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Ultimate TNA 2010

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    Re: Ultimate TNA 2010


    TNA XPlosion consists of replays and updates, weigh ins and press conferences for upcoming TNA events.

    Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme welcome us to this week's episode.

    They talk about Raven's actions over the last month and cannot guess as to what he has planned for TNA next.

    <A replay of his attacks and promos air.>

    Christy and JB then talk about Hiroshi Tanahashi the Japanese sensation who has teken TNA by storm and in his second month with the company will wrestle for the World Championship.

    <Tanahashi video from Impact airs>

    Christy and JB then introduce the first of tonight's Xplosion exclusive matches

    Match #1

    Generation Me vs. Neo-1-GT (London and Kendrick)

    Winners in a fantatsic back and forth exciting, high flying affair with a sliced bread, shooting star combo-

    JB talks about Petey Williams and how he has ended Eric Young's career, and may have paralysed Kurt Angle

    <Replays of the attacks, Karen Angle's interview with JB at the hospital, Bret hart condemming the attacks and AJ Styles, the World Champion almost himself ending up in hospital after he luckily escaped the Candian Destroyer.>

    Christy then intoduces the 2nd Xplosion exclusive match

    Match #2

    Alissa Flash vs. Roxxi

    Winner in a hard hitting brutal contest by roll up-

    Alissa Flash
    JB and Christy talk about how Bret Hart has put TNA on the path to being the best pro-wrestling company in the world... not Sports entertainment... but pro-wrestling.

    <An edited video of all the great highlights of what has happened since Jan 1 2010 in TNA>

    Christy introduces the last Xplosion exclusive match for this evening
    Match #3
    Jay Lethal vs. Davey Richards

    Winner in a high flying, extremely fast but stiff X divison matchup by Lethal Combination and dragon suplex-

    Jay Lethal

    JB and Christy hype up this week's IMPACT! on Thursday night on Spike TV as Bret Hart has signed the Whole Dam Show Rob Van Dam to go one on one with the diabolical Raven!!!



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      Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

      EPISODE 5

      Last week on ImpactÖ. Quick replay video playsÖ Hart confronts Petey Williams/ AJ comes out to confront Williams out of frustration. The World Champion carries the success of the company on his shoulders and out anger challenges Williams to a match. Styles is almost hit with the Destroyer that has already put both Eric Young and Kurt Angle out of action.

      Daniels berates and challenges Samoa Joe to a match at Kingdom Come. James Mitchell offers Daniels a chance to be under his management. Daniels turns him down.

      Hardy defeats Steiner only to be attacked from behind by Desmond Wolfe. Morgan comes out and Desmond backs away.

      After the main event Raven attacks RVD choking him half to death with his steel hook and chain. Styles, Hart, Jarrett and Foley come out to make the save. AJ is put down by a discus lariat and Raven tells Hart he hasnít even begun burning TNA to the groundÖ..

      TNA We are Wrestling

      The Blue and white 2010 Ford Mustang of the World Heavyweight Champion pulls into the car park. AJ Styles steps out and throws the title over his shoulder as he walks into the building.

      <TNA intro>

      Pyro goes off in the arena as Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to Impact!

      Tenay: Tonight in an epic clash. One on one, Rob Van Dam takes on the maniacal RaVen.

      Match # 1
      Rob Van Dam vs. Raven

      RVD walks out first, greeting the fans high fiving all of them as he finally jumps into the ring. He stretches and awaits the man who viciously attacked him last week. But out walks Dr. Stevie with mic in hand.

      Stevie: Did you all really think that because Bret Hart books Raven in a match that he is going to skip to his tune and wrestle?! All you people are even more dumb then Hart is to think that he can tell Raven what to do. Puh-lease!

      Stevie walks down the ramp and gets into the ring so he look RVD in the eye. He lowers his voice as he talks to Van DamÖ.

      Stevie: Howís your neck Rob? Does it hurt a little bit still? Can you breathe ok? You see Rob donít go sticking your nose in Ravenís business otherwise what he did to you last week my friend, was just an appetizer, heíll dish up the main course next time. And it will be big enough for you to choke onÖ you understandÖ.

      RVD smashes Stevie with a leaping, spinning thrust kick to the face! Stevie rolls out of the ring holding his face, he is hurtÖ

      Out walks Bret Hart: Richards! If Raven wonít wrestle RVD, then you will. Referee this is now a hardcore rules match. Ring the bell!

      Match change: RVD vs. Stevie Richards

      Hart walks to the back as Stevie canít believe what is happening, but has no time to think about it as RVD has quickly climbed the turnbuckle and hit him with a somersault senton!!!! RVD high fives a fan as Richards is down. RVD grabs a chairÖ

      Finish: Stevie has been beaten pillar to post as the Whole Dam Show has hit van daminators and chair shots to Ravenís lackey. But RVD has refused to cover him as he wants to inflict more punishment. But finally after bringing out a ladder and destroying Stevie with several battering rams and rolling thunders onto the steelÖ RVD sets it up and after placing a steel chair on the prone body of RVD hits the 6 Star frog splash!! 1.2.3

      Winner via pinfall Rob Van Dam at 5:19
      RVD has hurt himself in the process but he gets his hand raised. He even walks over the unconscious Dr. Stevie and trash talks him.

      But suddenly Team 3D attack. Both men with chairs hit RVD! Brother Ray screams at the crowd as Devon grabs a table. But Jeff Jarrett runs down and tries to make the save. But with Rob already down Jarrett is over come with a two on one beat down. Team 3D are back to their violent worst and they starting putting the boots and chairs to Jarrett and Rob.

      But the lights go out!!! The big screen lights up the Icon Stingís entrance video and the Impact Zone speakers play ĎSlay Meí. The fans explode as when the lights come on, Ray and Devon are facing the entrance tunnel, but the Stinger has somehow appeared in the ring behind them!!! From the fans going berserk, Team 3D know they have been tricked and turn around slowly to see the Icon with baseball bat in hand. Sting is in between Team 3D and the hurt and kneeling Jarrett and RVD. Team 3D and Sting pause for a bit until Sting lowers his bat. He turns around to face Jarrett and RVD and Jarrett realises itís not StingÖ

      Jarrett quickly tries to get to his feet but he is struck in the temple with the baseball bat! RVD still in pain cannot protect himself and is hit several times in the ribs and back viciously!! Team 3D laughing, throw ďStingĒ a wet cloth as he wipes off the makeup and takes off the black wig revealing himself as RaVen. The paint runs down his face as Brother Ray hands him a mic. Licking his lips the camera closes up on him

      Raven: Icon it was very easy to take your identity, to take your image, to take your form. Very soon Iíll take your career. There is no cure for this cancer. TNA burns and you IconÖ you, get a front row seat as Iíll hold you up to witness it all after I put your head on a stick! Quote the RavenÖ............................................ ........

      Raven slithers out of the ring ever so slowly as he finishes his words. Almost in slow motion he climbs over the guard rail and disappears into the fans. RVD and Jarrett are hurt lying in the ring as Ray and Devon walk to the backÖ.


      Tenay: We are back from the commercial break and as you can see what happened during, Bret Hart and Mick Foley led out security. Foley confronted Team 3D who put their hands up not caring as Hart checks on Jarrett and RVD.

      Back live as medical staff look them over after being brutally attacked by chairs and baseball bat shots.

      West: My god Mike the Impact Zone is just chaos right now. Raven has everyone on high alert.

      Tenay: You donít have to tell me Don Iíve still got 7 stitches in my forehead to remind me of how dangerous Raven is. As EMTs help Jeff and RVD, weíll send it to the back with JB who has an exclusive interview with Petey Williams.

      JB: Thanks Mike, I have with me the man who has caused as much damage around here as Raven has. The Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams.

      Williams: JB itís really simple. The Hitman is the reason a lot of us do what we do. He is Canadaís national hero; he is every Canadianís hero. Heís my hero. Iím sick of the U.S. thinking they have the best athletes the best wrestlers and then when they realise they will never be better than the best. They disrespect the best. Well itís been going on here too long when it comes to Kurt Angle. You see Eric Young was an example. Angle was a statement.

      You see Angle has been here for 4 years. Has he had one match with Alex Shelley? Has he ever wrestled Chris Sabin? Has he ever faced me? The answer to these questions is no. Angle knows he canít keep up with the super talented guys here in TNA and so ducks us. He keeps us down because he knows we would beat him. In fact he is scared of what something like the Canadian Destroyer would do to him and his precious little neck. Youíve ducked me and held the talent in this company down long enough Angle.

      <spliced into Peteyís promo is the slow motion replay of his devastating Destroyer to Angle>

      I was the Captain of Team Canada and Coach DíMore taught me well. You will all respect Bret, Canada and me, even without him endorsing me. Even if I have to drive everyoneís skulls in the canvas to do itÖ

      Bavk to the commentary desk, Tenay and West rundown tonightís matches
      ē Beer Money Inc. WILL TAKE ON Konnanís newly rejuvenated LAX
      ē The Amazing Red will try to get back into title contention as he faces off against a debuting Alexander Koslov
      ē The Knockoutís are in action as Kong and the Beautiful people vs. Gail Kim, Hamada and the Knockout Champion Tara
      ē Jay Lethal takes on Mistico
      ē And in our Main Event Desmond Wolfe and Big Poppa Pump will face the Blueprint Matt Morgan and the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy
      West: Also tonight Mike we will see a contract signing of the Kingdom Come Main Event. The World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and the Ace of the Universe Hiroshi Tanahashi come face to face tonight.

      Match #2

      Beer Money Inc. vs. LAX w/ Konnan

      LAX enter through their border entrance near the Spanish announce table. While Storm drives down the ramp on the boozer cruiser with Roode ready for action.

      Finish: The viciousness of the Latin American eXchange continues and they seem to be going for the throat. Konnan directs traffic as Cide has worked on Roodeís legs and knees. Hernandezí brute power has forced Storm to use quicker tags to try and change the angles of the match.

      Roode and Homicide both hit a flying body block! The impact is huge as both men are down. Storm reaches out from the apron as Hernandez smacks the turnbuckle to try and wake his partner up and get to him. The ref starts the obligatory 10 count. As the ref does everyone seems distracted and from the back come Chris Harris. He pulls Stormís legs off the apron and has a pair of handcuffs in his hand. Using them as brass knucks, he punches Storm and then handcuffs the Tennessee Cowboy to the bottom rope. Storm is trapped, as Harris walks off taunting his old partner with the key.

      Konnan has realised that Storm cannot help his partner and Roode is all alone. Storm desperately tries to escape the cuffs but all he can do is watch on as the militant thugs Cide and Dez lick their chops. Roode is torn apart by several double team moves. Right in front of Stormís eyes Roode is hit with a Border Toss, but Konnan orders more punishment. The Notorious 187 hits the Gringo-Killa! But Konnan is not satisfied. ĎCide sets up the deadly vertebreaker move again, but this time Hernandez climbs to the top turnbuckle and flying off it, increases the Gringo-Killaís effect ten fold!!! 1.2.3

      Winners via pinfall the Latin American eXchange at 7:25

      Storm looks at Roode prone body and looks like a beaten man. Konnan after his team gets their arms raised make sure he walks his team by the handcuffed cowboy. Storm lashes out with his legs as Konnan smirks at him. Homicide makes the noise of an uzi and Hernandez dusts off his shoulder at Storm. The referee calls for medics as TNA has turned into a war zone as a wrestler seems to be extremely hurt in every match.
      Backstage Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe

      Hemme: Desmond everyone wants to know why you attacked Jeff Hardy last week.

      Wolfe: Listen up love. Jeff hardy waltzes into TNA and on his first night here in a big PR stunt gets a world title shot. I donít care where heís come from and what heís achieved elsewhere. Here in TNA you kick arse and you earn your shots. Now I walked into TNA and took out Kurt Mangled. Former World Champion, do I get a title shot. No. Do I get a number 1 contenders match. No. So you see Christy the Wolfe has do things his way around here.

      Jeff Hardy your pathetic sunshine and tonight in my tag match against you it will be so easy to rip you apart. So I tell ya what we are gonna do. You bring your punk arse to the ring, and Iíll hit you wif da tower of London and then you wonít be in a position to get anymore title shots. And as for you Matt Morgan, Iíve already beaten you twice. Itís like those girls that just wonít get the hint that youíre not interested in Ďem. Get the hint and stay outta my way or tonight, Iíll end yaÖ Itís that easyÖ

      Match #3

      Amazing Red vs. Alexander Koslov

      Finish: Koslov has taunted Red the entire match. The Russian Hooligan grabs Red and goes for his double underhook pile driver, Red is able to reverse it with a back body drop. Red looks for a spinning bicycle kick, but Alex ducks and catches Red in a firemanís carry and delivers a vicious Death Valley Driver! Red is hurt and Koslov catches his breathe before ascending the turnbuckles. Red seems out and Alex pauses on the top trying to taunt the crowd. He unleashes his Russian frog elbow (Frog splash that turns into an elbow drop) but Red moves and Koslov is hurt. Red takes advantage and hits the Red Star Press (standing moonsault)Ö1Ö2Ö. Kickout!

      Red grabs Koslov but he busts out of Redís grip and punches him in the face! Red drops and Koslov shakes off his fist and delivers a drop kick to Redís face. Koslov signals for the finish and sets up for the Red Square/Scare but Red escapes and reverses it into a Tornado DDT! Red climbs the turnbuckles, wobbly but he gets there and delivers the Infra Red (540 corkscrew senton).1.2.3

      Winner via pinfall Amazing Red at 5:01
      West: What a match Mike. Red wants his title back and he just put in an impressive performance against the newcomer to the TNA roster Alexander Koslov.

      Tenay: I think itís only a matter of time to when he gets another shot at X Division GoldÖ

      Backstage a camera follows AJ Styles into a locker room. Cameraís flash as Jeff Jarrett and RVD are being helped by medical staff. Styles is visibly angry at another Raven attack. JB tries to get a comment from the World Champ but he is too concerned about the King of the Mountain and The Whole Dam Show. He checks on them and canít believe what is happening. Foley walks in and tries to calm AJ down. Styles tells Foley to deal with Raven. Foley says he and Bret will handle it.

      Match #4

      Awesome Kong and the Beautiful People vs. Hamada, Gail Kim and Tara

      Finish: The Beautiful People have both fallen to the floor after a quick exchange from Hamada and Gail. Kong has been stunned by a kick to the temple by Hamada and has gone to one knee in the ring. Hamada and Gail both climb turnbuckles and as Sky and Love look up Hamada hits a moonsault and Gail flies down with a huge cross body block! The Beautiful People are down as the ref tries to get order. But as Kong gets to her feet she stands up right into a determined Knockout Champion. Tara and Kong almost burn holes in each other with a stare down that seems to last forever until they both attack! They exchange blows but neither woman refuses to fall.

      Tara and Kong both reverse quickly bouncing off the ropes to get momentum but it is Kong who comes out on top smashing Tara flying side ways into the corner turnbuckle. Her body lands with a thud as Kong keeps advancing. Pulling Tara up by her hair she sets for the powerbomb. As she sends Tara up, Gail flies in and clips Kongís legs. Tara lands on Kong and the ref makes the count. 1.2Ökickout!

      Kong rolls out of the ring, as Sky and Love are back in. They are both hot with a drop toe hold and then thrown out of the ring as Hamada and Gail once again throw them into the guard rail and ensure they take no further part in the match. Kong comes through the ropes and Tara sets on her with big boots to body, but Kong out of nowhere hits a spinning back fist. Implant Bustaaaahhh!! 1.2.3 Kong has pinned the Champion!!

      Winners via pinfall Awesome Kong and the Beautiful People at 5:40

      Kong jumps down to the floor, as Gail and Hamada roll in to check on their partner. Kong snatches the KO title belt and throws it into the ring. The Beautiful people are already half way up the ramp laughing and trash talking their opposition.
      Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Jeff Hardy

      Hardy: Last week I got jumped from behind after one of the biggest wins of my career against Scott Steiner. Steiner has travelled the world winning tag titles and world titles. It took everything I had and more to beat him. And then I get hit from behind by Desmond Wolfe. Well I heard what you said Wolfe earlier on, but you wanted to challenge me all you had to do was ask. So tonight I hope you are ready because Iíve got Swanton bomb ready for you.

      In the parking garage an orange Nissan GT-R Ď2011í Concept car pulls in. Out gets a man in a suit and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tenay elaborates and states that the man in the suit is Tanahashiís lawyer and interpreter.

      Out to the ring walks Samoa Joe.

      Joe: Last week I was resting up after a war with Abyss at Genesis and what do I see but Christopher Daniels running his mouth and challenging me to a match while Iím not there. Daniels at Genesis I slayed a monster, do you really think you can stop me? You see this is all funny to me because of all the people in the back, Daniels I would have thought you wouldnít want any more of the Samoan Submission Machine I guess I was wrong.

      Daniels walks out to the top of the entrance ramp.

      Daniels: So whatís your answer Joe? Yes or no? Because it sounded like a cowards way of getting out of my challenge.

      Joe: You talk about being a coward Daniels from all the way up there. Why donít you pop in here and ask me to my face.

      Daniels: You think Iím afraid of you Joe?

      Daniels snaps off his ďMorpheusí sunglasses and jacket while walking into the ring. He walks right up to Joe and looks him dead in the eye.

      Daniels: Iíve taken your best shots Joe. So here I am in your face. Kingdom Come. Yes or No?

      Joe: You want to step in the ring me after you saw what I did to AbyssÖ Your funeral Daniels at Kingdom Come, Joeís gonna kill you.

      Daniels stands back as Joe is smashed in the spine by Abyss!!!! The monster has a steel chain wrapped around his fist. He swings for Daniels also but the Fallen Angle dives out of the ring before it can connectÖ

      Mitchell walks out looking at Daniels and the two men exchange looks until Mitchell gives him a ďIíll get you next timeĒ look and shrug. Daniels backs up to the top of the ramp and witnesses Abyss hit a blackhole slam on Joe!


      Tenay and West welcome everyone back from commercial with a replay of the Daniels/Joe promo and the attack from Abyss on Joe.

      Match # 5

      Jay Lethal vs. Mistico

      The Pope DiAngelo Dinero the X Division Champion comes out to be a guest commentator.

      Finish: Mistico has Lethal down and prepares to go for a moonsault but Senshi runs out and lands a kick to the back of his leg. Mistico goes head first onto the mat! Senshi puts the boots to him and the referee calls for the bell.

      Lethal joins in and this brings the Pope off commentary. Pope makes the save.

      But out walks Jerry Lynn, X Pioneer. Lynn says he is restarting this match as a tag team match.

      Match #6

      Jay Lethal and Senshi vs. The Pope and Mistico

      Finish: Lethal release Dragon Suplexes Pope. Pope holding his mid section is unable to tag out as Senshi is brought in and lands some vicious kicks to the Champion. Mistico reaches out but Senshi delivers a Tidal Krush in the corner and then tags in Lethal who hits an elbow drop! 1.2Ö. kickout!

      Mistico bashes the turnbuckle to get his partner back in the match but Jay hits the Lethal Combination and tags in Senshi who delivers the double foot stomp. 1.2Ö Mistico makes the save!!!

      Senshi roars and goes after Mistico. But as he does Lethal is quickly schoolboyed by Dinero.1.2..kickout! Lethal is livid and delivers a drop kick to Popeís face. He drags the Champion into the centre of the ring, and sets him for another Dragon Suplex. Mistico on the outside traps Senshi leg when he goes for a kick and is able to turn it into a sunset flip powerbomb on the floor! As Lethal tries the suplex Pope grapevines the leg to stop the finisher and ducks to allow Mistico to deliver a devastating superkick. Pope makes the cover 1.2.3

      Winners via pinfall Mistico and the X Division Champion DiAngelo Dinero at 6:21

      Pope and Mistico celebrate on the outside as the Popeís music plays. But the music is quickly changed to the World Tag Team Championís theme song as The Motor City Machine Guns walk out applauding Pope and Misticoís win.

      Shelley: Well done, that was an awesome match! You guys should team more often.

      Sabin: And Senshi and Lethal, you guys should never tag again, ever, you sucked!

      Senshi canít believe the disrespect, but referees force him and Lethal to leave the ring side area as The Champs take centre stage. The Guns high five the Pope and Mistico as they continue to celebrate up the ramp.

      Sabin: Now Alex, Kingdom Come is coming up and what do we have in store for the good folks on pay per view?

      Shelley: Well funny you should ask that Chris because itís a MCMG title defence!

      Sabin: man that is going to be the coolest match ever? Who are we facing by the way? Is it the snobby former chumps the British Persuasion?

      Shelley: Could be my friend it could be, but you see itís all up to the Hitman, because heís running the show right now, but I tell you what it could be anyone, Those drunks Beer Money, the old, fat, bald Team 3D, those new guys who are trying to rip off our gimmick.

      Sabin: Who?

      Shelley: Exactly!

      But out walk NEO-1-GT, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. They stride down the ramp and leap into the ring showing off their athleticism to the Guns only for the Champs to yawn in their facesÖ

      Sabin: Hey Alex look itís the uglier, older, less talented rejects. Are these the guys you were talking about?

      London: Nice. But much to be expected from a couple of computer game playing geeks from Detroit.

      Shelley: Hey Chris, I didnít know Paul London could talk!?!?!

      Kendrick: Listen up jokers we took out Beer Money and Team 3D at the same time. Weíve beaten anyone that Bret Hart has put in front of us, and we want those World Tag Championships.

      Sabin: Hey Alex, THE Bon Jovi wannabe thinks they even deserve a title shot...

      Out walks The British Invasion

      Magnus: Listen up Iím only going to say this once. The title shot is ours, we want our rematch. We donít care if itís at Kingdom Come or right now, but you will give us what is ours.

      Shelley: Thatís fair. So I tell you what, how about you tell these losers that, and weíll see you at the ppv...

      The Guns leave, as the Brits and NEO-ONE get in each otherís faces. Thereís a bit of push and shove until Williams pie faces Kendrick. London attacks him, only to have Magnus come over the top with a clothesline! The Brits throw London and Kendrick out of the ring as The MCMGs laugh on the entrance ramp...

      In the back then we see the Blueprint head towards the ring and then we cut to from another part of the building the hulking Big Poppa Pump also headed to the ring.

      Main Event

      Jeff Hardy and Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner and Desmond Wolfe

      Finish: Morgan holds Wolfe by his side in a slide slam position, but he looks at his imaginary watch and unceremoniously dumps his hated rival to the mat like a piece of garbage. Wolfe grabs his back and looks for Steiner, but finally Morgan tags in Hardy who goes straight for Wolfe. Hardy hits the extreme leg drop, and then hits the compactor for the pin. 1.2.... kickout at 2.9...

      Hardy wipes the hair from his face and Irish whips Wolfe into the ropes but Wolfe comes off them and ducks Hardyís flying clothesline/shoulder block. Wolfe rests and rolls over to tag in Steiner. The powerhouse picks up Hardy with his own score to settle after last weekís loss and dumps him on his back with a powerslam. Steiner does it again, and then again and then again. Hardyís back bows up and Steiner hits a boot to the face before tagging in Wolfe. He holds up Hardy and Wolfe bounces off the centre rope to give himself more momentum for his finishing lariat, but Morgan has read the set up and before Wolfe can connect he is hit in the side of the face with the Carbon Footprint! Wolfe rolls out of the ring by the sheer force of strike while Hardy slips out of Steinerís grasp grabs his feet and trips him over for a reverse schoolboy. 1.2.. Steiner kicks out!

      Hardy punches Steiner as Morgan goes after Wolfe on the outside. Steiner is dazed and Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and hits a whisper in the wind. 1.2.. Steiner kicks out again! Hardy knows how tough this monster of a man can be and knows he must deliver a knockout blow. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Steiner pushes Hardy off and delivers a Steinerline! Steiner drags Hardy to middle of the ring and locks in the Steiner Recliner. Hardy fights for his life in the torturous submission move. With Steinerís power in his arms, Hardy starts to bend inhumanly. Morgan though jumps back into the ring and delivers a Carbon Footprint to Steiner to break the hold. Steiner goes down but rolls to the ring apron, just under the ropes. Morgan tries to grab the Genetic Freak by the hair to pull him back into the ring but he is smashed into the turnbuckle by a recovered Wolfe. Morgan bounces out of the corner as Wolfe runs to the opposite corner jumps off the middle turnbuckle for extra speed and delivers a crushing running Euro uppercut! Morgan is dazed and Wolfe uses the middle rope again, by bending his back through the ropes and rebounding out with a thunderous lariat......1.2.3

      Winners by pinfall Desmond Wolfe and Scott Steiner at 11:51

      Wolfe has pinned Morgan again! And he lets Morgan know it! But out of the corner of his eye, Hardy is getting to his feet grabbing his back in pain. Wolfe doesnít let the opportunity go by and smashes Hardy with his deadly Lariat! He stands on Hardyís head ďITíS THAT EAAAAZZZY!Ē

      Tenay and West welcome everyone back from commercial as the ring has been set up with a table and three podiums. First out walks Bret Hart. He gets behind the centre podium and explains to everyone that this will be the official contract signing for the Main Event at Kingdom Come for the World title.

      Out walks Tanahashi with his interpreter/lawyer first and then the World Champ AJ Styles.

      Hart: For the second month in a row, I dare say that we have a Dream Match on our hands. The very best in the World AJ Styles vs. the very best of Japan Hiroshi Tanahashi. The Phenomenal One vs. The Ace of the Universe for the coveted title of calling themselves Worldís best. And the only way you get to do that is to be the man left standing holding that belt.

      AJ signs the contract. Hiroshi then has a look at it and gets his lawyerís opinion. Hiroshi then looks at AJ and with a arrogant smirk talks in Japanese. His interpreter states that Tanahashi said that he will take the World title from AJ Styles because he is the Ace of the Universe, and better than Styles in every way.

      Styles: Tanahashi. I know how good you are. Hell, the reason youíre here is because I brokered a deal to bring you in because TNA deserves the very best competing to be the very best. So at Kingdom Come Iím going to bring everything I have to defend MY World Heavyweight Championship. There has been a lot of things going on around here and itís all been a bit of a distraction lately. Raven, Petey Williams, Team 3D itís all starting to wear on me. Now listen up Hiroshi because I know you understand English and you donít really need this guy here. But Iíll say it slow enough for you to remember.

      Styles walks up to Tanahashi getting almost right in his face. He talks quite lightly but very firmly

      Styles: You try and low blow me at Kingdom Come Iíll take your damn head off.

      Hiroshi smugly smiles signs the contract and flicks the pen in Stylesí face! The Japanese Ace dives out of the ring, gives Styles the finger and walks to the back.

      Hart and Styles look at each other.

      But just as Tanahashi and his lawyer exit ringside there is a huge crashing noise. Hart and AJ look up at the ramp as it bursts into flames and AJís Ford Mustang comes crashing through the giant screen!!!!!!!!!!

      It flips through the canvas screen ripping it and burning it on the way through!!! The car crashes on its roof on the top of the ramp on fire. The Impact Zone fans run from the ramp in a panic as fire spews out of the screen and the car.

      Out of the tunnel of smoke walks Raven. He flings the fake Sting trench coat into the flaming car in front of him and walks around in front of it. A wall of flame builds behind him as he stands looking down at the ring at the Hitman and the Champion with mic in hand.

      RaVen:................................................. ........Nevermoooooooooooooooooooooorrrrre!


      TNA - We Are Wrestling


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        Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

        EPISODE 6

        The Impact Zone’s screen explodes into flames from all different angles as AJ Styles’ burning car flips through the screen, ripping it and burning it up as it crashes roof first on to the entrance ramp. Over and over again, the frightening image replays with Raven’s face faded into the fire looking into the camera with fire mirrored in his yellow eyes saying …Nevermoooooooooooorrrrre

        <TNA Intro>

        Mike Tenay and Don West recount the terror that Raven forced onto TNA and the Impact Zone. They replay the explosion and the Champion’s Ford Mustang crashing through the screen and smashing onto the ramp. And then Raven walking out spreading his arms in his pose taunting Bret Hart and AJ Styles.

        Tenay: What a frightening scene last week Don when Raven set the World Champion’s car on fire and sent to it crashing through the giant Impact Zone screen to land and explode almost hurting the fans, production crew, wrestlers and even us Don.

        West: It was absolutely terrifying Mike, I couldn’t believe it when it happened! Raven is out of control, and he is truly doing what he said he would do and that is burn TNA to the ground. What audacity Mike to raven show by destroying the World Champion’s car as a weapon to almost destroy the Impact Zone and could have even hurt or killed some of the fans!

        Tenay: Raven is sending a message. The World Champion is of course the flagship, the symbol that is TNA and Raven has set his sights on him, to make his statement!

        West; Not only that but we all know how close AJ Styles and Sting are. Raven has openly stated time after time that it is Sting he is after, and by attacking Styles he emotionally hurts the Icon also. It’s truly a shocking situation right now in TNA.

        Tenay: You’re right Don, I wouldn’t want to be in Bret Hart’s shoes right now. And Speaking of the TNA partner he is coming out now to make a formal statement about the situation that many having been calling the Raven Saga….

        Out to the ring walks Bret “The Hitman’ Hart accompanied by Mick Foley

        Hart: When I came on board I had a vision for TNA. I vision to make the company the greatest “prowrestling” company in the world. I had many things that I wanted to achieve and many matches that needed to happen here in TNA. When Raven first started his attacks, I was asked by Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley to let them handle the situation, because I had such a big work load to deal with. I am the head of Heavyweight, the Tag Team and Knockout Divisions and they said that I didn’t have time to deal with a psychopath like Raven. Well last week, not only did Raven injure Rob Van Dam and Jeff Jarrett he almost killed all you great fans in the Impact Zone and even myself and the World Champion. He almost burned this building to the ground and with it TNA itself. So I have no option but to become involved.

        As of right now I declare Raven TNA’s first and only Public Enemy number 1.I have seen the now attack people. I’ve seen Stone Cold Steve Austin drive a monster truck over The Rock’s car. But I have never seen anyone pull off basically a terrorist act like he has.

        So tonight I would like to finish this, so Raven I hope you are listening to me right now. Tonight I want to talk to you face to face. I want to get to the bottom of this. Right here in this ring tonight

        Out walks Team 3D to the top of the ramp.

