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WWE PoweRaw

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    Re: WWE PoweRaw
    Following the prepackaged music video leading into the program, the cameras open up inside the arena. The cameras circle around to the ring where the Commissioner of the Junior-Heavyweight Division is standing by inside the ring. Dean Malenko is holding a microphone and is ready to address the fans in attendance.

    Dean Malenko – “Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the evening is the second match of the Junior-Heavyweight Open. In this tournament, all six members of the Junior-Heavyweight Division will fight every other member of the Division and at the conclusion of all fifteen competitions, the wrestler with the most wins over his opponents will be declared the first ever World Wrestling Entertainment Junior-Heavyweight Champion.”
    A graphic is shown for the first time giving the fans a glimpse of the newly designed Junior-Heavyweight Title. Malenko pauses as the title is displayed across the screen.

    Dean Malenko – “This match is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing one hundred and ninety-two pounds, DANIEL BRYAN!”
    “Ride of the Valkyries” hits over the PA System and the crowd goes completely nuts. One of the highly suspected winners of this tournament, Daniel Bryan, walks out of the back with a calm and contained look on his face. He barely motions to the crowd and save a quick wave, he doesn’t deter from his steady walk to the ring. He climbs in and shakes the hand of Dean Malenko before raising an arm into the air. Malenko turns his attention back to the match at hand.

    Dean Malenko – “And his opponent. Weighing one hundred and eighty-three pounds, EVAN BOURNE!”
    All heads in the arena turn to the entrance stage as “Born to Win” hits over the PA System and the very energetic, very athletic, fan favorite, Evan Bourne races out of the back in an explosive show. He stops at the edge of the stage and throws up his famous two finger ‘peace’ salute to the fans. He races down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way, before jumping onto the ring. He slides through the ropes and stops face to face with Malenko and shakes his hand. Malenko calls both men to the center of the ring where he addresses them.

    Dean Malenko – “Gentlemen, I’ve already given you the instructions backstage, but as a reminder, this match can end by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or count-out. Otherwise, it can also end in a double count-out or double disqualification. All disqualifications are declared by myself. Respect the official and the calls that he makes. Shake hands, return to your assigned corners, and at the sound of the bell, fight.”

    Junior-Heavyweight Open (15 Minute Time Limit)

    Daniel Bryan vs. Evan Bourne
    The bell rings and the two men come out of their corner. Having just shook hands, the formalities of respect are long forgotten when the eagerness to win settles in and both men look to go one up over their opponent early on. Daniel Bryan appeared to be the aggressor as he opens up with a handful of open palmed chops across the shoulder and neck of Bourne. Evan recoils back as Bryans palm strikes turn to knife-edge chops that drive Bourne back against the ropes with each sickening slice to his skin. It doesn’t take long for the chops to leave their mark, raising blood red welts all over his chest. Early on it becomes more than obvious that Bryan is targeting the shoulder and chest of Bourne. The sudden explosive attack catches Bourne off-guard and leaves him wide open to an attack. Bryan’s attack sees him ground his smaller opponent into a crucifix and beginning railing him with elbow jabs to the side of the head, neck, and shoulder region. Bourne is left wide open and the elbows rock him. With virtually no defense the official initiates a five second count for Bourne to escape the hold before he calls for the bell. At the last second, Bourne rolls into the attack and the two bodies flip toward the rope and reaches out and snags it tight to force the official to demand Bryan to release the hold.

    Bryan’s next assault mostly comprised of a display of his athleticism. As he released the crucifix, he came to his feet and watched as Bourne struggled to pull himself together. When he does, he turns and walks right into an arm-trapped belly to belly suplex. Daniel drives him to the match with full authority. From that point on, Bryan begins an assault that sees him dragging Bourne to his feet repeatedly and slamming him back to the mat with a wide variety of different suplexes. The crème de le crème being a fisherman suplex. The landing of the final suplex was a bit off and thus Daniel was unable to capitalize on it. Instead, Daniel grabs Bourne by the neck and pulls him to his feet before loading him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. He then delivered his patent airplane spin. With Bourne disoriented and dizzy, Bryan connects with a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Bryan stands up but realizes that he is much dizzier than he had anticipated. So he drops to his knees and pulls Bourne in close and wraps him up for a pin attempt. As the referee slaps the mat the second time, Evan pulls his shoulder up off of the mat. Even though he was able to stop the pin, he was clearly suffering from Bryan’s attacks and this gave Daniel an opportunity to step out of the ring and climb up onto the top rope.

    The fans are going nuts as Bryan scaled to the top rope and dived off with a flying headbutt. Daniel Bryan should have put the match away with this one strike; however, even he underestimated the level of disorientation left on him following the airplane spin and he misjudged the attack and narrowly missed the headbutt. This puts both men out of commission temporarily. The failed attack gives Bourne a wide opening and he is the first to get to his feet. Though, right behind him is his opponent. When Bourne sees Daniel dizzily walking around holding his head, he sees a perfect opportunity and nails him with a wide kick to the shoulder. The kick takes Bryan to a knee in pain and Bourne rebounds off the ropes and nails him with a dropkick to the exposed head in nearly the same location that his head struck the mat just moments before. Bourne recoils off of the dropkick and rolls through the bottom rope onto the edge of the ring apron. Daniel turns over onto a knee and is holding his head in pain. As he does, Bourne reaches up and grabs the top rope and slingshots himself onto the top rope and springboards off, locking his knees against each side of Bryan’s head for a double knee drop. The weight of Bourne didn’t prove to be enough as Bryan braced himself and drove Evan to the mat neck first. The mistake proved costly as Bryan dropped to a knee and made a cover and picked up the three count for the win.

    Winner – Daniel Bryan.
    With the win, Bryan joins Morrison as the only two members of the Junior-Heavyweight Division with a win in the Open Tournament. Daniel Bryan stands holding a fist in the air, picking up a very narrow win over Bourne after Evan miscalculated an aerial attack that doesn’t pay off. Suddenly, from behind Bryan is nailed from behind. Daniel stumbles to the mat and standing over him is newcomer to World Wrestling Entertainment, Roderick Strong. Strong picks Bryan up and nails his patent pendulum backbreaker to the winner of the fight. Following the attack on Daniel Bryan, Strong takes to a microphone.

    Roderick Strong – “This is the best you can come up with? Malenko, he let you hand-pick your division and this is what you settled on? Let me make myself clear; for whatever reason, I wasn’t ‘invited’ to take part in this Division. So you’ll have to forgive me if I just make myself welcome.”
    The program goes to a commercial, just after Strong tosses his microphone to the floor and snags up Bourne by the head and hoists him onto his shoulders into a Torture Rack. He motions to Malenko that this is what he missed out on before lifting Bourne up over his head and dropping backward onto his back and lifting his knees up and driving them into the falling back of Evan Bourne with a backbreaker. Strong walks out to the fade out with carnage left behind him in the ring. Malenko frantically checks up on the condition of his fighters as the screen goes to commercial.
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      Re: WWE PoweRaw
      We return to Monday Night Raw following a hellacious showing from newcomer free-agent signee Roderick Strong; who makes a heckuva statement by targeting Dean Malenko’s hand selected Junior-Heavyweight Division stars Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. The cameras open up at ringside. We go to the announcer’s desk where Todd Grisham sits alone; having explained at the start of the show that Matt Striker had requested the night off. Grisham greets us.

      Todd Grisham – “Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Monday Night Raw. If you’re just joining us, my partner in crime, Matt Striker, has requested the night off from his duties as announcer here on PoweRaw. We’re just starting the program and already so much has transpired.”
      Before Grisham can explain the actions from earlier in the evening, he is cut off as “Longhorn” hits and the General Manager of PoweRaw enters the arena. John Layfield walks to the ring, much different than his usual limousine entrance.

      Layfield walks to the ring very slowly. He smiles at the crowd as he approaches the squared circle. Once inside he takes to a microphone and addresses the fans in attendance.

      John Layfield – “Ladies and gentlemen, my thoughts and prayers go out to the McMahon family in light of this terrible tragedy that has been bestowed upon them.”
      The tide that Layfield has set creates a somber atmosphere in the arena.

      John Layfield – “Mr. McMahon, I will do anything and everything in my power to assist you in finding your daughter and putting her abductor to justice.”
      Layfield looks down at a piece of paper with a few notes scribbled on it, before he continues to speek.

      John Layfield – “But as the old saying goes, the show must go on. And…”
      Suddenly Layfield is interrupted by the sound of another man speaking. All heads look to the entrance ramp where we see Matt Striker speaking into a microphone.

      Matt Striker – “That’s where you’re wrong, JBL. The show doesn’t have to go on. In fact, I’m here to make sure that it doesn’t.”

      John Layfield – “Excuse me? I hope you have an explanation for interrupting me.”

      Matt Striker – “An explanation? Since when have I ever needed an explanation to speak my mind?”

      John Layfield – “Ever since the speaking of your mind interfered with the order of business.”

      Matt Striker – “Your order of business is about to change drastically.”

      John Layfield – “I hope you have a damn good excuse for asking for the night off from your announcing duties, just to insult me by coming out here just to mince words with me.”

      Matt Striker – “JBL, I hope you can accept this as my letter of resignation from the announcer’s table.”

      John Layfield – “Accepted. Now if you don’t mind…”

      Matt Striker – “There is just one other order of business. That is, the matter of you. The matter of us.”

      John Layfield – “Us?”

      Matt Striker – “Yes, the rest of us.”
      The same music from earlier hits and the rest of the Striker Brigade enters onto the stage to join their leader. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and the Hollywood Blondes (Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth) stand directly behind Matt Striker.

      Matt Striker – “When I heard John Layfield was the new General Manager, I felt that a change was on the way. I thought for the first time things would be different. Someone was finally going to give us the chance that we deserved. We didn’t deserve it because we felt that it was something that was owed to us. It wasn’t charity. It was owed to us because we fought and scraped for it.”

      John Layfield – “…and I did!”

      Matt Striker – “No, you didn’t. There I sat for two weeks announcing the matches of your hand picked stars.”

      Cody Rhodes – “And I watched as the same old contenders were given title shots.”

      Nick Nemeth – “And we were shoved into a stagnant tag team division.”

      Shelton Benjamin – “News flash, we WERE your tag division.”

      John Layfield – “If you’re unsatisfied with your position in this company, you have no one but yourselves to blame.”

      Matt Striker – “We have you and every single predecessor of yours to blame. We were told to sit still, play our part, and good things would come to us. And here we are. Same as we’ve always been. Well, we’re through playing the part.”

      Cody Rhodes – “Well we’ve tried it your way. But your way was just too damn hard.”

      Nick Nemeth – “Now, we’re going to do it our way.”

      Shelton Benjamin - "We had it all."

      Nick Nemeth - "Brawn."

      Matt Striker - "Brains."

      Cody Rhodes - "Beauty."

      John Layfield – “What makes you think I’ll ever give you anything? You haven’t earned a damn thing and nothing is what you’ll get.”

      Matt Striker – “What makes you think we want something from you?”

      John Layfield – “You complain about not getting a title shot? Who do you think gives those out around here? I DO! And if you thought you weren’t getting enough before, wait until I write you off as never getting another, EVER!”

      Matt Striker – “Title shots? We don’t want your title shots.”

      John Layfield – “Well, what do you want?”

      Matt Striker – “To see this place burn. We’re not here to take over your show. We’re here to shut it down.”

