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FF NXT by Alyon

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    Re: FF NXT by Alyon

    Today’s NXT Rookie is....

    RUN IN

    Hometown: Sydney, Australia
    Height: 5’ 11”
    Weight: 177 lbs
    Years Pro: 1
    Finisher: Dragon Sleeper

    His WWE Pro will be....

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      Re: FF NXT by Alyon

      AmDrag is my pro....yeah!!!!! You're all going to sleep!


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        Re: FF NXT by Alyon

        Originally posted by __
        jTj's character is so fucking awesome already. I hope he's ripping off The Patriot's attire somewhat with a bad ass mask and red/white/blue tights.
        That's an interesting idea... hmmmmm
        Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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          Re: FF NXT by Alyon

          Originally posted by M!ke:Hush
          That's an interesting idea... hmmmmm
          : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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            Re: FF NXT by Alyon

            If you didn't see my post in the Fed Thread, I am starting a new project... a full on Pro Wrestling: Fan Fiction, I liked your idea for Jeff so i thought about looking into it.., and I don't have a masked wrestler yet so I might use that Patriot gimmick for Jeff in my fed, does that clear things up Pizzle lol!

            Sorry to high jack your thread Alyon!
            Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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              Re: FF NXT by Alyon

              The next NXT Rookie....


              Hometown: Manchester, England
              Height: 6’ 2”
              Weight: 212 lbs
              Years Pro: 3
              Finisher: Solo Sault [Split Legged Moonsault]

              His WWE Pro will be...

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                Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                The next NXT Rookie is....


                Hometown: New York City, New York
                Height: 5’ 6”
                Weight: 176 lbs
                Years Pro: 7
                Finisher: Flying PI [Springboard Phoenix Splash]

                His WWE Pro is...

                REY MYSTERIO!
                [OOC: Credit to KJ for the theme song]
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                  Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                  I've the smallest fucker in this joint. I'm going to be everybody's rag doll.
                  : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                    Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                    Only two more NXT Rookies!


                    Hometown: London, England
                    Height: 6’1”
                    Weight: 233 lbs
                    Years Pro: 3
                    Finisher: Fools Rush In [Russian Legsweep]

                    He will be mentored by....

                    DOLPH ZIGGLER!

                    (Bit early, I'm tired)
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                      Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                      The Final NXT Rookie...


                      Hometown: Brussels, Belgium
                      Height: 6’7”
                      Weight: 256 lbs
                      Years Pro: 10
                      Finisher: Sole Hammer [Bicycle Kick]

                      His WWE Pro...

                      ZACK RYDER!
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                        Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                        You're a wrestler now, Holz! You know it! Woo, woo, woo!


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                          Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                          Poor Zack


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                            Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                            Originally posted by Spreutels
                            Poor Zack
                            I feel sorry for Holz, not Zack lol!
                            Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                              Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                              I feel sorry for Zack. Holz probably doesn't care either way.


                              Originally posted by RT
                              "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                                Re: FF NXT by Alyon

                                The scene opens on Matt Striker standing in the center of the ring.

                                Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME to NXT Season Four! Tonight, for the first episode of NXT allow me to introduce the eight WWE Pros who will, in turn, introduce their NXT Rookies! First, ZACK RYDER!

                                ’Oh Radio’ hits and Zack Ryder comes on stage with a microphone in his hands. However Holzhammer comes right behind him and keeps walking right past him.

                                Ryder: Bro! Bro! Can we get a redo? You’re supposed to wait until I introduce you! Bro, come back! Wait for your music man! Aw, just play his music. Never mind, he’s almost there.

                                Holzhammer continues to walk to the ring. He gets in and Ryder follows him in.

                                Ryder: Matt, I’m so sorry. He doesn’t speak English.

                                Holzhammer turns around and looks at Ryder for the first time with a sharp glare. He rips the microphone out of Ryder’s hands.

                                Holzhammer: YOU, of all people, have the audacity to assume that I cannot speak English?

                                Ryder tries to take the microphone back, but Holzhammer gives him an intense look. He then decides to take Striker’s microphone instead.

