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WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

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    Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

    Hey everyone! Here is SmackDown, I hope you read and comment and any comments/reviews will be returned.

    WWE Friday Night SmackDown
    April 17th 2009
    Taped from Knoxville, Tennessee
    “Call Disconnected”

    “If You Rock Like Me” sounds over the PA system and pyrotechnics fly off on the stage. The camera pans the sell-out crowd in Knoxville, Tennessee taking in the signs all around the arena. The camera then goes to the SmackDown announce table where we are welcomed by commentators Jim Ross and Todd Grisham. They talk about the action scheduled for tonight including the WWE Championship Match between Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and WWE Champion Randy Orton. We are also told that tonight we will see the final four last sixteen matches of the King of the Ring tournament which concludes at Backlash.

    “Voices” hits as Randy Orton opens the show to loud boos, he comes out with the WWE Championship on his shoulder. Orton takes a microphone and tells everyone that what happened last week should be forgotten because Rey Mysterio’s victory was a fluke and he will prove that when he punts the Intercontinental Champion in the skull to win the match. Orton says that last week also saw the return of ‘The Animal’ Batista, he says that back in December he punted Batista in the head and, he assumed, ended his career. He said that the punt was supposed to knock some sense into Batista and teach him that Randy Orton isn’t the man to mess with but it must not have worked because Batista keeps coming back for more.

    Orton says that it doesn’t really concern him that Batista is back because after he beats Rey Mysterio tonight, it doesn’t matter if it’s Batista or the Intercontinental Champion he has to face because he will retain his WWE Championship at Backlash. Orton says that everyone in the company fears him because one kick to the skull can end a career and he brings up how he ended the career of Manu. He says that one day he will end the career of Batista and make sure that Batista can never get another shot at the WWE Championship.

    We continue the show with Carlito and Primo Colon coming out to the ring with Nikki and Brie, the Bella Twins. The Unified Tag Team Champions instruct a podium similar to the one seen on ECW to be brought into the ring. They mention that they originally planned to unveil the titles on Tuesday’s ECW taping but a production fault meant that it was pushed back a little. They removed the cloth and unveil title belts which have a few diamonds in them but are mainly plain gold. All four say in unison that the new title belts are cool.

    “Crank it Up” interrupts the Unified Tag Champions as The Big Show comes out for what we are now being told is a King of the Ring Last Sixteen Match. The commentators put over how Vickie has put Show in this tournament to earn a shot at the title rather than giving him a single match to win to get a shot like originally planned. Primo and the Bella Twins leave the ring as Carlito gets ready to take on Big Show.

    This match was actually pretty good, at the beginning Big Show smirked and said ‘What can you really do to me?’ Carlito tried everything in his arsenal and managed to take the Big Show down with two Springboard Elbows but he couldn’t get the victory. At one moment in the match Carlito tried the Backstabber on Big Show but to no avail. The finish came when Carlito leaped off of the ropes looking for a springboard clothesline but received a huge Knockout Punch as the Big Show advanced to the next round. Primo came in to check on his brother but was picked up and given a Chokeslam. The Bella Twins were then cowered into the corner as Show advanced on them, he laughed before walking away.

    We go backstage where we see Matt Hardy sitting alone backstage, he says that last Tuesday on ECW everyone saw what a loser his brother Jeff Hardy is, he says that he is not a loser and that tonight when he competes in the King of the Ring tournament he will advance to the Quarter Finals of the tournament and go on to win the tournament at Backlash and challenge for the WWE Championship. Hardy says that everyone has saw him for so long as ‘Jeff Hardy’s brother’ and nothing more. He says that Jeff Hardy got lucky at WrestleMania but it doesn’t matter what Jeff or anyone else thinks, he knows he is the better Hardy and he knows he is the best wrestler in the company. He says that it is only a matter of time before he eclipses every little accomplishment Jeff Hardy has and that it’s only a matter of time until he betters every accomplishment that Jeff Hardy has.

    We then go backstage where Jenny Cash is standing again, she says her guests at this time are Batista and Rey Mysterio. They walk in, Batista has his arm around Mysterio showing the bond between the two. Jenny asks Rey just how it feels to have the chance to become the WWE Champion tonight. Rey says that it is huge, he’s been World Heavyweight Champion but never the WWE Champion, he says victory would also mean that he would be WWE Champion while holding the Intercontinental Championship and that is unprecedented so he says that it’d be huge to win it tonight.

    Cash says that Batista returned last week and has his sights set on Randy Orton, Batista interrupts and tells Cash that he wants revenge on Randy Orton but it doesn’t matter if he’s WWE Champion or not. He says that once he has destroyed Randy Orton, it doesn’t matter who is the WWE Champion, even if it is Rey he will be coming for the title. Rey says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    The second contest is a King of the Ring match between Chavo Guerrero and Santino Marella. Santino got a pretty good cheer when he is coming out and by all accounts he seems to be playing a face, on the microphone before the match he said Chavo was nothing more than a ‘lackey’ and that Santino was going to win the ‘King-a the Ring’ on ‘Smack-a-Down!’ The match was relatively short and the crowd weren’t too in to it, Santino picked up the victory through a surprise roll-up. Chavo pleaded with the referee afterwards that it was definitely not a three but Santino managed to book a place in the Quarter Final matches next week against the Big Show.

    We go backstage where SmackDown Interviewer Jenny Cash is sitting at the make-up chair as the make-up artist applies the make-up to Jenny. They are chatting happily until Dolph Ziggler walks into shot. Ziggler asks if Cash was impressed by his performance on ECW. Cash instructs the make-up artist to stop, she stands up and speaks to Ziggler, she says that he did well. Ziggler asks her if she knows why he did good to which Cash mutters ‘because you’re the Natural’ Ziggler says that is right, he says that Cash better watch the next match because The Natural is going to pick up another victory.

    The third match of the evening is Dolph Ziggler going one-on-one with Jimmy Wang Yang. The match is quite good and Jimmy Wang Yang manages a few high-flying moves here and there but the match comes to an end when Ziggler grabs Yang’s head at the top turnbuckle, he jumps off and drives Yang’s face down into Ziggler’s knees. Ziggler picks up the victory.

    We go backstage once more and we see SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. Long says that tonight he has a huge announcement to make concerning the WWE Championship match at Backlash.

    We cut to another backstage segment where WWE Women’s Champion Melina is stood next to Maria, Maria asks Melina what she thinks of her t-shirt which is from her new clothing line, Melina says that it’s a great shirt and that if she put it on sale, she’d buy it. The two divas continue to converse when Michelle McCool walks into shot. Michelle says that she was discussing the Women’s Championship situation with Theodore Long and she said that Long told her that at Backlash, Melina will be officially presented with her Miss. WrestleMania crown. Melina smiles, Michelle says that it doesn’t matter because sometime in the near future she will get her shot at Melina’s Women’s Championship, she says that she will be the first person to have held both the Women’s and Divas Championship.

    Michelle continues that it’s only a matter of time until she gets that chance, she then turns and asks Maria why she is even standing there. Maria says cheerily that she was just showing Melina her clothing line, Michelle says that nobody cares about Maria’s clothing line and yanks the shirt from her hands. Michelle drops it on the ground and puts her foot on it, she says oops and walks off but Melina shouts ‘Hey’ and turns Michelle around slamming a hard forearm to Michelle’s face, the two divas begin brawling as Maria tries to break it up. Officials eventually break it up as the divas try to get to each other.

    The fourth match of the evening was another King of the Ring match this time between Matt Hardy and Jesse. This was a match designed to make Matt Hardy look strong and Hardy did indeed look strong managing to easily defeat the former partner of Fesuts, Jesse. Hardy picked up the victory after a Twist of Fate to the boos of the crowd.

    We go backstage once more this time with Josh Matthews. Matthews welcomes the Big Show. Matthews says that earlier tonight Show defeated Carlito in a King of the Ring Match and advances to the Quarter Final to take on Santino Marella, he wants his thoughts on this. Show says that he is the biggest athlete in the world and that even if somebody wanted to try and take him down, they simply couldn’t. He says he is the most dominating man on the planet and proved that tonight against one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions. Big Show says the fact he is facing Santino Marella is actually a privilege because it’ll be an easy pass to the next round, he then says that it wouldn’t matter who he faced because any opponent is an easy pass to the next round for him.

    The final King of the Ring contest was an interbrand affair, it was billed as giving those from other brands the chance to win a shot at the WWE Championship after an agreement from the three General Managers. The randomly drawn participants were ECW’s The Great Khali and RAW’s Goldust. This match wasn’t really the greatest contest in the world and Khali picked up the win with the Tree Slam. Afterwards, Goldust and Khali shook hands.

    Paul Burchill is standing backstage with his sister Katie Lea. Burchill says to his sister that everyone seems to be ignoring the talent of both of them, he says that on RAW despite winning on his debut and winning several matches he was never given a fair shot at any gold. He says that on ECW, Theodore Long practically ignored him and that now he is back on SmackDown where he had much success in 2006 and yet he’s being ignored by Theodore Long again. He says that he can promise one thing, he will do anything and everything to get noticed and that no one is safe from the Ripper, Paul Burchill.

    The final match was the WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Easily the best match of the contest as these two went all out to put on a show, Rey Mysterio managed to get Orton into position for the 619 on more than one occasion but Orton escaped, Rey also managed to escape the punt in this match by moving away at the last second. The finish to the match came when Orton went for the RKO but Rey pushed him away, Orton turned into a drop-toe-hold which sent him to the ropes, Rey signalled for it and ran off the ropes but… RECEIVED A HUGE SPEAR… FROM… BATISTA! The referee calls for the bell as the arena is in shock, Randy Orton has won by disqualification.

    Rey is rolling around in pain on the mat from the spear, Orton is leaning against the ropes, the title resting on his body, Batista outstretches his hand to Orton to shake but Orton begins shaking his head and exits the ring before heading up the stage. “MacMillitant” hits and the crowd cheer loudly as Theodore Long comes onto the stage, he says that following the events of the Main Event, at Backlash it will be a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship between Randy Orton, Batista and Rey Mysterio! We go off air with Batista taunting the crowd and he is actually being booed, Orton looking confused and Rey still in pain from the spear. What does all of this mean?

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      Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

      Thought I'd repay you with a quick review of Smackdown, I've said before, but I'm only just getting into writing reviews, so it might not be the best, but there you go.

      -First I'll just say I love what you're doing with ECW, two hours, some Originals back in the mix, the TV title. Oh and Mr. Kennedy as well, is just what he should be, a smart arse heel. Good stuff.

      -Randy Orton opens and certainly talks the talk, leading to the question, can he walk the walk? I guess we'll find out.

      -Big Show is great, destroying the guys, scaring the ladies only to walk away laughing. Looks very strong here, and a solid main event competiter.

      -Hmm, Matt Hardy is still moaning about his brother, this is one of my only problems, if he is going to move on to success on his own, he needs to do exactly that, move on from Jeff. But then you may want him to be a whinger, which I'm okay with.

      -Dolph getting a love interest and valet? I'm all for it, also the "Natural" monika is good. Gives him another layer other than just the "saying his name" thing. He's picked up a couple of decent wins now, if he keeps up momentum, an IC title feud is surely a matter of when and not if. A feud with Santino could be fun as well.

