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Ultimate TNA 2010

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    Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    Episode 32

    <Footage of last week as Raven took out Sting, RVD and the World Champion Jeff Hardy with his deadly Evenflow DDT. Raven then looks into the camera declaring that next week TNA burns…………>

    “Father” James Mitchell is standing in the middle of the ring.

    Mitchell: For a time more fitting for all you, I want you all you lowly dogs to bow your heads and do not dare look upon the man who will set everyone free here tonight. Come forth Raven, come forth and smite your enemy’s vision.

    The black bird caws and through the fans walks Raven, followed by Abyss, Tomko and Giant Bernard and Daffney. Bernard and Tomko both carry Singapore canes, while the Monster wraps his fists with a giant steel chain. Dressed in his white suit and black mask, the Maniacal One jumps the guard rail and join Mitchell in the centre of the Impact Zone. The crowd’s hate for them is intense as they jeer them for minutes. Raven seems to soak it all, feeding off the hate, feeding off the negative energy. Daffney hands him a microphone and then curtseys to him.

    Raven: With a rusty scalpel, I have cut out all those who would oppose me from the corpse of Jeff Jarrett’s vision. And tonight you will all bear witness to its cremation by my hands. All of you are fools to think that Daniels ever told me what to do. Ever held my leash. No one can control me, no one guides me but the darkness. The darkness in my soul that scratches at my brain like a cockroach trying to bust out of my skull. It tells me to burn it all down, to rip TNA apart from the inside like cancer to the human body. And tonight, there is no one left to stop me, tonight there is no medicine to my cancer. Tonight TNA burns. Quote the Raven. Neve….


    The Impact Zone go crazy as after last week everyone thought there was no one left to oppose Raven. The tunnel explodes as the waterfall of sparks rains down onto the stage as the Phenomenal One emerges through them wearing jeans and a hoody. As he walks through the blaze he flips back the hoody and the fans ovation gets deafening! Styles’ music stops and the fans chant “AJ, AJ, AJ” as he stands looking down at the ‘Psycho Circus” and their dark ringmaster.

    Styles: Hey Raven, if you think you’ve taken care of everyone then you’ve forgotten about the Phenomenal One. Do you really think you could burn down the house that AJ Styles built? Even if I have to take you all out by myself, this ain’t happening. Not today not ever. This is TNA, this is where the best in the world come to fight to be the best, and you Raven, you’re not part of it. I think it’s time for you to leave.

    Raven: Ha. Haha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Styles, haha, you will be my final sacrifice tonight as I crucify you on the TNA sign and use your body as kindle to start my inferno. Hahahahahaha. Bring him to me!

    Giant Bernard and Tomko walk up the ramp slowly towards the former Champion. They stalk him, moving in closer and closer. AJ doesn’t back away, he stand his ground and gestures for them to bring it on. They dwarf AJ with their huge frames as they look down on him, Styles smirks and then lunges at Bernard punching him where he was struck by Sting’s baseball bat shot at Slammiversary and then as Tomko attacks him from behind Styles hits the PELE! Tomko staggers backwards as the fans cheer crazily for Styles. Bernard and Tomko attack again, but this time AJ has retreated into the tunnel quickly and then with weapons. But not just any weapons, he has Sting’s baseball bat in his left hand and Mick Foley’s barbed wire bat in the his right hand.

    Tomko is dropped with a bat shot, as AJ drops Sting’s bat and shoves the barbed wire into Bernard’s mid section. Both big men drop to all fours as Abyss stomps up the ramp, but AJ walks back into the tunnel and as the monster goes after him he is struck by a stiff guitar shot! Jarrett’s trademark guitar explodes over Abyss head and the monster drops to his knees. AJ then drop kicks him in the jaw and the fans are going absolutely crazy!

    Mitchell begs Raven to leave, but Raven shrugs him off. He licks his lips as AJ throws what is left of the guitar off the stage and walks down to ringside. Both men don’t blink and AJ in a single bound jumps onto the apron. They haven’t taken their eyes off of each other as the anticipation in the stands grows to almost a boiling point. AJ chants are deafening as Raven clenches his fists and opens his mouth to reveal a huge evil smile. His eyes widen as AJ steps through the ropes and stands only a few feet from the evil monster. Suddenly the roof blows off the building as the two men explode into a tornado of rights and lefts! The impact Zone is deafening as Styles punches Raven so hard it sends him rocking into the ropes and then through them onto the floor. Raven gets to his feet only to be hit by a somersault suicide dive!!!

    AJ rips off his hoody and whips Raven into the steel guard rail and starts stomping away on him at the corner of ringside. The whole time Raven is laughing! Blood pours from his mouth and from old scars but he is laughing! Mitchell uses one of the Singapore canes to smack AJ in the back. AJ feels its sting but mans up and turns around catching the second shot. AJ kicks Mitchell in the gut and clotheslines his head almost off his shoulders! The fans go crazy again, but as AJ turns around Raven has escaped. He runs away through the fans and through an exit door as the huge crowd boo that they didn’t get to see Styles finish the job.

    AJ’s music hits, the crowd pops for him, as the Phenomenal One stands tall in the Impact Zone….


    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone back from commercial as they replay AJ Styles fighting off Raven and his army. Abyss, Bernard and Tomko all fled during the commercial break. Styles is still out in the Impact Zone as Christy Hemme runs up to him and asks for a comment.

    Styles: This isn’t over yet, but it will be. Raven we are going to finish this and there is only one man who can help me do it…. This man opened the door, unlocked the chain and let Raven loose. He is the only one who can put him back in his cage. Christopher Daniels get your ass out here now!


    Don’t make me go look for you Chris, get out here!

    Finally The Fallen Angel’s music hits and from the smoke and mist walks are very confused looking former World Champion. Wearing a shirt and tie and his vest is unbuttoned, he slowly walks over to Styles half way down the steel ramp. The fans boo him as he goes face to face with his former best friend and worst enemy.

    Daniels: You want to call me out AJ? No, no, no, you don’t call me out. I’m the …

    Styles: Shut the hell up. I’ll tell you what you are. You’re the guy who got bitch slapped last week on Impact by Raven. You’re the guy that ran off like a little girl when it got real. This is all your fault. All of it. It’s time to make it right. You will help me put Raven down once and for all, because you know him better than anyone. You know how we can beat him. You will do this otherwise your kiss being champion again goodbye. We all can, because there won’t be a TNA Championship, if we don’t draw a line in the sand. You will do this.

    Daniels: I don’t have to do anything. Not for you, not for the boys in the back and especially not for these people Besides at Slammiversary you screwed me out of MY World Championship. I don’t do anything for anyone except me. And that’s gospel.

    Daniels turns his back on Styles, he walks back down through the tunnel as Christy looks at AJ in disbelief as Styles yells at him to “do the right thing”.

    Impact goes to another commercial.


    Match #1
    The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ The Beautiful People

    <Last week the Pope sprung a surprise pinfall on Scott Steiner after being beaten up by the big man. And at Slammiversary, Hiroshi was hit with a Uber Styles Clash off the top of the ladder taking him out for a week>

    The fans still buzzing from the opening of tonight’s Impact are eager to get into some more action and cheer on Pope and boo Tanahashi. The two men lock up and the Japanese Ace takes control of the match with a head lock and then a drop kick to Pope’s sternum. Dinero still seems to be hurting from the double stomp he took in the Monster’s Ball match from Senshi. Hiroshi zeroes in on the chest with elbow strikes and kicks putting Pope down time after time. Pope tries a quick schoolboy roll up for the pin just like he did to beat Steiner last week, but Hiroshi was savvy to the move and shifted his body to pin Dinero instead 1..2.. Pope barely kicks out!

    Tanahashi hammers the Pope to the mat again and looks to finish the match. But with the energy of the crowd Dinero fights back and lays on a few punching combos and comes off the ropes with his trademark leaping shoulder tackle! The “Congregation” get behind their Pope as he delivers a Bionic elbow and then drops to a knee to deliver the Pimp Slap! Pope is rolling but the Beautiful people do their best to distract him. Pope though slaps Velvet on her ass! The fans love it but Pope is hit with a SlingBlade! He follows it up with the Kinkasan Suplex (Bridging high–angle German suplex). High Fly Flow!! 1..2..3

    Winner at 6:57, Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Hiroshi still doesn’t look 100% and the Beautiful people help him to the back (quite seductively). Big Poppa Pump runs down to beat up Pope, but he stops and turns and shows his big guns to Valvet and Angelina. They are impressed and Hiroshi rolls his eyes. Dinero holding his chest from the High Fly Flow finisher, gets to his feet in the ring and sees Steiner. In a move of pure hatred, The Pope leaps over the top rope and crashes down on the Big Bad Booty Daddy. Tanahashi steers the girls back up the ramp with him, as Pope sends Steiner face first inot the steel steps! Stenier gets to his feet and is standing facing the ring post. DDE!!! The Pope hits the D’Angelo Dinero Express into the spine of Steiner! The hulk of a man drops holding his back in agony as the Pope’s pimpin’ music hits and the crowd celebrates with him….

    Cameras catch a Triumph Daytona 675 motorcycle speed into the arena’s parking garage. The rider dressed in black with a backpack, turns off the engine and slowly as if in slight pain gets off the bike. Taking off his helmet, is the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. He slicks his multi coloured hair back out of his eyes as standing in front of him wearing a very tight mini-dress is Chelsea. The english vixen looks him up and down and slowly walks over to him.

    Chelsea: So you’re Jeff Hardy. Hrmph, Desmond wants to know if you are ok from last week’s attack. He wants to know if you are going to be fit to face him at Unbreakable. He wants to know if you are going to be stupid and join the fight against Raven and get hurt and jeapordise his title shot he rightfully won at Slammiversary. He wants to know if you are going to honour your word and defend the title against him, so he can beat you up and bring me that big shiny gold belt.

    Jeff looks her up and down, sniffs and limps over to her getting in her face.

    Hardy: You tell your Desmond, that what I do is my business. You tell him, all he needs to now is that I’m going to kick his ass and retain my World title. You tell him that.

    Chelsea: I’ll go and tell him right now for you… Jeff…

    Back inside the Impact Zone the Samoa Joe’s music hits and it sends the fans into a frenzy! Dressed in his wrestling gear and wearing his latest t-shirt, with his trademark towel around his shoulders, the Samoan Submission Machine stomps down to the ring to a standing ovation. The fans chant his name as he jumps on all the turnbuckles and grabs a mic from So Cal Val.

    Joe: Over the last week, I’ve heard a lot of things said. And they are all right. Last Saturday at UFC 117, I gave Brock Lesnar the beating of his life. I took Total Non Stop Action to him and rip him and the UFC a new one. But for 25 minutes he survived and I left it up to Dana White and his currupt snake in the grass judges and Brock got to keep his title. Well you all I can say is Dana White knows the truth. Lesnar knows the truth, all the MMA fans know the truth and all of the TNA fans know the damn truth!

    All I can say is I’m happy to be back in TNA. And it looks like thanks to my brand new tag team partner, Kurt Angle, that at Unbreakable I’ve got myself a tag team title match! Well since I missed out on some gold at UFC 117, it seems I get my chance at some more. So Machine Guns you boys better get ready because Joe and Angle are going to kill you.

    “Guilty”, the music of America’s Most Wanted hits and oput walks the Cowboy and the Wildcat and they don’t look too impressed.

    Harris: Samoa Joe, first off, you won that damn match at UFC 117! But we have something we want to get off our chests.

    Storm: Joe, at Slammiversary we were cheated out of the tag titles by those two punks and with the Championship committee being taken out by Raven, we haven’t been given a rematch. With all due respect big man, we deserve the title shot more than you do.

    Kurt Angle’s music hits and out walks the Olympic Gold medallist. He is dressed for battle as he slides his straps over his shoulders and snatches the mic from Storm. Storm take soffence, there is a little bit of push and shove before Kurt talks.

    Angle: Hey, you want our tag title title shot. No problem. But you have to fight us for them.

    The crowd cheers, Joe smiles, he likes the idea and AMW are elated that they get a shot at getting their championship rematch.

    Angle: Get us a referee!

    Match #2
    #1 Contendership for the World Tag Team Championships
    Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle vs. America’s Most Wanted

    The bell rings and it’s Harris and Angle circling ecah other, just before they are about to lock up, the Wildcat rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic.

    Harris: Hey! Before we kick this off I want you guys to actually realise what you’ve just done. You two might be the big guns in singles competition, but you’ve gone and stepped into our world now. This is the tag division, and WE are the best in the world. We are the measuring stick. And we want what is rightfully ours, and are willing to go through you to get it.

    Harris tosses the mic to So Cal Val and rolls back into the ring. Joe and Kurt acknowledge Harris’ statement, and with a sly smile Kurt locks up with Harris. Angle arm drags Harris and then fireman carries him to the mat and then tarnsitions into an arm bar. Harris escapes only to be arm dragged again back inot another arm bar. Harrius slams the mat in frustration as Angle smiles again and tags in Joe. As Angle holds onto the arm Joe unleashes a devatstaing kick right to the spine of the Wildcat! Harris rolls out of the ring in agony and tags in Storm as he kneels down in pain on the floor. Storm looks down at his partner and then looks across the ring at Samoa Joe. He slaps his face and jumps into the ring onlty to be hit with the powerslam!

    Joe and Angle have control and they tag in and out delivering strong basic moves frustrating the former champions. AMW though finally get the upper hand and start the double team moves to bring down the two former World Champions. Storm hits the Last Call superkick on Angle and he goes for the pin, 1…2.. Joe breaks up the pin just in time as Harris hits a big time clothesline on the 300 pounder.

    America’s Most Wanted are rolling and hit their bear hug lariat combo on Joe ..1…2.. Joe kicks out! Storm punches Joe in the face and looks to send him to the floor, but Joe fights back with vicious open hand palm strikes and delivers a big time short arm clothesline. But harris delivers a huge dropkick and Joe hits the mat hard. Angle is then put into the Death Sentence and it connects!!! 1…2…Joe breaks up the count with a vicous kick to the head. The ref tries to gain control by getting two of the four men out of the ring, and as he does Kurt hits a German suplex out of desperation and then crawls to the corner tagging in Samoa Joe.

    Joe goes beserk on both memebrs of AMW and then runs the ropes and delivers a brutal front kick to Storm sending him flying through the middle rope with his head smashing on the floor. Joe then picks up Harris, Muscle Buster!!! 1..2…3

    Winners at 11:09 and still #1 contenders for the World tag titles Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

    Joe’s music plays as the fans go up for Joe and Angle. The referee holds up both men’s arms in victory as Joe steps onto the middle turnbuckle and gives the title sign. Angle who is still dazed from the superkick rests on the ropes and looks out at the fans. He spits out his mouthgurad and checks his jaw. Joe slaps him on the back, and Angle shakes his head as if to say “that was a close one!”. AMW have lost three staright matches now and their frustration is evident on their face. They leave as Joe and Angle continue to celebrate with the fans.


    During the commercial break the Motor City Machine Guns music hit and out came the Champs.

    Sabin and Shelley make their way to ringside and ask Joe and Angle to come back into the ring with them. Joe and Kurt jump back into the ring and as they do Sabin has a mic and looks to offer his hand.

    Sabin: First of all Mr. Angle WE would like to apologise for what happened last week. It was uncalled for and my partner and I have spoken about it at great length and last week was unprofessional and disrespectful.

    And Joe, man you know us man, we both know you won that fight against Lesnar. Man you represented not just TNA but the whole business on Saturday night and WE want to show you the proper respect right now by shaking both your hands.

    Kurt is hesitant, Joe is stonefaced, but Sabin keeps his hand outstretched for them to take it. Joe and Kurt eventually do and the crowd clap.

    Sabin: My tag team aprtner has something to say to you both, Alex go ahead.

    Shelley: Joe and Kurt, you proved right here tonight, just like you prove each and every time you step into the ring that you deserve to go for any title you want to fight for. You beat the best in business AMW and that is good enough for …us… we are honoured to face you at Unbreakabale for our World tag team titles.

    Because… when we beat you. When we take you both down and pin be it the greatest technical wrestler of all time Kurt Angle or the destructive force Samoa Joe everyone will know who rules tag team wrestling. There will be no more doubt who is the greatest tag team of this or any era, and it us the Motor City Machine Guns.

    Joe cracks a smile. Kurt is is livid but Joe even lets out a small laugh and gets inbetween the champs and Kurt.

    Joe: Boys, I respect that. Ya see in this business if you don’t think you can win, then why bother, right? I’m glad you guys re confident, it’s the sign of true champions. But boys like I said before AMW came out here, I got screwed out of some gold last Saturday, so come Unbreakable, I’m going to get me some. And too bad for you guys, it’s your belts I’m coming after. Because I am Samoa Joe, and I am pro wrestling.

    Joe’s music hits and he holds up his hand sign to the crowd. The fans cheer but they are quickly silenced by an Alex Shelley sidekick to the face. The music stops and the fans jeer the Guns as Sabin and Shelley work as a team, running the ropes and both deliver drop kicks to their ppv opponents! Joe and Angle fall backwards into the ropes and the double team proess of the tag champions comes at them from every angle. The Guns then div eout of the ring and hold their belts high as their music hits and Joe and Angle are left to gather themselves after the lightning quick attack. Joe is no longer smiling and Angle screams at the Champs that they are dead men….


    <Video pacakge of the Raven Saga from the beginning of the year and then the destruction of the Championship Committee at Slammiversary. Steiner beats up Jarrett, Raven’s goons take out Foley and Raven DDT’s Hart. Then on last week’s Impact Raven takes out Hardy, RVD and Sting>

    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the New World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy.

    Hemme: Jeff, congratulations again on becoming the World Champion, and after last week, we all thought you wouldn’t be here for awhile.

    Hardy: Well Christy, you see to become Champion, I had to go through basically four other World Champions in one of the most dangerous matches on the planet and climb the ladder and show the world that Jeff Hardy is King of the Mountain!

    Now as for Raven, if I can go through all that, I’m sure I can take a cheap shot from him and his toadies. Now…

    Suddenly the camera falls over, and there is a lot of noise and moveemnt. Christy shrieks, feet are shown moving around and some sort of scuffle is heard before the camera is picked up again and quickly shows Tomko has it. The camera then shows Tomko’s feet running into the bowels of the building as the Impact Zone control room cuts the feed and goes back to the Impact Zone.

    Match #3
    Matt Morgan vs. Monty Brown

    After spectacular entrances, the two big man square off and use their power to try and take the other out. Monty comes chraging in but Morgan stands his ground and like the immovable object shoulder tackles the rampaging Alpha Male to the mat. Morgan hits a clothesline and then hits a big time side walk slam! 1..2..Monty kicks out, Brown delivers some big time right hands and whips Morgan into the ropes to set up for the Pounce, but Morgan leap frogs over the finisher attempt hits the ropes and returns with the Carbon Footprint putting the big man down.

    Hellavator! 1..2..3

    Winner at 3:26 the Blueprint Matt Morgan

    Morgan: Nash did you happen to see that big man. Didja see what I just did to the big bad Alpha Male. I kick his damn head off and then sent him to hell with the most devatstating move in wrestling today, the Hellavator. There’s a new giant in town Nash and there aint room around here for the two of us.

    Nash’s music hits and out walks the veteran. He almost bursts out laughing but then realises that Morgan was being series.

    Nash: Hey big man, you’re right there is only room around here for the both of us. Too bad you just aren’t good enough to take me out. Man I’ve fought them all, Hogan, Goldberg, Sid, the Giant. None of them could handle me, not in the ring and especially not outside of it, if you get my drift. So becareful of what comes out of your mouth next buddy boy.

    Morgan: Sure thing Mr. Nash. How ‘bout this. How about at Unbreakable, I stick my foot up your ass. How about at Unbreakable I drag you r beaten up old carcass, drag it around the Impact Zone a few times and dump you in the gutter where you belong, you broken down old has been.

    Nash is taken aback at Morgan’s disrespect. He is almost speechless, but quickly regather shis thoughts.

    Nash: Morgan, let’s be very clear on this. It will be you and me at Unbreakable and I will teach you some manners boy. When I’m done with you, you might, MIGHT, wake up in the hospital bed wondering who you are. That’s best case scenario punk. See you at the ppv.


    <Video of the digital flames ignites again as the flames once again transform into the outline of the U.S. flag. The flag bursts into flames and suddenly grows bat-like wings and the flaming stars and stripes turn into the blazing eyes and gnashing teeth. The mouth opens and fire spits out covering the screen turning it to black. Huge white letters fade onto the screen…”ENTER”>

    West: Mike, I’m now really confused about that video, I mean when Raven returned I thought it was his mind games but I guess it’s not him now.

    Tenay: Hmmm, I thought the same Don, we’ve spoken about it off camera several times. I guess with Bret Hart in hospital we wont find out until whatever it is reveals itself..

    Match #4
    The Amazing Red and Generation Me vs. Desmond Wolfe, Petey Williams and Senshi

    Wolfe, Williams and Senshi all come out to their separate entrances, Wolfe comes out last with Chelsea on his arm looking very happy he is now the number one contender to the World title. Chelsea helps him remove his jacket and his sunglasses and hands him a microphone.

    Wolfe: Hardy you wanker. Don’t you even dare think about joining up with AJ Styles’ merry men. I went to hell and back at Monster’s Ball and you’re not going to stuff this up for me you degenerate. Stop trying to be something you’re not Hrady. You aren’t a hero, you aren’t a leader and you certainly aren’t any sort of role model. All you did was climb a ladder. Tonight in a show of strength, these two guys who also should have a title shot are going to help me show you what happens to heroes.

    Wolfe gives Chelsea the mic and she steps out of the ring as Red jumps in and gets in Desmond’s face. Wolfe doesn’t take too kindly to Red’s baravado and slaps the tatse out of his mouth. Red is not impressed and Wolfe quickly tags out laughing to Senshi. Red backs away knowing how dangerous Senshi is. The Warrior like a demon crouches in his fighting stance as the bell rings.

    Senshi strikes and Red counter strikes. Senshi’s devatsating kicks catches Red and he starts ripping away at the former X Division Champion. Red ducks a stiff head kick and springs back with a twisting enzaguri to the back of the head. He quickly tags in Jeremy who takes advanatage of Senshi’s state. Gen Me then use quick tags to hit amazing double team moves to show what “heroes” are made of!

    The Warrior knocks down Max with a mongolian chop and tags in Willaims who uses his technical expertise to start taking apart one half of Gen Me. Williams then brings in Wolfe who starts talking to the camera as if Hardy is watching and starts dishing out some big time arm wrenches and devatsatting clotheslines.

    Red and Gen Me spectacularly fight back though and go to the air taking down everyone in sight. Williams starts getting frustrated and finally comes in with a quiick kick to the gut on Red and attempts the Destroyer but is double superkicked by Gen Me! Senshi is hit with a front dropkick through the ropes by Max, who then holds on, skins the cat and holds the top rope down for Jeremy to hit a suicide dive on Wolfe through his legs!!!!

    Generation Me are rolling and look to finish with hitting stereo 450 splashes on Senshi and Willaims, but Wolfe recovers from the outside and knocks Max off the top turnbuckle. Jeremy is caught in no mans land and as Wolfe comes at him he leaps over the top of him rolls to get to his feet and turns into a Jawbreaker Lariat!!!! Wolfe tags in Senshi and the Warrior climbs the top turnbuckle and as he crashes down with a roar and the doublefoot stomp, Wolfe stands in the middle of the ring giving the fans and most probably the World Champion the forks. 1.2.3

    Winners at 9:22 Desmond Wolfe, Senshi and Petey Willams

    Senshi’s music plays as Chelsea re-enters the ring and puts Wolfe’s jcket back on him and then his sunglasses. Still looking straight ahead he extends his arm and she takes it and leads him out of the ring as Williams and trash talsk the fans and Senshi simply leaves satisfied he has hurt someone tonight. Wolfe talks to the camera saying ‘I’m comin’ for ya Hardy..” with a big grin on his face.

    Red checks on Max on the outisde and then Jeremy on the inside making sure they are ok. But then the Gunshots ring out, and from the border entrance walks the Latin American eXchange. Like vultures they move into ringside smiling almost licking their chops at what has been left for them. Red stands ready, unsure why they are walking out, but as always Konnan has a mic to explain each and everything the revolution do. LAX surround the ring staring at Red the whole time.

    Konnan: Amazing Red. We have spoken to Jerry Lynn, and it seems that quite possibly Herandez’s next challenger to the LAX Division title. Now Red, I think you should seriously re-think any ideas of trying to wrestle this man. I mean did you see what we did to three tag teams last week, including your Gen Me friends. Don’t make the same mistake of stepping up, you will only end up in the hospital. Here… let us show you what we mean.

    Homicide and Herandez step up onto the apron, Red shuffles to the centre of the ring looking for a way out as Salinas laughs at the situation. Konnan’s wicked sly smile quickly changes to a stone faced look like a signal and Cide and Dez start their attack. Suddenly the crowd go up as Mistico’s music hits and out flies the Lacha superstar with a steel chair! He slides inot the ring at Red’s feet and LAX jump off the ring apron to the floor. Konnan is not happy and Salinas starts shouting onscenties at the two men. The fans cheer for Red and Mistico as LAX are pissed at missing their opportunity at taking out Hernandez’s next possible opponent. They retreat for now as Red and Mistico stare down the militant thugs with the fans support.


    Match #5
    Robert Roode vs. Rhino

    Roode returns after months of being betrayed by Storm and the collapse of Beer Money Inc.

    Roode: Over the lst few months I had to step back and reassess whther I even wanted to do this any more. It seems all you people are cheering for AMW, even though they threw me to the side. Well I blame each and every one of you fans for Storm betraying me. I watched in the back and I saw Joe and Angle beat you guys and I laughed. But you see I’m not here for you guys. I’m here to take my career to the next level. And it’s not to be Tag Champions it’s to be a singles Champion. Now get my opponent out here!

    The new and improved Rhino walks out, pyro explodes as he sprints to the ring and unloads a unholy beating on the former tag Champ. Roode fights back but is quickly dispatched with a vicious Gore!

    Winner at 2:41 Rhino

    Roode rolls out of the ring and hits the floor hard. Rhino laughs at him, as Roode gasping for air crawls away from the ring. Rhino jumps down and stalks him slowly. The ref tells Rhino that the match is over, but he only gets pie faced for his trouble. Rhino looks to put a post match beating on Roode, but out walks America’s Most Wanted… Rhino sees them and walsk away as the Cowboy and the Wildcat shield Roode from any more pain tonight. Roode looks up very confused and quickly gets to his feet and walsk away but never turning his back…


    Back from commercial and the TNATron sparks to life and interupts Tenay and West

    The screen shows the backstage area somewhere in the a small part of the arena, nd then a frightening extreme close up of Raven…

    Raven: Tonight was meant to be the last time anyone would see TNA. This was to be it’s tombstone, it’s last marker, but it seems AJ Styles got better. Good for him, good for TNA. So AJ you want to ask Daniels to help you, you are as stupid and naïve as Daniels said you were. Well Styles I have a propsition for you. A challenge.

    At Unbreakable, I’ll bring Tomko, I’ll bring Bernard and I’ll bring the god damn Monster Abyss to fight you and any three men of your chossing. You tell Dixie Carter that this match is for the end. If you win, I’ll never wrestle again. But if I win, and I will win, then the complete control of TNA gets turned over to me.

    Look at me… hrmmm at Unbreakable it will be the end. Quote the Raven… TNA will exist nevermore….

    The screen goes black as it seemed as if the camera was smashed after the announcement.

    There is a buzz around the arena about what has just been said by the maniacal one, and then a quiet of uncertainity, until the silence is broken as “Modest” hits the speakers!

    World Champion Hardy, rock and rolls out of the tunnel applauding the huge standing ovation he is getting. The cheers turn to Hardy chants as he high fives the fans all the way to ringside. He greets the fans by posing on all the corners of the six sided ring. The fans cant get enough of the new Champion as he pauses several times before he can speak.

    Hardy: Thank you guys. Now I was rudely interrupted in the back and I as I was saying, I’m going to stand side by side with AJ and bring this guy down once and for all. Raven you want an answer to your challenge, well as World Champion I say YEAH Let’s do this!

    Get Ready to Fly… Styles walks out to the ring. He has a smile on his face and he still has a firm hold on Sting’s black baseball bat. He jumps into the ring and shakes the Champion’s hand. Styles gets a microphone and addresses the Champion.

    Styles: First off Jeff, I wasn’t here last week, so man congrats on becoming the World Champion and finally getting it out of the hands of Daniels.

    Hardy: No man, thank you. If it wasn’t for you who knows if I would have won.

    Styles: Hey, if I couldn’t be the one to win it, then I had to make sure he didn’t. But if you want to bring that up, then it looks like you owe me a favour. You see when I was Champion and Raven was trying to burn TNA down the first time, the Stinger told me something. He said he would take care of this and that as I was the flagship I had to make sure TNA stayed on course and at the ppv I defended the world title to ensure the company kept giving the fans what they deserved.

    So my favour is this. Let us handle this. You’re the Champion now and your responsibility is to TNA and its fans. Make that belt stand for honour and respect again.

    Jeff flashes Styles a raised eyebrow and an intense stare.

    Hardy: With all due respect AJ, I think I’ve had enough of people telling me what I should be doing around here today. Daniels wont help you, you are going to need me. I am the World Champion and I will be in that match to ensure the future of TNA.

    Styles: That’s right you are the Champion, and your job is to ensure the future of this company, that’s why you can’t be in this match.

    But the argument is broken up by the Monster Abyss’ music, from the tunnel led by Mitchell, walks Abyss, Giant Bernard and Tomko. They head towards the ring as Hardy and Styles stand ready to fight them. Styles keeps them at bay with the baseball bat as Raven walks out with a microphone.

    Raven: Let’s not fight over little ole’ me boys, there is plenty of carange for Jeff Hardy.

    But as Raven’s soldiers surround the two men, he has made the mistake of leaving himself unguarded.

    ANGELS WINGS atop the steel stage!!!!

    Daniels has emerged fom the tunnel swung Raven around and in front of everyone hit his finisher. Daniels looks down at what he has done smiling. “No one slaps me Raven. NO ONE! I made you I can break you. I’m the mastermind, you’re just a drone, you do what I say you retrabate”

    Abyss, Tomko and Bernard all turn and run after Daniels who escapes back through the smoking tunnel, laughing at what he has just done.

    Styles and Hardy don’t know what to make of Daniels’ actions as Impact goes off the air.



