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WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

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  • WWE: The Draft Changes Everything


    Fed Running Time: 2nd May 2009 - Present

    World Wrestling Entertainment: The Draft Changes Everything began for me as the writer in May 2009 heading onto a month since WrestleMania 25 which was in a way my inspiration to do this as I had this same fiction on another forum pretty much a few days after the show itself.

    The fic starts with a draft the week before WrestleMania with the draft changes coming into effect the day after WrestleMania and of course this draft changes everything in the sense that it changed the layout of the entire WWE right after WrestleMania.

    .:PV HISTORY::.

    Given that I started at WrestleMania there is no link to that particular PPV.

    WWE Backlash - April 26th 2009 - Providence, Rhode Island (RESULTS)
    WWE Judgment Day - May 17th 2009 - Glasgow, Scotland (RESULTS)
    WWE Extreme Rules - June 7th 2009 - Aalborg, Denmark (RESULTS)
    WWE European Bash - June 28th 2009 - Kosice, Slovakia (RESULTS)
    WWE Night of Champions - July 26th 2009 - New York City, New York (RESULTS)
    WWE SummerSlam - August 23rd 2009 - Los Angeles, California (RESULTS)
    WWE Cyber Sunday - September 13th 2009 - Phoenix, Arizona (RESULTS)
    WWE Hell in a Cell - October 4th 2009 - Newark, New Jersey (RESULTS)

    .::SHOW HISTORY.::


    WWE Monday Night RAW - April 6th 2009 - Houston, Texas (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - April 7th 2009 - Houston, Texas (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - April 10th 2009 - Houston, Texas (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - April 13th 2009 - Columbus, Ohio (RESULTS)
    Tri-Branded ECW on Sci-Fi - April 14th 2009 - Knoxville, Tennessee (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - April 17th 2009 - Knoxville, Tennessee (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - April 20th 2009 - Bridgeport, Connecticut (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - April 21st 2009 - New York City, New York (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - April 24th 2009 - New York City, New York (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - April 27th 2009 - Phoenix, Arizona (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - April 28th 2009 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (RESULTS)


    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - May 1st 2009 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - May 4th 2009 - Mexico City, Mexico (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - May 5th 2009 - Guadalajara, Mexico (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - May 8th 2009 - Guadalajara, Mexico (RESULTS)
    Tri-Branded WWE Monday Night RAW - May 11th 2009 - Manchester, England (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - May 12th 2009 - Glasgow, Scotland (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - May 15th 2009 - Glasgow, Scotland (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - May 18th 2009 - Cardiff, Wales (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - May 19th 2009 - Dublin, Ireland (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - May 22nd - Dublin, Ireland (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - May 25th - Belfast, Northern Ireland (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - May 26th 2009 - Paris, France (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - May 29th 2009 - Paris, France (RESULTS)


    WWE Monday Night RAW - June 1st 2009 - Stockholm, Sweden (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - June 2nd 2009 - Lillehammer, Norway (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - June 5th 2009 - Lillehammer, Norway (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - June 8th 2009 - Helsinki, Finland (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - June 9th 2009 - Milan, Italy (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - June 12th 2009 - Milan, Italy (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - June 15th 2009 - Bilbao, Spain (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - June 16th 2009 - June 16th 2009 - Lisbon, Portugal (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - June 19th 2009 - Lisbon, Portugal (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - June 22nd 2009 - Cologne, Germany (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - June 23rd 2009 - Prague, Czech Republic (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - June 26th 2009 - Prague, Czech Republic
    WWE Monday Night RAW - June 29th 2009 - Zader, Croatia (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sci-Fi - June 30th 2009 - Bucharest, Romania (RESULTS)


    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - July 3rd 2009 - Bucharest, Romania (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - July 6th 2009 - Babruysk, Belarus (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - July 7th 2009 - Moscow, Russia (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - July 10th 2009 - Moscow, Russia (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - July 13th 2009 - Mariupool, Ukraine (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - July 14th 2009 - Saitama, Japan (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - July 17th 2009 - Saitama, Japan (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - July 20th 2009 - Adelaide, Australia (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - July 21st 2009 - Toronto, Canada (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - July 24th 2009 - Toronto, Canada (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - July 27th 2009 - Cleveland, Ohio (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - July 28th 2009 - Dayton, Ohio (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - July 31st 2009 - Dayton, Ohio (RESULTS)


    WWE Monday Night RAW - August 3rd 2009 - Saint Paul, Minnesota (RESULTS

    ECW on Sy-Fy - August 4th 2009 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - August 7th 2009 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - August 10th 2009 - Uncasville, Connecticut (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - August 11th 2009 - Storrs, Connecticut (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - August 14th 2009 - Storrs, Connecticut (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - August 17th 2009 - Norfolk, Virginia (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - August 18th 2009 - Morgantown, West Virginia (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - August 21st 2009 - Morgantown, West Virginia (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - August 24th 2009 - Sacramento, California (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - August 25th 2009 - Portland, Oregon (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - August 28th 2009 - Portland, Oregon (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - August 31st 2009 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (RESULTS)


    ECW on Sy-Fy - September 1st 2009 - Tulsa, Oklahoma (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - September 4th 2009 - Tulsa, Oklahoma (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - September 7th 2009 - Albuquerque, New Mexico (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - September 8th 2009 - Rio Rancho, New Mexico (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - September 11th 2009 - Rio Rancho, New Mexico (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - September 14th 2009 - Salt Lake City, Utah (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - September 15th 2009 - West Valley City, Utah (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - September 18th 2009 - West Valley City, Utah (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - September 21st 2009 - Fort Wayne, Indiana (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - September 22nd 2009 - Indianapolis, Indiana (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - September 25th 2009 - Indianapolis, Indiana (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - September 28th 2009 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - September 29th 2009 - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (RESULTS)


    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - October 2nd 2009 - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - October 5th 2009 - Jacksonville, Florida (RESULTS)
    ECW on Sy-Fy - October 6th 2009 - Miami, Florida (RESULTS)
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown - October 9th 2009 - Miami, Florida (RESULTS)
    WWE Monday Night RAW - October 12th 2009 - Raleigh, North Carolina (RESULTS)


    WWE Championship (RAW)
    Current Holder: Kofi Kingston
    History from February 2009

    Triple H - February 15th 2009
    Triple H wins an Elimination Chamber at No Way Out 2009 to win the gold.

    Randy Orton - April 5th 2009
    Randy Orton defeats Triple H at WrestleMania 25 to win the title.

    Kofi Kingston - May 17th 2009
    Kofi Kingston defeats Randy Orton with the Trouble in Paradise to win his first ever WWE World title.

    CM Punk - May 17th 2009
    CM Punk cashes in Money in the Bank seconds later and defeats Kofi Kingston to win the WWE Championship.

    Kofi Kingston - June 28th 2009
    Kofi Kingston reclaimed what he always believed was his by defeating CM Punk at the European Bash. The Ghanian who essentially had his title stolen from him last month at Extreme Rules showed his hard work and determination by dethroning CM Punk at the first time of asking in a singles match for the WWE title.

    ECW Championship (ECW)
    Current Holder: Edge
    Title History from January 2009

    Jack Swagger - January 13th 2009
    Jack Swagger defeats Matt Hardy to win the ECW Championship.

    Christian - April 26th 2009
    Christian defeats Jack Swagger at Backlash.

    Edge - May 17th 2009
    After winning a Gold Rush tournament it was scheduled to be Tommy Dreamer taking on Christian for the title but shockingly Christian attacked Tommy Dreamer backstage knocking him unconcious meaning he was unable to compete, of course this wasn't known to the audience at the time. Edge who had been banished from RAW after losing at Backlash made a shocking return at Judgment Day to defeat his brother who refused a handshake only a week before his revelation that he attacked Dreamer.

    World Heavyweight Championship (SMACKDOWN)
    Current Holder: Dolph Ziggler
    Title History from February 2009

    Edge - February 15th 2009
    No Way Out 2009 was a night to remember for Edge for a wrong reason and then a right one. The Rated 'R' Superstar lost his World title just seconds into his defence inside the demonic Elimination Chamber but then later in the night moments before the RAW Elimination Chamber attacked Kofi Kingston stealing his spot, a move permitted by Vickie Guerrero and then won the title from John Cena.

    John Cena - April 26th 2009
    After weeks of torment from Edge including Edge originally preventing him from earning a shot at the World Champion, John Cena finally got into the match on the final show before Backlash and defeated Edge and Shawn Michaels inside a Steel Cage not only to banish Edge from RAW but to also once again lift the title Edge took from him.

    Vacant - June 29th 2009
    WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon vacated the World Heavyweight Championship after champion John Cena failed a Wellness Policy test. Later, it would be announced that WWE Champion over on SmackDown, Kofi Kingston would be traded to RAW in return for Chris Jericho and the World title.

    Dolph Ziggler - July 3rd 2009
    Dolph Ziggler shocked the world on this particular edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Theodore Long, the General Manager, announced that a battle royal would take place featuring only superstars who had never held the World Heavyweight Championship. Dolph Ziggler was the last man standing in that match after eliminating Bryan Danielson and Ziggler became the new World Champion.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship (SMACKDOWN)
    Current Holder: Paul Burchill
    Title History from March 2009

    JBL - March 9th 2009
    JBL defeated CM Punk to lift the Intercontinental Championship.

    Rey Mysterio - April 5th 2009
    Rey Mysterio managed to defeat the loudmouth JBL in a match that if he lost he would have to retire thus winning the Intercontinental Championship after a hard-hitting match.

    Batista - June 28th 2009
    'The Animal' Batista claimed the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a hard-hitting match with high-flyer Rey Mysterio at the first-ever European Bash. Batista said it was his destiny to become a Triple Crown Champion, something he acheived, at the PPV. The defeat meant that Mysterio would have to leave RAW.

    Randy Orton - July 26th 2009
    'The Viper' Randy Orton captured the Intercontinental Championship from Batista in a match which featured four other combatants all vying for the prestigious championship belt. In an elimination style contest, Orton managed to eliminate three of his four opponents punting Bryan Danielson in the head to claim the gold for the second-time in his career.

    Triple H - August 23rd 2009
    'The Game' Triple H defeated 'The Viper' Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2009 to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship for a sixth time. After months of torment from Randy Orton including two nearly career-ending punts to the skull, Triple H hit Orton with two Pedigrees and captured the belt.

    Paul Burchill - October 9th 2009
    'The Ripper' Paul Burchill defeated 'The Game' Triple H on this edition of Friday Night SmackDown, just days after HHH had competed inside the Hell in a Cell structure. Burchill picked up the win after hitting Triple H with the Twisted Sister and the Curb Stomp. This marks Burchill's first-ever Intercontinental Championship and first-ever title in WWE.

    WWE United States Championship (RAW)
    Current Holder: The Miz
    Title History from March 2009

    MVP - March 20th 2009
    MVP managed to dethrone the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin to win this title belt.

    John Morrison - April 6th 2009
    With the draft in effect the night after WrestleMania 25, then RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero presented a 'Welcome Mat' Battle Royal between six new RAW Superstars who found their new home after said draft and one happened to be MVP, the US Champion and the title belt was then put on the line.

    After several minutes, the final two were champion MVP and John Morrison. Both men fought to the apron and Morrison blasted MVP with the Moonlight Drive from the apron to the floor and after much discussion and video evidence the replays were able to show MVP's feet touching the floor first rendering Morrison the new champion.

    The Miz - July 26th 2009
    It was The Miz who ended John Morrison's over three month reign with the United States Championship in a Fatal-Four-Way contest at Night of Champions. In a fast paced contest which featured Morrison, Kane and Tajiri. Miz was able to come out the other end as US Champion after delivering the Skull-Crushing Finale to Tajiri.

    ECW Television Championship (ECW)
    Current Holder: The Brian Kendrick
    Title History from April 2009

    The Brian Kendrick - April 14th 2009
    The Brian Kendrick became the first-holder of the new ECW Television Championship after winning a Battle Royal on a tri-branded ECW, lastly eliminating Jeff Hardy.

    WWE Tag Team Championships (RAW/SMACKDOWN/ECW)
    Current Holders: Drew McIntyre and Chris Jericho
    Title History from December 2008

    John Morrison and The Miz - December 13th 2009
    The innovative and athletic John Morrison and the cocky loudmouth The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston and CM Punk to win the gold.

    Primo and Carlito - April 5th 2009
    At WrestleMania 26, the tag team titles weren't the only things on the minds of John Morrison, The Miz, Primo and Carlito as the Bella Twins were another prize for picking up the victory. In this match Primo and Carlito came out victorious and won the twins too!

    Big Show and Paul Burchill - May 11th 2009
    Manchester, England was the venue in which Burchill and Show chose to challenge Primo and Carlito in a special tri-branded RAW offering from across the pond. One Twisted Sister later by Paul Burchill and he was able to pick up the win for this tandem.

    Vacant - July 3rd 2009
    On Sunday, June 28, the Big Show failed a WWE Wellness Test and was then forced to forfeit his WWE Tag Team belt. Paul Burchill was then forced to do the same due to his partners mistake. Burchill took offence to this assaulting Carlito and promising to retire The Big Show.

