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- General Discussion is banned from Fan Fiction. It was great while it lasted, but it was abused too many times.


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WWE PoweRaw

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  • WWE PoweRaw

    WWE PoweRaw

    World Heavyweight Champion

    Triple H

    Junior-Heavyweight Champion


    United States Champion

    Jack Swagger

    Intercontinental Champion

    Jack Swagger

    World Tag Team Champions


    General Manager of
    Monday Night Raw

    John Layfield

    Commissioner of

    Dean Malenko

    John Cena | Triple H | The Miz | CM Punk | Daniel Bryan

    John Morrison | Kofi Kingston | Evan Bourne | Jack Swagger | Vladimir Kozlov

    Great Khali | Mark Henry | Chris Masters | Jimmy Uso | Carlito Colon

    Cody Rhodes | David Smith | Mike Wesson | Roderick Strong | William Regal

    Nick Nemeth | Shelton Benjamin | Ezekiel Jackson | Finlay | R-Truth

    Nick Dinsmore | Muhammad Hassan | Christopher Daniels | Alex Koslov | AJ Styles
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    Re: WWE PoweRaw

    PoweRaw History
    Championship History

    World Heavyweight Championship

    Current - Triple H
    • Defeated the Undertaker on April 18 (PoweRaw) when Kane gave his Money in the Bank Contract to Triple H.
    • First episode of PoweRaw began with no World Champion on Monday Night Raw; and two Champions on Smackdown.
    • John Cena lost the World Heavyweight Championship to the Undertaker at Bragging Rights on April 17, 2011.

    Junior-Heavyweight Championship

    Current - Vacant
    • CM Punk 2/1/0 | Daniel Bryan 1/2/0 | Evan Bourne 0/3/0 | John Morrison 2/1/0 | Kofi Kingston 0/3/0 | The Miz 3/0/0
    • Junior-Heavyweight Commissioner Dean Malenko sanctioned a Round-Robin Tournament to declare the first Champion.
    • Championship was created by General Manager John Layfield as part of his new assignment as General Manager.

    United States Championship

    Current - Jack Swagger
    • Championship was unified with Intercontinental Championship at Bragging Rights by defeating Rey Mysterio.

    Intercontinental Championship

    Current - Jack Swagger
    • Swagger refused to relinquish title and has defended title against non-American wrestlers in lieu of the United States title.
    • Championship was unified with United States Championship at Bragging Rights by defeating Rey Mysterio.

    World Tag Team Championship

    Current - Vacant
    • Championship was vacated by General Manager John Layfield as part of his new assignment as General Manager.

    PoweRaw History
    Program History

    April 18, 2011 - PoweRaw
    • JBL confronts John Cena accusing him of being the reason why Monday Night Raw will be a failure without a World Title.
    • The Undertaker tells John Cena that with one win a piece, he wants him in the ring to settle it once and for all.
    • The first of six Free Agents appeared (Roderick Strong) who defeated Tyson Kidd with a Torture Rack Backbreaker Combo.
    • Chris Masters spoke to Santino Marella and announced that tonight he would reintroduce the Masterlock Challenge.
    • The Hollywood Blondes (Benjamin & Nemeth) debuted as a tag team and easily defeated Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins.
    • The biggest surprise of that tag team match saw Matt Striker leave the announcer booth to be in the Blondes' corner.
    • John Layfield talked to Triple H, thanking him for the Raw win the night before and credited Raw's success to HHH.
    • Jack Swagger confronted JBL about his misjudgment in relying on Cena (again) to get a World Title on Raw.
    • John Layfield informed Jack Swagger that he would have to relinquish the Intercontinental Title now that it was unified with the U.S. Title.
    • Chris Masters challenged all wrestlers in the back to the Masterlock Challenge. Chavo Guerrero answered; but submitted in seconds.
    • Maria Kanellis talked to the Big Show about why he was on Raw and about being traded to Smackdown for three free agents.
    • General Manager Layfield was seen in the back ordering someone 'take someone out' although it was unclear as to who.
    • A Raw vs. Smackdown Ten Man Over-the-Top Rope Battle Royal was won by Kane when he last eliminated Vladimir Kozlov.
    • During and following the match, The Big Show was attacked by a new team (Smith & Wesson) lead by Jim Neidhart.
    • Dean Malenko announced that he would commission the birth of a new title and division, the Junior-Heavyweights.
    • Malenko announced the six men he'd assembled to comprise the division (Miz, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, & Daniel Bryan)
    • In the main event of the evening, the Undertaker successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena.
    • Following the match, Kane brought his Money in the Bank briefcase to the ring and used it to pulverize and bloody Undertaker.
    • After Kane's assault, Triple H came out and Kane gave him the briefcase. Triple H cashed it in and pinned the Undertaker to win the title.

    April 25, 2011 - PoweRaw
    • Dean Malenko announced the rules concerning the Junior-Heavyweight Open (a 6 man Round-Robin Style Tournament).
    • The opening match saw John Morrison defeat Kofi Kingston with the Moonlight Drive to go 1/0/0 in the Junior-Heavyweight Open.
    • The Undertaker entered the arena and made his intentions known about getting his World Championship back and Triple H answered.
    • Following a verbal back-and-forth with Triple H; John Layfield granted Undertaker his rematch at Night of Champions but barred him from Raw.
    • Jimmy Uso defeated R-Truth after a very controversial incident that may have been the injured Jay Uso aiding his brother.
    • The Hollywood Blondes invade Cody Rhodes' dressing room with a message telling him to not bother coming to his match tonight.
    • Triple H tells Stephanie McMahon that his payment to Kane is steep but she assures him that the ends justifies the means.
    • Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (Nexus) invade Raw demanding that the vacant World Tag Titles be unified with their WWE Tag Titles.
    • When John Layfield refuses, Nexus threatens to take it by force; but are diverted by Smith & Wesson who guard the titles and Layfield.
    • John Cena is interviewed by Maria Kanellis and says that his desire to fight the Undertaker again will consume him; but he gave his word that it was over.
    • Following the interview, Cena was attacked by Nick Dinsmore, and told him to remember this moment, he was the first victim of Nick the Ripper.
    • Chris Masters announced his MasterLock Challenger to be John Cena, but everyone saw through Masters knowing that Cena was just hurt.
    • After Cena didn't appear for the Challenge (as expected), Masters then brought out Tatsu and defeated him in the MasterLock Challenge.
    • Jack Swagger and John Layfield addressed the Intercontinental Title situation before JBL informed Swagger he'd defend the U.S. Title against Ezekiel Jackson.
    • Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. fought to a double count-out after action spilled out of the ring and the two fought throughout the arena.
    • Following the match, Striker addressed Rhodes while Benjamin and Nemeth attacked Dibiase; afterward Rhodes joined the "Striker Brigade."
    • Jack Swagger announced that he would not defend his U.S. Championship against Ezekiel Jackson because Jackson was not a native-born American.
    • Instead, Swagger defended his 'retired' Intercontinental Title against Jackson. Ezekiel won via disqualification when Swagger hit him with the title.
    • Triple H and Stephanie waited for Kane in an underground parking garage in order to pay off Kane for giving Triple H the Money in the Bank Briefcase.
    • When Kane arrived, Triple H informed Stephanie that the payment was not money, but that it was Stephanie. Kane abducted Stephanie as Triple H watched.

    May 02, 2011 - PoweRaw
    • The third episode of PoweRaw opened with Vince McMahon addressing his daughter's abductor, Kane, giving him until the end of the show to return her.
    • In the first match of the night, Daniel Bryan defeated Evan Bourne in the second match of the Junior-Heavyweight Championship Open by pinfall.
    • Following the match both men were attacked by Roderick Strong who complained to Dean Malenko about not being chosen to compete in the Division.
    • General Manager John Layfield opened up giving his condolences to the McMahon family but saying that the show must go on.
    • Matt Striker interrupted JBL telling him that the show doesn't have to go on and that he and the Striker Brigade would make sure that it doesn't.
    • The Striker Brigade said that they were tired of being misused and that it is now their priority to get Monday Night Raw shut down.
    • After accepting Striker's resignation from the announcer's table, JBL asked Striker how he would shut down Raw and Striker said that, that was the mystery.
    • Maria Kanellis interviewed the Miz who requested to Dean Malenko (who denied the request) to be released from the Junior-Heavyweight Division.
    • The Miz complained about the stars in the division and asked CM Punk to back him up; to which, Punk told the Miz he is not the ally to be looking for.
    • John Cena came out and said that Nick Dinsmore only attacked him from behind last week because face to face he didn't stand a chance.
    • Cena then demanded Chris Masters to come out and face him like a man as well, and give him a legitimate shot at the MasterLock Challenge.
    • In the MasterLock Challenge, Cena nearly escaped the hold, until Nick the Ripper appeared and commenced beating up Cena with the help of Masters.
    • Backstage Vince McMahon told Triple H that he is a worse monster than Kane would ever be and when he's through with Kane, Hunter is next.
    • JBL surprisingly appeared as the other half of the announce team and said that he would now hold court as General Manager at ringside.
    • He announced a ten man battle royal and the winner would face Jack Swagger at Night of Champions for the United States Championship.
    • A "free agent" signing of Muhammad Hassan would get the upset win when he outlasted nine other men and earned the right to fight Swagger.
    • After the match Swagger accused JBL of defacing the United States title and accused him of putting 10 non-American athletes in the Battle Royal.
    • When a back-and-forth exchange was over, JBL coerced Swagger into defending both the United States and Intercontinental Titles at Night of Champions.
    • Backstage the Undertaker approached Vince McMahon and told him that he could deliver Kane to him if he would let Undertaker have Triple H.
    • In the main event, the Miz defeated CM Punk by snagging the tights during a pinfall in the third match of the Junior-Heavyweight Open.
    • Prior to the match, Dean Malenko was severely injured when a light fixture fell from the ceiling and glass shards gashed his forehead.
    • At the end of the night, Vince called out Kane, who asked Mr. McMahon if he would agree to his demands. Vince let his security forces go.
    • Stephanie was pulled out from under the ring by two masked men. McMahon agreed to Kane's terms and ran to his daughter.
    • The show went off the air with Mr. McMahon taking Stephanie's mask off revealing that it was Linda instead. Kane disappeared into the darkness.

    May 09, 2011 - PoweRaw
    • The program opens up with Mr. McMahon in the ring telling Kane that the time for immunity is over. Now he's going to find him and make him pay.
    • The Striker Brigade confronted the General Manager about the incident involving Dean Malenko from last week where he was hurt by a light fixture.
    • Striker said that he had a moral obligation to notify the Department of Labor concerning the unsafe work practices on Monday Night Raw.
    • Department of Labor Representative Stanley Williams announced that over the next three weeks he would investigate Raw and John Layfield.
    • John Layfield announced a triple threat tag team match involving the Junior-Heavyweights, partnering first round partners together in the match.
    • CM Punk and The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan & Evan Bourne, and John Morrison & Kofi Kingston earning an extra win in the tournament.
    • Following the match, Roderick Strong talked to all six saying that they weren't on his level and challenged all six for their spot in the tournament.
    • Kofi Kingston accepted the challenge. As the tournament stands - The Miz (2), CM Punk (1), Daniel Bryan (1), John Morrison (1), Evan Bourne (0), Kofi Kingston (0).
    • Jack Swagger entered the arena and generally insulted Muhammad Hassan, giving him a slanted history lesson. Hassan called Swagger out for his bigotry.
    • Finlay and Regal talked about putting Swagger in his place, as they prepare for their tag team match against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.
    • Regal and Finlay earned a spot in the Tag Team Turmoil Match at Night of Champions by defeating Hawkins and Ryder in a qualifying match.
    • Backstage, Matt Striker informed Stanley Williams of the abductions of Stephanie and Linda McMahon to strengthen his investigation against Layfield.
    • Chris Masters entered the ring and insulted John Cena for failing the MasterLock Challenge, and then gave Cena's friend, R-Truth, the same opportunity.
    • Despite his best efforts, Truth submitted to the MasterLock. Following the Challenge, Masters refused to relinquish Truth from the MasterLock.
    • John Cena made the save, knocking Truth free. However, Cena was blindsided by Nick Dinsmore who assaulted him with a steel chair.
    • Triple H confronts Vince McMahon in the back about what he gave Kane last week and cautioned him about doing business with Kane.
    • In a special request exhibition match, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov fought to a double count-out with no winner decided.
    • A re-cap video took us into the main event, highlighting the road Jack Swagger took to get us to the point of the battle royal match.
    • The Patriot won a ten man over the top rope All-American American Battle Royal for the right to fight Jack Swagger for the United States title.
    • Following the match, Jack Swagger insulted the Patriot about his age, but Patriot would take off his mask revealing himself as Christopher Daniels.
    • During the match the Big Show would eliminate Jim Neidhart and then himself and toss Niedhart into John Layfield and the Department of Labor Rep.
    • At the end of the night, Triple H came out to address his involvement with Stephanie's abduction and plead with Kane to return her to her family.
    • Kane's response was in the form of a video filmed by an unknown man who accepted Stephanie from Kane in the middle of the woods.
    • Kane said he got what he wanted from Vince and was now going to Kansas to find a man. The unknown man would then reveal himself to be the Undertaker.

