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WWE PoweRaw

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    Re: WWE PoweRaw
    The cameras open up in the backstage area where William Regal and Finlay are preparing for a match in their dressing room. They are both watching the events that just occurred involving Jack Swagger and Muhammad Hassan and talk specifically about Swagger.

    William Regal – “Can you believe the audacity of that slapper?”

    Finlay – “Aye, he never knew when to shut it did he?”

    William Regal – “Someone’s going to jot the piss out of him one day.”

    Finlay – “He’ll do good if it’s not me.”

    William Regal – “About tonight? Are we on the same page?”

    Finlay – “Yeah, we’ll make short work of these two wankers and then?”

    William Regal – “And then, Night of Champions.”

    Finlay – “Sounds good to me, chap. Now let’s kick some American arse.”
    Finlay and Regal leave their dressing room and we get a short advertisement for the match that Regal and Finlay were alluding to in their conversation. At Night of Champions, the World Tag Team Titles will be awarded in a Tag Team Turmoil match involving Smith & Wesson (David Smith & Mike Wesson), the Hollywood Blondes (Shelton Benjamin & Nick Nemeth), then representing Smackdown… Nexus (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) and the winning team of the upcoming match. We cut to ringside as we get ready for this match.

    John Layfield – “You know what I love about Finlay and Regal?”

    Todd Grisham – “That they’re old and set in their ways?”

    John Layfield – “No, that they do two things incredibly well. Take some names. And kick some ass.”

    Todd Grisham – “That’s true, they are in all likelihood two of the toughest S.O.B.’s that I’ve ever met in my life.”

    John Layfield – “The only man I’ve ever met that could take and dish out punishment better than those two was, well… myself.”

    Todd Grisham – “Hey John, would you like for me to pull you up another chair so you can have a place to set your ego?”

    John Layfield – “No, but would you like for me to pull up another chair so I can start training your replacement?”

    Todd Grisham – “Moving on. John, I’m sure you’ve got the insight; do you have any more details on this Tag Team Turmoil match that is to take place at Night of Champions?”

    John Layfield – “Todd, we’re colleagues; feel free to call me Mr. Layfield or General Manager Layfield. Let’s not be so informal.”

    Todd Grisham – “You’re a hard man to work for you; you know?”

    John Layfield – “Would you rather Uncle Sam sign your paycheck?”

    Todd Grisham – “Moving on.”

    John Layfield – “The match is simple, Todd. Two teams start out. When one of those teams is defeated, the next team will enter. This will continue on until the last team enters, at which point the winning team of that fall will be declared the winners of the vacant World Tag Team Titles.”

    Todd Grisham – “Riveting. Who all has signed up so far?”

    John Layfield – “At present the Hollywood Blondes, Nexus from Smackdown, and my personal pick to win the match and my own personal security team, Smith & Wesson.”

    Todd Grisham – “I’m sure they’ll have a fair chance of winning.”

    John Layfield – “And then not to mention, the team that wins this next match will gain the last entry spot into the match.”

    Todd Grisham – “Funny you should mention that, because we’re going to head to ringside as we get ready for this tag team competition.”
    The cameras turn back to the ring where Justin Roberts, ring announcer, is getting ready to announcer the introductions of the participants of the next match.

    Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall and is for an entry into the Tag Team Turmoil match at Night of Champions to crown the next World Tag Team Champions! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined four hundred and fifty pounds.. the team of CURT HAWKINS AND ZACK RYDER!”
    The former team, now reunited but now with assumed personalities that differed than their “groupie” image they had with Edge enter the arena. They receive a well-rounded disapproval rating from the fans; partly because of their personality and partly because most fans don’t feel that they have a chance of winning the fight. The two men climb into the ring and pose for the crowd before their music is cut and replaced with “Villain” and the tag team of William Regal and Finlay enter the arena to a surprisingly mixed reaction from the fans.

    Justin Roberts – “And their opponents, weighing in at a combined four hundred and seventy-three pounds, the tag team of WILLIAM REGAL AND FINLAY… THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS!”
    Regal and Finlay both climb up onto the apron and slip through the ropes to join their opponents in the ring. Once inside, the very outspoken Zack Ryder runs his mouth nonstop.

    Night of Champions - Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match

    The Inglorious Bastards vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
    Match Summary.

    With all four men in the ring, the official tries to give the two teams a last minute instruction, mostly to make sure they were aware of his expectations. With the group huddled around the center, Ryder ignores the official and continues to belt out insults to his opponents. He periodically looks to Hawkins for moral support; but Curt seems to be more interested in taking action and doing a little less talking. When Zack turns his head back to continue flinging insults, he is met with a vicious closed fist punch to the nose. And just like that, the four men explode. Within a second, Ryder slides out of the ring, leaving Hawkins all alone for Finlay and Regal to do as they please. The cameras shoot back to the outside of the ring and we see a steady stream of blood flowing out of the nose of Ryder and with the distortion to his nose, it’s quite obvious Finlay has broken it. Right away we can tell that Ryder’s impact in this match is going to be minimal at best and Hawkins is going to have to do most of the legwork.

    Right away, Regal takes a commanding control over the fight and begins stretching out the back and working on the various limbs of Hawkins. Not content with just forcing a submission out of Hawkins, Regal tags in Finlay who comes in and goes right to work on the back as well. Using his brute strength, Finlay pounds Curt into the mat with a series of different versions of the powerslam and follows up nearly every single one with a handful of stomps to the back. The two on one attack is proving to payoff for the Bastards as even when Hawkins manages to get to his corner, Ryder is on the floor being attended to by an EMT who is trying to stop the bleeding. This brings the action to the corner of Regal and Finlay as they begin making quick exchanges and doing what they do best: wear Hawkins down inch by inch until they break him. And to prove that even with the odds in their favor, they’re not going to give Curt an inch, the two begin their usual shenanigans of distracting the official while the illegal man does some excessive damage in the corner with chokes and other illegal moves.

    In one instance, the official turns quick enough to see Regal choking Hawkins with the tag rope and darts into the corner to save Curt. He begins giving Regal a stern warning and telling him the consequences of getting caught doing it again. Now with the official’s back turned toward the center of the ring, Zack Ryder pulls a fast one and jumps into the ring and nearly destroys a steel chair across the back of Finlay. The Belfast Brawler flops to the floor and Ryder climbs up onto the turnbuckle. Proving that he truly is one of the most deranged men in the world, Finlay simple gets back to his feet and charges the corner of his attacker and dumps him over the top rope. Ryder falls to the floor and lands face first on the padding, reinjuring the just-now broken nose. Finlay is pleased with his work and sees a very groggy Hawkins coming to. He grabs him by the long hair and drags him over into his corner and tags in Regal. Finlay then loads Curt onto his shoulders and walks him away from the corner. Regal is facing the two and Finlay flips Hawkins off of his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry Slam, at the same time Regal steps between the legs of the flipping Hawkins and drops to a knee, bending one outward and allowing the falling Curt to fall backfirst onto the bent knee into a backbreaker. Finaly steps through the ropes and William Regal folds Hawkins up into a pin for the three count.

    Winners – The Inglorious Bastards.
    Todd Grisham – “WOW! Such a convincing win by the Bastards.”

    John Layfield – “Inglorious Bastards, Grisham. Get it right!”

    Todd Grisham – “What do they call that move?”

    John Layfield – “I believe the shortened name is a fireman’s carry slam into a backbreaker!”

    Todd Grisham – “No kidding.”
    Before we cut to the backstage area, we see Finlay and Regal celebrating on a very small scale in the ring, knowing that they have earned the right to fight for the World Tag Team Titles at Night of Champions. As the cameras cut to the back, we get a quick shot of the match-up that is now complete for the Tag Team Title match.


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      Re: WWE PoweRaw
      The cameras open up in the backstage area as we see Matt Striker walking down a long corridor with the Department of Labor representative, Stanley Williams, strolling along next to him. The remaining members of the Striker Brigade are absent, likely prepping for their main event appearance later in the evening. The Department of Labor official is jotting down notes, most notably about safety. Striker is sure to point out obvious violations in safety as they trot along.

      Stanley Williams – “Mr. Striker, I appreciate your notifying my office in regards to the incident last week that severely injured Dean Malenko; however, a single act of unsafe work practices just doesn’t constitute shutting down a multi-million dollar industry. Now unless…”

      Matt Striker – “…unless what? Unless I tell you that under the guidance of General Manager John Layfield there have been two separate acts of abduction.”

      Stanley Williams – “Abduction? As in, kidnapping?”

      Matt Striker – “Yes. The wife and daughter of the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment were both kidnapped by an employee of the WWE while under the watch and responsibility of John Layfield. And at present, Stephanie McMahon is still missing.”

      Stanley Williams – “WHAT? Why was I not debriefed on this?”

      Matt Striker – “Because the WWE has made it their interest to keep outsiders like you as far away from their company as possible.”

      Stanley Williams – “Have law enforcement authorities been notified?”

      Matt Striker – “Yes. But now you can see why I’ve asked you to come here. Now you’ll see that this one occurrence with Dean Malenko is not a single act of irresponsibility.”

      Stanley Williams – “Mr. Striker, are you aware of any other instances like these?”

      Matt Striker – “Stan, I’m just beginning to tip the iceberg. Now if you’ll come with me I’ll fill you in on some other occurrences that’s happened since John Layfield has taken responsibility of Monday Night Raw.”
      Matt Striker and the Department of Labor representative continue to walk as we cut back to the arena where we see a very irate General Manager at the announcer’s table.

      John Layfield – “THAT SON OF A… I ought to…”

      Todd Grisham – “Whoa.. whoa.. whoa.”

      John Layfield – “That ungrateful little runt. I should have squashed him when I had the chance.”

      Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t go anywhere…”

      John Layfield – “And now Todd freaking Grisham is going to cut me off for a commercial break? I’m losing control of my program here, DAMN IT!”

      Todd Grisham – “Take a second, Mr. Layfield. Now when we return, we have a very special edition of the MasterLock Challenge.”

      John Layfield – “Matt Striker’s a dead man!”
      The cameras cut to a commercial break with Layfield fuming.
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        Re: WWE PoweRaw
        Following the commercial break, we return back at ringside as we presume to be gearing up for the MasterLock Challenge as Todd Grisham had eluded prior to the break. Inside the ring, the ring announcer is standing by at the ready for his cue.

        Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… THE MASTERPIECE… CHRIS MASTERS!”
        “Masterpiece” hits and nearly every fan in attendance rises to their feet and begins booing. Chris steps out onto the entrance stage wearing a red cape. He pauses at the edge of the stage and throws his arms up into the air and drops the cape to the floor before exhibiting a very impressive pose to display his muscular physique. He marches to the ring with the utmost confidence and climbs into the ring along with Roberts and snatches the microphone from his hand.

        Chris Masters – “Last week, I showed every single one of you.. no.. I showed the world that the so-called ‘Superman’ John Cena is just a myth.”
        The fans really let into the Masterpiece just by the mere mention of Cena’s name.

