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WWE PoweRaw

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    Re: WWE PoweRaw
    Following the commercial break, cameras go live inside the arena where the fans are going nuts and the lights go dark. A spotlight hits the stage as we watch the Undertaker make his way out to his usual eerie music compiled by organs and sounds of thunder. He climbs into the ring where a microphone is waiting on him.

    The Undertaker – “Last week, I…”
    The fans cut in with an “UNDER-TAKER!” chant.

    The Undertaker – “I.. uh…”
    The Undertaker appears to be looking for the right words.

    The Undertaker – “I put myself in a situation where I could not win. I allowed my desire to beat John Cena to get in the way of my goal. That goal being an all-mighty entity here in the WWE.”
    The fans are going wild for the Undertaker’s appearance away from the blue brand.

    The Undertaker – “At Bragging Rights, when I beat John Cena, that should have been enough. I walked away World Heavyweight Champion. However, evening the odds is never enough. Not when you live with an expectation of yourself such as I do.”
    The Undertaker appears to be lost in thought, almost rambling as he speaks.

    The Undertaker – “I had no business coming to Raw. I had nothing to gain by challenging John Cena to a match to settle the score. But I closed my vision in on him. I put John Cena on my radar and I was blindsided.”
    The fans boo (though quietly) in remembrance of Kane’s attack.

    The Undertaker – “My brother, my flesh and blood, attacked me. But I will say this. I don’t blame him. I had gone soft. I forgot what it was like to be a hunter. And I became the hunted. If Kane did anything, it was to remind me of who I am. I am the Deadman. The Phenom.”
    The crowd turns to a more uproar of excitement as Undertaker’s promo begins to liven up.

    The Undertaker – “I don’t know what agreement Kane and Triple H have made. The one thing I do know is that, I was at the losing end of that agreement. Last week it hit me from behind. This week, I’m walking head on into it. And now, I’m going to…”

    “The Game” hits over the PA System and the fans all jump to their feet in excitement. Triple H walks out onto the entrance stage with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He appears to be dressed for battle and marches to the ring with a purpose. He climbs up onto the apron and the ring announcer is there to produce a microphone for him as he joins the Undertaker in the ring.

    Triple H – “And what? You’re going to invoke your rematch clause here tonight?”

    The Undertaker – “It seems like you’ve got all the answers, already.”

    Triple H – “I have all the answers, because I have all the questions. And when you know the questions, you’ll always know the right answers.”

    The Undertaker – “Then here’s a question. Last week, you took advantage of me in a weak state. I’d just fought John Cena to a victory. I was attacked by my brother with a steel briefcase. You came along and picked up the pieces. What are you going to do when you face me one on one. No Cena. No Kane. Just you… and me?”

    Triple H – “That’s the question you need to be asking yourself. I already know what I’m going to do. That’s why I have all the answers. Now it’s up to you figure it out.”

    The Undertaker – “The only thing left to figure out is, how are you going to explain to your boss that you lost the last opportunity to keep a World Championship on his show?”
    Triple H and the Undertaker get nose to nose and the crowd is going to flip. Suddenly, “Longhorn” hits and the atmosphere is ruined by the General Manager, John “Bradshaw” Layfield who makes his way out onto the stage with a microphone intact.

    John Layfield – “Hold it right there.”
    Triple H steps away from the Undertaker and turns slightly to see his boss addressing him.

    John Layfield – “There is not going to be a rematch here tonight. Undertaker, you do have a rematch clause, yes. But it’ll have to wait. You see, if I’m going to have to give a Smackdown Superstar the opportunity to win MY World Heavyweight Title, then it’s going to be on MY terms. Next month, it will be the Night of Champions. Triple H defending the World Heavyweight Championship against the Undertaker. Win, lose, or draw Undertaker, after Night of Champions, you will never see a Smackdown Superstar on Raw again. I’ll make damn sure of it.”
    The fans are pumped to hear the first match signing for the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View.

    John Layfield – “Oh and Undertaker. I forgot. Starting right now, you are hereby banned from all Monday Night Raw events until your match against Triple H at Night of Champions. If you come within five hundred feet of a Raw event, you will forfeit your match at Night of Champions. Do I make myself clear?”
    All eyes are on the Undertaker as he looks at him and nods.

    The Undertaker – “If I’m going to go out. I’m going to go out my way!”
    The Undertaker grabs Triple H by the throat and jerks him closer, picking him up and slamming him to the mat with a chokeslam! Security rushes out to the ring and surrounds the Undertaker, separating him from the World Heavyweight Champion.

    John Layfield – “GET HIM OUT OF HERE! GET HIM OUT! You understand me, Undertaker? You so much as look at a Raw Arena and I’ll evict you from my main event faster than you can say ‘my mommy and daddy got burned in a house fire.’ NOW GET HIM OUT OF HERE!”
    The Undertaker is escorted out and you can almost see a smile on his face after chokeslamming Triple H. The cameras cut to a pretaped recap of Smackdown as security sorts out the mess around the ring.


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      Re: WWE PoweRaw
      Following the recap from the past week’s edition of Friday Night Smackdown, we open back up inside the arena at the announcer’s desk as they gear us up for the second match of the night.

      Todd Grisham – “WOW! What a huge blockbuster for the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View!”

      Matt Striker – “I KNOW! IT’S SO AMAZING, RIGHT?”

      Todd Grisham – “Yeah, this is… you’re mocking me, aren’t you?”

      Matt Striker – “Look, take the match at face value. At best, Undertaker gets lucky and is able to go ten minutes with Triple H before The Game pedigrees him back to Friday Nights.”

      Todd Grisham – “I think you’re completely underestimating…”

      Matt Striker – “Underestimating? No, I’m giving him benefit of the doubt. If I didn’t doubt that he could possibly have a sliver of luck, I’d just tell you outright that this is a five minute beat down and the champion retains.”

      Todd Grisham – “You’re unbelievable.”
      In the midst of the back and forth banter of Grisham and Striker, we go back to ringside as we prepare for the next match of the evening.

      Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, the next match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first…”
      A rap beat hits over the PA system and we see R-Truth entering through the crowd singing his “What’s Up” theme song, mostly repeating the “You can get with this, or you can get with that; WHAT’S UP?” portion of the song. The fans are mildly interested, but most have grown tired of this same routine, same song entrance over the years.

      Justin Roberts – “Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, from Charlotte, North Carolina, R-TRUTH!”
      As Truth marches down through the crowd, he is suddenly attacked from behind. The cameras quickly zoom in to see the action as we see Jimmy Uso clubbing at the back of Truth and knocking him down a small flight of stairs to the floor. Uso begins stomping away at the former tag team champion and not giving him much of an opportunity to fight back.

      Justin Roberts – “His opponent, from the Isle of Samoa, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, JIMMY USO!”
      Roberts nervously made the announcement, wondering if it was absolutely necessary now that Uso had made himself known and was attacking his opponent prematurely before the match. After a two or three minute assault through the crowd, Uso drug Truth to the barrier and whipped him over to ringside. Within a few seconds, both men were inside the ring. The official refused to start the match until Truth was able to compete and asked Truth numerous times if he was alright to fight, before Truth could finally muster up the string to yell, “Ring the damn bell.” The official obliged.

      Singles Match (15 Minute Time Limit)

      Jimmy Uso vs. R-Truth
      Match Summary

      The match may have gotten an early start, but this one would go the distance. Uso appeared to have something to prove; having eliminated two superstars in last week’s battle royal, he now wanted to show that it wasn’t a matter of luck, it was just a matter of being a Uso. Truth may have been able to get to his feet, but that was just a motion that didn’t dignify his entire state of being at the time. Uso targeted Truth and gave him a full arsenal of attacks to keep him on the ground, and begin to dismantle him, one move at a time. Proving that the Samoan blood run deep with him, Uso replicated many moves of his elders, including his barefoot back-kick to the head, and numerous unprotected headbutts that barely phased Jimmy, yet left Truth rolling on the mat holding his in pain. Jimmy’s arsenal borrowed and stole many moves from his family members that have either retired or passed away over the years and often at times duplicated them in such a fashion that one would suggest that he had taught them to his uncles and grandfathers; though that in itself was a physical impossibility. His execution of the Samoan Wrecking Ball completed with such force and speed that the official intervened momentarily to ensure that the ribcage of R-Truth had not been broken in the process.

