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FF NXT by Alyon

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    Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    íWild and Youngí plays and the crowd cheers until the School Bell rings and Matt Striker comes down to the ring.

    Striker: Hello everyone and welcome to NXT!!!

    Punk: Do we have to start it off like this every single week?

    Striker gets into the ring with that same fabricated grin he brings to the table every week.

    Striker: Now Iíve been working on the rules for the first ever NXT Culture Cup all week, but I have to tell you some huge news!

    Matthews: What do you think it could be?

    Punk: Matt Striker is coming out...

    Matthews: Of retirement?

    Punk: Oh...Shi- Yeah, sure, Matt Striker is coming out of retirement.

    Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to my attention that two weeks ago, the Halloween Havoc episode of NXT, apparently there were some very important people watching!

    Punk: Matt, your mom and sister watch the show every week.

    Striker: Ha, as it turns out, SyFy executives were watching the show on NXT.WWE.COM and they want to put it back on their regular line up!

    Matthews: Whoa partner, did you hear that? Weíre going back on TV!

    Punk: Iím going to have to be careful what I say now.

    Striker: Thatís right, weíre going back on television and for this special night, I decided what better way to come back to television, to come home to SyFy than to have next week, live and only on SyFy...NXT HOMECOMING!!!

    Punk: WOW! Only Matt Striker could ruin this thing! Seriously!

    Matthews: How did he ruin it?

    Punk: You just wait.

    Striker: And being a former high school teacher, I know that the most important part of Homecoming is the dance, so next week, our immunity competition will be a Dance Competition!

    Punk: Next week, one week only, NXT returns to SyFy...

    Striker: But thatís not all!

    Punk: Of course not.

    Striker: Now weíre no experts on dancing, so I made a few calls and next week, weíre going to have a special panel of judges in the house!

    Punk: Come on Matt, youíve got to be kidding me?

    Striker: So now that I have that huge announcement out of the way letís-

    Strikerís microphone is cut off as a video begins to play on the screen.

    PI: My name is Rey Mysterio, JR. and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

    Shows PI in action against WP in FFCW.

    PI: My name is PI and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

    Shows PI going for the 6-1-9 and missing it in the ring.

    PI: My name is Rey Mysterio, Iím from New York, New York and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

    Shows PI and his pro, Rey Mysterio coming down to the ring.

    Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, when we come back, the NXT Culture Cup begins!
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      Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

      Matthews: Weíre back folks and we just want to apologize for anything you may have heard before the break.

      Punk: And Iíd like to apologize to the world for everything Josh Matthews has ever said.

      All of the rookies are now lined up at the top of stage as Matt Striker gets back into the ring. Then ĎI Am Perfectioní plays and Dolph Ziggler comes through the curtain with a microphone.

      Ziggler: Attention fans of NXT. Last week I effectively quit being WMSí pro in order to regain the strength of my relationship with my girlfriend Official Smackdown Consultant, Vickie Guererro. However, I was informed by WWE Management that I did not have the contractual right to do that and therefore I must continue being his pro despite the fact that I hope he loses.

      Striker: Well, with that being said letís-

      íWarriorís Wayí plays and Kaval walks on stage to a huge reaction from the crowd.

      Kaval: Dolph, are you really going to say something like that to your rookie? Is that really how you feel about this competition? If you were really, truly a competitor, you would support your rookie despite the fact that you so-called cougar girlfriend is trying to step in the way of his success because sheís nothing but a leech and wants to take all of your success for herself.

      Ziggler gets right into Kavalís face.

      Ziggler: Thatís awful brave of you to talk about my girlfriend like that.

      Kaval steps away.

      Kaval: Iím not telling you anything you donít already know Dolph, Iím not. I just donít want to see this kid screwed out of opportunity because of your ignorance.

      Ziggler: Well, you seem to think youíre better than me, a better champion, a better Pro, PROOVE IT!

      Striker: Gentlemen, Gentlemen, settle down!

      Before Striker can continue, ĎMacMilitantí plays and Teddy Long appears on stage.

      Long: Listen Matt, I think weíve got quite the dilemma here...

      Striker: Yes! We do! I canít start the first round of the NXT Culture Cup because I keep getting interrupted!

      Long: Actually, I was talking about the situation between Kaval and Dolph Ziggler! So this is what I had in mind! Iím gonna give yíall a chance to witness a WWE Intercontinental Championship Match TONIGHT! Right here on NXT!

      The crowd pops and Matt Striker looks annoyed.

      Matthews: Kaval versus Ziggler tonight, could it get any bigger than that?

      Long: Now this sounds like a great opportunity for you rookies to witness a great match, but Iím going to take it a step further playas! WMS, Iím going to give you a vested interest in this! At the end of the match, whoever is Intercontinental Champion is also going to be your pro!

      Ziggler takes the microphone from Long.

      Ziggler: This isnít fair Teddy, you know heís going to try to interfere and screw me over!

      Long: He canít interfere Dolph.

      Ziggler: Good.

      Long: Heís going to be the special guest referee!

      Striker: Ok. Later tonight that match will take place-

      Long: Oh no playa, that match is going to take place right now!

      WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
      Special Referee: WMS
      Kaval versus Dolph Ziggler ©
      Dolph Ziggler took an initial cheap shot to start the match in his favor. He controlled Kaval early on and was constantly trying to lecture WMS about what he was doing in the process. WMS watches carefully and isnít afraid to threaten Ziggler with a five count when Kaval gets to the ropes whilst in the middle of a gruesome submission. Ziggler got angry at WMS when he did this, but he reminded his current pro that he was a WWE Official at the moment while he was serving as the guest referee. Kaval then got some shots back and started to make a very impressive comeback which left Dolph seemingly desperate. He went to the floor and threw Matt Striker out of his ringside chair and then told WMS he better not disqualify him. However Striker gets up from the floor and yanks the chair away from Ziggler. The two begin in a conflict in which Ziggler takes a chair shot to the head himself allowing Kaval to win by count out.
      Winner, by countout, Kaval. Still WMSís Pro and still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler

      Matthews: Zigglerís need to cheat worked against him!