      -Delighted to see Paul Burchall maybe getting a push, he's not happy with Teddy, looks like he's going to start kicking asses, and not bother taking names, until he gets noticed. Shame he couldn't be in, and maybe even win the KOTR, but that links well with him being ignored.

      -Interesting ending for sure, Batista turning on Rey, Orton refusing a hand shake. Not quite sure what's going on, a double turn? Batista heel, Rey face, Randy tweener? Whatever is happening, it definately makes me want to see what happens at the PPV.

      Good stuff


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        Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

        Thanks for the review Thriller. This is the RAW Preview, the show should be up next week sometime.

        WWE Monday Night RAW Preview
        April 20th 2009
        Live from Bridgeport, Connecticut

        No DQ, No Rules

        Two weeks ago on Monday Night RAW on the night after WrestleMania, Edge who had retained his World Heavyweight Championship the night before against John Cena and Big Show showed a sickening side when he mocked John Cena’s father, Cena retaliated but was attacked with a lead pipe and bundled into the trunk of Edge’s vehicle. Edge then drove John Cena around the streets of Houston, Texas for the majority of the two-hour broadcast. The reason for this vindictive act was that Edge didn’t want to face John Cena at Backlash and prevented him from competing in the Fatal Four Way Number One Contendership Match.

        Then, last week on RAW, John Cena rushed to the ring and attacked Edge locking in the devastating STF submission and Edge was left screaming in pain until he passed out from the pressure applied. Vickie Guerrero, who only later in the night would find out that her and Edge are officially finished, pleaded with Cena to stop and managed to get the enraged Cena to stop by giving him a match with Shawn Michaels later in the night and if Cena won he’d be entered into the Singles Match between Edge and the Fatal-Four Way winner Shawn Michaels to make it a Triple Threat.

        However, Edge had a plan to stop Cena again, this time rushing out with a chair to hit John Cena while the referee was knocked out to give Shawn Michaels the upper-hand but he accidentally hit HBK and John Cena landed an Attitude Adjustment for the win, but then shockingly the referee reversed the decision after another referee told official Mike Choida what happened, it was then ruled that Shawn Michaels was the winner by disqualification.

        On ECW this week, John Cena was granted one last chance as the spiteful Vickie Guerrero wanted to exact revenge on her husband Edge. This week on RAW John Cena will face Edge in a hard-hitting No DQ, No Rules match where if Cena wins he will be in the match at Backlash.

        Doing Whatever it Takes

        Last week on RAW, Mr. Kennedy who laid out Stone Cold Steve Austin on his official farewell continued his tirade against the Hall of Fame superstar and then had an official retirement night of Austin, he invited Austin’s friend Jim Ross to come and speak and JR tried to tell Kennedy that he had to stop because Austin was never coming back, he was done with wrestling. Kennedy however in a crazed state hit JR with the Mic Check and poured beer over JR.

        Kennedy told everyone that he would do whatever it takes to get Austin to return because surely he wouldn’t turn his back on his friends too. What will Kennedy have in store tonight?

        Tag Team Action

        In the Pick Your Poison matches between United States Champion John Morrison and MVP last week, both Morrison and MVP lost to Evan Bourne and Mark Henry respectively but now they will have the chance to get their hands on each other this week as they team up this week. John Morrison will team with Mark Henry and MVP will team with Evan Bourne?

        Which team will pick up the victory?


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          Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

          For those who have never seen Jenny Cash:


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          CELTIC (SPFL CHAMPIONS 2013/14)


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            Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

            I've seen her before. Jenny Quinn/Cash is gorgeous.
            Man of the world.


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              Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

              I was quite happy with RAW. The only segment I wasn’t too pleased about was the Mr. Kennedy segment and I apologize.

              WWE Monday Night RAW
              Live from Bridgeport, Connecticut
              April 20th 2009
              “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

              “To Be Loved” blasts out of the arena speakers and the camera pans the crowd who throw up their signs as usual. Before this however, we have the visually stunning pyrotechnics display, the smoke soon dissipates and we are welcomed to Monday Night RAW by the announce team of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They tell us about tonight’s huge Main Event, the No DQ, No Rules Match which must just be a fancier name for the No Disqualification Match. We are told about a few other things before the commentators stop speaking and we are lead to the next portion of the show.

              Opening Match
              John Morrison and Mark Henry vs. MVP and Evan Bourne

              The first match of the evening is the Tag Team Match which pits John Morrison and Mark Henry battling against MVP and Evan Bourne. This was an exciting tag contest which featured a lot of high flying spots, one of the best spots of the night was when Morrison leapt off of the ropes with a Shooting Star Press and Evan Bourne did the same onto MVP and Mark Henry respectively, the two then looked at each other and began brawling. The finish to the match came when Evan Bourne had Mark Henry down for the Shooting Star Press but then the arena lights went red and everyone was confused. Henry took the opportunity to grab a confused Bourne and land the World’s Strongest Slam for the three count.

              Morrison and MVP then began brawling through the crowd after the lights went back to normal but then fire engulfs the stage and “Man on Fire” hits and after a few seconds Kane appears on the stage. Kane continues walking down the ramp and Evan Bourne is just getting up from the World’s Strongest Slam. He turns around, Chokeslam! Kane begins laughing as he stares at Bourne who is left laying on the mat.

              We go backstage where we see Josh Matthews standing by with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Josh says that he first wants to ask Edge about not becoming the Champion of Champions on ECW this week. Edge says that Jack Swagger got lucky and that everyone knows he is the true Champion in the WWE. Josh continues asking Edge how he feels about the fact his wife Vickie Guerrero put Edge in a No DQ, No Rules match with John Cena this week after costing Cena the match last week. Edge says that he has been proved right, Cena just keeps coming back wanting title shot after title shot and Edge says that for two weeks he has stopped Cena getting that shot but now he has to face him and prevent him that chance for the third time. He says that tonight Vickie Guerrero put him in this match out of spite because he left her but tonight he says that he’s going to beat Cena and make sure it’ll be him taking on Shawn Michaels at Backlash this Sunday.

              Second Match
              Shelton Benjamin vs. DJ Gabriel

              The second match of tonight’s edition of RAW is Shelton Benjamin making his re-debut on RAW against DJ Gabriel. This match is pretty short and after a few moves from DJ Gabriel, Shelton Benjamin takes control and lands the Paydirt to get the one, two, three. Afterwards on the microphone he says that, that was a warning to everyone on the RAW roster.

              “Turn up the Trouble” hits and the arena descends into loud boos as, surprisingly, the recently released Funaki comes rolling out onto the stage. Mr. Kennedy follows and Kennedy begins stomping on Funaki on the stage, Kennedy continues the attack until they reach the bottom of the stage and then Kennedy throws Funaki in the ring. Funaki gets to his knees but receives a big kick to the head. Kennedy takes a microphone, ‘Is this enough, Austin?’ Kennedy screams, ‘is this enough? I told you, I told you I’d do whatever it took to get you back, I laid out Jim Ross but you turned your back on him’ he lands another stomp, ‘and now I take out another one of your friends Funaki’ Kennedy picks Funaki up and lands a Mic Check. ‘Are you gonna’ really turn your back on another friend?’ Kennedy lands another Mic Check and then grabs Funaki and flings him from the ring.

              Kennedy says that it’s official, Austin turned his back on the fans and he has turned his back on two of his friends, Jim Ross and Funaki. He says that Austin was the reason that Funaki was kept on the roster because Austin kept going to prevent a release but now Austin has turned his back on Funaki. Kennedy says that Austin is nothing like a sell-out and always will be. He says that Austin is like The Rock, turning his back on everyone. Kennedy says that he recently read an interview online with Stone Cold, ‘Steve said that his neck was too banged up to return’ Kennedy continues by saying that Austin also said that he isn’t bothered that his last moment will be being laid out in a ring because his career is complete and he didn’t need a last beer. Kennedy says it’s another example of Austin turning his back on them.

              Kennedy says that Austin has been too busy filming his movie and hasn’t been watching, he says that is another example of Austin turning his back on the entire WWE and a case of being scared. He says that Austin’s a has-been and isn’t anything like the beer-chugging hell-raising superstar of past who wouldn’t think twice about stomping a mudhole in someone if they laid him out. Kennedy says that the week after Backlash, the WWE goes on the World Tour. He says Austin has two weeks, or two RAW’s to answer his challenge… he says tonight has the opportunity…

              Kennedy waits for any answer and the titantron flickers. The crowd cheer seeing a bald man on the screen with posters for his latest movie behind him and a South American themed background, they soon boo when they realize it’s Mr. Kennedy wearing a skull cup. ‘Ken, let me get one thing straight’ begins ‘Austin’ with a put-on voice, ‘I have turned my back on the fans and I’m happy about it, I am scared of you and I am done with wrestling. I hope you have a great career and all of these fans are losers.’ ‘Austin’ then drinks a beer as the video stops. Kennedy looks very surprised… ‘was… was that it?’ he says confused, he scratches his head. He says, ‘oh well that proves it’ as the crowd boo even louder than before. Kennedy says that Austin really did turn his back on these fans, Jim Ross and even his low-life friend Funaki. Kennedy says that he has proven that he is better than Steve Austin in every way and he goes by the name… MR. KENNEDY!.... KENNEDY!

              We go backstage and we see Vickie Guerrero standing, she says she has two huge announcements to make following the Main Event tonight. She is interrupted by Mickie James, James says that she wants a Divas Championship shot at Backlash. Vickie says that right now that isn’t possible as the Backlash card is full, she says however that tonight she will have one last chance to prove herself against Maryse. If she wins, then she will face Maryse next week on Monday Night RAW.

              Third Match
              Maryse vs. Mickie James

              The third match is the non-title match between Divas Champion Maryse and Mickie James. This match is a decent Divas match with Maryse getting in her usual offense, her camel clutch spot and such. Mickie manages to get the crowd going with a couple of flying forearms and clotheslines. Mickie finally manages to pick up the victory with the vicious Mick Kick. Mickie has earned a shot at the title.

              After the match, Kelly Kelly comes running out to congratulate Mickie. They hug and Mickie turns around to taunt, Kelly spins her around. K-2!!!!!! Kelly has just laid out Mickie James. ‘You want to take my title shot?’ Kelly screams loudly as she begins booting into Mickie James. The crowd are in shock as referees rush to restrain Kelly Kelly.

              We return to the arena and the music of Scottish bagpipes are heard, after a few moments Drew McIntyre walks onto the stage. McIntyre walks down the ramp and gets into the ring grabbing a microphone, McIntyre says that he is from Glasgow, Scotland and everyone should be able to realize he is Scottish. He says that he comes from the best country in the world and that he is indeed the best Scottish wrestler to ever grace the WWE. He says that last week, Mr. Kennedy got lucky but he says he is no longer affiliated with Florida Championship Wrestling and is a bonafide WWE wrestler. He is offering an open challenge to anyone on the roster.

              Suddenly, the lights go out and come back on, The Undertaker is in the ring as McIntyre looks shocked. The bell rings and it appears this is an official match.

