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WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

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  • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

    Thanks for the review man, one thing though - I took your advice and kept Kaval face and Christian heel? I kept Kaval talking as I wanted to get it posted so did a hasty edit so I can understand you not liking that but I didn't switch any alignments.

    Thanks again sir.

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    • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

      Misread that segment , I got confused. If you kept alignments then that's wonderful but the way it started off confused me. Needless to say a feud between them two is potentially stuff I'd like to read more of. You would have been much better rewriting it really.
      Man of the world.


      • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

        True, yeah I thought you might have read the start and realized it was the same as what I showed you on MSN and skipped the segment because you already knew your thoughts on it but yeah, I kept the starting bit and then had Christian go heel on them again.

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        • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything



          WWE's seemingly-perfect 'World Tour' ground to a halt last night after the WWE had finished taping it's ECW and SmackDown shows at the 02 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic.

 has learned that after fans left the arena, riots broke out in the streets of Prague outside of the arena between WWE fans, local pedestrians and soccer hooligans on the way back home from a match between Czech sides Sparta Prague and rivals Slavia Prague at the near-by Generalli Stadium, the home of Sparta Prague.

          According to our sources, these hooligans were not in the best of moods after their team, Sparta Prague were mauled by seven goals to nil by Slavia and decided to start trouble with the WWE fans who were leaving the arena as those just walking the street of Prague got caught up in it.

          News coming in to is that the riot started when a group of WWE fans, who were discussing the show outside of the arena, started doing WWE SmackDown Superstar, Kofi Kingston's signature 'Boom, Boom, Boom' taunt. The soccer hooligans took exception to this and called out the group on what they were doing. These hooligans began attacking the fans who fought back and not before long, other WWE fans got involved trying to help the fans being attacked.

          Soon, bricks began flying across the street until the police arrived. The riot police took another ten to fifteen minutes to diffuse the situation and two WWE fans and two of the hooligans were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

          World Wrestling Entertainment was also caught up in the melee as the coach carrying the wrestlers to their next destination had to stop at the commotion. WWE SmackDown star, Santino Marella got out of the coach and tried to intervene but abruptly re-entered the coach when a few stones were thrown. Sources say that several of the coach windows were smashed and that the WWE stars had to be escorted by police back to the arena until the situation calmed.

          Word is that WWE management has heard about this, Vince McMahon, Shane and Stephanie along with the creative writers heard about the commotion while on McMahon's private jet heading to Slovakia this week and Vince was apparently 'livid'. is expected to comment on the situation later on today.

          Several arrests were also made and the streets of Prague are now full of litter.

          One fan contacted to give his take on the events:

          "We were just heading out of the arena ready to get to our car and drive back home after the tapings. Then, we heard this commotion as a big riot broke out. We got in our car, but I guess out of curiousity watched. It was a very big brawl, smashed car windows and a lot of stuff flying around. It was definitely scary."

          The O2 Arena management have refused to comment on the situation. It'll be interesting to see what WWE does, if anything, about this and we at will be sure to update when any news comes available.


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          Scotland, Celtic and FC Basel
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          • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything


            WWE Friday Night SmackDown
            Prague, Czech Republic
            O2 Arena
            June 26th 2009

            Rock Like Me
            blasts out of the speakers and the camera pans the crowd after several pyrotechnics have went off. The camera catches some signs from the crowd in the Czech Republic before panning around the arena to Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

            Matt Striker: “Welcome one and all to the Czech Republic, welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown. We are in Prague tonight on WWE’s World Tour and I am Matt Striker, he is Todd Grisham and what a main event we have tonight, Todd.”

            A graphic appears promoting Batista taking on Bobby Lashley

            Todd Grisham: “Two powerhouses going at it, two former World Champions, this is gonna’ be big just two days before the European Bash. Not only that, we have the OFFICIAL contract signing for CM Punk and Kofi Kingston's match this Sunday for the WWE title.”

            The camera then pans to the entrance.

            Match 1
            Dolph Ziggler vs. Santino Marella

            PERFECTION hits as the crowd boo loudly and Dolph Ziggler, accompanied by his girlfriend Jenny Cash come onto the stage looking as cocky and confident as ever. Ziggler continues down the ramp before entering the ring.

            Todd Grisham: “Last week, following weeks of torment from Dolph Ziggler, my broadcast colleague attacked Dolph Ziggler sending a clear message just before the European Bash.”

            Ziggler has a microphone and waits for the crowd to quieten and then turns to face Striker.

            Ziggler begins by saying that last week he was cowardly jumped from behind by Matt Striker while he was trying to help out SmackDown by filling in for Striker. Ziggler says this thing between them has escalated, they aren’t fighting anymore because of Striker’s comments, it’s personal now. Ziggler says no one jumps him from behind and no one embarrasses him in front of millions.

            Ziggler says he is the hottest property in Europe, Europe loves him just like right here in the Czech Republic. The crowd boo him loudly. Ziggler says that he wants Matt Striker to watch closely at what he will do to the supposed Italian Stallion, Santino Marella because it’s exactly what’s gonna’ happen to Matt Striker this Sunday.

            LA VITTORIA e MIA sounds and the crowd go crazy for Santino Marella who comes out mouthing thank you to the crowd and bowing to the crowd and clapping. Santino gets to the bottom of the entrance ramp and turns to face the titantron and bows one more time but Ziggler has ran out of the ring, Zig-Zag on the outside! Ziggler stares down at Santino as the crowd boo him.