      At the rate in which Uso implemented his attack; speculation grew with most that if something didn’t happen quick, Jimmy may just skip beating Truth and opt for sending him to the hospital instead. In-fact, had Uso just put Truth to the mat and pinned him, it may have been enough at this point. But his carelessness paid off, only not for himself. In a moment that may haunt Uso for the next week, he picked Truth up in a powerslam cradle and attempted a high angle spinning side slam (shades of Umaga), but unfortunately for Jimmy, he put just a little too much on the swing and Truth managed to slip free and land on his feet. Using the last bit of energy left in him, nailed an impossible spinning wheel kick to take both men out of action. The official results to beginning a ten count on both men, but it would be Uso who answered at the eight count to stop the count-out. His second mistake was pulling Truth to his feet and irish-whipping him into the ropes and failing with a backbody drop and giving Truth another opportunity to capitalize with a scissor kick that once again took both men out of action. This time, they were very near the ropes and Uso rolled underneath them to the floor below. With the official concentrating on the well being of Truth, we see that Uso had rolled underneath the ring and moments later re-emerged as a fresh man. He jumped into the ring and to Truth’s surprise, he was quickly knocked back off of his feet with a barefoot Savate Kick. Just seconds later, he picked Truth up by the dreadlocks and up into a military press. With his arms completely extended, Uso released Truth and nailed a downfall Samoan Drop. He makes the pin and the official is there to slap the mat three times for the win.

      Winner – Jimmy Uso.
      Todd Grisham – “Does Jimmy Uso appear to be a little thinner after the match?”

      Matt Striker – “What? No, he looks exactly like he did at the start.”

      Todd Grisham – “Look at him! He’s favoring his left ankle. This is no coincidence. That’s Jay Uso. He came to the aid of Jimmy even though he has a high ankle sprain and possible muscle tear.”

      Matt Striker – “That’s an interesting fairytale, but let me direct you to one thing. Look at the word written on the right leg of his pants. JIMMY USO! The tights never lie.”

      Todd Grisham – “What the hell does that prove?”

      Matt Striker – “Hey don’t raise your tone with me young man.”

      Todd Grisham – “He’s not even sweating!”

      Matt Striker – “Samoans don’t sweat. Fact.”

      Todd Grisham – “WHAT? How is that a fact?”

      Matt Striker – “I don’t know, it’s science.”
      In the middle of the speculation as to whether Jay Uso may or may not have aided his brother, we cut to the backstage area where Cody Rhodes is standing by.
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        Re: WWE PoweRaw
        The cameras open up in the backstage area and we immediately see a large mirror framed to the wall. Cody Rhodes is standing on this side of the mirror, without a shirt on, and combing at his short hair, the result of which no one with any sense could see the result of the brush.

        Cody Rhodes – “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most dashing of them all?”
        Cody Rhodes smiles with that obnoxious smile of his before he looks down at his bare chest and touches himself in a very sensual fashion. However, he is quickly interrupted as we see Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth appear on screen through the reflection in the mirror.

        Nick Nemeth – “WE ARE!”
        Rhodes quickly snaps his head up, looking into the mirror to see the Hollywood Blondes behind him. He turns to face his interruption.

        Cody Rhodes – “Private dressing room.”

        Shelton Benjamin – “Looks more like a janitor’s closet.”

        Cody Rhodes – “Can I help you boys find the door?”

        Nick Nemeth – “Hold it right there, chief.”

        Shelton Benjamin – “We’re not planning on staying. We’re just here to discuss some business.”

        Nick Nemeth – “We’re here to send you a message from our employer.”

        Cody Rhodes – “You’re employer? Matt Striker?”

        Shelton Benjamin – “Let’s not concern ourselves with details.”

        Nick Nemeth – “If you knew what was good for you; you wouldn’t bother showing up for your match tonight.”

        Cody Rhodes – “Now why would that concern, ‘your employer?’”

        Shelton Benjamin – “Let’s just say that he’s taken an interest in your opponent.”

        Nick Nemeth – “He’s being scouted; that’s all you need to know.”

        Cody Rhodes – “And what if I don’t? Let’s say I decide to grace the fans with my presence here this evening?”

        Shelton Benjamin – “Well let’s just say, on a good day, you may be able to beat his ass.”
        Shelton points to his partner, Nemeth.

        Shelton Benjamin – “And you may be able to beat my ass.”

        Nick Nemeth – “But you’ll never be able to beat our ass.”

        Shelton Benjamin – “Think about it.”

        Cody Rhodes – “Oh, I assure you.”
        The Blondes turn to leave. Rhodes looks down and picks something up.

        Cody Rhodes – “Oh, what do you know. Shelton, I guess you were right; this is a janitor’s closet. Here, take this bleach; looks like you might want to touch up your boyfriend’s hair a little.”
        Benjamin has to grab Nemeth by the shirt and pull him out the door.

        Shelton Benjamin – “Let it go, he didn’t mean it.”
        Cody reaches out and grabs the edge of the door and slams it in the face of the Blondes as we cut to another area of the backstage.
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          Re: WWE PoweRaw
          Following the confrontation between the Hollywood Blondes and Cody Rhodes, the cameras open inside the private locker room of the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. He is sitting on a couch with an icepack strapped to his back, cooling it from the aches of the chokeslam he took from his Night of Champions opponent earlier in the evening.

          The sound of his locker room door opening causes The Game to stir off of the couch, fully expecting another attack from the Undertaker, who has been barred from the building. There is a quick expression of panic on Triple H’s face, but it quickly fades into a more sigh of relief as we see his wife, and daughter of the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Stephanie McMahon, walk into the room.

          Stephanie McMahon – “Hunter, I saw what he did, are you okay?”

          Triple H – “Yeah, just a little banged up. It’s going to take more than a chokeslam for him to get to me.”

          Stephanie McMahon – “I have conferred with JBL and everything is in order; the Undertaker is officially barred from all Raw events and if he steps within five hundred feet of a Raw arena, he will forfeit his…”
          Suddenly, the lights in the room start flickering and it interrupts Stephanie. Within seconds they go back to normal.

          Stephanie McMahon – “Weird.”

          Triple H – “Look, Steph. I should have talked to you about this last night or last week, but I need something. I need a huge favor.”

          Stephanie McMahon – “Anything. What is it?”

          Triple H – “This deal I made with Kane. It’s going to cost me. It’s going to cost me big. I’ve basically promised him everything that we’ve worked for these last ten years.”

          Stephanie McMahon – “The ends justify the means. You’re back on top of Raw. Give him what he wants. We can rebuild.”

          Triple H – “Your dad is going to kill me.”

          Stephanie McMahon – “Hunter, he’s a business man. He understands that you have to spend money to make money. And you bought yourself money in the bank and have turned it into gold.”

          Triple H – “I guess you’re right.”

          Stephanie McMahon – “And now, it’s our turn again. The second era of McMahon-Helmsley starts tonight.”

          Triple H - "After tonight, Kane will have his fortune and I'll never have to see him again. And we can restart our lives together."
          Triple H leans in and kisses his wife and she walks off as he gently rubs the golden plate of his World Championship and we cut to a commercial break.
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            Re: WWE PoweRaw
            Following the commercial break, we are quickly taken to the ringside, where the all-too-familiar music of the cancerous faction Nexus is blaring over the PA system. The fans still remember the sting that the group left on the Raw roster and are not as enticed to give the “N” brand a warm homecoming as one may expect. We see Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel marching to the ring, wearing their newly reformed WWE Tag Team Title belts around their waist and making a mockery of the Raw fans with each step they take toward the squared circle.

            Once in the ring, it takes a moment before the two men are able to actually address the crowd due to the sheer volume being produced by those in attendance.

            Heath Slater – “Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, for your benefit allow me to take a brief moment for you to either get your camera out to take a snapshot; or to turn your DVR on and start recording, because this is a moment that you’ll want to be able to show your grandkids one day.”

            Justin Gabriel – “This is the day that WWE Raw’s once landmark tag team made it’s triumphant return to Monday Night Raw… to spit in the face of everyone who didn’t believe.”

            Heath Slater – “You see these titles?”
            Slater deliberately stops talking for a few seconds to display his WWE Tag Team Title to the fans who may not have seen it before had they not of watched this past week’s edition of Friday Night Smackdown.

