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FF NXT by Alyon

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    Re: FF NXT by Alyon

    We come back from commercial and WMS and jTj are the only ones still standing in the ring with their respective pros, Dolph Ziggler and Michael Cole standing on the apron during the match. WMS is a young man with shoulder length hair and wrestles in loose black leather pants, ala Tajiri. jTj has a military cut and wears camo MMA style shorts.

    Matthews: So we have jTj, The Army Veteran taking on WMS, who very little is known about.

    Punk: Yeah, nobody knows anything about this guy and if Vickie Guerrero keeps coming out here and running her trap, weíll never find out anything.

    jTj [with Michael Cole] versus WMS [with Dolph Ziggler]
    This match started out with jTj having a very difficult time keeping up with the fast pace of WMS. Zigglerís rookie made some very impressive offense in the beginning of the match which gained a lot of ovation from the crowd, but despite not having a lot of offense initially, jTj clearly wasnít going to give up despite the lack of support from his pro Michael Cole on the outside. Finally WMS goes for the pin, but jTj kicks out and then you can tell that something has switched in the mind of the veteran. He delivers a quick scoop slam and goes for the pin. The pin is not a three count, but jTj isnít ready to give up. He nails a power slam, and goes for a second pin, but that one is not ending in victory either. Finally he lifts him up for the PatriotPlex and itís too much for WMS as the referee gets into position and makes the three count.
    Winner, jTj [with Michael Cole]

    Matthews: And Michael Coleís rookie gets a win in his first match!

    Punk: Donít pretend Michael Cole had anything to do with that.

    Matthews: Well, hopefully Daniel Bryan will have a positive effect on his rookie. Letís take a special look at Run In.

    Run In: My name is Run In. Iím from Sydney, Australia, and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

    Some generic rock music starts to play as footage from Run In having a match against Heavy Mike in FFCW is shown.

    Run In: A lot of people thought it was a mistake to include me in this season of NXT.

    Shows a shot of Run In on the receiving end of Sole Hammer courtesy of Holzhammer.

    Run In: But Iíd like to think I have what it takes to be the next Break Out Star. Sure, Iím the youngest, but I think Iíve shown a lot of good work ethic so far, and I can honestly tell you there is nothing in my life that I could want more.

    Shows an image of Run In inside the wrestling ring.

    Run In: I couldnít be happier with my pro. I really think Daniel Bryan has the technical background that meshes well with my style and he also knows what it is like to be the underdog and I can respect that a lot. I think Iíll learn a lot of great things from him.

    Shows Run In standing amongst all of the other NXT Rookies.

    Run In: I think the thing that makes me different from all of the other NXT rookies, aside from the fact that Iím the second smallest guy in the competition, itís probably the fact that I have picked up on that technical style so quickly and combined with my speed I think that makes me dangerous in the ring.

    Shows a final close-up of Run In.

    Run In: My name is Run In and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.
    The scene cuts to the back where Kaval and WMS are seen talking.

    Kaval: You really had him going there for awhile, but you have to stay on that offense. Heís a bigger guy and I know thatís a lot to get used to but-

    Kaval is cut off by a loud ĎEXCUSE MEí as Vickie Guerrero enters with Kaitlyn and Chavo Guerrero close behind her.

    Vickie: What are you saying to him?

    Kaval: I was talking to him about his match, trying to give him a few pointers.

    Vickie: You were trying to give him a few pointers, you lost to Chavo....

    Vickie then turns back to Chavo as Kaitlyn laughs a little.

    Vickie: I didnít mean anything by that.

    Chavo: Itís ok.

    Vickie: As for you WMS, Iím not sure if you noticed, but we are all winners. So if you can shape up and turn things around, weíre going to have a serious problem.

    Vickie is right up in WMSí face when Dolph walks in.

    Ziggler: VICKIE! Whatís going on in here? WMS is my rookie. Not yours, not Kavalís, and not anyone elseís. If anyone is going to lecture him or talk to him or deal with him, itís going to be me, and Iíd appreciate it if the rest of you just stayed out of it.

    The scene then cuts back to the announce table where Josh Matthews and CM Punk are seated.

    Matthews: Some interesting things going on in that locker room, but anyways, I expect a lot from Run In. Heís one of three Australian rookies that we have this season...

    Punk: And unfortunately weíre going to have to see another one in action next.

    íAnimal I Have Becomeí plays as Heavy Mike comes down to the ring with Sheamus close behind him. Mike wears a tie dye shirt thatís says ĎHeavyí in black letters over a black singlet. Mike starts to high five some of the fans, but Sheamus stops him.

    Punk: He has got to start paying attention to all of the sound advice that is being given to him by Sheamus.

    Matthews: Itís his first night, give the guy a break!

    íSink to the Beatí plays as PI makes his way down to the ring with Rey Mysterio closely behind him. PI wears wrestling tights which are white along with a white and red mask with a red pi symbol on it.

    Heavy Mike [with Sheamus] versus PI [with Rey Mysterio]
    The match starts off with a flurry of high speed offense from PI who is another one of the big high fliers in this season of NXT. Heís trying to get the big man down, but isnít having a lot of success. Mike is mostly on the defensive which gains him an earful from Sheamus who is telling him he should be demolishing his opponent. Finally Mike gets in a series of power moves, but when PI rolls to the floor to catch his breath, Mike defies Sheamus by not attacking him on the floor. What ends up happening is Sheamus gets angry and hits PI with a brogue kick when the referee doesnít see it. Mike goes to the floor to check on PI as Mysterio goes with him. Sheamus then demands Mike go back into the ring so PI is counted out.
    Winner, by Count Out, Heavy Mike

    Matthews: Well that will count as a win for Heavy Mike, but I canít help but think that wasnít the way he wanted to get his first win.

    Punk: The kid wasnít listening to Sheamus at all. If he wouldíve just did what his pro told him to do, he wouldíve been much better off.

    Sheamus then gets into the ring and starts to shove Mike and yell at him. Heavy Mike clearly doesnít want to fight with his pro as he rolls out of the ring.

    Matthews: Mike is impressive in the ring, but I just get the impression that he isnít the type of guy who wants to seek out confrontation or be overtly violent.
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      Re: FF NXT by Alyon

      We return from commercial break to see Josh Matthews and CM Punk at the commentary table.

      Matthews: All right Punk, weíre almost through our first show together, but up next we get to take a look at another one of our Australian Superstars, Zap!