            Ziggler throws Santino into the ring…

            BELL RINGS

            Ziggler hooks the leg and gets the three.

            Winner: Dolph Ziggler via the Zig-Zag

            Todd Grisham: “Say what you will about Dolph Ziggler, and I know you have a lot to say about Dolph Ziggler, Matt, but that’s how dangerous Ziggler is. For one second, Santino took his eye off of the game or Ziggler and received a sickening zig-zag on the outside. Matt, you need to contend with the dangerous Ziggler this Sunday, are you nervous?”

            Matt Striker: “I’ve never said Ziggler wasn’t a good wrestler or he wasn’t dangerous, I said he wasn’t showing his true potential. Now, he is and I’ve brought that out in him. Ziggler’s focused, I’m focused, this Sunday it’ll be a war but I’m gonna’ teach Ziggler a lesson.”

            Ziggler picks up Santino in the ring and Jenny Cash gives him a kick right to the groin. Santino falls to his knees but Ziggler picks up Santino again, points at Striker who looks on defiantly and then Ziggler nails Santino with the zig-zag for a second time. Ziggler quickly exits the ring and grabs a chair, taking a few seconds to stare at Striker who asks Ziggler ‘what?’. Ziggler enters the ring and is waits for Santino who is slowly pulling himself up. Jenny Cash whispers something in Ziggler’s ear and he kisses her before handing her the chair which she proceeds to smack across the back of Santino.

            Ziggler is handed the chair back and looks ready to strike Santino…

            Matt Striker: “Hey, Ziggler, wait just a minute!”

            Striker has stood up at his booth with a microphone. He removes his headset having gained Ziggler’s attention and enters the ring and gets right in Ziggler’s face. Striker says how about Ziggler stops attacking a defenseless man who he attacked from behind, puts down that chair and fights someone who is standing face-to-face with him, someone who will put up a fight and someone who this Sunday will make Dolph Ziggler, tap out!

            Ziggler hands Cash the chair and yanks the microphone from Striker, Ziggler asks Striker if he really wants to fight and Striker nods his head. Ziggler says Striker should be careful what he wishes for and knocks him over the head with the microphone. Striker falls and stumbles back into the ropes but comes back tacking Ziggler down and laying into him with rights. Cash has the chair above her head ready to smack it across Striker’s back but Striker looks up just in time and Cash stops in her tracks. Striker stands and corners Cash as the crowd are going crazy for the commentator when from behind Ziggler hits the low blow!

            The crowd boo as Striker stumbles back and gets hit with the zig-zag! Ziggler grabs the steel chair and begins repeatedly hitting Striker over the back with it before officials restrain him. He leaves with his girlfriend and they embrace on the top of the stage! Ziggler is smirking as the officials check on Matt Striker.

            Todd Grisham: “Matt Striker has more guts than brains sometimes, and that’s saying something considering he is a former teacher.”


            We return with the camera focusing on Todd Grisham who is now joined by Michael Cole at the broadcast booth.

            Todd Grisham: “A few moments ago, my broadcast partner was attacked by Dolph Ziggler and has been removed from the broadcast position for tonight’s show just days before his match with Dolph Ziggler at the European Bash. I am joined by Michael Cole, WWE’s chief editor who is making a one-time return to the broadcast table. Michael, welcome back to SmackDown, but it seems like what I’ve just said is a carbon copy of what I’ve been saying for the past few weeks regarding Dolph Ziggler and Matt Striker.”

            Michael Cole: “It’s an extremely personal feud, Todd and it’s true, it seems every week you’ve been announcing that someone is filling in for Matt Striker because of Dolph Ziggler. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be back on SmackDown and announcing just for one night, but I’d just rather it wasn’t under these circumstances.”

            Todd Grisham: “Right now though, let’s send you to the back to Josh Matthews who is standing by with ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton and his Legacy team-mates, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger.”


            Just as advertised, Matthews is standing by with Randy Orton with Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes standing to one side. Matthews thanks Grisham and then says to Orton that he was surprised to see Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger standing united tonight after last week when they lost to Bryan Danielson and Jack Swagger delivered a huge big boot to Cody Rhodes.

            Orton slowly looks down at Matthews and yanks the microphone away. Orton says that what happened last week was a massive misjudgement from Jack Swagger just like it was a few weeks ago when he delivered the Gut-wrench Powerbomb to Cody Rhodes. Orton says that he is completely certain that they have worked out their differences, infact, they better have because tonight he faces Carlito and his team-mates, the very people he is helping make it in WWE, better be by his side.

            Orton thrusts the microphone into the chest of Matthews, Orton looks to walk away but Matthews quickly asks Orton how he feels about the match he has with Bryan Danielson this Sunday at the European Bash. Orton looks down at the ground for a few seconds… RKO! Orton just laid out Matthews with the RKO. Rhodes and Swagger look shocked. Orton walks off.

            Todd Grisham: “Come on! That was unnecessary from Randy Orton. Josh was doing his job.”


            Match 2
            Randy Orton vs. Carlito

            We return to the arena when VOICES hits and the crowd begin booing loudly as the Viper, Randy Orton comes onto the stage flanked by Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes. Swagger and Rhodes are arguing and Orton turns looking less than impressed and they then both stop and continue walking down the ramp.

            COOL hits and the crowd cheer as Carlito comes onto the stage juggling an apple. Carlito continues down the ramp and enters the ring standing face-to-face with Randy Orton.

