan favourite ever since. Kelly admits she isn't the most natural in-ring compeitor but she continues to work hard and try to reinvent herself. Kelly has yet to win any titles but her main aim is to have the Diva's Title around here waist. Alongside her BFF Tiffany, she will electrify Friday Nights.

                          Maryse adds a uniquely continental flavour to the Diva's Roster. A finalist in the Diva Search Competition, it's obvious Maryse considers herself to be better than the rest of the roster in every possible way. A former champion in her own right, Maryse is determined to add the ultimate accesory to her outift - the Diva's Championship. Will her bad attitude prove too much for Maryse to stay on top or will she dominate the competition?

                          Nobody personifies the Smart, Sexy and Powerful mantra of the Diva's better than Tiffany. Tiffany worked her way into the WWE as assistant to the General Manager Teddy Long on ECW before taking over the full-time posistion. From there she became a backstage interviewer all the while honing her in-ring skills, all in preparation for the return of the Diva's Championship on Smackdown. Called by their fans, The Blonde Bombshells, along with Kelly Kelly, Tiffany will be sure to excite Smackdown's fans.

                          No one elicits as much emotion from the WWE Universe as Jillian. Unfortunately it's the wrong kind of emotion as the fans hate to hear Jillian sing. Jillian first appeared as a member of JBL's cabinet, but she soon flourished on her own. Known for her lack of talent on the mic as much as she is for her talent in the ring, Jillian is ready to hit the right notes on Friday Nights. She's a grizzled veteran of the division but is yet to hold gold. Will this new start for the division be the new start Jillian needs to go to the top? Only time will tell.

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                            Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                            The Power

                            Previously on WWE Legacy:

                            *John Cena successfully defended his WWE Championship against CM Punk, but not without some distraction from Samoa Joe. It seems things are far from over for Joe and Punk.

                            *Christian announced that he isn’t retiring the ECW Championship after all. Because of CM Punk’s interference in his final defence against Samoa Joe, Christian felt like the belt was tainted and so he will defend it against all challengers to restore it to the prestige it deserves.

                            *Natalya made an impressive debut by defeating Kelly Kelly. Kelly put up a great fight, but no one fights out of the sharpshooter.

                            *Dustin Rhodes made his Smackdown debut defeating William Regal. It seemed like Rhodes was winning over the WWE Universe, although that was mostly because of their contempt for Regal, who was furious after his loss.

                            *Kevin Steen shared his disturbing tale of how he became a wrestler to be continued tonight.

                            *Tyson Kidd showed that The Hart Dynasty mean business as he defeated Evan ‘Air’ Bourne. After the match, The Miz and John Morrison let both the Harts and the Champs know that they are still coming for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

                            *The tag team division got a huge boost with two new teams: Team Ego: Edge and Chris Jericho and the team of Kane and The Big Show.

                            After a new opening package airs, highlighting the new Smackdown roster and the new WWE Champion, Matt Striker and Todd Grisham welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown. They hype a huge main event as Christian is set to defend his ECW Championship against Mark Henry in an Extreme Rules match. They say that this decision was made by our new General Manager who will be addressing the WWE Universe very early on tonight!

                            Dustin Rhodes in action

                            A cow-bell rings and Dustin Rhodes makes his way through the curtain to new entrance music. He gets a fair reaction from the crowd and seems like a new man with this move to Friday Nights. He’s amped up and ready to go as he marches to the ring and waits for his opponent. He waits for quite a while with no one coming out. Justin Roberts grabs the microphone and announces: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen I have been informed that there is no time to wait, but that it is now time to welcome your new General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown!’ Rhodes looks confused but he soon realises what’s up when William Regal’s music hits and the angry Brit walks out in a suit onto the stage.

                            Regal says that the WWE Board of Directors was looking for a man to lead Friday Nights and it was obvious that William Regal was that very man. They needed a man with integrity, character and a strong-will. Regal was that very man. He says that he is going to make Smackdown the greatest brand in Sports Entertainment and that he’s going to do it with strong leadership. He then turns to Rhodes. He says that last week Rhodes thought it was very bloody funny that Regal lost. The fact is that Rhodes couldn’t touch Regal in a proper wrestling match but had to resort to despicable underhanded tactics to win. ‘Well sunshine you’re in for a treat tonight. Last week you had a laugh at my expense and that bloody well won’t happen again. No tonight instead we have a little chuckle at your expense – so please welcome your opponents.’