        Brother Ray: Hitman, we’ve got a message from Raven to you. Like we said before we don’t know what Raven is up to, we just like hitting people and putting them through tables. But he just rung me on my little cell phone here and said that he will meet you in the ring tonight face to face for a chat. On one condition. That it is only the two of you. Man to man, and inside the six …sides…. of…. steel.

        Hart: Fine whatever for me to talk him out of whatever has planned.

        Brother Ray: I’m not finished Hitman! Raven said that you will both be locked in so you wont be disturbed and Raven gets the key!

        Brother Devon: Testify haha

        Hart: Raven! Let’s finish this tonight I will see you in the six sides!!!

        Foley can’t believe what Hart has agreed to and begs him to reconsider…

        Tenay: Oh my god, a six sides of steel confrontation tonight. Hart is going to be trapped inside a cage with Raven!

        West: This is crazy Mike, after what happened last week, there is nothing Raven isn’t capable of. This will be extremely dangerous for Bret.

        Backstage JB is with Konnan and the LAX.

        Konnan: Hey JB there’s a lot of violence and chaos happening here in TNA right now. And you know what LAX is loving every second of it. You see we are militant thugs 365, and we don’t care about people getting hurt, all we care about is showing that Latino’s are better in that ring than anyone. We keep bulldozing anyone that gets in our way and soon, those tag titles will be around our waists. Ariba la raza!

        In the Impact Zone LAX walk out from their side entrance with the border gate and sit up with the Spanish announce team. They lay all over the desk awaiting to watch the next match.

        Match #1
        Neo-1-GT vs. The British Invasion

        Finish: Williams suplexes London to the mat. He floats over and goes for the cover1.2. London rolls the shoulder and quickly rotates his body to have Williams in an arm bar! Magnus breaks the hold with a stomp to the shoulder before the ref sends him back to the apron.

        London tags in Kendrick who struts into the ring only to be chopped to the mat by Williams. Magnus is tagged in and stomps away on Kendrick continuously until he stops and yells out to the fans. He pulls Kendrick up and knocks him back down with a European uppercut. He does it again. He smugly grabs his wrist and does the Brit pose before tagging in Williams. The two men double team Kendrick and whip him into the ropes, he bounces off ducks the double clothesline and turn into a double drop kick!

        All me are down as London smacks the turnbuckle for the tag. London reaches out to pull the trigger on the hot tag but he doesn’t get the chance. Hernandez and Homicide attack taking out all four men.

        The ref calls for the bell

        Winners: No Contest at 5:20

        Konnan stands in front of the Tag Champions and tells them to sit down. He grabs a mic.
        Konnan: Guns don’t bother getting up we aren’t here for you. You see these guys are walking around as if they really are going to wear those belts. But you see no one is going to be able to stop us. So Champs let’s just make things easy, go back and tell Bret Hart and tell them we are the number one contenders, because no one is going to beat us anyway. Then shine those belts up because we like our bling looking good.

        Tenay: What do you think guys, who will be your opposition at Kingdom Come?

        Shelley: Konnan can flap his gums all night, but anyone can attack those guys after the match they just had.

        Sabin: I think they are very greedy they’ve already got the Global title they should be happy with that.

        Shelley; Yes Hernandez is a very selfish young man, maybe one of us should challenge him for his title.

        Sabin: That’s not a bad idea Champ

        Shelley: Thanks Champ

        West: Well guys, you can joke all you want but LAX are on a rampage you will have to face them sooner or later...

        Tenay Standing by with Christy Hemme is the Knockout Champion Tara

        Hemme: Thanks Mike, standing with me is the Knockout Champion Tara. Tara after the huge match last week what has Bret Hart and you come up with for your next challenger?

        Tara: Tonight there will be a big time, hard hitting, big fight battle to decide the # 1 contender to MY Knockout title. Hamada vs. Awesome Kong after Hamada faced me last month and even though I don’t want to admit it Kong pinned me last week in the 6 person tag.

        Hemme: Who do you think will win and face you at Kingdom Come?

        Tara: I don’t know, but what I do know is it is going to be a war tonight...

        Match #2
        Hamada vs. Awesome Kong

        Finish: Hamada hits elbow strikes to Kong’s face. Elbow, elbow, elbow, and then she spins her body and hits a Roaring Elbow strike! Kong is smashed right between the eyes and drops straight onto her backside. Hamada wastes no time and bouncing off the ropes she hits a drop kick right into Kong’s face.

        Hamada quickly poses to the crowd as Kong rolls to the ropes to try and pull herself up. Hamada doesn’t take a backward step and drops a knee on Kong’s chest. She then climbs the second turnbuckle awaiting Kong to stand right where she wants her. Hamada hits a moonsault and covers Kong. 1.2…. Kong kickouts and doesn’t seem to have answers for Hamada’s attacks.

        Kong slowly gets to her feet and as Hamada comes again off the ropes Kong explodes off her knee and swamps her with a huge clothesline. Hamada falls to the ground and Kong puts the boots to her. Kong pulls her up by her hair and sets her for an awesome bomb. Hamada escapes bounces off the ropes and goes for another elbow strike, but she is caught with a spinning back fist. Hamada is then hoisted into the air and caught in a torture rack. Kong contorts Hamada in such a way that her head and feet touch as Kong stretches her relentlessly. Hamada is then dropped to ground screaming only to be hit with the implant bustah!! 1.2….Hamada miraculously kicks out!!

        Kong can’t believe it! She grabs Hamada again and hits the Awesome Bomb. 1.2.3

        Winner via pinfall and the #1 contender to the Knockout Championship Awesome Kong at 8:51

        As Kong walks out of the ring, JB is there to interview her.

        JB: Kong, congratulations you will now go on to face Tara at Kingdom Come for the Knockout title.

        Kong pushes JB away and walks up the ramp. She looks back at the damage she has done, and walks off.
        Backstage Christy Hemme is with Jeff Hardy

        Hardy: Wolfe, I get it you don’t like me. Well man, now I don’t like you. You have attacked me twice and I’m sick of it. So the question is, are you brave enough to come at me to my face. I challenge you to a match at Kingdom Come. I’ll show you what living for the moment is all about!

        Out to the ring walks The Canadian Destroyer, Petey Williams

        Williams: Over the last few weeks my management team and I have been in several talks with TNA management, Bret Hart, and others. And it seems no one wants to wrestle me. That’s right. They are all too scared to face me. No one will step in the ring with me because they are all afraid that I will end their career. So Bret hart, I know you are listening. I guess that makes me the number contender to the World title. And right here I want you to grant me a World title shot against who ever is the Champion after Kingdom Come, be it Styles or Tanahashi I don’t care. If no one will face me then you have only one option Hart!

        Suddenly the big screen lights up and two cars arrive in the parking lot, one behind the other. Out gets Kurt Angle!!!!!

        Wearing t shirt and jeans he slams his car door and walks towards the arena. Quickly getting out of the car behind him is Karen Angle. She screams for him to stop. She runs after him and grabs him by the arm to stop him. She pleads with him to not go out and face Williams.

        Angle grabs her and tells her to stay away. He pulls his arm from her grip and stomps off.

        Angle’s music hits in the Impact Zone as out runs the American Hero to meet his assailant. Williams can’t believe his eyes as Angle dives under the ropes and slides due to his jeans right at Williams. Petey tries to put the boots to Angle but he shrugs off the shots and hits a kick of his own! He several European Uppercuts which send Petey flying into the air they are hit with such force!

        Williams rolls across the ropes but he can’t seem to find his bearings as Kurt kicks him in the gut and then hits a hellacious powerbomb into the turnbuckles! Williams slumps the mat and Angle goes for the Ankle lock, but Williams quickly crawls out of the ring and hits the floor, he runs away as Angle demands a microphone.

        Angle: Petey! No one wants to wrestle you? Not any more! At Kingdom Come you will face me and I’m going to break you in half! Oh it’s real It’s DAMN real!!!

        Angle’s music plays as Williams looks like he has seen a ghost and crawls backwards up the ramp as the crowd goes crazy for the Olympic Gold medallist…..


        Match #3
        Matt Morgan and Generation Me vs. Desmond Wolfe, Scott Steiner and Jay Lethal

        Finish: Wolfe and Morgan have taken into the fans as Gen Me fly all over the ring trying to put down Lethal, in extremely fast combo moves. Steiner is too slow for them and hit him from all angles. But finally Jeremy cross body’s into Steiner only to be caught by the mastodon of a man and he quickly transitions the much smaller man into a T-Bone suplex!

        Steiner locks in the Recliner as Lethal keeps Max at bay. Jeremy can do nothing but tap to the gargantuan arms wrapped under his chin and crushing his spine.

        Winners by submission Wolfe, Steiner and Lethal at 6:10

        Steiner’s music plays and the winners announcement is made. Morgan is in the fans brawling with Wolfe. Wolfe laughs and as he walks off gives Morgan the folks, as Morgan can’t believe he has lost again to him…

        Steiner with raised arms bad mouths Morgan on the way up the ramp.
        A replay of what happened earlier in the night as Bret Hart will meet with raven inside the six sides of steel to try and stop the madness that plagues TNA, tonight!

        Match #4
        Mistico vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

        Tenay mentions that since the International Lucha Libre star has had such an impact since his debut, Jerry Lynn and Bret Hart have put together this big time exhibition match for Impact. The number one contender wanted a challenge to ensure he was ready for the World Champion and he has got it tonight!

        Finish: The fast furious pace of this match has taken its toll on both competitors. Both men are on all fours catching their breathe as either man seems to have an answer for the other. Mistico quickly explodes to his feet and goes for a hurricanrana only to be pushed away, but is able to land on his feet and delivers a drop kick. Tanahashi hits the mat but quickly body rolls and jumps up to attack from a different angle. But this time Mistico is able use the Hurricanrana!

        Tanahashi hits the floor and Mistico signals to the crowd that he is set to fly. Tanahashi looks up to see the masked man fly over the top and dives out of the way. Mistico crashes and burns on the outside. Tanahashi rolls back into the ring and flicks his hair at the crowd and smugly tries to get the applause of the fans. Jumping back down he allows the ref to count Mistico out.

        Mistico rolls in at the lasts second t break the count but is forced to endure a flying elbow drop from the Ace of the Universe! Mistico pulls himself up but is hit with a Sling Blade by the now over-confident # 1 contender. Tanahashi climbs the turnbuckle and signals for the finisher High Fly Flow, but Mistico running on instinct is able to connect with a drop kick while the Japanese Ace is in mid-air!!!

        Mistico crawls for the cover, 1.2.. Tanahshi rolls the shoulder. Mistico sets for his finisher La Mistica, but Tanahashi reverses it into a powerbomb! Tanahashi leaps onto the turnbuckle and hits High Fly Flow. 1.2.3

        Winner via pinfall Hiroshi Tanahashi at 9:31

        An exhausted number 1 contender insists his arm is raised and rolls out of the ring a little annoyed at how he was almost defeated by the masked Mexican superstar.

        Senshi comes out from backstage with a mic: Mistico, I have seen Jerry Lynn and he has granted me a match at Kingdom Come against you. Prepare yourself because I am going to rip you apart.

        JB is backstage with the X Division Champion DiAngelo Dinero

        Dinero: BJ, It’s time for Pope to ensure that his congregation is ready to party, because Kingdom Come is Pope’s ppv. You see BJ, it is in the Kingdom of Pope that Jay Lethal will renounce his sins and Pope will exonerate him for all his evil deeds. Because Pope is going take his papal glove and strike Jay lethal down until he realises the truth. That Pope is the X division Champion and Pope is pimpin’

        Christy Hemme chases after Kurt and Karen Angle with her camera man.

        Hemme: Kurt, Kurt! Please wait up. You have just challenged Petey Williams to a match at Kingdom Come?? How are you feeling, are you going to be able to get in the ring? Are you even cleared to wrestle?

        Karen: Christy try and talk some sense into him

        Angle: Listen up! I don’t care if I am not cleared to wrestle. You tell Bret Hart that he makes the match happen because if he doesn’t I’ll bring the roof down on top of him. I’m going to snap Petey Williams ankle, and then, his arms and then his freakin’ neck. That’s damn real!

        Karen tries to talk to Kurt as he tells her to get in the car.

        Hemme: There you have it Mike and Don, Kurt Angle wants Petey Williams at Kingdom Come.

        Tenay: Kurt’s temper is going to be the end of him Don. He is clearly in no shape to wrestle Petey Williams.

        Don: Well we all saw what Kurt is capable of today as he gave Petey a thrashing out there. He has reminded us all several times that he won a gold medal with a broken neck, maybe he thinks he can get his revenge too with one. Who knows?

        Match #5
        The Wildcat Chris Harris vs. Samoa Joe

        During the match, Beer Money Inc. walk down and stand with their arms crossed watching the match hoping to see a Joe victory and to stop any of Harris’ shenanigans.

        Finish: Harris’ leaping clothesline connects and knocks down Joe. Harris flexes at Beer Money, but Joe stands straight back up no selling the shot. Harris continues to taunts Beer Money until he turns into smiling Joe. Joe’s smile quickly turns to open handed palm thrusts as he smacks Harris all the way into the corner. He then Irish whips him to the opposite corner and follows it up with a tree trunk sized knee strike to the Wildcat’s face! Joe stands over the slumped former AMW member and then picks him up and places him on the turnbuckle. He pulls his head down and locks in the Muscle Buster. Beer Money cheer on Joe as he stands with one arm holding Harris up and then dorps him on his head and neck! But Joe isn’t finished he locks in the Coquina Clutch and Harris taps immediately!

        Winner via submission Samoa Joe at 4:47

        Beer Money enter the ring slowly making sure they don’t piss off the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe walks up the ramp as Beer Money get in the ring and pour beer all over Harris laughing as they do it!

        Up on the ramp Joe raises his hands in victory, but from behind a huge metal chain throws over his head. Abyss roars as he again chokes Joe! Joe leads him over to the side of the ramp trying to throw him off but the monster squeezes. Joe goes down to one knee and Abyss now has the leverage. He continues to choke Joe until from out of the tunnel springs Rob Van Dam. He hits a perfect thrust kick to Abyss’ face to make the monster let go. Joe falls to all fours coughing as his neck again has been injured.

        RVD and Abyss battle on the edge of the stage. Rob uses kicks and strikes as the Monster lashes out with the chain. He grabs Roode in a bear hug and tries to squeeze the life out of him, right on the edge of the stage.

        But then out walks the Fallen Angle from the tunnel. He surveys the situation, smiles, and pushes both RVD and Abyss off the edge and through the staging area, tables and electrical equipment! He looks down and smiles at what he has just done.

        Daniels then walks over to Joe and delivers a swift kick to the gut of Joe. The big man grabs his mid section as the Fallen Angel poses on the ramp.
        The ring crew begin to assemble the six sides of steel as a video package recounts the events of the “Raven Saga”

        • Raven’s initial promo 7 January on the three hour special edition of Impact.
        • His attack on Mike Tenay and perching himself on the commentary table.
        • Raven attacks AJ Styles at Genesis and sets the ring on fire.
        • Sting and Raven fight before he escapes
        • The attack on RVD, choking him with the chain and steel hook.
        • Dressing up like Sting and attacking RVD and Jarrett the following week.
        • Wiping the face paint off his face leaving hideous streaks
        • The explosion of the screen, the car crashing down onto the ramp, the fans running for their lives
        • Raven standing in front of the World Champion’s burning wreck with his arms outstretched.

        A sea of security surround Bret Hart as he makes his way to the ring. He is flanked by Jeff Jarrett holding his throat, but with a guitar swung over his shoulder and Mick Foley with his trademark barbed-wire baseball bat.

        The security team lines the entrance ramp as Jeff and Mick wish Bret luck as he steps into the steel structure. The Hitman hesitates, for a second thinking what he is about to do, and then walks inside and gives his trademark pose to try and draw energy, confidence and a little bit of courage from them.

        Foley: Raven, Bret Hart is in the ring and is ready to talk.

        Raven’s music plays as from the “Raven’s Nest” emerges the maniacal terrorist. He is wearing a full white suit and carrying a cane with a silver skull adorned on top. His hair is slicked back and his eyes are glowing bright yellow. Covering his nose and mouth is some sort of leather mask.

        Raven strides past the line of security but does not acknowledge them as he comes face to face with the steel cage door. He stops as a ring official opens the door. Raven pauses in between Foley and Jarrett. Raven still looking at the cage he outstretches his palm to Foley.

        Foley begrudgingly and slowly drops the cage door’s lock into Raven’s hand. Raven then continues, never taking his eyes off the Hitman who stand dead centre in the middle of the ring. The door closes behind the two men, and the Hardcore Legend curses as he snaps the padlock shut.

        The two men stand only feet from each other. There is a long silence before Raven finally rips off his face mask and drops it to the mat. He pulls a mic from inside his white suit jacket and as he continues to stare at Hart an evil smile appears on his face showing his yellow teeth.

        Hart: Raven I have toed the line to get you here so I can talk to you face to face. You have us both locked in here so no one can grab you. I want to appeal to you right here right now to stop what you are doing. I’ve given up wondering about the why, I’m just more interested in stopping your actions before someone gets killed. A wrestler. A fan. I’m am here and now in this ring going to find a way to make you stop. Is there something that you want? What will make you stop these terrorist acts?

        Raven: You know this is actually very funny to me. You see I dreamed of this moment. The almighty Excellence of Execution inside a steel cage with me. How fitting your moniker has the word execution in it where we are standing right now.

        You see Hart, the funny thing is I never thought I would get here so quickly. I guess I even surprise myself. This moment was meant to happen AFTER I slayed the dark archangel. The Icon Sting, TNA’s long standing, self appointed Sheriff. I was meant to have you all to myself then because I really never thought he would let it get this far. I never thought Sting would let me do the things that I have done. I was to rip Sting’s beating heart from his chest before I even had a chance to have you all to myself Commander and Chief.

        In essence you, him, all the boys in the back, you are all responsible for my actions. I remember you Hitman saying you wanted to make TNA the top pro-wrestling company in the world. Haven’t I done that for you. Thanks to me and my so called terrorist acts, Impact is the highest rating sports entertainment slash Pro-wrestling show on the planet. TNA is number one, just like you wanted.

        Hart: I didn’t want it this way.

        Raven: Oh but that’s what you have. So all I have done is on your head. All I have done is what you wanted and what he wanted. But of course there is more to the story. It’s about a Legacy, it’s about belts made of Gold and it’s about fear. It’s about controlling the pro-wrestling world, as everyone right now sits on the edge of their seats listening to everything I have to say.

        Hart: No Raven, this has to stop. You want a legacy, you want to be a Champion, then you have to earn it like everyone else. One of your gifts to scare people, use mind games to get wins inside the ring, then use them. But this is not the way. It stops and it stops right now.

        Raven: Wrong. Right now on live television I will complete my masterpiece, because Sting is too much of a coward to stop me. I will excellently execute you right here right now. I will drive a stake through the “Hart’ and soul of TNA. You are trapped in this cage with me, Quote the Raven..

        Hart: You see Raven, you may have the key to the cage door, but I’m still at my core a wrestler. You talk about me being trapped in a cage….. well I was born and raised in a dungeon. I’m not locked in here with you ….YOU’RE locked in here with ME!!!

        Hart lunges at Raven punching him in the face. The Hitman strikes Raven’s gut with a knee and then pulls Raven’s white jacket over his head and starts beating down the maniacal one with stiff right hands. Raven is able to slither out of his jacket but Hart comes again as the crowd goes crazy with cheers! Foley and Jarrett chant Bret’s name as they get behind their leader who starts to use the cage as a weapon. Raven tries to escape but the Hitman has set Raven up for a sharpshooter. The crowd goes berserk as hart sets into the move but raven is able to claw and grab his cane. He bludgeons Hart across the bridge of the nose. Hart staggers backwards. Raven comes again and bashes Hart to the side of the head. The Hitman goes down as Foley and Jarrett try to rip into the cage door. Foley tries to climb the cage but Raven shoves the cane through the cage wall and sends the big man hurtling to the floor!. Jarrett rushes to his aid as Ravens mounts Hart trapping his arms with his shins. Raven raises the cane above his head as security still try to break in. Raven pulls the silver skull away from the cane to reveal a very sharp rail road spike!!!

        Raven grabs Hart by the collar of his leather jacket and raises the spike above his head positioning it to drive right into the TNA leader. Raven’s wide blazing yellow eyes look down at his prey and before he strikes wickedly smiles.

        But from the rafters the Icon emerges! He tackles Raven knocking the spike from his hand. Sting though has to disengage himself from the harness he uses, and Raven hits a discuss lariat! Sting still hung up by the harness, is almost defenceless as Raven puts in shot after shot to Sting. From the back the World Champion races down and quickly climbs the cage! He then in one huge move leaps from the top of the cage and hits a cross body splash from 12 feet in the air! He hits Raven with such force that he rolls to a corner. Styles slowly gets to his feet. He untangles Sting and goes to help Hart. Sting gives Styles a look as he goes after Raven on his own.

        Sting lands lefts and rights and rips the key off Raven’s neck and throws it to AJ. AJ unlocks the door and Hart puts his weight on the Champion as Sting and Raven are locked in combat.

        Sting hits a Stinger Splash! He hits another one! And calls to the crowd for a third. But in that time Raven has recovered the steel spike. He uses to escape the cage and walk up the ramp backwards. Sting follows him but he uses the edged weapon to keep them all at bay. Sting turns and grabs a mic off Foley…\

        Sting: It is Kingdom Come for you Raven. At the pay per view it will be you and me to finish this once and for all. It’s Showtime Folks!
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          Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

          EPISODE 7

          Impact opens with haunting music and a video package of last weekís events. Raven and Hart meeting face to face in the cage. The six sides of steel surrounded by security as the two men are locked inside face to face finally since the Raven Saga started. Raven attacks Hart, has him down and in slow motion pulls the railroad spike from his cane. Suddenly the music changes as Sting descends from the rafters to save the Hitmanís life! But Raven has Sting tangled in his own harness, as the World Champion flies out, scrambles up the side of the cage and leaps off the top to hit Raven and make the save! He drags Hart out of the six sides as Sting and Raven battle until Raven recovers the spike and uses it to escapeÖÖ

          <Impact Intro>

          Pyro goes off in the Impact Zone as Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the highest rating Pro wrestling show on television today TNA Impact!

          The Hitmanís music cranks out as Bret Hart walks out with mic in hand to address the fans. He gets into the centre of the ring poses to the crowd and takes off his glasses.

          Hart: This Sunday at the TNA super show Kingdom Come we are going to see the greatest wrestling on the planet. We are going to see the two best in the world AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi face off for the World Heavyweight title. We are going to see a wrestling classic in Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels. We are going to see The X title being defended by the Pope against Jay Lethal. The Machine Guns, yeah Iím big fans of the Champs.. the Machine Guns will be in a 4 way dance defending the titles against The British Invasion, NEO-1-GT and L.A.X. But the biggest match the one I canít wait for will be the match that sees the Stinger knock Ravenís teeth down his throat! Thatís right at Kingdom Come it will be Sting vs. Raven!!!

          Hart is then interrupted by Kurt Angleís music. Angle walks down. He is in street clothes and he has a mic.

          Angle: Maybe Iím going deaf Hitman, but I didnít hear you announce the match Kurt Angle vs. Petey Williams. In fact, no contract for a match has been emailed to me or faxed to me over the last week. So Iím going to assume, this is just another stupid oversight by you as you are pretty damn hopeless in your managerial role since youíve got here.

          So Bret, make the match

          Hart: Kurt, Williams is officially suspended and you are not cleared to wrestle by the doctors. Iím sorry but I will not have anyone die or get paralysed in my ring. Thatís why I havenít signed the match Kurt. Look heal up, get plenty of rest, see your kidsÖ

          Angle: NO!! YOU LOOK!!! You will give me this damn match or Iíll snap your ankle right here!!! You understand me. Make the match Hart. Make the match now!! Donít you dare patronise me. I want Williams in this ring on Sunday night.

          Hart: Listen to yourself Kurt, do you have a death wish? Do you really want to do this?

          Angle: You make the match right now or Iíll break every bone in your bodyÖ

          Bang Bang! Mick Foleyís music plays and out walks the Executive Shareholder and Hardcore legend.

          Foley: Bret, I know you donít want the bad press or the possibility of getting sued by Kurtís family or any of that, but Petey Williams tried to paralyse the man. He is due his pound of flesh.

          Hart: No Mick. I will not have Kurtís blood on my hands.

          Foley: There is a way Bret. An unsanctioned match. On the ppv we have an unsanctioned match, Kurt Angle vs. Petey Williams. No one can get sued there is no one to blame but Kurt, if he signes the waiver paperwork.

          Hart: And what about Kurt, Mick, what if he doesnít walk again after this match huh? Itís not about being sued itís a bout a manís health.

          Angle: You self righteous son of a bitch. Iím standing right here. How dare you make decisions for me. You will put Petey Williams in the ring and Iíll sign anything just make the match.

          Hart: You want the match? You really want this? Fine. Youíve got your match. At Kingdom Come it will be you Kurt Angle vs. Petey Williams. This is on your head Mick. Damn you and damn you AngleÖ

          Bret drops the mic and walks up the ramp. He is upset with Foley and Angle.

          Angle: Williams Iím going to break you in two this Sunday at Kingdom Come!!!

          Mike Tenay and Don West run down the card for Kingdom Come

          ē Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe
          ē Knockout title Tara vs. Awesome Kong
          ē Mistico vs. Senshi
          ē World Tag team Championship MCMGs vs British Invasion, LAX and NEO-1-GT
          ē Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels
          ē Just signed this morning Rob Van Dam vs. The Monster Abyss
          ē X Division title DiAngelo Dinero vs. Jay Lethal
          ē Sting vs. Raven
          ē Just announced Petey Williams vs. Kurt Angle Unsanctioned match
          ē And for World dominance World Champion AJ Styles defends against the Japanese Ace of the Universe, Hiroshi Tanahashi

          Match #1
          ďThe BlueprintĒ Matt Morgan vs. Desmond Wolfe III

          Wolfe walks out and grabs a mic.

          Wolfe: Mr. Morgan, how many times do I haff ta beat ya? Ya see I made ya tap, Iíve pinned ya shoulders and last week I beat ya with my brains. So tonight Mr. Bret Hart has given you one more chance ta try and get me. Well sunshine not today, not tomorra because right now, Iím gonna end ya.

          Finish: Morgan has dominated the match. He has come out guns a blazing. He suplexes Wolfe down and sets for the carbon footprint. Wolfe sees it and ducks, but Morgan quickly spins and hits a clothesline. Wolfe is thrown onto the ropes and Morgan leaps his 7 foot fram over it with his leg crashing down on the back of Wolfeís throat. Morgan lands on his feet on the outside high fives a fan and gets back into the ring. Wolfe is holding his throat as Morgan leans in for a side slam, but Wolfe playing a little possum, hits a European uppercut surprising Morgan. Morgan shakes it off and comes again crushing Wolfe in the corner.

          Morgan signals for the Hellavator and puts Wolfe up, but the Englishman is able to reverse it into a DDT! Morgan is hurt and Wolfe sets for the jaw breaker Lariat but Morgan hits the carbon foot print! 1.2Ö. Wolfe gets his foot on the ropes! Morgan canít believe it. He grabs Wolfe again, but Wolfe quickly puts Morgan into a small package for the pin 1Ö.2Ö. Wolfe before the ref can see puts his feet on the ropes for more leverage Ö3!

          Winner via pinfall Desmond Wolfe at 6:30

          Wolfe gets his hand raised. He laughs at Morgan and quickly rolls out of the ring, as Morgan takes a big swing at him. Wolfe gets So Cal Val to get his jacket and glasses. Morgan appeals to the ref about Wolfe cheating and using the ropes. The ref says he didnít see it the result stands. Morgan is livid he kicks the rope he slams the mat. He appeals to the ref again, but the ref gives the same answer.

          Morgan canít take it any more and hits the ref with the Carbon footprint!! Morgan grabs the limp body of the 150 pound ref and hoists him in the air. Refs and security fly out to stop but Morgan hits the Hellavator! The refs and security are then hit with big boots and clothelines as the huge 7 foot man, starts throwing people, all over the place. He gorilla presses a security member to the floor and starts punching everyone in sight. They all start getting out of his way. As he roars picks up the steel steps and throws them in the direction of the commentary team. Morgan walks off.
          A replay of Wolfe pinning Morgan by putting his ffet on the ropes and then Morgan going beserk, first attacking the official match referee and then anyone else that got in his way. He even threw the steel steps ten feet before walking off.

          Tenay: I can understand why The Blueprint would be upset, that is the third match he has had with Desmond Wolfe and the third defeat.

          West: But there is no excuse for attacking officials and security Mike, he his going to get fined or even suspended for his actions. Bret hart is going with a zero tolerance right now due to the actions of Williams and Raven. Morgan will have a lot to answer for.

          Tenay: Well tonight leading into the Kingdom Come ppv we have some great matches for everyone tonight.

          In the main event you will see Hiroshi Tanahashi teaming with Christopher Daniels and the Monster Abyss taking on Samoa Joe, Rob Van Dam and the World Champion AJ Styles.

          West: Wow that is going to be amazing Mike. And I think weíve got JB standing by with Rob Van Dam.

          JB: Thanks guys, hi Rob how do you feel after going through the stage area after fighting with Abyss.

          RVD: Dude I feel great because not only this morning was a match signed between me and Abyss for Kingdom Come but right here tonight I get to kick not only Abyssí butt but also Chris Daniels the guy that sent me over the edge last week.

          <A replay is shown of RVD saving Samoa Joe from Abyss but then Christopher Daneils, sending RVD and Abyss crashing down into tables and electrical equipment.>

          Into the interview walks Samoa Joe

          Joe: Listen up Rob, I didnít ask for your help last week. Tonight I get my revenge on Abyss, and then on Sunday I move on and beat the hell out of Daniels to move closer to what should already be mine, a shot at the World title. Donít get in my way tonight. Abyss is mine. You better understand it because if you donít Joeís gonna kill you.