        Chris Masters – “I see I’ve hit a sore subject. But while we’re on the topic of sore subjects, let’s take another walk down memory lane. Six years ago, I was the brightest star on Monday Night Raw. My MasterLock Challenge was the talk of the WWE. But then I was asked to sacrifice it all; all in the name of making John Cena look like a million bucks.”
        Masters is cut off by the sound of the fans chanting “CENA! CENA!” over and over.

        Chris Masters – “YEAH! That’s right! CENA! CENA! CENA!”
        Chris’ mockery of their chant causes the fans to stop and there is a soft silence that hushes over the crowd.

        Chris Masters – “SUCKS!”
        Now they really let him have it. “CENA! CENA!” Masters laughs at what he considers to be their ignorance of good taste.

        Chris Masters – “Chant his name all you want. I just want you to remember that last week I reclaimed six years of this eating at me; basically a revenge that was six years in the making. Last week I finally got my hands around the arms of John Cena and in the clutches of my MasterLock, John Cena could not break himself free.”
        The fans know good and well that Masters’ view of the situation was forgetful of the fact of Nick Dinsmore’s involvement in the matter.

        Chris Masters – “But enough of the past. Let’s talk about the present. Let’s talk about tonight. Since John Cena was unable to break my unbreakable MasterLock Challenge, I thought I’d give a friend of Cena’s the same opportunity. Maybe tonight, R-Truth can show John Cena how it’s done. Haha, maybe.”
        Masters throws his microphone down and “What’s Up” hits as R-Truth comes out of the back. He sings along with the music as he rushes down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Once inside, the official goes over the rules with R-Truth concerning how the Challenge works, specifically the fact that he must submit himself to the hold until it has been fully locked on and at that time he will have an unlimited amount of time to break free of the hold but if he goes limp for more than a three count or submits to the hold, he loses.

        The Masterlock Challenge

        Chris Masters vs. R-Truth
        The official places a chair down in the center of the ring and instructs R-Truth to sit with his back to Chris Masters. Truth does so reluctantly but Masters knows that there is no need to attack Truth before the Challenge. Once he has it locked in, Truth isn’t going anywhere. Having never held any major championships with World Wrestling Entertainment, Truth sees this as a valuable opportunity to make a name for himself with the WWE. He sits down in the chair and raises his arms up over his head. Masters approaches him from behind and grabs him by the cornrolls and jerks his head back. Truth takes extreme offense and rolls out of the chair ready to fight. Masters is quick to tell him that if he strikes him, the Challenge is off. Truth informs him that he won’t stand for this insolence before sitting back down.

        Masters inches in close to Truth. He slowly reaches his arms up and slides them underneath the arms of Truth and lifts them up so that his shoulder blades are stretched to the limit. He then positions his own arms up under Truth’s and tightens his arms back up behind the neck of Truth and then clenches his fingers together and locks on the MasterLock. Truth immediately squirms upward and flips to his feet trying to slip through the arms of Masters. Chris isn’t budging an inch. The official pulls the chair out away from the two as they drag one another around the ring. Within seconds, Truth has lost his will to fight and starts to slouch. He drops down to a knee and he lures Masters right into his plan. Truth jumps up off of his knees and leaps up, feet first onto the top rope. Before he can push off, Masters leans all of his body weight against Truth and forces him off the top rope. With the ropes between the two men and Truth still fully locked into the hold; Truth has nowhere to go, no leverage, and no prayer. Within a few seconds, he submits to the MasterLock.

        Winner – Chris Masters.
        Following the match, the official approaches Masters to raise his hand and to separate him from Truth, only to quickly realize that Masters has absolutely no intention of releasing the hold. Truth is defenseless and tied up completely in the hold. Masters drags him back over the top rope and into the ring and tightens the submission move. The official does everything he can to separate the two men, but Masters whips the lifeless body of Truth around and knocks the official out. Truth is completely unconscious and Masters is showing no sign of letting go. Suddenly the fans all jump for excitement. Every head in the arena turns back to the entrance stage as we see John Cena running out of the back.

        Cena darts down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring to save his good friend. He bounces off of the ropes and flies through the air, taking both Truth and Masters down with a shoulder tackle to the back of Masters. Cena is fired up and ready to strike. Suddenly, Cena is struck from behind with a steel chair. Cena falls face first to the mat and the trap is set.

        Masters and Dinsmore have lured Cena in and are now taking advantage of him with a double team assault. Periodically, Masters will give Truth some extra attention. Cena would be the next to take on the MasterLock as Masters sneaks up behind him and wraps on the hold. To ensure success, Dinsmore would frequently drive the rounded end of the steel chair into the unprotected abdomen of Cena to give Masters even more of a chance. When The Masterpiece has had enough of Cena he tosses him right into the arms of Dinsmore, who hoists Cena up into the air and drives him to the mat with a devastating Brainbuster onto the folded steel chair. The final shots before we cut to the back are of Chris Masters flexing and Nick Dinsmore displaying the bent steel chair with both R-Truth and John Cena lying unconscious in the middle of the ring.
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          Re: WWE PoweRaw
          We transition from inside the ring to the backstage area. We see the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, in a room full of law enforcement and security personnel. He is strategizing a plan to find Kane and what to do upon intercepting him.

          Vince McMahon – “…so there’s your marching orders, gentlemen. The rules of engagement are now, shoot first, ask questions later. I don’t care what you have to do; I want you to find this son of a bitch and I want his head in a duffel bag in front of me before the end of the night.”
          Mr. McMahon pauses for a moment and looks over his shoulder to see someone unexpected.

          Vince McMahon – “Now gentlemen, if you’ll excuse us.”
          All of the security personnel and law enforcement officers exit the room. Mr. McMahon turns and we see his son-in-law standing in front of him.

          Vince McMahon – “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face here.”

          Triple H – “What did you give him?”

          Vince McMahon – “What did I give, who?”

          Triple H – “KANE! What did you give him last week?”

          Vince McMahon – “That’s none of your damn business. This is a family matter.”

          Triple H – “Damn it, quit playing games . That’s the mother of my children.”

          Vince McMahon – “Before that, she was my daughter!”

          Triple H – “Look, I want to help.”

          Vince McMahon – “Help? You’re the reason she’s gone, you son of a bitch!”

          Triple H – “I can’t change what I’ve already done; I can only try to make things right.”

          Vince McMahon – “Like I said, this is a family affair.”

          Triple H – “What did you give him?”

          Vince McMahon – “I gave him exactly what he asked for.”

          Triple H – “Which was?”

          Vince McMahon – “Again, none of your business.”

          Triple H – “Vince, you need to be careful of what deals you make with Kane. He doesn’t have a conscience.”

          Vince McMahon – “Reminds me of someone I know. Now if you’ll excuse me.”
          Vince leaves the room, leaving more questions than answers. We cut to the arena for the next match of the evening.
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            Re: WWE PoweRaw
            When we open up inside the arena, we are at the announcer’s table with the General Manager, John Layfield, and Todd Grisham.

            Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll try to keep you posted as news is filtered down to us concerning the situation involving Stephanie McMahon.”

            John Layfield – “Filtered down to us? Do you know who I am? I’m John Layfield. I’m the one who filters information down. If something happens with Stephanie McMahon, I assure you, I’ll be the first to know.”

            Todd Grisham – “I was just trying to ease the tension…”

            John Layfield – “If you truly wanted to ease the tension, you’d take those goofy glasses off.”

            Todd Grisham – “I actually can’t see without them.”

            John Layfield – “You actually look like a complete nerd with them.”

            Todd Grisham – “Sorry, I’ll take eyesight over nerdism any day.”

            John Layfield – “You were never good at making good choices, Todd.”
            The two men are interrupted as “Pain” hits throughout the arena and every head turns to the entrance stage to see Vladimir Kozlov marching to the ring with a dead serious expression on his face. He is wearing all white with light blue accent stripes on all of his attire. He climbs into the ring and stretches on the ropes while waiting for his opponent.

            Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing in at three hundred and two pounds, VLADIMIR KOZLOV!”
            Kozlov gets a resounding boo from the fans, exactly as he expected. His music fades out and is quickly replaced with “Domination” and the fans give a very warm welcome for Ezekiel Jackson who is coming off of a very hard fought match against Jack Swagger two weeks ago and a near win in last week’s battle royal. Jackson climbs into the ring with his opponent and the tensions can be felt nearly instantaneously.

            Justin Roberts – “And his opponent, weighing in at three hundred and nine pounds, EZEKIEL JACKSON!”
            Jackson does little to get the fans in his corner, but with an opponent like Kozlov, he doesn’t need much.

            John Layfield – “These two men specifically asked for this match after weeks of built up frustrations against one another and I was more than happy to oblige.”

            Todd Grisham – “I got a feeling that this ring is not going to be able to contain these two when they are unleashed.”

            John Layfield – “I’ll give you two to one that Kozlov murders him inside of ten minutes.”

            Todd Grisham – “You’re on.”

            Singles Match

            Ezekiel Jackson vs. Vladimir Kozlov
            The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway. The two behemoth athletes confront one another in the center of the ring and they stand nose to nose. The former partners share a war of words before they finally erupt and begin pounding away with hard rights that rock one another with each echoing thud. The physically larger Jackson takes control of the match and unloads heavy blows to the Russian Mauler. The resilience and well-trained Kozlov is able to withstand much of the punishment that Jackson dishes out to him and blocks some very devastating blows at the same time. The official is forced to allow some lenience in the early stages as both men belt one another with rights and lefts that send sickening sounds throughout the arena. It doesn’t take long before both men are covered in their swollen skin but nothing is going to make either one of them back down from the other. Jackson looks to squeeze the very life out of Kozlov with a bear hug that lifts Vladimir off the mat. The hard-headedness of Kozlov prevails and he is able to escape after connecting with a handful of headbutts that separate the two men. Kozlov would then use his head and the entire brunt of his body behind it as a battering ramp to knock Jackson through the ropes to the outside.

            Vladimir allows the official to offer up to a ten count to Jackson, but when he realizes that Ezekiel is not going to stay down that easy, Kozlov rolls through the ropes and joins his opponent on the outside. At ringside, each man would take turn irish-whipping one another into various ringside objects, ranging from the announcer’s table, to the ringpost, to the steel steps, to the crowd barrier. At one point, the official left the ring and gave the two men a stern warning about taking the fight to the inside of the ring, but neither man would oblige. The official would allow a certain amount of leeway here as the fans seemed to really get behind the brawl and didn’t want it to end so quickly. Jackson would hit his first big move when he was able to sidestep a big boot from Kozlov and spin him around and jerk him up into the air, spin him one hundred and eighty degrees to the steel ramp with a Double A Spinebuster! The official appears to have had enough and climbs back into the ring and administers a ten count-out to the two. Jackson, realizing this, would walk back to the ring and slide back in, and instantly back out to refresh the count. Jackson walks slowly back to the ramp where Kozlov is getting up. As he moves closer, he begins to trot and then sprints up the ramp and attempts to decapitate Kozlov with a clothesline. Vladimir ushers in every ounce of strength left in him and ducks the clotheslines, locking his arm across the body of Jackson and hoists him up and nails his Iron Curtain (legtrap chockelift spinebuster) onto the steel ramp. The official is halfway into a five count when Kozlov finally begins to stir. He crawls his way to the ring and hops onto the apron at the nine count and rolls right back out. The fans are going nuts at Kozlov not taking the easy win with the count out. He stumbles his way over to Jackson and pulls him to his feet. Suddenly, Jackson plants his head into the sternum of Vladimir and he charges Kozlov backwards off of the ramp and into the second row of fans. The crowd disperses quickly and the two men roll on the concrete floor pounding away. A ten count later, and the official calls for the bell as security personnel rush out of the back to separate the two men.