            Heath Slater – “These titles represent so much. It represents the long arm of Nexus and our overtaking of World Wrestling Entertainment. It represents Friday Night Smackdown’s superiority over Monday Night Raw.”

            Justin Gabriel – “Tell me, where are your glorious World Tag Team Champions? Oh, that’s right. You don’t have tag team champions on Raw. Or should I go digging for one underneath the ring?”

            Heath Slater – “The matter is, we’re here to retake what is ours. The Unified Tag Team Titles were stripped from us because of a faulty Raw-decision by a faulty Raw-official. Now that the titles have been split, we’re here to reunify them. If Raw is not going to declare new World Tag Team Champions; then it is our birthright.”

            Justin Gabriel – “In absence of two champions, allow there to be just one.”
            Just then, “Longhorn” hits and John Layfield walks out of the back, much to the delight of the fans for the first time in a long time. He has each of the World Tag Team Titles on either of his shoulders as he struts out onto the entrance ramp holding a microphone to address these ‘visitors.’

            John Layfield – “Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Layfield and I am the General Manager of this program.”

            Heath Slater – “We know who you are.”

            John Layfield – “Well then, do you know anything about me?”

            Heath Slater – “What?”

            John Layfield – “I’m going to have to assume that you only know me in namesake alone. Because if you two knew anything about me, you’d know that I’m not the one to mess with.”

            Justin Gabriel – “Now wait just a second.”

            John Layfield – “No, YOU wait a second. You come onto MY program and demand MY tag team titles so that you can take them back to Smackdown with you?”

            Heath Slater – “Look, I think you…”

            John Layfield – “No, you look. This is your one and only warning. The next time you want to feel nostalgic and come see the place for old times’ sake; you call-ahead. You get my permission.”

            Justin Gabriel – “Now that we’ve listened to you; it’s time that you listen to us. Do you know who WE are? We’re Nexus. We don’t ask for permission.”

            John Layfield – “Like I said. This is your only warning.”

            Heath Slater – “And here is your only warning. We’re leaving with those titles on your shoulder, one way or another. We can do this the easy way, or the Nexus way.”

            John Layfield – “Well, how about we do it the good ol’ fashion hard way?”

            Justin Gabriel – “I’ve never prided myself in beating up a senior citizen, but I think I can forgive myself this once.”
            Gabriel and Slater depart the ring and start walking up the entrance ramp. By the time they reach the halfway point of the ramp, Layfield has his jacket and hat off and has placed both of the titles on the stage behind him. Nexus stalks up the ramp, ready to pounce on the general manager, when all of the sudden music hits over the PA system and out walks three very familiar faces that we were acquainted with last week.

            The Smith and Wesson tag team, along with their mouthpiece Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart join up with John Layfield and within seconds, Nexus has rethought their attack and backpedal toward the ring and then eventually abandon their plan and escape through the crowd.

            John Layfield - "Gentlemen, we will determine the World Tag Team Champions at Night of Champions and you're welcome to throw your name into the mix of teams vying for that opportunity. But until then, I'd suggest you head my advice and call ahead if you plan to visit. Like I said, this is your only warning. Consider it an eviction notice."
            Neidhart and Layfield laugh and shake hands as it appears that Layfield has purchased his very own security team for Monday Night Raw. After the segment we go hot to the backstage area where John Cena is standing by for an interview.
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              Re: WWE PoweRaw
              Following the Nexus’ attempt invasion to steal the World Tag Team Titles back to Smackdown, we go live to the backstage area where Maria Kanellis is standing by.

              Maria Kanellis – “Please welcome, former World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena!”
              The crowd explodes as Cena comes onto the Titantron video monitor and stands next to Maria for an interview.

              Maria Kanellis – “John, last week you fought two very tough fights against the Undertaker. But in both matches you were overcome by the Deadman. Now that the Undertaker has broken the score at two wins to your one WrestleMania win, what are you…”

              John Cena – “What am I going to do?”

              Maria Kanellis – “Yes.”

              John Cena – “Nothing. Last week I gave Undertaker my word that if he just gave me one more match, that win, lose, or draw, I wouldn’t pursue another fight.”

              Maria Kanellis – “But…”

              John Cena – “Now I know what the Undertaker was talking about last week when he spoke of his pride getting the best of him. Now I’m not so sure that I’ll be able to live with myself; live with this loss.”

              Maria Kanellis – “So what’s next for John Cena?”

              John Cena – “I don’t know. But I gave the Undertaker my word. So I’m going to find a way to not let my pride get the best of me.”
              Cena turns to walk away from the interview.

              Maria Kanellis – “Thanks John.”
              As Cena is walking away, we suddenly hear Maria scream and Cena turns to look up and the stage wall falls onto him, knocking him back against a storage container. The impact nearly knocks him unconscious. He dizzily looks up and sees a man walking on top of the fallen stage toward him. Within seconds it was clear that the stage wall didn’t fall; this man pushed it. And a second or two later, he is blasting Cena with hard rights and lefts. He begins whipping Cena around the backstage area; tossing him back first into just about every solid piece of furniture he can find. The man looks up at the camera and we get our first clear glimpse of his face.

              The man appears to be the former “Eugene” of the WWE, otherwise known as Nick Dinsmore. His brutal beating on Cena continues throughout the backstage area. He chops away at Cena with overhead knife-edge chops to the chest and neck area before periodically whipping him with much authority into various stage equipment. As Cena recoils off of a set of metal pipes, Dinsmore catches him and hoists him up into the air and whips him neck and head first back down onto a storage container. Nick leans in close to talk softly to Cena.

              Nick Dinsmore – “Hey John. Remember me? I suppose it goes without saying; I’m back. Don’t forget this moment; you’ll want to tell everyone that you were the first victim of Nick the Ripper. Rest up, you’re going to need it.”
              Nick walks off, leaving Cena in a heap on the floor. Security personnel rush to the scene just as Dinsmore ducks into a room, going otherwise unnoticed.
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                Re: WWE PoweRaw
                Following the vicious backstage attack on John Cena by the returning to WWE, Nick Dinsmore, we open up inside the arena as the announcers prepare us for more in-ring action.

                Matt Striker – “Nick Dinsmore? Who knew he had it in him?”

                Todd Grisham – “I’m personally appalled that Dinsmore spent years under the ruse of being mentally handicapped only to lure other Superstars in close to him just to sabotage them.”

                Matt Striker – “Appalled? Are you telling me that John Cena didn’t have this coming?”

                Todd Grisham – “Had it coming? WHAT? An unprovoked attack by a man who at least five minutes ago wasn’t even a part of the PoweRaw Roster? How could he have had it coming?”

                Matt Striker – “John Cena nearly cost this brand everything last week. If it weren’t for the cunningness of one Triple H, we may have had to close our doors.”

                Todd Grisham – “No man deserves to be attacked like that.”

                Matt Striker – “Not even Osama Bin Laden?”

                Todd Grisham – “Well.. that’s a different…”

                Matt Striker – “Would you like to revise your statement now? Terrorist.”
                The back and forth conversation between the two commentators is interrupted by the music of Chris Masters. The Masterpiece enters the arena to a chorus of boos from the crowd as he marches out wearing a red cape. He poses for the crowd before dropping the cape onto the stage and walking forward down the ramp towards the ring. He pauses from moment to moment to pose for the fans, most of which absolutely despise him. Once in the ring, Masters snatches a microphone from the ring announcer to address those in attendance.

                Chris Masters – “I’d like to ask for a moment of silence so that everyone can be taken in by the look of pure beauty, otherwise known as the Masterpiece!”
                The fans really let into Masters for his self-centered comments.

                Chris Masters – “Thank you. Now, tonight I have an absolute treat for you all. I’m about to give some lucky wrestler in the back an opportunity to break my unbreakable MasterLock.”
                For the first time, the fans actually light up with excitement.

                Chris Masters – “You know the rules. The competitor will voluntarily allow me to apply my MasterLock submission. He will then attempt, without success, to break the hold. Should they do so, they will go down in history as the strongest man in the world and take home $10,000 of my own personal fortune.”
                The fans are legitimately excited now to see Chris Masters be embarrassed.

                Chris Masters – “Now, ordinarily just the sight of me making a grown man cry would suffice an audience of your stature, but tonight, I have something very special for you. A special challenger if you will.”
                The audience is on the edge of their seat waiting to find out who Masters has lined up for his next challenger.