    Evan Bourne and MVP - July 26th 2009
    They might've had their differences in the past but they put that to one side at Night of Champions to capture the vacant WWE Tag Team Championships. In a Triple-Threat tag-team match featuring the Hart Dynasty and Carlito and Primo, it was always going to be hard to pick up the victory but after MVP laid out Tyson Kidd with the Drive-By Kick, Bourne brought himself into the contest, hitting the Shooting Star Press to give the Ballin' AirBourne team the victory.

    Drew McIntyre and Chris Jericho - August 23rd 2009
    It was a highly successful night inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California at SummerSlam for Chris Jericho and Drew McIntyre. The tandem had been a thorn in the side of the ever-bickering Evan Bourne and MVP and managed the victory after Chris Jericho smashed Evan Bourne with the Codebreaker to win the belts.

    WWE Undisputed Women's Championship (RAW/ECW/SMACKDOWN)
    Current Holder: Maryse
    Title History from January 2009

    Melina - January 25th 2009
    Just after her return from injury, Melina was able to dethrone the Most Dominant Diva, the Glamazon Beth Phoenix at the Royal Rumble.

    Michelle McCool - June 7th 2009
    Since WrestleMania 25, McCool and Melina have been pioneers of sorts for the Women's Division and solidified that when they competed in the first-ever Divas Ladder Match for the Women's title. The finish to this came when McCool gave Melina the Faith Breaker off of a Ladder to win the Women's title.

    Melina - July 26th 2009
    Melina wasn't ready to admit defeat in her quest to regain the WWE Women's Championship and admit defeat she did not. Melina had previously lost to Michelle McCool in Ladder and Table encounters but in this Singles contest, which Melina requested, she managed to dethrone McCool with her own move.

    Melina hit the FaithBreaker on McCool to capture the Women's title for a fourth time in her career.

    WWE Divas and Women's Championship's are unified creating a single Undisputed Women's Champion

    Maryse - August 23rd 2009
    For many months, people had questions Maryse's ability despite having an eight-month WWE Diva title reign but she proved all the doubters wrong at SummerSlam becoming the first Undisputed Women's Champion by defeating Melina, AJ and Michelle McCool.


    WWE Divas Championship
    Current Holder: Retired
    Title History from December 2008

    Michelle McCool - July 20th 2008
    Michelle McCool became the first-ever holder of the Divas Championship at the Great American Bash defeating Natalya.

    Maryse - December 26th 2008
    Maryse defeated Michelle McCool with Maria as the Special Referee after the French Kiss.

    Retired - August 23rd 2009
    The Divas Championship was retired after Maryse unified the Divas and Women's Championships becoming the Undisputed Women's Champion.

    .:PV SCHEDULE::.
















    • AJ Lee

    • Alicia Fox
    • Beth Phoenix
    • Candice Michelle
    • Caylen Croft
    • Christian
    • Cody Rhodes
    • Evan Bourne
    • Gail Kim
    • Jack Swagger
    • Jerry Lawler
    • Jillian Hall
    • Jim Duggan
    • Jim Ross
    • John Cena
    • John Morrison
    • KAFU
    • Kane
    • Kelly Kelly
    • Kofi Kingston - WWE Champion
    • Layla
    • Lillian Garcia
    • Maryse - WWE Undisputed Women's Champion
    • Mickie James
    • MVP
    • Mr. Kennedy
    • Mr. McMahon
    • Rey Mysterio
    • Shawn Michaels
    • Snitsky
    • Tajiri
    • Ted DiBiase
    • Trent Baretta
    • The Miz - United States Champion
    • The Undertaker - inactive due to an attack by Drew McIntyre and Chris Jericho.
    • Tommy Dreamer

    • Beverly Mullins
    • The Boogeyman
    • David Hart Smith
    • Dustin Rhodes
    • Edge - ECW World Heavyweight Champion
    • Ezekiel
    • Festus
    • The Great Khali
    • JTG
    • Jeff Hardy
    • John "Bradshaw" Layfield
    • Josh Matthews
    • Kaval
    • Natalya
    • Rob Van Dam
    • R-Truth
    • Ryan Braddock
    • Sabu
    • Shad Gaspard
    • Sim Snuka
    • The Brian Kendrick - ECW Television Champion
    • Tiffany - ECW General Manager
    • Tony Chimel
    • Tyler Reks
    • Tyson Kidd
    • Wade Barrett
    • William Regal
    • Vladimir Kozlov


    • Alex Riley
    • Batista
    • Big Show
    • Bobby Lashley
    • Bryan Danielson
    • Brie Bella
    • Carlito
    • Chavo Guerrero
    • Chris Jericho- WWE Tag Team Champion
    • Chris Masters
    • CM Punk
    • Curt Hawkins
    • Dolph Ziggler - World Heavyweight Champion
    • Drew McIntyre - - WWE Tag Team Champion
    • Eve Torres
    • Finlay
    • Hornswoggle
    • Hurricane Helms
    • Jamie Noble
    • Jenny Cash (Ziggler)
    • Jimmy Wang Yang
    • Justin Roberts
    • Katie Lea Burchill
    • Funaki
    • Maria
    • Matt Hardy
    • Matt Striker
    • Melina
    • Michelle McCool
    • Mick Foley
    • Mike Knox
    • Nikki Bella
    • Paul Burchill -
    • Primo
    • Randy Orton
    • Santino Marella
    • Theodore Long
    • Triple H - WWE Intercontinental Champion
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    Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

    This looks very awesome. It is very well written so far. I personally can't wait for more. Keep it up, and I'll be reading!

    : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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      Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

      The updates will be quick over the coming days as I had already started this elsewhere and need to catch up. You may notice that "Blackpool" under William Regal in the last post has a link to the place I started this thread. I honestly have no idea how that went there but I will edit it out.

      Thanks PI! It's much appreciated and don't worry, I'll be looking for some SEX soon.

      WWE WrestleMania 25
      Reliant Stadium
      Houston, Texas

      Opening Contest
      Money in the Bank Ladder Match
      CM Punk vs. Finlay vs. Christian vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston

      CM Punk became the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the second year in a row. The Straight-Edge Superstar who successfully cashed in the briefcase last year to win the championship now has the chance to cash in the title anywhere at anyplace for up to one year. In a hard-hitting match which seen Kofi Kingston fly through and break a ladder and seen Christian hit a remarkable Killswitch on Mark Henry off of a ladder. Punk was able to retrieve the case after he slammed Shelton Benjamin with a knee to the jaw which ensured Benjamin would fall to the mat giving Punk the victory.

      Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank at 17:20: CM Punk


      Second Contest
      Lumberjack Match to unify the WWE and World Tag Team Championships.
      The Miz and Morrison (World) vs. Primo and Carlito (WWE)

      Primo and Carlito Colon were able to become the first ever Unified Tag Team Champions when they defeated John Morrison and the Miz in a heated Lumberjack match. The high-flying aerial offense of Primo and Carlito got them off to a great start when a Springboard Elbow sent John Morrison out of the ring into a trio of superstars which included the monster Mike Knox. Carlito also found himself on the receiving end of a DDT from Dolph Ziggler nearer the end of the contest. Carlito was able to slip out of a powerslam and hit the Backstabber on the way down from escaping the move getting the win for the duo and effectively splitting up Miz and Morrison after Morrison’s move to RAW/

      Winner and Unified Tag Team Champions at 9:02: Primo and Carlito Colon


      Third Contest
      Twenty-Five Diva Battle Royal to Crown Miss. WrestleMania
      Tiffany vs. Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox vs. Women’s Champion Melina vs. Divas Champion Maryse vs. Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool vs. Sunny vs. Eve Torres vs. Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Gail Kim vs. Joy Giovanni vs. Miss Jackie vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Katie Lea vs. Maria vs. Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Santino Marella vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla vs. Jillian Hall

      Melina became Miss. WrestleMania when she eliminated Divas Champion Maryse. In a fun-filled battle royal we seen Santino Marella dressed as a woman eliminated in the first ten seconds when the divas came to the quick realization that it was indeed Santino and they ganged up on him. In some interesting notes from the Battle Royal, Michelle McCool eliminated the most divas, eliminating a total of eleven divas including a former Womens Champion in Victoria. In the end, Maryse eliminated title-challenger Michelle McCool and it came down to Women’s Champion Melina and the French star. Melina was able to hit her finisher before bundling Maryse out. Melina has certainly one-upped her new brandmate in this Battle Royal. Afterwards Melina received her Miss WrestleMania crown much to the envy of Maryse.

      Winner and Miss. WrestleMania at 6:01: Women’s Champion Melina


      Fourth Contest
      Legends Elimination Match
      Ricky Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka vs. Chris Jericho

      The presence of Mickey Rourke, the star of ‘The Wrestler’ at ringside did not deter Chris Jericho from the task at hand. The man who has insulted many legends for months was finally put to the test by three of the biggest legends in Sports Entertainment, Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka. Jericho quickly eliminated both Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka through the Walls of Jericho and after a few impressive moves by Steamboat Jericho was able to hit the Codebreaker to win. Ric Flair then got into the ring, confronting Jericho but was also given a Codebreaker. Mickey Rourke got into the ring and caught Jericho cold with a punch that made Y2J stagger but Jericho came back with a right of his own and a Codebreaker to Rourke to the boos of the crowd.

      Winner at 7:53: Chris Jericho


      Fifth Contest
      Extreme Rules Match
      Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

      Going into this match, both brothers knew that this would be their one and only chance to get their hands on each other because of the draft that seen Jeff Hardy go to ECW. Unless Matt gets drafted to ECW then these two will not be able to tangle until the next draft. The two brothers went all out, trash cans, steel chairs, ladders and even a picture of the two brothers were smashed over each others lead. It looked like Matt would pick up the victory over Jeff when Jeff missed a leapfrog over a twenty foot ladder onto Matt but Jeff fought back landed a Twist of Fate inside a chair to Matt and then climbed a Ladder landing a huge Swanton Bomb to get the victory.

      Winner at 15:12: Jeff Hardy


      Sixth Contest
      WWE Intercontinental Championship Match + Rey’s career is on the line!
      JBL © vs. Rey Mysterio

      JBL had promised something historic at WrestleMania but he couldn’t deliver it, before the match he came to the ring telling everyone that he had spoken to General Manager Vickie Guerrero last week and that they had spoke about Rey. JBL said that Rey cost JBL his career a few years ago and prevented him another World title reign, JBL said that Vickie felt that this was unacceptable and that the pain that Rey had brought to her husband Edge and nephew Chavo Guerrero was unacceptable. JBL said he took the opportunity to ask Vickie if she could add a stipulation to the match, being that if Rey lost he would have to retire. JBL came close to ending Rey’s career on more than one occasion but Rey was finally able to put the Longhorn away with a 619 and Splash.

      Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion at 7:34: Rey Mysterio


      Seventh Contest
      The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

      These two put on a twenty-five minute classic in front of over 70,000 people at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The match had it all as both stars battled away, Undertaker coming close to suffering injury at one point in the match with a dive over the top rope. Usually, a Tombstone Piledriver would have made it 17-0 for the Deadman but Shawn Michaels surprisingly kicked out, it was also a surprise when the Phenom kicked out of a Superkick from Michaels. In the end Taker’ made it 17-0 when he was caught from a Moonsault and given the Tombstone. Unless HBK is drafted in the Supplemental Draft tonight, it is a safe bet for this feud to continue.

      Winner at 25:58 and 17-0 at WrestleMania: The Undertaker


      The Hall of Fame Class of 2009 were brought out onto the stage. After a few moments one member of the class, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out on his four wheeler. Austin enters the ring and has a few beers before “Kennedy” hits, the crowd go crazy for the returning Kennedy and he gets into the ring. Kennedy speaks about how he respects Stone Cold and he thanks him for all the help he has given him. Suddenly, Kennedy hits Austin with the Mike Check and the cheers are replaced with thunderous boos. JR is screaming about how this is sickening, Kennedy opens a beer and pours it all over the back of Austin. Kennedy then shouts I used to respect you to Austin before stomping on his back. Kennedy then leaves the ring on the four wheeler to more boos as Austin is laying on the mat, knocked out.


      Eighth Match
      World Heavyweight Championship Match
      Edge © vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

      All of this came about because of the love triangle between Edge, Big Show and Vickie Guerrero. John Cena cleverly earned his way into the match but still came up empty-handed. In a huge Triple Threat match which seen John Cena lift both Edge and Big Show onto his shoulders at one point contained everything but at the end it was Edge who managed to hold on to his World Heavyweight Championship when The Ultimate Opportunist capitalized after Show had hit Cena with the Chokeslam. Realizing he can’t be DQ’s Edge hit Show with his title belt before spearing the seven foot giant. Edge then pinned John Cena to ensure he kept the gold.

      Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion at 15:34: Edge


      Ninth Match
      ECW World Championship Match
      Jack Swagger © vs. Evan Bourne

      For only the second time, the ECW World Championship was defended at WrestleMania when Jack Swagger, the defending champion made his first appearance on the grandest stage against Evan Bourne, another making his first WrestleMania appearance. Both men delivered and excited the crowd and the Houston fans were well and truly behind Evan Air-Bourne. Bourne even managed to hit his legendary Shooting Star Press but Swagger managed to kick out. In the end Swagger was able to land the Gutwrench Powerbomb to pick up the victory and become the first person to successfully retain the ECW Championship at WrestleMania.