              Third Match
              Drew McIntyre vs. The Undertaker

              McIntyre runs into a huge uppercut from the Undertaker to begin the match, as it progresses McIntyre has actually managed to a few good moves on the Undertaker. McIntyre is then grabbed by the throat but the lights go out, you hear something hit the mat and the lights come on. The referee is knocked out, The Undertaker turns around confused… CODEBREAKER! Undertaker falls to the ground knocked out by the Codebreaker from Chris Jericho as McIntyre goes for the cover, Jericho shakes the referee and he very slowly counts to three as McIntyre picks up a massive victory over the legendary Undertaker.

              McIntyre runs off to celebrate the victory, Jericho takes a microphone and says that last week he said that before the year is out he would retire the Undertaker, another monotonous has been who struggles to drag his worn-down body to arenas around the world. Jericho says that if it had been him at WrestleMania and not Shawn Michaels he would have won and ended the streak. He says that he knows fine well that Backlash is full which is a shame because he would’ve ended Undertaker’s career that night. Jericho says that he is offering the challenge up to Undertaker, he says that if Undertaker has any mettle, any intestinal fortitude then he would accept it. Jericho says that at Judgment Day, he wants a match with the Undertaker, if he wins then the Undertaker must retire forever.

              At this moment Undertaker sits up and grabs Jericho by the throat, eyes wide but Jericho breaks free… CODEBREAKER! Again and Undertaker is taken down by Jericho. Jericho says this is just the start, the legendary career of the Undertaker is coming to an end and the end of his career will come on May 18th in Omaha, Nebraska. Jericho continues by saying that Undertaker will finally be exposed as a fraud and that it’ll be the greatest moment in wrestling when he retires Undertaker.

              The commentators put over the arrogance of Jericho.

              We go backstage once more where John Cena is putting on his armbands to huge cheers, his door bursts open and Shawn Michaels comes in. Shawn begins by saying ‘about last week…’, ‘stop… stop’ instructs Cena. Cena says that what happened last week… happened last week. This is a new week and a new episode of Monday Night RAW. He says that he can put last week behind him and he knows he got screwed over by Edge and the referee, he says that what happened last week happens all the time and no one gets disqualified. Shawn says that he wants Cena to know he had nothing to do with what went on. Cena says that he’s sceptical, he doesn’t know who to believe because he hears it’s all Edge’s doing and then he hears that Shawn Michaels had nothing to do with it, the man who constructed the Montreal Screwjob. Shawn says to Cena ‘what’s in the past, is in the past’ he says that it happened over ten years ago and that John Cena should remember what he said about things being in the past.

              Shawn continues saying that it doesn’t concern him if it’s Edge he faces one-on-one or if it’s a Triple Threat because he will be victorious. John Cena smirks and says not if he has anything to do with the match. Cena says that it’s all probably worked out for the best because now not only does he get to earn a World Heavyweight Championship Match at Backlash, he also gets the chance to get revenge on Edge and tear him limb from limb in their No DQ, No Rules Match. Cena says that if Shawn doesn’t mind, he has a match to go win. Cena puts on his hat and tips it up a little before walking out as Shawn is left standing.


              After commercial we are treated to a video package hyping up the events of what happened last week with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. We are treated to two videos of the men talking about what they’re going to do to each other at Backlash with Rhodes’ video ending saying that ‘Ted will be on dream street while Cody is on his way to SmackDown’, Ted finished his by saying ‘It doesn’t concern him that Cody will stay on RAW if he wins, he just wants to teach the punk kid a lesson.’

              THE MARINE 2 SNEEK PEAK
              Another sneek peek at the Marine Two starring Ted DiBiase. We go through several action scenes and we get the general gist of the movie.

              Main Event
              No DQ, No Rules Match
              If John Cena is victorious then he will be added to the original Backlash match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Shawn Michaels and Edge making it a Triple Threat Match for the Championship.
              John Cena vs. Edge

              This could well be the most brutal match in WWE since the PG ruling went into effect. The two used everything on each other from trash cans to Singapore canes, to Ladders to Tables and even, sickeningly a barbed wire bat wrapped in barbed wire. There was also some great spots in the match one being John Cena landing his leg drop on the back of Edge’s neck from the Ladder. Another sick spot was when John Cena landed the Attitude Adjustment throwing Edge over the ropes through one of the wooden tables beside the stage but by the time he got Edge into the ring, the Rated ‘R’ Superstar was able to kick out. Edge also had a few good spots spearing Cena off of the Ladder in mid-air but couldn’t get the victory after stalling.

              The conclusion to this match came when Edge was up for the Attitude Adjustment but he managed to squirm free, he went for the Spear but went crashing through a table set up in the corner. Cena dragged him out and landed the Attitude Adjustment picking up the victory and entering himself into the match at Backlash.

              After the match, Vickie Guerrero came out, she says that at Backlash we won’t see any normal Triple Threat, we’ll see a Steel Cage Triple Threat. She also announces that the person who loses will be forced to leave the brand! She says that she really didn’t want to do this but she has been forced by the Board of Directors to create something exciting and she has. She says that it could mean Shawn Michaels has to leave the brand… John Cena… or even…… Edge! She begins laughing wickedly as the off air logo appears and the news sinks in.

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                Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                ECW Preview:

                ECW on Sci-Fi Preview
                Live from New York City, New York
                The Tournament Begins

                Making It Official

                Two weeks ago on Extreme Championship Wrestling, ECW Champion Jack Swagger who just two nights before had defeated Evan Bourne at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of WrestleMania came out to gloat and claim what he felt was a deserved night off, however ECW General Manager Tiffany who was just starting her new role in the WWE had other ideas saying she wanted to give the WWE Universe something to cheer about and wanted to make an impact and she did that by telling Swagger that he wouldn’t have a night off because she had to make an ECW World Championship match for Backlash. Tiffany told the WWE Universe that she was so impressed by Christian’s performance in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match that she had rewarded him with a one-on-one non-title contest with The All-American American on that night, a match that if Christian won would give Captain Charisma a title shot at Backlash.

                In a gruelling match which even saw Jack Swagger gutwrench powerbomb Christian on the thin mats outside finished when Christian prevailed with the Killswitch. Then last week on ECW, a warning was shot between the two as Christian won the Number One Contender Triple Threat Match against Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels and Jack Swagger became the Champion of Champions in his Triple Threat Match against WWE Champion Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

                Tonight, Tiffany has announced the two will make their match official at a Contract Signing she has arranged. What will happen when these two come face-to-face just five days before their contest at Backlash.

                Gold Rush

                Tonight marks the beginning of the ECW Gold Rush tournament to Judgment Day where eight randomly picked superstars from ECW will battle it out in the Quarter Finals to earn a shot for the ECW World Championship at Backlash. We can confirm the participants scheduled for the tournament are The Miz, Ricky Ortiz, Tommy Dreamer, Tyson Kidd, JBL, The Great Khali, R-Truth and finally Umaga.

                Who will take the first steps to victory?

                Extreme Repurcussions

                On ECW last week, Tiffany announced that we would crown the first ever ECW Television Championship since it’s re-instation with a ten-man battle royal. After a great match, Jeff Hardy eliminated Ezekiel and then The Brian Kendrick but Ezekiel, the bodyguard if you will of Kendrick caught the Man with a Plan throwing him back in the ring. Kendrick caught Hardy off guard and flung him over to win the title.

                Hardy has vowed to win the title and finish his ‘unfinished business’ with Kendrick in the coming weeks. Tonight, however, he gets the chance to battle Ezekiel in an Extreme Rules match. Can Hardy take the first steps to getting his hands on Kendrick?

                Regal Announcement

                We have been told that on ECW this week, William Regal plans to make a huge announcement.

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                  Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                  Some News and Notes:

                  Post-RAW WWE News and Notes
                  April 21st 2009

                  - There was said to be a lot of pleased people following last night’s edition of Monday Night RAW. The Main Event was described as being the best free-TV match WWE has put out all year and earned Edge and John Cena a lot of praise. Many felt that it did it’s job on the approach to Backlash.

                  - It seems that the WWE have taken the decision to rename their No Disqualification and other hardcore match names such as No Holds Barred to No DQ, No Rules. WWE felt that it makes it clearer that anything goes.

                  - After the unsuccessful 12 Rounds starring John Cena, the WWE have decided to tone down the amount of advertising they do for the movie on the show. That is why over the past three weeks there have only been two videos hyping up The Marine 2 starring Ted DiBiase and only a few namedrops whereas John Cena’s 12 Rounds was everywhere.

                  - According to several sources, all eyes will be on Drew McIntyre in the coming weeks. The Scottish star who has loyally worked in FCW for years finally got his big break this week on RAW when he made his official debut after his job to Mr. Kennedy last week. No one expected WWE to allow him to go over the Undertaker despite it not being clean. There now appears to be a lot of pressure on Drew not to mess up.

                  - Speaking of the Undertaker, it still appears that his issues with Vince McMahon are not resolved but they are in a much better state than just after WrestleMania. It seems that their relationship has been strained over the past couple of weeks and many have been surprised that Vince has taken such a stance with the veteran. Undertaker refused to work RAW last week and Chris Jericho was sent out to start a feud with Undertaker even though it wasn’t clear if he’d be on next week. As it turned out, Undertaker made his return but suffered numerous Codebreakers and many see this as some sort of punishment from Vince.

                  - Also, Chris Jericho currently aims to end the career of the Undertaker before the year is out. We plan to have more on this in the coming weeks.

                  - Funaki has been re-signed by the WWE only a couple of weeks after he was released by the company. Originally, he was brought back simply to take part in the angle but they decided on re-signing him. Many were, however, displeased about how the crowd reacted to the segment as it wasn’t really known that Funaki and Austin are friends.

                  - There is talk in the WWE that the Mr. Kennedy/Steve Austin angle will be dropped after next week’s RAW. The current plan is for Kennedy to give one last chance to Austin who doesn’t turn up and then go on the World Tour which Austin can’t attend due to movie commitments and end the feud. WWE planned to have Austin come in and work with Kennedy but their enquiries were rebuffed.

                  - WWE has a back-up plan to keep Kelly Kelly as a face for next week as they are unsure what direction to take. Right now there is only one face diva on the entire brand, Mickie James and unless new divas are called up it will stay that way which WWE doesn’t want so they may turn her face again.

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                    Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                    I figured too that I'll post ECW since I'm sitting with it written. If you planned to review RAW, still go ahead with that.

                    ECW on Sci-Fi
                    Live from New York City, New York
                    One Destiny and One Dream

                    “Don’t Question My Heart” blasts out of the sound speakers as the crowd leap to their feet and we go through the normal introduction package which features all of the new superstars but most notably the main new additions to the roster. At the end the ECW logo flashes up followed by ‘2 hours’. We are welcomed to the show by lead commentators Josh Matthews and Matt Striker. They run-down the events of last week and hype up the fact that tonight the ECW Gold Rush Tournament to Judgment Day begins tonight featuring eight of ECW’s premier superstars. We are told that also tonight we will see the contract signing between Jack Swagger and Christian for their ECW Championship Match this Sunday.

                    We go straight into the action on this edition of ECW as we are treated to the first tournament match of the evening between The Miz and Ricky Ortiz. This match wasn’t too bad but the crowd didn’t react much to it. It was The Miz who picked up the victory over Ricky Ortiz when he hit the Reality Check. After the match, Miz took a microphone and said that he is the ‘best on ECW’ and that soon he will be the ECW Champion and that everyone has to ‘Be Jealous.’ Because ‘He is Awesome.’