                Chris Masters – “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, one of the most feared superstars in the history of professional wrestling, a man with supernatural strength that is unparalleled, and one of the most revered and decorated competitors to ever step foot in the ring… JOHN CENA!”
                At first there is a huge explosion of excitement as John Cena’s music hits over the PA System, but then slowly most members of the audience recollects the brutal beating that Cena just took in the back and understand quickly that it’s a ruse. As Cena’s music plays, Masters watches the entrance stage, almost as if he expects Cena to appear.

                Todd Grisham – “OH COME ON! You’re not fooling anyone.”

                Matt Striker – “This is going to be one of those moments you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. The unstoppable force meets the immovable object!”

                Todd Grisham – “Shut up. You know good and well that Cena is not physically able to compete.”

                Matt Striker – “How would I know that? I don’t know what Cena is capable of.”

                Todd Grisham – “NO ONE COULD! Not after the beating Nick Dinsmore gave him.”
                After a few moments, Masters begins to fake-look concerned about Cena. He finally calls for Cena’s music to be cut.

                Chris Masters – “Alright, cut the music. Look, Cena if you didn’t want to try the MasterLock Challenge, all you had to do is say so. I don’t appreciate you making me look like a fool and promising these fans a good time and not being able to deliver. I suppose it’s just like you to be a coward and not show so that I could reveal you to be the phony you truly are.”
                By this time the fans are irate and most are throwing their trash at Masters.

                Chris Masters – “See what you’ve caused, Cena?”
                Masters motions for an official to come clear the ring around him of trash.

                Chris Masters – “Unlike Cena, I make good on my promises. I may not be able to get that coward out of the back, but I’m sure there is someone that still has a little honor left in them. Give me someone, anyone that thinks they can break my MasterLock.”
                The music of Yoshi Tatsu hits and the fans are less than underwhelmed to see the Asian-Sensation to be the man to stand in for the hurt Cena. Tatus races to the ring where we gear up for the MasterLock Challenge.

                The Masterlock Challenge

                Chris Masters vs. Yoshi Tatsu
                The official orders Masters to the other side of the ring while he gives Tatsu instructions as to how the Challenge will work. He then positions a chair in the center of the ring and has Tatsu sit down. Masters creeps up behind his foe and orders him to raise his arms. Masters then sneaks his arms in underneath Tatsu’s and then wraps them upward into a Full-Nelson hold. He then snags his fingers together and locks his hands tight. He then jumps upward dragging Yoshi with him and the official jerks the steel chair out from underneath them. Tatsu’s frame is perfect for the MasterLock and Chris begins tossing him around like a ragdoll from left to right. Within seconds Tatsu is clearly tapping out, but it takes a moment before Masters tosses him to the wayside. Masters celebrates with his arms in the air, hands interlocked signaling that they are unbreakable.

                Winner – Chris Masters.
                The official checks on Yoshi Tatsu while Masters stands on the second turnbuckle posing for the crowd; who is none too pleased with the antics he pulled here this evening.

                Todd Grisham – “One of these days these games are going to catch up with Masters and he’ll regret barking at John Cena.”

                Matt Striker – “I’ve got to tell you, Todd. You’re really ruining this moment for me.”

                Todd Grisham – “And you’re encouraging this.”

                Matt Striker – “Just bask in the moment, Todd. Bask.”

                Todd Grisham – “I think I’m going to puke.”
                We cut to a commercial break as Masters continues to celebrate the easy MasterLock win over Yoshi Tatus.
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                  Re: WWE PoweRaw
                  After the commercial break, the cameras open up in the backstage area, specifically in the office of the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, John Layfield. We join in on a conversation Layfield is having with someone over the phone.

                  John Layfield – “…yeah, I know right? Eugene! Who would have ever thought?”
                  The door to the office opens and the United States Champion, Jack Swagger, enters.

                  John Layfield – “..and he is just the second of six free agents. Wait until I show you who I have up my sleeve next week.”
                  Swagger stands patiently in front of the General Manager’s desk. While the person on the other end of the phone is talking, there is complete silence in the office. Finally Swagger clears his throat, implying that he wants Layfield to get off the phone. JBL looks up at him and has a look of complete anger flush over his face.

                  John Layfield – “Mr. McMahon, I apologize but I’m going to have to go. I have some business that I need to tend to.”
                  After the formal goodbyes, Layfield hangs up the phone and looks Swagger dead in the eyes.

                  John Layfield – “Jack Swagger, just the man I was looking for.”

                  Jack Swagger – “Mr. Layfield I ha...”

                  John Layfield – “Did I NOT tell you last week to make sure you turned in your Intercontinental Title now that he has been absolved into the United States Title with a merger?”

                  Jack Swagger – “Yes but…”

                  John Layfield – “Then why is MY BOSS calling me and telling me that his records department has not received the title?”

                  Jack Swagger – “A mere formality. You see, I was having an exact replica of the title being made for my trophy case.”

                  John Layfield – “One week. This time next week, you’re going to be standing here and I expect that when you are, that you hand that title over to me personally.”

                  Jack Swagger – “Of course.”

                  John Layfield – “Oh, Jack. I forgot to tell you. Now that I’ve had to evict the Undertaker from the building, I have a completely open main event for the evening. And I was thinking about giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

                  Jack Swagger – “Don’t say another word, Mr. Layfield. You want me to fight Triple H in the main event here tonight for the World Championship? Well let me just say, it would be an honor and I can’t wait to add to my every growing list of titles that I carry on my shoulder.”

                  John Layfield – “Remember, you only carry the United States title. The Intercontinental Title is retired. And no. I gave Triple H the night off. But tonight, I have a returning Superstar coming off of the injured-reserve list and I thought I’d give him an opportunity to fight for your title.”

                  Jack Swagger – “No. I didn’t have enough time to prepare. I’m not ready to fight.”

                  John Layfield – “Five seconds ago you were ready to go head to head with the number one superstar on the roster. So it shouldn’t be too much of a task to defend your title against someone coming off of an injury.”

                  Jack Swagger – “Look…”

                  John Layfield – “No you look. Defend your title tonight, or I’ll strip you of it.”

                  Jack Swagger – “This is not fair. So, are you going to tell me who my opponent is?”

                  John Layfield – “No. But I think he’d like to introduce himself.”
                  Layfield points over the shoulder of Swagger. Jack turns to see none other than Ezekiel Jackson standing behind him.

                  Ezekiel Jackson – “Hi there!”
                  Swagger looks worried and turns back to Layfield to protest.

                  Jack Swagger – “Look, don’t you think this is a bit disgraceful?”

                  John Layfield – “In what way?”

                  Jack Swagger – “I don’t want to sound like a racist but.. isn’t he.. Guyanese?”
                  Swagger snaps up sharply when he feels something touching his shoulder. Jackson recoils away from him, though we didn’t see exactly what he was doing.

                  Jack Swagger – “Why are you touching me?”

                  Ezekiel Jackson – “Sorry, there was a smudge on my title.”

                  Jack Swagger – “Your title?”

                  Ezekiel Jackson – “Didn’t you know? Guyanese can see into the future. See you out there, champ.”
                  Jackson gives the United States title one last polish with his sleeve before he walks out of the office.

                  Jack Swagger – “Guyanese .”
                  Swagger walks out the door as we see Layfield smiling and the cameras cut back to the arena for the next match of the evening.
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                    Re: WWE PoweRaw
                    The cameras open up in the arena as the music of Cody Rhodes hits and the “Dashing” Superstar comes out to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

                    Matt Striker – “I guess some people just won’t listen to advice.”

                    Todd Grisham – “Care to elaborate on what’s going on here?”

                    Matt Striker – “Cody Rhodes should have listened to the advice given to him.”

                    Todd Grisham – “So it’s true. You are scouting Rhodes’ opponent?”

                    Matt Striker – “You’re getting too nosey, Grisham.”
                    Rhodes looks at himself in the video “mirror” and grooms at his hair and body before saying “Dashing” and turning to walk toward the ring. Once in the ring, he unzips his jacket and hands it gently over to the ring announcer and prepares for his opponent.

                    Matt Striker – “I hope you’re proud of yourself, Cody. Because things are not going to fair so well for you in the ring.”

