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PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

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    Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

    Previously on WWE Legacy:

    *As the month-long implosion of Legacy reached boiling point, with Cody Rhodes winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Ted DiBiase, Stephanie McMahon made a block-buster main event for Bad Blood. Cody defending his championship against both DiBiase and Orton.

    *Another huge main event Steph made was Legacy teaming together one last time against D-X and Mr Kennedy that very night. Things fell apart quickly as Orton and Rhodes started brawling up the aisle, leaving DiBiase to eat the pin. After the match however, the returning Kennedy showed his true colours, attacking DX.

    * Jeff Hardy was adamant in an interview from his home that despite losing to the Undertaker at Summer Slam – he won’t rest until he’s silenced the Dead Man. The Undertaker made his mark later in the night when he attacked Matt Hardy, costing him a match against Brian Kendrick, and challenged Jeff to a casket match at Bad Blood.

    *The Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger showed exactly why he’s the champion by defeating Santino Marella in stylish fashion. Kofi Kingston also showed how impressive he can be against Paul Burchill. Meanwhile MVP and Dolph Ziggler tangled, but a frustrated Ziggler got himself counted out.

    *Lay-Cool showed that they aim to be the top Diva’s on Raw – with or without a title to aim for – and made a statement by attacking the Bella Twins.

    Team Extreme Reunited

    You Better Get Ready...

    Monday Night Raw kicks off with a bang as the newly reunited D-Generation X come out for tag team action. They come out throwing pairs of glow sticks into the crowd who are keyed up to see them. Cole and King mention that another tag team reunites tonight as The Hardy Boyz take on The Undertaker and Brian Kendrick in the main event. Two men not so keen to see them are their opponents – Carlito and Paul Burchill – both of whom show no respect towards DX. It’s a shame they didn’t because it cost them dearly as DX showed them that there is plenty of fight left in the old dogs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels work so well together and although Carlito and Burchill did plenty to try and thwart their attack, they show that they are still the top team they’ve always been. They pick up the win following a Sweet Chin Music into a pedigree on Paul Burchill.

    After the match they continue to rally up the fans by doing their usual routine on the mic. When Shawn says ‘And if you’re not down with that we’ve got two words for ya!’ Triple H interrupts him. He points out how last week they were interrupted by Mr. Kennedy who joined in with his own two words. At first he thought it was kinda neat but when Kennedy proceeded to hit them both with low blows and mic checks – he quickly changed his mind. They told Kennedy that they admire his resolve but not his methods. DX know a thing or two about making an impact so to try and make an impact by taking them out is never going to work. They say that he better watch his back because when he least expects it, they’ll show him what you really need to do to leave you mark.

    A Fortunate Son?

    Following the commercial break Ted DiBiase comes to the ring. Again, he looks dishevelled and disinterested. He is wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt and has stubble on his face. The positive reaction that used be so strong for him is slowly fading and he’s met with a mixture of cheers, jeers and apathy. He looks like a defeated man as he picks up a microphone to address the WWE Universe.

    “You know it’s crazy just how much can change in such a short time. A matter of weeks ago I would come out to this ring and it would be electric. You could feel the excitement in the air. There was a real sense that I was ready to move forward, to defeat Randy Orton and to be the face the WWE. And then at Summer Slam I did it. I became the Undisputed WWE Champion and it was amazing. I remember so well walking around ringside and embracing the fans in attendance. It wasn’t like I did it, it was like we did it. It was as if it was something we achieved together and that you were genuinely delighted to be along for the ride with me. And then...well in one night all of that changed. I unfairly had to defend both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship in one night and I lost both. I was devastated, hell I still am. Everything that I was building towards and working towards for months was gone in one night.

    I did have hope. I had something that kept me going, I had something that made me think – you know what, this is gonna be ok. I had the fans. I had the support that was more than paying customers showing their appreciation but I had fans that I embraced like they were family. Or at least – I thought I did. I showed up to Monday Night Raw last week and I was bummed out – I was freaking depressed. And when I came through that curtain and walked down to this very ring I wasn’t surrounded in that embrace that I expected. I wasn’t greeted like an old friend. No, instead some people booed. Some people cheered. Some people, and this is the biggest slap in the face, some people did nothing at all. And it crushed me. I then went to the main event where yet again I ate a pin-fall and lost and was I supported and encouraged? Hell no, I was ignored while you all moved on, fawning over DX and Ken Kennedy.

    I’ve been called the Fortunate Son in the past because I was born into a wrestling family with great wealth and opportunities. People call that fortunate but I call that a curse. Why? Because all of your expectations are so damn high that I can never meet them. It doesn’t matter how hard I try or what I do, all it takes is one mistake and you’re all on my back. I walked out here tonight and I’ve never heard a less enthusiastic reaction to someone who only weeks ago was WWE Champion. And so I don’t really know where I go from here. I do know that I need to do one crucial thing – I need to come to my senses and realise that I don’t do this to please you. I don’t do this for the cheers or the adulation. For a while there I did and when you cheered me it was great but then like the fickle spoiled consumers you are you turned on me. Well now I’m turning my back on you. Instead I’m placing my focus on something that doesn’t change. I need to do this for something that cannot let me down. I need to do this, to wrestle for one aim – recapturing the World Heavyweight Championship. As long as I hold that belt I and the top man in this business and nothing you do or anyone else can change that. So at Bad Blood you can boo me, you can cheer me or you can sit on your hands. I am going to be satisfied not by an audience reaction but by having my hand raised and being declared champion!”

    The fans reaction to this is no longer one of neutrality but they see Ted for the selfish man that he has become and let him know their disapproval. The very quickly start to cheer as Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks to the ring – his eyes focused on DiBiase. Not everyone cheers for The Viper as they still find him hard to trust but the majority are glad that anybody is interrupting DiBiase’s rant. Orton slithers into the ring and looks DiBiase right in the eye. He takes the mic from his hand and the fans buzz in anticipation of what he’s going to say. Orton just gives DiBiase an evil grin before ramming the microphone into his skull. DiBiase stumbles backwards clutching his head and Randy grabs him, driving him headfirst into the mat with a thunderous RKO. The crowd love this and let Orton know. He says nothing but retreats back up the aisle – message sent.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Masters

    Chris Masters comes out next for a match with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has had a great year but was flustered last week by MVP and gave Porter the win via count-out. He has a lot to prove tonight as there are doubts about whether he has the ability to continue with momentum after such an emphatic few months. Just before Masters and Ziggler lock up, MVP’s music hits and the Ballin’ Superstar comes out to join Cole and King on commentary. He says that he wasn’t happy to win by count-out and has asked Stephanie to put him and Ziggler in match at Bad Blood where he can prove that he can beat Dolph. Ziggler seemed put off by MVP’s presence which allowed Masters to get the upper hand in the beginning stages of the match.

    Throughout the match both men work on the head, neck and shoulders of their opponents as they both try and end it with their finishing submissions: a sleeper for Ziggler and the Masterlock for Chris Masters. Masters has been missing from the WWE for a while now but he wrestles like a new man pouring 100% into all he does – really impressing the fans. Ziggler, however, has a point to prove and eventually manages to get the sleeper hold locked in. Once it’s in, there’s no getting out and it’s game over for Masters no matter how hard he struggled. Ziggler stares at MVP as he has the hold locked in until Masters passes out. Dolph Ziggler showed that he is still a force to be reckoned with and that MVP has a fight in store at Bad Blood.

    Michelle McCool vs. Nikki Bella

    Michelle McCool and Layla come down to the ring together laughing and joking; very cocky and assured. They made it clear last week that despite the Diva’s Championship being exclusively on Smackdown, that they will be the dominant Diva’s on Raw. Layla rubs McCool’s shoulders and mocks getting hyped up for her ‘big match.’ The Bella’s music hits and the tempting twins smoulder down the aisle, interacting with the fans on their way. It’s Nikki that gets to do battle tonight and she wastes little time in going at it with McCool. The match starts off fast-paced with Nikki trying to frustrate McCool with some of her explosive offence taking her down with head-scissors and arm-drags. McCool very quickly rolls to the outside where Laycool gives her a drink of water and assures her that she has this one in the bag. When McCool gets back in she does start to dominate and show why she is considered one of the best female athletes in wrestling today. She eventually wears Nikki down and hits her with the Faith-Breaker. She only gets a two-count however as Nikki gets her foot under the bottom rope, breaking the count. Michelle starts to argue with the referee but as she does Brie Bella rolls her sister out of the ring and rolls in her place. McCool didn’t notice and is got off guard by a roll-up from Brie for the three-count. Lay-Cool are fuming but the Bella’s quickly retreat up the aisle having got revenge for last week. It seems Lay-Cool’s dominance has gotten off to a shaky start.

    Mic Check

    The lights in the arena dim and a spotlight shines on the stage. Mr. Kennedy’s music starts to play and he bursts into the spotlight wearing jeans and a black shirt with his arms out-stretched. He has his usual cocky smirk on his face and is chewing his gum incessantly. The fans don’t receive him well but he doesn’t care. The spotlight follows him as he swaggers to the ring. When he gets in he stands in the centre, spotlight on and stretches out his arm. His custom mic drops from the ceiling straight into his hand:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...children of all ages – I am proud to introduce to you the man who brought the mighty D-Generation X to their knees, the man who sent a shockwave around the entire WWE Universe and the man who after being on the shelf for months is ready to show exactly what he’s made of...MIIIIISTERRRRRR...KENNEDYYYYY!!!...


    Now before you all get your hopes up thinking that DX are gonna come out here with their glow-sticks attached to their Zimmer frames and kick my ass, I know for a fact that they have left the building. They gotta get an early night – their age is catching up with them. So I’m afraid there’s no Triple H and there’s no Shawn Michaels – you’re stuck with me. You all thought that JBL changed things – well guess what – the real game changer is back and I’m starting by taking out the two most respected guys on the roster. Shawn Michaels and Triple H have done it all in this business – but I’m going to take their reputation, I’m going to take their accolades and I’m making them my own. WWE Universe get ready for Mr Kennedy – the greatest thing to happen to pro wrestling period. I’m here not to imitate but to dominate and DX, I’m starting with you. You’re telling me to watch my back? Well guys I hate to break it to ya, but these beedy little eyes won’t be off you two until I had gotten rid of you from the WWE. And if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for ya...



    Number One Contender’s Match for IC Title
    Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder vs. Santino Marella

    Jack Swagger comes down to the ring in his sharpest suit to joining Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for commentary so that he can get a closer look at the man he’ll defend his Intercontinental Championship against at Bad Blood. Swagger seems dismissive of all three men and spends the entire match listing his accomplishments. Cole and King make sure to point out the accomplishments of all three competitors. Kingston and Marella have held gold in the past and Ryder is one of the fastest rising young superstars on the roster.

    Ryder and Kingston start things off and Santino casually watches on the sidelines. He tries to interject but thinks again and tip-toes into the corner. Kingston and Ryder notice this and throw him out of the ring. The match continues with Ryder and Kingston going all out to get the win for a shot at the gold. Santino keeps trying to interject himself but one of the other two kicks him out of the ring. Eventually he slams the announce table in frustration and goes in all guns blazing. A Trouble in Paradise followed by a Zack Attack rules him out for good. Kingston and Ryder run a close contest but one mistake from Ryder is enough for Kofi to hit a Trouble in Paradise for the victory and a shot at Swagger’s Championship. Swagger stands up at the announce table seemingly unfazed by Kingston’s victory. Kofi motions that he’s coming for the belt and Swagger just confidently holds the championship in the air.

    Cody Rhodes in action

    The World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes comes out next and he is the polar opposite of Ted DiBiase earlier in the night. Rhodes is perfectly groomed and has a huge smile on his face accompanying the big gold belt around his waist. His smile only broadens when he sees his opponent for the night – loveable loser, Eugene. Eugene tries to shake Cody’s hand but is met with a slap in the face instead. The fans make sure Cody know that they do not appreciate his arrogance. The fans reaction makes little difference to Rhodes as he scientifically dissects Eugene in the ring, very quickly wearing him down. It takes little effort for him to get Eugene set up for the Cross-Rhodes - a move which gives the champ the win. Cody celebrates afterwards as if he won the World Title all over again and forces the referee to strap the belt around his waist. The fans boos again quickly turn to cheers when they notice that Randy Orton has snuck through the crowd and into the ring. He taps Rhodes on the shoulder who then turns around right into a huge RKO. For the second time tonight Randy has laid waste to one of his Bad Blood opponents. He retreats up the aisle, grin on his face and the fans starting to appreciate him more and more.

    The Undertaker & Brian Kendrick vs. The Hardy Boyz

    The Undertaker makes his way to the ring first for this huge tag team main event. He slowly makes his way to the ring, booed heavily by the fans who once cherished him. When Brian Kendrick’s music hits The Dead Man just appears bemused. Kendrick comes out to the ring wearing a black leather sleeveless jacket with tiger print trim. Yeah. He’s wearing sunglasses and more stumbles to the ring than struts. He slides in and weaves his arm like a snake towards The Undertaker – holding it out for a hand shake. Undertaker just stares at Kendrick not amused – Kendrick shrugs his shoulders and plonks himself in the corner of the ring.

    The arena buzzes with excitement as the WWE Universe awaits the Hardy Boyz. The roof lifts as the fans erupt upon hearing the familiar sound of Team Extreme’s entrance music. Matt and Jeff Hardy burst through the curtain with an immense enthusiasm hyped up for the match. Jeff especially seems ready to kick some ass. He sprints down the aisle with Matt following. Jeff slides into the ring and he and the Undertaker automatically go at it. The crowd are hot as Jeff and Taker exchange a flurry of lefts and rights in the ring. The ref, Matt and Kendrick eventually separate the two allowing the match to get started.

    Matt sends Jeff to the apron as he prepares to start things off with The Undertaker. Matt slaps the Undertaker in the face, pretty angry himself at Taker’s attack last week. This only further angers Big Evil and he responds with a huge uppercut sending Hardy to his back. Undertaker quickly tags Brian Kendrick, happy to let him do the work in this one. Kendrick runs into the ring and starts stomping on Matt maniacally. He seems genuinely excited to be kicking one of the Hardy Boys and bounces off the ring ropes before dropping Hardy in the face. He holds out his arms and waves his hands as if welcoming praise from the fans.

    The fans start cheering and Kendrick gets excited but he soon realises that its not because of ihm. Jeff got tired of waiting to get his hands on the Undertaker and moved to the middle of the ramp. He motions for Taker to come and take a shot and The Undertaker is only too happy to oblige. Hardy and Taker start brawling up the aisle again as referees and officials come running out to separate them. A recovering Matt Hardy and Brian Kendrick have stopped fighting and start watching from the ring instead. Matt tries to get out of the ring to help and separate the brawl but Kendrick grabs him by the hair as he tries to climb through the ropes. He drags Hardy quickly into the ring by the hair and drives his head into the mat with a Twist of Fate. Kendrick covers Hardy and gets the quick win.

    Kendrick celebrates as if he’s won the superbowl but the attention all quickly moves back to Jeff and the Undertaker. The get rid of everyone who gets in their way as they are so intent on harming each other. King and Cole call this one of the most heated rivalries in the history of the WWE as Raw runs out of time and goes off the air.

    BaD BlOOD

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Legacy finally implodes

    Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

    Casket Match
    The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

    MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Intercontinental Championship
    Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

    *Some stuff in this I really like and some stuff I'm not so sure about. Eitherway, Bad Blood's taking shape and I think everything on the show has a real purpose which is always an aim. As always all reviews and comments are greatly appreciated.**

    s u r r e n d e r

    ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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      Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

      It's been a long time since I last reviewed you, PB. In fact, I think it was when you were doing the fed with the pictures. I've always steered clear of Legacy, because it was WWE, but both you and Will have done enough in it now that it probably will be a lot different from the real deal, so I'm ready to give it a shot.

      Of course, props are due for the recap. I think you did a better job than most people do, actually. It wasn't just an 'last week'... it was more of a 'here's what's been happening recently' which was very much needed.