      Punk: It happens so often, but I bet if Dolph did it more often, it wouldnít work against him so much.

      Matthews: Huh?

      Punk: Come on, donít play dumb Josh, if your girlfriend was Vickie Guerrero, youíre telling me you wouldnít be inclined to cheat?

      Matthews: Anyways, Teddy Long said the Intercontinental Champion would be WMSí pro and thatís still Dolph Ziggler, so letís send it to the ring where Matt Striker is about to announce the first round of the NXT Culture Cup.

      Striker is standing in the ring.

      Striker: Gentlemen, The NXT Culture Cup will now begin! It will consist of three rounds. Four men will make it to the second round and two men will make it to the third round. If all of the NXT Rookies would please step onto the stage, we will begin the first round.

      íWild and Youngí plays and all eight NXT Rookies come onto the stage.

      Striker: Now the first round of the NXT Culture Cup will be the Footie Challenge! I set up a ĎFootie Netí and weíre going to have each Rookie take a penalty shot at the goal. If you make the goal you will remain in line. If you miss the goal, youíll be eliminated. Weíll keep going until there are only four men still in line. Those four will qualify to the next round of the Culture Cup! Any questions gentlemen?

      jTj goes for a microphone.

      jTj: What in the world is ĎFootieí?

      Striker: All right then, if there are no questions say hello to your goalie!

      Matthews: Did he just totally no-sell that question?

      Punk: Seriously Josh? Did you just ask that question in that way?

      Matthews: What? It was a legitimate question!

      Punk: Itís still real to me damn it.

      The Rookies all watch the stage trying to wait and see who the guest goalie is going to be, but no one comes out.

      Striker: Your guest goalie should be down here any second.

      Sheamus gets up from his seat.

      Sheamus: Why donít we just start with one of the matches?

      Matthews: WHOA!

      Punk: Whoa indeed Josh, Sheamus just made a suggestion that could revolutionize NXT!

      Striker holds onto his ear piece and clearly looks annoyed in the ring.

      Striker: Well, apparently weíre going to take a break.
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        Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

        jTj: My name is jTj, Iím from Nashville Tennessee, and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

        Shows jTj coming down to the ring and acknowledging all of the fans in a very respectful way.

        jTj: I came from a very structured family, a military family, we followed orders growing up.

        Shows jTj in the ring in FFCW taking on WP and Zap in a tag team match.

        jTj: My father gave me his blessing to become a wrestler on the condition that I gave some time to my country first.

        Shows jTj saluting the crowd before he lifts his opponent up for the PatriotPlex.

        jTj: My style is effective. Thereís no time for showboating or playing around. I hit hard, I hit fast, and I get the job done.

        Shows jTj standing amongst all of the other rookies.

        jTj: I stand out because of my discipline. I was taught to always do what was right, donít question authority, but remember that the real authority isnít here in Earth, at the end of the day we still say out prayers and we still have to answer to the big man upstairs.

        Shows a close up shot of jTj

        jTj: My name is jTj and I will be the WWEís Next Break Out Star.
        Matthews: A very enticing look at jTj, should be interested to see how far he goes in this competition.

        Punk: Striker looks like heís going to wet himself.

        Sheamus: Striker, carry on already, we donít have time for this bologna!

        Striker: Heíll be here!

        Suddenly ĎSomebodyís Gonna Get Their Ass Kickedí plays and Mark Henry comes down to a big reaction from the crowd.

        Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, your goalie for the Footie Challenge, The Worldís Strongest Man, Mark Henry!

        Henry goes down to the ring instead of to the goal.

        Striker: Mark, please go to the goal, we still have two more challenges we need to get to.

        Henry: Sorry Matt, I fell asleep backstage, but WWE Management sent me a note on the way down, that we have to have a match now.

        Striker scoffs and exits the ring.

        Team U.S.A. [jTj and PI] versus Team Europe [WMS, WP, and Holzhammer]
        This match started out pretty interesting as PI and WMS both show off their high octane action in the ring. WMS then gets PI into his corner and WP tags himself in before taking a few cheap shots at PI. He then informs his two partners that heís got it from here as he goes for the near fall and PI gets the kick out. Holzhammer tags himself in and devastates PI with a severe beat down as Sheamus watches from the ramp with a smile. jTj is calling for the tag and the crowd is really rooting for PI to get the tag. Holzhammer takes him down with a chokeslam before going to the corner to wind up for the Sole Hammer when WP takes a blind tag again. The two men argue in the corner and PI makes the tag. Holzhammer hits WP with Sole Hammer and WMS pulls him away as jTj comes in and hits the PatriotPlex as the referee calls for the bell.
        Winners by Disqualification, Team Europe [WMS, WP, and Holzhammer]

        Matthews: Wow, quite surprising, Team Europe wins by DQ when Holzhammer attacks his own partner.

        Punk: That smelled a little fishy.

        MVP walks on stage and joins the other pros as Matt Striker pushes his way back into the ring.

        Striker: OK OK! Iíve decided that for timeís sake, everyone advances to the second round because I really worked hard on this one! Itís the Kangaroo Race! I spent a lot of time and money hunting down these special kangaroo shoes which the rookies will wear as they race around the ring. Early today me and some of the crew members tested out the shoes, hereís some footage to show you!

        Striker: Stop! Stop! Thatís not the right video!

        Matthews: It took the guys in the truck a minute and a half to figure out that was the wrong video?

        Punk: Actually, I think Matt needed to watch that video. Have you ever seen his mucus membrane?

        Matthews: No, actually, I havenít.

        Punk: Itís because he doesnít trim those nose hairs!

        Striker looks annoyed.