          Match #2
          The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim and Sarita

          Finish: Velvet tags in Love and she goes to work on Saritaís injured back. The replay shows Sarita going for a Hurricanrana on the ring apron earlier in the match only for Angelina to hold onto the ropes and the International star flies off and lands back first on the steel steps!

          Back from the replay Love has tagged Velvet back in as they continue to do quick tags, keeping Gail out of the match and focusing on Sarita. Velvet goes for a clotheline but Sarita is bale to hit one of her own and both girls go down. Gail slaps the top turnbuckle to get ther partner to give her the tag.

          Sarita reaches out as does Gail and finally the tag is made. Gail is like a house of fire as she takes it to both members of the Beautiful People with clotheslines and drop kicks. She calls out to the fans to give her some energy as she goes again after Angelina. The two fight and dive through the ropes. Gail and takes Valvet out and Sarita quickly tags in and goes for a cross body off the top, but misses due to her sore back. Velvet drops a leg drop makes the cover.1.2.3

          Winners via pinfall The Beautiful People at 4:45

          TBP blow Gail kisses as she checks on her partner.

          Backstage with Chrsty Hemme is the X Division Champion DiAngelo Dinero.

          Hemme: Iím here with the Pope to get his comments on his title defence this Sunday at Kingdom Come

          Dinero: Little Miss Hemme, Pope is ready to dance with Jay-Jay Lee-thal this Sunday. We all know every Sunday is Popeís day. So at Kingdom Come, the double D Express pulls into the station and the most exciting Champion of the most exciting Division is going to lay down some pimp slappiní good times on Jay Jayís behind. Ya feel Pope, because if you donít, you havenít got a pulse. Because Pope is pimpiní.

          Match # 3
          Generation Me vs. Speed Muscle

          Finish: Yoshino is unbelievably fast but Gen Me have been able to keep up with him as they are able to use double teams to slow him down. But an explosive clothesline from Doi knocks Max out of the ring as Jeremy flips through the middle rope into a body press to take out the ďMuscleĒ of the team. Yoshino quickly gets to his feet and the Speedstar sprints from rope to rope and collides heavily with Jeremy and all four men are downÖ

          Suddenly the TNA-Tron comes alive and it looks like some amateurish video recording, which ends up being an extreme close up of Ravenís face. Raven has some how broken into the Impact Zoneís feed.

          Raven: This Sunday thy Kingdom Come will be done on you Icon. I know youíre listening. Youíre probably up in those rafters right now. Watching, waiting, praying. You see I told you it will start with you. But it will only end once TNA is nothing but ash. Hart wanted ratings, well heís got them, unfortunately Kingdom Come will be the finale for you Icon.

          Right now you know that Kingdom Come will be your last moment. The hour to which you do not look forward will come as a welcome surprise. As for me when you want mercy, you will find me, in a fine state of euphoria. To end your career will be like sweet fruit Icon. Sunday I will burn you to the ground. Quote the Raven. Nevermore.

          The referee is unsure of what just happened and Yoshino takes advantage rolling Jeremy up from behind. The ref is not sure about who the legal man is and counts.1.2.3.

          Winners via pinfall Speed Muscle at 7:02
          Tenay: An anticlimactic win to Speed Muscle for what was a great contest up until Raven had decided to give his final words leading into what will no doubt be a war between these two men.

          <Video showing Petey Williamsí return to TNA and what damage he has caused, and then last weekís return of Kurt Angle who shocked everyone and especially Petey after attacking him and challenging him to a match at the ppv. >

          Tenay and West replay the opening segment of how Angle demanded the match, Hart refused and Foley stepped in. Then Hart books the match but walks off very disappointed in both men.

          Match #4
          Global Championship Match
          Champion Hernandez vs. Jeff Hardy

          <Replay of Wolfe attacking Hardy and setting the scene that if Hardy wins the Global title tonight, Wolfe will get the first shot>

          The Champ, is led out by Konnan and Homicide his LAX stablemates. As always they come from the border entrance and look like they are mad dogs ready to attack anyone who steps in their yard. But to a huge ovation comes out the Charsmatic Enigma

          Finish: Hernandezís strength is second to none and he has thrown Hardy around like a rag doll. Hardy went for a Whisper in the Wind off the top rope only to be hit with a huge shoulder tackle sending the spinning Hardy flying through the air and almost crashing neck first into the turnbuckles. Hardy is pulled up by his hair and Hernandez hits an very long delayed vertical suplex.

          Konnan tells Dez to finish him. Hernandez grabs him but Hardy blocks the punches and delivers a few of his own. Hernandez seems rocked as Hardy hits the ropes and delivers a spinning clotheline, as the momentum seems to have shifted!

          Dez gets to his feet only to be hit by a drop kick and is sent flying backwards into the turnbuckle and falls to his backside. Hardy runs in grabbing the ropes and delivers the Hardyac Arrest. He calls out to the fans and rips off his shirt as he sets for the end. Konnan calls out to warn the big man but he is dazed and walks right into a Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs the ropes to deliver the Swanton Bomb.

          But Homicide springs to action and hits a super-Gringo Cutta off the top rope! The ref calls for the bell.

          Winner by disqualification Jeff Hardy, but still Global Champion Hernandez at 9:21.

          Hardy rolls out of the ring and falls to the floor. Konnan and Cide check on Dez, before looking for Hardy. Hardy crawls to the commentary position and folds a steel chair. LAX come down but Hardy swings the chair. LAX back off and Konnan grabs a mic.
          Konnan: Hey Hardy, you want to protect yourself, hey, we can respect that dawg. Good for you. However, Machine Guns, you wont be so lucky. At Kingdom Come we are going to bulldoze the Brits, Londrick and then take back the World tag belts. You see, we took out the World Elite, on Sunday we take the World tag titles. Odela, Odela, ariba la raza!!

          But out walk the Champs, Shelley and Sabin. They stand on the top of the ramp looking down at Hardyís would be attackers.

          Shelley: You are an angry man Konnan. Whatís wrong buddy, someone steal your taco platter?

          Konnan: Weíll rip you apart you punk kids, do you realise who Homicide is, do you realise who Hernandez is. They arenít some spoilt little rich kids playing computer games. They hurt people, and youíll learn that this Sunday children. The fact that you are the title holders sickens me. We are going to make you bleed.

          Sabin: What we just saw was you couldnít handle Jeff Hardy so you cheated to keep your belt. At least we know the game you guys play. And we definitely know how to play games. Donít we champ.

          Shelley: Indeed we do champ. See you boys on Sunday.

          Tenay: It looks like the Tag team titles match is going to turn violent Don.

          West: All I can say is Kingdom Come is going to be amazing Mike, the card is off the charts.

          (They run through the card againÖ )
          ē Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe
          ē Knockout title Tara vs. Awesome Kong
          ē Mistico vs. Senshi
          ē World Tag team Championship MCMGs vs British Invasion, LAX and NEO-1-GT
          ē Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels
          ē Just signed this morning Rob Van Dam vs. The Monster Abyss
          ē X Division title DiAngelo Dinero vs. Jay Lethal
          ē Sting vs. Raven
          ē Just announced Petey Williams vs. Kurt Angle Unsanctioned match
          ē And for World dominance World Champion AJ Styles defends against the Japanese Ace of the Universe, Hiroshi Tanahashi

          Every match on this card will probably steal the show, itís going to be spectacular

          Tenay: Spectacular Don, I think itís going to be Phenomenal, and standing by with JB is the Wolrd Champion, The Phenomenal One himself, AJ Styles

          JB: Thanks guys, at this time I have with me the Champion of the World AJ Styles. Thanks for your time AJ, how are you feeling going into this match tonight and your title defence this Sunday, after everything that has been going on around here.

          Styles: Well JB, Iíd be lying if I said I have been 100% focused on Sunday, but tonight Iíll be standing across the ring from Tanahashi and I will get a preview of what to expect this Sunday. Besides, the Stinger is going to clean Ravenís clock, and Iíll be ready and relaxed after seeing that to defend the World title.

          JB: What if Raven beats Sting or worse, how will that effect you?

          Styles looks at JB as if to think that was never a possibilityÖ the Champion walks off distressedÖ

          Main Event

          AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Rob Van Dam vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Abyss and Christopher Daniels

          Abyss w/ Mitchell walks out first and then Christopher Daniels. Daniels grabs a mic before Tanahashi is introduced.

          Daniels: Mitchell, Abyss better toe the line because if he doesnít I will take him out and then take you out. We are here to take care of Joe, with the added bonus of beating up RVD who seems to be able to get title shots before anyone else around here, and of course my old friend the World Champ, AJ. So donít give the retard any ideas about stabbing me in the back. We work together tonight we can cause some real damageÖ

          Finish: What a match so far!!! Joe and Tanahshi have been ripping into each other as Styles and Daniels have been battling above the ring. Abyss and RVD have since been on the floor and exchanged shots with chairs and chains!!!

          Daniels hits an STO on Styles and then delivers a knee strike to the top of the Champs head! He taunts the crowd as he tags in Tanahashi who swaggers over to Styles and slowly and smugly picks his spots and hits palm strikes and a spinning heel kick to his gut. The Ace of the Universe comes off the ropes and delivers a bulldog. Flicking his long he tags in Daniels who stomps away on Styles taunting his Kingdom Come opponent Joe while he puts the boots to Styles.

          Joe has had enough and he comes at Daniels but Tanahshi comes off the top rope and Daniels has lured the Samoan into a Sling Blade!!! Daniels laughs as they double team Joe and throw him over the ropes leaving Styles all alone. Daniels and Tanahashi deliver a double elbow to the Championís spine and then Daniels directs traffic. They both go up and Daniels hits the best moonsault ever and then Hiroshi the High Fly Flow! Styles is hurt. Joe comes back into the ring, but Daniels tells Tanahashi to stop him. Tanahshi cuts Joe off and hits an elbow strike sending Joe back out to the floor, but in doing so Daniels has made the cover on Styles.


          Winners via pinfall Abyss, Tanahashi and Christopher Daniels at 20.15

          Tanahashi is not impressed Daniels stole the pinfall over the Champion. Daniels puts his hands up and allows Hiroshi full access to the hurt AJ Styles. Daniels slithers out of the ring very happy with himself as he poses to the crowd, Tanahashi climbs the turnbuckle and hits another High Fly Flow!

          Suddenly out runs Team 3D, they jump into the ring and Tanahashi stands between them and the Champion. Tanahashi smiles and rolls out of the ring, as Brother ray pushes Devon and demands ďGet the Tables!!!!Ē

          Devon looks under the ring as Brother Ray stands on AJís face. Devon slides a table in but itís Stingís music that lights up the Impact Zone! Sting walks out of the entrance tunnel, a bright light shining behind him as he spins his black bat in his hand.

          Ray and Devon grab chairs and go after Sting but the Stinger is too quick. He takes them out, with bat shots. He drops Ray with a Scorpion Deathdrop, he kicks Devon in the crotch and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. Devon he taps for his life as Sting picks both men up and tosses them over the top rope. He helps up AJ as the fans go crazy!!!

          Stay tuned for KINGDOM COME


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            Re: Ultimate TNA 2010


            ďLinkin Park New DivideĒ plays

            Jay Lethal throws down his ďMachismoĒ sunglasses, Lethal slapping Pope, Pope slapping Lethal
            LAX destroying Kiyoshi, destroying Sheik Bashir, destroying Eric YoungPetey Williams hitting the Canadian Destroyer on Young, hitting the Destroyer on Angle
            His attack on Mike Tenay and perching himself on the commentary table.
            Raven attacks AJ Styles at Genesis and sets the ring on fire.
            Sting and Raven fight before he escapes
            The attack on RVD, choking him with the chain and steel hook.
            Dressing up like Sting and attacking RVD and Jarrett the following week.
            Wiping the face paint off his face leaving hideous streaks
            Angle returns, attacks Williams
            Daniels sends RVD and Abyss off the stage, kicks Joe while heís down and poses
            Morgan looses to Wolfe three times and goes to beserk attacking everyone.
            Tanahashi gets in AJís face flicks a pen at him
            The explosion of the screen, the car crashing down onto the ramp, the fans running for their lives
            Raven standing in front of the World Championís burning wreck with his arms outstretched.
            Raven and Hart standing eye to eye inside the cage, he attacks
            Sting makes the save, AJ leaps off the top of the cage to attack Raven
            Raven escapes with his silver skull spike as Sting stands tall.

            And now.... Kingdom Come........

            Pyro goes off as the Kingdom Come set is a sight to behold. Five stories high the TNA-tron is in the shape of a halo as the wings from the World title design comes out from the screen. And in the centre of the main stage is the tunnel entrance with a huge ramp with huge spotlights adorning each side all the way to ringside.

            Mike Tenay, Don West, Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash welcome everyone to the second pay per view super card extravaganza from TNA Wrestling, Kingdom Come.

            They run down the card:

            ē Knockout title Tara vs. Awesome Kong
            ē Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe
            ē Mistico vs. Senshi
            ē World Tag team Championship MCMGs vs British Invasion, LAX and NEO-1-GT
            ē Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels
            ē Rob Van Dam vs. The Monster Abyss
            ē X Division title DiAngelo Dinero vs. Jay Lethal
            ē Sting vs. Raven
            ē Petey Williams vs. Kurt Angle Unsanctioned match
            ē And for World dominance World Champion AJ Styles defends against the Japanese Ace of the Universe, Hiroshi Tanahashi

            Tenay: What a card, and we have just learnt that the World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles has requested to wrestle before Stingís match with Raven in order to keep his focus and to be there for his mentor if and when he needs him.

            West: That truly is the mark of a Champion, he wants to make sure Sting stops Ravenís terror tonight.
            Hemme: I think we all canít wait for those two matches but you know I think the tag team title match may steal the show.

            JB: I think every match could steal the show, what about Mistico vs. Senshi, Hardy vs. Wolfe, Joe vs. Daniels, RVD vs Abyss what a war that will be! Tonight is going to be an unbelievable night all put together by Bret Hart

            Tenay: Guys I think youíve forgotten one. What is going to happen when Kurt Angle steps into an unsanctioned match with Petey Williams, the man who tried to not only end his career but cripple the Olympic gold medallist. But of course the two best in the world collide for the title. Styles. Tanahashi. That match will be son close it may come down to one simple mistake.

            Hemme: Well JB and I are going backstage, to ensure the fans get all the latest thoughts from the competitors tonight.

            Tenay: Thanks guys. Don what an explosive run TNA has had over the last 2 months. TNA Impact is now the highest rated wrestling program on the planet. Raven has run roughshod over TNA and tonight the Icon Sting will indeed be the one to stop him.

            Letís give it over now to the ring announcer as Kingdom Come begins now!!!

            To the ring walks Bret ďThe HitmanĒ Hart

            Hart: When I first came to TNA I had a plan to make TNA the best pro-wrestling company in the world. I had a 12 month plan to do so. I never thought in two months we would achieve such heights. But then again I never thought a car would come exploding into the Impact Zone through the big screen or that Raven would try to kill me with a railroad spike. Well tonight Kingdom Comes for everyone. Enjoy the night everyone.
            But out walks Stevie Richards and Daffney to no music.

            Dr. Stevie: Hart, I have a message for you from Raven. Tonight Kingdom Comes for TNA. Sting will fall and so will all of you.

            Richards tries to slap Hart but the Hitman blocks it trips up Richards and locks in the Sharpshooter!!! Richards taps madly as security runs out and drags the hurting Richards out of the ring as Hartís music plays. Hart smiles as if something has gone right for once.

            Mike Tenay and Don West prepare us for the first match.

            Match #1
            Mistico vs. Senshi

            <Video package of Senshi being pinned by Mistico. He goes crazy and then at every chance attacks Mistico. Mistico takjes it to Tanahashi, Senshi attacking, Pope and Mistico besting Lethal and Senshi>

            Finish: What a match it has been. The Warrior and the Masked marvel have thrown their bodies like missiles at each other. Mistico gets up slowly only for Senshi to shriek as he delivers a thunderous double bicycle kick sending him spine first into the corner! Senshi follows it up with devastating kicks. He bashes the mat with his fists, psyches himself up and delivers a final vicious kick to the chest!

            He makes the cover but Mistico is too close to the ropes and gets a foot on the rope before the 2 count. Senshi drags Mistico to the middle of the ring, climbs the turnckles and launches himself to hit the Warriors Way double foot stomp. Mistico moves and Senshi hits the mat and rolls his body. He nips up only to be hit with a drop kick.

            Mistico climbs the turnbuckle looking to finish, but Senshi gets to him and the two men jockey for position on the top. Mistico looks for a super-canrana, but Senshi turns it into a Ki Krusher off the top!!!! 1.2.3

            Winner via pinfall Senshi at 10:25
            Tenay and West replay the highlights mentioning that Senshi has evened up the score. They then send it to JB who is with Desmond Wolfe

            Wolfe: You see JB, Jeff Hardy waltzes right into TNA and on his first night gets a world title shot. I take real offence to that, and sometimes I get a bit upset. And tonight Iím going to take it out on little Jeff Hardy. Hardy tonight Iím going to show you exactly what being in the number one company is all about. Tonight Iím gonna end ya.

            Jeff Hardy is standing by with Christy Hemme

            Hardy: You know Christy I was here in TNA before. I was in the first Monsters Ball match. Iíve leaped off the top of the stage and crashed down on my opponents and I took it to the likes of the Kevin Nashís and Jeff Jarrettís. But this is a new day, this is anew time and a new Jeff Hardy. You see now I have been a World Champion.

            I have been to the top of the mountain, and I liked it. So Desmond Wolfe, you are about to find out what happens when you take on someone who has been to the top of the mountain and is not afraid to jump off the summit and crash down on top of you.

            Match #2
            Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe

            <Video package of Wolfeís attacks on Hardy and Hardy fighting back>

            Finish: Wolfe has tried to keep Hardy grounded. His European style has worked well to neutralize Hardy high flying attacks. He wrenches on the left arm of Hardy again and then swinging his body spins the Charismatic Enigma face first into the mat. Hardy is hurting as Wolfe pulls the arm back and stretches him by placing the arm behind his back. Hardy is extremely flexible but even he starts to yell out in pain.

            The ref asks the question but Hardy is able to counter and somehow get Wolfe into a pinning predicament. Wolfe kicks out just after one and is angry at the move and kicks Hardy in the face. Hardy holding his jaw rolls around on the mat as Wolfe seems to set for his jawbreaker lariat. Hardy gets to his feet and as Wolfe descends on him, he is able to catch the arm and turn the move into a crucifix and then flip down into a pin. 1.2.. Wolfe knees connect with Hardyís face to escape the cover.

            Hardy gets to his feet and hits a dropkick! Wolfe flies backwards into the corner and Hardy hits a Poetry in Motion splash in the corner! Wolfe drops to the mat and Hardy delivers a Hardyac Arrest! Jeff Hardy is complete control as he climbs the turnbuckle to hit the swanton. But Wolfe trips Hardy out of desperation and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Hardy is hurt and Wolfe sees the opportunity and grabs him for the Tower of London. Hardy holds onto the ropes and Wolfe hits the back of his head.

            Hardy gathers himself and hits the swanton bomb! 1.2. rope break! Wolfeís leg got under the rope. Hardy drags Wolfe out and calls for the Twist of Fate but Wolfe reverses it and throws a lariat, only for Hardy to duck and the ref to take the blow! The ref grabs his jaw as Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate again. Wolfe kicks him in the crotch full force! Hardy is hurt and Wolfe sets to finish. But out comes Matt Morgan. The seven foot giant quickly steps over the top rope behind Wolfeís back. Wolfe is busy taunting the crowd and trying to revive the ref to notice. Wolfe grabs Hardy up by the hair as the ref has stirred and goes to deliver a lariat but he turns around to get momentum from running the ropes to face Morgan. The Blueprint smiles and delivers the Carbon Footprint.... Wolfe ducks and it wipes out a reviving Jeff Hardy!!!!

            Morgan canít believe Wolfe has outsmarted him again and is clotheslined out of the ring for his trouble. Wolfe smiles as he pins Hardy. 1.............2............. kickout!!! Wolfe canít believe it. The groggy refereeís count was extremely slow. Wolfe sets and as Hardy gets to his feet he is smashed by a jawbreaker lariat! 1.2.3.

            Winner by pinfall Desmond Wolfe at 11:04

            Morgan on the floor is livid and kicks the ring steps as the ref holding his face gingerly raises Wolfeís hand. Morgan comes back in after him but Wolfe runs away tapping his head and giving the big man the forks.
            Tenay: Looks like Morganís temper has cost Hardy the match.

            West: Mike the big man is out of control, and itís all because Desmond Wolfe is in his head.

            Tenay: Try telling that to Jeff Hardy because Wolfe now moves closer to a contendership position and Hardy drops down the rankings. He wont be happy. JB is standing by with the Knockout Champion Tara.

            JB: Tonight Tara you face the former Champion Awesome Kong

            Tara: JB Kong is a monster. But everyone thinks she is unbeatable. Well tonight Iím going to show the world why I am the best womenís wrestler in the world when I take out Kong.

            Match #3
            Knockout Championship Match
            Champion Tara vs. Awesome Kong

            <Video package of Kong wanting her title back and constantly going after the Knockout Champ. Highlights of Kongís win over Hamada to get her #1 contender spot>

            Finish: Kong hits another spinning backfist. Tara falls to the floor in a heap. Kong smells blood and lays the boots in to Taraís body. The Champ tries to get to the ropes for sanctuary but Kong drags her out lifts her up by the hair slams her to the mat. Taraís back bows as Kong sets for the Awesomebomb. As Tara goes up she counters the move with punches to the head. Tara then sunsetflips over and tries to bring Kong down. The challenger drops down in an attempt to squash the Champ, but Tara moves and Kong ends up on her butt, jarring the bottom of her spine. Tara sees the opportunity and desperately hits a drop kick to the face.

            Kong is down and Tara screams to get herself back in the match. She locks in an arm bar going for a submission, but Kongís strength is able to counter the hold and put her hands together. Tara then transitions to a triangle choke. Her thighs clench down around Kongís throat as she lifts her weight trying to put the monster to sleep. Kong resists and Tara screams out looking to finish. Kong is able to turn her body and both women are on their stomchas. Tara still wont release the hold but Kong is able to slip out of it and reverse it into a wheelbarrow suplex! Tara is flung backwards and her mat hits the mat. Kong covers...1...2...

            Tara grabs the ropes with both hands to break the count. Kong grabs her by the hair and butterflies her arms for the Implant Bustah, but Tara backbody drops the huge woman and then hits a knee strike to the temple! The Champ fires herself up once again and climbs the top rope. Kong gets to her feet and is hit by a cross body block.1..2.. Kickout by Kong! Both women get to their feet slowly and Kong goes for a clothesline. Tara ducks and grabs Kong for a backslide but Kong resists. Widowís Peak!!! 1.2.3

            Winner and STILL Knockout Champion Tara at 8:17

            The ref helps the Champion get to her feet and hands her her title. Tara holds her belt high as Tenay and West go through the replays. The camera shows Tara with the fans as Kong is out and the Champ has defeated the monster.
            Backstage Hiroshi Tanahashi and his translator are with JB.

            JB: I am standing with the man who tonight vies for the Heavyweight Championship of the World, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

            Tanahashi: I was invited to join TNA by two men, Bret Hart and World Champion AJ Style. TNA has greatest wrestlers and fighters and to be TNA World Champion is to be the best in the world. So tonight I will prove that I am the best and become Champion. Style you are good but I am Ace of the Universe!

            Match #4
            Rob Van Dam vs. The Monster Abyss w/ James Mitchell

            <Footage of RVD saving Joe and fighting Abyss on the ramp and going flying off of it courtesy of Daniels. RVD fighting Abyss in the tag match last Thusrday on Impact>

            Finish: RVD unloads with kicks and strikes to the Monster. Mitchell calls out to Abyss to counter the shots. Abyss drives his knee into Robís gut and beats down on him with his huge forearms to gain control. He whips RVD into the ropes looking for the Blackhole Slam, but Rob ducks comes off the ropes and hits a drop kick to Abyssí knee. Abyss drop to one knee and Rob comes off the middle rope knocking Abyss down with a flying thrust kick. Rob hits rolling thunder and makes the cover. 1...2...

            Abyss kicks out Rob hits a spinning leg drop across the monsterís throat and climbs the turnbuckles. Abyss rolls away and Mitchell tries to distract Rob. The Whole Dam Show delivers a sommersault plancha to Mitchell on the floor knocking him out! Rob high fives the fans and rolls back in to be caught by a chokeslam! 1.2.. Rob kicks out. Abyss tears his hair out and grabs Robís ponytail. Shock Treatment!! 1...2... Rob kicks out again!

            Abyss is ready to finish but Rob leaps to his feet and delivers a kick, Abyss catches it only for Rob to spin his body and deliver an even more devastating kick. Abyss drops to the mat and Rob hits the split legged moonsault! 1...2...
            Abyss kicks out, Rob slaps the mat, hits a superkick to Abyssí head and hits a monkey flip. Rob leaps to the top rope and delivers the 5 Star Frog Splash!!!

            1...2... Mitchell drapes Abyssí foot on the ropes to break the count. Rob goes after Mitchell again. Mitchell begs off but RVD grabs him by the collar and aks the fans if he should hit him. The crowd goes crazy as Mitchell begs to not be hit. Rob gives the fans what they want and punches Mitchell only turn into a big boot from Abyss! RVD is rolled back into the ring and Abyss military presses him into a flapjack. The Monster sits in the middle of the ring as Rob slowly gets to his feet. Abyss whips Rob into the ropes and hits the Blackhole Slam 1...2...3

            Winner via pinfall the Monster Abyss at 10:56

            The ref tries to raises the Monsterís hand but he scares him away and then scoops up his handler Mitchell and takes him to the back

            Tenay and West comment that Mr. PPV has lost consecutive ppv matches. But they have been against the Monster and the World Champion.

            <Raven Saga video plays>

            Backstage with Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley

            Hart: Tonightís main event will finally end the ďRaven SagaĒ. TNA is the place for competition, Championships and the best wrestlers in the world. There is no place for what Raven has done to this company. So Stinger tonight will no holds barred falls count anywhere.

            Foley: Raven I want to drive this barbed wire baseball bat into you for what youíve done. But the Icon will no doubt stop you once and for all.

            Jarrett: And Stinger just so you know we have had our differences in the past but we have got your back, for the survival of TNA.

            Match #5
            X Division Championship Match
            Champion The Pope DiAngelo Dinero vs. Jay Lethal

            <Video package of Lethal throwing down his Machismo glasses and outfit. He says he is sick of it and canít believe The Pope was given a title match by Jerry Lynn before him. Montage of the two fighting, arguing and the pimp slap!>

            Finish: Lethal hits a tornado DDT on Pope. He makes the cover 1..2.. Pope kicks out and rolls away as Lethal stalks the champ. Dinero gets up only to walk right into a Lethal combination and another cover 1...2... kickout. Lethal is trying everything to try and become The X champ. He starts to get frustrated as Pope slowly gets to his feet. Lethal goes for a dragon suplex but Pope fights it off with back elbows he runs the ropes but is hit with a knee strike to the gut and hits a hip toss and then a dropkick to the face. Lethal again covers 1..2..

            Pope kicouts with authority and it seems like he ahs had enough. Lethal drops in some Randy savage type rabbit punches, but pope isnít messing around and delivers some very handed punches. The ref asks the men to open the hands up as Pope drops Lethal with a huge right cross. He throws Lethal shoulder first into the steel post and then delivers a half nelson belly to back suplex. Pope rallys his congregation and drop toe holds Lethal into the ropes and delivers the Coronation! He lands in the fans as Lethal grabs his throat.

            The X Champ punches Lethal back into the ring and then delivers his high flying shoulder block! The Champ fires up by running on the spot and then hits the sitout spinebuster. 1...2... Lethal barely kicksout.
            Pope pulls the knee pads down and sets to whip Lethal into the corner. Lethal runs up the turnbuckle flips over Popeís head and delivers an elbow smash to the back of the Popeís head! Lethal hits the dragon suplex..1...2... kickout!

            Lethal goes up top looking for the big elbow, but because it was part of his Machismo persona, he decides not to do it. Gives the fans the finger, but it allows the Pope to crotch Lethal on the top turnbuckle. He flips foward and Dinero delivers the DDE!!! Lethal is pulled from the ropes onto the mat and covered. 1...2...3!

            Winner via pinfall and STILL X Division Champion, The Pope Diangelo Dinero.

            As the Popeís music plays he jumps on the turnbuckles raising the belt high for his congregation to see! Tenay and West recap the match as the fans chant Pope is Pimpiní
            Match #6
            World Tag Team Title Match
            Champions the Motor City Machine Guns vs. The British Invasion vs. NEO-1-GT vs. LAX

            <Video package includes the Guns winning the titles at Genesis, Londrick getting their wins, the Brits wanting their rematch and LAX destroying anyone and everyone>

            Backstage The Guns are with Christy Hemme

            Shelley: Tonight we will go out there and defend our titles for truth, justice and.... nah I canít back that up. We are the World Tag Team Champs, and fame, fortune and the ladies are coming our way in our first title defence. Isnít that right Champ?

            Sabin: Thatís right Champ. Itís party time tonight and o one throws a better party than the Motor City Machine Guns. So stuck up Poms, copycat clones and all round cranky pants-es-es-es. Get ready because tonight we welcome all of you to Detroit.

            Finish: LAX have beaten down everyone. They have dominated from the start as they leave a trail of destruction. They came out and took out London and Kendrick and then Homicide and Doug Williams exchanged holds until Hernandez clothelined him and bordertossed him into the turnbuckles. The Champions double teamed LAX to show the world they deserve the belts, but the militant thugs are playing for keeps.
            LAX put down Kendrick with a super gringo cutta, But Sabin drop kicks Homicide out of the ring while Shelley swoops in and steals the cover. 1.2.3!

            Winner via pinfall and STILL World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns at 13:27

            The Guns quickly sprint out of the ring before LAX jump back in. Shelley
            blows them a kiss as they hold the titles high. Hernadezout of anger grabs Magnus and Border tosses him out f the ring and sends him sailing to the floor!
            As West and Tenay finish recapping the match, Beer Money walk out from the back on live ppv and pull Tenayís and Westís headsets off.