      Winner and STILL ECW World Champion at 10:11: Jack Swagger


      Main Event
      WWE Championship Match
      No Disqualification
      Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

      It seemed on last week that there was a possibility Randy Orton would take the WWE Championship to RAW if he won the gold tonight but last Monday on RAW the Legend Killer was drafted from RAW to SmackDown meaning that no matter the outcome it would stay on SmackDown, unless Triple H had managed to retain and was drafted to RAW or ECW in the Supplemental Draft. It was Orton standing tall at the end of the night with the WWE Championship, Orton managed the victory when he punted Triple H much like he had done to Vince and Shane McMahon. Triple H had trouble fighting off Legacy which allowed the punt.

      Winner and NEW WWE Champion at 21:11: Randy Orton


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        Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

        I actually don't want to look at the other site because I don't want to be spoiled. I really like you vision for you WMXXV should've panned out. I'm really interested in what you have planned, namely for the retaining World Heavyweight Champion Edge and the returning Ken Kennedy.

        PS: You know where to get sex whenever you want it, Big Daddy.
        : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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          Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

          This looks very solid man, I really liked how your Wrestlemania played out, not too different from the real thing but the changes were enough for me. I think I actually like the fact that the ECW Title got a high spot on the card, which is a great idea, it gives the title that much needed status with the elevation on the biggets card of the year. I had a feeling Orton would win the WWE Title after Edge was the first draft pick, it made sense...

          All up this looks really good man, keep it up and I look forward to what comes next hoping to all hell that your Backlash is ten times better than the real WWE's, which I am sure it will be.....

          Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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            Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

            Thanks for the comments guys, I will return them.

            On WWE Monday Night RAW, the WWE was “shook up” as it where as the WWE Draft 2009 took place just six days before WrestleMania. On the Draft each WWE Brand was permitted five superstars who would be drafted to the show randomly. announced before Monday Night RAW that after RAW there would be a one hour and a half long Supplemental Draft where fifteen superstars would be drafted, one for every ten minutes just thirty minutes after WrestleMania. This meant that just like what happened on RAW that Monday Night RAW, Tuesday Night ECW and Friday Night SmackDown! would all receive five draft picks. It was also announced that tag teams would be drafted together and not separately. The Supplemental Draft results are as follows:

            Supplemental Draft Results

            Drafted to Monday Night RAW

            1. Montel Vontavious Porter

            The former WWE Tag Team Champion and current United States Champion makes his way over to the RAW brand taking his newly-won gold with him just a few hours after narrowly missing out on the briefcase in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. MVP, who only recently broke a long losing streak on SmackDown. MVP is delighted to be going to the place where “Big things are poppin’ and little things are stopping.’ And the champ is sure to make an impact on Monday Night RAW.

            2. Mr. Kennedy

            After a huge draft pick from SmackDown, RAW was boosted by another pick from the blue brand. Just as SmackDown began healing it’s wounds ten minutes ago when MVP left, another major star Mr. Kennedy, who just returned tonight taking out Stone Cold Steve Austin is moving to Monday nights. Kennedy, who has really made a name for himself on SmackDown will be looking to do the same on RAW and not just by shouting his surname twice.

            3. Mark Henry and Tony Atlas

            For their third pick, RAW took a superstar from the ECW brand through the random WWE Supplemental Draft generator and that superstar is certainly a big acquisition for the RAW brand. Mark Henry will now be taking names on the RAW brand alongside his manager Tony Atlas. The former ECW World Champion will most likely be looking to add Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship to his list of Heavyweight titles and if his strong showing in tonight’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match is anything to go by then he will be a force to be reckoned with.

            4. Maryse

            RAW dipped back into SmackDown for their fourth pick when it was revealed that WWE Divas Champion Maryse would be moving to Monday Night RAW. The move of Maryse to RAW means that she has switched places with WWE Women’s Champion Melina who was drafted to RAW last week. Maryse, the “Sexiest of the Sexy” is sure to turn heads on RAW.

            5. DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox

            One diva has left SmackDown and now one diva has left the Land of Extreme, the dancing partner of DJ Gabriel has now moved to RAW alongside her partner DJ Gabriel due to the ruling in the Supplemental Draft where tag teams will be moved together, a different ruling to the draft on RAW when partners were not allowed to move .

            Drafted to Tuesday Night ECW

            1. The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh

            It doesn’t get any bigger than this for ECW in there first draft pick of the evening, in terms of size anyway. For their first pick they received the Punjabi Playboy The Great Khali and his manager Ranjin Singh. Khali, who has wowed audiences across the country with his Khali Kiss Cam is now bringing the show over to Monday Night RAW. Khali, a former World Heavyweight Champion will be looking to also put that title around his waist again much like he did in the year 2007.

            2. Shad Gaspard and JTG

            Everyone on the ECW roster has been given fair warning before Tuesday’s ECW, hide all of their belongings because Shad Gaspard and JTG are coming to the Land of Extreme. Cryme Tyme will be looking to make a splash on ECW much like The Miz and Morrison did over the last year. Gaspard and JTG who were participants in the Unified Tag Championship Lumberjack match will no doubt be targeting Carlito and Primo whenever the duo, who can appear on any brand as champions make a pit stop on ECW.

            3. The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson

            The draft keeps getting bigger and better for ECW as they have drafted another duo, in a Supplemental Draft were you only get five picks, ECW have managed six on their third pick due to the ruling that tag teams must be drafted together and well The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson are a tag team and they have been drafted from Friday Night’s to Tuesday nights. Ezekiel Jackson has recently expressed his desire to get into the ring and will look to do that on ECW.

            4. Dolph Ziggler

            "Hi… my name is Dolph Ziggler.” I don’t think anyone needs reminding of who Dolph Ziggler is, he has probably introduced himself to the ECW roster already so there won’t be a welcoming party this Tuesday because Dolph is moving over to the ECW brand. Ziggler, who impressed on his debut against “The Animal” Batista, and in matches over the past few weeks will be looking to introduce himself as a champion soon on ECW.

            5. Sim Snuka

            The wrestler formerly known as Deuce and now Sim Snuka, the adopted son of legendary Hall of Fame star Jimmy Snuka is now moving to the ECW brand. Snuka, who was briefly a part of Randy Orton’s Legacy group is a former WWE Tag Champion and his finisher, the Crack Em’ in the Mouth is sure to crack the glass ceiling as it where so that Snuka can become the ECW World Champion.[/font]

            Drafted to Friday Night SmackDown!

            1. Batista

            Talk about a shocker, he may be injured but he is not ineligible from the draft and in the Supplemental Draft, “The Animal” Batista has been drafted to his former home on Friday nights, SmackDown! If Randy Orton could take one positive with him to SmackDown, the home of WWE Champion Triple H it was that he wouldn’t have to face the consequences of his actions when he punted Batista the night after Armageddon, now Batista is ready to go and will be after Randy Orton. Will Batista show up Friday?

            2. Paul and Katie Lea Burchill

            Over the past few weeks and months, Paul Burchill and his sister Katie Lea have worked on the ECW brand putting in some impressive performances, now the duo will visit their third brand since Paul Burchill’s re-debut, SmackDown. Burchill who has serious intentions of grabbing a Number One Contender spot to the WWE Championship is a ruthless competitor from Chelsea, England as is Katie who is a vicious vixen who is looking to challenge for Melina’s Women’s Championship gold. The duo, no doubt will make an impact.

            3. Jamie Noble

            Jamie Noble always has a way of putting his foot in his mouth, he did it on RAW, he did it on ECW and in the past he has done it on Friday Night SmackDown. Noble, a former Cruiserweight Champion is a tough competitor in the ring but often finds himself in the squared circle with Kane or Mark Henry because he put his foot in his mouth in segments with the monsters and his true talent doesn’t come out. On SmackDown he will be able to show his true talent.

            4. Kofi Kingston

            At the beginning of the WrestleMania broadcast earlier tonight, the Jamaican Sensation Kofi Kingston put in a fantastic performance and came ever so close to securing himself a WWE Championship opportunity at any time in the near future. We see WWE Championship because he is now a SmackDown superstar, Kofi Kingston is a former World Tag Champion and Intercontinental Champion and will have his eyes set on championship gold in the future.

            5. Rey Mysterio

            619 is back on Friday nights! Just when it looked like SmackDown would be left with just three titles after MVP was drafted at the start of the Supplemental Draft taking his United States Championship with him, the last pick of the draft will now see WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio bring his gold back to his former stomping grounds on Friday night. Rey, who achieved his biggest success winning the World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown will no doubt be a tough challenge to anyone looking to win the Intercontinental Championship.

            And that does it for the WWE Supplemental Draft and the annual WWE Draft. There have been some HUGE changes over the past couple of days and be sure to tune into Monday Night RAW live from Houston, Texas for the fall-out of a spectacular WrestleMania!

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              Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

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                Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                WWE Monday Night RAW Preview
                Toyota Center
                Houston, Texas

                Number One Contender

                The WWE Universe is just one day removed from WWE WrestleMania 25, a night which seen it all, it truly was a blockbuster but as the dust settles on the extravaganza, WWE Monday Night RAW is sure to be another blockbuster as we will see a new Number One Contender this Monday on RAW. Edge, the World Heavyweight Champion who retained his gold last night at WrestleMania will defend his title at Backlash against the winner of a huge Fatal Four Way Elimination style match in the Main Event. The participants in the match, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and new member of the RAW roster, The Undertaker will all be looking to get a shot at Edge’s gold, especially John Cena. Who will become the Number One Contender on RAW?

                Disrespecting a Hall of Famer

                Last night at WrestleMania, Stone Cold Steve Austin who was part of the 2009 Hall of Fame Class surprised many in the Reliant Stadium when he came out on his four wheeler to have a final beer with the WWE Universe as his official goodbye to professional wrestling and the WWE, as Austin was celebrating in the ring the familiar theme song of Mr. Kennedy hit the speakers and Kennedy came onto the stage making his return from injury. Kennedy, who at the beginning of his career received a lot of advice from Steve Austin and who was a great friend of Stone Austin entered the ring and the crowd in attendance cheered as Kennedy respected Austin telling him that to his face. Then, the Reliant Stadium fell silent as Kennedy hit Austin with the Mike Check leaving the Hall of Famer motionless on the mat and then showed complete disrespect by pouring beer on Austin’s back. The silence was replaced by deafening boos. One night removed from that incident, Kennedy who was drafted to RAW in the Supplemental Draft will address his actions tonight on RAW.

                Welcome to RAW

                In the WWE Draft over the weekend, many changes occurred and many new faces came to Monday Night RAW. On RAW, a handful of they draft picks will make their debut in a six-man battle royal including WWE United States Champion MVP, Mark Henry, DJ Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison and it is for MVP’s WWE United States Championship. This is a huge way for a draft pick to introduce himself on RAW by winning the gold and a chance for MVP to cement his status as a truly great competitor by retaining his United States Championship. The winner of this match will surely go down as one of the best picks for RAW in this draft so be sure to tune in and find out who that is.

                Oh Qui

                WWE RAW fans could barely contain their excitement when they learned that Divas Champion Maryse was leaving SmackDown and coming to RAW. The self-proclaimed “Sexiest of the Sexy” will look to make a mark on her debut on Monday night when she goes one-on-one with one of RAW’s best divas, four-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James. Can Maryse make the point that she is a great diva or will Mickie manage to take down the Sultry Diva?

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                  Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                  For those wondering, is a fictional website.

                  Wrestling News and Notes

                  April 6th 2009

                  -- We are being told that The Undertaker was less than pleased upon hearing he was to be drafted to RAW. Undertaker was informed with less than an hour until showtime and requested a meeting with Vince McMahon. Both men emerged from what is being described as a “heated” meeting with smiles on their faces and the air seemed to be cleared as it where. Eventually, the Undertaker agreed to move to RAW but has told several friends in the WWE Locker Room that he will be having some very “serious” discussions with Vince McMahon over the coming days regarding his position and future in the company.

                  (Don’t miss The Wrestle Circle’s weekly newsletter where the whole newsletter will be dedicated to this breaking news. After Friday Night SmackDown the issue will be released to all subscribers.)

                  -- Vince McMahon spoke about his desire to bring some big names over to ECW to boost the ratings. He also felt that the ECW Championship wasn’t considered as a “World” championship and has called for it to be defended higher up the card at Pay-Per-View events which explains its slot right in between the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship matches. Vince was ecstatic with the match between Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger and is calling for a rematch this Tuesday on ECW as Evan’s farewell match.

                  -- Jeff Hardy was said to be upbeat following his move to ECW, he even thanked Vince McMahon personally saying that he felt this was a fresh new challenge for him. Jeff, who defeated his brother Matt at WrestleMania 25 released a comment through WWE’s AT&T service to his brother saying: “You were on ECW, you became champion, I go to ECW, I will become champion.”

                  -- There are talks of bringing a second title onto the ECW brand and the most likely path is to revive the ECW Television Championship that was used on the older ECW. The belt, which was stolen from the ECW Locker Room will come back with a new design and is basically the equivalent of the US and IC Championships that SmackDown and RAWhave respectively.

                  -- We can officially confirm that Rob Van Dam has re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. Van Dam, who has been helping his wife recently through her cancer battle is set to return on the ECW brand as a replacement of sorts for high flying Evan Bourne. RVD is one of the potential people to become the first ever holder of WWE’s ECW TV Championship.