      Can't stand anything DX these days. Their family friendly gimmick has actually managed to dampen their past, which is a shame because they were awesome. Stuff like glowsticks make me wretch. I'd like to see some better formatting for matches. Title, result, etc. I think you're going for a recap like that which you'd see on the official website, but it already doesn't feel like I'm actually viewing/reading a show. It feels like I'm reading the results.

      I really, really like this character direction you're going for DiBiase. I'll be honest with you: I've never thought he's worth a damn. Out of Legacy, he was always the odd man out. Cody had a very unique face, while Ted was just average in every way. Now he's got that Million $ belt and it's just reliving the old days. But you've got a guy who, to my understanding, was the biggest name in your fed. He lost his championships and the fans felt apathetic to him afterwards. You've got a chance to really get inside his head; what he's feeling. He can speak from the heart and, like when The Rock turned heel, you've got this bittersweet opportunity to turn him heel, which obviously you are. Their were flashes of greatness in that promo, especially this line: "It wasn't like I did it, it was like we did it." That's such a powerful line. It tells me that he was beloved and he supported his fans as much as they supported him. What stopped this from reaching it's potential was the way it was presented. Instead of giving us the fan reaction, describing how Ted looked and moved when was cutting his promo, it was just bunched together. I wanted to feel it, but I couldn't. As for Orton, well... it was a really poor decision, IMO. Randy came out and squashed him. The promo instantly became an afterthought.

      For some reason, I've recently gained an appreciation for Chris Masters. He still bores me both in the ring and on the microphone, while looking and sounding unimpressive... but that Masterlock is really believeable. Ziggler is still one of those 'new guys' that has yet to show me anything, but clearly he was the right man to go over. It makes a pleasant change to see a rival come to the commentary booth and not interfere.

      Like pretty much everyone else here in fan fiction, I don't care about the divas. I really don't care about them. If you had the more serious female wrestlers I might at least be able to pretend for a show or two, but at the end of the day... nothing.

      I... I... wow. PB, your Mr. Kennedy segment was REALLY good. You're awesome at writing his promos and you've actually made me look forward to the next time I read one of his segments. Every line he had caught that arrogant charisma. I mean it was short, but you made it count.

      Can't really comment on the IC title segment, as it was what it was. Nothing bad, just nothing happened that I could comment on. I did like Santino being like the annoying, little kid who keeps interrupting while his brothers are doing 'big kid' things, though. You managed to work his character into the match, so I cared more about it than I usually would have.

      Didn't expect to see Cody as the champion. I really like the guy and would personally like to put him in a big storyline, but champion is something I can't picture him as yet. Especially not with his 'dashing' personality. Squashed Eugene, but then Orton kinda makes the entire segment about him. Like with DiBiase, I felt the rest was forgotten as soon as Randy appeared. It's not the squash that I mind, because you can make almost anything work if you do it right, but I think the problem here is that it's so quick. Orton emerges... boom, RKO. Maybe Cody could get a couple of licks in first; perhaps Rhodes can get tipped off by the audience for the slow turn... and is hit with the RKO. Whatever it needed, it was missing.

      I hope you recap why Undertaker is a heel now, just for my benefit. <3 Main event seemed very much about storyline progression, which I'm not complaining about. 'Taker/Jeff was shown to be a very heated rivalry, Kendrick is a crazy guy who... I'm guessing is obsessed with the Hardyz? That sounds cool if it's right. And then there's Matt, who... is just there. There to take the pinfall, which is EXACTLY how I think he should be used.

      At the end of the day, it was about what I expected. I don't like your style, namely the complete summary, the segment headlines and the fact that it doesn't read like a show, so much as a website recap. But things like Ted DiBiase's very real and genuine reason for turning against the fans, peaking my interest with Kendrick and of course Mr. Kennedy's lines made me feel general favor for your show. It was still very much a WWE fed for me which will always make me feel a certain level of negativity towards it, but hey - it's your fed, and I'm happy to tune in for the next episode.


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        Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

        System’s Semantics


        - Nice, fan of the recaps as its easier for casual readers and the like to know whats been happening in the fed.
        - Haha, did the fic Legacy last longer than the actual stable?
        - Beating Santino Marella impressive?
        - Cool, you have a Diva’s division.


        - This seems like its easy to follow thus far, I’m guessing the emphasis is going to be on storylines and the like rather than match writing.
        - Hope your Kennedy is well written,as a fued with DX could be quite entertaining.


        - at first I was thinking, ‘oh, a Dibaise promo’ (because I’m not a fan) but it really caught my attention when you wrote that he was dressed like shit.
        - Whoa, that was a brilliant promo. First of all it made me interested in a wrestler I normally don’t like, it gots it point across rather well and built up for Bad Blood. Very interested to see where you take this.
        - Meh, typical face come back. Nothing un necessary.

        McCool Vs Bella:

        - Haha, I love Laycool..especially Layla’s voice. So good to see you’ve carried over their antics into this fed.
        - Decent match there, nothing fancy as it didn’t need to be. Saw the Bella trick coming, seems like a heelish thing to do, but I can’t see the Bella’s playing Heels very well.

        Mr. Kennedy:

        - Haha, good promo as I had expected it would be earlier. Would have been cool if you made not of Kennedy’s constant gum chewing (and used a lot of exclamation marks). So glad you didn’t do the “Oh they have left the building, ZOMG no they haven’t!”.

        3 way:

        - Though I’m guilty of doing it myself, if Swagger runs in I will cry.
        - I know Santino’s a comedy character, but he ruined this match. Sounded like you had intended it to be Ryder/Kofi then had to throw Santino in last min because he is linked to a storyline you are building so you just threw him in. Odd match.


        - Squash that served its purpose, and built the story. Enough said.

        UT/BK Vs Hardyz.

        - Wow, Kendrick and Taker is a very interesting team. I like that you have made the ME a lot longer, and by the looks of things is a worthwhile read.
        - “He (Jeff) sprints down the ramp…with Matt following” Cracked me up for the obvious reason.
        - Huh? Taker only gives him one punch then lets Kendrick do the honours. I’d expect a further beatdown from Taker as he ‘doesn’t forgive, doesn’t forget’ and all that.
        - I expected a descent into madness, but a crap finish (like a DQ) so it was nice to see a quick win taking place.


        - Very good show, ticked all in the boxes in terms of promoting your show and had me intrigued as to where storylines were going throughout. Matches weren’t the best, but that isn’t the emphasis in these fic (at least in regular shows) by the looks of things so that’s fine. Only major problem I had was with the IC #1 match, other than that a great show.
        Keep it up.


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          Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

          Previously on WWE Legacy:

          *John Cena, after struggling with both Dolph Ziggler and Team JBL over the past few months, has been like a new man on Smackdown. First he captured the WWE Title from Ted DiBiase on the All-Star Raw and he’s been on a roll ever since, defeating everyone in his way. Last week, however, newcomer Kevin Steen let the whole word know his intention on Smackdown in another chilling interview: To annihilate John Cena.

          *ECW Champion Christian is slowly but surely showing the entire WWE Universe just how much that championship means to him as he defeated both Finlay and now Mark Henry with the belt on the line. Who will challenge the champ tonight?

          * Last week William Regal was revealed as the new General Manager of Smackdown and he didn’t waste any time in abusing his power. He put Dustin Rhodes, who defeated Regal the week before, in a handicap match against The Miz and John Morrison. Will Rhodes look for revenge and how will Regal repay the Miz and Morrison for their assistance?

          *The tag team division is only heating up. Tonight’s huge main event sees Champions Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio defend against the Hart Dynasty, but whoever comes out as the champ needs to watch their backs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Cryme Tyme, Miz and Morrison, Team Ego (Edge and Jericho) and Kane & The Big Show are all impressing and looking to make their mark on the division.

          *Samoa Joe said that CM Punk made a huge mistake when he didn’t accept his Summer Slam loss like a man, because now, Joe is on a mission to take Punk out. IT was Samoa Joe who was taken out however as he was found later that night unconscious by officials.

          *The Diva’s on Smackdown are looking to show that they are just as good as the men – and Mickie James showed how good she is by defeating Maryse in stylish fashion last week. Natalya meanwhile, made it clear that winning the Diva’s Title is every bit as important to her as The Harts winning the tag gold.

          You Scratch My Back...

          Bryan Danielson vs. Hurricane Helms

          Smackdown starts off with what it does best – fast-paced, hard-hitting action. The ever popular Hurricane Helms comes down the aisle first with the fans firmly behind him. Out next is the not so popular Bryan Danielson. Danielson was a part of Paul Heyman’s New Superstar Initiative on ECW and focused less on winning the WWE Universes approval and more on winning matches – by whatever means necessary.

          The two start things off slowly, looking to get a feel for each other, having never faced off before. They soon start exchanging some hard kicks – seeing who can kick the other hardest. Danielson quickly loses patience and delivers a big forearm to Helm’s face before sending him flying across the ring with an exploder suplex. Helms shows just how much experience he has and holds his own against the younger Danielson. Being able to counter plenty of his holds and throws. He struggles to find a counter for the Cattle Mutilation and becomes yet another victim of Danielson’s signature submission move – tapping out and given Bryan the win. Danielson beats his chest after the win and walks over Helms lifeless body on his way out of the ring. It’s surely only a matter of time before bigger things are in store for Bryan Danielson.


          We now go to the final part of Kevin Steen’s three-part interview introducing him to the WWE Universe. A quick re-cap plays of the first two interviews plays first:
          My name is Kevin Steen and I have been a professional wrestler for 11 years now... I grew up in Quebec, Canada and well I never really fit in... that bear in many ways quickly became my best friend. Maybe even my only friend for the longest time... . I spent hours alone in my room, imitating my heroes... When I was 14 and had watched Mick Foley fall off the Hell in a Cell, I would dive off my wardrobe or off a tree onto Teddy, just to feel the rush of being like my hero. My Mom never noticed. She was usually drunk with her boyfriend... I went to the only refuge I had – I went to wrestling...I was running away from home and I was becoming a wrestler... I vowed from that moment on that I would make it in this business – that I would be a wrestler...

          Can you guess who I would root for? It sure as hell wasn’t Hulk freakin’ Hogan... I was never going to be the golden boy... I was always the outcast, always the freak... I just wanted to wrestle, I wanted to fight people, I wanted to...hurt people... Over my eleven years in this business as long as I kept this in sight I could hold on. Stand up for the freaks. Take out the golden boy. Translated...Annihilate John Cena.
          We go to the same dimly lit room that these interviews have taken place in and Steen is sitting in his usual chair holding a John Cena wrist-band.

          I made my pro-wrestling debut on May 7 2000. Do you know when John Cena made his? 2001. And yet Cena has done it all while I...well I’m only just arriving here in the WWE. Now, I know what people are thinking – that’s just sour grapes. John Cena has worked damn hard to get to where he is today and John Cena is a damn fine athlete. But in saying that you’re implying that I haven’t worked hard or that I’m not a fine athlete. Cena talks about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect as if that’s what got him here in the WWE. That’s a total pile of crap. I have worked harder and wrestled better matches than John Cena could even dream of. I’ve travelled around the world putting my body on the line while he travels around the world going to premieres and press conferences. When I was sleeping in my car he was sleeping in the Hilton and why? Simply because he’s the golden boy.

          John Cena is not better than me. John Cena does not work harder than me and John Cena doesn’t deserve his spot more than me. And so every night when only a handful of fans turned up or when I got myself injured I just reminded myself that I was going to make it into the WWE and when I did my aim would be simple. Get on the same show as Cena, make my intentions clear and annihilate John Cena. Because he’s hah his turn – it’s my turn now. It’s Kevin Steen’s time to shine.

          John, if you’re watching, I’m tired of talking, and I’m ready for action.
          Steen slams the wristband onto the floor and storms out of the room as we go to break.

          Kevin Steen vs. William Powell

          After hearing all about Steen’s road to the WWE for the past few weeks the WWE Universe finally gets to see him in action as he takes on local talent William Powell. Powell, who looks like he could do with both a tan and a visit to the gym, never had a chance. Steen bulldozes through him as soon as the bell rings with a huge lariat, almost knocking Powell out cold. He scrapes his body off the mat and sends it crashing back down with a side-walk slam. Steen drags Powell’s body to the corner of the ring and blows his snot onto Powell, showing his complete disrespect. He climbs to the top rope, surprising the fans in attendance and crushes Powell’s ribs with an incredibly agile moonsault for a man of his size. As Steen lies on the mat after the move, the camera is zoomed tight onto his face. He reaches out and grabs the camera and says ‘John Cena, this is for you.’ He pulls Powell into the centre of the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter. Powell doesn’t even get the chance to tap out as he passes out almost instantly from the pain giving Steen his first impressive victory in the WWE.

          The General Manager’s Office

          The camera turns to the General Manager’s office where William Regal is talking with the Miz and John Morrison. Regal assures them that he is very grateful for their assistance last week and that he has found a way to reward them sufficiently. As he dismisses them there’s a knock at the door and in walk Natalya and Mickie James. They say that Regal has been working hard at his job but he’s entirely ignoring the Diva’s Division – he’s yet to even crown a champion. Regal seems like he couldn’t care less and tries his best to get rid of the girls. They persist however and Regal relents saying that since they’ve both won matches since Summer Slam then they can face off for the Diva’s Championship next week. They say that he may not care now, but that they’re going to give Regal a match to care about next week.

          The Ayatollah

          Edge’s music hits and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar makes his way to the ring wearing jeans with a chain and a new ‘Team Ego’ shirt.

          Edge pauses, waiting for the boos to die down before grabbing a microphone.

          “Ladies and Gentlemen I’m here to introduce the other half of Team Ego. He is a 4 time WCW Cruiserweight Champion and a former Television Champion in both WCW and ECW. He has had huge success around the world including big victories in Mexico and Japan. He is a two-time slammy award winner and has held both the Hardcore and European Championships. He has held 4 tag team championships with superstars such as Christian and The Rock and has won more Intercontinental Championships than any other superstar with a record nine reigns. In 2001 he defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to become the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion of the world and in total has held 5 World Titles. Now, he’s set to be a part of the greatest, most decorated tag team of all time with moi. Please welcome the man who is the best in the world at what he does, the Ayatollah of...tag team wrestling – Chris Jericho!!!”

          The fans start booing again as Jericho comes through the curtain wearing his trunks and a team ego shirt. Edge and Jericho shake hands as Jericho waits for his opponent.

          Chris Jericho vs. JTG

          JTG comes out to face Jericho with Shad by his side. Cryme Tyme have crossed paths with the Motor City Machine Guns as of late but a win here for JTG will propel them higher up the tag team ladder on Smackdown. JTG has an explosive energy in the ring and flusters Jericho initially. Jericho is focused however and knows exactly what he’s doing. He lures JTG into a false sense of security before hitting him with an enziguri, gaining control. Jericho toys with JTG for a while before locking in the Walls of Jericho, forcing JTG to tap out. Team EGO seem to be a force to be reckoned with and it’s surely only a matter of time before they’re challenging for the gold.

          ECW Championship: Christian vs. Alex Shelley

          Christian comes out to a huge ovation as he is set to defend his ECW Championship – once again in an extreme rules match-up. Christian is showing what a fighting champion he is determined to be, defending the championship for the fourth time in three weeks. His opponent also comes out to a good reaction – Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin comes out with him on the stage but after a handshake heads to the back, letting Shelley try and beat Christian on his own. The two guys have a great match, starting in the ring with lots of back-and-forth chain wrestling. Christian more than holds his own, showing just how versatile a wrestler he is. The fans are behind every move and follow in eager expectation of what’s going to happen next. Eventually the action spills to the outside and the two brawl around the ringside area. Shelley places a trash-can over Christian’s head and delivers some devastating kicks to the can, before rolling him in for a two-count. The finish comes quickly. Shelley has Christian in the corner ready to hit him with the Sliced Bread #2 but as he runs up the turnbuckle to flip over Christian breaks free and Shelley crashes onto his back. Shelley gets to his feet and is met with a kick to the gut, followed by the Killswitch. One mistake and Christian capitalised, winning the match and keeping his championship.