                    Todd Grisham – “What exactly are you trying to prove here, Matt? What is your involvement with these superstars?”

                    Matt Striker – “All in due time.”
                    To the surprise of the fans in attendance, Cody Rhodes’ opponent was none other than his former tag team partner, Ted Dibiase. The son of the Million Dollar Man entered the arena, mostly to jaws on the ground, as the fans are highly anticipating seeing the former Legacy members go toe to toe, especially after the scuffle they had in last week’s battle royal.

                    Matt Striker – “Todd, get a good look. That’s what greatness looks like.”
                    Dibiase struts to the ring, with his Million Dollar Championship strapped across his shoulder. Once in the ring, tempers rage early between the former partners and it’s all the official can do to keep the two men separated long enough for introductions.

                    Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, the next match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina and weighing two hundred and twenty-three pounds.. CODY RHODES!”
                    You can hear Rhodes screaming at the announcer, “DASHING” but Roberts isn’t going to revise his introduction.

                    Justin Roberts – “And his opponent, weighing two hundred and thirty-five pounds, hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida.. TED DIBIASE!”

                    Singles Match (15 Minute Time Limit)

                    Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase
                    Match Summary

                    The match begins and right away the fans know that they are in for some excitement. Both men appear to have left their game plans at home and go straight into a downright brawl. It doesn’t take long and the Raw and Smackdown Superstars are on the mat punching away at one another. The official is going to have a hard time keeping control of this one and it seems like he is going to allow a little bit of lenience in the rules in order to keep this match going for longer than thirty seconds. Neither man seems to be bothered with the rules and are just looking to hurt their former friend. The closed fist punches appear to be taking their toll on both men and eventually they come apart and have to take a short rest. Dibiase would be the first to strike as he rolls onto his knees and jumps up to his feet and charges shoulder first into Rhodes, taking him and Cody through the bottom and middle ropes to the floor below.

                    Once the action spilled to the outside, there was just no hope for a traditional wrestling match. Outside the ring, each man would take turns utilizing anything and everything they could at ringside as a weapon against the other. Dibiase would irish-whip Rhodes into the crowd barrier and in return Cody would whip Ted into the side of the ring. The official’s leniency brings him out of the ring to help direct traffic and try and persuade the two to get back in the ring, with very little luck. The two brawlers take to the crowd and begin shuffling up the stairwell toward an exit. At one point, the official felt that he lost control of the two and left their side and returned to the ring. He then administered a ten count giving the two men notice to return to the ring. Initially, neither budged and just continued to fight. As the official neared the seven count, Dibiase attempted to escape his former partner’s grasp and return to the ring, but once he was caught by Rhodes, the brawling continued and eventually both men were counted out and the referee called for the match to end.

                    Winner – Double Count-Out.
                    The double count-out didn’t seem to smooth things over for Dibiase or Rhodes as they both continued to battle throughout the fans.

                    Todd Grisham – “This one really has escalated out of control quickly.”

                    Matt Striker – “I can’t recall the last time that I saw a rivalry that has brought two men to this.”

                    Todd Grisham – “Someone really should step in and separate these two.”

                    Matt Striker – “Okay.”
                    The cameras quickly pan over to Matt Striker and we see him taking off his headset and walking toward the ring barrier.

                    Todd Grisham – “Well I didn’t mean you. Matt, where are you going?”
                    As Rhodes and Dibiase continue to tear each other from limb to limb, Striker grabs a microphone and begins marching his way through the crowd in their direction.

                    Matt Striker – “Cody Rhodes! I believe I sent you a message stating that if you knew what was best for you, you would just sit this one out.”
                    At that point, Striker is nearing the two men. Rhodes drives Dibiase head first into a barrier and that appears to be the first huge opening for Rhodes in the attack. Ted drops to a knee and falls over onto his shoulder, unable to pull himself back up.

                    Matt Striker – “I believe my specific instructions were that I was scouting your opponent here tonight and that you should just sit this one out.”
                    At that point, the Hollywood Blondes enter the scene from behind Rhodes. They walk through a corridor, entrapping Rhodes between themselves and Striker.

                    Matt Striker – “If this is going to work out, you’re going to have to start listening to me, Cody.”
                    Suddenly, the Hollywood Blondes strike. To everyone’s surprise, though, they begin targeting Ted Dibiase. They stomp away at the downed Dibiase and beat him to a pulp. Rhodes doesn’t know what to make of it.

                    Matt Striker – “Like I said, Cody. I was scouting your opponent. Not for recruitment, but as a target.”
                    Within moments, Benjamin and Nemeth have bloodied Dibiase and show absolutely no signs of mercy.

                    Matt Striker – “The real recruit? Well that’s you, Cody. I saw a fire in your eyes last week when you and Dibiase nearly ripped each other to shreds. And let’s just say, I know how to take care of my star talent. This one is free, Cody. But if you want this kind of security, all you have to do is give me your word.”
                    Something unexpected happened next; Rhodes showed some compassion. He shoved Benjamin and Nemeth away from his former partner. Not knowing why they targeted Dibiase, he shows that his war is with Dibiase, and between the two alone.

                    Matt Striker – “Join us, Cody. You’ll be the face of the Striker Brigade. You’ll carry the banner. Right now you call yourself ‘Dashing’, when I’m through with you, you’ll call yourself ‘Golden.’ What do you say, Cody?”
                    Cody seems more intent on pulling Dibiase to safety. He assists him in walking away, nearly carrying him, holding his entire body weight up.

                    Matt Striker – “What do you say, Cody? Join me, and nothing will ever stand in your way again.”
                    Rhodes stops in his tracks. He turns and looks at Striker. The fans all gasp as Rhodes nearly drops Dibiase, but snags him by the head and nails his Cross Rhodes move on him, right there in the corridor of the arena. Striker, Benjamin, and Nemeth all descend upon Rhodes and the downed Dibiase. There, the four men hug over Ted’s carcass and raise their hands in celebration.

                    Todd Grisham – “What have we just witnessed? The Striker Brigade?”
                    The cameras cut to a commercial break as security comes out to get Dibiase to safety. An advertisement for the main event appears just before the commercial break.

                    POWERAW MAIN EVENT

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                      Re: WWE PoweRaw
                      Following the commercial break, we open up inside the arena, where Todd Grisham is still sitting alone at the announcer’s desk.

                      Todd Grisham – “Hello everyone and welcome back to Monday Night Raw. Just before the commercial break we saw the coming together of forces when my broadcast colleague, Matt Striker, along with the tandem of Shelton Benjamin and Nick Nemeth, otherwise known as the Hollywood Blondes, and ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes formed what Striker has dubbed the Striker Brigade.”
                      Just then, Striker sits down at the table and puts his headphones on.

                      Matt Striker – “DID YOU SEE THAT?”

                      Todd Grisham – “Yes, actually I was just talking about…”

                      Matt Striker – “THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE A STATEMENT ON POWERAW!”

                      Todd Grisham – “A three on one attack of a defenseless man?”

                      Matt Striker – “By setting an example. The Striker Brigade is comprised of the most talented wrestlers in the world, but it’s going to be much more than that.”

                      Todd Grisham – “Backstabbing? Deceit?”

                      Matt Striker – “Money. Fame. Handsome. Physique.”

                      Todd Grisham – “And the point of this Brigade is to…?”

                      Matt Striker – “Take over the WWE, what else?”

                      Todd Grisham – “Take over the WWE?”

                      Matt Striker – “No. Are you kidding me? This is not your typical dime store group that is thrown together on a whim. We have a purpose. We have direction. But I’d be a full to show all of my cards upfront.”

                      Todd Grisham – “So tell me this…”

                      Matt Striker – “Hold it right there, Todd. You see, I’m in a dubious position where I have two jobs now. I am a manager and an announcer. And while I’d like nothing more than to sit here and explain the intricacy that is the Striker Brigade, I have a job to do. So let’s call some action.”

                      Todd Grisham – “By all means, let’s.”
                      At about that time, the cameras turn to the entrance stage as the music of Ezekiel Jackson hits and the returning from injury superstar makes his way out to a mixed reaction from the fans. While Jackson has not traditionally been accepted as a fan favorite, tonight he is squaring off against one of the most hated men in the WWE, Jack Swagger, which has earned him a few makeshift fans for the night.