            Storm: Chris Harris, you want to come back into TNA and attack me and my partner! You want to handcuff me and leave my partner to those LAX dogs. Boy we are going to kick your ass.

            Roode: Harris get yourself a partner because on Impact Beer Money are coming for you. Tag match and if you canít find anyone who likes you and letís face it no one does, it will be a handicap match. Because it pays to be Rude.

            Storm: Sorry about your damn luck!

            Beer Money throw the headsets back at Tenay and West and leave.

            Match #7
            Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

            <Video footage of Daniels stating he hates Joe and challenging him to a match at Kingdom Come / Father James Mitchell trying to sign Daniels to join forces with him and Abyss. Daniels turning him down and even insulting him./ Joe returns and calls out Daniels. Their fiery exchange of words./ Abyssí attack on Joe as Daniels escapes / Joe defeats Harris only to be attacked by Abyss, RVD saves Joe only for Daniels to throw Abyss and RVD off the ramp / Daniels pins the World Champion Styles in the six man tag match defeating Joeís team.>

            Finish: Daniels is whipped into the corner with such force that his back bows up and he limps out of it only to be hit with a flying leg lariat! Daniels hits the mat and tries to roll away holding his face, but Joe refuses to allow him to escape his wrath. He grabs Daniels quickly lifts him to his feet and kicks Daniels to the body viciously and continuously. With every kick, Danielsí body leaves the ground until he slumps to the mat on both knees and screaming Joe kicks him again and again until half his body is laying on the ring apron. Joe runs the ropes and delivers a front kick that hits Daniels brutally in the sternum sending him flying out of the ring in a heap.

            The crowd seems to have a blood lust as they chant Joeís name as he goes out after Daniels. He grabs a chair places the Fallen Angel on it and delivers an ole ole kick! Danielsí skull is struck by the boot of Joe and collides violently with the steel guardrail. The rail is hit with such force that the hinges snap and land in Dixie Carter and other fansí laps! Joe looks down at the carnage he has caused as the ref orders Joe to bring it back inside the ring. Joe smirks looking at is more his victim than his opponent and drags him to the ring by the arm. Daniels stirs and Joe rolls hikm into the ring and makes the cover. 1Ö2Ö Joe lifts Danielsí shoulders!! The ref canít believe it as Joe says ďIím not finished with him yetĒ and snapmares Daniels over and delivers a knee strike!

            The camera shot of Daniels shows him digging his finger nails into the canvas trying to pull himself away from the beats who is systematically taking him apart.. Joe peppers his temple with little kicks and nudges with his boot. Joe calls for the end and drags his thumb across his throat and waits for Daniels to get up on his own power. Joe gets tired of waiting and goes for the Coquina clutch, but Daniels desperately gives a thumb to the eye! Joe staggers backwards holds his eye, as Daniels rolls out of the ring gathering himself. Joe is livid and goes after Daniels on the outside but he is drop toe holded into the steel steps! Daniels although still recovering starts unravelling the tape from his hands and starts choking Joe with it.

            The referee admonishes Daniels who pie faces the ref, and screamsĒtake a look at my face, Iíll do what I want to him!!Ē Daniels comes again but Joe hits a superkick to Daniels. Joe this time has had enough, but down the ramp walks the monster Abyss. The ref jumps down from the ring after he started a quick ten count to tell Abyss to leave. But Joe pushes him out of the way and starts punching Abyss in the face. Joe kicks Abyssí knees and drops the monster but Daniels from behind hits a jumping knee strike to the back of Joeís head. Joe crashes into the guard rail near the ramp. Daniels looks down at Abyss, and then turns his attention back to Joe. He punches Joe behind the head twice and then rolls him into the ring.

            Joe tries to shake it off, but Daniels puts the boots to him and calls for the Submission Machine to stand up. Joe does but is hit by an STO. 1Ö2Ö. Joe kicks out. Daniels locks in the Koji Clutch. Abyss walks to the ring. The ref is distracted and tells Abyss to leave as Joe taps. The ref doesnít see the tap out and Daniels is angry. Daniels releases the hold and kicks at Abyss through the ropes. Abyss lashes out at Daniels but the ref tells him to leave. Security and other refs come out and tell Abyss to leave although they donít get too close to the monster.

            Joe grabs Daniels from behind with the rear-naked-choke but Daniels drops down turning the hold into a jawbreaker! Joe staggers backwards and is hit with an enzaguri. Daniels chops Joeís chest hits an jumping elbow strike and whips Joe but Joe reverses it throwing Daniels back into the corner. Joe runs in to crush Daniels but misses and Daniels rolls Joe up 1Ö2ÖJoe kicks out gathers all his strength to quickly stand up but is hit with Angels Wings 1..2...3

            Winner via pinfall at 18:25 The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

            Daniels is hurt and Tenay and West believe it was his hate that drove him to win that match, as Daniels was tortured by Joe for the entire first half of the match for his comments. During the replay West says that Daniels is one of the best in the world and Joe should never had stop his own cover and won the match as Daniels made him pay for it.

            Tenay says that in the rankings Daniels would be near the top after this win especially after pinning the World Champion last Thursday in the main event six man match.

            The Fallen Angel is helped by the match referee to the back, as Joe is just coming to from the finishing move.
            Backstage JB is with the Canadian Destroyer, Petey Williams

            Williams: Kurt Angle, havenít you had enough? This time Angle you wont get that tingle back in your fingers. This time you wont walk again. This time you wont be able to hold your children. You have signed away everything just so you could wrestle me in an unsanctioned match. This match doesnít even count towards rankings or getting you any closer to a title shot. What it does do is allow me to hurt you Angle, it allows me to do anything I want to you.

            Iím going to paralyse you Angle and there is nothing the law can do about it. There is nothing Bret Hart or Mick Foley or even you can do about it. You should have listen to your wife because tonight I become the man who ends your career.

            Match #8
            Kurt Angle vs. Petey Williams

            <Video package of Williams, the Canadian Destroyer and what he did to Angle intertwined with Karen Angle crying, Angle lying unconscious in a hospital bed, and Petey boasting all in black and white. Then in colour it has Angle returning, beating up Williams and telling hart to book the match. In black and white the match is announced as unsanctioned>

            Finish: Angle came out a house of fire. But in one mistake Angle hit the ring post with his shoulder and Petey got the upperhand. Williams has been using his speed to trouble the Olympian. On several occasions has gone for the Destoryer only for Angle to reverse out of it and has fought back with a belly to belly, suplexing Williams from the top turnbuckle to the floor! 1Ö2Ö

            Willaims kicks out. Angle mounts Williams and rains down punches on Williams. The referee is only there to count to three or call for the bell if there is a tap out. Willaims is being beaten to a bloody pulp by Angleand it looks like he has broken his nose. Angle gets up calling to the fans as he drops the straps. Williams gets to his feet only to be German suplexed.Angle takes full advantage of his slight size but huge strength advantage over Williams and does it over and over and over again. The crowd counts to ten as Williams hits the canvas! Angle has hit ten Germanís on Willaims and now he stalsk him for the Olympic slam. Williams goes up but flips over Angleís shoulder in desperation and goes around the world on Angle before hitting a Hurricanrana! Both men are down as the ref starts the ten count.Ö.
            7Ö Angle gets to his feet and goes after Petey, but he kicks Angle with a dropkick and climbs the ropes Angle comes after him but Petey crotches Angle and Angle ends up in the tree of woe. Petey quickly stomps Angle in the groin and sings the Canadian national anthem! Angle escapes dragging Petey with him and locks in the ankle lock. Petey is in the ropes but the ref can do nothing to break the hold as the match is unsanctioned. Petey using the ropes crawls under and pulls himself out of the ring making Angle breaks the hold. Angle climbs the turnbuckle and as Petey is on the outside he launxhes himself into a 450 sommersault splash!!! The back of Williamsí head hits the floor as Angle celebrates.

            He throws the Canadian back into the ring and locks in the ankle lock again. Williams flips over and turns Angleís body into a pin. 1Ö2Ö Angle releases the ankle in order to escape the pin. Petey then hits a Canadian legsweep (tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep) and covers 1Ö2Ö. Angle kicks out and Petey sets up the Destroyer. Angle lifts his back, picking up Petey and slams him down. Petey holds his back as Angle hits a European uppercut.. Petey kicks Angle and hits a snap swinging neckbreaker. He climbs up top and drops a leg across Angleís throat. He quickly transitions into the DestroyerÖ

            Ö. Angle refuses to be hit by the move and explodes out and hits a decapitation clothesline. He locks in the ankle lock, and then grapevines the leg. Williams tries to escape but he canít and is forced to tap.

            Winner by submission Kurt Angle at 10:50

            Angle refuses to release the hold. Williams screams in pain as the referee tries to pull Angle away from Williams. Angle roars as he wrenches back with all his might. Williams taps and screams grabbing his hair and his head frantically as the pain overwhelms him. Three extra refrees come out and finally get Angle to release the hold. They stand over Petey as the Olympic Gold medallist stands over him. Williams holds his ankle as tears run down his face as he sobs in pain. Angle spits his mouth guard on Williams and walks off.

            The refs check on Williams, but as Angle looks as if heís finished, he walks back, pushes them all away and locks in the ankle lock again!!! Williams screams in pain as the refs do everything they can to stop the torture. Foley runs out and tells Kurt itís over and to stop. Kurt releases the hold and gets in Foleyís face, no word are exchanged and after a short stare down Kurt walks off. Foley looks down at Williams but offers no help.
            Backstage Hiroshi Tanahashiís locker room opens and out walk the Beautiful People, Velvet and Angelina. They fix their hair as the Ace of the Universe is ready for his World Title match.

            Co- Main Event
            World Heavyweight Championship match
            Champion AJ Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

            <Video montage of what both men can do. How they both fly higher and hit harder than anyone else in the world. The Phenomenal One vs. The Ace of the Universe.
            Hiroshi vs. Jeff Hardy, Tanahashi hits the low blow to help him get the title shot. AJ defeats RVD. Contract signing AJ tells Tanahashi if he even thinks about low blowing him heíll take his head off. Tanahshi disrespectfully signs the contract and flicks the pen into AJís face. He walks off flicking his hair, rolling his eyes and laughing at the Champion. More of what both men can do and then the graphic of AJ Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi the best vs. the best>

            Finish: Both men have lived up to their monikers as they have stolen the show with absolute total non-stop action. They have fought, inside, outside and above the ring to to be the one who leaves Kingdom Come Champion. Tanahashi comes off the top turnbuckle hitting a Slingblade! AJís head and neck hits the mat and the Ace quickly covers the Champ. 1Ö2Ö.

            AJ kicks out. Tanahsahi senses victory and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. AJ desperately reaches for the ropes but he is positioned in the middle of the ring. Stylesí back contorts as he he tries to escape. Tanahashi has Styles and he sits back to finish his adversary. The Phenomenal One fights off the pain and tries to use strength to escape but the Japanese Ace uses his leverage to keep the Champ down. AJ scrambles to find any type of escape, but he begins to fade as the pain increases. He draws strength to push up and out and roars as lifts himself, but tanashashi pushes back down. Two minutes have passed and AJ still does not tap. Tanahashi looks frustrated. He screams at AJ and even leans back and starts slapping him in the face. AJ continues to fight.but fades out, he has stopping yelling and the ref checks his arm and drops it to the mat once


            AJ is alive, he raises his arm and pushes up with everything he has but Tanahashi releases the hold and quickly drops an elbow into the Championís spine. He climbs the ropes and hits the High Fly Flow!!! 1Ö.2Ö.
            Ö Styles kicks out! (Don West is beside himself!!!) Tanahashi is not impressed and looks for another Cloverleaf, as the damage has been done. But Styles nips up grabbing Tanahashi by his neck with his ankles and flips Tanahsi to the mat. More surprised than hurt by the move Tanashashi walks into punches and forearms from the Champ. AJ spins for a roaring elbow but his injured back has made him too slow and Tanahsi catches him withan elbow strike. Elbow, elbow, elbow. Styles falls to the mat on both knees. Hiroshi hits a Shining Wizard to the face and then lifts him up with a bridging dragon suplex. 1..2Ö

            AJ lifts the shoulder at 2. Tanahashi calls for the end and locks in a dragon sleeper. AJ struggles and is able to reverse it with a snapmare. AJ unleashes a kick to Tanahashiís back and rolls out of the ring to catch his breathe and trying get life back into his spine. Hiroshi looks for the Champ as AJ crawls around ringside trying to bide time. He slowly gets up but is hit with a Dragon Rocket (suicide dive). Both men are down.

            The ref starts a ten count. both men stir 6.7. they both climb for the ropes but AJ cannot make it. 8Ö 9Ö Hiroshi breaks the count by rolling under the ring. He knows he canít win the title on a count out and throws AJ back into the ring. He follows him but from out of nowehere he is hit with a PELE!!!! (West goes crazy) AJ hits a flying armbar and Tanahshi reaches for the ropes to escape. He grabs the rope but AJ is reenergized and goes for the Stylesclash. But the challenger holds onto the ropes. The ref asks Styles to break the hold and he backs away, only to basevball slide under neath the ropes, hit the floor and deliver a sucker punch to the Ace!
            Tanahsi rolls to the middle of the ring and Styles leaps up and springboards off the rope into the 450 splash. 1Ö2Ö. Kickout!

            Tanahashi rolls away holding his mid section as AJ is on all fours exhausted and hurting. The TNA Champion reaches out to grab Tanahashi but he is hit with a DDT. Hiroshi and AJ are both down and the ref starts the count to ten.Ö Tanahashi slowly climbs the turnbuckle and wants to finish it with a High Fly Flow. AJ has slowly recovered and somersaulted under Hiroshi. He reaches up pulls him down into a torture rack, the ref asks the question but Styles turns it into a powerbomb. The champ cimbs the turnbuckles looking for the Spiral Tap but drops down and holds his back. Stylesí back has given out on him!

            The Champ spent too long in the cloverleaf and his body isnít responding. He covers Tanahashi but he kicks out. Styles slowly stands up but he canít get straight and drops to a knee. The Ace of the Universe hits a Sling Blade. 1,....2.....

            ..AJ rolls the shoulder. Tanahashi sees the opening and goes to the top one more time for the High Fly Flow. Styles with everything he has punches him, and as he falls off the top rope and Styles is able to catch him in a modified StylesClash!!!!

            Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles at 29:21

            Both men are given a standing ovation as AJ is handed the World title. Tanahashi exhausted is helped to the back as AJ soaks in his victory. Mike Tenay and Don West recap a huge highlight reel of an epic title match.
            They say they are exhausted but of course there is one more match to go....

            <Raven Saga video plays again>

            Co-Main Event

            No Holds Barred - Falls Count Anywhere

            Sting vs. Raven

            Raven is wearing his black kilt and black face mask, he sits in the corner awaiting his opponent. Arriving to a deafening ovation the Icon Sting walks out never taking his eyes off of the maniacal one. Sting stands in his corner staring into the blazing yellow eyes of the seated Raven. The bell sounds like a gunshot to start a war!

            Finish: The two men brawl into the crowd, around ringside, back in the ring and then p the ramp. On the top both men try to throw the other off the top of the huge Kingdom Come stage. Raven rakes the eyes and climbs the ledge above the tunnel. He flies off it crashing down on the Icon. He punches Sting and as he sits up Raven bites into the side of Stingís neck! Trying to draw blood. Sting throws him off. Raven comes again but Sting clotheslines him and looks for the Deathdrop.

            But out of the tunnel comes a swarm of men all attacking the Icon. Team 3D, Abyss, Senshi, Scott Steiner, LAX, Dr. Stevie and Daffney all descend on Sting. They beat him down as Raven is handed a noose by Richards. He throws it over the huge set looking to hang the Icon.

            From the tunnel runs out Foley and Jeff Jarrett they try to fight them off but are taken down on the top of the staging area. Steiner a former best friend of Jarrett hits a T-Bone suplex on the King of the Mountain. Team 3D hit a 3D on Foley. Sting is given to Raven. He savours the moment before hitting the Raven effect DDT on the steel ramp! Raven directs traffic and tells them all destroy him, but out runs Bret Hart.

            He attacks Raven but all of others beat him down. Hart thows himself on Sting to protect him, and they put the boots to him. Security spews out of the tunnel but they are all beaten up and either rolled down the ramp or thrown off the stage!
            Raven jumps down and lands on the commentary table. Grabbing a mic he looks out perched on the table.
            Raven: This is Kingdom Come for TNA. Quote the Raven. Nevermore.

            Raven looks up to see Sting, Hart, Foley and Jarrett all laid out under the TNA banner which Stevie has lit on fire.


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              Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

              EPISODE 8

              Aftermath of Kingdom Come video plays

              The victories Ė Daniels, Abyss, Pope, Tara, Wolfe, MCMGs, and AJ getting their hands raised
              The losses - Joe, RVD, Kong, Tanahashi, Hardy hurting
              The adulation- the crowds roaring for when Sting walks in
              The devastation- the attack on Sting, Foley, Jarrett and Hart, Raven pointing at the TNA logo
              The TNA logo set on fire

              <Impact Intro>

              Inside the six sided ring stands Mike Tenay with a microphone.

              Tenay: At Kingdom Come the entire Championship committee was taken out by Raven and a group of the companyís top superstars.

              <Replay of the attack on Sting by Team 3D, Abyss, Senshi, Scott Steiner, LAX, Dr. Stevie and Daffney. Raven grabs a noose to hang Sting with. Foley and Jeff Jarrett and Hart all try to stop him. But are beaten down. Raven jumps on the commentary table and points to the logo as it is lit on fire.>

              And the World Champion is not here due to injuries he sustained in his war with Hiroshi Tanahashi.....

              But before Tenay can say anything else Ravenís music plays. To the ring wearing his white suit walks the maniacal Raven. He stares down Tenay and rips the mic out of his hand.

              Raven: Get behind your desk and do your job. You will bear witness; you will record what will transpire here tonight. (Tenay leaves the ring frightened)

              No one can stop me now. Not a Hardcore Legend, not a King of the Mountain, not a Hitman and especially not an Icon. I am an agent of chaos and chaos has told me that tonight I am running things, and Iím going to bring anarchy with me.

              But Raven is interrupted by the Olympic Gold medallistís music. Kurt Angle walks out but he is not alone. He is followed by Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe.

              Angle: Raven do you really think that you can just walk in here tonight and take over. The Hitman let you run free. I wonít.

              Raven: <sigh>Kurt Angle. Chaos knew you would be a major problem, and I told him that he was foolish to leave Petey Williams in charge of taking you out. You are far too dangerous to be left unchecked.

              Angle: Well why donít the three of us come down there and do what Hart couldnít.

              Raven: You are arrogant Angle, that is why Petey Williams was able to almost paralyse you. You canít get past your own ego. But like I said Iím in control tonight and I have security to protect me.

              Angle, Joe and Rob look around donít see anything. Angle shrugs his shoulders and drops the mic. All three men storm the ring. Raven jumps out of the ring but is surrounded quickly. But out comes a sea of red shirts. Itís Ravenís Insecurity team! Angle Joe and RVD are attacked but they are no match for these three men even with overwhelming odds. Raven looks on as Angle is hit with a huge bicycle kick by a gigantic Insecurity guard. Joe is hit with a kick of his own by an even bigger member of Ravenís insecurity team. RVD tries to use the ropes but is hit by both big men. Raven looks on as Giant Bernard and Tyson Tomko beat down the three men! Raven takes off his jacket and slaps Angle.

              Raven: Iím in charge! And tonight I have matches for everyone. Tonight TNA will see the Raven effect, the agent of Chaos!

              Tomko walks over to the commentary booth and rips up his notes and gives him a new sheet of paper. Tenay says that it looks like we have Ravenís card for tonight! And Don it looks frightening...

              Tonightís matches are:
              ē World Tag Title match, the Champions against Team 3D
              ē Ravenís muse Daffney gets a title shot against Tara
              ē Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam will face LAX
              ē The monster will try and get his revenge against Samoa Joe
              ē The Pope will put his title on the line against Petey Williams
              ē And Kurt Angle will take on a mystery opponent... all this tonight.

              World Tag Team Title Match
              Champions the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

              The former 23 time World Champions walk out. Brother Ray grabs a mic.

              Ray: When this all started Raven said to us you stand with him we would get a tag team Championship match. Tonight we become 24 times champions.

              Devon: Oh my brother..Testify!!

              Finish: The more powerful and vicious challengers have used their high impact offence to put down the champions. Sabin and Shelleyís speed have been negated by the heavy hitting former champions. Ray grabs Sabinís hair and starts pounding away on the temple. He riles the crowd up as Shelley holding his head reaches out to help his partner. Sabin is dragged to the corner and hit with huge 300 pound elbows.

              Devon is tagged in and delivers an elbow but Sabin rolls out of the way. Devon tries it again and again Sabin moves. Devon tries a third but Sabin rolls out of the way again. Devon is holding his elbow and Sabin is able to make the tag. Shelley quickly scales the turnbuckle and explodes off the top with a huge thrust kick! Devon hits the mat and rolls to the corner Ray tags himself in rushes Shelley who ducks comes off the ropes and dropkicks the big manís knee!

              Sabin has recovered and the guns go to work. Like machine guns do multiple hits take out Ray. Double team kicks, dropkicks, ACSC Rush is hit, the falling neck breaker and then set for the Made in Detroit. Devon tries to get back in the ring but is blasted in the face by a running big boot to the face! A tooth flies out as Sabin goes back and with his partner hits the finisher. 1.2.3!

              Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns at 8:46

              The Guns look at each other exhausted but nod to each other acknowledging that they defeated the infamous Team 3D to keep their belts with no notice on this title fight. They stand tall holding their belts high.
              Backstage with JB is the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

              Daniels: At Kingdom Come the prophecy was fulfilled. I finally defeated Samoa Joe. I beat the unbeatable. I am a calculating, perfect wrestling machine, and after my win over Joe that makes me in the top rankings and deserving of once again getting a title shot. So AJ Styles Iím coming for you again. But next time will be different. I donít care who is in charge, Raven, Hitman, it doesnít matter I will be Champion. And that is gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

              Match #2
              Knockout Championship Match
              Champion Tara vs. Daffney

              <Still pictures of the Tara/Kong war at Kingdom Come for the KO title.>

              Tenay and West talk about the huge victory Tara had over Kong and is now defending her title 3 days removed from the fight of her life. Tara maybe in no condition to defend against Daffney

              Finish: Daffney beats on Tara. Tara is too hurt and the ref keeps checking her but she refuses to allow anyone to take her belt, especially after what she went through with Kong. Daffney continues to laugh as she stomps and beats on the spine of the champ. Daffney starts slapping Taraís face and pulling her hair. She drags her to the corner and hits kicks to the mid section.
              Tara doubles over. Daffney laughs as she puts Tara on the top turnbuckle and hits the Franken-screamer! Daffney covers 1...2... Tara kicks out at the last minute.

              Daffney is frustrated and reaches for Tara but the Champion grabs her arm and locks in an arm bar! She drags Daffney down to the mat and turns her over locking in the arm bar submission. Daffney screaming taps out as Tara hyper extends the scream queens arm.

              Winner via submission and STILL Knockout Champion Tara at 4:23

              Tara rolls out of the ring extremely hurt. Daffney rolls around the ring kicking and screaming holding her arm in pain. The ref tries to calm her down but she has gone crazy as if she is having a fit. Tara starts to limp away but Kongís music hits and down comes the monster of the Knockout division.

              Tara looks back and a sense of terror falls over her as she cannot defend herself. Gail Kim runs out and stops Kong from getting any further. The two brawl on the top of the ramp. Kong tries to throw Kim off the top, the pioneer of the KOís dropkicks a knee and then delivers a shoulder tackle sending the beast off the ramp and crashing to the floor!
              <Back from commercial replays of Gail Kim sending Kong off the ramp from several angles is played>

              Tenay: So far tonight Raven has put his terrorist accomplices into title matches trying to attain gold.

              West: If AJ was here he probably would be in a title match too Mike. Raven is out of control and he is putting the TNA roster in matches so they canít stop him.

              JB is backstage and is trying to get an interview with Raven who seems to have taken over Bret Hartís office. But standing out front of the door is Giant Bernard and Tomko. They looked down on JB and he sends it back to the Impact Zone as he knows he wonít be getting to Raven.

              Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe

              Wolfe: I heard what Mr Daniels said earlier tonight. And I would haf to agree wif him. But you see I also think I should be getting a title shot. I embarrassed Kurt Angle for months. I have made Matt Morgan a 7 foot giant a laughing stock, and at Kingdom Come I took Jeff Hardy's head.

              So yeah, I think I deserve a title shot too. So AJ Styles I hope you are resting up fella because very soon, you'll be seeing the Wolfe. It's that easy.

              Match #3
              Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs. LAX w/Konnan

              Finish: Hernandez flies over the top taking out RVD! LAX are beating the high flyers at their own game. Homicide punches Hardy as the ref has lost control. Konnan directs traffic as Hernandez hits a Border Toss on RVD sending him through the announce table!

              Hardy fights back and kicks Cide in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. Hernandez taking off his singlet wraps it around Hardyís neck hits a huge belly to belly on him. Hardy tries to get to his feet but Dez runs in to crush him in the corner. Hardy moves Dez hits the corner and Hardy quickly comes off the middle rope connecting with a whisper in the wind. Hardy sets for the Twist of Fate but Konnan grabs his ankle. Distracted for a second costs Hardy as Dez hits a brutal clothesline. Homicide hits the Gringo-Killa and Dez covers him. 1.2.3.

              Winners via pinfall LAX at 9:01

              Konnan isnít satisfied and Homicide pulls out a table and Hernandez drives Hardy through it from the apron! The two men are sprawled out as the militant thugs LAX taunt the fans.
              Tenay and West are trying to get help for RVD and Hardy as their desk is in pieces.

              Backstage Christy Hemme is with Kurt Angle

              Christy: I am here with Kurt Angle and not only do you have to face a mystery opponent tonight Kurt, but it seems like Raven was behind Petey Williams attacking you and trying to put you out of the business all along!

              Angle: Raven thinks he can try and take me out tonight. Heís dead wrong. Petey Williams couldnít get the job done and tried to break my neck. Well he didnít get the job done, and so when Iím finished with your mystery opponent Raven, Iím coming for you. Because I am better than the so called best, Bret Hart. And unlike him, Iíll take you out. Itís real, itís ......real.

              Out to the ring comes Beer Money Inc. James Storm and Robert Roode

              Roode: Hey Harris we are here now get your ass out here and you better have brought a partner otherwise weíll be taking you out 2 on1.

              The Wildcat Chris Harris walks out holding his trademark handcuffs.

              Harris: Boys, you really donít want to fight me with the partner Iíve got for you. He is one of the best tag team specialistís in the world. But Iím thinking we do this properly, so at Destination X I say Beer Money Inc. Vs. the new tag team of the Wildcat Chris Harris and ... uh uh youíll find out soon boys.

              Beer Money stand in the ring as the Wildcatís music plays.

              Backstage The Pope is with Christy Hemme

              Dinero: Tonight, only a few days after Pope defeated Jay not-so-lethal, Pope has to do it all again against the guy whoís been ending careers around here with his flipdy-do dar pile driver. Well Petey looks like you went through hell with Kurt Angle to get a title shot at Pope. Well Pope thinks Petey you are going to have a long night because Pope is going to crank that ankle that Angle rip to pieces on Sunday and make you think twice about ever trying to step in on Popeís congregation. Pope has spoken.

              Match #4
              X Division Championship Match
              Champion DiAngelo Dinero vs. Petey Williams

              Finish: Pope has targeted Williamsí ankle the entire match. The Canadian Destroyer gets hit by the Coronation. Pope celebrates with the fans as Williams grabs his throat. He canít stand as Dinero pulls the knee pads down and unloads two devastating right hands to the career killer. They send Williams into the corner and Pope sets to hit the DDE but Jay Lethal runs out distracting the champ. Pope swings at Lethal as he gets up on the apron only to turn his attention back to a kick to the gut! Canadian Destroyer connects! 1.2.3

              Winner via pinfall and NEW X Division Champion Petey Williams at 9:37

              Williams snatches the X Title from the ref to become a three time Champion. Barely able to support his weight he holds the belt high as Pope has been knocked out. Lethal like a vulture walks into the ring and start laying the boots into the unconscious Dinero. Petey looks over his shoulder to see Lethal attacking Pope and he laughs, dropping the belt and getting in a couple of kicks himself.
              But from out the back runs Kurt Angle. He attacks Williams sending him crashing to the floor. Lethal hits Angle from behind with a double sledge. Angle is whipped into the ropes but comes off them he hits a devastating clothesline Angle grabs Lethal and hits an Olympic slam with such force that Jay bounces off the mat and flies out of the ring to the floor! Angle is pumped up and looks around the ring for anyone else, only to turn into a vicious kick to the temple from his mystery opponent...

              Match #5
              Kurt Angle vs. Senshi

              The Warriorís primal screams accentuate the vicious kicks he strikes Angle with. Angle is holding his head and then chest as these strikes rain down on the Olympic gold medallist.

              Finish: Angle has clawed his way back into the match by catching Senshi and hitting an overhead belly to belly release suplex. It gave him time to shake out the cobwebs and slow the pace down. Senshi brings to chops down onto Angleís shoulders and then tires for a suplex of his own, but Angleís strength is able to reverse it and sends Senshi up in the air. But Senshi escapes it lands on his feet and delivers a kick to Angleís spine!

              Angle is hurting as the Warrior kicks Angle in the sternum with both feet sending him flying into the corner. Angle is hurting and it is still obvious that the Canadian Destroyer from weeks ago is still causing him excruciating pain. Senshi flips his body and hits back elbow and then picks up Kurt and delivers a Ki-Rush (firemanís carry slam into the turnbuckles).

              Senshi looks down at the damage and then slowly climbs the turnbuckles. But Angle, like a cat pops up and ascends the turnbuckles and catching Senshi delivers an off the top turnbuckle belly to belly suplex!!! Senshi is thrown the entire length of the ring and crashes in a heap! Angle drags him into the middle of the ring and is about to lock in the ankle lock when Williams returns and hits Angle in the face with the X title.