      Zap: My name is Zap, Iím from Sydney, Australia and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

      Shows footage of WP and Zap in tag team action in FFCW, then shows WP turning on Zap.

      Zap: Iíd be lying if I said Iíd totally found my groundings as a singles star so far, but I feel like my experience is something that is going to help make that transition.

      Shows Zap flying around in a match against PI.

      Zap: Iím here to show the world that Iím not just another high flier. There are other guys who consider themselves high fliers in this, guys like PI, WMS, and Run In, but I want to show the world that Iím different.

      Shows Zap hitting the Flash Splash.

      Zap: People call me Zap because everything I do is electric.

      Shows Zap standing in the ring by himself.

      Zap: Do I believe I have a lot to prove to the WWE Universe? Absolutely I do.

      Shows Zap standing with the rest of the NXT Rookies.

      Zap: There are a lot of big guys, a lot of small guys, but only one man in this season is purely electric.

      Shows a final close up of Zap.

      Zap: My name is Zap, and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.
      We return to Matthews and Punk at ringside.

      Matthews: Well, what did you think of that partner?

      Punk: Heís electric? Iíve never heard a wrestler call himself electric before, heís obviously on drugs Josh and having Kofi Kingston as his pro isnít going to put him at anymore advantages.

      Matthews: I wouldnít be so sure of that! Kofi can be a human highlight reel in the ring and if Zap can too, who knows what could stop him.

      Matt Striker comes into the ring with a microphone.

      Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have been enjoying the first week of NXT and next week Run In and Zap will be in action, but we will also have our first NXT Rookie Reward Challenge!

      Punk: No one cares Matt.

      Matthews: Kinda harsh on the host of NXT there, werenít you Punk?

      Punk: Kinda isnít a word. What kind of broadcast journalist are you?

      íRidiní Soloí by Jason DeRulo hits and it is clearly time for our main event. MVP walks down first shaking his head in disapproval as WP comes through the curtain in a blue and silver hooded vest which is shimmering, ala LayCool. Heís also wearing blue and silver shorts. He comes down to the ring and doesnít acknowledge the fans at all and heís wearing sunglasses, inside.

      Punk: This guy is a fruit.

      Matthews: Heís certainly full of himself, I canít argue with you there. His pro MVP certainly has his work cut out for him.

      íCarmina Buranaí by Carl Orff plays and Holzhammer comes down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Heís wearing plain black pants and wrestling boots and his head is shaved. He has a moustache. Zack Ryder follows him down to the ring, but is clearly keeping his distance.

      Matthews: This guy is going to give me nightmares.

      Punk: ĎItís The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Browní gave you nightmares Josh, donít give the guy an ego.

      Matthews: Well, he certainly is intense.

      WP [with MVP] versus Holzhammer [with Zack Ryder]
      The match started with a lot of posturing and positioning. WP did everything he could to avoid the power and dominance of Holzhammer, trying to be very careful to pick his spots and defend himself. WP goes down to the floor and says he doesnít want to get injured. MVP tells him to get back into the ring and actually wrestle, but WP starts to walk out of the ringside area. MVP goes back after him and tells him to get back in. WP and MVP start to argue outside the ring and then WP just throws a haymaker at his pro which sends the former U.S. Champion to the floor. WP then gets back into the ring, but MVP is right behind him and hits WP from behind which causes the referee to call for the bell.
      Winner, by Disqualification, WP [with MVP]

      Matthews: MVPís frustration just cost his rookie the match!

      Punk: WP didnít want to be in the ring with the very intimidating Holzhammer, who looks pissed.

      Holzhammer is standing in the ring and doesnít look happy at all. MVP looks at WP who he is clearly upset with as WPís hand gets raised in victory and right when MVP doesnít expect it, he gets hit hard in the back of the head with the bicycle kick from Holzhammer called the Sole Hammer!

      Ryder: Bro, not cool!

      Holzhammer gives Ryder a ĎYouíre nextí type look. Ryder then starts to walk out.

      Ryder: Itís ok, itís ok, weíll get the next one man, youíll get the next one!

      MVP is still out on the floor and WP is looking down at him. He then goes right into the corner and hits the Split Legged Moonsault that he calls The Solo Sault! The crowd explodes with boos as WP grabs his vest and walks out of the arena

      Matthews: WP just got the best of his pro, but what will the other pros think? Weíll see you next week, right here on NXT!

      © World Wrestling Entertainment
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        Re: FF NXT by Alyon

        This show was fucking great. This fusion of concepts is fucking great. You're fucking great. This is fucking great. I just fucking love everything. Awesome, awesome show. FF NXT is the show to watch. Fuck everything else.

        The pros were all spot-on in terms of character, the commentary was pure perfection, the match summaries were some of the best that I've ever read, the rookies were established well, and the whole show just flowed so well. Perfect length, perfectly written. I can't get over how much I loved this.
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          Re: FF NXT by Alyon

          On the next WWE NXT...

          Count Strikula cordially invites you to a very spooky episode of NXT! This coming Tuesday NXT gets haunted by the Halloween Havoc Special Episode of NXT! Strikula has confirmed that the Rookie Reward Competition will be the first ever, NXT Rookie Halloween Costume Contest! The WWE Universe in attendance will decide the winner, whose Reward will be a mystery!

          What will the costumes be? What will the reward be? Find out on Halloween Havoc NXT!
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            Re: FF NXT by Alyon

            Originally posted by NXT.WWE.Com
            Bragging Rights Elimination Tag effects NXT?

            NXT.WWE.Com has learned that WWE Pro, Rey Mysterio has been ordered to bed rest by WWE's Medical Team due to the heinous attack by Sheamus during tonight's Bragging Rights Pay Per View. There is no word on how this will effect PI or NXT, but you'll have to tune in Tuesday to find out what will happen with the injured pro's absence...
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              Re: FF NXT by Alyon

              Hornswoggle to pro PI'swoggle!


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                Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                I like how real life WWE is effeting this thing man, I am really interested in seeing what happens and how Heavy Mike will react to Sheamus now after this attack... really good thinking there man!
                Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                  Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                  Originally posted by M!ke:Hush
                  I like how real life WWE is effeting this thing man, I am really interested in seeing what happens and how Heavy Mike will react to Sheamus now after this attack... really good thinking there man!
                  Technically.... that didn't happen in real life on Bragging Rights. Still awesome, though. Can't wait to see what happens next.
                  Originally posted by African Mike
                  I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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                    Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                    The pyro goes off for NXT with ĎCount Strikulaí Matt Striker standing in the center of the ring in a sorry excuse for a Dracula costume.