                      Justin Roberts – “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening and it is for the United States Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Guyana, South America, weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds.. EZEKIEL JACKSON!”
                      Jackson climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd, who are still on the fence about giving him any of their support.

                      Justin Roberts – “And his opponent, the reigning United States Champion, hailing from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-three pounds.. THE ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN.. JACK SWAGGER!”
                      The Champion walks out of the back with the United States Championship around his waist and carrying a black suede bag and ignoring most of the catcalls and boos from the fans who just downright despise him. Swagger lies the bag on the ground and drops down and does three perfectly executed push-ups before standing. He reaches into the bag and delivers a microphone to address the crowd and/or Jackson.

                      Jack Swagger – “With all due respect, Ezekiel, this match is not going to happen. Well, not in the terms that you have come to understand. You see, as the defending United States Champion, I just don’t feel.. comfortable.. defending my title against someone who is not native to the United States.”
                      This causes an uproar through the stands as fans are now livid.

                      Jack Swagger – “This title used to mean something. And somewhere along the way riff-raff foreigners such as yourself have tried to debauch the good name of a one-time great legacy.”
                      Swagger becomes the second man of the night to be decorated with the trash and litter of the fans.

                      Jack Swagger – “And it’s time that someone took a stand. You’ll get a title shot here tonight, but it won’t be for my United States Championship. You see, there is another title that is more suiting for an immigrant such as yourself.”
                      Swagger reaches down into the suede bag and delivers the now-retired Intercontinental Championship. He holds it up and asks, away from the microphone, “What do you say?” Jackson grabs the arm of the ring announcer and talks to Swagger.

                      Ezekiel Jackson – “It’s a shame that in the record books the name ‘Jack Swagger’ appears as the last man to hold the Intercontinental Title. So even if the title is supposed to be retired, it would be my pleasure to strip you of that honor here tonight.”
                      Swagger laughs and marches to the ring. Fearing that the General Manager would get involved and revoke the stipulations agreed upon by Jackson, Swagger hurries the referee into starting the match.

                      Intercontinental Championship Match

                      (c) Jack Swagger vs. Ezekiel Jackson
                      Match Summary

                      Swagger will probably regret having attempted in hurrying the official into getting a preliminary start on the match as this gave Jackson a perfect opening to get the jump on Swagger as the bell rang. Right off the bat, Jackson took full dominant control of the match. The Guyanese Goliath used his pure size dominance over Swagger to toss the champion around the ring with much ease. Jackson used a variety of clubbing and strike attacks to get an early target on the shoulders and back of Swagger. With each passing hit, the fans began to get more and more into the corner of Jackson. One of the more impressive moves of the night saw Jackson scoop up Swagger for a powerslam, but nailed the move right into the corner, sending Swagger upside down and back first into the three turnbuckle pads. As Jack flipped out of the corner and onto the floor, Ezekiel prepared for another attack. Swagger slowly pulled himself to his feet and turned to the center of the ring at just the right moment to see and avoid Jackson flying through air with a shoulder tackle. Swagger sidestepped and flung Jackson shoulder first into the turnbuckle post.

                      Just like that, the tide of the match shifted in favor of the reigning champion. With both men relying so heavily on their two high impact finishing moves (Swagger’s Gutwrench Powerbomb and Jackson’s Ura-nage) this match seemed to be a bitter back and forth attack of the back and shoulder region of each man. Swagger’s attack differed than that of Jackson’s in that he relied more on a grounded and deliberate attack than that of a blunt force-like trauma that Jackson had offered up. Jack attempted many different styles of armbars and grappling holds to apply as much pressure on the shoulders of Jackson as humanly possible. Even the far superior in strength Jackson was unable to break most of the holds as Swagger’s near expertise in the field proved unparallel. The big moment in Swagger’s offense saw him tugging away at the abdominal region of Jackson with an abdominal stretch. As Jackson rallied all of his strength to overturn the hold, Swagger released at just the right moment and snagged his hands around the waist of Jackson and delivers a beautiful release German suplex that drove Ezekiel onto the back of his head.

                      Knowing that he needs to put this one away, Swagger tried for something that was not usually par for the course in his arsenal. He locked on a camel clutch. Sitting high and rocking backward, Swagger felt the triumph of win in his grasp. Unfortunately for him, Jackson had just a little fight left in him. Fighting to get to his hands and knees, Jackson hoisted himself up into the air and jumped backward, landing with Swagger sandwiched between him and the ring. At this point, the fans went completely nuts. Jackson’s big opening arrived and the power shifted back in his favor. After a few back and forth’s with his opponent, Jackson was back on top. Both men were worse for the wear, but now Ezekiel had momentum on his side. As the climax of the match arrived, Jackson prepared to hit his finale. He snagged Swagger up by the waist and locked on a waistlock, but before he could snag up the gutwrench, Jack broke free and dove through the ropes to the outside to avoid the attack. And unsurprisingly, Swagger fled ringside. He charged up the ramp and left Jackson standing in the ring with his hands on his hips. As the official began counting, Jackson knew that this one was out of his hands now. He grabbed the Intercontinental Title and tried to persuade Swagger to come back and claim his prize, but Jack knew better. This was just a ploy. There was no telling how long he’d get to keep that title now anyways once Layfield found out. As the referee counted through seven, Jackson tossed down the title and began to plead his case to the referee, begging him to not count out Swagger but to allow himself to retrieve his opponent and bring him back in order to beat him. That is, until he was blindsided from behind. Jackson went down hard. Standing over him was his opponent holding the Intercontinental Title. The official quickly pieced together the attack, and called for the bell to disqualify Swagger for using the title to knock out his opponent.

                      Winner – Ezekiel Jackson (Disqualification).
                      Following the match, Swagger recovered his United States Championship from his corner and held both the Intercontinental and United States titles high over his head. With the impending doom swirling through his mind about the consequences of not defending the U.S. title in lieu of the Intercontinental, as well as his illegal attack on Jackson, Swagger’s celebration was short but staunch. The All-American American departed the ring, with his opponent lying on the mat holding his head in pain. Not the “typical” winner you would expect. Swagger exited the arena as we cut to the parking lot of the arena.
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                        Re: WWE PoweRaw
                        The cameras open up in the back. Right away, we see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon standing in the underground parking garage. Triple H is holding a briefcase in one hand, his World Championship draped over his shoulder and secure with the other hand. Stephanie clings to his side and they watch into the distance, waiting.

                        Stephanie McMahon – “You know, you never told me how much money.”

                        Triple H – “Let’s just say, it’s half of your dad’s fortune.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “Did you talk to him? How did you get him to agree?”

                        Triple H – “Sometimes, it’s just better to take, than to ask.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “I don’t know if I like this.”

                        Triple H – “You’re the one who said, ‘the ends justify the means.’ Now that I’m back on Raw, this fortune, well it will pale into comparison to what I’m going to claim.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “It’s not that. I just don’t trust Kane.”

                        Triple H – “How so?”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “When has Kane ever cared about money?”

                        Triple H – “Maybe he wanted it to hurt your father. Maybe it wanted it to hurt me. I don’t know. All I know is that, this is what he wanted. And what I wanted what this World Championship.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “I suppose you’re right. You have to spend money to make money.”

                        Triple H – “There, that’s the spirit.”
                        In the distance, lights turn toward the two. They have to shield their eyes as a van approaches. The van turns slightly so that the lights shine away from the two and parks just feet away. The door opens and out steps the Big Red Machine.

                        Kane – “Do you have it?”

                        Triple H – “Yeah, I’ve got it.”
                        Triple H hands over the briefcase. Kane twists the locks and it flips open. Stephanie peers over the side and looks in.

                        Stephanie McMahon – “Is it empty?”

                        Kane – “No, it’s not empty.”
                        Kane reaches in and touches the object inside.

                        Kane – “Is it signed?”

                        Triple H – “Yeah, it’s signed.”

                        Kane – “Good. Good.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “What is it?”
                        Kane looks up, shocked.

                        Kane – “She doesn’t know?”

                        Triple H – “I didn’t have the heart to tell her.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “Tell me what?”

                        Triple H – “I’ve kept this from you for as long as I can. When Kane gave me the Money in the Bank briefcase, the payment wasn’t cash per say.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “Well, what was it?”

                        Triple H – “It was more of a material possession.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “Okay?”