          The Champ is Here

          John Cena ‘s music hits and The Champ raises the roof as he comes out to the ring to address the fans. Cena is back on top of Smackdown as WWE Champion and has looked strong in every match he’s had so far.

          “The Champ is HERE!!! Man, it is so good to be here in Dayton Ohio as your WWE Champion! These past few months have been among the toughest of my life. First I had to fight off The seven foot Big Show. Then Dolph Ziggler made a name for himself at my expense. After all of that I and the rest of The Union had to band together to take down JBL. It means so much to me to know that I had you guys right there behind me so thank you. A few weeks ago on Raw all of that was worth it as I took my place back where I your WWE Champion.

          Now...enough of the past, let’s move on to business. You see as the WWE Champion I have a huge target on my back and so I want to make it clear that I am willing to put this on the line against anyone. CM Punk made it clear that he is after this championship, and hell, if Samoa Joe hadn’t interfered a few weeks ago we might have a very different champ standing here tonight. Samoa Joe was screwed out the ECW Championship and will probably want a shot himself. Christian is proving to be a fighting champion in his own right. Chris Jericho, Edge, The Big Show, Kane, Rey Mysterio, hell even guys like Chavo Guerrero and Kevin Steen all have this title as their main aim. You all heard Steen earlier right? His aim is to annihilate John Cena. Well if he does that than he deserves to call himself WWE Champion. Now-“

          Cena is cut off by Kevin Steen’s music and the aggressive Steen makes his way down to the ring. He focuses his gaze on Cena the entire time and he’s still in his ring gear. Cena has a smile on his face and seems entirely unfazed by the newcomer. Steen gets into the ring and squares up with Cena who suddenly turns serious realising that Steen isn’t taking this moment lightly. Cena backs off and asks Steen to take it easy – we’re all friends here. He starts welcoming Steen to the WWE but Steen snatches the mic from his hand.

          “You’ friend of mine John Cena.”

          Steen then smashes the microphone into Cena’s head and the two start to brawl. Cena gets the upper hand and throws Steen into the corner. He charges at him but Steen gets his boot up into Cena’s face before grabbing him and quickly hitting a super kick. Cena falls to the mat and Steen pounces pounding away at the WWE Champion with vicious lefts and rights. Cena tries to get his hands up to defend himself but Steen is like a man possessed and won’t relent, furiously pounding away at Cena’s head. He’s foaming at the mouth and just stares at Cena as Cena starts to fade. Steen gets to his feet and removes the cover from the turnbuckle. He grabs Cena and drags his body off the mat. He holds Cena by the head and drives his skull into the exposed turnbuckle, causing a little trickle of blood to appear on Cena’s forehead. As Cena collapses in the corner a physician on the outside tries to clean Cena’s cut but Steen kicks at him to get him away. He goes to the outside and grabs himself a steel chair. He brings it into the ring and places it underneath John Cena’s back. Steen climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a moonsault, crushing Cena’s ribs with his body and driving his back into the steel at the same time. Officials try to get into the ring but Steen swings the chair at them like a mad man. He drags Cena’ limp body to the middle of the ring and locks in The Sharpshooter. Cena is unconscious so it has no affect other than to send a message loud and clear. Kevin Steen is here and he’s here to annihilate John Cena. Officials eventually get into the ring and manage to get Steen to back off.

          Be careful what you wish for...

          Dustin Rhodes comes out to the ring next not looking too happy. The fans have definitely embrace him on his new home on Friday Nights – the same couldn’t be said for our General Manager. As he walks down the aisle a video recap plays of both his victory over Regal and his handicap loss last week to the Miz and John Morrison. Rhodes is in his ring gear and seems ready to go as he grabs the mic.

          “Willy Regal you yellow-bellied bastard – if you think sending two guys out here to do your work is impressive well it ain’t. You showed last week that you’re nothing but a coward because you know that I’ve got your number. So why don’t you get out from behind your little desk and walk down this aisle and dance with me one more time – because Willy I’m dying to kick your ass!”

          William Regal’s music hits and the autocratic Brit walks out onto the stage with a mic in his hand and a smirk on his face.

          “You know Dustin I thought we’d be hearing from you tonight. But do you seriously think that I’m going to lower myself to getting back into the ring with you? I am a man of class and distinction and you – well you’re just a ruddy peasant like all of these people here tonight. I do however have an opponent for you. He’s the newest superstar here on Friday Night Smackdown and I’m very excited to see how he fares against you. I believe in this superstar so much that I am hand-picking him for greatness. I know, that he will be a future champion here in the WWE. Like me, he’s a man of class, prestige and respect and that’s mostly because he’s not from these god-forsaken united states but instead he’s from Her Majesty’s United Kingdom. Please welcome, from Glasgow Scotland – Drew McIntyre!”

          Dustin Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre w/William Regal

          A new Superstar walks through the curtain with a sly smirk on his face. He’s wearing white trunks with a blue cross on either side – showing his Scottish heritage. McIntyre shakes hands with William Regal before the General Manager accompanies this new Superstar to the ring. Matt Striker says that he has been following Drew McIntyre’s progress before he made it here to the WWE and it was always clear that he was a cut above the rest. He points out that McIntyre, like Regal, is a really smart competitor who in particular uses the whole ring to his advantage. The fans boo McIntyre due to his association with Regal. Rhodes seems disappointed to not get his hands on Regal but still looks determined to kick someone’s ass.

          Rhodes takes the fight straight to McIntyre and gives the young superstar a rough welcome to the WWE. Rhodes is like a man on fire, showing that there is plenty of fight left in the old dog in his twilight years. McIntyre gets flustered and rolls out of the ring to regroup. Regal gives him some advice and sends him back into the ring. Rhodes is back on the offence and throws McIntyre into the corner of the ring. He runs at McIntyre but Drew gets his boot up into Rhodes face. McIntyre gets himself together and hits Rhodes with a lariat to the back of the head for a two count. McIntyre starts to gain momentum and controls the match. Regal barks orders from ringside as McIntyre tries to wear Rhodes down. McIntyre eventually makes a mistake, taking too long to capitalise and allows Rhodes enough time to recover and surprise McIntyre with a stiff lariat of his own. Rhodes only gets a two count but the momentum is certainly in his favour. Regal, sensing danger, climbs onto the ring apron and starts arguing with the referee. McIntyre releases this is his chance and nails Rhodes with a low blow. McIntyre gets to his feet, hooks Rhodes arms and drives his head into the mat with what he calls the ‘Future Shock DDT.’ McIntyre covers Rhodes and gets the win.

          William Regal is delighted to see his newest superstar win on his debut, especially against Dustin Rhodes. He raises Drew McIntyre’s arm as the announcers hype Drew McIntyre as perhaps William Regal’s chosen superstar. The victory wasn’t enough for Regal however and he gives McIntyre more orders. McIntyre slides out of the ring and returns with a steel chair. Regal places the chair on the mat and orders McIntyre to pick Rhodes up. Drew drags Rhodes off the mat, hooks the arms again and DDT’s him right onto the chair. McIntyre slinks into the corner as Regal stands in the ring, soaking up the boos with his foot rested on Rhodes head.

          Straight Edge Success Story

          CM Punk’s music hits and the Straight Edge Saviour comes to the ring surrounded by boos from the fans. It doesn’t matter who else is one the show, no-one is more hated by the WWE Universe than CM Punk. He’s wearing jeans and his new shirt along with a new short hair-style. He grabs a microphone to address the WWE Universe:

          “Do you like my new hair cut? I was reading my Bible the other night like a good little boy and before I cast it aside I was struck by a certain character called Samson. Samson was just like all of you weak, narrow-minded dependant people. He was an addict. Samson was addicted to alcohol and to sex and that led to his ultimate demise. You see Samson was meant to follow God and do his will but Samson couldn’t because Samson was a very weak man. Samson got tricked by a prostitute who used both his addiction to sex and alcohol to gain leverage. Samson was pathetic just like all of you. Now, the thing about Samson was, the key to his incredible strength was his hair and with drunken slur he let this slip to Delilah who cut his hair while he was sleeping. Samson lost his strength and was captured by God’s enemies.
          I am better than all of you and I am better than Samson. I’m not an addict and I’m not a weak individual. I have no crutches and nothing holding me back and so even though I have cut my hair – I am still the most formidable force in the WWE. (Punk grins as the fans quite vocally disagree.) Do you not believe me? Well have a look at this!”

          A video plays of the referees and EMT’s finding Samoa Joe unconscious backstage last week from a different angle. The camera zooms out to show CM Punk standing around the corner watching and smiling as Joe is put on a stretcher and led to an ambulance. We cut back to the ring where Punk is pointing at the screen and laughing hysterically while the fans grow more and more incensed.

          “Oh man, that was awesome! Did you see just how poor and helpless and defeated Samoa Joe looked? What was it Joe said last week, that he’s gonna kill me? My ass! Samoa Joe is now lying in a hospital bed because of me! You see Joe you thought that you’re little fluke victory at Summer Slam would shut me up well I’m sorry but nothing can silence me and my message. I brought you into the WWE and took you under my wing and how did you repay me? -By getting suspended due to a violation of the wellness policy. Of course I was gonna be p*ss*ed off. Being straight edge isn’t a character I play to get these people to hate me Joe it is my way of life. It is a way of life for those of us who are smart enough and strong enough to realise that a life without alcohol, without drugs and without addictions is the best way to achieve success. You spat in my face when you violated that wellness policy and you made me a laughing stock well Samoa Joe the joke is one you because whereas you are lying the hospital I am now well on my way to becoming WWE Champion!”

          Punk is cut off when William Regal appears on the screen:

          “Punk, Punk. I must admit it would be rather hypocritical of me to reprimand you for your actions against Samoa Joe last week so I won’t. I will however say that you didn’t quite get the job done. You see in just over a month Smackdown is having its first Brand-Exclusive pay-per-view of the year and the Board of Directors have decided they want it to be headlined by a huge main event match. I saw your match with Joe at Summer Slam and I saw how it bloody-well stole the show and I thought a re-match is what I want. I have talked to Samoa Joe’s doctors and they are certain that he will be fit and able to compete. So let me announce Smackdown’s next pay-per-view: Joe/Punk II”

          The fans cheer as they realise Samoa Joe will get his chance at revenge and Punk just smiles in the ring.

          “You people might be cheering now, but I guarantee that at Joe/Punk II you will be devastated. Samoa Joe I’m Gonna Kill You. And it’s simply because I am better than you.”

          WWE Tag Team Championship: Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio vs. The Hart Dynasty

          Up next is the main event of the evening as the WWE Tag Team Champions, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio, defend against The Hart Dynasty. Bourne and Mysterio showed some healthy competition on ECW, putting on a great series of matches before deciding to form a team instead of fighting each other. They joined TEAM ECW against JBL before setting their sights on the gold. Eventually the defeated The Miz and John Morrison becoming only the second team to be Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. The Hart Dynasty are relative newcomers to the WWE and made a good impression on ECW. They had one of the hottest rivalries over the past year with the Burchill Foundation of William Regal and Paul Burchill, with Natalya and Katie Lea tangling often as well. On the final ever episode of ECW they defeated Burchill and Regal one last time to become the number one contenders.

          Both teams are fan favourites and they all exchange hand-shakes before the match. Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne start things off and the action is fast and furious. Both men are going to be bright futures in the WWE and they get to showcase just how talented they are. They go back and forth with lots of holds and reversals, stunning the live crowd with just how fast they can move. Eventually Bourne realises this is going nowhere and kicks Kidd as hard as he can in the back. Kidd falls to his knees but rolls out of the way of a second. He hits a quick drop toe hold on Bourne and as Bourne gets to his feet Kidd hits him with a huge kick of his own to the back. Kidd bounces off the ropes and when Bourne gets to his feet he’s met with a running enziguri which gets Kidd a two count before he tags in DH Smith.

          Smith brings the power to the match and gets into the ring quickly to wear down Bourne. Smith slows the pace of the match right down allowing the Hart Dynasty to take control of the match. They make frequent tags and isolate Bourne from Rey. One mistake is all it takes to change things however and when Bourne reverse Smith sidewalk slam into an arm drag, Bourne has just enough time to make the hot tag to Rey Mysterio. Rey comes in all guns blazing and takes Smith down with a dropkick. Kidd gets sent flying to the outside as Rey knocks him off the apron with a dropkick off the apron. Rey turns around and WHAM is met with a huge lariat from Smith. Smith covers Rey and gets a two count. Smith screams, raising his fist in the air, getting a good cheer from the fans. He lifts Rey up and backs into the corner getting ready to hit his running powerslam. He backs into the wrong corner however and Bourne is able to get the blind tag on Rey. Unaware, Smith hits the huge running powerslam on Rey and goes for the pin. When the ref doesn’t count he gets to his feet and turns around. He’s met with a diving double knee drop from Bourne off the top rope and Evan gets a two count. Bourne climbs to the top rope again and leaps off trying to hit a hurricanrana but Smith stands firm and reverses it into a powerbomb. He tags Kidd before hoisting Bourne up in the air. Kidd bounds off the ropes and they take Bourne down with the Hart Attack. Smith goes after Rey as Kidd pins Bourne. 123 – we have new Tag Team Champions!!!

          ...And I’ll Scratch Yours

          Natalya rushes into the ring with the belts as Kidd and Smith celebrate a huge victory in a great main event match-up. All three members of the Hart Dynasty are overjoyed at getting their first ever tag team championship together in the WWE. Their moment is quickly cut short, however, as William Regal appears on the titatron.

          “Congratulations to The Hart Dynasty, what a great moment for you and a great match – well done. Unfortunately I’m going to be the bearer of bad news. You see The Miz and John Morrison did me a favour last week and so I owe them a favour. I told them they could have a tag team title shot at any time and well...they’ve decided to cash in on that So get ready, you’re defending those belts again...right now.”

          The Harts look absolutely devastated as John Morrison and The Miz start to make their way to the ring. The WWE Universe are in complete shock and even the referee seems weary as The Miz orders him to ring the bell. The Harts put up a great fight but they are completely exhausted. The Miz yanks Smith off the apron and they brawl on the outside while Morrison hits a Moonlight Drive on Kidd. He drags him to the corner and hits Starship Pain. On the outside The Miz hits his skull-crushing finale on Smith. Morrison covers Kidd, hooking both legs, and gains a three-count. For the second time tonight we have new WWE Tag Team Champions.

          The fans are livid that the show has ended like this and make their feelings clear, really booing Miz and Morrison. Morrison and Miz quickly grab their belts and retreat up the ramp as Natalya checks on the fallen Harts. After such a hard-fought match The Harts just weren’t ready to fight again and as a result they were caught offside – they never had a chance. The show goes off the air with Miz and Morrison standing on the stage with the belts raised high in the air.

          **Glad to get this show out. Took me longer than any other show so far. My main feuds for Smackdown are all kicking off now so hopefully this will start to get as exciting as Raw. I love writing CM Punk so I'm interested in seeing what people thought of his latest promo and the fact I'm going for Punk/Joe II. Reviews and comments are always appreciated.**

          s u r r e n d e r

          ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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            Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

            The Rolling Review
            First off, let me say that I've just been introduced to Team Ego and I fucking LOVE IT. Such a great heel team. Kind of reminds me of The Power Trip a little, only this will probably be written better.

            I'm a big fan of recaps at the start of a show. I try to do mine a little different though, in the sense that I do a sort of highlight reel, much like they do on wrestling nowadays. Only difference is my highlight reel includes everyone and not just what's happening in the main event. I do like your point form version though. It makes it a little easier to read and after seeing you and a couple others do it, I might adopt it as well. It looks easier to write (ie: you don't have to worry about flow or imagery, just facts).

            I have no idea who Kevin Steen is but now I only want to see him and him only. I hope he rapes John Cena in the mouth. I'll be watching and rooting for him in the future after that squash (which was executed very nicely, btw).

            Love the Team Ego t-shirt too. Visuals = win in my book. You can never have to many as long as they're executed nicely.

            I skimmed the backstage stuff and then just ignored it once I saw the word "Diva". Nothing against you, I'm just not a fan of women's wrestling at the WWE level. It just doesn't do it for me and I have yet to see anyone here write something interesting with any diva character. They're eye candy and should stay at ringside (see: Miss Elizabeth).