      John Layfield – “Shut me down? Haha, unless you boys have forgotten, this is Monday Night Raw we’re talking about. The longest running cable television program of all time.”

      Matt Striker – “And when we’re done, you won’t be able to get it aired on the History Channel.”

      John Layfield – “And just how are you going to do that?”

      Matt Striker – “That’s the mystery. Enjoy your program, JBL; I highly suspect that it won’t last long.”
      John Layfield is left with a scour on his face as the Striker Brigade departs and we cut to the back for an interview.
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        Re: WWE PoweRaw
        The cameras open in the backstage area where Maria Kanellis is standing by ready for an interview.

        Maria Kanellis – “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a man who truly is .. AWESOME .. THE MIZ!”
        Maria’s quirkiness comes off as near mockery when she refers to the Miz as ‘awesome’ but he doesn’t seem to mind as he also didn’t seem to even listen to a word she said as he walks onto the scene.

        Maria Kanellis – “Miz, thank you for…”

        The Miz – “Hold it right there you harlot.”
        Maria is somewhat startled by the loud tone in which Miz interrupted here and she jumps slightly and holds her hand against her lips, and you can see her mouth the word “harlot” to herself almost in disbelief.

        The Miz – “This is not a Q&A.”

        Maria Kanellis – “Oh? Would you like me to leave?”
        Maria’s innocence is almost freighting. She is near tears.

        The Miz – “You’re the closest thing I have to a microphone stand, so just stand there, stand still, hold that microphone and try not to get my boots wet with your tears.”
        There is a loud thunderous roar of boos coming from the arena.

        The Miz – “I want to address the situation that is the joke that this Junior-Heavyweight Division has become. And where should I start? Well let me start with the most important aspect of the division itself, ME. I didn’t volunteer for this. I didn’t ask for this. Dean Malenko, you may have chosen me for this Division, but I don’t choose you. So as of right now, I’d like to offer my resignation from the Junior-Heavyweight Division and formally announce my candidacy for the WWE World Heavyweight Ch…”
        The Miz is suddenly cut off when the Commissioner of the Junior-Heavyweight Division, Dean Malenko, walks onto the scene.

        The Miz – “What do you want?”

        Dean Malenko – “Your resignation, huh? Well, your offer for resignation has been thoroughly reviewed and hereby denied by the Commissioner of the Junior-Heavyweight Division, otherwise known as, ME!”

        The Miz – “You don’t have the…”

        Dean Malenko – “Authority? Yes, actually, I do. But I’ve never considered myself a crooked man. So I’ll give you the option. You can either stay in this division until this tournament to crown the first champion is over, or you can walk…”

        The Miz – “..then I WALK.”

        Dean Malenko – “Maybe you don’t understand. You’re not just walking away from the Division, you’ll be walking away from your contract with World Wrestling Entertainment entirely. What I’m saying is, you can either be a part of this, or you can go somewhere else to work.”
        The Miz is steaming mad.

        The Miz – “Look, don’t punish me because I’m the only thing you have left to sell this division on.”

        Dean Malenko – “Excuse me?”

        The Miz – “You heard me. You hired a bunch of hacks and one great star and now you know what the consequences of losing me are.”

        Dean Malenko – “Look, don’t flatter yourself. I hired six great stars, one of which, though, appears to have an oversized ego with him.”

        The Miz – “I mean, just look at last week. You spotlight John Morrison and Kofi Kingston in your first tournament match in the opening segment of Raw, and NO … ONE … CARED!”

        Dean Malenko – “I would disa…”

        The Miz – “That’s because it was missing the star power that the Miz brings to the table.”
        The fans can be audibly heard from inside the arena really booing the Miz.

        The Miz – “And then tonight, two of your so-called ‘great stars’ were decimated by a man that you didn’t even hire into the division.”

        Dean Malenko – “Those men were attac…”

        The Miz – “That’s because they were missing the talent and abilities that the Miz brings to the table.”
        Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted when another Junior-Heavyweight star enters the mix. “The Straight-Edge Superstar” CM Punk steps into the scene.

        The Miz – “Finally, a voice of reason. CM Punk, probably the only man in this division that can relate to my struggles. This division is bringing men like he and myself down in order to build up a division. Don’t punish us because you need a job, Malenko.”

        CM Punk – “Look, don’t tie me in with you.”

        The Miz – “WHAT?”

        CM Punk – “I know what you’re doing. You’re looking for a friend. An ally. You see all of these young lions, salivating for a chance to knock you down, and know you need someone on your side.”

        The Miz – “I don’t need anybody.”

        CM Punk – “That’s good, because you’re not going to find anyone.”

        The Miz – “REALLY?”

        CM Punk – “Really. All you’re going to find here is another man who wants to kick that target you’ve painted on your back.”

        The Miz – “REALLY?”

        CM Punk – “REALLY!”
        The two men get nose to nose before Dean Malenko finally steps in.

        Dean Malenko – “Gentlemen, I’m glad you two are in the fighting mood because I have received permission from John Layfield to spotlight the first and last match of the evening tonight and it looks like I’ve found my men. Save your energy. You’re going to need it.”
        There is a long standoff before the two finally separate and go opposite ways. We cut back to the ringside.
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          Re: WWE PoweRaw
          The cameras cut back to the arena, where we join up with Todd Grisham who is still flying solo at the announcer’s table, a task that may go to him for quite some time now that Matt Striker has resigned from his announcing duties on Raw.

          Todd Grisham – “Things are really heating up in the Junior-Heavyweight Division. Now we’re going to cap it off with a main event featuring two of the most successful men in the Division itself, CM Punk and the Miz.”
          “The Time is Now” hits throughout the arena and the entire place goes wild. John Cena rushes out onto the entrance stage with a fury of excitement that really sets the mood for the arena. He salutes the fans before darting down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He takes off his shirt and tosses it into the crowd. He requests a microphone from the official in order to address the crowd.

          John Cena – “Somewhere, in the deepest corner, of the eighth layer of hell, Joseph Stalin has just reported snowfall.”
          The fans chuckle a little, but Cena’s tone doesn’t set for a very humorous evening.

          John Cena – “Because one of the sure signs that hell is about to freeze over is when Eugene Dinsmore leaves me laid out after a vicious attack and I still haven’t gotten my revenge.”
          There is an excitement in the air; the fans are anxious to see this one.

          John Cena – “You can call yourself Nick Dinsmore, Nick the Ripper, Jolly Saint Nick, I don’t care. What concerns me is when you don’t have the balls to stand up to me face to face like a man and fight me like a man.”
          The building is on hinge, hoping that this is going to lead to a much-anticipated confrontation.

          John Cena – “But you know as well as I do, why you did it. You knew that face to face, you didn’t stand a chance. That’s why you did it. But your time is now. Show the world what you’re made of. Come out here and fight me like a man, Nicholas.”
          There is a long pause as the fans and Cena are all turned toward the entrance stage, waiting for Nick Dinsmore, only to be disappointed when he doesn’t show.

          John Cena – “Just like I thought. Coward. Which brings me to another point. Chris Masters!”
          The fans instantaneously boo at the sound of the Masterpiece’s name.

          John Cena – “For two weeks now I’ve heard you run your mouth about your desire to get John Cena locked into your unbreakable MasterLock. And for two weeks, you timed it so perfect that you knew that I would not show. Well, Chris Masters, your time is now, too.”
          Cena looks to the entrance stage and shockingly enough, Masters’ music hits and out walks one of the most defined muscular bodies in the WWE today. Chris walks slowly toward the ring, wearing a red cape. He pauses just at the top of the ramp and tosses the cape off and poses for the crowd, who absolutely despises him.

          Chris Masters marches to the ring, steadily, never taking his eye off of his challenger. He climbs up the steps and joins him in the ring. An official stands between the two trying to keep some kind of order to this confrontation. Masters reaches out and snags the microphone from Cena and nearly invites Cena to attack him prematurely.

          Chris Masters – “Let me just say, it would be an HONOR to break you, Cena. I’ve been looking for my retribution against you for years and now I’ve finally got you here. And when I get you in my grasp; well let’s just say it’ll be a masterpiece.”
          The official asks Cena if he understands the rules of the Challenge and Cena complies. He has the fans in his corner and is ready to humiliate the man who has been cheaply calling him out the last two weeks.

          The Masterlock Challenge

          Chris Masters vs. John Cena
          The official places a chair down and instructs Cena to sit down. Cena is cautious to turn his back to Masters, but in the order to get this past him, he complies with the order. Masters smiles his devious smile and hints at possibly attacking Cena from behind, but he too is ready to humiliate someone and has the confidence that he can force Cena to submit. He sneaks up behind Cena and slowly raises Cena’s arms and carefully wraps his arms around Cena’s. He tightens his arms back and reaches them across the back of Cena interlocks the fingers. As soon as the hold is in place, Cena jumps up, struggling. The official moves the chair out of the way and the place goes nuts. Cena is a ball of fury and is dragging Masters around the ring, trying to keep him from getting his footing. He finally rams him back first into the turnbuckle post and uses that as a starting point Cena begins fighting and struggling, using every ounce of his arm and shoulder strength to sever the MasterLock. It takes everything Cena has but he forces the fingers to separate. He continues to pull and with every ounce of energy he uses, the arms of Masters separate further and further. All of the sudden, the fans explode with boos as we see a man jump the guardrail and slide into the ring. Cena and Masters have their back to him, but in their struggle they turn and Cena is face to face with none other than Nick Dinsmore.

          Cena’s struggle to escape turns into a panic. He knows that he is a sitting duck so long as he is in the hold. He begins to frantically jump and kick and squirm trying to get out of the hold but he abandons his strategy at the same time and it only allows him to be locked in tighter and tighter into the MasterLock. With his arms locked away, Dinsmore charges in and nails a hard right into the ribcage of Cena. John can only use his legs to fight off the attack of Dinsmore but with every strike he takes to the abdomen, he tightens up and his legs are lifted off the ground. Nick the Ripper continues to unload on him. And within seconds, Cena succumbs to the MasterLock and falls to the mat. The official has already called the Challenge off and ruled it a no contest due to outside interference.

          Winner – No Contest.
          With Cena on the mat and unconscious, this leaves Masters and Dinsmore free to attack him without consequences. One would pick Cena up and the other would melee on him. Masters’ final blow would come when he locks the close arm of Cena with one arm and with his outer arm drives Cena to the mat with a short arm clothesline with authority. Dinsmore’s parting blow was slightly more dangerous as he grabbed Cena by the head and locked him into a front facelock and hoisted him into the air in a vertical suplex position, before dropping his legs out from under himself and driving Cena head first to the mat with a most devastating brainbuster. Possibly ending the rumors of the two joining together in an alliance against Cena, Masters left Dinsmore to finish off Cena. Masters stands on the entrance stage for a moment celebrating what in his mind must be a "win" over Cena using his patent MasterLock. Dinsmore picks the microphone up off the mat and addresses Cena.

          Nick Dinsmore - "I guess I stood a chance against you... face... to... face... after all."
          Dinsmore tosses the microphone to the floor and the fans booed heavily as Nick the Ripper stood over the destroyed body of his foe and saluted the fans as we cut to the backstage area.
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            Re: WWE PoweRaw
            The cameras open up in the dressing room of the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. Hunter is signing some paperwork and roughly not paying much attention to the cameras.