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      Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

      TNA Impact episode 32 review

      The show starts with a small recap of last week showing that Raven is the top heel of the company. His faction includes some monster wrestlers who could use a push. They claim to be the end of TNA just like most heel factions would. AJ comes out to play hero and does just that (successfully). I enjoyed the certain weapons you used for AJ to attack with, and seeing how the Impact Zone crowd works I could see them screaming for this. I’m glad that you’re using AJ in a sense of its savior for the moment, mainly because he’s been with the company for so damn long and some people still call him a young star. Only problem is how long you’re making this whole scene, with first the promo, then the attack, then the quick interview leading to another wrestler coming out. Some of those things can be separated for the audience’s sake of watching other segments or matches in the show. But the end will have you wondering if Chris Daniels will help AJ or not for the good of TNA.

      First match’s a short match that didn’t feel like six minutes. Most people just do summary and then ending so that the summary can be that five minutes and the ending that feels like one or two minutes can be just that.

      I’ll just say that I’m not a Jeff Hardy fan so the segment didn’t matter to me.

      Another match with Joe and Angle still contenders for the tag team titles at the end. Glad that the tag titles look like they’re worth something. After my first PPV I couldn’t find any way to really make them look worth anything anymore. I don’t really know most the tag teams in TNA, and don’t really care for when Joe talks. BUT it does look like that the actual match is going to be really good.

      Some other stuff happening that I don’t really care for. But I will give credit for promoting your PPV. A good show always mentions the PPV name, the matches that are going to happen, and how many Sundays away it is (which you have done). I know that the PPV in Unbreakable, I know who’s challenging who, and I know which people are taking it more personally than others.

      AJ saves the promo with Hardy and Chris Daniels saves TNA. A decent enough show to help understand the matches that are going into the PPV.
      Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
      Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
      Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
      Cena fan for LIFE
      Did you know, without lifts, Ambrose is taller than Reigns by an inch?

      banner by, Dj LatinoHeat


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        Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

        Episode 33

        Mike Tenay: Earlier today the TNA cameras captured an argument in the arena parking garage between Sting, AJ Styles, and the World Champion Jeff Hardy and RVD. Sting without his face paint was trying to calm down Hardy and RVD who seemed to be getting in the face of Styles about who will face Raven’s team at Unbreakable.

        RVD was telling Styles that Jeff was the Champion and that they need him, while Styles continued his point of view of Hardy was better helping the company by defending the title at the ppv. The argument then turned to Daniels’ involvement and how the former World Champion cannot be trusted. The argument started getting out of hand when Hardy pointed out that he beat Daniels not Styles and that AJ was jealous. Styles then got in Hardy’s face saying that if it wasn’t for him Hardy wouldn’t even be Champion.

        Hardy walked off in a fit of anger and RVD followed him, while Sting tried to calm down Styles.

        <Impact Intro>

        Tenay: Welcome everyone to TNA Impact and we are only 2 weeks away from Unbreakable, and to what Raven has called The End. We have learned that over the last week that negotiations have been put in place around this match where if Raven wins, he will gain total control of the company. There are two match stipulations but in place, one of each team. Sting has asked for the match to be an elimination match where all team members must be pinned or submitted to win. Raven has said his rule is there are now rules..except for Raven’s Rules. Which TNA has been told is a hardcore stipulation.

        West: Mike, Unbreakable is turning out to be the most important ppv in the short history of TNA. What will happen if Raven wins?

        Tenay: He has said he wants to burn Jeff Jarrett’s vision. We can only assume he will force the company to close, or even turn it into a hideous nightmarish version of what it is today. With Raven, no one really knows.

        Suddenly the Fallen Angel’s music hits and out walks the former World Champion to the ring, the original mastermind behind all of Raven’s attacks. Two weeks ago Daniels told Raven that his attacks were not “authorised” by him, only to be backhanded by Raven and be told that Raven no longer takes orders from him. Then last week AJ Styles told Daniels he needs to put things right by joining them to defeat Raven, as Daniels is one of the few men who could stop him. Later on in the night Daniels may have given Styles his answer by hitting Angels Wings on Raven at the top of the ramp…

        Daniels: Well, well, well. This is no surprise to me that TNA officials, the mighty Icon Sting and AJ Styles all want my help to rid the company of Raven. Without Jarrett, Foley and Hart it seems to boys need all the help you can get, and I guess why wouldn’t you want the very best in the world today. But many questions remain don’t they? Questions.. I mean how can you possibly trust the Fallen Angel? I mean it was I who was working with Raven originally. Wouldn’t I just turn on you guys and deliver the match to him? Was my attack on him last week just a ploy to make you guys trust me? But then again, I am the man who knows him better than anyone and without me, TNA’s chances of winning are slim to none. Questions! Even if you do put that cry baby Jeff Hardy in your team over me, can you really risk putting the World Champion into an 8 man elimination hardcore match? And then there’s the biggest question of all, do I even want to be apart of all of this?

        You people boo me, TNA management hate me and the locker room despises me, but I tell you I did it all because I love this company and my destiny was always to be the TNA World Champion. I have bled, broken my body, done nothing but try and build this company and take it the top every time I stepped inside the six sided ring. So I have a question for all of you.

        Do you really think I would let anyone tear down something I have put my heart and soul into? Do any of you think I will allow Raven to undermine me? He is my dog, and when a dog bites his master, oh and I am the master. The master puts him down. So whether you like it or not Sting, or Hardy or RVD, I will be standing with you and eradicating this cancer from TNA. I said last week that from now on I do what is right for me, not anyone else. So when it’s all said and done, and Raven is gone. I’ll take back what belongs to me and that is the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

        And that’s not just a promise but that’s the Gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

        Daniels’ music hits as the crowd is speechless, they don’t know how to react to what he just said. Daniels puts his sunglasses back on his face and looks to exit ringside as Don West and Mike Tenay discuss all the questions Daniels posed and that can he truly be trusted to save TNA.. when the silence from the fans turn into a booming ovation as Jeff Hardy’s music hits!

        The World title over his shoulder, the Champion walks down the ramp to meet Daniels face to face at the aisle. Even though Daniels is wearing glasses it looks as if he rolled his eyes as The Charismatic Enigma steps right up to him.

        Hardy: So not only do I have Sting, AJ and Desmond Wolfe telling me what they think I should be doing, now I’ve got you. Let me get this into your head Daniels, you’re a snake. Whether they want me or not I’m going to be the one who saves TNA, not you.

        Daniels: Ha, Hardy, listen to yourself. You want to be the one who saves TNA? My friend you cannot even save yourself. What you need to do is go away, and shine up my belt for me because I’m going to be taking it back very, very soon. Actually when this whole situation with Raven is over, I’m going to be probably wrestling Desmond Wolfe in my title rematch, because he’s a much better wrestler than you. You’re nothing but the luckiest man to ever climb a ladder. Hardy step aside and let the men who built this company handle this.

        Hardy slips the title off his shoulder and slaps the taste out of Daniels’ mouth. Firstly Raven and now Hardy has slapped the former World Champion and his usual calm demeanour has now started to boil over. His face literally turns red and he rips off his sunglasses. The fans are a buzz as he turns back to Hardy and roars! The Impact Zone explodes as Champion and former champion exchange punches. Hardy drops Daniels and as the Fallen Angle gets up he is knocked down again with a clothesline.

        Hardy appeals to the fans and then climbs the ring apron to take out Daniels, but the Fallen Angle moves out of striking distance. Quickly rolling to safety he stumbles away as Hardy’s music plays again and the fans go up for their World Champion.


        Tenay and West announce that in a blockbuster double Main Event tonight it will be the #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team titles Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle against LAX, Homicide and the X Division Champion Hernandez and RVD will go one on one with the Monster Abyss.

        Match #1
        Number one contender’s match for the X Division Championship
        The Amazing Red vs. Mistico

        The match is so fast paced that ringing the bell was more like a green light at a grand prix as the two men go after the title shot with everything they’ve got. A tornado head scissors from Red is amazingly countered by Mistico into a head scissors take down of his own. Red pulls out all of the weapons in his bag of tricks to bring down the Luchador but Mistico not only fuelled by the title but with revenge for what LKAX did to him over the last two months.

        Red hits a step up enzaguri and looks for Code Red by Mistico leaps out of the way and throws Red across the ring with a big time deep arm drag. Red almost lands on his feet and races in only for both men to be brought down by the rampaging Champion!

        No contest declared at 8:47

        Hernandez springing from the border entrance leaped the guardrail, jumped onto the ring apron and slingshot double clotheslines both men. The referee had no choice but to throw the match out as the violent Champion looks down at what he has done. Homicide slips into the ring just after with Konnan and Salinas trailing behind with big smiles on their faces. LAX grab Red and Mistico and whip them into the corners looking to take them out but when they do, Mistico reverses the throw, and leaps into an around the world headscissors and transitions it into a DDT! Cide can’t believe it and Red fires back with a horizontal spinning kick. Hernandez and Homicide both roll out of the ring to regroup as Konnan starts to direct traffic, when from out of the back walks the X Division Pioneer, Jerry Lynn.

        Lynn: Hold up there amigos! There wont be anymore of this not while I’m here. Raven may have taken out three championship committee members but I’m still here to uphold the law in my division. You guys interfered in the number one contenders match for the X Division title, so it’s only fair that they both qualify. Hernandez at Unbreakable it will be a triple threat match you versus the Amazing Red versus Mistico!

        Hernandez is beside himself. Tenay and West both remind the audiences that Champions hate these matches because they don’t even have to be involved in the pinfall or submission to lose their titles. Konnan threatens Lynn’s life as the fans go crazy and Impact goes to commercial.


        Down to the ring walks the legendary Kevin Nash, he is dressed in his ring gear and a giant Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey, he steps over the top rope before pulling a microphone from his back pocket.

        Nash: Matt Morgan I’m out here tonight because I think you really have no idea who you’re dealing with. I’m out here tonight boy to give you an education. I have ruled wrestling for over fifteen years. I was the WWF Champion, I was the WCW Champion, I was the mastermind of the most notorious stable of all time, and then again with the Main Event Mafia. I will out think you before you have even stepped in this ring pal. So tonight I’ve got a little exhibition for you.

        Match #2
        Kevin Nash vs. Rhino

        The War Machine explodes out of the tunnel fresh off squashing Robert Roode last week. The man has become more blood thirsty each and every week as he looks to drive people through tables or anything else he can get his hands on. Rhino looks at Nash he says something like “You aint makin an example outta me Nash” and strikes before the bell! With piston like punches to the face, Rhino has Nash on the back foot. Rhino hit s big time suplex on the seven foot legend. Nash holds his lower back in pain as he tries to get to his feet. Nash hasn’t had a chance to remove his beloved hockey team’s jersey when Rhino sprints from the corner! GORE!!!

        Both men hit the mat but for some reason Rhino doesn’t cover Nash, in fact he looks like he is out. Nash slowly gets to his feet and taps his head to the camera. Jackknife Powerbomb!!! 1..2..3

        Winner at 2:06 Kevin Nash.

        Nash gets his hand raised and he steps over the top rope and walks towards the commentary position wiping imaginary sweat from his brow. He grabs a microphone off of Tenay and West’s desk and looks into the camera.

        Nash: I saw this once in WCW, I thought it would work again.

        Nash takes off his jersey to reveal a huge steel plate. Nash unties it and it hits the ground with a loud clunk.

        Nash: Ya see Morgan, I can beat you a million ways, you wont even see me coming boy. You want to be the new giant around here? Well I’m afraid buddy boy you just gonna have to wait a while longer, because you aint getting’ rid of me. I’m the one who makes people’s careers disappear. See you at Unbreakable!

        Nash’s music hits as the fans chant for “Big Sexy” as we go backstage...

        JB: I’m here with the number one contender of the World Championship Desmond Wolfe and his lovely lady Chelsea. Desmond are you concerned that your title shot may be put on hold due to all the chaos Raven is causing, and even if you did get your shot and do win, there might be a company to be a Champion of after the ppv.

        Wolfe: <sniff> JB, ya know Raven almost cost me my win at Monster’s Ball by attacking everyone and allowing Abyss pick da bones to get a title shot. Well we all know what happened, I sent Abyss crashing down into a burning table to get what should have been mine from the very beginning , and that’s my opportunity at the World Championship. Now I’m not gonna lies to youse, Jeff hardy is good, but I’m better. Ya see the last time I faced Jeff hardy on ppv I beat him down like the little punk he is, and this time will be no different. I fink he’s trying avoid me <sniff>, I fink he’s trying to out our title match because he knows I’ll end him.

        Well it’s true, <sniff> I will end ya Hardy, you can’t hide from me son. I’ll go to Dixie Carter if I have to, but you will face me at Unbreakable whether you like it or not. Let’s get outta here babe


        <The screen is full of flames, there is a loud monster-like roar, as the flames grow larger and then forms the shape of the creature that made it. Some sort of dragon or devil made all of flames which then burns up the screen turning it black… Big white block letters underneath each other appear like always on the black screen, “Born in fire, baptised in blood, forged in combat….” Then they fade and one big word appears… “ENTER”>

        Match #3
        Robert Roode vs. Scott Steiner

        <Roode came out last week declaring he is back on track with his singles career and he will fight his way to the top. But he was gored by Rhino and defeated in a squash. Rhino stalked him only to back away after the appearance of AMW.>

        Steiner who wants Pope’s head flexes his muscles as he walks out to go one on one with the Canadian. Roode locks up with the man who took out the TNA founder, Jarrett at Slammiversary. Roode looks for headlocks to ground Steiner’s power but the master of the suplex turns it into a belly to back! Roode bounces off the mat as Steiner does push ups, swearing at Roode. Rolling out of the ring to get his head on straight Steiner looks out to the fans and thrusts his crotch at the girls in the crowd. Roode sees the opening and attacks the Big Bad Booty Daddy with a double sledge. Roode irish whips his oppponent but it’s reversed and turned into as Steinerline! Steiner laughs at his opponent but out walks the Pope D’Angelo Dinero. Steiner’s eyes widen and he starts tarsh talking him, when Roode looks for a roll up. 1…2.. Kickout!

        Steiner doesn’t take kindly to Roode’s trickery and goes ballistic with huge clubbing hands. He forces Roode into the corner and as he falls Steiner follows it up with big time stomps. Roode covers up as the ref tells Steiner to get Roode out of the corner. Steiner pie faces the ref and as Roode gets up is hit with a big time belly to belly suplex. “It’s over Jack” Steiner locks in the Recliner and sits back wrenching back on Roode’s neck with his huge arms. Roode taps quickly.

        Winner at 4:30, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

        Steiner stands on the turnbuckle and flexes his huge biceps directly in front of the Pope, but Dinero has a microphone.

        Dinero: Steiner, it seems you like to beat people up. Well that’s fine my man because the Pope likes to beat people down. Two weeks ago, even with an injured rib cage I beat you 1.2.3. and you have an issue with me. The Pope doesn’t take kindly to you and your frustrations and last week the Pope put your damn head inot the steel steps. And the Pope knows just how dumb you are Srteiner so to spell it out for ya, you and the Pope are going to war at Unbreakable. You want a fight, the Pope is going to give you one, because Pope is Pimpin’.


        Backstage with Christy Hemme is the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy and Sting.

        Hemme: Mike and Don we have a very important announcement that Dixie Carter has entrusted with Sting and the World Champion Jeff Hardy to tell us due to the Championship Committee being hurt from Slammiversary.

        Sting: First of all, I’m here to say that the Hitman is one tough son of a gun and even though he is still injured, the doctors have said that he has gotten through the worst of it. Now Dixie carter has called upon us to deliver what she wishes to happen in order to save this company and has left it up to Jeff to reveal her intentions.

        Hardy: I have been on the phone with Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter. And after a discussion with them and the Icon, we have decided that we will stand as a united front and all do what is the best for TNA. So at Unbreakable, I will defend the TNA World Heavyweight title against Desmond Wolfe.

        As soon as the words leave his mouth the champion doesn’t seem too happy about it, but seems to stand by the decision.

        Sting: Which means the match called “The End” will be Raven, Giant Bernard, Tomko and the Monster Abyss vs. myself, the Stinger, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and…. Christopher Daniels.

        The Fallen Angel’s name comes sour out of Sting mouth as he also doesn’t seem too happy about Daniels’ involvement.

        Hardy: As Champion I have a higher responsibility to ensure the prestige of the title, and defend it at Unbreakable.

        Sting: Jeff, I want you to concentrate on doing just that, we’ll take out Raven once and for all and make sure there is a company to be a champion of.

        Tenay and West at ringside talk about the huge announcement which will see Christopher Daniels being part of the team that will fight for life of TNA Wrestling.

        Match #4
        Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle vs. LAX

        Just before the bell rings to start the match, the Motor City Machine Guns’ music hits and out walk the Champions. They join the commentary team to give their type of “insight” into the match.

        The vicious LAX are still not happy about what happened earlier in the night Konnan wants Joe and Angle’s heads. The fans are really fired up for this match as they get to see some of the very best wrestlers in the world in one match. The super powerful Hernandez starts the match and looks to try and embarrass the Samoan Submission Machine Konnan a few weeks ago commented that it should have been the “most dominant champion in TNA” Hernandez that faced Lesnar at UFC 117. It looks like Joe hasn’t forgotten this and using his weight advantage backs the X Division Champion into the corner and unloads a brutal elbow strike. Hernandez is caught off guard and is rocked by it. This allows Joe to beat him down with several kicks and strikes and goes to work with the violent face washes in the corner.

        Cide tries to stop these but Joe’s partner Angle comes in with a big time German Suplex on the Notorious 187! The ref tells Angle to leave the ring and he complies with a big smile on his face. Joe tags Kurt in and the two men go to work on “Super-Mex”. The Guns on commentary explain that LAX is a tag team and they will always defeat a team of two single wrestlers.

        Cide finally tags in and goes to work attacking Angle’s neck, with heavy forearms into the base of Kurt’s skull. LAX truly do not care about the safety of any of their opponents as they try to end careers every time they step into the ring.

        Joe brings down both men with big time clotheslines and gets Kurt back into the match with some suplexes of his own. But Hernandez with a huge shoulder charge sends Kurt crashing to the other side of the ring. LAX take control of the match with double team electric chairs/flying European uppercut combos. Joe fights back as Hernandez tries to show he is the dominant force in TNA. Quickly from out of the crowd Red leaps into ringside on one side and Mistico the other. Red smacks Salinas on the ass, while Mistico hits a dropkick on Konnan. This distracts Hernandez and is caught in a leaping enzaguri kick! MUSCLEBUSTAAAAH!!! 1…2…3.

        Winners at 13:10 Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

        Mistico and Red run off laughing at LAX as Joe and Angle point to the Machine Guns giving the sign of the titles. The fans go crazy and chant Joe’s name as the Guns tell Mike and Don that they wont be so easily distracted and they will show the world they are very best in the world.


        Rob Van Dam is with Christy Hemme.

        RVD: Tonight Rob Van Dam goes one on one with one of the guys we have to put down at Unbreakable to make sure this company keeps rolling. Ya see Christy I’m not happy about the fact that Jeff’s not on our team. I mean I know he’s my best friend, but hey, he’s also the World Champion. Who wouldn’t want to go into a fight, especially a hardcore one without the Champ? I don’t trust Daniels but I guess if he’s got the inside info on Raven, and doesn’t screw us, then we’ll get the win. Especially when on your team is R.V.D.

        So back to tonight. I’ve got the monster Abyss. Last time I fought him, I came up short. This time though I’m planning on showing Raven just what extreme is all about

        Main Event
        Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss w/ James Mitchell

        Rob lost to Abyss at the Against All Odds ppv at the start of year so as he walks out he looks very mindful of what the Monster is capable of. Led out by his handler, walking through hell-fire, Abyss walks out growling at one of his opponents for the ppv. Almost a preview of “The End” match RVD attacks Abyss’ legs with stiff kicks. The monster reaches out, but Rob is able to keep coming by using the ropes and flying off them with surgical attacks to the same leg and knee.

        Abyss limps to the corner for protection as Rob comes again with another kick, this time to the face, and then jumps onto the middle rope raining down shots as the fans count to ten. Abyss shoves Rob away but the Whole Dam Show looks to hit a monkey flip on the big man, but he runs into a very heavy right hand. The ref asks for the monster to open up his fists only to almost jump out of the ring in fright as the Monster ‘disagrees” with him.

        Mitchell gets his charge back on track, but his leg doesn’t seem to be allowing him much mobility and this gives Rob the opening he needs. RVD’s gameplan continues attacking the legs, while he takes tremendous punishment from the weapon of mass destruction. Rob hits a rolling thunder and a spinning leg drop to try and put Abyss away. But he goes to the well one time to many and is choke slammed 1….2…..

        As he gets to his feet he is hit with a big boot to the outside! The two men brawl all around ringside and the ref tries to get them both in. Abyss grabs the giant chain he brings with him to the ring and tries to smash Rob’s skull. But the human highlight reel, uses a nearby chair as a shield and then throws it to Abyss, who out of instinct catches it.

        Van Daminator!!!

        Winner via disqualification, at 9:21 the Monster Abyss.

        Abyss falls in a heap on the outside as the fans go crazy for Rob. The Whole Dam Show doesn’t care about the result as he grabs the chair and as he hits a spinning leg drop he places the chair under him. The steel smashes into Abyss’ face as James Mitchell gets in Rob’s. Rob grabs him by the jacket and holds up his fist for the fans to cheer. But out runs Raven, Tomko and Giant Bernard. The go after Rob, who quickly picks up a chair and swings it wildly. But the numbers game brings Rob down. Mitchell gets the Monster to rise and all four of these monsters start attacking RVD.

        The ref tries to get control but raven DDT’s the ref on the floor! Bernard hits a huge bicycle kick knocking Rob down again. Raven orders Tomko and Bernard to pick up RVD and then tells Abyss to “punch a hole in his head”.

        Suddenly the booing fans go crazy as the Icon’s music hits and out flies Sting and AJ Styles. Sting has his baseball bat and Styles has Jarrett’s guitar. They race down to the ring, but it looks like four on two, but the weapons seem to be the equaliser. Sting and AJ take it to Tomko and Bernard but the distraction works and Abyss and Raven come over the top. Abyss bashes Sting forcing him up the ramp with vicious shots and then throws the big boot knocking down the Icon. AJ fights off Raven, but Tomko grabs the former Champion in a full nelson and opens him up for a rights and lefts from Raven. Tomko releases AJ and Raven hits the infamous discuss lariat. The back of AJ’s skull hits the floor as Raven roars at the fans telling them “this is the end!”.

        RVD, Sting and AJ are down as Raven, Abyss, Tomko and Giant Bernard all look to finish TNA’s chances tonight. Just as it looks dire Jeff Hardy’s music plays. The fans go crazy as Raven stands ready for the TNA Champion to run down the ramp. Bernard and Tomko clench their fists awaiting the Charismatic Enigma be it with a chair or maybe Mick Foley’s barbed wire baseball bat…

        But no one comes out. Raven smirks as on the TNATron, Hardy is shown to the Impact Zone face down backstage knocked unconscious. Raven begins to laugh uncontrollably as the fourth member of Sting’s team, Daniels is no where to be seen, as the World Champion Hardy, Sting, Styles and RVD are all knocked out….



        • #79
          Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

          Episode 34

          Narrator: Who attacked Jeff Hardy? Last week before Impact went off the air the World Champion was seen knocked unconscious.

          Was it Raven ensuring Rob Van Dam’s best friend would not interfere when attacking the Whole Dam Show?

          Was it Desmond Wolfe? The man who is set to face the Charismatic Enigma at Unbreakable for the World Heavyweight Championship.

          Or was it Christopher Daniels? The man who has now taken Hardy’s place on Sting’s team. The man when Sting, RVD and AJ Styles were getting beat down, who did not come to their rescue. The man who had a physical altercation with Hardy at the start of last week’s broadcast.

          With the future of TNA on the line at Unbreakable, will TNA management’s new found trust in Daniels be their undoing?

          <TNA Impact Intro>

          The Impact Zone is shown and pyro goes off, as the huge sold out 30,000 strong crowd go crazy for the start of this week’s TNA Impact! We go to the broadcast table where Mike Tenay and Don West your commentary team are standing by…

          Tenay: Welcome everyone to the latest episode of TNA Impact. The last weeks have been almost chaotic as most of the Championship Committee has been away due to being injured and attacked at Slammiversary. It really has been a case of the inmates running the asylum hasn’t it Don?

          West: You’re so right Mike, without Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett steering the ship, wrestlers are putting out challenges and these challenges have been accepted. I’m sure it’s going to be more of that tonight. And talk about inmates running the asylum Mike, the worst of them all Raven has taken advantage of this and as we all know has organised a match at Unbreakable where if he and his team win then he is given total control over TNA to what he pleases with it. It’s a very scary thought.

          Tenay: That’s right Don, our World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy accepted the challenge on behalf of TNA in a chance to finally rid the company of Raven… This very well could be our last ever broadcast of TNA Impact. But speaking of our Champion…

          “Modest” hits the speakers and the fans go crazy as the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy walks out to greet the fans. Although he is overcome by the crowd’s huge, Hardy isn’t as pumped as he usually is. He doesn’t look happy as he high fives the fans and tries his best to show them the same love they give him. Tonight though he doesn’t stand on the turnbuckles giving the fans any photo opportunities. Instead he has a mic.

          Hardy: Thank you everyone, but right now I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’m calling out the coward who attacked me last week!

          Ya see last week I was told that I had other responsibilities, and that’s cool I accept that. But when a man who didn’t take on his, I decided to help out my friends only to be attacked from behind. Now be it some new accomplice of Raven, be it Desmond Wolfe or Christopher Daniels, I want you come out here right now and try it again to my face.

          Hardy awaits a response from the ramp, and he doesn’t have to wait long, as a wolf howls, blue mist comes out of the entrance tunnel and dressed like the gentleman he is and accompanied by the beautiful Chelsea is Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe and Chelsea step into the ring both with smirks on their faces. Wolfe gently pushes Chelsea behind him and then gives her his sunglasses. He fluffs his jacket as she hands him a microphone of his own. Hardy clenches his fists standing in front of his attacker.

          Wolfe: <sniff> Look at ya Hardy, ya look a little excited sunshine. Well guess what, I was NOT the one who attacked you last week. Ya see I got three reasons I didn’t off you. Number one, I need you healthy so I can beat your head in and become World Champion this Sunday. I don’t you claiming your hurt so you duck me.
          Number two, you look pretty healfy to me. Ya see if I’d have done it, you’d be still in hospital. I’m an athlete Hardy, I take you out like this face to face. I don’t need to sneak attack a punk like you to beat ya.

          And number three, well let’s just say Chelsea knows I had better things ta do.

          Hardy: Desmond in the mood I’m in I hope you don’t think you have a chance this Sunday.

          Wolfe: I don’t think, I know Hardy. You’re so focussed on this Raven crap I’m gonna walk into Unbreakable in three days and I’m gonna walk out the World Heavyweight Champion. It’s that easy!

          Chelsea hands Wolfe his sunglasses, he separates the bottom and middle rope for he and the two exit the ring, leaving Hardy heavily clenching his fists as Wolfe’s music plays in the background.


          Tenay: Welcome everyone to TNA Impact. We are three days away from the pay per view spectacular Unbreakable where the fate of the company and its millions of fans around the world are literally in the hands of Sting, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and can you believe it Christopher Daniels.

          West: I can’t believe it either Mike. The man who started all this mess in the first place is being trusted to put an end to it. I hope TNA management know what they are doing.

          Tenay: last week, Daniels had a chance to show solidarity with Sting’s team and he was no where to be found, and further more Jeff hardy was attacked in the back. I hope we’ve got a job on Monday morning Don, because the inclusion of Daniels could very well bite us.

          Match #1
          LAX vs. Mistico and the Amazing Red

          <Video of last week, Red and Mistico battled it out in a high flying, daredevil display to decide Hernandez’s next X Division Championship opponent. When the behemoth champion decided to take both men out, Jerry Lynn decided that the Unbreakable title match will be a triple threat.>

          Before the match Konnan jumps onto the apron staring at “his” champion’s opponents at the ppv as Salinas hands him a microphone. The crowd boo him relentlessly before he can even open his mouth.

          Konnan: You guys are not going to make it to Unbre…

          The X Division Champion Hernandez snatches the microphone out of Konnan’s hand. Both men exchange looks but Hernandez turns his back on Konnan and looks directly at his opponents on Sunday night.

          Hernandez: Mistico, do you really want to mess with me again after the beating I gave you inside a steel cage almost a month ago? And Red. Tiny little Red. You don’t want any of this… I’m going to squash the both of you this Sunday like the cockroaches you are. Agusto or no.

          Homicide sprints at Red and Mistico as Hernandez gives Konnan back his mic. Cide is hit with a drop toe hold by Red and then Mistico comes crashing down on the back of his neck with leg drop. Hernandez tries to make the save but he is sent crashing to the floor when Mistico ducked and then pulled down the top rope. Hernandez slowly gets up but is hit by a 450 splash by Red! The fans go crazy as Hernandez using the guard rail tries to get back up only to be hit again by a huge crossbody by Mistico!

          Red and Mistico then on the outside take it in turns in hitting amazing high flying, high impact moves on the current X Division Champion! But Homicide regroups and hits a decapitation clothesline to Red bringing LAX back in the match. Cide rolls Red back into the ring, but Mistico cuts him off with a stiff right hand and then a drop kick. Cide hits the floor hard, but Mistico is doesn’t have time to celebrate because he is brought down with an overhead choke suplex! Mistico is then hit by an overhead gutwrench backbreaker drop. Red tries to make the save but he is hit from out of nowehere by the Gringo Cuttah from Homicide. LAX stand over their “prey” and signal for a finish.

          Mistico fights back with kicks and punches of his own but when he comes off the ropes he is hit by a huge running shoulder block. Hernandez roars at the crowd showing off just how dominant a champion he is. The X Division Champion hits the Border Toss on Mistico followed by a Frog splash from Homicide.1..2..3

          Winners at 6:32 The Latin American eXchange

          LAX’s music hits as the fans boo the brutal display by the militanat thugs as.Konnan slaps his soldiers on their backs as Salinas drapes their flag over Red and Mistico. The signs don’t look good for either men come Sunday.

          Backstage we see The Pope walking towards ringside…


          The congregation erupt as out walks the Pope, wearing his finest threads, sunglasses and a huge smile. He struts through his falling money and steps into the ring as the huge capacity crowd chant “Pope is Pimpin’”. He takes it all in as he nods his head in agreement that he is one of the most over stars on the roster. The two-time former X Division Champion has a mic.