            I like Drew McIntyre w/ William Regal. I'm thinking of doing something similar with Seamus and Fit Finlay, but that will be down the road somewhere. I don't have any plans any time soon with them where I'm going.

            Your CM Punk promo was good. Not great, but good. I'm not sure how I'll feel about him until I see a little more with this feud between him and Joe.

            Your main event was fun and I was happy to see the Hart Dynasty win...until you SCREWED THEM! Well done overall though. I like William Regal in his role, but Miz and Morrison? I guess. I'm biased though because I never liked them as a team. I don't know why. When they came out and won I was just like "Oh, ok, sure."

            Overall: 8.0


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              Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

              Good show PB! I'm interested to see where you go with the ECW title since the company itself is defunct.

              Steen beating the shit out of Cena was great and a tag title match in the main event.. great to see that its a way of pushing the titles and the division.

              I think 3 segments for Steen may have been overboard... I know you want to get this moving so I wont fault you too much, but maybe if they were more spread out.

              Like I said geat show PB, I'm loving your fed keep it going!!!!


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                Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                Laying the Smackdown!!!
                A column about all things blue on

                Ok, so I have absolutely loved Smackdown since its relaunch after Summer Slam. The Civil War was a huge storyline which was always going to be hard to follow up but in my opinion Smackdown has really delivered by going back to basics. Look at the main event each week. The first week was John Cena defending his WWE Championship against CM Punk. We had a chance to see just how important the WWE Championship was and just how hungry both men were to hold that belt. It was shaping up to be a classic and although it had a screwy finish with Samoa Joe interfering, the championship itself was the real winner.

                The next week the ECW Championship was on the line as Christian defended against MArk Henry. I've been quite vocal about how underutilised Henry has been over the past few months and he showed just how good he can be in this great match. Christian is on a quest to make the ECW Title important and matches like this will go a long way in achieving this. Another main event and another title match.

                Last week we had one of the best tag team matches I've seen in recent times between Bourne and Mysterio and The Harts - fantastic match. The WWE Title was always going to main event, the ECW Title has main evented before, but to see the Tag Titles in the main event was a treat. I'm still not sure what to make of the Miz/Morrison favour/cash-in, seemed a tad cheap, but the belts looked like something worth coveting and looked damn important.

                The Smackdown guys are getting it so right. After such a huge storyline they're making the titles and the wrestling priority to remind everyone what the bread and butter of this company is. That doesn't mean they're doing it perfectly.

                This week the scheduled title match is Mickie James vs. Natalya for the newly reinstated Diva's Championship and it's come out of no where. James and Natalya both put on great matches in the first and second weeks after Summer Slam but the division desperately needs a kick-start. I think a huge statement of intent from the WWE would be to make this match the Main Event on Friday. Don't make these girls an after-thought, make them just as integral as the guys - they deserve it. I hope I'm wrong and they have more planned than having this just to get the belt on someone but I don't expect much.

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                  Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                  We can exclusively reveal that a huge Main Event has been signed for Raw this Monday Night as World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes faces off against Ted DiBiase in a non-title match-up as a preview to the triple threat match at Bad Blood. Rhodes and DiBiase have faced off in some classic matches over the past few months and this should be no excpetion. On top of this Mr. Kennedy will challenge 'DX' and Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and MVP will all be in action.

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                    Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

                    Previously on WWE Legacy:

                    * D-Generation X showed they still have what it takes to get things done when they defeated the team of Carlito and Paul Burchill, two of Raw’s best young talents. They sent a message loud and clear to Mr Kennedy, who ambushed them the week before, there’s plenty of fight left in the old dogs yet. After DX left the arena, Kennedy arrived to let the fans know that now that he is back on Raw, he is taking no prisoners and he will make an example out of whoever he can, starting with DX.

                    * Ted DiBiase explained how he’s been feeling as of late going from the huge high of winning the undisputed championship at Summer Slam to losing it all the next night on Raw. The fans didn’t seem too impressed by his whining attitude however and neither did Randy Orton who snuck in after his speech nailing DiBiase with an RKO. World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes showed just how good he is in the ring when he defeated Eugene in very quick fashion. He too fell victim to an RKO, however, after the match from Orton. These three superstars will finally meet in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bad Blood where the implosion of Legacy will reach its climax.

                    * In a huge main event tag team match The Hardy Boyz reunited to face The Undertaker and Brian Kendrick. Jeff and the dead man seemed very uninterested in their tag team partners, however, and it wasn’t long before they were ignoring the match-up and going at it on the outside. Brian Kendrick takes advantage of the situation and defeats Matt Hardy but the focus quickly moves back to the brawling Jeff and Undertaker who will do final battle at Bad Blood in a casket match.

                    *We crowned a number on contender to the Intercontinental Championship as Kofi Kingston defeated Zack Ryder and Santino Marella in a triple threat match. Jack Swagger was on commentary for the match and although he said he wasn’t worried about Kingston his body language said otherwise. At Bad Blood these two young superstars will face off for the coveted championship.

                    * Dolph Ziggler and MVP have become tangled in a heated rivalry over the past few weeks and will do battle at Bad Blood to see who the better man truly is. Last week Ziggler showed how powerful he is when he defeated Chris Masters with the sleeper hold as MVP looked on from the commentary booth.

                    * Team LayCool hit a road bump to their road to being the top diva’s on Raw as Michelle McCool was outsmarted by the Bella’s. McCool faced off against Nikki but just when it looked like she had the match wrapped up, the Bella’s played switcheroo and Brie took Nikki’s place behind the refs back, rolling Michelle up for the pin fall.

                    It’s A New Day!

                    Randy Orton vs. Zack Ryder

                    This week’s Raw kicks off with ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton making his way to the ring for action. Surprisingly he gets a great reaction from the fans in attendance. It seems that they’d rather cheer Orton than a whining DiBiase or a cowardly Rhodes despite his dastardly actions in the past. Orton hasn’t changed any, he walks confidently to the ring, knowing that he has a great chance of winning the World Heavyweight Championship in two weeks time at Bad Blood. The fans aren’t quite as excited to greet his opponent ‘Long Island Iced Z’ Zack Ryder. He looks ridiculous with his one-pant tights and his see-through ring jacket.

                    Orton doesn’t seem impressed by Ryder and as soon as he gets into the ring, the viper strikes. He lays into Ryder with the fans cheering his every move. He rips his jacket off and wraps it around his throat, choking him until the referee forces him off. Ryder backs into the corner, gasping for breath while the referee gives Orton a warning. Orton rolls his eyes and charges at Ryder, trying to kick him in the face. Ryder ducks out of the way and Orton ends up kicking the ring post instead hurting his leg. Ryder quickly capitalises taking Orton down with a chop-block. Ryder sees what a huge opportunity he has here and starts stomping on Orton’s leg trying to capitalise. He grabs Orton and locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Orton is in pain but fights through it. HE drags himself to the bottom rope forcing Ryder to break the hold. The ref pulls Ryder off of Orton but the Zack Attack seems like his in his comfort zone. Orton stumbles to his feet and Ryder runs at him. Orton catches Ryder and takes him down with a scoop slam. Ryder rolls to the apron to try and escape but Orton won’t let him. He grabs Ryder and drags him through the ropes. Ryder’s legs get stuck on the second rope so Orton drives his head to the mat with a DDT. Orton falls to the mat, stalking Ryder, ready to strike. As Ryder gets to his feet Orton follows him and nails him with an RKO. 123, Orton gets an impressive win.

                    The End of a Legacy

                    Randy Orton celebrates by grabbing a microphone and addressing the WWE Universe:

                    “You know it’s very bizarre to have a few cheers coming out here. You’d think that after all of the heinous acts I’ve committed you people would hate me more than ever. Of course the reality is that when you compare me to Rhodes and DiBiase, it’s hard not to cheer for the one man with a spine. Regardless, I’m not here to win cheers and I’m not here to win fans, I’m here to be World Heavyweight Champion. I made Legacy. I made the careers of Rhodes and DiBiase. Without me, they would never have become the main event stars they are today. At Bad Blood I fully intend to crush their dreams, to send them back to where they belong and to walk champion. You see they will walk out here and complain and moan and play mind games and try to get one up on each other. Me? I’ll just walk into Bad Blood, RKO one and kick the other in the skull. Guaranteed. In two weeks at Bad Blood I bring this entire saga to its forgone conclusion when I end Legacy once and for all showing that I am the man who held the WWE together and that I am the man who deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion.”

                    King and Cole hype up tonight’s main event of Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase in a non title match as well as Mr. Kennedy promising to call out D-Generation X! Jerry Lawler points out that DX are promoting the WWE overseas, so Kennedy had picked a great time to challenge them.

                    Real Talk!!!

                    The mood in the arena instantly turns sour as LayCool’s music hits and the two divas make their way down to the ring. They look in foul moods and aren’t their usual smug selves.

                    McCool: Lay, can you believe that these people are booing us? I mean seriously guys – you should be on our sides!

                    Layla: I know, right? I thought whenever one Diva cheated to win, these people cheered for whoever was victimised!

                    McCool: Oh and you’re damn right we’re victims here.

                    LayCool: Yeah, we’re the victims!

                    McCool: And so we are out here tonight, officially protesting.

                    LayCool: We’re protesting!

                    McCool: Last week, those Bella’s Chins cheated last week, pulling the old switcheroo, meaning that I, Michelle McCool was cheated out of a victory!

                    Layla: She was cheated!

                    McCool: That’s right Lay. So Stephanie McMahon, we know you’re threatened by us, and we know that you’re intimidated by us. We’re younger

                    Layla: We’re younger!

                    McCool: We’re hotter

                    Layla: We’re hotter!

                    McCool: And hey, some of us even married better!

                    Layla: So Steph, we know why you want to hold us back, but we won’t allow it. No, we’re out here on official protest and we will not leave this ring until you reverse the decision of Michelle’s match last week!

                    The fans are sick of LayCool on Raw and it’s only their third week! They start to really boo but the two girls just stand in the ring with their fingers in their ears ignoring them. Eventually the fans start cheering as Stephanie McMahon appears on the screen.

                    McMahon: Girls, first of all as a woman in power there is nothing I want more than for the smart, sexy and powerful Diva’s of the WWE to succeed, soothe last thing you should be doing is questioning my motives. Secondly, I’m pretty sure that you two have won your fair share of matches without strictly adhering to the rules. I’m sorry but the referee’s decision is final. I do, however, see where you are coming from and so I’m willing to meet you half way. At Bad Blood I’m making a match. It’ll be Team LayCool taking on The Bella Twins and I’ll be making sure the twins are wearing different colours. Happy now? So now you’ve got two options – either get out of my ring, or get trampled, cause we’ve a tag team match starting...oh right about now.

                    Jack Swagger & Paul Burchill vs. Kofi Kingston & Santino

                    Paul Burchill’s music hits and The Ripper comes out onto the stage rubbing his hands and staring at LayCool. The girls don’t really know what to do but as Burchill comes down the ramp they quickly make their exit, avoiding the angry Brit. The mood in the arena only gets worse as the music of all-American American, Jack Swagger, hits and the fans let the Intercontinental Champion know they aren’t pleased to see him. Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella get completely the opposite reaction as they come out together to the number one contender’s music with the fans entirely behind them.

                    Santino and Burchill start things off and Santino shows a lot more prowess in the ring than he did last week, dazing Burchill with a flurry of offence. The Ripper knows what he’s doing, however, and quickly cuts off Santino’s momentum with a vicious back-breaker. Burchill knows he has struggled to impress so far on Raw and uses this opportunity to lay into Marella. He tags in Swagger who also wears the Italian down. Burchill and Swagger grab control of the match and do not let go. They make quick tags, brutally punishing Santino. Eventually Kingston has seen enough and breaks the rules, coming into the ring and nailing Burchill with a Trouble In Paradise. The ref forces Kofi back to the apron but his job was done. Both legal men, Burchill and Santino, begin to crawl to their partners and they make the tags.
                    Kingston comes running in like a bull in a china shop and instantly takes Swagger down with a drop kick. The All-American American doesn’t know what’s hit him and bails to the outside to gather himself. Santino has just enough energy to throw the Intercontinental Champion back into the ring where he is met with a Trouble in Paradise. 123!!! Kofi Kingston has pinned the Intercontinental Champion on the road to Bad Blood. Will Kingston’s momentum carry on to the pay-per-view as he tries to take Swagger’s Intercontinental Championship?

                    Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito

                    When we come back from the commercial break Carlito is standing in the ring, ready for action. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the fans go wild for the Charismatic Enigma. Jeff bursts through the curtain but has little time for pomp or pageantry as he sprints to the ring to take out his frustration at The Undertaker on his opponent tonight. Hardy slides into the ring and takes Carlito down with a Lou Thez press and starts pounding on the Caribbean superstar. The ref pulls him off and as Carlito gets to his feet Jeff takes him down with a swinging neck-breaker. Jeff rips off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. He grabs Carlito by the head and levels him with a Twist of Fate. Jeff climbs to the top rope and nails a picture perfect Swanton Bomb for the win. Jeff heads straight to the back after the match. Michael Cole suggest that Jeff is so totally consumed by defeating The Undertaker that he cannot think of anything else.

                    The Elder Brother

                    After the match we go backstage where Matt Hardy is watching the Jeff leave the arena. He turns to face the camera.

                    “You know, when Jeff and I were growing up in North Carolina, our dream was to be tag team champions together. We trained ourselves how to wrestle and we did everything we could to fulfil our dreams. We really did it. We won an incredible seven tag team championships together and I really think we’ll go down in history as one of the best tag teams of all time. However, as we grew beyond the tag team division it became clear that we both wanted more. Again we did really well. Jeff won the Intercontinental Championship and the Hardcore Championship amongst others. I won the United States Title and the Cruiserweight Championship, amongst others – and it seemed only a matter of time before we had World Gold around our waists. I got there first when I won the ECW World Championship. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and a moment I will never forget. Jeff did one better though when he won the WWE Championship. When Jeff won that WWE Title he proved to all of the WWE Universe that he was truly the best in the world.

           was all taken away from him and it has resulted in this bitter rivalry between him and The Undertaker. Now, I feel like I barely know my little brother any more. I feel like he’s slipping away from reality and towards insanity. He is totally consumed by defeating the Undertaker once and for all that it is all he can talk or think about. At Bad Blood my little brother is facing The Undertaker in a casket match. This is the final battle, this is as far as it can go. On that same pay-per-view I’m facing Brian Kendrick, Stephanie McMahon just told me. I want to go to Bad Blood and beat Brian Kendrick and propel myself back into title contention but my reality is that I stand to lose much more than a match at Bad Blood. I know what The Undertaker is capable of and I know that at Bad Blood...I could lose my little brother.”

                    MVP vs. ‘Solid’ Mike Davis

                    MVP makes his way to the ring next to a great ovation from the WWE Universe. MVP consistently one of the best reactions from the crowd and he is pumped as he faces local talent in preparation for his match against Dolph Ziggler at Bad Blood. As MVP makes his entrance a pre-recorded interview with Ziggler plays in the top corner of the screen where Ziggler says that the only reason he walked out on his match with MVP two weeks ago was that MVP didn’t deserve to be in the same ring as Dolph Ziggler. Since Stephanie McMahon is forcing to face this ‘convict’ at Bad Blood, he’s going to do what the justice system should have down and put MVP to sleep. MVP shows just how good he is by making light work of Solid Mike Davis. He hits a huge kick in the corner followed by the Ballin’ elbow, before finishing him off with the 305 for the pin. Ziggler cannot afford to take Porter lightly if he wants to walk out of Bad Blood victorious.

                    Dead Man Walking...

                    We cut to a funeral parlour where The Undertaker is waiting to address Jeff Hardy:

                    “Jeff Hardy – I used to admire your guts. I used to think you’re never say die attitude was what set you apart. Our history goes back further than this year Jeff. Do you remember our Ladder Match for the Undisputed Championship?

