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WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

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    Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

    I think I'll do quick updates, just to get to after SmackDown so I can start writing it in recap form.

    ECW on Sci-Fi Preview
    Frank Erwin Center
    Austin, Texas
    "On the Lookout"

    (Another commercial for WWE Superstars airs promoting the show which debuts live on WGN America one week on Thursday. Much like the night before with Monday Night RAW, “Shoot to Thrill” by ACDC and “Touched” by Vast play as the WrestleMania logo. We see the major moments from the ECW side of things with clips of Mark Henry and Christian close to becoming the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We get a replay of the ECW World Championship match between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne, we see some of the action before Swagger’s Gut-Wrench Powerbomb takes Bourne out for the three. We see Swagger smiling into the camera but then an ECW logo flashes up. We get a quick preview for the extreme new era next week when ECW goes two hours and then “Don’t Question My Heart” begins playing as the ECW Introduction Package plays only this time with the new superstars that were drafted now in the package ahead of those drafted from ECW. It finishes and the camera goes inside the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas where the crowd are screaming, the camera focuses on the stage and pyrotechnics explode on the stage, the HD set reads “ECW – Last One Hour Show” and underneath it says “Extreme New Era – 14th April” the camera pans the crowd who hold up their signs and then we go to the announce table of Josh Matthews and Matt Striker.)

    Josh Matthews:“Hello everyone, I am Josh Matthews alongside Matt Striker and we welcome you to ECW on Sci-Fi. We are just two nights removed from WrestleMania and one week away from ECW going two hours and we are live from the Frank Erwin Center here in Austin, Texas and Matt, what a night we have in store for the WWE Universe.”

    Matt Striker: “Tonight is huge, yes everyone is talking about ECW going two hours next week but tonight we see the fallout from an epic WrestleMania 25 and we see some huge new stars that have made their home ECW following the WWE Draft this past week. These superstars include the Extreme Enigma Jeff Hardy and the brash Texan John “Bradshaw” Layfield, two who will square off tonight.”

    Josh Matthews: “I think its important now Matt to discuss the whole ECW World Championship match that took place last night, Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne battled it out over Jack Swagger’s ECW Championship with Swagger coming out the victor, these two cemented their place in history two nights ago.”

    Matt Striker: “The preview for ECW was titled “Swaggering On” and that puts emphasis on that cocky swagger that Jack Swagger has, he is good, he is a natural athlete, he is the ECW Champion and boy does he know it.”

    (“On Your Knees” sounds over the PA system as the crowd begin booing loudly, after a few seconds Jack Swagger cockily walks onto the ramp with the ECW Championship over his shoulder. Swagger shows off his swagger as he continues walking down the ramp, a huge grin on his face, he stops at the ramp, points to his title and then raises it in the air as pyrotechnics go off behind him. He climbs up the steel steps ignoring the fans before entering the ring.)

    Tony Chimel: “Please welcome… the ECW World Champion… The All-American American… Jack Swagger!”

    (The crowd boo, as now in the ring Jack Swagger lifts his silver high in the air for the world to see. He places it back on his shoulder, adjusts it and taunts some more before taking a microphone. The crowd continue to boo Swagger.)

    Jack Swagger: “Two nights ago at the twenty-fifth anniversary of WrestleMania, WrestleMania 25 you witnessed some great matches… you all saw The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels battle it out… you all saw Edge defeat John Cena and Big Show… you all saw Randy Orton winning the WWE Championship from Triple H… and you all saw Jack Swagger cement his place in history by retaining his ECW World Championship against Evan Bourne.”

    (The crowd boo loudly as that familiar grin returns to the face of Jack Swagger. Swagger raises his championship in the air once more to even more boos.)

    Jack Swagger: “I beat Evan Bourne just like I said I would. I then came here tonight expecting congratulations and a night off from the new ECW General Manager, Tiffany. I didn’t get that, I didn’t get congratulated, I didn’t hear the words, ‘You did well Jack, congratulations’, no all I heard was, ‘I appreciate your efforts’. Okay, being the best athlete in professional wrestling today, I can deal with that but she didn’t give me the night off, oh no, she puts me into a non-title match tonight against Christian.”

    (The crowd go crazy with cheers at the mention of Christian’s name.)

    Jack Swagger: “You like that, huh? (Cheers) You don’t realize that in just one week I take this brand to two hours on Sci-Fi, in just one week I compete in a Champion of Champions match, a match were you can prove you the elite champion in all of the WWE but Tiffany wants to hinder my chances?”

    (The crowd continue to cheer as Swagger seems to get angry kicking the ropes.)

    Jack Swagger: “Not only that, but Tiffany will also announce tonight that next week there will be a Number One Contenders Match? I am the best ECW Champion ever, I am the best wrestler this company has ever seen and yet, Tiffany doesn’t treat me with respect!”

    (Swagger goes to speak again but “A Girl Like That” hits and the crowd give a somewhat lukewarm response to the new ECW General Manager. Tiffany comes onto the stage in a business suit, she is smiling and she waves to the crowd for a few moments.)

    Josh Matthews: “There you see, our new ECW General Manager Tiffany who has taken over from now SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long.”

    Tiffany: “Jack… what you need to remember is this is my show. (Cheers) I am your NEW General Manager and right now, you are not treating me with respect. I stand by what I said Jack, I do appreciate your efforts and I hope these fans appreciate mine because right now, I care about making an impact and making ECW the best it can possibly be for the WWE Universe.”

    (The crowd cheer loudly as Jack Swagger does not look amused.)

    Tiffany: “Look Jack, this is one of the most important times in the entire history of ECW, next week this show goes two hours every Tuesday night live, we air live from countries all over the world, new superstars get their chance to make themselves a star. You say you are the best, you say you are the greatest ECW Champion ever, you say you are the elite… Jack, no one will believe you if you keep trying to dodge title defences and matches.”

    (The crowd continue to cheer.)

    Tiffany: “With that being said… you will compete tonight in a non-title match against Christian (Huge Cheers) and you will compete next week when ECW enters an extreme new era in the Champion of Champions Match.”

    (The crowd cheer even louder than before as Swagger goes to speak but Tiffany stops him.)

    Tiffany: “As for my announcement… next week… when ECW goes two hours, we will begin the Number One Contenders Tournament. Sixteen superstars will battle it out over the coming weeks to see who will face you at Judgment Day. As for Backlash, if Christian beats you tonight he will face you at Backlash… if you win tonight you will have your ever so desired night off come Backlash.”

    (The crowd cheer loudly as Tiffany walks backstage leaving Jack Swagger annoyed.)

    Matt Striker: “Jack Swagger has been well and truly put in his place tonight Josh, talk about a huge announcement from Tiffany too, tonight if Christian beats Jack Swagger in a non-title match, he will face Swagger at Backlash. Starting next week, a sixteen man tournament will begin were the winner faces Swagger or possibly Christian depending on tonight’s result at Judgment Day.”


    Match 2
    Umaga vs. R-Truth

    Josh Matthews: “Welcome back to ECW on Sci-Fi, just moments ago it was announced by ECW General Manager Tiffany that a sixteen man tournament will begin to determine the Number One Contender to the ECW World Championship at Judgment Day. If you go to right now you can see the sixteen participants who will be in the tournament.”

    Matt Striker: “I’m sure that a number of new superstars on ECW will be in that tournament after being drafted to ECW. The WWE Draft was certainly kind to the Land of Extreme as we struck it big with some huge draft picks. We obtained superstars such as Jeff Hardy, JBL, Cryme Tyme, R-Truth and Umaga.”

    Josh Matthews: “Speaking of Umaga…”
    (At that moment, “Tribal Trouble” sounds out as the crowd give the returning Umaga a mixed reaction. Umaga comes onto the stage and taunts at the top of the stage screaming incoherently at the top of his lungs. He walks down the ramp looking intimidating.)

    Tony Chimel: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing first from the Isle of Samoa, weighing 350lbs… The Samoan Bulldozer… Umaga!”

    (Umaga walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, he taunts some more next to the ropes to boos this time.)

    Josh Matthews: “He is one of the most intimidating and savage wrestlers in all of the WWE. Umaga tears through opponents week after week, he even went on an unprecedented undefeated streak when he made his debut and only a recent injury slowed him down.”

    Matt Striker: “Oh, and I’m sure those months away from the ring, away from inflicting huge amounts of pain on other superstars has been eating away at Umaga and I feel sorry for his opponent, R-Truth tonight because he won’t get an easy ride into ECW, but then again, no one does.”

    (“What’s Up” begins playing and the crowd cheer loudly knowing that R-Truth could come through their section in the crowd. After a few seconds R-Truth does appear at the crowd, he begins dancing his way down, clapping hands, singing his song getting the fans to chime in when necessary. Truth keeps this up through the whole crowd before jumping the barrier.)

    Tony Chimel: “Introducing next from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing 228lbs… R-Truth!”

    (Truth enters the ring and does his What’s Up chant one more time before putting his microphone down, he stares up at a less than impressed Umaga.)

    Josh Matthews: “I think it is safe to assume that R-Truth’s performance did not impress the Samoan Bulldozer.”

    Matt Striker: “It did not Josh, I said it a few minutes ago, R-Truth will not have it easy tonight.”


    (R-Truth seems to be thinking of a way to take Umaga down, Umaga instead charges at Truth and knocks him down, Truth shakes his head and gets to his feet, Umaga goes on the attack again but Truth lands a big chop to his chest which makes the Samoan Bulldozer stagger back, he then lands a standing dropkick which makes Umaga stumble backwards towards the ropes, Truth then spears Umaga through the middle rope all the way to the floor as the crowd go absolutely crazy. After a few moments Truth is on his feet, he climbs onto the apron and then to the turnbuckle, he dives off with a crossbody and lands it on Umaga. He rolls into the ring as the referee is up to four. “…5…6…7…8…9…” at this point Umaga barely makes it into the ring. Truth continues on the attack and begins hammering rights and lefts to Umaga’s back.)

    Josh Matthews: “He may not have impressed Umaga but R-Truth is impressing me, he has came out, not intimidated, not scared for Umaga and his fearlessness has really helped him gain an early advantage.”

    Matt Striker: “Its all about keeping your opponent down when you face someone like Umaga and R-Truth is doing that. He needs to stay on the attack and not allow Umaga any time to rest or he could be on the end of a defeat.”

    (Truth waits for Umaga as the Bulldozer is up to his knees, Truth lands a dropkick which sends Umaga back to the mat. Umaga uses the ropes to get to his feet and is at the turnbuckle, Truth runs at him but Umaga moves and Truth eats turnbuckle. Umaga turns and then splashes right into Truth, Truth falls to the mat his head resting on the second turnbuckle pad. Umaga goes to the opposite turnbuckle and screams something before doing his Samoan Wrecking Ball. Umaga picks up Truth and looks to hit him with the Samoan Spike but Truth ducks, kicks Umaga in the gut and goes for the Scissor Kick and lands it! “1…2…” but Umaga is able to kick out to most people’s surprise.)

    Josh Matthews: “He may not have impressed Umaga but R-Truth is impressing me, he has came out, not intimidated, not scared for Umaga and his fearlessness has really helped him gain an early advantage.”

    (Umaga manages to get to his feet, is kicked in the gut again and once more Truth goes for the Scissor Kick but Umaga moves and grabs Truth hitting the sickening Samoan Spike! “1…2…3”)

    Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner… Ummmmaaaaaggggaaaaa!”

    (Umaga taunts some more in the ring before heading up the ramp.)

    Josh Matthews: “You have to admire the spirited fight of R-Truth tonight Matt but the sheer strength and brutality of The Samoan Bulldozer was just too much.”

    Matt Striker: “I’m telling you now Josh, Umaga is someone you do not want to cross paths with. He will be in that sixteen man tournament starting next week and you better hope you don’t get drawn against this man.”

    Josh Matthews: “Right now though Matt, we need to get to something I am very excited about, the Marine 2 starring Ted DiBiase. The much-anticipated sequel to The Marine which starred John Cena.”

    Matt Striker: “If the Marine is anything to go by, the Marine 2 will be earth-shattering, the first one was amazing, thrilling action and this one is sure to be too. We take you to a sneak peek right here live on ECW.”

    SNEAK PEEK: The Marine 2

    Josh Matthews: “After watching that Matt, I am definitely going out on May 15th to my local theatre to watch it.”

    Matt Striker: “I don’t blame you Josh, I really don’t. Right now, however lets take you backstage and welcome our new ECW backstage interviewer… Beverly Mullins. Beverly, welcome to ECW!”

    (The camera goes backstage were we see Beverly standing with a broad smile on her face.)

    Beverly Mullins: “Thank you Matt, it is a pleasure to be here on ECW. At this time I am joined by one of the new superstars coming to ECW as a result of the WWE Draft 2009, he is the former Intercontinental Champion… John “Bradshaw” Layfield.”

    (Layfield comes into shot as the crowd begin booing loudly.)

    Beverly Mullins: “John, I’ve got a number of questions to ask, firstly, two nights ago you lost your Inter-.”

    (JBL snatches the microphone from her.)

    JBL: “Beverly, for the past two nights all I have heard is ‘former’ Intercontinental Champion being directed towards me…”

    (Beverly gets a cheer as she interrupts JBL.)

    Beverly Mullins: “Well, John that is the truth, you lost.”

    (JBL does not look happy at all.)

    JBL: “Beverly, do not dare interrupt me again! Do you realize who I am? I am John “Bradshaw” Layfield, the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown history, I am a Wrestling God, I am a… Intercontinental Champion… I own a multi-million dollar company and now, that same man has been drafted to E…C…W.”

    (The crowd boo this.)

    JBL: “There is an example, just like these fans, you don’t respect me, you don’t appreciate my talent. I have came to ECW with one goal in my mind to win the sixteen man tournament and become the ECW World Champion. I may have lost to Rey Mysterio who got a lucky, fluke win over me but I will not lose come Judgment Day. What you and all of these people need to realize is…”

    (JBL stops speaking and Jeff Hardy comes into the cameras view to a huge cheer, a smirk comes on JBL’s face.)

    JBL: “Someone better call security, it seems like there is some punk kid backstage.”

    (The crowd boo loudly, Jeff grabs the microphone from JBL.)

    Jeff Hardy: “Is that what you see me as John? Some punk kid, this punk kid is the same man who was one-half of one of the greatest tag teams ever with Matt Hardy (Boos), a man who is a former Intercontinental Champion, a man who is a former W…W…E Champion, a man who is soon to become ECW Champion when I win that tournament… and the same punk kid who is gonna’ knock you on your ass tonight and beat you 1…2….3!”

    (Jeff thrusts the microphone into JBL’s hands and walks off, JBL’s smirk is no longer on his face as the crowd cheer loudly.)

    Josh Matthews: “Some strong words from Jeff Hardy there to JBL, don’t go anywhere folks because that match is next.”


    Match 2
    John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Jeff Hardy

    (“Longhorn” sounds and the crowd begin booing as the white limousine of JBL drives down towards the side of the stage. The limousine comes to a stop and the chauffeur gets out of it, he goes to the back of the limousine and opens the door as John “Bradshaw” Layfield steps out still smarting from Jeff’s words. JBL walks down the ramp berating the fans.)

    Tony Chimel: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from New York City weighing in at 290lbs… John “Bradshaw” Layfield!”

    (The crowd boo as JBL climbs up the steps and enters the ring, he taunts the crowd a little.)

    Matt Striker: “JBL is a bully Josh, plain and simple and he will not be scared to rough you up in that ring to ensure victory.”

    (“No More Words” sounds next and the crowd jump out of their seats going crazy for Jeff Hardy. Hardy quickly comes dancing onto the stage and does his taunt which sets off fireworks on the stage, he runs down the ramp clapping the fans hands that are outstretched. He stops abruptly and looks to the ring where JBL is mouthing off to him. Jeff runs into the ring.)

    Tony Chimel: “Introducing the opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina weighing 225lbs… Jeff… Hardy!”

    (The crowd go crazy at the mention of his name as he jumps off of the turnbuckle after taunting. He stands face-to-face with JBL.)

    Josh Matthews: “These men would love nothing more than to go to the Gold Rush tournament next week with a victory, these two know what it is like to be a World Champion also, which makes them sure-fire favourites for next week, Matt?”

    Matt Striker: “It wouldn’t be inconceivable to see Jeff Hardy and JBL meet up in the final of this Gold Rush Tournament over the next few weeks.”


    (The two men circle the ring and Jeff charges at JBL but JBL lifts his knee which Jeff runs into, with the air taken out of him, Jeff staggers back but is met with another high knee to the jaw this time. JBL smirks and raises one arm in the air to loud boos, he picks up Jeff and lands a quick snap suplex looking for the cover, “1…2…” but Jeff is able to kick out. Jeff uses the ropes to get up and then pulls them down as JBL charges at him, JBL goes flying over the ropes to the floor. Jeff stands up and runs off of the ropes diving through them onto JBL to a huge cheer. The crowd are chanting “Hardy! Hardy!” over and over as the referee counts, “1….2…3…4…” both men rise to their feet and slide into the ring. Once in the ring they both run off of the ropes and meet in the middle with a double clothesline.)

    Josh Matthews: “Both men are simply matching each other so far and that is just further emphasized by them both thinking the same idea, having the same plan right there.”

    Matt Striker: “Both men will really be disorientated, these men both decided to go for a clothesline, you expect to take the other man down but when you get a clothesline unexpectedly like that when you were going for it really takes you right out of the game and I wouldn’t be surprised if the first to capitalize got the victory. But who will capitalize?”


    (We return and JBL has a Sleeper Hold in on Jeff Hardy, the crowd are trying to will Jeff on banging their feet on the ground and clapping their hands together. Jeff’s clenched fist goes into the air and it seems it is working, he gets to his feet and gets out with a couple of elbows, runs off of the ropes but gets a huge shoulder block taking him down. “1…2…” Jeff gets the shoulder up, JBL grabs Jeff by the hair, lifts him to his feet and then does a Fallaway Slam which wracks Jeff in pain. JBL goes for the cover again, “1….2…” but again Jeff kicks out. JBL again picks up Jeff and puts him in the corner, he lands a couple of right hands to his face before doing a few body shots. JBL goes for another but Jeff ducks under and runs to the opposite turnbuckle, JBL is following and by the time he reaches the turnbuckle Jeff is flying through the air… WHISPER IN THE WIND! The crowd go crazy as Jeff and JBL are laid out on the mat, they are trying to get Jeff to get his arm over.)

    Josh Matthews: “Whisper in the Wind! Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind and takes the Longhorn Loudmouth down, can Jeff take advantage and get the victory?”

    Matt Striker: “He needs to take advantage Josh, his feet came crashing down on the lead of JBL, that will take JBL out of the game for a few minutes, this is the time to really take advantage of that and prevail tonight.”

    (“1…2…” JBL kicks out and the crowd begin booing, Jeff takes off his shirt and goes to the top turnbuckle, he taunts, Swanton Bomb! He misses as JBL has moved, Jeff quickly rolls out of the ring holding his back. JBL goes outside of the ring and grabs Jeff he slams Jeff’s head on the apron before putting him into the ring, “1…2…” but it wasn’t to be. JBL picks up Jeff but Jeff out of nowhere looks for the Twist of Fate but JBL pushes him against the ropes, he goes for the “Longhorn Clothesline” the new PG-name for his finisher but Jeff ducks under and JBL turns into a huge Twist of Fate, the crowd are cheering as Jeff heads up the turnbuckles… SWANTON BOMB! “1…2…3!” Jeff Hardy has picked up the victory.)

    Josh Matthews: “JBL went for that Longhorn Clothesline of his but Jeff Hardy ducked and won this match, he has all the momentum heading into the huge Gold Rush tournament beginning next week.”

    Matt Striker: “He took advantage Josh, even after he missed that Swanton Bomb, he smartly rolled out of the ring to recover and it paid off big because as you said he was able to land his two signature moves to put the self-proclaimed Wrestling God out tonight.”

    VIDEO PACKAGE: Jack Swagger

    Main Event
    Number One Contenders Match
    If Christian wins he faces Swagger at Backlash
    ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian

    Tony Chimel: “The following contest is a Number One Contenders match, if Christian defeats Jack Swagger in this non-title match then he will go on to face Jack Swagger at Backlash!”

    (“Just Close Your Eyes” sounds and those in attendance rise to their feet cheering for Captain Charisma. Christian comes onto the stage with a smile on his face during his taunt were he looks for his peeps. He continues walking down the ramp and claps a few fans hands on the way before reaching the ring.)

    Tony Chimel: “Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 235lbs… Christian!”

    (The crowd cheer some more as Christian enters the ring once again doing his peeps taunt, a smile etched on his face.)

    Josh Matthews: “What an opportunity this is for Captain Charisma right here Matt, he has the chance to go on to Backlash and challenge Jack Swagger for the ECW World Championship if he can defeat the ECW Champ tonight.”

    Matt Striker: “We’ve seen in the past, the Punctum of the Peepulation thrives under the pressure the ECW environment but saying that for the first few months in ECW, Christian’s opponent tonight, ECW Champion Jack Swagger went on an impressive undefeated streak. Also, these two had a match for that ECW Championship a few weeks ago right here on ECW and defeated Christian to retain his silver.”

    (“On Your Knees” is next to hit the PA system and the crowd begin booing loudly as much like earlier in the evening, Jack Swagger comes onto the stage taunting. He has the title belt this time around his waist and he takes it off taunting as pyrotechnics go off behind him. He places it on his shoulder and continues down the ramp.)