                  -- Along with Rob Van Dam, Sabu has also re-signed with the company. Terry Brunk who wrestles under the name met with Vince McMahon in Stamford, Connecticut to work out a deal. Sabu, who worked with the WWE in 2006 through to May 2007 signed the deal following intense neogiations. We are hearing a rumour that Sabu may have a reduced schedule to spend more time with his wife but we cannot confirm that.

                  -- Hulk Hogan has signed a one month contract with TNA Wrestling. Hogan, who is currently in a divorce battle with his ex-wife Linda Hogan is set to lose a lot of his assets after the divorce and is looking to sign on with TNA for a small time to get some more money in. Hogan recently talked with WWE before WrestleMania for a one-match deal but nothing came about. The reduced schedule will suit Hogan, Hogan is expected to work with Jeff Jarrett bringing back their history in their angle in Japan and for this month, for now, he is the top earner in the company.

                  -- Jillian Hall suffered an injury at WrestleMania Axcess, Hall apparently sprained her wrist and as a precautionary measure she will not be on RAW this week although she wasn’t pencilled in to appear anyway. The general feeling is that she and a few others will be released in the next talent purge.
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                    Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                    This looks really good, man. Expect a review when you've written your first show, dude.
                    Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                      Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                      Thanks CoolStuff, your comment is appreciated.

                      Again, depending on what skin you use, I think it's mainly with the PW Main Page Skin that I use, the text will come up black and will blend in with the background. If that happens, I apologize and I'd appreciate it if you could either highlight the text or change skin for the time it takes to read the show, thanks.

                      Well, here it is, WWE RAW, I hope you all read and if you do I hope you all enjoy it, I have decided to try something different this week which some may like and others might not but it’s worth a try. I will return any reviews given and remember, all reviews are appreciated. Sorry for the lack of colour, I finished this and went to add in the colour at the end but my brother’s laptop doesn’t have a proper mouse like it used to so adding all the colour takes its time.

                      WWE Monday Night RAW
                      Live from the Toyota Center - April 6th 2009
                      Houston, Texas
                      "Rated R Raw"

                      (The commercial for WWE Superstars which makes its debut one week on Thursday has just finished and the WWE logo flashes onto the screen, it stays there for a few seconds before disappearing and it is replaced with the WrestleMania logo. We get the video package which aired last night on PPV with “Shoot to Thrill” and “Touched” by ACDC and Vast respectively accompanying it. We see the major moments from the show including CM Punk picking up the Money in the Bank briefcase, the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in a classic encounter and Randy Orton becoming the WWE Champion. The screen fades out and then the WWE Draft logo pops onto the screen and we see graphics from last week’s RAW were we see the major draft picks, we then get the WWE Supplemental Draft logo followed by the Supplemental Draft picks that took place on, the screen fades to black again and then “To Be Loved” sounds and the RAW introduction package plays with the new superstars including Mr. Kennedy, MVP and Undertaker in the new video. The video finishes and we go inside the Toyota Centre in Houston, Texas were everything is quiet for a moment but then fireworks explode from the stage and the crowd go crazy, a large pyrotechnics display continues on the stage and then finishes with one last big bang before the camera pans the sold out crowd who hold up signs which include “WrestleMania Rocked!”, “CM Punk”, “Taker is RAW” and the fans are screaming at the top of their lungs. At this point the camera pans down to RAW’s announce team, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler who smile into the camera.)

                      Michael Cole: “Hello everyone just one night removed from WrestleMania we are live from the Toyota Centre in Houston, Texas and we welcome you to a new era here on Monday Night RAW.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “A new era indeed Michael, can you believe everything that has happened over the past week? We had a huge WWE Draft last week, a blockbuster WrestleMania and a huge WWE Supplemental Draft just hours later and I don’t know if the WWE Universe will be able to contain the excitement as tonight is sure to be just as big.”

                      Michael Cole: “Tonight, we get the fallout from the blockbuster twenty-fifth anniversary of WrestleMania where World Heavyweight Champion Edge ensured that the World title would stay on RAW but he won’t get much rest because tonight in a Fatal Four Way, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, John Cena and new member of the RAW roster... The Undertaker will be competing in an Elimination style match for a number one contender spot.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I can’t wait Michael and tonight we see a face-to-face confrontation between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels just twenty-four hours removed from their classic encounter at WrestleMania.”

                      (The camera focuses on the stage and then “Metalingus” by Alterbridge sounds on the speaker system and the crowd begin booing loudly as the smoke fills the stage, the World Heavyweight Champion comes onto the stage wearing his normal ring attire and a t-shirt. He has the World Championship around his waist, he takes a few steps down the ramp-way and takes the belt from his waist and raises it high into the air with both hands as pyrotechnics go off behind him. He puts it on his shoulder and continues walking down the ramp.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Please welcome... the World Heavyweight Champion... The Rated ‘R’ Superstar... Edge!!”

                      (Edge walks up the steel stairs and then walks across the apron before entering the ring. He takes a microphone from Lillian Garcia, takes a breath and then puts the microphone to his lips with “Edge Sucks” ringing in his ears.)

                      Edge: “Last night after WrestleMania I got back to my hotel room and I sat on my bed and I realized something... I am still your World Heavyweight Champion.”

                      (Edge smiles wickedly as the crowd begin booing even louder than before.)

                      Edge: “The fact is, I am the World Heavyweight Champion, the best in this company today.”

                      (The crowd boo louder still.)

                      Edge: “I spoke with my lovely wife Vickie Guerrero last night and we agreed that it would be best if we went our separate ways so that we could fully concentrate on our respective jobs so that we could be as successful as possible, it was very emotional and I feel a tear coming to my eye as I speak because I love Vickie and...”

                      (“My Time Is Now” hits the speakers and the crowd go absolutely crazy for John Cena. Cena comes onto the stage taunting and runs to both sides of the stage taunting some more as Edge looks less than impressed in the ring. Cena has a microphone in his hand and stares at Edge before taking it to his lips speaking in an extravagant voice.)

                      John Cena: “Oh... and I spoke with Vickie and oh my God... it was so emotional! (pretends crying)... I love you Vickie!”

                      (The crowd cheer as Cena speaks again, with Edge still less than impressed, Cena this time speaks in his normal voice.)

                      John Cena: “Edge...”

                      (Cena walks down the ramp-way, walks up the stairs and climbs into the ring.)

                      John Cena: “Edge, you know what, I really don’t care what you and Vickie do, you see in wrestling there are TWO things that I care about... these people... (Cheers)... and that on your shoulder, the World Heavyweight Championship. I’m not coming out here after a defeat to complain, I’m not like you Edge (Cheers), I lost and I am willing to accept that, suck it up and re-evaluate the situation. Right now, you are World Champion but come Backlash one of four men will challenge you for that title, you could be facing Chris Jericho (Boos), Shawn Michaels (Huge Cheer), The Undertaker (Huge Cheer) or you, Edge, could be facing me.”

                      (The crowd cheer very loudly at this as Edge doesn’t look happy.)

                      Edge: “Cena, it doesn’t matter who I face because come Backlash the result will always be the same, I will walk out World Heavyweight Champion. If it is you Cena, if you do win that Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, I’ll beat you like I have done so many times before.”

                      (The crowd boo loudly as Cena smiles, he takes off his hat and throws it to the crowd and goes to speak but Edge stops him.)

                      Edge: “Oh, Cena, let me ask you something... do you remember that time I cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and won your WWE Championship? (Boos) Or the time I beat you in your own home town?”

                      (Cena smiles again and takes off his shirt this time throwing it to the crowd, it seems he is getting angrier every second before seeming to calm down a little.)

                      John Cena: “You know what, it isn’t worth it Edge, that is the past, this is the present, now you can run your mouth all night long but I have a match to prepare for... champ!”

                      (John Cena goes to leave but Edge speaks just as Cena touches the ropes.)

                      Edge: “Or... the time I broke into your house and assaulted your father... that is one of the highlights of my career, the way he was screaming, pleading for his son but John, you couldn’t be the hero, could you? I loved hitting your defenceless father over and over again, beating him to a bloody pulp.”

                      (Cena snaps this time and turns around and tackles Edge to the ground hammering him with right hands, Edge manages to escape out of the ring. Cena isn’t satisfied and chases Edge up the ramp area, Edge runs behind the curtain and Cena follows, the camera returns to the announce table.)

                      Michael Cole: “John Cena has snapped King, as soon as Edge mentioned Cena’s father Cena went after Edge, we need a camera back there.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I can’t believe what I am seeing.”

                      (Finally, we get a camera in the backstage area and the two are fighting again, Edge kicks Cena’s knee and Cena falls to one knee, Edge then kicks Cena in the face knocking the former champion down. Edge runs down the hall as Cena gets back to his feet, Edge runs through a set of double doors into the parking lot, the camera pans to Cena inside the arena making his way to the doors, he is now outside and looks around and can’t see Edge, suddenly he sees a car leaving the parking lot and chases after it, just then from behind Edge cracks Cena with a lead pipe. Cena is knocked out. Edge opens the trunk of a nearby car and drags Cena up and into it. He closes the trunk and then locks it. Edge laughs wickedly picking up his title from the ground and placing it over his shoulder. He cockily walks to the car door and enters it. We see the car then reverse out of the parking space and then out of the parking lot.)

                      Michael Cole: “Oh my! Edge has just dragged John Cena into the trunk of that vehicle and has left the arena with Cena in the back of his car.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I’m speechless Michael, what does this mean for tonight? Effectively, Edge has kidnapped John Cena right here on RAW.

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      Michael Cole: “Welcome back to the longest-running episodic show in television history, Monday Night RAW and just moments ago, we witnessed the sickening actions of Edge who attacked John Cena with a lead pipe and bundled him into the back of his vehicle before leaving the arena.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “We believe that WWE Cameramen are in hot pursuit of Edge’s vehicle, right now we can’t say anymore but as soon as we have the chance to take you to any of the action outside of the arena tonight, we will.”

                      Match 1
                      Six Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
                      Evan Bourne vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Mark Henry vs. DJ Gabriel vs. John Morrison vs. United States Champion MVP

                      (The camera pans into the ring where Lillian Garcia is standing smiling into the camera, she lifts the microphone up to her mouth.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is a Six-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal which will see six new RAW superstars compete and it is for the WWE United States Championship.”

                      (“Just Dance” by Lady Gaga hits on the sound speaker to the surprise of the crowd in attendance as DJ Gabriel comes dancing onto the stage with Alicia Fox to little reaction. They continue down the ramp dancing and clapping fans hands.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing first, from Wokingham, England weighing in at 220lbs and accompanied by Alicia Fox… D…J… Gabriel!”

                      (Gabriel and Fox enter the ring and dance some more, there are actually a few boos from the crowd now.)

                      Michael Cole: “Don’t be fooled by DJ Gabriel, sure he likes to dance and have fun but when he gets into the ring he is a tough competitor. Could DJ become only the third ever person outside the United States to hold this championship since its inception in wrestling in 1975.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Gabriel is a great athlete Michael, he was one of the best graduates from WWE’s training camp and he is sure to be a threat in this match and what better way to introduce yourself than winning championship gold?”

                      (“Some Bodies Gonna’ Get It” hits next and the crowd begin booing the Silverback Mark Henry. Henry comes onto the stage with Tony Atlas by his side, he signals on the stage that the United States Championship will be around his waist.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing next, from Silsbee, Texas weighing in at 380lbs… being accompanied to the ring by Tony Atlas… “The World’s Strongest Man”… Mark Henry!”

                      (Henry and Atlas enter the ring and taunt some more to the boos of the crowd in attendance.)

                      Michael Cole: “The World’s Strongest Man is a sure-fire favourite in this match King, Henry who enjoyed a very successful run on ECW where he won the ECW World Championship is now on RAW and looking to add the United States Championship to his list of titles.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Mark Henry is my pick Michael, he is the World’s Strongest Man and I wouldn’t want to try and put him over the ropes out of the match.”

                      (“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now” blasts out of the sound speakers and the crowd begin raining boos on the former United States Champion. The pyrotechnics go off on the stage as Benjamin appears wearing his usual gold attire. Benjamin continues down the ramp.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing next, from Orangeburg, South Carolina weighing in at 248lbs… “The Gold Standard”… Shelton Benjamin!”
                      (Benjamin enters the ring and stares at Gabriel and then Henry before climbing onto the turnbuckle and taunting some more.”

                      Michael Cole: “Shelton Benjamin is so quick, so agile and is sure to be a threat in this contest. He can leap from out of nowhere and surprise you and that could play a huge factor in this match.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Shelton Benjamin feels that the title he lost to MVP is still rightfully his and that MVP should not be holding it. Benjamin could well become champion again tonight on his return to Monday Night RAW.”

                      (“Air Bourne” sounds next and the crowd give their second loudest cheer of the night, behind John Cena to Evan Bourne. Bourne runs onto the stage doing his signature taunt and then pyrotechnics go off behind him. He continues down the ramp slapping the fans hands along the way.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Making his way to the ring from St. Louis Missouri weighing 183lbs... Evan Bourne!”

                      (Bourne enters the ring and does his taunt once more as the crowd cheer him loudly.)