                    Up to that point that was the biggest match of your career. You had the chance to win it all and you just fell short. But what impressed me was that after the match you wouldn’t lie down. You never say die and that night I respected you for that. Over the past few months I’ve realised that this attitude, this bravado, it isn’t what makes you great – it’s your biggest weakness. I have proven time and time again Jeff Hardy that I am the better man. At Summer Slam I destroyed you in the Cell. Yet you won’t lie down, you won’t give up – what a mistake. At Bad Blood Jeff Hardy I will not give you the opportunity to stand up against me any longer. I will not give you the option of fighting back. Hardy at Bad Blood I’m putting you in a casket where you will Rest...In...Peace.”

                    ...The Man With A Plan

                    We then cut straight to the backstage area of the arena where Brian Kendrick is waiting to get his two cents in:

                    “A wise man once said that some people can’t see a priest on a mountain of sugar. At the minute everyone is scrambling around fussing over The Undertaker and those damn Hardy Boys but while they’re doing that they’re missing the whole point. That’s me by the way. You see I didn’t go to all that trouble with Shawn Michaels just to fade back into the background. I don’t think so. I am a man with a plan and that plan starts at Bad Blood. Matt Hardy is so sorely distracted worrying about poor ickle Jeffrey that he is taking his eyes off of me. That will be his fatal mistake. At Bad Blood we’re gonna have a little hardcore match, just for kicks, and I will show the entire world what I am capable of. Matt said earlier he was worried about losing his little brother at Bad Blood – with my plan, he won’t be conscious to see the outcome of Jeff’s match.”

                    Mr Kennedy vs. DX?


                    Ken Kennedy’s music hits and the cocky loud-mouth bursts through the curtain wearing a DX Shirt, cap and holding the glow-sticks. He slowing swaggers to the middle of the stage, chomping away at his gum and holds the glow sticks in an ‘X’ above his head before pretending to throw them to the crowd, but making sure they fall short of the audience. He mocks HBK, half-dancing down the aisle. He takes his cap off and places it on a camera-man’s head. He climbs to the apron and spits his gum into the air, mocking Triple H. He gets into the ring, rips off the shirt and pretends to wipe his ass with it before throwing it to the ground. He gets a packet of gum out from his tights and starts chewing again as he grabs a mic.

                    ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages – Mr Kennedy is proud to bring to you the most charismatic athlete to grace a WWE Ring, weighing in at 243lbs, from Greenbaaaay Wisconsin...MR KENNEDY...KENNEDY!!! And folks, I am out here tonight, to any member of D-X to a match. I don’t care if it’s HBK and I don’t care if it’s Triple H – I’m here to make an impact and I’m going to do it right!’

                    Michael Cole and King reiterate on commentary that both members of DX are away promoting the WWE overseas and will not show up. Kennedy knows this.

                    ‘What’s this? Are the great D-Generation –X really so terrified of a challenge that they aren’t going to come out here? I’m only one man DX! Surely you’re not that scared of me? How about this then, if one of you come out here and fight me tonight, then you can both get me at Bad Blood! You see I know what I’m doing DX. I have a man backing me that is ready to take you on as well – wo we can have ourselves a tag team match at Bad Blood if you just come out here now and face me. Anyone?’

                    BREAK IT DOWN!!!


                    Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

                    Finally comes the main event of the evening as the World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes takes on his former Legacy team mate Ted DiBiase. The crowd aren’t sure who to cheer for as both men have fallen out of favour with the WWE Universe. They’re quickly given an option, however, as Randy Orton’s music hits and The Viper comes down to ringside for commentary. Ted is wrestling in track bottoms instead of tights and is unshaven. Cody on the other hand is perfectly groomed and has black and gold trunks on. They lock up and the match is underway.

                    Ted shows an aggressive side that we’ve yet to see from him and controls the early stages of the match-up. Cody has been training hard, however, and it doesn’t take long for him to fight back. This match isn’t pretty as both men hate each other and eventually is spills to the outside. On commentary Orton says he is more than happy for these two to beat the hell out of each other as long as they’re doing damage. Cody grabs Ted and slams his head on the announce table at which point Randy stands up, ready to fight. Cody grabs Ted and throws him onto the table and Ted’s momentum carries him straight into Orton. The Viper has had enough and he joins the mêlée and the referee has no choice but to throw this one out.

                    All three men are going at it now and officials start to head down the ramp. Orton kicks Rhodes in the stomach and hits an RKO on the outside. He then clears the announce table, the fans cheering his every move. As officials approach him he knocks them out of the way. DiBiase goes for him but again Orton kicks him in the gut. He grabs DiBiase and power-bombs him through the announce table!!! At Bad Blood these three will finally get their hands on each other and the winner will walk out World Heavyweight Champion.

                    BaD BlOOD

                    World Heavyweight Championship
                    Legacy finally implodes

                    Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

                    Casket Match
                    The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

                    DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Mr. Kennedy & ???

                    Hardcore Match
                    Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

                    MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

                    Intercontinental Championship
                    Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

                    Team LayCool vs. The Bellas

                    ** And we’re done. Just one more Raw before Bad Blood, can’t wait to write a ppv. I think this show set up the ppv well but wasn’t the best show quality wise. As always, reviews and comments are appreciated. **

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                      Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II

             can exclusively reveal the official theme songs for the upcoming Raw and Smackdown pay-per-views:

                      Kanye West: POWER

                      Biffy Clyro: That Golden Rule

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                        Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

                        Previously on WWE Legacy:

                        * John Cena met a new challenger to his WWE Championship and one that is after more than his title: Kevin Steen. Steen explained how ‘golden boys’ like John Cena have held him back and stopped him from getting into the positions he deserves. His mission in the WWE is to take not only Cena’s title but to annihilate The Champ in the process. After making a great impact in his debut match Steen confronted Cena later in the night and left the Champ lying in a pool of his own blood.

                        * In a classic encounter The Hart Dynasty finally had the moment of their careers when they defeated Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately their moment was cut short as The Miz and John Morrison cashed in on their ‘favour’ from GM William Regal and faced the new champs immediately after their match with the titles on the line. The Harts put up a fight but were exhausted and never really stood a chance. Miz and Morrison are yet again tag team champions but they took the easy way to success.

                        * CM Punk revealed that he is the man who attacked Samoa Joe backstage, leaving him unconscious. He said that Joe can try to ‘kill’ Punk all he wants but Punk knows that he is the better man and he will get the better of Joe. General Manager William Regal announced that although Joe is hurt, he’ll be better in time for Smackdown’s October pay-per-view: Joe/Punk II.

                        *ECW Champion Christian continued his quest to make the ECW Championship the most coveted within the WWE Universe as he defended successfully against Alex Shelley. The young superstar put on a great fight in the biggest match of his career, but Captain Charisma used his veteran instinct to pick up a win. Christian has defended the belt every week since coming to Smackdown – tonight he takes on Shelley’s tag team partner: Chris Sabin.

                        * Mickie James and Natalya spoke for all of the Diva’s when they aired their frustrations with GM William Regal. They pointed out that the Diva’s Championship is still vacant and that they are tired of being ignored. In an act of appeasement, Regal made a Championship Match for tonight – Mickie James vs. Natalya.

                        * Regal had a very busy night altogether. He was called out by Dustin Rhodes, the victim of Regal’s power-trip. Rhodes wanted to fight Regal like a man but instead Regal brought out his newest protégée, Drew McIntyre. McIntyre, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, showed just how much potential he has as he defeated Rhodes with his ‘Futureshock’ DDT. After the match, however, Regal showed just what happens when you cross the boss as he had McIntyre deliver his DDT again, only this time onto a steel chair.

                        *Many other superstars are impressing on Smackdown. Team Ego (Edge and Jericho) are proving to gel together perfectly. Bryan Danielson is showing that he was the star of Paul Heyman’s New Superstar Initiative. Cryme Tyme, Kane and The Big Show and the Motor City Machine Guns are all waiting for their chance at the gold. Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero and Hurricane Helms are one momentum-changing win away from rising up the ranks fast. Smackdown is the hottest wrestling brand in the world right now as we head to Joe/Punk II.

                        Smart, Sexy and Powerful

                        The Champ is...pissed off

                        The show starts without any video or pyro but with the WWE Champion’s music playing. The Champ bursts through the curtain to a huge ovation but he isn’t his usual happy-go-lucky self. He salutes the crowd at the top of the ramp before charging to the ring and grabbing a microphone.

                        “Kevin Steen if you want a fight, you’ve got a fight dammit. You’ve been running your mouth for the last few weeks and I thought it was nothing more than hype. Hell, I barely even paid attention. Last week, you got my attention when you left me a bloody mess. So let’s not waste any time, let’s do this – I’m calling you out Kevin Steen and I’m not taking no for an answer. Let’s do this right now!!!”

                        The fans go wild as Cena throws his hat and shirt into the audience getting ready for a fight. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cena so fired up; he means business.

                        “You get your ass out here and let’s do this like men! I’m not wasting any more time.”

                        Cena stands ready and waiting for Steen but is interrupted when William Regal appears on the big screen.

                        “John Cena, I understand your frustration, I really do, but unfortunately there’s nothing you can do right now. I’m not long off the phone with Mr. Steen and his flight was delayed. He’s only just arrived in the airport and won’t be here for some time yet. I’m not saying you cannot call him out, be my guest, I more than anyone love a good brawl. But you’re going to have to wait.”

                        Cena seems irate but realises there’s nothing he can do.

                        “I’ve waited a week, I can wait another hour. Regal, I’m going to the parking lot and as soon as Kevin Steen arrives – this is going down.”

                        The fans cheer again, excited at seeing Steen getting his just deserts for the attack last week. Cena rushes out of the ring and to the backstage area as we head to commercial break.

                        Cryme Tyme vs. Kane & The Big Show

                        When we come back from break Cryme Tyme are already in the ring, awaiting their opponents. The duo seem a little jaded and not as enthusiastic as usual. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker hype up tonight’s show including the Main Event match-up as Natayla and Mickie James do battle to crown a new Diva’s Champion. Suddenly fire explodes from the turnbuckles and the lights in the arena go red as The Big Show’s music hits and he and Kane make their way to the ring. These two men have teamed up before and won gold, dominating all teams in their way. Tonight they look to make quick work of Cryme Tyme before moving on to the champions. One thing’s for sure, the WWE Universe are excited to see them back together and give them their support for this match-up.

                        JTG decides very quickly that he’s going to let the much bigger Shad start this one off. Shad seems unfazed and goes toe to toe with the massive Big Show. Shad starts trash-talking the giant before kicking him in the knee. Shad bounces off the ropes and delivers a drop-kick to Show’s knee, taking him down to one knee. He bounces off the opposite ropes and delivers a drop-kick to the back of Big Show’s head, taking the 7-footer down to the mat. Shad quickly covers him but Show powerfully kicks out after one. Both men get to their feet and Shad charges at Show. Show sees him coming and sends him flying over the top rope. Shad lands on the apron as Show tags in Kane. The Big Show and Kane head over to Shad and bring him back into the ring with a thunderous double-suplex. Kane covers Shad for a two-count. Kane continues to pick apart Shad until he manages to escape and tag in JTG. JTG seems reluctant to come in and he and Shad start arguing. Eventually JTG gives himself a shake and climbs to the top rope as Kane looks on laughing. JTG dives at The Big Red Machine but Kane catches him by the throat. He quickly tags in the Big Show who also grabs JTG by the throat. They deliver a double chokelsam and get the three-count. Shad quickly slides JTG out of the ring, staying out of the winner’s way. Kane and Big Show celebrate as the WWE Universe realise just how dominant a team they are going to be.

                        Suddenly, Kane and Show are taking to their knees as Team Ego, Edge and Chris Jericho, slide into the ring and smash them across the back with steel chairs. Edge and Jericho are like men possessed, determined to get the monsters down and hit them with the chairs again, sending them to the mat. They are relentless in their attack and really lay into their backs with the chairs until the two giants are almost unconscious. Jericho grabs a microphone and says that he and Edge will be the most dominant team in WWE history, not these two giants. Edge takes the mic and says that they are called Team Ego for a reason – they have the skills to back their massive ego’s up. This proves it.

                        Here Come The Girls
                        We go backstage where Byron Saxton is standing by.

                        Saxton: Hey there WWE Universe, it’s your boy Byron Saxton here and I’m joined now by the two Diva’s competing tonight for the vacant Diva’s Championship, Natalya and Mickie James. Mickie, we’ll go to you first. You are one the most decorated women’s athletes in WWE History having held the women’s championship four times and being the first women to have held both the now retired women’s championship and the Diva’s Championship. You will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. What motivates you to go out there tonight and win the championship one more time.

                        James: You know Byron I cannot rest on my past accomplishments. Yes, I’ve done pretty well for myself – but I will not settle for being known as ‘one of’ the best of all time. I want to be known as the best of all time. Better than Moolah, better than Trish, better than Lita. To do that, I need to keep winning titles and keep beating the best this business has to offer. Right now, Natalya is among the best we have here in the WWE and I want more than anything to beat her tonight and prove that I am just that little bit better.

                        Saxton: Natalya, you were in the first ever Diva’s Championship match a few years ago and just fell short to Michelle McCool. McCool has gone on to win many major championships while you are still looking for your first. What would a victory mean to you tonight?

                        Natalya: Saxton, I’m a part of The Hart Family. One of the traits of being a Hart is being a champion. Last week, The Hart Dynasty showed what that means when they put on the performance of their careers and won the tag titles until Miz and Morrison showed up and stole them. My unlce Bret showed what that meant when he won seven world championships. My Dad, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, showed what that meant when he won numerous tag titles and my uncle Owen showed what that was about when he won 4 tag titles, two intercontinental titles and the European title. Being a champion is part of being a Hart. I still haven’t achieved that and it eats away at me. This woman here is one of the greatest of all time and Mickie I’m sure you’re well on your way to being the best of them all. But tonight...tonight is my night, where I show my heart, and where I show exactly what I’m made of. Byron, tonight I guarantee I will be walking out of here WWE Diva’s Champion.

                        Saxton: Ladies, thank you for your time. Tonight these two incredible athletes will do battle with on aim – being champion. Stay tuned to see who’s walking out with their hand raised later tonight.

                        ECW Championship
                        Christian (c) vs. Chris Sabin

                        Christian comes out to a big ovation, showing why he was known as ‘The People’s Champion’ on ECW. He has defended his championship now against Finlay, Mark Henry and Alex Shelley since coming to Smackdown. Tonight, he takes on Shelley’s ‘Motor City Machine Guns’ partner, Chris Sabin. Sabin also comes out to a fair reaction, the fans starting to take to this young duo. Like last week, he and Shelley only come out together as far as the stage. From there Shelley shakes Sabin’s hand and heads to the back, giving him the chance to prove himself on his own. Sabin heads down to the ring and he and Christian shake hands before the match gets under-way.

                        Like last week the two men start off with some chain-wrestling with Sabin getting the upper hand. He wastes little time in heading to the outside and producing a trash-can full or weapons. He throws it into the ring but Christian gets to it first. When Sabin rolls into the ring again Captain Charismas wallops him in the head with a road sign, sending Sabin to the mat. They go back and forth like this for a while, using whatever comes to their hand to take the other out. The finish comes when Christian gains control and tries to finish Sabin off with a Killswitch. He turns him round but Sabin breaks free and brings Christian down with a neck-breaker. Sabin quickly covers Christian but Christian switches the momentum and gets a two-count of his own. Christian doesn’t let Sabin get to his feet but instead quickly locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Sabin gets to the ropes but in Extreme Rules there are no rope breaks. He has no choice but to tap out. Christian not only successfully defended his championship again but he showed that he has plenty of different ways to win in his arsenal. Who will be next to take on the ECW Champion?


                        Before we go to commercial break we quickly cut to the parking lot where John Cena is shown standing by, awaiting the arrival of Kevin Steen.

                        I Love to Fight

                        Finlay’s music hits and the Irishman comes down to the ring, dressed for competition. Striker notes that Finlay isn’t scheduled to compete here tonight, so he must have something on his mind. Finlay grabs a microphone.