              Winner via disqualification Kurt Angle at 7:13

              Although he is limping Williams sets Angle up for another Canadian Destroyer. But Samoa Joeís music hits and he runs out to make the save. Williams in his condition wants nothing to do with the 300 pound wrecking ball.
              Samoa Joe grabs a mic

              Joe: Raven, or whoever is pulling your strings, wants to try and take us all out! Youíve messed with the wrong guy. You want to throw Abyss at me. Iíve defeated the monster and Iíll do it again. Iíve been waiting for another chance to take him out. So if you think big bad Abyss is going to take me out, think again, because Iím what Monsterís have nightmares about. Abyss get out here because Joeís gonna kill you.

              Main Event
              Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

              Kurt although injured is staying at ringside watching Joeís back.

              Finish: Joe has gone into berserker rage mode and is beating down Abyss in the corner with vicious continuous left hand strikes. He runs the ropes and delivers a huge face wash! The monster as big as he is tries to escape to the floor but Joe corkscrews over the top rope and drives Abyssí head into the concrete.

              The monster tries to get to his feet but Joe grabs a chair. The ref tries to stop him, but he grabs the ref by his collar and flings him away. He smashes Abyssí skull with the chair and the ref calls for the bell. Joe is not concerned.

              Winner by disqualification The Monster Abyss at 6:54
              Raven though walks out with Tomko and Giant Bernard. Joe is able to hit Tomko but Bernard hits another big bicycle kick. Joe crashes into guard rail. Tenay and West are calling the action when they announce that JB has just told them over the eye piece that the cavalry has just arrived and are running to the ring.

              The Hitmanís music sounds and out runs Jarrett, Foley and Hart. They each have their weapon of choice, and go after Raven. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner leads out Senshi, Team 3D and LAX. They go after Joe and an injured Angle. With weapons in hand they hold their own but are started to be overwhelmed.

              But Stingís music hits and out comes the Icon leading out the Tag Champions Sabin and Shelley and in street clothes the World Champion AJ Styles. A huge brawl breaks out in the impact zone!

              Raven canít believe that he has lost control. He waves down the Insecurity team but they are taken out by Stingís baseball bat, Hartís steel chair, Foleyís barbed wired bat. Foley goes after Raven but he is hit with the silver skull cane on the top of the ramp and rolls down.

              In all the confusion one of the Insecurity team hits Styles and then delivers Angels wings!! He takes his cap off to reveal the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels who stands over his former best friend.

              Sting sees this and goes after Daniels but he salutes the Icon and runs off leaving Sting to take out Team 3D with his bat. Sting stands tall as he, Hart, Jarrett, Joe and Angle have taken back TNA from Raven. Jarrett checks on Foley and the World Champion while Raven and his ďFlockĒ retreat up the ramp and back into the tunnel like rats. The Icon checks on Styles as Hart walks up to him. The Hitman and Sting shake hands in the middle of the 6 sides as they have won back TNA Wrestling... for now.


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                Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                Aright, I've got a sobbing migraine and I've been putting off my work all night so I'll not go way indepth but I'll still review it and be as helpful as possible.

                You've got quite a lot of shows done in a short number of time which is a good achievement but you need to be careful not to burn yourself out. Sometimes its better to be patient and wait a little, that way you don't lose desire quick and you give your brain more time to think of ideas.

                The recap at the start of the show’s always helpful. I’ve never read this fed before so it helped me a little.

                Raven’s character was fantastic. The opening exchange with Angle was a joy to read, you depicted both characters extremely well and that opening got me pumped for the rest of the show. Great work.

                I’m a big fan of the Gun’s so it’s refreshing to see that they are holding the belts. Team 3D’s words at the start of the match left a little to be desired and I’d have liked to have seen MCMG say something. Also, I think you’d be much better summarising the match in whole rather than just recapping the end sequence. The end sequence itself was fine.

                Daniel’s promo was very short but what he had to say was interesting and yet again, his character was well depicted. A Daniels/AJ feud is always fun.

                I skipped the women’s stuff for the most part as it bores me. A few people enjoy it though so I’d stick at it.

                Wolfe’s promo was good but there was no need to have ‘have’ as ‘haf’. Perhaps mention his cockney accent but just write it in Standard English. Keep using ‘fella’ and terms like that as that is spot on for his character.

                I like that you have Hardy and RVD teaming up but I’m not a fan of them losing to LAX, I think Hardy and RVD should be way up the card. Additionally I wasn’t a fan of the match. It was a little basic and could have been way better. I’d advise checking out some other fics to gain an understanding of match summaries. Also the opening post of Fed Thread will help you out. Back to the match, I felt the table spot was a little overkill.

                The Angle interview was good. Short but good.

                The Beer Money/Harris confrontation was way too short for me to give a shit about it.

                I’m a fan of giving Williams the X-Division Belt. I’d personally push Dinero to main event status but that’s just me. I like the push you’re giving Williams in your fiction, I have to say.

                You need to use Angle a little less I think. Is that the 4th segment he’s been in tonight, with his match up next being the 5th. I know he’s the centrepiece of the show but still.

                This was probably your match of the night, well finish of the night. Senshi and Angle is a dream match of mine so it was nice to see them at it here. Joe makes the save and we have yet another match.

                Six matches in a two hour show plus a lot of segments isn’t realistic so you might want to look at that.

                For the Main Event, you could have put much more effort into it. It was a little lazy I felt.

                The end segment following the main event saved the show for me. I’m loving the Raven’s guys versus Angle thing you’ve got on.

                Overall it was hit and miss. More miss then hit. You’ve got some good storylines going on, you just need to improve your match writing and lengthen your promos then you’re on to something good. I love Raven and the huge angle he’s involved in so you’ve got me as a reader thanks to that. So remember to take in the words I’ve said. You remind me a little of Knox who started out with great matches but his storylines and whatnot were executed as well as a wet fart – you’re the opposite of that. If you fix your match writing you could win Rookie of the Year I feel.

                Man of the world.


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                  Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                  Originally posted by WMS
                  Aright, I've got a sobbing migraine and I've been putting off my work all night so I'll not go way indepth but I'll still review it and be as helpful as possible.

                  You've got quite a lot of shows done in a short number of time which is a good achievement but you need to be careful not to burn yourself out. Sometimes its better to be patient and wait a little, that way you don't lose desire quick and you give your brain more time to think of ideas.

                  The recap at the start of the showís always helpful. Iíve never read this fed before so it helped me a little.

                  Ravenís character was fantastic. The opening exchange with Angle was a joy to read, you depicted both characters extremely well and that opening got me pumped for the rest of the show. Great work.

                  Iím a big fan of the Gunís so itís refreshing to see that they are holding the belts. Team 3Dís words at the start of the match left a little to be desired and Iíd have liked to have seen MCMG say something. Also, I think youíd be much better summarising the match in whole rather than just recapping the end sequence. The end sequence itself was fine.

                  Danielís promo was very short but what he had to say was interesting and yet again, his character was well depicted. A Daniels/AJ feud is always fun.

                  I skipped the womenís stuff for the most part as it bores me. A few people enjoy it though so Iíd stick at it.

                  Wolfeís promo was good but there was no need to have Ďhaveí as Ďhafí. Perhaps mention his cockney accent but just write it in Standard English. Keep using Ďfellaí and terms like that as that is spot on for his character.

                  I like that you have Hardy and RVD teaming up but Iím not a fan of them losing to LAX, I think Hardy and RVD should be way up the card. Additionally I wasnít a fan of the match. It was a little basic and could have been way better. Iíd advise checking out some other fics to gain an understanding of match summaries. Also the opening post of Fed Thread will help you out. Back to the match, I felt the table spot was a little overkill.

                  The Angle interview was good. Short but good.

                  The Beer Money/Harris confrontation was way too short for me to give a shit about it.

                  Iím a fan of giving Williams the X-Division Belt. Iíd personally push Dinero to main event status but thatís just me. I like the push youíre giving Williams in your fiction, I have to say.

                  You need to use Angle a little less I think. Is that the 4th segment heís been in tonight, with his match up next being the 5th. I know heís the centrepiece of the show but still.

                  This was probably your match of the night, well finish of the night. Senshi and Angle is a dream match of mine so it was nice to see them at it here. Joe makes the save and we have yet another match.

                  Six matches in a two hour show plus a lot of segments isnít realistic so you might want to look at that.

                  For the Main Event, you could have put much more effort into it. It was a little lazy I felt.

                  The end segment following the main event saved the show for me. Iím loving the Ravenís guys versus Angle thing youíve got on.

                  Overall it was hit and miss. More miss then hit. Youíve got some good storylines going on, you just need to improve your match writing and lengthen your promos then youíre on to something good. I love Raven and the huge angle heís involved in so youíve got me as a reader thanks to that. So remember to take in the words Iíve said. You remind me a little of Knox who started out with great matches but his storylines and whatnot were executed as well as a wet fart Ė youíre the opposite of that. If you fix your match writing you could win Rookie of the Year I feel.

                  Thank you so much for your review WMS. Great to hear what you thought. I wish I wasn't so quick on the draw so you could have reviewed the ppv, but I just have so much planned out and I try to keep my fed rolling much like TNA, I want to produce an episode a week.

                  Due to the ending of the ppv, many of my top stars were put on the shelf for most of the show, because I wanted the big ending to really add a big ending. So therefore Joe and Angle needed to step up to fill Styles, Sting, Hart etc. absence.

                  In every show I have always had the MCMGs crack wise and always get mic time but in this episode I felt it was better that the fact they had to defend their titles out of nowhere against the most decorated tag team in the world made them shut their mouths for once..I wrote it that way to add to their characters.. maybe I should have put that into commentary to get that across.

                  Don't worry about Pope I have big plans for him. I wanted him to get the X belt early to show what he can do, and then move him inot bigger and better things.

                  I kept alot of the promos short due to there being 6 matches on the show and the big brawl at the start and the even bigger one at the end... Maybe in "reality" Spike TV let the show run over its timeslot by 3 or 4 minutes

                  Just on that point, at the ppv I promised a a Beer Money vs Harris and partner match on Impact but because of the Raven storyline I had to cut it. I did a quick promo to explain why to the fans who may have been expecting it.

                  As for Hardy and RVD losing to LAX... I have always been a massive hater of how two single stars could possibly defeat an established tag team, especially a tag team who have been former Champions. I'm setting up LAX for big things right now and giving them a victory over these two guys allowed me to push them even further up that ladder. Also I wanted RVD and Hardy out so when the cavalry arrived later in the inght it meant more because Angle and Joe's back up ghad already been taken out.

                  If people are following the fed from the first show, they may see a few clues that I am placing in the fed about who Chaos is. They are very subtle but you can actually guess who is the mastermind behind Raven's attacks. I've also thrown a few red herrings in there too...

                  I will def. look into a summary type style to writing the matches. I write the finish especially for the Impacts because tv matches are always a bit shorter and the in ring story is usually told at the end. bUT i WILL WORK ON THEM.

                  I would be really interested in what you thought of the ppv matches compared to my impact matches and if they are the same or more detailed and better etc.

                  Thanks again for the review, I hope this post kind of expalins why I wrote the way I did for this particular episode. Would love for you to follow it from day one.

                  Many thanks and cheers!

                  For anyone else I would love a review of any of my shows, every review or even small comment helps me put together better stuff.


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                    Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                    EPISODE 9

                    Video of last week's Impact. Raven Saga continiued as the maniacal terroist was in control with his INsecurity team and ordered matches against those who fought against him.

                    Slow motion replays of Angle being kicked by Senshi. Hardy and RVD being put through tables, and Petey Williams winning the X title from Pope.

                    Raven and the debuting Tomko and Giant Bernard beating down Angle and Joe.

                    But Hart, Sting, Foley, Jarrett and AJ Styles all returned to fught the good fight. Daniels hits Styles with Angels Wings disguised as an INsecurity Guard.

                    But Sting and Hart and the others take back TNA as Raven retreats!

                    <Impact Intro>

                    The Hitmanís music sounds throughout the Impact Zone and out walks a happy Bret Hart. He takes the mic as replays of Hart leading the charge to take back TNA from Raven last week.

                    Hart: Welcome everyone to TNA Impact! The highest rating and best pro wrestling show on the planet. Last week, while watching the show I realised that it didnít matter how beat up I was I had to come down to the Impact Zone and take back TNA. So Sting, Jarrett, Mick and the World Champion all joined me and we took back what doesnít belong to you Raven. It belongs to the fans. Jeff Jarrett and his fatherís creation would not fall to you Raven and I have been put in charge by Dixie Carter to ensure that happens. Tonight I am going to finish Raven once and for all tonight the Stinger wants Raven one on one and...

                    Bret Hart is interrupted by Kurt Angleís music. From the tunnel dressed in his suit walks Angle. He looks out at the fans before looking at Hart and shakes his head. Walking down to the ring he accepts a mic from So Cal Val and once again like he has many times before since the start of 2010, goes face to face with Bret Hart.

                    Angle: At first I thought you were all hype. ďThe bestĒ .... but then I thought as TNA came crashing down around your ears I thought you were incompetent. When I ran the Main Event Mafia no one messed with Kurt Angle, no one would even dream of trying anything that Raven has done here while I was the Godfather.

                    But after talking with Karen and really thinking about it. Petey Williams, the ďCanadianĒ Destroyer, Raven saying that he works for some guy called Chaos who was stupid to leave Williams in charge of taking me out. And now TNA has won the ratings war and is the top company in the world just like you preached on Jan 7. So I realised something . Your not hype, youíre not incompetent. Your the damn mastermind behind this whole thing. He want to take Sting out because he does the sharpshooter better than you. You want to take me out because even though youíre the so called best, Iím the greatest. And you wanted the ratings to beat Vince McMahon the man that screwed you all those years ago. You are behind Raven trying to take control of TNA.

                    Hart: Are you finished Kurt? Youíre delusional. And youíre wrong. Why would I want Raven to take control for me when Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett gave me control of making matches from day one.

                    Angle: So what match have you got for me tonight Hart? Candian Destroyer? Senshi? The Monster Abyss? Or some other guy that is good at ending careers so you can take me out. Huh?! Because I know you wont be giving me a title shot, you made that clear the day you walked in here.

                    Hart: I begged you not to wrestle Williams at Kingdom Come, but arrogance and your temper blinded you to the point that right now you could be in a wheel chair. Iíve got nothing to prove to you. Last week you and I stood side by side as we took TNA back from Raven. You were a big part of that. So tonight Kurt, if you can wrestle, tonight you will be in a 4 corners #1 World title contender match. It will be Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe. And it will be at the top of the hour.

                    But as Hart puts his hand out for Angle to shake, the moment is interrupted by Ravenís music. Emerging from the tunnel is Giant Bernard and Tyson Tomko. Behind them is Raven and protecting Ravenís six is Team 3D. Raven seems to be guarded by all sides as he makes his way down the ramp mic in hand.

                    Raven: Hitman, since you are in the mood for making matches I thought Iíd come out here and ask you for one. You see as much as ďmake the matchesĒ around here we both know you are not going to get me in the ring unless I want to. So you want to put me in the ring with Sting then itís by my rules. Tonight if you want me and Sting in the 6 sides it will for the first time ever a Capture the Flag Match. These four killers and me vs. Sting and any four wrestlers of his choosing. A ten man tag match with one exception. The only men who can be pinned in the match is myself or Sting. What do you say Hitman.

                    Hart: If this is the only way for Sting to get his hands around your throat then youíre on.

                    Raven: Thank you Mr. Hart

                    Raven smiles at Hart, Angle standing to the side looks at Hart suspiciously. He gets in Hartís face but hasnít the words. Ravenís music plays as he walks up the ramp still surrounded, protected even by his entourage of as he put it ďkillersĒ.

                    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone back to Impact and show a graphic of firstly at the top of the hour a 4 corners World Title number one contenders match Angle vs. Wolfe vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe. And then for the main event never seen before Capture the Flag match. A ten man tag where the catch is only Sting or Raven can be pinned or submitted.

                    Match #1
                    Generation Me. (Jermey and Max Buck) vs. Neo-1-GT (Paul London and Brian Kendrick)

                    The cocky team of London and Kendrick pie face the younger team trying to intimidate them, but Gen Me, fire back with a slap to the face and then a quick follow up running the ropes and hitting flying leg lariats to get this one started! London rolls out of the ring holding his jaw as Kendrick is hit with double team moves.

                    After being hit several times, London comes in to break up the flow of high risk high impact moves. NEO-1-GT get things going back their way with spine buster.

                    Finish: Kendrick goes for the enziguri on Jeremy but it is ducked and turned into a double team superkick! Jeremy hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Kendrick, bt keeps him across his knee as Max sommersaults onto Kendrick crushing him even more! London tries to help but Gen Me are ready for him too and Max front dropkicks him through the ropes, holds on skins the cat and holds the top rope down. Jeremy then hits a suicide dive through Maxís legs!

                    Kendrick slowly gets to his feet but he is hit by a rolling foremanís carry by Max allowing Jeremy climb the turnbuckle and he hits a 450 Splash followed by a moonsault by Max. 1.2.3

                    Winners via pinfall Generation Me at 7:42

                    London on the outside is in shock as Gen Meís music plays. Kendrick rolls around on the mat as the youngsters celebrate their huge upset.
                    Tenay and West mention the World tag titles that NEO-1-GT have won in the past and Gen Meís win tonight is huge for them and will catapult them into title contention.
                    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy

                    Hemme: Last week Jeff you got put through a table by LAX at the order of Raven. And at Kingdom Come you lost your match with Desmond Wolfe thanks to a Carbon Footprint by the 7 foot Matt Morgan. Your TNA tenure is running as hot as you would have liked?

                    Hardy: You know Christy, TNA is the highest rating show, it is the top company in the world and it is where the top wrestlers in the world do their thing. So I knew coming in this wasnít going to be a cake walk this was going to be the greatest challenge of my life. Thatís why the TNA Championship is the top prize in this industry.
                    As for tonight goes, Iíve got a score to settle with Raven, so Stinger if you need a soldier Iím ready to go into battle. As far as Matt Morgan goes, man, I challenge you to a match at Destination X. See you soon big man.

                    In the parking garage the Phenomenal Mustang pulls in but is stopped in its tracks as Sting stands like a statue in the middle of the road. AJ gets out, and Sting states ďWe have to talk.Ē

                    Match #2
                    Ultimate X Qualifier
                    Jay Lethal vs. Mistico

                    Tenay and West explain that at Destination X there will be the traditional Ultimate X match and it will 4 competitors contending for the X title. The current new Champion Petey Williams and the former Champion Dinero due to his rematch clause are already booked in the match. There will be two qualifiers for the other two spots starting tonight.
                    Out to ringside limps the new Champion, the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams. He puts the headset on and places the X Division title on the table for the world to see.

                    Williams: I am the NEW X Division Champion. I defeated Pope last week with only one wheel guys, imagine what Iím going to do when Iím healed up in time for Destination X. Thatís right.. Iím going to end careers. Last week I took Popeís title at the ppv I take his career. And Iíll do the same to anyone else who tries to take my title from me.

                    The bell rings as Jay Lethal starts taunting the Lucha star Mistico. He pushes Mistico and tells him he is going to Destination X. He lashes out witha closed fist but Mistico blocks it and delivers a knife edged chop! Mistico comes off the ropes with a flying body block! The huge fan favourite climbs the ropes and delivers a frog splah. 1.2 Lethal kicks out and grabbing his stomach rolls out.

                    Finish: Lethal climbs the top rope but Mistico runs up the turnbuckles and delivers a super-arm drag! Lethal crashes to the mat. Lethal tries to get his feet but is hit with a hurrincanrana. Lethal is dazed and is hit with a springboard moonsault. 1.2.. Lethal kicks out just before the 3 and is hurting. Mistico feeds off the crowd and readies for a superkick. Lethal getting to his feet finally catches the superkick, spins Mistico into a devastating dragon suplex! 1.. 2...

                    Mistico kicks out but is holding the back of his head as Lethal catches his breathe. He signals for the end and hits the Lethal Comibination, and climbs the turnbuckles. He drops the elbow, but Mistico moves out of the way. Mistico locks in the Fujiwara Armbar and Lethal has no choice but to tap out.

                    Winner via submission and qualified for X Division title shot in Ultimate X, Mistico at 6:30

                    Petey Williams shows Mistico the belt as Tenay send it to the back with JB.
                    JB: At this time, it was pleasure to interview the Champion of the World AJ Styles. Thank you for giving us this time AJ what is on your mind.

                    Styles: JB, a lot has happened here in TNA. Last week when we all took back TNA from Raven was the roster coming together to over throw him. Iíve had my ups and downs with Chris Daniels. Yes it is no secret we arenít friends anymore. But I never thought he would use what was going on and risk the future of the company he helped build to attack me. I guess I was wrong. Daniels you are a jealous sorry excuse for a TNA original and the last bit of respect I had for you is gone. I hope you lose tonight in your four way match because the only thing better than me kicking your ass, is you not getting anywhere near the title scene again.

                    JB: AJ Iíve got to ask you. What did Sting say to you earlier?

                    Styles: Sting told me tonight he is riding into battle and he ends it all tonight. 5 on 5 in a never before seen innovative TNA first match, Capture the Flag! I told him I was ready to stand by his side to fight for TNA like I always have for the last 7 years. He told me no. He told me that as the Champion I have the weight of the company on my shoulders and Iím a leader now and not a soldier. He says the fate of the company is with me and tonight I have to let him be the one who gets his hands dirty. I donít agree with him, but I will honour the Stingerís wishes.

                    JB: So who has Sting chosen to finally finish this war with Raven?
                    Styles: You will find out when the Raven does.

                    Out to the ring walks the TNA founder and the King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett. My world plays and the pyro ignites shooting out from his guitar. He grabs a mic.

                    Jarrett: In this business you donít have too many friends. For the majority of ones career you have to worry about yourself because when it comes down to it no one else is going to pay your bills and there can only be the one Champion. I considered Scott Steiner a friend of mine. Scott last week you did the wrong thing. You made the wrong choice. You see I have been thinking about this all week, but when I just heard what AJ Styles said about his former friend Daniels, I had to come out here and tell you Scott you made the wrong choice. How dare you Scotty join with a man who has tried everything in his power to tear down everything that I have built in the last seven years. You decided to help Raven. Get out here Steiner and explain yourself now!

                    Out walks Steiner, and he is not impressed. In fact he looks disgusted that Jarrett would call him out. He snatches a mic off of So Cal Val and walks into the ring with his former friend.

                    Steiner: First of all Jeff, you know me better than anyone. So you shouldnít be surprised when I tell you I donít care. I break necks and cash cheques. And then I party all night long with my freaks. All I care about is my freaks and my peaks Jeff, not you or your company.

                    Now just so you know I donít take orders from anyone, especially that dirty insane Raven. I was promised a whole lot more than you ever gave me. The guy who is really running this came to me personally and asked me and I thought why not because I am the man and I do deserve more than what you and TNA have ever given me.

                    Years ago you called me up Jeff and asked me to take out Sting. How many title shot have I got? How many did you give me? None. Youíve gone soft Jeff. You are pathetic. You used to run this place, Planet Jarrett remember. Now youíre Dixie Carterís and Bret Hartís whipping boy. You make me sick. You brought me in to destroy people. People like Sting. I hate Sting. But I hate what youíve become more.

                    You got your answers. We used to be friends, so Iím giving you a pass Jeff. Donít get in my way. Call me out again, and Iíll TRASH you! Heh!

                    Steiner barges past Jarrett as he leaves the ring. Walking up the ramp he never looks back turning his back on his former friend. Jarrett looks at the mat and looks up at the man he used to call friend, but above him he sees the TNA logo and knows what he must do.

                    Jarrett: Scotty! Not so fast. I brought you into TNA, so the damage you do is on my hands. So if you wont fight for TNA, Iím going to be the one who takes you out of TNA. At Destination X you are going to tell me who is behind trying to take down my company and if you donít , Iím going to beat you until you do...choke on that.... slapnuts.

                    Steiner canít believe his ears. He rips off his sunglasses and runs back to the ring. Jarrett is ready for a fight. Steiner stops grabs a rope... but backs away. The fans boo as Steiner backs away but he walks over the commentary table and pie faces Don West. He grabs Donís mic.

                    Steiner: You want to fight me. You want talk to me like that. Huh! Watch your back Jarrett, because Iím going to stick the knife in and twist it. Heh.

                    Back from commercial Tenay and West talk about what they just witnessed between the two former friends and how Raven or whoever is giving the orders, is tearing apart more than even he could imagine. They also canít even think who could be pulling Ravenís strings at this point. Angle thinks itís Hart all for ratings. They send it to the back as Christy Hemme is with Christopher Daniels.

                    Daniels: Once again TNA throws another roadblock my way. I am the rightful contender to the World title. AJ knows I can beat him, and so because Kurt and Joe helped Hart get TNA back from Raven, they get to once again get in my way for the belt. Wolfe Iíve giot no problem with you brother, just like me you earned something, you beat Jeff Hardy, a former recent Champion of the World.

                    But just like me the glass ceiling comes crashing down and Joe and Angle once again get a free chance. I beat Joe at Kingdom Come. Angle won an unsanctioned match which is not on any record books. Itís a conspiracy. So tonight Iím just going to have to go out there and win yet again. Oh and as for cry baby AJ Styles. Yeah I attacked you last week. Iím sorry the company gives you everything and me nothing. Iím going to make you cry even more before this is all over. And that is gospel.

                    The World Championís music hits and down to join the commentary team is AJ Styles. Belt over his shoulder he shakes hands with the team as he wants to watch close up the number 1 contender match.

                    Match #3
                    4 corners match for a World Title shot at Destination X
                    Desmond Wolfe vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

                    Wolfe enters the ring first and grabs a mic.

                    Wolfe: Daniels youíve got it all wrong sunshine. You aint going to win anything son. Because when it comes down to it, you Joe or Mr. Mangled are just not in my league. Iím hungry like a wolf and tonight Iím gonna end the lot of ya.

                    The next entrant is Samoa Joe. He rushes the ring and goes straight for Wolfe. The two men start brawling as Daniels music plays. The Fallen Angel sees his opportunity and attacks Joe from behind. Daniels and Wolfe double team Joe. Daniels whips Joe into he ropes and Wolfe hits a devastating lariat. Wolfe goes for the cover 1Ö.

                    Daniels drags Wolf off of Joe. Wolfe immediately stands up as Daniels jumps out of the ring. Wolf stares down Daniels but with a smile the Fallen Angel puts his hands up and then motions for him to keep working on Joe. Wolf turns back to Joe and starts stretching Joeís arm and working on his back with knees.

                    The Impact Zone ignites as Kurt Angleís music hits and from the elevator emerges the Olympic Gold medallist. He walks down and goes straight for his old nemesis Wolfe. Daniels stands on the outside looking for his opportunity, as Angle attacks with European uppercuts on Wolfe.

                    Finish: Daniels sees his opportunity and runs in to get a quick win but Kurt cuts him off and unloads some visious right hands. Joe clothesleines both men over the top rope and to the floor only to be rolled up by Wolfe. 1..2Ö
                    Joe kicks out and catches Wolfe with an arm bar. He quickly transitions to an STF as Daniels quickly breaks up the submission with a triple rope moonsault! Daniels then delivers a flying knee strike to Joe in the corner but turns into a lariat from Wolfe. 1..2Ö

                    Kurt breaks up the pin and throws Wolfe through the ropes to the floor. He locks in the ankle lock on Daniels only to be hit with the tree trunk legs of Joe with a leg lariat!

                    The furious pace of the match is wearing the guys out as Daniels hits a belly to belly on the 280 pound Joe and then signals for the BME. Only to be stopped by Angle. Daniels punch is blocked and Angle turns it into a german suplex. And then another and then another!. Angle pulls the straps down as he readies himself for the Olympic Slam. Joe though unloads furious kicks into Angleís mid section. Angleís feet leave the mat as Joe drives his feet into Angleís ribs.

                    Angle slumps to the mat in pain as Joe embarrasses Angle by face washing him several times before running the ropes and delivering a vicious super facewash! Angle rolls out of the ring holding his face. Wolfe returns and Joe meets him. He delivers his quick sumo slaps and strikes to Wolfe pushing him into the corner. Joe lifts him up for the Musclebuster only for Wolfe to kick Joe off. Joe roars and hits his leaping enzaguri that reaches Wolfeís face all the way on the top rope! MUSCLEBUSTAAAAH!

                    Ö Daniels breaks it up and hits Angles Wings on Joe! He pushes Joe away and covers Wolfe. Kurt breaks it up just barely. But the Olympian is still very, very hurt. Wolfe and Joe are still down and Daniels like a vulture licks his lips, smiles, looks at the camera and hits Angels Wings on Angle. 1.2.3.

                    Winner via pinfall and World title #1 contender Christopher Daniels at 16:32

                    AJ throws his headset off standing up as Danielsí hand is raised. Laughing he points at Styles and gives the belt signal. He jumps down and meets AJ face to face. AJ stares at him, not moving while Daniels has a grin from ear to ear and is ignoring AJ but looking at the World title instead.
                    Tenay and West replay the highlights of the match as AJ and Daniels stare each other down.

                    Backstage JB is with the Wildcat Chris Harris

                    Harris: Iím back here in TNA and Iíve got alot of time to make up for, And it all starts with Beer Money. At Destination X Iím bringing with me a partner with so many tag titles to his name he is going to destroy Beer Money and Iím going to be the one standing tall at the end of the night.

                    Konnan and LAX walk into frame. Konan look himup and down and tells him to ďscramĒ. Harris puts his hands up and walks off as Konnan snatches the mic from JB and Homisicde pushes him off camera.

                    Konnan: Machine Guns. This is the part of the show where I challenge you boys to a title match at Destination X. At Kingdom Come we destroyed everyone in the four corners match only for you to steal from us. No one steels from us you stoopid gringos. Did you see what we did last week to the so called best in the business RVD and Jeff Hardy. We almost sent them to the morgue ese. No more games. No more talk. At Destination X on the big stage we take your damn titles and become 4 time Champions. Ariba la raza.