                                Ryder: Then why haven’t you returned any of my calls, bro?

                                Holzhammer takes Ryder’s microphone and throws it to the ground. He then grabs Zack by the jacket.

                                Holzhammer: I am here for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to reeducate not only you but this entire country...This entire...

                                Holzhammer looks around in disgust.

                                Holzhammer: ....Universe, on what professional wrestling is all about.

                                Striker picks up the microphone without even getting within an inch of Ryder or his rookie.

                                Striker: OK THEN! Our next WWE Pro, KOFI KINGSTON!

                                ’S.O.S.’ plays and Kofi walks on stage.

                                Kingston: I would like to introduce the entire WWE Universe, to the next break out star, ZAP!

                                ’Thunderstruck’ plays and Zap comes on stage and walks down to the ring with Kofi.

                                Punk: Well that entrance was slightly less exciting.

                                Matthews: What is exciting to you might be a bit terrifying to the rest of the WWE Universe.

                                Punk: That’s because the rest of the WWE Universe doesn’t live by the Straight Edge Lifestyle.

                                Striker: Our next WWE Pro, WWE Intercontinental Champion DOLPH ZIG-

                                Striker is cut off by shouts of ‘EXCUSE ME’ as Vickie Guerrero walks on stage with Kaitlyn, Kaval, LayCool, and Chavo Guerrero.

                                Vickie: EXCUSE ME! Listen Matt, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my clients, LayCool were the WWE Pros for Season Two Winner, Kaval and I was the Pro for Kaitlyn, another winner, so allow me to introduce the man who is going to deliver the next WWE Breakout Star, my boyfriend, DOLPH ZIGGLER!

                                ’I Am Perfection’ plays and Dolph Ziggler walks onto the now crowded stage.

                                Ziggler: Ladies and Gentlemen, my rookie is a young man by the name of WMS!

                                ’Riders on the Storm’ hits and WMS walks onto the stage and he and Dolph walk down to the ring before the rest of Vickie’s Entourage walks back to the back.

                                Striker: The next WWE Pro to make an introduction tonight is SHEAMUS!

                                ’Written in my Face’ plays and Sheamus walks on stage.

                                Sheamus: My NXT Rookie is a fella who has all of the tools to be the next breakout star, and he will be because I don’t fail. This is HEAVY MIKE!

                                ’Animal I Have Become’ hits and Heavy Mike walks on stage and gives a nod to Sheamus who returns it before the two men walk down to the ring. They enter the ring and Zap offers Mike a handshake, but when Mike looks ready to accept, Sheamus stops him.

                                Punk: Sheamus has his work cut out for him.

                                Matthews: That guy is a beast.

                                Striker: The next WWE Pro, REY MYSTERIO!

                                ’Booyaka 619’ plays and Rey Mysterio walks on stage.

                                Mysterio: My NXT Rookie is a little mysterious, just like me, here he is, PI!

                                ’Sink to the Beat’ plays and then the lights go out. The lights come back on and there is a guy in a Rey Mysterio mask standing in the ring. Mysterio looks confused on stage. The man in the ring takes off the mask and is wearing the mask with the pi symbol on it. Mysterio smiles and comes down to the ring.

                                Matthews: There has been some suggestion in the back that PI stands for Positively Indescribable, which seems to fit so far.

                                Punk: That’s like saying CM stands for Cookie Monster, it’s just another stupid suggestion from this infected society.

                                Matthews: What do you think it stands for?

                                Punk: I don’t know, Pissing Iris?

                                Matthews: Thanks for taking my question seriously partner.

                                Striker: The next WWE Michael Cole.

                                Cole walks on stage to no music.

                                Cole: Now my NXT Rookie certainly isn’t as good as The Miz, hell, he isn’t as good as Alex Riley, but what he is...Well, he’s jTj.

                                ’Warrior’ plays and jTj walks on stage and Cole starts to walk down but jTj stops him.

                                jTj: Let’s get one thing straight right now. No I’m not The Miz or Alex Riley and I thank the good Lord every night for that, but Michael, what I am is misfortunate. I am stuck with the least qualified Pro of anybody here on NXT, but I won’t complain because the last two NXT winners won despite having the absolute worst pros, I’m talking about Kaitlyn and Kaval. Maybe I can do it too.