            Michael Cole: “What a contest this will be, the venomous viper, Randy Orton taking on the confident and cool Carlito.”

            Todd Grisham: “Later tonight, Carlito’s new tag-team partner Alex Riley faces Big Show so I just wonder if Carlito is 100% focused.”

            BELL RINGS

            Calito takes a big bite out of his apple and Orton advances forward saying ‘I DARE YOU, CARLITO! I DARE YOU TO SPIT THAT APPLE IN MY FACE AND YOU’LL SEE YOUR CAREER ENDED!’. Carlito drops the apple and continues chewing smirking and then he spits it right in Orton’s face as the crowd go crazy. The fragments of apple fall down Orton’s face and he stares down at the ring mat and then goes for the RKO but Carlito pushes him off towards the ropes and then runs and clotheslines him over! Orton gets to his feet immediately and bangs the ring mat as his Legacy team-mates talk to him.

            Michael Cole: “Carlito has Orton on the back-foot in the early going, can he keep it up as the match continues?”


            We return and Orton has Carlito in the corner stomping into him until the referee restrains the Viper. Orton advances forward again but then Carlito lands a hard elbow and takes down Orton with the clothesline. Carlito bounces off of the ropes and lands rolling senton on Orton before hooking the leg but Orton is able to get the shoulder up. Carlito grabs Orton’s head and begins firing rights and then he goes for another cover but once more Orton is able to get the shoulder up. Orton manages to get to his feet and stumbles backwards into the ropes, Carlito runs forward but takes a big back body drop to the outside only right on top of Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes! Orton holds his head in his hands shocked and frustrated at what he just did.

            Orton tries to exit the ring but Carlito is up having cushioned his fall, he runs up the stares and lands a dropkick right to the side of Orton’s face knocking Orton out of the ring as Carlito takes a nasty fall against the ring apron. Carlito stands up holding his hip and manages to get Orton into the ring where he hooks the leg but Orton again kicks out. Carlito is beginning to get frustrated and climbs to the top turnbuckle diving off with a crossbody once Orton is to his feet but Orton catches him and spins quickly slamming Carlito down.

            Orton stands looking at the booing crowd and begins stomping each individual body part of Carlito before finally smashing his boot against the nose and face of Carlito who has a bloody nose as a result. Orton does his out-stretched arms pose to boos before picking up Carlito and hooking his head looking for an RKO but Carlito manages to move his arm to grabs Orton’s head and lands a reverse suplex. Carlito rolls Orton over and goes for the cover but once more Orton gets the shoulder up.

            Carlito gets to his feet and signals for the crowd to get behind him and they do, he climbs the turnbuckle waiting for Orton and jumps off looking for a double-axe handle but Orton manages to catch Carlito and drives his knee between Carlito’s legs before landing a quick DDT. Orton waits for Carlito who seems to be running on fumes, Carlito runs right into an inverted headlock backbreaker. Orton throws Carlito off and hooks the leg but once more Carlito somehow gets the shoulder up. Orton picks up Carlito and throws him against the ropes, both Swagger and Rhodes grab a leg of Carlito’s each and drag him out of the ring to a hard landing on the mat. Orton is incensed, he’s asking what they are doing! He is shouting he didn’t want Carlito out of the ring.

            Swagger immediately begins blaming Rhodes and they begin arguing and squabbling. Orton is the only one who seems to notice Carlito gingerly getting back on the apron. Orton grabs Carlito into the ring and lands his rope-assisted DDT but once again Carlito kicks out. Legacy have begun a pushing match and Orton has had enough, he’s screaming at his team-mates over the ropes. They then both notice Carlito and try to warn Orton but Backstabber! Carlito gets the three count as Legacy look on shocked.

            Winner: Carlito via the backstabber

            Carlito celebrates his victory before heading backstage.

            Michael Cole: “What a huge win, what an upset! Carlito has defeated Randy Orton.”

            Todd Grisham: “It might be considered an upset, but why rule out Carlito? He’s dangerous and it showed. What a huge victory for the cocky upstart.”

            Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes are standing in the ring as Orton gingerly gets to his feet. Orton doesn’t look at all impressed. He grabs a microphone and while, holding his ribs, looks up at his team-mates. Orton rubs his face and says once again Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes are proving that they are too inept to be a part of Legacy. Orton gets right in Rhodes’ face and says maybe he was wrong when he favoured Cody Rhodes over Ted DiBiase a few months ago after the draft. Orton then turns to Jack Swagger and says maybe he was wrong when he picked the All-American American as his third member of Legacy.

            Orton steps back and says he can understand they have their problems but he expected them to behave like men and work them out. He says that their squabbling meant he received a backstabber from Carlito. Orton says that maybe, just maybe he’d have some sort of forgiveness for his team-mates if they had actually made an attempt to get into the ring when he was being pinned to break it up but they just stood there still arguing. Orton says that…

            THE FINAL COUNTDOWN hits and the crowd go insane, Orton turns wide-eyed as Bryan Danielson comes onto the stage with a steel chair staring a hole right through Randy Orton. Orton turns to Swagger and Rhodes and tells them to prove they should be in Legacy and get up that ramp RIGHT NOW and stop Bryan Danielson. Swagger and Rhodes quickly leave each side of the ring and run up towards Bryan but he delivers a chair shot right to Rhodes head and then drives the chair into Swagger’s abdomen and then slams it across Swagger’s head.