    Tony Chimel: “And the opponent, from Perry, Oklahoma weighing 263lbs… The All American American and ECW World Champion… Jack… Swagger!”
    (Swagger enters the ring and raises his title in the air again to loud boos, he hands it over to the referee and Christian and Swagger have a staredown in the ring.)

    Josh Matthews: “This has all the potential to be one of the greatest matches of the year, with so much on the line I advise you all to hold onto your seats because this is sure to be a thriller.”

    Matt Striker: “The atmosphere in this place is electric, they want to see Captain Charisma win an opportunity at the ECW World Championship at Backlash, they want to see Christian lead this brand and defend his title against the winner of the Gold Rush tournament.”


    (Both men lock up, Christian pushes Swagger to the ropes and the referee breaks it up, the crowd are chanting ‘Christian’ over and over, Swagger goes for a wild right but misses and now has his back to Christian, he receives a backdrop and Christian goes straight for the cover, “1…2…” Swagger was almost caught cold by Christian. Swagger gets to his feet holding the back of his head. Christian runs at Swagger but Swagger ducks the clothesline and turns with a heel kick right to Christian’s face, showing great athleticism. Swagger goes for the cover, “1…2…” Christian gets to his feet and gets right in Swagger’s face, Swagger then lands a big right to Christian, Christian fires back with two or three of his own, he whips Swagger into the ropes and bends down but is kicked in the face by Swagger, Swagger then lifts Christian got his Gutwrench Powerbomb but Christian falls out of it, Killswitch but is pushed into the ropes, he comes back, roll-up, “1…2…”)

    Josh Matthews: “Oh, Swagger, Jack Swagger almost had it there. What a fast-paced action-packed contest we’ve witnessed so far Matt, two men with so much on the line.”

    Matt Striker: “Christian wants a shot at the ECW World Championship come Backlash, Jack Swagger simply doesn’t want to fight anyone at Backlash, he wants to ensure that he keeps his title past Backlash and the only way he can do that is by pinning Christian tonight.”

    (Swagger and Christian get to their feet again, they circle the ring and lock-up, Swagger releases his grip on Christian and lifts him and gives him a powerslam, he bounces off of the ropes and goes for a leg-drop and lands it, “1…2…” Swagger hits the mat with his fists in frustration, he picks up Christian but Christian fights out, grabs Swagger’s head and does a bulldog to the mat. “1…2…” but again it isn’t enough as Swagger this time kicks out, both men arrive at their feet, Christian runs at Swagger but is taken down by a drop toe hold, Swagger then applies an Ankle Lock. Christian screams out in pain as the crowd are trying to will him in, Christian begins clawing at the mat and gnawing at his fist as the pain gets greater. Christian gets close to the ropes and is about to touch them but is pulled away by the All-American American, Jack Swagger, Christian is continuing to try and claw away to the ropes.)

    Josh Matthews: “Jack Swagger showing his submission skills with that Ankle Lock

    Matt Striker: “You also have to wonder the damage this will do to Christian, a major part of his finisher the Killswitch is being able to hold his opponent in position just before you land it to get maximum impact, with an injured ankle he will not be able to do that as effectively and it may result in a Jack Swagger kick-out.”

    (Eventually after a couple of minutes Christian reaches the ropes, Swagger releases the hold on the referee’s four count, Christian uses the ropes to pull himself up and limps over to Swagger but Swagger lands a right which makes Christian stagger back, he clothesline Christian over the ropes. Swagger is on the apron and jumps down but receives a dropkick, Christian immediately screams out in pain holding his ankle. He somehow makes it into the ring and then climbs the turnbuckle, he dives off onto Swagger but Swagger kicks him on the way down and lands the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB OUTSIDE THE RING! Swagger gets into the ring and surely that is it, the referee checks on Swagger for at least a minute before counting, “1….2….3….4….5…” Christian is showing no signs of movement, “6….7….8…” Christian is somehow on his knees and at nine makes it to the ring, Swagger goes for the Gutwrench inside the ring but Christian falls out, he falls to one knee holding his ankle but quickly grabs Swagger and LANDS THE KILLSWITCH! After a minute he finally gets his arm across… “1…………………..2………………3……….” Christian has done it, he has defeated Jack Swagger!)

    Winner: Christian

    Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner and the new Number One Contender… Christian!”

    (Christian is still laid out on the mat alongside Jack Swagger after the gruelling match.)

    Josh Matthews: “Christian has done it! Christian has done it! Christian is going to Backlash to face Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship after a huge victory in an absolutely fantastic match.”

    Matt Striker: “I have to give my respect to both men, they gave it their all and I thought it was all over when Swagger hit that sickening Gutwrench Powerbomb outside of the ring but it wasn’t to be, Christian somehow recovered and had just enough to hit that Killswitch for the victory.”

    Josh Matthews: “The thing is, Swagger is still new to this business and that inexperience may have cost him tonight, if he had put Christian in the ring following Christian’s jump to the outside and hit the Gutwrench in the ring he would have won this match. Right now, we’ll take a look at the major moments of this match.”

    (We see a replay of this match and then Christian is seen taunting signalling that a belt will be around his waist.)

    Josh Matthews: “What a night it has been everyone, we’ve seen several new faces come to ECW in the last ever one hour show on Sci-Fi and we now have a new Number One Contender and to top it off, next week when we go two hours, we will see the beginning of a Gold Rush Tournament heading to Judgment Day, be sure to join us for that next week live on Sci-Fi. Thanks for watching ECW… and good night!”

    (The screen fades with Christian celebrating in the middle of the ring.)
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      Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

      I'm trying to move this along as fast as possible so that after SmackDown I can start writing in a recapped sort of form like the other BTBs which is my attempt to attract new readers as many may not read simply because of the huge quantity of text.

      Wrestling News and Notes

      - This past weeks edition of ECW was seen as a fun show that didn’t really advance any storylines except the Christian and Jack Swagger Main Event feud. With ECW going two hours next week the writers wanted to just get some new stars on the map and then begin advancing storylines. The decision for the sixteen man tournament was one made a long time ago and because of the little team between now and Backlash to finish the tournament it was extended to Judgment Day, Christian was then the back-up to challenge Swagger come Backlash.

      - Expect big things from Dolph Ziggler in the coming weeks, the new ECW Superstar has impressed on house show events over the past few weeks, originally, the plan for Monday’s RAW was that the match would be a triple threat but Vince McMahon suggested that an up and comer should get the chance and get some main event experience. Ziggler impressed many, most importantly Vince McMahon in his short stint in the match, it would not be foolish to assume Ziggler will go far in the tournament beginning next week.

      - Despite their match on ECW last night, there isn’t plans for a long-term JBL/Hardy feud. Right now, no feuds are really set for ECW as the sixteen man tournament will be commencing this week. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see JBL and Jeff paired together during the tournament.

      - Speaking of the tournament, there aren’t really any favourites right now, depending on what road they go down at Backlash with the Christian vs. Jack Swagger match, we will see some favourites emerge after that contest. Jeff Hardy, Umaga, William Regal and JBL are the assumed favourites but Dolph Ziggler, The Brian Kendrick, R-Truth and Ezekiel Jackson are seen as dark horses.

      - Last Sunday we reported that the Undertaker was unhappy with his move to Monday Night RAW and had some ‘vital’ meetings with Vince McMahon about it. These clear the air talks seemed to have worked as they both emerged from the meeting smiling. Earlier today, Undertaker had the “serious meeting” that he had told friends he would have with Vince McMahon, after SmackDown on Friday we will have a full report about what went down from an exclusive source and early rumours are indicating that the Undertaker is close to walking out, however, we are told it isn’t because of his move to RAW.

      - Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were told specifically by Vince McMahon that they have the ball and they have to run with it. Vince, who believes the two are destined for greatness arranged for the match between the two to take place come Backlash. The plan right now is not known as WWE seem to be unsure weather to pair Rhodes with Orton or not, their main focus has been accomplished as Ted DiBiase is a fully-fledged face in time for the much-anticipated The Marine 2.

      - We also reported last week that the ECW Brand could be introducing a new championship. We are hearing that an announcement regarding this title will be made next week on the huge two hour show. The ECW Television Championship which is a working title at the moment could be defended on the first historic two hour show.

      - We were told on ECW last night to expect everything from the two-hour broadcast last week. Also mentioned was “ECW Alumni”, although we reported last week that Sabu and Rob Van Dam have signed deals with WWE, they aren’t being listed as such and the ECW Alumni will be older stars making a one-night return, these include The Sandman and possibly Stone Cold Steve Austin. An idea floating around is that Austin will lead a Beer Bash reunion, this could also pave the way for more Austin/Kennedy interaction, however, after the show Austin will have to fly back to film his movie so expect no more interaction following this.

      - Hulk Hogan suffered a knee injury at last weeks set of TNA Impact tapings, Hogan who wrestled Samoa Joe at the event suffered what is being described as a potentially serious knee injury when he went for his big boot. Hogan, who only last week on TNA was announced as Number One Contender to the TNA Championship is expected to make the match despite the injury.

      - We can officially confirm that both WWE and TNA have been releasing talent this week, from TNA, Knockout Roxxi was released along with Rhaka Khan. The two had major backstage disputes, also released was backstage interviewer Lauren, Cute Kip and BG James.

      - WWE today released Jillian Hall, Funaki and development talent Eric Escobar who was described as having a bad attitude.

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        Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

        WWE Friday Night SmackDown Preview
        Frank Erwin Center

        Austin, Texas

        New WWE Champion

        Just five days ago at WrestleMania 25, Randy Orton defeated Triple H only one week after being drafted to SmackDown to win the WWE Championship. The Viper who has taken out the entire McMahon family in recent weeks was able to dethrone the King of Kings with a sickening punt to the head. For the time-being, SmackDown will be Triple H-free due to that punt and that is sure to please Randy Orton. Orton will open the show this Friday night where he will address his actions over the past few weeks, Orton claims that this Friday he will “close a chapter” in his WWE career.

        Randy Orton won’t have it easy on his first night as he goes one-on-one with new WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio in a ‘Champion vs. Champion’ match. Can Rey Mysterio return to SmackDown with a huge victory or will Orton kick-start his SmackDown career with a win over the Ultimate Underdog?

        King Of The Ring

        This Friday, live on SmackDown we will officially begin the SmackDown-only King of the Ring tournament when sixteen superstars will compete in the tournament to finish at Backlash. With his former brand putting up a sixteen-man tournament, new SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has put up this tournament which will see four matches in the King of the Ring Tournament which will whittle it down to just eight men. Theodore Long spoke exclusively to earlier today and said that no one will know who they will be facing before-hand. What can we expect as SmackDown aims to crown a new King of the Ring?

        Diva Action

        Come Friday night, SmackDown will have officially welcomed WWE Women’s Champion Melina and Katie Lea Burchill to the brand. The two divas will compete in a huge six-woman tag match on this historic edition of SmackDown. WWE Women’s Champion Melina will team up Gail Kim to take on Michelle McCool and Katie Lea Burchill. What will happen when these fiery divas compete come Friday Night?

        The[COLOR=blue] Colons win!

        [COLOR=black]Carlito and Primo Colon will be in attendance this Friday to discuss winning the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships. What will happen come Friday as the Colons enter the arena with the Bella Twins in tow?

        Find out all this and much more as SmackDown welcomes ALL its draft picks this Friday on MyNetworkTV.

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          Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

          'Animal's Bite Back'
          WWE Friday Night SmackDown
          Frank Erwin Center

          Austin, Texas

          (The WWE logo flashes up on the screen following another advertisement for new show, WWE Superstars which airs next Thursday night on WGN America. The show opens much like RAW and ECW did with a highlights package from WrestleMania, “Touched” by Vast and “Shoot to Thrill” begin playing as the WrestleMania 25 logo appears on the screen, we see the major moments from the SmackDown Superstars on the grandest stage, Finlay coming close to winning the Money in the Bank, Kofi Kingston diving over the top rope and CM Punk actually winning the briefcase. We see Primo and Carlito Colon defeating Miz and Morrison in the tag title unification match. The package continues to show Melina becoming Miss. WrestleMania, next up is Rey Mysterio’s Intercontinental Championship victory over JBL, Big Show performing in the Triple Threat Match and finally new SmackDown Superstar Randy Orton punting Triple H to win the WWE Championship. We see a quick draft highlights package documenting the changes to SmackDown. “Rock Like Me” sounds and the intro package includes the new draft picks such as Melina and CM Punk before finishing with Randy Orton holding the WWE Championship up in the air. The camera goes inside of the arena where there are thousands of fans screaming, pyrotechnics explode on the stage and the new HD Set lights up emblazoned by the Backlash logo. The camera pans the crowd taking in the numerous signs before panning down to SmackDown commentators Jim Ross and Todd Grisham.)

          Jim Ross: “Welcome everyone to Friday Night SmackDown! I am Jim Ross alongside my new broadcast partner Todd Grisham, it has been five days since the Twenty-Fifth anniversary of WrestleMania, WrestleMania 25 and Todd the WWE is still being rocked to it’s very foundations by the biggest spectacle in the WWE.”

          Todd Grisham: “Your right, JR, a lot has happened over this week, we had, of course as you said WrestleMania 25, the biggest WrestleMania ever were new champions were crowned, we had the WWE Draft which has changed the brands of the WWE drastically, I believe that SmackDown got the best of the WWE Draft, don’t you think?”

          Jim Ross: “Undoubtedly Todd, SmackDown got some huge names including Women’s Champion Melina, the amazing Kofi Kingston, Money in the Bank winner CM Punk and the new WWE Champion Randy Orton, who tonight I may add clashes with Rey Mysterio in a Champion vs. Champion match.”

          Todd Grisham: “RAW got rocked by Randy Orton and Triple H each week in their feud and now it’s SmackDown’s turn, Orton’s draft here might not be a good one for the Viper because when Triple H returns from that punt that Orton delivered to win the WWE Championship, you know who is first target will be.”

          (“Voices” by Rev Theory blasts out of the sound system and the Frank Erwin Arena descends into boos. After a few seconds Orton cockily walks onto the stage with the WWE Title slung over his shoulder. He reaches the top of the ramp and stares down to the ring and then at the fans, he continues walking to the ring, not looking particularly pleased. He ignores the fans who are trying to slap his hand.)

          Justin Roberts: “Please welcome… the NEW WWE Champion… Randy… Orton!”

          (Orton climbs up the ring steps and walks across the apron, he enters through the middle rope carefully clutching on to his WWE Championship. He climbs onto the top turnbuckle and taunts to the loud boos of the crowd, he takes a microphone from Justin Roberts before speaking.)

          Randy Orton: “For several years… SmackDown has been synonymous with the Undertaker, if I asked you last week what do you think of when you think of SmackDown you would all say… The Undertaker (Cheers) But that, that has ALL changed, SmackDown is no longer synonymous with The Undertaker, SmackDown is synonymous with your W…W…E Champion, Randy Orton.”

          (The crowd boo loudly, the crowd are chanting all different things but most audible is “Undertaker” and “Triple H”. Orton acknowledges this.)

          Randy Orton: “Chant all you want The Undertaker won’t be here tonight because he’s carrying his old, worn-down body to Monday Night RAW and Triple H won’t be here, most satisfyingly because I punted him in the head so hard that I heard his skull crack.”

          (The crowd are booing loudly as the first sign of emotion is really seen from Orton, he smiles.)

          Randy Orton: “I did what I said I was going to do, I said that I was going to beat Triple H, I said I would become WWE Champion. I have done that, in two months I destroyed Triple H physically and emotionally, Triple H is never coming back to WWE. Triple H’s career is finished! (Boos) I kicked him so damn hard it’ll be a wonder if he can remember… anything at all. (Boos) Now, it’s time to close the chapter on this part of my career, it’s time to finish it. Triple H is finished, the feud is finished. I am the WWE Champion and that is the way it will stay and unlike 2004… Triple H will NEVER be able to take it away from me.”

          (The crowd are booing very loudly as Orton raises his title in the air enjoying the boos.)

          Randy Orton: “Now that I have finished Triple H, I can concentrate on continuing the Age of Orton and that continues tonight when in a Champion vs. Champion match I take out the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio. (Boos) Just like Triple H, Rey Mysterio will join Triple H in hospital as a result of another punt by me. (Boos) In the Age of Orton, no one is safe, anyone that steps in my way will be taken out just like Triple H was taken out, just like the whole McMahon family were taken out.”

          (The crowd continue to boo.)

          Randy Orton: “And when Cody Rhodes defeats Ted DiBiase, someone who doesn’t know how to respect the greatest superstar in the WWE, a man who if I was on RAW, I would punt him in the head, Rhodes will be a SmackDown superstar and myself and Cody will take out everything and everyone SmackDown has to offer and there is not ANYONE who can stop us.”

          (Orton goes to leave the ring but stops, “Orton Sucks” is ringing in his ears, he takes the microphone to his lips again.)

          Randy Orton: “I almost forgot… before I leave, let me leave you all with something to remember Triple H’s career by….”

          (Orton drops the microphone and then leaves the ring, the video from WrestleMania 25 where Orton punts Triple H is played over and over, the video stops after seeing the punt a good five times.)

          Jim Ross: “Just sickening, absolutely sickening. The diabolical Randy Orton has came to Friday Night Smackdown and SmackDown will never be the same.”


          (We return and the HD set is now emblazoned with the King of the Ring Tournament logo. “MacMilitant” hits and the crowd begin cheering as SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long comes onto the stage, he does his usual dancing routine before stopping as his music comes to an end. He has a microphone up to his lips prepared to speak.)

          Theodore Long: “You know what playas, it’s good to be back on Friday Night SmackDown!”

          (Long does a little dance again as the crowd cheer.)

          Theodore Long: “I enjoyed being the General Manager of E…C…W but right now I plan to make SmackDown the place to be in the entire W…W…E!”

          (The crowd continue cheering as Long gives them a thumbs-up.)

          Theodore Long: “I watched RAW and ECW this week and I saw the major happenings going-on there, so let me tell you something playas, SmackDown has done one better! SmackDown is the land of opportunity and sixteen superstars will get that opportunity as tonight marks the beginning of the King of the Ring tournament!”

          (The crowd are louder than before cheering as Long points to the chair situated on the stage for the winner of the King of the Ring.)

          Theodore Long: “The winner of the tournament will become the King of the Ring 2009! (Cheers) and will earn a shot at the WWE Championship come Judgment Day! (Huge Cheer) The tournament will go on until Backlash where the semi-final and final matches will take place. (Cheers) So, without further ado, let’s get this started playa…”

          (Theodore Long goes backstage as the crowd are still excited.)

          Justin Roberts: “The following is a King of the Ring Round 1 match scheduled for one fall.”

          (Everything goes silent, waiting to see who is going to be involved.)

          Jim Ross: “Remember, no one knows who is involved in this match, the superstars in the match have no idea who they will be facing.”

          Todd Grisham: “It should be interesting JR, there is no preparation for tonight really because you haven’t a clue who you are facing.”

          (“Bawitdaba” hits as the crowd don’t really give off a reaction to Jamie Noble. Noble comes onto the stage taunting a little, Noble continues down the ramp and ignores the fans before entering the ring.)

          Justin Roberts: “Introducing first, from Hanover, West Virginia weighing in at 202lbs… “The Pitbull”… Jamie… Noble!”

          (The crowd give a mixed reaction, more boos than cheers as he enters the ring.)

          Jim Ross: “Jamie Noble is a heck of an athlete, it’s just unfortunate that he has put his foot in his mouth time and again with people like Kane, now that he is on SmackDown he has the chance to become a huge star on SmackDown via the King of the Ring tournament.”

          (“It’s Time!” hits next and the crowd give some cheers being more familiar with the entrance music. Gregory Helms comes onto the stage taunting a little, he runs down the ramp slapping the fans hands.)

          Justin Roberts: “Introducing his opponent, from Raleigh, North Carolina weighing 215lbs… Gregory Helms!”

          (Helms gets into the ring and taunts a little bit, the crowd are cheering pretty loudly.)

          Todd Grisham: “You may know him as Hurricane Helms, but tonight Gregory Helms competes in the King of the Ring tournament looking to earn himself a chance at the WWE Championship.”

          Opening Contest
          King of the Ring Round 1 Match
          Jamie Noble vs. Gregory Helms

          Finishing Minutes:

          (Helms has Noble backed up in the corner, the referee counts and eventually Helms has to break. Helms backs off holding his hands up but Noble lands a cheap shot right hand to Helms, Helms staggers back and is taken down by a clothesline. Noble quickly goes for the cover, “1…2…” but Helms is able to kick out, Helms is dragged to his feet and gets a sickening knee to the head, Helms falls back, his nose busted from the shot, obviously unintentional from The Pitbull. Noble comes off of the rope and lands a knee drop which causes Helms to hold his face, Noble goes for it again but this time Helms moves, Noble gets to his knees, Helms comes off of the ropes with a stiff Shining Wizard, cover, “1…2…” Helms cannot believe it when Jamie Noble kicks out. Helms climbs the turnbuckle but Noble quickly gets up and leaps to the top turnbuckle and lands an impressive hurricanrana. He scrambles to the cover, “1…2…” but Helms is able to kick out at the last second.)

          Jim Ross: “Both men giving it their all, it shows just how much that WWE Championship shot means to them and boy, did Noble come close with that hurricanrana.”