                      Michael Cole: “If you haven’t been watching ECW in recent weeks then you have been missing out on Evan Bourne, one of the most exciting young superstars in all of the WWE and continues to entertain week after week right here in the WWE.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Evan Bourne is famous for that Shooting Star Press of his that has won him several matches on ECW and his high flying aerial ability might just be enough to secure a win here in this Battle Royal.”

                      (Next, “Ain’t No Make Believe” sounds out of the speaker as John Morrison quickly taunts at the stage, when he throws his arm in the air a firework screeches down from above much like what the Dudley Boys used to have, it explodes on the stage and Morrison emerges from the smoke.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing next, from Hollywood, California weighing in at 219lbs... John Morrison!”

                      (Morrison enters the ring and taunts some more.)

                      Michael Cole: “I do not think I have seen a more athletically gifted wrestler than John Morrison. The former WWE and World Tag Team Champion and former ECW and Intercontinental Champion is certainly one to watch.”

                      (Finally, “I’m Coming” blasts out of the speakers and the inflatable tunnel of MVP’s makes its return, he pops out of it to loud cheers doing his signature pose. He continues down the ramp, stops, taunts and throws his arms out as fire shoots up from the podium. MVP takes his United States Championship from his waist and raises it in the air.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing the final participant, from Miami, Florida weighing in at 249lbs... he is the WWE United States Champion... Montel Vontavious Porter... M... V... P!”

                      (MVP rolls into the ring and taunts some more at the ropes, he turns around and puts his United States Championship right up to the face of Mark Henry.)

                      Michael Cole: “Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP the current United States Champion has been on a roll since breaking that losing streak of his on SmackDown and King, right now, in my opinion MVP is better than he has ever been.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I can’t disagree with you Michael, but there is a lot at stake here tonight, that US Championship is on the line and you have to wonder whether MVP will be able to cope under the pressure tonight.”

                      BELL RINGS

                      (DJ Gabriel runs right at Mark Henry but falls to the mat after running into him to the crowd’s laughter. Henry smirks as the others watch on, DJ is then lifted and flung from the ring over the top rope and is now eliminated from the contest.)

                      Elimination: DJ Gabriel

                      Michael Cole: “Well, DJ Gabriel didn’t get the best of welcomes here on RAW, he was flung out in seconds by Mark Henry.”

                      (DJ Gabriel looks shocked on the outside before making his way backstage, in the ring John Morrison hits Evan Bourne with a kick upside the head. Shelton Benjamin ducks under a Mark Henry clothesline and then takes out MVP with a clothesline of his own. Benjamin then jumps onto the ropes and lands a Springboard Elbow on the World’s Strongest Man which makes Henry stagger back. Henry is then taken down with a chop block by John Morrison. Henry is on his knees and Benjamin drops the big man with a DDT. Morrison and Benjamin try to lift Henry to his feet and they are helped by Bourne and MVP, soon they get Henry to his feet and begin pushing him over to the ropes, Bourne leaves the group and bounces off of the ropes, the others are holding Henry’s legs trying to push him over when Evan Bourne comes flying in with his knees smashing into Henry’s face which sends both of them crashing to the floor. Bourne however has landed on Henry and both feet have not touched the floor, he grabs the apron, standing on Henry before re-entering the ring.)

                      Elimination: Mark Henry

                      Jerry Lawler: “Well, there goes my favourite for this match but Evan Bourne took a huge risk with those knees to Henry’s face, the momentum sent him over the rope and it was pure luck that Bourne was able to land on Henry who was laying on the mat. The rules state that you are not eliminated until both feet touch the floor and although they came close, Bourne’s feet did not touch the mat.”

                      (Morrison picks up Bourne and signals for the Moonlight Drive but Bourne fights out and lands a heel kick right to the face of Morrison, Morrison falls to the mat and Bourne climbs the ropes, MVP and Benjamin are fighting and Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press to a huge cheer. MVP breaks away from Benjamin and charges at Bourne as he arrives at his feet, MVP lands the Drive-By Kick which actually gets some boos. MVP turns around into the Paydirt from Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin smirks and taunts a little taking his time knowing that right now he is the last man standing. Benjamin picks up John Morrison but instead of throwing him out he signals for the Paydirt, Morrison is able to fight out though to everyone’s surprise and Benjamin has failed to capitalize. Benjamin manages to regain his footing and then hits the Paydirt this time! Before Benjamin can react he is kicked right to the face by Evan Bourne. Bourne lands his Jumping Moonsault and picks Benjamin up, he goes to throw him out of the ring but Benjamin holds the ropes and elbows Bourne, Benjamin picks Bourne up for a powerbomb but Bourne does a hurricanrana that takes both Benjamin and himself out of the ring and the match.)

                      Eliminations: Shelton Benjamin and Evan Bourne

                      Michael Cole: “Woah, Bourne just risked everything again to try and eliminate the Gold Standard, he managed to use that hurricanrana to take Shelton Benjamin out but he also took himself out of the match much to his frustration. We are now left with John Morrison and United States Champion MVP, which one will be walking out as United States Champion?”

                      (Morrison and MVP are both laid out on the mat, Morrison a victim to the Paydirt and the Shooting Star Press whereas MVP only suffered the Paydirt. After about two minutes the two men reach their feet, they charge at each other and take each other out with a clothesline. There is a somewhat split reaction as the crowd are chanting for both men. They get to their feet again and begin trading punches before Morrison knees MVP in the gut, Morrison goes for the Moonlight Drive but flips not taking MVP with him who has slipped out. MVP backs off and goes for the Drive-By but Morrison moves and takes MVP’s leg from him taking MVP to the mat he then locks in the Figure Four Leg-Lock. MVP screams in pain but manages to turn it around before releasing. Both men get to their feet again and MVP runs at Morrison, Morrison pulls the ropes down and MVP goes over but holds on, Morrison turns and MVP goes for the suplex and lifts him up, Morrison falls out onto the apron, they trade punches on the apron. Morrison kicks MVP in the gut and then does the MOONLIGHT DRIVE FROM THE APRON TO THE MAT! Everyone is confused as to who the winner is.)

                      Michael Cole: “Oh! John Morrison just hit MVP with that Moonlight Drive from the ring apron to the mat outside!”

                      Jerry Lawler: “It shows that these guys are willing to do whatever to win the championship but who is champion, whose feet touched first?”

                      (After a few moments both men stagger to their feet still fighting as Lillian Garcia’s voice is heard after talking with the referees.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “The referees surrounding the ring have decided that the winner of this Six-Man-Battle Royal... and... ... ... ... ... ... NEW WWE United States Champion... John... Morrison!”

                      (Morrison and MVP stop fighting, Morrison runs around the ring to collect his championship and lifts it high into the air. MVP begins arguing with the referees, a replay is shown and we can see that MVP’s feet hit the mat first before any other part of MVP or Morrison. MVP quickly takes a microphone.)

                      MVP: “Hey, Morrison... Morrison... hold up a minute.”

                      (Morrison, who is half-way up the ramp with his title on his shoulder stops and turns around.)

                      MVP: “You won... you beat me... you are the new champion, congratulations.”

                      (The crowd begin booing as Morrison shows off his title, they are mostly surprised with MVP’s reaction.)

                      MVP: “This is the place were big things are poppin’, little things are stoppin’ so John Morrison, I ain’t quite finished with you. I want you to celebrate with that gold because I am proposing this man, at Backlash... me and you, one-on-one, no Battle Royals, no Silverbacks, no dancers, no Shooting Stars, no Gold Standards, just me and you for... your... United States Championship.”

                      (The crowd go crazy at the prospect but Morrison just turns around and walks up the ramp without giving an answer.)

                      Michael Cole: “Well, MVP has put the challenge on the table for John Morrison, he wants a match for Morrison’s United States Championship and we’ll keep you up to date with the situation as Monday Night RAW rolls on.”

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      (We return to the arena and we focus on the announcers desk of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.)

                      Michael Cole: “Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, I believe that right now Vickie Guerrero wants to address the ongoing situation between her husband Edge and John Cena.”

                      (Vickie Guerrero flashes up on the titantron and once the crowd notices, the boos rain down on the RAW General Manager.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “EXCUSE ME!”

                      (Of course, they only get louder to the point where Vickie screams.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW?”

                      (The crowd continue to boo, Vickie composes herself it seems.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “Last night myself and Edge agreed to go our separate ways for the betterment of our careers, it was a very difficult decision but we remain close friends.”

                      (The crowd cheer loudly.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “And now, my husband, my loving, caring husband Edge has kidnapped John Cena, earlier tonight he put John Cena into the back of his car and left the arena. I don’t know what is happening right now but if John Cena is not back in the arena in time for his match then he will be excluded from the match and his place will be given to a randomly selected wrestler on the RAW roster. Thank you.”

                      (The crowd continue to boo as Vickie Guerrero’s face leaves the screen.)

                      VIDEO PACKAGE: Wrestlemania 25

                      (We go backstage again where we see Todd Grisham standing holding a microphone smiling into the camera. He then lifts the microphone to his mouth.)

                      Todd Grisham: “At this time, I am joined by... Chris Jericho!”
                      (The camera pans out as Chris Jericho comes into view.)

                      Todd Grisham: “Chri—“

                      (Jericho grabs the microphone from Todd Grisham and pushes him away. He stares directly into the camera.)

                      Chris Jericho: “Last night at WrestleMania 25 I did what I had told all of you hypocrites I was going to do, win and prove that these legends, these has-beens, these ancient, broken-down, over the hill parasites have clung onto that glory too long and they will NEVER be able to compete with a superstar on my level.”

                      (The crowd are booing loudly through this.)

                      Chris Jericho: “I made Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper submit, I pinned Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat 1,2,3 in the middle of the ring, I took out one of the supposed greatest, ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and then, then the most satisfying moment of my career came when I left the man who started all of this... Mickey Rourke... laying on the canvas. Just like all those has-beens, Rourke is past it and I proved that playing a wrestler in a movie is a lot different from actually being one. Rourke entered MY world and he paid for it.”

                      (The crowd are booing even louder before, Jericho smirks.)

                      Chris Jericho: “Tonight will be no different to WrestleMania, I’ve beaten Shawn Michaels so many times that it just isn’t fun anymore, the Undertaker, I’ve not faced the Undertaker many times but just like I beat Steamboat, Piper and Snuka I will defeat another hasbeen in the Undertaker today, oh and John Cena better hope that he doesn’t get here in time.”

                      (The camera fades out.)

                      Second Match
                      Non-Title Match
                      “Divas Champion” Maryse vs. Mickie James

                      (We return to the arena and we see Lillian Garcia standing in the ring with a microphone again smiling broadly into the camera.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall.”

                      (“Obsession” sounds and Mickie James gets a reasonable pop from the Houston crowd, Mickie dances a little on the stage before continuing down the ramp slapping a few fans hands before entering the ring and flicking her head up with a smile on her face.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing first, from Richmond, Virginia... Mickie James!”

                      (Mickie James climbs the turnbuckle and does her pointing taunt which gets some nice cheers from the lively crowd.)

                      Michael Cole: “There you see a four-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James who will be looking to put herself right into the Divas title picture tonight.”

                      (“Oh Qui” sounds next and the crowd give a split reaction to Maryse, some cheer for her hotness I guess and others boo her like they should. Maryse taunts on the stage before holding her title in the air. She continues down the ramp before sliding in the ring.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Making her way to the ring from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the reigning WWE Divas Champion... Maryse!”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Am I dreaming Michael? Please tell me I am not dreaming.”

                      Michael Cole: “You aren’t dreaming King, Maryse, the Divas Champion was drafted to RAW last week effectively switching places with Women’s Champion Melina and you have to think King, if Mickie James can beat Maryse tonight, she must be in line for a title shot.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “And speaking of title shots, I have received word from RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero that at Backlash we will see John Morrison defend his United States Championship against MVP. MVP has activated the rematch clause in his contract to get the match.”

                      BELL RINGS

                      Finishing Minutes:
                      (Maryse and Mickie circle the ring before locking up, they are trying to push each other back when Maryse kicks out at Mickie connecting with her knee, Mickie falls to the ground as the crowd boo Maryse who flicks her hair back. Mickie does a roll-up though, “1...2...” Maryse was almost caught out but she manages to kick out at the last second. Maryse is shocked and is kneeling on the mat, Mickie doesn’t slow down as she comes off of the ropes with a dropkick and goes for the cover again, “1...2...” Maryse kicks out again and rolls out of the ring, Maryse picks up her championship and walks around the ring, she is about to walk up the ramp but turns to see Mickie James diving through the middle rope right on top of her. The crowd are going absolutely crazy as Mickie gets to her feet and screams into the camera, she throws Maryse into the ring and goes for the cover, “1...2..” but again to Mickie’s frustration, Maryse is able to kick out.)

                      Michael Cole: “Mickie is on fire tonight, King! Can Mickie keep it up and beat Maryse? Find out when RAW comes back.”

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      (We return to see that Maryse has locked in her Camel Clutch, after a few minutes struggle and to the cheers of the crowd, Mickie fights out and then looks for the Mickie DDT but she flings herself back and Maryse doesn’t come with her causing a whiplash effect. Maryse laughs and flicks her hair again as Mickie holds the back of her head in pain. Maryse picks up Mickie and suplexes her, she goes for the cover, “1...2...” it is Mickie who kicks out this time much to the chagrin of Maryse. Maryse comes off of the ropes looking for a leg drop but Mickie moves, gets up and then kicks the back of Maryse hard. Mickie waits for Maryse to get to her feet and goes for the Mick Kick but Maryse ducks and as Mickie’s leg goes back to the mat Maryse lifts herself up with Mickie on her shoulders, ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! “1...2...” Mickie kicks out, Maryse angrily lifts Mickie up and lands the French TKO, her DDT. “1...2...3” and this time it is over.)