                    We go backstage and ECW General Manager Tiffany is shuffling through paper work. Tyler Reks walks into shot, a development superstar from Florida Championship Wrestling. Tiffany, who is sitting down says ‘Hello’ and asks him who he is. Reks screams for her to stand up when he is talking to her which she does reluctantly, Reks says that he is Tyler Reks, the stand-out athlete in Florida Championship Wrestling and already undoubtedly the stand-out athlete on ECW. Reks says that now he has been promoted to the ECW roster, he expects opportunity to knock at his door.

                    Tiffany says that opportunities aren’t going to come ‘knocking his way’ if he continues with his bad attitude. Tiffany says that she runs a very successful show with ECW and that she decides who competes on her show. She says that if she wants she could fire Tyler Reks right on the spot and the supposed ‘stand-out athlete’ would be the stand-out unemployed athlete. Tiffany says however that she does appreciate his talent and realizes he is a great athlete to have on ECW. She says that next week Reks will get his chance when he goes one-on-one with… Rob Van Dam! The crowd pop loudly as Reks says ‘that’s just fine’ before walking off.’

                    The second match of the evening is another tournament match this time between Tommy Dreamer and Tyson Kidd. This was the best match of the evening thus far as Dreamer and Kidd really went at it, in the end it was Tommy Dreamer who picked up the surprisingly victory nailing Kidd with his Dreamer DDT. After the match Dreamer got on the microphone and said that his contract is coming to an end, he says that it ends on June 6th and that he feels that he only has one chance left at gaining the ECW Championship. He says that this is the start of what he believes is his destiny and his dream. He says that if he fails to win the championship before June 6th he will retire from ECW. He says that if he fails to win this tournament that retirement may come earlier than planned as he knows that he won’t be given another shot if he loses the tournament or a potential match at Judgment Day.

                    We go backstage with Beverly Mullins who is standing by with Jeff Hardy. Hardy gets a huge pop, Mullins says that because The Brian Kendrick won the ECW TV Championship last week he was withdrawn from taking part in the ECW title tournament, she says that she is hearing rumours that Jeff won’t be participating in the tournament and asks if this is because he has unfinished business with Kendrick? Jeff says that he does have unfinished business with The Brian Kendrick, he says that naturally when he came to ECW he had one goal and one ambition on his mind, to become the new ECW Champion. He said that he had the chance to become the TV Champion on the way to that goal and he was ‘this close’ to winning and by all rights he should’ve won.

                    Jeff continues saying he threw Kendrick over the top rope but Ezekiel caught Kendrick and put him back in the ring and then Kendrick eliminated him. Jeff says that he could call them out for cheating until he was blue in the face but he wasn’t going to do that. He says that he came so close, but before he became WWE Champion he was always ‘so close’ until he finally won it. He says he’s going to keep going until he wins the TV Championship and says that is why he put his ECW title ambitions on hold.

                    Jeff says that tonight he has to face Ezekiel one-on-one but he says that it’s okay because he went to Tiffany and discussed last week’s events and says she granted two requests, that his match with Ezekiel would be an Extreme Rules match and that The Brian Kendrick would not be at ring-side. Jeff says that after he beats Ezekiel, he’s coming for Kendrick’s belt.

                    The third match of the evening is the Extreme Rules Match between Jeff Hardy and Ezekiel. This match was actually very hard-hitting and their were chairs aplenty, one of the major spots in the match was when Jeff with a chair in hand leaped onto a chair set up in the ring and dove over the ropes h itting Ezekiel on the outside with a chair. Jeff was thwarted when he came off the top turnbuckle with a chair which was punched in to his face by Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s limited in-ring ability brought the match down a bit but Jeff introduced a ladder to a huge pop.

                    The biggest spot the Ladder was used for was when Jeff landed a Twist of Fate on Ezekiel on the Ladder before landing a Swanton Bomb for the victory. After the match The Brian Kendrick ran out as Jeff was celebrating the victory and was prepared to hit Jeff with the TV title but Jeff turned and Kendrick stopped in his tracks. Jeff charged towards Kendrick who was pulled from the ring by Ezekiel and carried up the stage.

                    We go back to the arena after a commercial and “Gladiator” hits and William Regal sounds to the boos of the crowd. The Englishman saunters onto the stage and gets into the ring looking less than impressed. Regal says that his career has spanned decades and he came to the United States after dominating all the talent in his native England and across the UK. He says that when he was in WCW he won the World Television Championship four times. He said he came to WWE and won the Hardcore Championship five times, the European Championship four times, the Intercontinental Championship two times and a World Tag Champion four times and he won the 2008 King of the Ring.

                    He says that in two decades, he has accomplished more than most on the roster yet people who don’t have the accolades he does such as Tommy Dreamerand Ricky Ortiz get the chance in the ECW Gold Rush Tournament while the inept General Manager Tiffany brushes him aside and forces him to sit on the sidelines. He says that the only thing that has eluded him in his career is a World Championship. He says he could never win it on RAW, he could never win it on SmackDown but that wasn’t because he isn’t capable, it’s because he was overlooked. He says that he came to ECW expecting opportunity but was overlooked once more but he says that like his fellow Englishman in Paul Burchill on SmackDown, he will become the meanest and nastiest superstar on the roster until he gets what he deserves and becomes the first ever British Triple Crown Champion and first-ever British Grand-Slam Champion at the same time.

                    The fourth match of the evening was between John Bradshaw Layfield and The Great Khali. JBL got on the microphone beforehand and berated the crowd and said Jeff Hardy’s victory was a complete fluke last week. He says that he will become ECW Champion at Judgment Day and that is final. The match was quite poor due to Khali’s limited in-ring abilities but the finish came when JBL took Khali to his knees, he went for the Clothesline from Hell but Ranjin Singh ran into the ring as the referee tried to get him out, JBL took the opportunity to take a chair to the head of Khali to get the victory. After the match, Khali angrily grabbed and gave Ranjin a Tree Slam to some boos.

                    We get a video telling us that Cryme Tyme will make their ECW debuts live next week.

                    We get another video package hyping up the huge World Tour which begins in two weeks with Monday Night RAW in Mexico City, Mexico. The first ever live televised show from Mexico.

                    We go right to the fifth match of the night and the final Quarter Final of the ECW Gold Rush Tournament. This is a re-match from last week between R-Truth and Umaga. The match didn’t disappoint just like last week and R-Truth held up his own and this time he came out on top, the finish came when some mysterious music played into the arena and the lights went out, when they came back on R-Truth landing his Corkscrew Elbow followed by the Kick of Truth otherwise known as a Scissor Kick to get the shock victory.

                    After the commercial we go into the ring with Tiffany, there is a table there and two contracts at either side of the table and two comfortable seats. Tiffany tells us that it is time to make the ECW World Championship Match at Backlash official. She first introduces Jack Swagger. “On Your Knees” sounds out and Jack Swagger cockily walks onto the stage, his title on his shoulder, he enters the ring and then Tiffany introduces Christian and “If you Close Your Eyes” hits and the crowd cheer as Christian comes out looking for his peeps.

                    Tiffany instructs them both to sign the contracts and they do without hassle. She then asks them if they have anything to say, Jack Swagger takes the lead saying that two weeks ago on ECW, he was defeated by Christian because the referee’s count was too slow after he gave him the Gutwrench Powerbomb on the outside. He says that it wasn’t fair but he could deal with it, he said last week he proved why he is the premier champion in the WWE when he became the Champion of Champions by defeating Edge and Randy Orton and he says despite all of that Tiffany still doesn’t fully appreciate her ECW Champion and instead of giving him a night off forces him into matches with has been losers like Christian.

                    This gets some huge heat from the crowd, Christian says that is kind of funny, he says that if he was such a has been loser as Swagger puts it, then Swagger would’ve won two weeks ago. Christian continues saying that if he was a has been loser like Swagger says, he wouldn’t have beat Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio last week. He says he knows he isn’t a has been and his peeps know that and if Swagger thinks that, he will know the truth come Sunday when he becomes the ECW Champion. Christian says that he admits Swagger has impressed him and has a bright future in the WWE but just not on ECW because as long as Christian is on ECW, after Sunday, Swagger will never be ECW Champion again.

                    Swagger says that Christian better shut up, he says that he knows once he beats Christian this Sunday, Christian will run to Tiffany and get a re-match. Swagger says he has an idea for their match so that Christian doesn’t come running looking for another title shot and he says that Tiffany should consider this, if he wins Christian doesn’t get a shot at the ECW Championship ever again. Tiffany says that’s a good idea but since Swagger likes to complain that things aren’t fair, she’ll say that’s unfair on Christian. She says it works both ways and that come Backlash, the loser will not be granted an ECW Championship shot while the other is champion. She leaves the ring as Christian and Swagger have a stare-down. Swagger walks around the table and stares at Christian, he holds up his title but then abruptly kicks Christian and lifts him for the Gutwrench but Christian struggles out and whacks Swagger with the title he dropped. Christian climbs the turnbuckle… FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Christian lifts up the title as the show ends.

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                      Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                      Okay, I downloaded this new video editor thing and I am still working out all the tools and such. I only have it on trial for fourteen days though. Anyway, I decided to make a video hyping Backlash. It isn't the best video and I understand some pictures end up getting cut off and at the end the music finishes when it's still going but I tried taking pictures out and such and it wasn't working so hopefully in time I'll sort it out. It's my first time doing one of these as I said so it is nothing major and not anywhere near the standard of PB and WP's.

                      Here it is:

                      Enjoy! Oh and for anyone wondering, the song is the official theme song for Backlash 2009: "Seasons" by Veer Union.
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                        Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                        I read the ECW show, and wow..quick, entertaining read. I have yet to check out the start of the federation, but just from watching the tv show you wrote each character perfectly.

                        The matches are also very well summarised and i am able to get the key spots and reasons for the match.

                        Good job with the video, looking forward to seeing more

                        Lastly, i love the RAW/SD/ECW colour coding and it allows you to have multiple story lines that don't have to interlock in a way.

                        You've got a new fan


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                          Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                          Here is SmackDown! Enjoy and thanks for the comment System, it won't let me rep you yet though. Oh and feel free to predict!

                          WWE Friday Night SmackDown
                          April 24th 2009
                          Taped from New York City, New York
                          “Animalistic Tendencies”

                          The WWE logo pops up on the screen and then we get one of WWE’s trademark video packages featuring the events of last week where Batista cost Rey Mysterio his WWE Championship Match and offered a handshake to nemesis Randy Orton which Orton rejected, there are plenty of sound effects. “If You Rock Like Me” hits over the Personal Announcement System and the crowd leap to their feet inside the arena and throw up their signs as SmackDown begins. We are soon welcomed to the show by Jim Ross and Todd Grisham. They put over the events of last week with Batista and they talk about the SmackDown Backlash Main Event before the camera leads us to the next portion of the show.

                          “Booyaka” plays and the crowd cheer loudly as Rey Mysterio comes onto the stage but he isn’t running from side-to-side and there are no pyrotechnics this time. Rey just walks looking dejected to the ring, he originally walks past his kid fans but stops and turns around still looking dejected and does it. He gets into the ring and takes a microphone, he says that he is struggling to find the words to explain how he feels. He says something in Spanish, he then says that he came so close to winning the WWE Championship last week, he said that when he was speared last week, he didn’t know who had done it. He said it wouldn’t have surprised him if it was one of his old foes like Edge, Kane or even Legacy but the person he wouldn’t have even considered… was Batista.

