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PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

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    Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

    Casket Match
    The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

    DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Mr. Kennedy & ???

    Hardcore Match
    Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

    MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Intercontinental Championship
    Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

    Team LayCool vs. The Bellas

    CM Punk x Best In The World
    November 20, 2011 - January 27, 2013
    434 Consecutive Days as Champion.
    2014 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS | Go White Sox.. Fuck.. When do the Bears start..

    CHICAGO 7x17x11
    CHICAGO 4x29x12


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      Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

      World Heavyweight Championship
      Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

      Casket Match
      The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

      DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Mr. Kennedy & ???

      Hardcore Match
      Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

      MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

      Intercontinental Championship
      Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

      Team LayCool vs. The Bellas


      Originally posted by RT
      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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        Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*


        s u r r e n d e r

        ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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          Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

          World Heavyweight Championship
          Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

          Casket Match
          The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

          DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Mr. Kennedy & ???

          Hardcore Match
          Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

          MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

          Intercontinental Championship
          Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

          Team LayCool vs. The Bellas


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            Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

            Previously on WWE Legacy:

            * Kevin Steen has made a huge mark on Smackdown in such a short period of time. We saw what a deranged mind he possessed in his initial interviews and we learnt his ultimate annihilate John Cena. Steen is well on his way to achieving his goal, having left the WWE Champion lying two weeks in a row. The Champ is livid, Steen is persistent, how will GM William Regal address this situation tonight?

            *Samoa Joe is training harder than ever for the fight of his life against CM Punk. Punk, meanwhile, is proving himself in the ring and running his mouth outside of it. These two put on a classic battle at Summer Slam – we’re only weeks away from the most anticipated re-match in years: JOE/PUNK II.

            * After being vacant for the duration of the Civil War, we finally crowned a new Diva’s Champion last week – Natalya. Natalya filled her life-long dream of being a champion by defeating one of the all-time greats Mickie James in a outstanding main event, proving that the girls bring as much to the table as the boys. Natalya will have to work hard to hold onto her belt as new Diva’s Assistant Manager Vickie Guerrero finds her first challenger.

            *After robbing The Hart Dynasty of the WWE Tag Team Championships, The Miz and John Morrison celebrated on The Dirt Sheet. IT wasn’t long before both The Harts and Rey/Bourne made it clear that they wanted title shots and the entire show ended in chaos. Miz and Morrison may have won the titles the easy way, but it won’t be so easy to hold onto them.

            * Finlay, standing up for his friend Dustin Rhodes, called out crooked GM William Regal and his crony Drew McIntyre. Finlay got more than he bargained for, however, when Regal brought out his newest apprentice – The Celtic Warrior Sheamus. Finlay put up a strong fight, but the fiery red-head made a great first impression, defeating Finlay with his Pale Justice Crucifix Powerbomb. After the match Regal called the shots and McIntyre finished Finlay off the same way he finished off Rhodes: with a devastating Future shock DDT on a steel chair.

            *Team Ego (Edge & Chris Jericho) showed just how far they’re willing to go to climb the ranks in the tag division, by picking off the biggest team of them all: Kane & The Big Show. After making quick work of Cryme Tyme, Kane and Show were blindsided by Edge and Jericho who were brandishing steel chairs. Something tells me the battle between these two teams is far from over.

            *Christian yet again defended his ECW Championship valiantly, this week against Chris Sabin. Christian’s weekly defences since coming to Smackdown have gone a long way towards showing just how important a championship the ECW Title is. Meanwhile contenders are emerging left, right and centre. Sabin and his partner Shelley, along with Mark Henry, The Hurricane, Finlay, Bryan Danielson and many more are all impressing and will look to take Christian’s title from around his waist.

            If You Want Some...

            A Little Housekeeping

            The show starts from William Regal’s office where he is sitting by his desk to address the fans. He says that he has happily let things play out over the last few weeks without too much interference from him, but with Joe/Punk II arriving in just over three weeks it’s time for a little housekeeping.

            1) He wants to end the squabbling over who deserves a shot at the tag team championships. Tonight Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio will face off against The Hart Dynasty for the number one contender-ship.

            2) Regal praises The People's Champion Christian for showing just how much the ECW Championships means to him. He has not only defended it valiantly but he has put on a great match every week. The reality is, however, that this is not ECW - it's Smackdown. Tonight Mark Henry will take on Bryan Danielson, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin in a fatal four-way match. The winner will take on Christian at Joe/Punk II to decide the last ever ECW Champion.

            3) Next week Samoa Joe will be fit enough to return to Smackdown, but I am forced to protect my main event match between Joe and Punk and so I am enforcing a no contact clause between the two men. Should either of them touch the other one, the match is off and the will be suspended indefinitely.

            4) He also praises Kevin Steen for having the balls to make an instant impact. He'd love for this to continue but he cannot let the champion end every show lying unconscious.He would also love to throw Steen a title match, but he's going to have to earn it. Tonight, Kevin Steen will face John Cena and if he wins he gets a title shot at Joe/Punk II.

            Chris Jericho w/Edge vs. The Big Show w/Kane

            As soon as Regal disappears from the screen this song plays:

            Chris Jericho, wearing a Team Ego shirt, makes his way to the ring accompanied by his Tag Team Partner Edge. The fans in attendance are less than excited about seeing them and have no problem letting them know.

            The Fires of Hell explode as Kane and The Big Show make their way to the ring together – Big Show ready for action. A graphic flashes up announcing that these two teams will do battle at Joe/Punk II, so tonight is a warm-up of that huge tag team match. Jericho talks trash to Show while they circle around the ring. The Big Show walks over to Jericho and the closer he gets, the less Jericho talks. Eventually they’re face to...abdomen, and Jericho quickly shuts up. Jericho takes a big gulp before kicking Show straight in the knee. He kicks Show again and the giant doubles over, clutching his knee. Jericho grabs the big man’s head and starts to bite. The referee forces him off. Jericho grabs the Big Show but is shoved backwards with enough force to knock him off his feet. Jericho gets up quickly and runs at Show but is met with a big boot to the face.

            Big Show dominates Jericho, showing just what a force he is. It doesn’t take long, however, before Edge makes his presence felt. Jericho clings onto the referee, seeking help, and as he does Edge leaps onto the apron and grabs at The Big Show. This only angers Show, who pushes Edge off the apron where he is met by Kane. Kane and Edge start to brawl but the distraction is enough to allow Jericho to nail Big Show with an enziguri. Jericho’s confidence is quickly restored and he assaults Show with a flurry of offence. Eventually he gets the big man on his back. He jumps onto the second rope to go for a lion-sault but Show moves. Jericho lands on his feet but The Big Show is up and nails him with a knockout punch out of nowhere for the win. Outside of the ring Kane throws Edge into the steps before joining Big Show in the ring, celebrating his victory. Team Ego will need to regroup if they’re going to be able to take down this monstrous tag team at Joe/Punk II.

            The Hart Dynasty vs. Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne

            The next match of the evening is between The Harts and Evan & Rey. These two put on a classic main event just a few weeks ago when The Harts defeated Bourne and Mysterio to capture the titles before Miz and Morrison cashed in their favour from William Regal and stole the championships. Now these two teams will do battle again to see who gets a shot at the champions. The fans are excited to see both teams compete, although, perhaps surprisingly, The Hart Dynasty seem to get a few more cheers. The action, as expected is fast and furious. These guys show just how much being Tag Team Champions means to them all.

            Eventually the emotions take over and they start to lose control. Rey Mysterio throws caution to the wind and barges into the ring, launching himself at David Hart Smith, knocking the big man off the apron. Rey climbs to the top turnbuckle and when Smith gets to his feet he is met with a hurricanrana from the biggest little man. This leaves Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne in the ring as the legal men. Bourne is in control and throws Kidd into the corner. He runs at Kidd and drives his knee into the Canadian’s face. The crowd are pumped up as Bourne climbs to the top rope. Kidd gets to his feet just as Bourne leaps and Kidd is taken down with a Diving Double Knee Drop to the shoulders. Bourne covers Kidd and gets a two-count.

            Bourne quickly gets to his feet and leaps with a standing moonsault. Kidd rolls away quickly but Bourne is quick to react and lands on his feet. Both men have the same idea and go for a super kick and they end up kicking each other’s feet. They shake off the impact and lock up. Bourne gets Kidd into a side head-lock and pushes Kidd into the ropes. Bourne whips Kidd off the ropes and goes to meet him with a spinning round house kick but Kidd ducks it. Bourne crashes to the mat but somehow quickly gets to his feet. Kidd sees a huge opportunity and spins behind Bourne. He hooks his arms around Bourne’s waist and lifts him up and over with a German Suplex. Bourne is caught off guard as Kidd moves into the bridge. Rey Mysterio tries to get in and break the count but DH Smith grabs his leg. The referee counts: one, two, three.

            The Harts start to celebrate, ecstatic at having beaten Rey and Bourne again. Their celebration is cut short however as the referee shakes his head and won’t raise their hands. He goes to the ring announcer and talks something over.

            Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the official has informed me that Tyson Kidd’s shoulders weren’t completely bridged and were also down on the mat. Therefore, due to a double pinfall – this match is a draw.

            The Harts are furious but a video replay is shown and sure enough, Kidd’s shoulders are down. Noone seems to know what’s going on and so William Regal comes to the stage to provide a little clarity.

            Regal: You know, this tag team division is starting to cause me a little bit more aggravation that it’s worth. Let’s settle this once and for all. Next week in our main event the WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line as The Miz and John Morrison defend against The Hart Dynasty...and Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne. But his has to end, so the two teams that lose will not receive another title opportunity until new champions are crowned.

            The Next Generation

            We come back from commercial break and to a close-up shot of William Regal’s Office Door. The door opens and out walks Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. They start to walk away but Byron Saxton catches up with them quickly.

            Saxton: Sheamus, Drew, can I have a quick word?

            Drew and Sheamus pause, looking at each other, before stopping to let Saxton quiz them.

            Saxton: Guys, you have arrived here on Smackdown just within the past two weeks and you have already taken out two of the toughest men on the roster – Dustin Rhodes and Dave Finlay. Why?

            McIntyre: Why? Why? Saxton, let me make one thing crystal clear – everything that Sheamus and I do is for a reason. We are not here to slowly rise up the ranks, cruising through mediocrity. No, we’re here to go straight to the top. William Regal offered us an opportunity – we do his bidding, and he paves the way for our greatness. Regal could have had anyone he wanted – but he chose us, he hand-picked us, because he knows that we have exactly what it dominate.

            Sheamus: Now listen here Fella. Drew and I go way back. When we were starting out back in the UK – we had each other’s backs – it’s exactly the same here. We know exactly what the other is capable of, so we know that it’s much better for us to be together than apart. When you combine my brute power and ability with Drew’s unique desire to maim, alongside the power that comes with William Regal – we’re gonna be unstoppable.

            Saxton: So, what’s next? What where you talking to Mr. Regal about just now?

            McIntyre: You like to ask a lot of questions, don’t you Byron? We were simply getting our orders for what’s next. Dustin Rhodes and Finlay made a huge mistake when they got in our GM’s way. Regal was just letting us know that at Joe/Punk II – we’re going to face them in a tag team match.