            He signs the last piece of paper and stands up. When he does, he notices the presence of someone in the room with him. He turns sharply to see his still-father in-law, Vince McMahon, staring at him.

            Triple H is startled and takes a defensive posture, until he realizes that Vince is not there to attack him.

            Triple H – “Damn it, you scared the hell out of me.”

            Vince McMahon – “I should just beat the hell out of you.”

            Triple H – “Look, save it. I don’t need this right now.”

            Vince McMahon – “YOU don’t need this? What about her?”

            Triple H – “I didn’t know he was going to take it this far.”

            Vince McMahon – “Wait, you knew Kane was going to take her?”

            Triple H – “Look, I don’t pretend to know what Kane is thinking.”

            Vince McMahon – “Did you know? Answer me damn it!”

            Triple H – “Yeah, I knew. But he said he was just going to use her as a bargaining chip against you.”

            Vince McMahon – “What does he want?”

            Triple H – “I don’t know.”

            Vince McMahon – “WHAT DOES HE WANT?”

            Triple H – “I SAID, I DON’T KNOW! But whatever it is, Vince. Just give it to him. You have to think about your daughter’s safety.”

            Vince McMahon – “Funny, I thought that was your job.”
            The severity of it kind of catches up to Triple H and he falls onto the bench, sitting upright, with his head in his hands, looking down at the floor.

            Triple H – “You think this is easy for me? I have to tell our kids that mommy’s not coming home tonight and I don’t know when she will.”

            Vince McMahon – “I don’t give a damn what’s easy for you. If I could, I’d take my grandkids from you and you’d never see them again.”

            Triple H – “Look Vince, you’re mad but you need to..”

            Vince McMahon – “Don’t tell me what I need to do. You know what, you’re just like him.”

            Triple H – “Just like who?”

            Vince McMahon – “Kane. You’re a monster just like him. The only difference is, you’re worse. She trusted you and you betrayed her. At least with Kane, she knew where she stood.”

            Triple H – “Hey now wait a second.”

            Vince McMahon – “No, you wait a second. I’ve got nothing left to say to you and I don’t have the patience to hear one thing you have to say to me. I’ll leave you with this. I’m going to find Kane and I’m going to punish him. I’m going to bring Stephanie home and I’m going to keep her safe from monsters like you. And when I’m done, I’m coming after you. I’m going to find you. And I’m going to hurt you.”
            Vince leaves the room; leaving Triple H with only his thoughts. The cameras cut to a commercial break.
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              Re: WWE PoweRaw
              Following the commercial break, the cameras open up inside the arena. “Longhorn” hits and for the second time this evening, John Layfield enters the arena. This time, however, he is not alone. Standing at either side of him are his henchmen, Mike Wesson (formerly known as Mike Knox) and David Smith (also formerly known as David Hart Smith), dubbed Smith & Wesson. Trailing the trio is the Uncle of David Smith, Jim Neidhart, who has officially become the spokesman of the duo.

              Layfield and his titled Hired Guns, walk to the ring and around to the announcer’s table. There, JBL orders Smith & Wesson to either side of him takes a seat next to Todd Grisham, the lonely announcer left standing after Striker’s resignation.

              Todd Grisham – “Mr. Layfield, what do I owe this pleasure?”

              John Layfield – “Todd, let me be frank with you. I was sitting in the back, listening to you banter on, talking to yourself, and I couldn’t help think to myself, ‘I’d like to punch him in the mouth so that he could never speak again,’ but I’m not in the business of paying workman’s compensation, so I thought I’d do these fans an even bigger favor and come grace them with my presence and even more important, my voice. Haha!”

              Todd Grisham – “Mr. Layfield, I’m not certain I’m comfortable doing my job with my boss sitting right next to me, constantly criticizing me.”

              John Layfield – “That’s tough, nerd. Because at least for the time being, I’m your new partner.”

              Todd Grisham – “I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Striker.”

              John Layfield – “Speaking of Matt Striker; I’d just like to say that I’m setting up my General Manager Office, right here. From now on, I’m going to be right here in the thick of it. I’m going to hold court right here in front of everyone from now on.”

              Todd Grisham – “Well, it is certainly an honor and my pleasure.”

              John Layfield – “The pleasure is all yours, I’m certain of that.”

              Todd Grisham – “Well Mr. GM, what’s next on the agenda?”

              John Layfield – “I’ve got some business that I need to tend to. Matt Striker, I’ll get to you shortly. But first, last week I gave someone an order to do something and they disregarded my message. So now I’m going to send an even louder message. Jack Swagger, when I tell you to do something, you’re going to listen to me.”

              Todd Grisham – “Now we’re talking. If someone ever deserved to be punished, his name was Jack Swagger.”

              John Layfield – “In four weeks time, Raw will host its first next-generation single branded pay-per-view titled Night of Champions and that night Jack Swagger will defend his United States Title against the winner of this… TEN MAN BATTLE ROYAL!”

              Todd Grisham – “Wow.”
              Just then a slew of Raw Superstars begin to walk out of the back. As the walk out, there music begins playing, but as the wrestler behind them enters, his music cuts over theirs and so on. Jimmy Uso is the first man out.

              Justin Roberts – “The next match of the evening will be a TEN MAN BATTLE ROYAL, where the winner will go on to Night of Champions to fight Jack Swagger for the United States Championship. Introducing first.. JIMMY USO!”
              Uso gets a thunderous disapproval from the crowd for his antics last week.

              Todd Grisham – “Jimmy Uso certainly turned some heads last week when he utilized his twin brother to help secure a win that he otherwise wouldn’t have got.”

              John Layfield – “Jimmy Uso did what he had to do to win. And how do you know it was his twin brother? Last I heard, Jay Uso was on the shelf indefinitely following an injury.”

              Todd Grisham – “Are you blind?”

              John Layfield – “Do you want me to answer that, or would you wish to stay employed?”

              Todd Grisham – “Disregard.”

              John Layfield – “I thought so.”
              Jimmy is almost to the ring before his music is cut in favor of the next man, a man who may be wrestling under a legitimate injury, Carlito.

              Justin Roberts – “CARLITO COLON!”
              Carlito holds his wrist in pain. A recent interview conducted by Gene Okerlund asked Carlito about a wrist injury he sustained during another battle royal from two weeks ago and how he was fighting through the pain. Following Carlito, Yoshi Tatsu enters the building to the sound of a roaring crowd as one of the fan favorites in the match. Tatsu is coming off of a hands-down loss to the MasterLock the week before.

              Justin Roberts – “YOSHI TATSU!”
              Following Yoshi Tatsu, the music of Tyson Kidd hits and he too walks into the building to a very negative reaction. He appears to be on the losing end of the success spectrum after his split with his former partner, David Hart Smith.

              Justin Roberts – “TYSON KIDD!”
              Kidd is coming off of an off week. He has taken on a mean streak following the split up of the Hart Dynasty and seeing his girlfriend drafted to Smackdown. Kidd climbs into the ring and his music is cut for that of Vladimir Kozlov.

              Justin Roberts – “VLADIMIR KOZLOV!”
              Kozlov comes out to one of the more heated reactions of the night. He stomps to the ring, never taking his eyes off of the competition inside the ring. His music cuts and the largest athlete of the match walks out to another very heated reception. The Great Khali walks slowly to the ring, raising a shadow over most everyone in the match.

              Justin Roberts – “THE GREAT KHALI!”
              Once inside the ring, the music of Ezekiel Jackson hits and the man who narrowly lost his Intercontinental Championship match against Jack Swagger last week rushes out of the back to a very surprising positive reaction from the fans. Jackson rushes down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. Instantly, he has six men staring him down; all wondering how he was selected to be the first opponent for the title last week.

              Justin Roberts – “EZEKIEL JACKSON!”
              This appears to be the last of the announcements for the time being. That is, until John Layfield stands up from the announcer’s table with a microphone in his hand.

              John Layfield – “Jack Swagger, I have three surprises for you tonight. The first two are members of not the Raw roster, but the Smackdown roster. I asked Ted Dibiase if he had two men that he’d like to send to Raw in an opportunity to headline Night of Champions against you and he said he had two men in mind. So without further delay…”
              Sheamus’ music hits and the fans all stand up, excited to see the former Raw Superstar making his way out from the back. The Raw Superstars all have their eyes gunned at Sheamus. The Irish Curse doesn’t get in the ring, however. He waits for the other member of the Smackdown roster.

              Justin Roberts – “SHEAMUS!”
              As Sheamus’ music fades, it is replaced with that of Wade Barrett’s. Wade makes his way out wearing his Nexus t-shirt and he joins the side of Sheamus and the two climb up onto the apron, slowly, to make sure they wouldn’t be attacked before hand.

              Justin Roberts – “WADE BARRETT!”
              With nine of the ten superstars in the ring, Layfield stands up once again holding a microphone to address the crowd and more directly, Jack Swagger.

              John Layfield – “And my last surprise is not a member of the Smackdown Roster, nor is he a member of the Raw Roster. Well, at least he wasn’t until earlier today. Please welcome my next free agent signing…”
              A very familiar music hits and all heads in the arena turn and almost without question, they begin booing as Muhammad Hassan makes his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. Every man in the ring is watching closely as Hassan stops at the edge of the entrance stage and drops to his knees and looks up to the sky with his arms stretched outward.

              Justin Roberts – “MUHAMMAD HASSAN!”
              Hassan is clearly a marked man now. He climbs up onto the edge of the ring and slowly steps through the ropes and joins the other nine competitors in the ring.

              Ten Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

              The Great Khali | Tyson Kidd | Jimmy Uso | Carlito Colon | Vladimir Kozlov
              Wade Barrett | Ezekiel Jackson | Muhammad Hassan | Yoshi Tatus | Sheamus

              #1 Contendership of United States Title
              Match Summary

              The match kicks off as soon as the bell rings and instantly, it seems like every man in the ring is gunning for Muhammad Hassan. It’s uncertain whether it’s because of the bad taste he left in most of their mouths during his first stint with the WWE because of his racial banter or because he is the newest free agent signing. Hassan doesn’t have much of an opportunity to try and understand it either, as he begins fighting off the wave of attack coming from nine other superstars. He seems to hold his own against the likes of Tyson Kidd and Carlito Colon, but as soon as the Great Khali got ahold of him, Hassan’s size proved to be his downfall and he succumbed to Khali’s attacks. With Hassan down, Khali went on a rampage, beating at the other eight competitors until he was the last man standing in the ring. There was no cause for celebration as Khali hadn’t successfully eliminated any of them; he merely just knocked them down with his attacks. The first elimination was not at the hands of Khali, though, but it was Khali himself who was first eliminated. The first two men up from Khali’s attacks were Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson. Knowing that acting alone, Khali would brutalize him, they created a makeshift alliance and begin pounding away at Khali and wearing him down close to the ropes. Kozlov would score a victory blow with a big boot that caught Khali right in the throat that he nearly had to deliver a high jump to connect with. With Khali stumbling around holding his throat, Jackson rebounded off the far ropes and dove through the air and connected with a shoulder tackle that sent Khali back into the ropes. With him resting against the top rope, Kozlov and Jackson each grabbed a foot and flipped him over the top rope to his elimination.