                          He says that since 2006, he and Batista have been friends. They won tag titles together and they always had each other’s back. He says when they drafted to RAW last year they remained friends and still had each other’s backs. Rey said that he even told Batista that if he was to win the WWE Championship he would put the title up against Batista at Backlash. Rey says that it disappoints him and hurts him that Batista would do that to him and he wants an explanation because he doesn’t view Batista as anything more than a co-worker. “I Walk Alone” then sounds out of the speakers at Batista walks to the ring to thunderous boos.

                          Batista enters the ring and takes a microphone and tells everyone to calm down, he says that he hopes Rey Mysterio would understand why he did what he did. He said that he tried calling Rey all week to explain but Rey wouldn’t answer his calls. He says that he did what he did because if Rey had won the championship, it would’ve meant that Orton would’ve got the mandatory rematch at Backlash and then he would’ve been forced to sit and wait to get his shot. He says he has unfinished business with Randy Orton and he wanted to take the title off of Randy Orton immediately, he didn’t want to wait and take the title from his friend.

                          Rey asks Batista ‘do you think I’m stupid?’ he says that Batista should stop making excuses, if he was really concerned about Rey becoming champion he wouldn’t have wished him luck backstage and he would’ve been a true friend and waited to challenge for the title. He says that he respected Batista for so long but he’s lost every inch of respect he ever had for him. “Voices” booms out of the system this time and WWE Champion Randy Orton comes onto the stage with the belt on his shoulder. He has a microphone, he says that he was just as surprised as everyone else when Batista speared Rey but he says he is confused, two weeks ago Batista came back wanting to take him out for almost ending his career with the punt but a week later, he wants to shake hands?

                          Randy Orton continues saying that it just doesn’t add up, Batista interrupts and says that he will be honest and that he was only trying to lure Orton into a false sense of security because if Orton shook, he was going to reel him in and take him out! The crowd give a mixed reaction. Randy Orton goes to speak but “MacMillitant” sounds and Theodore Long does a jig as he comes onto the stage, he tells them that Randy Orton is right, something doesn’t add up playas but he plans to answer all questions. He says that Batista claims he is innocent and Rey obviously disagrees so we’re going to see a match that Orton used to like to be in with his Legacy faction, a Handicap Match! It’ll be Randy Orton vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio, he says we’ll see who’s telling the truth and who is loyal. Holla! Holla! Holla! Orton is enraged! Rey dropkicks Batista’s back, The Animal falls into the ropes, 619! Dropping the Dime! Rey just laid out Batista as we go to commercial.

                          The first match of the evening is a King of the Ring Quarter Final match between Big Show and Santino Marella. This is nothing more than a comedy match which ends as soon as it starts, Santino runs at Show into the Knockout Punch and Show quickly pins him to advance to the next round of the tournament. Show waits for Santino to get up and lands another Knockout Punch. He gets a microphone and says he is the meanest, nastiest superstar in the entire WWE and that he is unstoppable on SmackDown.

                          After a video package hyping the World Tour, the Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo are walking down the corridor, their belts on their shoulders with Nikki and Brie Bella walking beside them arm-in-arm. Big Show walks into shot and smiles at Carlito and Primo who seem angry at him for what he did last week, ‘so, I’ll ask you two again, what are you actually going to do to me?’ Show walks off as the Unified Champs make their way to the ring.

                          After commercial, Dolph Ziggler is also walking down the corridor, he bumps into someone carrying coffee and it spills all over him, he jumps back and then he notices it’s Jenny Cash. ‘Sorry, it’s cold anyway.’ Jenny smiles sweetly. Ziggler says she better watch where she’s going and puts on a smile, these two seem to really like each other now. Cash says she’s looking for another impressive performance from Ziggler next and she whispers this right in his ear.

                          The second match is a tag team match between Carlito and Primo, the Unified Tag Champions and Dolph Ziggler and Curt Hawkins. Ultimately, this make-shift team come up short against the Unified Champions when Carlito hits the Backstabber on Dolph Ziggler to pick up the victory to the frustration of Dolph.

                          After the match we follow Ziggler backstage who is holding his back, he bumps into a less than impressed Jenny Cash this time. Cash says she thinks she is going to have to play hard to get because that performance was not very impressive before walking off. Ziggler kicks some box backstage in frustration.

                          We go right to the third match tonight and the second in the King of the Ring tournament between Matt Hardy and The Great Khali who was one of those inter-brand superstars who got the chance in the tournament. Khali is booed a little because of what he did to Ranjin who isn’t at ringside, after a reasonable match Ranjin Singh did run in with a chair and hit Matt Hardy with a chair causing a disqualification. He then looked shocked and ran off as Khali flung the chair at him. What will happen with these two?

                          We are taken to the ring and Paul Burchill is standing with Katie Lea. He says that it seems his warning last week has went unheeded because he told everyone that he’d do whatever it takes to get his opportunity but no one seems to care. Burchill says that, that sickens him because he is better than the roster and he just hasn’t been given an opportunity. He says if Teddy Long doesn’t do something about it and doesn’t give him what he deserves by next week… he will do bad things whatever that means.

                          The fourth match is between Kofi Kingston and Finlay who are equally cheered, it was actually a good contest between the two and Hornswoggle did get involved but Kingston laughed it off and eventually managed to pick up the win with the Trouble in Paradise. Both men shook hands afterwards.

                          After a video package we go straight to the fifth match of the night, the King of the Ring match between CM Punk and Jamie Noble. This is actually the best match of the night by a long mile and in the end CM Punk was able to defeat Jamie Noble with the GTS.

                          Backstage, Jenny Cash is standing with Michelle McCool. Cash asks Michelle about what happened last week, Michelle says that last week she was stating her opinion about Maria’s awful clothing line but Melina took exception to that and attacked her further proving why WWE doesn’t want a Women’s Champion like her. Michelle says she faces Maria next and that she’s gonna’ win and show Melina why in the near-future she’ll be Women’s Champion. She says she’ll also be present at Backlash to see Melina’s Miss. WrestleMania crowning, she says that let’s hope the ceremony goes off without a hitch.

                          The sixth match (well really fifth since Big Show/Santino was hardly a match) is between the two aforementioned divas. The match is pretty poor but Michelle McCool picks up the victory after a hard-fought performance by Maria with the Faith Breaker. Melina comes out with a microphone and says that it’s a shame Michelle and she couldn’t go at it at Backlash because the card is full but she said she got permission from Theodore Long nice and early and at Judgment Day… the two will meet for the Women’s Championship. She says that at Judgment Day, she’ll be walking out as champion and her music hits, Michelle mouths ‘keep dreaming’ as we go to commercial.

                          Rey Mysterio is backstage getting ready for his match next, he is putting his elbow pads on when Batista walks into the locker room to boos. Mysterio asks him ‘what the hell are you doing here?’ and Batista tells him to calm down, Batista says he’s explained why he did what he did last week and that no one believes him which is a shame but if it takes teaming up with his buddy and taking out Randy Orton to prove he is telling the truth so be it. He says that if he really was lying, he wouldn’t have let the 619 slide earlier tonight. Rey just walks off.

                          The Main Event is a Handicap Match as WWE Champion Randy Orton faces WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and Batista. Mysterio and Batista are on the same page for the most part until the end of the contest, Batista says he’ll lift Rey up to kick Randy in the face, Rey backs up towards Batista in the corner but it seems he has elbowed him accidentally in the face, Rey adjusts his elbow not realizing and puts it around Batista’s neck, Batista pushes Rey off right into an RKO! Batista falls to his knees holding his eye as Randy Orton picks up the win and grabs his WWE Championship. Orton poses on the top of the stage as Batista holds his eye and Rey lays out on the mat.

                          OFF AIR

                          Final WWE Backlash Card
                          Sunday, April 26th 2009

                          World Heavyweight Championship
                          Steel Cage Triple Threat Match
                          The person who is pinned in this match must leave the Monday Night RAW brand in the hope of securing a contract with SmackDown or ECW.
                          Edge © vs. Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

                          At Backlash, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge will put up his World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Shawn Michaels and John Cena. This match came about when two weeks ago Shawn Michaels won a Fatal-Four-Way to become the Number One Contender. This was a match that John Cena was scheduled to compete in, however he was shockingly kidnapped by Edge and was prevented from competing and earning the chance to challenge Edge.

                          The following week, Cena had a one-on-one match with Shawn Michaels, granted to him by Vickie Guerrero who at the time still believed that she and Edge were in a relationship. The match was granted because Cena viciously attacked Edge and refused to release an STF. Originally, Cena defeated Shawn Michaels after Edge came running down looking to hit John Cena while the referee was down to give HBK the advantage but he instead hit Shawn Michaels and Cena took advantage landing the Attitude Adjustment and getting the one, two, three. Another referee shockingly told the original referee what transpired and the decision was reversed.

                          Cena was given one last chance as the scorned Vickie Guerrero put John Cena in a match with World Champion Edge, a No DQ, No Rules match and after a gruelling match Cena was able to pick up the victory and insert himself in the match. Vickie Guerrero, keen to get further revenge on her husband Edge has made the match a Triple Threat Steel Cage Loser Leaves RAW match. Vickie is taking a big risk as if Edge retains, Shawn Michaels or John Cena could be leaving.

                          ECW World Championship
                          The loser will never receive another ECW World Championship shot while the other is champion.
                          Jack Swagger © vs. Christian

                          After an impressive performance at WrestleMania 25 where he retained against Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger came out on ECW two days later to gloat and claim what he felt was a deserved night off. Tiffany denied his request as Swagger continued to rant about his efforts not being respected, Tiffany told Swagger she wanted, in her first night as ECW General Manager, to make her mark on the WWE Universe and she would do that by putting Christian and Swagger in a non-title match together, if Christian won he’d get a match at Backlash, if Swagger won he would get his much-desired night-off.

                          After a hard-hitting battle, Christian came out on top despite a Gutwrench Powerbomb on the thin mats outside of the ring. The following week on ECW, Jack Swagger became the Champion of Champions and Christian won a Triple Threat which included Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio.

                          Then, this past Tuesday on ECW the two had their official contract signing where Swagger continued to claim things were unfair and he even called Christian a has been loser. Christian told Swagger that this was the same supposed has been loser who beat him two weeks ago and beat Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio last week. Swagger then came up with the idea that if he beat Christian, Christian would never get another ECW Championship shot. Tiffany said since Swagger likes to complaint things are unfair, she feels that’s unfair on Christian and that it works both ways. If Christian wins, Swagger won’t get a shot at the ECW Championship while Christian is champion. After this, Swagger tried to put Christian through the table in the ring but Christian squirmed out and hit Swagger with the belt putting Swagger on the table before landing a Frog Splash. Who will walk out as ECW Champion?

                          WWE Championship
                          Randy Orton © vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

                          On the first SmackDown since WrestleMania, there was a huge Champion vs. Champion match between WWE Champion Randy Orton and WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and many were shocked when the masked superstar picked up the victory earning a shot next week for the championship. Rey continued the surprises by telling Orton someone wanted revenge on him… that man being Batista who was punted by Orton back in December. Batista came charging to the ring but Orton escaped and charged up the stage as Rey and Batista hugged in the ring.