    May 16, 2011 - PoweRaw
    • The show kicks off with Kane arriving at the Leavenworth, Kansas Federal Penitentiary. He talks on the steps of the prison.
    • Kane says that he is here for someone and that he is coming soon; before being arrested by guards and taken into the prison.
    • The first match saw Kofi Kingston fight Roderick Strong with Kingston's position in the Junior-Heavyweight Title Tournament on the line.
    • Kofi Kingston would accidentally knock out the official, and then throw a chair to Strong and feign being hit in order to win by disqualification.
    • Following the match, Kingston brutally attacked Strong with the chair and announced that he is now in it for himself, instead of the people.
    • John Layfield announced all six matches for Night of Champions, including an "Ace in the Hole" match to determine the new Number One Contenders.
    • The Striker Brigade entered the arena and Matt Striker spoke of the sheer panic that Layfield has caused and wondered who would fall victim next.
    • Mike Wesson, Heath Slater, Finlay, and Nick Nemeth fought in a Fatal Fourway as a precursor of their tag team match in just thirteen nights.
    • After a very chaotic finish, Mike Wesson walked out with the win, only to be attacked by Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth. David Smith made the save.
    • A Night of Champions Advertisement played, calling it a "Story for the Ages" and a graphic representation showed a storybook titled Night of Champions.
    • Triple H called out the Undertaker to return Stephanie. The Undertaker appeared and told Hunter that later tonight he would have a chance to redeem himself.
    • Maria Kanellis interviewed Kofi Kingston saying that he was her favorite wrestler. He verbally assaulted her saying she is what's wrong with the WWE.
    • Dean Malenko intervened saying that he may have made the wrong decision choosing Kingston over Strong and gave Strong the #1 contendership to JH title.
    • Chris Masters and Nick Dinsmore spoke about how six years ago John Cena kept them down with the WWE's help because he feared their talent.
    • As John Cena and R-Truth came out for their match against Dinsmore and Masters a pyro exploded on the stage and burned Truth, leaving Cena partnerless.
    • John Cena fought Masters and Dinsmore in a handicap match and despite his efforts, he submitted to the Masterlock prior to be assaulted post-match.
    • John Layfield confronted Striker backstage accusing him of causing the pyros to explode on Truth. Striker denied it and told Layfield to control his show.
    • In the first match of the second round of the Junior-Heavyweight Tournament, John Morrison would defeat Evan Bourne to go tie the Miz at 2 wins.
    • Vince McMahon confronted Triple H backstage and told him to do whatever it takes to get Stephanie back tonight. Whatever it takes.
    • In the main event, Jack Swagger fought his two opponents from Night of Champions in a triple threat match, taking on Muhammad Hassan and Christopher Daniels.
    • Swagger spent most of the match out of the ring, avoiding his two opponents, and snuck back in just in time to steal the win away from Hassan.
    • The show concluded with Triple H calling out the Undertaker. Taker brought Stephanie McMahon out bound and told Triple H he could save her.
    • Druids brought out a large representation of the Undertaker's symbol and told Triple H that either he or Stephanie would be sacrificed on it tonight.
    • Triple H, against Stephanie's screams, chose to let her go and sacrifice himself. Stephanie was released and Triple H was tied to the symbol.
    • The Undertaker approached Triple H on the symbol and beat him to a bloody mess and then used Triple H's sledgehammer to destroy him.
    • The show went off the air with the druids carrying the symbol with Triple H facing upward, and the Undertaker riding on top with the sledgehammer in the air.

    May 23, 2011 - PoweRaw
    • The sixth edition of PoweRaw kicked off with a video recap of last week's show featuring "Burn it to the Ground" by Nickelback.
    • Following the video, we are taken to a "What happened after Raw last week" segment where we see Triple H put into an ambulance and taken out of the arena.
    • The show went hot with the second match of the second round of the Junior-Heavyweight Title Tournament with Kofi Kingston facing CM Punk.
    • Kofi Kingston took advantage of a distracted official and untied a turnbuckle post and used it to drive Punk's injured shoulder into and nailed his finisher.
    • Kingston picked up the win, but immediately after the match, Dean Malenko announced that he had reversed the decision, disqualifying Kofi Kingston.
    • The General Manager announced that here tonight there would be a live contract signing for 20 men to participate in Night of Champions' Ace in the Hole match.
    • John Layfield locked in the first two positions of the match by giving them to the two remaining Free Agent contracts that will be revealed this Sunday night.
    • Vladimir Kozlov answered the call to sign the contract and was met by Ezekiel Jackson who did the same. Afterward, the two stared one another down.
    • In a Pick Your Poison match, Jack Swagger chose the opponent for the man fighting him for his United States title this Sunday; picking Jimmy Uso for the job.
    • Jimmy Uso tricked the official by letting Jay Uso to slip into the match and pick up the win. However, JBL restarted the match and Christopher Daniels won.
    • Jimmy and Jay Uso both attempted to sign the Ace in the Hole contract, but Layfield stopped Jay Uso telling him that he couldn't since he was inactive.
    • John Layfield publicly insulted Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, and Tyson Kidd before telling them to step up their game at Night of Champions.
    • The second of two Fatal Fourway matches took place between David Smith, William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, and Justin Gabriel in a prelude to this Sunday.
    • In the end, Shelton Benjamin defied gravity when he nailed a dropkick from the top rope and connected with a moonsault off the dropkick for the win.
    • The Striker Brigade entered along with Department of Labor representative Stanley Williams to address the General Manager's actions over the last few weeks.
    • Stanley Williams told JBL that he didn't expect to have anymore "accidents" on the show between now and Night of Champions if he wanted a good report.
    • Matt Striker told JBL that at Night of Champions, the Striker Brigade would go golden when they stripped Raw of every major championship.
    • Nick Dinsmore and Chris Masters spoke more on taking John Cena out of the spotlight of the fans and that it started three weeks ago and ends this Sunday.
    • Cena entered, but the numbers were too much, until R-Truth appeared by his side and the two sent Masters and Dinsmore running; all 4 signed for Ace in the Hole.
    • In the second Pick Your Poison Match, Jack Swagger chose an opponent for Muhammad Hassan who would be fighting for Swagger's Intercontinental Title on Sunday.
    • Hassan nearly won the match against Carlito until Colon used his cast to get a win. JBL would once again restart the match and Hassan would score the win.
    • Before the match, Swagger pledged to defend the United States title against all American comers; after the match Carlito signed up for Ace in the Hole.
    • Bradshaw announced 4 vacant spots still left in Ace in the Hole and asked that this time he get some big men, some giants to answer the call.
    • Henry was the first saying he was the World's Strongest Man. But he was also answered by Roderick Strong who called himself WWE's real strongman.
    • When Henry shoved Strong to the mat, Strong answered by delivering a backbreaker to Henry showing his pure raw strength and signed the contract.
    • The Great Khali answered next as "the biggest man in the match," but was quickly out shadowed by the Big Show who knocked Khali out with a hard right.
    • In the main event, the Miz scored his third Junior-Heavyweight victory, this time over Daniel Bryan by count-out when Miz hit his finisher on the steel steps.
    • We cut to Leavenworth, Kansas where Kane meets up with someone in jail. After attacking some guards, Kane addresses someone as his "brother."
    • In the final segment of the night, Vince McMahon says he has to vacate the World Championship, before Undertaker arrives to take possession of it.
    • Just before he can, Triple H makes a surprise return, attacking druids and sending Undertaker running before saying he will fight 'Taker to the death.
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      Re: WWE PoweRaw

      Vince McMahon opened the program with a special announcement. He said that over the course of the evening, there would be some major changes in store for the Raw and Smackdown brands. The first announcement is that of the evening was that the Brand that won the most matches at the end of the evening would host the first brand-exclusive pay-per-view event next month; the name of which is to be determined by the General Manager of the winning brand. Speaking of General Managers, Mr. McMahon stated that as promised tonight he would unveil the two new General Managers of Raw and Smackdown. He identified both men as money makers and men who were wise with their investments and thus he has entrusted the investment of his two brands to their hands: John Layfield to Monday Night Raw and Ted Dibiase to Friday Night Smackdown. The two General Managers entered the arena to a warm welcome from the crowd before they shook hands and McMahon addressed them again. He gave them each full creative power over their brands and promised to financially back them in their investments, starting with this. Two men walked out and handed a briefcase to each man; inside contained three free agent contracts for Raw and Smackdown to hire (each) three new superstars. Ted Dibiase said that as a Dibiase he knows how to run a business and it starts by pushing a Dibiase to the moon and back. Dibiase took out two contracts and said he would give his two sons a shot at glory. However, before he could sign the contracts, John Layfield interrupted him and said that he knew Dibiase was a family man, but beforehand he was always a business man. Layfield offered Dibiase a trade; Smackdown’s three free agent contracts in return for the single greatest acquisition in the history of Friday Night Smackdown. Dibiase said that no man was worth two free agent contracts, much less three. Layfield scribbled a name on a piece of paper and handed it to Dibiase. He was immediately shocked but smiled and asked if Layfield was joking. Bradshaw told him that it was no joke. After a few seconds Dibiase laughed and agreed to the terms. Dibiase handed Bradshaw the contracts and Ted announced that there was no use keeping it a secret and welcomed the newest member of the Smackdown roster, THE BIG SHOW. Show entered the arena amidst much confusion concerning his being traded to Smackdown even though he was representing the Raw roster in the Bragging Rights match later. Dibiase tells Bradshaw that he made a huge mistake. JBL simply stated, “We’ll see.”

      The first match of the evening saw a title unification match between the Raw represented United States Champion, Jack Swagger, taking on the Intercontinental Champion from Smackdown, Rey Mysterio. After a twenty minute back and forth match, Jack Swagger was able to lock away the win for Smackdown giving them a one point advantage. After the match, Swagger accepted both titles and said that it would have been an embarrassment for someone who has such pride in Mexico to be wearing a title that represents the United States of America! In the next match, the tag team titles were put on the line as the defending Nexus group, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel from Smackdown defended against the Raw duo of Jay and Jimmy Uso. At one point in the match Jay Uso took a nasty hit from Slater and was out cold as almost simultaneously Gabriel took a spinebuster from Jimmy Uso. A mishap involving the officials saw both Jay Uso and Justin Gabriel pinned and two different winners declared for the match. With no clear winner, a point was not awarded to either team. After the fact, it was revealed that Jay Uso may have been legitimately injured during the match and was stretchered out with no news concerning his condition throughout the evening. The third match had more implications than just another point added to the brand war. It meant a whole new future for a brand in general. Six Divas from each brand (Natalya, Melina, Maryse, Gail Kim, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella would represent Raw) while (Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Layla, Vickie Guerrero, Kelly Kelly, and Rosa Mendes represented the Smackdown brand.) The winning team would not only lock in a point for their brand, but would also draft all WWE Divas to their brand which would be declared the new home of WWE Divas. After a long hard fight, it would be Beth Phoenix who would secure the pinfall for her team, thus taking all Divas to Smackdown and tying up the score with Raw, one win a piece.