            Orton’s expression has changed to fear as Bryan Danielson just advances to the ring. Danielson enters the ring and runs at Orton with the chair but Orton quickly exits the ring and high-tails it up through the sold-out crowd. Bryan whacks the chair against the ropes and the crowd are about to explode having reached boiling point for these two to go at it.

            Michael Cole: “Bryan Danielson, the King of the Indies could become the King of the WWE if he manages to cement his WWE Superstar status with a win over Randy Orton this Sunday.”

            Todd Grisham: “Legacy’s in dis-array, there’s no reason why he can’t unless Orton brings his A-game.”


            Replay of what just happened.

            We are in the arena and in nside of the ring is WWE commentator, Todd Grisham who has a microphone.

            Todd Grisham: “Ladies and Gentleman, later tonight you bear witness to the first-ever WWE Divas Tables Match between WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool and challenger Melina. These two divas have been pioneers for the women’s division in recent weeks competing in matches never seen before between women. Now, WWE wants to take you down memory lane and tell you of pioneering women that came before the two divas you will see tonight. Melina and Michelle McCool have been added to the illustrious list.”

            VIDEO PACKAGE
            Package showing old women wrestlers such as Mae Young, Sunny, Fabulous Moolah, Trish Stratus, Lita, Wendi Richter, Chyna, Victoria and many more. Then we see the events of recent weeks with Melina and Michelle McCool with their Ladder Match and now this tables match.

            We then cut to the titantron and Theodore Long who announces that he takes pride in the divas of his division when they do what they do best - wrestling. He says two divas competed in the first-ever Divas Ladder Match and are scheduled to compete in the first-ever divas table match. He says he's going to add another first because tonight SmackDown will have it's first-ever Divas Main Event! Holla Holla!

            Michael Cole: "Wow, what a huge compliment that must be for the divas, Theodore Long giving them the main event tonight."

            Todd Grisham: "Yeah Cole... wait a minute, I'm hearing of a disturbance backstage in the General Manager, Theodore Long's office, let's take you there."

            Just then, the titantron flickers back to life and Batista is in Long's face. 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE GIVING THE DIVAS THE MAIN EVENT?'. Batista continues and says Long had already made the main event, Batista vs. Lashley. Batista says he suggests Long changes the main event back to it was right now or he'll send him to hospital, ending his career as a General Manager. Long is telling Batista to calm down. Long says that he is a General Manager who prides himself on providing fans with the best possible show and giving people opportunity. Long says that there hasn't been this much interest in the WWE women since the days of Lita and Trish Stratus, he's giving the opportunity and he's capitalizing.

            Long says he always prides himself on the fact he won't be bullied out of his decisions. Batista grabs Long by the collar and tells him he's giving him a last chance but then Bobby Lashley walks into shot to huge cheers. Batista takes his hands off of Long and turns to go face-to-face with Lashley. Lashley says he suggests that Batista gets right out of Long's office now or their match might start a little bit early.

            Batista says he's not scared of Lashley one bit and he can't wait to defeat him tonight. Lashley retorts that it doesn't matter who is in the main event because everyone will remember Lashley pinning Batista, one, two, three!

            Batista throws a punch but Lashley ducks and spears Batista into the couch knocking it over and they begin knocking lumps out of each other with rights and lefts as Long calls for officials! Security and officials soon intervene dragging a kicking and screaming Batista out of the as Lashley is also restrained, the crowd cheer eager for these two to go at it.


            Match 3
            Alex Riley vs. Paul Burchill

            VIDEO RECAP:
            We see last week with Carlito announcing to Paul Burchill and Big Show that his brother Primo has a fractured skull and will be out of action for a few weeks and that with his brother's permission, he could use another partner until he returned. Who would possibly team with Carlito only to hand Primo any possible title they win, back? FCW's Alex Riley who is desperate for is WWE opportunity. Riley announced he'd make his debut against Burchill this week.

            CRANK UP THE GENERATOR A hits as the mixed theme of Big Show and Paul Burchill plays. They continue down the ramp with their titles looking cocky and smug. They enter the ring ready to battle.

            COOL hits and Alex Riley comes onto the stage to a decent pop, mostly because people thought it was Carlito. Carlito follows behind still looking sore and beat-up after his highly-physical match with Randy Orton earlier on. Riley looks ready as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

            ALEX RILEY:

            Michael Cole: "What a chance for Alex Riley here, he's so desperate for this chance he is basically Carlito's temporary partner until Primo gets back. Carlito and Riley could win the gold, only for Riley to hand it to Primo, do you actually think Todd, that Riley would hand back the gold? I doubt it, he ain't no Goldust but if Riley gets a taste of gold, he'll have insatiable yearning for the gold and won't just give it up."

            Todd Grisham: "Time will tell, Michael."

            BELL RINGS

            Riley and Burchill lock up as Burchill delivers a hard knee into the gut of Riley and then lands a high-angle suplex, Burchill goes for the cover early on but Riley is able to kick out. Burchill picks up Riley and recoils with a right ready to strike but taking his time laughing at how little he thinks Riley is a threat but RIley lands a right of his own knocking Burchill stumbling back right out of the ring. Show checks on him quickly and throws him back in. Burchill gets his bearings and walks into another hard right. Burchill stumbles back again and Riley takes him down with a clothesline. Riley tries to amp up the crowd and they get behind him slightly. He climbs the top turnbuckle and waits for Burchill before landing a beautiful missile dropkick. Riley crawls for the cover but Burchill gets out.