          Dinero: The Cadillac of Pro wrestling is here tonight and the congregation is large and in charge, now can I get an Ah-men. The Pope realises that at Unbreakable he is facing one of the greatest of all time. Make no mistake about it Scott Steiner, the toe tappin’, pimp slappin, total Pimptacular D’Angelo Dinero knows what you are capable of. But Steiner you have no idea what the Pope can do, because TNA has only scratched the surface of D’Angelo Dinero. The Pope is going to walk into Unbreakable and put on a show never seen before daddy and take down those big muscles of yours big boy. The Pope is going straight to the top and Steiner you are just a road bump my friend.

          Sirens sound and down the ramp stomps the man who has put the TNA Founder and his former best friend on the shelf Jeff Jarrett on the shelf. Big Poppa Pump has distain for everyone and shows it by trash talking the fans on his way down the ramp. He scoffs at Pope, looking him up and down as if he is nothing to him. The former multi-time tag team Champion and World Champion looks at Pope and almost laughs at loud when he strokes his beard in frustration.

          Steiner: Cut the music. Listen up Pope, you damn right I don’t know who the hell you are. Who have you ever beat? I don’t even know why the hell I’m wrasslin’ you. As much as I hate his guts, Jarrett is a somebody in this business. And I kicked his ass. What have you ever done punk? Huh? Nothin’, that’s what. In fact why the hell is Wolfe getting a title shot, who did he beat? None of you bastards deserve anything except me! I’m gonna snap!

          So guess what Pope, or whatever you’re name is, this Sunday I’m gonna trash you boy. Ya got that. I’m gonna stick this size eleven so far up your ass you’ll be flossin’ with my shoelaces. The man with the largest arms in the world is gonna take ma’ frustrations out on you and beat you down like a dog…..Bitch.

          Pope: Sorry Steiner, but the Pope does the bitch slappin’ around here.

          Dinero slaps Steiner in the face. The crowd give a very loud collective “ooooh” as the Genetic Freak steps back a step, and is in utter disbelief that the youngster would even attempt such bravado. Steiner does indeed snap and goes after Dinero, but the Pope ducks bounces off the ropes and comes back with his patent flying shoulder block!!! Steiner hits the mat and rolls out of the ring, escaping the situation. Dinero tells him to bring it, while Steiner is busy kicking steel stairs and having a temper tantrum on the outside.

          He bashes the commentary desk and goes crazy. Pope’s music plays and Steiner punches a nearby camera man! He locks in the Recliner on the pour soul as security run out to help the TNA employee. Steiner releases the brutal submission hold and pushes members of the security team out of the way as he points at Dinero who is still in the ring and starts hurling obscenities at him until security makes Steiner leave the ringside area.


          <The mysterious video is back again, this time flames lick the screen and digitally burns down the surrounding screen. A huge monstrous roar is heard as the screen fully burns to black and is entirely covered by the word… “ENTER”>

          Match #2
          Robert Roode vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ the Beautiful People

          Roode: So I’ve been on a bit of a losing streak since I’ve returned. So tonight I’m going to show the so called Ace of the Universe just who the man is around here.

          Roode and Hiroshi lock up but the arrogant Ace takes command of the match quickly with headlocks and then arm drags. He blows a kiss to his own personal cheerleading squad the Beautiful People which frustrates Roode even more. Tanahashi takes him down with a high lifting German suplex and then follows it up with a SlingBlade! Hiroshi’s arrogance gets to the fans, and Roode’s never say die attitude makes them want to cheer him.

          Roode fights back as the crowd gets behind him with clotheslines and then a fisherman buster. Roode looks for a big time lariat but his foot is grabbed by Velvet Sky. Roode is distracted long enough for Hiroshi to hit a drop kick and then quickly scrambles to the top turnbuckle for a High Fly Flow! 1..2..3

          Winner at 6:12 Hiroshi Tanahashi

          The Beautiful people celebrate by each kissing a cheek of the Japanese Ace as he puts his arms around them and they lead him back up the ramp. Roode grabbing his mid-section, punches the mat as he has endured another loss.

          Backstage with JB is the Blueprint Matt Morgan.

          Morgan: Shut up JB, give me that microphone…. LEAVE.
          Kevin Nash, I’m going to make this short and sweet. TNA is not big enough for the both of us. I am the genetically stacked, DNA of TNA and you are nothing but an old man still trying to make it in a young man’s sport. At Unbreakable I’m going to retire you dinosaur. I will show the world who is the most dominant giant in this business is, when I put you out of MY misery. This Sunday I will be the one who is unbreakable, as I snap every bone in your body like they were twigs. There will be no coming back for you after this match Nash. No coming back.


          Backstage Christy Hemme is with Jeff Hardy.

          Hemme: Jeff thanks for joining us. Do you believe Desmond Wolfe saying that it wasn’t him that attacked you last week? And if it wasn’t him who was it?

          Hardy: Christy, that’s good question, but last week I didn’t see Christopher Daniels out defending his team mates. And this week I haven’t seen him, have you seen him? No. TNA management have put their faith in Daniels after one little interview about how he’s bled for the company and he loves the company. I didn’t see much love last week, when my friends RVD, Sting and AJ were getting beaten down like dogs in the middle of the ring. Look, I’ve spoken to Rob and he knows he has to keep one eye on that snake at all times during that match. As for me, Daniels if it was you who attacked me from behind last week, you better watch your back. Because after I beat Desmond Wolfe on Sunday, yeah that’s right Desmond I’m gonna beat you. After I beat Desmond, I’m going after Daniels…

          In the Impact Zone “Motor City” plays and out walks the World Tag Team Champions to a mixed reaction from the fans. The Guns have been walking the line since Shelley cheated AMW out of a possible title win at Slammiversary. Sabin of course was not happy with Alex at the time, but they have had to pull together because at Unbreakable they face the two best in the world in singles competition Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.

          Sabin: Look we are out here to set the record straight. And that is that we respect Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. I mean they are the elite in the singles divisions here in TNA. Kurt has done it all, and Joe, well, Joe beat the hell out of Brock Lesnar inside of a UFC octagon.

          But guys we are the Champions and we feel as if you don’t respect us. To become Champions we defeated the most decorated and feared tag team of all time, Team 3D to win these belts. And we have defeated everyone ever since.

          Shelley: Twice

          Sabin: That’s right, so when you guys come out and say to us that you are going to beat us, well as much as I respect you guys, I feel you aren’t giving any of it back. So we had to show you what you were up against at Unbreakable.

          Shelley: Ya see Joe, Kurt, unlike my best friend here, I don’t like you guys. I don’t respect you. In fact I can’t wait for Sunday to show you guys just how overrated you are when we take you out in under 5 minutes. You see you won’t even see us coming, and when you do. It’ll be too late.

          Shelley is suddenly interrupted by frightening theme of the Samoan Submission Machine as Joe and Kurt walk out together. Kurt is wearing a Joe shirt and Joe is wearing an Angle t-shirt but they are both dressed in their wrestling gear. They stomp down to the ring and get right in the faces of the champions. Joe snatches the microphone out of Shelley’s hand and then ignores him and looks to Sabin.

          Joe: Chris, you’ve got us all wrong. We respect you guys. You are the Champs and this is TNA. You wouldn’t be the Champions if you weren’t the best in the world. But Sabin… and Shelley. In the last two months I’ve fought for the TNA and UFC Heavyweight Championships and I’ve been screwed out of both! I’m coming to get gold boys, you two just better be ready.

          Angle: Oh and Shelley, you try and of that sh<beep> you puled with AMW, I’ll shatter your ankle so you wont ever walk again, do you understand?

          Angle walks right into Shelley’s face, staring right at him. Shelley gulps and even steps back a little as he looks into the eyes of the man some people call the greatest of all time.

          But then the stare down is broken up by the music of the Canadian Destroyer, Petey Williams. He stands on the stage dressed in his ring gear flashing his abs to the booing fans.

          Williams: Hey Angle! Why won’t you die! I mean I’ve driven your head into the mat so many times I’m surprised you can still walk. But here you are still stealing the spotlight and of course getting a title shot. What else is new around here huh?! Well guess what, Kurt, I’ve got myself a partner tonight, and he hates Joe and you just as much as I do. So Machine Guns if you please get out of the ring, because me and this man want to kick some ass!

          The music of the Warrior sounds as out walks Senshi. His eyes set straight on Joe as he roars as Petey slaps him on the shoulder and hands him his microphone. Two weeks ago the number 1 contender Desmond Wolfe teamed with these two guys and they squashed their opponents.

          Senshi: Angle, I’ve already beaten you and Joe you and I have unfinished business. You see you two guys aren’t the only ones who can form a random team and kicks some ass. All these sheep like you for kicking heads in, well I’m going to show them how it’s really done.

          Match #3
          Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle vs. Petey Williams and Senshi

          The Machine Guns walk towards the commentary table to once again watch Joe and Angle in a match. Sabin looks on interested in how this one will go down, while Shelley has an evil smirk on his face. He looks as if this couldn’t have gone any better if he planned it.

          Senshi starts and Joe insists to Kurt that he starts the match. Although a lot smaller than Joe, Senshi like a gunslinger shoots fist and hits a devastating kick to Joe’s leg. Samoa Joe fires back with one of his own and Senshi crumples and Joe pounces. But with Senshi’s speed he escapes delivers a quick fire counter attack and then tags in Williams who hits an elbow shot of his own.

          Williams shows off to the crowd with hitting drop kicks. Quick tags between him and Senshi bring down Joe, as the fans chant for him to get back into the match. Joe finally goes berserk and fights both men off and gets the hot tag to Angle who cleans house with a variation of different suplexes. But Williams knows Kurt well and brings him down again.

          The match is back and forth and Senshi strikes Joe with a vicious kick sending through the ropes and to the floor! Senshi flies off the apron and hits Joe in the chest with the Warrior’s Way, leaving Kurt and Petey in the ring. Williams smugly looks to finish Kurt with the Destroyer, but Angle quickly synchs in the Ankle Lock form out of nowhere. Senshi looks to break it up but Petey taps.

          Winners at 10:32 Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

          Angle’s music plays, but Senshi is not happy and hits a Mongolian double chop on Kurt. Angle falls to the mat and Senshi waits patiently for Kurt to put his head up so he can kick it off. But Joe comes into the ring and knocks the Warrior with a big shoulder tackle. Senshi rolls out of the ring seeing Joe and Kurt are ready to defend themselves. Senshi walks off as Joe’s music plays and the Machine Guns on commentary say they have seen Joe and Angle’s weaknesses tonight…


          <During the commercial break Christopher Daniels arrives in the arena. JB and Christy both try and get a word with him but he slams his dressing room door in their faces.>

          Match #4
          Frankie Kazarian vs. Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea

          Tenay and West talk about how Wolfe was now 100% three weeks after the violent and brutal Monster’s Ball match at Slammiversary where he won his title shot. He has only been in action once in a six-man tag since that night and he has requested a “Jeff Hardy clone” to wrestle. Kazarian has fit the bill.

          Kazarian though who has been with TNA sees this as a huge opportunity to show management where he stands in the company and if he knocks off Wolfe tonight he may climb the ladder very, very quickly. The two men lock up and jockey for position. Both men trade arm drags and drop kicks to try and get on top of the other. Both men get frustrated and meet in the centre of the ring both butting heads and not backing down yelling and screaming at each other until Wolfe slaps Kaz across the face! Chelsea gets a buzz out of that to the point where she seductively sucks her own finger. Kaz with a rush of blood attacks only to be taken down to the mat and then stretched by the slow and methodical European style. Kaz tries to escape but he only makes things worse for himself as Wolfe really rips and tears at his limbs and body.

          Wolfe tells the fans that ‘this is what is gonna happen to Jeff Hardy!”. Kaz eventually is able to get to his feet with elbow shots but is brought back down viciously by Wolfe pulling down Frankie’s ponytail. The ref sees this and gets in Wolfe’s face. This allows Kaz to mount a spectacular fight back and puts Wolfe down with two clotheslines and then a snap suplex. He climbs the turnbuckles and then drops the leg!!! 1..2…Kickout!

          Wolfe escapes and Kaz sends him for the ride but Wolfe returns with a Jawbreaker Lariat! Kaz crumples in a heap and then Wolfe traps the arm and rips it backwards locking in the London Dungeon submission hold. Kazarian has no choice but to tap out.

          Winner at 8:18 Desmond Wolfe

          Wolfe wipes his brow and smiles as Chelsea claps her man on the outside. She blows him a kiss as he looks into a camera and says “Hardy, it’s all too easy sunshine”. Wolfe gets his hand raised as the commentators hype up the world title match and the Unbreakable card…

          • TNA presents UNBREAKABLE 2010
          • Battle of the Giants
            Big Sexy Kevin Nash vs. The Blueprint Matt Morgan
          • X Division Championship Match
            © Hernandez vs. Mistico vs. The Amazing Red
          • Grudge Match
            The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
          • World Tag Team Championship Match
            © Motor City Machine Guns vs. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle
          • World Heavyweight Championship Match
            © Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe
          • THE END
            Elimination Raven’s Rules Match

            Sting, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels
            Raven, Tomko, Giant Bernard and Abyss

            If Raven wins he gets control of TNA if Sting's team wins Raven can no longer compete or continue his evil quest.


          Backstage with JB, is the Icon Sting, with AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam standing with him.

          Sting: Raven, in three days it will be “The End”, but not for TNA, but for you!

          Tonight I’m taking the fight to you, so I’m going out to the ring and I’ll fight whoever you send out, because we both know you’re too much of a coward to fight me before Unbreakable. So send out whoever it is you want because it’s Showtime!

          Sting walks off and the cameras go back to ringside. Tenay and West talk about how strong of a leader the Icon is and that hopefully Sting’s reverse psychology works on Raven, and the Stinger gets to beat up Raven tonight. The arena goes dark and “Slay Me” plays and the roof blows off the building. The fans are going crazy as the Icon walks out looking extremely focused. He crow calls to the fans and they scream it back to him as he jumps into the ring awaiting which one of Raven’s nightmares he will fight.

          Match #5
          Sting vs. Giant Bernard

          He truly is a giant of a man. This tattooed monster still has a plaster on his right temple where Sting clubbed him at Slammiversary. His loud deep voice is heard on camera “I’ve been waitin’ for this” as he stomps up the steel steps staring at the Stinger. The Icon has faced them all, Vader, Sid, Cactus, Muta, Abyss. He knows no fear and does not take a backward step when Bernard steps over the top rope.

          Bernard runs in with a swinging arm, Sting hits a swift kick to the mid section stopping the big man dead in his tracks. He doubles over to see a sadistically laughing Stinger looking right at him. Bernard almost immediately realises who he is in the ring with and the stories of this man are no longer fiction.

          Sting grabs Bernard’s head and spikes him with a DDT! He rolls to the outside as Sting calls to the fans again, and again they call back. Bernard gets to his feet but the Icon flies over the top rope with a body press crashing his 240 pound frame onto Raven’s minion. The fans are going crazy as Sting irish whips Bernard head first into the solid steel ring post. Sting seems to be enjoying himself. As he kicks away at his opponent and rolls back into the ring to break the referees count. Sting starts strangling Giant Bernard with camera cord as the referee starts his five count to break it up. Sting lets go of the cord at four and then clotheslines Bernard in the back of the head for good measure.

          The big man cannot believe how he is being dominated right now and literally tries to run away to try and get control of the match. Sting follows him and when Bernard turns he is hit with a Stinger Splash! The impact is brutal and Bernard’s spine smashes into the corner guard rails breaking them, and the two men spill into the fans.

          Sting throws Bernard back into the ring, but when he follows him in the big man desperately comes down with his 400 plus frame onto the Icon. The wind leaves him and he curses his old body for being too slow and is handled like a rag doll by the Giant, as he is crushed with a bear hug. Sting fights out of it by slapping the temples, but when he comes off the ropes he is smashed with the bicycle kick. Then a scoop and a slam and Sting is in trouble. Bernard tries to shake off the damage he has been hit with and picks Sting up with a Gorilla Press. He looks to throw Sting all the way out to the concrete floor to try and take the Icon out of the Unbreakable main event.

          Scorpion Deathdrop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out of nowhere Sting has shifted his body and hits his infamous reverse DDT as the 6 foot 9 inch monster smashes the back of his skull into the mat. 1..2..3

          Winner at 7:33 Sting.

          Sting’s music hits as the Icon stands on the top turnbuckle saluting the fans. The deafening roar from the crowd almost distracts Sting to the point he almost doesn’t see Tomko running in for a sneak attack. The music stops and Sting jumps off the turnbuckle face to face with Tomko. Tomko looks at the Icon and looks at his unconscious partner and rethinks his actions. Sting flexes his muscles and roars at Tomko who dives out of the ring and drags Bernard out quicker than thought possible of the big man. The Stinger beats his chest his music starts again and Tomko helps Bernard to the back as the fans again applaud their hero…


          Back from the commercial break and AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam have joined the Icon at ringside.

          Sting: Christopher Daniels I want you to come out here right now and join your team members, I’ve got something to say.

          It seems like an age before the Fallen Angel’s music finally hits the speakers and out walks the former World Champion. Daniels walks down to the ring looking very upset that anyone, even Sting has the nerve to call him out. He demands a microphone before he steps into the ring. Sting is flanked by Styles and RVD as Daniels confronts his team mates for this Sunday.

          Daniels: Sting, you don’t call me out. I have ascended all three of you men in this business as I am God’s gift to professional wrestling. Say what you have to say Stinger my time is short and so is my patience.

          Sting: Heh, Daniels if you are part of this team, then it’s time you started acting like it. In three days we go to war against the man YOU unleashed on this company to save it from him. Raven is the greatest threat I have ever seen, more dangerous than the nWo or anything else I’ve faced in the last 25 years. You will stand by our side, because if you don’t and you screw TNA… I’ll getchya.

          Raven’s music hits and out onto the stage walks James Mitchell, the Monster Abyss and the Maniacal one himself. Daniels looks up at the stage at his disobedient dog with disgust as Sting, AJ and RVD stand firm ready for anything.

          Raven: The End is nigh. Amongst the shadows of my soul the one I love the best is the one that scratches at my memories ripping open the flesh that holds my hatred for Jarrett. To see his vision, to see his company ripped apart limb by limb, by rusty, jagged needles is an erotic dream to me.

          At Unbreakable I will finally take control of TNA and then burn it to the ground. And you will not be able to stop me. There is a Judas amongst you, and that man will hand deliver me your heads and light the torch that will burn TNA to the ground. This Sunday. Unbreakable. The End. Quote the Raven nevermore.


          Coming soon...Ultimate TNA Unbreakable 2010 only on pay per view...


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            Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

            Official music-

            On the very first TNA Impact telecast of 2010, Raven stood in the middle of the ring and told the world his intentions. His hatred for Jeff Jarrett and his vision, Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, had finally been given a sponsor, a direction from a mystery man known simply as “Chaos”. Raven’s first target was the Icon Sting, the protector of professional wrestling, the man although had scar tissue inside and out from 25 years of ring wars, was always there to defend it. “Chaos’s” plan was simple, Sting first, Kurt Angle second, Bret Hart third and the World Championship last. But this wasn’t Raven’s end game.

            The mastermind, the man who used Raven as a diversion in order to win the World title was none other than the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. But even he did not realise what he had unleashed onto TNA. As cunning, as cowardly and as brilliant as Daniels’ plan was, he forgot one thing, Raven. The maniacal genius had now a purpose and that was to see TNA burn, and that included its Champion. Daniels no longer has control over Raven and many believe he never did. Sting had believed this fight was finished, that he had taken Raven out of TNA for good during the Lethal Lockdown match, but at Slammiversary he returned, taking out, Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley and Bret Hart, the Championship Committee.

            Now the battle for TNA has arrived. Tonight in a match titled “The End”, eight men will battle to save or destroy the company once and for all. If Raven wins he is given total control of the company to do with what he wills. If Sting’s soldiers win, Raven’s evil quest is finally over… there is only one problem, one of Sting’s soldiers is Christopher Daniels. Can they trust him? Knowing what Daniels does about Raven, can they afford not to go into battle without the Fallen Angel? If Raven wins will he transform TNA from Jarrett’s vision into his own personal nightmare? Or simply burn it down forever…

            Tonight…The End? Sting, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels vs. Raven, Giant Bernard, Tomko and the Monster Abyss. The End? Is TNA finished or unbreakable???


            46,765 fans are in attendance to witness possibly the last TNA show ever.

            Unbreakable opening match
            X Division Championship match
            Champion Hernandez w/ LAX vs. Mistico vs. The Amazing Red

            Last month Mistico won a number one contender’s match for the X Division title. Konnan almost seemed to fear the abilities of the masked marvel and offered him a place in LAX. Mistico declined as he did not believe in the stable’s ideology. This did not sit well with Konnan and he ordered the challenger destroyed. Mistico fought back and almost defeated Hernandez at Slammiversary inside a steel cage to stop outside interference. Mistico received a post match beat down for his valiant effort. When Mistico and Amazing Red battled for the #1 contendership on Impact Hernandez broke it up attacking both men, forcing X Pioneer Jerry Lynn to make the title match a three-way dance.

            With Konnan, Salinas and Homicide at ringside Hernandez cut a menacing figure to his two opponents. At first it seemed like a handicap match with the Luchador and the Amazing one working together to do some serious damage to the Champion. Non-stop high flying, high impact moves were used to put down the bigger man, but of course as it is every man for himself and the prestigious Championship was on the line, both men drew their ‘weapons” on each other.

            Hernandez though with his freakish strength fought back into the match, and due to a 3-way dance being no disqualification, the very fast but violent Homicide made his presence known by taking out Red with a Gringo-Killah (Vertebreaker) off the apron to the concrete floor! Mistico fought valiantly almost making the Champion tap with the La Mistica arm bar submission but with a slight distraction by the voluptuous Salinas, allowed the Champion to stand up and hit a sitout powerbomb, allowing Hernandez to drill the Lucha superstar with a decapitation clothesline and a Border Toss finisher for the victory.

            Winner via pinfall and still X Division Champion at 14:33 Hernandez

            After the match Konnan cut a promo on how dominant his “berserker” is and that due to Hernandez’s dominance the title will now be referred to as the “LAX” Division Championship. Homicide then spray paints “LA” onto the belt so it looks like it now states “LAX” on the gold front of the belt. The militant thugs celebrate by spitting on Mistico and Red who are receiving medical attention from EMTs.


            Unbreakable second match
            KnockOuts Championship Match
            Champion Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky and Hiroshi Tanahashi

            On their own television program KnockedOut, the Beautiful People had been “cleansing” the other Knockouts in order to become Champions. Last month Angelina Love had defeated Sarita with the help of Velvet Sky for a shot at Gail Kim’s belt. Love and Sky continued their tirade and started attacking the Champion firstly verbally and then physically. Even to the point where on television they stripped Gail of her top humiliating the Champion. Gail has vowed revenge and has stated the hunter(s) have become the hunted.

            Accompanied to the ring by the Ace of the Universe, and her partner Velvet Sky, Angelina Love was riding high on confidence. Gail Kim did not wait for the bell to ring and lashed out at the challenger immediately. Gail using all her high flying abilities dominated the opening parts of the match. However her focus seemed to be on revenge instead of winning the match and tried to rip Angelina’s clothes off in front of the millions of fans watching live around the world.

            This of course gave Love the opportunity she needed to fight back and start punishing the Champion with high impact moves. After being attacked behind the referee’s back on the outside by Velvet, Gail regrouped and went on the offence with a sound technical strategy. She grounded the blonde bombshell and started stretching her with a variety of holds and submissions. Love escaped looking to hit the Botox Injection, but it was reversed and Gail claimed Angelina’s top, ripping it off almost exposing Love’s breasts. Love quickly covered up and ran off giving the referee no option but to count out the challenger.

            Winner via count out and still KonckOutsChampion at 7:12 Gail Kim

            Velvet Sky ran in to attack Gail for humiliating her partner only for her to be knocked out by the Eat Defeet finisher! Gail tried to rip her top of also, only for Hiroshi to run in and carry Sky to the back.

            Unbreakable third match
            Battle of the Giants
            Kevin Nash vs. Matt Morgan

            With Desmond Wolfe’s guile bringing the seven foot veteran back into the ring last month, the young giant Matt Morgan saw the opportunity to make a name for himself by trying to take him out. During the Monster’s Ball match Morgan made it a point that it was Nash he had sets his sights on and went above and beyond to prove he was the new giant and the best big, big man in the business by toppling the wiley Nash. Nash though was not going to take Morgan’s attacks lightly and reminded him just who Morgan was dealing with, a man who dominated as much outside of the ring as inside. Morgan not to be outdone stated that there is not not enough room in TNA for the both of them an at Unbreakable he would retire :”Big Sexy” Kevin Nash…

            Both giants received huge entrances as they stomped towards the ring. Both en showing how big they were by stepping over the top rope. Godzilla vs. King Kong had nothing on these two as they went to war. The veteran exposed Morgan early by being patient and hitting his small but very painful arsenal of moves. Morgan was shown what Nash was all about, from the big time boots to the face, from the distracting of referees to hit low blows! Morgan was being schooled by Nash in the fine arts of pro-wrestling.

            But Morgan’s cardio proved to be a factor, and his younger and more durable frame started to fight back. Finally zeroing in on the well publicised damaged knees of Nash, Morgan went to work. Morgan started with a chop block to the back of the big man’s left knee, and then attempted to shatter both of them. Morgan wasn’t looking for a pinfall, instead he looked to show the world who was the new TNA Titan.

            Limping, Nash fought back and looked to finish with the Jackknife powerbomb, but his legs buckled and Morgan took full advantage as Nash on his knees is blasted full force by the Carbon Footprint. Morgan then in spectacular fashion lifted the dead weight of the seven foot 300 pound monster into the air and hit the Hellavator for the victory.

            Winner via pinfall at 11:33 Matt Morgan

            After the match Morgan flexed his muscles and refused to leave the ring as he watched Nash come too and under his own power try and walk from the ring. Referees ran out to help him walk but Nash again crumpled in agony grabbing at his knees. Morgan slowly walked past the veteran with a slight sadistic smile with a symbolic stance showing the world he was indeed, now, “bigger” than Kevin Nash. Nash grasped at his knees as EMTs ran down to check Nash and then move him to the back as Morgan raised his arms in victory.


            Unbreakable Fourth match
            Grudge Match
            Scott Steiner vs. D’Angelo Dinero

            Big Poppa Pump had been suspended due to his alliance with Daniels and Raven during the situation now known as the “Raven Saga”. When Steiner returned he wanted what Champion Daniels promised him at the time, a World title shot. The reality for Steiner was, that due to his involvement, it would a long time before he would become a contender for the belt. Steiner took his rage out on TNA superstars starting with Kurt Angle who defeated him. Due to this loss Steiner was not included in the King of the Mountain tournament and attacked the TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett feeling betrayed by Steiner fought back only to be put on the shelf by the sociopathic Steiner.

            After the victory at Slammiversary over Jarrett, Steiner again turned his attention to the TNA World title, only to be defeated by The Pope on Impact by a schoolboy roll up. Thus moving him down the ladder when it came to the title. Steiner was livid and went out of his way to destroy The Pope, but the former two time X-Division Champion was not going to take it lying down.

            Both men get enormous reactions from the capacity crowd as Steiner receives incredible amounts of heat while the Pope is possibly the hottest act in town. The match takes along time to get started as Steiner flexes his muscles and berates his opponent, while The Pope thrusts his crotch and flashy his pearly white smile. Dinero’s sternum was badly hurt during the Monster’s Ball match when Senshi hit a double stomp off the stage and crashed down onto Pope through a table. Steiner attacks the injury and doesn’t let up. He puts Dinero down and tries to humiliate the Pope with a slap. Pope fires back with a slap of his own.

            Steiner is surprised by the skill and speed of Dinero, but still refuses to be caught like last time and delivers big time suplexes to try and finish the match. Pope fights through the pain and kicks out of multiple covers. Pope even ducks a Steinerline and reverses it into a backslide for a quick two count. But this only enrages Steiner who tries to rip Pope limb from limb. Dinero though uses his punching combos and then his flying shoulder tackle and Coronation move in a flurry of offence which finally exposes Steiner for the DDE.

            Winner via pinfall at 12:53 The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

            Pope celebrates the victory with his Congregation after the match as the commentary team note that it was one of the biggest wins of Dinero’s career and could catapult him straight to the main event.


            Unbreakable fifth match
            World Tag Team Championship Match
            Champions The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

            With Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle being forced to tag together several times over the last few months, they had been undefeated. Not only that but the teams they had beaten were top tier tag teams. While Joe was training for the UFC 117 showdown with Brock Lesnar, Angle put in a petition to wrestle for the tag titles. Shelley took exception to this due to the Guns having to scratch and claw for years to get a shot at the belts, while he thought Kurt Angle was just trying to add another gold belt to his collection.

            Angle was beaten down by Shelley and Sabin to back his partner reluctantly joined in. This in turn didn’t sit well with him and Sabin then took it upon himself to grant Joe and Angle a tag title shot, to the disgust of his partner. Joe returned and with Kurt defeated America’s Most Wanted to prove they were worthy of the shot at Unbreakable.

            The Machine Guns have been champs for almost eight months after dethroning the most decorated tag team in history, Team 3D. They are now the true definition of tag team champions and they stand face to face with the same for the singles heavyweight division.

            Shelley starts the match with Angle trying to show Angle that due to his hybrid style he can out wrestle the Olympic Gold medallist. Amazingly he shines and then tags in Sabin. Sabin and Angle then wrestle. Sabin also does well against Angle as Joe seems frustrated that his partner wants to go it alone in the opening stages. But this all changes when the double team experts, start doing their thing. When Angle starts to get the upper hand, their chemistry hits full swing with amazing aerial and grounding double team moves. Joe has to break up pin covers or submissions several times.

            When Joe comes in he bulldozes the champs and really goes in with no remorse. He has been screwed out of the TNA World title and the UFC title in the space of a month and he is not going to lose this one. The Guns don’t seem to have an answer for the big man as he over powers them on the mat and then amazingly outguns them in the air. The Champs try to regroup as they have no answer as Angle is brought in to try and finish the job as the smell of a title change is in the air. Joe spins over the top rope knocking down both men on the floor but lands on his feet! He calls out to the fans who are 100% behind Joe As he looks to feed Sabin to an awaiting Angle. But the roar of the crowd turns into an explosion as from the fans Brock Lesnar pounced!

            The two behemoths brawled at ringside as security tried to tear Lesnar away from the title match he was interfering in. The ref gets distracted while Sabin is caught in the ankle lock and he taps out. Shelley though sees the bell has not rung and flies off the top rope driving both knees into the spine of Angle. The Machine Guns then hit Skull and Cross Bones for the victory.