                      Winner: Maryse

                      Lillian Garcia: “Here is your winner... the Divas Champion... Maryse!”

                      (The crowd again give a split reaction as Maryse holds her title in the air and taunts to the crowd who continue booing and cheering.)

                      Michael Cole: “What an action-packed contest between these two divas and it seemed like Mickie was in control until she missed that Mick Kick and was given that Electric Chair Drop followed by that French TKO.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Well, what an introduction to Monday Night RAW for Maryse, do you think she will introduce herself to me later?”

                      Michael Cole: “I severely doubt it King, anyway, let’s take you back to earlier tonight when Edge and John Cena had an altercation which led to one of the most shocking things I, and I’m sure the WWE Universe have ever seen.”

                      (We see a replay of Edge putting Cena in the trunk and leaving the arena.)

                      Michael Cole: “I am now receiving official word that our WWE cameras have caught up with Edge a few miles away near the Sidney Sherman Bridge here in Houston and we can now take you to live coverage.”

                      (The titantron flickers on and we see Edge’s car coming to a halt, he steps out of the car and walks to the back of it, he sits on the trunk and begins speaking.)

                      Edge: “John, you tried to wreck my marriage... you tried to ruin my career... you tried to ruin my life. You have taken World titles from me, you have taken years off of my career and yet John Cena is the posterboy of the WWE. You see John I have the one thing you want, the World Heavyweight Championship and I bet, I bet you were intent on winning that Fatal Four Way tonight so you could face me at Backlash but when you came out to that ring, which you had no business doing, I figured that I’d make sure you don’t get your hands on what you want, I didn’t want to go to this extreme Cena but you forced it upon yourself.”

                      (The crowd are heard booing inside the arena, we hear banging from inside of the trunk.)

                      Edge: “Wow, it’s cold out here, you may not get the chance to challenge for my World Championship Cena but, hey, at least you’ll be warm. John, you know how I said earlier that beating your dad to a pulp was one of the highlights of my career, this right now might go right up there with it, I left your dad helpless and now I am leaving you helpless, you can’t go anywhere Cena, where is the “Chain Gang” to save you now, John?”

                      (Cena continues hammering at the trunk from the inside.)

                      Edge: “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on who is going to Backlash ahead of you, who is going to face me so you don’t need to worry about that. This is great, this is payback for the torment you have caused me over the years, it took you years to break me down but I do it in one night, the unbreakable John Cena is broken by the Rated R Superstar. Oh, and Cena... did I ever tell you how great it feels to be in World Championship matches?”
                      (Cena continues banging at the trunk and muffled shouts can be heard.)

                      Edge: “Okay, I think it’s time we go another ride, I’m quite hungry, almost as hungry as you are for championship gold.”

                      (Edge gets off of the trunk laughing and gets into the car as the booing continues, he speeds off into the distance with Cena still in the back as the screen fades to black.)

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      (We return to see Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler.)

                      Michael Cole: “Moments ago we caught up with Edge who has basically imprisoned John Cena in the back of his vehicle just to make sure Cena can’t compete in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to determine who will face Edge at Backlash. Edge is carrying out a despicable act King, he really is and don’t tell me Vickie Guerrero isn’t involved in this, she may have split from Edge but don’t tell me she isn’t being lenient here, any other General Manager would’ve got some control on this situation by now.”

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      (We go backstage and Todd Grisham is once again standing with a microphone in his hand.)

                      Todd Grisham: “At this time, I am joined by one of the participants in tonight’s Fatal-Four-Way Elimination Match to determine the Number One Contender to Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship… The Heartbreak Kid… Shawn Michaels!”

                      (The crowd go absolutely nuts as Shawn Michaels comes into view, a large ‘HBK’ chant starts.)

                      Todd Grisham: “Shawn, after Wrestlemania 25, where you came so close to ending the streak of the Undertaker, do you feel that tonight you can win this match in which Undertaker is a participant and go on to face Edge at Backlash?”

                      Shawn Michaels: “There is not a doubt in anybody’s mind that the match between myself and the Undertaker was a classic. We tore the house down, we electrified, brother. I didn’t end the streak but I will forever be, the Icon, the Showstopper, the Main Event, Mr. WrestleMania and tonight I will win that Four-Way and I will go on to challenge Edge at Backlash.”

                      ???: “Backlash…”

                      (Shawn Michaels turns around to see The Undertaker, Taker’ gets a very loud cheer.)

                      Undertaker: “Backlash… a strong forceful action reaction to another action… to recoil and strike back… to exact revenge. Shawn Michaels, you want to do all of that to me… you didn’t feed your ego last night and you didn’t beat me. Tonight, you get the chance to exact revenge… to feed your ego… but just like the other three participants, you will fall, I will take your soul and I will go to Backlash and win the World Heavyweight Championship.”
                      (Undertaker and HBK stare each other down as we go back to the arena.)

                      Match 3
                      Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

                      (A video begins playing on the titantron, it’s a WWE AT&T Mobile Video and it shows Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes re-watching Randy Orton vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 25 backstage earlier in the night. They begin to discuss Orton’s move and DiBiase says that it is a good thing and that now he has the chance to shine, Rhodes says that Orton was a true leader and DiBiase should stop disrespecting him. The two have further heated words until they begin brawling and are then separated by referees.)

                      Michael Cole: “As you can see, exclusively from WWE AT&T’s Mobile Service, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Legacy have fallen apart following the leader of the group, WWE Champion Randy Orton being drafted to SmackDown. DiBiase claims that now that Orton is on Friday nights they will get their chance to shine, saying Orton took over the spotlight, Rhodes on the other hand defended Orton saying without him they would never be where they are.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Of course, things escalated and these two promising youngsters came to blows, after being separated it was announced by RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero on that the former World Tag Champions would settle their differences in the ring.”

                      (We go to the ring were Cody Rhodes is already standing, his Priceless music still playing in the background. I guess WWE doesn’t want to have Rhodes come out to it and then straight after have DiBiase do the same, Rhodes has a microphone in hand.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, in the ring from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing 219lbs… Cody Rhodes!”

                      Cody Rhodes: “Ted DiBiase, my former friend, a former World Tag Champion with yours truly sunk to a new low… he claimed that Randy Orton, the best in the business right now, the WWE Champion was holding him back. Ted told me that we could shine now that Orton was on SmackDown and I, personally, take offence to that. Randy Orton is the man who put us in Legacy, the man who has made us what we are today, it wasn’t my father, it wasn’t Ted’s father… it was Randy Orton. (Boos) You can boo all you like but it is the truth, come on though, are you honestly telling me you agree with Ted DiBiase?”

                      (The crowd give out a small cheer but it’s mostly mixed for Ted DiBiase.)

                      Cody Rhodes: “Well, let me all tell you something, I’ve ALWAYS been the breakout star of this group and right here, tonight, Ted DiBiase will learn that.”

                      (“Priceless” then hits and the crowd give out another small cheer for DiBiase who walks down the ramp-way, DiBiase slaps a few fans hands showing a drastic change in personality.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “And the opponent from Palm Springs, Florida weighing 238lbs… Ted DiBiase!”

                      Michael Cole: “I’ve seen a drastic change in Ted DiBiase tonight King, he understands that he has all the ability to shine but he feels he can’t do that in this Legacy group and he has expressed his feelings on that tonight and you have to respect him for that.”
                      Jerry Lawler: “Your right Michael, but I’m not buying anything right now between these two, remember it was DiBiase and Rhodes that turned on Rhodes’ partner at Night of Champions to win their first tag gold together.”

                      (DiBiase gets in the ring and takes a microphone.)

                      Ted DiBiase: “Cody… listen man, I don’t understand, I was stating my opinion, I feel… personally… that Randy Orton was taking the spotlight. Didn’t you see it? It was always Orton challenging for the WWE Championship, Orton in the main event, Orton in the interview slots, Orton making a name for himself… not us. People saw us as just two guys with HUGE potential walking around with Randy Orton, we didn’t make any impact and now that Randy is on SmackDown, we can. I guess, just like your father, you can’t handle someone else’s opinion.”

                      (Rhodes laughs and then goes to speak.)

                      Cody Rhodes: “Oh, I can handle your opinion, but what you are basically saying is, I’ll have my opinion, you have yours and we walk away… we say no more about it… we act like it never happened but then you talk about making an impact. By walking away, you wouldn’t be making an impact Ted, I don’t agree with your opinion and because I am the man that I am, because I learned from the very best, I’ll do something about it. I’ll make an impact by beating you tonight and showing you that I am superior than you, and then when that is done, I’m going to Vickie Guerrero and asking for a move to SmackDown so that I can get away from you.”
                      (It is now DiBiase’s turn to laugh.)

                      Ted DiBiase: “I can guarantee, if Orton wasn’t on SmackDown right now, he would be the ring with the microphone, not us. I’ve lost a lot of respect for you in one night Cody, you want to do something about MY opinion, go on, do it. I’ll beat you tonight, I’ll beat you anytime and I will shine in the ring tonight then you can have your career hindered further on SmackDown by Randy Orton.”

                      (The crowd are cheering louder for DiBiase and start chanting ‘DiBiase’ over and over, DiBiase drops the microphone as they get ready for the match.)

                      BELL RINGS

                      Finishing Minutes
                      (Rhodes lays a right hand right to the jaw of DiBiase during the middle portion of the match, ‘who’s better, huh?’ Rhodes asks but he gets caught with a huge right hand right to his face, Rhodes staggers back and DiBiase gives him an uppercut before going for the cover, “1…2…” Rhodes kicks out to DiBiase’s surprise, DiBiase gets up and drops an elbow on Rhodes. DiBiase picks Rhodes up and goes for a DDT but Rhodes fights out and kicks DiBiase in the gut, it seems like he is going for an RKO but DiBiase pushes him away, Rhodes turns into a sick clothesline from DiBiase, DiBiase goes for the cover “1…2…” Rhodes is able to kick out again. DiBiase bangs the mat with his fists, he gets to his feet and Rhodes soon follows, DiBiase misses a swinging right hand and Rhodes lands a backdrop. Rhodes then locks in a chinlock. It takes a while for the crowd to get going and are now chanting “Lets go Ted!” over and over. DiBiase finally escapes the hold and pushes Rhodes into the ropes. Rhodes comes back and DiBiase gives him a scoop slam followed by a leg drop, cover, “1…2…” kick-out by Rhodes. Both men get to their feet and stare each other down.)

                      Michael Cole: “These men, matching each other inside the ring right now, DiBiase unable to keep Rhodes down so far as these former partners battle it out.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I am beginning to agree with Ted DiBiase now Michael, these two are really shining on RAW tonight.”

                      (They lock-up and Rhodes pushes DiBiase into the ropes, Rhodes then clotheslines DiBiase to the outside of the ring. Rhodes smirks and taunts and gets some surprisingly, decent boos. Rhodes leaves the ring and whips DiBiase into the steel steps. The referee has began counting “1…2…” DiBiase manages to get back to his feet and catches Rhodes with a wild right hand, Rhodes retaliates with one of his own and they begin brawling, “3…4…5…” Rhodes whips DiBiase into the crowd barrier and DiBiase is in pain, Rhodes then clotheslines DiBiase over before climbing over himself, “6…7…8” Rhodes throws DiBiase back over the barrier, DiBiase gets to his feet and the brawling begins again both men just firing rights and lefts at each other, the crowd are in a frenzy really getting into the brawl. “9…” The two don’t even seem to notice the count, they are still brawling, Rhodes smashes DiBiase’s head off of the apron and vice-versa. “10…” both superstars slide in, but have been counted out to their disbelief.)

                      Winner: No Contest

                      (They both stare at each other and then DiBiase spears down Cody Rhodes, the brawling continues.)

                      Michael Cole: “Oh, DiBiase taking down Rhodes, the match has finished in a count out but these two are certainly not done.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I think we need some security out here.”

                      (They continue brawling and security, just like King said come out to the ring, they try and hold them back but Rhodes and DiBiase fight over the security, then a familiar voice is heard.)

                      ???: “EXCUSE ME!”

                      (For the second time tonight, Vickie Guerrero is wheeled out by a WWE Staff Member to the top of the stage, the two are still fighting as the crowd boo loudly.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “I said… EXCUSE ME!”

                      (The two finally stop and are being held back by security, they look up the ramp towards Vickie Guerrero.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “If you two do not stop fighting right now, I will have security throw you both out of here along with your careers.”
                      (The crowd are booing but also chanting “Let Them Fight.”)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “Excuse me!”

                      (This causes the crowd to get even louder than before infuriating Vickie.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “Don’t you think I have enough to deal with tonight? First, it was these people, then you two. My husband Edge has went crazy, John Cena probably won’t make it to the Fatal Four Way and I need to find a suitable replacement.”