                        Triple H – “Steph, it was you.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “Me?”
                        The initial reaction from Stephanie is that of shock and panic slowly starts to settle in.

                        Triple H – “Inside the briefcase, I have given Kane a signed divorce decree.”

                        Stephanie McMahon – “YOU DID WHAT?”

                        Triple H – “I hope you can one day forgive me.”
                        Stephanie’s innocence in the matter turned to rage as she frantically began punching her husband on the chest. That is, until Kane grabs her by the hair and jerks her away from him.

                        Kane – “Times up. We’re going to have to take a little ride.”
                        Kane picks Stephanie up and hoists her over his shoulder. He picks the briefcase up off of the ground and carries them both to the van and tosses them inside like a ragdoll. He locks the door and closes it with Stephanie screaming and beating on the side. Kane climbs into the driver’s seat and speeds off as security rushes onto the scene, chasing after the van. The show goes off the air with Triple H having his back to the van, looking down at the World Championship draped over his shoulder.

                        Monday Night Raw – April 25, 2011
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                          Re: WWE PoweRaw

                          MAL'S review
                          With my ASSistant, Velvet Sky
                          - Alright, so here we go. April 25th edition of Monday Night Raw.

                          - An announcement of a Round Robin tournament for the Junior-Heavyweight title, fair enough. I've always liked this method of crowning a champion, seems like the fairest.

                          - The two shake hands with so hesitation or restraint so I have the feeling these are two clean, fair competitors facing off.

                          - You have a GREAT ability to describe every happening in the ring. It makes it really easy to understand and enjoyable to read. You don't forget on detail in a series of moves. Very well written match, John Morrison picks up the win.

                          - The two shake hands to conclude the match once again showing that they're both face.

                          - Undertaker promo. I like how it is written, with the crowd's involvement. But I don't know what to think as far as Taker's gimmick. Is he the Deadman? Because as far as I know, the Deadman only talks on very important occasions like the build to Wrestlemania. Maybe I'm just stupid, I don't know. By the graphic, it looks like he's on Smackdown so he might not be used much more.

                          - Triple H has ALL the answers.

                          - I've always liked Triple H, so I'm interested to see how you use him.

                          - JOHN LAYFIELD~! I like your use of him as an authority figure, I think he fits the bill perfect.

                          - His title, his terms. Good note to add in there, signifies the importance of the GM.


                          - Very enjoyable promo.

                          - Ok, I'm back, I had to take a brief Office break. I know you like The Office from what I could tell with your Dwight Schrute avatar a while ago.

                          - Don't like Grisham, LOVE Striker. Hopefully the future of WWE commentary.

                          - The ol' switch-a-roo. Jey Uso for the save.

                          - The commentary sells it very well, Striker reminds me of a heel Jerry Lawler.

                          - Samoans don't sweat, fact. That's... so.... Wow.

                          - I think this is the promo you said you had trouble writing. I think it definitely worked and got the point across.

                          - Hunter and Stephanie in the locker room.

                          - Ice on the back from the chokeslam, might be a little oversold. If that's how bad it is, then he shouldn't be able to kick out of one at Night of Champions.

                          - A note that caught my eye, and although it's a true statement, might have an effect on Triple H's immediate future. The daughter of the CEO.

                          - Another McMahon-Helmsley era.

                          - Heath Slater's line there reminded me of E&C's poses.

                          - Ok, so this sets up a Tag Title match at Night of Champions. I don't expect to see Heath and Justin around Raw after Night of Champions though, just because of what JBL said earlier in the show.

                          - John Cena interview. Very interesting way to set up a new feud. Do not know if I am a big fan of 'Nick the Ripper.' I'd rather read Nick Dinsmore. Knowing you... you'll find a a way to make it work.

                          - The Masterlock Challenge returns. I have never been a fan of Chris, but I did like the Masterlock Challenge. It always left me with who's going to finally break it and when?

                          - Yoshi Tatsu, with no surprise here, is no match for the Masterlock.

                          - John Layfield says to wait until next week to see the next free agent, SWEEEEET.

                          - Zeke and Swagger for the US title. Mk.

                          - SWERVE!

                          - Double Count-Out finish. Fair enough.

                          - Cody Rhodes joins the Striker Brigade. Definitely an interesting angle and you really got me thinking. Enjoyed this VERY much.

                          - Swagger retains the title via DQ. Very heelish way to do things. Could potentially set up a feud in the future.

                          - VERY interesting way to end Raw. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. Stephanie is now property of Kane. Like I said, Steph as the daughter of Vince can effect Triple H or Kane's immediate future.

                          - All in All, a very enjoyable and well written show. I loved all the swerves that happened and cannot way to see how Big Zeke/Swagger, HHH/Kane/Steph, and the Striker Brigade unfold. WORK ON THE NEXT RAW NOW!

                          Very nice Jeff.

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                            Re: WWE PoweRaw

                            Very interesting angles your going with.

                            I really dig the idea of the "Striker Brigade" and him being a manager/announcer, throw back to the Heenan Family for sure.

                            Hollywood Blondes.....ANOTHER throwback! Well, with a slight variation with Benjamin.

                            I liked Masters playing on Cena's beatdown, and was awlays a fan of the challenge.

                            I for one am a fan of "Nick the Ripper" character. Dinsmore on the "minor league" circuit was quite the opposite from Eugene, or "U-Gene" he is known for now.....on the same circuit.

                            My favorite portion of this fed, is Layfield as GM. To me he fits the bill perfectly, and your usage of him is being done the RIGHT way. Great job here.

                            Swagger/Jackson had some good action to it....and these fans are litter bugs. I'd hate to be the cleanup crew after this one. Can't wait to see where this goes.

                            HHH/Steph/Kane is very, VERY interesting. And HHH using Steph as a "payment" could have huge ramifications for the company as a whole later down the road, I can't wait to see where this angle goes and very intrigued by it.

                            All in all, you have laid the foundation nicely for a superb fed, and one I am going to continue to read. Great Job.

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                              Re: WWE PoweRaw

                              WMS’ Review of jTj’s PoweRaw – April 25, 2011

                              -Well first off, I’ve read the show but I’ve only just now been able to review it. I don’t want to spoil things in the first paragraph of my review but to keep it short, it’s a breath of fresh air, and is a great read.

                              -Malenko as the figure head of the Junior Heavyweight Division is a wise choice, and he it would be great to see him wrestle down the line. Having him open the show gives the division instant credibility as RAW normally opens with something of importance. Talking of the division, you’ve made a real strong initial division. I like the addition of Punk. I think having Punk as a real forefather of the division is great, having him feud with the other guys as well as some new Junior Heavyweight’s down the line is good for both him and the division. After a while Punk can go on to compete for the big one while the division will prosper by having a legit guy competing in it and rubbing off on the other talent.

                              -Morrison versus Kingston is both a solid opening match up and a fantastic way to kickstart the division. Having your most exciting guys compete gets a real interest from the general audience. I also like the idea of a fifteen minute time limit: it makes you think that the competitors will be performing extra hard to make sure they get things done within the fifteen minutes.

                              -You have your match summary to a tee. Easy to read, the match flows, the length is fine and most importantly you nail the most important aspects of the match. Selling, storytelling and exciting a reader. It’s easier to excite a reader with guys like Morrison and Kingston because of their moveset but still, you did an excellent job at that. The depiction of the match was spot on too, especially the final moment of the match: you did great describing Kingston’s failed finisher attempt, the set up, the reaction and the final execution. A real fun opener.

                              -Your promo with Taker was real interesting. I think it’s a great approach to show Taker being humble. I did the same in a promo I had to write with Taker for a Warzone entry and it was really fun, but also hard as you think ‘is this coming across like an Undertaker promo?’. You don’t often see Undertaker questioning his judgement but you made it convincing. Top marks for that.

                              -I love your Triple H, a heel willing to do anything. I miss the guy as a heel. For the record I think it’s great how Triple H, Taker, Kane and Cena all seem to be wrapped into one storyline. If you were ever unable to continue this fed, I’d like to see you complete that storyline in the Random Thread as it promises so much.

                              -The interaction between HHH and Taker was intense and I liked it. It looked like they’d come to blows but JBL came to stop them. I think JBL would be a great RAW GM. Your JBL reminds me of Bischoff when he was General Manager: a big deal and one of the shows biggest characters. Look at the GMs now, a computer and Teddy Long – an afterthought. JBL should be a real life GM.