            Riley climbs the turnbuckle once more and then lands a successful crossbody but again Burchill kicks out. Riley waits for Burchill and throws a right but Burchill lands a backdrop dropping Riley right on the back of his head. Burchill sits up and rubs his lip before standing up looking furious. He delivers the football kick right to the small of the back of Riley. Burchill furiously picks Riley up and throws him against the ropes landing a big back body drop. He picks up Riley again throwing him hard into the turnbuckle and setting him up, he climbs up going for a suplex but Riley gets out and goes over the back for a sunset flip! Riley manages to get the cover but Show pulls him out by the leg.

            Carlito takes exception and gingerly walks over asking him what he's doing! Show just delivers the Knockout Punch and quite frankly, in his condition, there was nothing Carlito could've done about it. Riley notices and tries a plancha over the top but right into a Knockout Punch. The referee is being distracted by Burchill who managed to pull himself into a corner holding his neck. Show throws Riley in the ring, the referee turns but he didn't see anything, I'm sure he has his assumptions and suspicions.

            Burchill quickly grabs Riley and lands the Twisted Sister getting the three count.

            Winner: Paul Burchill via the Twisted Sister

            Burchill exits the ring and is given his belts by Show as the Unified Tag Champions leave the ring to boos.

            Michael Cole: "Sure, Show and Burchill have left Riley and Carlito laying, but I mark that down as happening for two reasons - Carlito was beat up after a tremendous victory over Randy Orton and couldn't defend himself and Riley was certainly caught up in the moment and his inexperience made him pay."

            Todd Grisham: "Riley was certainly impressive in that brief match, we caught just a glimpse of what he can do."


            We go backstage and CM Punk is standing wearing his Straight-Edge hooded jumper and the boos fill the arena. His WWE Championship is sitting in plain view at a near-by table. Punk begins speaking in a slow voice.

            'Do you know how many baths I've had to take in the last week because of what Kofi Kingston did to me, spraying me with that disgusting, filthy beverage you call beer? I'll tell you this, it's a lot more baths than you people have in a month and certainly a lot more than Kofi Kingston. Do you people know how many bottles of water I've drank just incase, just incase ANY little bit of that stuff got into my system, attacked by liver? You see, Kofi Kingston was inspired by Stone Cold Steve Austin (cheers). Oh yeah, you cheer him, you cheer the Rattlesnake! See, the truth is Stone Cold Steve Austin was, is and always will be an alcoholic. Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably responsible for the path all of you wrestling fans are on right now and he will be responsible when parents teach their kids the 'Steve Austin' way.

            I won't stand here and say Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't a good wrestler, he wasn't successful, infact he's probably the only exception in that he was an alcoholic, weak, simple-minded and just like all of you but still managed to win championships. Kofi Kingston, like all of you, decides to idolize a man like Stone Cold and it's sickening. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, you should be following someone like me, idolizing someone like me, someone who can lead you down the right path, someone who can steer you clear of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Someone who can stand in the way of any peer pressure you might come under growing up, someone who can give you the gift of being Straight-Edge.

            It's obvious to me now that I'm not getting through to you, that either you're just stupid or your mind isn't functioning properly because of all the intoxicants you decide to indulge in. In fact, I think it's just a mixture of both. (Boos) You know what they say, actions speak louder than words and this Sunday I face the weak Kofi Kingston... and this Sunday I am going to beat Kofi Kingston and retain my title? Why? Because I don't go out all night and binge-drink like all of you or Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston tries to say he goes out and has one beer and that's okay! First of all, that's not okay and secondly, he's a liar! Kingston says that but I bet he sits there all night until it's closing time. I would prove it to you, but luckily, I don't visit those quagmires you call bars.

            What I can prove to you, however, is that Straight-Edge truly means I'm better than everyone else in this arena, in WWE and Kofi Kingston because I will retain my title and then you will all see that you should... and will embrace the clean lifestyle that I live because let's be honest, with the exception of Stone Cold who was a one-off, I can assure you of that, that's the ONLY way you are remotely successful in WWE and I'm living-proof because I'm C...M... Punk, I'm Straight-Edge and... what? What does that mean again? It means I'm better than you!'

            Punk stares into the camera with a sick smirk on his face as the scene fades.

            We go to the announce table of Michael Cole and Todd Grisham.

            Michael Cole: "Well, CM Punk certainly said his piece tonight, Todd and this Sunday he will get his chance to do what he said he was gonna' do to Kofi Kingston as he battles the Ghanian at the European Bash."


            Todd Grisham: "It's sure to be heated, remember Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank essentially stealing Kingston's first-ever Heavyweight title. That's not the only big match happening this Sunday, Michael... on ECW, Edge taking on newcomer Tyler Reks, it's sure to be huge."


            Michael Cole: "Tyler Reks has been ending careers and putting people on the shelf ever since he arrived on ECW with that jumping piledriver from the top rope. Edge has a history of neck problems, could we see Reks leave Slovakia with the title and having ended Edge's career? Or can Edge show his Ultimate Opportunist resilience and retain? Todd, we then come to our THIRD main event of the night, it's the Hell in a Cell between WWE Champion, John Cena and Mr. Kennedy."

            Todd Grisham: "World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, Michael, but regardless it is Hell in a Cell, it's gonna be brutal. Can Kennedy finally dethrone and beat Cena or can Cena adjust Kennedy's attitude? Find out this Sunday as European Bash comes to you from Kosice, Slovakia."