      Before the match began, there was more controversy surrounding who would compete in the fight than the fight itself. Smackdown replaced an injured Kaval with their newly traded Big Show to team up with Christian, Kane, Ted Dibiase Jr., Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rey. The Raw team was a member shy going into the fight and didn’t appear to have a replacement in sight. Taking up the reigns and captaining the team, The Miz lead CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, John Morrison, and Kofi Kingston to the fight. Oversized and outnumbered, the six fought through the trials and tribulations and managed to keep the score fairly even throughout the encounter. With the match waning down, The Miz and CM Punk looked across the ring at Big Show, Kane, and Wade Barrett. CM Punk managed to escape the fireman’s carry position that would have certainly put him away by Wade Barrett and reverse it into his own Go To Sleep and evened the teams up. However, he turned and walked straight into a chokeslam and just like that The Miz was all alone against Big Show and Kane. The Miz’s efforts paid off very little and he spent a good duration of the match taking a beating at the hands of the World’s Largest Athlete and the winner of this year’s Money in the Bank (Kane). Suddenly, the fans lept to their feet to see none other than “The Game” Triple H running down the ramp and slide into the ring. He unloads on both large athletes but the damaged Miz is unable to help him. Somewhere along the way, the Miz is pinned by Kane, leaving Triple H alone to defend himself against both. However, a lucky knee would help Triple H nail the pedigree on Big Show and eliminate the newly traded big man from the match. With just himself and Kane left, the match turned ugly and both men began beating one another all over the ring. However, Triple H’s resilience proved to be most beneficial this evening and he scored another pinfall over the Big Red Machine to tally up another win for Raw, pushing them into the lead at two wins to one.

      The former group, Rated RKO, would meet once again, this time in the most unlikely of scenarios that would see them representing different brands of the WWE in brand warfare. Edge, the WWE Champion, would defend his title and the Smackdown brand he represents against Randy Orton from Raw in hopes of tying up the score against Raw and retaining his title. The match saw a lot of back and forth action that spilled out of the ring numerous times and even once saw Edge and Orton take the fight into the stands. The official allowed much leeway as to what would be allowed; most would wonder if that was because the official in charge of the match worked for Smackdown? Nevertheless, he called the match down the middle and gave both men the same opportunities, but in the end, the match would end in the squared circle and not as a result of count-out or disqualification. Nearing the end of the fight, Randy Orton squanders on the mat, eyeing a downed Edge. He balls up his fists and begins pounding away at the mat. As Edge gets to his feet, Orton hops up looking for an RKO, but the resilient Edge shoves him into the ropes. Off of the return, Edge would drive Orton hard into the mat with a nasty Spear. Three slaps of the mat later and Edge would retain his WWE Championship and even up the score between Raw and Smackdown with two wins apiece. Edge celebrated his win in much rock star fashion, jumping on every turnbuckle and holding the title up for all of the fans to see. As he hops off of the turnbuckle, he turns and walks straight into an RKO from Orton. Randy rolls Edge over and snags him up into a pinning position. Orton instructs the official to make the count. The referee doesn’t know what’s going on, but then a second official runs down and slides into the ring. He makes the count. 1……….2…………. EDGE KICKS OUT! The fans are shocked. What’s going on? Orton stands up and can’t believe Edge kicked out. He backs against the turnbuckle but then charges out and punts the side of Edge’s head, knocking him out cold. He jumps back on Edge and the second official makes the count, getting the three count with much ease this go around. Afterward, Orton takes to the microphone and says that prior to the match, he made a deal with Ted Dibiase to make Smackdown his new home. In return, Ted Dibiase promised Randy Orton a title shot against the Smackdown Champion, anytime, anywhere. Dibiase comes out and congratulates Orton, only to the surprise of Dibiase receives an RKO for his efforts as well.

      Prior to Bragging Rights, John Cena and the Undertaker had experienced their fair share of confrontations. Last month, at WrestleMania XXVII, John Cena accepted the challenge from the Undertaker to put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the Deadman in return for giving him a shot to end his 18-0 streak. This match was the most anticipated match in nearly a decade for most WWE fans, most of which dreamed of this scenario for years before it became a reality. The match was everything you would expect. The veteran Undertaker commanded most of the match, dishing out every bit of punishment humanly possible to Cena. But in the end, “the Champ” would rally against the Deadman. Cena would put the nail in the Undertaker’s undefeated streak with an Attitude Adjustment and one of the biggest celebrations in the history of the WWE afterward. A month later, the Undertaker is given the opportunity for revenge. With so much on the line, will lightning strike twice for Cena, or will the Deadman even the score with his new nemesis? The winner of this match brings home the Bragging Rights trophy to his respective brand, as well as the World Heavyweight Championship and as an added bonus give his brand the right to host the first brand-exclusive pay-per-view next month. This match saw all members of both rosters empty out of the locker room onto the entrance stage and ramp to watch two of the most beloved wrestlers in the WWE today unleash hell upon one another. In the end, the Undertaker would lock Cena upside down in position for the Tombstone Piledriver. However, Cena would use his momentum to reverse and pick Undertaker up into the same position. Cena uses all of his strength to then hoist Undertaker out of a Tombstone Piledriver, up onto his shoulders for an Attitude Adjustment. However, he flips ‘Taker just a bit too hard and the Deadman lands on his feet and snags the throat of Cena. He snaps him up into the air and drives him hard into the mat with a chokeslam. The Undertaker then picks Cena up and finishes off what he started with a Tombstone Piledriver. He folds the arms of Cena and the official counts to three. And just like that, The Undertaker wins the World Heavyweight Championship. Smackdown wins Bragging Rights and Ted Dibiase’s announcement later that night would prove that Smackdown would host the first Brand Exclusive Pay-Per-View in May, just three weeks away, entitled Judgment Day. And Monday Night Raw is left without a World Championship, while Smackdown has two and Bragging Rights goes off the air.
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        Re: WWE PoweRaw

        Monday Night Raw – April 18, 2011
        The show begins with a recap from the 2011 WWE Bragging Rights pay-per-view from the night before. We watch as John Layfield is hired as the new General Manager of Raw and trades the Big Show to Smackdown for a total of six (three from Smackdown) free agent contracts. Then Jack Swagger unifies the United States and Intercontinental Championships when he beat Rey Mysterio. We then see Jay Uso being injured in a match where the Usos and Nexus were both declared the winners of the Tag Team Titles. After that, all WWE Divas were drafted to Smackdown when Beth Phoenix and her squad of five Divas beat the Raw Divas. Then, a returning Triple H made the save for Team Raw when he lastly eliminated Kane to win the Bragging Rights match. The first main event would then see Randy Orton challenge Edge for the WWE Championship; however, Orton would fall just short as Edge retained his title. Unfortunately, shortly after Orton would attack Edge and an official would make a pin count for Orton as Randy announced he had jumped ship to Smackdown with a guaranteed shot at the Smackdown Champion. And then in the main event John Cena defended his title against the Undertaker in a rematch from their WrestleMania XXVII fight. In an effort to even up the score, the Undertaker would turn out victorious in this fight, taking John Cena's World Heavyweight Championship and leaving Monday Night Raw without a World Champion. Following the recap, we cut to the arena, where we see John “Bradshaw” Layfield, new General Manager of Monday Night Raw, standing in the center of the ring with a scowl on his face.

        John Layfield – “Tonight, I should be standing here the happiest man in the world. HELL, I’m on top of the world. I have everything going for me. I’m the General Manager of the highest rated cable television program in the world. I am a multi-millionaire. I now manage some of the greatest sports entertainers in the world. Hell, I’d say I feel like a million bucks but I already know what the feels like so maybe I feel like a hundred million bucks.”
        The fans grow tiresome of JBL’s bragging about his financial accomplishments and start booing at him. He gets the picture and moves on.

        John Layfield – “But I don’t. That feeling is what I SHOULD be feeling. But I’m not. Instead, I feel empty. I feel like my world is crashing down. I feel like I’m losing it all. Last night, everything was working out well for me. Monday Night Raw had effectively shown its dominance at Bragging Rights. But when it all came down to the wire, we faile… faile…”
        John Layfield tries to clear his throat and say the world again.

        John Layfield – “We faile.. NO! No we didn’t! We didn’t fail. JOHN CENA.. FAILED! Triple H orchestrated the greatest comeback in wrestling history when he (alone) carried his Raw Team to victory. Jack Swagger unified the United States and Intercontinental Championships. What I’m getting at is, everything that was in our power, we succeeded at. Hell, I made the trade of a lifetime, sending an over-sized goon over to Smackdown in return for three free agent contracts. We are winners. We should be winners. But instead, here we are.”
        Layfield appears to be getting somewhat emotional and tries to slow down, but he just can’t seem to overcome it.

        John Layfield – “What is Monday Night Raw without a World Champion? John Cena, you have failed me. You have failed Raw. You have failed these fans. You have failed… yourself!”

        “My Time is Now” hits and the fans erupt. They are anxious to see John Cena retaliate against the verbal beating he is taking from his General Manager. Cena comes out onto the entrance stage without the smallest amount of enthusiasm. He walks slowly to the ring where he confronts his new General Manager with a microphone.

        John Cena – “Now hold it right there. I think you’re crossing a line here.”

        John Layfield – “Crossing the line? I crossed that line two minutes ago. I made a new line. Crossed it and am in the process of making a new one to cross.”

        John Cena – “What the hell is your problem? I lost. Yes. I admit that. But that was once. I can beat the Undertaker. I’ve done it before. Heck, I did it on the grandest stage of them all just over a month ago.”

        John Layfield – “But when it actually meant something. You came up short.”

        John Cena – “Yeah, I knew what was on the line. Yet, I still wasn’t able to beat him. But…”

        John Layfield – “But now you’ve left me in a fine mess. I am now the General Manager of a brand WITHOUT a world championship. Smackdown has TWO!”

        John Cena – “Instead of standing here crying about it, what are you going to do about it?”

        John Layfield – “Me? What am I going to do about it?”
        There is a long pause between the two men as JBL thinks about his actions.

        John Layfield – “NOTHING!”

        John Cena – “Nothing?”

        John Layfield – “Not a damn thing. I didn’t lose the title. You DID! Now, you’re going to get it back. If by this time next week, Monday Night Raw doesn’t have a World Championship, I will fire you on the spot. Do I make myself clear?”

        Before Cena can respond, the lights go out. A lone spotlight hits the entrance stage and follows the Undertaker out of the back (to a huge response from the crowd) as he approaches the ring. He climbs into the ring with John Cena and John Layfield. He confronts the two men and looks over at Layfield. He quickly snatches the microphone out of JBL’s hand, causing Layfield to exit the ring. He stands near the ring, looking up at the two men.

        The Undertaker – “It seems to me that I’ve got something you want. It also seems to me that unless Randy Orton decides to come here tonight and just up and hand you a shot at his WWE Championship, I may be your last chance at saving your job.”

        John Cena – “Listen…”

        The Undertaker – “No, you listen.”
        Cena stops talking and stares a hole through the Undertaker.

        The Undertaker - “When you’ve been around as long as I have, you start to notice a couple of things. And one thing I’ve noticed is what pride will do to a man. And over the years I’ve managed to build a lot of pride in myself. As it stands now, you’ve pinned me once, and I’ve beaten you once. But that’s not good enough for me. I want to pin you. I want to pin you to this ring and beat you .. 1… 2… 3. And if you walk out of this company next week and that never happens. My pride will get the best of me. It will consume me. I won’t be able to eat. I won’t be able to sleep. I will always think of you as the man that I could not beat.”
        John Layfield seems to like where this is going. The camera shows him with a crazed look in his eyes.

        The Undertaker – “So my offer to you is this. Tonight, I will give you a rematch for this World Heavyweight Championship. If you beat me, it’s yours. You’ll be able to say that you are one up on the Undertaker, once again. But if I beat you, you take the beating and I never want to see your face again. You don’t show up on Smackdown begging for the shot to get even with me. You don’t call, you don’t even send a Christmas card thanking me for the memories. You just cease to exist to me.”
        There is a long pause as Cena looks hard at him, thinking.