                      (The crowd begin chanting ‘Cena, Cena’ over and over.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “After tonight, you two obviously aren’t done, it looks like you can’t wait to get your hands on each other again and since I am the best General Manager in all of the WWE I am going to make a match for Backlash which will have huge consequences.”

                      (The crowd go silent and Rhodes and DiBiase shoot a glance at each other before looking back at Vickie, intrigued.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “At Backlash, we will have a winner between you two… at Backlash you two will compete in a No Disqualification Match (Loud Cheer) Cody, you said that after tonight you will ask to be put on SmackDown? Well, I phoned up SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long and we have agreed a deal… if you win Cody at Backlash, you will get your wish and you will go to Friday Night Smackdown, Teddy Long told me he views you as an invaluable star… on the other hand if RAW wins I can pick WHOEVER I want.”

                      (Vickie begins laughing wickedly.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “Now, security… please take these two back to their locker rooms.”

                      (The screen fades out as security takes them to the back.)

                      Michael Cole: “After a heated match, RAW General Manager, Vickie Guerrero announced that at Backlash, former tag team, Legacy, will do battle against each other as Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes battle it out.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Speaking of Ted DiBiase, on May 15th the much-anticipated sequel of the Marine, the Marine 2 starring Ted DiBiase will be released on DVD. Over the coming weeks we will provide you with exclusive sneak peeks and keep you up to date.”

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      Michael Cole: “The WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is one of the most special nights of the year and occurs the night before WrestleMania, one of the men inducted this year was the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, lets take a look.”

                      VIDEO RECAP: Hall of Fame Ceremony

                      Michael Cole: “It was a great evening and a fantastic weekend for one man in particular, Stone Cold Steve Austin… that is until he came out to say his last goodbye to the WWE Universe, have one more beer with the crowd at WrestleMania, he was interrupted by Mr. Kennedy, who we believed was coming out to say goodbye to a man he respects very much, but King, that wasn’t the case.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “All night, the crowd was loud and cheering until Kennedy’s act were everyone went silent, it’s a night, a moment I will never forget and I’m sure Stone Cold Steve Austin will never forget, his send-off will forever be remembered as him laying in the ring, laid out by Mr. Kennedy, take a look.”

                      VIDEO RECAP: Mr. Kennedy attacks Steve Austin

                      (“Turn up the Trouble” then hits after this and the crowd begin booing very loudly, probably the loudest reaction so far, Kennedy comes onto the stage carrying a crushed beer can. Kennedy continues down the ramp, the crowd still booing. He fakes to touch a few fans hands before continuing down the ramp-way.)

                      Michael Cole: “Mr. Kennedy, who just returned from injury last night further disrespecting Stone Cold when pouring beer all over the legend.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I don’t think he can explain his actions if I’m honest, just terrible.”

                      (Kennedy gets into the ring and takes a microphone rather than letting it fall down. Kennedy goes to speak but the booing is too loud, he waits for the crowd to quieten down.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “When I was growing up in Greenbay, Wisconsin, when I was a kid, I watched the WWE. I watched Hulk Hogan turn WWE red and yellow, I watched Hulk Hogan slam Andre the Giant, I watched Hulk Hogan win the WWE Championship. Hulk Hogan was my favourite, Hulk Hogan was my idol. Then, I was watching it years later and I saw Stone Cold Steve Austin (Huge Cheer), the man sent shivers down my spine and I thought he was the best in the business at that point, I watched Austin stunner McMahon, I watched Austin win the Royal Rumble, I watched Austin side with McMahon, I watched Austin win the WWE Championship, Austin was my favourite.”

                      (The crowd begin booing again and are chanting “Kennedy Sucks over and over.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “Some years after, I decided, because of seeing Austin transcend the WWE that I wanted to do the same, I wanted to be a professional wrestler, I wanted to win championships and Royal Rumble’s and Stone Cold Steve Austin helped me into the wrestling business, he gave me advice every time he attended an event, when I made my debut, he was there saying ‘you did well, kid.’ I had every bit of respect for Austin.”

                      (The crowd are pretty silent now, letting Kennedy speak.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “Then, things went downhill, Austin retired at WrestleMania, one of the saddest moments of my career, he had one last beer with the fans, he then made some special appearances and then… then on Saturday night he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I was there, I stood and I applauded Austin, I was like a little kid again, my idol was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

                      (The crowd begin cheering this time.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “Then, last night I’m sitting in the back, reflecting on my career, watching a television monitor and the glass shatters, my thoughts about my career go away and I focus on Austin, he’s having one last beer with the crowd, fantastic. I stood backstage, I clapped because I respected him. Then, it hit me, this man has done it all, this man has won championships, he’s won Royal Rumbles, he’s headlined WrestleMania, he has proved he is the very best in the business.”

                      (The crowd again cheer very loudly.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “Last night, it was like it was happening sub-consciously, I began making my way to the ring, how could this man, the man that gave me all the advice, the man I respected have a better career than me? I’ve been plagued with injury after injury and each time I’ve worried about my future career prospects, Austin didn’t have to worry about that, he came back from neck surgery and still competed, Austin doesn’t need to worry about anything… he will go down as the best ever in the WWE, but what about me, huh? What about me?”

                      (The crowd boo Kennedy.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “I went to that ring, I tried my very hardest to just shake the man’s hand and be done with it, but I couldn’t do that, how could he have this fantastic career and I couldn’t? I said Austin was the very best, I am the very best but it wasn’t showing because of my injuries, Austin was out there reflecting on a fantastic career while I was standing there feeling disgusted with my own. It sickened me that Austin had this great career and I didn’t so I attacked him, I laid out Stone Cold at WrestleMania, I made a name for myself in this company in one night and I have now ensured that when people think of Stone Cold, they won’t remember the titles, they won’t remember McMahon, they won’t remember the Royal Rumble victories, they will remember one man standing over Stone Cold Steve Austin… and that man… goes by the name… of… MR Ken…”

                      (“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” hits and the glass shatters, the crowd go absolutely crazy, the music continues playing but after a few moments it’s obvious Austin isn’t coming. Kennedy begins laughing in the ring as the crowd are booing.)

                      Mr. Kennedy: “Where is Austin? He isn’t coming, he has lost all the respect I had for him, he was taken out at WrestleMania, but he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about the lasting memory of him being laid out in the ring because he is an actor now, making a movie that will bomb worse than the Condemned. I will, as I said, be remembered as being the man standing over a fallen hero, a fallen Austin at WrestleMania 25… Mrrrrr… Kennneeedddddyyy… … … Kennnnnneddddyy!”

                      (The crowd didn’t chant along, they just booed Kennedy viciously. “Turn Up the Trouble” hits and Kennedy exits the ring and walks up the ramp.)

                      Michael Cole: “I cannot believe this, Kennedy is just sickening, King.”

                      Jerry Lawler: “You are right Michael, what is also sickening is the actions of the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge who bundled Cena into the trunk of the car, driving away from the arena pretty much ensuring that Cena won’t compete for a chance to face Edge at Backlash. We can now take you to some more live footage in Houston.”

                      (Edge, his car and the WWE Camera Crew are now backstage in the parking lot, Edge is staring into the camera, smiling.)

                      Edge: “Tonight, I have orchestrated the best event in wrestling history, I have made sure that John Cena will not compete tonight and I have made sure that John Cena will not challenge me at Backlash. His dreams are fading away, his chances, everything he wanted is being taken away by me and I am loving every single second of it.”

                      (Edge turns to the car and sits on the trunk again.)

                      Edge: “John, I’m going inside, you stay here, okay? Not that you can actually go anywhere, anyway. I’m going to see who I am facing at Backlash cause’ it won’t be you.”

                      Michael Cole: “Come on, surely someone can help Cena?”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Edge has the car keys Michael, there is no way in and no way out for John Cena.”

                      (Cena is hammering the trunk with his fists from inside as Edge leaves through the doors.)

                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      (We return and “Metalingus” by AlterBridge is playing, we see Edge strolling down the ramp to huge boos, Edge walks around the ring ignoring the fans before taking a seat at the announce table. He is welcomed to the booth.)

                      Michael Cole: “I guess we are being joined by Edge, Edge, what is the meaning of this? Why have you taken Cena hostage as it were? Are you scared.”

                      (Edge begins to laugh a little.)

                      Edge: “Scared, Michael, shut up!”

                      (The RAW Theme Song hits and for the third time tonight Vickie Guerrero comes onto the stage, the boos still as strong as the previous two times.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “Due…”

                      (The crowd boo again and Vickie looks ready to say excuse me but stops herself and waits for the crowd to quieten down.)

                      Vickie Guerrero: “Because of the actions earlier tonight of WWE RAW Superstar Edge, John Cena will be unable to compete tonight and will therefore be withdrawn from tonight’s contest. With that in mind, I have found a suitable replacement… a replacement who will tonight receive some valuable main event experience… spending his very last night on Monday Night RAW before moving to ECW… Dolph… Ziggler!”

                      (Dolph Ziggler’s music hits as the crowd are mostly silent and surprised that Vickie Guerrero has chosen Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler comes onto the stage and introduces himself to Vickie Guerrero with a big smile on his face, Ziggler continues down the ramp.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match were the winner will become the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, from Hollywood, California weighing 213lbs… “The Natural”… Dolph Ziggler.”

                      Michael Cole: “Well, a surprising choice by General Manager Vickie Guerrero here putting Dolph Ziggler into this match but I cannot believe that she is actually allowing you, Edge, to leave John Cena in the trunk of that car backstage, she is favouring you, I don’t care if you went your separate ways, she is favouring you and the two of you are working together to screw John Cena out of this match.”

                      Edge: “Michael, Michael calm down, myself and Vickie we are very close and she understands what I am doing. John Cena is partly the season that myself and Vickie have decided to separate, John Cena has been a constant challenge for me since 2006, every time I have beat him he has come back again and again, tonight I’m making sure he doesn’t, after the show I’ll let him out, it’s not a big deal.”

                      (“Break Down the Walls” hits next and the crowd begin booing as Chris Jericho walks onto the stage scowling at the fans. Jericho continues down the ramp-way much like Edge and Dolph Ziggler before him, he ignores the fans. He walks to the ring steps and walks up them before entering the ring. He taunts at the ropes.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “In the ring from Manhasset, New York City weighing 225lbs… Chris… Jericho!”

                      Jerry Lawler: “For now, let’s forget about your actions earlier Edge, no matter how hard it is to do so. Right now, you see Chris Jericho the man who brutally assaulted three legends and award-winning star of The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke and on the back of that he says he will win tonight and face you Edge.”

                      Edge: “Chris is a good guy King, he’s a fellow Canadian but at the end of the day, I could beat him in the middle of the ring.”

                      Michael Cole: “Is that why you have made sure John Cena can’t compete tonight? You feel you can beat everybody else but you know you can’t beat John Cena?”

                      Edge: “Oh, I’m Michael Cole! Vintage! Vintage! Vintage! Shut up.”

                      (“Sexy Boy” is next to hit and the crowd go absolutely crazy for Shawn Michaels. Michaels comes onto the stage dancing and then runs to each side of the stage taunting a little, he comes back to the middle of the ramp and walks down a little before falling to his knees. He clasps his hands together, saying a prayer before lifting his arms up and the pyrotechnics go off behind him, he continues down the ramp clapping fans hands.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing next, from San Antonio, Texas weighing in at 225lbs… The Heartbreak Kid… Shawn Michaels!”

                      Michael Cole: “HBK, Shawn Michaels, had an absolute classic with the Undertaker at WrestleMania last night, what did you think of it, Edge?”

                      Edge: “The absolute best match of the night, Michael, was when I pinned John Cena in the ring, one, two, three.”

                      Michael Cole: “You seem obsessed with John Cena.”

                      Edge: “You seem obsessed with being an ass Cole.”

                      (Everyone in the arena goes silent and then the first gong of the Undertaker’s entrance is heard, the crowd cheer loudly and stand up anticipating the arrival of the legendary Undertaker. The crowd are cheering louder than ever before tonight and then the smoke bellows out onto the stage, fire also comes up from the stage. After a few moments the Undertaker emerges to a humongous cheer. Undertaker continues to walk slowly down the ramp, he eventually reaches the steel steps and walks up the ramp and raises his arms up as the arena turns from darkness to light. He enters the ring, removes his hat and his eyes roll back.)

                      Lillian Garcia: “Introducing next, from Death Valley weighing 299lbs... The Undertaker!”

                      Jerry Lawler: “Last year, at WrestleMania XXIV you and the Undertaker engaged in a classic match in which Undertaker became World Champion. Throughout the year the Undertaker and you fought in TLC matches, a match you retired the Undertaker but it all came to a head at SummerSlam when he defeated you inside the Hell in a Cell, how would you feel having to go toe to toe with the Phenom at Backlash?”

                      Edge: “Jerry, you seem to forget that I am an eight-time World Heavyweight Champion, I retired the Undertaker, I took two months of that man’s career away and I proved that I am better than him, if I have to face him come Backlash I will beat him.”

                      Michael Cole: “Edge, you say you can beat everyone who has came down that ramp tonight, if you are so confident, why didn’t you let Cena compete?”

                      (Edge doesn’t answer as all four men circle the ring.)