            We go backstage with Finlay, Hornswoggle and Bryan Danielson. Hornswoggle is running rings around Danielson but Finlay soon gets him under control. Finlay tells Danielson he needs to listen, this Sunday he's going into the biggest match of his career, he needs to be ready because Orton's no joke. Finlay says the punt he gave him is proof. Finlay says Danielson needs to keep his wits about him because Legacy can intervene at any time. He says that whatever happens, he'll have Danielson's back. Danielson says he appreciates it.


            We cut backstage with Randy Orton standing staring at Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger who are sitting in chairs with ice packs on their heads. 'GIVE ME THOSE' Orton shouts grabbing the ice packs and throwing them away. Orton says he wrestled a very gruelling match with Carlito, he should be the one with the ice packs, not them. Orton says he told the world that Legacy had his back, that Legacy were on the same page, that Legacy were not gonna' let him down but what happened? Legacy let him down.

            Orton says he is in complete control of Swagger and Rhodes career, he can get them thrown out of WWE immediately, he can end their careers right now just by kicking them out of Legacy because without him, they're nothing in the company. Orton says he knows they have potential but they obviously don't get along but he doesn't care if they don't get along but they better start getting along because he has a big match this Sunday and he will kick them out of Legacy if they screw-up on Sunday, if they cost him his match with Danielson.

            Orton says he's given them two chances, three strikes and they're out. Orton walks out.


            Match 4
            Batista vs. Bobby Lashley

            I WALK ALONE hits as the crowd begin booing and the arena goes dark. Batista walks onto the stage as a spotlight follows him and the booing continues for the Washington D.C. Superstar. Batista looks angry and enters the ring, grabbing a microphone.

            Batista doesn't even wait for the crowd to stop booing, he says that this is a travesty of justice, completely unfair that he isn't in the main event, that he isn't closing out the show, that he's been pushed back for the divas. Batista says that not only do the women in the WWE have no right to be in the main event, they have no right to be in the wrestling business. The crowd are booing loudly, Batista says that tonight he's gonna destroy Bobby Lashley and prove why he should be in the main event.

            BOOYAKA 619 interrupts Batista as the crowd cheer wildly. Rey Mysterio comes onto the stage looking focused wearing a green mask, a light blue shirt and jeans. Rey tells Batista to hold on just a minute, he says he can handle Batista coming out here and whining and complaining just like he always does because this Sunday, he's gonna shut up him anyway but Rey says Batista has no right to say what he said about the WWE divas, to try and have a say in the decisions made on SmackDown.

            Mysterio says that in his opinion, it's about time the divas got some recognition for their hard work in the ring the past few months on RAW and SmackDown, and even his good friend Tiffany has been the cornerstone as General Manager of ECW. Rey says women should be a part of wrestling because they've earned their spot in the WWE. Rey continues saying that as a matter of fact, the divas have been having competitive matches week in, week out, unpredictable contests, you don't know the winner but Rey says he looks at recent weeks...

            In Norway, before Extreme Rules, Batista was defeated by Rey Mysterio which meant he wouldn't get a title shot at Extreme Rules and what's even more astounding is that since then, Batista hasn't wrestled a single match so he definitely has no right to complain about who gets the main event spot. Mysterio says that name-power only gets you so far in the WWE and that's why he is motivated to go out every night, match or no match and entertain the fans. Batista, obviously doesn't do that. Mysterio suggests that Batista stops whining and complaining about the WWE Divas and about the main event because probably out of everyone in the back, he's the most undeserving of the spot! Rey says that he hopes Batista's ready, because his opponent's ready...

            UNSTOPPABLE plays and pyrotechnics go off behind Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley emerges from the smoke to huge cheers. He hugs Mysterio who heads off to the back and Lashley walks down the ramp entering the ring.

            Michael Cole: “I try to be as unbiased as possible as an announcer but Rey Mysterio has a point, Batista hasn't wrestled since June 5th 2009 and it's now June 26th 2009, the WWE divas have been wrestling every week, putting on a show and they deserve their spot.”

            Todd Grisham: “As Rey said though Michael, Batista better stop whining because he has the big, bad Bobby Lashley to contend with.”

            BELL RINGS
            Batista and Bobby Lashley get in each others faces when Lashley strikes Batista with a right knocking the Animal back. Batista smirks and says 'you shouldn't have done that.' and strikes with a right of his own but Bobby, without hesitation, responds with a big haymaker sending Batista back into the ropes. Bobby backs up as Batista angrily runs forward but Lashley pulls the ropes down and Batista flies out of the ring. Batista gets up and slams the apron with his fists. Batista throws his arms in the air and just begins walking out up to stage to boos. Lashley runs after him but Batista turns and delivers a hard big back body drop right on the steel. Batista smirks and picks up Lashley leading him down to the ring and he throws him in going for the cover but Lashley is able to get the shoulder up.

            Batista gets in the referee's face saying it was three and turns into a huge spear by Lashley! Lashley is signalling for the Running Powerslam, Batista gets to his feet and walks right into Lashley who lifts and lands the running powerslam on the big man. Lashley is rallied-up and he's waiting to deliver the Dominator, he picks up Batista in position but Batista squirms out and flings an elbow. Batista picks up Lashley and lands a spinebuster but then falls to the side of Lashley still feeling the effects of those two power moves by Lashley.