                          Everything took a turn last week when Rey Mysterio had Randy Orton in position for the 619 on his way to a second consecutive victory over the Legend Killer but the call was disconnected by Batista of all people! This past week on SmackDown, Batista told everyone that he only did what he did because he knew if Mysterio had won, Orton would’ve wanted his rematch come Backlash and then if Orton had won, Rey would’ve got his and he would’ve had to wait and that since Theodore Long made it a Triple Threat anyway they’ve both got their chance.

                          Randy Orton asked Batista about the handshake and Batista said he was trying to lure him into a false sense of security. Theodore Long wanting to test if Batista was telling the truth put him in a handicap match teaming with Mysterio against Randy Orton. The teamed well but then they went for one of their patented tag manoeuvres when Batista went to lift Rey up and kick Orton in the face but Rey elbowed Batista, by accident or not we don’t know before re-adjusting his elbow round Batista’s head. Batista flung Rey off into an RKO and held his eye in the corner as Orton picked up the victory. What will happen when these three clash?

                          WWE United States Championship
                          John Morrison © vs. MVP

                          Two weeks ago on Monday Night RAW, there was a five-man Battle Royal for the United States Championship which aimed to introduce the new draft picks to the RAW audience. In the exciting contest, Morrison won after he hit the Moonlight Drive from the apron to the outside but MVP’s feet touched first. MVP asked for a rematch and it was granted.

                          Last week on RAW, the two took part in a Pick Your Poison contest where MVP chose Morrison’s opponent and vice-versa. MVP came up short against the Silverback Mark Henry while Morrison failed to defeat Evan ‘Air’ Bourne.

                          Then this past Monday, MVP teamed with AirBourne to take on Morrison and Henry in a match won by Henry and Morrison. MVP and Morrison then brawled through the crowd, these two will get their hands on each other again and what will happen when they do?

                          No DQ, No Rules Match
                          If Cody Rhodes wins this match then he will be granted his request that he be moved over to SmackDown to re-join former Legacy team-mate Randy Orton. If Ted DiBiase wins then he will have secured two picks of any choice for the RAW brand.
                          Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

                          In the WWE Draft, the WWE Champion Randy Orton was shockingly drafted from RAW to SmackDown, a brand where in 2005 and 2006 he took out many opponents and came ever so close to ending the streak of the Undertaker and winning the World Heavyweight Championship. This left Randy Orton’s Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase without a leader, something that aggravated Cody Rhodes but surprisingly not Ted DiBiase.

                          DiBiase let his true feelings be known saying that he was ‘frustrated’ that Orton would get all the mic time and all the TV time and he was coming to the realization that they were always going to be behind Orton and that he’d be the one getting the title shots. DiBiase was bemused that Rhodes wanted to move to SmackDown with Orton because he’d just be held back. The two came to blows and a match was set up which ended in a countout prompting Vickie Guerrero to make a match at Backlash where if Cody Rhodes wins he can go to SmackDown with Randy Orton however if Ted DiBiase wins, he gets two draft picks for RAW.

                          Last week they had a heated debate, is this a sign of things to come in their No DQ, No Rules match this week at Backlash?

                          King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final
                          CM Punk vs. Big Show

                          The Big Show has been on a roll in recent weeks dominating everyone that has stepped in his way but this time he will walk straight into Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. CM Punk earned his way to the semi-final with tough victories over Primo and Jamie Noble but Big Show had it slightly easier, after overcoming a difficult competitor in Carlito, he faced Santino who he beat in five seconds.

                          Who will be able to advance to the final on this night?

                          King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final
                          Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy

                          Kofi Kingston did all that he really could on RAW where he held the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the World Tag Team Championship, on ECW he did all he could before being drafted to RAW because he never got the chance at the ECW World Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. On SmackDown he has been given a huge chance to get that opportunity after managing victories over Vladimir Kozlov, a man who went on a huge undefeated streak and Finlay, the tough Fighting Irishman put up a fight but Kingston managed the victory.

                          Matt Hardy on the other hand beat Jesse in the Last 16 stage before overcoming The Great Khali in the semi-final stage. Hardy, who has been transfixed with his brother Jeff Hardy in recent weeks will be looking to build his own legacy as a Hardy and the only way he can do that is to stop attacking Jeff Hardy at every opportunity as seen last week on the first-ever two-hour ECW.

                          Who will come out on top?

                          King of the Ring Tournament Final
                          The winner will receive a WWE Championship match at Judgment Day
                          TBD vs. TBD

                          So many options… CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston, Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston? Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk? Big Show vs. Matt Hardy? Whatever the final will be it is sure to be huge.

                          2013 TBG Poster of the Year

                          Scotland, Celtic and FC Basel
                          CELTIC (SPFL CHAMPIONS 2013/14)
                          FC BASEL (SSL CHAMPIONS 2013/2014; SWISS CUP FINALISTS)


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                            Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything


                            Edge Vs Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena
                            No DQ and a triple threat match?

                            This totally works to Edge’s advantage, who can easily let Triple H and Cena distract each other, and no DQ gives Edge more room to develop a cheap controversial win.

                            Jack Swagger Vs Christian

                            Swagger looks like he will get the win here, with Christian moving onto a bigger picture than the ECW title scene.

                            Randy Orton Vs Batista Vs Rey Mysterio

                            Mysterio will be interesting to watch in the match with the elbow to Batista, but I think I can see Orton pulling a victory by pinning Mysterio much to Batista’s anger.

                            John Morrison Vs MVP

                            John Morrison seems like he will pick up the win on this one, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

                            Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibaise

                            I can’t stand Legacy in WWE, so I’m happy to see these two feuding, and I think Ted will get the victory.

                            Cm Punk vs Big Show
                            XStraightEdgeX (H)

                            Kofi Kingston Vs Matt Hardy

                            Disgruntled pissed of Matt Hardy seems like he would slap the taste out of Kingston’s mouth.

                            Predicted final:
                            Hardy Vs Cm Punk:

                            If this match were to happen, I’d be rooting for Punk all the way, but no real prediction as it may not happen.

                            (p.s some Death Watch comments wouldn't go un-noticed )
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                              Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                              WWE Backlash 2009
                              April 26th 2009
                              Live from Providence, Rhode Island

                              The screen goes black and then in the distance there is light, we hear footsteps and the light gets closer and closer until John Cena is standing there.

                              “Sometimes you need to learn that every action has a consequence.”

                              We see Edge locking Cena into the trunk of the car and then Cena attacking him for it.

                              “To recoil and strike back.”

                              We see Randy Orton punting Batista before Batista chased him off on SmackDown! Christian comes onto the screen.

                              “That every action has repercussions.”

                              The lights beam on fully as the three men among many other WWE Superstars in the Main Event and elsewhere say in unison…

                              “Every action has a Backlash!!”

                              “Seasons” by Veer Union sounds and we are told what brings us Backlash tonight. We go inside the arena and fireworks explode all over the stage and high into the air at the Backlash set. We are welcomed to the show by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler who run-down the RAW action and Main Event before passing us over to Jim Ross and Todd Grisham who do the same thing running down the huge SmackDown Main Event and the blue portion of the show. Josh Matthews and Matt Striker then announce the ECW side of the show before we get to our first match.

                              Match 1 – King of the Ring Tournament
                              Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy

                              “SOS” by Collie Buddz hits and the crowd leap to their feet as Justin Roberts announces that this is a King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final match and Kofi Kingston comes onto the stage. He introduces Kingston by telling us he is from Kingston, Jamaica and that he weighs 228lbs. Kingston plays to the crowd once he is in the ring.

                              “Live for the Moment” by Monster Magnet sounds next and there is an initial pop but then boos filter in as Matt Hardy walks onto the stage. Garcia introduces Hardy informing us that he comes from Cameron, North Carolina and weighs 265lbs. Hardy ignores the crowd when in the ring.

                              This is a great opening contest to the Backlash PPV. The opening sees Hardy and Kingston brawling in the middle of the ring before Hardy takes the upper-hand and sends Kingston back into the ropes, he whips Kingston into the next set of ropes and looks for a big back body drop but receives a kick right to the nose. Kingston then goes for the scissor kick but Hardy moves, Side Effect! Hardy quickly goes for a cover but Kingston is able to kick out. Hardy lands a leg drop before picking Kingston up and delivering a harsh, hard forearm. Kingston retaliates with one of his own before going for the Trouble in Paradise, Hardy ducks and double clothesline.

                              As the match progresses nearer to the finish, the tiredness and fatigue is beginning to show as we are reminded that one of these men will indeed have to battle it out for a second time in the final for a shot. Kingston landed a beautiful crossbody off of the top rope and at one point seemed to have the match sewn up when he drove Matt’s face into his knee but it wasn’t to be. The finish came when the referee was knocked down during a scuffle and Hardy, frustrated went for a chair, however he received a chair-assisted Trouble in Paradise for his, well troubles. Kingston managed to get the referee as aware as possible as he made the count and Kofi advanced.

                              Winner: Kofi Kingston via the Trouble in Paradise at 10:34


                              We go backstage where Josh Matthews is standing filling in as the Backstage Announcer for RAW. Matthews says that at this time he is joined by the current World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge comes into shot looking displeased. Matthews asks him how he feels about the fact he needs to wrestle in a Steel Cage tonight against two other men where he could possibly have to leave RAW and even the entire WWE. Edge says that leaving the WWE doesn’t concern him because anybody with more than one braincell would pick him up if he was a free agent.

                              He says he also isn’t concerned because quite frankly, he will win. He says his scorned wife Vickie is trying to get revenge on him but it just won’t work because he will come out as the World Champion and he says that he will happily send Shawn Michaels or John Cena off of Monday Night RAW but more so John Cena because he shouldn’t even be in the match, he lost two weeks ago fair and square yet he gets another opportunity and gets in the match. He says that tonight he finally plans to stop John Cena ever going near his championship again.


                              Match 2 – No DQ, No Rules Match
                              Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase
                              If Cody Rhodes picks up the victory he will be drafted over to Friday Night SmackDown to join up with former Legacy mate Randy Orton. If Ted DiBiase is victorious then he will have secured a superstar from SmackDown of Vickie Guerrero’s choosing.

                              “A New Day” hits and Cody Rhodes comes onto the stage cockily looking smug to some boos. Lillian Garcia announces the rules of the match and that Cody Rhodes is from Charlotte, North Carolina and weights 219lbs. Rhodes taunts on the turnbuckles.

                              “Money” sounds, the old theme music of Ted DiBiase introduces the Hall of Famer’s son, Ted DiBiase Jr., DiBiase comes onto the stage looking ready. He claps fans hands as he makes his way to the ring. He is wearing a Marine 2 shirt promoting his movie. We hear he is from West Palm Beach, Florida weighing 238lbs. DiBiase takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd.

                              This was another good match between the two who seem to have certainly “ran with the ball” they were given by Vince McMahon. They were very hard-hitting at the beginning and the opening portion of the match was only brought down by a blown spot from Cody Rhodes when he slipped off of the turnbuckle which disrupted the flow of the match. Rhodes did managed a bridging suplex that almost got the job done by DiBiase was able to kick out without to much hassle. DiBiase hit a beautiful Shining Wizard which seemed to take Rhodes out of the game for a while. The weapon use was surprisingly low in this one, chairs here and there but that was it.