              Following this elimination, it became a two man show. Jackson and Kozlov, now acting as separate entities, began an assault on the remaining participants. One of the more dastardly assaults saw Kozlov wrap Carlito’s injured wrist around his back and picked him up and body slam him onto it. He then grabbed the afro-haired Puerto Rican and tossed him over the top rope as the second elimination. Tyson Kidd made the mistake of a lifetime when he dove off the top rope with a flying crossbody in the direction of Ezekiel Jackson. Zeke would turn around and catch Kidd in mid-air and drive him to the floor with one of the most devastating spinebusters in recent memory. Jackson then grabbed Kidd by the little bit of hair he had left and pulled him to his feet. He picked him up into a military press and walked him to the edge of the ring and tossed him over the top rope, causing him to fall on the floor at the feet of David Smith. Smith looks down at his former partner in disgust and then turns his attention back to the action at hand, forgetting about Kidd entirely. With seven participants left, the action began to thin out and many of the wrestlers began to pair off, fighting in individual corners. One thing that sticks out in mind is Muhammad Hassan, even though he had been attacked by nearly everyone early on, had now escaped their minds and was hiding in his own corner, away from everything.

              With Kozlov and Sheamus tied up in one corner; Jackson and Wade Barrett in another; Muhammad Hassan licking his wounds in another; the action turned to Yoshi Tatsu and Jimmy Uso. Uso appeared to be making short work of the Japanese Sensation; but one failed move by Uso proved costly. Going for his patent Samoan Drop with Extension, Uso grabbed Tatsu and hoisted him high into the air in a military press. Looking to drop him onto his shoulders and into the a Samoan Drop, he tried to position him closer to the center of the ring. But Tatsu knew better and begin squirming and chopping at the edge of Uso’s head. Jimmy stumbled back until he hit the ropes, at which time he dropped Tatsu. Yoshi hung onto the top rope and wrapped his feet around the head of Jimmy Uso and drug him over the top rope. Tatsu twisted and fell back into the ring, while Jimmy hung upside down with a knee twisted into the bottom and middle rope. Facing sure elimination if he couldn’t get himself loose, Uso reached for anything he could and grabbed the nearby official by the collar and jerked him head first into the side of the ring. The official fell to the floor out-cold at just about the same time that Tatsu dropkicked the ropes sending Jimmy Uso to the floor on his back.

              With just six participants left, Tatsu turned his attention to the free Muhammad Hassan. This would be a huge mistake as the cameras saw Jimmy Uso slide underneath the ring and a second later, he returned looking like he hadn’t wrestled a second of the match; with more speculation that this could be Jay Uso instead. Uso jumped back onto the apron, with the nearby official still out. He ran across the ring and grabbed Tatsu by the tights and hurled him over the top rope. The official on that side of the ring, saw Tatsu hit the floor, clear as day and called for his elimination. Yoshi plead his case once he figured out what happened, but to no avail. Jimmy (or Jay) Uso’s elimination of Tatsu proved to be his own downfall as he considered it a win in its own right and didn’t even notice when he backed into Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson grabbed him by the dreadlocks and flung him one hundred and eighty degrees over the top rope to his own elimination. With just five men left in the ring, Jackson stumbled back to the center of the ring and looked to see that in each of the four corners stood a man who had their eyes set on the last ‘honest’ man left in the ring. Muhammad Hassan, trying to look like he is going to ‘fit-in’ to this plan; Sheamus who has his teeth grit and ready to pounce; Wade Barrett who is ready to give some of the punishment he just took from Jackson back at him; and Vladimir Kozlov who is looking at possibly the only man left in the ring who has the sheer power to eliminate him.

              And just like that, all four men pounced. They began whipping away at Jackson. Ezekiel tries everything in his hand to defend himself but just can’t come up with the means to survive. He hurls bodies off of him, left and right, but just like jackals they keep pouncing. He delivers a very stiff uppercut to Hassan that rocks him back into his corner. A headbutt to Barrett gives him just a little bit of breathing room. But a Brogue Kick from Sheamus nearly took Jackson’s head off. Sheamus and Kozlov drug Jackson by an arm each to the nearby ropes and pulled him to his feet and attempted to hoist him over the top. Jackson didn’t have much fight, but his long and muscular body wasn’t the easiest of tasks for the two men to dispose of. Barrett would also find his way over to three and offer his own assistance to aid in the elimination. Jackson uses his last bit of energy to fight them off, but they are just like leaches and they attach to him; tugging and pushing, they all offer up their own strengths in order to get him rocking onto the top rope. They appear to be going for one last surge. They’ve all got their weight scaled against him and Jackson is only hanging on by an arm around the ropes with his legs mostly in the air. This looks like it could be it. Out of nowhere, Muhammad Hassan rushes behind the group and grabs Kozlov by the ankle and flips him upside down. The added weight of Kozlov’s body, on top of Jackson’s shifts the scale of weight proportionality and Jackson, Hassan, Sheamus, and Barrett all go flipping and tumbling over the top rope. When the dust settles, all four men are shown lying on the floor and the referee calls for the bell signaling that Muhammad Hassan had won the match.

              Winner – Muhammad Hassan.
              Hassan quickly drops to his knees and says a prayer to the sky, thanking his god for the win. And just like that Hassan has made such an impactful debut. His music plays and the fans boo relentlessly at the thought of Hassan fighting Swagger for the United States Championship. All of the sudden, Hassan’s music snaps and is replaced by that of the United States Champion, Jack Swagger. The All-American American enters onto the stage from the back carrying his United States title and the now-retired Intercontinental Title on his shoulder. He has a microphone in his hand and he’s not going to waste any time.

              Jack Swagger – “Very cute, JBL. But I see right through it. I told you once that I am not going to defend my United States title against a man who doesn’t even claim to be an American.”
              Jack Swagger telling Layfield what he will and will not do, infuriates the General Manager and he stands up from the announcer’s table to address him.

              John Layfield – “How dare you tell me what you’re going and not going to do. I’m the General Manager of this show, damn it and when I tell you to do dance, you’d better damn sure ask me if I want it to be the Mamba or Salsa.”

              Jack Swagger – “I was willing to play along with this, but after this battle royal you orchestrated…”

              John Layfield – “Orchestrated? Son, it’s my job to entertain these fans by any means necessary.”

              Jack Swagger – “So you designed a battle royal comprised of ten non-American wrestlers, giving the winner a shot at the very United States title that I refused to defend against someone who was not an American citizen?”

              John Layfield – “Oh, they were all non-American wrestlers? I didn’t seem to notice.”

              Jack Swagger – “Cut the crap, JBL. I understand you want this title defended at Night of Champions, so maybe we can make a compromise. I’ll agree to fight your winner Muhammad Hassan if you’ll allow me to defend the Intercontinental Championship instead of the United States title?”

              John Layfield – “That Intercontinental Title is retired.”

              Jack Swagger – “But you have the power to bring it back.”

              John Layfield – “I have the power to do whatever I please. The question is, why should i?”

              Jack Swagger – “Because I have Ted Dibiase on speed dial and I’m sure he’d love to sign a hot shot free agent that is in possession of both the United States and Intercontinental Titles.”

              John Layfield – “Now, hold it right there. You can go to Smackdown, but those titles will stay here.”

              Jack Swagger – “Of course, I’ll leave whatever’s left of them on your desk after I get done shredding them to bits.”

              John Layfield – “You wouldn’t dare.”

              Jack Swagger – “Try me.”

              John Layfield – “Alright, alright. Look, I’ll play along with this. You’ll only defend your United States Title against Americans, but you’ll defend that Intercontinental Title against whoever the hell I tell you to. You understand me?”

              Jack Swagger – “Anyone.”

              John Layfield – “So at Night of Champions, it will be Jack Swagger, defending his Intercontinental Championship against my brand new free agent, Muhammad Hassan!”

              Jack Swagger – “I’m glad you could see it my…”

              John Layfield – “And also at Night of Champions, it will be Jack Swagger, defending his United States Championship against next week’s All-American American Battle Royal winner.”

              Jack Swagger – “Wait, what?”

              John Layfield – “You heard me. If you want to defend your Intercontinental Title, you’re going to defend both titles. One against an American athlete, and one against my choice of athlete. Hahaha.”
              Swagger is left standing in awe of the decision of John Layfield that he will defend both titles at Night of Champions. Muhammad Hassan is still standing in the ring, laughing and in his mind wondering what it will do the psyche of Jack Swagger to have to defend both titles in the same evening in two separate matches as we cut to commercial break.
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                Re: WWE PoweRaw
                When we return from commercial break, we go live into the office of the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon. The office looks like a war room, planning and plotting going on in every corner of the room. We close in on Mr. McMahon who is talking to a Chief Security Officer and the Captain of the local SWAT team.

                Vince McMahon – “Alright, so there is the plan. Do you both understand? When you see Kane, you arrest him on the spot. But do not do anything that would jeopardize the safety of my daughter, understand?”
                In unison, they both respond in the affirmative.

                Vince McMahon – “Good. Now let’s see..”
                Suddenly, the lights to the room go out. There are a couple of flashes of light and about ten seconds before the light is restored. When they reappear, the Undertaker is standing in the room, just inches from Vince McMahon.

                The Undertaker – “This is your security team? If I could get to you this easy, what do you think it’ll take for Kane to get to you?”

                Vince McMahon – “Where the hell is he?”

                The Undertaker – “That’s not important right now.”

                Vince McMahon – “WHERE IS HE?”

                The Undertaker – “He’s in the building.”

                Vince McMahon – “Good, now…”

                The Undertaker – “But you’ll never get him.”

                Vince McMahon – “Why not?”

                The Undertaker – “Because you can’t think like he does.”

                Vince McMahon – “I don’t think like he does because he’s sick.”

                The Undertaker – “He’s not sick, he just wants something from you.”

                Vince McMahon – “What does he want?”

                The Undertaker – “Whatever it is, you’re going to need my help.”

                Vince McMahon – “Why would I trust you and why would you help me?”

                The Undertaker – “Because just like Kane, I want something from you.”

                Vince McMahon – “What?”

                The Undertaker – “Your son in-law.”

                Vince McMahon – “No, he’s mine. And I’ll take care of that soon enough.”

                The Undertaker – “I can get you Kane. But I want Triple H. I want the ban on me from Raw lifted, and I want my hands on him. He willingly let his wife, your daughter, into the hands of Kane and has done nothing to save her. Let me punish him for you.”

                Vince McMahon – “Alright. Done. Your banishment from Raw is lifted. You just save a little bit of what’s left of him for me. Now, about Kane.”
                Mr. McMahon reaches out and grabs the camera and shoves it out of the way as we cut back to the arena for the main event of the evening.
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                  Re: WWE PoweRaw
                  As the cameras return to the arena, we see Dean Malenko, Commissioner of the Junior-Heavyweight Division is standing by inside the ring and holding a microphone.

                  Dean Malenko – “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening. This match is the third match of the Junior-Heavyweight Open to crown the first ever World Wrestling Entertainment Junior-Heavyweight Champion. In this tournament, all six members of the Division will compete in a round-robin style tournament and at the conclusion the participant with the most wins over his competitors will be declared the champion. Introducing first wei…”
                  Suddenly there is mass panic and a loud thud. Just a few feet from Dean Malenko a lighting fixture crashes to the ring and glass explodes everywhere. Malenko drops to a knee and within a few seconds we see blood trickling down his face.

                  John Layfield – “What was that?”

                  Todd Grisham – “I don’t know, but it looks like shards of glass have sliced Malenko’s forehead.”

                  John Layfield – “Where did that come from?”
                  Malenko looks around and up into the sky and then takes his concern back to the introductions.