                    Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, the NXT Halloween Havoc Special has begun! Now the Costume Contest is coming at the end of the night, but please allow me to quickly introduce your NXT announce team tonight!

                    íKingís Courtí plays and Josh Matthews comes down to the ring in Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawlerís ring gear to a uproar of laughs from the crowd.

                    Striker: First, Josh ĎThe Kingí Matthews!

                    The crowd looks to the entry way in intrigue as now ĎBoomer Soonerí starts to play which gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. CM Punk walks out with an Oklahoma U football jersey with a pillow under it and a black cowboy hat on.

                    Striker: And his partner, Good Olí CM!

                    Matthews: I love Halloween, donít you Punk?

                    Punk: Halloween is the one day a year when everyone consciously lives a lie, but if they were Straight Edge, like me, they would realize that post people who indulge in things like alcohol, drugs, and promiscuous sex are living a lie everyday by calling themselves good people.

                    Matthews: Thank you for the philosophy lesson.

                    The camera then focuses back on Striker in the ring.

                    Striker: All right, would the three WWE Pros that made the matches for tonight please come out here!

                    Daniel Bryan, MVP, and Michael Cole walk on stage.

                    Cole: Last week, despite having a losing personality, my rookie, jTj was the only one to win his match cleanly, by pin fall. So it only makes sense that heís in the main event tonight. As for his opponent, I wanted to throw in the guy who is quite possibly the most talked about rookie in NXT, Zack Ryderís rookie, Holzhammer!

                    The crowd pops when they hear that this match has been made as MVP has a smile on his face as Michael Cole hands him the microphone.

                    MVP: Last week, my rookie, WP, tried to evade the challenge I gave him. He didnít want to fight Holzhammer so he tried to play mind games with me and he got me to throw the match. So tonight, Iíve found another rookie to give him a run for his money.

                    MVP is interrupted as ĎRidiní Soloí by Jason DeRulo plays and WP walks on stage in a dress shirt and jeans.

                    WP: Excuse, I was just chilling in the back when I heard you say that I tried to play mind games with you. No no no sunshine, what I did, was win. And what you did, was show you are an incompetent pro, a point which was further supported this week. Any competent pro wouldíve had the person who won the main event last week should be in the main event this week. The fact that Iím not in the main event this week, proves that youíre incompetent and perhaps I should be the pro and you should be the rookie.

                    MVP gets right into WPís face and does not look pleased.

                    MVP: Listen, you tried to make a fool of me last week, and youíre really pushing it already this week. I suggest if you want to make it to watch the main event this week let alone be in it, you better go get your boots laced up, because I envy the man who gets to kick your ass tonight, your former partner, ZAP! So if I were you, I would go get prepared to be electrified!

                    WP: And if I were you, Iíd get a breath mint and sense of fashion!

                    MVP looks ready to strike when Daniel Bryan intervenes.

                    Bryan: Hey guys, donít mind to interrupt here, but since my rookieís match is first, I better announce it. Itís Run In versus PI.

                    Everyone else clears the stage as ĎWorking Maní by Rush plays and Run In walks in to stand next to his WWE Pro Daniel Bryan and the two men walk down to the ring.

                    Matthews: While Daniel Bryan and Run In make their way down to the ring, letís remind you of the heinous attack on PIís Pro, Rey Mysterio this past Sunday at WWE Bragging Rights, at the hands of fellow WWE Pro, Sheamus.

                    Punk: Sheamus was dominating for Team Raw when Mysterio got an elimination on him seemingly out of nowhere and he just snapped, delivering a Celtic Cross onto the Steel stairs once and then that wasnít enough, he did it again off the apron.

                    Matthews: Mysterio is in serious condition tonight and is on bed rest at order of WWEís Medical Staff until further notice.

                    íSink to the Beatí plays as PI makes his way down to the ring, clearly missing his WWE Pro, Rey Mysterio. PI gets into the ring when Matt Striker steps back onto the apron.

                    Striker: PI, Run In, excuse me a moment gentlemen, Iíve just been given word that PIís Pro, Rey Mysterio has a special message for you.

                    Shows Rey Mysterio lying in a bed.

                    Mysterio: Hey man, you know I wish I could be there tonight, but unfortunately I have to follow the doctorís orders. However, just so you werenít alone out there tonight, I called in a favor from a friend, I hope he can be just as much if not more help to you than I couldíve been.
                    íDragoní plays and Ricky ĎThe Dragoní Steamboat comes down to a massive ovation from the crowd.

                    Matthews: Both men have a dragon in their corner and business has just picked up!

                    Punk: Thatís my line, Matthews. Why donít you go on about puppies? Or better yet, if you really wanted to fit the costume, fail at pretending you still give a shit about the business and are here for anything more than a paycheck.

                    Run In [with Daniel Bryan] versus PI [with Ricky ĎThe Dragoní Steamboat]
                    This match was very fast paced as anyone might expect. There was a lot of flying around the ring in the beginning which sure did captivate the crowd. Neither man was really able to cement any dominance for the good first half of the match despite constant coaching from their pros on the outside. PI was starting to finally get an advantage much to the approval of the fans who want to see him pick up the win after the tragedy that be struck his pro. PI hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb and almost has the three when he breaks the pin. He lifts Run In up and throws him on the second rope. Steamboat asks what heís doing and he points to the sky. He goes off the ropes and goes for the 6-1-9, but Run In moves out of the way. Steamboat starts asking PI what happened and he doesnít say anything. Run In goes for the roll-up, but only gets two. He then applies the Rings of Saturn, but is too close to the ropes. PI gets the break and as both men are getting to their feet, PI gets a sick kick to the head of Run In which gives him enough time to go to the apron and hit Flying PI for the win.
                    Winner, PI [With Ricky ĎThe Dragoní Steamboat]

                    Punk: What in the hell just happened there? He knows Mysterio isnít dead, right?

                    Matthews: Well, I think so...He saw him introduce Steamboat...

                    Punk: This guy is whack.

                    Matthews: Nevertheless, Rey Mysterio is still alive and so is the man who did this damage, Sheamus, who just so happens to be the pro of this man, Heavy Mike.

                    Punk: That was the most convoluted segue ever, youíre terrible.