        Striker: Can we just bring down the kangaroo shoes!

        Some crew members bring down a giant crate and Matt comes over to help pull off the lid. They struggle at first before Hornswoggle pops out of the crate.

        Striker: What are you doing in there? Where are my kangaroo shoes?


        Striker: Iím sorry what?

        Hornswoggle: Maahhhh MATCH MATCH!! MahhhOcirehhhhhhWMVPhhhhhhPBhhhhhh Mahhhhhhh

        Striker: Match? Youíre saying we have to have a match now?

        On this cue jTj, PI, Zap, Run In, and Heavy Mike start making their way down to the ring.

        Striker: Where are you going? Since when do we take orders from a leprechaun?

        Hornswoggle bites Matt.


        Matthews: Did you hear that? Did you Punk? He said Josh! I heard him!

        Punk: Just because he said Josh, which Iím not even sure I heard, doesnít mean he was talking about you.

        Matthews: What other Josh is there?

        Punk: The dude who writes ĎWorld Wrestling Entertainment: The Josh Diaries...í

        Matthews: Are we really breaking kayfabe this much?

        Punk: Only as much as they notice, itíll be cool for a few shows, then weíll stop it for awhile, bring it back around the last episode and itíll be like a vintage Alyon trade mark.

        Matthews: Seriously Punk?

        Punk: What? Who? I donít know why I said that.

        Team U.S.A. [PI and jTj] versus Team Australia [Zap, Run In, and Heavy Mike]
        This match started off with jTj and Zap who were pretty evenly matches with jTj obviously trying to pick up some form of revenge of sorts for the win Zap got off him a few weeks ago. Run In gets into the match when Zap desperately needs a tag and really impresses the WWE Universe with his submission skills, but then Sheamus comes down to the ring and tells Heavy Mike to get into the match. He demands Run In to break the hold which he does out of fear and naivety, but when Heavy Mike refuses the tag jTj goes to the corner to regroup and PI tags himself in. Sheamus now really wants Mike to get into the match. Run In tries to tag Mike in, but he refuses and steps off the apron. He clearly doesnít want to give into Sheamus, but then PI gets the surprise roll-up on Run In for the victory.
        Winners, Team U.S.A. [jTj and PI]

        Striker: All right, all right! Everyone in the ring, itís time for the finals of the NXT Culture Cup. We skipped the European portion and the Australian portion, but this is the American portion! Weíre going to have a good old fashioned pie eating contest! Now I only bought two pies because it was supposed to be down to two by now, but weíre going to split them each into four pieces.

        Punk: OK, this has got to be a rib. Heís not really here.

        Simon Dean then comes through the curtain and goes into the ring with Striker.

        Matthews: OH YES HE IS!

        Punk: Settle down Josh. And whatever you do, donít go in the ring. I donít think this crowd could handle that much annoying all in one ring, Simon Dean and Matt Striker are bad enough.

        Simon Dean: Hello Matt. I just happened to be in the neighborhood tonight and I hear that youíre defining America by apple pie, but if you look around the audience and even just look around the ring, the last thing these people need is apple pie! No, what they need is my Simon System!

        Striker: Shut up! Shut up Simon Dean! Iím sick of this! I spent all of this time and all of this money on these great challenges and for what! Iím sick of it! Iím sick of the lack of respect and Iím sick of the ridicule! No one is going to go on the International Tour! There is no Culture Cup winner! AND I QUIT!

        Punk: Hallelujah!

        Matthews: Remember everyone, next week is an elimination! Please log onto to rank the rookies along with the WWE Pros so we find out who will be the first one eliminated!

        © World Wrestling Entertainment
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          Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

          NXT Newsfeed

          Originally posted by Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawler
          Hey everyone! Tune into SyFy this week for the debut of a brand new show, NXT! Iím going to be hosting it this week and my son Grandmaster Sexay along with his buddies Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty are going to be there for a special dance competition!
          Originally posted by Chris Jericho
          So, Fozzyís World Tour happens to cross with WWEís tour, which means yours truly will be stopping by for ĎNXT Homecomingí despite that being the stupidest name for a return to Television ever, for a special main event, a rematch of the main event of the first episode of NXT, myself versus United States Champion, Daniel Bryan.
          Originally posted by Josh Matthews
          Since King apparently thinks NXT is a brand new show, Iím not sure heís watched it before, and Matt quit. Iíll go ahead and remind everyone to do their Rookie Rankings for this weekís elimination.
          Donít forget to vote! Someoneís future in NXT hangs in the balance!
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            Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

            AM, this continues to be fucking brilliant. It's a shame you don't get the love you deserve in the form of posted reviews, but this shit is amazing. It's so fun. Easily the best way to kill time on PW. I'm digging it so much.
            : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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              Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

              PI, I honestly wouldn't care if I got comments/reviews or not if I could get some more Rookie Rankings sent to me, that really does show me which characters you guys are liking and it helps actually affect the show because like this week, you guys are helping decide who gets eliminated. As of right now I only have my and Wisey's poll effecting the elimination (And I need more because it's a tie )
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                Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                íWild and Youngí plays as the pyro goes off and the show opens on Josh Matthews and CM Punk.

                Matthews: Hello everyone and welcome to the Homecoming edition of NXT! Weíre back on SyFy and have our first elimination tonight!

                Punk: We also have an oblivious host! And a crappy play by play commentator! Oh wait, we were talking about new things.

                Matthews: Hey, that was a pretty good one Punk...Not.

                Punk: MMMM Todd Pettingail just died a little more inside.

                Matthews: Wow Punk, itís been what, two, three weeks since youíve used that one?

                Punk: Iím sorry weíre supposed to expect our audience remember more than a week back now? Do you think someone could give me these memoís?

                The lights then go out except for a spotlight on the stage where Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawler is standing.