        John Cena – “Alright… one match. TONIGHT! That title is coming home with me.”

        The Undertaker – “OVER MY DEAD BODY!”

        John Cena - "Yeah, that's the idea."
        The lights go out. When they come back on, John Cena is standing alone in the ring and John Layfield is looking on with a smile that stretches from ear to ear. The cameras cut to the Raw Opening Video featuring “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback before fading to the first commercial break of the evening.


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          Re: WWE PoweRaw
          Following the commercial break, the cameras open up at the announcer’s table as we get our first glimpse and impressions of the new PoweRaw broadcast team, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker.

          Todd Grisham – “Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw, as we officially kick off what General Manager Layfield has proclaimed PoweRaw!”

          Matt Striker – “It’s Power! It’s Raw! It’s POWERAW!”

          Todd Grisham – “Thank you Captain Obvious. I’m Todd Grisham and with me is the Educator of Sports Entertainment, a man who needs no introduction, Matt Striker.”

          Matt Striker – “If I need no introduction, why must you feel the need to introduce me? You contradicting hack!”

          Todd Grisham – “I can see things are going to work out just fine on this side, but inside the squared circle, I can guarantee you there will be trouble.”

          Matt Striker – “Trouble for some young pup. Earlier today on, JBL announced his plan for his Six Free Agent Contracts. Each week he will unveil a new Raw Superstar until all six have made their debut.”

          Todd Grisham – “And the first, just happens to be headed to the ring as we speak.”
          “5 Minutes Alone” by Pantera hits and the crowd all rises to see who is headed out of the backstage area. He is instantly recognized by some to be Independent Circuit wrestler, Roderick Strong. Strong has a more-than-serious look on his face as he marches down the entrance ramp with his eyes gazed onto his opponent.

          Matt Striker – “This freakishly strong, no pun intended, wrestler is coming to us from just about every independent wrestling circuit in North America.”

          Todd Grisham – “He is known for his devastating backbreakers, which he claims, he can hit from any position, any time, any place.”

          Matt Striker – “And his opponent, well, you know him as one half of the former tag team comprised of himself and David Hart Smith, the Hart Dynasty.”

          Todd Grisham - "As you remember, shortly before WrestleMania the Dynasty went splitsville and we have yet to see David Smith in action since."

          Matt Striker - "To say that Tyson Kidd's career has hit rock bottom since, well, that would be an understatement."
          Roderick Strong walks up the ring steps and slides between the middle and top rope into the ring where he joins his opponent, the official, and the ring announcer, Justin Roberts.

          Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first… from Tampa, Florida, weighing an impressive two hundred and twelve pounds, he is the Innovator of the Backbreaker.. he is RODERICK STRONG!”
          The crowd gives Strong a very nice reception for his WWE and RAW debut.

          Justin Roberts – “… and his opponent.. weighing in at one hundred and ninety-nine pounds.. Tyson Kidd.”
          The fans give Kidd little-to-no reaction at all and the few he does get generally lean to the negative side.

          Singles Match (15 Minute Time Limit)

          Roderick Strong vs. Tyson Kidd
          Match Summary

          The bell rings and the two men confront each other in the center of the ring. Tyson Kidd extends his hand in a sign of sportsmanship. Strong stares at his hand, wondering if it is a trick. Finally, he reaches out and shakes Kidd’s hand. Kidd smiles at him, approving of the gesture. That is, until he realizes (too late) that it wasn’t nearly as friendly as he had imagined. Roderick uses this handshake to irish-whip Tyson into the top left ropes. Kidd is flung with such force that he crashes throat and chest first into the turnbuckle pads. He stumbles back out of the corner holding his throat as if he can’t breathe. He hobbles around, only to be decimated with a Southern Lariat out of nowhere.

          Strong could have easily pinned his adversary following the Lariat, but in his mind this was a match to make a statement. He grabs the man dressed in pink by the head and pulls him to his feet. Strong takes hold of his hand and sends him into the same turnbuckle, emitting the same result as before. This time, Strong just grabs him by the arm and irish-whips him into the bottom right corner. Kidd can’t stand another bump to his chest and lets his feet come out from underneath him and slides on his knees to a stop in front of the turnbuckle. He rolls through the bottom and middle rope and darts up the turnbuckle to the top pad. Strong is trying to get to him, but the Canadian Superstar is much quicker. Kidd jumps off the top rope with a Senton, but Strong is there and waiting. He drops quickly and extends his knee out so that Tyson Kidd aids in his own backbreaker.

          Tyson Kidd flops about on the mat, holding his back in pain. Roderick Strong has mercy on him and makes the cover. 1………….2…………………. NO! Kidd (for whatever reason) wants to keep fighting and picks his shoulder off the mat. That’s enough for Strong to lose any notion of mercy he may have had. He grabs Tyson by the arm and jerks him to his feet. He turns him slightly and picks him up in a Torture Rack submission. Within seconds the young superstar is tapping out. Unfortunately for him, the match doesn’t end there. Strong hoists Kidd up and over his head, and drops onto his back in the same motion, while bending his knees up so that Tyson has to fall onto them. Kidd falls back first down into the double bent knees of Strong with a double knee backbreaker out of the Torture Rack. The official warns Strong to make sure that is all, and Roderick obliges.

          Winner – Roderick Strong.
          Todd Grisham – “Oh wow. What a devastating start for Roderick Strong here on Monday Night Raw.”

          Matt Striker – “Have you ever seen a move like that?”

          Todd Grisham – “Well, I have now.”

          Matt Striker – “Oh, you want to be sarcastic?”

          Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen, this is just the beginning. Next week, JBL will unveil his next free agent signing and he promises that it’s going to be huge.”

          Matt Striker – “I overheard Layfield in the back bragging about how he signed the unsignable free agent.”

          Todd Grisham – “Think about the possibilities.”

          Matt Striker – “Why don’t you think about contact lenses?”

          Todd Grisham – “And tonight’s just beginning. After we return, JBL promises the debut of the hottest new tag team in the WWE today. To our knowledge, this will be the first time these two have teamed together. Please, don’t go anywhere.”
          The cameras cut to the backstage area after a few seconds of watching Roderick Strong celebrate his first WWE win in the ring and the official raising his arm. Tyson Kidd appears to be fine, holding his back in pain, but moving never the less.
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            Re: WWE PoweRaw
            The cameras open up in the backstage area with a Raw interview stage setup in the background. Standing in the foreground is Santino Marella who has a microphone in one hand and massaging his whiskers with another.

            Santino Marella – “ ‘ello, I’m Santino Marella. Raw’s newest, how you say… backseat personality?”
            The fans get a good chuckle out of Marella twisting his words.

            Santino Marella – “Tonight I give you all something real special. An interview with none other than ‘ze Masterpieces’ Chris Masters!”
            Chris Masters walks onto the set without a shirt on so he can flex his muscles. He has conveniently oiled down his skin to give his toned body a shine.

            Santino Marella – “Now Chris, have you ever noticed how much your name sounds like Christmas.. ChrisMAS..ters.”

            Chris Masters – “Shut up.”

            Santino Marella – “Okie-dokay.”

            Chris Masters – “If it takes talking to an imbecile such as yourself to get some air time around here, so be it. Over the last year, I’ve been working out and sculpting this chiseled physique you see before you today.”

            Santino Marella – “It’s very impressive.”

            Chris Masters – “Quiet pipsqueak!”
            Santino bites his knuckle to remind himself not to speak.

            Chris Masters – “There’s always been something that’s hung over my shoulder. Three years ago, I had a moment of weakness. I had John Cena locked inside my Masterlock. And.. and…”

            Santino Marella – “..and he broke out!”

            Chris Masters – “Say it again and see if I don’t correct your speech barrier for you.”
            Marella covers his mouth with his hand.

            Chris Masters – “…and he didn’t ‘break out.’ I had a bout with arthritis right in the middle of it and I lost feeling in my right hand. Cena used this to his advantage and took the easy way out.”
            Marella immensely wants to interrupt him and Masters can sense this. He stares him down waiting for him to say something, but Santino just looks at the floor, gritting his teeth.

            Chris Masters – “Like I said, over the last year, I have lived in the gym. I’m stronger today than I have been my entire life. I have been going to physical therapy for my arthritis and I’m confident that it is something that I can overcome.”
            Santino opens his mouth to talk but Masters moves in closer to him, waiting for him to say something. Marella just whistles instead.

            Chris Masters – “Which is why, effective tonight, I am reinstating the Masterlock Challenge. Tonight as a little warm up, I'm going to give a lucky wrestler in the back the opportunity to break my Masterlock Challenge. And let it be known, Cena, I’m coming after you. I want to reclaim the asterisk and prove to the world once and for all that nobody…”
            Masters looks at Marella again and points into the camera.

            Chris Masters – “…and I mean NOBODY, can break my Masterlock. Not even you, Superman. I’M DONE!”
            Masters hands the microphone back to Marella. As Santino reaches out for it, Masters lets it drop to the floor. He says, “whoops” as he walks away. Marella shrugs his shoulders as we head back out to the floor for the next match of the evening.
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              Re: WWE PoweRaw
              The cameras open back up inside the arena as we join Todd Grisham and Matt Striker as we gear up for the next match of the evening.

              Matt Striker – “I’M DONE! I love it.”
              Striker laughs to himself as he repeats Chris Masters’ statement.

              Todd Grisham – “I’m glad to know that at least one person is excited to see the return of the Masterlock Challenge.”

              Matt Striker – “Excited? I’m intoxicated in the moment. The WWE should charge double for admission on nights like these for the principle of the matter.”

              Todd Grisham – “Well, fortunately for me, Chris Masters still needs to oil himself down and in the meantime we’re going to get to see the tag team stylings of…”

              Matt Striker – “Hold it right there, Poindexter. This team doesn’t deserve to have their inaugural introduction butchered by the mouth of a inept buffoon such as yourself.”

              Todd Grisham – “What does that… where are you going?”
              The camera shows Matt Striker taking off his headphones and retrieving a microphone from the timekeeper. He walks up the steps and joins Justin Roberts and the opponents of the new tag team about to be announced.

              Matt Striker – “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my humble honor to be the first man to introduce to you, a tag team that defies any limitations set by any team prior. A tag team that will awe you, inspire you, and humiliate… YOU!”
              Striker turns to Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, already in the ring, and points at them as he says the last part of the sentence.

              Matt Striker – “Now residing from the radiant hills of Hollywood, California. They weigh a very impressive four hundred and sixty-nine pounds. They are the tag team of Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth… THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES!”
              “Famous” by Puddle of Mudd hits over the building’s speakers and out walks Nick Nemeth and Shelton Benjamin. They are both wearing short tights and a matching leather vest that has the “Hollywood” sign across the back. They walk to the ring radiating a much undeserved cockiness. Matt Striker meets them at the ropes and sits on the middle rope. Shelton and Nick shake his hand as they enter the ring. Striker talks to the two men from the apron before walking down the steps and standing in their corner.

              Justin Roberts – “And their opponents. Weighing in at four hundred and fifty pounds. The team of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins!”
              Curt and Zack get no reaction whatsoever, even as the opponents of the unfavorable tag team of Nemeth and Benjamin.

              Tag Team Match (15 Minute Time Limit)

              The Hollywood Blondes vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
              Match Summary

              The match begins with Nick Nemeth and Curt Hawkins. Almost from the beginning of the match it is apparent that Hawkins is no match for either Benjamin or Nemeth as both men take turns doing their damage to him. He tries valiantly to get to the corner and make a tag, but the Blondes are unwilling to let him go so easily. Nemeth takes charge of the moment and locks in a chinlock and slowly inches him back to the Hollywood corner and deviates a plan with Benjamin in order to keep him there. From there, Benjamin and Nemeth begin making quick tags. Occasionally they will just stomp on Hawkins’ back before tagging their partner back in. This method proves to work as Curt is unable to defend himself, nor mount a real offense in the ‘Away’ corner.