                  Dean Malenko – “ I was stating, weighing two hundred and twenty-five pounds, THE MIZ!”
                  “I Came to Play” hits and the Miz walks out of the back and the fans really let him have it. The Miz is truly one of the most hated men in the WWE today and he doesn’t seem to mind one bit. He walks with a sense of swagger to him to the ring and he joins the Commissioner of the Division in the ring and stares at him as Malenko’s face fills with blood.

                  Dean Malenko – “And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-two pounds, CM PUNK!”
                  “This Fire Burns” blasts throughout the arena and CM Punk comes out to a rivaled reaction from the fans as to what the Miz received. He also doesn’t seem to mind one bit. He climbs up onto the turnbuckle from the outside of the ring and crosses his arms into an ‘X’ as a symbol of his longstanding straight-edge lifestyle before he hops over the top rope into the ring. The Miz and he walk to the center of the ring, where they meet Dean Malenko who has become a bloody mess.

                  Dean Malenko – “Gentlemen, you know the rules. This … match .. caaaaaaa….”
                  Malenko suddenly falls to the mat, holding his forehead. Paramedics rush to the scene and assess the massive blood loss that Malenko is suffering and aid him out of the ring. Within a few moments Malenko is well on his way to the emergency room. Inside the ring, the confusion has escaped and the glass and debris of the light already cleaned up and we have Miz and Punk talking to one another and things have become very heated. An official scurries into the ring to get some order to the situation.

                  Junior-Heavyweight Open (15 Minute Time Limit)

                  CM Punk vs. The Miz
                  The match kicks off and these two men are already ready to go. As soon as the bell rings, we have fists flying in every direction. Each man grabs ahead of the back of the other’s neck and with their free arm begin taking quick closed fisted jabs at the other. At first, they are pounding away aimlessly and rapidly. After a dozen or so, their steam runs low and the firsts have taken their toll. The hard hitting Punk appears to take the most benefit of the hits and it’s clear to Miz that he’s not going to be able to stand toe to toe with CM Punk if he wants to get out of this alive. Punk, still with a hand wrapped around the back of Miz, whips him toward the ropes, but snags his arm tight and jerks him back to him and simultaneously nails him with a stiff knee to the shoulder. From there, Punk takes immediate control over the match, using everything in his arsenal to target that same arm and shoulder and tender it in order to put him away.

                  Punk’s attack starts with an arm trap and followed it up with a series of driving knees that rock the shoulder and neck of Miz. Early on, it seems like the Miz doesn’t have an answer for the quick and vicious nature of Punk’s attack. Following a well-time dropkick, Punk rolled under the bottom rope and stood on the outside of the ring on the apron, before grabbing the top rope and slingshotting himself onto the top rope and springboarding off with a flying clothesline that nearly rips the neck of Miz off. To ice the cake, Punk grabs Miz by the head and jerks him to his feet and applies a double underhook and flips him into the air before connecting with a double underhook shoulder breaker on the delicate and somewhat sore shoulder region. CM Punk tried to wrap the match up right then but was only able to get a two count out of the pin attempt.

                  Failing to pick up the win, Punk looked for more extreme measures to end the match. He snagged up Miz by the head and grabbed him by the arm and jerked him with full authority into the corner. The collision nearly breaks Miz in half. Punk, in the opposite corner charges in for his running knee strike but at the very last second the Miz ducks out of the way (unbeknownst as to whether it was by design or inability stand up.) Miz rolls to the floor as Punk is tied up in the turnbuckle. Punk is finally able to release himself from the ropes and falls to a heap on the mat. He grabs the rope and yanks himself up to a standing position, turns, and is nailed out nowhere from the Miz who connects with his running corner seated clothesline. Miz grabs Punk by the hair and jerks him out of the corner by the hair. The Miz slips back into the ring and grabs the top rope and jumps onto the second springboarding off and spinning 180 degrees in mid-air and connects with a beautiful legdrop across the chest.

                  The Miz is showing signs of pain in his shoulder with every move that he makes, but is dead set on ending this one early on following the miscalculated attack from Punk. The Miz grabs Punk and yanks him to his feet and applies a front facelock before dropping him like he was trying to connect with a DDT, but sticking his knee out and driving Punk chest first onto it. He then stands upright and pulls Punk back up and then connects with his trademark snap DDT. Miz rolls over onto Punk for the pin, but only managed to score a two count when he kicked out. Nearing the end of the fight, Miz was in total control of the match and was working over the chest and ribs of Punk and looked to settle this. He sets up Punk and goes for his finisher, the Skull Crushing Finale but Punker rolled underneath the armtrap and spun Miz around and went for a Uranage (with a hopeful Anaconda Vice to finish him off). He hoisted Miz up for the Uranage but Miz also flipped through the move and spun behind Punk and snug his head back and quickly nailed a Reverse DDT. He reaches to the far side and Punk and pulls up his leg for a pin attempt. Punk goes to kick out, but just as he does, Miz grabs his tights and yanks them. The effort was good enough to get the three count and a cheap win to join Daniel Bryan and John Morrison as one win wonders in the Division.

                  Winner – The Miz.
                  The Miz jumps through the ropes and hops to the outside and scurries away from the ring like he was about to be attacked from a vengeful CM Punk. Punk sits and looks at the Miz running away knowing that this is one win that he’ll never avenge.

                  John Layfield – “That boy pulled it out! I can’t believe it.”

                  Todd Grisham – “I’m still wondering about Dean Malenko. I hope he’s okay.”

                  John Layfield – “Dean Malenko is a resilient man, of course he’s fine.”

                  Todd Grisham – “I hope you’re right.”
                  The cameras cut to the last commercial break as CM Punk gathers himself and begins to exit the ring.
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                    Re: WWE PoweRaw
                    The cameras return from commercial break and the ring is empty. Without any music, the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment makes another appearance as he walks to the ring with a mission. The SWAT Team and Security Forces all enter behind him and surround the ring completely showing full protection for Vince McMahon.

                    Mr. McMahon climbs into the ring and in a very somber moment he takes a microphone to address the man who kidnapped his daughter.

                    Vince McMahon – “Kane, your time is up. The amnesty period ends now.”
                    The lights go red and Kane walks out in a very eerie moment. He approaches the ring and the security and police force open wide enough to allow Kane to reach up and grab the top rope and pull himself up to the ring apron. He steps over the top rope and comes face to face with the father of the woman he abducted, Stephanie McMahon.

                    Vince McMahon – “Earlier tonight, I gave you an ultimatum. Where is she Kane? Where is my daughter?”

                    Kane – “Tell them to leave, or you’ll never see her again.”

                    Vince McMahon – “Do you think this is a joke? These men are standing at the ready to arrest you and take you into custody. You’re going to jail, Kane.”

                    Kane – “I’ll go to jail, but how will you ever find her without my help?”

                    Vince McMahon – “Alright, I’ve had enough of these games.”

                    Kane – “Uhn.. uhn.. uhn. That wouldn’t be a wise move.”
                    A video monitor comes on and we see Stephanie McMahon bound and tied up in a dark place with a hood over her head. She frantically moves about but she isn’t making a sound.

                    Kane – “If you ever want to see her again, you’ll do as I say.”

                    Vince McMahon – “Fine. Gentlemen, you’re dismissed.”
                    The police force leave ringside and depart into the back.

                    Vince McMahon – “Now, Kane, my daughter?”

                    Kane – “I saw you and my brother talking earlier. Did he tell you what it was I wanted from you?”

                    Vince McMahon – “Yes.”

                    Kane – “And?”

                    Vince McMahon – “I’ll do it.”

                    Kane – “Do I have your word?”

                    Vince McMahon – “Yes, you have my word.”
                    Kane motions to the back and two men walk out to ringside. They reach under the ring and pull Stephanie McMahon out from under the ring and up onto the ramp, facing Kane and McMahon. Vince darts to the edge of the ring to go after her, but Kane grabs him by the arm.

                    Kane – “The funny thing is, Vince; I never trusted your word.”
                    Kane pulls a piece of paper out of his elbow pad and unrolls it. He hands it to Vince and tells him to sign it.

                    Kane – “Sign it and you’ll be reunited with her and I’ll never lay another hand on her.”

                    Vince McMahon – “Alright, let’s have it.”
                    McMahon reaches out and snags the paper and signs it. He shoves it back at Kane with disgust and Kane releases Vince so that he can rush out of the ring. As soon as he does, the two masked men dart into the crowd and are gone as quick as they appeared. Vince reaches his daughter and stops her from walking off the edge of the ramp and takes her mask off. She turns around.

                    John Layfield – “IT’S LINDA MCMAHON!?”

                    Todd Grisham – “What? How? What happened to Stephanie?”

                    Kane – “Vince, I hope you’ll understand that the only insurance I still have is your daughter.”
                    Vince embraces his wife as Kane laughs maniacally and throws his hands up and the lights go black as red pyros explode from each of the corners. When the pyros go dark, the entire arena is dark. A few moments later the lights suddenly come back on and Kane is gone. Vince and Linda are sitting on the entrance ramp, holding one another. She is crying and his face full of anger. The cameras cut.

                    Monday Night Raw – May 02, 2011
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                      Re: WWE PoweRaw

                      You’re opening paragraph is far too big – it hurts my eyes to read it. It is, however, very well written and sums everything up, reminding me of what has happened and when.

                      I like how McMahon was brief – I think that’s very realistic. I would like to see what repercussions there are for Triple H because if he gets away with this then Vince is pretty stupid.

                      Bryan/Bourne was great. I love this division, it’s the perfect little burst of athleticism within the ‘sports entertainment’ fuelled rest of the show. My only problem is that lots of your guys could also be top stars, but if you build this title well then them competing for this before going for the World Title won’t look silly. I like how you brought in Strong. It’s obvious you’ve wanted to write him for a long time so I hope you enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan, he’s a bit bland to me, hopefully you can make him exciting.

                      I love JBL sending his prayers to the McMahon family – I don’t think it matters what he had said, it would never come across as sincere and that’s a great thing. I have to say I hate the name ‘Striker’s Brigade.’ It just does nothing for me, it’s sound corny and doesn’t roll of the tip of your tongue. I do, however, like Striker as a manager, he was great in that role on ECW. I also dislike calling Ziggler Nick Nemeth. I know you hate the Ziggler name but I think he’s too established as Ziggler now to go back. The four of them make a fantastic team however, and are probably one of my favourite things about your fed. I love the way it’s going – it’s kinda like the Nexus only smarter and that’s only ever a good thing.

                      Harlot? Is this the deep south? I don’t think Miz would say harlot. I find Miz and Punk in this division...weird. It just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t think of them as junior-heavyweights. I know you’re going to build it up to greatness, but it seems like such a huge step-backwards for both of these guys. I’m holding on to the hope i have that you’ll prove me wrong, and I’m sure you will – but spotlighting Kane in the main storyline and leaving these guys floundering just seems like such a waste.

                      I like how you brought in Dinsmore. I think it’s a really great way to use Cena, since I’m obviously doing something similar myself. I also hope you have plenty in store for Masters because he’s great.

                      Wow. I loved Vince standing up to Triple H – it was totally the right thing to do as...well Triple H has been an almighty dick. I know Vince is hold, but when you mess with someone’s family, they’ll get angry no matter who they are. Loved it. Loved it.