            Batista uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet just as Lashley uses the ropes at the other side. They stare at each other, seemingly having found some sort of mutual respect. Lashley asks for a lock-up and Batista complies before pulling away and claiming he has something in his eye. Lashley advances on Batista but Batista strikes with a right and then kicks Lashley in the gut lifting him for the Batista Bomb but Lashley lands out the other side on his feet and pushes Batista back before taking him down with a shoulder block. Lashley climbs the top turnbuckle waiting for Batista and jumps off with a leg drop right onto a standing Batista's head taking Batista down. Lashley hooks the leg but it isn't enough for the bald superstar.

            Lashley gets to his feet eager to end this contest. Batista is getting up as Lashley runs at him but is caught in a bear-hug type position. Batista sits Lashley on the top turnbuckle and climbs up doing the 'ten punches' but the crowd aren't for chanting along. Batista then, out of nowhere, hooks Lashley's head under his arm and swings around for a huge tornado DDT off of the turnbuckle! The crowd go nuts as both men are down, after a few seconds Batista manages to get his arm over but Lashley gets the shoulder up as the crowd cheer Lashley on.

            Batista is growing frustrated and stands up, he waits for Lashley and runs but SPEAR! Second spear of the night takes Batista down and Lashley is signalling once more for the Dominator. He looks to pick Batista up but again Batista squirms out and lands a kick to the gut and lifts Lashley. Lashley's weight means Batista is staggering back, Lashley is trying to escape around the back but Batista manages to plant Lashley with the Batista Bomb and gets the three count.

            Winner: Batista via the Batista Bomb

            Batista immediately grabs a microphone and tells them to cut his music. 'THAT'S WHY! THAT'S WHY I SHOULD BE IN THE MAIN EVENT. THAT'S WHY! THAT'S WHY! THAT'S WHY! THAT'S WHY! THAT'S WHY!' Batista keeps screaming this to boos when BOOYAKA 619 plays again and Rey Mysterio speeds to the ring. Batista runs for a spear but is leap-frogged by Rey, he can't turn around quick enough and gets a dropkick to the back into the ropes, 619! Batista manages to escape under the bottom rope and falls to his behind on the outside mat. Rey begins checking on Lashley while keeping an eye on Batista.

            Michael Cole: “What a contest, definitely worthy of being a main event match, but I still agree with Mysterio about that. Mysterio sending a message though to Batista ahead of Batista's last chance clash.”

            Batista has been handed a microphone and is out of breath but begins speaking. 'Hey, Rey, you know how I told you I had a huge announcement to make regarding our match this Sunday? Myself and the chairman, Vince McMahon had an official meeting, Rey, and I told him we couldn't work on the same brand after this Sunday because I'd just keep beating you so bad... so we agreed that this match, this Sunday will be... LOSER LEAVES SMACKDOWN! And the thing is Rey, I will beat you this Sunday, third time's the charm... and I will be your TRIPLE-CROWN CHAMPION AND YOUR NEW... INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!'... Batista smirks as Rey takes in this news.


            We go backstage with The Bella Twins who are speaking with Maria. They're talking about how it's great that the divas finally get the main event spot on SmackDown. Just then, Michelle McCool walks into shot with her Women's title propped on her shoulder. She says that that's right, it is great that the divas finally get the deserved main event spot on SmackDown... but fact is... if it was Melina taking on anyone else, other than her, there would be no history-making Ladder Match, no history-making Table Match and no history-making main event divas match.

            McCool says she understands that the Bellas are new to WWE, and Maria, well she just can't wrestle very well, so they can only dream of being in the main event of a SmackDown show, so she wants them to watch her beat Melina and take some tips because they definitely need it. After all, she's the best person to learn from because she is the Women's Champion. Michelle laughs a little but then Nikki Bella pipes up and gets in Michelle's face. Nikki says that she will watch tonight and she'll be out there after the match celebrating with the new champion, Melina and she can't wait to see Melina slap that silly little look off of Michelle's face.

            'Okay, what one are you again?' Michelle asks before slapping her across the face. Brie pushes Michelle back defending her sister but Michelle runs off, Brie and Maria check on a distressed Nikki Bella as the crowd boo McCool.

            VIDEO PACKAGE
            Extended highlights of the only Divas Main Event to happen before this one and the first-ever RAW divas main event between Trish Stratus and Lita.


            We return to the arena and there is a big table and chairs set in the ring with Theodore Long's music playing in the background, he is standing at the table with a microphone. Long says Holla and tells everyone that it is now time for the WWE Championship Contract Signing between WWE Champion CM Punk and Kofi Kingston to make this match this Sunday official. He says he wants to crack on and without further ado he wants to introduce the challenger... Kofi Kingston!

            SOS plays as the crowd go crazy for Kofi Kingston as he comes out with a can of Red Bull in his hand. Kofi does his 'Boom, Boom, Boom' taunt and pyrotechnics go off on the stage as he looks focused. He enters the ring, shakes Teddy Long's hand and is asked to take a seat which he does.

            Long then says he wants to introduce the WWE Champion, CM Punk!

            THIS FIRE BURNS hits and the crowd begin booing louder than ever as CM Punk comes onto the stage. Punk is looking cocky and confident and he walks down the ramp entering the ring. Kingston stands up getting in Punk's face.