                      BELL RINGS

                      (The crowd are chanting all sorts of stuff, Undertaker and Chris Jericho begin throwing right and lefts to each other at one side of the ring, Dolph Ziggler introduces himself to Shawn Michaels but receives a right hand rather than a handshake. Ziggler gets right back up and Shawn smirks at him, Ziggler retaliates with a hard right of his own as HBK backs off, Ziggler has Michaels at the turnbuckle and knees him in the gut before dropping him with a DDT, he goes for the quick cover, “1...2...” HBK kicks out, Undertaker is hitting Jericho with bodyshots in the corner, Jericho fights back with one of his own and then clotheslines Taker’ down. Jericho goes for the Lionsault early on and surprisingly connects, cover, “1...2...” Undertaker is the one to kick out this time, Ziggler hits a Shining Wizard out of nowhere on Jericho and then does the same to the Undertaker, Ziggler smirks turns around and ducks a Sweet Chin Music before chopping the chest of HBK, he then drives HBK’s head down to his knee and goes for the cover, “1...2...” Shawn Michaels kicks out.)

                      Michael Cole: “Because of your sickening actions earlier tonight Edge, Dolph Ziggler was the replacement for John Cena and Ziggler is doing surprisingly well, he is in control of this match, what if Ziggler goes on to challenge you come Backlash?”

                      Edge: “He’s impressive, but no one is better than the Rated R Superstar.”

                      (Ziggler climbs the turnbuckle and taunts to some decent boos, he jumps down and turns around and the other three participants are staring at him across the ring, looking angry, Ziggler rolls under the bottom rope and then tries to introduce himself to a fan, Shawn Michaels dives through the middle rope onto Ziggler to a loud cheer, he throws Ziggler into the ring and Ziggler staggers to his feet, Undertaker wraps his hand around the throat of Ziggler but Ziggler escapes around the back and goes for a roll-up, “1...2...” Undertaker manages to kick out. Jericho then takes out Ziggler with a Codebreaker, he goes for the cover “1...2...3” and Dolph Ziggler is eliminated.)

                      Elimination: Dolph Ziggler

                      Jerry Lawler: “And there goes Dolph Ziggler, he was looking impressive right until he turned into that Codebreaker from Chris Jericho.”

                      (Jericho gets to his feet with a huge smile on his face, he turns around and Shawn Michaels goes for a Moonsault but Jericho catches HBK, Jericho turns around looking to slam him down but receives a big boot from the Undertaker. Shawn Michaels gets to his feet and he is now face to face with the Undertaker, the two men stare each other down and the crowd go absolutely crazy for the two legends, they are interrupted by Chris Jericho who is back on his feet, HBK and Undertaker grab Jericho but Jericho pushes them away and then forearms HBK in the face, he then plants him with a powerslam and goes for the Walls of Jericho while Undertaker rests against the ropes, Shawn Michaels looks so close to tapping as he screams in pain. Jericho is smiling as he hears HBK’s screams but then finds Undertaker’s hand wrapped around his throat, Undertaker pushes Jericho back against the ropes and as Jericho bounces back off of the ropes Undertaker lifts him for the Tombstone Piledriver. He lands the manoeuvre and goes for the cover on Jericho, “1...2...3” Chris Jericho has been eliminated.)

                      Elimination: Chris Jericho

                      Michael Cole: “Oh! Tombstone! The Undertaker has eliminated Chris Jericho and just one night after their epic encounter at WrestleMania, the last two in this contest are the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Oh, Oh...”

                      (At that moment we see.... JOHN CENA diving across the announce table on top of Edge, he grabs Edge by his shirt and rips it right off while trying to remove Edge from his headset. The crowd are going absolutely crazy as Cena throws Edge over the barricade, Edge gets to his feet and tries to run away much like we saw earlier in the night when this all started. Cena climbs onto the barricade and lands a double axe handle on Edge, Edge fires back and they begin brawling up the stairs of the crowd and through the rows before disappearing backstage as Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker watch on from the ring.)

                      Michael Cole: “It’s John Cena! John Cena, Cena has escaped and Cena is here and he is after the Rated R Superstar Edge, how did Cena get out?”

                      Jerry Lawler: “I don’t know Michael, but we need to let those two settle their differences elsewhere, tonight, right now the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are going to fight it out as the last two in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to determine the Number One Contender for Edge’s championship.”

                      (The crowd turn their attention back to Undertaker and Michaels, they lock-up in the middle of the ring but Shawn pulls away and chops at the chest of the Undertaker, Undertaker staggers back but hits Shawn Michaels with a right of his own. Shawn staggers back and then falls through the middle rope, Undertaker looks around and a little bit and then looks ready to dive out of the ring but HBK climbs back onto the apron and connects with an elbow which takes the Deadman down. HBK then climbs the turnbuckle and goes for his signature elbow drop which connects, cover, “1...2...” Undertaker kicks out to Michaels surprise. Undertaker gets to his feet and whips Michaels into the corner, he goes for the Old School and connects flipping Shawn Michaels over in the process. He waits for Michaels to get to his feet and he lifts him up for the Tombstone Piledriver as the crowd go crazy, Michaels however manages to reverse but can’t hold Undertaker and both men crumple to the floor. HBK gets up first and begins tuning up the band as it were, after a few stomps Undertaker gets to his feet and is hit with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Cover, “1...2...3” Shawn Michaels has done it, he has defeated the Undertaker.)

                      Winner and Number One Contender: Shawn Michaels

                      Lillian Garcia: “Here is your winner, the new Number One Contender to Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship... Shawn Michaels!”

                      (Shawn Michaels continues celebrating in the ring.)

                      Jerry Lawler: “Shawn Michaels has done it, HBK is going to Backlash to take on Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

                      (Undertaker sits up and then gets to his feet, Shawn Michaels offers his hand for Undertaker to shake and surprisingly, Undertaker shakes it.)

                      Michael Cole: “These two men might not necessarily like each other but they respect each other and that respect has only been cemented over WrestleMania weekend.”

                      (Undertaker leaves the ring and Shawn Michaels continues to celebrate in the ring, the off air logo appears on the screen.)

                      Michael Cole: “What a night we’ve had tonight, we’ve seen John Cena denied his chance to become World Heavyweight Champion only to somehow escape and go after Edge, we’ve seen a new United States Champion and we have seen Shawn Michaels become the Number One Contender for Edge’s World title at Backlash, thank you everybody for watching, goodnight.”

                      (The screen fades to black.)

                      OFF AIR

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                        Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                        The Cool Review

                        Right, I promised earlier that I would give you a review when your first show was written, and I’ve just gotten home to see that it is done. So, here’s your review, dude. First of all, I see that your going for a full written show, and not a summary like many of us have adopted lately. It’s refreshing to see, but trust me, from someone who was one of the last ones to adopt a summary based show, it’s much easier to write and you can get shows up quicker. Just something for you to think about, man. I liked Edge in your opening promo, Cena just sounded so bland, though. I’m intrigued to see what you have in store with Edge kidnapping Cena, though. A bit unfair for MVP to defend the title in that kind of situation on his first night on the show isn’t it? I didn’t read that full match, so I wouldn’t know if it was a summary styled match or not. If it wasn’t, it was way to short. I like that you’ve crowned John Morrison the US Champion. I’m a big fan of the guy. You portrayed Vicki Guerrero rather well in that short time, but there’s no way I can see Cena returning, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I really enjoyed the majority of the Chris Jericho interview, it was at the end when he was on about Michaels, Undertaker and Cena that he just seemed a bit awkward. Not a big fan of Woman wrestling what so ever, if I had to choose my favourite it would be Mickie James, but Maryse wins, and I don’t really care too much. Sorry, dude. Awesome promo from Edge, I really loved it. I’ve changed my mind as well. Somehow, Cena will escape and get back for the match, maybe near the finishing stages of the match and win.

                        Not a bad confrontation between Michaels and Undertaker, but I personally didn’t really enjoy it that much. Don’t think Dibiase or Rhodes were ready to be broken up already. But, you have done it, you should have had Rhodes play the face and Dibiase the heel, however. A no contest between the two? I sense a rematch at Backlash? Could be good. Right, I’ve read on, and the match is made for Backlash, and I’m liking what Vicki Guerrero said. Dibiase will win, though, I reckon. Who would Vicki pick though? Loved Kennedy’s promo, it was awesome, especially the bit where Austin’s music plays and he doesn’t come out. This will have to lead to a Austin/Kennedy match though, surely? If it does, it should defiantly be built up slowly. Vicki Guerrero coming out for the third time is just a bit overkill, couldn’t you cut down on the appearances she makes through out the show? Dolph Ziggler is the replacement? Wow, that’s pretty poor. Thank god he’s eliminated first, Jericho follows and now it’s Undertaker and Michaels again. Michaels this time pins Undertaker and we have Michaels and Edge? Personally, I think Cena will somehow get himself into this match up. Well dude, that’s the end of your first show, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m expecting since that was your first show that your shows will only progress to get even better, which will be awesome. If your gonna’ continue to write in this format, would you split your posts up, though. It’s sometime a bit hard to follow. Other than, things are great like I said. Good luck, man.

                        Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                          Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                          Thanks for the review, I might end up summarizing it but it won't be until after SmackDown is posted as I've already wrote ECW and am in the process of writing SmackDown. I am glad you enjoyed the majority of the show.

                          About Ziggler, I thought I'd have a better replacement but I didn't really. I decided to give Ziggler the chance I suppose, it's something different. It's your opinion though.

                          Again, thanks for the review, it is much appreciated.

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                            Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                            WWE and make huge announcement regarding Tuesday Night ECW!

                            Since June of 2006, popular channel Sci-Fi has showcased some of the WWE’s finest talents that have came through the ranks, they have done this every Tuesday night by giving one hour of time to Extreme Championship Wrestling. An exciting, fresh show which gives Sci-Fi viewers an alternative to their regular watching and gives the WWE Universe the chance to witness superstars rise to the top. Now, almost three years after ECW made it’s debut on Sci-Fi, things are about to change drastically.

                            Sci-Fi and WWE officials have been working on an agreement throughout most of this year which will see ECW enter a new era on Sci-Fi. After intense discussions, WWE and Sci-Fi are proud to announce that ECW will be going two hours and will air live every single week and also live on Sci-Fi UK at 2AM. ECW will enter this extreme new era on Tuesday the 14th of April in a spectacular tri-branded show featuring all of the WWE Superstars to welcome in this era.

                            Expect everything, ECW alumni, former ECW stars working on RAW and SmackDown and a showcase of talent like you have never seen before. The first ever two-hour ECW will see a Champions of Champions match were WWE Champion Triple H, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and ECW Champion Jack Swagger will go head-to-head to find out just who is the most elite champion in all of the WWE.

                            Not only that, a number one contenders match will be announced by General Manager Tiffany tomorrow on ECW’s final one-hour broadcast before their move to two hours. When ECW goes two hours, expect to see huge superstars such as ECW Champion Jack Swagger, Christian, JBL, Umaga, William Regal, Jeff Hardy and many more!

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                              Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                              Small Announcement

                              I will begin writing in recap form and not full shows soon, after SmackDown.

                              ECW on Sci-Fi Preview
                              Frank Erwin Center
                              Austin, Texas

                              Still Swaggering On

                              For only the second time ever the ECW Championship was defended at WrestleMania when the “All-American American” ECW Champion Jack Swagger defeated RAW Superstar Evan Bourne in a fantastic contest to retain the title. It is almost certain that Jack Swagger will go into an extreme new era on ECW when the show goes two hours next week as ECW World Champion. Swagger is scheduled to open the show Tuesday night, no doubt to gloat about his victory just two nights ago. What will the Champ have to say and will anyone have anything to say in return to Swagger? Despite such a gruelling contest two nights ago against Evan Bourne, Swagger will head into action against Christian in a non-title match. Can Christian win the match and possibly secure a title shot in the future or can Swagger keep up his momentum.

                              The Extreme Enigma comes to ECW

                              Last week in the annual WWE Draft, ECW struck big when they drafted the Extreme Enigma Jeff Hardy to Tuesday nights. The former WWE Champion will make his official debut in the Land of Extreme this Tuesday when he meets a fellow draftee, the Wall Street Brawler, John “Bradshaw” Layfield who is only two days off of losing his Intercontinental Championship to Rey Mysterio. Both men will be going all out to prove that they have what it takes to rise to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling and it is almost a certainty that Tiffany will be watching before her huge Number One Contenders announcement this week.

                              Bulldozing the Competition

                              Ever since his debut in 2006, “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga has literally bulldozed the competition each and every week and even went on an unprecedented undefeated streak after his debut beating such stars as Triple H and Ric Flair. Umaga’s momentum was stopped in its tracks last year when he suffered a torn ACL but now the Samoan Wrecking Machine is back and he is on ECW thanks to the WWE Draft. Umaga will not have it easy tonight as another draft superstar R-Truth takes on Umaga. Can R-Truth upset the Bulldozer or will Umaga bulldoze Truth?

                              Number One Contenders Match Announcement

                              It was officially made known on this past week as part of the ECW going two hours announcement that ECW General Manager Tiffany would be on ECW this week to announce a huge Number One Contenders Match for next week to welcome in the extreme new era of ECW. Who will Tiffany choose to compete for a chance at Jack Swagger’s gold at Backlash?


                              ·Don’t miss an exclusive sneak peak at the Marine 2 starring WWE RAW Superstar Ted DiBiase which will feature an introduction to the cast and a preview of the movie to be released May15th.

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