                        “I’m here tonight because I’m sick of seeing hard-workers being treated like crap. For the last two weeks Dustin Rhodes has been treated like something you’d find on the bottom of your shoe and now he’s sidelined for the next few weeks because of a minor concussion. William Regal, youcall yourself a gentleman? You’re just like any Englishman, using your power to rule corruptly over others. Well William, I’m here to give you a history lesson. When the British Empire was running wild – you were stopped by the Irish. Tonight, that’s happening again. I’m calling you out to a match right here, right no you yellow-bellied b*st*rd.”

                        Regal’s music hits and he, along with Drew McIntyre, comes out to the stage. Both men are wearing very sharp suits, in no state to compete. Regal speaks:

                        “Mr. Finlay whilst I appreciate your bravado and your sense of loyalty to your friends, it was be entirely unprofessional of me to come into that ring and kick your arse, which of course is exactly what would happen. As for my college here, Drew McIntyre, well have his performance last week I’ve given him the night off from in-ring competition. I do have someone in mind to face you if you’re up for the challenge.”

                        Finlay: I’ll take on any of your goons tonight Regal, and then I’m coming for you.

                        Regal: You always were naive Finlay. Ok, let me introduce your opponent tonight and the newest member of the Smackdown roster. He, along with McIntyre, is the future of this business and he’s starting his path to the top by beating you tonight. Please welcome, from Dublin, Ireland: The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus!

                        Finlay vs. Sheamus w/ William Regal & Drew McIntyre

                        Regal and McIntyre start to smile as a behemoth of a man comes through the curtain. He has the palest of skin and fiery red hair combined with a massive muscular frame: a very impressive specimen. He marches to the ring, eyes fixed on Finlay. Regal and Drew follow behind Sheamus. The three superstars together look like a truly intimidating trio. Finlay, however, doesn’t seem worried. He has had many young superstars try to make a name for themselves at his expense, and he’s taken them to school.

                        The two men square up, neither one backing down. Sheamus swings at Finlay but Finlay ducks and spins behind Sheamus. Finlay starts clubbing away at the back of Sheamus’ head, showing how tough he is and sending the new superstar to his knees, scurrying to the ropes. Finlay kicks Sheamus straight in the face and Sheamus falls through the ropes and to the outside. Finlay follows Sheamus to the outside and shoves Sheamus straight over the announce table. Finlay is livid but keeps his head in check and picks Sheamus up, throwing him into the ring, breaking up the ten count. By the time Finlay follows him in, however, Sheamus can recover just enough to meet Finlay with a kick to the chest. Finlay is on the mat and Sheamus is on the attack. He holds onto the top rope and drives his knee repeatedly into Finlay’s skull. Sheamus drags Finlay into the centre of the ring and covers him for a two count.

                        He forces Finlay into the corner and starts to choke the veteran until the ref forces him to stop. When Sheamus goes back to Finlay, he’s greeted with a hard slap to the face. Finlay throws Sheamus into the corner and starts flailing wildly with lefts and rights. Finlay backs up to nail him with a clothesline but Sheamus gets his knee up, driving into Finlay’s gut. Finlay stumbles backwards and Sheamus nearly takes his head off with a double sledge. Finlay is struggling and Sheamus grabs him, throwing him shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Finlay staggers back and is met with a bicycle kick, which Sheamus calls a ‘Brogue Kick.’ Sheamus is entirely in control now and scrapes Finlay off the mat. He places his head between his legs and lifts him up into position for a crucifix powerbomb. He delivers the move, which Matt Striker says he calls ‘Pale Justice’ and covers Finlay, getting the three count.

                        William Regal looks every bit as happy as he was last week; delighted that his new superstar earned a dominant victory. He and McIntyre get into the ring and each raise Sheamus’ arm. The announcer’s put over the fact that with his power and McIntyre and Sheamus as his muscle, William Regal will be unstoppable. Again, like last week, a victory isn’t enough for Regal. He motions to McIntyre to hold Finlay up, allowing Sheamus to nail him with another brogue kick. He then sends the Scot to the outside to bring in a steel chair which he places on the ground. McIntyre then delivers a sickening ‘Future Shock’ DDT to Finlay on top of the chair. McIntyre and Sheamus step back, out of the spotlight, allowing Regal to stand tall with his foot resting on Finlay’s head.

                        The Dirt Sheet

                        When we come back from commercial the ring is decked out for The Dirt Sheet. The mat is covered with a red carpet and there are director’s chairs with ‘Miz’ and ‘Morrison’ written on the back. Suddenly Howard Finkel appears on the stage with a spotlight on him.

                        Fink: In a World full of winners and losers, two men have risen above, even higher higher than before, to bring you the Slammy Award Winning Show...The Dirt Sheet!!!

                        Miz and Morrison appear in their street clothes looking so very proud of themselves and their newly won tag team championships. Miz has jeans, a shirt and tie on whereas Morrison has black jeans and an open shirt – showing off his perfect abs. The Miz holds his belt above his head the entire walk to the ring while Morrison had his belt hanging from his pants. The WWE Universe are absolutely disgusted to see Miz and Morrison after they cut short The Hart Dynasty’s life-long dreams of being tag champs together in the WWE. Miz and Morrison have a seat in their chairs and wait for the boos to reduce before they speak.

                        Morrison: Hi, I’m John Morrison and I shot JR – I was aged one.

                        The Miz: And I’m your Chick Magnet...The Miz! And you all should see the looks on your faces right now. I mean really? Really? You’re all that disappointed? Really?

                        Morrison: Your faces are almost as hilarious as those of The Harts last week – let’s have a reminder.

                        A photo of The Hart Dynasty after the match last week appears on the screen with drawn on tears and diapers.

                        Morrison: Man, David Hart Smith makes one ugly baby. The reality check is that whether all you people like it or not, and whether The Hart Dynasty like it or not when we won the WWE Tag Team Championships last week we further cemented our place as the greatest tag team of the 21st Century!

                        They do their signature head tilt – only further aggravating the fans.

                        Both: BE JEALOUS!!!

                        Miz: People can boo us and people can jeer but it really doesn’t matter – nothing will change the fact that we are the best. No one is better – absolutely no one.

                        BOOYAKA BOOYAKA 619!

                        The fans are delighted that Miz and Morrison are cut off as Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne make their way to the ring. They point out to the new champions that actually, they’re pretty certain that they’re better than the champions – after all, they defeated them many times to win those very belts. If Miz and Morrison really want to prove themselves then why not defend those titles against them, one more time. Before Miz and Morrison can react, however, The Hart Dynasty make their way to the ring. They follow the logic that if Bourne and Rey are better than Miz and Morrison and if they defeated Rey and Bourne last week then surely they are the best of the bunch – so if anyone deserves a title shot, it’s them.

                        As The Harts and Rey/Bourne start to argue among themselves Miz and Morrison get bored and start to try and sneak out of the ring. The other four men see them, however, and grab them before they get out. Tyson Kidd says that even if they can’t agree on who the best team is, they can agree that they’re sick of Miz and Morrison. Kidd kicks Miz straight in the face while Evan Bourne does the exact same to Morrison at the same time. David Hart Smith grabs Morrison and nails him with a running powerslam. Miz charges at him but gets lifted up and Kidd bounds off the ropes, nailing a Hart Attack. Rey and Bourne both go up top. Rey hits a big splash on Miz before Bourne nails a perfect Shooting Star Press on Morrison. The two teams left standing go their separate ways, leaving their battle for a different day. One thing is clear, they all want to be champion and holding onto those belts won’t be easy for the champions.

                        Bryan Danielson vs. Alex Shelley

                        A new theme song plays as a familiar figure makes his way through the curtain – The American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. Despite the new music, there is no change in Danielson’s demeanour. It seems the longer he’s successful in the WWE, the less the he pays any attention to anyone else. He is totally focused as he makes his way down the aisle, ready for a fight. The fans quickly get pumped up as the Motor City Machine Gun’s music plays and Alex Shelley races to the aisle, looking to pick up a crucial victory.

                        Shelley slides straight into the ring and Danielson pounces on him, not letting him get to his feet, laying into him with clubbing blows to the back. Danielson drags Shelley’s jacket off his back and starts to choke him with it. The referee tries to pull Danielson off but can’t so he starts to count. Danielson reminds him, quite aggressively, that he’s got till five. Danielson gets Shelley to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Shelley slides between Danielson’s legs and kips up quickly. Danielson turns around and it met with a roundhouse kick, taking him to the mat. Shelley quickly covers him for a two count.

                        The match continues in this fashion with both men going all out for the win. There are no championships at stake here but that means little to these two young superstars who will do whatever it takes to climb the ladder in the WWE. The finish comes when Danielson whips Shelley into the corner. The American Dragon charges but Shelley moves. Showing his wherewithal, Danielson quickly runs up the turnbuckles and does a back flip over Shelley. Shelley turns around and is met with a hard enziguri. Danielson then goes to the opposite corner of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, wanting to show that he can fly as well as anyone. Danielson leaps the distance of the entire ring and nearly caves Shelley’s skull in with a diving headbutt. Danielson squirms around on the mat, having hurt himself in the process. He slowly gets to his feet and starts to stalk Shelley. Shelley takes a while to recover and he slowly stands up. When he does, Danielson pounces. He grabs Shelley and takes him down, locking in an Omoplata Crossface. Shelley has no choice but to tap. Danielson keeps the move locked in after the bell until Shelley passes out, before making the referee raise his hand. Bryan Danielson continues to do nothing but impress in the ring, even if his attitude leaves a little to be desired. It’s surely only a matter of time before he’s holding gold.

                        4 Weeks

                        A brief video plays, hyping up what Samoa Joe has been up to over the past few weeks. It shows him visiting the Doctor’s and being put through tests. It then shows him hitting the gym, trying to get into the best shape of his career. He shows him in his own ring, training with some rookies. He hits one with an exploder suplex, another win a sick kick. He nails one with a muscle buster before locking in the coquina clutch, forcing him to instantly tap. Joe is working hard – determined to beat CM Punk at the pay-per-view. The video ends with Joe facing the camera:

                        “CM Punk, while you’re going around the country running your mouth, I’m getting ready for the fight of our lives. If you thought SummerSlam was something, you’ve seen nothing yet. In four weeks, I’m gonna kill you.”

                        CM Punk vs. Primo

                        Once the video is over, CM Punk’s music hits and the Straight-Edge Superstar makes his way down the aisle. As usual, he gets the loudest reaction of the night, and it’s all negative. He doesn’t seem to care and walks to the ring with a huge smile on his face, taunting the audience the entire way. When Primo Colon’s music hits he gets a nice cheer from the fans – of course, whoever’s facing CM Punk will get a good cheer. The young superstar bounds to the ring and the match is on. Primo extends his hand for a hand-shake, as he does before each match. CM Punk laughs as he grabs Primo’s hand and shakes it. Primo goes to let go but Punk won’t and instead pulls Primo in for a clothesline. Primo falls to the mat and Punk immediately kicks him hard in the back. Primo writhes in pain. Punk grabs him and throws him into the corner. He runs and drives his knee into Primo’s gut. He hooks his head and drives it into the mat with a bulldog. Punk is on a roll and climbs to the second turnbuckle, yelling at the top of his voice: ‘I’M BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU!” As Primo slowly gets to his feet Punk grabs him and hoists him up onto his shoulders before dropping him face-first onto his knee with the GTS. He covers him and picks up a momentum-boosting win.

                        Punk then grabs a microphone:

                        “Wow. Really impressive Joe. What a cool little video. Way to go champ. But you see, here’s the thing. While you’re at home, where I sent you by the way, I’m here on Smackdown proving why I am the best wrestler around today. You know what Joe, you do look impressive in your cosy little dojo, but the reality is no one dominates quite like I do here in the real squared circle. Joe, in four weeks time we will meet and it will be a classic, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Summer Slam was a fluke. You will not beat me again. But Joe, unlike Primo here, you won’t get away quickly. No. I will draw this out and I will make you suffer. October 2009, it’s Joe/Punk II, it’s also the date of your demise. What it all points down to Joe is that I am simply...better than you.”

                        WWE Diva’s Championship
                        Mickie James vs. Natalya

                        And now it’s time for our main event match for the evening. Justin Roberst climbs into the ring, ready to do the ring announcements.

                        Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall and the winner will be crowned the NEW WWE Diva’s Champion!

                        ???: Excuse Me!

                        Boos start to fill the arena as Vickie Guerrero walks out onto the stage.

                        Vickie: I said Excuse Me! I am here tonight to get a very close look at this match-up. You see, William Regal is a very...I Said EXCUSE ME!!!

                        Vickie starts to get pretty angry as the WWE Universe do their best to drown her out.

                        Vickie: As I was saying, William Regal is a very busy man and as such he has hired me, Vickie Guerrero, to be his assistant manager in charge of the Diva’s Division on Smackdown. Now, I cannot change our main event this evening, but I do want to watch it up close and personal so I know what type of champion I will be dealing with. Now on to the match.

                        The crowd continues to boo as some crew members bring out a big comfy armchair and set it on the stage for Vickie to watch the match from. The boos quickly dissipate however when Mickie James’ music hits and the charismatic diva bursts through the curtain and hightails it to the ring, slapping the fans hands on the way past. Natalya comes out next to another good reaction. She politely nods to Vickie on her way past from thereon in her eyes are focused on Mickie James. She reaches her arms out for the fans but keeps focused on Mickie for entire walk to the ring. When both girls are in the ring Justin Roberts makes the official ring announcements and the ref shows both women what they’re fighting for. The two shake hands and the bell rings – this match is underway.

                        They slowly circle around the ring, both sizing up their opponent, and waiting to see who makes the first move. Mickie goes to lock up with Natalya but Natalya ducks. She quickly moves behind Mickie and drops to her knees. She grabs Mickie’s ankles and pulls her legs out from under her, sending her face first into the mat. Natalya gets to her feet and brings the now dazed James with her. She whips her into the ropes but when Mickie returns she ducks Natalya’s clothesline and takes her down with a snap mare. Mickie bounces off the ropes and leaps at Natalya, connecting with a dropkick to her face. Mickie goes for a pin but Nattie kicks out after one. Mickie grabs Natalya and whips her into the corner of the ring. Mickie runs but Natalya moves. Mickie stops herself just before she crashes into the turnbuckle but Natalya quickly grabs her and rolls her up with a schoolgirl, getting a two count.

                        Striker: Both of these athletes know just how capable the other one is and if they see any opportunity, no matter how small, to end this match – they’ll take it.

                        They start to circle each other again, knowing just how important this match is. They lock up and Natalya wins the power struggle, forcing Mickie into the ropes. She pushes her up against them and drives her knee into Mickie’s stomach before bringing her back towards the middle of the ring and delivering a snap suplex. Natalya rolls over and covers Mickie, getting another two-count. Natalya picks Mickie up and throws her to the ropes but Mickie grabs the top rope instead of bouncing back. Nattie runs at Mickie but Mickie drops to the mat, still holding the top rope, sending Natalya flying to the outside. Mickie climbs to the apron and as Natalya gets to her feet James leaps, nailing a head scissors take-down. James raises her arm in the air and the fans are really getting into this match.

                        Mickie starts to get Natalya to her feet but Natayla shoves James who falls back into the ring steps hard. Natalya seems worried about Mickie for a second but quickly moves on. She grabs Mickie and delivers another snap suplex, but this is on the outside.

                        Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen do not be fooled by those mats, there are only a very thin layer. That was a hard landing.

                        Striker: These two are doing whatever it takes to get the job down.

                        Natalya rolls Mickie back into the ring and goes to locks in the sharpshooter. Mickie is screaming now in pain, but Nattie was too quick to lock it in: Mickie is close enough to reach out and grab the bottom rope. Natalya goes to the second rope and waits for Mickie to get to her feet. Natalya leaps with a double axe handle but James somehow manages to connect with a dropkick, taking Natalya down. Mickie stumbles to her feet first and when Natalya is up James manages to grab her and take her down with a DDT! Mickie covers her. One...Two...Natalya kicks out. Mickie is in shock and stalks Natalya, getting ready to hit the Mick Kick. Natalya gets to get feet and Mickie goes for the kick but Natalya ducks it. She kicks Mickie in the gut before grabbing her ankles and taking her to her back. Natalya locks their legs together and turns Mickie over with the Sharpshooter! Mickie starts to scramble towards the bottom rope, desperately trying to fight out of the hold. Natalya realises this time what’s going on and drags Mickie to the centre of the ring. Mickie has nowhere to go and although she fights for as long as she can she has no choice but to tap out. Natalya is the new Diva’s Champion.