                      Smith and Wesson is such an awesome name it really makes me wonder how you ever thought Striker’s Brigade would sound good. I also love JBL’s hands-on approach, just joining Grisham and going for it from the announce table. Great stuff. I also like the return of Hassan, I think it’s about time someone other than Kid wrote him well. There’s so much you can play with here. The idea that he isn’t American enough to hold the title, exposing people’s racism would be great, as he’s just as American as anyone else.

                      Vince conniving with Undertaker is perfect. When in that situation you’d do whatever it takes to get the job done.

                      Liked Miz/Punk as well. There’s no doubt you’re writing them well, I just feel like they should be doing more.

                      Very dramatic end with a nice swerve. You have me hooked – I have to know what’s going to happen.

                      As always a really good show. The balance doesn’t feel quite right but there’s lots of great stuff going on. No matter what, you’ve got a reader in me, especially with stories like Kane/Vince and Striker/JBL where I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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                        Re: WWE PoweRaw

                        This is for your second show. I reviewed it as you were posting PoweRaw III, which I also read. Everything I said about your second show (and you as a writer) still stands.


                        The Rolling Thunder Review
                        Jeff's WWE PoweRaw

                        How can I put this in a way that doesn't paint the picture of me on my knees, sucking your cock?


                        ....I guess I can't think of anything. Oh well, I'll just have to keep it simple: Jeff, you are the best writer in Fan Fiction right now. Not only did you find a way to make the current WWE roster (more or less) interesting and exciting, but you also deliver it in such a way that grabs everyone's attention.

                        I'm a perfect example of someone that shouldn't have time to read a show as long as yours. Like you, I live a busy life full of starting new jobs, moving to new apartments, keeping a pregnant woman happy and trying to find time to beat Assassin's Creed 2. I only write Fan Fic on my breaks at work, which is why I try to keep the shows quick and simple without losing any of what makes me the Fan Fic veteran that should be setting an example for newer members.

                        Then there's you. Someone who finds the time to still write full shows and make guys like me look like chimps with laptops and a general knowledge of wrestling. If people around here are going to look up to my writing, then I want you to know that I'm looking up to you.

                        This review is going to be a little different, since I'm only going to comment on areas that I felt were lacking. I think I've stroked your ego enough for now.

                        Striker & Grisham
                        It wasn't until the end of the Jimmy Uso/R-Truth match that I noticed something off about your show: the commentating. I'm not a fan, but as a writer, I know how hard it is to make commentating work for you. Striker's humor gives me a chuckle, but I'm just not feeling them as a team.

                        I know commentating is pretty much last on the list when it comes to importance, but when it's needed, it's absolutely vital that it's good and doesn't take anything away from what's going on. I felt this happened more than once during the show, although their exchange before The Masterpiece Challenge was decent. I hope they grow on me, but for now I'm not really a fan.

                        Nick The Ripper
                        I love that you're using Nick Dinsmore, but "Nick The Ripper"? Sorry, that made me laugh at the end of what was otherwise a great promo.

                        Oh and by the way, I can't wait to see who the other free agents are. Not to take anything away from your other storylines (especially Kane/Triple god is that good...), but that might be the most exciting thing on your show right now. At least for me it is.

                        Striker Brigade
                        I like the stable, especially with Matt Striker stepping into the role as manager. However, I'm unsure how I feel about Striker having two roles. I'm interested to see where you go with this, but I'm going to be very critical of these guys because of how much you seem to be piling on them. I have no doubt in your abilities to make this a great stable, I'm just putting this here so I can refer to it in the future.


                        Aside from those remarks, your show was the definition of perfection. Your shows are something to look forward to and should be referred to by not only Fan Fic rookies, but veterans and hall of famers alike.

                        Overall: 9.5/10


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                          Re: WWE PoweRaw

                          Monday Night Raw – May 9, 2011
                          The fourth edition of Monday Night Raw under the John “Bradshaw” Layfield regime kicks off with a recap of last week’s program. The video starts with a replay of Jack Swagger arguing with the General Manager after free agent signee Muhammad Hassan won a battle royal for the right to fight Swagger for the United States title at Night of Champions; after some convincing Swagger finally agreed to defend his Intercontinental title instead. Swagger showed concern with defending his United States title against a non-American citizen, saying that it would dishonor the title. In other action, John Cena answered the MasterLock Challenge; however, once the hold was locked in, Nick Dinsmore climbed into the ring and Masters and Dinsmore decimated Cena. The Miz would win in the main event against CM Punk, taking a one win tie in the tournament alongside John Morrison and Daniel Bryan. Bryan would be the subject of an attack earlier in the night; following his match with Evan Bourne, newcomer Roderick Strong would level both men with a vicious attack and mock the Commissioner of the Division, Dean Malenko, for selecting them over him. Malenko would also be the subject of much confusion when during his pre-match announcement a light fixture fell and shards of glass would open his forehead and he bled all over himself before being taken to the emergency room. Near the start of the program, Matt Striker made waves when he and his Striker Brigade interrupted John Layfield and told them that they were tired of waiting for their turn; instead, they were going to shut down the program that had long ignored them. Fearing something big was about to happen, JBL took up his office at the announcer’s table where he replaced the just resigned Matt Striker. Throughout the evening, Vince McMahon plead his case with Kane, asking him, demanding him to return his daughter safe. At the opening of the program, he gave Kane until the end of the show immunity to return her without recourse. At one point, Mr. McMahon invaded Triple H’s locker room and informed him that when he’s done with Kane, Triple H is next. While Vince was plotting out the arrest of Kane, the Undertaker entered Vince’s office and told him that he could deliver Kane if he could in-turn have Triple H. At the end of the night, Vince called out Kane. To his surprise, Kane showed up and told Vince if he ever wanted to see her again, he’d order the security away from the ring. He did so and Kane demanded something from Vince. When Vince complied, Stephanie was drug out from under the ring with a hood on her head. When Vince arrived to her, he took her mask off to reveal it was Linda, instead. Kane rolled up the paper that Vince gave him and called for hellfire and brimstone as the show goes off the air and Kane disappears. Following the recap video, the cameras go live inside the arena where we see the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon in the ring. We see John Layfield and Todd Grisham at ringside as we go with the hot open with Mr. McMahon on the microphone.

                          Vince McMahon – “Kane, last week I played your games. I gave you every opportunity to return my daughter. I even gave you complete immunity. And in return, you abducted my wife and conned me into giving you something in return for her. Well Kane, the games are over. I have alerted all local authorities of the situation and there is a nationwide manhunt in progress to find you. And unlike last week, when we find you, there will be no immunity. There will be no deals. You have the unfair advantage of possibly being the only person who knows the location of my daughter Stephanie. But you’ll also have unfair disadvantage of me beating that information out of you. Kane, I will use every resource to find you. Do yourself a favor. Turn yourself in. Because I promise you; you’ll wish that the FBI have you in their custody, before I do.”
                          Vince McMahon places his microphone on the ground. When he does, an army of security personnel rush out of the back and McMahon steps through the ropes and to the floor as they surround him. They escort him to the back as the cameras cut to a introductory video going hot with quick flashes of action to “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback.
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                            Re: WWE PoweRaw
                            Following the intro-video, PoweRaw goes live inside the arena at the announcer’s desk. John “Bradshaw” Layfield, pulling double duty as General Manager and Color Commentary is joined by the Play-by-Play Announcer, Todd Grisham.

                            Todd Grisham – “Hello everyone, welcome to Monday Night Raw!”

                            John Layfield – “We are living up to the PoweRaw name here tonight, ladies and gentlemen.”

                            Todd Grisham – “Mr. McMahon has got Kane in his sights and I can’t help but expect that sometime tonight, he’s going to find him and when he does…”

                            John Layfield – “Hold it right there slim. Just in case this ends with Vince McMahon putting a man in the hospital, for liability reasons we’re going to stay neutral on the matter.”

                            Todd Grisham – “Well there went my entire opening segue. What can we talk about?”

                            John Layfield – “Treat it like a formal greeting with someone you’ve never met; no politics, religion, or financial discussion.”

                            Todd Grisham – “Good, because I’ve been meaning to address the situation involving the Striker Brigade.”

                            John Layfield – “Not quite. That falls under ‘financial.’”

                            Todd Grisham – “Financial? How?”

                            John Layfield – “If you bring that up, you’ll be in serious need of a new job; hence, very financial for you.”

                            Todd Grisham – “Fully noted and moving on…”
                            The back and forth conversation between Grisham and Layfield is cut off by the “300 Violin Orchestra” over the PA System. All heads in the arena turns to the entrance stage as the unfamiliar music blares throughout the building. However, the four faces that appear on the stage are becoming more and more familiar each week.

                            The four members of the Striker Brigade march to the ring, nearly side by side. Matt Striker, the official leader of the organization, is joined by the tag team duo named the Hollywood Blondes, comprised of Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth, and their newest member, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. The four men stand shoulder to shoulder in the ring, looking down at the General Manager who they declared war against last week.

                            Matt Striker – “Last week, in a horrific tragedy, Dean Malenko was severely injured when a lighting fixture fell from the ceiling and glass shards were projected into his forehead. After severe blood loss, Dean Malenko was taken to the emergency room where after sixteen stitches, he was released into the custody of his family.”
                            The General Manager has had enough. He stands up to address Striker.

                            John Layfield – “Matt Striker, last time I checked you had stepped down from your responsibilities as an announcer here on Monday Night Raw, so I’d just like to remind you to leave the updates to those that it pertains to.”

                            Matt Striker – “Well, you see the thing is this. This does pertain to me. As it does every member of the Raw roster.”
                            Bradshaw stands motionless with his mouth slightly open. His mind is racing trying to figure out what Striker is going to say or do next.

                            Matt Striker – “Mr. Layfield, we the people of Monday Night Raw wish to send you a message. The unsafe work environment that you have created for us will not be tolerated.”

                            John Layfield – “That was an accident and you know it, damn it.”

                            Matt Striker – “Was it?”

                            John Layfield – “YES!”

                            Matt Striker – “Well that’s partly why we’re here. Some of the members of the Raw roster felt that it was in their best interest to file a formal complaint against you, their employer, for creating a hostile and unsafe work environment.”

                            John Layfield – “HOSTILE? THIS IS PRO WRESTLING DAMN IT! OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE HOSTILE!”

                            Matt Striker – “Unfortunately for you, it just doesn’t work that way. Allow me to introduce a representative from the United States Department of Labor, Stanley Williams.”
                            A man dressed in business attire enters. He has a badge on his blazer that identifies himself as a representative of the Department of Labor. Bradshaw stands motionless. Matt Striker hands the man a microphone.

                            Stanley Williams – “Mr. Layfield, last week I received a formal complaint against you, Monday Night Raw, and World Wrestling Entertainment for the willful creation of unsafe work conditions. Mr. Layfield, as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, it is your responsibility to ensure that even in a chaotic work setting such as this, that it still remain a safe one. Now it is my duty to investigate the practices of this company and assess the situation to make a recommendation to your employer as to how to fix any problem s I may find; or otherwise fine World Wrestling Entertainment for the willful creation of said unsafe work environment or temporarily shut down the program until the conditions are deemed safe for your employees. Normally, these investigations would take a business week but due to the one day work week for most of your employees, I will have to stretch this investigation out over the next three weeks. At which time, I will release my findings. Thank you.”
                            Stanley Williams hands Matt Striker the microphone and leaves the stage to the Striker Brigade.