            Sheamus: Now, I know you old boys are at home resting up, so turn up your hearing aids and listen carefully. If you thought what we did to you so far was bad, you’re in trouble, because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

            Gail Kim vs. Kelly Kelly

            The WWE Universe is hyped for Kelly Kelly as the blonde bombshell makes her way to the ring to a great reception. They aren’t so keen to see her about, the Canadian beauty – Gail Kim. Kim, along with Melina, showed just how capable she is against The Bella Twins on Monday. Kelly tries to warm up the crowd while Kim just stares at her. Kelly reaches out her hand in respect but Kim just slaps her in the face. Kim holds her mouth before launching herself at Kim and tackling her to the ground. Kelly shows that she is more than a pretty face and proceeds to punish Kim for underestimating her. Kelly whips Kim into the corner and lets out a yell, hyping the crowd. Kelly shows off just how athletic she is as she nails her Kelly Killer (Handspring back elbow smash).

            Kelly goes for the cover but Kim kicks out. Kelly whips Kim into the ropes but Gail grabs the top rope to stop herself. Kelly runs at her and Gail kicks him in the gut. Gail grabs Kelly’s arm, runs up the turnbuckles and springboards over Kelly, sending her flying with an arm drag. Kelly gets to her feet but Gail grabs her up and slams her down with her Toronto Slam (double leg slam). Kim wastes no time in capitalising and quickly locks in a Boston Crab to torture Kelly further. Kelly is screaming out in pain but manages to reach out and grab the bottom rope. The referee forces Kim to break the hold. Kim grabs Kelly and throws her into the corner of the ring. She runs at her but Kelly gets a leg up, kicking Gail in the knee. Gail is bent ever and Kelly tries to capitalise. She grabs Gail by shoulder and places her leg over her neck, going for the K2 (fame-asser). Gail is on the ball, however, and grabs a hold of Kelly’s leg. Kim stands up, grabbing hold of Kelly’s other leg in the process. She shows her deceptive strength as she manages to lift Kelly up into position for the Gory Special. Kim stretches Kelly out before dropping her flat on her face. Kim raises her arm in the air, defying the boos from the crowd. Kelly slowly gets to her knees. Gail grabs her and lifts her to her feet. She places her boot right beneath Kelly’s chin and falls backwards with Eat Defeat (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker). Gail covers Kelly and gets the three-count. Last week Natalya and Mickie James competed in a fantastic match for the Diva’s Championship, but Gail just showed that she cannot be underestimated in the title picture. The camera shows Vickie Guerrero watching Gail’s victory backstage, seemingly impressed.


            Saxton: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am joined now backstage by the WWE Champion – John Cena.

            The crowd erupt in cheers, ecstatic to hear from the champ.

            Saxton: John, you probably won’t be surprised by y question but it is on everyone’s mind. For two weeks in a row Kevin Steen has left you lying – what response do you have?

            Cena: You know Byron, I’ve had my back up against the wall many times. Hell, just the past year I’ve had to fight off a similar challenge from Dolph Ziggler and I had to fight off JBL’s Army in the Civil War. I’ll be honest though...this feels different. For two weeks now, I’ve been annihilated. That’s what he said he wanted to do right? Annihilate John Cena? Well it look’s like his plan is coming together. IT looks like annihilation is on the cards and no matter what’s been thrown at me before – I’ve never felt like this. This guy, wherever he’s come from and whatever his motives, I’m pretty sure he means business?

            Saxton: Do you think perhaps you underestimated Steen?

            Cena: Yeah. Of course I did. I’d never heard of the guy. It just seemed like the usual formula – new guy comes in, guns for the champion, falls short. Kevin Steen doesn’t follow the usual formula, he’s different.

            Saxton: So how do you respond?

            Cena: The only way I know how. Kevin Steen I know you’re out to get me now. I know just what you’re capable of. Tonight, I won’t underestimate you and I won’t expect anything less than the fight of my life. I have one option, raise my fists, rally up the Cenation and throw caution to the wind.

            The fans cheer, finally seeing some confidence from their hero.


            The fans are cheering like mad now as the charismatic Cena whips them up into a frenzy.


            ECW Championship Number One Contender’s Match
            Mark Henry vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

            The crowd go wild as The People’s Champion, Christian, comes out to a huge ovation from the WWE Universe. He comes out with the belt on his shoulder wearing jeans and a checked shirt and joins Striker and Grisham at commentary. Christian says that he’s upset that the ECW Championship is being retired but he knew it would happen eventually. He’s had the opportunity over the past month or so to show just how important a championship it is. The cheers quickly turn to boos as Mark Henry’s Music hits and the big silver-back comes down for action. The crowd are more pleased to see the arrival of the Motor City Machine Guns, who both came very close to capturing the championship from Christian recently. Finally out comes The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. Danielson has really shown his ruthless side since coming to Smackdown and is still hoping to prove to be the best wrestler to come out of Paul Heyman’s New Superstar Initiative on ECW. The fans, however, are sick and tired of his superior attitude and let him know it.

            The match starts off frantic with the three smaller, faster-paced wrestlers controlling the pace and dazing Mark Henry. They send him out of the ring before the Machine Guns team up to work on Danielson much to the delight of the fans. Danielson puts up a fight but the numbers game works against them and they eventually take him down with the Skull and Bones. The fans cheer in delight as the Guns high five each other. They then face off, realising that they’re going to have to go at it against each other. Henry comes into the ring, however, saving them from that problem for a while as he knocks them down with a double clothesline.

            All four men give their all and Christian points out that the honour of being the last champion is so great that these guys are going to do whatever it takes to get their chance. The finish comes when Henry is taken out of the ring by the guns. Shelley turns around and Danielson nearly kicks his head right off his shoulders. Sabin runs at him but Danielson is ready and grabs his arm. He drags him down to the mat and manages to lock in the LeBell lock. Henry is on the outside. Shelley is practically unconscious. Sabin has no choice but to tap out. Danielson is very pleased with himself and motions to Christian that come Joe/Punk II, the belt is his.

            The (Diva’s) Champ is Here!

            When we return from commercial the ring is set up with a pink carpet. Natalya’s music hits and the new Diva’s Champion comes down to the ring to celebrate her title victory. Balloons fall from the ceiling as she works her way around the crowd at ringside.

            “You know, this right here...this is the moment I’ve been working towards all my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been surrounded by wrestling. I’ve been surrounded by champions. long last – I can call myself a champion...I can call myself YOUR champion!”

            The fans cheer Natalya as she chokes up a little bit.

            “From her-on-in I promise to o everything within my power...”

            Natalya is cut off by Gail Kim’s music as she and Melina make their way to the ring. They don’t look quite so happy for the new champion as they back her into the corner.

            Kim: I think it’s time to stop this patronising nonsense. You have proven nothing. You deserve to hold that belt no more than anyone else.

            Melina: Let’s be brutally honest Natalya – the only reason you got a title shot, was because William Regal wanted you out of his office. You proved nothing. Gail and I deserved to be in that title match more than anyone.

            Natalya: Girls, I am sorry you didn’t impress enough to get into the title match – but I am more than willing to take on all challengers.

            Kim: Very cute Nattie. You see, we know Vickie Guerrero is watching, and we know she’s willing to give opportunities to those who make an impact.

            Melina: And that’s why we’re here today.

            Melina and Gail start to lay into Natalya. Natalya doesn’t go down without a fight, but there’s little she can do – the numbers catch up on her. The fans are disgusted that they’ve ruined Natalya’s celebration, but the boos soon turn to cheers as Mickie James comes running down the aisle. She slides into the ring. Melina notices her first and when she turns around she is met with a Mick Kick to the face. Gail Kim sees her and charges at her but Mickie takes her down with a Lou Thez press. Mickie lifts Gail to her feet and whips her towards Natalya who proceeds to lift her up and over the top rope. Mickie and Natalya shake hands as Gail and Melina retreat up the ramp. The Diva’s division is only heating up.

            CM Punk vs. Hurricane Helms

            When we get back from commercial break Hurricane Helms is standing in the ring, waiting for action. ‘This Fire Burns’ hits and the mood in the arena turns instantly sour. The Straight-Edge Saviour, CM Punk walks slowly through the curtain to unprecedented boos from the fans. He looks intense, as if tonight’s match was just as important as his upcoming showcase against Samoa Joe. He enters the ring and stares straight at Helms. As soon as the referee rings the bell Punk punches Helms right in the mouth. Helms stumbles backwards and Punk tackles him to the ground, punishing him with lefts and rights. He grabs Helms and whips him into the corner with authority. Helms is dazed ,completely caught off guard by Punk’s aggressive start. Punk runs and neatly connects with a shining wizard to the face before driving Helm’s skull into the mat with a bulldog. Punk is totally focused and immediately pounces on Helms, locking in the Anaconda Vice. Helms immediately taps out. Punk dominates, showing just how hard he’s preparing for his match with Joe. For once Punk doesn’t grab a mic to share his thoughts with the world. Instead, he just grabs the nearest camera man and talks, as if directly to Joe:

            “Samoa Joe – That’s why I’m better than you!”


            We see Byron Saxton running to catch up with The Miz and John Morrison.

            Saxton: Guys, guys! Can I quickly get your thoughts on having to defend your titles next week in a triple threat match?

            Miz: Really? Really? Really Byron? It’s amazes me that people like you even have a job.

            Morrison: Our thoughts are that we are the greatest tag team of the 21st Century – there’s nothing else you need to know.

            Miz: This interview is over!

            John Cena vs. Kevin Steen

            The atmosphere in the arena is electric as the WWE Universe anticipates our huge main event between WWE Champion John Cena and Kevin Steen. If Steen wins he gets to face Cena for the WWE Championship at Joe/Punk II in a match of his choosing – the stakes couldn’t be higher. Matt Striker points out that although many will view John Cena as the favourite here, Steen carries a huge advantage. To the champ, Steen is a relative unknown entity whereas Steen has been able to study John Cena’s entire career. The roof almost blows off the arena when John Cena’s music hits. The Champ bursts through the curtain, a bundle of energy. He is hyped and ready to go.

            He starts to walk down to aisle but Steen rushed behind him and whacks him in the back with a chair. The arena fills with boos as yet again, Steen attacks Cena. Steen grabs Cena and throws him towards the crowd barrier. Cena is sent flying but he gets his hands up and stops himself from crashing into the barrier. Steen grabs at him but Cena kicks him in the gut. He then grabs Steen and tackles him down, pounding away on the Canadians head. Officials come running down and try and separate the two. It takes about two dozen men to pull them apart but it doesn’t last. Steen breaks and free and kicks Cena straight in the face. Steen beats off the men around Cena and grabs him. He then charges, ramming Cena back-first into the steel ring-post. The officials manage to grab Steen again and hold him back as others check on Cena.

            Cena is adamant that he’s ok to compete and begs with the officials to leave him to it as Steen stands in the ring with a crooked grin on his face. Cena struggles to his feet and rolls into the ring as the bell rings. Steen is straight on him, however, before he can even stand up. Steen drives his knee into Cena’s now injured back, causing him to scream out in pain. Steen grabs hold of the top rope and drives his knee into Cena’s back repeatedly until the referee forces him to stop. Steen grabs Cena, picks him up and slams him to the mat. Something is obviously wrong with Cena, as he writhes around on the mat in pain. Steen doesn’t let up and quickly locks in the half-Boston crab. Cena is screaming out in pain as Steen stretches his injured back to the limits. No matter what, Cena won’t quit. Steen has the move locked in perfectly in the middle of the ring; Cena has nowhere to go. The referee repeatedly asks Cena if he wants to quit, but he won’t do it. The pain is too much and eventually Cena starts to fade. He fights to hold on and doesn’t everything he can to break the hold, but the pain is too much, and he passes out. The referee rings the bell and thanks to his pre-match attack, Kevin Steen has earned a WWE Championship against John Cena.