                              The match then reached it’s conclusion, one of the major spots of the closing moments was when DiBiase went for a superplex but Rhodes slipped out the back, grabbed the arms of DiBiase and landed a version of the Angel’s Wings, a move popularized by TNA superstar Christopher Daniels. It didn’t get the job done however, in a great finishing sequence DiBiase went for Dream Street but Rhodes escaped and after several counters managed to catch DiBiase and land the Cross Rhodes pretty much out of nowhere, he went for the cover and got the victory.

                              Winner: Cody Rhodes via the Cross Rhodes at 8:57


                              After a video package hyping up the next PPV, Judgment Day, we see new SmackDown Superstar Cody Rhodes enter the backstage area. WWE Champion, Randy Orton is standing clapping his hands for Rhodes. Orton says he did a great job out there and not only did him proud but he did what was right for the future of Legacy. Orton says that this is the real beginning of Legacy now that Rhodes is on SmackDown. He says that Rhodes knows the drill tonight but come Friday on SmackDown, he plans to introduce the new third member of Legacy.


                              Match 3 – King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final
                              Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk vs. The Unstoppable Force Big Show

                              “Crank it Up” plays and the crowd begin booing as pyrotechnics fly up from the stage area. Big Show comes onto the stage and as he is making his way to the ring, he is put over and we are shown his dominance in recent weeks. He is announced from Tampa, Florida and we are told he weighs approximately 485lbs. Show taunts at the ropes to boos.

                              “This Fire Burns” hits and the rift at the start of the song plays, CM Punk comes onto the stage holding his Money in the Bank briefcase, he taunts and walks to the ring. We are told he is from Chicago, Illinois and weighs 220lbs. Punk enters the ring and taunts.

                              This is a mis-match in terms of pretty much everything but in the early-going, CM Punk really takes it to the giant hammering his legs with vicious sounding kicks time and again. Show eventually is brought down to his knees and Punk goes for a DDT but gets a whiplash effect smashing off of the ring mat. Show gets to his feet and immediately goes for the Knockout Punch but Punk ducks, flying forearm which makes Show stagger back, and another and Show falls through the middle rope. Punk then dives out onto Show but is caught, Show has his hand around Punk’s neck, he throws Punk back-first into the ring steps. He puts Punk into the ring and goes for the cover but only gets two.

                              The final portion of this contest is just as hard-hitting as the earlier portion, Big Show press slammed CM Punk over the top rope with a sickening thud in an impressive spot. Punk managed his high knee later and even the bulldog but that was not enough on this night. The Big Show seemed to have hurt his knee after delivering a big boot and coming down on it but he continued the match. At one point CM Punk went for the GTS but couldn’t, as expected, lift Show. Show squirmed free and delivered a sickening Knockout Punch that looked very real. It even seemed like Punk was knocked loopy. Show picked up the victory as the referee checked on Punk.

                              Winner: The Big Show via the Knockout Punch at 7:32


                              We go backstage and Dolph Ziggler and Finlay, these two brawl for a little while before Ziggler starts to get the upperhand and throws Finlay into the steel shutter. He grabs Finlay and then smashes a steel chair over his head that was lying in the backstage area. Ziggler then hits his finisher on Finlay leaving the Irishman down and out in the backstage area. Ziggler walks off as the camera pans around and SmackDown Backstage Interviewer Jenny Cash is standing, he smirks and says ‘does that impress you?’ before walking off without receiving an answer. Jenny smiles as the camera fades.


                              Match 4 – United States Championship Match
                              John Morrison © vs. MVP

                              “I’m Coming” by Sikk the Shocker sounds first and the tunnel inflates on the stage, MVP comes out after a few seconds and does his taunt. The former United States Champion is announced from Miami, Florida and his weight is 249lbs. His fire goes off in the background when taunting and he enters the ring and does the Ballin’ taunt as we are reminded of what went down in the Battle Royal.

                              “Ain’t No Make Believe” by Stonefree Experience hits and the crowd begin booing. John Morrison walks onto the stage with the belt over his shoulder. He is wearing his now trademark shades. He does his taunt on the stage and it a new addition to his entrance, a firework flies from the roof like what used to happen with Team 3D and explodes on the stage. Morrison continues to the ring and we are told he weighs 223lbs and is from Los Angeles, California.

                              This match was easily the best of the night thus far, they showed glimpses in the Battle Royal and Tag Matches over the past few weeks. MVP certainly had the upper-hand in the opening portion of the contest landing his trademark moves such as the Ballin’ Elbow which wasn’t enough to see off Morrison and reclaim his gold. He hits the Malicious Intent on Morrison, a Spinning Capoeira Kick but that, also isn’t enough. MVP’s attempts at the Drive-By Kick failed on every occasion.

                              Morrison also had his fair share of exciting moments, he almost wrapped the match up with a flying clothesline from the top rope but it wasn’t to be. Morrison actually got a few cheers for his energetic, high-flying offense but that turned to boos when the Shaman of Sexy eventually picked up the victory, MVP went for a bridging suplex but Morrison battled out and landed the Moonlight Drive for the victory retaining his United States Championship.


                              Match 5 – King of the Ring Tournament
                              Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show

                              For the second time tonight “SOS” sounds and against Kofi Kingston comes out as energetic as ever before. We are told the same details about Kingston that he is from Kingston, Jamaica and that he does weighs 228lbs. Kingston claps all the fans hands on the way to the ring.

                              Just around ten minutes after beating CM Punk, Big Show appears again with “Crank it Up” filling the speakers. We are once again told he is from Tampa, Florida and weighs 485lbs. Show taunts in the ring as the boos filter in for him once more. The rules are explained and we told that the winner of the match gets a shot at the WWE Championship at Judgment Day.

                              Both men look tired and weary, Show shows his fist to Kingston but Kingston ducks and looks for an early Trouble in Paradise but he just bounces off of Show and falls to the mat. He gets up looking shocked, his game-plan out of the window. Show goes for another Knockout Punch looking to end things early but Kingston ducks. Show angrily turns and grabs Kingston and goes to fling him over the rope but Kingston uses his shoulders to bounce back to Show’s frustration and Show just grabs him and flings him viciously across the ring.

                              Show’s dominance in this early portion was clear to see but he was left frustrated by Kingston at times. One big moment was when Show gave Kingston a superplex from the top rope. Kingston managed to eventually take Show down with kicks and landed the Boom, Boom, Boom Leg Drop! He quickly looks to take advantage but Show throws him off. Kingston later goes for a shoulder tackle but is swatted away like a fly. Show lands a chokeslam but takes too long to cover Kingston and again, to his frustration Kingston kicks out.

                              The match then reached it’s conclusion, after a hard battle Show went for the Knockout Punch again and connected but the force sent Kingston all the way to the outside. By the time Show pushed Kingston’s lifeless body into the ring, Kingston was able to kick out. The end finally came when Kingston delivered kicks and then a dropkick to the knee of Show dropping the giant to one knee, Kingston then landed the Trouble in Paradise taking Show down and securing the victory and a huge upset as well as an unexpected shot at the WWE Championship.

                              Winner and going on to headline Judgment Day for the WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston via the Trouble in Paradise at 13:34


                              We are told it is now time for the official ceremony where Miss. WrestleMania, Melina is bestowed upon with the sash and crown. In the ring, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long is standing. He asks everyone if they’re having a good time and gets a good response. Long says that at WrestleMania 25, Melina won the 25 Diva Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal to become Miss. WrestleMania, he says that tonight at Backlash, he is the honour of officially bestowing this accolade upon Melina and asks that she come out. “Paparazzi.” Plays on the sound system and the crowd leap to their feet as Melina comes out with her WWE Women’s Championship, Maria is in tow. They both come down to the ring and enter the ring.

                              Theodore Long says that before he does the honours, he wants to ask Melina how it feels to be Miss. WrestleMania. Melina says it feels fantastic, beating twenty-four other divas along with the fact that your WWE Women’s Champion proves you are the elite diva in the entire WWE, and that not to be modest, she believes she is the best. Melina says she is privileged to be Miss. WrestleMania. Theodore Long says that the crowning will commence, he goes to put on the sash and the crown but “Not Enough For Me” sounds.

                              Michelle McCool comes onto the stage with a microphone shouting ‘Stop, Stop, Stop.’ McCool continues down the ramp before entering the ring. Michelle says that everyone knows Melina doesn’t deserve to be Miss. WrestleMania and that Melina certainly isn’t the elite diva, Michelle says that she may be better than Maria over here but she is not, and no one is better than Michelle McCool. Melina says that Michelle couldn’t resist coming out here and that she needs to be the centre of attention. Melina says she watched SmackDown back when Maryse and Michelle were feuding for the Divas Championship and the whole reason it started was because Michelle disliked Maryse for her attitude and her personality, but says that Michelle has developed everything she disliked about Maryse, the attitude, the personality, everything.

                              Michelle laughs it off saying she just knows she’s good. Michelle says that she’s been itching to prove it for months because as far as she can recall, Melina and Michelle haven’t fought one-on-one. Melina tells her she can bring it on and the two look set to fight, Theodore Long interrupts and says that at Judgment Day, they can fight as they will clash for the WWE Women’s Championship. Long suggests Michelle leaves so he can get on with the ceremony or else he will remove her title shot, Michelle reluctantly leaves as Long presents Melina with the sash and crown, Melina doesn’t seem to care anymore and just lifts her title in the air locking eyes with Michelle.


                              Match 6 - WWE Championship
                              Triple Threat Match
                              Randy Orton © vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

                              Before the match, we get a video of earlier today where Batista is trying to talk to Rey about what happened last week but Rey walks off without uttering a word. “I Walk Alone” by Saliva hits first and Batista comes out to a mixed response, he does his usual entrance and claps the fans hands still playing a face. We are told he is from Washington, D.C and weighs 290lbs. Batista enters the ring taunting after this to another mixed reaction.

                              “Booyaka” by P.O.D. hits and Rey gets easily the loudest reaction of the night by far, Rey comes onto the stage and just stares right at Batista who is in the ring. He then does his taunts at each side of the stage, we are told he is from San Diego, California and weighs 175lbs, he taunts in the ring before locking eyes with Batista as he makes his way to each turnbuckle.

                              “Voices” by Rev Theory is the final entrance music to sound and Randy Orton walks onto the stage with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. Orton walks down the ramp and we are told he is from St. Louis, Missouri and weighs 245lbs. He enters the ring raising his belt in the air.

                              The match starts off and Batista goes right after Orton in the corner, he asks Rey to help, Rey is very weary at first but makes it 2 on 1 against Randy Orton. Eventually Orton is brought down with a DDT from Batista and Batista goes for the cover, but Rey pulls him off. Batista asks him what he is doing and they argue, Orton then takes them out with a double clothesline but his pinfall effort on Batista fails to work. Batista eventually fights back and goes for a spinebuster but Orton fights out. In a nice spot, Orton was ready to superplex Rey but Batista came from behind grabbing Orton and falling backwards just as Orton superplexed Rey.