          Todd Grisham: “These two are just beating on each other JR, first Helms with that sick Shining Wizard and then Noble with that Hurricanrana, they cause a lot of damage to the anatomy.”

          (Helms gets to his feet, Noble gets to his knees, Helms goes for the Shining Wizard again but Noble ducks under the leg and grabs it taking Helms down, he locks in a one-legged Boston Crab. Helms screams out in pain, he uses his arms to push across the mat before finally reaching the ropes. Noble is forced to break the hold and he is frustrated at this as he kicks the ropes. Noble argues with the referee but turns into a quick, snap suplex from Helms. Helms then climbs to the top rope waiting Noble to get there, he lands a missile dropkick and then goes for the cover, “1…2…” Helms hits the mat with his fists angry that he couldn’t get the job done. Helms gets to his feet, he waits for Noble to get up, he goes for a clothesline but Noble ducks and then turns around, Helms back is facing Noble, Noble lands a backdrop but instead of going for the cover he locks in a Modified Figure Four Leg Lock. “Wooo” circulates around the arena, after a few seconds Helms has no choice but to tap out as Jamie Noble advances.)

          Winner: Jamie Noble

          Justin Roberts: “Here is your winner and advancing to the quarter final stage of the King of the Ring Tournament 2009… Jamie… Noble!”

          (Noble celebrates in the ring as the referee checks up on Helms, we see some quick highlights of the major moments in the match.)

          Jim Ross: “Some people refuse to give Jamie Noble credit, they refuse to take him as a serious contender but tonight he has proved himself as a very serious contender. Noble has picked up an impressive victory over a tried and tested competitor in Gregory Helms to advance in the King of the Ring tournament.”

          Todd Grisham: “JR, I know that Jamie Noble idolized Ric Flair as a kid and he’s taken the Figure Four, a move made famous by Ric Flair and put his own touch to it and Helms just had no chance after that. There you can see, Noble advances.”

          (The King of the Ring Tournament Bracket flashes up on the screen.)

          VIDEO PACKAGE: Vladimir Kozlov

          (We return to the arena and “Cool” hits as the crowd begin cheering loudly, Carlito and Primo Colon come onto the stage with both the World and WWE Tag Team Championships on their shoulders. Carlito is juggling an apple and Primo is adjusting his titles at the top of the ramp, they stop and point to the stage and the Bella Twins come out dancing. The crowd give a small cheer, Carlito puts his arm around Nikki and Primo has his arm around Brie. They continue to the ring.)

          Justin Roberts: “The following is a King of the Ring Round 1 Match, introducing first from San Juan, Puerto Rico weighing 218lbs… one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions… Primo… Colon!”

          (The crowd cheer a little as the four enter the ring.)

          Jim Ross: “Here come the Colons, the new Unified Tag Champions Carlito and Primo with the Bellas Twins and last Sunday at WrestleMania, Carlito and Primo beat Miz and Morrison to win the titles and they have a chance to continue their success as Primo Colon takes part in a King of the Ring Tournament.”

          Todd Grisham: “Also, check out an exclusive WWE Universe only video on were you can see The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki make up following their break-up a few weeks ago.”

          (Carlito takes two microphones and passes one to Primo.)

          Carlito: “We are the new WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.”

          (The crowd cheer loudly as they hold their titles in the air.)

          Carlito: “And that…”

          Primo Colon: “That’s cool!”

          (The crowd cheer as Carlito doesn’t look too pleased, he stares at Primo.)


          (The crowd cheer as they begin to bicker.)

          Primo Colon: “Cool it man, we’re brothers, champions.”

          Carlito: “Anyway, we didn’t only win these titles… at WrestleMania we also won the Bella Twins!”

          (The Bella Twins take a microphone and speak in unison.)

          The Bellas: “And that… that’s cool.”

          (The crowd cheer, Carlito looks disapprovingly again but doesn’t say anything.)

          Primo Colon: “There is not a greater feeling right now for me than being able to stand here, two lovely women on our arms, WWE Unified Tag Champions with my brother.”

          (The crowd cheer even louder before as the duo hug.)

          Carlito: “Now, me and Primo talked last night and we figured, we can’t carry about two titles each, therefore, this Tuesday, since we can compete on all brands because we have these belts we will unveil the WWE Undisputed Tag Championships on ECW’s first-ever two hour show.”

          Primo Colon: “However, tonight to continue this great week for the Colons, I will advance to the Quarter Final of the King of the Ring Tournament.”

          (The crowd cheer some more, Carlito and the Bellas leave the ring. Primo seems to have told them that he has this one as the trio walk up the ramp exiting through the curtain. The crowd wait in suspense to see who Primo’s opponent is, “This Fire Burns” sounds and the crowd go absolutely crazy as Primo looks shocked, CM Punk comes onto the stage, his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, he raises it in the air before continuing down the ramp slapping the fans hands.)

          Justin Roberts: “Introducing his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 222lbs… he is the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase… C… M… Punk!”

          (CM Punk enters the ring and lifts his briefcase high into the air again, he lands it over to the referee and then offers his hand to Primo. Primo shakes it as the crowd cheer the sportsmanship.)

          Jim Ross: “CM Punk! Mr. Money in the Bank is Primo’s opponent here tonight. What an opportunity this is for Punk Todd, if Punk wins this King of the Ring he gets an absolutely priceless shot at the WWE Championship at Judgment Day in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois without having to even cash in his briefcase and if he were to get there and win the title, if he were to ever lose it during the course of the year, he could get an instant rematch whenever he wanted because of that briefcase.”

          Todd Grisham: “I don’t know the details of Punk’s contract JR, but he could potentially have three shots at the WWE Championship this year, one if he wins the King of the Ring Tournament, one if he has a rematch clause if he was to lose the title and one whenever he wants, but don’t discount Primo, he is a fantastic athlete, he showed that at WrestleMania 25.”

          Match 2
          King of the Ring Round 1 Match
          CM Punk vs. Primo

          Finishing Minutes:

          (Punk has backed Primo into the corner, he then lands his high knee right to the jaw of Primo, he goes for his bulldog but Primo pushes him off. Primo climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a crossbody but Punk turns it into a pinfall attempt, “1…2…” Primo was almost caught by the Straight Edge Superstar. Both men get to their feet and Primo lands a chop to the chest of Punk, Punk staggers back wincing in pain, Primo runs at Punk but Punk lifts him up into the air and slams him right down with a backbreaker. Punk goes for the cover, “1…2…” but again Primo kicks out. Punk gets to his feet and then climbs the turnbuckle, he goes for his flying clothesline but Primo ducks, Punk lands on his feet, turns and is met with a heel kick right to the jaw. Punk falls back, “1…2…” this time it isn’t enough for Primo, Primo waits for Punk to get to his feet and takes a page from his brother’s book with a Springboard Elbow which catches Punk on the jaw again, cover, “1…2…” Punk kicks out.)

          Jim Ross: “There goes Primo Colon, coming so close to advancing in the SmackDown exclusive King of the Ring tournament, what a boost it would be for Primo if he defeated CM Punk.”

          Todd Grisham: “I can officially confirm right now JR, that Primo’s brother Carlito is a confirmed participant for next week, what an interesting match-up it would be if the brothers progressed far enough to face each other.”

          (Punk is in a sitting position, Primo runs up and lands the ‘football kick’ a kick right to Punk’s spine, Punk screams out in pain grasping at thin air trying to feel some feeling back, Primo does it again as Punk gets on his hands and knees trying to avoid the kick but get up also. Primo comes off of the ropes with a dropkick to Punk’s face, “1…2…” Punk kicks out again to Primo’s frustration. Primo climbs the turnbuckle but Punk gets to his feet and meets him there, Punk goes for the suplex, Primo falls off but remarkably lands on his feet, Primo quickly climbs back up and jumps up for a hurricarana once Punk has turned around but CM Punk reacts the quickest with a sickening powerbomb driving Primo down to the mat. After about three minutes the first signs of movement is evident, Punk uses the ropes to get to his feet, surprisingly he goes for the Anaconda Vice and locks it in. After a few seconds Primo Colon has no choice but to tap out.)

          Winner: CM Punk

          Justin Roberts: “Here is your winner and advancing to the Quarter Final Round of the King of the Ring Tournament 2009… the current holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase… C… M… Punk!”

          (Punk celebrates a little in the ring, he waits as Primo gets to his feet, Carlito and the Bellas are back down checking on him. Primo holds on to the ropes to keep himself steady and stares over at CM Punk, he obviously isn’t happy about the defeat, Punk extends his hand this time and Primo eventually shakes it, they hug in the ring.)

          Jim Ross: “Oh my, what a war, what a great contest between these two warriors, they gave it their all and yes, Primo, may be upset but he can be damn proud of that performance he delivered tonight, he took a former World Champion to the limit.”

          Todd Grisham: “Someone else who will be proud is CM Punk, the man who because of that victory over Primo advances to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament and that means next week when SmackDown airs we will see Punk taking on Jamie Noble as you can see here.”


          (We come back and the camera pans to Jim Ross and Todd Grisham.)

          Jim Ross: “Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, we have some very exciting news for fans of WWE all over the world. Originally as you may know, all three WWE shows were scheduled to take place in London, England with several non-televised events taking place all week long in Europe, however, we are being told that venues were finalised in recent days and RAW will not take place in London, England next week. In a ground-breaking move, the WWE will be going on a huge televised tour bringing RAW, SmackDown and ECW all over the world. The tour will begin one week after Backlash in the United Kingdom and all those who paid for the shows in Europe, their tickets will no longer be valid but they will be given tickets for the new shows in different places in the world. There is a lot more information on as we begin a HUGE ground-breaking unprecedented world tour. The information will be posted on at noon tomorrow.”

          (We go backstage were we see a new diva standing with a microphone in her hand, the crowd give her no reaction as she smiles into the camera.)

          ???: “Hello, I am Jenny Cash, the newest addition to the SmackDown roster as a backstage interviewer! Right now, for my first ever interview… please welcome a fellow addition to this brand, the current Intercontinental Champion… Rey… Mysterio.”

          (The crowd cheer as Rey Mysterio comes into the shot.)

          Rey Mysterio: “First of all, Jenny, I’d like to welcome you to Friday Night SmackDown!”

          Jenny Cash: “Thank you Rey, now, tonight you have a tough welcome back to SmackDown as you go one on one with the WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Champion vs. Champion Match, given the fact that Orton has eliminated Triple H and the entire McMahon family in recent months are you scared that you could suffer the same fate?”

          Rey Mysterio: “Jenny, I am not scared, it’s as simple as that, people assume that I am scared because of my size, because of Randy Orton’s track record, because he could possibly end my career tonight with that punt, well Jenny… No me llaman el último oprimido por ninguna razón, yo derrotarán a Randy Orton esta noche. They do not call me the Ultimate Underdog for no reason, I will defeat Randy Orton tonight.”

          Jenny Cash: “But what if it does happen? What if Orton catches you off guard and hits you with that punt? What will that mean for you and your fans?”

          (Rey stares at Cash for a few seconds.)

          Rey Mysterio: “No sé. I don’t know Jenny, I don’t know.”

          Todd Grisham: “Rey Mysterio has one aim in his mind, to defeat Randy Orton tonight, he can’t afford to think of that brutal punt Orton has in his arsenal.”

          VIDEO PACKAGE: WWE Draft + WrestleMania 25 Recap

          Third Match
          Melina and Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool and Katie Lea Burchill

          (We return from the video package to see Michelle McCool and Katie Lea already in the ring.)

          Justin Roberts: “The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, introducing first, the team of… Michelle McCool… and… Katie Lea.”

          (The divas taunt as the crowd give them some heat.)

          Jim Ross: “What a team this is, Michelle and Katie, the first ever Divas Champion and a woman who came to the WWE after dominating the woman’s scene all over the United Kingdom. I have no doubts that Katie is capable of doing the same here on SmackDown.”

          (“Paparazzi” hits and Melina comes onto the stage doing her normal taunts, Gail Kim comes onto the stage pointing to the fans. Both divas get a reasonable pop but nothing major, Melina got the loudest cheer as she came out first. Melina raises her belt in the air as the duo begin to walk to the ring.)

          Justin Roberts: “And the opponents, the team of Gail Kim and the WWE Women’s Champion… Melina!”

          (They taunt on each turnbuckle before stopping awaiting the beginning of the contest.)

          Todd Grisham: “SmackDown gained Gail Kim a few weeks ago and Melina, the Women’s Champion was drafted here last week, SmackDown hit the jackpot JR.”

          Finishing Minutes:

          (Katie Lea and Gail Kim are brawling in the middle of the ring, Kim kicks Lea on the knee and drop drops her with a kick right to the head. Lea falls like a sack of potatoes, Kim goes for the cover, “1…2…” but Michelle McCool breaks it up, Kim gets off of Lea but receives a kick to the head from McCool which takes her down. The referee warns McCool, Lea can now take advantage, she tags out to Michelle. Michelle enters the ring and drops an elbow to Kim, “1…2…” she drops another and another, she grabs Kim’s leg but Kim manages to hip before coming round and hitting her with an enziguri. Michelle is down as is Gail, Michelle manages to tag out to Lea, Gail is closing in on a tag but is caught by Lea by an elbow. Lea whips Gail into her (Lea’s) corner of the ring, Lea gets up to the top rope and lands a suplerplex to Gail Kim. The crowd cheer at this big move but now both divas are in need of a tag.)

          Jim Ross: “I admire the efforts of Katie Lea trying to take Gail Kim down with that suplex from the top rope, but it’s taken just as much out of Lea and now Gail Kim as a chance to tag into a fresh and ready Women’s Champion in Melina.”

          Todd Grisham: “It’s a race to see who can get the tag first, JR.”

          (Lea TAGS Michelle… Kim TAGS Melina and Melina and Michelle come storming into the ring, Melina takes down Michelle with a clothesline and then another, Lea comes running but is whipped into the ropes and receives a dropkick for her worries. Melina gets up and screams taunting at the ropes as the crowd cheer loudly. McCool comes from behind with the roll-up, “1…2…” Melina manages to get out before the three. Michelle is angry and pulls Melina by the hair to her feet, she slams Melina to the ground and then climbs the turnbuckle, she goes for a big leg drop but Melina move out of the way and it makes for a bad landing for Michelle. Melina picks up Michelle but Michelle fights back, Michelle whips Melina to the outside but Melina hangs on to the ropes. Michelle comes over and tries to shoulder charge her off but Melina dives over so she is on top of Michelle and lands the Last Call, Gail runs in and spears Katie Lea to the outside, “1…2…3”)

          Winners: Gail Kim and Melina

          Justin Roberts: “Here are your winners… the team of Melina and Gail Kim!”

          (The crowd cheer loudly as the two divas hug in the ring, Gail Kim turns around first and is clobbered by Michelle McCool with the Women’s Championship. Melina turns around and is next to be hit with the title belt. Katie Lea is helped to her feet by Michelle but is also hit with the belt. Michelle turns her attention to Melina, she picks Melina up and lands the Faith Breaker not once but twice. The crowd boo as she holds the WWE Women’s Championship high in the air.)

          Jim Ross: “Michelle McCool has lost it Todd, she has just snapped taking out Gail Kim, WWE Women’s Champion Melina and even her own tag team partner Katie Lea. I’ve said it before, Michelle has some issues.”

          Todd Grisham: “The attacks on all three were vicious JR, but more so with Melina hitting that Faith Breaker not once but twice. I’m sure she will have some issues with the three-time Women’s Champion, issues which I am hearing will be resolved at Backlash when the two divas battle it out for Melina’s Women’s Championship.”

          Jim Ross: “It’s not hard to see why she is the Number One Contender, her viciousness is what has made her successful, she is a former Divas Champion after all, the first Divas Champion.”

          (Michelle stands over Melina before laying the Women’s Championship over her. She takes a microphone.)

          Michelle McCool: “June 20th 2008… I, Michelle McCool became the first ever WWE Divas Champion when I defeated Natalya, ten months on, April 26th 2009… I, Michelle McCool will defeat Melina and become the Women’s Champion… the first ever diva to have held both the Divas Championship and the Women’s Championship and… quite frankly, I don’t think there is anyone better to receive the award than me. (Boos) You have two weeks… she has two weeks… I want you to enjoy the last two weeks of Melina as Women’s Champion… I want her to enjoy her last two weeks as Women’s Champion because it’s all coming… to an end.”

          (Michelle drops the microphone.)

          Jim Ross: “She’s not only vicious in the ring, she’s vicious on the mike Todd, Michelle wants us to enjoy Melina’s reign because pretty soon, it’ll be finished, that is of course Michelle’s opinion.”

          Todd Grisham: “Well, we’ll find out during Backlash on April 26th. Now, don’t go anywhere because up next we have another round of the King of the Ring tournament and let me assure you, you don’t want to miss it.”


          (We return from the commercial break and the camera focuses on the stage, “Pain” sounds and the crowd begin booing as the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Kozlov comes onto the stage. He has no real expression on his face and sort of marches to the ring, he continues down the ramp.)

          Justin Roberts: “The following is a King of the Ring Round 1 Match, introducing first from Moscow, Russia weighing 302lbs… The Moscow Mauler… Vladimir Kozlov.”

          (Kozlov enters the ring and takes the microphone from Roberts.)

          Vladimir Kozlov: “Я Владимир Kozlov и сегодня вечером я преобладаю мою противницу и выдвинусь в короля турнира кольца. Никто безопасно.”

          (The crowd chant ‘What?’ at Kozlov.)

          Vladimir Kozlov: “I am Vladimir Kozlov and tonight I will dominate my opponent and advance in the King of the Ring tournament. No one is safe.”

          Jim Ross: “Vladimir Kozlov’s first language, as you may have noticed is Russian, what I could decipher from that is that Kozlov says he will advance in this tournament tonight and chillingly that no one is safe.”

          (“SOS” sounds and the crowd begin cheering as Kofi Kingston comes onto the stage, he does his Boop taunt and the pyrotechnics go off behind him. He runs down the ramp wearing his Jamaican tracksuit, he slaps the fans hands on the way to the ring.)

          Justin Roberts: “And the opponent, from Jamaica weighing 180lbs… Kofi… Kingston!”

          (Kingston gets into the ring and does his taunt on the turnbuckle before jumping down.)

          Jim Ross: “Kofi Kingston certainly has a huge task in front of him tonight Todd, what an opportunity he has but he was randomly drawn to face the Moscow Mauler and well, usually that doesn’t end well.”

          Todd Grisham: “Kozlov has only lost a handful of matches in the WWE JR, and he has beaten greats such as The Undertaker and Triple H.”

          Fourth Match
          King of the Ring Round 1 Match Vladimir Kozlov vs. Kofi Kingston

          Finishing Minutes:

          (Kozlov whips Kingston into the ropes, Kingston comes back into a hard big boot. Kingston seems a little disorientated after that, Kozlov picks up Kingston but Kingston lands a couple of body shots, Kingston comes off of the ropes looking for the Trouble in Paradise but Kozlov moves back and Kingston lands on his front, Kozlov reacts quickly grabbing Kingston’s leg and putting his knee on the back of it, he applies pressure pulling the leg back causing Kingston to scream out in pain. After a short time, Kozlov releases the pressure. He picks up Kingston and goes for a clothesline but Kingston ducks and then comes off of the ropes with a dropkick to the knee. Kozlov falls to one knee. Kingston climbs the turnbuckle and then waits for Kozlov to get to his feet, he jumps off and lands a magnificent tornado DDT, cover, “1…2…” but Kozlov manages to kick out.)

          Jim Ross: “Oh, what a tornado DDT from Kofi Kingston to Kozlov but it wasn’t enough to put the Ruthless Russian down.”

          Todd Grisham: “I’m sure many expected Kozlov to dominate and advance with ease given his track record but Kingston has held up his own tonight and is giving the Russian Wrangler a run for him money.”

          (Kozlov uses the ropes to get to his feet and is given a clothesline by Kofi Kingston, Kozlov goes over the top rope to the floor. Kingston runs against the ropes and dives through the middle rope onto Kozlov taking him down. Kingston puts Kozlov into the ring, “1…2…” Kingston waits for Kozlov to get to his feet but maybe this was a bad idea as Kozlov reacts first grabbing him trying to throw him over the ropes but Kingston shows his athleticism bouncing back from the ropes using his arms but he turns and is grabbed by the throat by Kozlov, he wriggles free and chop blocks Kozlov, he then comes off of the ropes, Boop! Boop! Boop! Leg Drop and this is then followed when Kozlov arrives at his feet with the Trouble in Paradise! “1…2…3!” Kingston has done it.)

          Winner: Kofi Kingston

          Justin Roberts: “Here is your winner and advancing to the Quarter Final Round of the King of the Ring tournament… Kofi Kingston!”

          (Kingston celebrates in the ring, the King of the Ring graphic comes up confirming Kingston’s place in the next round.)

          Jim Ross: “There you see it, Kofi Kingston advances to the Quarter Final of the King of the Ring tournament and well, I can’t say he doesn’t deserve it. The Jamaican Sensation beat the Moscow Mauler convincingly, that is one of the most convincing wins I’ve ever seen anyone get from Kozlov so I tip my hat to Kingston.”

          Todd Grisham: “To take a line from a former colleague, he isn’t only Jamaican Me Crazy, it seems he is Jamaican these fans crazy too, JR.”

          VIDEO PACKAGE: Santino Marella makes his SmackDown debut next week!