            For the third week in a row, Kevin Steen has left John Cena unconscious. Never before has Cena appeared so vulnerable. Will this be the same result come Joe/Punk II? What match will Steen pick? Has John Cena finally met his match?

            JOE/PUNK II

            Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk

            WWE Championship
            John Cena (c)vs. Kevin Steen

            ECW Championship
            Christian (c) vs. Bryan Danielson

            Team Ego (Edge and Chris Jericho) vs. Kane & The Big Show

            Sheamus & Drew McIntyre vs. Finlay & Dustin Rhodes

            **Really glad to bust this out. It was hard to work on it, as I've been very excited about Bad Blood, but this was a key show for setting up Joe/Punk II. The card is starting to take shape and I love it. It's quite different but I think the match quality would be off the charts if this was a real show. I'd love to hear what people think.**
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              Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

              Run In Review

              Nice little ppv set up show PB, I know what you mean when you get to a ppv and you want to just write it as you've been setting it up and yuo've got that one last show to do... it's tough to get it done.. but it can also be a little fun. Usually they are promo driven, because you don't want to give anything away before the ppv, so they are a challenge and almost a chore sometimes.

              But you've done quite well with this one.

              * I'm not sure I can picture your opening segment with Regal.. I mean I'm not sure how it would flow on tv as he gives out the 4 points... in any case it is a nice recap all the same.

              * Just going on what I said though you've given us the tag match from the ppv ... not sure if this was a good idea, especially with such a clear cut victory. I do like both teams though they work well together Show/Kane and Edge/Jericho are great dynamics and gives these "main eventers" in the lime light and adds prestige to the tag division.

              * Harts vs. Rey/Bourne is a great match.. really awesome stuff, and then you give us a draw... wow, that's a great way of continuing this series between them.. Your tag div rocks!!

              * McIntyre and Sheamus together are such an awesome combo. Both big young Europeans and with Regal backing them it just screams epic... keep them kicking tail.. I would love to see these two guys be on the level of a Shawn/HHH DX team or even be best of friends like Beniot/Eddie were.. just kicking people's asses because everyone knows they are best friends... Wow I can't beleive how excited I am about this team!

              * Unlike everyone here I don't skikm the diva matches, especially when my girl Gail's involved. Good match and your diva division is also strong. Great work here. After about 6 months of writing diva matches and reviews saying they skip it, I wrote them off my show by giving them their own Knockout show, and then put them in the ppv... I hope you stick with them, I think it breaks up a show when you add a good diva match.

              * Woah Cena likes to yell.. he is pissed...

              * Another Divas segment, yep you are pushing their division, great to see. Two on one on the champ... Mickie with the save! Looks good and a backstaory with Vickie I like it

              * Punk rules! Great match Helms vs. Punk would be a hell of a feud to be honset but you are building towards Joe, so it's all part of the puzzle I guess. Just wished you used someone else to use, but for him to beat Helms a few days before facing joe means alot ot me anyway.. so its good to show that Punk will take it to Joe, and that the big man wont be able to dominbate him.

              * Great game plan from Steen.. Cena as focussed and angry as he was had tunnel vision and got blindsided. With all the people around ringside this would have an epic feel..

              * So you are leaving the match stip upto the ppv itself.. probably from amarketing or advertising type standpoint it would might have been better for Steen to tell the unconcious Cena at the end of the show..

              this not only works for the promotion of the ppv but..

     plays right iinto the hands of Steen's plan of attacking Cena before the match working to perfection.. then because this was his plan, he would be confident in knowing it would work, and then he would already have the stip ready to tell Cena after his win.. showing he is a super confident bad ass and even more of a threat to the Champ then you have already portrayed him as..

              I know its a small thing but it really could have worked.

              All in all a great show PB, you are indeed the spotlight of the month for a reason! Can't wait for the ppv!





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                Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

                | JEFFSUPERAREVIEW |

                • I’m not exactly sure how much time I’m going to have this weekend, so I’m going to do my best to get this knocked out super early this morning so I do apologize if it’s cranky or brief as I’m not all with it just yet. Otherwise, I can’t wait to read a PB Smackdown show.

                • I don’t know if you know this yet or not, but I’ve stolen something from you; not exactly something that was entirely yours but more recently, you have inspired me with it. (RECAPS). I love getting the replay of last week’s show before you jump headlong into this week’s. That way I can get caught up if I’ve missed a week or something. One thing I’d suggest is not to bold every other one but to change the font color to blue/red (SD!/Raw) that way one of them doesn’t look more important than the other.

                • So, I’ve vested most of my time with you reading mostly just Raw; but now that I’ve read your recap of last week’s Smackdown, I’m fairly certain that your Smackdown is where it’s at. Big Show/Kane .. Joe/Punk .. Christian .. Sheamus/McIntyre .. these ideas are far superior than some of the ones I was reading on Raw. I’m super pumped going into this one.

                • I hate to see the end of the ECW Championship; that’s a real kick in the nuts. From what I can tell, Christian has really made that title seem important, keeping it going long after the real ECW is gone. I’m wondering, however, what will become of Smackdown? Are you going to introduce the WWE Championship? I guess John Cena is a champion? You may want to update your rosters post on the first page.

                • I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a fed still featuring Big Show and Kane as a tag team. It does seem like a far superior team than your usual tag teams you’re featuring right now, but Jericho and Edge does seem like a nice fit. I do have to wonder though how things would fair for Bourne/Mysterio, In-Crowd, and Hart Dynasty if either of these tag teams threw their name into the mix full-time.

                • I absolutely loved the tag team match. Everything about it. The circumstances and outcome, the match itself, the competitors. Everything went solid. I especially love the idea of those six superstars fighting for the title in the main event next week. Now that’s how you spotlight a tag team division! Jealous.

                • I wasn’t entirely sold on the McIntyre/Sheamus promo. I don’t know if it’s because of them, or just because I don’t really think Finlay/Rhodes are solid contenders for them. It really is young vs. old, rookie vs. veteran. But you may have picked two men who just can’t physically hang anymore. Prove me wrong, PB. Prove me wrong.

                • Unlike your Raw show, this Smackdown Diva’s match was a real throwaway. Usually I wouldn’t say that about a squash-like match, but this is the Diva’s division we’re talking about. Without any real direction and storylines, I could care less about them. In one show you made me absolutely love your Divas, in the next, you made me question it. If it’s not full throttle with these women, I may lose interest.

                • Man, I love John Cena. The promo was everything I expect a John Cena promo to be. Nothing special, but that’s what makes it special. It’s believable.

                • The Fatal Fourway was really fun. Though, I felt you put more time into the entrances of the wrestlers than the match itself. With this one having so many consequences on the ECW Title, I would have enjoyed just a little bit more detail in it. I felt a bit empty after it. Christian/Danielson is going to be good, I really hope you give Christian the win as I think it was something that WWE should have done for him instead of giving it to Jackson, who they in-turned did absolutely nothing for, for over a year until they dropped him into the Corre. BOOURNS.

                • Do you have something wrong with your keyboard? You have at least a few moments where you’re missing the first letting to two letter words. Just wondering.

                • Another Diva’s segment and I’m still not entirely sold on this. I would rather have had this moment take place right after the first one in some sort or another. I would say that it did give it a little more importance giving the women two segments in the same night, but neither were entirely impressive. Nothing like the LayCool/Bellas thing you got going on Raw. This one isn’t telling much of a story. I mean, the Natalya finally getting the title she’s worked for her entire life was nice, but it was just an afterthought. It should have been the main focus and I wouldn’t say that the Kim/Melina/James segment was actually necessary. A feel good moment with a Diva would have been so much more impressive than the clustercuss that followed. You rarely get to see a Diva have their moment in the spotlight so it would have been an actual shocker to get one. Instead, it just became a bunch of Divas fighting. Real WWE-esque. Not a good thing, by the way.

                • CM Punk brutalizing Gregory Helms has never been on my list of things to see. In fact, until the last year, Helms has always been one of those guys that I couldn’t help but admire. But after his departure and leading up to it, I just didn’t care much for him. So Punk beating the cuss out of him was actually kind of fun and showed just how strong Punk had become and how hard he’d been training. I could take some good notes from this. I’m starting to grow fond of this Punk/Joe II idea. This is going to be great.

                • Morrison/Miz was just a transition point. I would have liked to see their real characters shine through here. You went so quick and so hard with it, that it was basically just one catch phrase tied into another and end of interview. If you’re going to use them, use them to your advantage.

                • I think you sold Cena/Steen to perfection. I mean, obviously a rookie going up against one of the greatest wrestlers of all time is going to have issues with contention no matter how strong or athletic he is. But I also understand the need to push a younger talent. So having him attack prematch and Cena insisting that he fight Steen anyways was a solid sell for both men’s character. Getting Cena to fade out just reminds me of Austin/Hart but in a good way. Cena would never submit, and Steen would never give in to him. Perfect. Well done in that aspect.

                • I don’t know what I would think of him winning the title (not good to be honest) but you’ve fed your Champion an actual contender that would be believable as a champion, I’m just not sure that his star power is good enough to fill the seats without Cena. The question here isn’t, “Can Steen beat Cena?” It’s “Will Cena lose?” In other words, right now it’s not about Steen; it’s about Cena. That’s just because of the star power that Cena brings to the table. If you push this long enough, it’ll be a little bit more about Steen, but I think it could have the opposite effect and become an overpush of a younger talent (kind of what Will did in the first Legacy). I’m not sure that Steen is a believable champion, but you’re making him a believable opponent for the champion. See Cena’s 2006-07 run as Champion. That was brilliant. No one wanted Khali, Umaga, or others to be champion, but Cena made them believable as an opponent for his championship. This was all about Cena. Having them get that rub for Cena did wonders for their career and it’ll do the same for Steen in your fed. Just make sure you have your chickens hatched before you decide on what to do next. You don’t want to be accused of pushing a title on someone just for the sake of pushing a new character. You can get a wonder of success with a character without actually giving them the big win over your champion.

                • What can I say man? You’ve got this down to a real science. It was a heckuva show. Most of the things that I commented on were so little because the big things were so big and so good that there wasn’t much that I could give you in order of advice to make this better. You’re still one of my favorite writers here and seeing you writing two different shows is just solidifying that fact. This project has already overtaken my feelings for the first Legacy and the fact that you’re doing it by yourself and out of Will’s shadow makes me proud of you. Keep up the good work man.
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                  Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                  Jeff Hardy has officially arrived at the Bell Center in Montreal, Canada. Tonight is the biggest match of his career. For months he has been tormented by The Undertaker - they have both beaten each other numerous times, but Jeff has been left lying more often than not. Tonight Jeff Hardy has a shot at redemption. Tonight Jeff Hardy has one last chance to show how capable he is. Tonight, in their Final Battle, Jeff Hardy has one last chance to defeat the Undertaker.