                    Match #4
                    Mixed tag-tag match...
                    The World Tag Champions the Motor City Machine Guns and Gail Kim and Sarita vs. The British Invasion and Alissa Flash and Hamada

                    Tenay: Tonight is definitely a night of firsts. In the main event we have the new innovative Capture the Flag match and now we have a mixed tag..tag match.

                    West: Bret Hart is back in control and is giving the fans more bang for their buck!

                    The bell sounds and the Sabin locks it up with Doug Williams. Williams slides Sabinís arm into a hammerlock, but Sabin spins in the air, slaps Williamsí arm away and delivers a drop kick! Gail and Sarita cheer as Sabin tags in Shelley and the Champs go to work with their lightning quick double team offence.

                    Finish: The biggest guy in the match, Brutus Magnus, hits a brutal clothesline on Shelley. He ďflirtsĒ Gail and Sarita before tagging Williams in. The Brits put the boots to Alex but as the ref sends Brutus back into his corner Sarita launches herself and hits a spinning hurricanrana on Doug! Sarita and Alex high five and Alex points at Sabin for the tag, waits for the reply for the crowd and then he points at Gail. He tags in Gail at the agreement with the fans and Gail jumps in. Doug still dizzy makes a tag to Alissa Flash and the two knockouts go at it! Dropkicks, elbow smashes ignite the ring. Hamada wants in but Sarita spears her through the ropes to the floor!

                    Gail hits the Eat Defeat on Flash. The Brits try to stop the pin but the quick Guns fly in and stop them from making the save.1.2.3

                    Winners via pinfall The MCMGs and Gail Kim and Sarita at 5:47

                    They celebrate as Tenay and West show a replay of what happened at the start of the show.

                    Main Event
                    Capture the Flag match
                    Raven, Tomko, Giant Bernard, and Team 3D
                    Sting, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley and Rob Van Dam

                    The ring announcer states the rules. 5 on 5 tag match. No disqualification, the only way to win is to pin or submit the captain of each team. Raven or Sting. He introduces the teams as we see shots of the TNA locker room all watching monitors backstage to see the outcome of the match.

                    Raven and Sting meet in the middle. Face to face. The ref rings the bell and the ring explodes! Sting and Raven exchange punches as the teams rip into each other. RVD and Hardy come off the ropes landing big time moves on their counterparts! Bernard smashes Foley with a huge bicycle kick. Jarrett and Tomko fall out of the ring. There are two referees watching each of the team captains. Bernard has started protecting his captain and goes after Sting. Raven escapes and stands on the ramp watching the battle unfold.
                    All ten men give everything they have. They brawl on the ramp, the stage, in the fans around ring side in the ring. Jarrett has his guitar, Foley his barbed wire bat. Team 3D pull out tables. Capture the Flag has turned into World War 3!!

                    Finish: Jarrett hits the stroke on Devon on the floor. He turns around only to be taken out by a hellacious Steinerline! Steiner does push ups near his former friend. He then picks him up and gorilla presses him into the steel ramp! Sting goes after Steiner but he runs off and Raven blind sides Sting with a steel chair shot!

                    RVD and Tomko are brawling in the crowd. While Hardy hits the swanton on Brother Ray inside the ring. He sees Sting in trouble and tries to make the save but he is hit with a chair to the back. Raven then tries to drive his skull onto the steel ramp with the Raven Effect DDT but Hardy reverses it and calls to the fans for the Twist of Fate! Boom! Hardy is levelled by the Carbon Footprint. Morgan has decided to get involved also.

                    Raven smiles as Morgan is yelled at by the referees. Sting is now at the mercy of Raven and he delivers chair shot after chair shot. He drives the edge of the chair into Stingís throat. RVD tries to run back, but he is met by a double team from Bernard and Tomko. Raven picks up the limp Icon and looks out to the crowd. He pauses savouring the moment, and then delivers the Raven Effect DDT on the steel ramp.

                    Winner via pinfall Ravenís team at 11.51

                    Raven stands over Sting is boot firmly placed into the fallen iconís chin. He laps up the boos as they rain down on him. Rubbish fly from the crowd as Raven has beaten his nemesis. His eyes closed he breathes in the hate. He then drops to his knees and starts beating down on the unconscious Stinger.
                    AJís music hits and out runs the World Champion. Raven runs away and hides behind the staging area. Styles checks on Sting as EMTs flood the impact zone. Ringside looks like a train wreck as there are bodies all over the place.
                    Styles yells for someone to give him a mic

                    Styles: Raven, Sting made me give my word I wouldnít get involved but if Iím to lead TNA than Iím going to do it my way. Iím going to lead from the front. Next week Raven you and me in the ring.

                    Raven: Styles do you really think I would wrestle you. You are the Champion of the World. And me, well Iím not in my prime, to be able to keep up with the best in the world.

                    Styles: You will fight me you coward.

                    Raven: You want me in the ring you will put the title on the line! Next week on Impact!

                    Styles: Done!

                    Raven: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA See you next week Styles....


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                      Re: Ultimate TNA 2010


                      Bret Hart held a press conference about the upcoming live TNA Impact! this Thursday on Spike TV.

                      With Bret Hart was Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley and the current Heavyweight Champion of the World AJ Styles.

                      "After days of meetings with AJ Styles, his management and the Championship Commitee consisting of Mr. Jarrett, Mr. Foley, Ms Carter and myself, the main event for Thursday night's Impact! will be AJ Styles versus Raven for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship," said Mr Hart.

                      "Although we asked the Champion to reconsider his decision as Raven has not earned such a privilige and in fact is at this time and has been indefinitely suspended due to his actions the last few months. Mr Styles has insisited that the match take place and the title will be on the line,"

                      "As Mr. Styles has taken this stance, it is the position of the Committee then to fully support the wishes of the Champion and the match will take place this Thursday night live on Spike TV." Concluded Mr. Hart

                      Taking the podium next was Jeff Jarrett the founder of TNA Wrestling.

                      "As a member of the Championship Committee, let be known that this match is a fully sanctioned match under TNA wrestling Championship rules. All rules are and will be dilligently inforced by TNA's top referring official Rudy Charles. Any outside interference, any foreign objects, or foul play will not be tolerated. And Mr. Chalres is instructed to thow the match out immediately if anything outside of the rules occurs. There is to be no leniency shown in this match." said Mr. Jarrett.

                      Taking the podium last was the reigning and defending TNA World Champion AJ Styles

                      Mr Styles stated, "On Thursday night, live in front of the whole world I am going to put Raven down like the rabid dog that he is. If I have to put the title on the line, so be it. For what he has done to this company, to the fans, to me and to friends of mine. All I can say is this. The clocks ticking Raven. I'm finishing this once and for all for TNA."

                      For the complete questions and answers from the press please visit for full coverage.

                      Live on Spike TV Thursday 9pm TNA iMPACT! The Phenomenal One AJ Styles vs. The Maniacal One Raven for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


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                        Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                        EPISODE 10

                        Last week on Impact!.... Capture the FlagÖ 5on 5, no disqualification, the only way to win is to pin or submit the team Captain, Sting or Raven. What a warÖ. Sting tells AJ ďWe have to talkĒÖ bodies are everywhere, Tomko and RVD brawl in the crowd, Hardy uses his body as a missile taking out Team 3D. Carnage everywhereÖ.

                        Wolfe is down, Joe is down, Angle is hurt. Daniels like a vulture preys on Angle and hits Angels WingsÖ Daniels is the new #1 ContenderÖ

                        AJ says ď Sting made me promise not to get involved in tonightís capture the flagĒ

                        Capture the Flag madness, chair shots, tables turn to splinters. High risk moves and finally Raven strikes and attacks Sting. Chair shot. Chair shot. Chair shot. Sting is pinned. Raven licking his lips beats on StingÖ The World Champion runs out and agrees to a title matchÖÖ

                        Get Ready To Fly!
                        The flaming waterfall cascades down the entrance tunnel as the World Champion, emerges through the sparks dressed for battle. Whipping his hood back he walks with a purpose to the ring. Sailing into the ring he bashes his chest letting the fans know his heart has six sides. The beautiful So Cal Val hands the Phenomenal One a microphone.

                        Styles: Tonight I do something I should have done a long time ago. And thatís to take the fight to you Raven. Iím going to meet you head on no matter what Sting or Bret Hart say. If I am the Champion, if I truly have the company on my shoulders then it will be me who finishes this once and for all.

                        Ravenís music hits and out onto the stage from thick dark mist emerges the maniacal one. His suit white, his eyes blazing yellow, glare down to the ring as he steadies himself with his cane. He lifts a microphone to his crooked smile.

                        Raven: So the Champion of the World is willing to risk it all just to get his hands on me? You see golden one, when Chaosí fire was bestowed upon me, I was charged with the duty of tearing down the walls with my rusty serrated talons. He never prophesised I would be rewarded with gold. I am the vessel of Chaos and I will eclipse your bright star Styles, as I extinguish your flame and sear the gold from your flesh. Quote the Raven, nevermoÖ.

                        Styles: You wonít be quoted ever again Raven, because Iím going to take you out, once and for all. And you can quote me on that!

                        The World Championís music sounds as he stares up at his opponent while Raven almost starts laughing before he once again disappears in the mist from where he came.

                        <TNA INTRO>

                        Tenay and West talk about tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship, AJ Styles will go one on one with Raven. Earlier in the week Bret Hart and the rest of the TNA Championship Committee held a press conference stating that due to the Championís insistence and though Raven has not earned a title shot the match has been signed. But all rules will apply and the match official senior referee Rudy Charles is under strict instructions to throw the match out immediately if there is any foul play.

                        Match #1
                        Ultimate X Qualifier
                        The Amazing Red vs. Senshi

                        A brutal match. Red gives it everything he has against ďthe WarriorĒ. Both men like two wild west gunfighters hit everything they have.

                        Finish: Senshi sets for the Warriors Way- the double foot stomp off the top turnbuckle when Kurt Angleís music hits. Senshi jumps down as the elevator slowly reveals Kurt Angle in street clothes. Suddenly Red drop kicks Senshi in the back ramming him into the turnbuckles and then rolls him up. 1.2.3

                        Winner via pinfall Amazing Red at 5:51

                        Red scampers out of the ring. Senshi is in disbelief, as Angle walks down the ramp. Senshi looking around he turns his attention to Angle and drops down to meet him. Blocking a strike from Senshi, Angle unloads three heavy European Uppercuts. This sends Senshiís spine crashing into the apron. Angleís speed is deceiving and before Senshi realises what is happening an Olympic Slam connects on the floor! Senshi bows up his back in agony. Angle standing next to him, looks down and without any emotion walks back up the ramp, gets back on the elevator and is lowered backstage.
                        Backstage JB is with Jeff Jarrett at the interview station.

                        JB: Last week Jeff you and Scott Steiner met in the middle of the ring seemingly no longer friends. Then in the Capture the Flag match he attacked you, taking you out of the match, which meant Sting was left unprotected.

                        Jarrett: JB, Scott Steiner has chosen his side. Last week he attacked me and made it clear that he wants to tear down everything that I have worked for. So Scotty if thatís how you want to play it. Then at Destination X you and I will be on opposite ends of the ring and Iím going find out who is behind all of this, because Iím going to beat it out of you.

                        Camera changes quickly Christy Hemme and her camera crew chasing after Kurt Angle, getting into his car.

                        Hemme: Kurt! Kurt! Why did you interfere in the Ultimate X Qualifier tonight?

                        Angle: Why? Hrmph. It seems everyone around here has forgotten just exactly who I am, and what I am capable of. I am a former 12 time World Champion and Olympic Gold medallist. I was the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia. Petey Williams wants to jump me. Senshi now wants to try me. It looks like I had to remind him and everyone in this company that I am Kurt Angle and I am for real. Damn real. Oh and Bret Hart, Iíve got my eye on you. If you really are the guy pulling Ravenís strings, this Chaos guy. Iíll snap your ankle so fast you wonít even realise it when I kick your ass out of TNA.

                        Match #2
                        Giant Bernard and Tomko vs. Beer Money Inc.

                        The two towers of destruction stand over Beer Money. Roode and Storm although came to the ring confident, looking up at their opponents seem to have changed their outlook. They come at them with everything, but they are put down by nothing but brute force.

                        Finish: Storm is thrown into the corner and Roode makes the save by pulling him away as Bernard crashes sternum first. Roode tags himself in and starts punching the big man and looks hits a clothesline. Bernard doesnít fall, so he runs the ropes and tries again. But Chris Harris from out of nowhere trips Roode and he runs straight into a Baldo(sitout power)Bomb. Storm is conflicted whether to make the save or go after Harris. By the time he makes his decision 1.2.3.

                        Winners via pinfall Tomko and Giant Bernard at 6:32

                        Harris runs off, Storm checks on Roode as the big men celebrate their debut TNA tag match.
                        Mike Tenay and Don West play a video package of the reformation of LAX and their path of destruction and the Machine Guns title win and their title reign thus far and the two teamsí feud capped off with Konnanís promo last week.

                        JB is with the World Tag Team Champions the Motor City Machine Guns

                        Shelley: Last week Konnan had some pretty strong words for us. He said something like they are going to take our tacosÖ

                        Sabin: No dude he said he wants to take our titles.

                        Shelley: Oh.. that explains it, I thought he wanted savoury Mexican snacks. It makes sense now because we donít really eat tacos.. what is your muscle to body fat percentage now Sabinator? Er.. anyway OK, now I get it. Can we start the promo again JB?

                        JB: Weíre kind of live here guys.

                        Shelley: Gotcha wink wink. <Ahem> LAX the only thing that frightens us is your hygiene. We werenít ducking you we just couldnít stand the smell. Youíre combined bad breathe and body odour would probably make us tap out.

                        Sabin: Yes so I think we should have a stipulation in the title match, that each LAX member has 2 showers before the match, before we even consider getting in the ring with you at Destination X.

                        Shelley: And breathe mints, donít forget those. We want this to be a CLEAN fight boys so remember to wash behind your ears.

                        Sabin: Tacos.. youíre an idiot

                        Shelley: WhateverÖ..

                        Match #3
                        Matt Morgan vs. The Pope DiAngelo Dinero

                        Morgan has a mic: Hardy you got in my way. Kind of like when a bug gets in the way of a windshield. Now the bug wants to pick a fight with a mack truck. So Iím going to say this slowly so you can understand me. I donít care where you came from. I donít care what accolades you won in the past. Youíre in TNA now. And Iím the DNA of TNA. At Destination X Iím going to pick my teeth with your bones.

                        Pope walks out as Morgan looks down at the former X Division Champion and smiles. Pope looks up and smiles flashing his whiter than white, flashy smile. But suddenly stops and gives Morgan a low blow! Morgan falls in a heap, as the ref who was busy ringing the bell didnít see a thing. Pope stomps on the big manís head.

                        Finish: Morgan crawls trying to protect his head but canít move as he grabs his groin. Pope shoots in left jabs to the body, until Morgan gets to his feet. Pope pulls down his knee pads and delivers the DDE! He covers Morgan and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. 1.2.3. Morgan kicks out after the 3 count butÖ.

                        Winner by pinfall The Pope DiAngelo Dinero at 1:04

                        Pope celebrates and boogies up the ramp as Jeff Hardy walks out and he high fives Pope. Hardy is laughing as Pope grabs a mic.
                        Pope: Petey pie eateyÖ Pope is comin for ya and I will get my title back. Ultimate X Pope is going to fly like an angel and take back his crown. Pope has spoken.

                        Morgan is still on the mat as Hardy and Dinero point and laugh as Popeís music plays.

                        Back from commercial and out to the ring walks dressed in his suit Desmond Wolfe.

                        Wolfe: Last week Daniels pinned Mr. Mangled. Now at Destination X he gets a title shot. Thatís fine, I can live with that, but what I want to know is, when do I get my bloody shot. I wasnít pinned, and now Raven gets a shot before everyone. Maybe I should start blowing up a few things around here and beat up AJís daddy Sting and then Iíll get my shot. So Bret Hart I think you should start thinking about giving me a shot real soon because if ya donítÖ

                        RVDís music hits and out come the Whole Dam Show. He plays to the crowd. He high fives the fans as he finally gets in the ring and stands face to face with Wolfe.

                        RVD: Whatís with all the hostility dude. You need to chill out. You see The Champís got a big match tonight. And it could turn into a nightmare for the boss man Bret Hart if Raven wins the belt. The Hitman hasnít got any time for you right now. But I tell you what. My dance cardís free and a win over you would get me right back into title contention. I made one mistake against AJ and it cost me. I wonít do it again, when I get my next title shot.

                        Wolfe: Listen here sunshine. No one is going to get a shot by beating me. Ya hear. You get in my way, IíllÖ

                        Tanahashiís music hits and out comes the Ace of the Universe. He gets in the ring with a mic. He stares both men in the face and with one quick movement he bashes RVD in the face with the microphone, and then hits a roaring elbow on Wolfe! He runs up the ropes and delivers a High Fly Flow on Wolfe! But RVD delivers a kick to Tanahshi. RVD delivers a Rolling Thunder! The Japanese ace rolls out of the ring. As RVD celebrates in the ring out walks Mick Foley. Bang! Bang!

                        Foley: You know what RVD, youíre right the Hitman is just a little busy right now, but not too busy to make a match. Destination X, Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. R.V.D. Have a nice day.

                        Rob continues to celebrate as Tenay and West play for the fans another montage of the Raven Saga and how it has lead to the World title match tonight.

                        Backstage The Knockout Champion Tara is with JB

                        JB: Right now with me Iím with the beautiful but deadly Knockout Champion Tara. Just announced at Destination X will be your defence of the Knockout title against Daffney. The word is that you wanted this match.

                        Tara: JB the rumours are true. You see Daffney is part of Ravenís crew and I was inspired to take on anyone who wants to bring down TNA. So last time due to my injuries from Awesome Kong, I wasnít able to give Daffney much of a fight. But I still beat her. At Destination X Iím going to dominate her.

                        Suddenly Daffney strikes! Tara is blindsided by Raven's psychotic female disciple. Tara tries to fight back but Daffney has Raven's silver skull cane. Tara puts her hands up. JB yells for help. Daffney screams and leaves leaving the Knockout Champion holding her head in pain.

                        Tenay: What a brutal attack from Daffney.

                        West: Daffney is ready for battle, I'm sure Raven has been getting her ready. Raven is insane but he is extremely intelligent and obviously anticipated this move from the Champion.

                        Tenay and West run down the matches so far signed for Destination X.

                        • Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan
                        • Knockout Champion Tara defends against Daffney
                        • The World Tag Champions the Motor City Machine Guns vs. LAX
                        • Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Rob Van Dam
                        • Beer Money Inc. vs. Chris Harris and a mystery partner
                        • Former friends collide - Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner
                        • Ultimate X for the TNA x Division Championship Petey Williams defends against the former Champion Pope and Amazing Red and Mistico
                        • And however wins tonight will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

                        Main Event
                        World Heavyweight Championship match
                        Champion AJ Styles vs. Raven

                        The challenger comes out first. Dressed in his warrior kilt with the Ankh symbol painted over his left eye. He is accompanied to the ring by James Mitchell, the Monster Abyss, Dr. Stevie and Daffney and Team 3D..

                        Then the Champion who is accompanied by Bret Hart , Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley.

                        JB is in the ring for the formal instructions. And the bell sounds.

                        AJ launches himself at Raven. He unloads punches sending raven into the corner. The ref tries to stop AJ and get him to open his hand and then to stop as Raven is in the ropes. Ravenís lip is already been split open. AJ moves back as Raven licks the blood from his lip, and circles the champ. AJ locks up with Raven only to be put in a headlock. AJ tries to escape but as he does it hit with a discuss lariat!

                        Raven looks down. His experience has given him the advantage, as he starts stomping on AJís knees. AJ rolls away quickly and gets to his feet but is caught with a right and a left. AJ stumbles, but ducks a huge swinging right runs the ropes and as Raven turns around is smashed by a huge flipping dropkick! Styles after such a move usually poses to the crowd but not this time. He mounts Raven and unloads more punches into Ravenís jaw. The ref tries to stop him and once again asks for an open fist from the Champ.

                        Raven hides in the corner and slowly gets to his feet. Styles looking confident, moves in quickly going for a single leg takedown. Raven blocks it and delivers a vicious knee lift. It sends AJ off his feet as he comes crashing down on the mat. Raven leaps on Stylesí back and locks in a camel clutch. Styles tries to escape and with amazing strength turns it into an electric chair! Raven crashes down landing on the back of his neck. Ravenís corner tries to direct traffics as the Champions offer encouragement. Styles scrambles to his feet and covers Raven. 1.2.. Raven kicks out, but as he does he quickly gets to his feet and hits a vicious bulldog on the champ. He laughs as he drives Stylesí face into the mat. He makes a cover 1.2. Styles kicks out

                        The Champ is in trouble and rolls to the outside. But Raven is even more dangerous out there and follows him out. Styles turns and Raven punches him in the jaw and then executes a perfect Russian leg sweep sending Stylesí spine straight into the guardrail! The referee has started counting but Raven throws Styles back in. Cover 1.2..

                        Styles kicks out. Raven laughs as he starts choking Styles on the mat. The ref counts the obligatory 5 count but Raven stops just before he is dqíd.. Styles is being dominated and is crawling to escape but Raven locks in the camel clutch again. Styles is caught reaching for the ropes.

                        Finish: Styles has been in the clutch for several minutes and seems to have passed out. The ref raises his arm for it to drop to the mat. He raises it again as it drops for the second time. Rudy Charles raises it again and it drops

                        Only for Styles to recover in time. Stylesí corner men jump higher than the fans in joy as Styles is still alive in this match. Raven canít believe it and tries to hold on but AJ moves Raven and gets to the ropes! The ref makes Raven break the hold. Raven frustrated now picks up the Champ and hits a huge neck breaker. 1.2. Styles lifts the shoulder.

                        Raven sets for the Raven Effect DDT, but Styles reverses it and hits a discuss lariat of his own! Both men are down and the ref counts Both men stir 9. Styles is up and chops Raven. He whips Raven off the ropes and hits another big time clothesline. Raven rolls out f the ring to escape. The ref yells at Ravenís corner men to move away from the action. But over the top of the refís head flies Styles with a diving somersault plancha. He connects with Raven and the rest of his crew! Styles roars and throws the maniacal one back in to the ring.

                        Raven slowly gets to his feet, but Styles springboards off the top rope and delivers a huge flying forearm smash!!! Raven is down. Styles delivers a German suplex followed into a belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster. Styles covers 1..2..
                        Raven lifts the shoulder and tries to get to his feet while swinging wildly. Styles delivers the pele kick! Don West goes crazy on commentary ďPELE, PELE, PELE out of nowhere!!!Ē

                        Styles calls for the Styles clash, but Abyss has gotten to his feet on the outside and moves onto the apron. Jarrett jumps up and knocks him down. Mick Foley runs up the steel steps across the ring apron and delivers a big elbow on the monster! Stevie superkicks Foley. The ref is distracted as Father Mitchell throws into Raven his steel hook and chain. Raven grabs it and knocks out Styles! The ref tries to regain order outside of the ring as Raven covers StylesÖÖ

                        Bret Hart grabs a steel chair to settle down Team 3D. From the back slides in Christopher Daniels. Underhooks the arms and hits Angels WingsÖÖon Raven!!!
                        He looks down at what he has just done and poses to the crowd. Laughing he rolls Styles on top of Raven and jumps out. The ref turns to see Ravenís shoulders downÖ1.2.3.

                        Winner and STILL Heavyweight Champion of the World AJ Styles at 17:30
                        Mitchell canít believe it as the Championship Committee race into the ring to celebrate with Styles. The Champ has a trickle of blood rolling down the side of his face from where he was hit by the steel hook. Daniels stands on the ramp looking down on the scene. Hart raises Stylesí hand in victory as the Champion looks up to see his former friend looking back at him. They both nod acknowledging each other. Daniels walks off as the celebration continues. Raven is quickly moved to the back by his entourage.



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                          Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                          EPISODE 11

                          Raven's evil deeds are replayed. World Champion AJ Styles steps up and challenges Raven. Raven behind the refs back hits Styles with a giant hook and chain. But Daniels slides in and hits Angels Wings saving TNA from Raven as World Champion. Styles and Daniels exchange looks as the Championship Committee of TNA celebrate in the background

                          The Hitmanís music and out walks TNAís partner Bret Hart. He gets into the ring and poses to the crowd as they roar. Impact! Has become the highest rating pro-wrestling show and the Impact Zone was moved to a new location. The arena is filled by about 15000 fans as Hart raises his microphone to welcome everyone to Thursday night Impact.

                          Hart: Welcome everyone to the new and improved Impact Zone. We had fans calling us from all over as they couldnít get in to watch their favourite wrestling show. So we had to upgrade! We changed to a fifteen thousand seating capacity and we are still sold out! Thank you to everyone. Now all this couldnít have been possible without what happened last week. And that was the TNA World Champion defeating Raven and sending him packing! This Sunday TNA proudly presents on pay per view the Destination X supercard which of course showcases the most death defying, and gravity defying match in professional wrestling, Ultimate X!

                          Now last week when all the chaos was going on, I looked up to see AJ pin Raven, but I reviewed the tape and due to interference by my guest at this time, TNA would have been in chaos. Show the tape <a clip of Daniels hitting Angle Wings on Raven last week> Please put your hands together for the challenger to the TNA title, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

                          The Fallen Angelís music hits and out walking slowly onto the ramp, is Daniels. Wearing a suit and sunglasses he looks out into the crowd. He gets a mixed reaction as before last week he was selfish, but by the end of the show he saved the day.

                          Daniels gets into the ring and poses on the apron his hands spread out. He whips off his sunglasses and leaps through the middle rope snatching Hartís mic off him! He pauses as a Fallen Angel chant starts up.

                          Daniels: Letís get one thing clear here. I didnít save AJ Styles. I didnít save TNA. I saved the Fallen Angel from getting screwed by you and the golden boy if Raven won. You see I have earned my shot ten times over in this company, and yet Raven gets a shot before me. RVD, Angle, Tanahshi, Jeff Hardy. How many more times was I going to be passed over. You Bret Hart have given these title shots because it brings in these big crowds of idiots, these big ratings and buy rates. They have earned nothing. I am T.N.A.

                          I could see into my crystal ball and if AJ Styles lost, at Destination X he would get a rematch and Christopher Daniels would be put out in the cold like always! I was not going to let that happen. This Sunday I beat your golden boy AJ Styles and become Champion of the World

                          Get ready to Fly!-Out walks the Champion. He is shaking his head and smiling to himself.

                          Styles: Chris, I should have known. For a week I was thinking to myself, wow, Daniels does care about the company. He really wants to see TNA go to great heights and doesnít want someone like Raven tearing it down. But you havenít changed. Youíre the same old selfish bastard you have always been. I look forward to shutting your mouth this Sunday.

                          Daniels: SelfishÖhahaha, selfish. There is only one World Championship. There is only one best in the world here in this company. I donít know what they do in other companies but here there can be only one. And it is my time. I will not let you, Samoa Joe, Abyss or Hart or even Raven stand in my way of fulfilling my destiny. You, golden boy have gotten every opportunity, I was not about to be cheated out of mine. Iíll see you at Destination-X.

                          Daniels drops the mic and brushes past Styles. He is on the apron when Hart asks for AJís mic.

                          Hart: Not so fast Daniels. Tonight Iím going to keep putting on huge main events. Impact will remain number one. So tonight in a 6 man tag it will be Tanahashi, Desmond Wolfe and you vs. the team of Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy and the Champ, AJ Styles!

                          Daniels canít believe he is in a match three days from the biggest match of his life. He is livid as the 15000 strong crowd pop for the match they will see tonight in the main event

                          <Video of the return of Gail Kim to TNA, and Awesome Kongís hatred of the Knockout.>

                          Match #1
                          Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

                          Finish: Gail fights through the pain. Kong looks for the implant bustah but Gail counters, escapes and hits elbow strikes to Kongís face. Kong is rocked and hits a spinning backfist. Gail drops like a rock and Kong grabs her and lifts her up for the Awesome Bomb. Gail counters again into a hurricanrana. Kong rolls into the turnbuckles dazed and Gail flies in with a shoulder block. She tries again but is hit with a big boot.

                          Kong grabs Gail by the hair lifting her off her feet. The ref tells her to stop but she is intent on destroying her rival. She goes again for her finisher but just before Kong can deliver the killing blow, Gail drops out of the awesome bomb and on the way down hits the Eat Defeat!!! 1.2.3.

                          Winner via pinfall Gail Kim at 7:05

                          Gail Kim celebrates the huge win over her rival the monster Kong. Although hurting she stands on the turnbuckles victorious as the fans celebrate with her.
                          Backstage Christy Hemme is with Generation Me backstage

                          Christy: Guys you have a win over the former World Champion team NEO-1-GT, you have a bit of momentum. Tonight you have Speed Muscle.

                          Jeremy: Christy we have been on a roll since weíve been here in TNA and we want to keep on rolliní baby. Tonight weíve got Speed Muscle, these guys are super tough and super fast. Weíve got our work cut out for us.

                          Max: But we are up for the challenge. Tonight, Speed Muscle you come face to face with our generation!

                          Match #2
                          Generation Me vs. Speed Muscle

                          Finish: These two teams have not stopped to catch a breathe. They have exploded inside the ring. Doi hits a titla whirl back breaker on Max only to have Yoshino sprint in with a drop kick to Max's exposed head. Doi then someersault splashes on Max, as Doi comes off the ropes witha sliding clothesline! Jeremy leaps back into the action over the top rope delivering an xfactor to the speedstar Yoshino!

                          Doi runs in with a knee strike, as Max bulldogs him onto his partner! Gen me hit a moonsault and a spinning leg drop at the same time and then a Rolling fireman's carry slam by Max followed by a 450į splash by Jeremy followed by a moonsault by Max. 1.2.3.

                          Winners via pinfall Generation Me at 5:16

                          Another win from the exciting new tag team in TNA
                          JB is backstage with the Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle

                          JB: Kurt tonight you have requested a match for Impact tonight against the dangerous X Division competitor Davey Richards. Kurt at Destination X you have a match against Senshi. Are you 100% and should you be wrestling tonight if you are wrestling such a dangerous man as the Warrior?