            Winner – Double Count-Out.
            Neither man really seems to care that they were counted out and are primarily concerned with chiseling away at the security force that separates them from each other. When the security team prevails the crowd gives the two men a standing ovation, but their cheers don’t do either a lick of good. Both seem deadest on finishing this.

            John Layfield – “Wow. This is the definition of polar opposites. These two men hate each other so much that they can’t stand to be near one another.”

            Todd Grisham – “That’s as brutal of a fight as you’ll ever see ladies and gentlemen. Look at how swollen the faces of these two men are.”

            John Layfield – “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this one was personal.”

            Todd Grisham – “Oh, by the way, you owe me twenty bucks.”

            John Layfield – “Who signs your paychecks, boy?”

            Todd Grisham – “You?”

            John Layfield – “Then I’d say that I’m going to give you way more than twenty bucks, huh?”

            Todd Grisham – “Good grief.”
            The cameras cut to a commercial break as we gear up for the main event of the evening.
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              Re: WWE PoweRaw
              Following the commercial break, we come back to ringside and allow John Layfield and Todd Grisham to get us pumped for the main event of the evening.

              Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw and do we have a very special main event lined up for you this evening.”

              John Layfield – “Only a genius could produce a match of this magnitude and give away for free, right here on PoweRaw.”

              Todd Grisham – “Gee, I wonder who that man could be.”

              John Layfield – “Someone much finer than yourself, I’m sure.”

              Todd Grisham – “Tonight, ten Superstars…”

              John Layfield – “Ten AMERICAN Superstars…”

              Todd Grisham – “Right, ten AMERICAN Superstars will compete in a battle royal…”

              John Layfield – “ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN Battle Royal…”

              Todd Grisham – “Right, for the right to face Jack Swagger for the United States Championship at Night of Champions.”

              John Layfield – “In case there was still any confusion, let me clear it up, this is match and every reward attached to it, is all about AMERICA! God bless her.”

              Todd Grisham – “Yeah, I think we’ve covered that. Hey, doesn't it seem like we have a Battle Royal every week here on PoweRaw?"

              John Layfield - "It's a proven fact, people love Battle Royals."

              Todd Grisham - "And you're not worried about saturating the market?"

              John Layfield - "You just leave the logistics up to me and in the mean time check-out this video that has brought us to this main event match..."

              The cameras cut to a quick recap video. The first shots are of a title unification match at Bragging Rights between Rey Mysterio (Intercontinental Champion) and Jack Swagger (United States Champion). After taking a 619, Swagger stumbled backward into the ring and looked up to see Rey leaping off the ropes for a West Coast Pop, only to be caught with a powerbomb and Swagger flipping over him, and hooking the legs in a bridge and unifying the two titles into the United States Championship with a pinning combination. The following night on Raw, Swagger confronted the new General Manager, John Layfield, about the possibility of him fighting The Undertaker for the World Championship to add to his “collection” of titles. Layfield informed Swagger that even though he won the Intercontinental Title the night before, the two titles were now considered ‘unified’ and that he would have to relinquish the title to Layfield’s secretary. Defying his General Manager, Jack Swagger showed up to Raw the following week carrying just his United States Championship, but was informed by the GM that his secretary never received the Intercontinental Title. Swagger covered for himself stating that he was having a replica built for his trophy case and upon completion would hand over the belt. However, that same night, Swagger was set to defend his United States title in the main event against Ezekiel Jackson. Having some reservations against facing Jackson due to his Guyanese citizenship and not wanting to see the United States title on a non-American citizen, Jack Swagger instituted an impromptu change to the match before it ever began. Swagger coerced Ezekiel Jackson into accepting the match on the grounds that it would be the retired Intercontinental Championship on the line, instead. Knowing that the title was retired, Jackson still accepted opting to be the last man to hold the title. Unfortunately for Jackson, when he was able to get some steam in the match, Swagger would get himself disqualified and retained the title. The following week, the General Manager composed a Battle Royal match to determine the #1 Contender to face Jack Swagger for the United States Championship at Night of Champions. To Swagger’s surprise, the match was comprised of all non-American citizen wrestlers with the surprise Free Agent Debut of Muhammad Hassan who would shock the audience by dumping a handful of men, who were tied up in the ropes, all at once over the top rope to their elimination for the win. Following the match, Swagger would enter the fray and complain to the General Manager about the citizenship of Muhammad Hassan saying that the GM was out to deface and disgrace the United States title by giving a non-American citizen a title shot. John Layfield responded by agreeing and setting-up a separate Battle Royal the following week, comprised of only American citizen wrestlers and the winner would face Swagger at Night of Champions for the United States title. Swagger seemed satisfied until after he accepted, Layfield informed him that this was conditional upon him agreeing to defend BOTH the United States title against the winner of that match and the Intercontinental title against Muhammad Hassan at Night of Champions. Jack Swagger reluctantly accepted.
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                Re: WWE PoweRaw
                Following the promotional video that set us up for this match, we go to the ring where Justin Roberts is standing by.

                Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is the MAIN EVENT of the evening and it is the ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN BATTLE ROYAL for the opportunity to fight Jack Swagger at Night of Champions for the United States Championship! Introducing the participants…”
                “Some Bodies Gonna Get It” hits and an odds-on-favorite to win, due to his sheer size and mass enters in the form of Mark Henry. “The World’s Strongest Man” marches down the ramp to the ring and if the crowd wasn’t on deafening terms, most could swear his steps were echoing throughout the arena.

                Justin Roberts – “From Silsbee, Texas… MARK HENRY!”
                As Henry’s music dies down, we are treated with our first surprise entrant and a WWE Hall of Famer. “Two by Four” hits and the crowd erupts as we see a true American walk onto the stage. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan poses at the edge of the entrance stage with his 2X4 and American flag in hand. He has that silly look on his face with his eyes glazed over and tongue sticking out and he marches to the ring to the delight of the fans.

                Justin Roberts - “From Glens Falls, New York… HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN!”
                Duggan’s energetic entrance sends Henry to the outside to avoid getting his by a 2X4 and his music is quickly replaced with “I Come From Money” and the fans instantaneously recognize who it is and boo the son of the Million Dollar Man as he walks toward the ring with somewhat of a strut. Even though his last two appearances on Raw has left him beaten inside the crowd, Dibiase has confidence written all over his face.

                Justin Roberts – “From West Palm Beach, Florida… TED DIBIASE!”
                Dibiase and Henry join Jim Duggan in the ring, confident that they can subdue him if he goes bananas again. And then we are treated with our second surprise entrant as a mixed beat of a generic rock song with overtones of a classic bugle play we see The Patriot walking out with the second American flag of the evening. The fans barely recognize the Patriot at first but he still gets somewhat of a good reception for carrying an American flag with him on his way to the ring.

                Justin Roberts – “From Washington, D.C… THE PATRIOT!”
                And then the real treat is the inclusion of a now-manager in the WWE, when “Damage, inc.” hits we see the tag team of Smith and Wesson walk out, but we are shocked to also see that it is none other than Jim Neidhart who is dressed to compete. Behind him walks his two protégés and he directs them to stand at the edge of the ring and watch over him in the match.

                Justin Roberts – “From Reno, Nevada… JIM THE ANVIL NEIDHART!”
                Neidhart climbs up onto the ring apron and slips into the ring with the other four opponents and stands waiting until the “Marine’s Hymn” plays and nearly every fan in attendance leaps to their feet to see Sgt. Slaughter step out onto the entrance wearing his Marine Corps Drill Instructor hat and carrying the third American flag to the ring. He stops at the edge of the ring and salutes the fans and marches to the ring to one of the finest receptions of the night.

                Justin Roberts – “From Parris Island, South Carolina… SGT SLAUGHTER!”
                The fans give Slaughter a standing ovation and there is a long pause in the introductions until the “300 Violin Orchestra” hits and the fans see the Striker Brigade come out in numbers. Leading the pack is the unofficial wrestling leader of the group, Cody Rhodes.

                Justin Roberts – “And now the representatives of the Striker Brigade, from Marietta, Georgia… CODY RHODES!”
                Rhodes has his eyes dead set on his former partner who is still in the ring and unsure as to how Dibiase will react to when he climbs in. Rhodes stops at the edge of the ramp and combs his hair back and winks at a few of the female members of the audience before proceeding.

                Justin Roberts – “And from Hollywood, California, the tag team of NICK NEMETH AND SHELTON BENJAMIN… THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES!”
                The Blondes strut a few steps behind Rhodes and there is a feeling in the air that the Striker Brigade will prevail in this match considering the numbers game is in their favor. Behind the Blondes, we see their manager, Matt Striker and with him is the Department of Labor representative, Stanley Williams. As the wrestling members of the Brigade climb into the ring, Striker and Williams approach the backside of the squared circle where they step around to the backside of the announcer’s table. Williams sits down next to John Layfield and Matt Striker next to Todd Grisham.

                John Layfield – “Gentlemen, I’d just like to know what the hell you two are doing out here.”

                Matt Striker – “John, it seems as though Mr. Williams felt that he would like to see up close and personal a wrestling match to get a better up-close evaluation of what the working conditions are like around here.”

                John Layfield – “No, that’s unacceptable. You’re interference and meddling with my show has gone on long enough.”

                Matt Striker – “Unfortunately, you just don’t have a say in the matter.”
                Meanwhile, Williams continues writing diligent notes about the matters at hand, undeterred by Striker or Layfield.

                Justin Roberts – “And the tenth and final participant, please welcome from Aiken, South Carolina… THE BIG SHOW!”
                The air is sucked out of the arena in one large gasp as a huge pyro explodes from the center of the stage and the Big Show walks out. His right hand and a portion of his forearm is enclosed in a cast that is larger than a normal one. Big Show walks down to the ring to a huge reception from the fans. He stops at the edge of the ring and looks to his right and his left to see Mike Wesson and David Smith staring at him. He looks at his cast covered fist and opts to climb up onto the apron and step over the top rope into the ring, instead of confronting them.