          Jim Ross: “Right now, lets take you backstage to Jenny Cash and Dolph Ziggler, we can confirm that in the past few days, ECW and SmackDown General Managers Tiffany and Theodore Long respectively reached a deal to trade superstars. The two friends agreed that Dolph Ziggler would go to SmackDown and ECW would receive the Corn-Fed Colossus, Festus. A huge trade right there.”

          (We return to the backstage area were we see Jenny Cash standing again smiling into the camera.)

          Jenny Cash: “Welcome back to SmackDown, at this time I am joined by ‘The Natural’ and participant in the King of the Ring Tournament… Dolph Ziggler.”

          (Ziggler cockily walks into the shot smirking his hand outstretched.)

          Dolph Ziggler: “Hi… I’m Dolph Ziggler.”

          (Cash stares at him for a second but doesn’t shake his hand.)

          Jenny Cash: “Yeah… I know.”

          (The crowd laugh as Ziggler’s eyes open, he doesn’t look best pleased.)

          Jenny Cash: “So… Dolph, tonight you compete in the First Round of the King of the Ring Tournament were you have a chance to go to the Quarter Final and you could then possibly earn yourself a shot at the WWE Championship if you went right through to win the tournament, what do you feel your chances are tonight not knowing who your opponent is?”

          Dolph Ziggler: “Jenny, listen up real good, I am the Natural, you know what that means? It means that this, wrestling, it’s natural to be, I am the best all-round wrestler not only in this company, not only in this country but also… in the world. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know my opponent will be tonight because I will win, that’s what I do, I always win.”

          Jenny Cash: “Dolph… I’m not sure if you remember, but you lost to Batista in your debut match.”

          Dolph Ziggler: “Jenny, Jen, you better watch your mouth, as I said, I am the Natural and NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE talks to me like that. Not you, not these people, not even Teddy Long, heck, not even Vince McMahon, got it? No One. So I suggest that you shut the hell up right now and allow me to prepare for my match.”

          Jenny Cash: “I realized something tonight Dolph, when someone speaks to you in a tone you don’t like, you shout in their face… I, do things a little differently.”

          (Jenny slaps Dolph right across the face before storming off, Ziggler holds his cheek smirking.)

          Todd Grisham: “Dolph Ziggler just got the taste slapped from his mouth by new SmackDown interviewer, Jenny Cash, she’s certainly had a wild first night. Up next folks, Dolph Ziggler will be in action.”


          (We return and Dolph Ziggler’s music is playing, he is standing in the ring trying to introduce himself to the referee and Justin Roberts who both shake his hand.)

          Justin Roberts: “The following is a King of the Ring Round 1 Match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Hollywood, California weighing 213lbs… ‘The Natural’… Dolph… Ziggler.”

          (Ziggler taunts a little in the ring before holding his cheek some more.)

          Todd Grisham: “Ziggler, clearly still feeling the effects of that slap from Jenny Cash.”

          (“He’s Ma Da” hits and the crowd go wild as Finlay and Hornswoggle come onto the stage, Hornswoggle is dancing about on the stage and both of them continue down the ramp clapping the fans hands.)

          Justin Roberts: “And his opponent, being accompanied by Hornswoggle from Belfast, Northern Ireland weighing 233lbs… ‘The Fighting Irishman’… Finlay!”

          (Finlay enters the ring as Hornswoggle waits on the outside.)

          Jim Ross: “The Fighting Irishman Finlay in the ring, he may be fifty-one years old but he can still go with the best of them and at that age you don’t get many more chances to earn a shot at the WWE Championship so Finlay will be looking to take this.”

          Fifth Match
          King of the Ring Round 1 Match
          Finlay vs. Dolph Ziggler

          Finishing Minutes:

          (Finlay is locked in a chinlock by Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler has a huge smile on his face as he applies more pressure. Finlay seems to be out of it, the referee raises him arm once and it… FALLS! He does it again and for the second time it… FALLS! He lifts it for the third time and it… STAYS UP! The crowd begin cheering as Finlay clenches his fist trying to will himself up feeding on the noise of the crowd and Hornswoggle at ringside. Finlay gets to his feet and elbows out of the move and then takes Ziggler down with a high knee, he goes for the cover, “1…2…” Ziggler is able to kick out, the crowd are chanting for Finlay as Hornswoggle gets them riled up. Ziggler gets to his feet and aims a kick at the knee of Finlay which takes him down, Ziggler grabs Finlay and slams his head back to the mat. Finlay holds the back of his head feeling the pain. Ziggler comes off of the ropes with a knee drop, cover “1…2…” but Ziggler cannot get the victory on this occasion. He sits Finlay up and just slams him across the back of the head three or four times before picking the Fighting Irishman up and landing a backdrop.)

          Jim Ross: “Dolph Ziggler is an exceptional athlete but it really gets to me that he feels he can go around just disrespecting a wrestling legend Finlay like that.”

          Todd Grisham: “JR, Dolph knows that he will be a big star in WWE for years to come and I think that just adds to the cockiness shown by they slaps to Finlay. I just fear for Dolph because that wouldn’t have made Irish Eyes smile.”
          (Ziggler picks up Finlay but Finlay fights out and lands a quick suplex, he then lands the Pot O’ Gold, the Running Seated Senton planting himself on the chest of Finlay. He goes for the cover, “1…2…” but Ziggler is able to kick out. Finlay is grabbed by Ziggler and thrown out of the ring, Ziggler leaves the ring but ignores Finlay and focuses on Hornswoggle, he walks over to Hornswoggle, Hornswoggle takes his jacket off and rolls up his sleeves before flinging his jacket in Ziggler’s face. The referee is up to five, Finlay rolls in the ring and Ziggler throws the jacket down and continues towards Hornswoggle, Finlay dives through the middle rope onto Ziggler crashing into the barricade. The referee re-starts his count, at nine both men reach the ring at the same time. Ziggler goes for a wild right hand in the ring but Finlay ducks and then lands a sickening German Suplex, Ziggler gets to his feet and Finlay grabs him, CELTIC CROSS! He goes for the cover, “1…2…3!”)

          Winner: ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay

          Justin Roberts: “Here is your winner and advancing to the Quarter Final stage of the King of the Ring tournament… Finlay!”

          (Finlay and Hornswoggle are in the ring and do their usual dance inviting kids in to dance also.)

          Jim Ross: “Irish Eyes are certainly smiling now Todd, Finlay through the help from Hornswoggle has defeated Dolph Ziggler, who you have to admit looked impressive again much like he did this Monday on RAW.”

          Todd Grisham: “He sure did, but right now, it’s Finlay and Hornswoggle celebrating and for the second time tonight I’m sure the taste has been slapped from the mouth of Ziggler. Let’s take a look at the King of the Ring brackets.”

          (The King of the Ring tournament brackets flash up on the screen.)

          Jim Ross: “Next week, we will see the final four matches of Round 1 in this exciting tournament and then the following week we will witness the four Quarter Final matches, two of which we know right now will be CM Punk taking on Jamie Noble and Kofi Kingston battling Finlay. We know that Carlito will be a participant in this tournament next week, also at Backlash we will witness the two semi-final matches and the final, what an exciting few weeks it’s shaping up to be.”


          Main Event
          Champion vs. Champion Match
          “WWE Champion” Randy Orton vs. “WWE Intercontinental Champion” Rey Mysterio

          (We return to the arena and “Booyaka 619” is the first thing that is heard as the fans leap to their feet and begin cheering. After a few seconds Rey Mysterio comes onto the stage, the Intercontinental Championship around his waist, he runs to one side of the stage and punches the air and a firework shoots off from that side of the stage, he does the same at the other side of the stage and the same thing happens. He walks down the ramp putting head together with a few children at ringside offering some encouraging words.)

          Justin Roberts: “The following contest is a Champion vs. Champion Match, introducing first from San Diego, California weighing 175lbs… the current WWE Intercontinental Champion… Rey… Mysterio.”

          (Mysterio gets into the ring as the cheers continue, he climbs the turnbuckle and does his usual taunts before jumping down.)

          Jim Ross: “Some call him the Ultimate Underdog, but Rey Mysterio has proved in even the toughest situations that he can pull a victory from nowhere, he has the World Heavyweight Championship on his list of accomplishments in WWE and he is the current Intercontinental Champion.”

          Todd Grisham: “You have to think JR, if Rey can win this match tonight against Randy Orton, he’ll surely be in line for a shot at the WWE Championship come Backlash in three weeks.”

          (“Voices” sounds for the second time this evening and the crowd begin booing, much like earlier, Randy Orton cockily walks onto the stage, the WWE Championship firmly placed on his shoulder. He continues down the ramp with a sly smirk on his face.)

          Justin Roberts: “And introducing the opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri weighing 245lbs… he is the current W…W…E Champion… Randy… Orton!”

          (Orton comes into the ring and poses with the title holding it in the air soaking in the boos, he jumps down and puts the title right in Rey’s face, Rey grabs the title and flings it to the ground. Orton smirks and pushes Mysterio down, Mysterio tries to retaliate but the referee separates them.)

          Jim Ross: “Randy Orton, just looking to get a reaction from Rey Mysterio and he got one, I think it’s safe to assume Rey will go right after Orton when this bell rings.”

          Todd Grisham: “It seems that Rey Mysterio is tired of being pushed around by Orton and he can’t wait to get his hands on the Viper.”

          Finishing Minutes:

          (Randy puts a knee to Rey’s gut in the corner, he grabs Rey and just throws him down face-first to the mat. Rey holds his face in obvious pain, Orton begins stomping Rey all over his body, to his legs, side, arms and head. Rey uses the ropes to get to his feet, Randy lands a sickening shot to his ribs which takes a winded Rey to the outside through the middle rope. Rey holds his ribs as Orton smirks from the inside of the ring, Orton turns around to taunt, Rey climbs onto the apron and jumps onto the ropes then jumps towards Orton for the seated senton but Orton catches Rey and just powerbombs him to the mat, he takes in the boos and goes for the cover, “1…2…” Orton cannot believe it when Rey manages to kick out. He grabs Rey and locks on a chinlock but after a few minutes Rey is able to escape, he fights out with a couple of elbows and then bounces off of the ropes and goes for a bulldog but is slammed to the mat as Orton doesn’t fall. Rey holds his back and walks to the turnbuckle. Orton grabs Rey, lifts him to the top turnbuckle and goes for a suplex and connects, he goes for the cover again “1…2…” Orton again is frustrated and he lays on the ground for the RKO, he waits and Rey gets up… R…K…O… no, he is pushed off by Rey and Orton then gets the drop-toe-hold into the ropes.)

          Jim Ross: “It has just been pure domination from the Viper Randy Orton but the tide seems to be turning as it where in Rey Mysterio’s favour, the Biggest Little Man in WWE is calling up San Diego.”

          Todd Grisham: “He sure is JR and Randy Orton is in a whole world of trouble right now.”

          (Rey signals, bounces off of the ropes but Orton jumps through the middle rope to the outside. Rey jumps onto the top rope and springboards himself to Orton landed a seated senton on the outside. Rey gets to his feet as the crowd cheer wildly, he enters the ring and waits for Orton, Orton gets onto the apron and sticks his head through, Rey grabs it and pulls his legs in but his feet are resting on the ropes, he does Orton’s famed DDT as the crowd cheer louder, he goes for the cover, “1…2…” but Orton is able to kick out. Rey climbs the turnbuckle and goes for his trademark splash but Orton moves and Rey eats ring mat, Orton then lines up a punt but Rey moves, roll-up, “1…2…” but it isn’t to be. Both men stand up facing each other as the crowd cheer. Orton puts his hand on Rey’s head and Rey simply can’t land any punches, Rey angrily pushes Orton’s arm away he asks Orton if he wants to ‘push him around?’, Randy smirks and Rey lands a big right hand to Orton’s face and runs at Orton, Orton picks him up for a slam but Rey hooks his legs on Orton and pulls Orton forward sending him into the ropes… 619! Orton gets to his feet, Seated Senton! The crowd are cheering wildly, Rey climbs the ropes… SPLASH! He goes for the cover, “1…2…” Rey has defeated Orton.)

          Winner: Rey Mysterio

          Justin Roberts: “Here is your winner… the current WWE Intercontinental Champion… Rey… Mysterio!”

          (Rey climbs onto the turnbuckle taunting some more.)

          Jim Ross: “Rey Mysterio has done it! Mysterio has defeated Randy Orton here tonight, what a massive victory for the Intercontinental Champion over the new WWE Champion.”

          Todd Grisham: “And, as if it couldn’t get better for Rey, I’m hearing that due a stipulation that had been enforced for this match that was not publicly announced… Rey Mysterio will have a chance to become a double champion as next week we get a huge re-match, this time with the WWE Championship on the line.”

          (Rey takes a microphone.)

          Rey Mysterio: “The bigger they are… the harder they fall, right Randy? Your not the biggest in the world but you sure like making fun of my size, you see Randy, I accept the fact that I am not the biggest wrestler on the roster but what I lack in size, I make up in speed, agility, versatility and… victories (Cheers) You, you like to push me around, that’s fine, if it makes you feel good Randy… you see I’ve been in contact with someone… someone who feels like pushing you around Randy, feels like getting some revenge, Y ese hombre es… and that man is…”

          (Rey points to the entrance way, the crowd grow in anticipation when “I Walk Alone” hits and the crowd go absolutely crazy! The loudest reaction of the night by far, after a few seconds Batista comes onto the stage dressed in his ring gear, the crowd are still chanting and cheering. He does his little dance on the stage as pyrotechnics fly up behind him.)


          Todd Grisham: “Orton better run JR, he better try and get as far away from the Frank Erwin Center as possible.”

          (Batista comes down clapping fans hands and then enters the ring, he taunts at each turnbuckle and then jumps down, he hugs Rey Mysterio. Orton is just arriving at his feet and is speared down to the mat. Batista roars like an animal of all things and then gives Randy a spinebuster, he does the ‘thumbs-up’ and ‘thumbs-down’ taunt but before he can get to Randy he has skedaddled all the way up the ramp. Batista grabs the ropes and shakes it, he hugs Rey again and then they stand and watch Randy at the top of the ramp while the off air logo appears.)

          OFF AIR
          Hope you enjoy!

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            Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

            Just some news!

   Weekly Newsletter
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            Huge Exclusive on Undertaker’s future and more!

            We, at told you last Monday that today after SmackDown aired in the US that we would provide you with a newsletter dedicated to the Undertaker’s future with WWE and the “crunch meetings” he had with Vince McMahon over the week. However, because we are so good to you we are giving you this and much, much more for the price of just $5 the same as it was scheduled to be. This special issue may cost that little bit more than the standard newsletter but this one is bigger and better.

            Okay, last week we reported how legendary WWE Superstar the Undertaker was unhappy with his position in WWE. He was drafted to Monday Night RAW two weeks ago and he wasn’t happy about this, he wanted to stay on SmackDown, it was seen as his ‘yard’ and when asked to think of one person on the show, Undertaker’s name usually popped up first. However, Vince had a meeting with all of the people changing brands on the live show and told them, Undertaker was reportedly not happy and even told Randy Orton who was beside him that he wasn’t, he didn’t say anything at the meeting to Vince.

            Later after the show he requested a meeting with Vince when the arena was emptying, Vince granted his request. From an insider at the WWE at the meeting, we hear that the Undertaker told Vince he wasn’t best pleased and would like to stay on SmackDown. Vince replied that he didn’t know this, that he should have said something before the draft show and that he had planned for a change in WWE anyway, Vince said that he apparently hadn’t really ‘shook things up’ like he had previously promised with the draft and wanted to do that now.

            Undertaker then apparently told Vince that he wasn’t deeply upset about the move, he finds it exciting to work on RAW but what he is unhappy about is that he was told on such short notice. He said that for all the work he has put in over the years he feels that he should be told at least a week in advance because he would have accepted anyway. Undertaker said that is what annoyed him.

            Vince told Undertaker that right now, he should be honest and that they have no ‘concrete’ plans for him. Vince told Undertaker that Shawn would be winning a shot at the WWE Championship and that Undertaker probably won’t be wrestling come Backlash. Undertaker says that he has a few nagging injuries and feels that it’s time he take a vacation. Vince said that this was not going to happen as he would be needed to bolster lesser PPVs such as Judgment Day.

            This angered Undertaker, Undertaker said that Vince is just being unfair, he works his butt off night after night picking up injury after injury, he wrestles a huge match with Shawn Michaels but he isn’t getting time off. Undertaker told Vince the WWE Chairman that every PPV was a ‘B’ show apart from the big four and he wouldn’t be participating in all of them.

            Vince says that he understands Undertaker needs time off but in these tricky financial times he wants to have Undertaker on board and especially because the ratings usually fall right after WrestleMania. Undertaker said having him on the show didn’t change things before with ratings. Undertaker says he wants time off and he is taking it, either Vince can accept or he will seriously consider leaving.

            Vince told Undertaker that it was the end of discussion and told him they will meet again once he has ‘cooled off’. A few days past and they met again, apparently Vince straight out asked Undertaker if he wanted out of his contract, Undertaker was taken aback by this questioning if Vince would really let him out that easy. Vince said that he can’t hold him back. Undertaker said that right now he didn’t want out, he was considering leaving and he said he was considering talking with TNA because he wanted time off but the reduced schedule would allow him to work at least one show per week which to him, is adequate.

            Vince then told Undertaker that he will reduce his schedule but he simply cannot afford to have him off of television. Vince has apparently thrown an offer to Undertaker that he will have him off RAW this week and then he will only work the TV Tapings each week but weather this happens remains to be seen.

            This is a shocking stance from Vince as usually he is happy to let a long-serving veteran like The Undertaker have his time off.


            In Other News:

            - The decision was made for ECW and SmackDown to trade Dolph Ziggler and Festus because many see a ready-made feud for Ziggler on SmackDown. Vince, who is a known fan of Ziggler called for the move on Monday’s RAW, the same day as the audition for new SmackDown Backstage Interviewer Jenny Cash, Vince wanted a surprising audition, someone with real passion, this was needed as you may have noticed on SmackDown, Vince is looking for the announcers to be more vocal. Vince sees the Dolph Ziggler character as a wrestler really arrogant and thought the Cash/Ziggler segment went off well. Back to the ready-made feud we talked about, apparently Finlay has been chosen to work with Ziggler. We don’t know when this could be, a programme could start next week if Finlay is eliminated in the King of the Ring tournament but may not happen until Backlash or after if Finlay advances or wins.

            - Festus wasn’t just randomly chosen to be the one drafted for Ziggler. Apparently the ECW writers wanted Festus because they see a lot of potential in him. We have no news if they plan to change the character but they do seem to have an interest in him. Many in the ECW team have pushed for Jesse to come over from SmackDown.

            - According to several sources, Vince McMahon was not pleased with how the Batista return came off on TV. He wanted his writers to push the friendship of Rey and Batista as to why Rey called him out but he felt that the return didn’t have the desired impact. He thought the pop from the crowd was tremendous but because Batista didn’t immediately go after Orton the crowd kind of went quiet.

            - There is said to be confusion in the SmackDown side of things as originally Rey Mysterio was pencilled in to compete in the King of the Ring tournament. Although it is a possibility that Rey could work a double-shift at the tapings next week, the current plan is for him to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. As of right now there doesn’t seem to be any plans for an Intercontinental Championship Match come Backlash.

            - Jamie Noble, who sometime last year told Vince McMahon he would like to help putting over talent and would like to be comic relief in the show has asked to be removed from that role. Noble, who is good friends with Triple H and Shawn Michaels wants to be taken more serious as a contender and the match last week shows that.

            - There is said to be “panic” within the WWE as creating the new Unified Tag Team Championships and the new design of the ECW Television Championship is said to be a slower process than originally thought. This past Tuesday at the SmackDown and ECW tapings, the Colons were told to announce they would be unveiling new titles as they were ahead of schedule but a production fault has halted the production by several days. Vince has demanded they work around the clock to get both new titles ready.

            - The main focus for this week of WWE Programming will be the ECW show which goes two hours on Sci-Fi. Vince has already ensured that a Champion of Champions Match will take place, he originally wasn’t keen as all three champions in the WWE are currently heel but said that it’ll be interesting and different.

            - WWE Superstars on WGN America also debuts this Thursday.

            Just so you know, when I get to the SmackDown show I will simply post up quick results of Superstars, i.e. Finlay defeats Funaki or something like that.

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              Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

              Okay, the World Tour that was eluded too on SmackDown.

              Details on HUGE Upcoming Televised World Tour!