                Lawler: All right! Hello everyone and welcome to NXT! Weíre going to start off with the NXT Homecoming Dance competition where the winner gets immunity, but first a performance by our judges, Too Cool!

                The music plays and the lights go up on Too Cool. I donít know any dance terminology really. They do some cool moves and the crowd loves it. Big pop.

                Lawler: OK, now we know that our rookies canít be expected to dance on their own, so we asked their WWE Pros to find them a dance partner! So letís bring out the first pro, Sheamus!

                Sheamus and Heavy Mike walk onto stage and Sheamus takes the microphone from King.

                Sheamus: Listen fella, I didnít get ya a partner for this dance competition, because I donít think ya deserve immunity! I think if ya wanna stay Ďere you gotta earn it and that if you do get eliminated I can giva ya the bootiní youíll get for wastiní me time on this show with a failure!

                Lawler: Well Mike, I guess youíre going to have to dance by yourself.

                Punk: Go up there and dance with the big guy Josh.

                Lawler: Iím sorry Mike, actually Iíve been informed that youíve been disqualified, sorry Mike. The next pro is Rey Mysterio!

                Mysterio appears on the titantron instead of coming out as PI walks on stage.

                Mysterio: Hey, sorry buddy, I wish I could be there for you PI, but I got you a great dance partner amigo. Say hello to Melina!

                Melina walks on stage as she and PI dance a little bit with some salsa moves which wow the WWE Universe!

                Lawler: All right, great job very impressive you two! The next Pro, Daniel Bryan!

                Daniel Bryan and Run In walk on stage.

                Bryan: All right, well King, you may not know this, and the WWE Universe might not know this, but when people get eliminated from NXT....They donít actually get fired, that is why I went to a place weíre not supposed to talk about called FCW and got Run Inís dance partner for tonight, A.J.!

                A.J. comes on stage and begins to dance with Run In, but itís pretty much the most awkward thing ever as neither of them know how to dance.

                Lawler: OK...Timeís up, that was...Interesting. Next up...Michael Cole?

                Punk: Kingís better than Matt Striker already.

                Michael Cole and jTj walk onto the stage and Cole takes the microphone from King.

                Cole: Thanks King, listen jTj, even though I can tell by looking at you that you canít dance, I went out and got you the hottest diva in the WWE Universe to dance with. Give it up for Vickie Guerrero!

                Punk: Seriously! Why do they keep bringing her on this show?

                Vickie Guerrero comes out and jTj goes over to King and takes the microphone.

                jTj: Thanks but no thanks, Iíll take my chances at staying without immunity.

                Lawler: I donít blame you, the next pro, Kofi Kingston!

                Kingston: OK Zap, I got you a diva who has some experience in dancing with the man she manages, R-Truth! Itís Eve!

                Eve comes out and she and Zap dance a bit, but itís a little awkward.

                Lawler: OK, next up, Zack Ryder!

                Ryder and Holzhammer come out.

                Ryder: Youíre gonna love me bro! I didnít just get you one dance partner, I got you two! The Bella Twins!

                Matthews: Holzhammer really looks like he cares.

                Punk: No he doesnít.

                Matthews: I was being facetious.

                Punk: You shouldnít do that Josh, there could be blind people watching the show.

                The Bella Twins come out and Holzhammer just walks right off stage.

                Lawler: Well that one didnít work too well, MVP, who do you have?

                MVP: Oh King, I found a great dance partner for my rookie, WP. Ladies and Gentlemen, BIG DICK JOHNSON!

                Punk: How is that PG?

                Big Dick Johnson comes out and WP slaps him right in the face and then walks off stage.

                Lawler: This really isnít much of a competition. Dolph Ziggler, what have you got for us?

                Ziggler: Since Michael Cole recruited my girlfriend, I asked her former rookie diva, Kaitlyn to be his partner.

                The music starts, but then A.J. walks back on stage.

                A.J.: Sorry to interrupt, but, hey Kaitlyn, howís it going love?

                Kaitlyn: Good, how are you?

                A.J.: Good, hey, do you mind if I dance with you guys?

                Lawler: TWO DANCE PARTNERS! Youíre the luckiest guy in the world!

                WMS: Only one problem...I canít dance.

                Lawler: Well...I guess if you forfeit-

                Grandmaster Sexay: Hold up Dad. Hold up. You say you canít dance? Not even with two beautiful girls at your side? Well, we canít let this dance competition end like this. Weíve got just the thing for you buddy.

                Sexay puts the magic sunglasses on WMS and suddenly he starts dancing like crazy with Kaitlyn and A.J. and the crowd loves it. Sexay, Scotty, and Rikishi huddle up in the ring.

                Scotty: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, with immunity, WMS!

                Matthews: Whoa! That came out of left field!

                Punk: You mean, usually people who actually have a chance at being eliminated donít win immunity?

                Matthews: Well, anybody could be eliminated tonight Punk.

                The lights go down one more time as ĎYou Look Fly Todayí starts to play and Too Cool starts to dance in the ring once again until ĎWe Are Oneí plays and The Nexus comes through the curtain to a chorus of boos.

                Matthews: The Nexus has arrived, but what is going to happen? We have to go to a commercial break!

                Punk: That was the best part of being on dot com, we could go to commercial whenever we wanted.
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                  Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                  We come back from commercial and The Nexus has surrounded the ring. Wade Barrett comes onto the apron with a microphone in hand.

                  Barrett: This was supposed to be the great NXT Homecoming, a stupid dance party, a bunch of washed up never weres dancing in the middle of the ring while the rookies, the so-called rookies who have just been humiliated by that stupid competition in order to try to achieve their lifelong dreams are forced to stand at the sidelines and watch you overweight out of shape buffoons steal their spotlight? This is pathetic.

                  This is what we have been fighting against for months. This is the very thing weíve been trying to stop for months. This is the reason The Nexus was formed. We formed to stop this crap. We formed to fight this and if all of you want to stand around and let this garbage thrive, well, itís like we say, youíre either Nexus or youíre against us.