              This method continues to work for the Hollywood Blondes; that is, until they start testing the waters. With Nemeth as the legal man, he gets the official involved in the match to separate a rope break and warn Nick for his illegal actions. This allows Benjamin to enter behind the official’s back and choke Curt with the bottom rope (while standing on his shoulders). Shelton finishes him off with a well placed knee to the back and slides through the ropes to avoid detection from the official. Benjamin looks at the fans who are trying to notify the official and places a finger in front of his mouth and whispers “shhh” at them. Nemeth and the official return back to action, unsuspecting of Benjamin’s actions. Nemeth and Benjamin go to the well with this tactic a handful of times, until the official catches on and witnesses Shelton in the heat of the act and gives him a stern warning that he will disqualify him the next time.

              The first shocker comes when Nemeth attempts a German Suplex. Nemeth may have put too much on it, and this gives Hawkins the advantage to flip back onto his feet. Nick rolls to his feet, instinctively knowing that his opponent didn’t make contact. He is quickly driven to the mat with the last ounce of energy from Hawkins, who connects with a dropkick. Both men are on the mat, and Nemeth appears to be more embarrassed than hurt, but he doesn’t realize just how close Curt is to his corner. Curt Hawkins is crawling slowly in that direction, but without Nemeth noticing, he will surely make the hot tag to Zack Ryder on the outside. As he nears close, Matt Striker jumps onto the apron. The official instantly notices this and rushes over to get him off the apron. Just then, Curt makes the tag and Zack rushes into the ring. Striker jumps down and the official sees Ryder and intercepts him from making an attack on Nemeth. Nick is ready to pounce. He taunts Ryder, who shoves the referee out of the way. Zack Ryder charges Nemeth, who ducks under his clothesline and turns and jumps, nailing the Zig Zag (jumping reverse bulldog) on Zack. Curt is stumbling to his feet at this time and sees Nemeth attacking his partner. He stalks him toward the center of the ring. Just when he thinks he has him, Benjamin runs up out of nowhere and connects with Paydirt (leaping reverse STO). The official doesn’t even have time to warn Shelton as he slides out of the ring. He rushes around and pulls Ryder as out of the ring as Nemeth makes the cover on Hawkins. 1……2…………3.

              Winners - The Hollywood Blondes.
              Todd Grisham – “What an impressive win here for the Hollywood Blondes. They effectively keep Zack Ryder from ever becoming the legal man in the match, and Curt Hawkins pays for it.”
              The Hollywood Blondes are joined by Matt Striker in the ring who holds their hands up as they celebrate their first win after their first match as a tag team.

              Todd Grisham – “One still has to wonder what interest my broadcast colleague has in this tag team. Regardless, they certainly benefited from his tutelage as he gave them a much needed distraction to help get them the victory.”
              The cameras cut to commercial as the Hollywood Blondes and Matt Striker exit the ring. Striker shakes their hand and returns to the announcer’s booth as Shelton and Nick walk back up the entrance ramp.
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                Re: WWE PoweRaw
                When we return from commercial break, the show opens up in the backstage area as we catch-up with Triple H as he is walking through a corridor of the arena. He turns to the right and into the office of the Raw General Manager. John Layfield is on the phone and holds his finger up at Triple H, motioning for him to wait a second. Layfield continues to talk inaudibly to whoever was on the other end of the line. Triple H grows impatient and reaches out and presses the receiver button to hang up the phone conversation on him.

                John Layfield – “Alright. You’ve got my attention.”

                Triple H – “You wanted to see me?”

                John Layfield – “Yes. Hunter, I asked to personally see you so that I could thank you for what you did for Raw last night."

                Triple H – “Is that all? Look John, I'm a busy..."

                John Layfield – “Listen, dammit! You think I enjoy thanking you?”

                Triple H – “I don't know, do you?”

                John Layfield - "I'd just assume see you hang those boots up for good. I have not forgotten the decade that you pushed guys like me down the ladder, while saving the top for you and your friends."

                Triple H - "Look, if I wanted a history lesson..."

                John Layfield - "The point is; I need to know who I can rely on. I'm here to make the WWE, Vince McMahon, and God willing, myself, a boat load of cash. And I need stars, Hunter. I need men who I can put in the spotlight and get results, no, get cash out of. And I admire your loyalty to Raw. I am deeply appreciative that you returned to Raw last night and saved this brand from utter humiliation."

                Triple H – “Hold on. You think I did this for Raw? John, I did this for myself. I did this because I’m ready to be back on top.”

                John Layfield – “Regardless of why you did it. The fact remains, you did. And I think it's time that we start making some negotiations. If Triple H is going to be the top star of Monday Night Raw, it's time that he starts getting paid like he is the top star of Monday Night Raw."

                Triple H – “Finally, something that makes sense.”

                John Layfield – “ Look we’ll discuss the de…”
                The two men are interrupted by the sound of someone clapping their hands. The camera turns to reveal “the All-American American” Jack Swagger clapping his hands in the doorway. The clap goes from constant to a more forced and mocking clap after a few seconds.

                Jack Swagger – “Congratulations, Hunter. Congratulations on a hard fought victory last night.”
                Triple H tries to interject but he is interrupted by Swagger.

                Jack Swagger - "You know, last night there were TWO men who won on behalf of Monday Night Raw. And unlike YOU, I didn't have to wait until my match was nearly over before I made an appearance. I'm just sayin'."
                Triple H turns and walks toward the exit. As he approaches Swagger steps directly in front of the door to keep him from leaving.

                Triple H – “Sorry Jack. I’m not signing autographs right now.”
                Hunter moves to push past him, but Swagger bows up. Triple H leans in and the two stare at one another for a long moment before Swagger finally moves to the side to let Hunter exit. It is here where we finally see Swagger carrying the United States and Intercontinental Championships.

                John Layfield – “Swagger what can I do for ya?”

                Jack Swagger - "Mr. Layfield, I was sitting in my locker room thinking to myself and there I was, holding the United States Championship and holding the Intercontinental Championship and all I could think about is how much I'd like to add on to that here tonight."

                John Layfield - "Is that so?"

                Jack Swagger - "I'm thinking, why are you rewarding Cena with a title shot against the Undertaker when you know for a fact that he can't beat him? It's like I said before, only two men were able to get a win for Monday Night Raw last night and John Cena wasn't one of them."
                There is a short pause, while JBL thinks to himself.

                John Layfield - "No."

                Jack Swagger - "WHAT?"

                John Layfield - "NO! Look, I don't pretend to understand the crazy things that goes through the Undertaker's head; but for whatever reason he asked to fight John Cena and while he may not be my choice, but he is the choice. The Undertaker chose John Cena out of some convoluted idea of pride. He is investing emotional stakes into this match and Cena will take advantage of it.”

                Jack Swagger – “And when he doesn’t? What happens when you’re left pissing in the wind and Raw is left, once again, without a World Championship.”

                John Layfield – “That won’t happen.”

                Jack Swagger – “But when it does. Don’t say I didn't give you a way out."
                This statement infuriates Layfield, and Swagger senses this and turns to leave. Just as he is exiting, Layfield stops him.

                John Layfield - "Oh, Swagger. One more thing. As of last night, those two championships you're carrying were unified into the United States Championship, thus retiring the Intercontinental Championship. So please, on your way out stop and see my secretary to turn over the Intercontinental title to records for historical purposes. Thanks."
                Swagger doesn't even turn to face him and walks out, slamming the door behind him.
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                  Re: WWE PoweRaw
                  The cameras open up back at ringside with the announcing team.

                  Todd Grisham – “Things are certainly getting heated in the hunt to get a World Championship back on Monday Night Raw.”

                  Matt Striker – “I have to agree with the Jack Swagger on this one. Why is JBL putting all of his eggs into one basket with John Cena?”

                  Todd Grisham – “If I had put all of my faith behind one man to ensure the success of my brand. There is not one man with a better track record than John Cena.”

                  Matt Striker – “But why rely on one man, alone? JBL can stack the deck on the Undertaker. Make it a ten on one handicap match. Have him fight in a lumberjack match. Why is he tempting fate against the Deadman with a singles match against John Cena?”

                  Todd Grisham – “Possibly for the spirit of competition?”

                  Matt Striker – “Are you kidding me? This is JBL we’re talking about. He’s always playing an angle of disproportioning the odds.”

                  Todd Grisham - "Ladies and gentlemen, onto a more serious subject. Last night during his tag team match with his brother Jimmy, Jay Uso suffered an injury. Earlier today we found out that Jay Uso will be out of action anywhere between six and nine months."

                  Matt Striker - "The initial ruling in the ring at the end of that match was that the Uso's had defeated Nexus; however, a second official ruled the opposite. Earlier today Vince McMahon abandoned the Unified Tag Team Titles in favor of awarding Nexus the WWE Tag Titles and the Uso Brothers the World Tag Team Titles."

                  Todd Grisham - "In light of this injury, John Layfield has stripped the Uso Brothers of their World Tag Team Titles and said that he would make an announcement next week concerning those titles."
                  The announcers are interrupted by “Masterpiece” hitting over the PA speakers. The lights go dim and a lone spotlight shines down on the entrance stage as Chris Masters walks out wearing a red cape. He flaunts his muscular definition for all the world to see, before dropping the cape and marching down the entrance ramp and joining the ring announcer in the squared circle.

                  Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome.. the MASTERPIECE.. CHRIS MASTERS!”
                  Chris Masters snags the microphone from Roberts and shoos him away from the ring. Masters is forced to wait a few moments before speaking due to the deafening boos from the crowd.

                  Chris Masters – “…and now. It’s the moment you have all been waiting for. I am going to give a lucky wrestler in the back the opportunity to make a name for himself.”
                  The fans are relentless and haven't showed this much hatred towards a wrestler all night.

                  Chris Masters – “Now, which one of you husky porkers, think you have a shot to last five seconds in my Masterlock, much less break it? Come on, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Some men could work fifteen years before they would ever see the kind of fame that would come from breaking the Masterlock.”
                  The music of Chavo Guerrero hits and the fans jump to their feet with excitement. The Mexican Warrior makes his way out to a great reception from the fans that have traditionally hated him; however, for this night at least they'll cheer on anyone attempting to break the Masterlock.

                  Chris Masters – “Alright, putz. Do you know how this works?”
                  Before Chavo can respond, Masters explains the Masterlock.

                  Chris Masters – “You’re going to sit down, and I’m going to lock you into the Masterlock. If you’re able to somehow miraculously break the hold, I’ll give you ten thousand dollars of my own money. Do you understand?”
                  Chavo nods his head in understanding.

                  The Masterlock Challenge

                  Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero
                  The official places a chair down in the center of the ring. Masters directs Guerrero to the chair. When Chavo sits down, he raises his arms into the air and Masters stands behind him looking down at him. Masters creeps in behind him and places his right arm underneath his and then his left. Masters is adjusting his arms into position and then locks them together. Chavo jumps up trying to escape quickly and the official pulls the chair out of the way. Masters has the hold locked in tight and it only takes three seconds for Chavo Guerrero to submit to the Masterlock. Chris Masters tosses him to the wayside and raises his arms in the air with his hands interlocked above his head.

                  Winner – Chris Masters.
                  Masters walks over to Guerrero and plants a foot against his ribs and shoves him out of the ring. Masters walks around the ring celebrating his victory over the fan as if it were the biggest match of his career.

                  Matt Striker – “Such an impressive showing here tonight by Chris Masters in the Masterlock Challenge!”

                  Todd Grisham – “Are you kidding me? He says he's after John Cena, why not challenge John Cena instead of torturing Chavo?”

                  Matt Striker - "Did you not hear the man? He issued an open challenge. Cena could have answered!"

                  Todd Grisham - "John Cena is in the fight of his life here tonight! He surely can't be asked to take on Undertaker AND Chris Masters? Masters knows what he's doing; he knew Cena would never answer. These games will catch up to him one day."

                  Matt Striker – “Jealousy is an ugly thing, Todd. But it’s okay to be jealous of the Masterpiece. He’s better than each and every one of us. It’s genetics.”