                All-American American Battle Royal

                The Big Show | The Patriot | Sgt. Slaughter | Jim Duggan | Ted Dibiase
                Jim Neidhart | Nick Nemeth | Cody Rhodes | Shelton Benjamin | Mark Henry

                #1 Contendership of United States Title
                The match starts as soon as Big Show is in the ring and right away he is defending himself from attackers from every direction. As usual, Big Show is the obvious target and all other nine competitors are going to try to do anything they can right from the start to get him over the top rope so they can breathe a sigh of relief. Their unplanned attack proves to be futile as Big Show’s expectations were correct and he is able to fend them off with a perfect gameplan. In the midst of the chaos, Show is in perfect position to nail a couple of knock-out jabs with his overly protected hand covered in a thick cast to a few of the competitors, leveling them on impact. Jim Neidhart is a smart man and stays as far away from Show as he can, but with each passing second, Big Show manages to either knock-out an opponent with a hook or chokeslam them out of commission. Just two minutes into the match and it’s Big Show staring across a ring polluted with downed bodies at Jim Neidhart. When push comes to shove, the Anvil is going to hold his ground, but that too proves to be useless as the much younger, much larger, Big Show just grabs Neidhart by the goatee and jerks him in close. With no surprise, Smith and Wesson jump onto the apron in order to distract Big Show. Show slings Neidhart into Wesson, knocking him off of the apron and delivers another knock-out hook to Smith, taking him off the ring as well. Show would then send Neidhart over the top rope with ease to his elimination. The Big Show then locks eyes with the General Manager sitting at the announcer’s table and smiles from ear to ear. He then shocks everyone within the ring when he steps over the top rope and hops onto the floor to his elimination.

                Outside the ring, the Big Show grabs Jim Neidhart by the goatee and pulls him to his feet. He then military presses him high overhead and turns, and tosses Neidhart over the announcer’s table and the collision sends the Anvil right into John Layfield and the Department of Labor Representative, Stanley Williams. All three collapse to the floor in a heap and it can easily be distinguished that Mr. Williams may have been injured by the impact. The Big Show stands laughing at the three men, but is suddenly attacked from behind by Mike Wesson and David Smith. The guns for hire beat Big Show down with clubbing blows. They don’t give him a free opportunity to get up and continue to beat away on him and target his broken hand but it doesn’t last long. The fans all rise to their feet and watch as Smackdown roster members, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel rush down the entrance ramp and turn the corner. They rush around to the other side of the ring and within seconds there is a brawl on our hands. The Nexus duo clashes with Smith & Wesson and bodies begin flying around and equipment and construction begins getting destroyed. It takes a handful of security personnel to separate the two teams, and just snag Big Show in time to keep him from getting his hands on the General Manager. It takes nearly four minutes to get the ruckus under control but security is able to get the mess sorted. Once the dust settled, Big Show and the rest of the brawlers are escorted one by one to the back and we go back to the ring where action is still underway.

                The Striker Brigade are still well in-control of the match. With Big Show and Jim Neidhart out of commission, it has nearly turned into a four on four situation. The Brigade seems to have adopted Mark Henry into their ranks for the match to help even out the sides and Henry and Slaughter are going at it, but the World’s Strongest Man grossly controls the action with his brute strength and size. In other areas of the ring, the Hollywood Blondes are delivering a beating of their own to the older Patriot and Jim Duggan. But the spotlight of the extravaganza appears to be Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase really laying into one another. Some of the featured moments of the match sees Rhodes attempting to decapitate Dibiase when his neck got caught in the top rope, tying him up. “Dashing” Cody charges the ropes and tries to rock Ted’s head off with a kick but Dibiase drops all of his weight and pulls the top rope down and the momentum takes Rhodes over the top rope. Cody manages to hang on and Dibiase slips out of the ropes and sees the perfect opportunity. He reaches over the ropes and locks on the Million Dollar Dream to Rhodes and looks to put him to sleep right there and just release him to his elimination. Unfortunately for both men, Rhodes isn’t going to let this one get the best of him and pulls Dibiase up onto the edge of the ropes. Cody leans out away from the ring and hangs on to Dibiase, locking the move on tighter. He then pulls Dibiase over the top rope and the two men fall of the edge of the ring apron to their elimination.

                With just six men left, most of the participants begin to turn their attention to Mark Henry considering his size advantage over the others. Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth make a grave mistake by sliding underneath the ropes to check on Cody Rhodes. in the absence of the Hollywood Blondes, Mark Henry is left without any aid and the combined efforts of Sgt. Slaughter, The Patriot, and Jim Duggan are able to subdue him and with a little extra effort on their part are able to lift him up and hoist him over the top rope to his elimination. An official gives him Nemeth and Benjamin an ultimatum to return to the ring or face elimination. Rhodes tells them that they don’t stand to gain anything by not trying to win this for the Brigade. When the Blondes do reach the ring, they see the uneven numbers and the “Legends” are banding together against them. Sgt. Slaughter picks off Nemeth and the two go at it toe to toe. Meanwhile, Benjamin easily has his hands full with the Patriot and Duggan and the fans really get behind the trio of legends. The last shining moment for the Brigade sees Benjamin nail his Paydirt to the Patriot, knocking him unconscious. When Benjamin comes around, though, he is nailed with a charging shoulder tackle from Hacksaw that takes him over the top rope. Not realizing what he did right away, Nemeth sees an opening and dropkicks Duggan. Jim is flung into Benjamin, knocking Shelton off the apron to his elimination and Duggan flips behind him and now we’re down to three inside the ring. Nemeth took his concentration off of Slaughter just long enough to give Sgt. an opportunity to get an attack in. The fans go wild when Nemeth is locked into the Cobra Clutch and walks him closer to the ropes. Slaughter then flings Nemeth over the top rope so that he is standing on the apron. He releases the hold in order to let him fall to the floor but Nemeth manages to hang on tight. He too sees an opening and swings for the fences. At the last second Slaughter ducks away and pushes Nemeth off of the apron to his elimination. Inside the ring we see the Patriot staring at the back of Slaughter’s head and he charges across the ring and dumps him out with relative ease.

                Winner – The Patriot.
                The fans can’t believe what’s happening. The Patriot has earned the right to fight the United States Champion at Night of Champions. The forty-nine year old legend celebrates in the ring until “On Your Knees” hits and the United States Champion enters the arena.

                Jack Swagger – “Congratulations, Patriot. That was a hard-fought victory and you have certainly earned this title shot. And certainly, you meet the criteria and fortunately for you, there is no age requirement to be the United States Champion."
                The Patriot picks up on the age jokes and he’s not too thrilled by them.

                Jack Swagger – “I noticed you were carrying the American flag with you to the ring tonight; but I couldn’t help but notice that your flag has fifty stars; I was curious about that considering most of your life there were only forty-eight.”
                The fans are nearly laughing at the jokes but still not supportive of Swagger himself.

                Jack Swagger – “And don’t worry Patriot, if you should somehow come up empty at Night of Champions, you can always go back into retirement, again.”
                Swagger seems to have had enough gloating and starts to walk away but is cut off.

                The Patriot – “Hold it right there, Swagger.”
                Jack stops in his tracks, turning to look at the Patriot with a smile from ear to ear.

                The Patriot – “I may have not been so forthcoming with you all. Now tonight, I wrestled as the Patriot, but traditionally, I have not been known by that name…”

                Jack Swagger – “Oh really, who are you? Tatanka?”

                The Patriot – “…not exactly.”
                The Patriot reaches up and takes off his mask and looks up, much to the surprise of the fans.

                Christopher Daniels – “Where I’m from, they call me Christopher Daniels. Don’t get too used to all that gold on your shoulder. In three weeks, I look to relieve you of some of it.”
                We go to the final commercial break with Jack Swagger screaming at Chris Daniels for the deliberate trickery. When we return, the final segment of the night.
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                  Re: WWE PoweRaw
                  When we return from commercial break, the ring area has been vacated of the wrestlers that were scattered about. The Department of Labor Official and even the Striker Brigade had moved on to the backstage area and we wait patiently to see who has asked for the final spotlight of the night. “Time to Play the Game” hits and out walks Triple H wearing a non-wrestling attire. He walks slowly to the ring and once inside he picks up a microphone off of the mat.

                  Triple H – “I asked to speak here tonight because I wanted to address my involvement with the abduction of my wife Stephanie McMahon.”
                  The fans aren’t going to give Triple H a free second to explain without booing him.

                  Triple H – “My marriage with Stephanie has been tearing at the seams for quite some time now. She and I have grown into two entirely different people than we were when we met.”
                  They’re really letting Hunter have it now. Some are even catcalling and hissing at him.

                  Triple H – “And my involvement with her abduction is exactly as it seems. I knew what Kane wanted and I gave her to him. And I did so, willingly.”
                  Triple H is not winning any love with the fans, who are not littering the ring with trash.

                  Triple H – “But Kane, this has gone on long enough. This is not the agreement you and I spoke of. You made your point and you have what you want; now it’s time to give her up.”
                  For the first time we see some actual emotion in Triple H when he is addressing the abduction of his soon-to-be ex-wife.

                  Triple H – “And even though my marriage with Stephanie is falling apart, she is still the mother of my children. And rest assure, if you lay one hand on her; Vince McMahon will be the least of your worries.”
                  Triple H’s tone goes from passion to defensive as he addresses getting his wife back.

                  Triple H – “Kane, you have what you were looking for, now it’s time to return her back to her family.”
                  There is a long pause as Triple H expects that at any second Stephanie and/or Kane will walk through the entrance at any time, but to no such luck.

                  Triple H – “I’m sorry, Steph…”
                  We can visibly see a tear drop out and Hunter rubs his eye to dry it.

                  Triple H – “I should have done something…”
                  Triple H places his microphone on the mat and steps through the ropes. He begins to walk up the entrance ramp but halfway up he is cutoff when the video screen goes live and we see a black and white camera turn on. The shot is over the shoulder of an indistinguishable man. We are looking at what he is looking at. A white van with a pair of headlines nearly blinding us. Soon we see a man emerge from the van. He reaches in and pulls out something and drapes it over his shoulder and walks closer to the man with his back to the camera. Once closer, we can see that the man who emerged from the white van is Kane and the object on his shoulder is Stephanie McMahon. When the two men speak, their voices are muffled through poor technology and the sounds of nature echoing in.

                  Unknown Voice – “Well, did you get what you were looking for?”

                  Kane – “Yeah, he gave it to me.”
                  With his free hand, Kane produces the rolled up piece of paper that Mr. McMahon gave him last week.

                  Unknown Voice – “Well, where do you go from here?”

                  Kane – “I’m going to go find him.”

                  Unknown Voice – “Where is he?”

                  Kane – “Kansas.”

                  Unknown Voice – “And her?”

                  Kane – “My job here is done. I have no use for her. But you? Well, I thought you might need her.”

                  Unknown Voice – “You read my mind.”
                  Kane hands Stephanie over to the unknown figure and we hear his vehicle door open and then shut. He approaches again, only slightly.

                  Unknown Voice – “When you get there; be careful. I met him a few years back. There’s something wrong with that kid.”

                  Kane – “Oh, I’m counting on it.”
                  Kane and the unknown figure shake hands and Kane turns and climbs into his white van and it maneuvers through the woods until it’s gone. The dark figure turns and walks away and we still don’t have a clear shot of who it is. The camera is flipped up like it’s going to be turned off, but suddenly it is rotated around so that we can have a very clear look of the face of the unknown man.