              It was announced during the past week of WWE Television that after the SmackDown Broadcast tonight that would release official details regarding a televised upcoming World Tour. Here are all the details you need about this tour:

              This May 4th the WWE, it’s crew, wrestlers, everything to do with WWE will leave the United States and will not return until Sunday, July 26th for the ninth annual WWE Night of Champions PPV . WWE will be out of the United States for over three months providing fans around the World a chance to see televised up close and personal WWE Action. This means that WWE Pay-Per-Views Judgment Day, Extreme Rules and The Great American Bash will be broadcast outside of the USA for the first time ever, currently there are plans to change the name of the Great American Bash for this one time seeing as how the PPV will be outside America. This is a ground-breaking movement for the WWE and every moment of WWE Action will be broadcast around the World from places such as the UK, Spain, Ireland and many others! Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 9:00am for ALL of the shows, this will undoubtedly be a busy time for WWE and staff. It should also be noted that tickets bought for House Shows around Europe and for the TV shows in England will be refunded but don’t miss your chance on Saturday to pick up tickets. The following information lists the tour dates but also lists the dates for WWE PPV Backlash and the RAW, SmackDown and ECW shows before WWE embarks on this spectacular tour:

              WWE Backlash (Providence, Rhode Island)
              WWE Monday Night RAW (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
              ECW on Sci-Fi (New York City, New York)
              WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (New York City, New York)



              4th May: WWE Monday Night RAW (Arena México, Mexico City.)
              5th May: ECW on Sci-Fi (Arena V.G.F, Guadalajara, Mexico.)
              8th May: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Arena V.G.F, Guadalajara, Mexico.)
              11th May: WWE Monday Night RAW (MEN Arena, Manchester, England)
              12th May: ECW on Sci-Fi (Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland)
              15th May: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland)
              17th May: WWE Judgment Day (SECC, Hall 4, Glasgow, Scotland)
              18th May: WWE Monday Night RAW (Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales)
              19th May: ECW on Sci-Fi (The Point, Dublin Ireland)
              22nd May: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (The Point, Dublin Ireland)
              25th May: WWE Monday Night RAW (The Odyssey, Belfast, Northern Ireland.)
              26th May: ECW on Sci-Fi (Bercy, Paris, France)
              29th May: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Bercy, Paris, France)



              1st June: WWE Monday Night RAW (Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden.)
              2nd June: ECW on Sci-Fi (Håkons Hall, Lillehammer, Norway)
              5th June: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Håkons Hall, Lillehammer, Norway)
              7th June: WWE Extreme Rules (Gigantium, Aalborg, Denmark)
              8th June: WWE Monday Night RAW (Helsinki Arena, Helsinki, Finland)
              9th June: ECW on Sci-Fi (Datch Forum di Assago, Milan, Italy)
              12th June: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Datch Forum di Assago, Milan, Italy)
              15th June: WWE Monday Night RAW (Bizkaia Arena, Bilbao, Madrid, Spain)
              16th June: ECW on Sci-Fi (Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon, Portugal)
              19th June: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon, Portugal)
              22nd June: WWE Monday Night RAW (Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany)
              23rd June: ECW on Sci-Fi (O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic)
              26th June: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic)
              28th June: **Working Title** European Bash (Steel Aréna, Kosice, Slovakia)
              29th June: WWE Monday Night RAW (Zadar Arena, Zader, Croatia)
              30th June: ECW on Sci-Fi (Mihai Flamaropol, Bucharest, Romania)



              3rd July: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Mihai Flamaropol, Bucharest, Romania)
              6th July: WWE Monday Night RAW (Babruysk Arena, Babruysk, Belarus)
              7th July: ECW on Sci-Fi (Olympic Stadium, Moscow, Russia)
              10th July: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Olympic Stadium, Moscow, Russia)
              13th July: WWE Monday Night RAW (Sportkompleks Illichivets, Mariupool, Ukraine)
              14th July: ECW on Sci-Fi (Saitama Sūpā Arīna, Saitama, Japan)
              17th July: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Saitama Sūpā Arīna, Saitama, Japan)
              20th July: WWE Monday Night RAW (Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia)
              21st July: ECW on Sci-Fi (Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada)
              24th July: WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada)


              26th July: WWE Night of Champions (Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

              NOTES: For realism, remember SmackDown! is taped alongside ECW on Tuesday and there is no House Shows and it would leave plenty of time to travel. It may seem unrealistic having this many televised shows and such but it should be cool.

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                Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                Here is the RAW preview. After this I shall post my RAW which won't be in full sometime in the next couple days. Thanks.

                WWE Monday Night RAW Preview
                Columbus, Ohio
                ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.’

                |Rated R Retribution|

                Last week, in some of the most shocking things the WWE Universe has ever witnessed in the WWE, the World Heavyweight Champion and Rated ‘R’ Superstar Edge kidnapped John Cena throwing him into the trunk of his car and basically holding him captive for the majority of the night. This move by Edge meant that John Cena could not compete in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to determine the new Number One Contender to Edge’s Championship, because Cena could not make the match because Edge had locked him in the trunk of his car, Cena was replaced by cocky upstart Dolph Ziggler who put in a good showing before being eliminated, Chris Jericho then followed.

                The final two in the contest were Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker, the two men had battled each other in a classic at WrestleMania 25 the previous night and unlike WrestleMania, it was Shawn Michaels who managed to get the victory and earn a shot at Edge for Backlash. Before the two could lock horns again, the match was interrupted by John Cena who stormed down to the ring and attacked Edge, a brawl which continued well after RAW had went off of the air before the two men were separated.

                Going into RAW this Monday it has officially been announced that John Cena and Edge will compete against each other. Also, there are more questions than answers as the WWE Universe continues to wonder just how John Cena escaped the trunk of the car to attack Edge. What will happen when RAW goes on the air this Monday evening?

                |Turn Up the Trouble|

                At the twenty-fifth anniversary of WrestleMania, Mr. Kennedy made a shocking return to, assumingly, shake the hand of long-time mentor and idol of Kennedy, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s hand as he said his final farewell to the WWE audience around the world. Instead, Mr. Kennedy hit Stone Cold with the Mike Check before pouring Austin’s trademark beer all over him. The following night on RAW, Mr. Kennedy told the world that it all happened sub-conciously and that he was sickened by the fact Austin could walk away into the sunset leaving behind a fantastic career while Kennedy struggles to maintain his own and struggles to create a legacy that will be remembered because of the injuries.

                Kennedy, who returns to action this Monday on RAW will sure have more to say about the Rattlesnake. This will infuriate the WWE Universe who were fooled by Mr. Kennedy playing Stone Cold’s music, they would love nothing more to see an Austin return but with Austin filming a new movie and the WWE soon embarking on a world tour which would make it impossible for Austin to make his movie and make appearances, time is running out for Austin.

                Can Kennedy make a successful return to RAW, find out this Monday.

                |Pick Your Poison|
                Last week, John Morrison shocked the world winning a five man battle royal to become the new United States Champion. Morrison won the match after eliminating MVP, the former United States Champion with a Moonlight Drive from the apron to the mats outside the ring. The finish was marred in controversy as confusion swept the crowd last week but in the end after a few replays it was determined that John Morrison was the new US Champion. MVP, who took the defeat in his stride announced that at Backlash he will use his rematch clause to face Morrison for the gold.

                Now, just two weeks before Backlash, the two men will participate in a Pick Your Poison where they chose the opponent for their foe to face. For example, MVP will pick John Morrison’s opponent and vice-versa. This is a huge chance to pick someone to wear down the other before Backlash. What will happen come Monday?

                |Intergender Action|

                On RAW last week, new RAW pick, Divas Champion Maryse made her presence felt on Monday Night RAW with a big victory over Mickie James. The veteran diva could not match up to the Divas Champion on this night but she has a chance for some revenge when she teams up with Alicia Fox and DJ Gabriel in a huge intergender tag team contest against Maryse, Beth Phoenix and the big Mike Knox. What will happen as this tag action unfolds?

                |Priceless Turn of Events|

                Through WWE’s AT&T Mobile Service, fans last week got a sneak peak into the locker room of Legacy, the stable which once consisted of Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, however with Randy Orton being drafted to SmackDown it leaves just Ted DiBiase and Rhodes as part of the group, or so it seemed. Just one night after WrestleMania, whilst watching Triple H vs. Randy Orton on the grandest stage, they began to discuss Randy Orton’s move to Friday nights, many expected them to agree that it wasn’t the best move of the draft but Ted DiBiase felt the move was great.

                DiBiase believes that with Orton on RAW he can get the air time previously taken by Randy Orton to shine and that he can show his true work ethic in the ring, not in tag matches with Rhodes or Orton. This led to a brawl between the two superstars and it led to a match later in the night, the match ended in a count out, RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero then announced that the two would battle at Backlash, if Cody won he would get his wish to go to SmackDown with Orton, however if Ted DiBiase won, Vickie would be able to chose any SmackDown Superstar she wishes.

                Tonight, Vickie Guerrero has called for a debate between the two where they will get into the ring and discuss their problems. Vickie also told that should a brawl break out she will not stop it stating she has “enough to worry about”, what will happen with Rhodes and DiBiase?

                Find out ALL THIS and much, much more come RAW on Monday.
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                  Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                  Sorry everyone for the extreme lateness of this, been busy. Would appreciate any reviews and they will be returned. If I have failed to return your review when you have reviewed my show, please PM me and I’ll get to it.

                  WWE Monday Night RAW
                  Live from the World Arena
                  Columbus, Ohio

                  (We get another commercial for WWE Superstars, the same commercial which has been aired over the last week, the show makes it’s debut this Thursday live on WGN America. The RAW logo flashes up on the screen and then the text ‘Last Week’ comes up, it shows all the major events such as John Morrison winning the United States Championship, it shows Shawn Michaels earning a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash and then finally Edge bundling Cena into the back of his car and preventing him from competing for a chance in the World Heavyweight Championship Match later in the evening. “To Be Loved” begins playing as the RAW introduction package plays, it is the same video as last week except some wrestlers appear before others which was different than last week. We go inside the World Arena and pyrotechnics fly up off the stage and explode to the loud cheers of the crowd, after a few seconds the display finishes and the camera pans the crowd who are throwing their signs up and cheering very loudly. The camera then pans down to the RAW broadcast team of Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler who both stare into the camera.)

                  Michael Cole: “Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW coming to you live tonight from the World Arena in Columbus, Ohio. I am Michael Cole alongside my broadcast colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and we come to you tonight on the back of the shocking events that took place last week in Houston, Texas.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Shocking but smart Michael, Edge locked John Cena in the back of his trunk and drove around Houston before coming back for the Main Event and leaving Cena in the trunk, Cena was stuck in the trunk of the car while his World title dreams evaporated.”

                  Michael Cole: “However, John Cena in the final portion of the contest escaped somehow from the car and attacked Edge who had joined us at the announce table. There are so many questions which we hope to get answers about tonight.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “You know Michael, last week that brawl between Edge and John Cena lasted well after the show went off of the air and it took almost half an hour for the security staff to regain control of the situation.”

                  (“Metalingus” hits and the crowd begin to boo rather loudly as the Rated ‘R’ Superstar Edge steps onto the stage with the World Heavyweight Championship placed over his shoulder. He seems to be a little scared, looking around presumably for John Cena. Edge raises his belt in the air and the pyrotechnics go off behind him. He continues down the ramp still nervously looking around.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “Please welcome at this time… the Rated ‘R’ Superstar and current World Heavyweight Champion… Edge!”

                  Michael Cole: “You can see Edge looking around King, he’s scared that John Cena will come out here tonight for revenge and I hope that vindictive Edge is squirming right now.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “At the end of the day Michael, Edge prevented arguably his biggest threat to his title from competing for the title, it’s smart.”

                  (Edge enters the ring still looking around; he takes a microphone and seems to relax a little bit.)

                  Edge: “Last week I orchestrated the greatest segment in wrestling history, last week I threw John Cena into the trunk of my car and drove him around the city of Houston and back again and prevented him from competing for my World Championship at Backlash.”

                  (The crowd begin booing very loudly at Edge.)

                  Edge: “All week I’ve been hearing ‘Why, Edge? Why?’ Why did you do that to the beloved John Cena? I’ll tell you all why I did what I did because John Cena has a habit of wrecking everything that I have worked for, John Cena just won’t leave me alone, every two seconds he’s asking for a title shot so I thought that I would wreck everything he has worked for by preventing him the chance at my World Championship. John Cena won’t be facing me at Backlash… and John Cena won’t be taking my World Heavyweight Championship.”

                  (The crowd continue to boo and then ‘Sexy Boy’ hits and the crowd go crazy as Shawn Michaels comes dancing onto the stage wearing his ‘HBK’ t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘If you believe, you will achieve on the back.’ Shawn soaks in the cheers from the crowd.)

                  Michael Cole: “There you see The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels who just one night after a classic contest with the Undertaker managed to secure a victory in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match that John Cena was supposed to compete in.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Michael, will you please stop going on about John Cena? He isn’t in the title picture, it’s Shawn Michaels and Edge in the Main Event at Backlash, not John Cena.”

                  Shawn Michaels: “Edge… I’ve done a lot of things in my career, I’ve stole championships, I’ve done things I’m not proud of, I’ve Main Evented WrestleMania, I’ve Main Evented PPV’s up and down the calendar and heck, I was involved in the Montreal Screwjob, but I’ve never bundled someone into the back of a car and prevented him from competing… that… that takes guts.”

                  (The crowd begin booing HBK a little surprised at his reaction.)

                  Shawn Michaels: “I don’t know if you were watching last week… or you were too busy getting beat up by John Cena (Cheers) but Edge I defeated the Undertaker last in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Number One Contenders Match and that means that come Backlash, no it won’t be you and John Cena… it will be you, Edge and The Icon… The Main Event…”

                  Edge: “Yeah… yeah… I’m HBK, Mr. WrestleMania… blah, blah. Shawn, you don’t concern me… your washed-up… you’re a has been and you are no were near the standard that I am at and you might have wrestled a classic match with the Undertaker but I’ve defeated the Undertaker so many times that it doesn’t matter to me. These people might appreciate your work ethic and your talent but I don’t.”

                  (The crowd are chanting for ‘Cena’ at this point.)

                  Edge: “And just like these people Shawn, you think you will win my World Championship at Backlash… these people think that John Cena will have the guts to come out here and try and beat me up… but you know what, you are all WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!”

                  Shawn Michaels: “No, Edge… I don’t think I’m wrong because come Backlash I will win that World Heavyweight Championship and I don’t think these people are wrong because just before I came out here, I heard that a certain individual had arrived… and wanted to speak to you…”

                  (The crowd cheer knowing who it is, Edge doesn’t act surprised and he leaves the stage area and then “My Time is Now” blasts onto the speakers and the crowd leap to their feet. Wasting little time John Cena charges down to the ring and spears down Edge hammering right and left hands to Edge’s face, he gets up and Edge tries to escape but Cena grabs his legs and locks in the STF! Cena is screaming shouting ‘Do you like this, Edge?’ Cena continues to apply pressure as the crowd cheer loudly.)


                  Jerry Lawler: “There, you happy? John Cena, this is just disgusting violence… he could break his neck.”

                  Vickie Guerrero: “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!”

                  (The crowd begin booing louder than ever as Vickie Guerrero steps onto the stage microphone in hand, John Cena doesn’t listen applying further pressure.)

                  Vickie Guerrero: “John Cena, as the General Manager of RAW I am demanding that you release the hold.”

                  (The crowd boo again but Cena doesn’t release, he doesn’t seem to be even listening.)

                  Vickie Guerrero: “John… break the hold now or you will suffer the consequences.”

                  (Cena still isn’t listening; the crowd seem to be enjoying this rebellious side of John Cena.)

                  Vickie Guerrero: “Okay, John, if you do not break the hold right now, not only will I get security to escort you from the arena tonight but you will NEVER get a World Championship opportunity ever again and I will be releasing you from your RAW contract effective immediately. Now, listen…”

                  (John Cena seems to snap out of the trance he was on and reluctantly releases the hold, he sits on the mat for a second.)

                  John Cena: “No, Vickie you listen, this man prevented me from competing for the World Heavyweight Championship… he insulted me and he insulted my father… I’m going to make him pay…”

                  (Cena goes to lock it in again.)

                  Vickie Guerrero: “John, okay, you can have your World Title chance.”

                  (Cena releases the hold and stands up, he smirks and begins applauding Vickie Guerrero.)

                  John Cena: “Alright, alright Vickie, come on, announce it now that right here, right now John Cena vs. Edge.”

                  Vickie Guerrero: “No, John, you will have the chance to earn a spot in the match at Backlash in a match against Shawn Michaels as being an impartial General Manger, it wasn’t fair that you could not compete but I still do not condone your actions tonight.”

                  (The crowd cheer loudly and John Cena doesn’t look best pleased, Vickie Guerrero walks backstage and Cena drops to his knees and is right at Edge’s ear.)

                  John Cena: “Edge… you might have had your little ‘friend’ to come help you tonight and maybe she’ll stop me attacking you on RAW… but come Backlash… the Backlash of what you have done will hit you like a ton of bricks… the storm’s coming.”

                  (Cena drops the microphone and taunts as the crowd cheer.)

                  Michael Cole: “I’m surprised King, in the interest of fairness, RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero has announced that because he was unable to compete last week, John Cena that is because of that attack by Edge, he will face Shawn Michaels and if he wins he will be slotted into the match making it a Triple Threat.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “You know Michael, Vickie should have just released John Cena right there but she realizes how valuable Cena is to this brand, still I would have released him, he had no right to attack the champion like that.”

                  Michael Cole: “No right? Did you see RAW last week?”


                  First Match
                  Pick Your Poison
                  MVP vs. ???

                  (“I’m Comin” blasts out of the speakers as the inflatable tunnel has returned, after a few seconds MVP emerges and then he does his taunt as the pyrotechnics go off behind him. As he makes his way down the ramp we get a video showing what happened last week and the crowning of a new United States Champion.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing first from Miami, Florida weighing 249 lbs… Montel Vontavious Porter… M…V…P!”

                  (MVP enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle taunting, he jumps down and then taunts in the middle of the ring.)

                  Michael Cole: “Right here tonight King, we had two Pick Your Poison matches between involving MVP and current United States Champion John Morrison who won the title last week on RAW. Tonight, just a couple of weeks before they fight at Backlash, they have the power to choose the opposition tonight. So, John Morrison right now has hand-selected an opponent for MVP to face.”

                  Lillian Garcia: “And his opponent…”

                  (“Some Bodies Gonna’ Get It” sounds and the crowd begin to boo, surprisingly loudly at Mark Henry as the big man steps onto the stage. Henry roars like a wild animal, Tony Atlas by his side clapping. The duo make their way down the ramp, Henry gets about mid-way before shouting at a fan before continuing.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “From Silsbee, Texas weighing 380lbs… he is the World’s Strongest Man… Mark Henry!”

                  Michael Cole: “There isn’t a positive you can take from having to face Mark Henry, especially after a loss and after Henry’s loss last week in that Battle Royal, you can bet he wants to take out his frustrations on someone.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “A very smart choice from John Morrison, Michael. The Guru of Greatness has done well, Mark Henry’s dominance in the WWE is well-documented.”

                  Michael Cole: “And MVP doesn’t look too pleased.”

                  (MVP now has a smirk on his face, Mark Henry enters the ring and taunts in the ring.)

                  Finishing Minutes:

                  (Mark Henry has MVP backed into the corner, he goes to the opposite turnbuckle and then charges at MVP and sandwiches him between himself and the turnbuckle. MVP falls to the ground writhing in pain. Henry lets out a big laugh. He comes off of the ropes and goes for a big splash but MVP moves out of the way, Henry tries to recover on the ground and MVP goes for the drive-by kick but Henry moves out of the way, MVP turns and receives a clothesline from the big man. Henry goes for the cover, “1…2…” MVP manages to kick out at the last second. Henry picks up MVP and puts his hand on his head, he tries to level him with a punch but MVP ducks and runs off of the ropes, he goes for a flying shoulder tackle but is swatted away like a fly by the World’s Strongest Man.)

                  Michael Cole: “MVP is having a lot of trouble wearing down the Silverback Mark Henry, every time he tries to mount some offense he is just taken down by the incredible strength and power of Mark Henry.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “I understand that MVP has a rematch clause in his contract Michael, but if Mark Henry was to win tonight, surely he should replace MVP in the US Championship Match at Backlash, from this showing he deserves it.”

                  Michael Cole: “Oh, come on, King! MVP has that clause written in his contract, win or lose tonight doesn’t matter.”

                  (MVP gets to his feet at the ropes, Henry runs at him, MVP pulls the ropes down and Henry goes bundling over to the thin mats outside of the ring. MVP tries to catch his breath as Henry recovers outside, MVP bounces off of the ropes and then goes for an incredible suicide dive, MVP and Henry crash into the barricade and fall to the mat. The referee reaches eight on his count before they get back in the ring. The referee begins talking to Henry telling him the importance of staying in the ring and Tony Atlas yanks at MVP’s leg, MVP turns and begins shouting at Atlas, he turns around and Henry grabs him… World’s Strongest Slam! “1…2…3” and this one is over.)

                  Winner: Mark Henry

                  Lillian Garcia: “Here is your winner… The World’s Strongest Man… Mark Henry!”

                  Michael Cole: “MVP’s chances of winning tonight were slim going into this match because of the identity of his opponent, Mark Henry is someone who just dominates competition and he did that tonight.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “As I said, Morrison did great choosing Mark Henry and that is backed up by that huge win for the Silverback.”


                  (We return to see Michael Cole smiling into the camera.)

                  Michael Cole: “At this time, let’s go into the ring with my broadcast colleague, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.”

                  (We go to the ring where we see WWE commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler standing, he gets a lot of ‘Jerry’ chants from the crowd in attendance. He smiles and holds the microphone to his mouth, he is standing in front of a podium, to his side are two other podiums fitting with microphones.)

                  Jerry Lawler: “At this time, ladies and gentleman, I have been asked by the RAW General Manager, Vickie Guerrero to oversee a debate between former tag team partners Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. As you know, these two have been trying to get their hands on each other following their mentor, Randy Orton’s move to SmackDown. Cody Rhodes feels that Orton will help him get to the next level in the WWE whereas Ted DiBiase, the star of the Marine 2 feels that Orton held them back. Vickie Guerrero set up a match between the two at Backlash where if Cody Rhodes wins, he joins Randy Orton on SmackDown, however if Ted DiBiase wins, then Vickie can choose anyone on the SmackDown roster to draft to RAW. Vickie told me that this debate is designed to settle any differences between the two and that nothing is barred. So, without further ado… please welcome… Cody Rhodes!”