            Winners and still TNA World Tag Team Champions at 16:22, The Motor City Machine Guns

            Joe and Lesnar are swarmed by security near the ramp. Joe has been screwed again and this rivalry is not over. Joe screams as he throws his fists at Lesnar. Lesnar almost throws the security team away with ease. Both men after several minutes are finally pulled apart and are led down different sides of the huge Unbreakable set. Joe tells Brock he’s “gonna kill him” as the chaos finally is brought under control.


            Unbreakable Co-Main Event
            TNA World Heavyweight Championship
            Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe

            At Slammiversary Desmond Wolfe went through seven other competitors in arguably TNA’s most dangerous match, the Monster’s Ball to become the number one contender. Hardy wanted to help save TNA from Raven and wanted to be apart of “The End” but was convinced to uphold the prestige of the World title by defending at the supershow. However when he went to assist his friends he was attacked from behind and left unconscious. Was it Wolfe? Was it Daniels? No one is sure, but it has lit a fire under Hardy and if he cannot defend TNA then he has promised to be victorious and retain the Heavyweight Championship of the World. But can he defeat Wolfe, a man who has beaten almost every single man he has faced since stepping into TNA?

            Wolfe with Chelsea looks extremely confident as he walked down the ramp. He flipped off the fans as they boo him. While Hardy got the biggest ovation of the night thus far as he rock and rolled down the ramp proudly displaying the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Wolfe showed absolutely no respect to the champion and slapped him before the bell. Hardy exploded unloading several blows to Wolfe to start the match. Wolfe though a master of the game was able to slow things down and try and dictate the p[ace of the match by leaving the ring and getting big time heat from it from the fans.

            Wolfe throughout the match kept Hardy’s fast paced offence to a minimum and started working on the Champion’s arm and then lower back. Wolfe started to dominate and used high impact moves and then followed them up with submissions or stretches to punish Hardy. But the Champion fought back with everything he had. After kicking out of what felt like endless covers, The Charismatic Enigma lighted up the crowd with amazing aerial attacks taking the high risk to Wolfe!

            The match went back and forth as both men were so close to finishing their opponent that each tried desperation moves. Chelsea at one stage even tried to distract Hardy almost giving Wolfe the surprise win, but the Champ kicked out in time to keep the match alive. Hardy climbed the turnbuckles looking to finish but Wolfe caught him and then countered into a Tower of London. Hardy’s foot was too close to the ropes and a rope break saved the title. Wolfe was livid and set ready for a Jawbreaker Lariat, but Hardy ducked and then power slammed the challenger. As exhausted as Hardy was he quickly hit the Compactor pinning hold and Wolfe couldn’t escape before the three count!

            Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion at 19:38 Jeff Hardy

            Wolfe couldn’t believe it as the battered Champion rolled out of the ring in a state of relief. Chelsea was beside herself also, she knew if her man had one it would mean millions of dollars for her to spend. Hardy gets his hand raised on the outside as Wolfe is disgusted with himself as he had dominated the entire match. Hardy stands tall on the ramp as the fans cheer him and his big win.


            Unbreakable Main Event
            The End
            Sting, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels


            Raven, Giant Bernard, Tomko and Abyss w/ James Mitchell

            Throughout the broadcast members of Sting’s team were individually interviewed about Raven’s statement that there was a “Judas” amongst them. RVD as outspoken as he always is, said he didn’t trust Daniels, AJ said he believed in his team to defeat Raven and it was a last ditch effort at mind games. Sting said he doesn’t know if there is someone setting to betray them, but he will ensure that he will save TNA. As for Christopher Daniels, he said that he will save TNA so he can get back what belonged to him and ranted about how he was not pinned or submitted when he lost his World title. He stated he would put down the “disobedient dog Raven”, and then move onto more important things, the World Championship.

            Each man on Sting’s team got a big time entrance to the delight of the fans. However Raven and his men entered ringside through the crowd as a dark comparison. The match stipulations are that it will be an elimination match governed under “Raven’s Rules”, which basically means anything goes. Raven and his demonic soldiers stood on the outside as Sting’s warriors stood strong on the inside as Styles and RVD pulled the trigger by leaping over the top rope and crashed down on top of everyone. Daniels and Sting followed suit with a moonsault from the Fallen Angel and a cross body from the Icon. The war than began on the outside. Each man seemed to pair off and destroy each other all over ringside, into the fans, up onto the stage and on top of the commentary table. RVD used steel chairs and Raven used Singapore canes. The fans ate up every bit of carnage as the fight for TNA’s future went into overdrive.

            At 8:04 Tomko was eliminated after a Pele kick from AJ Styles connected, that had Don West almost lose his voice calling. RVD from out of the stratosphere hit a 5 Star Frog splash and Styles pinned him to give Sting’s team the advantage.

            At 10:23 Sting’s team were hurting after Raven used a Singapore cane on anything that moved (including a camera man) and he and Giant Bernard had Daniels cornered. The fans were livid and thunderously jeered Daniels when he cut a sly smile and offered his hand to Raven. The Maniacal One nodded approvingly at Daniels’ decision and all three men looked to see who they could eliminate. But everyone was taken by surprise when Daniels spun Giant Bernard around, doubled the big man over with a kick to the gut and hit Angels Wings to eliminate him! The fans went crazy for Daniels as he had fooled them all!

            Raven’s team was down to a two on four disadvantage now and Sting looked to close it out by taking care of Raven. At 12:11 Sting had Raven down in the middle of the ring as the Monster Abyss took down both AJ and Daniels on the outside. The Monster had a giant steel chain and looked to turn the former tag team champions into paste. But out flew the World Champion Jeff Hardy. He vowed that he wanted to be in this match and since Raven’s Rules stated anything goes, the Champion of the World attacked…. Sting!?!?!?!?

            With steel chair in hand the Charismatic Enigma dove into the ring as Sting had Raven set for a Deathdrop, Hardy (in smudged face paint) blasted Sting in the face with such force that the Icon went flying out of the ring hitting the floor hard! Raven and Hardy laughed as it was obvious to everyone that no one had attacked Hardy on Impact. Raven jumped out of the ring to join Abyss to beat up Styles and Daniels as Hardy soaked in the hate from the fans. They couldn’t believe that their hero, the World Champion had turned on TNA!

            But Hardy was suddenly standing face to face with his friend RVD who was stunned at the Champion’s actions. Hardy after pausing for a few seconds tried to take Rob out with the chair but RVD used it against him with a Van Daminator!!! Hardy went down hard as Rob trash talked the man that has betrayed TNA, its own Champion.

            But Rob in his utter shock left himself open to an Evenflow DDT from Raven and at 14:16 he is eliminated from the match. It was now 3 on 2, but Sting seemed to be unconscious and lying a pool of his own blood from the vicious chair shot. Raven and Abyss used weapons and brawled with the two former World Champions, but as former friends AJ and Daniels started working together to really take control of the match. But at 16:32 Styles is eliminated by the Monster Abyss’ Blackhole Slam into broken glass, placed there several minutes earlier by Raven and Mitchell.

            This now leaves Daniels fighting for his life against Raven and Abyss as Sting is still out. Daniels fights valiantly but is double teamed. But he is saved by a bloody Icon Sting. Like a phoenix he rose and started cleaning house! The fans went crazy as Raven and Sting stood face to face in the middle of the ring. Daniels using a leaping knee strike knocks the Monster to the floor, leaving Raven and Sting to finally end the rivalry once and for all!

            The arena was deafening as Sting and Raven exchange blows trying to kill the other man. Finally Sting hit a kick to the mid section, a running bulldog and then locked in the Scorpion Deathlock. Raven squealed like a stuck pig trying to escape. The screams seem to stir Jeff Hardy on the outside, as Raven writhes in pain. Daniels is knocked down by the monster and Abyss looks to make the save. But at 19:21 Raven taps out!!!!

            Sting has defeated Raven and now with only the Monster Abyss left Sting dropped to his knees and tried to wipe the blood from his eyes. But Hardy with his chair was back and plunged the edge of it into the back of Sting’s skull!!!!

            Sting drops and Abyss clambers into the ring and picks an almost lifeless Sting up and finishes him with a chokeslam! Sting is eliminated at 21:03 as the Monster roared and looked to Daniels. Hardy laughed as he pointed to the former Champion.

            But when all looked lost at 22:45 Bret the Hitman Hart runs out and makes the save by taking out Hardy with a chair shot of his own! Raven had put Hart in hospital and the Hitman was back to rid TNA of him and his evil!! The fans go crazy as Hart delivers a chairshot to Abyss and then chases Hardy from ringside to the back. Daniels and Abyss are the only two men left in the ring as Daniels hits the Best Moonsault ever not once, not twice but three times on the monster for the victory!

            Winners at 25:44 Sting, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels

            Bret Hart stands on the stage as Hardy has fled holding up his steel chair in victory as the referee raised Daniels’ hand. Sting’s team have indeed saved the day, but is the victory bittersweet now a bigger threat has hit TNA with the World Champion Jeff Hardy now being apart of the mindset of destroying TNA. Raven is gone, but Hardy has replaced him and he holds the Championship of the World….

            Beaten and battered Sting, AJ and RVD all come out and shake Daniels’ hand. The Fallen Angel acknowledges their sincerity but leaves as Hart and almost the entire locker room run down to celebrate TNA’s unbreakable victory.



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              Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

              Episode 35

              Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to TNA Impact! They are both excited as TNA was saved from Raven’s control in an amazing match at Unbreakable. If Raven had won, no one knows if this episode would have even aired, but here they are!

              The Hitman’s music hits and out walks the Chairman of the Championship Committee, Bret Hart. The fans are excited to once again see Bret as due to his return he helped Sting’s team win the day. He still looks a little shakey after being in the hospital after the vicious attack by Raven at Slammiversary. But the Hitman returned to turn the tide after Jeff Hardy betrayed TNA by joining forces with Raven. Wearing his trademark sunglasses and leather jacket he poses to the fans with a huge smile on his face!

              Hart: Welcome everyone to TNA Impact! That’s right you are all here in the arena or watching from wherever you are around the world because of four men. It is my great honour to introduce to you the saviours of TNA.

              “Slay Me” hits, the fans go crazy and out walks Sting. Wearing a leather jacket of his own, the Icon walks out with no war paint but sunglasses. Then “Walk” hits and out walks the Whole Dam Show, Rob Van Dam, dressed in denim shorts and the latest RVD t-shirt. Rob is followed by The Phenomenal One wearing jeans and a t-shirt. All three men get into the ring and shake Hart’s hand as the fans applaud them from last night’s big win. Finally dressed in his usual three –piece suit, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels walks down the ramp.

              Hart: To you four men, from the bottom of our hearts we all owe you a debt of gratitude. You have saved this company from an absolute nightmare. And..

              Daniels: Now Hart, that this business is finally behind us all. You will give me what I am owed. You see not only did I “save” TNA single handed from Raven and your poor control of this company. But I also still have a contracted World title rematch for my Championship that I was never pinned or submitted for. So you will rightfully announce my rematch!

              Hart goes to speak but is interrupted by the current World Champion, the “Judas” amongst them all, Jeff Hardy’s music. All five men look up onto the stage as out of the tunnel walks Raven with a huge smile on his face. Stopping at the top of the ramp He kneels in front of them as “Modest” continues to play and outstretches his arms in his evil pose. He roars as from the darkness behind him emerges the “Evil” Enigma, covered in his face paint, and stands behind him. With the World title over his shoulder Hardy runs his tongue over his teeth as the fans spit venom at him. They are disgusted with him as the thunderous boos and jeers are heard from all over the Impact Zone. Raven still kneeling has a mic, but cannot get a word in as the fans just won’t let him speak as they are now at deafening levels of heat for their once loved hero. He hands Hardy the mic.

              Hardy: I have nothing to say except you will all listen to the World Champion’s NEW manager, Raven.

              Raven: Hahaha, Sting, Hart, you thought you could rid of me? You thought you could cut me out like a cancer. Fools, there will always be those dark cells still incubating somewhere deep down, waiting to spread and regrow back into a full blown fatal disease. You can’t stop it, you can only delay it.

              Jeff Hardy has seen what TNA is all about. He is the Champion, and you dared not involve him? You dared not include him? He holds the belt, therefore he is TNA! You see I contacted him after all the arguments and you see he saw it my way, he saw the big picture, he realised exactly what must be done. So he joined me. Actually no I joined him. You see he is the biggest star in this business and with my help I have just made him go supernova! He will burn all of you and TNA, let the new age begin

              Hart: Raven, don’t go anywhere. You see since you are now officially Jeff Hardy’s manager then you can relay this message to your client. Next week it will be Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels for the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World!

              Hardy: What! No way, you can’t do this!

              Hart: Oh I’m back Hardy and I just did it. Daniels you wanted your rematch you got it. Next week right here live on Impact.

              Bret Hart’s music plays as Tenay and West go crazy over the big announcement that there will be a title match on Impact next week!


              Mike Tenay and Don West talk about the brutal war at Unbreakable between Matt Morgan and Kevin Nash. At this time Kevin Nash has been taken out of the sport indefinitely as Morgan took down the big man and showed that he had arrived and he is now the giant of TNA.

              Match #1
              Matt Morgan vs. Robert Roode

              Roode is hit with the Carbon Footprint from the opening bell. Roode barely kicked out and was punished from pillar to post by the huge Morgan. Roode fought back but it was all in vain as the Blueprint hit the Hellavator for the victory.

              Winner at 4:27 The Blueprint Matt Morgan

              Morgan: To everyone in the back, you have now all been put on notice. The DNA of TNA at Unbreakable destroyed Kevin Nash. There is a new giant in town, and he’s name is Matt Morgan.


              In the back Roode has an ice pack behind hid head as a trainer has a pen light and checks Roode’s eyes. JB tries to get some comments but James Storm and Chris Harris brush past everyone and ask Roode if they can “talk”….

              Christy Hemme is with Bret Hart as the Championship Committee leader has an announcement that he couldn’t get out due to Jeff Hardy’s earlier intrusion.

              Hart: Christy tonight I was rudely interrupted by our World Champion Jeff Hardy. Which is interesting because he would probably want to know this information. In four weeks TNA’s next pay per view spectacular is Victory Road, the road to Bound For Glory 2010 starts right here tonight. So I am going to reward the four men who helped save TNA from Raven by putting them into a small tournament to find out who will be the number one contender at Victory Road for the World Championship. Now since next week Christopher Daniels is already getting his shot, the man who will take his place in the tournament will be ….Samoa Joe. Good luck gentlemen.

              Match #2
              World Title tournament semi-final match
              Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles

              RVD walks out first but he calls for a microphone. His usual cool demeanour is not present tonight and anyone who saw Unbreakable would know why.

              RVD: Jeff, I thought I knew you man. What the hell are you thinking? Dude you have stuck the knife into the back of everyone here in TNA. But brother, you dug it in deepest to me. Jeff I’m coming for you man. I’m gonna kick your damn head off.

              These two masters of high risk shake hands and then go ballistic. Each man hits the other with everything they’ve got. All four of the men in this tournament want Hardy’s head for what he did at Unbreakable and Styles wants to beat RVD so he is the one that gets to not only have a shot at the World title but gets to fight Hardy.

              RVD hits a split-legged moonsault only for Styles to kick out of the cover. Styles looks to escape RVD’s flurry of offence and counters a Van Dam shot with a flying armbar. RVD gets to the ropes only to be caught in a springboard moonsault onto a standing opponent floating over into an inverted DDT. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash, but suddenly RVD rolls him up inot a schoolboy.1..2…3

              Winner at 12:45 advancing in the World title tournament Rob Van Dam.

              Rob gets his hand raised. As AJ sits on the mat playing over the events quickly in his head on how he lost. Rob offeres him his hand, and Styles takes it. AJ pats Van Dam on the shoulder and tells him he needs to be the one who teaches Hardy a lesson. Rob nods his head in agreement and AJ raises the Whole Dam Show’s amr to the fans…

              Backstage JB is with The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

              JB: At Unbreakable Pope you moved even closer to a TNA World title shot by defeating one of the biggest superstars in this buisness Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. What’s next for you?

              Dinero: BJ, dontchya see the writing’s on the wall my friend. The Cadillac of pro-wrestling is tuned up and ready to smack the bottom of this business. Ya see BJ, the Pope is ready to acsend to the next level and just like everyone else in that locker room, hopefully it’s at the expense of that piece of trash Jeff hardy for aligning with Raven. So hardy, I hope you’re watchin’ this daddy, because The Pope is..

              Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea walks into the screen and interrupts Pope’s interview.

              Wolfe: Hey look Chelsea it’s the Poop. Listen up Poop, because that’s what ya are, I’m was robbed on Sundy at Unbreakable, and if there’s anyone around ‘ere that’s getting the next title shot it’s gonna be me comprende. Do I haf to draw ya a diagram? So Borash how about you interview me sunshine because..

              Pope has had enough of the disrepsect and pimp slaps Wolfe. Desmond grabs his jaw in pain as Dinero walks over to Chelsea and slaps her on her butt. Wolfe comes back but Pope grabs him and throws him head first into the interview set. Chelsea shrieks as Pope dusts off his hands and grabs JB’s mic

              Dinero: Now that’s pimpin’


              Christy Hemme is standing by with the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

              Hemme: I’m here with former World Champion Christopher Daniels. At Unbreakable you fooled Raven into thinking you were going to join hi side and then eliminated two men to win the match for TNA. And now you’ve got a World title shot next week.

              Daniels: *sigh* I find it actually quite funny that RVD couldn’t trust me and yet it was his so-called best friend who almost ended TNA for all of us. Jeff Hardy was the traitor not me, and it seems TNA management finally have conceded that I did what I did because I love TNA and I sacrificed everything, my integrity, my body, my soul to become World Champion. You see at Unbreakable I was the one who defeated Abyss, I was the one who was the last man standing. I am the measuring stick in this business and not even Jeff Hardy’s betrayal could stop me and the team I led into battle from winning.

              So Jeff, next week, you are put to the test. Next week, you will have to face me as I have finally been given what I deserve. And that is my rematch for a title I never lost. You see I find it funny that AJ Styles screwed me out of the title and handed it to a man who wants to destroy TNA. Maybe Sting should be asking questions on where AJ’s loyalties lie.

              But I digress, when I was Champion this company became the highest rated pro-wrestling show on the planet. And it still is today, all because of the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. I am God’s gift to pro-wrestling and next week I will take back my World Heavyweight Championship. And Raven if you try and get in my way, I will put you down like the disobedient dog you are. And that is gospel.

              Out to the ring walks The World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley leads the charge and he jumps into the ring with Sabin trying to calm him down.

              Shelley: Last night we once again proved to the world that we are the best of all time. We defeated Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Now we’ve been hearing that Kurt Angle has been saying that Brock Lesnar cost them the tag titles. No Kurt I’ll tell you who cost you the tag titles, and that was the Tag Champions the Motor City Machine Guns! So how about we finish this right now, just you and me. Let’s go Angle!

              The familiar them music of Kurt Angle hits and rising from his elevator comes arguably the greatest wrestler of all time. The fans go crazy and chant his name as Angle walks down the ramp smiling the entire way. Angle points to Sabin to get out of the ring and pulls up his straps.

              Match #3
              Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin vs. Kurt Angle

              The hybrid wrestler Shelley really turns it on. He firstly postpones locking up with Angle, and then when he does he shoots a quick kick to the mid section of the Gold medallist and then shows off by trying to outwrestle Angle. This strategy doesn’t work and Angle quickly escapes, transitions and starts hitting Shelley with suplexes!

              Shelley fights back in a great display of European, high risk and strong styles to bring Angle down. In a great contest Shelley looks to have Angle beat by getting Sabin involved but the other half of the tag champions won’t get involved and this causes a distraction. Angle capitalises and hits the Olympic Slam and follows it up with the Ankle lock. Shelley taps out giving Kurt the victory.

              Winner via submission at 12:57 Kurt Angle

              The fans applaud a great match as Sabin helps Shelley to the back. Shelley refuses help from his partner and hobbles to the back in disgust. Angle grabs a microphone wiping the sweat from his forehead.

              Angle: Shelley you are right, I do say a lot of things backstage. One of them was that Brock Lesnar cost Samoa Joe and I the World Tag Team Championships. So Brock, you have now cost Joe three Championships. I’d watch my back if I was you.

              Another thing I say a lot is I can’t believe the ego on Bret Hart. Last night he couldn’t help himself and once again he had to grab the spotlight, putting TNA in danger by going out to the ring during TNA’s most important match. Hart, you still think you’re the best there is, was, and ever will be. But your not I’m the best in the world and you need to…


              The stage explodes, fire shoots up from all sections of the entrance ramp and the screen turns into a digital inferno. A monster’s roar echoes through the arena and the fire transforms into the American flag and then into a dragon. The digital Dragon breathes fire onto the screen when suddenly it all turns to black and the lights turn off in the arena. Everyone sits in the dark until the word “ENTER:” appears on the screen. Then pyro explodes again and a heavy hard hitting theme starts up as the word “Enter:”, turns into “THE DRAGON” and out of the tunnel emerging from the smoke walks The American Dragon Bryan Danielson!

              Angle is taken aback as after three months of promotional videos of this fire breathing dragon and the word enter, it has been Danielson the entire time. And the newest TNA acquisition has a microphone.

              Danielson: Did I hear someone say “Best in the world”?

              The fans go crazy as he stands there smiling as the fans go crazy and then start chanting “Best in the World” Danielson goes to speak again, but then a huge “Dragon” chant starts up and he has to pause again. Angle can’t believe what is going on as the Impact Zone is going crazy for the American Dragon.

              Danielson: After “crossing the line” over on a little PG show up north, I got a phone call from Bret the Hitman Hart, and he asked me to come and give TNA an adrenaline rush! You see Kurt you are looking at the best wrestler in the world, and my name is Bryan Danielson. I’ve always been a big fan of TNA and I’m kind of really sick and tired of you bad mouthing Bret Hart every single week here on Impact. It’s getting extremely boring. So I got a proposition for you. Kurt Angle versus Bryan Danielson, Victory Road. And I’ll show you who the best in the world is.

              Danielson’s music hits and Angle cannot believe what just happened as the fans go crazy and start another Dragon chant as Bryan Danielson has arrived in TNA Wrestling!


              <A replay of the big debut of Bryan Danielson and his challenge to Kurt Angle at Victory Road>

              Match #4
              NEO-1-GT (London/Kendrick) vs. Kazarian / Bentley vs. Speed Muscle

              In a blistering fast paced X Division style match, all three teams rip into each other with high paced, high flying non-stop action. London and Kendrick seem to have a real problem with Kazarian and Bentley and during the match both teams toss Speed Muscle out of the ring and they confront each other. It continues into an explosive exchange of high impact moves which ends when Sped Muscle return and take advantage of the rivalry allowing them to get the win, as Yoshino hits a brainbuster on Kendrick for the pinfall victory.

              Winners at 6:42, Speed Muscle

              Speed Muscle grab a microphone and run down the two teams in Japanese. They walk off only for Mistico’s music to hit and out walks the Lucha superstar and Amazing Red as they look down at the men who have attacked them over the last month. They run down the ramp, but the Japanese speedsters turn tail and escape through the crowd as the fans cheer for Red and Mistico!!


              Back from commercial and gunshots ring out in the Impact Zone signalling the from the border entrance the entrance of the Latin American eXchange, Konnan, Salinas, Homicide and the (LA)X Division Champion Hernandez. At Unbreakable Homicide spray painted the letters “L.A.” onto the front of Hernandez’s title announcing to the world that LAX runs the division and it belongs to them. Hernandez proudly points to the graffiti on the belt as he yells into the camera, “I am the LAX Division Champion”. They all jump into the ring and taunt the crowd. LAX get really under the huge sold out crowd’s skin as Salinas hands Konnan a microphone.

              Konnan: The Revolution continues as the LAX Division Champion Hernandez once again showed the World he is the most ruthless, most dominant Champion in recent history. No one can stop him and no one will. Jerry Lynn, keep sending him opponents and he will keep crushing them, one after the other ese. This is the LAX Division now we run it and no one can deny it. Who even wants to fight Hernandez? Who?

              Konnan starts trash talking the crowd asking individuals if they want to fight Hernandez. The Champion affords himself a slight smirk as he looks down from under his bandanna at how people are afraid of him and his squad.

              Konnan: See no one even wants to face you bro. They know that it’s not about trying to beat you. It’s about trying to survive you.

              Hernandez: I am the unified Global and X Division Champion. I am so dominant that Jerry Lynn cannot stop us from renaming this whole Division the LAX Division. Who in the back has the guts to fight me for this belt?

              Hernandez’s question is quickly answered as a very unexpected theme song plays out of the speakers. Out walk the Beautiful People?!?! They stay at a safe distance on the stage and Velvet Sky and Angelina Love both have microphones.

              Sky: Hernandez, you sure are one big, bad, badly dressed dude. You look really tough doesn’t he Angelina? But I think we’ve got somethin’ for ya.

              Love: Velvet, they do dress badly, especially that skank Salinas there. Hi honey, where did you buy that hideous weave from? Anyways Konnan, I think the X Division needs a bit of class.

              Sky: A bit of style

              Sky and Love: A bit of Beauty.

              Out walks Hiroshi Tanahashi looking as cocky as ever. He outstretches his arms and the two girls spin into to him as they drag their fingers over the Ace of the Universe’s abs.

              Love: So how about it Hernandez, are you man enough to take our man on for the X Division Championship?

              Konnan: How dare you, you little be-atches and you … you cockroach, Hernandez will step on you and wipe his boots clean. Who are you to ask for a title shot?

              Love: Sounds like a yes to us. So shine that pretty belt up boys because it will go beautifully around our man’s sexy waist.

              Love and Sky: Hollah!

              Tanahashi’s music hits again and LAX are left in the ring as the Beautiful People turn and walk to the back looking very confident. Hernandez stares at the stage and nods his head in agreement that he wants to fight the Japanese Ace.

              Backstage Christy is with the Icon Sting at the interview station. Even backstage the Stinger gets a huge pop from the fans as they can see the interview on the TNATron.

              Hemme: Thanks for joining us before your match Sting this is a real honour. What are your thoughts about what has happened here in TNA over the last week.

              Sting: Christy, this last week has been bittersweet for not just me but for TNA. I was on the phone with Bret Hart, AJ and Rob all this week. We are thrilled that we won on Sunday, but are utterly disappointed in Jeff Hardy’s actions. I mean how long has Hardy been with Raven. Raven interfered in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. Did he help Jeff win the title? It definitely looks that way. We still don’t know how Raven got to Jeff, but he has stabbed us all in the back and tonight all four of us are prepared to fight each other, to go through the right channels so we can take the title away from him and from Raven.

              Just when we thought Raven was finally gone, he becomes Hardy’s manager. In order for one of to fight Hardy I’m willing to make sure we do this the right way.

              Hemme; And Sting, you are a true professional, but what about for you personally? At Unbreakable he hit you in the face with a steel chair when he first came out. You have a lot of stitches there.

              Sting: Personally, huh, yeah well, that’s … that’s something I declared before Unbreakable. I said that whoever tries to screw TNA, I’m gonna getchya. Well Hardy you’ve got that title. Raven’s making sure you are protected at the moment. But boy, you struck me with a steel chair. You busted me open and I laid in a pool of my own blood. Hardy! I’m comin’ for ya boy. I’m like a Great White Shark and I’m coming to rip you to shreds and spit you out. Very soon Hardy, it’s Showtime!


              < Black and white footage of Lesnar interfering in the Joe/Daniels title match, of Joe losing to Lesnar via judges decision at UFC 117 and then in full colour of Unbreakable when Lesnar again attacked Joe during his tag title match. The huge brawl that occurred and Joe was pulled away from the match allowing the Machine Guns to double team Kurt giving them the win… Lesnar screams out that he will kill Lesnar!>

              Main Event
              World Title tournament semi-final match
              Sting vs. Samoa Joe.

              Both men enter the ring but Joe asks for a microphone from So Cal Val.

              Joe: Wait a minute Stinger, I’ve got something to say. Before I go to war with THE most respected man in this business, I’m going to address the LEAST respected. Brock, you left this business, you couldn’t handle it. You walked away. You then bad mouthed it. And now when I keep kicking your ass you feel like you have to keep jumping back in. Do you attack me because I sometimes say that Samoa Joe is pro-wrestling.. and you feel because you hate the sport that much you can put a face to it, and want to ruin my chances at immortality?

              Or is it simply you know you can’t beat me? YOU are not the dominant force in this industry Lesnar I AM. Pro-wrestling, Boxing, MMA I am the baddest mofo on the planet and I’m coming for you. No more games. No more politics. Anytime. Anyplace If you stick your head out I will kick it off. You hear me Lesnar!?!? Please stick your head out again. I’m begging you. Do you hear me!?!? Joe’s gonna kill you. Joe’s gonna kill you! Joe’s gonna f<beeeep> kill you!!! You hear me!?!!?

              Joe slams the mic down in the middle of the ring and tosses down his towel. He offers his hand to Sting who looks actually a little intimidated for maybe the first time in his 25 year career. The bell rings and the two men lock up, but Joe seems to only see Lesnar and starts laying in brutal knees to the Icon’s mid section. Joe brings the pain as he starts kicking the legs of Sting with such force, the legend starts retreating. Sting rolls out to the outside to create some space, but Joe comes out after him with a heat seeker suicide dive!

              Joe is on fire and the Icon is in trouble. Sting though kicks the knee of Joe spins quickly and hits a chop block knocking down the big man. Sting gets his senses back and then drops a flying elbow drop and then puts Joe in the corner and hits a Stinger Splash! Sting plays to the fans and hits another! Joe is hurt but does not fall and Sting hits one more… only to be caught in a uranage slam! Joe shakes off the impact and shoots in with knee strikes and elbows. Joe drops down with a back senton and then locks in his rolling submissions. Sting finally gets to the ropes after a long sequence and Joe looks to finish.

              He charges in but Sting sends him to the outside. Joe hits hard as Sting looks to go after him. The ref tells the Icon to get back and this opens up the shot a laying in wait Senshi was looking for! Embarrassed by Joe and Angle last week on Impact, Senshi has decided to get his revenge tonight and strikes Joe in the temple with a vicious kick. Joe drops to his knees and then topples over as Senshi escapes through the fans. Sting goes out but Joe is dead weight. Sting and the referee are not sure what has happened and Sting looks for the culprit. Was it Lesnar? Was it Raven?

              The referee starts counting but Sting refuses to win this way. He tries to get Joe into the ring, but the 300 pounder wont budge.