                        Natalya falls to her knees, ecstatic at having finally won the Diva’s Championship. The Hart Dynasty race down the aisle to celebrate with her. Mickie James is sitting in the corner of the ring, exhausted, holding her back. As the referee goes to grab the belt Mickie grabs it off him. Mickies stumbles over to Natalya, hands her the belt and raises her arm in the air. Hart and Kidd grab her and lift her up on her shoulders. Vickie Guerrero stands out of her chair and watches what’s going on in the ring. She shows little reaction. The camera then cuts to the backstage area where Gail Kim and Melina are shown watching the celebration on a monitor.

                        If You Want Some Come Get Some

                        The camera then cuts backstage where John Cena is still waiting in the parking lot. Finally a car pulls up. Cena runs over and pulls open the door, but it’s just some guy, not Kevin Steen. Cena grabs a garbage can and throws it across the parking lot in frustration. Suddenly Kevin Steen’s entrance music starts to play ( Cena hears it and runs back into the main building. He finds a monitor and watches it, looking for what’s going on. There’s no sign of Steen so Cena starts looking for him. He heads to the Gorilla Position and grabs a microphone before bursting through the curtain.

                        “Show your face Steen! I know you’re here somewhere.”

                        Cena starts to walk down the aisle towards the ring. As he’s walking down the ramp, a fan jumps the guard-rail behind him. Cena doesn’t notice. The fan takes down his hood and reveals himself to be Kevin Steen. He then pulls a lead pipe out of his pocket and charges at Cena. Cena, however, hears the fans yelling and turns around just in time to kick Steen in the gut, making him drop the pipe. The two start brawling up the ramp and the fans are going absolutely wild, waiting to see these two tear each other apart. Cena starts to overpower Steen and the young superstar starts to run. He runs through the curtain and Cena follows. Suddenly Cena comes flying through the curtain and lands on his back. Steen emerges through the curtain with a steel chair in his hand. Steen grabs John Cena and throws him head-first into the HD set. Steen then locks in a single-leg Boston Crab on Cena in the middle of the stage. Eventually officials, referees and agents come running out, trying to force Steen off. Eventually Steen breaks the hold. Steen starts to back off laughing as, for the second week in a row, he leaves John Cena unconscious.

                        **First of all a massive thank you for all the judges who made Legacy number one this month – I really appreciate it. A bit nervous about putting out my first show since then, especially with a Diva’s match in the main event. I’m really liking how Smackdown is shaping up. I’ve had more feedback on Raw, but I think now that the feuds are taking shape on Smackdown, it’ll be just as good. As always comments and reviews really are appreciated and help keep me going. **

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                          Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

                          This week's edition of Monday Raw promises to be an unmissable last stop on the road to Bad Blood. Brian Kendrick and Matt Hardy will do battle at Bad Blood in a Hardcore match, but on Raw they will pick each other's opponents. That's right, Pick Your Poison returns to Monday Night Raw. As if that wasn't enough we have the biggest main event in the history of Monday Night Raw as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, MVP and Randy Orton team up to take on Mr. Kennedy, Dolph Ziggler, Ted DiBiase and the World Heavyweight Champion - Cody Rhodes. Be sure not to miss this pitstop before Sunday's Bad Blood pay-per-view.

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                            Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

                            Previously on WWE Legacy:

                            * Ever since Legacy split up they have been on a road leading to self-destruction. This Sunday at Bad Blood all three men will finally face each other in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Last week, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase faced off in a non-title preview match with Randy Orton at ringside. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for things to get out of hand and for Orton to enter the fray. The referee had no choice but to throw the match out. At Bad Blood there will be no disqualifications and no count-outs as Legacy finally implodes.

                            *Jeff Hardy got a little warm-up action as he faced Carlito last week on Raw. He made quick work of the Puerto-Rican Superstar, showing just how in the zone he is for his Final Battle with The Undertaker in a casket match at Bad Blood. The Undertaker spoke out, saying that while he used to admire Jeff’s tenacity and never say die attitude, it’s that very attitude that will lead to his destruction. Hardy doesn’t know when to give up, at Bad Blood the Undertaker will give him no option and end his career.

                            * With DX away on overseas duty, Mr. Kennedy yet again took his opportunity to talk down the legendary tag team. He called out either member of DX for a match – saying if someone came out, then he would find a partner and face DX at Bad Blood. Kennedy was surprised when former DX member, The Road Dogg, came out to stand up for his former faction. Kennedy was caught off guard but quickly pulled it together and defeated Dogg easily. The big question is, who will Kennedy’s partner be at Bad Blood and will they together, continue to humiliate DX?

                            *Matt Hardy is worried about his brother Jeff. At Bad Blood Hardy takes on Brian Kendrick in a hardcore match, but his mind is elsewhere. He’s worried that at Bad Blood, the Undertaker could end Jeff Hardy’s career. Brian Kendrick says that Matt has a lot more than that to be worried about. “Matt said earlier he was worried about losing his little brother at Bad Blood – with my plan, he won’t be conscious to see the outcome of Jeff’s match.”

                            *Laycool held a protest in the middle of the ring, distraught at Michelle losing to Nikke Bella after some dubious tactics from the twins. They threatened to hold the entire show hostage until justice was served and the decision was reversed. Stephanie McMahon seemed pretty bemused but gave the Flawless Diva’s an opportunity. At Bad Blood they will face the Bella’s in tag team action.

                            * MVP and Dolph Ziggler continue in their quest to one-up each other. Last week, MVP faced ‘Solid’ Mike Davis with Dolph Ziggler looking on. MVP made light work of the local talent, defeating him with the 305. At Bad Blood these two young superstars will be looking to use each other as a stepping stone to the next level.

                            *The Intercontinental Championship Picture is only heating up. The Champion Jack Swagger teamed up with The Ripper Paul Burchill to take on The Number One Contender Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella. Kofi showed Swagger just how worried he should be about his championship as he won the tag match by pinning the champion.

                            The End of an Era

                            Kofi Kingston & The Bellas vs. Jack Swagger & Laycool

                            This week’s show starts off with a bang as Kofi Kingston, along with the Bella Twins, make their way to the ring for action. Kofi is wearing his black trunks and the Bella’s are wearing yellow and green to match their tag team partner tonight. Kofi has a huge smile on his face, which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Jack Swagger’s music hits and the All-American American Intercontinental Champion comes out next to plenty of boos from the WWE Universe. This Sunday at Bad Blood, Swagger looks to show what a dominant Champion he really is by defeating Kingston. Swagger gets into the ring, waiting for his partners. Suddenly Laycool’s music hits but it’s quickly cut off as they come down the aisle with...microphones. The WWE Universe let out a collective groan.

                            McCool: Ok Ok Ok. So Lay and I were really super excited about teaming with Jack Swagger.

                            Laylal: Yeah, he’s only like, our favourite wrestler.

                            McCool: But unfortunately we both suffered from sprained ankles at the house show last night.

                            Layla: It really hurts!

                            MCCool: And if we’re going to save ourselves for the Bella’s on Sunday – we can’t compete.

                            Layla: Aww, how sad.

                            McCool: But we have found replacements.

                            Layla: Yaaaay!!!

                            McCool: Please welcome from Smackdown, for one night only...

                            Both: Gail Kim & Melina!!!

                            Kofi Kingston & The Bellas vs. Jack Swagger, Melina & Gail Kim

                            Melina’s music hits and she and Gail make their way to the ring as Laycool make their way to the announce table. Gail and Melina are both wearing black and red ring attire and look set to really compete, after not appearing much in a while. Swagger has had enough of the drama and yells at Kofi to get into the ring so they can start this. Kofi gets in and the referee rings the bell but before they start fighting, Swagger tags in Gail Kim, forcing Kofi to tag in Nikki Bella. Swagger points to his head and yells that he’s saving himself for Sunday. Kim doesn’t seem to care and straight away locks up with Nikki to get things going at last.

                            Gail shows just how aggressive she can be in the ring and starts to really punish Nikki. She gets the upper hand very quickly and does all she can to hold onto it. Melina is crying out for the tag so Gail whips Nikki into the corner. Swagger stands back and lets Melina make the tag. Melina immediately starts laying the boots into Nikki in the corner. Nikki is crouching over before Melina nails her with a flipping neckbreaker. Melina then tags in Gail and then lift Nikki up and bring her down with a double suplex. Kofi and Brie are desperate for the tag.

                            Eventually Melina gets a little cocky and Nikki manages to counter one of her moves long enough to tag in Kofi. Kofi bursts into the ring which means Swagger has to become legal man due to intergender rules. Swagger quickly jumps off the apron and starts to head back up the ramp. Realising what’s going on, Kofi tags in Brie before hightailing it after Swagger, desperate not to let him escape. Swagger sees Kofi coming and runs backstage, with Kofi following.

                            Brie, taking advantage of the confusion grabs Melina and rolls her up for the victory! The Bella’s slip out of the ring, avoiding the livid Gail and Melina as they celebrate their victory. Laycool see this, however, and attack the Bella’s from behind before throwing them back into the ring where Gail and Melina are waiting for them. Gail and Melina continue to demolish the Bella’s as Laycool watch on, delighted at the damage being down to their Bad Blood opponents.


                            After we come back from commercial break referees and officials are holding Kofi back from Swagger while the Intercontinental Champion just goads him on. “Kofi Kingston wear yourself out because you’re not getting this belt from me!” Referee’s try to get Swagger to back off. Just as it seems the champ is leaving he charges at Kingston, kicking him straight in the head. Kofi falls to the floor while Swagger walks off laughing.

                            Your World Heavyweight Champion

                            Backstage Cody Rhodes is in his dressing room, ready to address the WWE Universe:

                            “Good evening wrestling fans and welcome to my dressing room. This...this is where greatness comes to rest. Some people think it’s a bit pompous and old-fashioned for the Champion to demand his own dressing-room, but not only do I believe in respecting tradition, but this sort of luxury is just the sort of privilege I’ve been accustomed to my entire life and now that I’m World Heavyweight Champion that privilege is only going to continue. You see I’m Cody Rhodes and I’m not the son of a plumber. No, I’m the Uncommon Son of a Common Man – I grew up with everything my father didn’t: money, fame, luxury and an open door to the WWE. Alongside my ‘Dashing’ good looks and superior in-ring ability I’ve proven to be everything my former Legacy team-mates are not – and that’s a perfect champion.

                            This time last year everyone was clamouring over Randy Orton’s meteoric rise in the WWE as he became one of the top stars. This time six months ago everyone was clamouring over Ted DiBiase as the future of the WWE. No one expected this. No one expected that out of the three of us I would be standing here today as champion. I have to thank Randy for starting Legacy, I really do. I mean without working alongside him and Ted for so long, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now where I know their every strength...and every weakness. So you see this Sunday at Bad Blood we’re in a very similar position. People are talking about Randy Orton and how ‘red hot’ he is right now. The fans seem to love him, the management loves him, everyone loves him – surely it’s only a matter of time before he takes back his championship. People are talking about Ted DiBiase and his ‘new attitude.’ DiBiase has hit an all-time low and is ready to rebound and recapture the title.

                            Yet again no one is talking about me. No one is mentioning the Champion in all of this. Some people think my victory was a fluke. Some people think I cannot do it again. This Sunday Legacy finally ends, we finally find out who the best man is – it’s the end of an era. This Sunday the talking point changes. This Sunday people won’t care about Randy Orton, they won’t care about Ted DiBiase. Instead, everyone will be talking about the man who fought all adversity and came out on top against the odds – they will be talking about the man who proved once and for all that he is the present and the future of this industry – they will be talking about the man who will still be World Heavyweight Champion – Cody Rhodes.”

                            This Sunday!

                            Pick Your Poison Part I

                            Matt Hardy comes out next for the first of tonight’s ‘Pick Your Poison’ matches. Later he’ll get to pick Brian Kendrick’s opponent whereas Kendrick picks his opponent right now. Hardy still gets one of the best reactions of the night and he’s pumped up to get going. Brian Kendrick’s music hits and he stumbles out onto the stage. He’s wearing a long, sleeveless leather trench-coat, aviator sunglasses and a top hat. It seems he’s losing touch with reality more and more by the week. He says that he suggested doing Pick Your Poison to Stephanie McMahon because he is smarter than Matt and he knows exactly how to get into his head. Matt’s already going to be distracted worrying about his big brother but now – he’s going to distract him even further. “Please welcome the man who not only cost you your job in the past Matt, but the man who stole the love of your life...EDGE!”

                            Matt’s faces drops as the Smackdown Superstar’s music hits and Edge comes down to the ring ready for action. Edge has a huge grin on his face and seems more than happy to do Kendrick a favour. Hardy takes a deep breath and the match is on. There is no love lost between these two men and it’s far from a technical masterpiece – it’s an all-out brawl. Hardy shows that even if he’s worried about his brother, he’s still ready to go in the ring and matches Edge punch for punch. The Rated R superstar, who is currently teaming with Jericho on Smackdown, is clearly enjoying getting to fight his old rival one more time. Eventually he starts to wear Hardy down and gains the upper hand. The old ‘never say day’ adage of the Hardy Boyz fires up in Matt, and he doesn’t let Edge get the better of him. Eventually Edge goes for a spear but Hardy moves and Edge goes shoulder first into the ring post. Hardy grabs Edge and nails him with a Twist of Fate for the win. Hardy celebrates as Kendrick looks bemused from where he was watching beside the announce table.

                            Final Battle

                            A video package plays highlighting the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker. It shows how Undertaker initially got the help of his deranged brother Kane to mess with Hardy’s head. Hardy gave as good as he got and managed to get the upper hand, attacking Kane backstage, subsequently messing with The Undertaker. It shows the Brother’s of Destruction ‘crucifying Jeff’s brother Matt on an Undertaker logo. It then showed Hardy prevailing and defeating The Undertaker at Backlash to keep his WWE Championship. Then Hardy was stripped of his title by JBL...yet their rivalry was far from over. At Judgment Day, when Hardy faced Randy Orton to try and win back his title, The Undertaker, who was a ringside enforcer, made his presence felt and made sure Hardy didn’t leave with the belt around his waist. He still had unfinished business with the Charismatic Enigma...Their rivalry only intensified after Judgment Day, and for both men it was now about a lot more than championships. At Extreme Rules they met in a Buried Alive match. The Undertaker showed just how brutal and sadistic he was when he delivered a tombstone pile driver to Hardy and continued to bury him alive. Hardy was history...The Undertaker was finally able to move on with his career and show how dominant he was without the thorn in his side that was Jeff Hardy. However, it seems nothing can keep Jeff Hardy down. Somehow he made a return in the weeks leading up to Summer Slam, attacking The Undertaker. It seemed like the stage was set for Hardy to make his triumphant return and defeat The Undertaker once and for all to end this rivalry. They collided at Summer Slam inside the demonic Hell in a Cell. Hardy...lost, and The Undertaker couldn’t have been happier. Hardy, however, didn’t take defeat lying down and cost the Undertaker his chance to become World Champion.

                            These two men hate each other, something’s gotta give. At Bad Blood they will meet in a casket match for their Final Battle. The winner gets all the glory, the loser, well the loser loses everything. Pre-taped comments from both competitors finish off the segment.

                            Hardy: The Undertaker has put me and my family through hell for the past year. At Bad Blood I’m sending him to hell as once and for all I prove I am one of the top dogs in this company and end his career.

                            Undertaker: Jeff Hardy may have beaten me in the past , but in the big fights, where it really matters, I’ve proven I’m the better competitor. This Sunday I will finally put Hardy down, and I’ll do it my way, in my match.

                            Hardy: Fear is just a four letter word. I’m not scared of anything. Not even the Undertaker.