                  The Undertaker – “Triple H, you have something I want. But now, I have something you want…”
                  The Undertaker turns his camera into the front window of the vehicle he put Stephanie in and we see her passed out in the backseat. The Undertaker smiles before he flips the switch and Raw goes off the air.

                  Monday Night Raw – May 09, 2011
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                    Re: WWE PoweRaw

                    | WP REVIEW |

                    - The show opens with a nice detailed summary of the events of last week, which is a fantastic way to refresh my memory. Afterwards, we cut to McMahon in the ring. Nice promo there man; not OTT "NO CHANCE IN HELL" McMahon, but a very serious and determined McMahon. Not shouting, not raising his voice, but you can tell he means every word he says. Great stuff.

                    - The interaction between Grisham and Layfield is just top notch. Having the owner of the company on commentary is a fantastic move. “If you bring that up, you’ll be in serious need of a new job; hence, very financial for you.” Great line, there. The promo with the Striker Brigade was well written; Striker comes across as smarmy, and if he is to be a heel, then great. It's a fresh stable with young talent and a young leader/advisor/manager. It's different, and I love it. The lawsuit angle should be fun to see unfold.

                    - Triple Threat Tag Match to open the show with a bang, should be fun. Opponents from previous weeks teaming is a cool concept, should increase tension between the guys in the division. As for the match itself Jeff, I have no complaints man; well written, thoroughly detailed, and the ending was unique with Punk locking in the Vice on an out cold Bryan, knowing full well he cannot tap so the referee will have to declare him and The Miz winners. Strong's promo was good. Nothing amazing, but got his point across and plants the seeds for next week in a match against Kofi. I expect Strong to go over, but who knows what will happen. Excited for sure.

                    - The Swagger promo started off great, and reminded me much of classic Chris Jericho from his WCW days; cocky, arrogant, but you can't help but like the guy. The promo was well written, and I can just imagine Swagger droning on during the commercials. However, it kind of went downhill when Hassan came out. I don't mind Hassan, his character is different for sure. But I found the back and forth between him and Swagger a little cliche'. Swagger bringing up stereotypes only emphasised this. Started off fantastic, dropped off at the end, but put over their showdown at the PPV, so can't complain too much.

                    - The Inglorious Bastards promo was good, but word of advice; an Irishman, to the best of my knowledge, would never say wanker or chap. Those are English terms. Just saying. Anyway, pretty predictable they would defeat Hawkins and Ryder, but a nice match nonetheless. I have no idea who you will have winning the WWE Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions, but a part of me wants it to be Regal and Finlay. Yeah, I'm biased, deal with it!

                    - Matt Striker backstage with Williams was a fun segment. Striker bringing up the kidnapping was a nice touch, and it keeps the storyline fresh in our minds. Good really, because there are so many good storylines going on, it's easy to forget about a few that may get lost in the shuffle. Good work.

                    - I like Chris Masters, and I like the gimmick. The promo was short, didn't have a lot of flare, but it read like a Chris Masters promo should; short, blunt and to the point. Didn't excite me all that much, but the point was made. Masters and R-Truth was a glorified squash, not that I'm complaining. A Cena appearance was inevitable, but I forgot all about Dinsmore! I'd love to see a Dinsmore promo to explain his actions in length, but for now, the beatdown with him and Masters was well done.

                    - The Triple H/Vince McMahon promo was okay. My only complaint would be maybe taking some time to express the emotion behind the words, or the reactions from each character. That promo, while suspensful, read like a big wall of text. I used my imagination to really get into it, but maybe be a little more discriptive when characters are going back and forth with one another to add to it. Storyline wise, this confrontation had to happen, and as I said, it built suspense. I have no idea where you're going with this storyline, but I can't wait to find out.

                    - I like Jackson v Kozlov, but the problem is not with you, it's me. I don't give a shit about Kozlov. Never have, never will. That said, the match was well written, seemed brutal and really put that across that it was nothing more than a slugfest. No idea where you are going with it, time shall tell.

                    - The Battle Royal was amazing. It told so many stories, but all seemed just as important as each other. The Show/Neidhart/JBL saga continues, and I noticed that Williams appears to have been injured. Just another thing for Striker to bring up, nice job there. The legends teaming up would have been fun to see, and no doubt fans would have rallied behind them. Patriot wins, and is revealed to be Christopher Daniels! HOLY SHIT. Fucking ace Jeff, NEVER saw that coming. I loved Swagger's line asking if he was Tatanka under the mask also, terrific.

                    - Last segment of the show with Triple H asking for it to stop. A tear comes to his eye? Wow. Trips disappears backstage, and it is hard for me to sympathise with him. Kane hands Steph over to an unknown person, and mentions Kansas, and the unknown man met him a few years back? 'The Viper' perhaps? Time shall tell. FUCK, THE UNDERTAKER? DAMN. SWERVE!

                    - Jeff, the show was fantastic. When the only thing I can fault is breaking up character's speech with some description, you know you've impressed the fuck out of me and I've loved the show. As I said in the Mod Talk Podcast, each storyline seems as important as each other, which means each show feels epic and is instantly interesting. Seeing the storylines slowly playing out has been fantastic so far. Can't wait for more man, this has surpassed aPw in my opinion. Brilliant stuff.


                    Originally posted by RT
                    "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                      Re: WWE PoweRaw

                      The Rolling Thunder Review
                      Jeff's WWE PoweRaw

                      Jeff, as always, you continue to impress the hell out of me with your consistency. I don't just mean consistency with writing shows, but your consistency with writing excellent shows. Even your weaker shows are gripping and entertaining and your latest episode of PoweRaw doesn't change that fact.

                      Opening Segment
                      It's been said before that your opening segments are long, clustered and hard to read. While I agree, I really don't see how else you can encapsulate everything that is going on without doing this. Luckily, I keep up with your shows and don't really need to read the intro, but for people who are just getting into PoweRaw, this could be an issue.

                      Again, I really don't know how you could change it to make it work better, but it's something I would think about. Then again, I always consider the lazy reader because I tend to be one. You don't seem to do that because you hold yourself to a higher standard, which I like. You might be the only one here that does. You're good, you know you're good and you act like it and deliver your shows as such. Don't lose that.

                      Anyway, Vince sets the tone for the backstage antics this evening and we're good to go. Well done. Short and sweet.

                      JBL & Grisham
                      I like this team way better than when Matt Striker was at the desk. It's possible that I only like them better because I can familiarize myself with JBL more than Striker, since I know his character a lot better, but so do you. You use JBL in the best way every friggin' time. He's great behind the mic.

                      Striker Brigade
                      This is exactly what a heel stable should be. You've got a great mix of talent and, while I admit I don't know a lot about Striker, he seems to fit perfect in the manager role. I love what you've done with these guys so far and I can't wait to see how this business with them taking down the company plays out.

                      Great exchange with JBL too. This might be my favourite thing about your show now. As soon as I see the Striker Brigade on the page, I'm at full attention.

                      Triple Threat Tag
                      I can't say enough about your match writing. Your influence is what made it possible for TNEW to exist, in that I figured out how to write quick matches that say a lot in a short amount of time. I figured this out by watching you. While I already kind of knew how to summarize matches effectively, I wasn't great at it until I learned from you.

                      The end was amazing too. CM Punk making Daniel Bryan pass out was excellent. I'm interested to see what happens between Punk and Miz too, so I'll be keeping an eye on those two. I know the 'unlikely tag team' is done a lot, but I have a feeling you'll put a nice twist on it.

                      ...and Kofi Kingston steps up. Interesting...I like how you wrote CM Punk here too. It was subtle, but good. You utilize him very well.

                      Jack Swagger/Hassan
                      I tend to skim feuds that don't really interest me, but here I didn't. At first I was like 'yeah yeah, American vs. Muslim, everyone hates Hassan..' but I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. The exchange between Swagger and Hassan ('blow up', haha) was very good. I've always appreciated Hassan as a wrestler too, which is another big reason this feud has grown on me.

                      Tag Team Qualifying
                      That promo between Regal and Finlay was weak and comical, but I don't really see what else you could have done. I feel like you were just filling time, which I get.

                      I've always liked Regal better when he struts out to the ring, takes the mic and scolds the audience. Nobody does that better than him as far as I'm concerned. Maybe something you can utilize in the future.

                      I love this pairing, btw. Glad to see them get in the match.

                      Striker and the Dept of Labor
                      Very cool little segment here. Nothing else to say really.

                      Masterlock Challenge
                      I had a feeling that all this was planned to draw out Cena and I was right. Go me!

                      You're building up the heat between Cena and Dinsmore, which continues to hold my attention. I think that's your best quality, in that you could have Doink the Clown and Orlando Jordan feuding and I'd still be like "WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!?"

                      Dinsmore continues to be brutal with his attacks too. Love it.

                      A little foreshadowing, but otherwise this wasn't great. I've been hoping that you would dive into HHH and McMahon's personal lives a little more, maybe having them dig at one another about HHH moving in to take over the company. I've always been fascinated by the fact that Shane McMahon is pretty much gone from the company while Vince's son-in-law continues to be a strong force off-camera and continues to move up in the ranks.

                      I'm saying too much here. I might give away something about TNEW.

                      Two monsters tear one another apart and set the stage for a brutal feud. Can't go wrong with that.

                      10-man All American Battle Royale
                      The promo before the match holds the same problem as your intro, which I already commented on.

                      Moving on, the match itself was great. Read what I said about the Triple Threat Tag match earlier if you want my feelings on this...

                      ...THE FALLEN ANGEL!! As zap already said, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!" (I'm paraphrasing, but that's pretty much how we both feel)

                      HHH Ends the Show...
                      Normally I hate when shows end on promos, but you continue to look me in the eye and say "shut up RT. This is awesome."...or at least, that's what I imagine you're saying.

                      HHH shedding a tear was good...Kane talking about a 'weird kid in Kansas' was better...Taker looking at the camera was fucking EXCELLENCE.

                      Overall: 9.2/10


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                        Re: WWE PoweRaw

                        Double Shot Review of WWE PoweRAW by WMS

                        Monday Night RAW - May 2, 2011

                        -Me and Will were talking about this in our podcast and we said the only problem/fault PoweRAW had was that sometimes there were huge walls of texts. The opening paragraph is huge. I think if you split that into three paragraphs, rather than just the one then it's easier to look at and read. Ignoring that, it's a good start as it refreshes my memory of the previous RAW. I always enjoy people refreshing my memory of the previous show - I may have to start doing it myself.

                        -I liked opening the show with Vince. Any RAW that opens up with Vince always comes across as being a really important show. The short but sweet statement he had to say was a little chilling, but a really good way to start things off and continue the Triple H/Undertaker/Kane/Stephanie angle. Vince's choice of words, especially 'please' made Kane come across as someone with no mercy, a real monster - which is perfect for Kane's character.

                        -Malenko introducing the two competitors for the Junior Heavyweight match was a very nice touch. I'm really enjoying his role in your federation.