                          Kurt: JB, Davey Richards is a compact, very quick bulldozer with extremely dangerous kicks and strikes. Just like Senshi. Tonight I prepare myself for my big match this Sunday. And by doing so send a message to Senshi and the rest of the roster to remind them all exactly who Kurt Angle is. That message goes out to you too Bret Hart. You see Iím watching you. If you are the man behind Raven Iíll snap your ankle and kick your ass out of this company. Itís real.

                          Match #3
                          Davey Richards vs. Kurt Angle

                          Finish: Angle is not the only one who wishes to send a message tonight. Richards has taken the fight to the Gold Medallist and refuses to be some sort of example. Richards hits a huge kick to Angleís chest, Angle drops to his knnes holding his chest. Richards comes down behind the neck of Angle with a leaping elbow! Angle rolls out of the ring holding the back of his neck and head as the ref counts. But Richards goes out after Angle like a shark smelling blood.

                          Angle backs away trying to protect himself, but Richards lashes out with more deadly kicks sending Angle crashing into the steel steps. Angle is rolled into the ring and Richards calls to finish. He grabs Angle to lock in the cloverleaf, only for Angle to reverse the hold, roll under Richards and lock in the ankle lock and drops down immediately into grape vining the leg. Richards scrambles for the ropes, reaching out in vain and has to tap out.

                          Winner via submission Kurt Angle at 6:32

                          Angle holds the back of his neck as the referee raises his hand. But Angleís music is cut short as Senshiís plays over the top. Out walks the Warrior and he has a mic.

                          Senshi: Well done Kurt, youíre ankle lock is a very dangerous weapon. But I know you are still injured. I know you are still hurting. You are not 100% and when I beat the great Kurt Angle, I will move up the ladder and be in range for a title shot. See you Sunday Kurt.
                          Tenay: Senshi looks very confident Don.

                          West: And Kurt, well I think it is fair to say that he isnít 100%. He has still got to be injured by the Canadian Destroyer last month.

                          Backstage JB is with the evil Father James Mitchell

                          JB: James Mitchell you have asked for this time to put out a challenge sir. Go ahead.

                          Mitchell: Bret Hart and the rest of Dixie Carterís help, seemed to have marked last week as some sort of independence day for TNA because AJ Styles defeated Raven. Well he did no such thing. Christopher Daniels I donít care what your motivations are, you robbed Chaosí vessel, Raven from becoming World Champion and leading us all into darkness. This isnít the first time you have interfered Daniels. It appears you are a serial meddler. Because you got in the Monster Abyssí way when he sort his revenge on Samoa Joe for Genesis. Congratulations Daniels you have just made it to number 2 on Abyssí list. But you see number 1 is still Samoa Joe. So Joe rest up, because the Monster doesnít want to fight you at Destination X. He wants to murder you at Lockdown. Joe get ready as you will be locked in a cage with Abyss and Abyss is going to kill you..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaÖ.

                          Mike Tenay and Don West in the ring and run down the Destination X super card for Sunday.

                          ē Two former friends go to war. Itís Steiner vs Jarrett
                          ē For the Knockout Championship Tara defends against Ravenís concubine Daffney
                          ē The Extreme Enigma Jeff Hardy goes one on one with the Blueprint Matt Morgan
                          ē Is his neck 100% or will the Olympian fall to the Warrior. Itís Angle vs. Senshi.
                          ē The World Tag Champions are up for grabs and its all business for both teams. MCMGs vs. LAX
                          ē 3 Way dance for bragging rights. Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Rob Van Dam
                          ē The sinature match of Destination X, the highflying daredevils risk everything on a tight rope for the X Division Championship. Williams vs. Pope vs. Red vs. Mistico
                          ē And the Main Event Ė old friends, older enemies, the rivalry that has defined TNA for the last seven years. Champion AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
                          <Video of Jarrett bringing in Steiner to TNA. They stood together. Now Steiner has joined Raven to tear down everything Jarrett has built.>

                          In the ring the Ultimate X is set up and out walks the X Division Champion Petey Williams. He still has a slight limp from his match with Kurt Angle but looks as smug as ever as he looks up at where the ropes cross.

                          Williams: on Sunday my belt will hang from the cables and three other men will try and take it from me. These three men are willing to put their lives on the line to become Champion. And no I donít mean because the Ultimate X match is so dangerous, they put their lives on the line because they are all going to be in the ring with me. Ask Eric Young, ask Kurt Angle hell ask the World Champion AJ Styles. I will end their careers one by one and simply climb up and like an apple from a tree pick my title and put it back where it belongs around my well chiselled waist.

                          Popeís music hits!! And here comes the PopeÖ. Dinero walks towards the ring mic in hand.

                          Dinero: Petey Pie Eatey. You donít really think you are going to win? Petey pleaseÖ I mean you stole Popeís title and now Pope is going to pimp slap you for your transgressions and take back what his his ya dig? Popeís going climb faster, hit harder and fly higher, and when itís all said and done, when the smoke has cleared and when the Popeís hos jiggle their bootayís Pope will be the two time X Division Champion.

                          Pope is standing now face to face with Williams. They stare each other down. Pope then gives Petey a big wide smile. Williams is not happy and slaps Popeís sunglasses right off his face. Dinnero is now all business. He comes out firing! Petey is thrown into the ropes Pope celebrates, and grabs Petey but is mule kicked in the groin! He then delivers a kick to the stomach and Petey sets for the Canadian Destroyer!

                          But from the back out runs Mistico! He makes the save and running up Popeís back bicycle kicks Petey in the face sending him to the floor! Mistico jumps on the turnbuckle celebrating as Amazing Red flies out quickly runs up the turnbuckles and delivers an Infra Red to the man who beat him for the X title in Januray, Dinero! Red and Mistico meet in the middle but back away from each other cautious of the other. Petey on the outside is livid and grabs his belt and leaves holding his jaw, as Pope is holding his ribs in the ring. The Impact Zone is going crazyÖ.

                          Backstage the World Champion is with Christy Hemme

                          Styles: This Sunday once again it will be the Phenomenal One vs. The Fallen Angel. And all Iíve got to say is this. Chris Daniels you are a broken record. How many times do I have to hear you whine and cry? This Sunday it ends. No more tales of how you have been kept down. We finish this once and for all. As for tonight, well Iím going to go out there and do what I do best and put on a show the likes no one will believe. See you out there Daniels.

                          Main Event
                          AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs.
                          Christopher Daniels, Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

                          Finish: The six men have gone all out to show who will be victorious at Destination X. But Daniels has made this match personal and he and Styles are brawling all around ring side. Wolfe hits a huge lariat to Hardy sending him to the floor. RVD is now by himself as Tanahashi hits a slingblade and Wolfe goes to work on his arm. Hardy gets to his feet and shakes off the shot only for Matt Morgan to hit a huge Carbon Footprint! Morgan being so tall, easily walks over the guard rail and disappears into the crowd before the ref can see.

                          Styles and Daniels are up at the top of the ramp now, still trading blows. Referees come out ot separate them and tell them both to get back into the scheduled match. The camera spots Sting watching from the rafters.

                          Wolfe and Tanahashi tag in and out hitting move after move on the Whole Dam Show and going for the cover. But each man wants to make the cover. The three men who will compete in the three way dance at the PPV are the only ones in the ring. Hiroshi and Wolfe start arguing and RVD takes advantage coming off the ropes with a dual drop kick. He hits rolling thunder on Tanahashi and then climbs the turnbuckle to finish with a 5 star frog splash!

                          Outside the ring half way up the ramp amongst a sea of security and referees Daniels and AJ still wont go back to the ring as they try to attack each other. RVD is suddenly caught by Wolfe and is hit with a Tower of London!! Tanahashi then hits the High Fly Flow on RVD. 1.2.3.

                          Winners by pinfall Christopher Daniels, Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi at 9:07

                          Tanahashi celebrates as he was the one to make the pin, Wolfe though hits a lariat and he then stands tall. Hardy is still down on the outside, as Daniels screams at AJ, ďI will be Champion!!Ē


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                            Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                            Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling


                            A camera pans up the steel structure connected to the six sided ring. It continues to rise and rise until it finally gets on top to show how high the Ultimate X really is….

                            Suddenly Smashing pumpkins Doomsday Clock plays with quick edits of previous Ultimate X matches are thrown at the screen as the camera shot of how high it is above the ring gets higher and higher until the screen goes black. Slow motion of superstars like AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Daniels, Lowki, Homicide all falling from the great height….Sudden quick edits to the men who won the Ultimate X match and then it shows Petey Williams finisher, Pope hitting the DDE, Red hitting the infra-red and Mistico the La Mistica….

                            In black and white, edits of promos Daniels has cut since he turned heel on AJ after Turning Point last year when AJ “stole” the win in the triple threat match last November… Styles saying he will finally finish <edited clip of his win over Raven after Daniels’ interference> this feud once and for all….


                            Pyro erupts as Mike Tenay and Don West standing at ringside amongst over fifteen thousand screaming fans welcome everyone to Destination X. They mention the huge rivalry between Styles and Daniels and tonight Daniels vows to be Champion and Styles vows to end this feud once and for all. They preview the other matches and can’t wait for the opening bout.

                            Quick video of wrestlers arriving at different times of the day. Fans screaming for their heroes as Tara gets pictures with fans, Jeff Hardy high fives fans calling his name and Daniels arriving but ignoring everyone as he quickly enters the building. In contrast the Champion of the World is happy to get his photo taken and shake hands with the hundreds of people trying to see the Phenomenal One.

                            Tenay: the big question on everyone’s lips though Don, is will Raven be here tonight?

                            West: Mike he has caused some much damage over the last three months. I’m sure he’ll want some sort of revenge against everyone involved from two weeks ago. Especially the two men in the main event, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

                            Tenay: Well Bret Hart has security every where and if what we saw on Thursday was any indication, Sting will be watching. It’s time Don for our opening contest!

                            Match #1
                            King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett vs. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

                            <Video of Steiner joining Raven, betraying Jarrett and attacking Jarrett. Steiner says he doesn’t answer to Raven, but there is someone else behind the “Raven Saga”. Jarrett promises to beat the name of the mastermind out of Steiner at Destination X>

                            The former friends don’t wait for the bell as Jarrett attacks the man mountain Steiner. Steiner begs off from the attacks, but Jarrett wont fall for it and kicks him in the face. Jarrett being the TNA founder has had the fans behind him during all of Raven’s terrorist attacks and chant his name as he goes after Steiner. But this huge adulation from the crowd distracts Jarrett and as he panders to the fans Steiner’s huge clothesline levels him! Steiner takes control of the match.

                            Finish: Jarrett regains control after a suplex and Steiner lands fac first on the bottom rope. Jarrett stomps on the back of Steiner’s head, which also chokes the genetic freak. Jarrett puts both feet on Steiner’s head and chokes the big man yelling out” Tell me! Tell me who it is!!”

                            The ref gives Jarrett a 5 count, but the TNA founder doesn’t care he wants a name and is showing a violent side never seen before. He shrugs off the ref and goes for his guitar laying near the steel steps as Steiner grabs his throat, coughing and breathing hard to get oxygen. Jarrett holds the guitar up to the fans and as he turns the ref tells him to get rid of the weapon. Steiner comes over the top in desperation he squashes the ref and Jarrett simultaneously into the corner.

                            Steiner grabs his breathe and smashes the guitar over Jarrett’s head! Jarrett has been opened up and Steiner drags him to the middle of the ring. “You want a name?! Huh?!? I’ll give you a name?!” Steiner has the Recleiner locked in and is trying to rip Jarrett’s unconscious head off! Two referees run down calling for the bell.

                            Winner via disqualification Jeff Jarrett at 6:04

                            Steiner refuses to let go as he tears at Jarrett. He lets go only to strike out with big cross face forearm shots. He then locks in the Recleiner again as the refs again beg him to stop. He drops Jarrett’s head on to the mat and runs after the refs. They scramble to escape as Steiner drops down to his knees and flexes his huge “peaks” to the crowd. The new giant Impact Zone boo him as he walks off leaving his former friend in a pool of his own blood.

                            Referees and security all check on Jarrett and he cannot leave ringside under his own power he is helped all the way to the back. Just as he reaches backstage, Steiner attacks again. His huge clubbing fists pound down on Jarrett and security try to stop the big man. Steiner swats them away like flies and throws the TNA founder into "his" fans. He jaw jacks with the fans as we walks off backstage, security don't want anymore of the gentic freak.
                            Backstage Christy Hemme is with Knockout Champion Tara

                            Tara: Tonight I asked for this match because it’s about time we got rid of the cancer that is Raven. And that includes his knockout Daffney.

                            Into the picture walks Sarita, Roxxi, Gail Kim and ODB.

                            This is TNA and the Knockouts aren’t going to let that she-devil bring it down. Not while we are here. Let’s go girls.

                            Match #2
                            Knockout Championship Match
                            Champion Tara vs. Daffney

                            Daffney enters first but the Champion is flanked by four Knockouts. Daffney for once actually looks concerned. The match starts and as violent and crazy Daffney is, the amazon-like Tara is too much for her.

                            Finish: Daffney has been pummelled but in desperation has lashed out at Tara’s knee brace. Tara grasps her knee and Daffney goes to work on it. She licks her lips much like Raven does and stomps down on the knees before trying to hit the Lobotomy finisher. Tara escapes the move as her cheerleaders rally the fans. Daffney though hits elbow shots to Tara’s temple.

                            Tara drops to the mat and Daffney hits a boot to the face. Daffney mounts the Champ and rains down punch after punch. Tara though fights out of it and delivers a suplex. Tara then shimmies and hits a standing moonsault. 1.2..Daffney kicks out..

                            Tara’s knee is still obviously hurting but she pulls Daffney by the hair, looks her in the eye and delivers a kick to the gut, Tara finishes the match with the Widow’s Peak!

                            Winner and STILL Knockout Champion Tara at 5:23

                            Gail, Roxxi, Sarita and ODB all celebrate in the ring as Tara stands over Raven’s concubine.

                            Match #3
                            Beer Money Inc. vs. Chris Harris and ?

                            <Video of Chris Harris’ return to TNA. His arguments with James Storm, his attacks on Robert Roode, and him cheating Beer Money out of wins. Beer Money wants Harris and tonight he unveils his mystery tag partner to finally destroy Beer Money>

                            Tenay: Chris Harris has boasted that he is bringing in a multi-time tag team champion. The tag team specialist will easily destroy Beer Money.

                            West: Who do you think it is Mike? Rick Steiner? Booker T? Road Warrior Animal? It could be anyone!

                            Tenay: Well Don we are about to find out.

                            Beer Money Inc. enter the ring first.

                            Roode: Wildcat Chris Harris, a lot of things have changed since you’ve been gone. For example Beer Money is the best tag team in the business and it doesn’t matter who you bring in as your partner . We are going to send you back to the unemployment line!

                            Out walks Chris Harris. He gets in the ring by himself as Roode laughs at him.

                            Roode: HaHa, just as I thought no one would want to tag with you. Where’s your “mystery” partner Harris?

                            Harris: He’s already here!

                            Roode is superkicked by James Storm! Harris tells the ref to ring the damn bell.

                            Finish: 1.2.3

                            Winner via pinfall Chris Harris at 0.06

                            America’s Most Wanted’s music plays and Harris raises Storm’s hand! Storm drinks a beer and spits it all over Roode. Harris drags Roode to the corner and handcuffs him as the reformed AMW stomp away on his head and body! The ref tries to stop the beat down, but AMW don’t listen. They let Roode get to his feet taunting him. He lashes out with no strength behind his kicks as he is hardly conscious. Harris distracts him and Roode smashes his beer bottle over Roode’s head! Roode falls in a heap as America’s Most Wanted stand in the ring victorious.

                            Match #4
                            Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan

                            <Video of Morgan losing control due to his inability to defeat Desmond Wolfe. He goes after Wolfe and by doing so inadvertently strikes down Hardy. On Impact Hardy calls out Morgan, but Morgan doesn’t apologise and tells Hardy he is a bug compasabin to his Mack Truck, and the carbon footprint is his windshield. Hardy isn’t impressed. Pope defeats Morgan which enrages Morgan even more and Morgan goes crazy attacking hardy in every match leading up to the PPV>

                            Morgan walks into the ring and demands a microphone.

                            Morgan: Jeff Hardy who dod you think you are? I am seven feet tall. I am the perfect human being in every way. You are a genetic mistake. Tonight I will show you what a genetically stacked giant will do to you.

                            Hardy’s music hits and the crowd goes insane. He enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckles. The ref keeps Morgan at bay for as log as he can but Hardy sees him coming and staright away hits a whisper in the wind! 1..2…

                            Morgan kicks out only just, as Hardy comes off the ropes and delvers a double feet drop kick to his face. 1…2…. Morgan kicks out again. Morgan rolls out of the ring as Hardy poses for the fans.

                            Finish: Morgan regathesabin his senses and started the match again trying to control the pace and keep Hardy grounded. He looks for the footprint several times but hardy is too quick and is able to use bring the big man down by chopping at his legs. Hardy sees an opening and quickly climbs the turnbuckles and flies off only for Morgan this time to connect with a huge Carbon Footprint in mid air!!! Hardy’s body goes flying, spinning out of control crashing into the ropes. Morgan drags his body into the middle of the ring and makes the cover. 1…2….

                            Hardy kicks out! Morgan can’t believe it and calls for the Hellavator. Hardy goes up but is able to slip out and drop kick Morgan into the turnbuckles sternum first. Morgan bounces off slowly and Hardy runs past him runs up the turnbuckles and hits another Whisper in the Wind! He then climbs another corner and delivers the Swanton Bomb!!! 1.2.3.

                            Winner via pinfall Jeff Hardy at 8:09

                            Hardy celebrates with the huge crowd as Morgan starts to stir. He looks up to see Jeff on the turnbuckles and falls back on his face. Hardy sings his theme song with the fans as he jumps into the crowd to celebrate.
                            Backstage JB is with Kurt Angle.

                            Angle: A lot of people think I’m not one hundred percent. A lot of people think I’m vulnerable. Ripe for the picking you might say. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is more dangerous in this world than a wounded animal. The fact is, I’ll never be one hundsabin percent again after I won the Olympic gold with a broken neck. But that hasn’t stopped me from winning the World title 12 times. That hasn’t stopped me from putting on the greatest matches ever seen and beating the best in this business.

                            Senshi I think you are underestimating me. Which is really quite funny because I am the greatest wrestler in the world. I’m going to enjoy snapping your ankle. And sending you back to the man who is behind Raven’s attacks. And I don’t need to get beaten up by Scott Steiner to know that it is you Bret Hart. You’ve gotten your ratings, congratulations, but you tried to take me out by sicking Petey Williams your Canadian brother on me and now Senshi because you are jealous of the fact that being the best is not enough when you compare yourself to Kurt Angle. Tonight I remind Bret Hart and TNA who exactly Kurt Angle is by breaking Senshi’s ankle. And that’s damn real.

                            Match #5
                            Kurt Angle vs. Senshi

                            The bell rings and the two men circle each other. Angle reaching out Senshi using his ‘educated’ feet to swat away Angle’s advances. Angle shoots in looking for a leg, but Senshi escapes. Both men are extremely quick on the mat. And they circle again, Angle looks for an opening, and again shoots in only to be hit with a huge kick to the face!!! Angle’s nose is busted and blood pours out of it as Senshi mounts and delvers brutal elbow strikes. Angle covers up and pops out spinning behind Senshi locking his arms, but Senshi counters into a hammerlock, only for Angle to reverse and grab and arm. Senshi’s flexibility enables him to kick Angle’s shoulder and escape his grasp. Angle’s face is covesabin in blood as Senshi smiles looking at the damage.

                            Angle doesn’t seem too concerned with the broken nose and wipes the blood from his mouth. Senshi inches closer and the two lock up, only for Senshi to delivera head butt to the nose and gain an advantage. He slips down under Angle and and delivers the double Mongolian chop to Angle’s neck. He then runs the ropes and with a primal scream hits a devastating bicycle double foot kick sending Angle off his feet crashing into the turnbuckles! Senshi stalks his prey and delivers brutal stiff kicks to Angle’s body and face! Angle fights back and goes for an Olympuc Slam but Senshi counters only to walk into a belly to belly overhead suplex!

                            Finish: Angle rolls on the mat to escape Senshi. But the Warrior keeps coming. Angle though is able to use his upper body strength to escape and powerbomb Senshi into the corner! Angle delivers a shoulder block and then a belly to belly suplex! Senshi ends up on the other side of the ring! Angle now stomps the mat pulling down the straps. Senshi himself rolls to escape Kurt’s grasp and deliver palm thrusts to Angle’s nose and face, working on the damage. Angle’s eyes swell and tear up, he can’t see and Senshi starts delivering strikes to the back of Angle’s notoriously injusabin neck. Senshi has Angle down and keeps attacking the neck. Angle shifts and counters almost blindly and delivers a german suplex. In desperation he delivers another and another and another and another. Senshi although powerful, is not a smaller guy and Angle throws him around with ease, crashing the back of his head into the mat trying to knock him out.

                            He covers Senshi, 1..2… Senshi rolls the shoulder, and in a daze rolls to the outside. Angle wipes the blood and tears from his eyes and face, only to be kicked in the back and then put in the infamous Dragon’s Bite (Senshi’s dragon sleeper with leg scissor combination). It rips back on Angle’s injured neck fiercely and he can’t breathe. Angle starts to lose consciousness. The ref asks Kurt but he refuses to quit. Kurt reaches for the ropes and with his weight advantage gets to them with his last ounce of strength.

                            The ref calls for Senshi to release the hold. Senshi does so but like a spider monkey climbs the turnbuckles and with another scream delivers the deadly Warriors Way double foot stomp. 1….2…..


                            Winner via pinfall Senshi at 17:17

                            Senshi’s arm is raised as Angle lies in the middle of the ring in pain.
                            Tenay: What an upset, Senshi obviously came in with a game plan and took it Kurt as we see in the replays.

                            West: Senshi was just vicious tonight and targeted Angle’s well documented injusabin neck. I hope Kurt is ok, he looks in bad shape. Senshi moves to another level with such a win!

                            Backstage Christy is with Konnan and LAX

                            Konnan: Hold the microphone still be-atch. Machine Guns, you guys think this some sort of video game. Well tonight you gringos are going to find out just how real LAX are. Tonight we will bring a new definition of violence and take back our tag team titles. You gringos have no cahones and we’ll make you cry for mercy before you pass out from the pain. LAX 5150 militant thugs 365, odelay, odelay, ariba la raza!

                            JB is with the World champs

                            Shelley: Hey Konnan.. we got a surprise for you

                            Sabin: BIG surprise

                            Shelley: Huge surprise.. you're not getting your hands on our tacos!

                            Sabin: Titles Alex...titles...

                            Shelley: ..... agreed....

                            Match #6
                            World Tag Team Championship Match
                            Champions Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs.
                            LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) with Konnan

                            <Video of the Guns retaining at Kingdom Come, LAX destroying tag teams and wanting their shot. Shelley and Sabin telling jokes, Konnan being serious leading to the title match>

                            LAX emerge from their special side entrance first as they are the challengers, the heat on LAX is enormous as Konnan riles them up and gets his team ready for battle.. Then out walks the Machine Guns. They tap the Tag belts and jump into the ring posing for the crowd as the 15,000 strong crowd goes crazy for the Champs.

                            The bell sounds and its Sabin and Homicide to start. Sabin scores a quick kick to Homicide's midsection, but quickly falls to a shoulder block. Sabin hits an arm drag and a quick dropkick and Homicide bails to the floor, where he's caught with a hurricanrana from the apron from Sabin. Sabin rolls Homicide back into the ring and hits a quick cross body 1…2…. Cide kicks out as Konnan directs traffic on the outside.

                            Sabin hits a monkey flip but Homicide lands on his feet. Sabin hits a hurricanrana, but Homicide recovers quickly and hits a nasty lariat. Cide bites at Sabin's face, but he fights out of a belly to back suplex and hits a couple of kicks before a sliding clothesline. Sabin falls victim to a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Homicide. 1…2…

                            Cide tags in the hulking Hernandez who goes after Sabin who is holding his back.Hernandez ties Sabin up in the ropes and hits a spinning back elbow and uses his boot to choke Sabin, taking advantage of the five count. Hernandez takes off his singlet and launches Sabin across the ring and goes for the pin but Sabin kicks out again.

                            Sabin starts to fight back with a couple of right hands but Hernandez puts him right down with a big right of his own. The big man tags in Homicide and he locks in a modified bow and arrow, but Sabin doesn't look like he's quitting.

                            Finish: Shelley breaks up the bow and arrow and drags his partner into the corner and tags himself in. Shelley hits an enzugiri out of nowhere. Hernandez runs in but is caught in the mid section by a spinning kick and a drop toe hold and a quick arm drag on Cide. Hernadez though shakes off the kick and takes Shelley down with a backbreaker only to be taken off his feet by a flying clothesline by Sabin!

                            Cide and Shelley chop away at each other in the middle of the ring. Shelley brings Cide to the outside where Sabin uses the time to kick him in the chest. Shelley tags in Sabin who comes in with a slingshot senton. Homicide grabs Sabin around the throat before climbing to the top. Sabin fights out and sends Homicide to the mat and he jumps off with an arm drag. Sabin hits a dropkick in the corner before connecting with an explosive DDT 1….2….. Hernandez makes the save.

                            Konnan gets on the apron and has some sort of slapjack he smashes Sabin in the back of the skull sending him straight into a gringo cutta from Cide. 1…2….

                            Shelley makes the save. Shelley goes for sliced bread on Cide and runs up Hernadeaz and delivers the move! Hernandez tries to break up the cover but Shelley moves and Cide is struck by Dez’s clubbing blow. Shelley then tries a sliced bread on Dez, but the big man throws Shelley all the way out of the ring crashing down on the outside.

                            Konnan goes to beat up Shelley on the outside as Hernandez goes for the Brorder Toss. But the ref is distracted by Konnan’s advances and tells him to get away, but over the top rope steps Kevin Nash! Nash hits a big boot on Hernandez!!!

                            Sabin musters his strength and hits the Cradleshock.!! The ref turns in time to see Nash on the outside cheering and Sabin with the cover. 1.2.3.

                            Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns at 14:10

                            Konnan can’t believe it as the Nash throws the Tag titles to his ‘boys’ as they pretend to shoot LAX while they back up the ramp. Konnan is livid and starts throwing anything that isn’t nailed down. Referees try to stop him but he screams at Nash who smugly smiles and celebrates with the Champs!
                            West: Kevin Nash is back Mike and has made an impact straight away! He just helped his old friends the Motor City Machine Guns retain their titles.

                            Tenay: The big man has indeed made an impact Don, but I wonder if he is going to regret crossing Konnan’s LAX?

                            West: One things for sure Mike, Konnan wont forget this, he wants those tag championships and I hope Nash knows what he ahs gotten himself into. Let’s send it to Christy who has Desmond Wolfe standing by.

                            Backstage Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe and his lovely valet Chelsea

                            Wolfe: Tonight live on pay per view I step into the ring with some would say the very best wrestler from Japan and even the world. Tonight I step into the ring with the Whole Dam Show. I say they are both full of hot air. Ya see tonight I’m going to humble them just like I have Mr. Mangled, just like I have that seven foot giant Morgan, and just like I have Jeff Hardy. Ya see I’m on my way to da top. And these two geezers are standing in my way.. Yeah Chelsea, you’re right, OUR way to fame and fortune. So Robby, Hiroshi, tonight I’m gonna end ya.

                            JB is with Rob Van Dam

                            RVD: JB what a night its been. Man.. but the best is yet to come, because Mr Pay Per View, that’s me, Rob Van Dam, is going to put on a show you wont believe. Hey JB who’s you favourite wrestler? That’s right the Whole Dam Show Rob Van Dam. Hey, tonight I’ve got a 3 way match against Tanahashi and Wolfe, but you see they’re not RVD. So RVD fans out there get ready because it’s almost 4:20 and no one gets higher than Rob… c’mon JB sing along Rob. Van. Dam…. Cool…

                            Match #7
                            Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Rob Van Dam

                            Out to the ring first walks Hiroshi Tanahashi, he stands ready as Wolfe is accompanied to the ring by Chelsea and finally to the ovation of the night, Mr. Pay Per View, RVD.

                            Rob plays with the crowd as he points his thumbs. Tanahashi doesn’t appreciate this and delivers an elbow strike to his jaw. Rob drops to a knee and looks up at the Japanese Ace. Wolfe relaxes in the corner as Tanahashi scrunches up his face and rolls his eyes, before delivering a stiff kick to Rob’s temple! He goes for the cover, Wolfe though has to react and pulls Tanashi off before the ref can count to the three. Tanahshi and Wolfe get into a pushing match until Wolfe slaps the taste out Tanahashi’s mouth! Tanahashi looks at Wolfe and the camera closes up to see him checking his teeth are all there. Wolfe points his finger at Hiroshi, only for him to put his hands up and allow Wolfe to walk past so he can get to RVD.

                            Wolfe stomps on Rob and then pulling him up by his ponytail delivers a European uppercut. Rob is holding his jaw as Hiroshi walks pushes past Wolfe and hits the ropes and delivers a sliding clothesline to RVD! Rob is being double teamed by two of the most dangerous competitors in the world. Rob tries to get to his feet but is hit with a jawbreaker lariat! Wolfe then tells Hiroshi to do better. Hiroshi climbs the turnbuckle, but Wolfe throws him off to the floor and quickly covers Van Dam. 1.2.. Rob kicks out. Tanahashi on the outside holds his shoulder as he slowly gets up as Wolfe whips Rob into the corner. He steps off the bottom turnbuckle to give him more speed and charges at RVD. But Rob although hurt raises his foot straight into Wolfe’s face! Rob then quickly lepas off the middle turnbuckle and delivers a thrust kick. 1…2… Tanahashi from the outside pulls Rob off Wolfe by his feet. Tanahashi gets back into the ring and Rob rubs his jaw, he then quickly throws punches at the Japanese Ace to gain control.