              Double count out declared at 9:54

              The referee asks Sting why he wouldn’t just get back in the ring, but Sting dismisses the ref. He orders the ref to get help out here for Joe, as he surveys the crowd for who attacked the Samoan Submission Machine. But he allows himself to be snuck up on, and from behind Sting is struck with a steel chair to the back! Sting drops to a knee as he looks over his shoulder to see the World Champion, Jeff Hardy bring the chair down again busting open the stitched up wound from Unbreakable.

              Hardy has spilled Sting’s blood again as Raven stands in the ring directing traffic. The Monster Abyss comes down the ramp with James Mitchell to join them as Sting is a bloody mess on the floor. Abyss picks up and rolls Sting into the ring and Raven hits him with the Evenflow DDT! Sting is out as the fans boo Hardy climbs the turnbuckles. The fans can’t believe Hardy is part of this as the Champion, with his face painted slowly looks around the crowd as he stands on the top turnbuckle. Sting on the mat several feet below, raises his arm in defiance, bringing a smile to the Charismatic Enigma’s face. SWANTON BOMB!!! The fans throw trash into the ring as Raven kneels again with his arms outstretched as Abyss roars and Mitchell hands Hardy his giant gold title belt.

              AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Bret Hart run out to make the save but by then it is too late. Hardy and his Psycho Circus slowly roll out of the ring and walk away again posing on top of the stage as Impact goes off the air.



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                Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                The Josh Review!


                Run In's Ultimate TNA 2010 - Episode 32

                Hey man, this fed is hot property right now in Fan Fiction and I have been meaning to give it a review for a while now! I have started at Episode 32 (as it is top of the page ) And also It gives me chance to get into what is happening in your show at the moment! So, here we go!

                Raven/Styles Opening Segment: Ok, so from the little opening paragraph, I know that RVD, Sting & Jeff Hardy (Which I presume to be the babyfaces battling Raven's army) were all taken out last week and Raven leads me to believe that they won't be a factor in tonight's show! Leaving him free to run amock and finally end TNA, which is obviously his objective! These small opening paragraphs are SOOOO useful for lazy newcomers such as myself! I know a lot about this story already from essentially very little writing. So a big thumbs up early on for the opening segment. Styles coming down and haulting Raven's charge was great, couldn't think of a better guy to take on Raven. The man who practically made TNA vs the man wishing to destroy it! I enjoyed this, but I found it a touch unbelievable that AJ Styles managed to take out all 5 men (I'm including Mitchell) and send them running, even with weapons! Also the Daniels segment afterwards, I felt this maybe could have been done backstage towards the middle of the show? Just seemed a little weird to me having AJ call out Daniels right after that confrontation. But AJ asking Daniels to destroy what he created was again, real exciting stuff! Good Work

                Tanahashi/Pope Match:
                Right, I saw Tanahashi in TNA in the Super X Cup or whatever it's called a few years back, so I have a picture in my head of him and him being with the Beautiful People is certainly different! Well, he's gotta be better than Cute Kip, ain't he? To be honest I absolutely HATE Pope's gimmick so I'm glad Tanahashi managed to get the pinfall! Steiner coming out afterwards continuing their feud, but getting punked out! I obviously know nothing about this feud, so I'm probably going to have to keep reading to really appreciate this segment, but both men put over well and lots of feuds ticking over nicely!

                Hardy Bikes it in!: Nothing quite like a World Champion cruising in on a Motorbike. You even named the brand! Maybe a motorcycle enthusiast? For your everyday mug such as myself, motorcycle would have sufficed, but anyway, detail is good! Onto the segment and the World Champ showing up despite his injuries last week, fighting champion Bring it! Sheesh! That Chelsea asks a lot of questions don't she? Don't know how Desmond copes! Will Hardy join the fight against Raven and his goons, Desmond obviously wants Jeff to stay out of any confrontation so that he can get his World Title Shot! Another nice touch I felt, getting into the head of the challenger nicely! I enjoyed this segment, we'll see what Hardy has in store later tonight!

                Joe & Angle vs AMW: Right, I don't think it can be said enough really, having Joe screwed by Lesnar & the UFC was classic stuff! An absolutely great feud! I don't know if that's the end of the feud now, or if this will be sparked back into life, but right at this time, Joe & Angle are going after the Tag Team Titles! This makes the titles more prestigious for sure. If those guys want the belts, you know they have to mean something, so great job here! AMW come out, which begs the question, where is Roode? But I see this is answered later in the show. Anyway, AMW come out and they claim to be screwed out of the titles by The Guns! Joe & Angle have no problem putting their number 1 contendership on the line (again, never backing down from a fight!) And manage to defeat AMW... just! This keeps AMW strong for future Tag Team Shots, but Joe & Angle prove their worth as Tag Team Contenders, good stuff! I also like the Guns coming out a faining respect, before catching the Angle/Joe combo out with a quick hit and run, building nicely to Unbreakable!

                Hardy cut out backstage Segment: This segment is a little confusing, Hardy is interupted mid interview by Raven's 'toadies' as you put it! and the camera is cut off before Hardy can finish his sentence, we don't know here if Hardy has been attacked or what? I'll read with intruige to see what happens next!

                Morgan Match & Nash Confrontation: Matt Morgan vs Kevin Nash doesn't really sound like an exciting match to me. I REALLY hope this feud is designed to put Morgan over and move him up the TNA ranks because as much as I loved Kevin Nash 'back in the day' I just can't bare to see (or read) him wrestle nowadays! A relative squash win over Monty Brown? Never thought I'd say that, but it's damn impressive, Morgan looking good going into unbreakable!

                6 Man Tag/LAX:
                Right, it's obvious fairly early on that Wolfe, Williams(I LOVE HIM!) and Senshi are going to come out on top and this is just a warm up for their respective matches at Unbreakable... Or something like that? I got confused, but I know Desmond Wolfe is the Number 1 Contender to the World Title, so I definately expect an impressive showing from him! ''Hardy you Wanker.'' Best opening to a promo I've read in years! I actually laughed out loud here! The LAX come out and look to take out their latest challenger, Amazing Red! I love LAX, so glad they are back, don't think Hernandez or Homicide really worked in their singles run in TNA, so this is good. Mistico makes the save and yeah, I don't know who Mistico is, but I will guess he is a face X-Division competitor who has past beef with Hernandez & the LAX! Maybe setting up for a Tag Match next week or something? Good segment again!

                Ps. That video of the Bat US Flag on Fire was fucked up! Surely even Raven can't be that looney! :O

                Roode vs Rhyno: Here's Roode! Back on his own again after Storm turned on him (Which I bet was a pretty good feud as well!) I prefer Roode on his own though, takes two minutes to get beat by Rhyno though! This is an interesting direction to go in... Maybe a losing streak or something? AMW then come out to protect Roode from Rhyno? Wow, this has got me interested for sure! Roode walks away from AMW without even so much as a Thank You! This should be good, I look forward to reading what happens next here!

                Concluding Segment: So we reach the end, and I'll be honest with you, I'm a sucker for shows always having a Main Event Match. Call me 1 Dimensional, but I always like to have a big end match on a show, even if a promo is to follow afterwards, but hey! This is your thread and YOUR TNA and even though I personally would choose to have a Main Event, I really like the fact that you've changed it up here and don't have a 'Cookie Cutter' show, anything and everything can happen and this segment was a pretty great way to conclude the show! AJ trying to convince Hardy that his responsibility is to make sure TNA lives on through the title and he shouldn't get involved, again this is great stuff! Raven comes out and looks to have the pairing surrounded bit DANIELS HITS THE ANGEl;S WINGS!!! Gotta love that! Fantastic ending to the show, Daniels is on side (Even though I hate that name, he should be Christopher Daniels!) And Raven is punked out to end the show! TNA lives another day!!!

                Ending Notes: Well, it was only one show, but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed that Impact and I will definately be reading more (If I can get my lazy arse down behind a computer and do so!) I think you have a real good project going here and the matches are definately a good length for TV shows! If I were to pick a few constructive critisms, it would first of all be your spelling and general sentence structure. Sometimes it feels like your hands can't keep up with your brain and you are on occassion missing out words, mispelling words and sometimes the sentences don't quite make sense. So yeah, that's something you could work on being a little more careful. Apart from that, pretty much all the storylines have me interested (Barring maybe Nash & Morgan) so great job mate! Keep it up (I will try to catch up with reviews as well, I have looked at Unbreakable, which was a bit of a self spoiler!)


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                  Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                  Originally posted by Josh
                  [CENTER]The Josh Review!


                  Run In's Ultimate TNA 2010 - Episode 32

                  Raven/Styles Opening Segment: Ok, so from the little opening paragraph, I know that RVD, Sting & Jeff Hardy (Which I presume to be the babyfaces battling Raven's army) were all taken out last week and Raven leads me to believe that they won't be a factor in tonight's show! Leaving him free to run amock and finally end TNA, which is obviously his objective! These small opening paragraphs are SOOOO useful for lazy newcomers such as myself! I know a lot about this story already from essentially very little writing. So a big thumbs up early on for the opening segment. Styles coming down and haulting Raven's charge was great, couldn't think of a better guy to take on Raven. The man who practically made TNA vs the man wishing to destroy it! I enjoyed this, but I found it a touch unbelievable that AJ Styles managed to take out all 5 men (I'm including Mitchell) and send them running, even with weapons! Also the Daniels segment afterwards, I felt this maybe could have been done backstage towards the middle of the show? Just seemed a little weird to me having AJ call out Daniels right after that confrontation. But AJ asking Daniels to destroy what he created was again, real exciting stuff! Good Work

                  Hardy Bikes it in!: Nothing quite like a World Champion cruising in on a Motorbike. You even named the brand! Maybe a motorcycle enthusiast? For your everyday mug such as myself, motorcycle would have sufficed, but anyway, detail is good! Onto the segment and the World Champ showing up despite his injuries last week, fighting champion Bring it! Sheesh! That Chelsea asks a lot of questions don't she? Don't know how Desmond copes! Will Hardy join the fight against Raven and his goons, Desmond obviously wants Jeff to stay out of any confrontation so that he can get his World Title Shot! Another nice touch I felt, getting into the head of the challenger nicely! I enjoyed this segment, we'll see what Hardy has in store later tonight!

                  Hardy cut out backstage Segment: This segment is a little confusing, Hardy is interupted mid interview by Raven's 'toadies' as you put it! and the camera is cut off before Hardy can finish his sentence, we don't know here if Hardy has been attacked or what? I'll read with intruige to see what happens next!

                  Ps. That video of the Bat US Flag on Fire was fucked up! Surely even Raven can't be that looney! :O

                  Concluding Segment: So we reach the end, and I'll be honest with you, I'm a sucker for shows always having a Main Event Match. Call me 1 Dimensional, but I always like to have a big end match on a show, even if a promo is to follow afterwards, but hey! This is your thread and YOUR TNA and even though I personally would choose to have a Main Event, I really like the fact that you've changed it up here and don't have a 'Cookie Cutter' show, anything and everything can happen and this segment was a pretty great way to conclude the show! AJ trying to convince Hardy that his responsibility is to make sure TNA lives on through the title and he shouldn't get involved, again this is great stuff! Raven comes out and looks to have the pairing surrounded bit DANIELS HITS THE ANGEl;S WINGS!!! Gotta love that! Fantastic ending to the show, Daniels is on side (Even though I hate that name, he should be Christopher Daniels!) And Raven is punked out to end the show! TNA lives another day!!!

                  (I will try to catch up with reviews as well, I have looked at Unbreakable, which was a bit of a self spoiler!)

                  First of all thank you very much Josh for the review.. and on a show I did 5 shows ago, much appreciated!!! Big time!

                  I just wanted to point out a few things you did and I'm so happy you picked up on them... These were the start of my breadcrumbs leading up to World Champion Jeff Hardy's *ahh shock* heel turn

                  Raven announces to the world that on this show he will destroy TNA, because he has taken everyone out that stands against him. (AJ is my John Cena so that's why he kicked major ass in that segment- also after doing at that time 32 shows I purposely made this episode a lot different with the big ass opening segment and the no match at the end to see how it was received...) any way back to the bread crumbs.

                  So Raven announces he will destroy everything but Hardy arrives in the building late?? What? Wouldn't he want to get there to stop whatever Raven was upto just like AJ did. Also Hardy, Sting and RVD were beaten up really badly the week before.. Sting and RVD can't make it to the show the Icon and a hardcore wrestler.. but Jeff Hardy can? On a motorbike no less??

                  Also we don't know if Hardy has been attacked or what after the camera man is kidnapped but seems fine in the last segment... dun dun dun.. breadcrumbs.

                  Any way, with any "mystery" segments I put into my shows I try to leave as many breadcrumbs as possible, the same went for Christopher Daniels being the mastermind in my first story arc and by now you are probably aware that the bat wing fire thingy was my teaser video that had been playing for the last two months was the for the debut of Bryan Danielson... I wrote it into my show as soon as Daniel Bryan was kicked off WWE for the whole tie incident... i thought well I'll pick him up and add him to TNA...

                  So in saying all this thanks again for the review Josh and I'll get one to you, your title/brand unification storyline looks amazing...


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                    Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                    Episode 36

                    <Last week on TNA Impact! Bret Hart rewarded all four men who helped save TNA from Raven. Christopher Daniels has been awarded his World title rematch taking on the traitoress World Champion Jeff Hardy tonight. He was the last man standing pinning Abyss to save TNA. Sting, AJ and RVD were placed in a mini tournament to find a number 1 contender for the World title at Victory Road. Samoa Joe was added to the tournament due to his high ranking and being constantly cheated by Brock Lesnar out of titles. RVD defeated AJ Styles in a back and forth thriller while Joe and Sting were both counted out after Senshi attacked Joe behind everyone’s back, and then Jeff Hardy again attacked the Icon with a steel chair, busting him open and then hitting him with the Swanton Bomb!>

                    Impact Intro

                    Tonight on TNA Impact! For the World Heavyweight Championship, Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels in the main event.

                    Also tonight Speed Muscle vs. Amazing Red and Mistico and Bret Hart will make an official announcement on last week’s tournament matches.

                    Boom Boom Boom. Fire shoots into the sky from the ramp all the way up to stage as out of the tunnel filled with mist is TNA’s newest signing, the self-proclaimed “Best in the World”, the American Dragon Bryan Danielson! Wearing his blood red wrestling gear with a hooded robe, he makes his way to the ring slowly as the fans give him a roaring reception.

                    Match #1
                    Bryan Danielson vs. Rhino

                    The Man Beast, the new and improved Rhino runs down the ramp as his pyro explodes behind him. He slides into the ring as Danielson steps out calmly taking off his robe and rolling his wrists. Danielson tells the referee to usher the War Machine back so he can enter the ring. “AmDrag” wipes his feet on the apron and steps inot the ring, but just before the ref rings the bell, the lights dim and the music of the Olympic Gold medallist pours out of the speakers. With microphone in hand, Kurt appears on the stage via his elevator entrance and the lights come back on, as the fans are a buzz.

                    Angle: Ok boy, let’s see what you’ve got…

                    Kurt crosses his arms as Danielson looks up at Kurt, and shoots him a wry smile as he quickly ducks out of the way of a deadly clothesline from Rhino. The ref rings the bell, and Danielson replies to the sneak attack with deadly accurate kicks to Rhino’s huge legs. Rhino is forced backwards and Danielson roars as he delivers a flurry of vicious European style uppercuts. Rhino stumbles into the corner and Danielson hits a running big boot! Rhino drops to the mat as Danielson pauses looking up at Angle.

                    Flying Headbutt!!! 1..2.. Rhino kicks out so Danielson transitions into a elbow tie up crossface. Rhino struggles to escape, but with his weight advantage he is able to drag himself over to the ropes for a break. The ref counts 1..2..3..4..Danielson releases the hold stands up into the face of the referee and yells “I have till 5 referee!” the fans eat it up as Danielson drags Rhino away from the ropes and double wrist-clutches Rhino and hits him with repeated stomps to the chest, face, and head!! Rhino is bludgeoned and Danielson covers 1..2.. Rhino lifts the shoulder desperately at the last second as the American Dragon has dominated the match.

                    Danielson looks to finish showing off to Angle and the fans but Rhino explodes with big punches of his own beating the technician down. Rhino hits a brutal spine buster but cannot capitalise into a cover. Danielson grabbing the back of his head slowly gets to his feet as Rhino looks to hit the Gore. Dragon hits a charging Rhino with a knee strike, effectively stopping the Gore. He follows up with a roaring elbow and then a tiger suplex .

                    Danielson points to Angle and grounds Rhino with a crucifix hold. He then delivers repeated elbow strikes into the temple and face of Rhino. Rhino looks to be out and he can’t defend himself and the ref calls for the bell.

                    Winner via TKO at 5:33 Bryan Danielson

                    As Danielson gets his hand raised, Angle turns and walks back down the stage tunnel. Danielson laughs to himself as he applauds the fans as EMTs run in to check on Rhino. His music blasts out of the speakers as the American Dragon has won his debut match on Impact! He jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and roars “Best in the World!” to the fans as we go backstage.

                    Christy Hemme is waiting for Kurt Angle as he walks back from ringside into the backstage area

                    Hemme: Kurt, Kurt can I get your thoughts on TNA’s newest addition to the roster Bryan Danielson and his big win over Rhino just now.

                    Angle: Once again Christy, Bret Hart has brought it upon himself to try and discredit me. I know all about Danielson. I know he was the king of the independent scene. I know he got kicked out of the sports entertainment company for being too violent. To be honest to beat Rhino the way he did is very impressive. But the fact remains that he is not in Kurt Angle’s league. You see, I’ve taken on Joe, I’ve taken on Desmond Wolfe, I’ve taken on Petey Williams and Senshi. I’ve taken them all on head first. If this Danielson wants to make a name off of me he’s got another thing coming. You see I wont be embarrassed and I wont be spoken to the way I was last week. I won’t take it from Bret Hart and I certainly wont take it from this pissant young punk.

                    So at Victory Road I’m going to embarrass Bryan Danielson, I’m going to make him tap just like I have everyone else I’ve faced inside the six sided ring. Now Christy I’ve got to go get ready for my match against another young punk, Chris Sabin and show him why I think Joe and I would have won the tag titles if Lesnar hadn’t interfered.

                    Kurt walks off as Impact goes to commercial


                    Somewhere backstage Raven has a camera and has it right in his face.

                    Raven: Tonight that parasite Chris Daniels finds out what happens when he doesn’t honour a contract. You see Daniels came to me when he heard about Bret Hart being signed by the company to help him get the World title after he was denied time after time after time. You needed me Daniels and in return all I asked was that once you became Champion you helped me close TNA down for good. But no, instead you defended your title against all comers. In fact come to think of it, you were a fighting champion. Trying to prove you were something special. The best in the sport. All you proved was that you would go back on your word to me.

                    Daniels tonight you will find out how a real Champion conducts business. Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma will destroy you Daniels, he is the instrument of my revenge. And once he has taken you down, he will bring TNA down on all of your heads. Let the new age begin.

                    Match #2
                    Speed Muscle vs. The Amazing Red and Mistico

                    Red and Mistico rush the ring and start this match off with a bang. Doi and Yoshino have been running riot lately and have taken a real shine to beating up Red. With Mistico and Red no longer in the running for the X title at the moment they have joined forces to getting the upper hand of the speedsters.

                    Tenay and West call the match the fastest match they have ever seen with Yoshino and Red hitting moves and counter moves so quick the fans do not dare to blink. Doi slows it down with a big time clothesline only to be sent out to the floor with a headscissors takedown. Red and Mistico get the fans behind them and start to get on top but in the end the more familiar tag team partners pull out the frantic double team moves that win the day. Speed Muscle hit a flurry of their moves ending with a double cannonball and then a brainbuster / double sledge combo on Red for the victory!

                    Winners via pinfall at 8:21 Speed Muscle

                    Doi and Yoshino again grab mics after their match and in very loud Japanese, run down their opponents. Then in broken English they challenge the tag team champions of the world.

                    Doi: Machines Gun!. We want title match! You will give to us! No one better than us in tag wrestling. It is our time now. You will fight us!

                    Yoshino then follows that up with very strong words in Japanese and both men throw their mics onto the ground and walk off.

                    Tenay and west talk about the challenge that Speed Muscle sent out to the Motor City Machine Guns. They then go on to tell everyone about Sting not being here tonight due to the attack from last week by Raven and his new vessel of evil Jeff Hardy.

                    Tenay: In a meeting today Bret Hart let everyone know that he was contacted by Sting and he will return very soon and has vowed to stop what seems like this endless attack from Raven.

                    Match #3
                    Robert Roode vs. Tomko w/ Giant Bernard

                    Roode has been on a terrible losing streak since he returned. He stated that he has put the past behind him and wont be going after AMW or James Storm but instead will concentrate on his single’s career. But Last week AMW confronted him in the back locker room.

                    Tomko accompanied to the ring with his tag partner, Giant Bernard claps his hands together and seems to be in the mood to rip someone’s head off. Roode comes out firing and catches Tomko unaware but the big man takes control with a big boot. Roode fights back and the fans are really behind him trying to get him to break his losing streak. He comes back with a variety of suplexes and looks to take down the tattooed monster. Bernard tries to get involved but AMW come out and take him out of the equation. Roode sees AMW help him and either be it pride or confusion it distracts him just enough for Tomko to hit his signature Backbreaker rack dropped into a neckbreaker! 1..2..3

                    Winner via pinfall at 5:54 Tomko

                    The fans can’t believe it as they really wanted Roode to win this time.. AMW are disapointed also as Bernard and Tomko leave ringside victorious. Roode trying to leave AMW in his past isn’t happy that they got involved in his business and walks away from them.


                    In the back JB and Christy Hemme are standing by. They state that Christopher Daneils has refused comment tonight and is preparing for his rematch for the World title. Tenay and West are shocked as they are used to Daniels having something to say every chance he gets. The backstage interviewers send it back to ringside for the next match.

                    Match #4
                    D’Angelo Dinero vs. Petey Williams

                    Dinero is OVER! He walks out to a huge “Pope is pimpin’” chant as the capacity crowd is digging the Pope! He jumps on the turnbuckles and pumps up the crowd before they jeer and boo the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams. The two former X Division Champions meet in the ring again. Both men know the other very well and it shows in the opening exchanges.
                    Pope starts to dominate and he feeds off the fans energy as he hits his punch combos and puts the exclamation mark on them with the Pimp Slap (open palm uppercut). Pope is rolling but Williams seemingly on purpose hits the ref in the face. The ref drops to a knee grabbing at what looks like his eye. Pope is savvy to what has just happened and quickly turns avoiding an attack from Desmond Wolfe!
                    Wolfe has quickly slid into the ring but Pope was ready and hits another combo on him. But Williams takes advantage and kicks Dinero in the mid section and delivers the lethal Canadian Destroyer!!! 1..2..3.

                    Winner via pinfall at 6:58 Petey Williams

                    The fans boo as Wolfe wipes his lip and laughs as Chelsea joins him and wraps her arm around his. Pope is out as Williams celebrates on the turnbuckles. Wolfe slides back in and slaps an unconscious Pope in the face and trash talks him.. He then rolls him out to the floor and then holds him in place for Chelsea to deliver a big time slap for Dinero grabbing her ass last week. Wolfe’s music hits as we go backstage to Christy Hemme who is with the Blueprint Matt Morgan.

                    Hemme: Matt, you..

                    Morgan: Give me the microphone toots. Now scram, I don’t need you taking up my TV time. At Unbreakable I retired Kevin Nash, one of the most influential men this business has ever seen. I destroyed him. I punished him until he could no longer stand. Now I am the dominant force in this business, I am the Blueprint of the future. Now it is only fitting that someone as athletically gifted, as physically perfect as myself should hold the World title. So right here tonight I’m staking my claim and I’m coming for the title. Anyone who tries to stop me is going to end up just like Kevin Nash. Make way for Matt Morgan.


                    The backstage camera catches an argument in a hallway down near the wrestler’s locker rooms. Daniels and AJ are pointing fingers and shouting at each other. AJ is heard saying he wants to watch Daniels’ back in the title match as Raven will no doubt get involved. Daniels tells Styles he’s sick and tired of everyone and he doesn’t need anyone. He hates AJ and everyone else. He will prove why he is god’s gift to pro-wrestling. Daniels storms off the other way as AJ shakes his head and slaps his hands together out of frustration….

                    Match #5
                    Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley vs. Kurt Angle

                    With Shelley in Sabin’s corner trash talking Angle the whole match Sabin really dishes out some punishment. Using the ropes, Sabin smashes Angle with missle drop kicks and flying clotheslines. Sabin sends the Olympian out to the floor and hits him with planchas sending him into the guard rail. Sabin roars as Angle tries to get back into the match with a European uppercut. But Shelley is able to distract Angle at every turn allowing Sabin to lock him into a tree of woe and deliver the hesitation dropkick!

                    Angle capitalises on a mistake and hits several suplexes dropping Sabin on his head. Angle looks for the Olympic Slam but it is turned into a deep arm drag landing Kurt into a corner where he is hit with a running boot! Sabin looks for the CradlShock, but Angle slithers out and locks on the Ankle lock. Sabin rolls away trying to escape but Angle rolls with him and then grapevines the leg. Sabin reaches for Shelley but is stuck in the middle of the ring. Sabin can only tap out!

                    Winner via submission at 12:04 Kurt Angle

                    Angle raises his hands in victory. Sabin holding his ankle slowly gets to his feet. He gets right in Angle’s face and then… offers his hand. Angle shakes it and Shelley is livid. He jumps into the ring and grabs Sabin’s arm spinning him around as Angle leaves letting the partners argue. Sabin rolls out of the ring avoiding the dressing down and limps to the back as Shelley kicks the bottom rope.

                    Angle walks towards the tunnel but is cut off by Senshi. Looking more like a rabid animal he swings a kick at Angle making him retreat back down the ramp. Senshi is obviously not happy at losing the tag match two weeks ago and wants his revenge. But he is set upon by a enraged Samoa Joe!!!

                    Joe attacks Senshi with a vicious elbow strike to the back of his head. The smaller man is turned inside out and lands head first onto the steel ramp. Joe has had enough of being attacked and being screwed out of titles or title shots. He blasts Senshi with vengeance fuelled kicks and strikes. Senshi crumples in a heap as the beatdown borders on the crowd wanting Joe to stop. Senshi is laid out, but Joe refuses to stop. He stes up a chair next to the guard rail and places the dead weight of the Warrior onto it. Ole Ole kick connects and Senshi’s skull impacts on the steel! Joe roars and picks up Senshi again. Security run out to stop him, but Angle pushes them away and Angle tells Joe to “snap him in half!” MuscleBustaaaaaaah on the steel ramp!!

                    Joe looks down at the damage he has done as Angle sniffs and walks to the back as Joe has taken the fight to his attackers…


                    <Video of the Fallen Angel’s lengthy reign as World Champion, then how he lost the belt at Slammiversary with AJ grabbing his leg and Hardy climbed the ladder..
                    Daniels: I was never pinned nor submitted, I will take back MY World title I never lost!>

                    Main Event
                    World Heavyweight Championship Match
                    Champion Jeff Hardy w/Raven vs. Christopher Daniels

                    Daniels walks out for the first time in many months for a world title match without the belt. He looks almost naked without it s he looks extremely focused. Raven leads the Champion out as Hardy is now the omst hated man in all of wrestling. The crowd hates him so much that trash seems to be thrown his way as he walks passed the fans. His morbid looking make up and dead eyes zero in on Daniels as he stands ready. Official introductions are made by Jeremy Borash and both up their intensity as the bell sounds.

                    Daniels is on the attack, but Hardy fights back with his own unique offence. Hardy has no love for his own body and uses it as an unprotected weapon. Daniels though is an extremely intelligent wrestler and does major damage with taking minimal himself. But Hardy doesn’t seem to care as he keeps coming as Daniels keeps putting him down.

                    Daniels dominates the match but Hardy refuses to be pinned. Raven suddenly pulls a ladder from underneath the ring. Daniels sees this and grabs the top rope and throws his body through it and the middle to smash the ladder into raven’s face with his boots! But Hardy sees Daniels is sitting on the rope and quickly hits a reverse Twist of Fate! Daniels’ skull smashes onto the mat and Raven pushes the ladder into the ring. Hardy lays the former Champion onto the steel and Hardy climbs the turnbuckles. The fans boo him as he crashes down onto Daniels with the Swanton Bomb!

                    Daniels rolls away from the ladder grasping at his lower back in absolute agony. Hardy covers him 1..2..3

                    Winner at 12:32 and still World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy

                    The Charismatic Enigma poses in the middle of the ring as Raven snatches the World title away from the referee and shoves him away. Raven wraps the belt around Jeff’s waist and then kneels down and poses in front of the Champion.

                    Hardy’s music stops and in its place is Bret Hart’s. The Championship Committee Chairman walks out and has a microphone.

                    Hart: So this is the new age eh Hardy? You runnin’ around with Raven? Well I’ve got some news for the both of ya. You see last week, RVD and AJ had a classic match and Rob won. Now due to there being no clear cut winner of the Joe/Sting match I have awarded the title shot to this man…

                    “Walk” hits the speakers and the crowd goes crazy as Rob Van Dam almost leaps out of the entrance tunnel and gives the sign of the title belt and then the thumbs...R..V..D!

                    Hardy tilts his head in entropy as Raven can’t believe it. RVD is the number one contender at Victory Road!



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                      Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                      The Josh Review!


                      Run In's Ultimate TNA 2010 - Episode 33

                      Opening Segment (Dispute) - A nice opening segment creating tension between Hardy/RVD & Sting/AJ Styles. A very interesting angle with Jeff Hardy wanting to help his team, but for the good of TNA, they don't want to risk Hardy's well being so he can defend his Title! If I have one critism of this segment it is that I wouldn't have Mike Tenay open the show on commentary, I would have just had this segment unfold backstage and then cut to commentary where they hype this dispute! But overall a good segment which sets up the show nicely!

                      Daniels Promo - Here is Chris Daniels and it doesn't come as much of a suprise that he opens the show as he is very much a central character in TNA at the moment! It all goes back to 'My Enemies Enemy is my Friend' and it looks like Daniels is on side and is willing to help Team TNA take out Raven and his minions, but as soon as this mini alliance is done, Daniels is coming for HIS World Title! Great Stuff again! A brawl ensues between Daniels & Hardy, Hardy seems to be getting pretty sick and tired of being told to stay out of this match, I wish I hadn't read on, because this would have been really intruiging had I not spoiled the heel turn for myself! But at least now I can appreciate the build up which has been done very well!