                            Rhodes’ face drops as The Miz and John Morrison come out all smiles. Regal obviously has no problem in using his authority to his advantage as he forces Rhodes into a handicap match. Rhodes launches himself at Miz and Morrison as they enter the ring but he really has no chance. The two men very quickly overpower the one and dominate him. Miz and Morrison are having fun with Rhodes and rip him apart slowly and methodically. The Miz lifts him off the mat and debuts a new finishing mover which Matt Striker explains is called the Skull Crushing Finale. He then drags Rhodes to the corner of the ring where Morrison gets to show off his new finisher a split-legged corkscrew moonsault – which Striker says is called Starship Pain. Morrison pins Rhodes and the two pick up the win, with Regal watching from the stage smiling the whole time.

                            Byron Saxton Interviews Natalya

                            Saxton: Natalya it seems like The Hart Dynasty are on a role that cannot be stopped. AT ECW Tyson and DH became the number one contenders to the tag team championships and then last week on Smackdown Tyson pinned Evan Bourne while you defeated Kelly Kelly. My question is, are you forgetting about managing the boys as you focus on becoming Diva’s champion?

                            Natalya: Absolutely not. Do you the greatest thing about the Harts is? We’re family. We stick together because we have a bond that is so much deeper than any other groups in the WWE. Do I want to be Diva’s Champion? You bet your ass I do, it’s my number one goal here on Smackdown, but you have to remember that girls can multi-task Byron – so I’ll be making sure I look after my boys at the same time.

                            Saxton: General Manager William Regal has yet to announce how the Diva’s Champion will be crowned so in the mean time all you can do is go out and impress. Last week you pinned Kelly Kelly, this week Maryse takes on Mickie James. Who do you see making an impact tonight?

                            Natalya: You know it’s a hard one. Mickie is undoubtedly one of the best ever and she has done nothing but shine in this company. She’s held gold lots of times before, she has a taste for it and I’m sure she’ll be pretty determined to make history again by holding the Diva’s Championship one last time. On the other hand Maryse has risen up the ranks fast in the WWE. She’s a former Diva’s champion and although she isn’t quite the polished wrestler that Mickie is, she knows her strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to her advantage. It’s a tough one to call but I’m happy to fight either one to show I’m the best.

                            Saxton: Thanks for your time Natalya.

                            DH Smith vs. Rey Mysterio

                            Natalya makes her way to the ring following the commercial break as she and Tyson Kidd accompany DH Smith to his match against Rey Mysterio. A graphic flashes across the screen hyping up The Hart Dynasty getting their tag team championship match next week on Smackdown against Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio. Both tag teams have great fan support and surely the Harts will have a big advantage as next week’s show comes live from Toronto, Canada. Smith controls the match from the beginning using his considerable size and power advantage to ground Rey Mysterio. Rey tries to wriggle away from Smith but he had brains as well as brawn and manages to keep the pace of the match slow and steady, keeping it to his advantage.

                            Rey Mysterio isn’t called The Ultimate Underdog for no reason however, and Smith can’t keep him grounded for long. Eventually Rey manages to kick Smith in the skull, dazing him for long enough to give Rey the breather he needs to catch his bearings. Smith goes after Rey but the master of the 619 starts to reverse Smith’s offence before finally landing some shots of his own. Rey starts to build momentum but Smith cuts it short with a big time lariat. Smith quickly hoists Mysterio up for a running powerslam but as he does Rey reverse it into a victory roll and gets the quick pin-count. Smith and Rey pop up quickly and Smith is shocked as Rey raises in arm, exhausted in victory. Smith shakes his head disappointed as Rey extends his hand. Kidd and Bourne quickly roll into the ring and the two teams are facing off against each other. Rey’s hand is still extended and as Smith reaches out to shake it Bourne and Kidd shake hands as well. These two teams have a great respect for each other but next week it’s all about the gold.


                            The camera cuts to the backstage area where Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are playing Smackdown vs. Raw on the Playstation 3. They’re having a tag team match pitting D-X vs. Cryme Tyme. As they’re laughing about how easy Cryme Tyme are to dominate Shad and JTG walk over. “Oooh, this is awkward,” quips Shelley. JTG tries to laugh it off but Shad suddenly grabs the tv and smashes it to the floor. “You think you’re funny don’t you? You punks think just because you got lucky last week that we’re the joke tag team here on Smackdown? Nah, you get in the ring wit us again and we’ll show y’all who the joke really is,” says Shad. “We don’t think you’re a joke because we beat you last week – relax. No, we think you guys are a joke because you’re dressed like it’s 1994 and out of all the things you steal, you never manage to steal a victory,” Sabin replies. The two teams square up. Alex Shelley then adds, “Now are you going to do something about it or are you going to prove that you really are a joke.” Cryme Tyme crack and they start to brawl with the Guns. The two teams start to fight it out but agents and referees are quick to run over and break them up before things get out of hand.