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                    Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                    It is being reported that despite the huge shake-ups that have already taken place - there are more changes coming. Vince McMahon, who is still not in charge storyline wise, is seeing this whole 'Civil War' reboot storyline as a chance to get things sorted. McMahon is still unhappy with the Championship situation. It was never his idea to unify the titles and he is looking to establish all the championships again. He is also 'fed up' with the announce teams and is trying to figure out the best way to spice things up. On top of that he is reinforcing the wellness policy with rumours suggesting that a certain high-profile superstar could be on his way out due to consistent violations. Don't expect too many changes at tonight's pay-per-view, but rest assured that the change is not over just yet.

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                      Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                      The Rolling Thunder Review
                      PB's WWE Legacy: Season II

                      This review is going to be a little quick because I'm pressed for time, but it's the last one I want to get out today.

                      First of all, your recaps are near perfect. I'm glad that you caught Jeff's eye and that he's learned from you because, as I told him in his review, his recaps need work. Take what he said into account, but just know that as a reader, I'm very happy with how you present your recaps.

                      I love William Regal and I love how you present this stuff. My only disappointment is that you got me all excited about Regal praising Christian, but then you leave us with the knowledge that the ECW Championship will be retired when Christian faces...Bryan, Shelley, Sabin or Henry? In all honesty, I don't really want to see Christian face any of those guys. But maybe you'll surprise me.

                      Show/Kane vs. Team Ego
                      I may have told you this already, but here it is again: TEAM EGO IS GREAT. 'Nuff said.

                      ...except that I hate Kane and Big Show as a team and I hate that they won. But that's me speaking as a fan. As far as this review goes, good job.

                      Hart Dynasty vs. Mysterio/Bourne
                      From what I've read before, you continue to progress this feud and you do it well. The ending to this match with the double pinfall was a nice little swerve to keep the feud going, so great job there. I'm excited to see who comes out on top.

                      The Next Generation
                      Meh... that's all I can really say. This group doesn't impress me as much as others in other feds, so I'm not really interested yet. I'll get back to you if these guys do anything to impress me.

                      Gail Kim vs. Kelly

                      (It's not your fault, I just hate women's wrestling. Not sure if I've told you that before. Women belong at ringside. I'm horribly sexist when it comes to this stuff so I'm just going to be quiet and stare at some more pictures of Maria)

                      Cena Promo
                      Your promo writing is very intense and very good. You get Cena's intensity across with ease and now, I'm jacked for a match that I wouldn't normally be jacked for.


                      Four-Way #1 Contendership Match
                      Summarized well, but I wish you would make your matches stand out more. I told Alyon that he should check out Jeff's PoweRaw if he hasn't already and I'm going to tell you the same thing.

                      You have the talent to summarize matches and still make them entertaining and seem long, but they just blend in with everything else. Your writing style hurts you here and, while I hate telling people how to write, I really think that getting some influence from other writers around here could do you some good.

                      No surprises anyway. I felt that Daniel Bryan would win and he did. Still, I'm hoping something more comes of this ECW Championship business.

                      Diva's Champ
                      Great. Women are talking. Moving on.

                      CM Punk vs. Hurricane Helms
                      HURRICANE HELMS!?! You win. I don't know what you win, but you win.

                      ..and it's a squash. I take it back. The squash was expected, but I still take it back.

                      Miz/Morrison Promo
                      I almost didn't review this because I scrolled right over it without noticing. This is where your writing style and layout continue to hurt you. Keep that in mind in the future.

                      Cena vs. Steen
                      The hype for this match was good, lets see if it lives up.

                      ...and it does! Great job man. You really got across the brutality of Kevin Steen here and you made Cena look like a bitch, which is hard to do because it's very hard to write properly. Yeah, Cena stood his ground, but damn...I'd be afraid of Steen if it were me.

                      Steen has the advantage now heading in to the PPV and I'll be watching to see what happens.

                      Overall: 7.9/10

                      You lost points because of your layout and general writing style, but your content is excellent. Keep it up.


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                        Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                        It’s time to review ...

                        Steen. Get off my bandwagon PB. On a sidenote, I love Regal as GM, but hope he has a run as a wrestler left, maybe when still in the position of GM? HD/Mysterio and Bourne sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. I hope this provides a reinvention of the tag team division. It’s a valuable asset to any project and allows the formation of all sorts of tandems.

                        Team EGO is yet another example of that, and I love the name and of course, the components. I’m guessing EGO goes over at Joe/Punk, so Show and Kane needed a strong showing, but it seemed like it was out of nowhere. I’d like to have seen some sort of attempted interference rather than Edge/Jericho being completely embarrassed without even trying to affect the result. The match won’t be anything special, but I’d feel it’d be fun to write. I’m still sure EGO is going over and this was just a way to mix things up a little.

                        Fuck me, I loved this. It looked like fun to write, and the ending was quite fresh and a good way to lead into a conclusion (of sorts) to this situation. Morrison/Miz against HD and Mysterio/Bourne sound awesome-sauce, and I genuinely hope it is the close to Smackdown. I love people putting the effort into things other than the main event scene and giving it contest and exposure, and this is a great way to do just that. It keeps things fresh and it can at times get stale when the same storyline is concentrated upon week after week in such a fixed formula. I’m thinking Mysterio/Bourne may be good champions going forward, but it all depends on Morrison/Miz. They seem ready to go forward from the titles, so I’m going for Mysterio/Bourne as the next tag champions.

                        Okay, this was quite cool. I love the pairing of Sheamus/McIntyre. I’ve paired them up before in projects that I have developed, but not posted, because it’s a natural fit. Throw Regal in there and it’s just too awesome for words. I like the route you are going with them having the ear of Regal. The natural progression seems to be for them to go completely out of control and go into direct conflict with Regal ... eventually. Dustin/Finlay is a good vet pairing and a good one to get the two over. I’m guessing this is short term, but I’d like to see a continued “reign of terror”, of sorts, from these two men.

                        I like womens wrestling, or I did, but I have no interest in this, I’m sorry. I just don’t like the talent involved. If it were the likes of Nattie, Beth, Kong, etc, I probably would, but Kim and Double K? No thanks.

                        Cookie cutter ending to Cena’s promo, but a good beginning. If this was onscreen, it’d be the perfect way to put a new talent over. Steen is a guy you just hate too, the way he likes, his build, his actions, it’s all built towards a fantastic heel, as seen by his partnership with Steve Corino.

                        You’re not actually naming Christian “The People’s Champion” are you? Hope it was just a mistake, because otherwise, that sucks. Danielson/Christian will be OFF THE CHARTS insane. I think Christian is good, but overrated, but Danielson is on a whole different level. I’d imagine Dragon is going over, so he gets the rub, but the potential is for Christian to win and the rivalry to continue without the belt, and giving Dragon a reason to go after Christian in revenge. It’s a simple entry point, and could lead to a more demonic American Dragon, which I endorse 100% should it happen.

                        Melina/Gail - FUCK OFF. Mickie/Nattie - HOLY SHIT. Please return to Physco Mickie and have here and Nattie engage in a rivalry and fuck the others off as arm candy on a jobber or something.

                        Simple, yet damn effective. Nothing more is needed. Less is more a lot of the time, and so it proved here. A showcase for Punk to continue his momentum and a simple phrase of warning afterwards. Nicely done. I have not seen much of your match writing, so I have no idea if you are capable of pulling it off, but Joe/Punk has such great potential. I hope it’s as special as you have built it up to me. It’d have to be pretty amazing to live up to having the actual event named after it.

                        Fuck, I love it again. It’s a great way to have the match happen, and have Steen win without making Cena look like shit. A guy comes down, kills his opponent, but the match continues and he’s beaten Booking 101 and not something done near enough, IE; the fresh nature of getting to the conclusion of a high stakes match on a weekly show. Steen looks like a total beast, which is really important. He still needs lots of build, but this is a huge step on that road. Cena will obviously win at Joe/Punk, but I’m eager to see how the story is built and how it concludes. Cena could win clean, but I’d love a DQ, or even a double DQ of some sort. I hope the story continues on like this, because I love Steen and where you’re taking him.

                        On a related note, like RT mentioned, the layout needs some major work.


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                          Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                          I’m livin’ in the 21st century
                          Kanyes West’s ‘Power’ plays as the opening video to the pay-per-view begins with images of all of tonight's competitors quickly flashing across the screen.

                          Doin’ something mean to it

                          Jack Swagger doing press-ups with pyro going off behind him

                          Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it

                          MVP hitting the Ballin' Elbow Drop

                          Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it

                          LayCool cutting an in-ring promo

                          I guess every superhero need his theme music

                          DX making their way to the ring, hyping up the crowd

                          No one man should have all that power

                          Dolph Ziggler locking on the Sleeper Hold

                          The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours

                          Kofi Kingston hitting 'Trouble in Paradise

                          Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power

                          Brian Kendrick stumbling to the ring

                          (21st century schizoid man)

                          Matt Hardy jumping off the second rope with a leg drop

                          The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open

                          Footage from the 8-man tag team match from Monday

                          We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, ma’f-cka, we rollin’

                          DX doing their crotch chop in the ring

                          Huh? Ma’f-cka, we rollin’

                          A close, zoomed in image of Mr Kennedy's face as he screams into the mic

                          The music starts to jump until it stops altogether. A guitar starts playing as the music, and the mood, changes altogether.

                          You came to me in a dream last night

                          The Undertaker walks through a foggy graveyard

                          You were standing in a brilliant light

                          Jeff Hardy stands atop a ladder in a ring in an empty arena - the spotlight on him.

                          One minute here

                          Old footage of Legacy as a dominant group plays

                          But the next you were gone

                          Footage of all three members of Legacy brawling plays

                          I thought you could stay

                          Ted DiBiase winning the Undisputed Championship at Summer Slam plays

                          But I was so wrong

                          Cody Rhodes winning the World Heavyweight Championship from DiBiase plays.

                          The End is Here

                          Orton RKO'ing both men plays

                          The Game is Over

                          Jeff Hardy lying lifeless at Summer Slam plays

                          No More Pretending

                          A bitter and jaded Ted DiBiase shows up on screen

                          No More...No More...

                          Orton posing in the ring fades into Hardy rushing through the crowd to attack Undertaker

                          The End is Here

                          Hardy and Undertaker brawling throughout the arena plays

                          The End is Here

                          All three members of Legacy going at it plays

                          The End is Here

                          Hardy and Undertaker face off

                          The End is Here

                          All three members of Legacy face off as the song fades out.

                          And now, sponsored by AT & T Wireless, WWE RAW proudy presents: Bad Blood.

                          The pyro's go off around the arena and the fans go wild as the announcers welcome us to the show.

                          Cole: We are live in front of 12,000 fans in the sold out Bell Center in Montreal, Canada. I'm Michael Cole alongside WWE Hall of Famer , Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

                          King: Cole, I am so excited to be here tonight. We have been waiting for this show for weeks now, and we've been waiting for some of these matches for months.

                          Cole: That's right because our main event tonight is over a year in the making as we finally get to see the implosion of Legacy when Cody Rhodes defends his World Heavyweight Championship against 'The Viper' Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase.

                          King: And as if that weren't enough we're getting the Final Battle - the match-up to end the feud of the year as The Undertaker takes on Jeff Hardy, one last a casket match!