                        -Bryan versus Bourne is a terrific clash of styles in my opinion and is a match I'd love to see take place on RAW when Bourne gets back. And if RAW ever needed a random team, I think these two would make an awesome tandem. Bourne tagged with nearly every ROH wrestler in existence (okay, hyperbole!) when he was there so it would work with Bryan.

                        -I love that these matches have time limits of 15 minutes. You can really tell a story so much easier with a time limit. For example this could go to a time limit draw, then they could have a rematch on PPV where the time limit is 30 minutes and already you have your story. Good touch.

                        -The start of this match was real enjoyable: loved Bryan being established as the aggressor, already we're getting a story of the match. Bryan's dominance was fun to read. His offence was plain awesome, and you explained well how one mistake let Bourne punish him and work his way back into the swing of things. The ending was a little out of nowhere and as a result slightly anti-climatic but I'll excuse that as the quality of the match was fantastic. I don't know if there's anyone better at the summary format (match wise) then yourself.

                        -I enjoyed the post-match attack by Strong. It was an awesome read and by having Strong only say a sentence or two, you kept it a good read. In real life he isn't a great talker so only saying a sentence or two is the best way to go for him. His intensity more than makes up for his lack of skills as a talker. On a side note, I love his role right now.

                        -The paragraph following Strong's short speech was fantastic.

                        -I love the interaction between Striker and Layfield. Two highly intelligent men, but with different values - makes for a great segment. The power struggle that is beginning to develop is very interesting also.

                        -I didn't think you could improve any further but Rhodes, Nemeth and Benjamin's inclusion really made that promo all the better. I especially liked the 'brawn ... brains ... beauty' part. Overall, I'm loving the Striker's Brigade. A few people said they didn't like the name but I think it fits perfectly. The whole angle you have with Striker and these three young guys with him reminds me of the angles you seen in the 80's with managers leading factions. I enjoyed how Striker seemingly got the last laugh over Layfield at the end of the segment. Good work.

                        -Loved the Miz tearing into Maria. I haven't heard the word Harlot for a good while either! His interchange with Malenko was very good too - Malenko got the upper hand on him but I enjoyed how Miz wouldn't let him get a word in as it continued.

                        -Punk was fantastic. He came across as a tweener but I don't mind too much. I actually think it would be cool and challenging to write Punk as a tweener. Enjoyable stuff with them going face to face and Malenko interrupting them. These men are worthy of having a main event match which already establishes the Junior Heavyweight title as being one of grand importance.

                        -Cena's promo was enjoyable and you did magnificent to capture his cheesy side before turning it serious - something that Cena does with most of his promos. The following was brilliant and something which I alluded to in a past review. You had Masters accept Cena's challenge then tease Cena breaking the hold before Dinsmore appeared and intervened. I had suspected an alliance between Dinsmore and Masters and it appears you're going down that route - fantastic. I loved Dinsmore's brief sentence at the end. The two came across as being sadistic and that made it the more believable that these two thugs could hurt Cena.

                        -The interchange between Triple H and Vince rivalled Punk/Miz for your best work of the show. It was very intense stuff with Vince really getting in the face of Trips. I loved his threats throughout the promo. Really solid stuff and more good background for the big angle. The final few words by Vince were brilliant. It reminded me of Liam Neeson's line in Taken (where his daughter is kidnapped). I don't know if you're familar with that film but anyway I digress.

                        -Layfield as new co-commentator rules. I love how he'll do both jobs at once, from the commentating table. Really fun stuff. The interaction between Grisham and Layfield as this post continues makes for a really fun read also. Awesome.

                        -Hassan is a fantastic addition to your roster. I can't wait to see you incorporate him into a storyline. I also love the idea of an international battle royal - something I'm sure will infuriate Jack Swagger.

                        -The battle royal was very well summarised. They're a bitch to write in general. I think I'll re-read this battle royal as I have a battle royal in mind for my fed. I think I can learn a few things from you're work here. The result of the battle royal was very cool, Hassan and Swagger are two polar opposites although both proud countrymen.

                        -Swagger complaing post match was a given but still, very well done. I've got to applaud you for what you're doing here - having Swagger defend both mid-card titles is genius. You've given the midcard importance, a gimmick which will make the title meaningful and significant (unlike in real life). I can't tell you enough how much I love that.

                        -Vince and Taker's interchange was every bit as good as the one with Triple H. I can forsee Vince regretting making a deal with Taker, but he was very convincing and Vince is very desperate. All in all, good stuff and more great build.

                        -MAIN EVENT TIME!

                        -The stuff with Malenko was interesting. I'm not a big fan of subtle stuff like that but it served it's purpose. We as an audience think Strong's behind this, but knowing your ability for a good swerve, I'll put my neck on the line and say it's something part of a bigger picture. Perhaps someone who has hired Strong, a mouthpiece/manager? A rival of Malenko? Anyway, you've got me intrigued so that tactic definitely worked.

                        -Miz/Punk was your match of the night. Really enjoyed it, you made it a back and forth as it should be - full of reversals and the end sequence was well described. All the way from Miz's hurt shoulder to Punk trying to exploit it with the Urunage, and then the finish. The cheap win also kept both guys strong, and as a result puts some fire in Punk's belly for the rest of the tournament.

                        -And the show ends in typical Jeff fashion - a swerve! Me and Will had a discussion about how you should end a show, saying cliffhangers were the best but you go about things slightly different. You leave us shocked and thinking about what we just read and as a result you get exactly the same result as a cliffhanger achieves: making the reader want the next edition of the show ASAP.

                        -Concerning the swerve, Vince was slightly naive but considering the circumstances and who he is dealing with, we can forgive that. It also develops Vince's frustrations. As you've done throughout, you've continued great build.

                        -All in all, from top to bottom it was a great show. You have so much right now - great tag division, a midcard we care about, a talented Junior Heavyweight Division full of character and ongoing angles (Strong/Malenko), Cena facing an uphill battle against the unlikely alliance of Masters and The Ripper, Striker's Brigade's battle with JBL and best of all the kidnap/World Championship story. Amazing.

                        Monday Night RAW - May 9, 2011

                        -Time for review numero dos.

                        -The second RAW to start with Vince. And once again, it was a sombre way to start the show - foreshadowing something? Vince came across well here, and is playing the role of a concerned but mentally tough father very well. Good build as expected.

                        -JBL and Grisham's interaction cracks me up . 'Hold it there slim' was a great line.

                        -Got to say that I love Striker's Brigade's theme music. It really suits a cultured man such as Striker, and is intense also.

                        -Just like last week, Striker and Layfield's interchange was gold. I adored how Striker stayed calm throughout but Layfield was annoyed and got riled up. 'OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE HOSTILE!' was an amazing line. It went over my head that it could have been Striker who rigged the lights but it makes sense. His denial was fantastic - 'thats ridiculous, you're ridiculous' was brilliant. A really good segment overall that played up to the fact that JBL could lose power of RAW and that Striker is a legit threat to the WWE. I'm loving this angle so far.

                        -This tournament for the Junior Heavyweight Championship has been very well constructed. Holz used to do something similar when deciding his champions. Needless to say, I'm a fan of this concept - slowly building up and deciding a champion is both refreshing and rewarding.

                        -The triple threat tag match is something different. Having these rivals have to work together in order to get a win added to their tally adds so much story tp the match and tournament. The tandems you went for were intriguing also, especially Punk/Miz. And I love you went with Bryan/Bourne! A really sweet concept and I can't think of many better matches to open a show.

                        -I liked that Punk and Miz walked out with no pyros. Just full of concentration and focus.

                        -Loved the opening with the two babyfaces kicking into Punk. A fun start which the fans would enjoy with the heel being dominated for the first few minutes.

                        -The two faces turning on each other really got the match kickstarted. I loved Bourne getting all pissed off and attacking Kingston. From there, you did well to make all six guys look good throughout the course of the match. The mid-section of the match was fantastic. I loved all the chaos going on while Bryan had Punk locked in with the LeBell Lock. Then Morrison breaking it up with a running SSP rocked also - really fun picturing that spot.

                        -That spot all lead to a fantastic end sequence. The story of Morrison taking the high risk but it not working then Punk coming out on top. I loved that Punk didn't take the chance of going for the pin and wanted to ensure victory by the submission. That was refreshing and made sense. Bryan stayed strong with you emphasizing that Bryan was out cold and could not do anything about the loss.

                        -I enjoyed that Punk and Miz were the victors. The post match stuff really had me interested too. I certainly wouldn't mind more between these two. The heel/heel dynamic is one I enjoy as it's rarely used.

                        -I didn't mind Strong's part after the match. I had reservations about Strong speaking but he came across very well. Kingston putting his place in the tournament on the line is very interesting. I can't help but think Strong will go over but nothing is predictable when you're behind it. Either way, I'll be reading to see how it turns out. I'd have loved to have seen it be Morrison offering his spot - seeing how he's such a high risk competitor, that could have been reflected there. Either way, good stuff.

                        -I'm loving how Swagger is slowly but surely gaining fan support. He's goofy, patriotic and really reminds me of classic Kurt Angle.

                        -Swagger mentioning how Hassan could one day challenge for his US Championship if he signs a citizenship form was fantastic. And what followed was even better: a touch of genius. It really reminded me of Jericho's 1004 Holds promo and had me in laughter. I loved him reinciting the American history for Hassan but the promo slipped in my opinion when Hassan came out. Hassan's part was fine but I think Swagger used too many stereotypical jibes. Ignoring that, it was very good build for an interesting feud that has reinvigorated your midcard division. Exciting stuff.

                        -I could have done without Finlay and Regal's interchange. It wasn't great. Finlay for example would never use the word 'chap'. In fact, he's the type of man who would go around beating up 'chaps'.

                        -Grisham and Layfield really put over these two well as well as making me care about the tag division and the turmoil match in particular. Good job.

                        -The convincing win over Hawkins and Ryder was good: loved Ryder getting his nose popped and that set up your story. Hawkins has to work alone but gets dominated by the tough bastards that are Regal and Finlay. Forgot to mention that I love their name. You are the man when it comes to putting together guys who've never teamed before then making a believable partnership. I can't say enough how envious I am of your division!

                        -Striker and Layfield are both magnificent. Loved the segment with Striker badmouthing Layfield and revealing a few truths to the Department of Labor. Layfield's reaction was gold.

                        -Master's is quickly becoming one of my favourites in PoweRAW. I really enjoyed his pre match promo there. I loved his cocky comment about R-Truth too.

                        -And R-Truth falls to the Masterlock. The sentence depicting Truth losing the battle was beautiful. Made for a good read and continues to push Masters.

                        -I thought Cena was about to get revenge but once again Dinsmore gets him from behind. I'm loving these two attacking Cena - it makes a lot of sense and is something different for Cena. After Cena finally comes out on top he can return to the title chase while these two can be solidified as top talent. Everyone's a winner. The Brainbuster onto the chair was a mark out moment. Something you'll see in NWA: Genesis shortly also....[/spoiler]

                        -Once again, loved the interaction between Vince and Triple H. You can do no wrong with this angle it seems. Fantastic.