                              As the match continued, it got a little faster as they hit more big spots. In what I believe was an unplanned spot Rey came off of the ropes and dove at Orton but Orton didn’t stand up in time and Rey awkwardly fell over the ropes to the outside, Orton and Batista must’ve improvised as Rey was checked on. The action got a little heated as The Legend Killer and The Animal came to blows, Orton landed a stiff kick to the knee of Batista and then took a chair to the leg of Batista, he hit his leg time and time again as Batista writhed in pain until Rey made the save hitting a dropkick to the back of Orton, he fell to the ropes but caught Rey on the go-around and then dragged him through hitting the DDT but it wasn’t enough.

                              As the match reached it’s end, Batista stayed on the outside holding his leg that is apparently badly damaged and this essentially became a one-on-one match. Continuing their good match streak they put on a blistering performance. Orton driving Rey’s back into his knee was a sick spot due to the selling from Rey but it wasn’t enough. The match continued with some of these spots but eventually Rey managed to hit the 619 and immediately went for the cover, during these we could see Batista struggling into the ring, he breaks up the pinfall but rolls back out holding leg in pain. Rey stands up and goes over to the ropes staring at Batista angrily, he turns into an RKO! And it is over? Did Batista just cost Rey the title knowing he wouldn’t be able to capitalize after breaking up the pin because of the injured leg? Rey seems to think so.

                              Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton via the RKO at 13:34


                              Match 7 - ECW World Championship Match
                              Jack Swagger © vs. Christian

                              “If You Close Your Eyes” by Story of the Yearhits and Christian comes onto the stage looking for his peeps, we are told he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and that he weighs 227lbs. Christian walks down the ramp clapping the fans hands before entering the ring.

                              “On Your Knees” by Age Against the Machineis next to hit and Jack Swagger comes out with the ECW Championship on his shoulder. He walks down the ramp ignoring the fans as we are informed he comes from Perry, Oklahoma and weighs 263lbs we are also told he is the current ECW Champion. Swagger enters the ring taunting.

                              The match starts off at a good pace but the brute strength of Swagger is shown when he grabs Christian in a headlock and pulls him around and down onto the mat showing his amateur wrestling skills from his schooldays. Christian managed to fight out and took Swagger over the top rope with a clothesline and then climbed the turnbuckle diving onto Swagger to a huge pop. Christian rolled Swagger into the ring but The All-American American was able to kick out without much, if any hassle. Christian did catch Swagger with a big superkick but that was not enough either.

                              As the match continued, the ECW Champion began getting more offense in, he took Christian down with a particularly sick clothesline followed by a nice Hogan-esqe leg drop but that was not enough either. Swagger picked Christian up and went for the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Christian squirmed out and went for the Killswitch but Swagger managed to escape and clobbered Christian with a huge forearm knocking Captain Charisma back, Swagger then boots him in the face but again Christian kicks out at 2 to the dismay of the All-American American.

                              The match then reaches it’s final portion with it being an evenly-balanced contest, a fist-fight begins in the ring and then they met each other in the middle with a double clothesline. Christian gets his arm over Swagger first but the ECW Champion kicks out at the very last possible avenue. Both men get to their feet, Swagger charges at Christian and Christian pulls the ropes down and Swagger flies out of the ring. Christian comes out and throws Swagger into the ring and goes for the cover but Swagger kicks out. Both men get up, Swagger wildly flings a punch, Christian ducks and Killswitch Engaged! He hits it and rolls Swagger over for the one, two, three. It’s over! Christian is the NEW ECW Champion.

                              Winner and NEW ECW World Champion: Christian via the Killswitch at 13:43

                              After another hype video for Judgment Day, Christian walks backstage with his newly-won belt and walks right into Edge, the World Heavyweight Champion. Edge says that Christian’s victory was sweet, the man who turned his back on WWE comes back to the top of the ladder, he says that’s how many might see it, but not him. He says that he is the best of the best and at the top, he is the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian stops him, Christian says Edge used to be fun, that Edge and him used to be the best tag team in the world, people loved them. Christian says his peeps still love him, but what about Edge? Christian says Edge better watch anyway, because as he understands ECW General Manager Tiffany has a contract offer on the table for Edge should he lose the World Heavyweight Championship tonight and then they may well have to fight it out for… HIS… ECW Championship.

                              We cut to Josh Matthews standing by with John Cena, he says that in just one moment John Cena will be battling not only for the World Championship but for his roster spot on RAW. He asks John Cena for a quick word, Cena says that he has no concerns and no worries, for the past three weeks, Edge has tormented him and he got a measure of revenge last week, he said that he will exact the full revenge on Edge tonight and become World Champion. Shawn Michaels walks by and says ‘not if I have anything to do about it.’ And walks towards the curtain as the camera fades.

                              Match 8 – World Heavyweight Championship
                              Steel Cage Match
                              Edge © vs. John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels
                              The winner of tonight’s contest will become the new World Heavyweight Champion while if a person is pinned or made to submit will be forced to leave the RAW brand in the hope that they secure a contract with either ECW or SmackDown!

                              “Sexy Boy” by Shawn Michaels sounds and the crowd leap to their feet throwing up their signs as Shawn Michaels comes onto the stage. His usual array of pyrotechnics go off and we are told that he is from San Antonio, Texas and weighs 225lbs. Shawn gets in the ring doing his usual taunts.

                              “My Time is Now” by John Cena and Tha Trademarc sounds and again the crowd rise to their feet as John Cena comes onto the stage in energetic fashion. He runs down the ramp much like he did at WrestleMania after saluting to the crowd, he enters the ring and throws his cap into the rowdy crowd. We are told Cena is from West Newbury, Massachusetts and weighs 240lbs. Cena does his normal taunts to the crowd while in the ring before quickly shaking hands with Shawn Michaels.

                              “Metalingus” by Alterbridge hits and the crowd begin to boo loudly as the World Champion, Edge comes onto the stage. He has a smile on his face, savouring the boos of the crowd it would seem. He unhooks the belt from his waist and raises it in the air as a dazzling array of pyrotechnics go off behind him. We are told he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighs 250lbs. Edge gets into the ring raising his belt in the air.

                              The Steel Cage is lowered as all three-men look around. The match begins with Cena charging right at Edge, he takes him down and flings him into the cage wall. He turns around and Shawn Michaels is trying to escape the cage but Cena climbs up and does a sickening backdrop of the cage which hurts him also. Cena gets up and taunts to the crowds delight but Edge is up and grabs Cena’s head and throws it right to the cage wall. Cena staggers back and is lifted up, Electric Chair Drop! Edge quickly tries to climb the cage but is stopped by HBK this time.

                              The match continues in this short of fashion, in a particularly sickening spot, Cena is climbing the cage wall and sees Edge, he jumps off looking for an axe handle but gets speared to the mat. Shawn begins battling Edge before the World Champion can get near to Cena for the pin, they grapple and Shawn grabs Edge’s head and vice-versa and they both run into the cage wall. They stagger back feeling the effects but out of nowhere Shawn busts out a super kick but it’s taken too much out of him and he cannot capitalize.

                              As the match reaches it’s climax, John Cena manages to land the Attitude Adjustment on Shawn Michaels. He looks for the STF and locks it in but Edge asks for the cage door to be opened and tries to escape but is pulled back in. Edge and Cena have a fist-fight and then Edge takes the upper-hand taking Cena down with a sick forearm. Michaels is getting to his feet and he starts climbing the cage wall as Edge tries to escape through the door again. Cena is in too minds unsure just what to do. He quickly grabs Edge back into the ring and climbs up beside HBK, they begin fighting. Edge climbs up too and all three men reach the top and Cena and Edge work together and Shawn falls back to the mat in painful fashion, Cena and Edge stand up on the top of the cage, hearts are in people’s mouths here, Cena lifts Edge up… he looks around the arena and then gives Edge an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT BACK INTO THE RING! The crowd cheer and gasp as there is a gaping hole left in the ring! Cena climbs back down the cage, instead of escaping he pins Edge to send him to another brand!

                              Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena via the Attitude Adjustment at 19:24

                              Cena climbs the cage and stands on top with his newly one belt. The celebrations continue as we go off of the air.

                              *** WWE Backlash Quick Results ***

                              Kofi Kingston defeated Matt Hardy to advance to the King of the Ring Tournament Final
                              Cody Rhodes defeated Ted DiBiase to secure a move to the SmackDown brand.

                              Big Show defeated CM Punk to advance to the final of the King of the Ring Tournament.

                              John Morrison defeated MVP to retain his United States Championship

                              Kofi Kingston defeated Big Show to win the King of the Ring Tournament 2009 and secure a shot at the WWE Championship at Judgment Day 2009.

                              Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio and Batista in a Triple Threat Match to retain his WWE Championship.

                              Christian defeated Jack Swagger to become the NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

                              John Cena defeated Edge and Shawn Michaels to WIN the World Heavyweight Championship. He pinned Edge which means that Edge will now need to look for another brand.
                              There is is, I posted it earlier but apparently it didn't work because I can't see my post. So hopefully it works this time. I had pictures earlier too.

                              2013 TBG Poster of the Year

                              Scotland, Celtic and FC Basel
                              CELTIC (SPFL CHAMPIONS 2013/14)
                              FC BASEL (SSL CHAMPIONS 2013/2014; SWISS CUP FINALISTS)


                              • #45
                                Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                                System's Semantics

                                Kofi VS Hardy

                                Solid opening match, with Hardy showing his frustrations and using the chair, only for it to be reversed. :

                                Edge Promo:
                                You’ve got Edge down to a T I can tell you that much.

                                Cody Rhodes Vs Ted Dibaise:
                                More entertaining then those two are on Raw (sorry but Legacy I can’t stand )
                                At first glance I thought it said Christoper Daniels came into the ring. The match was very good with the highlight parts of the match with the pair going back and forth.

                                Cm Punk Vs Big Show:
                                Motherfucker . Was surprised that Show got the win, but the match was very well described, taking Show’s size into consideration with Punk making wise moves trying to take the giant down. Punk could have lifted Show for a GTS, he just needed more Pepsi!


                                I haven’t watched any of Dolph Ziggler’s matches but he seems to be all the hype now, but I laughed when I read his comment. I’ve only seen his “Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler” stuff.


                                Yeah I picked the match right, the drive by kick seems to be one of those movies like the Unprettier that gets reversed constantly. I didn’t like that it started with “The best match of the night thus far” before the match started but otherwise I enjoyed it.


                                I Really loved this match,with the typical speed vs power psychology, and Kofi kicking out at the ending and coming back into the match and winning.
                                Show superplex’s Kingston of the rope would have been cool to see.

                                Usual Diva stuff, I can’t say I found it entertaining but it served its purpose in the show and sets up the Judgement Day match.

                                You did the ending to this match perfectly, with it setting up to further the storyline and convince me to keep reading, and triple threat’s are one of my favourite match stipulaton and that match shows exactly why.

                                Didn’t see Christian winning at all! Very technical counter heavy match up with the two being evenly balanced as you stated.

                                Cuck Fena (Just being a hater again) Triple threat cage match was fucking insane dude, as if those matches weren’t hectic enough..add escaping from a cage to it?
                                Wow. Spear in midair to Cena..sweet!. I enjoyed every part of this match except the ending.

                                Overall: I really enjoyed it and the summary type format for the PPV still managed to convey the key spots and story of the match ups. I spotted about 5 or 6 typos’
                                (Short/Too minds?) but you’re only human . Awesomely done and I’ll look forward to reading more shows.