                                Cole: Wait, you said I’m the worst Pro? Daniel Bryan is a pro this season, listen buddy, I’m the lead announcer for this company. I’ve been the best commentator in this company basically since I walked in the door. I have watched thousands of matches and called thousands more! And before that, before that when you were probably wrestling in high school gyms or bingo halls, I was overseas covering wars.

                                jTj rips the microphone out of Cole’s hand.

                                jTj: No Michael, when you were covering those wars, I was fighting in them. I am a veteran for the United States Army. I put my life on the line for the freedom that you enjoy each and every day so you better think TWICE before you compare our pasts again.

                                jTj drops the microphone and rolls into the ring while Michael Cole just looks a bit defeated.

                                Striker: The next Pro, MVP!

                                ’I’m Comin’’ plays and MVP walks on stage to a huge ovation.

                                MVP: Ladies and Gentlemen, I know it’s not possible for any of you to be as excited about my guy as he is about himself, but I’ll give you a shot, here he is, WP!

                                MVP waits on stage for his rookie as ’Ridin’ Solo’ by Jason DeRulo hits, but there is no one to be found. Finally Daniel Bryan walks on stage.

                                Bryan: Excuse me, Montel, I don’t mean to ruin your moment, but I’ve been asked to tell you to make your way down to the ring by yourself because your rookie apparently doesn’t share the spotlight with anyone.

                                MVP shrugs and walks down to the ring and once Daniel Bryan goes back to the back, ‘Ridin’ Solo’ plays once again and WP walks down to the ring to a lot of boos from the crowd. He’s less than half way down the stage when Daniel Bryan comes right back out and is walking behind him. The crowd is laughing at this as well as some of the wrestlers in the ring. WP eventually realizes what is going on and turns around to start yelling at Bryan.

                                WP: You will not embarrass me! You blokes think this kind of thing is funny! I will not be humiliated!

                                WP scoffs and turns around as Daniel Bryan starts to chuckle a bit.

                                Bryan: My rookie is Run In.

                                ’Working Man’ plays and the crowd gives a decent pop as Run In walks down to the ring.

                                Striker: Well, now that we have everyone in the ring, I’ll explain how things are going to work this season. First of all, early today, the eight pros met and came up with three matches which they believe will best showcase six of the rookies tonight. Up until the elimination weeks, there will be three one on one matches every week leaving two rookies to have a ‘bye’ week up until the first elimination on week five. Every week that there is not an Elimination, there will be a reward competition, starting next week. So now, I’ve been informed that three of the Pros have volunteered to announce tonight’s three matches. Dolph Ziggler, would you announce the first.

                                Ziggler: Well jTj, it’s quite fitting that you chose to go after Vickie and LayCool because in our Pro Meeting today, Michael Cole specifically requested that you be paired up against the rookie with the best pro, me. So tonight you’ll be facing WMS!

                                Matthews: jTj versus WMS, all right!

                                Striker: That’s not all, Sheamus, I believe you wanted to announce the next match.

                                Sheamus: Yes, I sure do. Now, we all know I’m the most intelligent WWE Pro, but today I found out that Rey Mysterio was the stupidest. See, he seems to think that his rookie, PI has a fighting chance against my rookie, Heavy Mike!

                                Punk: Sheamus seems confident in his rookie, but I guess if my rookie was facing Rey Mysterio’s, he might have won too.

                                Striker: OK, we’re running short on time, MVP, last announcement.

                                MVP: Well see, my rookie, WP had a bit of a reputation back in the farm leagues of stabbing guys in the back.

                                WP: I don’t need any bloody partner.

                                MVP: As I was saying, a couple of the men in the ring are his former partners and tonight one of them will be his opponent.

                                Holzhammer and Zap both perk up a bit.

                                WP: Enough with the suspense!

                                MVP: Tonight’s main event, WP versus Holzhammer!

                                The crowd pops as we go to a commercial.
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