                    Heavy Mike: My name is Heavy Mike, Iím from Melbourne, Australia, and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.

                    Shows a close up of Heavy Mike in his ring gear.

                    Heavy Mike: Why do they call me Heavy Mike? I guess itís because Iím a big boy.

                    Shows Mike running the ropes in a match against jTj.

                    Heavy Mike: My size does deceive some people. I can move around the ring better than a lot of big guys.

                    Shows him doing the African Earthquake.

                    Heavy Mike: You want to know about the African Earthquake? Back in FFCW, they had this bimbo that couldnít read doiní the ring announcing, said I was from Melbourne, Africa. All the boys thought that was pretty funny. Started calling me Akeem.

                    Shows Heavy Mike standing with the rest of the NXT Rookies.

                    Heavy Mike: Weíll see how funny it is when they feel like the whole continent of Africa got dropped on them.

                    Shows Mike and Sheamus together.

                    Heavy Mike: I understand the experience my pro brings to the table, it might not be my style, but I do understand. Iím just an easy going guy, I always play by the rules, and I donít like taking cheap shots. If Iím going to get to the top, Iím going to do it the right way.

                    Shows Mike in the ring one more time.

                    Heavy Mike: My name is Heavy Mike and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.
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                      Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                      We come back from the commercial break and ĎThunderstruckí by AC/DC is playing as Zap is in the ring with his WWE Pro, Kofi Kingston.

                      Matthews: Weíre back folks and the Most Electrifying Man in NXT is-

                      Punk cuts him off.

                      Punk: Sitting right next to you. Why do you say things like that Josh? Do you want to make poor Todd Pettingail suffer?

                      Matthews: What are you talking about?

                      Punk: That guy has been sitting on unemployment since the ďNew GenerationĒ and heís been replaced by a guy who compares a kid in red leather tights to a guy who was arguably one of the greatest stars in this business. That, is depressing my friend.

                      Matthews: Iím better than-

                      Punk: No, youíre not, shut up.

                      íRidiní Soloí by Jason DeRulo plays and WP walks down to the ring with his usual swagger. MVP comes down behind him, keeping his distance and clearly holding himself back.

                      Zap [with Kofi Kingston] versus WP [with MVP]
                      This match starts off with a lot of circling around the ring. The two competitors obviously know each other very well and this time WP doesnít seem to fear his opponent as much. The match starts with WP showing off some of his technical ability with a series of submissions and such. He establishes some dominance, but the crowd really starts to get behind Zap with the encouragement of Kofi Kingston. Zap starts to make an exciting comeback and sends WP to the floor before coming down at him with a suicide dive. The referee starts a count out and MVP comes over and helps Zap to his feet. WP gets up and looks angry, and MVP asks him if he wants to run away again. WP looks agitated and pie faces MVP before rolling back in quickly. MVP is agitated that his rookie topped him again. He jumps onto the apron looking ready to interfere, while both Kofi and the ref try to calm him down. WP uses this opportunity to pull out a pair of brass knucks and nail Zap. The referee turns around and WP goes for the pin which gains him the three count.
                      Winner, WP [with MVP]

                      Matthews: MVP unintentionally gives his rookie the win once again!

                      Punk: MVP needs to control that rage, heís been in WPís face constantly, but I canít fault WP for using it to his advantage!

                      Matthews: Well, letís take a look at a man who has the advantage of having the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler as his pro, this is WMS!

                      WMS: My name is WMS, Iím from London, England, and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

                      Shows a shot of WMS coming down the entry ramp and high fiving all of the fans.

                      WMS: Thereís a certain rush I get when I come down to the ring. This is the only thing Iíve ever wanted to do.

                      Shows British Bulldog defeating Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Championship at Wembley Stadium.

                      WMS: Iím definitely inspired by the success people from my home country have achieved here. Iíd be honored to be the first British World Champion.

                      Shows WMS hitting some offense against Run In in FFCW.

                      WMS: I think I bring my own style to the ring. Iím not like a lot of the other guys. I know holds, I move quickly if need be, I can strike, and I have the strength core that I need.

                      Shows WMS standing amongst the other WWE NXT Rookies.

                      WMS: Dolph Ziggler has been through many phases of his still relatively short career and I think that could give me the edge that I will need as a superstar.

                      Shows WMS standing alone.

                      WMS: Iím not worried about Vickie Guerrero or any of the others getting in the way. Dolph knows what he is doing. I will listen to him.

                      Shows the entire group again.

                      WMS: My name is WMS and I will be the WWEís Next Break Out Star.
                      WMS is sitting in the locker room watching his video and LayCool are standing behind him.

                      Layla: You better hope Vickie doesnít see that!

                      McCool: Thatís right girl, she will not be happy.

                      Layla: No, ĎChelle, Iím so glad we donít have a mouthy rookie like him. Our little rookie Kaval, he was so nice.

                      McCool: Thatís because he had great pros...

                      LayCool: US!

                      Layla: He was the best.

                      McCool: He was so great, unlike you...Youíre just so, so...

                      LayCool: NOT COOL!

                      Kaval and Kaitlyn now walk into the room and each of them have two apples in their hands.

                      Kaval: You ladies want an apple?

                      The Self-Professed Co-Divaís Champions each take a fine piece of produce when Vickie walks into the room.

                      Vickie: What was that? WHAT WAS THAT?

                      WMS stands back quietly.

                      Vickie: LISTEN! I am the person in charge of this little group here! I am the one responsible for the success of everyone in this group! ME! So if you want me to stay out of it, you can just go ahead and fail, but you will NOT embarrass me!

                      Vickie starts screaming and then grabs Kaitlynís apple and starts eating it profusely and just starts like hyper ventilating looking like a hog with an apple in itís mouth. We then segue back to the ring.

                      Matthews: Whereís Ziggler when you need him?

                      Punk: I donít know, Iím just glad that filler segment is over with.

                      íWarriorí plays and itís clearly now time for the main event. jTj comes down to the ring to a slur of cheers despite having his pro Michael Cole right behind him.

                      Punk: These people must be pretty drunk.

                      Matthews: What makes you say that?

                      Punk: Theyíre cheering Michael Cole.