                  (“Priceless” hits and the crowd begin booing quite loudly as Cody Rhodes saunters onto the stage, he is wearing a ‘Legacy’ shirt, he is soaking in the boos from the crowd. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring before taking his place at the podium, he shoots a glance at Jerry Lawler.)

                  Michael Cole: “There you see, Cody Rhodes, a man who fully believes he could further his career by moving to SmackDown with Randy Orton.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Also, please welcome… Ted DiBiase!”

                  (Some generic theme music plays and for the first few seconds of DiBiase’s titantron we are treated to some clips from the Marine 2. He comes out onto the ramp and is just staring at Cody Rhodes, he walks down the ramp clapping a few fans hands before entering the ring, he takes his place at the other podium. The two have locked eyes and are just facing each other.)

                  Michael Cole: “Ted DiBiase, he feels the opposite to Rhodes, that Orton held them back.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Okay, gentleman… if you would by the request of Vickie Guerrero, say your peace.”
                  Cody Rhodes: “I guess I’ll go first Teddy, in just two weeks Ted at Backlash I am going to beat you in that ring and I’m going to go to SmackDown so that myself and Randy Orton can dominate that brand just like we did RAW and just like I will come Backlash and that will be pri-“

                  Ted DiBiase: “Priceless? Where did it all go wrong Cody, we were the best of the best, the ultimate tag team, we were two time tag team champions, we were the most promising stars in the entire WWE, we were for certain future World Champions, then Randy Orton came along, he formed Legacy and we begged to get into it, I regret doing that Cody, and you should to. I said last week, Orton has held us back for the longest time, there’s a reason why he is the WWE Champion and we’re not.”

                  Cody Rhodes: “Unlike you, Ted, I appreciate true talent like Randy Orton, Randy Orton is the man to take me up to the next stage in this company, he knows I’m not ready to fill his shoes as a champion but when that times comes, Orton will step aside and although me my chance, it’s all about being patient.”

                  Ted DiBiase: “Patience? We’ve been walking around for months as the lackey of Randy Orton, we’ve done his dirty work, we even helped him retain his championship at WrestleMania 25, if it wasn’t for us he wouldn’t be champion and you can play the waiting game Cody, you can wait because you’ll be waiting for a long time and when I beat you this Sunday, when I prove that you are nothing more than a lackey who can’t excel to anything else, then the moment that Orton kicks you out of Legacy and the WWE, like he tried to do to me, will be priceless…”

                  (The crowd cheer a little.)

                  Cody Rhodes: “Yeah, keep talking Ted… like he tried to do to you? Give me a break, Orton wasn’t trying to kick you out of the WWE, he realized your potential and he punted you in the head, not to end your career but to try and knock some sense into you, but it obviously failed. When you were out, you recovered pretty quickly, but no you didn’t return straight away, you went off the film what is going to be the worst film this year… The Marine 2, you actually think people will want to buy that crap?”

                  (The crowd boo Rhodes.)

                  Ted DiBiase: “It’s up to personal opinion, people might like my movie, maybe they won’t but my personal opinion about you Cody is that you are clueless... clueless about your career... clueless about Randy Orton and your most certainly clueless about what is going to happen to you at Backlash.”

                  (The crowd cheer and a ‘DiBiase’ chant starts up.)

                  Cody Rhodes: “You know Ted, Vickie Guerrero said that tonight, there’s nothing barred from this debate, we have free will, which means that if I really wanted to, I could humiliate you and beat you senseless right now.”

                  (“Voices” hits and the crowd give a mixed reaction, more surprised than anything. Rhodes and DiBiase look around surprised. Orton appears on the titantron, his WWE Championship sitting on his shoulder.)

                  Randy Orton: “Ted DiBiase... Cody Rhodes, two of the most promising stars in the WWE, under the wing of the greatest superstar in the WWE, the current WWE Champion, I am drafted to SmackDown and everything has fallen apart. I watched you last week, I watched you this week, I observed what was going on and I agreed with Cody, Ted you are being spiteful and ungrateful... and... GO! CODY! GO!”

                  (With that, Ted DiBiase has little time to react and Cody takes him down from behind, he begins stomping on Ted DiBiase, on every part of his body much like his mentor Randy Orton does. He picks Ted DiBiase up and lands the Cross Rhodes on him, a rolling cutter. He does it for a second time before taking in the boos of the crowd. We go to a commercial as Rhodes stands.)

                  VIDEO PACKAGE: The Undertaker
                  We see clips from the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, we see him winning against Shawn Michaels and then the text ‘Who is Next?’ flashes up.

                  Second Match
                  Pick Your Poison
                  John Morrison vs. ???

                  (“Stonefree Experience” hits and the crowd begin to boo as the self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy steps onto the stage, the United States Championship is sitting snug around his waist. He takes it off and for his signature pose raises it in the air, in slow-motion. He continues walking down the ramp, ignoring the fans and adjusting the belt on his shoulder.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is a Pick Your Poison Match that is scheduled for one fall… introducing first from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 223lbs… he is the NEW WWE United States Champion… John Morrison!”

                  (Morrison enters the ring and holds his title high in the air.)

                  Michael Cole: “John Morrison, won that huge Battle Royal last week to become the new US Champion.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “I like Morrison, Michael, he’s a great talent and he’s got all the skills to be a top star in this company.”

                  (Morrison has taken a microphone, he runs his hand through his hair.)

                  John Morrison: “Last week, right here on Monday Night RAW, I won a five man Battle Royal, lastly eliminating MVP to become your NEW United States Champion.”

                  (The crowd boo this and chant ‘MVP’)

                  John Morrison: “Now that the US Championship is at the Palace of Wisdom, I don’t intend to let it leave, but someone seems to have a problem with that, the convict MVP! We all choose a role model in life, I chose Chuck Norris for obvious reasons but all of you people chose MVP as a role model, a man who spent nine years in prison, he shouldn’t be your role model, he’s a failure and that was only further proven when he was beaten by Mark Henry. Tonight, you will all see the error of your ways when I beat whoever MVP has chosen for me tonight, it’ll be that way because in life there are winners, and there are losers (points to crowd)… Be Jealous!”

                  (“Air Bourne” hits and the crowd rise to their feet as Evan Bourne races onto the stage, Morrison looks a little shocked but then nods his head. Bourne points from the stage to Morrison before doing his usual taunt. He runs down the ramp clapping the hands of the fans in attendance.)
                  Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is a Pick Your Poison Match that is scheduled for one fall… introducing first from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 223lbs… he is the NEW WWE United States Champion… John Morrison!”

                  (Morrison enters the ring and holds his title high in the air.)

                  Michael Cole: “John Morrison, won that huge Battle Royal last week to become the new US Champion.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “I like Morrison, Michael, he’s a great talent and he’s got all the skills to be a top star in this company.”

                  (“Airbourne” hits and the crowd stand on their feet cheering loudly, Morrison looks a little shocked but then nods as Bourne runs onto the stage and points to Morrison doing his signature taunt, Bourne runs down the ramp and gets into the ring.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “And his opponent, from St. Louis Missouri weighing in at 186lbs… Evan Bourne!”

                  Michael Cole: “Oh My! We talked earlier about John Morrison choosing a great opponent for MVP, what about this!”

                  Jerry Lawler: “I’ll give MVP this one, Evan Bourne is quick as a hiccup and this should be a fantastic contest.”

                  Finishing Minutes:

                  (Bourne is up on the top rope, he goes for a crossbody but is caught by Morrison, Morrison then drops him down onto his knee with the backbreaker. Bourne screams out in pain, “1…2…” Bourne manages to kick out, Morrison picks him up but Bourne lands a couple of rights to the mid-section of Morrison, he then lands the Jumping Spinning Sole Kick, or what the announcers called the AirKick. Morrison is knocked down at the turnbuckle, Bourne climbs up and signals for the Shooting Star Press. Morrison manages to get up and shakes the ropes, Bourne falls where he doesn’t want to really, Morrison grabs Bourne by the neck and drags him off looking for the Moonlight Drive, Morrison drives himself forward but Bourne holds onto the other set of ropes and Morrison basically lands a front flip to the mat, Morrison sits up but receives a big kick to the jaw, cover“1…2…”)

                  Michael Cole: “What a fast-paced, action-packed contest we have going right now King, talk about exciting.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “These two are the WWE’s top young stars at this moment and they are showcasing their true talent right here.”

                  (Bourne looks a little surprised, Morrison leaves the ring under the bottom rope. Bourne bounces off of the ropes but Morrison quickly slides back in and takes him down with a clothesline, Bourne holds the back of his neck and head after that sickening clothesline, he goes for the cover, “1…2…” Bourne kicks out again much to the chagrin of Morrison. Morrison exits the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, he turns and goes for a Moonsault but misses, Bourne then lands the Standing Moonsault on the fallen Morrison, “1…2…” but that isn’t enough either, Bourne picks up Morrison but Morrison fights out and pushes Bourne against the ropes, as Bourne comes back he lands the Spinning Heel Kick. Morrison picks up Bourne, signals for the Moonlight Drive but MVP’s inflatable tunnel begins to inflate on the stage, this distracts Morrison long enough for Bourne to escape, he lands the spinning kick again and climbs the turnbuckle… Shooting Star Press! “1…2…3”)

                  Winner: Evan Bourne

                  Lillian Garcia: “Here is your winner… Evan… Bourne!”

                  (Bourne leaves the ring celebrating at the stage, MVP appears from the tunnel as Morrison angrily looks on.)

                  Michael Cole: “Bourne wins King, that inflatable tunnel of MVP came up on the stage and that distracted Morrison who was, I assume, about to win the match via the Moonlight Drive but that distraction allowed Bourne to escape and land the AirKick followed by the Shooting Star Press.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “What a match Michael, the only thing I have to say is that MVP ruined it. I wanted to see a decisive winner but Evan Bourne gets a cheap win.”


                  (We return to the arena, the camera focused on the stage, “Turn up the Trouble” hits and the crowd in the arena begin booing loudly. Mr. Kennedy marches onto the stage and taunts a little with a huge smirk on his face, he continues down the ramp as a video highlighting his actions at WrestleMania and last week plays. He continues down to the ring ignoring the fans.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall… in the ring weighing 243lbs, from Greenbay, Wisconsin… Mr… Kenn-“

                  (Kennedy is in the ring and grabs the microphone away from Lillian Garcia.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “Lillian – sssshhh. All of you people be quiet and listen, tonight I make my return to the ring, against the man you see across the ring, a man that I will comfortably defeat and leave laying on the mat just like I did to Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania (Boos) And after I win tonight, I want you to all stay tuned because I will be holding the official Steve Austin retirement ceremony, I am giving Austin one last chance to come out here, like a man and face me.”

                  (Kennedy hands the microphone back to Garcia.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “And the opponent, from Ayr, Scotland and fighting out of the Florida Championship Wrestling Development Territory… weighing 250lbs… Drew… McIntyre!”

                  Michael Cole: “Kennedy is just so arrogant Michael, first he lays out a legend on his farewell night, then last week he fools everyone into thinking Austin is here, then he has the gull to actually hold an official retirement ceremony and give Austin one last chance to appear?”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Kennedy is great Michael, with all the injuries he has had, he is finally making a name for himself and what better way to do that, than to take out Steve Austin. But don’t discount Drew McIntyre, this Scotsman from the WWE’s Development Territory, FCW is impressive.”

                  Third Match
                  Mr. Kennedy vs. Drew McIntyre

                  Finishing Minutes:

                  (McIntyre takes down Kennedy with a clothesline and another and then lands a dropkick which sends Kennedy back through the middle rope. Kennedy is shocked, he gets back into the ring, McIntyre goes for a kick but Kennedy catches his leg and kicks the other out from under him. Kennedy smirks and goes for the cover, “1…2…” but McIntyre kicks out. Kennedy picks him up and slams him down, Kennedy climbs the turnbuckles and goes for a splash but McIntyre moves, then DDT! “1…2…” but it isn’t enough, McIntyre comes off of the ropes but is kicked in the mid-section, Mic Check, “1…2…3!”)

                  Winner: Mr. Kennedy

                  Michael Cole: “A victory for Mr. Kennedy, but you have to think he thought it’d be easier than that, Drew McIntyre, one of the most promising stars in FCW got the chance to get some mainstream exposure on the longest episodic TV show in history and he impressed.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Your right Michael, he did, but you have to remember Mr. Kennedy won, not Drew and it’s victories and not losses that help your career, no matter how good your performance is.”

                  VIDEO PACKAGE: Shelton Benjamin
                  We get shown various clips from the career of Shelton Benjamin including his United States Championship victory last year and his performances at WrestleMania 25. At the end, Shelton’s picture comes up and it says ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now!’

                  (We return to the ring and inside it, attached to two poles at either side of the ring is a big banner saying ‘Steve Austin Retirement Cermony’ Mr. Kennedy is standing at a podium, there’s been a lot of them tonight.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls… I welcome you all to the official retirement ceremony of the legendary wrestler known as Stone Cold Steve Austin. I decided that it was a good idea to host this tonight because ever since WrestleMania 25, people have claimed that I ruined the official retirement from wrestling of Stone Cold Steve Austin, I tried to disprove those statements by offering Austin the chance to come out here last week, that didn’t happen so tonight I’ve realized that he has retired from wrestling and that maybe I did ruin his little ceremony… so here we have the official retirement ceremony of the Rattlesnake, tonight you will hear comments from his close friends in the wrestling business looking back at what is an undoubtedly tremendous career.”

                  (The crowd are giving a mixed reaction to what Kennedy is saying, it seems he is insulting and praising Austin at the same time.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “I explained it all last week, Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn’t deserve to have a better career than me, he doesn’t need to worry about anything, he doesn’t need to worry about injuries taking him out, or reaching the top, or headlining WrestleMania because he’s done it all, he’s answered every call. I, on the other hand have been put down with injury after injury, watched WrestleMania from the sidelines and missed opportunity after opportunity to become a World Champion.”

                  (The crowd begin booing Kennedy.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “I said it last week, how could this man be better than me? No one is better than Mr. Kennedy, I laid Austin out so people didn’t remember Austin’s one last beer but rather the fact that I laid Austin out because I need the limelight more than him, I need it, not him because like I said, he doesn’t have to worry about anything. I watched numerous tapes of Austin’s surprise returns and he was taking up time that I could use to shine and that grates on me so tonight when I officially retire Austin in this ceremony, it’s done. Austin won’t be back in the WWE ever again. However, I’m giving Austin one last chance, either he can come out here and face me and pass that torch and leave the company himself or I will retire him in this ceremony. So Steve, what’s it gonna’ be?”

                  (The crowd wait for a few minutes but nothing happens.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “Alright then, Austin you don’t want to come out and say the goodbyes that I ruined last time, fine. I’ll gladly retire you from this company and ensure you don’t end up taking my spotlight. First of all, I’d like to welcome one of Steve Austin’s best friends to the ring, Jim Ross! Come on Jim!”

                  (The music of Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross plays and the crowd go wild as JR walks onto the stage, he continues down the ramp.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “Please welcome… WWE Hall of Famer… representing the SmackDown brand… Good Ol’ JR… Jim Ross!”

                  Michael Cole: “It’s JR! Jim Ross is back on Monday Night RAW but I have to wonder why he is out here when Mr. Kennedy is mocking Steve Austin.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “It’s been well-documented Michael that JR is a very good friend of Stone Cold and maybe we’ll see an excuse for the cowardice of Austin from JR here tonight.”

                  (Jim Ross gets into the ring and takes a microphone.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner!”

                  Jim Ross: “Shut up!”

                  (The crowd cheer loudly as Kennedy looks surprised.)

                  Jim Ross: “For weeks Mr. Kennedy, I’ve heard you running your mouth about my good friend Stone Cold Steve Austin and I’m sick of it. Now, you wanted me out here, so I’m out here.”

                  Mr. Kennedy: “Yeah, JR as much as you wanted to come out here because you were sick of me talking about Austin… let me remind you of something… I INVITED you, so you listen to me, got it? Now, JR, hopefully you can offer some insightful words about Steve Austin here tonight, after all he is your friend and tonight marks his retirement from wrestling… so please, offer your thoughts.”

                  Jim Ross: “You want my thoughts Ken? My thoughts are this, you are one of the biggest pompous jackasses I’ve seen in my entire life.”

                  (The crowd cheer loudly as they chant ‘JR’ over and over.)

                  Jim Ross: “It’s no secret myself and WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin are great friends, as a matter of fact, the weekend before WrestleMania we sat down at one of my restaurants and discussed the future of WWE… and your name came up Kennedy. Steve Austin even said to me that he sees you as the future of this business if your injuries permit but what do you do, huh? Your cowardice shines through when you sneak attack Austin on his official retirement night to try and make a name for yourself…”

                  Mr. Kennedy: “That’s real nice of him JR, I am making a name for myself and any smart person realizes that I did the best thing possible to make that name for myself… by taking out a legend. Now, tell me this JR, tell me this, where is Steve Austin? Is he really gonna’ leave like that? Laying on the mat, out cold, a beer poured over his back?”

                  Jim Ross: “Let me tell you something Kennedy… Stone Cold Steve Austin always said after it was announced he’d be inducted into the Hall of Fame that WrestleMania 25 would be his last night in wrestling… no more on TV… no more appearances for this company or any wrestling company for that matter… the night after WrestleMania, Steve Austin’s pay-per-appearance deal with the WWE expired. What I have come to realize is that Austin isn’t coming back, he’s doing his own thing, you may have ruined his retirement Kennedy but Austin is happy and secure about his career, unlike you, Austin can retire knowing he has an unrivalled legacy in this business.”

                  Mr. Kennedy: “I thought Austin was better than that… to just let someone lay them out without response… what happened the beer guzzling, ass-kicking Steve Austin?”

                  Jim Ross: “Nothing happened Ken, he just left, he is done with wrestling, period. That beer guzzling, ass-kicking Stone Cold is now making movies and is doing a damn fine good job at it. I’m not best pleased about, nor are these people nor are you by the looks of it… but Stone Cold is finished with wrestling and you know what, give me a beer… lets toast to a hell of a career.”

                  (A beer is flung and JR catches it, he goes to open it but is given the MIC CHECK! The crowd begin booing loudly as Mr. Kennedy looks maniacal standing over Jim Ross. He picks up the beer can and reminiscent of WrestleMania 25 pours the can over the back of JR.)

                  Mr. Kennedy: “If Austin has left, then fine, I’ll just need to do things week after week to get him back so that I can lay him on his ass again....”

                  (The crowd are booing loudly.)

                  Michael Cole: “Oh, come on! This is just sickening.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “JR might be a good friend but he had it coming.”

                  Michael Cole: “Oh, how can you say that?”


                  (We return and go backstage where Todd Grisham is standing with a microphone in hand.)

                  Todd Grisham: “Hello everyone, at this time… please welcome my guest… Shawn Michaels!”

                  (The crowd cheer loudly as Shawn Michaels walks into view.)

                  Todd Grisham: “Shawn, we learned earlier tonight that you will be facing John Cena in the Main Event and if John Cena wins, he is entered into the match at Backlash between you and Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship making it a Triple Threat Match. John Cena was given this chance after being attacked by Edge last week and could not compete in the original match for the chance to face Edge, what are your views on the whole situation?”

                  Shawn Michaels: “Todd, my views are this, Edge shouldn’t have done what he did to John Cena, but he did. I accept the reasoning for the match tonight with John Cena, I’m not worried about a possible Triple Threat because it won’t happen, me and John Cena have had classic battles in the past, we’ve headlined WrestleMania… tonight we headline Monday Night RAW and tonight I will beat John Cena and go on to beat Edge at Backlash. You know why?”

                  Todd Grisham: “Why?”

                  Shawn Michaels: “Because, I am the Icon, the Showstopper, the Main Event, the Heartbreak Kid… I am Shawn Michaels, that is why.”

                  (HBK walks off to loud cheers.)

                  VIDEO PACKAGE: Upcoming World Tour
                  We get a long video package running through all of the details about this upcoming world tour, it lists the locations and the dates and gives the ticket information. The package plays up the fact that WWE has already sold out in over ten countries for the tour and that every PPV has sold out on the tour.

                  Fourth Match
                  DJ Gabriel, Alicia Fox and Mickie James vs. Maryse, Beth Phoenix and Mike Knox

                  (We go to the ring where DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox are already dancing. “Obsession” hits and the crowd leap to their feet as Mickie James comes dancing onto the stage, she points at the crowd before continuing down the ramp, she enters the ring taunting.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is a six person intergender tag team match, the rules of this match state that the men must fight the men and that the divas must fight the divas… introducing first, the team of D…J… Gabriel, Alicia Fox and Mickie James!”

                  Michael Cole: “Well, last week the debut of DJ Gabriel to RAW didn’t go to well, eliminated in seconds in that big Battle Royal for the US Championship, teaming up with Alicia Fox and Mickie James, he’ll be looking for a huge victory tonight.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Don’t forget, Mickie James will be looking for revenge tonight following a defeat by Maryse last week, the Sexiest of the Sexy managed to DDT her way to a victory over the veteran diva.”