                  Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen, when we return from commercial break, we have a very special double main event. In addition to the John Cena/Undertaker main event, we also have a ten man battle royal between Raw and Smackdown competitors.”
                  The cameras cut to a commercial break with a match graphic featuring the 10 Man Battle Royal.



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                    Re: WWE PoweRaw
                    When the cameras return from commercial break, we join up with Maria Kanellis in the backstage area. She is standing in front of the Monday Night Raw logo at the interview set waiting for her guest.

                    Maria Kanellis – “Please welcome my guest at this time, Smackdown Superstar, The Big Show!”
                    The Big Show walks up to the right side of the screen. He towers over her, barely able to see his head and hers in the same shot.

                    Maria Kanellis – “Big Show, in just a few moments, you will wrestle in your final match on Monday Night Raw before going over to the Smackdown brand. What made you agree to this match?”

                    The Big Show – “When JBL asked me if I would make one last appearance, my first thought was ‘screw you.’ I mean, last night I was personally traded by JBL to Smackdown for three free agent contracts.”
                    The Big Show looks down at his feet and then up at the rest of his body.

                    The Big Show – “I mean, look at me. I’m bigger than three free agents. I’m stronger than three free agents. Let’s just face it. I’m worth more than three free agents.”

                    Maria Kanellis – “So, if you’re so angry at JBL, why would you agree to come back and wrestle another match for him?”

                    The Big Show – “I’m just here to remind JBL of what he’s missing out on. When I beat all five of his Raw Superstars and toss out the other four Smackdown Superstars; he’ll come running to Smackdown begging to have me back.”

                    Maria Kanellis – “And last, what do you think of JBL’s newest acquisition in his free trade agreement, Roderick Strong?”

                    The Big Show – “Roderick Strong is a as his name says: strong. But he’s no Big Show. Roddy can look very impressive tossing around a young flyweight. But if it were one on one with the Big Show, I’d squash him like a bug.”

                    Maria Kanellis – “Thanks, Big Show. Good luck in your match tonight.”
                    The Big Show walks off snarling at the camera and we cut to another area of the backstage of the arena quickly. We see John Layfield talking to someone that cannot be seen. The camera is trying to remain undetected to JBL and find out what he is saying.

                    John Layfield – “…look I don’t care who he is. I’m not paying you to make decisions. I’m paying you to make results. You take him out tonight. And when you do, make sure he doesn’t come back.”
                    John Layfield walks off and the camera rushes to the door to see who is behind it. Just as it turns to look inside, the door slams shut leaving us no closer to finding out who JBL was talking to. The cameras cut to the arena for the ten man battle royal.
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                      Re: WWE PoweRaw
                      The program returns back to the arena as we join the announcers at their table.

                      Todd Grisham – “Who could JBL be talking to?”

                      Matt Striker – “Better yet, who was he talking about?”

                      Todd Grisham – “Whoever it is, I would not want to be in their shoes.”

                      Matt Striker – “Possibly, just in their pants?”

                      Todd Grisham – “Are you insinuating that I’m…”
                      Todd Grisham is cut off by a huge explosion followed by Kane’s music, “Man on Fire.” Kane walks to the ring to join the six competitors who are already there (Ted Dibiase, Wade Barrett, and Sheamus from Smackdown; Cody Rhodes, Carlito, and Jimmy Uso from Raw.)

                      Todd Grisham – “And here he comes. The current Money in the Bank contract holder. He beat out seven other men in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania to earn that contract.”

                      Matt Striker – “Kane carries that briefcase around like a badge of courage, never letting it out of his sight; often using it as a weapon much to the displeasure of his victim.”

                      Todd Grisham – “I have personal knowledge that JBL has been working overtime to try and secure Kane as a full-time member of the Raw roster.”

                      Matt Striker – “Time is running out for Raw and John Layfield to make that acquisition. The deadline for all drafts and trades ends this Friday night.”
                      Kane climbs over the top rope, hoping that this will be the last time he goes over the top during this match. He lifts his arms up and drops them quickly releasing pyros out of all four corners of the squared circle.

                      Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is your double main event of the evening. And it is a ten man Raw versus Smackdown over the top battle royal. In this match, participants are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. The last legal man left in the ring at the end of the match will be declared the winner. Introducing first, the Smackdown participants. To my left… TED DIBIASE! WADE BARRETT! SHEAMUS! ‘THE BIG RED MACHINE’… KANE! And the last Smackdown participant…”
                      “The Big Show” hits over the PA system and out walks the largest athlete in the world. He walks slowly down the entrance ramp to a huge negative reaction from the fans. He steps up onto the ring apron and pulls himself up, before stepping over the top rope.

                      Justin Roberts – “He is the largest athlete in the world.. THE BIG SHOW!”
                      The Big Show joins the other four Smackdown participants in the corner. All five are highly despised by the fans and are amongst some of the most vicious contenders in the WWE today.

                      Todd Grisham – “You know, seeing the Big Show up close like this, one has to wonder if JBL made a wise decision trading him for three free agent contracts.”

                      Matt Striker – “Normally, I would disagree with you just on principle, but for once, I’m going to agree with you.”
                      The Big Show’s music is cut for “No More Words” by Endeverafter and the "Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov comes walking out to a huge negative reception from the fans. The newly turned bad man marches to the ring with the absolute look of determination on his face. He walks to the ring as Justin Roberts introduces him.

                      Justin Roberts – “And now representing the Raw Roster. VLADIMIR KOZLOV! And to my right… CARLITO COLON! JIMMY USO! AND CODY RHODES! And the last representative of the Raw Roster…”
                      “Land of Five Rivers” hits and the last participant of the Battle Royal walks out to one of the most heated reactions of the night. The Great Khali stares up at his nine opponents in the ring before grabbing the top rope and pulling himself onto the apron and stepping over the top rope to join them.

                      Todd Grisham – “New wounds are bound to be reopened here in this match.”

                      Matt Striker - "Have you ever seen ten men in the ring at once that the fans have hated more than these?"

                      Todd Grisham - "Not on my memory I haven't."

                      Matt Striker - "When the fans hate all of the competitors, who do they cheer for?"

                      Ten Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

                      Great Khali | Cody Rhodes | Jimmy Uso | Carlito | Vladimir Kozlov
                      Kane | Ted Dibiase | Sheamus | Wade Barrett | The Big Show

                      Five Raw Superstars versus Five Smackdown Superstars
                      Match Summary

                      The match explodes when the bell rings. The wrestlers all expand to the corners away from the center, pairing off with a member of the opposite roster. The initial energy is a fast paced punch and strike fest with all ten wrestlers looking to score that one great hit to get them on top. With the favor of their General Manager on the line for bringing home a win in this last "Bragging Right"-like match; all ten are hoping to be the winner. The four big men (Khali, Kane, Big Show, and Kozlov) seem to be holding the pace of the match in their hands and the match begins to creep along going well into the first five minutes without a single elimination.

                      The first actual elimination in the match was awarded to Jimmy Uso. Trying to steer clear of the unusually large big men, he found himself cornered by the Irish Curse (Sheamus) and had nowhere torun. Sheamus was giving the young man the boots but one poorly timed kick to the head and Jimmy was able to dodge and Sheamus' momentum took him into the ropes and his awkward balance made it possible for the former tag team champion to grab his planted ankle and flip him to the outside; causing Raw to take a 5-4 lead over Smackdown. The next elimination would even out the score when Carlito and Wade Barrett were going at it. Barrett was relying heavily on his strikes, while Carlito was using his speed to try and dodge that one K.O. punch that may do him in. Barrett went for the irish-whip; the momentum would send Carlito straight up and over the top rope. Unknowingly to Barrett, Carlito managed to hang on to the top rope and torqued his body back onto the apron sans-elimination. With Barrett's back to the ropes, Carlito stood up and watched his attacker backing ever close to him, avoiding other competitors. Carlito grabbed the top rope and springboarded into a Backstabber. Unfortunately for Carlito, his added weight onto the back and shoulders of Barrett caused Wade to stumble backwards and drop Carlito back over the top rope. This time Colon would stumble to his elimination.

                      Carlito's fall to the outside was awkward and it looked like he fell onto his arm in a very unusual fashion. Barrett didn't realize it was Carlito but turned and spouted some insults in order to humiliate the man that nearly caused him elimination. This proved dire for Barrett as Jimmy Uso was back on the prowl and snagged him up from behind and dumped him out next to Carlito, making it a 4-3 lead again on behalf of Raw. The numbers kept dwindling as on the other side of the ring Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase reignited their old feud and took the fight to the outside in what turned out to be a fist fight nightmare between the two. The two men brawled at ringside and eventually took the fight into the fans before the officials gave up and declared that both men were disqualified for not returning to the ring.

                      The 3-2 Raw advantage doesn't seem to hold strong as Jimmy Uso now tries to avoid any action at all, while Vladimir Kozlov and Kane stay near one corner and The Great Khali and The Big Show near another. However, even without Uso's assistance, it seems like Khali and Kozlov are going to get the job done. Kozlov takes Kane to the mat with hard right punches that drive hard into Kane's head. Meanwhile, Khali is chopping at the head of Big Show and his head groggily rolls around after each one. At first it seems like the Raw stars are going to batter their Smackdown counterparts and never attempt to eliminate them. But that's when Raw erred. Uso tried to go three for three and charged up behind Khali and grabbed him by the thigh and tried to flip him over the top rope. Doing so only infuriated the Punjab Nightmare and Khali stepped away from the corner and grabbed Uso by the head and threw him over the top rope to his elimination with much ease. Khali appeared to be satisfied with this and turned his attention back to the Big Show. He sized up his bulkier opponent and charged him with a Brain Chop. Uso's interference proved to be more destructive than good as this gave Show an opening to see the attack coming and he ducked under the Chop. Khali turns just quick enough to see Show's K.O. punch nail him across the temple and Khali rolls over the top rope and joins Uso in elimination.

                      And just like that Smackdown takes the lead 2-1. But things couldn't get any better for Raw. Kozlov has Kane nearly knocked out on the mat and sees Show coming and has an opportunity to ready himself. Kozlov uses his speed to duck and dodge most of Show's attacks; but it just takes one. Kozlove realizes that he can't duck his way out of the match and still win so he tries to catch show off guard. However, he gets the same taste in his mouth that Khali got in the form of a K.O. punch to the head. Kozlov is knocked senseless and falls against the ropes. Big Show sizes him up looking to get the last Raw elimination. But just as he begins his motions, an unknown person wearing facepaint slides into the ring. He steps between Kozlov and Show. Big Show demands of him to get out of the way, but the assailant decides to slap Show across the face instead. Show's face fills with rage, but unknown to Big Show, a second painted man comes in behind him and grabs him by the tights and charges him to the ropes. With the assistance of the first man they flip him to the outside. They then jump out and begin a two on one assault on Big Show on the outside of the ring. Back in, Kane looks around to see that it is just he and Kozlov as the last two men standing. He stalks around the last Raw superstar and nails him hard with a boot to the head when he comes to a standing position, taking Kozlov to the outside to his elimination.

                      Winner – Kane.
                      Following the match, Kane grabs his Money in the Bank briefcase and latches onto it like a child that has been missing for a day and just found by its parent. The cameras quickly turn to see the Big Show on the outside and we finally get a glimpse of his two attackers that eliminated Show. A third unknown man not wearing paint joins up with the two attackers.

                      The two men with painted faces attack the Big Show from behind and give him the beating of a lifetime. Show doesn’t have much of an opportunity to put up a defense and he suffers horribly because of it. Meanwhile, the other man grabs a microphone. When the cameras catch up to him it is apparent that it is none other than Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.

                      Jim Neidhart – “Big Show, it’s not personal. You see, JBL wanted to ensure that your venture back to Smackdown proved to be an unprofitable one for them.”
                      The two men in face paint continue to target the Big Show with stomps and kicks to the ribs. They drag his lifeless corpse over to the nearest turnbuckle post and begin slamming his right arm into the corner post. At one point, the smaller of the two held Show’s arm against the metal pole while the other grabbed a steel chair and began crushing it against the post with the steel chair. Big Show screams out in pain and it eventually takes six or seven officials and ten open shots with the steel chair to separate these two men from the Big Show.