                          The Story: Both MVP and Ziggler have had break-out years so far this year and are close to taking it to the next step. Ziggler had an incredible feud with John Cena where they traded victories and Ziggler proved that he is more than capable of hanging with the best of them. MVP, meanwhile, won the Money In The Bank briefcase as Wrestlemania and while he became the first man to cash in unsuccessfully he didn’t look out of place facing off against Orton in numerous title matches – not to mention winning the United States Championship for a third time. On the first Monday Night Raw following the huge draft these two young superstars faced off in a highly competitive match. Unfortunately it seemed to be a little two competitive for Ziggler and he walked out, giving MVP the count-out victory. Both men have tried to impress the other since then, and impress they have, but it all leads to tonight, where they face off once again – this time to see who the better man really is.

                          MVP has all of the support of the fans behind him while Ziggler does everything he can to rile them up. Ziggler starts off the match by throwing his vest in MVP’s face, trying to play mind games with Porter. MVP merely laughs it off and starts the match all the more aggressively. MVP dominates the early going, frustrating Ziggler yet again. Ziggler rolls to the outside in anger and flirts with the idea of simply getting counted out again. MVP never gives him the option and meets him with a baseball slide before following him to the outside. Ziggler seems to be more at home on the outside however and a kick to the gut followed by a hard slam into the guard-rail quickly turns the tide in Ziggler’s favour. Ziggler pulls himself together and starts to use his environment to his advantage, ramming MVP’s head into the ring-post before taking the action back inside. Ziggler then continues with his trademark aggression, working on MVP’s head and neck, working him over for the Sleeper Hold. MVP is visibly dazed from the shot into the ring post and Ziggler takes full advantage.

                          The Finish: Ziggler is in the opposite corner from MVP, waiting for him to get up. He’s almost foaming at the mouth in anticipation. MVP slowly stumbles up to his feet. Ziggler runs, places his leg over MVP’s head and drives his head into the mat with a leg drop bulldog. He covers MVP. 1...2...MVP gets his leg on the bottom rope, breaking the count. Ziggler starts to go ballistic arguing with the referee and kicking the bottom rope. He’s starting to lose his composure. He gets MVP up to his feet and wraps his arms around his waist to go for a German Suplex but MVP elbows him in the face. He spins around behind Ziggler and hooks his arms around Ziggler’s waist. He runs forward, pushing Ziggler into the ropes before falling backwards and rolling Ziggler up for the pin. 1...2...Ziggler kicks out.

                          Both men pop up and Ziggler lunges at MVP. MVP ducks and spins behind Ziggler, locking the arms again. MVP gives his head a shake before lifting Ziggler up and over with a German suplex of his own. He keeps his arms locked, pops his hips and gets Ziggler up, nailing a second German suplex. The fans are starting to really get behind MVP as he somehow is making a comeback. He holds on to Ziggler and lifts him up, he obviously isn’t 100% but he somehow manages to nail a third and final German Suplex. MVP is fired up and drags his thumb across his throat before pounding his chest. He pumps up the fans before bouncing off the ropes and nailing his Ballin’ elbow drop. The fans are on their feet as he covers Ziggler. 1...2...Ziggler gets his shoulder up.

                          MVP is back to his feet and ready to finish Ziggler off. He lifts him up and gets him into position for the Overdrive. Ziggler drops to his knees, however. He grabs MVP’s legs and pulls them out from under him. He holds onto his MVP’s ankles and flips over him into a pinning position. 1...2...MVP kicks out. Both men get up quickly but Ziggler is ready and takes MVP down straight away with a clothesline. MVP is squirming on the ground, holding his head. He slowly gets to his feet but when he does Ziggler pounces and locks in the sleeper hold. Ziggler is on his back and has the sleeper hold cinched in perfectly. The fans are livid and do their best to rile up MVP, chanting his name, but it’s no good. MVP sinks to his knees, fading.

                          Cole: Dammit, MVP is hurt, this could do permanent damage here.

                          MVP is fading slowly. The referee checks on him but MVP shakes his head that he won’t give up. He places one foot on the mat and the fans start to cheer. MVP reaches out his arm and the MVP chant only gets louder. He stands up, with Ziggler holding on for dear life. MVP runs backwards, driving Ziggler back-first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler is determined and won’t let go. MVP runs towards the other corner but he stumbles on the fall and falls over. Ziggler breaks out into a huge grin as he tightens his hold. Luckily for MVP however, he fell close enough to the ropes to reach his foot out and force Ziggler to break the hold.

                          The ref pulls Ziggler off. Ziggler gets to his feet and screams at MVP to get up. MVP is nearly out of it, but he slowly uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Ziggler runs to hit the Zig-Zag but MVP holds onto the top rope, sending Ziggler to the mat on his own. Ziggler gets to his knees but MVP runs and kicks Ziggler straight in the face with a drive-by kick out of nowhere. MVP covers Ziggler, 1...2...3. MVP is victorious in a great opening contest between these two up-and-coming superstars.


                          As a tired MVP celebrates with his fans in the arena we cut to the backstage area where Josh Mathews is standing by.

                          Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a huge show in store for you tonight with some huge main event matches. But first, I am joined now by a man who doesn’t have a match tonight, but who has asked for some time to make an announcement – Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Santino Marella!

                          Marella: Thank you, thank you! It is truly an honour to be here in the wonderful Canadia with all of my adoring fans.

                          Mathews: Yeah...well ah, you have had limited success on Monday Night Raw as of late so what exactly do you have to say to the WWE Universe tonight?

                          Marella: Joshua Mathews – you are correct, I have failed to deliver ever since this new era has beggined. However – I have a plan. A planso cunning and so clever that they will be calling me The Genius, not Lanny Poffo. You see, Santino Marella has been struggling, but I know that as soon as I get back to my winning ways it is only a matter of time before I am a champione. So, to help boost my confidence and to, how you say, enhance my capabilities – I am officially looking for a tag team partner. I am looking for a man who can match my brain, my brawn and my singing voice and audtions will begin this Monday Night...on Raw!

                          Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Santino Marella – back to you guys in the arena.

                          The Story: Matt Hardy has one of the best years of his career holding the ECW Championship and the Intercontinental Championship as well as being part of The Union that helped bring down JBL and end the Civil War. At the same time, he’s had his share of distractions, not least of which The Undertaker’s war with his brother Jeff. Especially over the last month Matt has been distracted and worried about how much his brother is determined to beat The Undertaker once and for all. Enter The Master Manipulator – Brian Kendrick. After making a name for himself feuding with Shawn Michaels, he saw an opportunity to climb higher up the ladder on Raw by taking advantage of Matt Hardy’s distraction. Kendrick has pinned Matt twice already, thanks to distractions from the Dead Man, and tonight, in a hardcore match, he’s looking to go for the hat-trick and only further elevate his career.

                          Hardy comes out more aggressive than we’ve seen him in a while. Yes, he must be worried about his brother’s casket match later in the night, but he’s obviously has enough of Kendrick and is ready to shut him up. Kendrick, doesn’t seem entirely with it, but then he never really does. There a few faint pro-Kendrick chants, but the fans are obviously behind Hardy. Hardy is aggressive from the bell and Kendrick doesn’t seem to know what’s hit him. Kendrick manages a few spurts of offense but it’s al Hardy as he kicks Kendrick’s ass all around the ringside area, using whatever he can find from the trashcans full of weapons littered around the ring.

                          The Finish: Hardy gets Kendrick up and throws him back into the ring. He follows him in, bringing a trash can full of weapons with him. He empties the trash can and as Kendrick gets up Hardy brings it banging down on his head hard. Hardy covers Kendrick but Kendrick kicks out. Hardy whips Kendrick into the ropes but Kendrick ducks the clothesline from Hardy. Kendrick bounces off the other side and Hardy bends over for a big back body drop. Kendrick slows up, however, and kicks Hardy in the face. Hardy stumbles backwards and Kendrick grabs him, nailing a DDT. Kendrick covers him but only gets a two-count.

                          Kendrick is riled up and whips Hardy into the corner of the ring. He charges and jumps to hit a drop-kick. Hardy rolls out of the way, however, and Kendrick gets his legs tangled in the corner. Hardy grabs Kendrick by the arms and pulls him free from the ropes with force, causing Kendrick to land in the discarded trash can. Hardy then climbs to the second rope – the fans much more excited to see him up there than they were for Kendrick earlier. He leaps and nails a perfect leg drop. Hardy picks up a steel chair and sets in the middle of the ring before waiting for Kendrick to get to his feet. Kendrick stumbles up and Hardy grabs him, hitting the twist of fate on the steel chair. 123 – Hardy defeats Kendrick in very convincing fashion.


                          Cole: Wow, Matt Hardy defeating Brian Kendrick in very a forceful manner.

                          King: I did not expect this at all Cole - I thought Hardy's head would have been all over the place - but he got the job done.

                          Cole: Folks, we're going backstage now to our newest broadcast colleague, Eve Torres.

                          Eve: Thank you guys. Tonight we finally get to see the implosion of Legacy once and for all as Cody Rhodes defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase. I am joined now by one of the challengers - Ted DiBiase. Ted, what a difference a month can make. Only five weeks ago you won the Championship at Summer Slam, only to lose it the very next week to Cody Rhodes. What exactly is you gameplan tonight as you look to become champion again.

                          DiBiase: My gameplan? What’s my gameplan Eve? I honestly don’t even know anymore. Something...something happened after Summer Slam and my whole career, hell my whole life has been turned entirely upside down as a result. At Summer Slam I was right at the very pinnacle of my career and I’m one more loss away from the bottom. My gameplan tonight Eve is to win – to do whatever it takes to win. Did you know I haven’t really won a match since Summer Slam Eve? I need to change that statistic tonight...I get a chance to turn that fact upside down. Tonight is about so much more than the World Title to me Eve...tonight...tonight I’m fighting for redemption.


                          The Story: During the Civil War JBL made one of the most bizarre decisions in WWE History – he outlawed the Diva’s Division. Now that it’s back in action, Team LayCool have made it crystal clear that their aim – by hook or by crook – is to be the dominant Diva’s on Raw. They made an instant impact on the first Raw following the draft by interrupting the Bella twins and taking them out. They didn’t count on the Twins retaliating however. Using some Twin Magic, Nikki pinned Michelle McCool the next week on Raw – causing the Flawless duo to become incensed. After running their mouths continuously, and failing to back it up in the ring, Stephanie McMahon gave in granted them this tag team match tonight – with the added stipulation that the Bella’s must wear different colours to prevent them from tricking the referee again.

                          The Bella’s come out to a great reaction from the WWE Universe – Nikki in red and Brie in blue but both gorgeous. King struggles to contain his excitement. The fans aren’t so keen on the arrival of McCool and Layla – both kitted out in matching green outfits, talking trash the whole way down the aisle. The Bella’s are keen to show that they are more than just pretty faces and take the fight straight to Laycool with a flurry of fast-paced offence, showcasing their fusion lucha-US style. McCool and Layla cannot believe what’s hit them but it isn’t long before the BFF’s pull it together. One boot to the face from Michelle to Nikki and the tide turns completely. Layla and McCool isolate Nikki from her sister using lots of tags and double team moves to wear her down.

                          The Finish: Layla is standing over Nikki with her arms raised in the air after taking her down with a snap suplex. Nikki starts to try and crawl towards Brie – desperate for the tag. Layla slowly walks behind her, egging her on to make the tag sarcastically. Just as Nikki gets really close Layla drops an elbow to the back of her head before dragging her back to the opposite corner and tagging in Michelle. The girls pick Nikki up before whipping her into the ropes. They grab each other’s arms and when Nikki bounces back towards them they take her down with a double clothesline. Michelle gives Layla a high-five before pinning Nikki and getting a two-count.