                      íCarmina Buranaí plays and Holzhammer comes out to a chorus of boos from the crowd along with his pro, Zack Ryder who is keeping his distance.

                      jTj [with Michael Cole] versus Holzhammer [with Zack Ryder]
                      The crowd is just eating up the intensity that is brewing between these two men as they are both waiting for the bell. Finally they both break out of their corners and begins to unleash hell on each other with both men playing about equal for the first part of the match. Finally Holzhammer took a cheap, but legal shot that was particularly damaging and allowed him to move into control in the match, but the crowd was strongly behind jTj. It looked like he wasnít going to be able to make it back until Holzhammer went for the pin and he got a huge kick out. jTj is finally starting to make a comeback and lifts Holzie up for the PatriotPlex when suddenly the bell rings.
                      No Contest

                      Matthews: What just happened?

                      Punk: I have no idea, they just stopped the match, I have no idea.

                      NXT Host, Matt Striker then walks on stage.

                      Striker: Gentlemen, Iím sorry, weíve had a time issue tonight, so Iím going to have to ask you to head to the back and get ready because after this next commercial break, itís time for the NXT Rookie Halloween Costume Contest!
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                        Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                        We come back to a massive ĎStriker Sucksí.

                        Striker: Thatís right boys and girls, I, Count Strikula, will suck the blood of all of the WWE Universe! But now, we must get going, itís time to start the costume contest! Rookies will walk out in costume, briefly explain why they choose what they did and then the WWE Universe at home will text or tweet their vote and we will instantly tabulate a winner!

                        íThunderstruckí plays and Zap comes out dressed up as the superhero, The Flash.

                        Zap: I chose to dress up as The Flash because heís the one superhero that I can relate to with my ability in the ring!

                        íWorking Maní by Rush plays and Run In comes out on stage dressed up as a WCW Legend, Sting! The crowd pops for Run In as The Stinger.

                        Run In: Iím dressed up as one of my favorite sports entertainers of all time, so itís showtime NXT...WOOOO!

                        Punk: Did you hear that explosion Josh?

                        Matthews: Run In certainly made an impact on this capacity crowd.

                        íWarriorí plays and jTj comes out in a G.I. Joe costume, he smiles at the reaction from some of the young fans, but doesnít seem to be particularly into it.

                        jTj: Iím one of my personal heroes and someone all of you kids can look up to, G.I. Joe!

                        íBooyaka 619í then plays and the crowd pops, but instead of Rey Mysterio coming out, itís PI in the Rey Mysterio costume which Rey wore at Halloween Havoc 1997 against Eddie Guerrero.

                        PI: Tonight, Iím wearing the costume that was worn at Halloween Havoc 1997 when my pro took on the late Rey Mysterio!

                        Matthews: Looks like PI got a little confused again...

                        ĎRiders on the Stormí plays and WMS comes out dressed like Shaggy.

                        WMS: Iím dressed up as Shaggy from The Mystery Inc. cartoons. I apologize, I was going to have the entire Mystery Inc. gang out here with me, but that kinda blew up in my face when Vicke refused to dress up as Scooby. I tried to tell her we didnít have time to make anything else look believable, but she just stormed off.

                        ĎTime to Play The Gameí plays and the crowd goes crazy as Heavy Mike comes out dressed up as The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H.

                        Heavy Mike: I-ah will-ah win-ah NXT-ah by-ah any-ah means-ah necessary-ah! Just joshing folks! I love the King of Kings!

                        ĎSoloí by Jason DeRulo hits and WP comes out, but he isnít in a costume.

                        WP: Tonight, Iím modeling the costume everyone else will be modeling on Trick or Treat night, thatís the WP costume!

                        Punk: I thought he was supposed to be AJ Styles...

                        Matthews: Punk!

                        Punk: I mean...Uh, Michelle McCool wears a hooded vest too ,thatís who I thought he was... Hey she ripped off his finisher too!

                        Matthews: I have no clue what youíre talking about, but I want to see what Holzhammer was.

                        Zack Ryder comes on stage with a megaphone in hand.

                        Ryder: Weíre gonna win bro! My rookie is so gonna win! Ladies and Gentlemen, HOLZ HOGAN!

                        íAmerican Madeí plays and Holzhammer walks out in just his normal black pants.

                        Ryder: Bro! Bro! Whereís my costume! I worked hard.. Wait. Wait, I get it! You went Hollywood! Itís Hollywood Holz Hogan, Woo woo woo you know it!

                        Holzhammer gets right up in Zackís face.

                        Holzhammer: I will never dress up as that disgrace to this industry.

                        Striker: OK Holz, but you will go down to the ring. Now everyone voted via text message. The polls are now closed. Letís see who our winner is,

                        A screen pops up on the screen....Itís Heavy Mike!

                        Matthews: Mike wins! But I donít think people had much time to vote.

                        Punk: Still better than using the fan-o-meter.

                        Heavy Mike walks back up the stage as Matt Striker shakes his hand.

                        Striker: Congratulations Mike, you won the contest and as your prize, you get to stand up here next to me.

                        Punk: Some prize.

                        Striker: But thatís not all. You get to watch first hand as the rest of the rookies are demolished in the Monsterís Mash Battle Royal! Where the winner, will get to make all of the matches himself in two weeks on the last episode of NXT before the eliminations!

                        íMonster Mashí starts playing as Kane, Big Show, Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, and Luke Gallows come down to the ring.

                        Striker: Just so the rookies know, this match does not count toward your record, but if you win, your record be altered however you like!

                        Monster Mash Battle Royal
                        The first man out is WP who simply retreats. Big Show then quickly throws out Run In and WMS. Gallows and Jackson are double teaming jTj until PI comes to the rescue. Meanwhile Sheamus goes to the floor under the rope so he can watch. Kane and Holzhammer are exchanging blows in one part of the ring. Big Show then shows his massive power once again by eliminating both Jackson and Gallows in one fell swoop. Zap is thrown to the floor by jTj who then gets met with the brogue kick as Sheamus decides to return to the ring. He throws jTj to the floor and then goes under the ring to give him the Celtic Cross. PI gets a surprise dropkick elimination to Holzhammer which gets the crowd popping. Kane then turns around to get clotheslined by Big Show and both men go to the floor. Itís down to Sheamus and PI and The Celtic Warrior gets into the ring and has a look of bloodlust in his eye. Heavy Mike starts to go down to the ring and shoves Matt Striker when he tries to stop him. He gets down to the ring and sees Sheamus about to hit PI from behind. When Mike gets into the ring he realizes heís closer to PI than Sheamus so he throws PI to the floor to save him from the cold blooded Celt.
                        Winner, Sheamus

                        Sheamus has a smile on his face as Mike looks like he realizes what he just done.