                            Mickie James vs. Maryse

                            Maryse comes to the ring looking like she’d rather be anywhere else and letting the fans know that they need to speak to the hand. Matt Striker gets very excited at the prospect of calling a Maryse match calling her his French Fancy. The WWE Universe are definitely much more excited however to see Mickie James who bursts through the curtain as a bundle of energy. She carries her energy from her entrance through to her match and catches Maryse off guard with a flurry of offence. Maryse has to roll out of the ring to escape but Mickie follows her to the outside. Maryse is ready for her and quickly rams her back-first into the announce table. Mickie winces in pain but Maryse doesn’t relent and slams Mickie head first onto the table. Maryse rolls James into the ring and gets a two-count.

                            Maryse picks Mickie up and nails her with a face-buster for another two count. Maryse is furious with the ref and gets right into his face, yelling at him in French. The fans boo Maryse and she takes exception to this as well and starts to yell at them in French as well. This gives Mickie time to recover and as Maryse turns around to meet her she goes for a Mick Kick but Maryse ducks in time. Maryse kicks her in the gut and goes for a DDT. Maryse spends too long flicking her hair however and James lifts her up and over with a big back body drop. As Maryse struggle to her feet she is met with a Mick Kick. James quickly makes the cover and wins with the 123. Mickie James has surely put herself into contention for the Diva’s Championship.

                            The Champ is Here

                            Out next is the WWE Champion – John Cena. Cena comes out to a huge ovation from the WWE Universe and is in great spirits. He briefly addresses the fans saying that after all he’s had to endure from both Dolph Ziggler and JBL it is a relief to be holding the WWE Championship again. He says that he is back where he belongs – holding the belt that proves beyond any doubt that he is the best. Chavo Guerrero comes out next set for a potentially career-changing match. The two start things on the mat and Cena shows that he’s no slouch, outwrestling the Mexican warrior. Chavo tries his best but the champ is the champ for a reason and wastes little time in dominating. He hits the five knuckle shuffle, then the AA followed by the STF – forcing Chavo to submit.

                            Introducing...part 2...

                            Part 2 of a Sit Down Conversation with Kevin Steen plays next. Like last week, Steen is just sitting on a chair in a darkish room, talking to the camera.

                            Enter Team Ego

                            We come back to Smackdown from commercials and Chris Jericho is standing in the ring with his music playing wearing a very sharp suit.

                            “Ladies and Gentlemen I’m here to introduce you to my new tag team partner. He has won an incredible thirteen tag team championship and introduced the world to the TLC match in the process. He has been the WCW United States Champion and won the Intercontinental Championship 5 times. He’s a former King of the Ring and a two time holder of the money in the bank briefcase. On top of all of this he has won the World Championship an outstanding nine times. Now, he’s set to be a part of the greatest tag team of all time alongside yours truly. Please welcome – The Ultimate Opportunist, The Rated R Superstar and soon to be WWE Tag Team Champion – EDGE!”

                            Edge’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring – ready for action. The fans aren’t very excited to see him but Jericho is and enthusiastically applauds Edge all the way to the ring. Edge’s opponent, Finlay, gets a much better reaction from the fans. Edge is like a man possessed and goes all out to get a win and to impress his new partner. Finlay displays his usual gritty determinism but Edge has something extra – Jericho at ringside. Jericho does everything he can to distract Finlay and it eventually pays off as he distracts Finlay long enough for Edge to hit the spear and pick up the win. Edge and Jericho celebrate after the match – showing that they are as together as a tag team can be.

                            Joe’s Gonna Kill You

                            Samoa Joe is standing by with a microphone.