                            Matt Striker – “I told you last week, JBL. We’re not here to take over. We’re just here to make sure that there is nothing left to take over.”

                            John Layfield – “YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU SET ME UP! You rigged that light, didn’t you?”

                            Matt Striker – “That’s ridiculous. You’re ridiculous. You created this, now deal with it. Have a good night.”
                            JBL is screaming at the top of his lungs away from his microphone and is barely audible as the Striker Brigade exit the stage and we cut to the first commercial of the night.
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                              Re: WWE PoweRaw
                              When we return from commercial break, things are finally settling down around ringside and the General Manager has stood up from the announcer’s table and is prepared to address the crowd.

                              John Layfield – “Now, without any personal interests at heart, I’d like to address a very serious situation. Last week, in a horrific accident, Dean Malenko was injured and couldn’t be here this week. Don’t worry, we fully expect that he will return to his Commissioner duties next week. In the mean time I will be overseeing the direction of the Junior-Heavyweight Division.”
                              In an odd occurrence, this announcement draws a very negative reaction from the fans who have fully enjoyed the direction that Dean Malenko has been taking the six superstars.

                              John Layfield – “After confiding in Dean Malenko, we have decided that at Night of Champions, the only Championship that will not be defended or decided will be the Junior-Heavyweight Title. This is so that the current Tournament can be fulfilled as it was planned.”
                              The fans are bummed that they will not get to see the Junior-Heavyweight Championship at the first Raw-only Pay-Per-View but are about to get just a glimmer of excitement.

                              John Layfield – “But that doesn’t give the six competitors the night off. In fact, at Night of Champions, I am ordering a Six Pack Scramble between the six men vying for the right to be the first ever Junior-Heavyweight Champion. Two men will start in the ring, and every five minutes another man will enter until all six men are in the ring, at which point, one last ten minute period will begin. Interim-winners will be decided throughout the match via pinfall and submission but when the last ten minute period ends, the last man to score a pinfall or submission will be declared the winner.”
                              The fans go wild at the thought of this match.

                              John Layfield – “But what is a match that has no consequences. No rewards or punishment if you win or lose. So I’m going to give the winner of that match one free win in their final tally to determine the first champion.”
                              The stakes are raised by the General Manager.

                              John Layfield – “And I’m going to do the same thing here tonight. The opponents of each of the three first round matches of the tournament, will be partners here tonight in a triple threat tag team match. Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne will team up against CM Punk and The Miz and the team of John Morrison and Kofi Kingston. And to up the ante, the winning team will be given an additional win in their journey to become the first champion. And that match happens… NOW!”
                              The crowd goes completely nuts as we realize that this match is about to happen. “Ain’t No Make Believe” hits over the PA system and the roof is nearly broken down from the ceiling by the excitement. John Morrison leads out with Kofi Kingston behind him. The two stop at the edge of the entrance stage and the cameras cut to slow motion and pyros shoot out from the left and right toward the center behind the two, at the same time Kofi does his patent hand clap and his own style of pyro explodes into the sky; meanwhile Morrison poses with a fist in the sky.

                              Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, this opening match is scheduled for one fall and is for an additional win the Junior-Heavyweight Open for the winning team; and the match will be contested as a Triple Threat Tag Team Match where the winners can only be determined through pinfall or submission. Introducing first at a combined weight of four hundred and forty-four pounds, the team of JOHN MORRISON AND KOFI KINGSTON!”
                              Kingston and Morrison hop over the top rope and stand together in a corner of the ring and receive the best reaction of either of the three teams. Morrison’s theme music is cut and “The Ride of the Valkyries” hits and the fans give just as stunning a reception for the team of Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. Bryan leads the team out as he walks slowly, pounding his chest before walking with a fist pump in the air before raising his index finger to show everyone he’s number one. Behind him, Evan Bourne darts to the edge of the entrance stage and throws up his peace sign as his pyros shoot outward toward the fans and he darts out to the side of Daniel Bryan and the duo climb up onto the ring apron and Bourne flips over the top rope while Bryan steps through the ropes to join the other team in the ring.

                              Justin Roberts – “And their first team of opponents, weighing a combined three hundred and seventy-five pounds, the tag team of DANIEL BRYAN AND EVAN BOURNE!”
                              The namesakes of the two gets a great reception from the crowd. The duo stand in their own corner talking over a gameplan before Daniel Bryan’s music is cut and replaced by “I Came to Play”. Just like the other two teams, the man who won the respective match against his opponent walks out first to his own entrance theme as the Miz is joined by CM Punk. The team walks side by side to the ring, without any pyros or theatrics. They have their minds wrapped around fighting four men and getting a much needed win. Knowing that The Miz, Daniel Bryan, or John Morrison will leave this match as the leader of the standings, gives all three teams a real desire to win.

                              Justin Roberts – “And the last team, weighing at a combined four hundred and forty-seven pounds, the team of THE MIZ AND CM PUNK!”
                              The two men climb up onto the ring apron and slip through the middle rope and into the ring with their four opponents. All six men stay in their respective corners, leading man to believe that the rules Dean Malenko has set for the division is not only applicable but mandatory to all of the participants. The official gives the men the pre-match instructions and asks that each team only have one man in the ring at a time and calls for the bell.

                              Triple Threat Tag Team Match

                              John Morrison & Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan & Evan Bourne vs. The Miz & CM Punk
                              The three teams all present the ‘losers’ of the first round matches to start the fight. Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, and CM Punk are all standing in a triangle formation, some three feet away from one another near the center of the ring as the bell rings. Unlike the previous encounters with these six, this match doesn’t start with a handshake. Instead, CM Punk stands in the middle of the ring taunting the other two with his wise choice of words. He points at Kingston and Bourne and yells “I’m better than you,” at the two men. As the bell rings throughout the arena, Punk is caught off guard by the combined forces of Kingston and Bourne attacking him. Right away the two highly popular wrestlers focus all of their energy toward the much hated CM Punk. Kofi and Evan’s high energy, highly explosive offense entertains the fans and rocks the Punker around the ring with their vicious kicks and knees; each rattling the cage of “the Straight-Edge Superstar.” One of the high spots of the first few minutes of the match sees CM Punk get whipped into the bottom right corner. Upon collision, he looks up and sees Kingston whip Bourne in his direction. Bourne goes airborne for his very dangerous flying forearm. Punk’s quick thinking sees him duck down and plant a shoulder into the sternum and flipped Bourne over the top rope with a back body drop. Unbeknownst to Punk, Bourne landed on the apron, barely hanging on. Punk sees Kingston looking at him and doesn’t want to give him an opportunity to attack. CM Punk rushes out of the corner and swings for the fences with a closed fist. Kingston ducks down and jerks his shoulder upward into the chin of Punk and wraps his arms around the head of Punk and drops down onto his knees for a very nasty jawbreaker. CM Punk flips upward, holding his chin in pain. He turns and we see Evan Bourne climbing up to the top rope in Punk’s blindspot and jumping off and plants a knee onto each shoulder of Punk and falling forward, taking Punk back to the mat to connect with his double knee drop. Bourne locks the legs of Punk for a pin. Just as the official nearly slapped the mat for the three count, Kingston grabbed the ankle of Bourne and pulled him off of Punk to stop the count.

                              With Punk out of action, Kingston and Bourne turn their attention to one another. Kingston initially acted like he had done nothing wrong like he was going to go back to work on Punk; but when he leans over to grab Punk by the hair to pull him up, a very aggravated Bourne grabs him by the arm and spins him around. With his free arm Kingston swings for the fences expecting that Bourne was going to clobber him. Evan ducks and off the spin he grabs the hand of Kofi and then the other hand. With Kingston’s hands interlocked Bourne takes a step back and jumps up and falls back but kicks his legs up (like he was attempting a backflip) but plants his boots into the chin of Kingston and the impact of Bourne falling onto his back and the jerking of Kofi’s hands, pulls Kingston’s body downward, and crashes him chin first into a jawbreaker off of Evan’s boots. Kofi flips upright and is slingshot off of the hit and stumbles back onto his back and appears to be knocked out. Bourne stands up and looks around at the carnage. Both of his opponents are out cold. He looks around and charges the corner nearest to Punk and scales up. The fans all rise to their feet to see the AirBourne. He reaches the top turnbuckle and out of nowhere the Miz races down the apron and shoves Bourne off. Evan crashes and burns face first into the mat and just like that, all three men are down. Daniel Bryan is irate; confident that Bourne would have hit the AirBourne and otherwise won the match for his team. Punk being the last man to take a hit, is the first to stir. He climbs to a knee and crawls to his corner and makes the tag to The Miz.

                              The Miz races into the ring and he goes to work on Kingston. He grabs Kofi by the head and jerks him to his feet. He pulls hair of Kingston and jerks his head back and applies a reverse facelock. He holds him there in an inverted DDT hold; many of the fans are wondering why he doesn’t drop him and then we see why. Evan Bourne climbs to his feet and is stumbling backward. He turns and walks right into a Uranage hold from Miz. Simultaneously, the Miz connects with a Uranage on Bourne and a Reverse DDT on Kingston. The Miz and CM Punk would then spend the next couple of minutes exchanging tags between one another and dishing out double punishment on Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Getting the quick tags ensures that they are able to subdue both of their opponents and not allow either man to make a tag. There isn’t a real focus on the attacks, just quick and precise beatings on both men that take every extra breath out of their body. Punk and Miz were able to nail some quite impressive double team moves; starting with a double suplex to Evan Bourne off of the second rope that shook the entire ring. They put an exclamation point on the entire match when they mocked Miz’s former partner by decimating his current partner with a former hold that he and Miz would do. Miz positions Kingston near his ropes and makes a tag. He then tucks the ankles of Kofi under his arms and catapults him upright into a forearm smash. The stiff arm to the face causes Kingston to fall back first onto the bent knees of Miz, while Punker grabs the top rope and slingshots himself onto the top rope and springboards off with very dangerous elbow to the sternum. The crowd goes wild and at first there was some mass confusion as to why. All heads look around as the official signals a tag was made by Evan Bourne who dove halfway across the ring to his partner.

                              Daniel Bryan races into the ring with an extreme level of excitement, having stood on the sidelines the entire match watching his partner take a beating. With Kingston out cold, Bryan has an opportunity to fend off both CM Punk and The Miz; who are ignoring the official’s warning for just one to stay in the ring. Bryan is surprising everyone by holding his own, connecting with some punches and clotheslines that clobber both Miz and Punk. “The American Dragon” then nailed a beautifully executed dropkick to the Miz that sent him through the ropes to the outside. This leaves only the legal men in the ring. Punk and Bryan begin railing one another with fists that echo thuds throughout the building. Punk swings for the fences and it costs him dearly. Dragon takes a step back and nails a stiff knee into the face of Punk. He then grabs the close arm and traps it and rides him face first into the mat and applies his patent LeBell Lock. Punk goes nuts, frantically trying to get out of the hold. Bryan is not giving him an inch. He just yanks back harder. Punk claws his way to the edge of the ring and reaches out with everything he has for the ropes. He can nearly drag his fingertips on the edge of the rope. He just needs another half-inch. NO! Bryan drags him back to the center of the ring and sits down into the hold and really yanks back. Punk has nowhere to go and his life is fading quick. Punk reaches his hand out. The fans are going nuts but all of the attention suddenly turns to Kofi Kingston. He is crawling slowly to his corner. Can he make the tag and save his team of will Punk submit first? The Miz is just getting to his feet and stumbles over to the apron to make the save, but out of nowhere, Bourne races down the same apron and leaps off with a somersault plancha that take both he and Miz out of action.