                        -Grisham and Layfield have me laughing my ass off.

                        -Kozlov and Jackson was solid while it lasted. I do like that you're attempting to give everyone something to work with. I really like Jackson and thought he came across great in his promo with Swagger a few weeks back so I hope he comes out best in this. That said, I think Kozlov has a lot of character potential and I reckon you could unlock that. Double Countout keeps both strong.

                        -I love JBL correcting Grisham. Love it.

                        -Ten good choices for the battle royal. A few like Slaughter and Duggan are there for the gimmick but a few I'd have real interest in seeing face Swagger.

                        -I enjoyed this battle royal even more then the previous week. You had a lot of good things going on here. Firstly, Stanley Williams being knocked down - that will have repercussions I am sure. All hell broke loose with Smith and Wesson being attacked, building up the tag team turmoil match lovely.

                        -Then you had the Striker's Brigade in control only to be denied by the legends. And then you save the best till last! The Patriot is revealed to be Christopher Daniels. Amazing stuff. A real solid addition to your midcard division and a match between him and Swagger should be highly entertaining.

                        -His interaction with Swagger after the match was really enjoyable. Swagger is by far my favourite Fan Fic character right now.

                        -Triple H's promo was very well done. Firstly - it gave us an insight into the problems between him and Steph and secondly it made us actually feel slight sympathy for him with the tear in his eye.

                        -Then what came next was amazing. This is the segment that for me gives you number one spot on P10 this month.

                        -The interchange between Kane and the other man was intriguing. We, as an audience haven't a clue he could be talking to and Kane's reveal that he was going to Kansas was very interesting. (So much in fact that I googled 'wrestlers from kansas'.)

                        -The reveal that it was Taker and he had double crossed Vince, working with his brother all along was exceptional, nothing short of genius. I can't remember having so much fun reading one certain angle like I've had with this one. Just amazing stuff.

                        -Overall, this continues to be my favourite fed and after this show, has overtaken SEX as my favourite ever Fan Fic. I could use superlative after superlative to describe my feelings over your work. Amazing man.

                        Man of the world.


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                          Re: WWE PoweRaw *Spotlight of the Month*

                          Monday Night Raw – May 16, 2011

                          The fifth edition of Monday Night Raw under the helm of General Manager, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, dubbed PoweRaw kicks off with a video recap of last week’s show featuring “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback, which has officially become the theme song of the program. The drum line kicks up the video and we see some of the action of last week roll in.

                          “We got no fear, no doubt…”
                          The events involving The Striker Brigade and John Layfield deepens when Striker brought a Department of Labor representative, Stanley Williams into the mix to investigate the recent injuries and unsafe work practices on Monday Night Raw. To make things worse, while watching over the main event, the Big Show would toss Jim Neidhart over the announcer’s table to knock John Layfield and Stanley Williams out.

                          “…all in, balls out!”
                          In a non-tournament match, all six participants of the Junior-Heavyweight Division would take action in a triple threat tag team match, with the teams being comprised of former opponents of the tournament fighting for an extra win in the tournament rankings. In the end, CM Punk was able to overcome for his team and score a victory for himself and CM Punk. Following the match, Roderick Strong came out and challenged any of the six to a match for their spot in the Junior-Heavyweight Title Tournament; to which Kofi Kingston would answer.

                          “We’re going off tonight…”
                          In singles competition, Ezekiel Jackson and his former partner, Vladimir Kozlov, would rattle each other’s cage in a match that would go to a double count-out, after both men would beat the other into a ten count out of the ring. The action left both men wanting more and the fans asking when we would see more of either of the two. As it stands, both Jackson and Kozlov are without a match at Night of Champions, which is now less than two weeks away.

                          “…to kick out every light! ”
                          In tag team action, the newly dubbed Inglorious Bastards (Finlay and William Regal) fought Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder for a spot in the Tag Team Turmoil match at Night of Champions for the World Tag Team Titles. Regal and Finlay would overcome and earn the last spot, joining Smith & Wesson, the Hollywood Blondes, and Nexus (Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel) in the hunt for the title.

                          “Take anything we want!”
                          Chris Masters would once again stun John Cena when he insulted the Chain Gang leader for failing to break the MasterLock and then invited Cena’s good friend, R-Truth, out to try his hand. Despite his best efforts, Truth came up short and following the Challenge, Masters refused to break the hold. This invited Cena into the fray, who broke Truth loose, only to be attacked himself by Nick “the Ripper” Dinsmore. Masters and Dinsmore would then dismantle both Cena and Truth. The Ripper would finish off Cena with a brainbuster on a steel chair, leaving both men in a heap.

                          “Drink everything in sight!”
                          Jack Swagger made his rounds throughout the evening with a verbal assault on Muhammad Hassan telling him he would never get a shot at the United States title so long as he was a non-American citizen and then gave him a lengthy U.S. history lesson. Later in the night, the real opponent for the United States title was determined in an All-American American Battle Royal. To the surprise of nearly everyone, the Patriot was the last man standing. When Swagger insulted him for his age, the Patriot took off his mask revealing himself to be newcomer Christopher Daniels.

                          “We’re going ‘til the world stops turning…”
                          The highlight of the night saw Vince McMahon going after Kane once again for the return of his daughter, Stephanie. Triple H broke down, mentally, begging Kane to give him back the mother of his children. With the words ringing through his mind from his father-in-law, Triple H told Kane that he got what he wanted from Vince, now he needs to end this.

                          “While we burn it to the ground, tonight!”
                          The cameras would then cut to a field in the middle of nowhere where Kane turned Stephanie over to another person saying that he was going to go find someone in Kansas. Kane climbed into his van and drove off, while the cameras turn to reveal it to be the Undertaker who now has the abducted Stephanie. The final shots of the video are of Triple H crying, looking up at the video.
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                            Re: WWE PoweRaw *Spotlight of the Month*
                            The show officially starts with an off-site camera aimed towards a large building that closely resembles a State Capitol building in appearance. However, as the cameras near, we see a sign that reads, “Federal Penitentiary – Leavenworth, Kansas.” Historically, this site has housed some of the more hardened criminals in United States History for various crimes against humanity. In front of the building is a semi-circle drive and we watch as the very familiar white van from last week pulls up at the Northernmost point of the drive, closest to the steps that lead into the penitentiary. The door opens and out steps the “Big Red Machine” Kane.

                            Kane walks up onto the steps of the Federal Penitentiary and turns back toward the cameras.

                            Kane – “I’ve come to Kansas to find him. And while my reign of terror is coming to an end, his will just be starting.”
                            We see dozens of guards and police officers rushing out of the penitentiary, rushing down the long line of steps.

                            Kane – “And I would just like to personally thank Vince McMahon for making all of this possible.”
                            The officers and guards close in on Kane, expeditiously.

                            Kane – “He’s coming. And he’ll be there, real soon. Hahahahaha.”
                            The officers all drop to a knee, save one, the Captain of the force. They all take aim at Kane with their handguns.

                            Officer – “Kane, I have here a warrant for your arrest for the abduction of Stephanie McMahon. Put your hands behind your head and get on your knees.”
                            Kane persistently laughs and does as he is told. He laughs nonstop as the officers rush him and handcuff and drag him up the steps to the penitentiary. The door closes as we go live to the arena.
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                              Re: WWE PoweRaw *Spotlight of the Month*

                              The official start of the show takes us live inside the arena to the announcer’s table where the General Manager of the show, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Todd Grisham are sitting by ready to welcome us to the show.

                              Todd Grisham – “Hello everyone and welcome to the longest running episodic program in the history of television, MONDAY .. NIGHT .. RAW!”

                              John Layfield – “Todd, I’m as excited as a redneck in a pawn shop! We’re just thirteen days away from the first ever Raw only pay-per-view .. NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS!”

                              Todd Grisham – “From your own admission, John; by the end of the night the entire landscape for Night of Champions will be revealed.”

                              John Layfield – “Every match, and sparing a few surprises every superstar on this very special night where every title will be decided or defended.”

                              Todd Grisham – “John, am I mistaken or is that ‘joy’ I hear in your voice?”

                              John Layfield – “Todd, nothing’s going to ruin this for me. Not Matt Striker. Not Big Show. No one. We are less than two weeks away from the culmination of the weeks of my hard work.”
                              We leave the conversation between Layfield and Grisham as we go to the entrance stage where Roderick Strong enters wielding a microphone. The Junior-Heavyweight intruder walks slowly toward the ring as he addresses the crowd and more importantly his opponent for the night.

                              Roderick Strong – “Tonight, I have the opportunity to justify the error of one man. Four weeks ago, Dean Malenko announced the formation of a new division here in the WWE comprised entirely of Junior-Heavyweight wrestlers.”
                              Strong stops and stares at a fan who is wearing a Kofi Kingston t-shirt and laughs to himself, slightly before he continues to walk down the ramp.

                              Roderick Strong – “On that same night, I annihilated another Junior-Heavyweight, Tyson Kidd, in a matter of just a minute. Yet, by the end of the night, Dean Malenko still overlooked me for six less qualified wrestlers.”
                              Strong arrives at the ring and he climbs up the steps and into the ring. By this time, he’s taken a very heated reception from the crowd. Though most believe in his wrestling abilities, no one is standing by his means of showing it.

                              Roderick Strong – “But tonight, I have my opportunity to prove that it should have been me. And when I take your spot in the tournament, Kofi, I assure you that when I go on to win the Junior-Heavyweight Championship, you’ll get the first title shot.”
                              Strong tosses his microphone over the top rope and Justin Roberts catches it. From outside the ring, Roberts announces the upcoming match.

                              Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall and it is for Kofi Kingston’s slot in the Junior-Heavyweight Title Tournament. Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds.. RODERICK STRONG!”
                              The fans give Strong another thunderous response of boos before they suddenly jump to their feet with excitement as “S.O.S” hits and Kofi Kingston races out of the back to a huge explosion of pyros. He stops at the edge of the entrance stage and slaps his hand three times with simultaneous explosions going off behind him. Kingston runs down the entrance ramp and hops onto the apron. Strong is waiting patiently as his opponent poses for the crowd.

                              Justin Roberts – “And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds.. KOFI KINGSTON!”
                              Kingston climbs off of the turnbuckle to face his opponent. An official joins the two men in the ring and describes the rules of the match to them before calling for the bell.

                              Junior-Heavyweight Tournament Slot on the Line

                              Kofi Kingston vs. Roderick Strong
                              With his position in the Junior-Heavyweight Championship Tournament on the line, Kofi Kingston showed a side of resilience that we have rarely seen in him. In this fight, it came down to two factors: the high-flying quick speed of Kofi Kingston and the strength and toughness of Roderick Strong. The two styles clashed perfectly and initially Kingston set the pace of the match. By ducking and dodging all of Strong’s attacks, Kofi was able to pick and choose his attacks and Strong’s frustrations proved to benefit Kingston. With Roderick on the ropes, Kofi would turn to his high-flying, very fast paced offense to take full control of the match. Utilizing an array of kicks to the chest, Kofi began to soften up his opponent for a potential knock-out blow. Kofi would first go to the top rope and nail a high-angle dropkick that drilled directly into the chest of Strong and drove him into the mat. Failing to pick up a three count, Kofi attempted to steal a win with a float-over Russian legsweep into a pin attempt. Strong not only kicked out of the move, but he did so with such authority that Kingston fell through the bottom and middle ropes onto the apron. Kingston would then shock Strong when he delivered a springboard flying forearm smash the saw him elevate to a sickening height into the air before connecting. The commentators referenced at this point whether Dean Malenko was right in assessment to leave Roderick out of the division for his inability to mount any kind of real offense.