                      Jim Neidhart – “Forgive me, Big Show, where are my manners. Allow me to introduce you to my two guys here. They go by the name Smith and Wesson. They’re as tough as nails and as strong as oxen. If you think the firearm manufacturer Smith & Wesson can produce some top of the line pistols and rifles? Wait until you see what kind of firepower these two kids can create! You're looking at WWE's new Guns for Hire."
                      Neidhart laughs as he pulls at his spiked goatee and laughs. The two men Mike Wesson and David Smith join up with their spokesman and walk off as we head to commercial break. We can hear a trainer saying something about Big Show possibly having a broken arm. Big Show screams in agony as we cut to the entrance a commercial break.
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                        Re: WWE PoweRaw
                        When we return from commercial break, we join up with Matt Striker and Todd Grisham at the announcer’s table. The chaos that surrounded the ring when we left for break has broken up and nothing remains.

                        Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to PoweRaw. Just before the commercial break we learned the identities of John Layfield’s new Guns for Hire.”

                        Matt Striker – “Smith and Wesson sent a bold statement to the Big Show. ‘You may have been worth three draft picks last night, but tonight you’re worthless.’”

                        Todd Grisham – “I can’t recall having ever seen such an unprovoked attack in my life.”

                        Matt Striker – “I’m conflicted. On one hand I’m concerned about the future of the Big Show and how his right arm is doing. On the other hand, THAT… WAS… IMPRESSIVE!”

                        Todd Grisham – “Impressive? You call a three on one attack of a man who just fought a match, impressive?”

                        Matt Striker – “First of all, it was two on one, and second of all, if I recall correctly, the Big Show claimed to the world that no three men are worth the value of the Big Show. ‘I’m bigger. I’m stronger. I’m worth more.’ Word for word, right out of the Big Show’s mouth.”
                        The Raw theme music hits over the PA System and retired WWE Superstar Dean Malenko walks out onto the stage wearing a dress shirt and pair of slacks. The fans give him a great reception as he walks to the ring with a purpose. Once inside he is handed a microphone so that he can address the crowd.

                        Dean Malenko - "I bet you never thought you'd be seeing me around anymore, did you?"
                        The fans are all standing giving the legendary submission specialist a warm welcome.

                        Dean Malenko - "If you remember me; you'll recall that I'm a man of very few words and have always allowed my actions to speak for me, so I'll cut right to the point. Last night I received a phone call from the new General Manager of Raw and was offered a position on his staff. That position, in which I accepted earlier today, was to be the Commissioner of a new division here in the WWE. Effective one week from today, the WWE Raw Brand will enact a division centered around the Junior-Heavyweight Championship. John Layfield has given me full authority to contract out any WWE Superstar whom is qualified to participate in this Division and oversee and manage their matches on a week to week basis. In other words, WWE Raw will have a Junior-Heavyweight Champion and I'm in charge of making sure you, the fans, get the best show possible. Now, I was going to wait until next week to do this, but I've never been one for suspense. So allow me to introduce to you the six men who I have assembled to comprise this division."
                        One by one the six superstars enter onto the stage and stand side by side just a foot or so apart.

                        Dean Malenko - "From left to right. He is believed by many to be the next leader of World Wrestling Entertainment. Although his mouth tends to outshine his abilities in the ring, it is solely for the fact of just how loud he is. In the ring, he is proven to hang with the best that the WWE has to offer and has shown his cut-throat tendencies to do whatever it takes to win. He is THE MIZ!"

                        Dean Malenko - "Next. You know him as the Straight-Edge Superstar; but to most who get into the ring with him, they know him purely as one of the best they'll ever see. His all-around fighting style has proven worthy to beat all comers, heavyweight, high fliers, and everyone in between. He is without a doubt one of the most tenacious men in wrestling today. He is CM PUNK!"

                        Dean Malenko - "Next. He is one of the most agile men in the WWE today and is known for having one of the deadliest kicks in the business. And although he doesn't share most of his counterparts love for talking, when he does speak, it goes volumes. He is a man that would never let dying get in the way of a great wrestling match and is out to prove himself on a grander scale. He is KOFI KINGSTON!"

                        Dean Malenko - "Next. To see this man in action is almost like watching a completely revised movie fight scene. His actions are so awe-inspiring that you have to ask yourself if something is real after just watching it live. He is a self-made rockstar in professional wrestling; however, his in-ring abilities rival his entire personification and that alone is saying much. He is JOHN MORRISON!"

                        Dean Malenko - "Next. This man is without a doubt the most acrobatic and high-flying superstar in the WWE today. And although he will at-times leap without looking; his heart is in the right place and it will one day prove successful for him. His bond with the wrestling fans will ensure that he will have them in his corner for a time when he will need them the most. He is EVAN BOURNE!"

                        Dean Malenko - "Last. He is arguably the best wrestler in the world today; that is, if you're arguing with an idiot. Very few could come up with a valid argument for anyone having better in-ring abilities than this man. He has refined his skill the world around and has is just now scratching at the surface of what he will do in the WWE and his professional career. He is DANIEL BRYAN!"

                        Dean Malenko - "Gentlemen, I do apologize for the last minute notice but as you can understand this was not a lengthy decision to be made. You six are the finest athletes in the WWE today and I put all of my faith behind you. And with my direction, I hope we can once again reclaim the sport of professional wrestling and drive this powerhouse back into the homes of millions around the world. All I ask is that you give me everything you've got, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure you get the spotlight you deserve. Thank you."
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                          Re: WWE PoweRaw
                          Following an quick advertisement for the Smackdown-only Pay-Per-View (Judgment Day) we return to ringside.

                          Todd Grisham – “Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It is time for the Main Event of the evening. If you’ve been anxious for this match, just imagine how our General Manager feels right now.”

                          Matt Striker – “This could possibly be the last time that Monday Night Raw will have an opportunity to bring a World Championship home.”

                          Todd Grisham – “Literally, the future of PoweRaw rests in the hands.. of John Cena!”
                          “The Time is Now” hits and the place erupts in excitement. The challenger of the match, John Cena rushes out of the back to a huge ovation from the crowd. He stops at the edge of the entrance stage and salutes the fans before running down the entrance ramp and sliding underneath the bottom rope.

                          Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds.. he is JOHN CENA!”
                          Cena easily gets the biggest pop from the crowd of the night and he stands ready for the untimely task of trying to save a company. Just then, the lights go out and an eerie fog spills out of the back as a gong erupts through the arena and “Graveyard Symphony” plays throughout the building. The fans are all on their feet watching as the Undertaker walks out wearing his hat and leather coat.

                          Todd Grisham – “I’ve said it before, you will never understand just how intimidating this man is until you witness him walk into an arena live.”

                          Matt Striker – “I have got goosebumps. I can’t believe we’re about to witness the third and final chapter of this Undertaker/John Cena saga.”
                          The Undertaker stops at the base of the ring and unfastens his floor length coat, revealing his World Heavyweight Championship underneath.

                          Justin Roberts – “And his opponent, from Death Valley, weighing in at two hundred and ninety-nine pounds.. he is the World Heavyweight Champion.. THE UNDERTAKER!”
                          The Undertaker walks up the steps leading to the ring and slides between the ropes to join his opponent in the ring. Cena waits patiently in his corner as the Undertaker takes off the hat and coat, before handing over his World Championship to the official. The referee holds it up high for everyone to see before handing it to the time keeper.

                          World Heavyweight Championship Match

                          (c) The Undertaker vs. John Cena
                          Match Summary

                          The bell rings signifying the beginning of the match and the two men race out of their corners. Undertaker has his fists up looking for a chance to strike Cena. John has the same thing in mind and this fight starts out with a brutal brawl of punches. The official tries to contain the punches at first, but gives in when he realizes that neither man is going to give in. The two men use striking attacks trying to wear the other man down, but neither man backs down. After a few minutes, the punches begin to take their toll and both men begin stumbling around the ring in a daze. Cena is the first to capitalize from this and he connects with his fisherman suplex. This gives Cena the opening to take control of the match and he uses the next few minutes to capitalize on it and dish out some punishment in order to wear the Undertaker down for the Attitude Adjustment.

                          Cena is patiently waiting for the Undertaker to recover from his one handed bulldog; when ‘Taker comes to, Cena puts his weight underneath him and lifts him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. He can’t hang on and the Undertaker falls off his shoulders. Cena turns around into a chokeslam from the Undertaker. The crowd is going nuts but ‘Taker is too exhausted to make a cover. There is a good thirty seconds as the Undertaker finally finds Cena on the mat and pins him. 1…….2……….. Cena kicks out! Though Undertaker was unable to put Cena away, this did change the tide of the match. The Undertaker takes control from here on out and brutally punishes the man trying to steal his championship. The Undertaker makes a couple of attempts for a Tombstone Piledriver, but every attempt comes up short with Cena narrowly escaping and the Undertaker utilizing another move in his arsenal to contain him, instead.

                          The end of the match comes with the Undertaker on top of the struggle between the two. He is settling into the rhythm of finishing off Cena. Undertaker almost loses it all when he went for the Hell’s Gate submission and Cena slipped out just in time. Cena tries to rally with a flying shoulder block but dives headfirst into a big boot from the Undertaker. This leads to Cena’s second chokeslam of the night and this time, Undertaker is ready to follow it up. He grabs Cena by the head and pulls him to a standing position. He hoists him up onto his shoulders for a Tombstone Piledriver. No! Cena slips out the back and shoves Undertaker into the ropes. The Undertaker bounces off and falls right onto the shoulders of Cena for an Attitude Adjustment! The crowd is going nuts and Cena is setting him up for the finish. He leans down in front of the face of the Undertaker for the “You Can’t See Me” taunt. Undertaker reaches up and snags him by the throat. ‘Taker sits up with him, and then stands up, still holding his throat. A third chokeslam! The Undertaker makes the pin. 1…………2………………3!

                          Winner – The Undertaker.
                          Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match and STILL World Heavyweight Champion.. THE UNDERTAKER!”
                          The Undertaker is exhausted. He lies on his back as the referee drapes his championship belt over his almost lifeless body. Suddenly the air is gasped out of the arena as there is a huge red explosion and “Man on Fire” hits over the speakers. Kane runs out to the ring holding his Money in the Bank briefcase. He slides into the ring and the Undertaker doesn’t even realize what’s going on yet.

                          Todd Grisham – “Not like this dammit! The Undertaker just fought a hell of a match against John Cena and it appears that now his brother is here to cash in his Money in the Bank contract against him.”

                          Matt Striker – “The rules of that contract clearly state, anytime, anywhere.”
                          Kane sits his briefcase down and waits for the Undertaker. Suddenly, ‘Taker sits up. But standing right there waiting for him, Kane snags him by the throat and assists him to his feet. Kane picks him up and drives him hard to the mat with a devastating chokeslam. Kane walks around his brother, laughing. He picks up his Money in the Bank briefcase. Again, the Undertaker sits up. This time he is driven back to the mat with a thud from the steel briefcase Kane is carrying with him.

                          Todd Grisham – “This should not be allowed. Before he ever cashes it in, he’s going to brutally attack his brother with it.”

                          Matt Striker – “All’s fair in brothers and war.”
                          Kane drops to a knee and begins cracking the briefcase over the skull of the Undertaker and repeatedly smashes it over and over across his forehead. Within a few strikes, ‘Taker begins bleeding and after a dozen, his face is covered in blood. Kane takes his glove covered hand and wipes the blood off of the Undertaker’s head and smears it across the silver briefcase. He then uses his finger to inscribe in the blood.. R.I.P. Kane lies the briefcase down and grabs the Undertaker by the head and picks him up. He hoists him onto his shoulder for a Tombstone Piledriver. Kane positions him just over the briefcase and drives him head first onto it.

                          Todd Grisham – “This is sick. He doesn’t even want the championship, he just wants to punish his brother.”

                          Matt Striker – “There is something sickishly fascinating about all of this.”
                          Suddenly, “Time to Play the Game” hits and the fans erupt.