                        Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, in two weeks, Sheamus gets to make all of the matches on NXT! Also please log on to to Rank Those Rookies! Weíll have a preview of the WWE Universeís Opinion before the official elimination in three weeks!

                        © World Wrestling Entertainment.
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                          Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                          íWild and Youngí plays as the crowd pops and then Matt Striker walks on stage.

                          Striker: Good evening everyone, tonight weíre going to start with the most important business, our rookie competition for the week! Itís RockíEm SockíEm Rookies! Weíre going to have a single elimination tournament with the eight of you and the winner will earn a three hour training session with WWE Hall of Famer, ĎRowdyí Roddy Piper! The first two rookies to compete tonight are the ones who have a buy week from action, Holzhammer and WP!

                          The two rookies climb onto the stands and exchange blows a few times with the giant sticks which Holzhammer clearly finds ridiculous. WP finally gets in a good shot which agitates Holzhammer and he jumps off his stand spearing WP.

                          Striker: OH! Disqualification, your winner, WP! Next up Run In versus Heavy Mike!

                          The two men quickly get onto the stands with Holzhammer arguing with Zack Ryder on the sidelines. Per usual, Sheamus is shouting instructions at Mike which prove to be a distraction against him as Run In knocks him off!

                          Striker: Run In gets the win and now, if your pro, Daniel Bryan could announce our first match tonight!

                          Bryan: Why yes Matt, I can. It will be my rookie, Run In, taking on Dolph Zigglerís rookie, WMS.

                          Matthews: Should be a good first match, both of them have champions for pros.

                          Punk: Champions maybe, but not Straight Edge Champions.

                          Sheamus is seen yelling at Mike on the side lines now and throws him back onto the stand.

                          Striker: Sheamus, please, your rookie is out. Next up will be WMS versus jTj.

                          WMS and jTj get on the stands and have a fairly back and forth battle, but ultimately jTj gets the edge which leads to Vickie Guerrero coming over and kicking WMS.

                          Vickie: YOU! Embarrassed us, AGAIN!

                          Dolph and Chavo come out to console Vickie as WMS just walks away.

                          Striker: Alrighty folks, itís time for our last first round match. But first, Michael Cole, tell us who jTj will be facing tonight!

                          Cole: That will be Kofi Kingstonís highly unsuccessful rookie, Zap.

                          Matthews: How does one loss make you highly unsuccessful?

                          Punk: When you have no wins.

                          Zap and PI both get onto the stands and PI is looking around a lot. He isnít even paying attention to Zap when he is knocked clean off of the stand. Matt Striker goes up to him.

                          Striker: PI, what happened?

                          PI: I could...sense his presence.

                          PI walks off as everyone else looks confused.

                          Striker: Well, ok then! The second round will come later tonight along with the revelation of how the WWE Universe has ranked the rookies so far!

                          íRiders on the Stormí plays as WMS comes down to the ring for the first match of the evening with WWE Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler close behind him.

                          Matthews: How hard do you think it is for WMS to concentrate when he has all of those people in Zigglerís locker room always trying to tell him what to do?

                          Punk: I canít imagine. I live a straight edge life style and have no problems concentrating Josh.

                          íWorking Maní by Rush plays and Run In comes down to the ring with WWE United States Champion, Daniel Bryan standing right next to him offering him some advice as he goes down to the ring.

                          Punk: Wow, this guyís theme song is lame.

                          Matthews: Almost as bad as his proís!

                          Punk: Josh. I can talk about music. I have good taste, well defined sense of fashion and taste. You wear sweater vests. Stick to calling the match.

                          WMS [with Dolph Ziggler] versus Run In [with Daniel Bryan]
                          This match was certainly fast paced and there was no distinct advantage early on in the match. Finally WMS started to show some promise and was making strides to control the match. He got an early pinning combination on Run In, but he managed to kick out. WMS starts to use a variety of submission variations and when Run In keeps working and keeps fighting, Dolph starts to get frustrated. WMS gets more distracted when Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring to start yelling at Dolph about WMSí performance. Finally Run In goes behind WMS and gets the surprise roll-up for the win.
                          Winner, Run In [with Daniel Bryan]

                          As Run In tries to celebrate, Vickie starts yelling at WMS. She gets right into his face as he tries to get up. Finally he shoves her away and she starts screaming more.

                          Vickie: Thatís it! Iíve had enough! DOLPH! Itís him....Or me!

                          Punk: This isnít even a choice.

                          Matthews: I donít know Punk, how do you think heís going to choose.

                          Dolph looks at Vickie and then looks at WMS. He then runs over and gives WMS the Zig Zag and Vickie has a smile on her face. Ziggler then gets up and embraces his girlfriend before he starts to pull her out of the ring she stops him. She then instructs him to smash WMS over the head with the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He steps back and has a smile on his face as he looks at his own reflection on the title before sizing up his rookie. He comes at WMS full speed when suddenly Kaval comes down and pulls WMS out of the ring.

                          Vickie: Kaval! What are you doing? Who do you think you are? You want to associate yourself with that loser? Fine!

                          Kaval ignores Vickie and gets right up on the apron and points to Ziggler.

                          Kaval: You donít need her to keep that title Dolph. If you only count on her, youíll lose it, but if you trust yourself, you have better odds. This isnít a lost cause.

                          Kaval and WMS walk out as Dolph seems to be contemplating what he said.

                          Matthews: What do you think that meant?

                          Punk: Well obviously Vickie has some kind of control over whether or not Dolph keeps that title.

                          Matthews: That could be, but for the time being, letís take a look at our NXT Rookie, WP.

                          WP: My name is WP, Iím from Manchester, England and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.

                          Shows footage of WP in FFCW.

                          WP: Your mistake was waiting three weeks to do this. I should be featured every week.

                          Shows him holding championship gold.

                          WP: I equal success. I donít need anyone else at my side. Whoís the only two and oh rookie? This guy.

                          Shows him hitting the Solo Sault.

                          WP: Yeah, I get it done in the ring, and it has nothing to do with MVP. I should be his pro.

                          Shows WP standing in the ring by himself.

                          WP: Iíll probably be WWE Champion in under a year.

                          Shows WP standing in a ring with the rest of the rookies.

                          WP: How do I stand out from the rest? I donít suck.