                            “They, ah, they’ve asked me to address the WWE Universe with regards to CM Punk. You see CM Punk brought me into the WWE and I was grateful for that – but me and CM Punk are two very different people. Am I straight edge? Hell no, and I don’t think that makes me a bad person – in fact I know that doesn’t make me a bad person. And so our relationship, our friendship, it didn’t quite work out. That little punk turned his back on me and left me high and dry. So, I did what I did best and I kicked his ass at Summer Slam – ready to move on. Of course being the bitter and jaded man that he is, Punk couldn’t move on and so he cost me the ECW Title. Now, I get that he didn’t like my – lifestyle – but we had our battle. When he then took it to the next level and cost me the chance to go down in history. Punk, I don’t take too kindly to that. You might think we’re even since I cost you the WWE Title last week but I’m afraid you did more than cost me a title, you made this a whole lot more personal. You embarrassed me and you ruined what was set to be the biggest night of my career. Well Punk guess what – we’re nowhere near even. I am going to humiliate you, I am going to ruin your career and I am going to make you pay. CM Punk – I’m going to freakin’ kill you.

                            Bryan Danielson vs. Primo

                            Bryan Danielson makes his Smackdown debut up next as he takes on Primo Colon. Primo ended up on the losing end of a bitter feud with his brother Carlito earlier in the year and needs a win to pick up some more momentum. Danielson meanwhile was a part of Paul Heyman’s ‘New Superstar Initiative’ on ECW and consistently impressed. Tonight, Bryan continued that trend as he very quickly picked Primo apart. In a short but entertaining match-up Danielson took little time to gain the upper hand and lock in the Cattle Mutilation for the victory by submission. Surely big things are in store for this young superstar.

                            Kane & The Big Show vs. Jimmy Wang & The Hurricane

                            More tag team action up next as Kane & The Big Show take on the team of Jimmy Wang and The Hurricane. The Hurricane wore a cowboy hat to show solidarity with his team-mate but that’s as far as their team-work lasted. Kane and The Big Show made it clear that they will be the team to beat in the WWE as Hurricane and Wang got in zero offence. After a few minutes of torture Kane and Show nailed Hurricane with a doube chokelsam for the victory. Whoever wins next week’s tag team title match has a big battle in store in Kane and Big Show are entering the division.


                            The camera cuts to commotion backstage where trainers and referees are crowded around a fallen body. The cameraman works his way through the crowd to reveal Samoa Joe, lying unconscious, being attended to by medics.

                            ECW Championship: Christian (c) vs. Mark Henry

                            Mark Henry makes his way out to the ring next to try and capture Christian’s ECW Championship. Henry was a victim of the Civil War which overshadowed a lot of hard-working superstars. Henry, a former ECW Champion in his own right, is intense and ready to re-launch his career. Christian’s music hits and the fans all jump to their feet. Christian has been called the people’s champion and it seems like that’s a suitable title as he gets one of the best reactions of the night. Christian is wearing a t-shirt and keeps it on for the match – seemingly preparing himself for the extreme rules f this match-up.

                            Christian wastes little time in getting things started and goes at Henry with a flurry of offence trying to catch the big man of guard. He uses his speed and agility to disorientate Henry. Mark Henry hasn’t survived this long in the WWE to be beaten that easily however and pretty quickly levels Christian with a clothesline, evening the odds. The match quickly turns to a brawl around the ring-side area. Henry uses the ringside environment to inflict punishment on Christian but the Champ has no problem in using weapons as a equaliser. He grabs a kendo stick and drives it between Henry’s legs before rolling the big man back into the ring.

                            Christian climbs to the top rope and launches himself at Henry but the World’s Strongest Man catches Captain Charisma and slams him to the mat for a two count. Henry starts laying the boots into Christian before picking him off the mat. He grabs Christian and lifts him up above his head in a military press. As Henry shows off his incredible strength, Christian shows off his brains as he wriggles backwards and lands on his feet. He quickly grabs Henry and hits a Killswitch into a trash can lid, pinning Mark Henry and successfully defending his ECW Championship. Christian’s aim is to restore prestige to the title and to retire it with its name and legacy intact. Now, after beating Finlay and Henry – Christian is well on his way to showing just how much the ECW Title means. He holds the belt high in the air as Smackdown goes off the air.

                            *And there's Smackdown. This one feels a bit rough as I've used a few segments from my Smackdown for the last LEgacy and a few new ones - so I didn't write it all at the same time. I'm also sure people won't like Cena's small role or the proliferation of jobber matches. Rest assured however that they all serve a purpose and with having a seven-show build for the Smackdown pay=per-view - I don't want to give big matches up too often. LEt me know what you think, reviews and comments are always appreciated.

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                              Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                              Jeff Hardy vs. The Undertaker in a casket match has been added to the card for Bad Blood. After feuding for months with both men picking up big victories it's expected that this is the final match so expect big things. Also announced for the main event of this week's Monday Night Raw: The Hardy Boys reunite to take on The Undertaker and Brian Kendrick.

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