                      X-Division #1 Contenders Match - Amazing Red vs Mistico in a Number 1 Contenders match! Hernandez fucks up by taking out both men, for some reason thinking this would leave him without a challenger! Lynn bursts his bubble and sets up the Triple Threat Match for Unbreakable and this segment was very enjoyable, just a little question, if the championship committee was destroyed by Raven, why did he not take out Jerry Lynn? Maybe I needed to read back further for this, but just wondering!

                      Kevin Nash Squash Segment - Not much to add from my last review to be honest with you. I haven't read this result from Unbreakable yet, but I do want this feud to be Morgan's break through, I don't really wanna see Nash hanging around too much longer, at least not in ring! A simple squash match and he tells Morgan he's got some of the same in store for him at the PPV! Very solid build for the feud.

                      Roode/Steiner Match - Ok, definately a Roode losing streak going on then and Steiner/Pope have another confrontation after the match building towards their match! Again this feud doesn't have me as interested as maybe a few of the others, but not every feud can be a blockbuster feud, again, I hope the young guy goes over, even though I am not the keenest on The Popes Gimmick. By the way, no appearance from AMW? Not sure where this thing is going, I hope for an appearance from them soon.

                      Ps. Another Bryan Danielson video and they keep getting wierder! I'm really interested to see how this all ties in with Danielson's character and return?

                      Sting/Jeff announcement - Hardy finally agrees to defend his title at Unbreakable for the good of TNA! Daniels will be part of Team TNA and we'll see if he sticks to his word and takes out Raven and his minions at Unbreakable? (Another match I spoiled for myself!) Another good segement, we now know what will happen at Unbreakable match wise!

                      Joe & Angle vs LAX - Angle & Joe continue their run towards their Tag Team Titles Match! LAX still furious are cost the match by Mistico & Red as Joe & Angle stare down the Guns! If I am honest, I think maybe you tend to try to do too much in some segments, a couple of times in the show you had 2 feuds overlap in a way and I know it's in order to fit everything into the show, but sometimes I feel it takes away a little bit from each feud. I don't think Red/Mistico & Hernandez needed another interaction if I am honest and I would have focused on building Joe & Angle for the Tag Team Titles Match, but that's just me and it's good that you are building the X Division match too.

                      RVD vs Abyss (Brawl) - RVD getting DQ'ed and not even caring about the result is pretty bad ass and created another brawl! All four of Ravens team get the numbers advantage and beat down RVD, Sting & Styles! Jeff Hardy is down backstage (Which I find out is actually a bluff) and no Daniels? This will be interesting next week, what does Christopher have to say for himself!?

                      Ending Notes: Right, well there is no doubt that your storylines are top notch! Pretty much every storyline has me hooked, there are a couple that inevitably aren't quite as exciting as the rest, but that happens in most wrestling shows, the main thing is that I am hooked in your main 3 or 4 feuds at the top of the show for the major titles and you've done an excellent job in hyping Unbreakable! One thing I would like to see you work on now is definately promo's. I am understanding the point you are trying to put across in each promo, and the point is very good, but sometimes the wording makes the segment fall a little flat, but of course this will come with time and as long as your storylines stay as strong as they currently are, this minor flaw is nowhere near enough to discourage me from reading your future shows! Keep up the good work and I will continue to catch up on your work!


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                        Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                        Ok buddy, I’ve been looking to review you for a while and since you dropped me a few comments this seems like the perfect time.

                        I have to say I thought the introduction of Danielson last week was a bit random. A cool mark-out moment for sure though and a feud with Angle should be great fun. It’s weird because last week AmDrag def came across as a face, but this week he starts off a bit heelish. I think you could’ve picked a better guy to job him out to first than Rhino. I mean, surely Rhino could’ve put up more than a fight than what he did. I find it disappointing that it was such a squash as it could have been a quality match. For me, the thing about Danielson being ‘The Best in the World’, has nothing to do with squash matches and it’s something that I think you should avoid. He’s the best in the world because he always wins. His matches are back-and-forth and entertaining but he always wins. Regardless, I’m nit-picking. I love Danielson, I like Kurt and I think minus jobbing out Rhino this feud is building nicely.

                        I honestly can’t remember if Angle is a face or a heel in your fed. I thought he was going down the face route since he teamed with Joe but I guess not as that promo was very whiny and arrogant. If you’re wanting him to be the heel in this feud it was great, if not, not so much.

                        I like how Daniels, because he was a fighting champion and because he clearly loves TNA, is able to transition into a face without changing his character. That Raven promo, although short, was so effective in getting the fans behind Daniels and away from Hardy. Good job.

                        It’s a pity Red and Mistico didn’t get their revenge on Speed Muscle but regardless, I like both teams so I’ll wait and see what happens.

                        I have no idea where you’re going with the AMW/Roode thing but I really like it. Most people hate losing streaks but I think they can be really useful if done well so keep it up.

                        Daniels having nothing to say again builds him up in the fans eyes, showing how much he wants to win the title for the sake of TNA. I wouldn’t be against a title change tonight.

                        I hate Petey Williams and the Canadian Destroyer. Worst move ever. However, I love Pope and Wolfe and the fact that they’re feuding so that’s a good thing.

                        I love how Matt Morgan is gunning for the title without the baggage of the Raven/TNA feud. It makes him seem a lot more fresh than the other challengers and slightly more interesting. I’d keep him away from the title for a long time yet, but building him up is good.

                        Ok, now I’m confused as Angle appears to be a face with Joe again. What’s going on? Why is there so much Angle on one show and why is there almost two different angles?

                        Fair main event, I would have welcomed a title change but didn’t expect it. Disappointed that RVD becomes the number one contender just like that but I’m happy to wait and see what unfolds.

                        s u r r e n d e r

                        ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                          Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                          Episode 37

                          <Last week with the help of Raven, Jeff Hardy retained the World title after a furious battle with the dominant Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. But before Hardy could celebrate further, Bret Hart announced that at Victory Road his opponent for the title will be his former best friend… Rob Van Dam!>

                          Impact intro

                          The Impact Zone dims and laser lights shoot out all around the Impact Zone as ‘Modest’ blasts from the speakers. Mist spills out of the tunnel entrance and Raven leads out the World Champion. Kneeling with outstretched arms the diabolical new manager of the World Champion roars as Hardy steps out of the smoke. The title belt slung over his shoulder with the title itself on his back. Hardy looks out at the fans who only a few weeks ago chanted his name and now despise him. His look of indifference is covered by a nightmarish make-up mixture of the joker and a skull. Raven stands back up and ushers the Champion to the ring.

                          Sitting on the middle rope allowing Hardy to enter the six-sided ring, Raven licks his lips and laughs at the thunderous boos from the sold out Impact Zone. Hardy rubs salt in the wound of his defection to the dark side by jumping up on the turnbuckles taunting the crowd with his old pose. He rolls his eyes at the negative response and jumps back to Raven who laughs at the fans. Raven applauds his Champion’s “courage” and then taps the microphone as we are live in the Impact Zone…

                          Raven: Let the new age begin! In the sick and twisted sewer of my mind, pleasant thoughts flush through pipes made of flesh tearing barbed wire. Thoughts of fire, dreams of blood, fantasies of pain. Jeff Hardy, the man, not the hero that all of you parasites wanted a piece of every waking hour. But the man… came to me.

                          He was in pain. He needed something. He couldn’t live in his world of pain any longer and he needed that one thing that could take away all the doubt, all the pressure, all the pain. And I provided it. And I keep providing it. I keep giving what a great man like Jeff Hardy needs to even get out of bed in the morning. And that is the World Heavyweight Championship!

                          You see, Christopher Daniels broke his word to me. He promised me TNA would be Hell on Earth. Instead he gave you all classic matches. He made the title the greatest prize in the sport and therefore TNA looked like wrestling Heaven instead of wrestling Hell. You became a fighting champion Daniels, while I drowned in your betrayal! This was not our deal. So I made a new one.

                          When the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy came to me jonesing for the peace he seeked, I knew this man would take that Judas Christopher daniels' place as Champion. And I knew exactly where to start. A ladder match. The King of the Mountain to be precise. How could the modern day master of the ladder match lose? And last week, Daniels you had burnt your bridges, there was no one left to save you. Last week I helped the World Champion dispatch you like the lair you are, once again feeding Jeff’s addiction, as he walked out of the ring still TNA Champion of the World!

                          Now Bret Hart wants to feed the Champion’s addiction with RVD…. how fitting. Rob’s giant ego will be a huge fix for MY Champion…

                          The fans boo as Raven hands the microphone to the Champ. Hardy looks out onto the sea of fans all screaming out “Hardy sucks, Hardy sucks!”. Hardy tilts his head, his face paint looks even more sadistic as he begins to speak.

                          Hardy: Rob…. Rob Van Dam…. Old friend. I’m happy it’s you. I’m happy that at Victory Road our paths will cross again, this time for the World title. It was you who I hurt the most at Unbreakable. Well actually it was Sting…he… but emotionally it was you. So it seems fitting that you will be the one who I will face at Victory Road for my title. For my inner-peace. Without it, my life is worthless. I have been destroying my body for years for what. So these people can cheer for me. Will they be the ones who nurse my broken body back to health? No. So at Victory Road I will finish this between you and me Rob. Let the new age begin Rob. Let it begin…


                          The fans go crazy as out of the entrance tunnel storms the Whole Dam Show, the number one contender to the World title. After high fiving all the fans at ringside, trying to get inot the head of his former friend, RVD fearlessly steps into the ring standing only inches away from both Hardy and Raven. He has his own microphone and when he puts it to his mouth his elbow is almost touching Hardy’s face, he is that close.

                          RVD: What the hell is wrong with you? What poison has Raven filled your head with Jeff? You are one of the very best in the business, you don’t need him! You’ve made some bad choices before, but man this one takes the space cake brother. That choice is going to bring you crashing down, because at Victory Road, I’m not just going to kick the living sh<beep> out of you. I’m going to take your World Championship. And when that happens, then you’ll realise how poisonous Raven is. Coming down off that sort of high is gonna hurt.

                          Hardy: Rob, as we were friends, I’m going to give you one free pass. At Victory Road, I will feed my addiction by burning you up.

                          Rob slaps Jeff across his face! Hardy’s face whips to the left and stays there for an age before Jeff slowly moves it back so they are again looking eye to eye. His make-up is all smudged, as both men stare down the other, not making a move. Raven moves to attack, but Hardy puts his arm out motioning him to stop. Rob then standing his ground still only inches from Hardy gives himself the thumbs up as the crowd chant with him .. “R…V…D…”

                          RVD’s music hits as Hardy’s stare doesn’t change and Rob with a disgusted look jumps out of the ring. The number one contender walks to the back, while Hardy licks the trickle of blood on his lip from the hard slap. Raven separates the ropes for the Champion to pass through them as Impact goes to commercial…


                          Match #1
                          The Amazing Red vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ The Beautiful People

                          As now has become the norm Hiroshi Tanahashi enters the ring and then watches as he valets straddle the second rope and then they leap wither side of him and rip his long jacket off him. He stands ready to face a pumped up Amazing Red. Red comes out guns-a-blazing trying to hit the Ace of the Universe with everything he’s got. Tanahashi has underestimated the abilities of the former X Division Champion and is getting dominated by a flurry of lightning fast moves.

                          The Beautiful People do what they do best and try and distract the ref and Red and of course Hiroshi takes advantage. Red is blasted by a high-held German Suplex and then a Sling Blade forcing the back of Red’s head into the mat. Red though fires back and takes Hiroshi down again with a leaping spin kick and then an Infra-Red but Tanahashi escapes the pinfall and after a roaring elbow and the High Fly Flow gets the hard fought victory.

                          Winner via pinfall at 7:21 Hiroshi Tanahashi

                          The Beautiful People celebrate with their man in the ring as gunshots ring out and LAX walk out of the Border entrance. They don’t enter ringside, instead all four members laze around either taking a fan’s seat or leaning on the fencing. Konnan is about to say something but he then thinks twice and hands the microphone to the X Division Champion Hernandez.

                          Hernandez: Tanahashi I’m not impressed. You don’t really think you can take what is mine do you? I’m an army of one. I’m the most brutal Champion in this business pretty boy. So take your whores and go wrestle for something easier, like the Heavyweight title, because you aint gonna beat me. I rule the LAX Division and you won’t survive a match with me.

                          Sky: Who are you calling whores? The only one I see is that crack whore next to you big man!

                          Love: Hernandez, are jealous that our man has beautiful long flowing locks of hair? I think you arrrrreeee. And come Victory Road, after we clean that filth off the X title, we’ll put it around his beautiful sexy waist

                          Sky and Love: Hollah!

                          LAX are really not sure what to make of two little girls trash talking the most feared and sadistic stable in the entire business... They look at ecah other dumbfounded...


                          <Video package of World Champion Jeff Hardy smashing Sting with a chair at Unbreakable. Then again smashing Sting on the following Impact, follwed by a brutal Swanton Bomb. Then last week hitting a reverse Twist of Fate while Daniels was tangled in the ropes, and then a Swanton Bomb while the Fallen Angle laid on a steel ladder…. Raven raises his arm to finish the video…>

                          AJ Styles is with JB for a backstage interview.

                          Styles; JB if you would have told me two weeks ago that Jeff Hardy was the traitor, I would have laughed. Now I can see how far gone this man is. I don’t really know Hardy or the demons that haunt him, but sooner or later or paths are going to cross. I’ve spoken to Sting and he isn’t happy to put it mildly. Very soon it’s going to be showtime around here.

                          JB: Tonight AJ you are in a tag match with Pope versus Desmond Wolfe and Christopher Daniels. Last week we saw you arguing with Daniels before his title match can you elaborate on what that was all about.

                          Styles: JB, things will never be right with Daniels and I ever again. I know that. But just like I knew with him we would win at Unbreakable, I thought if I was in his corner I could have made sure Raven didn’t interfere and Daniels might have taken the belt from Hardy. But Daniels’ pride has always been his undoing and Raven ensured Hardy kept the title last week. So tonight in the main event Bret Hart has booked, I’m going out there and show Daniels that he has burnt his last bridge.

                          Match #2
                          Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Mistico

                          The Monster led out by Father James Mitchell looks in a very bad mood. As Mistico comes down to the ring, Abyss looks like he wants to bite his head off. The Monster attacks before the opening bell and pummels the Luchador. Mistico is brutally beaten and falls out of the ring. Mistico fights back using his body as a weapon to try and take the big man off of his feet. But Abyss shrugs off the attacks and goes after Mistico wanting to inflict a world of hurt on the masked Mexican superstar. Suddenly Matt Morgan comes from out of nowhere and delivers the Carbon Footprint to the side of the Monster’s head!

                          Winner via disqualification at 3:04

                          Abyss’ body spins and hits the ring apron and then crashes onto the floor. Morgan with a huge smile on his face looks down at what he ahs done and then lifts his gaze to Mitchell. Abyss’ minder charges at Morgan with his cane raised only to be hit with a big boot of his own. Morgan roars and then rolls into the ring demanding a microphone.

                          Morgan: Fe, Fi, Fo Fum, I am the giant here in TNA. I destroyed Kevin Nash, and showed the world I am now the best big man in the business. But you see that’s not enough for me. Nash was old, broken down. No real challenge, no sport. But Abyss. Now that’s a challenge. So Abyss when you wake up, come get me, I’m not hard to find!

                          Morgan’s music hits as he drops the mic and steps over the top rope jumping to the ground. The Monster stirs but Morgan laughs and walks to the back satisfied with once again showing the world his dominance.

                          In the back the camera shows Kurt Angle walking to the ring.


                          The lights dim and Kurt Angle’s music hits igniting the crowd! Rising out of the stage on his elevator, Angle walks with a purpose down the ramp. Dressed in a shirt and suit pants, the Olympic Gold medallist has a microphone and rolls inot the ring. The fans cheer and take photos of the American hero as he spins around the ring and leaps up onot the turnbuckles soaking in the adulation. The cameras flash from all over the arena as the sold out crowd welcome Kurt Angle to the Impact Zone…

                          Angle: So I guess this is what Bret Hart has to resort to. Hiring a man to try and take me down. Hart, this time you’ve gone too far. You are so desperate to hang onto to your moniker of the best is, was, ever will be, that you go out and sign Bryan Danielson to wrestle me. Come on now Bret, your jealousy is starting to get embarrassing. I am the greatest wrestler of all time, and you cannot handle it. You can’t handle the fact that Kurt Angle has surpassed you in every single way.

                          So you sign this guy who has been released from another company for being too violent to bring me down. Well I’ve got news for you Bret, I’ve beaten them all. Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, Desmond Wolfe and even Sting. Do you really think that Danielson can beat me for you?

                          The Hitman has had enough and out walks to the ring, the Championship Committee Chairman. Bret Hart looking very frustrated has had these confrontations with Kurt since day one he has been in the company. He is angry he has to once again verbally spar with Angle again.

                          Hart: Kurt, your paranoia continues to frustrate me. TNA is where the best of the best compete for the greatest prizes in this business. TNA is the number one company in the world, it is the best. That’s why you are here. But that is also why Bryan Danielson is here. I signed him because he wanted the competition. I signed him because he wanted the opportunity to fight the best and prove what he has been saying for years that he is the Best in the World. And I guess the only way to prove this is by facing you. Because Kurt you are the best.

                          So for the very last time, I had nothing to do with Petey Williams trying to break your neck, I had nothing to do with Senshi attacking you and I have nothing to do with Danielson wanting to wrestle you at Victory Road.

                          Angle: ..... Bret …. Why wont you do your own dirty work?

                          The Hitman can’t believe it, he shrugs his shoulders getting frustrated that nothing he ever says gets through to Kurt. He is about to try and get it through to Angle again when the stage explodes and fire shoots up the ramp to the staging area as the American Dragon enters! He walks down the ramp in his full wrestling gear, his face covered by a blood red hood as approaches the ring and after wiping his feet on the ring apron he steps through the ropes and gets in between Angle and Hart.

                          Danielson: Kurt Angle, I’m here for one reason and one reason only, ok. To show everyone I am the Best in the World. To do this I have to become a Champion right here in TNA. And the only way I can do that is by beating the best, the best being you Kurt, ok. So stop your whining and start preparing, because I’m going to take you to your limits, ok.

                          Now if you don’t mind I’ve a scheduled match right now, but you are more than welcome to stay and watch.

                          Danielson lowers the microphone with a sly grin on his face. Kurt is not happy that Danielson has once again spoke to him this way. Hart is trying very hard to contain a smile of his own as Angle nods his head and steps out of the ring and pushes the timekeeper off his chair. He snaps the steel chair shut and holds it in one hand. Danielson takes off his robe and stares down at his Victory Road opponent. The Olympic Gold medallist glares up at both Danielson and Hart as he walks towards the commentary table. Danielson is ready if Angle tries to attack him with the steel chair.

                          Kurt unfolds the chair and slams it down next to Don West and sits down holding his hand out for a headset. He hasn’t spoken a word and hasn’t taken his eyes off the ring as West gently sets Kurt up with a headset. Hart shakes Danielson’s hand as Impact goes to commercial after a close up of a seething Kurt Angle.


                          Back from commercial and Bret hart has also joined the commentary team. He is Tenay’s left while Kurt sits on West’s right. The two men go back and forth as the Russian X Division wrestler, Alexander Koslov comes down the ramp.

                          Match #3
                          Bryan Danielson vs. Alexander Koslov

                          Koslov tosses his Russian hat at Danielson and attacks with a leaping forearm smash. The bell rings and Koslov delivers several stomps to Danielson trying to beat him down. The crowd boo him as he calls the American Dragon a capitalist pig and then does the same to the fans getting major heat. Koslov has been winning on Explosion lately and has been looking for an X Division title shot.

                          Danielson though fights back and slows the pace down with some heavy Europena uppercuts. He then starts stretching Koslov with surfboards and Indian deathlocks, and then starts using dragon suplexes and Regal-plexes dominating the youngster. Koslov hits a back elbow and opens Danielson up for a side Russian leg sweep. Koslov looks for a submission, but it is quickly countered.

                          Danielson ensuring he gives Angle the best vantage point, stretches Koslov’s arm into position and then stomps on the back of the elbow! Koslov writhes around in pain as Danielson continues to almost torture him with several stretches and light submissions that seem to prolong the match and the punishment.

                          Koslov looks to fight back but Danielson has decided to end it with an aeroplane spin and then the Cattle Mutilation. Koslov taps out in the middle of the ring.

                          Winner via submission at 5:47 Bryan Danielson

                          The American Dragon releases the hold and runs up the turnbuckle and points at Angle. Hart and Angle have been bantering all match, but Angle seems unimpressed. He takes off his headset and drops it right in font of West and walks off as the fans cheer Danielson’s second victory in TNA Wrestling.


                          Match #4
                          #1 Contender’s match for the World Tag Team Championships
                          Generation Me vs. Speed Muscle

                          A fantastic X Division style tag team match which bringst the fans to their feet several times. Both team’s speed constantly amazes the crowd as they throw everything at each other to gain the title shot at Victory Road. Doi throws Max into the corner looking to hit a brutal brainbuster but Jeremy’s superkick is explosive and Doi hits the mat hard. Max drops the leg to finish the match. But Yoshino is able to make the save and hit both men with drop kicks, bulldogs and cannon balls!
                          Speed Muscle and Gen Me both go into sixth gear as Max and Doi battled in the corner. Yoshino comes off with a Doomsday Device clothesline for a two count. Max swings around Yoshino and catches him in a crucifix for a two count. Yoshino finally locks in a submission that ties up Max’s arms in a crossed motion and chokes him out. Doi takes out Jeremy to keep him from making the save while Max valiantly fights to escape but finally taps.

                          Winner via submission at 10:11 Speed Muscle

                          Sabin and Shelley walk out to no music and stand on the stage looking down at their next challengers to their titles. Their arms crossed at first, Sabin points his fingers as he pretends to shoot Doi and Yoshino as Shelley slaps his title as Impact goes to commercial..


                          Tenay and West announce the first few matches scheduled for Victory Road… the Road to Glory!

                          For the X Division title Hernandez, now calling his Championship the LAX title due to his year long dominance will defend against the Ace of the Universe Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi a former four time IWGP Champion is looking for his first title in TNA.

                          The Knock Outs Champion Gail Kim will be taking on the future legend Alyssa Flash for the title. The hatred between these two athletes have been boiling over for months and now Flash has finally got her shot at the Championship.

                          Just announced The Motor City Machine Guns will defend their belts against Speed Muscle

                          The “Greatest” vs. the “Best”, Angle vs. Danielson for the first time ever live on pay per view

                          And the big one, for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Hardy vs. Van Dam. Former friends, now bitter enemies will collide to see who will stand tall at the top of the TNA mountain!

                          Exploding out of the tunnel is Samoa Joe. Like a tank made flesh, he rumbles down the ramp as the fans go crazy for the TNA hard man. Towel around his shoulders, he gets inot the ring and soaks up the cheers. Holding his fist in the air he doesn’t look happy.

                          Joe: Last week was a little taste of what I’m going to do to you Senshi. I’ve just come from Bret Hart’s office and it’s official, you and me at Victory Road. I’m sick and tired of being attacked, of being screwed out of Championships. Now the hunted has become the hunter. I’m coming after you Senshi, in a no holds barred, drag em’ out fight to the finish. Victory Road … Last Man Standing. Senshi, Joe’s gonna kill you.

                          Joe drops the mic as the fans go crazy and his music roars across the arena.

                          Backstage JB gets Wolfe and Daniels’ thoughts on tonight’s main event.

                          Wolfe: BJ, it’s really quite simple. I’m going to go out there rip No-style and Poop’s heads off and then go out and celebrate with my bird Chelsea. With the former Champ backing me up.. well It’s that easy.

                          Daniels: ….

                          The Fallen Angel looks at Wolfe and Chelsea, then JB and walks off. Wolfe and Chelsea look at each other as if to say “what’s his problem?” as Impact goes to its last commercial.


                          <Video of the Styles/ Daniels rivalry, partnership and second rivalry. Daniels finally becoming Champion after defeating AJ and then retaining it at Lockdown inside the six sides of steel. Then Styles vouching for Daniels for Unbreakable and then the Fallen Angel defeating Abyss to win the match…then the argument between the two before his title rematch and his loss at the hands of Hardy and Raven from last week.>

                          Main Event
                          The Phenomenal One AJ Styles and The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
                          Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

                          Daniels and Styles start off the match. They go back and forth trying to get control of the other's arm. Styles turned a hip toss into an arm drag. Daniels went to the floor. As Styles tagged in the Pope but Wolfe caught him with a kick to the ribs. Wolfe worked him over in the corner but Dinero escaped and hit a dropkick. Wolfe hits back with a belly to back suplex. Daniels comes back in after taking Styles down off the apron and both men catch the Pope with a double kick to the gut. Styles flies into the ring fired up, exploding off the ropes with an elbow on the Fallen Angel. Styles then drops a knee across Daniels’ face for a near fall.

                          Pope and Styles tagged back and forth with kicks and shots on Daniels. Styles flies off Dinero’s shoulders with a senton, then the Pope nailed one of his own. Wolfe hits the ring and raked Dinero’s face. Wolfe almost rips The Pope’s arm out of its socket with a his signature takedown and then locks in a rear chinlock, forcing his weight down onto his lower back. Styles springboards into the ring with a flying forearm to the back of Wolfe’s skull breaking up the submission. Daniels tags himself in and hits an STO on Styles, then dropkicks him in the head sending the Phenomenal One to the outside, where Wolfe picked him up and dropped him chest first on the apron. The Pope goes after Wolfe but is nailed by a Lariat on the floor!!!

                          The Fallen Angel and Wolfe continue their assault on Styles back in the ring. They pick him up for a double atomic drop. Wolfe looks for a Jawbreaker but....PELE!!! Styles nails A head scissors takedown and makes the hot tag to the Pope. Both men dropkick Wolfe to the apron. Styles nails a springboard back flip reverse DDT, then looks for an arm bar submission. Wolfe though escapes and desperately tags in Daniels. The Pope nails Daniels with a stiff kick to the chest. He went for a suplex but the former Champion blocks it but POPE counters with an inverted D’Angelo Dinero Express (codebreaker)!!!! Daniels kicks out and Pope is shocked he didn't get the win.

                          The fans are on their feet and shout from the top of their lungs "This is awesome."! Daniels drills the Pope with a knee to the face in the corner and then follows it up by lifting him onto the top rope and after a brutal open palm strike hits the Cataclysm. Dinero kicks out at the last minute. AJ is screaming for a tag as the fans get behind the Phenomenal One as Daniels tags in Wolfe only for the man from London to get rolled up by Dinero. Wolfe escapes at the count of two, but this has given the Pope enough time to tag in AJ Styles!

                          Styles leaps over the top rope and knocks down Wolfe with a series of short arm clotheslines. Styles scoop slams Wolfe to the mat and then dropkicks Daniels’ off the apron to the floor. Styles Looks for his springboard 450 splash finisher, but out of desperation Daniels at the last second grabs his ankle and Styles crashes and burns throat first on the top rope. Wolfe slowly gets up sees Styles is hung up on the top rope and hits the Tower of London!!! He covers Styles but just before the 3 count he is dragged off the cover by his feet… by Daniels! Wolfe can’t believe it. Wolfe and Chelsea get in his face and he quickly slides in and hits Angels Wings on Styles and covers him. Wolfe chases after Daniels, but sees Pope trying to make the save so changes direction and demolishes him with a JawBreaker Lariat!!

                          Winners via pinfall at 16:33 Desmond Wolfe and Christopher Daniels

                          With no emotion on his face Daniels looks down at the unconscious AJ Styles as the referee raises his arm. Daniels continues to watch to see if Styles stirs as Wolfe walks over to him and starts shoving his finger into the Fallen Angel’s chest. Daniels finally but slowly raises his eyes and looks at Wolfe. Desmond is giving him a piece of his mind over the finish of the match, as Chelsea walks into the ring to join her boyfriend. ANGLES WINGS!!! Wolfe is out as Chelsea can’t believe it. Daniels then turns his attention to the English beauty and stalks the vixen, backing her into a corner. She is deathly frightened and cowers covering her face from a possible attack.

                          Daniels grabs her by her hair as she screams and leads her on all fours to see what he has done to Wolfe and AJ. She begins to sob as he lets go and stands above her and poses … has the former Champion snapped???



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                            Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                            Wise Reviews
                            -Alright! I’m guilty of not reading this for a while which is a big shame but let’s see how it’s evolved since I last read it.

                            -The duo of Raven and Hardy I think works brilliantly. Having Hardy turn heel is different and refreshing as we’ve only ever seen one side of him. Having him with a mouthpiece like Raven helps ensure it’s a successful heel turn. I hope this is a long term thing as there is a lot of potential for this duo.

                            -Raven’s promo was fantastic, you’ve done a good job of writing Raven’s character in this fic and I personally think he standouts as the character you depict best. Hardy’s part was okay, not brilliant but I did enjoy his part about how it wasn’t worth breaking his body for the fans satisfaction. Very true. I think this angle has potential to win awards this year as it’s a very serious topic to write about and if done correctly, can be very, very memorable.

                            -RVD and Jeff’s exchange in dialogue was poor in my opinion. It was weak compared to the dialogue earlier written. It also hurt that RVD sounded ridiculous. The drug reference to space cakes was un-needed also. For such a serious topic, that reference hurt it. On the other hand your description that followed their dialogue was very well done. Hit and miss opener for me, I’m swaying more towards hit as only RVD’s piece of dialogue let it down.

                            -Tanahashi and The Beautiful People are an interesting team. Nice little match with Tanahashi disposing of Amazing Red. Hopefully Red can get a bit more of a push in your TNA. I think he’d do well in the upper midcard if booked correctly.

                            -Hernandez strikes me as being a good choice for X-Division champion. He’s similar to Joe in the fact that he’s stronger than all the other X guys and can really control the division. Segment wasn’t bad following the match. A Tanahashi/Hernandez feud sounds good and I think Beautiful People interacting with LAX can be comedic/dramatic depending on what spin you go for.

                            -Style’s interview with JB was fine, I like Styles as a face.

                            -Abyss and Mistico was short, and Morgans interference met its purpose but I’d have preferred him not to have said anything after the attack, considering how mundane his speech was. Mistico seems to be an afterthought also. Shame since he’s a big star in Mexico so it would be nice to see him do well in America also.

                            -Kurt and AmDrag’s interaction was gold. Kurt’s dialogue was very good, the first time tonight, other than Raven where you’ve hit the mark with dialogue. I really like his and Bret’s rivalry and bringing in Danielson is brilliant. A feud between them two, with Hart playing a part also is fantastic and excites me.