                  Nexus storms into the ring and attacks all three members of Too Cool when ĎBig Bang (Instrumental)í hits and Jimmy and Jey Uso come running down to the ring to make bail for their dad and his friends. This causes a big brawl until ĎMacMilitantí plays and Teddy Long comes on stage.

                  Long: Now hold on playas! This night is supposed to be about NXT, but I tell ya what! This Sunday is the Survivor Series! As it turns out Iím here to make two big announcements! The first announcement being that next week, weíre gonna be having an NXT Survivor Series! There are going to be three special 5 on 5 matches and those matches will be determined tonight! One of them is being determined right now, itís going to be Too Cool and The Usos versus David Otunga, Husky Harris, Michael McGullicuddy, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel of The Nexus! Also, if Too Cool and The Usos win that match, not only do all three members of Too Cool get their jobs back, The Usos will get a WWE Tag Team Championship shot in the near future!

                  Now there are going to be two other five on five matches during that preshow and those matches will be determined after the show tonight, because the winners of tonightís two tag team matches are going to be the team captains for those other two matches! And next week, those matches will not just feature rookies! Starting next week, the pros will be getting in the ring!

                  Matthews: Wow! The pros will be in sanctioned matches on NXT starting next week! How exciting is that!

                  Punk: Whatís up with Teddy Long just coming out here and making matches? This isnít Smackdown.

                  Matthews: I guess itís easier than waiting for an e-mail?

                  Punk: Fair enough.

                  Matthews: All right, with elimination looming weíre going to have video looks at a few of the rookies tonight along with some pro analysis. The first rookie privy to that is going to be Heavy Mike!

                  Heavy Mike

                  Shows Sheamus introducing Heavy Mike on the first episode of NXT.

                  Daniel Bryan: From the first time we saw him, we knew Heavy Mike was different.

                  Shows Mike wrestling PI.

                  Dolph Ziggler: Heís not exactly the kind of rookie who goes around picking fights.

                  Kofi Kingston: Heís got a different kind of spirit about the business.

                  Shows Mike dressed as Triple H on Halloween.

                  Michael Cole: I think heís got a certain bit of spunk...Iím not sure thatís a good thing.

                  Daniel Bryan: For as big of a guy as he is, heís not very intimidating in the ring.

                  Shows Mike saving PI from Sheamus.

                  Kofi Kingston: Sometimes it seems like he wants to play the hero, but heís not very threatening.

                  Michael Cole: Iím pretty sure I could beat him in a fight.

                  Daniel Bryan: I donít think Michael Cole would last ten seconds against him, if he got angry.

                  Shows Mike walking out of the tag team match.

                  Dolph Ziggler: If he wants to win this thing, he needs to find his mean streak. Playing the nice guy forever isnít going to work.
                  Matthews: It doesnít seem the pros think too highly of Heavy Mike.

                  Punk: The guy runs around in a tie dye t-shirt and a singlet. I donít know, he just doesnít impress me yet, but that doesnít mean he couldnít turn it around.

                  Matthews: Well now itís time for action, all of the rookies are going to be involved in tag team matches this week and the winners of those tag team matches will be captains for Survivor Series teams next week where they can round up whatever team members they can. Rookies or pros.

                  íThunderstruckí plays and Zap comes out first for tag team action to a big reaction from the crowd. Kofi Kingston comes down behind him and the rookie and pro talk strategy.

                  Matthews: The ever-electric Zap looks ready tonight!

                  íAnimal I Have Becomeí plays and the crowd pops for Heavy Mike who comes down high fiving the crowd despite nonstop dirty looks from his pro, Sheamus.

                  Punk: You can tell Sheamus just wants to boot him in the head.

                  íRiders on the Stormí plays and WMS comes to the ring, and eventually Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero come down behind him.

                  Matthews: Look Punk, itís your friend Vickie again.

                  íRidin Soloí by Jason DeRulo plays and WP comes down to a plethora of boos with MVP coming down behind him.

                  WP [with MVP] & WMS [with Dolph Ziggler] versus Heavy Mike [with Sheamus] & Zap [with Kofi Kingston]
                  The match starts out with WMS and Zap showing the world how quickly they can move in the ring. Vickie is yelling at WMS, but he seems able to tune her out as Dolph tries to tell her to stop. Zap gets caught in the wrong corner as WP tags himself in and the man of many partners takes a few shots at one of his many exes. Zap desperately needs the tag and Heavy Mike calls for the tag and tries to get the crowd behind Zap. Sheamus then yells at Kofi to tell his rookie to get over there and when Kingston shrugs him off Sheamus attacks Kofi. Mike jumps off the apron and tells him to stop. MVP grabs a chair and then runs around the corner of the ring to make the save, but he misses Sheamus and hits Heavy Mike right in the head with the chair. Zap was almost to the corner when WP catches him for the Solo Sault and gets the victory!
                  Winners WMS [with Dolph Ziggler] & WP [with MVP]

                  Matthews: WP wins it again! Talk about controversial though!

                  Punk: Mike took a hard one to the head and MVP attacked a rookie, that could result in him being released from the WWE!

                  Matthews: Well we need to cut to a video, this one is on PI.


                  Shows PI dressed up as Rey Mysterio on the first night of NXT.

                  Sheamus: PI is by far the strangest rookie.

                  Shows PI imitating Rey Mysterio.

                  MVP: PI is...unique.

                  Zack Ryder: Bro, I donít even know what this guy is thinking!

                  Shows him hitting Flyiní PI.

                  Michael Cole: PI is a great high flier.

                  Sheamus: Heís certainly unpredictable.

                  Shows PI missing the 6-1-9.

                  Zack Ryder: Whyís he trying to be just like his pro? My rookie doesnít do that, but then again, heís not quite zacked.