                  (“Oh Qui!” hits and the crowd begin booing but there is mostly a mixed reaction to Maryse, she comes onto the stage standing in the middle, Mike Knox and Beth Phoenix stand either side. Knox roars like an animal as the trio make their way to the ring, they enter and Maryse does her taunt.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “Introducing their opponents, the team of ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix, Mike Knox and the WWE Divas Champion… Maryse!”

                  Michael Cole: “You have to say that the team of Maryse and Beth Phoenix have a huge advantage tonight having the big Mike Knox in their team, Knox is just a brute monster, he just dominates opponents and he has done that week upon week in the WWE.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “Yeah, don’t discount the abilities of the divas though Michael, they can hold their own.”

                  Finishing Minutes:

                  (Maryse has her boot right up to the throat of Alicia at the turnbuckle, she stops, turns and flicks her hair taunting. Alicia runs from the turnbuckle and takes Maryse down, both divas are now looking for a tag, Alicia manages to tag to DJ Gabriel as Maryse tags out to Mike Knox, Gabriel runs into the ring into a sickening big boot by Mike Knox. The hot tag has been stopped in it’s tracks, Knox picks up Gabriel and backs him into the corner, Alicia Fox does an illegal tag and Knox backs away to tag out to Beth Phoenix as the rules state, Alicia waits for Beth and ducks Beth’s clothesline, dropkick, cover “1…2…” it’s broken up by Maryse. Fox picks up Beth and goes for a DDT but Beth fights out and plants Alicia with a suplex. Both divas are down again.)

                  Michael Cole: “DJ Gabriel must be thankful that Alicia Fox tagged herself in because Mike Knox was putting a lot of hurt on the dancer. Right now though both Beth and Alicia down.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “It’s a race between these two divas to reach their corners first.”

                  (They reach their corners at around the same time, Beth Phoenix tags to Maryse… Alicia Fox tags to Mickie James… the crowd roar as Maryse stops realizing that Mickie has entered the ring, Maryse is taken down by a clothesline, she gets up and is taken down by another clothesline. Mickie runs at her again but Maryse picks her up and lands a sick backbreaker, “1…2…” but it is broken up by Alicia. Beth Phoenix comes into the ring and bundles Alicia out, in an odd moment, DJ Gabriel comes in and starts dancing in front of Beth but Mike Knox runs in and boots him out of the ring, Beth and Knox go outside to attack Fox and Gabriel, Mickie throws Maryse against the ropes and then kicks her in the gut, she goes for a piledriver it would seem but Maryse manages to escape, she kicks Mickie in the gut, DDT. “1…2…3”)

                  Winners: ‘Divas Champion’ Maryse, ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix and Mike Knox

                  Lillian Garcia: “Here are your winners… the WWE Diva’s Champion, Maryse, The Glamazon Beth Phoenix and Mike Knox!”

                  Michael Cole: “For the second week in a row, the WWE Diva’s Champion Maryse has managed to defeat Mickie James, I have to congratulate her on that but where does this leave Mickie.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “As expected, Maryse has shown her superiority here on RAW and I don’t think Mickie will be in line for a title shot anytime soon, but I’d say it’s mainly because DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox couldn’t stop dancing.”

                  COMMERCIAL BREAK

                  (We return to see Vickie Guerrero sitting in her office, the door opens and in comes Edge, he runs his hands through his hair and doesn’t look the least bit happy. Vickie stands up and confronts her husband.)

                  Vickie Guerrero: “Hello, Edge, what can I do for you?”

                  Edge: “Vickie, don’t.”

                  Vickie Guerrero: “Don’t what?”

                  Edge: “Don’t act as if I’m just another RAW Superstar, I don’t care if we agreed to go our separate ways, I am still your husband and we are still close friends which leads me to my question… what are you thinking?”

                  (Vickie seems confused for a second.)

                  Edge: “First of all, it was YOU that came up with the whole idea to take John Cena out for what he did to you before WrestleMania, not mine. Then, this week out of the blue you become an impartial General Manager and grant John Cena a chance to enter the World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash? Again, I’ll repeat… what are you thinking?”

                  Vickie Guerrero: “Baby, baby… listen, after the show last week I was being pressurized by the Board of Directors to give John Cena a fair shot at competing and it seemed to make sense to put John Cena against the Number One Contender.”

                  Edge: “Vickie, cut the crap, okay? The deal was that we agreed to go our separate ways, we wouldn’t be husband and wife figuratively, we’d just be friends, friends help each other Vickie, this isn’t helping.”

                  Vickie Guerrero: “You have to understand Edge, I was trying to get Cena to release the STF on you also.”

                  Edge: “You were trying… okay… okay… you know what, we’re done, finished. I won’t help you, you don’t help me.”

                  (Edge storms out the room leaving Vickie looking upset.)

                  Michael Cole: “Edge just seems confused about the whole situation, Vickie is trying to act impartial and took the first steps last week announcing a split from Edge but it seems they hadn’t actually split until now, Edge saying that he won’t be doing any more favours for Vickie because she hasn’t been doing any for him.”
                  (The camera focuses on the stage and “Break Down the Walls” hits and the crowd rise to their feet but they aren’t cheering, they are booing for Chris Jericho as the pyrotechnics go off. He cockily struts onto the stage wearing one of his many suits, he continues down the ramp way with a smug grin on his face.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “Please welcome… Chris… Jericho!”

                  (Jericho enters the ring and takes a microphone waiting for the crowd to quieten down.)

                  Michael Cole: “There you see, Chris Jericho, a former four-time World Heavyweight Champion, missed out on the chance to face Edge at Backlash last week in that elimination match.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “And it doesn’t look like Y2J is too happy about it.”

                  Chris Jericho: “Last week right here on Monday Night RAW I was eliminated from the Fatal Four Way Match to determine the new Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.”

                  (The crowd cheer loudly as Jericho still looks less than impressed.)

                  Chris Jericho: “You all think that’s funny, huh?”

                  (The crowd continue to cheer.)

                  Chris Jericho: “I want you all to take a look at my elimination, look closely at how I was eliminated and just who eliminated me.”

                  (A video package begins playing showing Chris Jericho eliminating Dolph Ziggler, it then shows later in the match when Undertaker plants Chris Jericho with the Tombstone Piledriver, eliminating him from the match.)

                  Chris Jericho: “The Undertaker…”

                  (The crowd cheer very loudly at the mention of his name.)

                  Chris Jericho: “The Undertaker was the man that eliminated me last week and prevented me my chance to become a five-time World Heavyweight Champion. I am an honest man, unlike all of you hypocritical parasites who plague the WWE arenas week after week with your monotonous caterwaul’s, and being that I am a decent, equitable man I would be willing to accept the fact that I was not the better man in the ring on the night.”

                  (The crowd cheer at that statement.)

                  Chris Jericho: “However, I am the best in the world at what I do and I am not willing to accept it. I am the best this company has to offer, so I just can’t accept that. Another reason why I won’t accept it is because at WrestleMania 25 I destroyed three supposed legends, three incompetent, beat, castaway hasbeens in Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat, I eliminated them all and then I laid out Ric Flair, another also-ran. Then, I took out that abhorrent actor Mickey Rourke. So, seeing that I can easily defeat these legends… it struck me that another has been got lucky, that has been, being the Undertaker.”

                  (The crowd are booing loudly and chanting ‘Y2J’ sucks.)

                  Chris Jericho: “It shouldn’t have been Shawn Michaels facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania 25, it should’ve been me, I would’ve annihilated the Undertaker and ended the streak. Instead, I’ll just have to prove that I can beat the Undertaker on any stage… you see… I don’t want to see the Undertaker bringing the product down because of his sub-par performances, one night out of 365 days of the year, even if it is at WrestleMania doesn’t make you the best, and the fact that he is a has been which is why, before this year is out… I will retire the Undertaker.”

                  Michael Cole: “Some strong words from Y2J Chris Jericho, obviously unhappy about Undertaker eliminating him and he plans to retire the Undertaker before the end of this year.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “As much as I agree with Chris, I don’t think he’s made the smartest move because when the Undertaker returns to RAW next week, I’m sure he’ll have words for Jericho.”

                  (Jericho drops the microphone as we fade out to a commercial.)

                  COMMERCIAL BREAK

                  Main Event
                  If John Cena wins, he is entered into the Shawn Michaels/Edge match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash thus making it a Triple Threat.
                  John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels

                  (“Sexy Boy” hits and the crowd leap to their feet cheering loudly and clapping for the Heartbreak Kid. Shawn comes onto the stage dancing a little and then he stops and falls to his knees and taunts triggering pyrotechnics that go off behind him. He continues down the ramp clapping the hands of some of the fans at the ringside area.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, if John Cena wins this match he will be entered into the match between Shawn Michaels and Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, thus making it a Triple Threat Match. Introducing first, from San Antonio Texas weighing 225lbs… The Heartbreak Kid… Shawn Michaels!”

                  (Shawn Michaels enters the ring and taunts some more.)

                  Michael Cole: “There is a lot of controversy heading into this match, John Cena through no fault of his own missed the chance to compete for the World Championship shot last week and many say because he missed the chance he shouldn’t get another one.”

                  (“My Time is Now” sounds out of the sound system and the crowd leap to their feet once more this time for John Cena. Cena comes storming onto the stage and runs to one end of it and then another, he stops in the middle and does his Word Life taunt causing pyrotechnics go start exploding up the stage, he runs down the stage, the fireworks going off at each side and speeds into the ring, he throws his hat into the crowd as the crowd try to catch it.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “And introducing the opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 240lbs… John… Cena!”

                  Jerry Lawler: “You talked about controversy earlier Michael, well I’m gonna’ make a controversial statement… John Cena doesn’t deserve this title shot.”

                  Finishing Minutes:

                  (Cena takes down Shawn Michaels with a shoulder tackle, the initial cheers that Cena had have changed to a mixed reaction, the crowd split between Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Cena takes down HBK with another shoulder tackle, Shawn is then lifted up and slammed to the mat. Cena does the ‘You Can’t See Me’ Taunt and comes off of the ropes and lands the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He waits for Shawn Michaels to get to his feet and lifts him up for the Attitude Adjustment but Shawn lands on his feet when being flipped over, HBK goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Cena ducks and then gets around the back of HBK to land a bulldog. Cena goes for the cover, “1…2…” but Shawn Michaels is able to kick out.)

                  Michael Cole: “What a fast-paced match this has been so far, both men seem to have a counter to everything but John Cena in control at the moment, King.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “For now he is Michael.”

                  (Cena picks up Shawn and throws him against the ropes, Shawn comes back with a flying forearm which takes Cena to the ground, HBK kips up and waits for Cena, Cena throws a wild right hand but Shawn ducks and then backdrops John Cena. Shawn Michaels goes for a cover on Cena, “1…2…” but John Cena kicks out at the last second. Shawn bangs the mat with his fists in frustration, he climbs the turnbuckle and pats his elbow twice and lands his signature elbow drop. He struggles to get his arm over John Cena but eventually he manages it,“1…2…” but again John Cena is able to kick out. Shawn struggles to his feet and begins to tune up the band, Cena gets to his feet, he kicks out but Cena ducks… Attitude Adjustment! It takes Cena at least thirty seconds to get his hand over HBK, “1……………..2………………” KICKOUT!)

                  Michael Cole: “Oh! Oh! I thought he had it, I thought he had it! John Cena landed that Attitude Adjustment and I thought he had it right there.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “You have to give credit to the willingness of Shawn Michaels to continue here.”

                  (John Cena looks up shocked that Shawn Michaels is able to kick out of his signature move, Cena hoists HBK up on his shoulders again but HBK fights out, SWEET CHIN MUSIC! But again, it takes him a long time to get his arm over Cena, “1…2…” Cena kicks out! Again there is shock written on the face of a superstar in this match, Shawn Michaels. Both men struggle to their feet, HBK goes for a huge right hand but Cena moves and HBK strikes the referee, HBK grabs Cena and goes to whip him into the ropes, unbeknownst to the superstars in the ring, Edge has leapt up to the apron with a chair, his intention to hit Cena but Cena reverses the Irish Whip and HBK collides with Edge and the chair, Edge falls off of the apron his hands on his head as he has hit the wrong person, HBK staggers forward into an Attitude Adjustment, the referee begins to count slowly as Edge is shouting ‘no’… “1………..2………….3……..” and Cena has done it.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “Here is your winner… John Cena!”

                  Michael Cole: “The Ultimate Opportunist, Edge like a snake in the grass seen the referee was knocked out and rushed to the ring, it was as if he was lying in wait before the referee went down, he had the intention to knock out Cena, giving Shawn the victory keeping it as a Singles Match but John Cena won reversing that Irish Whip causing a collision between HBK, Edge and the chair.”

                  Jerry Lawler: “He doesn’t deserve this!”

                  (Cena is celebrating but a referee rushes down to the ring, he begins whispering something to the other referee and the other referee gives Lillian Garcia this information. The crowd are silent waiting for what Lillian is going to say.)

                  Lillian Garcia: “I have just been informed by the referee that he has decided to reserve his original decision! This means, that your winner of tonight’s contest… by a result of a disqualification… Shawn… Michaels!”

                  (HBK is sitting at the ropes, a smirk comes across his face, John Cena puts his hands to his head, shocked, he kicks the ropes and then turns around… SPEAR! The crowd boo loudly as Edge picks up his World Heavyweight Championship.)

                  Michael Cole: “I can’t believe this, Edge just screwed John Cena, again!”

                  (Edge raises his title in the air right at the face of Shawn Michaels as we go off the air.)

                  OFF AIR

                  Backlash Card

                  World Heavyweight Championship Match
                  Shawn Michaels vs. Edge ©

                  WWE United States Championship Match
                  John Morrison © vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

                  No Disqualification Match
                  If Cody Rhodes wins he is drafted to SmackDown. If Ted DiBiase wins, RAW chooses any superstar from SmackDown to become a RAW Superstar.
                  Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

                  ECW World Championship Match
                  Jack Swagger © vs. Christian

                  King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final
                  ??? vs. ???

                  King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final
                  ??? vs. ???

                  King of the Ring Tournament Final
                  Winner receives WWE Championship shot at Judgment Day
                  ??? vs. ???

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                    Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                    Hey guys, remember any reviews will be returned and if I have failed to return any reviews this far I would like you to PM so I can get right to it.

                    Post-RAW News and Notes
                    13th April 2009

                    - As we reported last week, the Undertaker and WWE have some issues regarding the Undertaker’s status in the WWE. We are told that Vince McMahon wants to sign the Undertaker up to a new contract which will see the future Hall of Famer stay with the company for ten years, however Undertaker has spoken of his desire for a two year contract which will allow him to pursue other opportunities once it ends if he wishes to rather than being locked into a deal. Vince is looking to reach a compromise with Undertaker regarding this, either way the Undertaker is expected to sign a new contract soon but he was kept off of RAW this week while the situation was being sorted out. We are also told it was a night off for the Undertaker.

                    - The WWE Championship Match at Backlash is scheduled to be announced this Friday on SmackDown. We don’t have any official details on who Randy Orton could be facing but we do not that he will face Rey Mysterio at tomorrow’s tapings with the title on the line because Rey Mysterio beat Orton in a non-title match last week. With the return of Batista we expect to see The Animal inserted into a Backlash match at some stage.

                    - Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are getting rave reviews for their segments over the past two weeks, many feel that it was just going to be a thrown together feud to break up Legacy and turn Ted DiBiase face after Randy Orton’s move to SmackDown but the two have taken the segment and have got the fans involved. The concern within the WWE is that Cody Rhodes could go back to being a lackey if he wins as expected at Backlash and that Ted DiBiase’s face turn will fail as the crowd won’t get behind him.

                    - WWE’s upcoming World Tour is doing well in ticket sales, many fans in England were outraged as the show which took place this week in Colorado was meant to take place in England beginning the European tour for the WWE but Vince McMahon made a late move to schedule a World Tour to really get the WWE across to all markets. WWE originally planned to refund the tickets but we are told that tickets bought for the show originally scheduled for this week will be valid for the RAW show in Manchester, England but SmackDown/ECW ticket-buyers will receive a refund.

                    We can also officially reveal that shows in the Czech Republic, WWE’s first ever shows there and many others including Denmark and Romania have sold-out. All PPVs have sold out also.

                    - Shawn Michaels reward for his performance at WrestleMania is the Main Event slot at Backlash against Edge. There were plans for John Cena to be a part of the contest but WWE are waiting to unleash an Edge/Cena feud again and want the focus to be on Shawn Michaels.

                    - Jack Swagger is already being described as a ‘locker room leader.’

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                      Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                      ECW on Sci-Fi
                      April 14th 2009
                      ‘Entering an Extreme New Era’

                      | Champion of Champions |

                      Tomorrow night will mark a historic edition of Extreme Championship Wrestling on Sci-Fi as the ECW brand goes two hours live every Tuesday night on Sci-Fi. To celebrate this highly-anticipated event, the very first two-hour offering will see superstars from RAW, SmackDown and of course ECW competing on this night. The first Main Event of the first two-hour ECW certainly won’t disappoint as the three major champions in the WWE compete for the right to call themselves the ultimate champion… the Champion of Champions.

                      ‘WWE Champion’ Randy Orton, ‘World Heavyweight Champion’ Edge and ‘ECW World Champion’ Jack Swagger will battle it out in an exciting Triple Threat. Who can pick up a huge victory for their brand?

                      | Triple Threat Madness |

                      With all the major champions in action tonight in a fatal-four-way, the three General Managers of the WWE have struck a deal which will see the Number One Contenders to each championship compete in a Triple Threat Match. Although no Number One Contender has been announced as of yet for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio will be involved in the match as he challenges Orton for the title this week, the match will also see Christian and Shawn Michaels compete.

                      What Number One Contender will prove he is the best?

                      | Extreme Announcement |

                      As tomorrow night marks the first-ever two hour ECW, General Manager Tiffany wants to bring it in with a bang and she has told that she has a ‘major’ announcement to make that will open up the show on Tuesday night. The sexy, smart and powerful diva has also told that everybody on the ECW roster should listen to what she has to say as they will definitely be interested in what she has to say.

                      What can this mean? Find out on Tuesday night.

                      | ECW Reunion |

                      Tuesday is a celebration of all things ECW and on this night it is important to look back at the history of ECW. That is why this Tuesday on Sci-Fi there will be an official ECW Reunion. Superstars from the history of ECW including The Sandman and Terry Funk will be in attendance celebrating this groundbreaking moment for the ECW Brand. The duo will be joined by several other ECW alumni.

                      We have also been told that two ECW Originals will team up in a tag team match before the reunion.

                      | Tri Branded Action |

                      With all three brands on the one show at the same time, fireworks are so to fly as superstars from all three brands will compete against one another. ECW General Manager Tiffany has announced a huge six man tag team match which will see MVP, CM Punk and R-Truth going against ‘US Champion’ John Morrison, Jamie Noble and the ‘Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga.

                      Which team will be victorious?

                      Find out ALL this and MUCH MORE live on ECW on Sci-Fi tomorrow night!

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                        Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                        Okay, I tried a recapped show. I hope you all enjoy!

                        ECW on Sci-Fi
                        Live from Knoxville, Tennessee
                        April 14th 2009
                        ‘Extreme New Era’

                        “Don’t Question My Heart” blares around the sound system in the arena, the camera gives us a panoramic view of the arena and the fans, we are then taken down to the announce table of Josh Matthews and Matt Striker who welcome us to the show and give us a run-down of events. They re-emphasis the fact that this is the first ever two hour ECW show and that it will be tri-branded. They also hype up the Main Event match between ‘WWE Champion’ Randy Orton, ‘World Heavyweight Champion’ Edge and ‘ECW World Champion’ Jack Swagger.

                        “Legs Like That” sounds out and ECW General Manager Tiffany comes down the ramp and enters the ring to loud cheers. In the ring there is some sort of stand with a black cloth over it. Tiffany takes a microphone and welcomes everyone to the first ever two hour ECW event. She says that this night is a historic night for the ECW Brand and as the General Manager she wants to make it the best show it possibly can be. She says that she has a huge announcement to make and asks everyone if they are ready for it. The crowd cheer but before she can go any further, “Man with a Plan” hits and The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel walk onto the stage, Kendrick cockily struts to the ring before entering it.

                        Kendrick gets a microphone and tells Tiffany that he couldn’t bear to listen to anymore, he says that last week on ECW Tiffany refused to book him on the show and that disappointed him. He says that he doesn’t care about Tiffany’s announcement and says that this is ‘HIS time’. Tiffany smiles and tells Kendrick that she is the General Manager and that she decides who’s time it is. Tiffany says that she’s actually glad he came out because this might concern him. Tiffany says that without further ado she will make her announcement, Tiffany says that she has noticed in her short time as General Manager that RAW and SmackDown have more championships than ECW, four each to be exact whereas ECW only has one. Tiffany says that over the coming months that will change, she says that tonight is the first step. Tiffany pulls off the black cloth to reveal a shiny looking belt, it is gold and the top of it is shaped like a TV and the words TV Championship are engrained in it.

                        Tiffany says that this is the ECW Television Championship, she says that tonight she realizes that it’s a celebration of everything ECW and that she has taken a page from the book of the history of ECW by re-instating the ECW Championship held by greats such as Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. Tiffany continues by saying that this concerns Kendrick as right now he will be participating in a ten-man ECW only Battle Royal to determine the new champion. We go to a commercial with the crowd buzzing from the announcement.