                              -JBL’s speech was excellent, I loved his passion and his hatred for anything Smackdown. “GET HIM OUT OF HERE! GET HIM OUT! You understand me, Undertaker? You so much as look at a Raw Arena and I’ll evict you from my main event faster than you can say ‘my mommy and daddy got burned in a house fire.’ NOW GET HIM OUT OF HERE!” = the best line I’ve read in Fan Fiction. Hillarious!

                              -Night of Champions will rule. Please stick with this!

                              -I don’t know what you have planned for R-Truth and the Uso’s but it’s good filler. Once again your summary was bang on the money and the ending was fantastic. I can actually see the WWE doing that with the Uso’s. They’ve done it before but I can see them doing it again. I think you could have some fun with the Uso’s doing that, it will make for a good read. Striker’s and Grisham’s interchange after the match made me chuckle.

                              -I’ve already discussed my thoughts on Rhodes/Nemeth/Benjamin but I’ll still comment. This segment was a great read, Nemeth and Benjamin remind me a hell of a lot of Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction. They had some great lines in this segment and you could have tons of fun writing with these guys. Rhodes plays off them real well. I’m excited for more stuff involving these three guys.

                              -The Triple H/Stephanie segment was brief but done well, it showed another side to Triple H, fear. It also showed his willingness to be the best no matter what. Furthermore, it made Kane come across as a dangerous monster. Good stuff.

                              -Didn’t care much for Gabriel and Slater, but I don’t in real life so that’s not your fault. JBL’s interruption of the pair was gold. Early contender for Character of the Year? Yep. I really like the group of Neidhart, Wesson and Smith. They just ooze of bad-assery and knowing that you always write a good tag scene, I’m already enjoying this one. They’re great choices for JBL’s henchman.

                              -Maria as backstage interviewer = WIN.

                              -Cena’s promo was a bit hit and miss with me. I respect that he’s a man of his word but I dunno, it felt a little flat.

                              -The attack of Eugene was random as hell but the potential for a feud between those two could be great. I love the name ‘Nick the Ripper’. I personally would have built him up before attacking Cena. Have him go for other people that mocked him but regardless, he’s instantly been given a push and that’s no bad thing.

                              -Masters is fantastic. I loved him calling Cena out after he knew he was attacked. Are Masters and Dinsmore in cahoots? It would be pretty cool if they were. Masters wins in a squash, we need more squashes on RAW. Good way of building a guy up as a beast IMO.

                              -The interaction between JBL/Swagger/Zeke ran the Hollywood Blondes/Cody segment earlier close to being my favourite of the night. A real funny segment and all three men came across well, especially Jackson. He showed more personality there than he has in his time in the WWE. And this segment was the one you edited I’m guessing? .

                              -Rhodes and DiBiase’s match was brilliantly written, I love how it turned out into an out and out brawl. The aftermath of the match was gold, and was some of the best piece of writing I’ve read on here for a while. It had twists and turns, the first twist being Rhodes revealed as the guy who was being scouted, the second having Rhodes show sympathy for DiBiase and the third being Rhodes turning on DiBiase and joining forces with Striker and the HB’s. I really recommend anyone reading this review to read or re-read that segment! Just awesome stuff. The potential for this stable is off the chart too. I can’t wait to see what you do with these guys.

                              -Swagger makes a great heel, he really reminds me of Angle in that segment. I love that you’re having these two guys main event and having them fight over a retired title was a real nice touch too.

                              -This match was close to your first of the night for quality but the finish probably made it just a bit less in terms of quality. The DQ was the smartest option and allows for these two to fight again down the line. I actually like the idea of having these two guys fight over the second belt. They could both be in the main event down the line.

                              -AND you deliver yet another twist. I’ve already read this but I’ll comment on my initial thoughts. You completely got me, I had no idea Stephanie was what Triple H was talking about. It was a terrific way to end the show. You ended it on such a huge revelation and now I want more. Brilliant ending.

                              -I can’t pick out anything I disliked here. All round, great show. I’m glad I took the time to read and review. Without doubt, this is the fed I’m enjoying most here, and is the fed I’d pay to watch in real life. Your roster from top to bottom is fantastic, your storylines are intriguing and your titles are of real value. You’re doing a great job. I can’t say anymore than that.

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                                Re: WWE PoweRaw

                                Monday Night Raw – May 2, 2011
                                The third edition of the newly dubbed “PoweRaw” Monday Night Raw under the regime of the newly announced General Manager, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, kicks off with a recap of last week’s episode. The video features the show jumping off to an explosive start with the first of fifteen Round Robin matches to crown the first ever WWE Junior-Heavyweight Champion. After a long hard fight, under the supervision of Commissioner of the Division, Dean Malenko, John Morrison defeated Kofi Kingston to go up one win in the tournament. The Undertaker made a surprise appearance and was confronted by Triple H who speculated that Undertaker wanted a rematch for the World Championship. Before chaos erupted, John Layfield interrupted the two and announced that the match would take place at Night of Champions and until then the Undertaker was banned from Monday Night Raw events. In a close contest, Jimmy Uso defeated R-Truth when a speculatively-injured Jay Uso appeared from under the ring and switched places with Jimmy to help him get the win. In the back, Cody Rhodes was confronted by the Hollywood Blondes and informed him not to appear for his match later in the evening because their “boss” was scouting Rhodes’ opponent. Not heading their advice, Rhodes appeared for his match and fought Ted Dibiase Jr. to a double count-out. Afterward, the Blondes and Striker attacked Dibiase and said that it was Rhodes who was being scouted. Rhodes showed a moment of compassion and saved Ted Dibiase, until Striker offered him a spot in the Striker Brigade, to which Rhodes attacked Dibiase and joined the Brigade. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater from Nexus on Smackdown appeared and demanded to take the World Tag Team Titles home with them to unify with the WWE Tag Titles. However, Layfield and his new security force Smith and Wesson appeared and said that the titles would be awarded at Night of Champions, leaving Nexus fleeing through the crowd. Following an interview, John Cena was attacked by a returning Nick “the Ripper” Dinsmore. Following the attack, Chris Masters entered the ring and called out Cena to answer the MasterLock Challenge. When Cena didn’t answer, Masters said it was typical Cena and allowed Yoshi Tatsu to stand in for him, to absolute no avail for the foreign sensation. Backstage, Layfield talked to Swagger and told him to turn in the Intercontinental Title next week or else. Then he informed him that he would be defending his United States title in the main event. When Ezekiel Jackson appeared, Swagger asked if he was certain since Jackson was Guyanese. Before their match, Swagger said that he would not defend the United States title to Jackson since he was not a native born American; instead he defended the now-retired Intercontinental title. When Jackson showed signs of winning, Swagger snatched up his title and struck Jackson with it to be disqualified and retain the title. Earlier in the evening, Triple H talked to Stephanie McMahon about the high costs of doing business with Kane in exchange for the Money in the Bank briefcase. Stephanie, however, told Triple H that the ends justify the means. At the conclusion of the show, Triple H and Stephanie met Kane in the parking lot to pay him. Then Triple H informed Stephanie that the payment wasn’t money, but it was Stephanie. He then served her divorce papers before Kane snatched up Stephanie and abducted her into a van and drove off as Triple H watched and looked at his World Championship belt. As the video concludes, the cameras go live inside the arena where the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, is standing by with a microphone in his hand.

                                Vince McMahon – “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to be brief. As you have just seen, last week my daughter, Stephanie McMahon was abducted by former WWE Superstar, Kane. Since last week, a nationwide man-hunt has been initiated by the FBI alongside many local and state law enforcement authorities with the full cooperation of World Wrestling Entertainment. I am here to make a personal plea with Kane. What you have taken from me, is someone that I hold very dear. If you return her to me, unharmed, I’ll forget this ever happened. However, should you decide not to, I will use every resource available to me to find her and return her to me; and find you and put you to justice, and make you pay for what you have done. Kane, I know you're not far; which is why I'm going to give you until the end of the night to make up your mind. Please, think about it."
                                Vince McMahon places the microphone on the mat and exits the ring. As Vince marches up the entrance stage, the cameras cut to a pre-taped vignette hot-introduction music video for Raw, featuring “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback.
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