                              CM Punk can’t hold on any longer. He is holding his hand up, trying to hang on for someone, anyone to save him. He kicks about but he isn’t going anywhere. He can’t go another second. His hand is shaking in pain and just when he is ready to submit, out of nowhere, John Morrison gets the tag and darts across the ring and nails a running Shooting Star Press onto the bodies of both Punk and Bryan. Morrison grabs each side of Daniel’s jaw and jerks him to his feet and nails one of the nastiest European Uppercuts of recent memory. Daniel groggily falls backward onto a knee and that’s just where Morrison wants him. John pulls back and bounces off of the far ropes and races across the ring and connects with his very dangerous charging knee to the face. John quickly makes a cover. 1………………2………………. Daniel kicks out just in time to save this one for his team. Morrison needs to put this one away and quick. He snags Daniel by the head and yanks him up to his feet and applies a standing facelock and nails his high-impact Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker) near the top left corner. He looks down and this one looks like it’s over. Morrison leaves Bryan, instead of pinning him and moves over to the corner. He looks down at Bryan to size him up for the Starship Pain. The commentators are going nuts saying that Morrison is risking too much and that Bryan looks like he is out cold. Morrison grabs the top rope and jumps up and delivers his split-legged moonsault … to the ring mat. We see at just the last second, CM Punk grabs the ankle and wrist of Daniel Bryan and jerks him out of the way of the hold. Morrison bounces off the mat, holding his ribs in pain. He walks right onto the shoulders of Punk who hoists him up into the air and levels him cleanly with a Go To Sleep (Fireman’s Carry into Knee Smash to face). Punk is groggy but just coherent enough to sidestep an attack from Kingston and shove him through the ropes into Evan Bourne who was coming in for the save. Not wanting to risk it, CM Punk grabs Bryan by the arm and pulls him to his feet and locks his arm and picks him up, slamming him to the mat with a Uranage and then locks on his deadly Anaconda Vise. Bryan doesn’t have anything left in him and certainly can’t fight his way to the corner but at the same time he would never submit. Every wrestler in the vicinity is unconscious and the official is in position to raise the arm of Daniel Bryan and watch it fall to the mat three times.

                              Winners – CM Punk and The Miz.
                              John Layfield – “Damn it, I can’t believe it. CM Punk and the Miz walk out with a very convincing victory.”

                              Todd Grisham – “That was one heck of an effort by Punk and Miz in one heck of a match by all six men.”
                              The Miz crawls into the ring and he goes to grab the hand of Punk, but when he does, “The Straight-Edge Superstar” snags his hand free and abandons his makeshift partner in the ring. The Miz is confused but then celebrates the win by himself. While CM Punk stands outside the ring, we see all of the other competitors starting to come about. Before they are able to, the events are interrupted as an unfamiliar voice begins talking over the PA System. Every head in the arena looks to the entrance stage where we see newcomer Roderick Strong walking out to address the audience and/or the six men who just put their bodies through hell for a win. Initially, he begins to applaud them, but he fades out the clap so that it becomes more intentional and very much a mockery.

                              Roderick Strong – “What the hell was that? Is that seriously the best you six could do? You were supposed to be the best this company has to offer. But that? Well, I’ve carried geriatrics to higher quality matches than that.”
                              The fans boo, expressively disagreeing with Strong’s assessment of the match.

                              Roderick Strong – “But for whatever reason, your Commissioner has decided that I’m not worthy to compete for his championship. And I’ve got to tell you; I’m beginning to think it’s because the men he chose to compete for his title were not high enough caliber to lace my boots, much less compete in a wrestling contest with me.”
                              The six wrestlers are getting frustrated with Strong’s insulting them. Punk is the only one who seems to be letting it ride off his shoulder. He takes a knee and catches his breath following the very impressive victory.

                              Roderick Strong – “And that just leaves one question. Do you agree? Do you think you're six men that just couldn’t compete with the best, but in the spirit of competition were given the reigns to this division? Or do you think you have what it takes to beat this loudmouth upstart rookie?”
                              The fans get loud with the thought of the Junior-Heavyweights beating up Strong.

                              Roderick Strong – “Well, why not settle it? How about next week, one of you prove me wrong? If you truly think you’re the six best wrestlers under two hundred and twenty-five pounds on Monday Night Raw, then why don’t one of you accept a challenge to fight me next week? If you win, then obviously I don’t have a leg to stand on. But if I win? You give up your spot in this tournament.”
                              There is a long pause where the six men just stand motionless, looking at Roderick Strong.

                              Roderick Strong – “I thought so; six cowards who can’t even face the reality that they were just hand selected participants who really weren’t the best of the best as they were advertised.”
                              Strong places his microphone on the edge of the stage and begins to walk off. Suddenly, he is interrupted. We turn back to the ring where we see Kofi Kingston with a microphone.

                              Kofi Kingston – “That’s all it’s going to take to shut you up? Beating you? I earned my spot by being one of the best wrestlers in this business today. And I’ll prove it, even to a dazed and highly confused punk such as yourself, next week.”
                              Strong laughs at the thought of getting his foot in the door of the Division and walks off as Morrison confers with Kingston about the thought of giving up his spot if he loses next week. Kingston assures Morrison that he knows what he is doing. The cameras cut to the backstage area.
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                                Re: WWE PoweRaw
                                After the commercial break, the cameras go live back in the arena. Layfield and Grisham talk momentarily about the exciting match that we just saw and then quickly address the rankings. The Miz is leading the rankings with two wins and undefeated, and Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, and CM Punk, each with a single win and one loss, and Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston trailing with two losses and no wins. The conversation ends when “Get On Your Knees” hits and oddly enough, Jack Swagger receives a slightly mixed reaction from the fans. Most of them still give him a very heated reaction but peppered into the crowd is a sparse amount of fans cheering for him. Swagger walks out and there is a slight chuckle from the audience as they get a glimpse of the “All-American American.” He is dressed strikingly similar to Uncle Sam, wearing a red, white, and blue attire that looks like a formal suit colored by the American Flag and a top hat. Swagger has the very controversial Intercontinental Title on one shoulder and the United States Title on the other. He slowly walks to the ring. In one hand he has a microphone and in the other a paper scroll that is rolled up. Once Swagger is in the ring, he addresses the fans in attendance.

                                Jack Swagger – “I’m sure most of you are wondering why I am dressed like I am? Last week, the General Manager tried to pull a fast one. After weeks of refusing to defend MY United States Championship against non-American wrestlers, he assembled a match comprising of ONLY non-American wrestlers and gave the winner a shot at my United States Championship. But because of my tenacity; I have been granted immunity from defending the U.S. Title against non-American challengers, so long as I defend the once-retired Intercontinental Title against any challenger regardless of their nation of origin or current residence. Thus at Night of Champions, I will defend my Intercontinental Title against Muhammad Hassan.”
                                Just the name alone elicits a very negative response from the crowd who quickly start up a “USA! USA!” chant. It doesn’t take long and Jack Swagger joins them.

                                Jack Swagger – “THAT’S RIGHT! USA! USA! USA! USA! Hassan, please don’t take me the wrong way. I’m not here just to say that you’re not deserving to fight for the United States Title; even though you’re not. It’s nothing personal, I just believe by doing so I would desecrate something special. But I’m not a tyrant. I believe in the American dream. That ANYONE can find success in America. But I believe there in a process of doing so. Which is why I have brought this with me today.”
                                Swagger takes the rolled up piece of paper and unrolls it to read it to the crowd.

                                Jack Swagger – “What I am holding here is an application for citizenship to the United States of America. Muhammad Hassan, if you ever wish to fight for my United States Title; the application to do so, is right here.”
                                Jack Swagger holds up the citizenship application and shows it to the camera.

                                Jack Swagger – “But I should warn you. Since I’m confident that in Iran the only tests they gave you are how to oppress your women and disregard civil rights, to gain citizenship to the United States, you have to take a test on your knowledge of United States history. So I thought, I’d give you a lesson on the history of the United States, starting with.. the beginning.”
                                Swagger takes his American flag suit and hat off and lays the citizenship test on the pile of clothes so that he is free to move about.

                                Jack Swagger – “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth. And then God created mankind in His image. And allow me to clarify. When I say God, I am talking about the God, the one and only God; not this false-god you call Allah. And on this earth, God created the United States of America; the greatest country in the world. FACT! And that is the creation of the United States, but it wasn’t founded until five thousand and seven hundred years later. Give or take, depending on whether you’re referencing the King James or the New International Version. But it began in the year 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed from the Godless Spain to find the Caribbean Islands. Following the success of Columbus, many other expeditions set sail to the new Americas. And it was in…”
                                Suddenly, Jack Swagger is just cut off when unannounced, the program goes to a commercial break. Following a couple of various commercials ranging from a new movie advertisement, an energy drink, and a restaurant, we cut back to the arena where Jack Swagger is still talking.

                                Jack Swagger – “…and that was the second election of President Ronald Reagan who may be the greatest American to ever live; next to Jesus Christ. Following President Reagan was the adulterer and sinner Silly Willy Clinton who cut defense spending down so far that shortly after his leaving office America suffered the deadliest attack on its soil in history. But due to the resolve of the very sincere and very patriotic man named President of the free world George W. Bush, America pulled through and…”
                                Jack Swagger is interrupted when “Salaat – Islamic Prayer” hits and every head in the arena turns to the entrance stage where Muhammad Hassan enters the arena wearing a thobe and ghutra.

                                Hassan receives the most heated reaction of the night as he stands at the edge of the entrance stage. He drops a rug onto the stage and drops to his knees and looks to the sky and raises his arms. Following a quick prayer, he reaches over and picks up a microphone off of the stage and stands to respond to Swagger.

                                Muhammad Hassan – “DO YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE? Swagger, I don’t care what title I fight you for. All I care about is fighting you for a title. I don’t give a damn about your obscure values and reservations against defending your United States title against ‘non-Americans.’ When I get you in the ring; you’re not going to be thinking about my nationality. You’re going to be thinking about how hard I hit you and how much pain I inflict on you when I nearly rip your head and neck off of your shoulders. And as far as your history lesson goes; keep it. If earning my citizenship into this country is the only way I can fight you for the United States Title, well then, keep it. In the mean time, I’ll just have to console myself with your Intercontinental Title.”

                                Jack Swagger – “Hey, this is no reason to blow up .. haha .. no pun intended.”

                                Muhammad Hassan – “Real cute. I was wondering how long it would be before your bigotry would shine through.”

                                Jack Swagger – “Hassan, when you see me, I want you to know what you’ve got. I’ve got nothing to hide. I wear my character on my sleeve. That’s the extension of my shirt that cover my arms; you’re probably not too familiar with them since they aren’t equipped into your gowns.”

                                Muhammad Hassan – “Haha, funny guy. We’ll see who’s laughing when I’ve yanked your chin back to the point of snapping you in half.”

                                Jack Swagger – “I hope you do, Hassan. I really do. Then, I hope you enjoy your win with your eleven wives.”

                                Muhammad Hassan – “Three weeks, Swagger. Three weeks.”
                                Hassan turns and exits the scene as Swagger laughs to himself and we cut to the backstage area.
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