                  Sheamus: Maybe itís that he keeps dressing up as Rey Mysterio, but I really want to hurt him.

                  MVP: Personally? I think the kid has potential.
                  The scene now cuts to backstage where Heavy Mike is in the trainerís office. MVP barges in.

                  MVP: Mike, Mike are you all right man?

                  Trainer: Montel, you need to get out of here.

                  MVP: It was an accident man!

                  Trainer: MVP, I said get out!

                  MVP exits the office and Teddy Long is standing right outside the door.

                  MVP: Teddy! Please donít fire me. I didnít mean to hit him!

                  Long: Listen playa, The Raw GM said any pro that laid a hand on a rookie would be fired from the WWE.

                  MVP: TEDDY!

                  Long: Now calm down playa!

                  Suddenly clapping can be heard. WP walks into the shot.

                  WP: Are you gonna beg MVP? Are you going to beg to keep your job? I donít even know why I ask the question. Youíve obviously had to beg before to keep your job. I just hope that when you get released, I get a new pro who actually can teach me something. Maybe Mr. McMahon himself. But Iíll arrange that with the people I need to arrange it with, you just continue begging.

                  MVP: Let me tell you something you little punk, the only nice thing about getting fired would be to get my hands on your scrawny ass finally.

                  WP: Nothing except the police. Go ahead, hit me.

                  Long: Now hold it right there MVP! Donít you lay a finger on him!

                  WP: Oh itís ok Teddy, heís more than comfortable behind bars, heís been there before!

                  Long: Well, heís not going to get arrested, because heís not fired!

                  WP: What!

                  Long: I saw the whole thing, I know it was an accident. Besides MVP is on Smackdown, thatís my jurisdiction not the Anonymous Raw General Managerís, so I say he stays!

                  MVP gets in WPís face.

                  MVP: Youíre lucky.

                  WP: No, Iím not, I wanted a new pro.

                  MVP: Oh trust me, when I give you whatís coming to you...Well, letís just say you canít finish NXT in a wheel chair.

                  Matthews: Big words from MVP, weíll be right back!
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                    Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                    We come back from commercial and ĎWarriorí by Kid Rock is already playing as jTj is in the ring. Michael Cole jumps onto the apron.

                    Cole: Hold on jTj. Before we start this next match, I did something for you. It was really nice of me and I hope you donít expect these kinds of things if you remain on NXT, so since tonight is NXT Homecoming, I actually have to agree with Wade Barrett, it just wouldnít feel right without some of the staples of NXT. Thatís why I invited a staple of NXT to come in and be your Guest Pro tonight!

                    Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vince Lombardi of NXT! The Lou Piniella of NXT! THE MIZ! And Alex Riley!

                    The Miz and Alex Riley come through the curtain and the crowd boos.

                    Miz: So for weeks Iíve been thanking my lucky stars that I havenít been stuck with the burden that my good friend, Michael Cole, has been stuck with, and thatís having you as a rookie. Listen, I respect that you fought for our country, thatís great, but to walk around like youíre better than Michael Cole and better than everyone else here, itís just ridiculous! Everything you say, for the most part, is ridiculous. Youíre just a little old Southern boy who used to watch rassliní. You grew up watching a bunch of hicks like Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk, well let me tell you something boooooooy, this here is the future! Mr. Money in the Bank? Alex Riley? Weíre the future of this business! So you better come back from the past, get off your high horse and pay attention to what Michael Cole tells you, because he is the only one, the only who believed in us. Heís the only one who saw us for the stars we were, so if he tells you to do things his way, you do it. If he tells you to change your ways, you do it. If you want to make it in a post 1975 sports entertainment industry, you better listen to a man who knows what heís talking about. Iím telling you to listen carefully, BECAUSE I AM THE MIZ......AND IíM..............AWE-SOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

                    Punk: Terry Funk could still kick his ass, with his eyes closed.

                    Matthews: Well Michael Cole supposedly did jTj a favor and oh no.

                    Punk: What...Oh no.

                    Cole: Whatís up guys?

                    Punk: Hey Michael, so great of you to join us!

                    Cole: Well Miz is stepping in for me tonight, so I thought, why not?

                    Matthews: Why....not?

                    íWorking Maní by Rush plays as Run In comes down to the ring without his pro, Daniel Bryan.

                    Matthews: Run In is going to go it alone without Daniel Bryan who is getting ready for his big match against Chris Jericho in the main event tonight!

                    Cole: Just like Daniel Bryan, to leave his rookie hanging.

                    íSink to the Beatí plays and PI comes down to the ring, this time with Evan Bourne at his side.

                    Punk: I thought Evan Bourne was still injured.

                    Matthews: He is, but he happened to be in town tonight so heís going to be giving PI some tips while Rey Mysterio is still on bed rest.

                    íCarmina Buranaí plays and Holzhammer comes through the curtain to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Zack Ryder cautiously follows.

                    Cole: Anyone who cheers for this guy must be insane. Heís a freak.

                    Matthew: Whoís your pick to win NXT this season Michael?

                    Cole: Alex Riley.

                    jTj [with The Miz and Alex Riley] & Run In versus PI [with Evan Bourne] & Holzhammer [with Zack Ryder]
                    The match starts out with Holzhammer and Run In which doesnít fare very well for Run In who falls victim to the power of Holzhammer pretty early. The tallest man in NXT throws Run In around like a rag doll which causes jTj to beg for the tag. However when Holzhammer works Run In into the corner, PI tags himself in and starts to exchange with Run In some who then gets a big kick on PI and makes it to the corner for a much needed tag. jTj comes in and stares down the man who was his partner just one week ago. He waits for PI to get up, much to the dismay of The Miz and Alex Riley. The two men then have an intense, but respectful exchange which really excites the crowd. PI gets a big hurricanrana on jTj and thatís when Run In calls to be tagged back into the match. jTj starts there, but PI dropkicks him into the ropes and when he goes for the 6-1-9, The Miz smashes him in the knee with the Money in the Bank briefcase while Alex Riley is distracting the referee. Miz throws PI back in and Run In gets a blind tag. jTj immediately goes after The Miz, but the referee ejects both Miz and Riley while Run In takes a cheap shot at Holzhammer before grabbing PI and applying the Dragon Sleeper! The referee gets into position to check the hold and PI taps out!
                    Winners, Run In and jTj

                    Cole: Talk about total disrespect from the referee!