                            Undertaker: This Sunday, Jeff Hardy will Rest...In...Peace.

                            Pick Your Poison Part II
                            Back in the arena Hardy and Kendrick are in the ring with mics in their hand as Kendrick waits to see who his ‘Pick Your Poison’ opponent is.

                            Matt: Brian, I have to give it to you, you really had an ace up your sleeve with Edge, but ah, it just backfired as I proved that I am more of capable of holding my own with whatever it is you can throw at me...but I’m not so sure you can say the same.

                            Kendrick: Oh really?

                            Matt: Yeah, as a matter of fact. And well, my ‘poison’ for you is a man who knows you better than any other, and a man who I know you struggle to get the better of.

                            Kendrick: Matthew, no matter who you bring out here, it’s elementary that I will beat them, so let’s jsut get this over with, shall we?

                            Matt: I’m going to enjoy this. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, making a one-night only return to the WWE...PAUL LONDON!!!

                            Brian Kendrick seems as flabbergasted as the fans are excited for the return of Kendrick’s former tag team partner. London bursts through the curtain with a massive grin on his face before bolting to the ring to make a statement. London starts with all guns blazing and really disorients Kendrick. London is fired up and the fans are entirely behind him as he takes Kendrick to school. Kendrick is flustered and it shows as he makes mistakes he normally doesn’t. Hardy, who is sitting at ringside, is loving every minute of the action. Suddenly Kendrick reaches down and manages to nearly take London’s head off with a super kick. Kendrick falls to his knees exhausted but laughing as London is practically out cold.

                            Kendrick looks at Hardy and points at his head as if saying he’s smart enough to win this. Kendrick gets up and starts to jump up and down excitedly as he waits for London to get to his feet. London stumbles up and Kendrick meets him with another super kick. He quickly jumps onto London’s fallen body and locks in the Cobra Clutch. Kendrick is screaming and pulling back and applying the hold as hard as he can. Pretty soon the ref calls for the bell as London is passed out. Kendrick lets the referee raise his hand as he stares at Matt Hardy. Hardy sarcastically applauds Kendrick as he walks up the aisle.

                            MR Kennedy Speaks

                            Josh Mathews: Good evening WWE Universe, Josh Mathews here standing by with Ken Kennedy.

                            The fans start to boo. Kennedy only returned to Raw a few weeks ago and they’re sick of him already.

                            Mathews: Mr. Kennedy, this Sunday you will get your hands on D-Generation X in tag team action. With all due respect, why have you decided to target two of the most successful superstars in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment?

                            Kennedy: With all due respect Josh Mathews if you’re not careful I will shove my foot up your ass! Now, I’ve explained myself a few times already so I’ll make sure I keep this as simple as possible so that you, and all of these idiots here tonight, understand. Yes, DX are two of the most successful superstars in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment but I want to be the most successful superstar in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. You don’t do that by going after Eugene – you do that by going after the big dogs. This Sunday, after I take out DX, it’s only a matter of time before I move on to bigger and better things.

                            Mathews: That brings me to my next question. Who exactly have you found to team with you? What sort of man do you have lined up to help you overthrow DX?

                            Kennedy: You see I’m not the only guy who’s ready to go to the next level, and I’m not the only guy ready to do whatever it takes to get there. In fact, I think there’s a list of people who would be glad to make a statement with me. All you need to know is that I have a man lined up who will help me dominate. We’re going to go through DX and then do through whoever it takes to get to the very top of this company. Get it? Got It? Good.

                            Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox

                            When we come back from commercial break Alicia Fox’s music hits and the fiery Diva struts to the ring for action. She grabs a mic and says that she is offering her support to LayCool this Sunday at Bad Blood. She respects girls who are looking to make an impact. She also says that she is going to follow their example and make a statement with or without the support of management. So whoever her opponent is tonight – she’s gonna take her out. Alicia continues to ramble but is cut off by The Glamazon Beth Phoenix’ music much to the WWE Universe’s approval.

                            Phoenix rushes to the ring ready to show what she is capable of. The two lock up to begin and Phoenix shows her incredible strength by shoving Alicia who flies far enough back to fall out of the ring. Fox is furious and comes back in to the ring scowling. She charges at Phoenix but the Glamazon catches her, slamming her to the mat with a scoop slam which earns her a two count. Phoenix continues to dominate and does so with the fans in her corner. Alicia eventually gets desperate and rakes Phoenix’ eyes before grabbing her hair and slamming her to the mat. Alicia shows her tenacity and starts to wear down Phoenix: she’s no pushover. The finish comes when Alicia nails Phoenix with a back-breaker. Alicia stalks Phoenix. She waits for her to get to her feet so that she can nail her with the axe kick. Fox runs at Phoenix but Beth dodges Alicia’s big move. Fox recovers and goes to nail Beth with a slap. Beth blocks Alicia’s shot and levels her with a slap of her own. Phoenix whips Alicia into the ropes and when Fox rebounds Phoenix goes for a clothesline. Alicia ducks the clothesline. She bounds off the other side of the ring and goes for an offensive manoeuvre but the Glamazon is ready and grabs her, hoisting her up with a military press. Phoenix drops Alicia to the mat. Fox gets to her feet; Alicia grabs her and ends it with the Glam Slam and a three-count. Beth Phoenix has made an impressive statement, showing just how capable she is in the ring.

                            Ken Kennedy...Are You Ready?

                            There is a buzz around the arena as up next is the huge 8-man tag team main event. The lights dim and ‘Are You Ready’ echoes around the arena as the fans cannot wait for DX to come out. Triple H and HBK come bursting out through the curtain to a huge reaction from the WWE Universe, probably the best of the night so far. They take their time coming to the ring, exciting the fans with all of their usual theatrics. They still seem excited to be teaming together and, of course, grab a mic to address the crowd before the match begins.

                            Triple H: Are you ready?

                            The fans roar in approval.

                            Triple H: No...I SAID, ARE YOU READY???

                            Triple climbs to the second turnbuckle as the fans in attendance try to shout even louder than before.

                            Triple H: Lllllllladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...and especially Mr. Kennedy...LET’S GET READY TO SUCK IT!!!

                            DX have the fans in the palm of their hands.

                            HBK: Now, hold on just a minute Hunter. I mean...I get the whole shtick, and I love it...but I don’t know if I’m really in the mood tonight. I mean, we’re out having a ball, yet this Sunday we’re going to war against Ken Kennedy and someone else, who we don’t even know yet. Jeez Hunter, I guess I’ve just a lot on my mind.

                            HBK’s tone of voice suggest that he isn’t being entirely sincere.

                            Triple H: Shawn, I’m sorry. How totally insensitive of me. I mean, I totally know where you’re coming from.

                            HBK: Really?

                            Triple H: You bet buddy. I mean, if I’m being honest, I’m a bit worries to.

                            HBK: You are?

                            Triple H: Of course. I mean this is the same Ken Kennedy who managed to hit his finishers on us after we’d won a match and after he levelled us with a low blow. This is the same Ken Kennedy who waited until he knew we weren’t in the arena to call us out...twice. This is the same Ken Kennedy who defeated the incomparable Road Dogg for crying out loud. I mean, if I’m being honest, this whole shtick is just bravado on my part – I’m shaking in my boots.

                            They both start to laugh.

                            HBK: Glad to see we’re on the same page.

                            Triple H: Ken Kennedy you listen to what I have to say and you listen good. We get what you’re doing ,we did it ourselves when we were your age. The only difference is, we ain’t ready to be pushed aside yet, and we certainly aren’t going to let a little punk like you do it. This Sunday at Bad Blood, you bring whoever you’ve got but rest assured that this little plan of yours is about to meet a road block. You messed with the wrong big dogs.

                            HBK: And if you’re not down with that then we’ve got two words for ya...

                            HBK holds the microphone out for the crowd to yell SUCK IT as we go to commercial break.

                            Shawn Michaels, Triple H, MVP & Randy Orton vs. Mr. Kennedy, Dolph Ziggler, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

                            When we come back DX are finishing up throwing glow-sticks into the crowd before MVP’s music hits. The Florida native bounds to the ring with a great amount of energy as the crowd chant his name. This Sunday he looks to prove who the better man between him and Dolph Ziggler is. Then, getting an even better reaction than DX comes The Viper, Randy Orton. For whatever reason the WWE Universe has started to get behind Orton and he is therefore gaining huge momentum leading to Bad Blood.

                            The attitude quickly sours as Mr. Kennedy’s music hits. Of course he swaggers down the aisle, chewing his gum, but stops short of the ring, not daring to enter alone. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits next and the arrogant young star joins Kennedy on the ramp. It’s A New Day rings through the speakers bringing out Ted DiBiase. Like last week he’s wearing sweat pants and he still isn’t clean-shaven. The boos only continue as ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ plays signalling the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, The Uncommon Son, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes starts to talk to his team-mates, telling them how important this match is before pointing to the ring.

                            All four men slide into the ring and a brawl starts out with all eight men going straight after each other. The referee does all he can to get in between them all but he has to call for reinforcements. A dozen more men come running out and break the brawl up. They all finally relent and Ziggler looks set to start things off against Shawn Michaels as we go to our final commercial break.

                            When we come back MVP is going at it with Cody Rhodes. IT seems Rhodes’ team has MVP isolated and are using quick tags to wear him down. It isn’t long, however, before mayhem breaks out. Having seen enough, DX burst into the ring and attack those on the apron. This gives MVP enough time to tag in Randy Orton. Orton is straight in and all of a sudden everyone is brawling again. The referee struggles to gain control but he does manage to notice Ted DiBiase getting the blind tag on Rhodes. Orton levels Rhodes with an RKO, while DX are brawling with Ziggler and Kennedy outside now. Orton covers Rhodes but the ref doesn’t make the count. DiBiase grabs Orton and goes for Dream Street. Ortons reverses and kicks DiBiase in the gut. He goes for the RKO but DiBiase pushes him forward. DiBiase goes for a clothesline but Orton ducks - RKO!!! Orton covers DiBiase, MVP stops Rhodes from breaking the count, the match is over. MVP and Orton throw Rhodes and DiBiase out of the ring as DX come back in to join them. The show ends with Orton, DX and MVP standing tall, their Bad Blood opponents scurrying to re-group. Will this be the same result come Sunday? There’s only one way to find out.

                            BaD BlOOD

                            World Heavyweight Championship
                            Legacy finally implodes

                            Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

                            Casket Match
                            The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

                            DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Mr. Kennedy & ???

                            Hardcore Match
                            Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

                            MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

                            Intercontinental Championship
                            Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

                            Team LayCool vs. The Bellas

                            ** Well there we go. IT’s a go home show. One of the things that annoys me about the WWE at the minute is that the tv shows don’t sell the PPV’s enough. I tried to get the mix of fun show/ppv hype right, so I’d love to hear what people think. Really pumped to bust out Bad Blood, only Smackdown to go and I’ll be there. Reviews and comments really help be improve and keep going, so feel free to give them.**
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                              Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

                              World Heavyweight Championship
                              Legacy Finally Implodes

                              Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

                              Final Battle
                              Casket Match

                              The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

                              Mr. Kennedy & ??? vs. D-Generation X

                              Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP

                              Layla & Michelle McCool vs. Brie & Nikki Bella

                              Hardcore Match

                              Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

                              Intercontinental Championship

                              Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

                              s u r r e n d e r

                              ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                                Re: PB presents WWE Legacy: Season II *Spotlight of the Month*

                                | JEFFSUPERAREVIEW |

                                • PB, I do apologize for getting around to reviewing your show o late. This is probably the third time that I got to starting a review but for whatever reason or another never finished it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I haven’t been reading. In fact, I’ve done my best to keep up with everything you’ve written, albeit I’ve missed a few shows (I think).

                                • I loved the recap. It really caught me up with what’s going on in your fed and reminded me of a few things you’re doing. I believe that the LayCool/Bella storyline; it’s one of my favorites. To me, it has a real feel of the Bella’s being able to beat either member of LayCool when they’re able to outsmart them, but when they are forced to fight them as a team, could they contend?

                                • I’m not entirely sure why you opted to have Melina and Gail Kim team with Ziggler. I don’t think you would have been giving away too much of your pay-per-view to have the traditional six person tag match. In fact, I always liked those matches. I would have preferred Swagger & LayCool over Ziggler and them. Wait. Did you error in putting Ziggler in the title of that match? Because I can’t find him in the description at all. I’m pretty sure you were looking for Swagger as the male member of the team, not Ziggler.

                                • The Cody Rhodes promo was spot on. In fact, if I weren’t sitting next to my wife as I type this, I would stand up and applaud you. For a bit of criticism, I’d say that it could have went on just a bit long, but when Rhodes spoke, you knew it was Rhodes that was speaking and not you through him. That takes a lot of talent. Great job, great promo. I love Cody Rhodes.

                                • Oh man, do I hate Matt Hardy. I hope Kendrick just embarrasses the hell out of him in their match. Oh and I don’t like Kendrick either. I suppose if I had to pick though, Kendrick it is. I’m not really intrigued about this feud, mostly because I just don’t have any personal interest in either wrestler involved. I hate them both. Booo.. I wouldn’t have had Hardy go over Edge. Should have just found a way to have Edge win so that his trip from Smackdown weren’t an unsuccessful one. I mean, Kendrick was at ringside, that would have been an allowable time to have someone cheat in a match.

                                • While I would normally love a great backstory; is it just me, or has the Jeff Hardy/Undertaker feud just drug on and on? I mean, nothing “new” has been added to the storyline. It seems like it’s getting rather stale. It’s been sold through match stipulations and aside from it just being catered to the Undertaker, the matches haven’t “sold” anything. Hardy keeps losing and keeps coming back for more. The Undertaker has nothing at stake for his match. You call this the final battle, but if Undertaker loses, he’s still like three gimmick matches in a row over Jeff. One fluke win and the Undertaker is out of options?

                                • Before I even looked, I knew that Paul London was going to be the opponent. I know why you did it, but give it to Kendrick to come up with an all-star opponent for Matt that he also has a personal grudge with. If Matt were a smart man, he would have went with Shawn Michaels. I mean, he trained him, right? What better man to beat him. I don’t blame you for having Kendrick go over here. London doesn’t mean much to me on any level. Other than my hatred for him for being a druggie.

                                • I think you’ve done a well enough job building up Kennedy against dX. I’m actually very intrigued to find out who his partner is. That is quite something that I wouldn’t mind paying money to see in real life. That’s when I know something is good in Fan Fic’, when I read it and say to myself, hey I’d love to see that in real life. Would I pay $50 to see that on pay-per-view? You betcha.

                                • The Beth Phoenix/Alicia Fox match just seemed like a throwaway match. At first glance (and that’s all I have to go off of), it has no importance toward any storylines or anything for the pay-per-view. I would have opted out of this one, for some sort of MVP/Ziggler interaction. I mean, I know they are in the main event, but they could have taken this spot and left a six man tag main event and you wouldn’t have a Diva’s filler match this late in the show.

                                • I can’t put my finger on it, and I don’t have any pointers to make it better, but for whatever reason, I just didn’t feel Shawn Michaels’ part of the dX interaction. It just didn’t feel like Shawn. I really have no idea who Kennedy’s partner is, but it better be good. The end of that match was really fun. I did feel a bit unsatisfied with it all, but hey, I have the pay-per-view to look forward to and these feuds all coming to a head. That’s what matters. You’ve given us just enough to keep us warm with the feuds but not burn us.

                                • PB, what can I say that you already don’t know? You’ve got this down to a science. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading, and God-willing, I’ll keep reviewing. You’re one of my favorite writers on the scene right now and I normally can’t wait to unwind and read some of your amazing work. Good job.

                                MY PREDICTIONS
                                World Heavyweight Championship

                                Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton

                                Casket Match
                                The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

                                DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Mr. Kennedy & ???
                                FYI, I have absolutely no clue who the partner is, but they will win.

                                Hardcore Match
                                Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy

                                MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

                                Intercontinental Championship
                                Jack Swagger (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

                                Team LayCool
                                vs. The Bellas
                                Follower of Christ.