                            -Koslov is a great opponent for Danielson. Fine short match with Danielson impressing, making an impact already. You have a good ability of setting up feuds, this could be your next great feud, I reckon.

                            -Your tag division is definitely full of talent but I’d love to have it be spotlighted a little more than it is already. Your past shows I’ve read, the tag division has played a big part in my enjoyment so more spotlight on them please.

                            -Victory Road is shaping up to look great. I think you should have tried to hold off Angle/Danielson till Bound For Glory however. That’s just me.

                            -Joe versus Senshi is a feud I love, you should have a blast writing that. I think Joe’s small part there would have been better suited being interviewed backstage rather than him coming to the ring, but I guess having him come out to the ring makes us the reader see him as important.

                            -The short Wolfe/Daniels interview was pretty much un-needed. Short and awkward.

                            -The main event was a good match, your best of the night without a doubt. You did a great job of making Daniels look like a real bad ass who has had enough of everything here. I really enjoyed the ending.

                            -Solid show which ignoring a few minor things I thoroughly enjoyed. You did a good job of building towards Victory Road. Well done.
                            Man of the world.


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                              Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                              Episode 38

                              The Impact Zone explodes with pyrotechnics as Tenay and West welcome the thirty thousand fans in attendance and millions watching from around the world to the latest broadcast of TNA Impact! Tenay and West tell everyone that tonight Bret Hart has a major announcement for this Sunday’s Victory Road ppv which will effect this year’s Bound For Glory!

                              The fans are a buzz but they soon turn foul as the lights dim, green lasers shoot out and “Modest” blares through the speakers… the theme song of the most hated man in wrestling, World Champion Jeff Hardy. Smoke pours out of the entrance tunnel and walking out in his white suit with his blazing yellow contact lenses in, Raven kneels to the crowd and outstretches his arms in his infamous pose. The fans boo viciously as the Champion dances to the rhythm of his own song, with the title belt swung over his shoulder facing his back. He stands behind Raven and holds up the title, intensifying the hatred from the crowd and begins laughing to himself.

                              Raven then gets to his feet and leads the Champ into the six sided ring. The fans chant “Hardy Sucks” over and over as the face painted, two-toned haired Enigma smiles with his manager the maniacal one, about how the fans used to passionately love him, and now they passionately hate him…

                              Raven: Aaaaahhhh, it feels good to be able to move around the Impact Zone so freely these days. As much as I like to sit in the dark and avoid the other wretched wrestlers, I have to admit this new found freedom is truly liberating. It’s a real comedy that that my freedom has sprung from the freedom I provided this man… I had released Jeff Hardy from his shackles and now he is the Champion of the entire World.

                              No more does he have to fear ridicule or remorse for his actions. No more does he have to hide his true self, hide his addiction from all of you maggots. No more will he deny himself his desires. No more does he fear anything or anybody. You all bared witness to what he did to Sting… twice! The Charismatic Enigma now lives in a constant state of euphoria, a state of higher awareness. Because he feeds his addiction every day with the greatest of fixes, the heavyweight Championship of the World!

                              With Raven’s last word, Hardy leaps onto the middle turnbuckle and poses with the Gold title belt held high in the air. Deafening boos from the sold out crowd intensify as Raven outstretches his arms and Hardy jumps from corner to corner throwing the fact that he is the Champion in all their faces.


                              The crowd erupts as a different looking RVD than last week, appears onto the stage. He is dressed for battle tonight and seems to have something up his sleeve as in 3 days he will challenge Hardy for the World title.

                              Hardy: I told you last week Rob, you only get one free pass from me, and you used it when you slapped me across the face. If you dare get in this ring, the two of us will tear you apart.

                              RVD: Dude, you need to chill out. I don’t need a free anything from you. Ya see on the way to building tonight, I came up with this totally cool idea. I pitched it to the Hitman and he loved it man. Now remember last week when I told you that Raven had poisoned your mind Jeff? Remember that? Well that got me thinking, why not tonight you and I both pick each other’s poison! Pick you poison matches right here tonight on Impact! Pretty cool right?!

                              Hardy: No it’s not cool, I have to defend my title against you on Sunday I don’t have to…

                              Raven stops Hardy and whispers something in his ear. The Champ nods his head in agreement as a sadistic smile comes across his painted face. Hardy gives the mic back to his manager who seems to want this.

                              Raven: Rob, since Jeff Hardy is the Champion, I’m sure you’ll allow him the decency to go first. So good luck tonight R.V.D. because you’re facing the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.. hahahaha..

                              RVD:.. Woah, that’s a good one boys, I gotta admit that’s gonna be a great match. Besides If I’m going o be Champion this Sunday, I’ve got to prove I can win by beating a former Champ. So that’s cool.

                              But Jeff, I’ve got something for you. Old. Friend. Tonight you’ve got the worse poison of all coming your way. Tonight you’ve got Samoa Joe!

                              “Walk” hits again, the fans go crazy and Tenay and West go crazy, they even do a cheeky high five as three days out from Victory Road they have two blockbuster matches that could very well affect the Victory Road Main Event Jeff Hardy verus his long time friend and now nemesis Rob Van Dam…

                              The Road to Glory starts on Sunday with Victory Road ….


                              <Commercial for The Ultimate Fighter 11, Brock Lesnar | Anderson Silva Season Finale… this Friday night only on Spike!>

                              Impact returns as Christy Hemme is backstage with the World Tag Team Champions, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machine Guns.

                              Hemme: Last week guys your Victory Road opponents were decided after Speed Muscle won a #1 contenders match for your titles.

                              Shelley: Well hello again Christy. How’s your cute friend by the way, is she walking properly yet?

                              Hemme: What friend? What are you ta…

                              Shelley: It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what you are doing later, I’ve got a little aggression I need to work off.

                              Sabin: Oh jeez. Christy, Speed Muscle deserve the shot at Victory Road, and we get to prove once again, why we are the best tag team on this planet.

                              Shelley: Now to be honest, I’m starting to get a little bored with what TNA’s been throwing at us lately, I mean Wolfe/Tanahashi, Samoa Joe/ Kurt Angle, AMW. Yawn. I’m falling asleep just saying their names. I don’t think Speed Muscle is any better.

                              Sabin: Alex, all it takes is one mistake and we could lose these titles. We have to be at our best at all times or..

                              Shelley: Well Chris, I’m always at my best. The problem we have is you, my tag team partner, haven’t had my back lately. How about YOU get YOUR head in the game capiche! See you Sunday partner, Christy you’ve got my number, use it.

                              Sabin and Christy watch Shelley walk off before she sends it back to ringside.

                              Match #1
                              Monty Brown vs. Bryan Danielson

                              <Video recap of Danielson’s debut and his challenge to Kurt Angle for Victory Road. Angle accepts and calls The American Dragon, Bret Hart’s hired help..>

                              Fire explodes up the ramp all the way to the top of the stage as fire shoots upwards as the Fiery U.S. Flag transforms into a dragon and it breathes fire at the video screen shooting out fire and smoke from the entrance tunnel. Danielson emerges from the smoke in his blood red hooded cloak, and makes his way down to the ring holding his finger in the air signalling to the fans that he is number one, he is the Best in the World.

                              Monty Brown’s entrance is as equally impressive, as the Alpha Male gets ready to face the newest member of the TNA roster. In the early stages Danielson is constantly over powered by Brown. Heavy shoulder tackles take AmDrag down and Brown looks to stomp the smaller man down and then look to finish with a high impact move. Danielson looks to counter but is thrown up into the air and when he comes down he is hit with an Alpha Bomb! 1..2.. Danielson kicks out barely as Monty looks to hit the Pounce. Danielson gets to his feet and the Alpha Male strikes, but he is suddenly pulled down by a drop toe hold hitting his face on the mat. Dragon quickly locks in the Full Windsor Knot (the Lebell Lock) and looks to submit the big man in the middle of the ring.

                              Brown’s power allows him to drag himself to the ropes and get a break, but momentum of the match has swung. Danielson shoots in some vicious kicks to the legs and then follows them up with several Euro uppercuts. Monty tries to fight his way out of the situation with some big time swinging arms, but they are ducked and as he swings his whole body into him, he puts himself right not a belly to back suplex. Full Windsor is locked in again… Monty taps out!

                              Winner via submission at 6:28 Bryan Danielson
                              Tenay comments that it was three victories for the American Dragon and he had won them with three different finishers. He is sending a message to the Olympic Gold medallist about just how many ways he can beat a man. Is Kurt ready for The American Dragon?

                              Backstage JB is with Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea.

                              Wolfe: That’s enough from you BJ, give me that mic! I’ve got a message for that animal Christopher Daniels. Daniels we seem to have a little bit of a problem here. Ya see last week I did my job, I took care of the Poop, and then, THEN, I did your job when I took out AJ Styles. That’s right me sunshine. But I guess that wasn’t good enough for you was it? Not only did you steal my pinfall sunshine but you then attacked me and threatened my lovely English rose here Chelsea. So guess what, by the end of the night I’m expectin’ a bloody apology, right. And if I don’t get one <sniff> … I’ll end ya.


                              <TNA now presents a pre-recorded interview by Mike Tenay with Robert Roode.

                              Tenay: Thanks for joining us Robert, can you tell us a little about your recent return to TNA over the last two months?

                              Roode: You see Mike, I came back here to TNA with a clean slate. I wanted a fresh start as a singles wrestler and wanted to climb the ladder all the way to the top. I can’t deny that at the moment things aren’t going that well for me. I’ve been a multi-time Tag Team Champion in TNA, but I just can’t seem to transform that into singles success right now.

                              Tenay: Is it safe to say you are on a losing streak Robert?

                              Roode: I’ve lost every single match I’ve been in since I’ve returned. It’s in the record books, I can’t deny it. But I refuse to call it a streak. I’ve been training hard and my next match I’m sure I’ll get a victory. And once I do, Robert Roode will be gunning for the big names and then the title.

                              Tenay: Before your self imposed exile, you were betrayed by James Storm splitting Beer Money so he could reform America’s Most Wanted with Chris Harris. However over the last few weeks they have seem to be trying to help you. Can you shed any light on what is happening with you guys?

                              Roode: Mike, when I returned I stood out in front of all the TNA fans and I said that this was a clean slate. I didn’t want anything to do with AMW or James Storm. I don’t want to take any revenge or try and help them with their guilt. I’m here for me, winning titles and making money.

                              Tenay: Have you been approached by management about the losses at this stage?

                              Roode: I actually approached them. I’m a Canadian and I went and spoke with my child hood hero Bret Hart about what I’m going through. He gave me a lot of advice but also said with the great talent we have here in TNA I have to start getting some wins on the board. I have total faith in my ability to reach the top and show the world that it pays to be Roode.>

                              Match #2
                              Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner

                              Morgan walks out of the entrance tunnel and down the ramp with a microphone in hand.

                              Morgan: Cut the music. You see I am THE giant of TNA, and THE best big man in this business. I retired Kevin Nash and last week I slayed the monster Abyss. Now tonight I’m going to take out another ‘giant” of the sport, Scott Steiner. “Freakzilla” the man with the largest arms in the world, is going to find out what its like to get his head kicked off by the DNA of TNA. There is only room for one giant in this sport and that’s me, The Blueprint Matt Morgan.

                              By the time Morgan has finished his little speech, he has stepped over the top rope and outstretches his arms to the booing fans in the centre of the ring. Sirens sound and out walks Big poppa Pump Scott Steiner. He is livid at Morgan’s statement and pushes people around ringside trying to find a microphone of his own.

                              Steiner: What did you just say boy? Huh? You gonna beat me up? Huh? No body beats up the Genetic Freak. I do the beating up around here, I’m the man around here you piece of white trash. I’m gonna stick my boot so far up your ass you’ll be flossin’ wif my shoelaces. Huh! Get him back ref, so I can rip his damn head off…

                              Steiner steps through the ropes, but Morgan pushes the referee out of the way and before Steiner can even stand up straight, he is hit with the Carbon Footprint! Steiner falls into the ring and the bell sounds. The ref admonishes the Blueprint but with a big smile on his face he throws Steiner to the floor on the outside. Steiner is badly hurt as he lands on his face and neck and he rolls over to try and straighten himself out. But the new giant of TNA follows him out and pulls the Big Bad Booty Daddy to his feet and whips him into the steel steps!

                              The crowd boos him as the ref gets in his face. Morgan has had enough and pie faces the ref with such force he leaves his feet and lands on his back several metres from Morgan. Morgan punts Steiner while he’s down, right in the gut. Freakzilla coughs up blood as Morgan continues to smile as he rolls him back into the ring. Steiner tries to get to his feet but he’s hit with another Carbon Footprint! Another match official runs out and disqualifies Morgan. The Blueprint shrugs his shoulders as the announcement is made by the ring announcer.

                              Winner via disqualification, at 3:14 Scott Steiner
                              Morgan lifts Steiner up again and smashes him with an uppercut and then follows it up with a short arm clothesline to the new referee! Laughing to himself he picks up Steiner and in a show of spectacular strength hits the Hellavator!!! The man who put Jeff Jarrett on the shelf has just been decimated by the Blueprint on live TV. Stepping over the top rope, the giant of TNA, dusts his hands off as he raises them in victory. He backs away wiping the little bit of sweat on his brow but as he turns around to walk up the ramp, out walks Father James Mitchell to no music.

                              Mitchell: Morgan, that was pretty impressive, but you are not the big bad around here. TNA’s giant, I get it, you’ll crush their bones to make your bread. But that’s nothing compared to what a monster will do to your flesh. You see you started this, so at Victory Road, Abyss will end it. He will rip and tear at your flesh until every drop of your blood pours out of your body. You want to be big time? At Victory Road, you’ll just be a big stain. Hahahahahahaha

                              Morgan cracks his neck with a quick tilt and feins running after Mitchell. Abyss’ handler runs off down the tunnel, as Morgan again allows himself a smile. He nods his head as if to say he welcomes the challenge at the pay per view…


                              <Quick recap video of the opening segment how RVD has organised “Pick your Poison” matches for Champion and challenger. And how Raven and Hard chose Christopher Daniels for Van Dam>

                              Match #3
                              Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

                              Considered many as a dream match the two men put on an amazing performance as they use their full arsenal of moves on the other to try and prove they are the better man. RVD flies off the top rope only to be quickly caught by Daniels and then switched into a Death Valley Driver! Daniels has the upper hand now and looks for the Best Moonsault Ever, only for Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea to walk down to ringside pointing and shouting at Daniels.

                              Wolfe tries to get up on the apron but Daniels keeps him out of the ring by throwing kicks at him. RVD sees Daniels’ back is turned and hits him with a drop kick sending the Fallen Angel out to the floor. As Daniels gets up Wolfe demands an apology for last week. Daniels grabs the back of his head and slowly gets to his feet as Wolfe berates him and gets in his face. Daniels looks as if he is ignoring him and keeps focussed on RVD. Rob calls Daniels back in the ring and he looks towards the steel steps to re-enter the ring, but then like a snake lashes out with an elbow shot right to Wolfe’s jaw! Wolfe grabs his chin as Daniels steps up onto the apron. Wolfe grabs Daniels’ leg and pulls him off the apron and hitting his jaw he tumbles onto the floor.

                              Winner via disqualification at 13:45 Christopher Daniels
                              RVD can’t believe the announcement and takes out his frustration by leaping over the top rope and knocking down both Wolfe and Daniels!! The fans go crazy as Rob gives himself the thumbs up… Rob. Van. Dam. The number one contender’s music hits as he goes around ringside high fiving everyone as Daniels and Wolfe get to their feet, and are standing face to face. Angels Wings!!!

                              Wolfe is down and Daniels roars as the fans seem to have found a new found love for the former Champion as “Fallen Angels” chants are not wide spread but are loud. Daniels with a crooked smile looks over at Chelsea, who runs off at the sight of the man who over the last nine months has been known as the Devil of TNA…


                              <During the break AJ Styles and the Pope with separate entrances came out to ringside as Chelsea helped up Desmond to confront both men. >

                              Bret Hart’s music hits and out walks the Hitman as all four men are waiting for the next man to make his move. Hart with his trademark jacket and glasses stands at the top of the ramp looking down at the ring where all four men are watching the other. It looks like it’s time for the blockbuster announcement.

                              Hart: Hello gentlemen, now you all might be wondering why you are out here? Well I’m here to tell you. This Sunday at Victory Road, it is the start on the road to Bound for Glory, TNA’s biggest pay per view of all time. Now after an entire year of win/losses, you four men have been chosen to wrestle each other in a fatal four way TNA management has called the Road to Glory match.

                              It’s simple gentlemen, the winner of the fall will be in the Main Event at Bound For Glory competing for the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World! Daniels, Styles, Wolfe and Dinero this is your chance at immortality. Good luck!

                              Hart’s music hits as all four men stare at the other knowing that in three days they’ll be fighting the other for the Main Event at this year’s BFG for the title!


                              <Commercial… Friday night on Spike TV… The Ultimate Fighter 11 Brock Lesnar / Anderson Silva Season Finale. Who will win the UFC contract? Who will be the next Ultimate Fighter? Find out live tomorrow night on SPIKE!!!>

                              Backstage JB is waiting for Bret Hart to ask him about the huge blockbuster announcement. But just as Hart is about to highlight the Road to Glory match and it’s huge significance, he is confronted by Kurt Angle. Angle shakes his head at Hart and gets right into Hart’s face.

                              Angle: Hart once again you have failed this company and you have organised a match behind my back. I mean you have signed this Bryan Danielson to wrestle me at Victory Road, only to now book a match that will decide who will be in the Bound For Glory main event. How convenient Hart. If I didn’t want to kick your little pet project’s ass so much I’d be on the phone to my agent and lawyers right now.

                              Do you really think the biggest show of the year, of the decade is going to succeed without Kurt Angle, the greatest wrestler of all time, in the main event? One mistake after the other Hitman. I’m sick to death of you trying to hold me back, trying to hold this company back. This Sunday I’m going to humiliate you by tearing apart this Danielson kid, and then you better do something about Bound For Glory. Oh it’s real, it’s damn real.

                              Kurt walks off, leaving Hart staring at him, his left eye twitches as Impact fades to black and we are back at ringside…

                              Match #4
                              Mistico/Amazing Red vs. America’s Most Wanted vs. The British Invasion

                              In a total clash of styles these three tag teams rip into each other for the win on tonight’s live Impact broadcast. Mistico and Red are the high flyers, AMW the brawlers and The Brits are the technicians. Doug Williams brings Mistico to the mat trying to stretch him on the canvas, but Red breaks it up with an ‘amazing” infra-red standing moonsault. Storm comes over the top with the Last Call superkick but is sent out of the ring by a huge clothesline by Brutus Magnus. The ref starts to lose control as the Wildcat Chris Harris hits a leaping clothesline on Magnus and then looks hits a snap vertical suplex, but the former British Gladiator overpowers him and counters the move into a swinging neckbreaker!

                              Red tags in Mistico who clears the ring with a lightning quick head scissor takedowns and hurricanranas. Only to fall victim to Williams’ Chaos Theory! 1…2… Storm from out of nowhere breaks up the pin attempt and with Harris hits the Death Sentence..1..2..3

                              Winners at 6:29 America’s Most Wanted.
                              “Guilty” plays throughout the arena as they give the sign of the belts and stand on the turnbuckles soaking up the cheers from the fans.

                              <Video package of the dominant X Division Champion Hernandez, and then his stablemates spray painting “L.A.” on the front of the title declaring it the LAX Division. Then a highlight reel of his next challenger Hiroshi Tanahashi and then his new valets the Beautiful people helping him out. Victory Road… Hernandez vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi for the (LA)X Division Championship!!>

                              Backstage cameras catch from a distance Raven talking to Senshi….

                              Mike Tenay and Don West hype up this Sunday’s supercard spectacular TNA Victory Road- The Road To Glory….. Here is the card:

                              KnockOut’s Title © Gail Kim vs. Alissa Flash

                              Giant vs. Monster - Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

                              X Division title- © Hernandez vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

                              World Tag Team Titles- © Motor City Machine Guns vs. Speed Muscle

                              Grudge Match- Samoa Joe vs. Senshi

                              Special Attraction- Kurt Angle vs. Bryan Danielson

                              Road to Glory match- Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles vs. The Pope vs. Christopher Daniels

                              World title- © Jeff Hardy w/ Raven vs. Rob Van Dam

                              Tenay: What are huge card TNA has put together just before our Superbowl Bound For Glory. Victory Road will have huge effects on that event, and it’s a must see super show! But coming up next on Impact, tonight’s dream main event match up Samoa Joe vs. the World Champion Jeff Hardy…


                              Christy Hemme runs through the car park to catch up with RVD trying to get some final words before Sunday’s big title match between himself and his former best friend.

                              Hemme: Rob, Rob, can I get a few words about your World title match this Sunday at Victory Road..

                              RVD: Hey Christy, look, this Sunday there’s a lot for me on the line. I mean Jeff and I were tag partners, we were friends, we were a lot of things. But he threw it all away when he started running with Raven. Yeah, this match is personal for me, but the World title is on the line, so I’m going to focus on that first And then kicking Jeff Hardy’s ass second. See you Sunday..

                              Main Event
                              Non title match
                              World Champion Jeff Hardy w/ Raven vs. Samoa Joe

                              Joe walks to the ring first he cracks his knuckles as the fans blow the roof off the building. The Samoan Submission Machine looks ready for battle as he throws his hand up bringing the sold out crowd to their feet! Then out of the tunnel, Raven leads Hardy out to the ring. The fans spit venom at the face painted Champion and his manager as he is very hesitant getting into the ring. Joe looks like a hungry lion looking at his prey half crouched and ready to pounce.
                              The referee moves Joe back and gets Hardy to enter the ring. Raven circles around towards Joe on the floor, like a shark popping it’s dorsal fin out of the water trying to distract the big man. The bell rings and Hardy strikes but Joe shoulder tackles him down, and starts using the power game to dominate the match.

                              Hardy though is border line crazy as he hurts himself in order to inflict pain on his opponents. Leaping from the top he takes out Joe with a Whisper in the Wind and starts raining down blows to Joe’s temple. The sadistic Champion looks to show Joe how to truly dish out pain. The Enigma tries to hit the Poetry in Motion only to be caught and slammed down in the same motion.

                              Raven looks to interfere but Joe hits a wash face before the maniacal one can step up onto the apron. Hardy comes again but Joe takes the Champion’s head off with a decapitation clothesline! Joe locks in the rear naked choke. The ref asks Hardy if he wants to tap. He struggles to find a way to escape, but Joe locks it in even tighter until his eyes roll into the back of his head. Hardy can see no way out and begins to smile, and then almost laugh as he begins to go out. The ref checks on him and raises Hardy’s arm once, it drops to the mat, it drops twice. Hardy sadistically enjoys the pain but is obviously out, the ref raises his arm for a third time…

                              Senshi attacks!

                              Winner via disqualification at 14:52 Samoa Joe

                              Joe rolls off Hardy who is unconscious to try and get to a fighting position but as he does, he is struck in the side of the head by a vicious kick! Joe’s body falls onto the ropes and bounces to the corner. Warriors Way!!!!!

                              Joe coughs and grabs his chest in pain as Senshi looks down at his Victory Road opponent. Raven drags Hardy out of the ring as Senshi roars….



                              • #90
                                Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

                                TNA Wrestling Presents

                                The Road to Glory

                                Official theme-

                                With Bound For Glory on the horizon, Victory Road has always been the starting line for all of the TNA wrestlers to set their sites on pro-wrestling’s biggest event. Victory Road will begin everyone’s journey towards glory or failure….

                                Tonight former best friends will go to war for revenge with the prize at the end being the Championship of the World, the symbolic representation of who is the best in the business.

                                And four men will fight for the right to challenge for that prize at Bound For Glory…. Who will it be? Two matches tonight will determine the crown jewel, the top match in TNA history- the Bound for Glory Main Event….

                                Who will succeed? Who will fail? Who will be victorious?

                                65,712 are in attendance to witness the starting line as we head on the road to glory….

                                Two huge screens adorn a giant stage as the enormously long ramp looks like a highway with road signs along it leading ringside where the future of TNA will be decided. The commentary team Mike Tenay and Don West welcome the millions of fans watching world-wide to Victory Road and introduce their interview team, the delectable Christy Hemme and the original Jeremy “JB” Borash. They give their insights intot the pay perview and how it will effect TNA and pro wrestling’s crown jewel, Bound For Glory.

                                Victory Road Match #1
                                X Division Championship Match
                                Champion Hernandez w/ LAX vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ The Beautiful People

                                To kick start the show is the signature division of TNA Wrestling, as the ever dominant Champion Hernandez will defend his crown against the Ace of the Universe, and former four time IWGP Champion Tanahashi. Hernandez has been so dominant that he and his cohorts have unofficially renamed the division the L.A.X. Division, and have spray painted this onto the giant gold belt. Many months ago “Super-Mex” solidified his status in TNA by defeating Rob Van Dam and unifying the Global and X Division titles. Hernandez has turned away all challengers ever since and with LAX has destroyed any one who has dared to try.

                                Tanahashi after falling just short of the World and World Tag Team titles, under the advisement of his new valet’s The Beautiful people, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, he has set his sights on the X Championship. Due to his almost flawless win/loss record since being in TNA, Jerry Lynn agreed to the title shot after Tanahashi defeated several highly placed X Division wrestlers including The Amazing Red. With Hernandez willing to prove that he is TNA’s most dominant wrestler and Tanahashi out to show he is the Ace of the Universe, both men will collide to become the signature Champion of TNA Wrestling…


                                These two even battle to see who has the craziest entrance as Hiroshi walks out with his very seductive and in your face valet’s the Beautiful People dancing for him and suggestively helping him down the huge road looking ramp. While LAX’s entrance includes all members riding down the road on motorbikes with Salinas on the back of Hernandez’s wearing his title around her small waist. They try to drown out the boos by revving their engines, as Hiroshi rolls his eyes in response. Sky and Love cross paths with Salinas as they bad mouth each other to intensify the title match.

                                When the bell sounds both men come out of the blocks with explosive speed trying to outshine the other with power and high flying moves. Tanahashi is thrown all over the ring by the powerhouse, but he retaliates with devastating elbow strikes to try and take back the match. Konnan screams to his team mate to “stay on him!”, while the Beautiful People tell Konnan to “take a bath!”. Tanahashi rips into Hernandez with strikes to the face and body and then puts him down with a dropkick to the jaw.

                                The Japanese Ace starts working on Herandez’s lower back to negate the Champion’s strength but also to soften him up for his Texas Cloverleaf submission finisher. But with a quick distraction by the rabid Homicide, Hernandez is able to take back control and hit a huge splash in the corner, crushing Hiroshi, and then follows it up by ripping his singlet in half and then using it to firstly choke the Ace and then send him crashing all the way on the other side of the ring.

                                But two can play at that game and Velvet Sky jumps on the apron to distract the vicious Champion, but his hideous nature sees her as something to eat and grabs at her. She screams as he pulls her hair licking his lips as the ref tries to gain control. Salinas runs over but she is hit by Angelina Love’s Botox Injection superkick! The referee makes Hernandez unhand Sky and he turns into a Dragon Rocket spear from Tanahashi which gets a two count. Tanahashi goes up top to finish the match but he is cut off and the two men end up flying through the air after a over head belly to belly hits its mark. Hiroshi rolls out to the floor only to have Hernandez fly over the top rope and deliver a big time plancha.

                                The fight continues on the outside as both men’s bodies end up hitting guard rails, ring posts and steel steps. Homicide is hit with a SlingBlade on the floor for his trouble as LAX continue to try and get involved. Hernandez hits a Border Toss onto the announce table almost splitting it in half. The JAPANESE Ace is then in a race to beat the ten count. He crawls to the apron and even though Cide tries to stop him he leaps under the bottom rope at the count of nine!

                                Hernandez is now frustrated as Hiroshi kicks out of several pinning attempts. Both men hit brutal clotheslines and elbow strikes but either man refuses to fall. Dez, charges and crushes Tanahashi in the corner, and as the ref gets him back, Homicide quickly runs in and rakes the challenger’s eyes with what looks like a fork! Hernandez hits another belly to belly and then leaps off the top rope with a big time frog splash.

                                But he only gets a two count. Border Toss!!!

                                Winner and STILL X Division Champion Hernandez
                                Exhausted The X Division Champion is handed his title belt as he lies on almost all fours catching his breathe. The commentary team comment that this is only the third time since rejoining TNA in January that Tanahashi has been pinned. Tanahashi stirs and tries to roll away , but Homicide looks to punish his tag team partner’s opponent. Sky and Love intervene and jump on Hiroshi to protect him. Cide looks at the two knockouts and rubs his hands together, but Love gets in his face and slaps him. Cide is spun around from the blow and grabs his jaw. His eyes almost pop out of his head as he turns enraged by the shot.

                                Salinas jumps Angelina as she has only just gotten back up from the Botox Injection. The two girls fight in the ring as Sky tries to get Tanahashi to safety in all the hair flying excitement. The chauvinistic 187 watches on allowing the Japanese Ace to retreat, but it leaves Angelina by her self. The Beautiful People leader hits a big hand and then body slams the Latina superstar almost out of her..socks but then Homicide viciously grabs the blonde by her hair extensions. She screams but then scratches at his eyes.

                                She escapes as Konnan tells Cide to tend to Salinas. Konnan grabs a microphone and tells the Beautiful People that LAX are coming to Knocked Out (The all Knockout TNA television program) and Tanahashi, on Impact he will pay the price for not keeping his ‘bitches” on a leash…

                                Gunshots sound, LAX’s music hits and the fans are the winners after a brutal hard hitting, highflying match from two of the best in the world.

                                Victory Road Match #2
                                KnockOuts Championship Match
                                Champion Gail Kim vs. Alissa Flash

                                The Champion Gail Kim has defended the title with honour ever since she became a two time Champion after defeating Tara earlier in the year. But on Knocked Out there has been the emergence of the Future Legend, Alissa Flash. If Flash hasn’t beaten you, she has hurt you, and has blazed a trail towards TNA’s ultimate prize in women’s wrestling, the TNA World Knockout’s Championship.

                                Alissa attacked Gail after her victory over Hamada to start a feud that has turned into a war between these two. Flash at every turn has tried to break Gail’s arm by using a flying cross arm breaker be it in the backstage area or at ringside or before or after a match. Flash wants to be Champion and her hatred of Kim has made her completely focussed on destroying the KnockOut’s Champion.