                    Punk: Josh, you ever notice that matches rarely ever end without interference on this show?

                    Matthews: Either way, itís time to take a special look at NXT Rookie, Zap.


                    Shows Kofi Kingston introducing Zap.

                    Dolph Ziggler: Zap is a guy who immediately caught my attention in the ring.

                    Shows Zap in action against WP.

                    MVP: Zap is an amazing competitor in the ring, heís very talented.

                    Michael Cole: The way Zap handles himself in the ring, is just as good, if not better, than any other NXT rookie.

                    Shows Zap dressed as Flash for Halloween.

                    Daniel Bryan: For every good thing I can say about Zap in the ring, I can come up with two or three things he needs to work on outside the ring.

                    Sheamus: The fella just doesnít have the whole package yet.

                    Shows Zap in Rock Em Sock Em Rookies.

                    MVP: To say he hasnít really impressed me yet or shown me that ĎItí Factor out of the ring, would be very fair.

                    Dolph Ziggler: Zap is just missing something personality wise.
                    The scene now cuts to Jerry Lawler inside the ring.

                    Lawler: Well, Iím still here and before the main event, I want to bring out all of the rookies for the first elimination!

                    Punk: King wants to get out of here before the traffic shows up.

                    The rookies all come down to the ring as the pros are gathered at the stage.

                    Lawler: Now, in this business, we have a saying that you go out on your back. So all of you come into the ring and lay down. When I call off your name, you may stand up.

                    Matthews: This is actually pretty intense.

                    All of the rookies are laying down as the NXT Poll Graphic comes up.

                    #1- jTj
                    Lawler: jTj, go ahead and stand up.

                    Punk: I would just like to remind everyone, that is no reflection of Michael Cole.

                    #2- PI
                    Lawler: PI, you may stand up.

                    jTj helps PI up and the two men shake hands.

                    Matthews: The two friends are both advancing in the competition.

                    #3- WP
                    Lawler: WP, you may stand up.

                    Punk: The only undefeated rookie and heís number three, thatís pretty messed up.

                    #4- Heavy Mike
                    Lawler: Heavy Mike, please stand up!

                    Matthews: Sheamus will probably be surprised by that high ranking.

                    #5- Holzhammer
                    Lawler: Holzhammer, you may stand up.

                    Punk: Correct me if Iím wrong, but thatís the biggest drop in the competition, isnít it?

                    #6- WMS
                    Lawler: You couldnít have been eliminated tonight anyways, but WMS, stand up.

                    Matthews: The moment of truth has arrived.


                    Matthews: Oh no!

                    Lawler: Run In, go ahead and stand up. Zap, Iím sorry, youíve been eliminated.

                    Punk: Man, you should be ashamed of yourself Josh.

                    Matthews: What? Why?

                    Punk: Oh, letís just pretend you didnít jinx him the moment you compared him to The Rock.

                    King goes up to Zap.

                    Lawler: Zap, any parting words?

                    Zap: Well, Iíd like to thank my pro, Kofi Kingston for really being a great inspiration for me. Iíd also like to thank the WWE Universe for letting me come into your living rooms and hopefully entertain you.

                    íWild and Youngí plays as Zap walks up the ramp. The other rookies watch him go and some of them wave good bye.

                    Lawler: OK, there are still seven of you. And for the seven of you, there are two more weeks, at least. Run In, if you donít change something, you could be the next gone....What do you say to that?

                    Run In: Something has got to change.

                    ĎRide of the Valkyriesí plays as the rookies clear the ring except Run In as it becomes time for the main event. US Champion Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring to a big ovation from the crowd.

                    Matthews: I wonder what kind of change Run In has in mind.

                    Punk: I donít know, but he could certainly take a few notes from his pro.

                    íBreak the Walls Downí plays as Chris Jericho comes out to a mixed reaction. He asks for a microphone.

                    Jericho: Itís been a few months since Iíve been in a WWE ring, but this is good. I get the opportunity to remind you people that even though Iíve got other abilities, I have other ways of making a living other than entertaining you petulant parasites, I am still the Best in the World at what I do. I am still the best wrestler in the world. I am still-

                    Daniel Bryan takes the microphone from Jericho.

                    Bryan: Pardon the interruption, but youíre still going to tap to the LeBell Lock, so you might as well stop talking.

                    WWE United States Champion, Daniel Bryan [with Run In] versus Chris Jericho
                    Chris Jericho gets the control early in the match because he lets his anger get the best of him and really does some damage to Bryan. However when Jericho tries to put the match away early with a small package he realizes that isnít going to work as Bryan gets the kick out. Daniel Bryan then starts to make a comeback and has the crowd solidly behind him as his rookie Run In watches intently. Bryan hits a flurry of kicks and then tries to apply the LeBell Lock for the first time in the match, but itís unsuccessful as Jericho snakes out of it. He then takes a cheap shot at Bryan and begins to start putting the boots to him. Jericho looks pretty happy with himself as he starts trying to put Bryan in the walls. Daniel Bryan manages to roll out of the hold before itís on and then we see The Miz and Alex Riley making their way down to the ring. Daniel Bryan sees them, but tries to ignore them as he starts to put Jericho in the LeBell Lock again and this is when Alex Riley jumps on the apron. The referee goes over and doesnít see Jericho tap to the LeBell Lock. Bryan breaks the hold and goes over to attack Riley and when he does, Run In throws Jericho the United States Championship. Jericho nails Bryan with it and throws it to the floor before going for the pin and getting the victory.
                    Winner, Chris Jericho

                    Matthews: What the hell just happened?