                              But they spoke too soon. Kofi made his first mistake of the match and it nearly cost him the whole thing. Kofi rushed the far ropes and off of the return, he stopped just short of Strong and with full theatrics jumped high into the air for his Boom Boom Drop! However, on the way down with his double legdrop, Strong rolled slightly toward him and flipped him onto his back hard with a pin attempt. Even though the pin attempt came up short, Strong managed to separate himself from Kingston long enough to manage an offense. Right away, Strong caught Kingston in mid-air who was attempting a flying knee smash and flipped him hard and downward into an angled backbreaker that left Kofi rolling on the mat holding his back. Strong nearly put this one away with a Full Nelson Backbreaker combination, but Kofi just managed to get his shoulder off the mat to save this one. With his backbreakers not getting the job done with the highly flexible Kingston, Strong looked to a Half Boston Crab to finish him off. With his legs nearly bent back to his head, Strong sit back as hard as he could on Kofi to force him into submission. Kingston stayed alive by scraping his way to the ropes and snagging it for the save. With Kofi barely able to move, Strong knew that the time was now to put this one away. He grabbed Kofi by the head and jerked him to his feet. He then applied a standing head scissors in the bottom left corner, aimed toward the top right corner. He flipped Kingston up into a powerbomb position and charged across the ring toward the corner. Just as he looked to toss him into the corner for a powerbomb, Kingston flipped backward and sent Roderick into the turnbuckle pads with a hurricanrana.

                              Kingston comes onto a knee and looks over his shoulder to see Strong stumbling out of the corner. He jumps up and nails his Trouble in Paradise (corkscrew roundhouse kick). He quickly rolls over onto his opponent for another pin attempt. The official taps Kofi on the shoulder and informs him that Strong’s ankle is under the bottom rope and thus not eligible to be pinned. Kingston doesn’t seem to understand at first and questions the referee’s decision. Even the announcers are split on whether Strong’s foot was under the ropes or not. Kingston results to grabbing the legs of Strong and rolling him up for another pin attempt. He waited too long and now Strong kicks out just shy of the three count. Kofi can’t help but be upset. He is confident that he should have won the match already and he is going to make amends to ensure that he does so this time. He stalks behind Strong as Roderick begins to stumble upward off of the mat. Just as Strong stands up and turns, Kofi jumps and delivers a second Trouble in Paradise! NO! Strong ducks underneath and rushes behind Kingston and picks him up into the air in his patent Torture Rack submission! Kofi panics and flings about the best he can trying to escape. He knows there isn’t any escaping this submission. Strong tries to disorient Kofi by spinning him around in an airplane-like spin while jerking him in half in his Torture Rack. Kofi reaches frantically for the ropes trying to get the hold broken but he is too far away and his fingers can’t stretch far enough to snag it. In a fit of pain, Kofi reaches out one last time. However, this time he accidentally grabs the collar of the official and blindly jerks him into the elbow of Strong and effectively knocks him out cold.

                              Roderick doesn’t immediately realize what happened but he then finishes off Kofi by hoisting him high up into the air out of the Torture Rack and dropping onto his own back with his knees bent upward and jerking Kofi downward back first onto his bent knees with a Torture Rack Backbreaker Combination. Roddy rolls over onto Kingston for a pin attempt. When he doesn’t hear the official’s count he becomes alarmed and looks around to see the referee unconscious nearby. While Strong tends to trying to awake the official, Kingston rolls to the edge of the ring and falls to the outside to a thud. Kofi crawls to a knee and tries to figure out what just happened to him. With his back in severe pain, Kofi can barely stand. Strong tugs at the official’s arm trying to get him oriented and awake. Kingston looks around and gets a grasp of the situation. Then to everyone’s surprise, Kofi reaches underneath the ring and produces a steel chair. At this time, Strong finally manages to pull the official off of his face. The referee is hardly awake but he is coming too. The fans are all wondering what’s going on with Kingston, who rolls back into the ring wielding the steel chair from under the ring. Kingston realizes that if he hits Strong with the chair, the official could possibly see it. Kofi thinks quick and does something unpredictable. He slams the steel chair onto the mat, creating a metallic thud that rings throughout the arena. Strong turns sharply to see Kingston behind him with the steel chair. Kofi doesn’t hesitate and tosses the chair to Strong and falls onto his back with another thud. The official turns around and pieces together the chair shot and immediately calls for the bell, disqualifying Roderick Strong for using the steel chair on Kingston.

                              Winner by Disqualification – Kofi Kingston.
                              Kingston lies on his back with an obvious smile on his face; his plan worked. Strong is in the face of the official immediately trying to plead his case. The official doesn’t want to hear it. suddenly, Kingston rolls over onto his stomach and leaps forward snagging the steel chair out of the hand of Strong and as Roderick turns he drives the blunt end of the chair into his ribs and then drives him to the mat with a shot across the back. Roderick goes down hard, holding his back in pain, but that was just the beginning. He then takes a handful of chairshots to his unprotected back before Kofi lies the chair on his chest and turns to leave him in his own demise. As Kofi walks to the edge of the ring, he looks over his shoulder and then rushes back toward him before jumping high into the air and connecting with his High Jump Double Legdrop onto the steel chair causing it to drive into the chest of Strong! The fans turn on Kingston for his underhanded actions. And we aren’t going to have to wait to find out why he did it. Kingston approaches the ring announcer and demands a microphone from him.

                              Kofi Kingston – “That didn’t go exactly as you had planned, did it Rod? As it is, it seems as though I’ve played the role of the good guy around here long enough. And where has it gotten me? Absolutely nowhere. I’ve been on the side of every single one of you (the fans) since day one and the dividends for doing so have been against my own personal success. I’ve watched every flash in the pan superstar come in and make his own personal success in this company, and they’ve done so without you in their corner. Maybe it’s time that I look out for myself for a change. It’s time to look out for number one. Remember something, you need me. I don’t need you.”
                              Kingston tosses the microphone onto the destroyed body of Roderick Strong before he walks slowly to the exit just before we head to a commercial break.
                              Follower of Christ.


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                                Re: WWE PoweRaw *Spotlight of the Month*

                                As we return from commercial break, we notice that the General Manager of PoweRaw, John “Bradshaw” Layfield is standing in the center of the ring. He is glowing with excitement as he prepares to address the sold out crowd.

                                John Layfield – “If I look like a different man tonight, it’s because I am. We are just thirteen days away from a masterpiece that I have orchestrated. After twenty plus years of pay-per-view broadcasting here in the WWE, we will finally break the mold of how it’s done. Next Sunday, I cordially welcome you to join us as Monday Night Raw and World Wrestling Entertainment proudly present NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS! Three hours, six main event quality matches, and every title on the line, it will truly be a spectacle that you will never forget.”
                                On the Titantron video monitor we see the match-ups for the Night of Champions cards, while John Layfield introduces us to the features.

                                John Layfield – “Even though every Championship match will be contested, the Junior-Heavyweight Championship will be the only Championship not decided. As we stand in the middle of this tournament to crown the first ever Junior-Heavyweight Champion, we will go into Night of Champions to get just inches closer to finding that first champion. In this match, six of the finest wrestlers in the WWE today will compete in a Six Pack Scramble where two wrestlers will start the match and every five minutes they will be joined by another opponent until all six are in the ring. At any time during the match any wrestler can pin or submit any other wrestler, at which time he will be declared the interim winner of the match. He will lose that title when another wrestler of himself is pinned or submitted. When the last wrestler enters the ring, a final five minute period will commence and at the end of that period the wrestler with the last pinfall or submission will be declared the winner of the match. And that winner will receive a bonus win in the round robin style tournament to decide the first ever Junior-Heavyweight Champion of the WWE.”

                                John Layfield – “In his first title defense of the night, Jack Swagger will defend his United States Championship against the newly signed Christopher Daniels after Chris won an All-American American Battle Royal disguised as the Patriot. Jack Swagger has made it known that he will only defend his United States Championship against American citizen wrestlers and Chris Daniels looks to take that decision out of his hands by defeating him in thirteen nights for the title.”

                                John Layfield – “Originally slated to face Swagger for the United States Championship, Muhammad Hassan agreed to fight Swagger for the Intercontinental Championship or any other championship so long as it provided him the opportunity to take something from Jack Swagger. Will Swagger walk out of Night of Champions with both titles intact, just one, or dreadful after losing both of his titles in the same night?”

                                John Layfield – “And a match that I can’t personally wait for. Four of the greatest teams in the WWE today, hell, WWE history will go to war in Tag Team Turmoil to decide the next World Tag Team Champions. After the transfusion of the Unified Tag Team Titles, the holders of the WWE Tag Team Titles, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel of NEXUS on Smackdown are looking to come to Raw and claim more gold. Standing in their way are the tag teams of the Inglorious Bastards, Finlay and Regal and the Hollywood Blondes, Benjamin and Nemeth. And the likely winners of this match, my own personal security force, Smith and Wesson.”

                                John Layfield – “Then in the main event, the one you’ve all been waiting for. The Undertaker showed his hand last week when he took custody of the abducted Stephanie McMahon. I expect to see more unfold in this story between now and Night of Champions, but already so much is on the line.”
                                John Layfield looks like has wrapped up the match announcements and starts to head for the ring exit, but he stops in his tracks and continues to address the crowd.

                                John Layfield – “That’s right, I did say ‘six main event quality matches’ didn’t I? Since this is the Night of Champions and we are declaring championships across the board, I thought that a sixth match would be appropriate. To kick off the program, I have commissioned a sixth and final match to add to the card. This match will feature any wrestler that wishes to participate in it. I have called this match, the ACE IN THE HOLE match. Hanging above the ring in this match are four briefcases. In each of these four briefcases is a contract for a guaranteed title match that can be cashed in up to and including the next WWE pay-per-view, FULLY LOADED. One briefcase will have a contract for the Intercontinental Championship, one for the United States Championship, one will have two contracts for the World Tag Team Championship to be used by its possessor and a partner of his choice, and the final for a World Championship match. These contracts can be cashed in at any time. As for the participants of this match? Next week we will have a mass contract signing for anyone that wishes to participate. All they have to do is step over to that table (announcer’s) and sign the contract. Ladies and gentlemen, please accept this as a personal invitation for you to join us next Sunday night for a night that you will never forget. Thanks.”
                                Layfield lays his microphone on the mat and exits the ring, joining Grisham at ringside.
                                Follower of Christ.