                          Triple H runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Kane grabs his briefcase and scrams to the opposite side of the ring. He waits for Triple H, who is more concerned about checking on the Undertaker. ‘Taker is not moving an inch and Triple H is trying to revive him. Triple H now turns his attention to Kane and starts stalking toward him. Kane holds his briefcase, ready to strike his assailant. Suddenly, he drops his briefcase and guard down and extends it out to Triple H. There is a long moment of shock, and then surprise when Triple H reaches out and takes the briefcase. He calls for an official, who comes into the ring with a look of shock on his face. Triple H hands him the briefcase and orders him to make the count. Hunter covers the Undertaker as the official counts. 1………2……………3!

                          Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… TRIPLE… H!”
                          The fans don’t know what to make out of all this or why Kane would just willingly give Triple H his Money in the Bank briefcase. The official hands Triple H the World Heavyweight Championship and he celebrates there. Kane leaves the ring, which is still littered by the bodies of the Undertaker and John Cena. As Kane is walking off, he turns and looks back at Triple H and points at him and yells. “Next week, I’m coming back for payment.” He laughs as Triple H’s happy celebration almost turns into one of panic and worry. We go off the air with Triple H holding his newly won World Heavyweight Championship high over his head.

                          Monday Night Raw – April 18, 2011
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                            Re: WWE PoweRaw

                            Jeff, I love it. Smith/Wesson is a refreshing partnership that I'm keen to see grow and seeing Neidhart in a role in which you have placed him is certainly very different.

                            I'm glad to see you took my advice to heart and followed through with Malenko as something of a spiritual leader of a Cruiserweight / Junior Heavyweight division. Nothing but good can come out of it, and down the road, there's a lot of scope to have Malenko return in the ring, in some form, even if only for a short time.

                            A good start and with those two things above and me wanting to see how they develop, that'll keep me interested going forward.


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                              Re: WWE PoweRaw

                              Monday Night Raw – April 25, 2011
                              The second edition of PoweRaw under the John “Bradshaw” Layfield regime kicks off with a recap of the events from last week. We start off with The Undertaker appearing on Raw and granting John Cena one last match for his World Heavyweight Championship, in hopes of getting closure on their feud and breaking the tie at one win a piece. Then we see the first appearance of Roderick Strong in a very impressive win over Tyson Kidd; followed by the tag team debut of Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth as the Hollywood Blondes along with their new apparent manager and full-time announcer Matt Striker. Afterward, Chris Masters successfully submits Chavo Guerrero in the Masterlock Challenge and then we see a few snippets of conversation between Layfield and Triple H concerning Hunter becoming the top man on Monday Night Raw. Layfield then instructed Swagger to turn in his Intercontinental Title now that it is unified with the United States Championship. The Big Show appeared and laughed at Layfield’s decision to trade him to Smackdown for three free agents, stating that he is bigger, stronger, and better than three free agents. A ten man Raw versus Smackdown battle royal saw Kane win on behalf of Smackdown, just after two men with painted faces attacked the Big Show. After the match, their mouthpiece Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart introduced them as Smith & Wesson, WWE’s New Guns For Hire. The main event saw the Undertaker successfully defend his World Title against John Cena. However, after the match Kane came out and bloodies up Undertaker with his Money in the Bank briefcase before Triple H came out and accepted the briefcase from Kane and cashed it in to take the World Title from Kane. Following the recap we get the prepacked clip introduction to Monday Night Raw accompanied to “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback. When we come back into the arena, the newly named Commissioner of the Junior Heavyweight Division, Dean Malenko is standing in the ring holding a microphone. The fans are standing in anticipation of the news concerning the much talked about addition to the Raw program.

                              Dean Malenko – “Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the evening is the first match of the Junior-Heavyweight Open. In this competition, every member of the Junior-Heavyweight Division will face every other member and at the conclusion, the man with the most wins over his opponents will be declared the first ever Junior-Heavyweight Champion. This match is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds, JOHN MORRISON!”
                              “Ain’t No Make Believe” hits and the fans go wild as the Guru of Greatness walks out of the back wearing his usual attire of something entirely too flashy. The cameras slow down into slow-motion as Morrison’s hair flies back in the wind and he raises his arm up and walks toward the ring. Once in, he shakes the hand of Dean Malenko before the Commissioner makes the next announcement.

                              Dean Malenko – “And his opponent. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds, KOFI KINGSTON!”
                              “S.O.S.” hits and the fans jump back to their feet in excitement for such a blockbuster match to kick off the program. Kingston runs out onto the entrance stage and does his hand-slap gesture in conjunction with yelling “Boom” while explosions blast off of the stage. Kingston darts down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring with the official, his opponent, and the Commissioner of the Junior-Heavyweight Division.

                              Dean Malenko – “Gentlemen, you know the rules of the match. You can win by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or count-out and otherwise the match could end in a double count-out or disqualification. All disqualifications are declared by me. Respect the official and the calls he makes. Shake hands and at the sound of the bell, fight.”

                              Junior-Heavyweight Open (15 Minute Time Limit)

                              John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston
                              The match kicks off with each man near the center of the ring and they shake hands; not because of the pre-match instructions of their new Commissioner and mentor, Dean Malenko, but out of respect for one another. The bell rings and the two forget all personal respects they have for the other and it is business as usual. Morrison and Kingston lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up. This would lead into a series of escapes and reversals beginning with Kofi rolling underneath John’s arm and snagging a hammerlock in the process. John uses his free arm to apply a three-quarter facelock. Morrison quickly snaps to his knees and uses the downward momentum to flip Kingston over his shoulder. The quick somersault momentum and his agility allows Kofi to flip three-hundred and sixty degrees onto his feet and in the same motion, he springboards off the mat, and connects with a backflip double knee driver onto the shoulders of Morrison, scoring the first big strike of the match. The fans light up with excitement as Kofi Kingston comes back to his feet; meanwhile John Morrison rolls on the mat holding his shoulders in pain. Kingston plays fair and grabs Morrison by the arm and shoulder and assists him to his feet, but at the same time maintains a full guard to protect himself from a surprise attack from his foe. The High-Jumping Jamaican assists Morrison into the far right ropes and irish-whips him to the left. Off of the rebound, Kofi leapfrogs Morrison and drops down onto his back with his head toward the returning Morrison. Kingston raises his legs up towards his own head and plants them into the abdominal region of Morrison to slingshot-mule kick him across the ring. However, John Morrison has other plans and off of the kick, he grabs the ankles of Kingston and flips upward, but maintains his balance so that for a brief second he has applied a handstand off of the legs of Kofi. Morrison rolls his weight back toward the direction he just came from and flips backward suddenly so that he can fall hard into an elbow drop into the sternum of Kingston. The fans go nuts with excitement as it is now the Shaman of Sexy who is on top of the match.

                              At this point in the match, John Morrison will take over control and maintain it for the next five minutes and through the first commercial break. His initial attack is a target on the chest, abdomen, and ribcage of Kofi Kingston; hopeful that he will break down his opponent in order to score a win off of his Starship Pain finishing maneuver. Some of the highlights of this attack sees Morrison first connecting with a float-over side Russian legsweep that to Morrison’s surprise helped secure a near-three count and give him hope that his handstand elbow drop did more damage than he had initially suspected. Periodically through the match, Morrison opts for the use of the European Uppercut, but after each successful strike, he would follow it up with a deadly knife-edge chop right across the chest. The most effective attack in Morrison’s arsenal seemed to be those vicious kicks. One sequence saw him connect with a stiff upward knee into the chest, and when Kofi doubled over Morrison bounced back two steps for a running field-goal style punt into the doubled over unprotected abdomen. The recoil of the kick flipped Kingston onto his back and Morrison delighted the fans with a standing Shooting Star Press. The lack of height from the press would assist in only getting Morrison another close two count, but not the win. Another sequence that would eventually draw another two count saw Morrison avoid a last second defensive attack from Kingston. Morrison appeared to be trying for a suplex of sorts; however, Kingston knew that a fall of that magnitude would prove to be costly and shifted all of his weight into his lower hips and lowered his legs downward. Morrison was unable to complete the suplex and Kofi flipped back downward. Kingston tried to use this momentum in his favor and bent his knees upward, locking them against the sides of Morrison’s waist, and wrapped his arm tightly around the head of John for a DDT. Unfortunately for Kingston, Morrison shoved downward at the last possible second and Kingston free fell to the mat with a thud. Morrison stood upright with the legs of Kingston at his sides, holding them upward. The Monday Night Delight wrapped the legs tightly and took a step backward toward the ropes before falling onto his own back and slingshotting Kingston off of his own back, neck first into the top rope. Kingston stalls for a moment with his neck choked on the rope, before falling back first onto the upward bent knees of Morrison with a backbreaker. Morrison slides the legs of Kingston up and rolls with him, into a backslide-like pin attempt. As aforementioned, this would draw a very close three count, but not enough to put Kingston away.

                              John would release the pin on Kofi and quickly realized where he had his opponent in relation to the ring and made his way to the bottom right corner. Morrison grabbed the top rope and slingshots himself upward into a split-legged corkscrew moonsault (Starship Pain). Kingston would have to dig down deep for one last bit of energy in order to roll out of the way at the last second in an attempt to avoid certain defeat. Morrison would land shoulders first on the mat in such a way that would cause him to remember the looming pain from the knee strike he took earlier in the match. For Kingston on the other hand, this was an opportunity to recharge. He falls limp on the outside, and hears the looming twenty count from the official. By the fifteen mark, he is able to get to his feet and join his opponent back in the ring. Both are managing to get to their feet, but neither are in full condition; Kingston worse for the wear after a match-length of torment to the trunk region of his body. Morrison tries not to give up his lead in the match; but Kofi is tired of being his crash-test dummy. Kingston swings for the fences with a hard right. Morrison ducks under and locks on for an STO-backbreaker. As Morrison hoists Kingston into the air, Kofi slips underneath John’s arm and locks on a half-nelson and uses this hold as a driver to slam the exposed face of Morrison into Kofi’s knee. Morrison walks out of the strike, groggily. This gives Kingston the opening to go shoulder first into Morrison’s abdomen and connect with his S.O.S. maneuver (Ranhei). The hold catches John off-guard but is still only good for barely a two count. What the move did do was give Kingston an opening to begin an attack on Morrison. Much like John, Kofi would center his attack on a target region, looking to help assist in the injury of Morrison’s shoulders, a wound that he caused earlier in the match and hoping to reopen in the late moments. Kingston’s attack resembled Morrison’s in that he relied heavily on his sickening kicks to lead the way. Later on in the match, a desperate Morrison succeeded in a reverse irish-whip, but failed to see the lightning quick Kingston fly off of the ropes with a dropkick that propelled Morrison off of his feet and flat onto his back with a thud.

                              Kofi would roll off of his back and onto his feet, stepping backward quickly into the ropes and charging toward his opponent, stopping momentarily for the set-up theatrics before jumping high into the air with his double legdrop (Boom Drop). Kingston rolls over on Morrison quickly but even with his signature move, Kofi only managed for the two count. Kingston sees an opening to put this one away and creeps toward the center of the ring, waiting patiently for Morrison. As John pulls himself up to a standing position, he looks up just in time to notice Kofi Kingston flying cross the ring with his jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick (Trouble in Paradise); aiming for Morrison’s shoulder, the kick is just inches off target and Kingston lands on the mat, barely maintaining his balance. He turns and is nailed right across the chin with a superkick from Morrison that sends Kofi nearly-unconscious and free falling back into the ropes. His weight is enough to cause him to slightly bounce off and Morrison catches him, applying a three-quarter facelock and putting the match away with his Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker). The official slides into position and three seconds later, John Morrison has won the first match of the Junior-Heavyweight Open.

                              Winner – John Morrison.
                              John Morrison takes a one point lead over the other five competitors of the Division, and with only four opponents left to fight, he looks confident in his chances of being the first Junior-Heavyweight Champion. Kingston is shown to be upset by the loss. Morrison steps over and assists Kofi to his feet. The two men shake hands and Kofi exits the ring while Morrison celebrates the win and the approval of the fans as we go to the first commercial break of the evening.
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