                    Punk: Something just changed.

                    Run In takes a microphone and enters the ring as Jericho, Miz, and Riley exit.

                    Run In: I told the King. I told him something was going to change! See, from week one, Daniel Bryan has been in my ear, telling me to lay low, telling me to pick my spots. Telling me to earn the respect of the locker room.

                    Daniel Bryan starts to get up as he sees Run In has put the US Title on his shoulder.

                    Run In: You saw how that was working out for me, yes? Well Daniel, while being a soft spoken freak might work for you, I donít want to be sued for gimmick infringement. If Iím going to win this competition, Iím going to do it my way. You see Daniel Bryan, you wanted me to be just like you, but Iím not. See, it didnít take me ten years to get into the WWE. Iím still in my first year wrestling. Unlike you, I wasnít eliminated on the first week of NXT. Unlike you, I donít need Michael Cole talking about me nonstop for an hour to get the attention of the WWE Universe. And donít start to say that he was always cutting you down, because thereís no such thing as bad publicity.

                    Michael Cole is the reason you got hired back. Michael Cole is the reason people chant your name. Michael Cole is the reason anyone gives a damn about you. Not me. Iím going to be a self made man. I donít need Josh Matthews or CM Punk to talk about how much they like me or how much they hate me. Because even if they donít talk about, theyíll be the only two, because everyone in the WWE Universe is going to be talking about me, and I just wish I could slap that look off your face right now, but I canít. Michael Cole is the reason why youíre not going out on a stretcher tonight. Michael Cole is the one who made the Raw GM ban contact between rookies and pros, so for tonight, youíre lucky that I canít end your career in front of all of these people.

                    íWarriorí plays and the crowd erupts.

                    jTj: ENOUGH about Michael Cole. Enough about Run In! Hey Run In, Iím not sure if you remember, but early tonight, you and I won a tag team match that made us captains for Survivor Series Teams and Teddy Long is the reason that my team will be facing your team. So next week, DANIEL BRYAN is on Team jTj!

                    Matthews: What an explosive ending! Weíll see you next week!

                    © World Wrestling Entertainment
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                      Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                      This is awesome, so far, Alyon. And I think it could be fun if, after ya finish NXT, you do a WWE fed and incorporate all these fan fic guys in it. Would be awesome fun.
                      Originally posted by African Mike
                      I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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                        Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*


                        That was an awesome show man!

                        Sorry to see Zap go but the heel turn from RunIn was superb, I Loved It!

                        PI was right this fed does not get the props it deserves in comments and reviews, this here is one of the best feds I have read recently and the main reason is this... When I first started PW2 I was told to keep Created Wrestlers and Real Wrestlers separate as it is hard to compare the two and the real ones shine over anything created, but you have taken a format and mixed those two areas of fan fic superbly my friend, much congrats!

                        I love the direction of the Heavy Mike/Sheamus stuff, I can totally see them throwing down soon and Mike breaking out of his shell and becoming a monster lol!

                        Also when do you want these lists in, I would send mine in but I am unsure exactly when you want them, is it after each show?
                        Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                          Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                          Pound for pound, the best fed around.

                          I wake up earlier on days when a new show has been posted to make time to read it before work. I loved this last episode. Couple of notes though...

                          - Your commentary seems to be too Punk-heavy at times. Make sure you balance it between Matthews and Punk... even if Punk is the fun one to write.
                          - This episode seemed like you were breaking kayfabe too much in the commentary. It's starting to be overkill. Reign it back in. You're so talented with your commentary that I'm sure you can make it funny still without the "inside jokes."
                          - I thought Run In and jTj were co-captains for the same team... which will face WMS & WP's team. The closing segment confused me on this count. Maybe going back and doing a quick edit? OR... Just address jTj's confusion or something on the next show. Loved Run In's heel turn. It's be more interesting, IMO, to see him and jTj as co-captains on the same team where Run In is trying to sabotage the team to continue his heel turn.
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                            Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                            Thought the last post was done perfectly. No worries about that. Overall fun episode as per usual. I wish more fics were like this: lighthearted and just a blast to read.
                            Man of the world.


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                              Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                              Matthew: Who’s your pick to win NXT this season Michael?

                              Cole: Alex Riley.
                              That's hilarious.

                              s u r r e n d e r

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                                Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                                NXT Newsfeed

                                Originally posted by John Morrison
                                So my ex-tag team partner wants to show up on NXT with his lackey and cause problems? Well, I heard jTj needed a fifth man on his team so you can bet I’ll be there.
                                Originally posted by Sheamus
                                So, my rookie, Heavy Mike suffered a concussion and won’t be on NXT this week. The lazy bloke better enjoy his week off because when he comes back he’s going to have to answer to me.
                                Originally posted by Wade Barrett
                                This week The Nexus will return to NXT once again to take care of Too Cool and The Usos and show those rookies that NXT is our show still.
                                Originally posted by Teddy Long
                                NXT Survivor Series is this Tuesdays, the captains have all reported to me and we have an exciting show!

                                TEAM JTJ- jTj, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, PI, and Kofi Kingston
                                TEAM RUN IN
                                Run In, Holzhammer, The Miz, Alex Riley, and Zack Ryder
                                TEAM WMS- WMS, Kaval, MVP, Kaitlyn, and A.J.
                                TEAM WP
                                - WP, Dolph Ziggler, Chavo Guerrero, Michelle McCool, and Layla
                                TEAM TOO COOL- Rikishi, Grandmaster Sexay, Scotty 2 Hotty, Jimmy, and Jey Uso
                                THE NEXUS
                                - David Otunga, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabrial.
                                No needs for lists this week, elimination on Week 7!
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