                          Shows a close up of WP.

                          WP: My name is WP and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.
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                            Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                            We come back from commercial and the Rock’Em Sock’Em Rookies Set-up is on stage again and the crowd groans as Matt Striker walks out.

                            Striker: Here we go folks, the most exciting hour on television, or at least the highlight of it, Rock’Em Sock’Em Rookies! Remember, whoever wins this competition will get a private three hour training session with WWE Hall of Famer, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper!

                            Punk: He doesn’t really think people give a shit about this, does he?

                            Matthews: Surely someone does. I mean...I do....

                            Punk: You know the difference between you saying ‘I’m a geek, I’m a nerd, I’m a loser’ and the things you actually say?

                            Matthews: What’s that?

                            Punk: Nothing.

                            Striker: OK! Here we go! Semi finals time! WP versus Run In!

                            WP and Run In climb onto platforms and start to battle it out with MVP and Daniel Bryan standing side by side watching. WP takes a cheap shot to the head and causes Run In to lose his balance and fall off.

                            Striker: OH NO! WP advances to the finals later tonight!

                            Punk: Man, if Striker could’ve fabricated this much emotion as a wrestler, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten demoted to a color analyst position.

                            Matthews: Why were you demoted to a color analyst position?

                            Punk: I wasn’t demoted, I was asked to do both since they can’t find anyone competent enough to do it.

                            Matthews: My mistake.

                            Striker: Next up, before they get into the ring they’re going to battle it out in Rock’Em Sock’Em Rookies, it’s jTj versus Zap!

                            jTj and Zap both get ready for this ridiculous competition and the crowd is pretty much split. Finally jTj gets a huge swing in and knocks Zap off the pedestal.

                            Matthews: That rough landing could affect him up next in his match.

                            Punk: Absolutely...If they didn’t play this game at Chuck E. Cheese. Who comes up with these competitions?!

                            Striker: And we have our final! It’s going to be jTj versus WP later on in the show folks! But right now, we’re going to take some time to see jTj and Zap do battle in the ring!

                            jTj and Zap both go down to the ring without music as their pros accompany them.

                            jTj [with Michael Cole] versus Zap [with Kofi Kingston]
                            The match starts off with jTj capitalizing on the damage he’s already done to his opponent which gains a lot of interesting reactions from the crowd. He goes for the early put away, but Zap blocks the PatriotPlex which gains a bit of a pop from the crowd. He starts to throw out some electric offense when suddenly he goes for the roll-up and almost gets the victory. The crowd seems surprised by this, but jTj starts to get the advantage back and almost has the PatriotPlex one more time, but Zap turns it into a small package for the victory!
                            Winner, Zap [with Kofi Kingston]

                            After the match, jTj gets out of the ring and looks disappointed. Michael Cole has a smug look on his face. He goes over to the announce table and grabs a cordless microphone.

                            Cole: So, tell me Soldier Boy, how does it feel to have lost to Sparky Plugg?

                            jTj rips the microphone out of Michael Cole’s hand and looks very angry.

                            jTj: You want to take personal shots at me Cole? How about the fact that I’m the only rookie that doesn’t have an actual wrestler for a pro? How about the fact that last week, that dweeb Matt Striker stopped my match for a stupid costume contest? I’m putting up with all of this for one reason and one reason only. Because I have a dream to become a WWE Superstar! But I’m sick of this shit!

                            jTj drops the microphone and grabs Cole by the collar, but then a loud beep comes from Cole’s pocket. jTj looks confused as Cole motions for him to back off and picks up the microphone.

                            Cole: I just received a text message from Raw’s Anonymous General Manager! I’ll have Mr. Punk verify this.

                            He shows Punk his phone.

                            Punk: It’s him.

                            Matthews: Does he even have jurisdiction here?

                            Cole: The message states, and I quote, per myself and WWE Management, the level of disrespect shown between Rookies and Pros this season has been at an all time high. In my opinion there is only one thing that can be done to stop this. Starting immediately, there is a no contact order between all NXT Rookies and their Pros. If any rookie attacks their pro, they’ll be eliminated from NXT immediately. If any Pro lays a hand on their Rookie, they will be terminated on the spot. The relationship between all rookies and their pros is to be cordial, respectful, and free of contact outside of a sanctioned match!

                            jTj takes back the microphone.

                            jTj: Very well Michael. You win this round, I’m not going to hurt you, but all you really did was open the door for someone else to be dominated.

                            jTj and Michael Cole exit as the camera goes back to the announce table.

                            Matthews: This is getting pretty intense Punk.

                            Punk: I can imagine it’s going to be hard for some of these rookies and pros to keep their hands to themselves.

                            Matthews: I bet Kaval is glad he didn’t have that rule when he was a rookie.

                            Punk: What are you saying? He beats women?

                            Matthews: No it was a-

                            Punk: Hold on, you might be onto something. He might be one of those silent but violent types.... Here I thought he was some run of the mill guys, sure kinda different, but mostly just in a low key kind of way, but now I’m kinda worried.

                            Matthews: Anyways, let’s take a look at our next rookie, Holzhammer.

                            Holzhammer: My name is Holzhammer, I’m from Brussels, Belgium, and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.

                            Shows opponents cowering in fear in the ring against him.

                            Holzhammer: People fear me.

                            Shows him hitting the Sole Hammer.

                            Holzhammer: They’re smarter than I give them credit for.

                            Shows him standing in a group with the other rookies.

                            Holzhammer: I’m going to win. I’m done answering questions.
                            Matthews: A much shorter video, which will be followed by a short commercial!

                            Punk: Your segues suck.
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                              Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                              We come back from commercial and Matt Striker has returned once again and is standing in front of the RockíEm SockíEm Rookies Set.

                              Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for your main event of the evening! The finals of the RockíEm SockíEm Rookies Tournament where the winner gets a three hour training session with ĎThe Rowdy Oneí, ĎRowdyí Roddy Piper!

                              jTj and WP come out and Striker looks excited. They get onto the platforms and start to battle it out. Then the bell rings.

                              Striker: Iím sorry, gentlemen, Iíve just been informed that this RockíEm SockíEm Rookies Match will now have a Special Guest Referee!

                              The Bag pipe music plays and Hot Rod comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd. jTj gets off the podium to go down and shake Piperís hand while WP looks annoyed and waits. MVP starts yelling at WP to show some respect.

                              Punk: Roddy Piper is here. Iím so excited.