                          Nikki starts to crawl towards Brie again, the fans getting behind her and urging her to make the tag. McCool, like Layla, follows her slowly, sarcastically encouraging her along the way. Just as she gets really close McCool grabs her leg and pulls her back before locking in a single-leg Boston Crab. Nikki screams out in pain as a frustrated Brie has no choice but to look on. Layla cheers on McCool from the corner as Nikki does everything she can to get out of the hold. Having seen enough, Brie bursts into the ring to try and break the hold but the referee grabs her and the two start arguing. Seeing an opportunity, Layla runs into the ring and starts stomping on Nikki as she is in the hold. Brie is screaming at the referee to turn around. He does and when he sees Layla he rushes to Nikki’s aid. McCool breaks the hold and both members of LayCool start to argue with the referee. As the referee tries to regain control Brie grabs Nikki and drags her towards her corner. Layla is forced out by the ref and he turns around just in time to se Nikki finally making the tag to Brie.

                          Brie comes running in with all guns blazing. She takes McCool down with a clothesline. McCool pops up and Brie meets her with a running clothesline. Layla runs into the ring and charges at Brie but Brie grabs her and sends her flying through the ropes to the outside. The crowd are really excited now. McCool gets to her feet and Brie meets her with a running head scissors, sending her stumbling into the corner. Brie backs up and runs at McCool. Layla, however, pulls McCool out of the ring to safety. Nikki joins Brie in the ring and the two launch themselves to the outside, taking out LayCool with a plancha each. Brie rolls McCool back into the ring. She raises her arm, getting a cheer from the crowd before driving McCool face first into the mat with a sit-out face-buster. Brie covers McCool...1...2...Michelle gets her foot on the bottom rope just in time.

                          Brie pounds the mat in frustration before going to tag in Nikki. Nikki climbs to the top rope and waits for Michelle to get to her feet. As she’s waiting Layla grabs Brie and yanks her off the apron, sending crashing down below. Nikki looks over at Brie worried, which gives McCool enough time to charge at her, climbing to the second turnbuckle and punching her in the face. Nikki sits down on the turnbuckle grabbing her face. Michelle hooks her arm and looks to go for a superplex but Nikki resists. Nikki grabs McCool’s head and slams it off the top turnbuckle, sending McCool crashing to the mat. Layla charges at Nikki from the outside but Nikki sees her coming and kicks her away. Layla stumbles backwards and walks right into Brie and those two start brawling on the outside. Nikki sees her chance and leaps from the top rope, looking to take Michelle out with an elbow drop but the shrewd former champion rolls out of the way just in time. McCool stumbles to her feet and drags Nikki up with her. She places her head between her legs before hoisting upside down and slamming her down with the Faith-breaker. (Styles-Clash) McCool covers Nikki. 123
                          As Layla and Michelle celebrate as if they’ve won the main event at Wrestlemania we cut backstage to Stephanie McMahon’s office where she is on the phone.

                          McMahon: No, you’re totally right and I’m very excited...absolutely, I will see you in a couple of weeks...Ok...goodbye.

                          As Stephanie hangs up there’s a knock on the door and in walks The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

                          McMahon: Beth, what can I do for you?

                          Phoenix: Well? Did you watch that match?

                          McMahon: I had it on in the background, yeah, but I had a very important call to take.

                          Phoenix: You make me sick!

                          McMahon: Over on Smackdown – William Regal is nothing more than a antiquated chauvinistic pig who thinks that the main role for us women in wrestling is to be on some macho man’s arm. He has a totally outdated outlook on gender roles and it turns my stomach. So when I found out that I was drafted to Raw instead of Smackdown I was over the moon – I was elated because you were the General Manager Stephanie. A strong, powerful and beautiful woman who got to her position because she was better for the role than any man.

                          McMahon: Well thanks Beth, but do you have a point?

                          Phoenix: Do I have a point? You’re damn right I have a point. You see what I find so totally confusing is that a man like William Regal can give the girls on Smackdown something to fight for and he can showcase them every week. Hell, just a fortnight ago Mickie James and Natalya stole the show in the main event. But here on Raw, with a woman in charge no less, we’re nothing but a second thought. Laycool and The Bella’s just put on one hell of a match and you were busy taking a phone call. I beat the hell out of Alicia Fox last Monday but yet it gets me nowhere. You are meant to be a role model for young women everywhere Steph but instead – you’re too worried about keeping the big boys happy to do your job and it’s not good enough.

                          McMahon: Beth let’s get a few things straight. First of all, it’s Ms. McMahon – not Steph. We’re not buddies here. You want to be treated like a professional you start acting like one. Secondly I couldn’t agree more. There are countless women athletes ready to shine on the the Monday Night Raw stage and I haven’t done enough to showcase that. However, there are also plenty of Barbie dolls and princesses looking to jump on our bandwagon to make a name for themselves and that’s something I won’t stand for. You want a credible women’s division – ok, let’s do it – but I’m going to hold you personally responsible for its success or its failure. Right now, you girls are good but not good enough. I believe in equality for sure but that’s a two-sided coin Beth. I will highlight you and push you into the spotlight but only if you earn it. Now stop complaining and start seeing what you can do to fix it instead- now if you don’t mind I’m rather busy.

                          The Story: Raw has no shortage of young up-and-coming superstars and there are few as impressive as Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston. Both men are on the cusp of greatness. Swagger held the ECW Championship earlier in the year while Kingston held the United States Championship. Now, Swagger’s Intercontinental Championship (which he has held for an impressive five months now) is on the line. The Intercontinental Championship has always been seen as the final stepping stone before World Title glory and this certainly seems to be likely with these two men. Kingston fought off the best competitors Raw has to offer in order to earn this title opportunity and even pinned the champion in tag team competition on the road to Bad Blood. Tonight, there must be a winner.

                          Kofi tries to use his lightning pace and agility to keep the match going at his speed – looking to frustrate and wear Swagger down. Swagger has a game plan of his own and tries to ground the high-flying superstar, focusing on his legs which will dramatically hinder his Ariel offence. Wielding their own tactics these men both show that if nothing else, the future of the WWE is in good hands – they put on the match of the night so far with plenty of back-and-forth action.

                          The Finish: After frustrating each other to a stale-mate the two men stare at each other from across the ring. The fans start to chant Kofi’s name and he acknowledges them before they lock up again. Swagger is the more powerful of the two men and backs Kingston into the corner before slapping him across the face. He backs up with a cocky grin but he angered Kofi. Kofi leaps forward and kicks Swagger hard in the right leg. He kicks him hard in the left leg and then levels him with a drop kick, sending Swagger rolling to the outside. Swagger is irate. He runs back towards the ring and leaps onto the apron to get back in but Kingston meets him with another drop-kick sending crashing back down the floor below.

                          Swagger punches the ground before rolling back into the ring. He ducks Kofi’s clothesline and instead drives his knee into the Ghanaian’s stomach. He grabs Kofi’s head and punches him hard. He goes to punch him again but Kingston blocks it and smacks Swagger in the mouth himself. Kofi grabs Swagger and goes to throw him into the corner but Swagger reverse it. Kofi goes flying into the corner but he manages to leap up onto the second turnbuckle. Swagger charges at him but Kofi leaps and turns around, taking Swagger down with a flying forearm. Swagger stumbles to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up. When he is up Kofi is ready, however, and meets him with a clothesline, sending Swagger over the top rope and back to the outside.

                          Swagger is livid on the outside while Kingston gets the crowd rallying behind him in the ring. Kofi bounces off the ring ropes and leaps to the outside but Swagger moves out of the way and Kofi crashes and burns.

                          Cole: And that is the problem with high risk offence King. If it works it’s great but when it doesn’t it is so costly!

                          Swagger is sitting, leaning against the guard rail and a grin spreads across his face as he sees the predicament Kofi is in. He leaps to his feet and pounds his chest in excitement – the crowd erupting in boos. He walks over to Kingston, grabs his leg and slams it against the floor. Kingston screams out in pain, grabbing his ankle. Swagger rolls in and out of the ring, breaking the referee’s count. He picks Kofi up off the mat and tosses him back first into the steel ring steps. Swagger is in his element as he rolls Kingston back into the ring for a two count.

                          Swagger starts to do push-ups in the middle of the ring, showing just how confident he is that he has this match won. The crowd are livid, but Swagger is foolish to think that this match is anywhere near over. Kingston has backed himself into the corner of the ring and starts to use the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Swagger sees this and charges at Kingston but Kofi gets up his good leg, kicking Swagger right in the face. Swagger lands on his back and Kingston falls on top of him, getting himself a two-count. Kofi stumbles to his feet and starts to kick away at Swagger’s back with his good foot. Swagger was got off guard by Kofi here and seems flustered. Swagger pushes Kingston back and gets to his feet but when he does Kingston punches him in the mouth before taking him down with a ddt.

                          Both men are down and the fans are crying out for Kofi to cover Swagger. Kofi reaches an arm out and drapes across the champion’s chest but Swagger kicks out after two. Kofi gets to his feet and slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle. He looks unsteady on his feet as he’s perched, waiting for Swagger. Swagger gets to his feet and Kofi flies with a picture perfect cross-body. Swagger, however, rolls through on the landing, pinning Kofi out of nowhere. One...two...thr-Kofi Kicks Out! Both men get to their feet. Swagger flails at Kofi with a clothesline with Kingston ducks. He spins and leaps going for a Trouble in Paradise but instead Swagger catches his leg. Kofi falls to the mat with Swagger grabbing his ankle and locking in the ankle lock out of nowhere. Kofi is screaming in pain, looking for a way out but Swagger grapevine’s the leg making it impossible. Kofi has no choice but to tap out.

                          King: What a match Cole! These two young men jsut proved here tonight that they will be around in the WWE for a long time if they continue to impress like that.

                          Cole: You’re right King and you saw just how tight it was. One little mistake from Kofi Kingston and Swagger capitalised on it gaining the victory.


                          s u r r e n d e r

                          ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                            Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                            Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen joining me now one of the men who will challenge Cody Rhodes later on this evening for the World Heavyweight Championship – The Viper – Randy Orton.

                            The fans go wild as the camera zooms out and Orton comes into frame. Orton hasn’t changed much recently, but they’re so sick of Rhodes and DiBiase that they cannot help but cheer for him as he looks to take them.

                            Mathews: Randy, a lot has changed over the past few months. First, you lost your Undisputed Championship to Ted DiBiase at Summer Slam then the very next night on Raw he lost the WWE Championship to John Cena and the World Heavyweight Championship to Cody Rhodes. What initially started as a group to ‘watch your back’ has now come full circle with DiBiase and Rhodes no longer being your lackeys but now...they’re every bit your equals. Tonight is your chance to place yourself back on top of Raw and to once again become champion – what’s your game plan?

                            Orton: Josh, I don’t think I’ve been as excited for a match in a long long time. You’re right though Josh – tonight things comes full circle. Despite the fact that I got them their breaks and despite the fact that I made them, Ted and Cody turned their backs on me. Whatever, I’m used to – it’s happened to me my entire career and I can’t say that I’m the most loyal guys in the world either. The fact of the matter is that when you turn your back on me – you better hope you know what you’re doing because I know what I’m doing and I will ensure that I have the last word. Tonight I go into that ring and Ted said it well earlier, tonight isn’t just about becoming champion again. Tonight I show that Legacy was always about me and at the end of tonight I will stand as World Heavyweight Champion while Cody and Ted...well, I think they’re gonna have their heads kicked off their necks. This interview is over.