                            Finish: The match has seen many covers and many saves from the three men as they battle to prove they are the very best in TNA. Wolfe has been vicious really working on body parts, RVD has hit high impact moves in and around the ring, while Tanahashi has done both to inflict punishment.

                            RVD quickly hits a spilt-legged moonsault on Wolfe but Tanahshi breaks up the cover with a kick to the head. The Ace of the Universe drags Wolfe to the centre and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Rob sees Wolfe looking for an escape and possibly tapping, quickly leaps from the mat into a VanDaminator spinning kick almost knocking Tanahashi out and has him relese the submission hold. Rob then hits rolling thunder on the hurt Wolfe and goes for the cover. 1..2… Wolfe kicks out and immediately transitions Rob’s arm into a keylock submission. Rob is caught and looks for the ropes. His “educated” feet find the bottom rope and the ref asks for the break. Wolfe refuses but both men are hit by a High Fly Flow from Tanahashi!! RVD is dragged off and Wolfe is covered but RVD out of desperation breaks it up.

                            Tanahashi is not impressed, Rob slowly gets to his feet and Hiroshi unleashes a barrage of elbow strikes to his temple. Rob falls into a corner, and receives stiff kicks. Tanahshi lands knee strikes and turns for a roaring elbow but walks right into a Jawbreaker Lariat from Wolfe. Wolfe locks in the London Dungeon. RVD leaps up onto the top turnbuckle but Wolfe releases the submission and crotches Rob. Tower of London!! 1.2… Tanahashi makes the save!

                            Wolfe hits eurpoean uppercuts and then the double throat jab. He irish whips Tanahashi, but is hit with a slingblade! 1..2… Wolfe kicks out. Tanahshi turns his attentions back to RVD who had just been hit by a finisher. RVD throws a kick but it is too slow and Hiroshi catches it, but Rob steps over and hits a spinning kick. Wolfe is back up and RVD hits a sunset flip on him 1.2. Wolfe kicks out only to turn into a flying cross body off the middle rope. RVD ascends the turnbuckle and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash on Tanahashi. 1..2…3

                            Winner via pinfall Rob Van Dam at 17:51

                            The crowd explodes as Rob wins in spectacular fashion. Chelsea on the outside is visibly upset as Rob high fives the fans at ringside. Big win for RVD!
                            <Video of the Ultimate X matches of the past and the death defying moves from the X division guys>

                            Match #8
                            Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship
                            Champion Petey Williams vs. DiAngelo Dinero vs. Amazing red vs. Mistico

                            The belt hangs high above the ring as the challengers walk out each getting huge pops. Then out comes the Champion to a chorus of boos. The Canadian Destroyer looks up and then threatens every one with a broken neck. All three challengers pounce on him and attack him firstly with fists and kicks and then they each perform a finisher on him. First the DDE, then La Mistica and finally the Infra Red. Pope though smartly performed his first and is already on the cables trying to get to the belt. Mistico brings him down and hits a hurricanrana, while Red delivers a spinning leg lariat. He quickly climbs the turnbuckles but Pope delvers a flying shoulder tackle to his knees and Red crashes down to the floor! Mistico follows it up with a springboard sitout reverse DDT!! Pope is down and Mistico goes for the cables.

                            Finish: Williams rentered the match and started to dominate. He hit a hurricanrana to Pope on the outside to the floor and then a ‘Canadian’ Legsweep to Red! But Mistico would not fall for it and both men went around the world on each other until finally Williams ended up in a flying arm bar! Williams taps but Red climbs the cables and Mistico must go after him. Williams’ arm is damaged and the commentary team speculates that he wont be able to climb with a hyper-extended elbow.

                            Mistico rushes up the steel supports but goes past the cables and tight rope walks and just as Red puts his hands on the belt, Mistico hits a moonsault coming down and knocking Red all the way to the mat! Mistico holds on to the ropes for dear life, as Pope scrambles up and the two fight in mid air. Williams sprigboards off the top rope and delivers a drop kick to the back of Mistico’s head and both men drop. Canadian Destroyer on Mistico! But a Coronation by Pope! Pope climbs and reaches the belt. Williams follows and tries to hit a Destroyer from up in the cables. Both men jockey for position trying fight it off until Williams is hit with a huge pimp slap open palm thrust and he falls to the mat below. Pope unbuckles the X belt!

                            Winner and NEW X Division Champion, The Pope DiAngelo Dinero at 20.10

                            Pope climbs into the steel structure above the cables and stands over the Impact Zone holding up the X title for all to see!!!
                            <Video of package of the seven year rivalry/friendship of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. AJ’s title wins, Daniels firing. AJ title wins, Daniels’ return. Styles wins the world title, Daniels is by his side celebrating. Styles wins in the triple threat, Styles defeats Daniels in December 2009. Daniels promo on Jan 7 2010 “I want my title shot. I am the devil and no one will see me coming” Styles pins Hardy, RVD, Tanahashi. Daniels beats Joe pins Styles in an Impact Tag match. Raven vs. Styles, Daniels hits the Angels wings and rolls Styles over for Styles to retain the title. “I will not let anyone get the way of my destiny, not Bret Hart, not Raven, not AJ Styles” Styles says “ This is it Daniels I will finish this once and for all”….>

                            Main Event
                            TNA World Heavyweight Championship match
                            Champion AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

                            Out first for tonight's main event is the challenger, Daniels. We see AJ Styles backstage getting ready to make his entrance. The music hits and out comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles to a nice pop. Daniels and AJ have words as AJ enters the ring. JB is in the ring for the formal ring introductions.

                            AJ and Daniels jaw at each other before the match starts as the referee displays the TNA World Championship belt. Daniels and AJ stare each other down at the ring bell, and both men are slow to make a move. When they do, they tussle around the ring in a collar and elbow tie up. AJ backs Daniels up into a corner, but Daniels slaps him across the face when Styles breaks. Styles backs him up into another corner and teases hitting him, but ultimately doesn't. Daniels comes right back out and ties up Styles' arm.

                            Daniels ties up AJ's arm and he gloats, calling himself the next world champion. Daniels takes AJ down with an arm drag, but Styles fights out with a headscissors. Daniels floats over into another arm bar and continues to work on AJ, trying to wear him down. AJ fights out and locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out, though he quickly falls victim to a shoulder block. Daniels knocks AJ over and goes right back to work on AJ's arm.

                            Daniels hits an inventive flying arm drag, but when he goes for a dropkick, AJ avoids it. AJ tries for a spinning back kick, but Daniels sends him out to the apron. AJ is back in the ring and he surprises Daniels with a beautiful dropkick. AJ slams Daniels head into the corner and beats on him for a bit before hitting a kick between Daniels' shoulder blades.

                            AJ hits a quick headscissors takedown which he follows up with a crisp snap suplex. AJ chops at Daniels' chest but Daniels bails to the floor. AJ follows out with a beautiful flipping senton directly on top of Daniels. AJ sends Daniels back into the ring, following in with a slingshot dive and hitting a discus lariat. AJ locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out of it, hitting a monkey flip sending Styles into the turnbuckle.

                            Daniels sends Styles to the floor where he lands straight on top of his head. Daniels grabs a chair and he sits Styles in it, he grabs another and goes to hit Styles but the ref takes it away. While the ref has his back turned, Daniels picks up Styles and puts him through the chair with a uranage. Daniels sends Styles back into the ring and he tries for the pin but Styles kicks out. Daniels hits a big side slam 1…2… the Champ rolls the shoulder.

                            Finish: AJ hits a headscissors out of nowhere and he goes to work on Daniels in the corner with a couple of forearms. AJ goes for a springboard move but Daniels punches him in the back. Daniels hits a crazy back suplex slamming AJ straight down into the top turnbuckle. Daniels goes for the pin 1…2… kickout!.

                            AJ tries to fight back with punches to the midsection, but Daniels continues to work over AJ's back with knees and a body slam. Daniels does a springboard splitleg moonsault on AJ's back and locks in a rear chin lock, but AJ is able to grab the ropes to force a break. Daniels slams AJ down to the mat and he goes for a lionsault. AJ moves and Daniels lands on his feet. AJ surprises Daniels with a hammer lock back suplex and both men are down.

                            The ref makes a count 1….2….3….4….5…..6……



                            Styles is up first and hits Daniels with a big spin kick. The action spills to the outside, Daniels tries for a hurricarana over the top rope to the floor but AJ counters with a huge powerbomb. AJ sends Daniels shoulder first into the steel ring post. AJ pounds on Daniels and Daniels rolls back in the ring where he tries to beg off.

                            Suddenly Raven appears and attacks the World Champ. Styles fights back as Daniels grabs the referee’s shirt distracting him from the action on the outside. Raven sends Styles into the guard rail head first. Daniels backs away into a corner as Raven looks at him like a cat trying to find its way inot a bird cage. Raven pulls out a the huge hook steel hook and chain as Daniels tells the ref to keep him away.

                            Suddenly Sting’s music hits and out runs the Icon! Raven and Sting trade blows on the outside. Sting throws Raven into a guard rail. He then leaps up onto the commentary table and leaping off delivers a huge Stinger Splash! Raven’s spine is crushed between steel and Sting! Tomko and Bernard run out. Sting grabs a steel chair and bashes both men.

                            Back inside the ring, Daniels rolls Styles in. 1…2… Styles kicks out!!!

                            Daniels puts Styles on the top turnbuckle, but AJ tries to fight him off. Daniels hits AJ with a huge thrusting right hand. Daniels hits a big hurricarana off the top rope and follows it up with a shining wizard



                            AJ kicks out again!!! Out of desperation Styles blocks a suplex and hits a big brainbuster!

                            Styles hits a springboard clothesline 1…2…. Daniels gets his foot on the rope to end the pin attempt.

                            Sting has Tomko down but Giant Bernard keeps coming. Sting jumps back up on the announce table and with the height delivers a Scorpion Deathdrop through the table!

                            Back in the ring, Styles calls for the Styles clash but Daniels falls out. Styles hits the Pele. Styles tries for the Styles clash again but Daniels grabs onto the ropes and fight out of it. BAM Raven strikes again. This time with the steel hook.

                            Daniels puts Styles down and hits the BME. Sting gets up out of the wreckage of the table and sees what is happening. Daniels has Styles set. Sting tries to make the save, but Raven blindsides him and grabs the chain and puts it around Sting’s throat, and all Sting can do is watch as Daniels’ eyes widen, he snorts and hits a huge Angels Wings!!!

                            Sting being choked by Raven closes his eyes as the ref counts 1.2.3.

                            Winner and NEW Champion, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels at 22:17

                            Raven releases the chain and Sting slumps in front of the ring. Raven jumps into the ring and as the referee raises the new Champion’s hand in victory the maniacal terrorist kneels before Daniels. Daniels puts his left hand on Raven’s bowed head, the heel of his boot into Styles’ chin and with his right raises the TNA World Heavyweight Championship high.
                            Daniels laughs as he is revealed as the mastermind behind the entire Raven Saga!!!
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                              Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                              Ultimate Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling 2010
                              Divisional Rankings


                              Champion- Christopher Daniels

                              1. AJ Styles
                              2. Samoa Joe
                              3. Desmond Wolfe
                              4. Samoa Joe
                              5. Global Champion Hernandez
                              6. Abyss
                              7. Rob Van Dam
                              8. Hiroshi Tanahashi
                              9. Senshi
                              10. Kurt Angle


                              Champion- DiAngelo Dinero

                              1. Petey Williams
                              2. Mistico
                              3. Amazing Red
                              4. Jay Lethal
                              5. Senshi
                              6. Davey Richards
                              7. Frankie Kazarian
                              8. Alexander Koslov
                              9. Shark Boy
                              10. Matt Bentley

                              Tag Team

                              Champions- Motor City Machine Guns

                              1. LAX
                              2. Beer Money Inc.- <disbanded>
                              3. Generation Me
                              4. Team 3D
                              5. NEO-1-GT
                              6. Britsh Invasion
                              7. Speed Muscle
                              8. Tomko and Giant Bernard
                              9. Jeff Hardy & RVD -<not official>
                              10. Kazarian/ Bentley


                              Champion- Tara

                              1. Gail Kim
                              2. Awesome Kong
                              3. Hamada
                              4. Alissa Flash
                              5. Angelina Love
                              6. ODB
                              7. Roxxi
                              8. Daffney
                              9. Sarita
                              10. Traci Brooks
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                                Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

                                EPISODE 12

                                Slow motion....

                                The Phenomenal One and the Fallen Angel, they circle each other both focused, powered by hate, jealousy, the will to be the best...

                                The bell rings and the two men explode in only these two man can. The exchange of impact moves, the mat wrestling, the counters the high flying the signature weapons of both these athletes until... Raven. He strikes, AJ falls. Sting tries to make the save but it is Daniels who has masterminded the last 3 months... it is Daniels who has fooled the world. It is Daniels.... NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World.

                                ďI am the devil... and no one will see me coming....Ē

                                <TNA Intro>

                                ďLadies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEEEEEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion, the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels!!!

                                As the smoke pours out of the tunnel the devilish music hits and out walks covered head to foot in his black and silver robe, the new Champion. A top his head is his black shroud as he walks to the ring arms and fingers outstretched as hate rains down on him from the 15000 plus fans in attendance. Leaping up onto the apron he slowly reveals his face and his Cheshire cat smile running almost ear from ear. His eyes still hidden behind his morpheous sunglasses, not giving anyone the satisfaction of seeing his black soul. He takes off his fallen angel robe to reveal a suit underneath. He slowly unbuttons the suit jacket revealing the TNA World Heavyweight title.

                                Daniels: It was meÖÖ All this time, the attacks, the blowing up of AJís car, the attacks on Sting, Angle, Bret Hart, Joe, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Jarrett it was all me. And now you all know it. And there isnít anything you can do about it.

                                It all started the night of Final Resolution. You see when I lost, again to AJ Styles I knew it would be a very long time before I got another title shot, if ever again!. Hell in seven years this was my third title shot ever. So I had an epiphany. I had to devise a plan to get me the World Championship. And yes some of you are asking I unleashed hell on TNA, I asked Raven to do the things he did, and destroy TNA all just to become World Champion. Just.. JUST! There is no ďjustĒ when it comes to wearing this belt. I am now as Bret Hart likes to say, the very best in the world because I hold this title. No one is better than me.

                                You see I never wanted to burn TNA down. I love TNA, Iíve bled for TNA, Iíve broken bones for TNA. Match of the year candidates every year. But what has TNA ever done for me? When they needed someone I was always there. But was I ever rewarded? Jeff Jarrett was I ever REWARDED!

                                <Ahem> No I wasnít, it was always AJ Styles. My best friend. The Phenomenal One. The man who built TNA. Total Non Stop Action Wrestling. The house that AJ Styles built. I BUILT AJ STYLES. I was the one who put him on the map. I was the one who built the X Division. I was the one who created Samoa Joe. I am the FIRE that moulded and shaped this company and all the faces in it. I have been here since day one and I continued to get no respect. You know who else doesnít get respect? Raven. Do you know how much he hates Jarrett? More than I do. It wasnít hard to convince Raven to do the things he did. The man enjoyed and savoured every single evil deed. All in the name of misdirection.

                                You see I had an epiphany. Like I said on January 7th, I said no one will see me coming. No one will notice me, just like they had done for the last seven years. All misdirection. So when Raven was blowing up cars and destroying buildings, I was pinning Samoa Joe. When Sting was falling from the rafters and trying to put out fires and saving Bret Hart, I was moving up the ladder. Even I couldnít resist hitting angels wings on AJ during the chaos I created that one Impact when I handed the keys to Raven to run Impact. I even had Raven make everyone believe Hart was behind it all. Misdirection.

                                I took out guys like Kurt Angle because he has always gotten title shots. He would have eventually got one before me. Thatís why I got Raven to contact Petey Williams because I knew Petey Williamsí finisher would be the one true threat to Kurt Angle. I had to take out guys like Sting who whether he wanted them or not, the company gave him title shots because he was ratings and buyrates. New guys like RVD, Jeff Hardy, Tanahashi, all just waltzing in here and getting title shots before me. Disgusting. I was sick of it.

                                I engineered it all as I knew it was only a matter of time that AJ would be ripe for me to swoop in and take what is mine. So at Destination X, I took it all, I beat AJ Styles, I spilled his blood and took what rightfully should have been mine years ago.

                                All good things come to those who waitÖ and I have waited so very long. Tonight marks the beginning of the Reign of the Fallen Angel. And. That. Is. Gospel.

                                Get Ready to Fly!
                                Out walks the former Champion. He steps into the ring he seems very banged, and has a bruise under his left eye and on his cheek bone. He has a mic and stares at Daniels.

                                Styles: So this is what is was all about. Raven almost killing people has been about people looking the other way so you could win the World title.... Congratulations mastermind, ya did it. You are finally the Champion of the World. And you only had to let a madman loose, put thousands of fans in danger, seriously injure the boys in the back and start an intercompany war to do it. You may have that belt Chris, but you are no Champion. Take those damn glasses off when Iím talking to you!!

                                You are now the most hated and targeted Champion in the history of this business. What you did to get the belt is beyond sick, and so at Lockdown it will be me and you one more time inside the sadistic six sides of steel and I will go beyond Phenomenal to beat you. Iím going to come at you with all my love for TNA, all my hate for you, everything Iíve got and take back the World title.

                                AJís music hits as Daniels slinks out of the ring, while the former Champion fists at his sides watches the snake of a man back away, holding the belt up, but not as high as he did on Sunday night...

                                JB and Christy are both standing outside Bret Hartís office, both wanting the scoop on the Hitmanís reaction to Daniels being the mastermind.

                                Match #1
                                Speed Muscle vs. NEO-1-GT vs. The British Invasion vs. Generation Me

                                Finish: The TNA tag team division explodes in this four corners match as the four teams at first tagged in and out but the referee start to lose control as the match is wrestled ďabove the ringĒ instead of in it. The Brits being the biggest guys try to slow the pace down bt they are blitzed by the speed of the others. Kendrick hits a sliced bread but Max hits a moonsault for a cover but is drop kicked by Yoshino only for him to be verticle suplex- spinning powerbombed onto Doug as London hits a shooting star press. Magnus is hurricanaranaed to the outside by Jeremy who is then face bustered by Doi. The ref tries to gain control by getting the illegal men out of the ring, only for LAX to strike!

                                Winners: No Contest at 7:32

                                Konnan directs traffic while heís on the mic as Hernandez shoulder tackles everyone down allowing Homicide to pick the bones by eith a Gringo Cuttah or Killah. Hernandea Border Tosses Williams onto those laying around ringside. Konnan lays a few boots in while they are on the ground and jumps inot the ring with his blood brothers.
                                Konnan: Nash! You want to get in my business?! You want to mess with me?! Iíll rip out your intestines and strangle your little boyfriends with them. Those were our tag titles and you have just made the biggest mistake of your life!

                                The Machine Guns music hits and out walks the World Tag Team Champions and Kevin Nash.

                                Shelley: Cool your jets Konnan, the Motor City Machine Guns are just too talented for your boys to keep up with us. Tell him Sabinator.

                                Sabin: Konnan I can understand your anger and your frustration, I mean last night I was overcome by your dominant and powerful... body odour. I got a little mad myself. Lucky for us Big Kev came down to the ring with a big old can of deodorant.

                                Nash: Hey K-Dogg, donít get hot at me man, I only did what you would have done, actually what you were about to do. Donít make it personal man, itís strictly business man you know that.

                                Konnan: You donít call me Dawg, Iím not your dawg. And when it comes to you and me Nash, it has always been personal. You kicked me out of the Wolf Pac because I was more over than you, and you couldnít stand it, so you kicked me out so your merchandise and your main event status wasnít jeopardised.

                                This is 2010 ďdawgĒ I will not be screwed by you, you have no power here in TNA. LAX has all the power. Oh this is personal, I hate you Nash and Iím going to enjoy taking the belts from your boys and making sure you canít walk anymore.

                                Nash: Konnan you always did take everything so personally man. The fact of the matter is you lost. The Machine Guns donít have to wrestle you again. They want ďfresh, exciting and newĒ opponents to keep that big money machine rolling in. So say good bye to the gold belts you wont be seeing them for quite sometime.

                                The Machine Guns music plays and Konnan and LAX are livid.


                                JB and Christy are backstage and tell the audience and Mike and Don that they have been told that at the top of the hour Bret Hart will address the ďRaven SagaĒ and Daniels being the mastermind and winning the title.

                                Match #2
                                ODB vs. Alissa Flash

                                Finish: The powerhouse ODB has come out firing but slowly as the match has progressed Flash has started to dissect the former 2 time Knockout Champion. ODB hits a clothesline and sits up on the top turnbuckle but Flash catches her with a huge slap. Flash climbs the ropes and delivers side kicks to the temple of ODB, forcing her crashing down to the mat. Flash locks in an armbar submission which ODB quickly escapes by getting to the ropes. Flash quickly delivers a forward thrust kick to the enormous bust of ODB and then swings under her hits the Air raid Crash.1.2.3

                                Winner via pinfall Alissa Flash at 4:01

                                The Future Legend zips up her jacket paintbrushes ODBís forehead with the heel of her boot and walks off.
                                <Video recap of the last 3 months- Raven Saga with the culmination at Destination X and itís final image of Daniels winning the World title, Raven kneeling before Daniels while his boot is embedded into Stylesí throat>

                                To the ring walks Bret ďThe HitmanĒ Hart

                                Hart: Daniels is right. He is the devil and no one saw him coming. But it was my job to, and I didnít. He engineered it all down to every last detail, the attack on Kurt Angle from Petey Williams, destroying Jeff and Scottís friendship, the attacks on Sting, RVD and myself. His arrogance knew no bounds as all throughout 2010 he has made reference to it. And we never picked up on it. He was right no one did listen to him, no one did pay attention until it was too late. Daniels your actions were irreprehensible all to be called the World Champion. Well Mr. Daniels, AJ Styles is right you are no Champion. Now do I have the power to over turn the decision? To make things right and strip you of the Championship after all the twisted, demented and absolutely dangerous things you and Raven committed over the last three months. Unfortunately no. You not only have set yourself up inside this ring bt with your lawyers outside of it to. Itís a done deal, you are the TNA World Champion, but it wont be for long, because at Lockdown AJ Styles will beat you and take back the Championship.

                                Suddenly Kurt Angleís music hits and out walks the Olympic Gold Medallist.

                                Angle: I should have known you werenít the man behind these attacks on his own company. For what I said about you, I apologise. You werenít the mastermind it was Daniels.

                                I was in fact right the first time, when I said you were an incompetent fool who couldnít keep TNA under control. You dropped the ball Hitman you are the best at nothing but being played. This company was crumbling down around your ears while your top talent, namely me, was being attacked and almost paralysed while you sat on your hands. Youíre a failure Hart. I now know you had nothing to do with Petey Williams trying to break my neck, but the fact that you couldnít stop it makes you almost as bad as Petey, Raven and Daniels. You might as well have pile driven me yourself!

                                NOW! You will do something right for once. And Iím not asking, Iím telling you. Tonight in this ring, you are going to put me in a wrestling match against that sonovabitch Christopher Daniels who ordered to put me out. Do it now!

                                Hart: You want Daniels? You got him. I canít make it a title match Kurt but I can make it a no disqualification match. Do your worst.

                                Hart walks off almost disgraced. He had no argument for Kurtís words as Angle shakes his head at a demoralised Hart and then looks into the camera and tells Daniels he is going to snap his ankle tonight.

                                Match #3
                                Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

                                Finish: Hardy and RVD double-arm tossed Wolfe across the ring right into Tanahashi knocking both men down! RVD climbs the turnbuckles but Wolfe pushes him over sending Rob down all the way to the floor! Hardy hits a whisper in the wind to back of Wolfe. But Tanahashi awesome-bombed Hardy as the ref tries to get order.

                                Tanahashi tags Wolfe in who starts to stomp on Hardy and then locks in the London Dungeon, but RVD makes the save by quickly climbing back up and delivering thrust kick to Wolfeís face. Tanahashi sprints back in and as RVD gets to his feet is hit by a slingblade! Tanahashi wants to finish the match with a High Fly Flow, but Hardy quickly runs up the turnbuckles and delivers a facebuster bomb from the top turnbuckle!!!!

                                Tanahashi is sent face first from ten feet into the air crashing down onto the mat apron and then to the mat. The crowd erupts as Hardy has fallen back into the ring and seems spent. Wolfe and RVD are both getting up slowly, Wolfe goes for a Jawbreaker Lariat but Rob does the splits dodging the impact and then hits a roundhouse kick. Rolling Thunder! Rob ďwakes upĒ Hardy and they both hit their signature 5 Star and Swanton. 1.2.3

                                Winners via pinfall Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy at 10:23

                                The two fan favourites celebrate with the fans as Tenay and West roll the highlight reel. They then plug the manin event, the newly crowned World Champ Chris Daniels to go one on one with Kurt Angle!
                                A video from Destination X after the humiliating betrayal by James Storm and the destruction of Beer Money and the reformation of Americaís Most Wanted.

                                Roode: <gasping> James, you want to stab me in the back. You want to break up the best tag team in the world? Iím not going to ask why, I donít care. Iím coming for you and Iíll get my own mystery partner and you and Harris are going to find out why it pays, to be rude.


                                To the ring walks the new 2 time X Division Pope DiAngelo Dinero!

                                Pope: To all my congregation, Pope is once again the most exciting, most titillating, most pimptastic division in pro-wrestling. Two-time X Champion of the World daddy, Pope is pimpiní I want to say well done to Red and Mistico you boys brought youíre a game and if you boys want a shot you deserve it. As for you Petey pie eatey, Pope knows you tried to take him out, but Pope declares he enjoyed pimp slappiní you all the way back to Canada.

                                But itís Ravenís music that interrupts Dineroís promo. Flanked by Tomko and Giant Bernard and Team 3D, Raven walks into the ring.

                                Raven: Dinero, I like your shiny belt. The ďXĒ on it sings to me. It screams melodies of tearing flesh and breaking bones. ďXĒ to me hums the word extreme and it tells me to take this X Division and transform it from itís caterpillar into a butterfly of violence. Give me the belt.

                                Pope: Man whatever you are trippin on Pope wants nothing of it. You donít scare Pope now get out before you all get pimp slapped.

                                Raven: Tomko, Bernard bring me the belt.

                                But Stingís music hits and Raven turns and Pope launches himself throwing out right hooks and left jabs that won the Pope the golden gloves all those years ago. The Stinger appears and with his bat clears the ring as Raven escapes angry at Stingís intrusion. Team 3D come again, and out of nowhere Petey Williams attacks the Pope, but Dinero is ready for him and gives him a big time flying sholder tackle. Sting and Pope stand tall as Raven's Gathering assemble at the base of the ramp way...

                                Sting demands a mic.

                                Sting: Raven, itís time we finished this once and for all! Your team of five versus my team of five and we end this war inside Lethal Lockdown!!!

                                Raven: Iíll make a coat from your skin Icon! Iíll see you at Lethal Lockdown and it will be BIBLICAL!

                                Sting and Pope stand tall in the ring as Raven is like a rabid dog on the outside growling at his nemesis as Team 3D direct him to retreat for now. Sting crows to the fans as they call back to him as Pope

                                Tenay: Whoa! Looks like Lockdown is going to be a war Don. First we have Daniels vs Styles the rematch inside the 6 sides of steel and now Sting and Raven to finish their war inside Lethal Lockdown.

                                West: Mike Lethal Lockdown might be the most dangerous match in TNA. If the six sides werenít enough it has a roof, contains ten men and has weapons everywhere. Sting and Raven to finish it inside the cage.

                                Backstage with Christy Hemme is Samoa Joe

                                Joe: Daniels, I didnít think you had it in you. I guess just like everyone here I underestimated what you are capable of. You used me as a stepping stone to get where you are, of course your whole argument with Mitchell and Abyss was a ruse to beat me. Well as far as Lockdown goes, Abyss your damn right I accept your challenge. Iím going to destroy the monster, and then Daniels Iím coming after the devil. Joeís gonna kill you.

                                Main Event
                                Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

                                Daniels does his entrance and grabs a mc.

                                Daniels: Kurt, do you really want to wrestle me? Come on now, be smart. I had Petey Williams break your neck, I had Senshi break your ribs, imagine what I will do to you. I am the Champion of the World.

                                Angleís music hits and he makes a bee-line for the ring. Daniels isnít ready it seems and Angle unloads three months of anger on the Fallen Angel. Daniels tries to escape as he is blitz with European uppercuts. Angle looks for a submission early but Daniels slithers out of the ring. He grabs his belt and wants to leave, he has had enough but from the back walks Bret Hart, Mick Foley and AJ Styles. Daniels doesnít even see Kurt sprint from the ring and hit a he clothesline from behind!

                                Finish: Kurt has dominated Daniels all over ringside he beats on the new Champ and really wants to punish him. The ref begs Kurt to bring it back into the ring but he pushes him away knowing the no dq rule is in effect. But so does Daniels and out of desperation hits a huge low blow! Daniels tries to shake off the beating and goes for a chair. Angle tries desperately to get to his feet but Daniels unloads steel chairshot after steel chairshot! Angle is down and Daniels rolls him into the ring. Daniels although still reeling from early bludgeoning from Kurt looks over at Foley, Hart and Styles and grins.

                                Angle gets up again but is hit again with a vicious chairshot. Daniels sets up the chair and calls for Angels Wings. But to his surprise Angle back body drops Daniels onto the steel chair! Daniels is in severe pain. Angle is on one knee but pulls the straps down and zeroes in. But Senshi from out of the crowd hits a devastating kick to Angleís temple. Styles tries to run in but Senshi knows the plan, and comes over the top and smashes into Styles. Steiner then waltzes into the ring and hits an overhead belly to belly tbone suplex! Steiner then jumps down and trades blows with Foley as the Hardcore Legend wants revenge for his friend Jarrett who took a beating at the hands of Steiner at the ppv.

                                Daniels looks into Hartís eyes and hits Angels Wings on Angle. 1.2.3

                                Winner via pinfall Christopher Daniels at 9:47
                                Daniels snatches his World title as Hart is forced to watch the Champion get his hand raised againÖ