                              Matthews: You donít seem to excited Punk?

                              Punk: I just want this show to be over with.

                              Piper: All right, letís see which one of you two ham and eggers is going to win this crazy thing.

                              jTj and WP get back on the podium and WP takes a stiff shot to the head of jTj while heís still getting his footing. Striker turns to Piper who motions for the bell.

                              Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner, WP! Congratulations!

                              WP: I really donít care. This old timer isnít going to give me any kind of valuable training. Iím better-

                              MVP yanks the microphone away from WP.

                              MVP: Youíre lucky I canít slap you across the face right now. You better treat him with some respect!

                              WP: If the training is so valuable, why donít you take the session, you need it more than I do!

                              MVP goes after WP but Striker interjects.

                              Striker: Whoa partner, it isnít worth your career! Now before the main event, itís time to find out what the WWE Universe thinks about these eight rookies. We asked you, the WWE Universe to Rank Them Rookies, and this is what you said!

                              1. PI
                              2. Holzhammer
                              3. jTj
                              4. WP
                              5. Heavy Mike
                              6. WMS
                              7. Run In
                              8. Zap
                              Striker: Wow! The Universe speaks out! Can I get some thoughts, Zap, how do you feel about last place?

                              Zap: Well, this vote was before my big win, so I guess I canít be too upset with it, I know I have to improve and change.

                              Striker: Holzhammer...Never mind, jTj, number three, another tough shortcoming for you?

                              jTj: Yeah Matt, Iím not exactly having the ideal night, but trust me, allís well that ends well.

                              PI holds his head down as Striker approaches him.

                              Striker: PI, number one, congratulations, how does it feel?

                              PI: I know that I donít deserve this. Itís all because of him.

                              PI walks away as everyone else looks confused.

                              Matthews: Well ,weíre almost to our main event as the rookies file back into the locker room, any thoughts Punk?

                              Punk: PI kinda seems like one of those cult favorites, Iím not sure he really has what it takes to make it to the top though.

                              Matthews: And what did he mean by, ĎItís all because of himí?

                              Punk: I really have no idea...

                              Suddenly the crowd pops as ĎBooyaka 619í hits and Rey Mysterio comes out wearing a baggy sweat suit and waving to the fans.

                              Matthews: Talk about a surprise! We didnít think Rey Mysterio was supposed to be back tonight! He obviously wanted to observe his rookie along with all of the other pros.

                              Punk: That baggy sweatsuit shows that heís let himself go in the two weeks heís been injured.

                              íAnimal I Have Becomeí hits and Heavy Mike comes out to a big reaction as Sheamus watches looking frustrated by the reaction Mike gets. As heís making his way down to the ring, Mysterio jumps off his chair and attacks Heavy Mike from behind. He gets a few shots in before taking off his mask and itís actually PI!

                              Matthews: PI used the element of surprise to attack his opponent!

                              PI versus Heavy Mike [with Sheamus]
                              PI gets to work on Mike right away capitalizing on the pre-match attack to gain control. Sheamus makes his way down to the ring from the Proís Area to watch his rookie in action and clearly looks angry that he got duped. PI controls a lot of the match using his fast paced action to counter the big man as Mike hasnít really gotten over the whole element of surprise. PI goes for the pin and Mike kicks out. The momentum finally starts to change as Mike gets in some offense and goes for the pin fall only to get a few near falls. Finally PI gets a momentum shifter with a Sunset Flip Power Bomb. He goes for the pin and gets a two before breaking the pin himself. He then exerts a lot of energy lifting Mike onto second rope. He goes off the ropes and goes for the 6-1-9, but Sheamus grabs him by the feet and pulls him out of the ring. Sheamus just looks down at him in disgust, but then throws him back into the ring and tells Mike to finish him. Mike is about to when PI trips him and then hits Flyiní PI for the victory!
                              Winner, PI

                              Matthews: And thatís why heís Number One!

                              Sheamus then grabs a microphone and a steel chair.

                              Sheamus: Think youíre clever fella? Mike! Get outta the ring or Iíll eliminate you from NXT meself and get fired in the process, if not arrested!

                              Mike nods despite looking frustrated. Sheamus enters the ring and has a smile on his face as PI backs himself into a corner.

                              Sheamus: Iím gonna teach ya a lesson of humility fella!

                              Sheamus lifts the chair over his head when ĎWarriorí by Kid Rock blasts throughout the arena and the crowd goes crazy as jTj comes down to the ring.

                              Sheamus: What are ya doing down here? This hasnít got anything to do with you!

                              jTj: See thatís where youíre wrong. I serve America. I serve justice. It is my God-given duty to do the right thing. And now is the time to do the right thing. See, Iíve been having a bad night and Iíve been looking for someone to take it out on. Michael Cole may be safe, but youíre not my pro!

                              The crowd goes off the chain as jTj spears Sheamus and starts unloading on him as PI watches in relief.

                              Matthews: jTj was right! The Raw GM only said rookies couldnít fight their own pros! It said nothing about other peopleís pros!

                              Punk: Itís pretty sweet to see Sheamus getting put in his place!

                              Matthews: It will also be pretty sweet seeing each and every one of you, next week on NXT!

                              © World Wrestling Entertainment
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                                Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

                                NXT Newsfeed

                                Originally posted by Anonymous Raw General Manager
                                OK. I wasnít specific enough. While there will be no repercussions against jTj for his actions against Sheamus by MY hands or words, starting this Tuesday, the rule about no physical contact between NXT Rookies and WWE Pros applies to ALL Rookies and ALL Pros!
                                Originally posted by Sheamus
                                jTj is a proud American, eh? Well, weíll see how he does this Tuesday night. See, Iím going to be in charge of making all of the matches this week, since I won the Monster Mash Battle Royal and Iím making it U.S.A. versus The World. Instead of having the bye week that they were supposed to have, jTj and PI will be going into two three on two handicap matches. The first against Team Europe, WMS, WP, and Holzhammer and the second against Team Australia Run In, Zap, and my rookie, Heavy Mike.
                                Originally posted by Matt Striker
                                Going along with Sheamusí decision to make it U.S.A. versus The World this week on NXT, Iíve come up with a great competition series, it will be the first ever, NXT Culture Cup! Weíll feature competitions characteristic of different cultures with the winning rookie going on to get to participate on a Raw event and a Smackdown event on the WWE European Tour!
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