                            The fans roar in approval as Orton walks off. They cannot wait for Rhodes and DiBiase to get their just deserts tonight.

                            The roof nearly explodes off the arena as the WWE Universe makes it clear they are very excited about D-Generation X being back in action. After spending much of the year apart dealing with separate issues, they made their triumphant return on the first Raw following the draft. They teamed up with Mr. Kennedy in six-man tag team action but quickly found a new enemy when Kennedy blindsided them after the match. Tonight, Kennedy says that he has a tag team partner who is every bit as willing to take them down for his own gain as Kennedy is. Dx don’t seem to be too worried, however, and are in their usual jovial moods as they make their way to the ring.

                            Cole: King, in your honest opinion is Mr. Kennedy really any sort of threat for DX tonight? I mean, we all know he can run his mouth, but can he back it up?

                            King: You know with the right partner, DX could be in real trouble tonight. Yes, Kennedy likes to talk, but he has done plenty of talking in the ring as well. He’s a former US Champion and he’s won the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. IF he gets an impressive opponent then he can do damage to DX no doubt about it.

                            The cheers instantly turn to boos as Mr. Kennedy’s music hits. He jumps through the curtain with his mouth wide open and a shocked impression on his face. He rubs his eyes as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing. He struts forward onto the stage and slowly raises his arm, waiting for his microphone to fall right into his hand.

                            Kennedy: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and is entitled – the end of DX. First, in the ring, weighing in for longer than they’re wanted and hailing from 1995 – D-Generation X!!!

                            The fans boo as Kennedy soaks it all up and DX sarcastically applaud him from the ring.

                            Kennedy: Did I mention that I write my own material? Now here was I – oh yeah, the best bit. And their opponents, first, on the stage is the man who after defeating DX tonight, will go on to win the World Title and become the face of Monday Night Raw. He weighs a very lean 243lbs and he hails from Greenbay Wisconsin – he is MIIIIIISSSSSSSTEEEEEEERRRRR KENNEDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!


                            Kennedy’s grin only gets wider as the fans get more and more riled up at his arrogance.

                            Kennedy: And as for his partner. A man who was hand-picked because he, just like Mr. Kennedy, is on a one-way road to the top – and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. He weighs an incredible 270lbs soaking wet and he is here to do one thing and one thing only: DOMINATE!!!

                            Cole: Oh my!

                            Kennedy can do nothing but grin as the mammoth Ezekiel Jackson joins him on the stage. Ezekiel is like the complete opposite of Kennedy. Kennedy is hyper and talks trash to the fans and to DX as they walk to the ring. Jackson has his face focused only on the ring and doesn’t walk but marches to the ring – intent on doing damage. DX look a little more serious, but still not entirely worried.

                            Cole: Is that the right partner King?

                            King: It might just be.

                            Ezekiel Jackson & Mr. Kennedy vs. DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)

                            Kennedy takes off his shirt and throws it just short of the crowd. He sends Jackson to the corner and decides to start the match off himself. Triple H decides to start things off for DX. Kennedy gets into Triple H’s face and starts talking trash, trying to rile up the former World Champion. It works. Triple H grabs Kennedy and punches him straight in the face. Kennedy goes down and when he gets up Triple H grabs him and whips him into the ropes. Kennedy bounces back off and Triple H lifts him up and over with a big back body drop. Kennedy crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet. Kennedy gives himself a shake before the two men lock up. Triple H whips Kennedy into the ropes and goes for a clothesline which Kennedy ducks. Kennedy bounces off the ropes again but when he returns to Triple H he is met with a high knee to the face. The crowd go wild seeing Triple H taking Kennedy to school so easily. Kennedy stumbles to his feet holding his face and quickly runs to his own corner. He slaps Jackson on the chest and scrambles out of the ring as quickly as possible. Jackson smirks as Kennedy urges him to go take care of business. He climbs into the ring and marches right up to Triple H and stares at him face to face.

                            The Middle: Big Zeke makes an instant impact and after a few blows are traded, he quickly dominates Triple H. Bizarrely, however, after he gets the upper hand he throws Triple H into his own corner and tells him to tag in HBK. A puzzled HBK enters the match and the two lock up. The much stronger Jackson overpowers Michaels, but Michaels uses his agility to gain the upper hand. It doesn’t last for long, however, and Jackson isolates Michaels while Kennedy cheers him on in the corner. Kennedy loves every second of it as Big Zeke has HBK isolated from his partner. Eventually Kennedy tags himself in to steal Zeke’s thunder and spend some time working over Michaels himself. He is his usually cocky self, teasing Michaels and Triple H in the process. His arrogance, however gets the better of him and one mistake allows Triple H to make the tag to Michaels. Kennedy panics and Triple H cleans house sending the fans into a frenzy.

                            The Finish: Kennedy is flustered as Triple H takes him to school. HBK is recovering on the apron and the fans are firmly behind DX as Triple H picks Kennedy aprt. Triple H motions for Kennedy to ‘suck it’ before getting him into position for The Pedigree. Kennedy reverse it however, lifting Triple H up and over. He stumbles to his own corner to tag in Big Zeke but he isn’t there. The massive superstar is making his way around to HBK. This gives Triple H enough time to recover and nails Kennedy with a high knee. Jackson is talking trash to HBK but Triple H is pandering to the crowd and doesn’t notice HBK leaping off the apron at Jackson. Jackson and HBK start brawling around the ring. Triple H turns to his corner to tag in HBK but he realises he’s not there. He leans over the ropes yelling and trying to find out what’s going on. The referee too, calls for more officials to come out and break these two up on the outside. Meanwhile Kennedy sees an opportunity. He sneaks up behind Triple H and delivers a thunderous low blow before grabbing him and nailing the mic check. 123 – Kennedy stole this one.


                            Kennedy starts to celebrate but that is overshadowed by Jackson and HBK still going at in on the outside. Officials flock to ringside to break them up. Jackson stops and retreats with a huge grin on his face while HBK is livid – trying to break free from the official holding him back.

                            King: Cole, I don’t think I’ve ever seen HBK this riled up – Ezekiel Jackson has said something that has gotten to him – and Michael’s has snapped.

                            Kennedy rolls to the outside and quickly joins Jackson. He raises big Zeke’s arm and celebrates wildly but Big Zeke doesn’t take his eyes off Michaels. Triple H is sitting in the ring, totally confused as to what happened and how he lost a match that he had under control

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                              Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                              Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, your World Heavyweight Champion – Cody Rhodes.

                              The crowd boos as the camera zooms out to reveal a serious looking champion wearing the belt proudly around his waist.

                              Mathews: Cody, this match tonight has been over a year in the making and both Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase have made it clear that tonight is about more than the World Heavyweight Championship. I’m gonna ask you the same question I asked them – what’s your game plan?

                              Rhodes: You know Josh I watched those interviews earlier and I picked up on that. For both of my opponents tonight is about more than this World Title. For Ted – it’s about Redemption. It’s about proving to the world that he title win wasn’t a fluke and that his meteoric rise to the top of the WWE was warranted. For Randy – it’s about Pride. It’s about showing to everyone that the success of Legacy was about him and him alone and that the breakout success of Ted and I wouldn’t have happened without him.

                              Josh – I get it. I really get it. I get all of the emotions and troubles going through their minds and I get that they both have a point to prove. But make no mistake – tonight isn’t about me proving anything to anyone. It’s not about revenge and it’s not about making a statement. The only thing I care about tonight and the only thing that matters is that I walk in to the match with this gold belt and I walk out of the match with this gold belt. That’s my game plan – that’s how simple it really is. I am the Uncommon Son of a Common Man – I was born better, born to achieve greatness and born to win – that’s what I intend to do.

                              Mathews: Thank you for your time. King, Cole – back to you.

                              Final Battle

                              A video package plays highlighting the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker. It shows how Undertaker initially got the help of his deranged brother Kane to mess with Hardy’s head. Hardy gave as good as he got and managed to get the upper hand, attacking Kane backstage, subsequently messing with The Undertaker. It shows the Brother’s of Destruction ‘crucifying Jeff’s brother Matt on an Undertaker logo. It then showed Hardy prevailing and defeating The Undertaker at Backlash to keep his WWE Championship. Then Hardy was stripped of his title by JBL...yet their rivalry was far from over. At Judgment Day, when Hardy faced Randy Orton to try and win back his title, The Undertaker, who was a ringside enforcer, made his presence felt and made sure Hardy didn’t leave with the belt around his waist. He still had unfinished business with the Charismatic Enigma...Their rivalry only intensified after Judgment Day, and for both men it was now about a lot more than championships. At Extreme Rules they met in a Buried Alive match. The Undertaker showed just how brutal and sadistic he was when he delivered a tombstone pile driver to Hardy and continued to bury him alive. Hardy was history...The Undertaker was finally able to move on with his career and show how dominant he was without the thorn in his side that was Jeff Hardy. However, it seems nothing can keep Jeff Hardy down. Somehow he made a return in the weeks leading up to Summer Slam, attacking The Undertaker. It seemed like the stage was set for Hardy to make his triumphant return and defeat The Undertaker once and for all to end this rivalry. They collided at Summer Slam inside the demonic Hell in a Cell. Hardy...lost, and The Undertaker couldn’t have been happier. Hardy, however, didn’t take defeat lying down and cost the Undertaker his chance to become World Champion.

                              These two men hate each other, something’s gotta give. At Bad Blood they will meet in a casket match for their Final Battle. The winner gets all the glory, the loser, well the loser loses everything. Pre-taped comments from both competitors finish off the segment.

                              Hardy: The Undertaker has put me and my family through hell for the past year. At Bad Blood I’m sending him to hell as once and for all I prove I am one of the top dogs in this company and end his career.

                              Undertaker: Jeff Hardy may have beaten me in the past , but in the big fights, where it really matters, I’ve proven I’m the better competitor. This Sunday I will finally put Hardy down, and I’ll do it my way, in my match.

                              Hardy: Fear is just a four letter word. I’m not scared of anything. Not even the Undertaker.