                        The first match of the night was predictably the ten-man battle royal featuring The Brian Kendrick, Ezekiel Jackson, William Regal, The Miz, Sim Snuka, Festus, JBL, Jeff Hardy, The Great Khali and Tommy Dreamer. The match is full of rest points of people ‘trying’ to push others over the top rope. First eliminated was Sim Snuka by Jeff Hardy, William Regal was then bundled out by Festus who then went on to eliminate Tommy Dreamer. Festus’s run in the match was ended by the Great Khali, when everyone was down Khali and Festus went at it with Khali winning the battle and throwing out Festus. Everyone then ganged up on Khali and eliminated him. Jeff Hardy eliminated JBL leaving Ezekiel Jackson, The Brian Kendrick and Jeff Hardy. Hardy managed to eliminate Jackson by holding the ropes down and then threw Kendrick over the top rope but he was caught by Ezekiel Jackson. Hardy turned to celebrate but Kendrick was flung back into the ring and The Man with a Plan eliminated Hardy to become the NEW ECW Television Champion.

                        We go backstage where we see SmackDown interviewer Jenny Cash, Cash says that for the second time in less than a week she is joined by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler cockily walks into view, Jenny asks Dolph why he requested this interview again and Ziggler said that he wasn’t happy with the way he was treated by Jenny on SmackDown last week. He tells Jenny that she better watch the next match because he will beat Finlay unlike last week, he says that the slap caught him off guard, Jenny retorts ‘yeah, right.’ Before Ziggler walks away.

                        In the second match of the evening, Dolph Ziggler backed up his words by picking up the victory over Finlay. In a hard-hitting match Dolph Ziggler pulled out dropkicks and flying forearms in an attempt to win the match, early on Finlay went for the Celtic Cross but he didn’t get it. Ziggler managed to finally pick up the win when he landed a impact DDT. Ziggler taunted the crowd after the bout.

                        We immediately go to the third match of the evening, a huge six-man bout featuring the WWE United States Champion John Morrison, Umaga and Jamie Noble against MVP, R-Truth and CM Punk. This match was fun and all men got adequate time in the ring, R-Truth was worn down by all three members of Morrison’s team before getting the hot tag to CM Punk. CM Punk however was on the receiving end of a defeat when after MVP and R-Truth had taken themselves out by diving out of the ring onto Morrison and Umaga, Noble blasted Punk with a sick backfist and then made CM Punk tap out to the Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock just days before their King of the Ring encounter.

                        We go backstage to see Batista sitting on a chair, we are told we will get a sit-down interview with him soon after the commercial. We return and Josh Matthews asks Batista how it feels to be back, ‘great’ replied the Animal. Batista goes on with the interview himself saying that his injury got him so down, so upset and so unhappy but during that time he had one thing on his mind, revenge or getting revenge on Randy Orton. Batista continues by saying that Randy Orton managed to escape his clutches on SmackDown but he can’t run forever. Batista says that Rey Mysterio was the better man against Orton last Friday and that he may well be again next Friday when the championship on the line but Batista says that weather it’s Orton or Mysterio he faces for the gold, he’ll be the better man and he’ll be taking the title!

                        The fourth match of the night sees the team of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder taking on two unannounced ECW Originals. Suddenly, “One of a Kind” hits and the crowd go crazy. The returning Rob Van Dam and Sabu come onto the stage. Ryder and Hawkins look shocked in the ring. The match itself was relatively short and Hawkins and Ryder only got a few moves in. The match came to it’s conclusion when Rob Van Dam and Sabu hit Stereo LegDrops on Zack Ryder for the victory. Rob Van Dam tells us that later tonight there will be a huge ECW Reunion.

                        We go to the back where Vickie Guerrero is, the door to the office opens and Vickie looks rather startled, it is the Big Show. Show tells Vickie that their relationship is now strictly business because he has other things to concentrate on, he says that on ECW he dominated everyone and is widely regarded as the best ECW Champion ever. Show says that on SmackDown he hasn’t been given a proper chance to do that yet and he demands that Vickie give him a WWE Championship shot one-on-one with Randy Orton. Vickie says she has a match booked for SmackDown between Big Show and an opponent yet to be announced and she says that if Show wins it, she will consider him for a future championship shot. Show leaves with the words, ‘you better’.

                        Just as Vickie looks to relax, John Cena walks in, he stares at Show for a second but both men go their separate ways without incident. John Cena says that he is sick and tired of Edge interfering in his business, John Cena says that the referees only do their job have the time and asks Vickie how many times something like what happened on Monday has happened in the WWE but the referee hasn’t reversed the decision. Cena says that he would’ve beat Shawn Michaels and would’ve won the World Championship at Backlash and he asks Vickie if she will give him another chance because if she doesn’t, he’ll punish Edge further for what he has done. Vickie says that she agrees Cena should get another chance against Edge, after all they aren’t a couple anymore, she says. Vickie says that on RAW, John Cena will go one-on-one with Edge in a No Disqualification Match, if Cena wins, he’s in.

                        The fifth match of the evening is the match between Christian, Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio. The crowd were going crazy for this one chanting for all three men. All three men hit their finishers during the match and it had plenty of big spots, Michaels elbow drop being a highlight and a stacked suplex with all three men from the top. The finish came when Christian was able to hit Rey Mysterio with the Killswitch and pick up the victory, after the match all of the men shook hands.

                        We go backstage with ECW interviewer Beverly Mullins, Mullins is joined by Jeff Hardy who gets a loud cheer. Beverly asks Jeff Hardy about his defeat in the Battle Royal for the TV Championship. Jeff says that he can’t come up with an excuse for why he lost, he says that The Brian Kendrick did what he had to do to become champion. Hardy admits he took his eyes from the prize and should’ve known better with Ezekiel at ringside. Jeff says with that said, he still has every intention of facing Kendrick for the Television Championship at somepoint in the future. The Brian Kendrick walks by with the title on his shoulder, Kendrick says that next week if Jeff wants a shot a the title, he’ll have to go through Ezekiel first and Kendrick says this is another case of Jeff taking his eye off the prize. Jeff says he doesn’t have time to chat with Kendrick and turns around into a boot from Ezekiel! Ezekiel throws Jeff Hardy into some containers in the backstage area before walking off and leaving Hardy down. Matt Hardy walks by the fallen Jeff Hardy and says that he always knew Jeff was a ‘loser.’

                        It is time for the ECW Reunion, Rob Van Dam and Sabu are in the ring. Rob Van Dam says that tonight everyone is celebrating the history of ECW on this historic night. RVD says he wants everyone to get to their feet and welcome the ECW Superstars of the past. The ECW Theme Music plays and several ECW Alumni come onto the stage like Terry Funk, The Sandman, The Bushwackers, Chris Chetti, Danny Doring, Justin Credible, Kid Kash, King Kong Bundy, LA Parka, Little Guido, Mabel, Marty Jannetty, Mikey Whipwreck, Masato Tanaka, New Jack, Nova, Norman Smiley, One Man Gang, Tazz, Raven, Ric Steiner, Ron Simmons, Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie. Rob Van Dam says that he wants everyone to basically have a party and enjoy this moment, there are a lot of hugs in the ring.

                        “Turn up the Trouble” hits and the cheers turn to thunderous boos as Mr. Kennedy walks out onto the stage with a big smirk on his face. Kennedy walks down the stage and then enters the ring. He grabs a microphone, Kennedy says that this is sweet, old friends reunited for an ECW Reunion but he says that someone is conspicuous by their absence, he says that there is a former ECW Alumni going by the name of Steve Williams, or better known to WWE fans as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the crowd cheer at the name mention. Kennedy says that Austin is a sell-out and should be here celebrating the moment but once again he has turned his back on his fans and on the ECW alumni by failing to show up. He says that on Monday night he said he’d do whatever it takes to goad Austin to make another appearance, he started that by laying out Jim Ross but he says that obviously didn’t work.

                        He says that he didn’t have an idea of what to do tonight which might make Austin come back like a man and face him but then it struck him. Kennedy says that by disrespecting the ECW alumni, a roster which Austin was once on, maybe he will come back and help his friends. Rob Van Dam interjects and says that Austin is never coming back and it’s time he accepts that. RVD says that Kennedy already ruined Austin’s retirement and he won’t ruin this night, he says that Kennedy can disrespect them all he wants because if he does that, then things get extreme. Kennedy smiles and says that he isn’t stupid enough to get all of the ECW Originals to fight him, but he offers an invitation to anyone in the ring for an Extreme Rules Match… he picks out The Sandman. ‘Hey, Sandman, you and Austin are good friends?’ he says to which Sandman nods, Kennedy mentions the countless nights at the bars where he would witness Austin and Sandman drinking before Sandman got fired. Kennedy says that surely Austin wouldn’t turn his back on his drinking buddy.

                        Sandman accepts the match and we go to a commercial, when we come back the ECW alumni except Sandman have left the ring. The match is quite brutal for the PG era anyway, Kennedy walloped Sandman with a particularly hard chairshot but Sandman hit Kennedy with a hard chairshot also. The end came when Kennedy hit a Mic Check through a table from the turnbuckle on Sandman, Kennedy hits another Mic Check, ‘Come on Austin, are you really gonna’ turn your back on your drinking buddy?’ he lands another ‘Are you scared, Austin?’ he lands another, ‘I would be.’ Just as he is about to land another he says ‘Sandman, it seems like Austin and ALL of your ECW friends have turned their back on you.’ However the ECW alumni charge to the ring and Kennedy runs for the hills, or the crowd. The Originals check on Sandman before raising the chairs they have in the air as we go to yet another commercial

                        The Main Event of the evening was the Champion of Champions Match between WWE Champion Randy Orton, World Heavyweight Champion Edge and ECW World Champion Jack Swagger. The crowd didn’t know who to cheer for during this match which made it feel a little flat but there was some exciting action. The finish came when Edge speared Randy Orton out of the ring, Edge turned around but was hit with the Gutwrench Powerbomb, Swagger managed to pick up the victory. The crowd boo quite loudly as Swagger is declared the Champion of Champions. The commentators put over how big a victory this is for Swagger and Christian comes onto the stage and has a staredown with Swagger.

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                          Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                          WP Reviews: 2 Hour ECW by Wrestling MVP

                          - Sorry in advance, as this is I believe the first show of yours I've reviewed, so I don't know anything about the storylines (either that or my memory sucks). The only thing I DO know is about your feud with Kennedy and Austin.

                          - Okay, main event is with all three heels; confusing, especially for the fans, but okay.

                          - Okay, GM Tiffany opens the show. She's hot. About to make an announcement... Ah, my personal favourite, Kendrick and his bodyguard Jackson! Nice touch with Kendrick proclaiming this to be his time. TV Title re-instated, good move!

                          - Battle Royal... Kinda would've preferred a tournament, battle royal just being announced sounds a little too thrown together last minute, but anyways... Nice ending sequence with Jackson catching Kendrick, and 'The Man With A Plan' wins the TV Title. Cool.

                          - Zigglers interview was short and sweet, cocky promo, suits him perfect. He beats Finlay, which is good also, as I hate Finlay with a passion. Good so far.

                          - Time for John Morrison, Umaga and Jamie Noble against MVP, R-Truth and CM Punk. Nice back and forth match, hot tag to Punk, but Noble picks up the victory. I quite like Noble, he has one hell of a mean streak, so good booking here.

                          - Short and simple Batista promo; the angry, pissed off promo that Batista does so well. Revenge will be his, can't wait to see it.

                          - RVD and Sabu! Mark out man, awesome to see. They defeat Ryder and Hawkins, which was predictable but cool nontheless; ECW reunion sounds good.

                          - Segment with Show/Cena/Vickie was nice. Show looks like a bullying bastard in this, a role a giant like himself was born to play. The Cena/Edge match for RAW sounds good, No DQ also.

                          - I'm confused; you have an all heel triple threat and an all face triple threat on the same show? Fans will be torn in both matches, and pretty confused? Anyways, match seems good, quite surprised Christian won to be honest. All men shaking hands was a nice touch.

                          - I'm loving your Kendrick; he's cool, cocky, confident, just a real smug bastard. Jackson attacking was predictable, the walk by by Matt was, I dunno, a tad random, kinda buried Jeff, but oh well.

                          - ECW Reunion was awesome man. Terrific job with Mr Kennedy, you have him down to a tee as a badass heel who doesn't take any crap and knows he's the best. His match with Sandman was cool, the beatdown afterwards was a nice touch, all in all, Kennedy is THE man in your Fic so far from what I've seen.

                          - Main event with all heels still confuses me, Swagger picking up the victory was a little shocking, but good also; it makes ECW look important, and makes Swagger look important too. Overall, it means his impending showdown with Christian should be seen as big in the eyes of the fans.

                          - Overall, really enjoyed this. You've gained a reader. You have the summarized format down perfectly. Great job, keep up the good work my man!


                          Originally posted by RT
                          "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                            Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                            Thanks WP! Hopefully some of your confusion is cleared up below. Also, the Matt Hardy bit was rather random now that I look back but oh well. Again, thanks for the review and I will return it soon! It’s so much quicker writing it in recapped form too.

                            Wrestling News and Notes
                            April 14th 2009

                            - Many people were pleased with how well ECW went tonight, everyone wanted it to come off as a ‘huge’ show celebrating the move to two hours. Vince McMahon also saw this as an opportunity to entice viewers of RAW and SmackDown to tune into ECW each week.

                            - There was a lot of confusion from the viewers and backstage staff in the WWE with the all-face Triple Threat and all-heel Triple Threat contests. Vince was insistent on doing these matches despite the fact people were confused. He said that everyone expects it to also be ‘face/heel’ but it doesn’t have to be.

                            - Speaking of the contest, Jack Swagger was given the biggest victory of his career tonight. Vince, who in the past has spoken strongly about putting the ECW Championship on par with the other championships seen this as another step in the right direction and wanted to put Swagger on the pedestal beside Randy Orton and Edge.

                            - Many expected Shawn Michaels to walk out of the face Triple Threat Match as the victor but Vince pushed for a Christian victory since it was the celebratory show of ECW he wanted an ECW Superstar to win the match.

                            - There seems to be some heat on R-Truth at the moment, according to reports after his match with Umaga last week, Truth came backstage shouting about how great he looked in the match. Truth later revealed he was joking but it rubbed some people the wrong way and could explain why Truth was given such a beating in the match.

                            - Expect big things from Dolph Ziggler soon, we reported this a week or so ago as Ziggler has been impressing everyone. There seemed to be some regret over the decision to make Finlay advance in the King of the Ring over Ziggler and gave Ziggler the victory over Finlay this week. There seems to be some sort of storyline in the mix with former FCW talent Jenny Cash and Ziggler.

                            - John Morrison and Umaga are another two to watch, many say the two are the most passionate they’ve ever been in the WWE. Many predict huge futures in the WWE for both men.

                            - Despite his ability to draw heat from the crowd and how over as a heel he is right now, Mr. Kennedy’s job is not safe in the WWE right now. Many have mentioned that Kennedy is on his last chance and one more serious injury and he could be released from his contract.

                            - Originally, there were plans for Stone Cold Steve Austin to return to WWE television for the ECW Reunion but those plans were foiled as the show clashed with one of the filming dates for Austin’s new movie. In an interesting note, Austin only agreed to do the segment at WrestleMania to help Kennedy get over and WWE have basically had Kennedy mock Austin at every opportunity. Austin has shown no intention of returning and has yet to be contacted by the WWE, in a recent interview when quizzed about returning Austin said, ‘I make movies now but I’m glad Kennedy’s getting somewhere using me.’


                            - The plan for Backlash is for one more match to be announced, the WWE Championship Match between Randy Orton and we presume Batista or Rey Mysterio.

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                              Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                              Hey everyone, Austin interview:

                              April 15th 2009
                              EXCLUSIVE Interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin

                              Today, WrestleCircle took another step to re-affirming it’s status as your one-stop shop for your wrestling news and now wrestling interviews. today conducted one of what we hope to be many interviews in the future with wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin, who is filming a movie right now in South America, the Expendables, talks about the upcoming movie and looks back at his wrestling career.

                              Hello Steve, first of all, everyone at WrestleCircle would like to thank you for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy film schedule to participate in the first wrestling interview for WC.
                              It’s not a problem. I needed a break from filming my movie the Expendables anyway, tough work.

                              Speaking of your movie, can you give us a rundown of what it is about and just basically tell us your experiences filming this movie with people like Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone?
                              It’s crazy, when my wrestling career was winding down I was adamant that I wanted to make movies and I did that with the Condemmed which I think many people criticized because among the reviewers it seemed the right thing to do. If you sit down and watch that film, no distractions and just watch, you can come back and tell me it sucked but I think it’s one of the best action films in years. Anyway, to your question, basically over the years in South America there has been corruption and the murder of American hostages and betrayal of foreign policies. The United States responds by putting together a secret team of it’s most trained military personal to overthrow a dictator who has caused this havoc in South America. The team is on it’s own because it’s a secret mission. Working with Rourke and Stallone is great, we all appreciate each other’s work, as of yet there hasn’t been any ‘stand-out’ experiences but we’re early into filming.

                              Okay, let’s go to your wrestling career, I guess we can say your career officially came to an end just ten days ago at WrestleMania 25 when you came out to have a last beer with the crowd. Is that really the last time you are going to be in the WWE?
                              You know that they say never say never but I’m going to say it, my neck is too damaged to do anything overly physical and the novelty of me refereeing every so often will just wear off soon. I’m making movies and I enjoy doing it, I’ve got another couple of movies lined up for this year and in 2011 so my wrestling career has certainly helped me launch my acting career. I’m eternally grateful for all the opportunities given in ECW, WCW and the WWE and I look back on my career with great pride.

                              Can you talk us through the decision-making process, or how you came to be a part of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of WrestleMania?
                              Basically, I was out here filming this movie and I got a call from Vince, he says ‘Steve, how about this, you come down to Houston, Texas for the Hall of Fame ceremony and officially be inducted into the Hall of Fame, April 4th, the night before WrestleMania, you deserve it.’ And I was quite shocked but pleased, I said ‘Sure Vince’ and basically couldn’t thank him enough, it wasn’t until April 4th he ran the beer idea past me.

                              Now, during this segment, you were taken out by Mr. Kennedy, an up-and-coming star in the WWE who we believe is good friends with you Steve but has recently been beat down by injuries and a recent report indicated that despite how well he is doing off of the back of that beatdown, one more serious injury and he could be released. Who came up with this idea and why did you go along with the beatdown?
                              Okay, firstly, Ken Kennedy is a great kid, he’s always looking for advice and ways to improve, he would be World Champion by now if he hadn’t been injured for long periods of times. Forgetting that though, Kennedy is an exceptional talent and yes a very good friend, I was talking to Vince after the Hall of Fame ceremony and he asked me if I would be interested in helping someone get over in the WWE, I said okay and he ran the segment by me and said Kennedy would be involved and I agreed.

                              Why did you agree knowing that this was the last time you would be in the ring, why would you agree to have the last moment of you in the ring being laid out by Mr. Kennedy and having beer poured over you?
                              I’m proud of everything I’ve done in this business, I don’t need a successful last beer with the fans to officially leave, my career feels complete and I put Rock over when I first retired from WWE TV and now the second time when it’s really it, I help Kennedy get over.

                              Many assume you will make an appearance somewhere down the line because of Mr. Kennedy constantly mocking and insulting you.
                              I haven’t watched WWE in quite a while, unfortunately, so I can’t comment on what has been said but I wasn’t ever asked to participate in any future segments or anything so I don’t know where they’ll go with it because you make it sound like Kennedy is basing his segments around me.

                              Anyway Steve, thanks for your time!
                              No problem.

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                                Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                                Hey guys, SmackDown is written so it should be up tonight or tomorrow!

                                WWE Friday Night SmackDown Preview
                                April 17th 2009
                                ‘Animals Bite Back’

                                ‘Animals Bite Back’

                                Last week, Randy Orton learned that animals do indeed bite back. Back in December the WWE Champion punted ‘The Animal’ Batista in the head but last week Batista returned after almost four months out of action. Orton managed to escape before he could get his hands on Randy Orton however. Tonight, Batista’s return will certainly be playing on his mind as Rey Mysterio challenges Orton for the WWE Championship after winning a non-title match against Orton last week.

                                Which superstar will leave with the WWE Championship around his waist?

                                King of the Ring Continues!

                                On SmackDown last week, the first four matches at the last sixteen of the King of the Ring took place where CM Punk, Jamie Noble, Kofi Kingston and Finlay all advanced to the next round. This week, four more matches will take place, the final four at this stage.

                                These matches have yet to be announced but just who will compete for the chance at a WWE Championship shot at Judgment Day?

                                Ziggler = Impressive?

                                When Dolph Ziggler made his debut in the WWE last year, he was seen as a joke, someone who just went around introducing himself to people but that perception has changed as last Friday on SmackDown he looked impressive in a losing effort to Finlay and then this week on ECW he defeated Finlay. With Ziggler in action against Jimmy Wang Yang this week can he impress again?

                                A girl Ziggler seems to have taken a liking too is new sexy, smart and powerful SmackDown backstage interviewer Jenny Cash. Cash and Ziggler got off to a bad start after Ziggler shouted down at Cash and Cash slapped him but according to sources, Cash watched Ziggler’s match intently and was rooting for him. Is there a blossoming romance?

                                Find out all this and MUCH more on Friday Night SmackDown!

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