                                Both KnockOuts walk out to a huge entrance as they walk the large road entrance ramp to the ring. The Champion’s elbow is tapped up and she holds it when she enters the ring. Flash has a devilish smile on her face as she looks down at her handy work, while the referee checks the girls before the match. Gail hands the title over for the challenger to acknowledge and then lifts it high in the air to signify the title bout. The scowling Champion is not amused by Flash’s arrogance as they both set themselves while the ring announcement is made.

                                The bell sounds and Gail attacks Alissa pouncing on her and delivering some heavy right hands. Flash tries to escape and Gail due to her injury tries to finish the match early with an Eat Defeet but Flash catches Gail and overpowers her into a powerbomb. Kim desperately kicks out at a two count as Flash kicks Gail while she’s down in the stomach and then drops a knee into the injured elbow!

                                Gail smartly avoids the arm breaker, but cannot stop Flash from working and stretching the arm and elbow. The Champion is hurting badly as the Future Legend starts to punish Gail. After a leaping off the rope kick to the face Flash locks in a camel clutch but quickly releases it slamming Gail’s face into the mat. She then runs the ropes and delivers a drop kick to the Champs face for another 2 count.

                                Gail is whipped into the ropes but reverses it and hits Flash with a leaping elbow strike. Gail grabs her elbow and drops to a knee in obvious pain, but delivers a drop kick to a springing up challenger. The two warriors battle it out in a hard hitting contest neither one giving an inch, But Flash throughout the duration of the match has focussed her attack on Gail’s injured arm.

                                Gail hits a high cross body off the second rope on the outside putting Flash down. Gail throws Flash into the guard rail and then the ring post. Flash though grabs Gail’s arm and throws it into the steel post. She then wraps the arm around the post and pulls on it damaging it further. The ref orders the knockouts to get back into the ring. But Alissa isn’t finished.

                                With Gail’s arm caught around the post Flash hits her flying arm breaker! Gail screams in pain. The referee tries to break the hold and gives Flash a five count to break it up. Gail slides back into the ring trying to escape the “Future Legend” , but Flash attacks the arm trying to hyper extend the elbow. Gail fights back by using her other elbow to strike Flash in the face. Gail then follows it up with an around the world head scissors takedown. Flash gets up and walks straight into the EAT DEFEET!

                                But she is able to get a her foort on the ropes before the 3 count. Gail’s arm seems to be almost hanging off her body as she looks for a way to finish this match. Alissa is dazed and slowly gets to her feet as Gail drop kicks her down and climbs the turnbuckle for her moonsault. But she misses and crashes onto the mat. The Champion grabs her midsection and her arm and Flash like a snake strikes by grabbing the arm and sitting on her shoulder forcing the elbow backwards!!! Gail can see know escape and taps…

                                Winner and NEW KnockOuts Champion of the World at 8:11 Alissa Flash
                                Fireworks go of in the arena as the crowd boos the new Champion. Her music plays and she squeals with delight as the referee raises her hand and hands her the KnockOut title. Flash pulls away from the ref and climbing the turnbuckle holds the belt up in Victory declaring to the world she is now the Champion. EMTs rush over to check on Gail’s arm as Alissa laughs at her fallen opponent. She squats down and brashly shows the belt to Gail and then snatches it away laughing. The huge crowd on hand boo the new Champ as she walks off to the back twirling as she leaves.

                                Victory Road match #3
                                Matt Morgan vs. Abyss w/ James Mitchell

                                Last month the Blueprint Matt Morgan seemingly retired the legendary Kevin Nash. The DNA of TNA had made Nash his target since Slammiversary’s huge Monster’s Ball match. Morgan believed that there was only room enough in TNA for one giant and he took Nash out in a violent display of power. But now Morgan has decided he wants to take out everyone in his way. As a giant he want to take out a monster and attacked Abyss. However the Monster is more resilient than most men and now is out for Morgan’s blood. Will Morgan continue his run or will Abyss cover ringside by spilling every drop of Morgan’s DNA,,,


                                The two behemoths go to war in a very big man’s match up. Each man uses their power moves to try and take down their rival in a hard hitting no holds barred affair. Both men tumble out of the ring and fight all over ringside with the refree trying to get them back in the ring. Morgan really wants to prove his dominance and unlike most of Abyss’ opponents he doesn’t back down. Back in the ring Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint but Abyss kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Morgan then looks to finish by using the Hellavator but Abyss reverses it into the Shock Treatment back breaker!

                                Both men trade big time lariats trying to knock the heads off their opponents shoulders and then even dare the other man to try and knock them down. But Morgan’s college intellect tricks Abyss and Abyss comes off the ropes with all his speed right into a Carbon Footprint. 1..2..3

                                Winner at 9:01 The Blueprint Matt Morgan
                                The seven footer roars as he looks down at the monster. Mitchell can’t believe it as his monster lay on the mat holding his jaw. Morgan himself is overjoyed by his victory as his confidence at the start of the match could have been a front as he realises that he has come out of the match almost unscathed which is unheard of when wrestling the Monster.

                                Morgan grabs the microphone after the match and declares himself the giant of this sport and that he will crush bones to make his bread…

                                Victory Road match #4
                                World Tag Team Championship Match
                                Champions The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Speed Muscle

                                Over the last few months, be it in fatal four ways, triple threats or straight up tag team matches, the duo of Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino have outshined them all. Their combination of speed, power and more speed, has catapulted them right to the top of the TNA tag division. Last month they challenged the Guns who had spent their time trying to defeat Kurt Angle in singles matches. Speed muscle just might be in the right place at the right time as the Guns’ focus could be elsewhere and losing the tag titles could be only three seconds away.

                                But it may stem deeper than that. Shelley and Sabin for months now have seemed to have different agendas. Sabin wants to be known as the best tag team in TNA history, while Shelley wants to keep the belts no matter the cost to continue his run as Champion and to keep the big money rolling in. These two teams have fought before, has Doi and Yoshino uncovered the secret to ending the seventh month reign of the Motor City Machine Guns??


                                Before the bell sounds Shelley and Sabin seem to be in a disagreement as to who will start the match. Shelley then in a huff, steps through the ropes and Sabin is set upon by the lightning quick Yoshino. Shelley looks to have regretted the move and looks to tag himself in straight away, but Sabin has been hit with a flying leg lariat. The Champions are starting at a disadvantage. Speed Muscle deliver quick strikes and then even quicker tags to hit a double team move and then a cover. Shelley is left to break up the count every time. This offcourse makes Doi punch Shelley off the apron and then hit a cannonball on the outside to allow his partner an uninterrupted pinning combination. But Sabin kicks out of the attempts to keep his team in the match.

                                Sabin finally makes the tag and Shelley looks good by hitting Doi off the apron with a drop kick and then concentrating on slowing down Yoshino with some European style mat wrestling and brutal stretches. Shelley sees Sabin is ok and then tags in his partner so the Guns can now dish out their type of double team moves. Speed muscle now have to break up the pinfall attempts. The two teams suddenly lash out and the title match moves to the outside. Each man hits everyone coming off the top rope onto the floor in spectacular spots that blow the roof off the arena. The fans can’t believe how the fast the action is as The Guns seem to be finally on the same page.

                                Sabin cleans house, knocking Doi from the ring and blasting Yoshino with elbows. Sabin hit a springboard DDT, but Doi breaks up the pinfall. Doi hits Sabin with a dropkick, but Shelley knocked him to the floor and hit him with a tope. In the ring, Sabin and Yoshino punch it out, with Sabin going for a DDT, only for Yoshino to ram him in a corner. Doi tags in and Yoshino feeds him into a reverse DDT on Sabin. Shelley broke up the cover. Speed Muscle hit a headscissor/dropkick combo on Sabin. They went into a series of superkicks, including Sabin blocking one by Yoshino and throwing it into Shelley by accident!!!!.

                                Doi and Yoshino hit a atomic drop sprint lariat combo on Sabin for a two count. Speed Muscle looks to finish the match as they set for some sort of double team move when Sabin hits a spiining back kick into Doi’s mid section and then hits a DDT on both men at the same time. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock on Yoshino to retain the titles!!!

                                Winners and still World Tag Team Champions at 16:19 The Motor City Machine Guns
                                Shelley slowly stands up holding his face as the referee hands the Champions their titles. Shelley is confused how they won as Sabin holds up the belt in victory standing tall on the turnbuckles. Sabin jumps down and hugs Shelley, but he doesn’t seem to be amused. Alex lets out a smile to acknowledge that they had retained the belts but he rubs his face where the accidental superkick landed only moments before the end of the match. Shelley doesn’t feel like celebrating and walks off as Sabin is left pumping the fans up.

                                Victory Road match #5
                                Samoa Joe vs. Senshi

                                Senshi has stated that he is the Warrior, he si the most dangerous wrestler in TNA. And he is tired of waiting for his respect. Samoa Joe has been cheated out of the TNA Worlds title, UFC Heavyweight title and the TNA Tag titles by Brock Lesnar. But when Joe was knocked out of the number one contender’s tournament by Senshi, Joe snapped. He was no longer going to be the hunted, he was now the hunter, and Senshi was going to pay the price. Senshi’s hatred of Joe has gone back years but now he has seen his opportunity to shoot into title contention by defeating Joe and finally getting the respect he believes he is owed after defeating Kurt Angle and injuring Sting months ago.


                                Both men know what the other is capable of and are not in a rush to engage the other. With his body crouched down, Senshi looks to attack the leg of Joe, But the big man lifts his leg to block something that doesn’t yet come. Senshi lashes out first but Joe is ready and blocks the shot. Joe tries his luck but Senshi dodges the blow and counters by front kick to Joe’s knee. Joe steps away hurting from the shot as Senshi’s gremlin face continues to show no emotion.

                                Joe stops moving and stands up straight. He casually walks right up to Senshi and delivers a humiliating heavy handed bitch slap right across the face of the Warrior. It sends Senshi to his knees but he quickly springs to his feet and delivers a leaping enzaguri right to Joe’s temple. He roars as he then follows up with a combo of brutal lightning fast kicks to Joe’s upper body. Joe covers up and uses his power advantage by grabbing his opponents wrist and and using it to control him starts destroying the chest of Senshi with powerful thrust kicks. The huge fans cannot believe the ferocity behind these shots as Senshi falls to the mat grabbing his sternum.

                                Joe breathes in wildly before launching himself onto the Warrior with knee strikes to the head. Senshi is being overwhelmed by the viciousness of Joe. Senshi kicks out of a two count, but he may soon regret it as Joe drags him to the outside. Joe then from the inside from the ring out he crashes Senshi’s body into the guard rail head first with a swinging powerbomb. Joe is intent on hurting the Warrior beyond repair as he sets and delivers the Ole Ole kick crushing Senshi’s skull between his boot and the guard rail’s steel. Senshi is busted open now and Joe wants to prolong the torture and throws the Warrior back into the ring.

                                Joe locks in his entire arsenal of submission holds, going through all of them trying to stretch and punish the man who had cost him a title shot a few weeks ago. The blood pours from Senshi’s head as Joe drops elbows into the back of his head and then with a wrist clutch continues the beating with thunderous kicks to the face and body. Senshi tries to get to his feet as Joe peppers him with slaps and boot scrapes. The Warrior fires back with an explosive flurry of strikes and kicks of his own, and then bounces off the ropes hitting a knee to the face. Senshi, now with a complete crimson mask, starts blasting Joe with his own vicious style of offence.

                                The two men exchange elbow strikes, then Senshi hits a kick to Joe’s mid section dropping the big man to a knee and Sesnhi hits rapid fire knee strikes to Joe’s face.

                                Joe roars explodes to his feet kicks Senshi in the gut and then holding the back of Senshi’s head unloads an uncountable number of kicks to the face.

                                Senshi roars his eyes a blaze delivers an elbow shot. Joe answers with an elbow shot of his own. The Warrior blasts Joe with kick to the head, Joe is wobbly and then hits a decapitation lariat!


                                Winner at 16:31 Samoa Joe
                                Joe stands up, dazed but victorious. He looks down at the mess that is Senshi and shows the camera his opponents blood staining his taped up fists. Joe mouths something like “I’m going to Vegas..” or something along those lines as the fans go crazy for another Joe win. Joe rolls out of the ring slowly and limps up the ramp turning to face the crowd and taking in the huge cheers for his win in a very brutal match.

                                Victory Road match # 6
                                Road to Glory – Fatal Four-way for a title match at Bound For Glory
                                Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. Christopher Daniels

                                Bound For Glory is now the pinnacle of professional wrestling. The year 2010 has seen Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling becoming the number one pro-wrestling federation in the world. Their ratings, their buy-rates, their profit margins and their merchandising has eclipsed all the other companies, becoming the most popular sports programme in the United States.

                                October has always held Bound For Glory over the last five years and this year it is scheduled to be the greatest supercard TNA has ever produced. But who will be in the main event? Tonight the World title will be in the balance between Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam, but who will face the Champion? The Road to Glory begins now.

                                Desmond Wolfe, master of the European style, he shows no remorse in the ring where he breaks down his opponents in no wasted movements and methodical pacing. Wolfe accompanied by Chelsea has defeated just about everyone who has stood in his path and was only seconds away from becoming Champion last month at Unbreakable

                                AJ Styles, the Phenomenal One, the former four time World Heavyweight Champion is once again in the hunt to take the title from Raven’s new dark apprentice, Jeff Hardy. The face of TNA, he has fought everyone this year and only his closest friend/most hated enemy Daniels has bested him. Styles has returned after losing the title to take back TNA from Raven’s clutches and once again hold high the Championship of the World. To many Styles is TNA.
                                The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, the most charismatic, pimp-tacular man in pro-wrestling today has upped his game and this year has won two X Division Championships. He continues his run to glory by moving inot the heavyweight main event scene ready to show he is the Cadillac of TNA. His combination of boxing and high flying moves, The Pope is pimpin’

                                Finally, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, made a deal with the devil, sold his soul and unleashed the chaotic hell dog Raven all in his quest to become the World Champion. Believing due to politics he wouldn’t get another title shot, Daniels created an evil master plan and carried it off to perfection to reign as Champion in TNA for the majority of 2010. He was neither pinned or submitted when he lost the title to Jeff Hardy at King of the Mountain and now wants it back. A man without a country his allegiances with TNA, the fans or Raven has (if indeed possible) made the Fallen Angel even more dangerous than before…

                                VS. VS. VS.

                                Each man’s entrance is turned up to volume 11 as they make their way to the ring via the long road walkway. Wolfe and Pope have been feuding lately and they very much keep an eye on the other as they enter the ring. Chelsea is placed in front of Wolfe so Pope doesn’t try a quick match starting shot. Styles receives a huge ovation as he walks out through his fiery waterfall while Christopher Daniels gets a very mixed reaction as one side of the sold out arena chants his name, while the other says he sucks.

                                The referee checks all four men as the official match announcements are made. The bell rings and the road to glory starts now!

                                Wolfe and Daniels start the match, feeling each other out with some catchers catch can wrestling.. Daniels takes Wolfe out and goes for a dive but Styles tags in. He takes out Daniels and The Pope hits the ring. The Pope took him out and hit a nice tope suicida to the floor. Daniels went for a dive but was caught with a Wolfe clothesline. There were a series of dives, culminating with Daniels hitting a springboard dive out on everyone. After a war on the outside, all four men get back into the ring and amaze the fans by destroying each other with the Tower of Doom out of the corner. Wolfe dumped Styles into the corner with a suplex. The Pope caught Styles with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. All four men use empty their arsenals of moves on anyone that gets in their way as the Bound For Glory main event is on the line.

                                The Pope and Wolfe fired back and forth with chops. Wolfe almost kills Dinero with a Jawbreaker lariat, but it only gets a two count after Styles breaks it up. AJ misses a cross body on Wolfe but came back with a PELE!!!. Daniels though catches him with a rana and hits the Best Moonsault Ever for a two count after the Pope breaks up the fall with the Outer Limitz Elbow (Turnbuckle handstand transitioned into a low-angle diving elbow drop)! Daniels hits an STO on The Pope then a leaping knee strike on Wolfe. But Dinero getting to his feet hits an atomic drop on the Fallen Angel and then bouncing off the ropes delivers the flying shoulder tackle. But Wolfe nails The Pope with the Tower of London! Pope rolls out of the ring as the fans are going insane. The sold out enormous crowd are chanting, "This is awesome."

                                Daniels went for a dive but was pulled out and hit with a back suplex onto the apron by AJ. Styles gets back into the match after being stunned by the BME, and hits a flying bodypress on Wolfe. Wolfe though catches him in mid move with a backdrop suplex but as Styles crashes to the mat he counters the power move into a guillotine choke. Daniels breaks up the submission and Styles and Daniels battle each other, spilling onto the floor! Pope gets back into the ring and battles Wolfe in the corner. Daniels gets back into the ring but is smashed by a Wolfe spinebuster. The Pope hits a DDExpress. Styles breaks up the pinfall as Daniels went for the most insane twisting dive ever… but misses. Daniels rolls out of the ring as Pope walks straight into the Styles Clash! 1..2…3

                                Winner and Bound For Glory.. at 19:04 The Phenomenal One AJ Styles
                                Styles gets his arm raised in victory as Daniels on the outside puts his head in his hands. Chelsea runs over to check on Wolfe as Styles celebrates by leaping up onto the turnbuckles and punching the air as the fans chant his name! His music blasts through the speakers as gives the sign of the belt and jumps down to high five and hug the fans all around ringside as they party with their hero!

                                Victory Road match #7
                                Kurt Angle vs. Bryan Danielson

                                For three solid months a fiery video who welcome fans back from a commercial break every week on Impact, Explosion and Knocked Out. It was always a screen filled with fire with would transform inot an American flag and then into a fire breathing Dragon with the words :ENTER, filling the TNATron. It was revealed that this was the secret signing by Bret Hart of the self proclaimed Best Wrestler in the World, the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. Danielson who was fired from another pro-wrestling company for being too violent was immediately signed by Hart to be the company’s next superstar. Hart knew that to continue TNA’s success he had to ensure they continued to have the best talent.

                                So, on his debut he walked out and challenged Kurt Angle, the greatest wrestler of all time to a match at Victory Road. Angle saw this as again Bret Hart trying to hold him down and away from the TNA title. Angle promised Hart he would expose him as a fraud and would embarrass his new signing at the pay per view.

                                The battle for the best in the world has arrived…


                                They lock up and Danielson backs up Angle to the ropes. Clean break. They lock up again with Danielson pushed against the ropes. This time, Angle slaps him across the face. Angle kicks Danielson stiffly in the mid-section but Danielson comes back with a dropkick. They go back and forth and it's a face-off. Angle takes down Danielson, who fires back. They exchange stiff European uppercuts with Angle getting the worst of it. Danielson tosses Angle over the top to the floor and they battle on the floor.

                                Back in the ring, Danielson dropkicked Angle in the knee, taking him down. Danielson focuses on his knee and uses a step over toehold to wear down the Olympic Gold Medallist. AmDrag continued to work on Kurt’s leg, in a ironic turn focusing on the ankle as well before a rope break forced him to release his hold. Danielson went right back after the leg, kicking at the hamstring. He taking Angle to school with stretches and surfboards and stomps to the knees tries to upstage Angle’s wrestling ability and embarrass him, trying to prove he is the best in the world.

                                Angle fights back and drills Danielson with a kick to the chest. He missed a charge, but came off the ropes to kick Danielson off the ropes, then hits a huge German suplex kick, sending Danielson to the floor.

                                Angle followed Danielson to the floor. Danielson went for a kick but Angle ducked and Danielson kicked the ringpost. Angle nailed a shinbreaker on the apron. He locked in a leglock. Danielson tried to kick him off but was unsuccessful. Danielson finally fights his way to the ropes. Angle goes for another shinbreaker but doesn't get it. Instead, he is hit with a Dragon suplex. And then he moves in for the Full Windsor Knot (LeBell Lock). Angle counters it spectacularly into an Ankle lock. Danielson reverses the Ankle Lock shocking Angle and he rolls away avoiding the Full Windsor.

                                Danielson finally made his way to his feet and began exchanging European uppercuts with Angle Angle kept challenging him to bring it on before delivering one of his own that sent Danielson upside down. Angle locked in an ankle lock in the centre of the ring and scissored Danielson's leg. Danielson made it to the ropes but was holding his leg. Danielson started favouring his ankle as he tried but failed to avoid the high impact suplexes from Kurt.. Danielson with a surge of fighting spirit charged but was sent up and over to the apron. But with a roar. came back with a springboard missile dropkick smashing Angle with a double kick to the chest..

                                Danielson used a series of kicks to sweep Angle's legs roll Angle up in a quick small package for a two count. Angle went for a back suplex but Danielson landed on his feet and locked in Cattle Mutilation. Angle looks to counter but Dragon has him locked in. When Angle shifts his weight, Danielson quickly moves his and reapplies the submission move as Angle starts to yelp in pain. The fans continue their duelling chants as Angle gets to the ropes. Danielson refuses to release the hold and the ref goes to count him, he gets to four when Dragon gets to his feet and shouts.. “I have till five referee!!!

                                OLYMPIC SLAM!!!



                                Danielson puts his foot on the ropes barely breaking the count as Angle wipes the sweat from his forehead and sets again to deliver the finisher pulling down his straps as the fans are going crazy. Danielson though counters the finisher into a deep arm drag and then follows up with a drop kick that sends Angle crashing into the corner turnbuckles. Danielson then hits a series of stiff kicks. Danielson then climbs the turnbuckles and looks for a diving headbutt, however Angle quickly leaps and catches Dragon with a super-belly to belly!

                                Angle went for a back suplex but Danielson landed on his feet and caught him with a Roaring Elbow! Danielson's kick was then blocked as Angle hit a belly to belly overhead release. Danielson crashes into the ropes and falls on his head. Angle though this time wastes no time and drags him into the middle of the ring and grabs the ankle. Small package!!!!



                                Angle barely escapes as he kicks out of the cover and turns into a forearm shot. But Danielson is dazed from the suplex and Angle capitalises with a headbutt! They began going back and forth with stiff strikes. Angle drops after Danielson’s brutal kick to the head. The crowd chants some sort of obscenity about kicking in heads but Angle kicks out at two. Angle gets to his feet and with a burst of adrenaline hits German suplex after German suplex! The crowd counts along and they chant “SIX!” as Angle still with his hands locked looks for a seventh, when Bret Hart is somehow out at ringside.

                                Angle looks confused and walks over to Hart, he kicks the bottom rope and Hart who the commentators are not sure why he is out there is livid that Kurt lashed out at him. The two men exchange words and Angle spits in the face of Hart! He then tells the TNA Championship Committee Chairman that he is going to show him what Kurt Angle is all about. Danielson is extremely hurt from the six Germans is suddenly mounted and Kurt lays in closed fists to the face. He bashes the skull of Danielson right in front of Hart telling him “this is what happens if you try and screw with Kurt Angle”. The referee orders Kurt to stop the illegal punches. The ref pulls Kurt off of Bryan, and checks on him, as Kurt is blasted from behind by a chair shot from Bret Hart!?!?!?!?

                                The Hitman drops off the apron wiping the spit off his face and throws the chair down in disgust. The ref looks over to see Angle is also down as Hart walks off. Danielson slowly gets to his feet. His nose seems to be busted open, and as Kurt tries to sit up, the American Dragon roars and locks in body scissors and unloads the Dragon Elbows into the temple of Kurt Angle. Danielson continues to scream out as he drills Angle over and over with the elbows. The ref asks Angle if he wishes to quit, as the elbow has busted Kurt’s skin open and blood streams from the wound. Kurt refuses to give up and the ref continues to check as Dragon continues to drive the point of his elbow into the skull of the Greatest of all time. Danielson finally exhausted stops and covers Angle.




                                Winner at 15:44 The American Dragon Bryan Danielson
                                With his nose bloody and his body beaten and battered the ref raises Danielson’s arm in victory as he yells to the crowd that he is “The Best in the World!” Danielson’s dragon fire ligts up the ramp and the ring as Kurt is out cold. But the cloud of controversy floats over win as shockingly Bret Hart got physically involved in the match, with a steel chair no less!!! What will this mean for TNA?

                                Victory Road Main Event
                                TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

                                Two men, two risk takers two huge stars, have walked the path to gain the fame, fortune and respect inside the professional wrestling ring. They have fought each other time and time again to become friends and to become the very best in the world today. World Champions every where they have been, they both found their way to TNA and set their eyes on the most prestigious Championship in the business today, the TNA World Championship.

                                Both men showed the world their skill, the power, their spirit, besting those put in front of them, to finally get a chance at the World title at Slammiversay in the King of the Mountain match. The goal to pin one of your four opponents and hang the belt high above the ring using a ladder. Hardy, master of the ladder match won the war and unseated the dominant Champion Daniels to what everyone thought was a great day for the company… when in fact it was its worse nightmare.

                                Hardy, one of the business’ elite was now under the direction of Raven, the man who has tried to destroy TNA from the beginning of the year. With the Championship now in Raven’s control as well as one of the best strike weapons in all of wrestling, TNA management cannot believe the predicament they now face.

                                But out of all of TNA that Hardy betrayed, it was his best friend Rob Van Dam that felt the brunt of his treachery. Rob’s determination to take the title from Hardy and to beat him senseless in the process is the only thought on his mind. RVD has come to victory Road to put his mind, body and soul on the line to teach his former friend a lesson and to not just win the glory for himself but to take the power away from Raven’s reach… TNA’s future tonight rests on the shoulders of the Whole Dam Show!


                                The fans blow the roof off during RVD’s entrance and almost riot at the sight of the World Champion and his “manager” Raven. The Charismatic Enigma not only stabbed the back of his friend RVD and all of TNA but its fans as well. Children who looked up to Hardy has seen his true addictive nature and the darkness behind it. Deafening chants of “Hardy sucks” take on a physical force of its own as it bears down onto the six sided ring as Hardy tries to entice more and more hatred. He seems to feed on it as if it was some sort of drug. Under neath his sadistic looking face paint an evil grin is flashed at his former friend who doesn’t know him anymore, or questions himself if he ever did. The formal introductions are carried out and the boos rain down on Hardy again, as an unconcerned Raven whispers final instructions inot Jeff’s ears. The bell sounds and Rob shoots in straight away!

                                RVD gets a waistlock, Hardy escapes and ducks a spinkick. The feeling out process continues and they go to a Greco-Roman knucklelock, and they exchange hammerlocks, and Hardy breaks away and goes for a Twist Of Fate, but RVD counters with a drop kick sending him out to the floor. RVD sails over the top rope with a sommersault crashing into the Champion. RVD then starts beating Hardy up on the floor and then in an show of extreme offence, drops Hardy sternum-first on the guardrail, then coming off the apron with a spinning legdrop crushing the chest in the process. RVD drapes Hardy on the apron, then slingshots over the top rope from the inside with a guillotine legdrop on the apron.

                                RVD goes up top and comes off with a flying bodypress for 2. Hardy though starts firing back on RVD but the Whole Dam Show shuts him down pretty quickly and whips him inot the ropes and then a clothesline followed by a standing moonsault. RVD covers for another 2 count.

                                Rob pulls Hardy to his feet by his hair and slaps him across the face. Hardy suddenly dropkicks the knee of RVD and he crashing down face first on the middle rope. Hardy with the double legdrop to the crotch, a second dropkick, and a clothesline for the cover which gets a 2 count! The fans are going crazy as Rob starts to fight back again trying gain control of the match. He knocks down Hardy and tries a dive in the corner on Hardy, but Hardy comes out with a clothesline for a 2 count and then straight away a bridging rollup for another 2. Rob keeps kicking out determined not to lose to the man who has betrayed everyone in TNA.

                                Hardy goes up top but RVD catches him and drags him out into the middle of the top rope and kicks him in the head, then goes up top, and after giving himself the thumbs up delivers a thrust kick to Hardy that sends him tumbling to the floor. RVD pulls Hardy back in the ring and gets another spinning legdrop and then smashes his sternum with the Rolling Thunder..1..2.. Hardy barely kicks out!
                                Hardy fights back and pounds on RVD in the corner, but misses his springboard corner dropkick and RVD hits the split-legged moonsault!!!



                                Hardy escapes again by kicking out at the last moment. He looks battered and beaten as Rob continues to try and make his former friend pay for what he has done. RVD with another series of kicks to the head then goes for a vertical suplex, but Hardy slips out the back and hits a gourdbuster, then pulls the shirt off and goes up top, but RVD pops up to his feet and spinkicks Hardy in the face. RVD follows Hardy up top and goes for a superplex, but Hardy blocks, pushes RVD off and goes for the Swanton but misses! RVD quickly gets to his feet looking to hit the Five Star Frog Splash but Raven quickly grabs Rob’s leg tripping him up and his chin smashes on the top turnbuckle. Hardy sees the opportunity and hits the Twist of Fate..




                                RVD escapes the pinfall as the Champion slams the mat as the camera closes up on his face as he is deep thought on how to defeat Van Dam. Raven jumps up on the apron directing traffic, but the ref tells him to get down. As this happens out of the crowd emerges the Monster Abyss. He grabs the foot of RVD and drags him onto the outside. His head and body smashes on the floor. Raven continues to distract the ref as Abyss hits a Blackhole Slam on RVD..on the steel stairs!!!!!

                                Abyss drops to the floor and rolls under the ring. The huge noise turns the ref to see Hardy walking over to the outside where Rob grabs his lower back in agony. With almost tears in his eyes from the pain, he is punched in the face of the Champion and he falls off the stairs and cracks his head on the floor. Hardy drags him near the end of the Victory Road ramp and then climbs the top turnbuckle.
                                Swanton Bomb from the top to the floor on Rob’s chest!!!!!! Hardy rolls back into the ring and tells the referee to count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..Rob stirs, he turns his body and reaches for the ring apron…7…8…. Hardy holding his own ribs looks down at RVD with his dead eyes and his evil smile as Rob reaches out to spitting blood from obvious internal injuries…9…10…

                                Winner via count out and STILL World Heavyweight Champion at 14:22 Jeff Hardy
                                The fans boo as his music plays as Raven cackles with laughter. RVD hears the announcement and his face falls to the floor. Hardy hops down off the apron and squats down near his former friend grabbing RVD’s pony tail to taunt him. Raven walks over with the World title belt as Hardy whispers something in RVD’s ear. Abyss then appears out from under the ring and the three vilest men in TNA look down at the valiant Van Dam. All three men look at each other in agreement to attack the fallen challenger as the fans boo and jeer what they are about to do.....

                                The fans erupt as “Slay Me” blasts through the speakers and out of the entrance tunnel walks the Icon, bat in hand. He points the bat at Hardy as Victory Road goes off the air…