                              Undertaker: This Sunday, Jeff Hardy will Rest...In...Peace.
                              • To win the match the opponent must place their opponent in the casket at ringside, close the door and wheel the casket over the finish line at the top of the stage.
                              • The Undertaker makes his way to the ring first getting huge amounts of heat from the crowd. As he slowly marches to the ring the boos quickly turn to cheers as Jeff Hardy can’t wait any longer and bursts through the curtain, attacking him on the ramp.
                              • The two start to brawl along the ramp with Hardy getting the upper hand. He whips Taker hard into the guard rail before running and drop-kicking him in the face.
                              • Undertaker pulls himself together and rams Jeff into the rail before throwing him into the crowd.
                              • Undertaker follows Jeff into the crowd and the two brawl through the crowd.
                              • When they reach the ringside area Undertaker is in control and throws Jeff over the barrier and onto the mats surrounding the ring.
                              • Taker grabs Jeff’s arm and takes him down with Old School off the guard rail.
                              • They continue to brawl back and forth around the ring-side area.
                              • Jeff pulls it back and manages to gain the upper hand. He turns things extreme and uses whatever he can find to wear the Deadman down.
                              • Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on the outside before rolling the Undertaker on top of the announce table.
                              • Hardy pulls a huge ladder out from underneath the ring and begins to climb.
                              • Hardy leaps off the ladder with a Swanton Bomb but Taker rolls off the table sending Hardy crashing through on his own.
                              • The Undertaker raises his arm in celebration. He walks over to the casket set up at ringside and opens it up, getting ready to put Hardy in it.
                              • Suddenly the fans start to cheer as Matt Hardy comes sprinting down the ramp to buy his brother some time. Undertaker is ready for him and cuts him off.
                              • Undertaker beats on Matt Hardy all the way up the ramp and up to the stage. Undertaker grabs Matt Hardy and choke slams him off the stage and through a pile of tables and electric equipment below.
                              • By now Jeff has stumbled to his feet. The Undertaker sees him from the stage and starts to walk back towards him. Jeff sees him and tries to pull himself together. As Undertaker reaches Hardy Jeff grabs a steel chair. Undertaker pauses for a second and Jeff releases his fury, attacking Undertaker relentlessly with the steel chair.
                              • Jeff is like a man possessed and he brutally wears Taker down with shots to the legs and back. Cole remarks that Jeff has manhandled The Undertaker in a way few men before him have.
                              • Jeff beats The Undertaker around the ring and manages to shove him inside the casket.
                              • Jeff tries to close the lid but The Undertaker reaches up and grabs him by the throat and shoves him backwards.
                              • Taker rolls out of the casket and into the ring – catching his breath.
                              • Hardy follows him into the ring but Taker cuts him off with a boot to the head.
                              • They fight back and forth for a while before Taker grabs Hardy by the throat again and chokeslams him out of the ring onto the closed casket.
                              • Taker gets out of the ring and shoves Hardy into the casket closing the lid.
                              • Taker starts to roll the casker up the ramp and gets near the top but Hardy bursts the lid open, smashing it into Taker’s face. Jeff kicks The Undertaker in the face, sending him stumbling down the ramp.
                              • Hardy stands up in the casket as it rolls down the ramp – using the casket almost as a skate-board. He leaps out of the casket and takes Taker down with a flying forearm.
                              • The two brawl back and forth again – giving everything they have to win the match.
                              • Eventually Hardy nails Taker with a Twist of Fate on a steel chair and quickly rolls Taker into the casket.
                              • HE closes the casket and begins to search underneath the ring. He finds a bad that he obviously put there earlier and pulls out a chain and a padlock. He warps the chain around the casket and locks it shut – meaning that Taker cannot get out. Hardy slowly wheels the casket up the ramp – taking every ounce of his strength to do so. He eventually crosses the finish line and the bell rings, the fans go wild – Jeff has finally defeated The Undertaker.
                              • Jeff doesn’t stop there however and keeps rolling the Undertaker to the backstage area. The camera catch up with him and he’s pushing the Undertaker through the parking lot and to the outside. The fans go wild as Hardy pauses and looks at the river beside the arena.
                              • Officials have made it outside and start to yell at Hardy to calm down but Jeff doesn’t care and rolls the casket right into the river – sending The Undertaker sinking to the bottom.
                              • Hardy collapses exhausted as officials look on not knowing what to do – eventually we fade to a promo for Joe/Punk II.

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                                Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                                A video package plays showing the creation, evolution and eventual demise of Legacy. What started as a means of perseverance for Randy Orton grew and created two bone fide main-eventers in Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. Tonight these three men finally meet in a Triple Threat Match. The importance of what this stable has meant is only emphasised by the fact that the winner doesn’t just earn bragging rights – but also the World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, whoever comes out on top proves themselves to be not just the crown jewel of Legacy but the crown jewel of the entire WWE.

                                The arena explodes as Orton’s music hits and the Apex Predator of the WWE makes his way to the ring. Randy Orton is fast on his way to becoming one of the most loved superstars in all of sports entertainment – purely because the WWE Universe want to see him shut Rhodes and DiBiase up. Orton slithers to the ring intense – not distracted by the fans adulation – just focused on the ring.

                                The cheers in the arena quickly turn to boos as Ted DiBiase makes his way out next. DiBiase seemed to be the man to rise from Legacy as the victor – capturing the Undisputed Championship from Orton at Summer Slam with the full support of the fans. DiBiase suffered a cruel twist of fate the very next night on Raw when he lost the WWE Championship to John Cena and the World Championship to Cody Rhodes. In turn he became bitter and frustrated, turning his back on the fans who supported him to success in the first place. He makes his way to the ring still unshaven but he has dropped the track pants tonight, returning to his usual trunks as he looks to reignite his career.

                                The boos only intensify as Cody Rhodes burst through the curtain. Orton looked intense and focused. DiBiase looked determined to prove a point. Rhodes has a huge grin on his face as he struts to the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Cody seemed to be just behind Orton and DiBiase for the longest time but when he captured the World Heavyweight Championship he proved that he wasn’t the weak link.

                                The three men stand in the corners of the ring as Justin Roberts makes the official main event introductions. There is so much for these three men to prove tonight as they finally collide. The bell rings and the action starts straight away as DiBiase and Orton both go after Rhodes. Rhodes backs into the corner but cannot defend himself from the flurries of lefts and rights coming from Ted and Randy. Orton and DiBiase grab Cody and whip him into the ropes. Rhodes rebounds and they lift him up and over the top rope with a big bad body drop. The fans cheer Orton and DiBiase’s teamwork getting rid of Rhodes at the start.

                                They then turn and stare at each other. DiBiase starts talking trash while Orton allows himself a brief smirk. The two men lock up. Orton grabs DiBiase in a side-headlock and then whips him into the corner. He charges at him and nails him with a clothesline. DiBiase gets to his feet and runs at Orton but Orton catches him with a scoop slam sending DiBiase rolling out of the ring. Orton climbs to the second rope and raises his arms in the air as the fans go wild for the third-generation superstar. Cody Rhodes comes up to Ted DiBiase and whispers something into his ear. The two enemies look at each other before sliding into the ring together and facing Orton.

                                Cole: You see this is where this match can become really interesting. These three men know each other so well as both opponents and as partners so the dynamic can change in an instant.

                                Orton stares right back at them unfazed – ready for them to bring it. They move closer to Orton as he braces himself for the double team. Rhodes pounces first and is met with a punch to the face. DiBiase follows up straight away but receives a kick to the gut for his effort. Orton quickly moves himself to the other side of the ring as Rhodes and DiBiase get back up to their feet. Orton drops down and rolls out of the ring. Rhodes follows him but Orton rolls back in again quickly. DiBiase goes to kick Orton as he gets into the ring but Orton grabs his foot and knocks him to the mat with a short arm clothesline. Cody Rhodes is back in the ring but Orton turns around and sends him straight back out, clothes lining him over the top. Orton starts stomping DiBiase in the ring, working methodically around his body. Rhodes is back in the ring but Orton sees him again and takes him down with a dropkick. Orton turns back to DiBiase who is to his feet and levels Orton with a dropkick of his own. The numbers game finally caught up with him.

                                Orton sits up and DiBiase kicks him straight in the face. Rhodes bounces off the ropes and drops a big knee to Orton’s skull. The two-on-one assault then begins as DiBiase and Rhodes lay into Orton. They take it in turns wearing Orton down – even mocking him by stomping their way around his body. The fans are irate as their favourite is being isolated. They continue to dominate, showing off some of their old double team moves from their time as tag team champions. Cody holds Orton while DiBiase punches him in the face. Every time Orton tries to mount a comeback the fans are right behind him but the two younger stars cut him off.

                                They’ve worn him down for a while and Rhodes gets DiBiase to place Orton in position for the moonsault. As Rhodes starts to climb the ropes, however, DiBiase covers Orton himself. Rhodes jumps down and pushes DiBiase off just in time to break up the three count. The two men start arguing as Orton rolls to the side of the ring. Rhodes slaps DiBiase hard in the face and the team work is over as they start exchanging lefts and rights. DiBiase grabs Rhodes and whips him into the ropes but Rhodes ducks a clothesline but DiBiase. He grabs the ropes to stop his momentum. DiBiase runs at him but Rhodes ducks and lifts him up and over the top rope.

                                Meanwhile, Randy Orton is struggling to his feet. Rhodes grabs him and lifts him up and brings him down with a devastating Alabama Slam. Cody covers Randy but Ted slides in to the break up the count. Rhodes and DiBiase start brawling again and end up rolling out of the ring. Ted grabs Cody and throws him back first into the steel ring steps. He lifts him up and rams him into the ring post before sliding back into the ring, leaving Cody to recover on the outside.

                                Ted DiBiase comes charging into the ring at Orton but Orton takes him down with a clothesline. DiBiase pops right back up but Orton takes him down again. DiBiase ducks a third clothesline from Orton and goes for one of his own. Orton ducks it however and when DiBiase comes back towards him he is caught with a scoop slam. Orton is starting to get in the zone and the fans are hyped behind his comeback. He allows DiBiase to stumble to his feet. DiBiase swings with a punch but Orton grabs him and hits his signature back breaker. Orton falls to the mat and starts pounding it, sending out the signals that he’s getting ready for the RKO. As Ted starts to come to, however, so does Rhodes and he grabs Orton’s leg and pulls him out of the ring.

                                Orton grabs Cody’s head and slams him into the apron. Ted DiBiase goes for a baseball slide to Orton from inside the ring but Orton moves, pulling Rhodes in the way instead. Orton slithers back into the ring. Rhodes and DiBiase start to clamber back onto the ring apron. Orton grabs them and locks his arms around their heads. He then pulls them between the ropes and nails a double DDT. Rhodes rolls out of the ring while DiBiase lies lifeless in it. Orton has turned it around. The fans are going wild as the Viper gets ready to striker. DiBiase gets to his feet slowly.


                                The fans go wild and Orton is ecstatic. He covers DiBiase but Rhodes pulls Orton of the ring and throws him into the guard rail. Rhodes slides in and covers DiBiase himself. 123 Cody Rhodes has gotten the victory.


                                King: I can’t believe it! Orton did all the work and Rhodes ran in and stole the victory!

                                Cole: That’s certainly one way to look at it. The other way is that Rhodes just outsmarted Orton at exactly the right moment.

                                King: Whatever way you cut it, Cody Rhodes did what we all thought he couldn’t do – he retained his World Heavyweight Championship.

                                Rhodes is ecstatic as he celebrates. Orton is livid as he watches on from the outside. DiBiase is slinked in the corner after eating another defeat. Legacy has come full circle and Cody Rhodes is standing tall.

                                Bad Blood Results

                                Cody Rhodes def. Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

                                Jeff Hardy def. The Undertaker in a casket match

                                Mr. Kennedy & Ezekiel Jackson def. DX

                                Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston to retain the Intercontinental Championship

                                Team LayCool def. The Bella Twins

                                Matt Hardy def. Brian Kendrick in a hardcore match

                                MVP def. Dolph Ziggler
                                **And so I'm finished. Ended up doing the main event myself. MY match-writer must be stuck in Wales. Disapointed I lost my steam towards the end but I still managed to lay all the seeds I wanted to and tell all the stories I wanted to. I'd love to hear what people think. Onwards and upwards. Legacy is back.**

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