            Punk takes the microphone off the table and without taking his eyes from Kofi he says:

            'Hey Teddy, check that can... check that can, I wouldn't put it past Kofi to have put beer in there. You people are lucky I'm out here because I don't associate with drunken drugged-up people like yourselves. Now, check it Teddy.”

            Teddy Long, ever so reluctantly, goes to check the can but Kofi grabs his microphone:

            'Hey Teddy, leave it, Punk you want to know if there's beer in this can? Here, I'll let you check.'

            Just then, Kingston grabs the can and throws his arm forward causing some of the contents to go right in Punk's face. The crowd go crazy with cheers as Kingston throws the can down. Punk runs his hands through his hair before picking up his microphone from the table again.

            'This is exactly what I mean, Kofi, your childish little antics, pouring beer over me, soaking me with some sort of energy drink? What is that, huh? Is that so you can get a buzz that even slightly resembles the buzz you get when you indulge in beer without actually proving to these people you're an alcoholic?'

            Kingston retorts saying that Punk said earlier tonight that apparently he (Kofi) is an alcoholic but Kofi says he hasn't touched a beer in his life. Kingston says Punk just likes to assume that everyone but him drinks alcohol, takes drugs and smokes cigarettes but the fact of the matter is, he's just like Punk because he doesn't take drugs, he doesn't smoke and he doesn't drink, he just doesn't call himself Straight-Edge because he doesn't go preaching it to everyone as if that's the way they have to live.

            Kingston says that Punk may well beat him this Sunday but if he does, it'll prove that on that night he was better than him (Kofi) but it'll be because he was better than him on that night, not because of drugs, not because of alcohol, not because of cigarettes. Kofi says he just wants Punk to sign that contract and make it official because he is taking back what is his and what was stolen from him this Sunday.

            'LIAR, KOFI, LIAR!'. Punk says that's what Kofi is, a liar, he's too afraid to admit he has alcohol problems so he lies to everyone, he lies to himself and he lies to the WWE Universe. Punk says he's gonna sign the contract right now and make it official and prove that he is just plain better than Kofi come this Sunday. Punk then proceeds to sign the contract and throws it over to Kofi.

            Kofi signs and Long says it's official. Kingston picks his microphone back up and says Punk can think what he wants but he knows that the WWE Universe are behind him and believe him because he is no liar and he isn't lying when he says that this Sunday he's taking his title back because in Slovakia, Punk will be in for TROUBLE IN PARADISE!Kingston does the 'Boom, Boom, Boom'. Punk smirks nodding his head saying 'we'll see' as he exits the ring and Kofi climbs onto the turnbuckle taunting but keeping his eyes on Punk.

            Michael Cole: “I expected that powder-keg to go off right there Todd but Kofi promises Trouble in Paradise for Punk this Sunday, can he reclaim his gold?”

            Todd Grisham: “As Punk said, we'll see Michael but don't go anywhere folks, up next, the first-ever SmackDown Divas Main Event.”


            PAPARAZZI hits sending the crowd into a frenzy as Melina comes onto the stage smiling but looking focused at the same time. She smiles for her paparazzi and continues down the ramp. She stops at one of the tables lined around and the ring and climbs onto and slowly does the splits on the table which gets a huge pop. She grabs the ropes that the table is right next to and enters the ring.

            NOT ENOUGH FOR ME plays and the WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool comes out to boos but she laps it up as she holds her WWE Women’s Championship in the air. McCool has a bottle of something in her hand and walks down to the table Melina did the splits on and begins spraying it and then she begins wiping the table with a cloth before looking at the cloth and hastily dropping it. Melina is not amused as Michelle enters the ring and they get face-to-face.

            Michael Cole: "I need not remind you, but I will anyway because this is big, for the first-time ever on SmackDown and for the first-time ever on SmackDown and for the first-time in over five years, it will be a divas main event as Michelle McCool defends her WWE Women's Championship in another first-ever for the divas, a tables match against Melina who has this one last chance to regain the gold she lost at Extreme Rules."

            Todd Grisham: "These are pioneers, no doubt. This is sure to be a fire-cracker of a match."

            BELL RINGS

            Michelle McCool looks at Melina in a disparaging way as they circle the ring. They lock-up and Melina pushes Michelle away. Michelle stumbles back into the ropes and then takes a look back at one of the tables sitting outside. Michelle locks up with Melina again and Melina begins winning the test of strength so Michelle breaks and exits the ring, she grabs her title much like last week and begins walking across the side of the ring away from Melina but Melina reaches out and yanks the title from Michelle's grasp. Michelle realizes and turns to the ring and sees Melina with the belt in her hands. Michelle is screaming for her to give it back and telling the referee to order her but Melina just holds it in the air to the cheers of the crowd who want her as champion.

            Michelle has no choice but to get into the ring and Melina fakes to hit Michelle with the belt and Michelle falls right to her behind as the crowd laugh at the Women's Champion. Melina gives the belt to the referee who exits the ring, she turns and Michelle has taken advantage with a huge big boot to the face. Michelle picks up Melina and slaps her back down again as the crowd boo her. Michelle taunts to Melina who gets right back up and into Michelle's face and delivers a slap of her own sending Michelle back startled. Michelle grabs Melina by the hair, 'you think that's funny, huh Melina?' she screams at the former Women's Champion but Melina clocks her with her right forearm and then plants her with a DDT. Melina exits the ring and grabs one of the tables. She then proceeds to slide it into the ring. The crowd cheer Melina on as she sets the table leaning against the table. Michelle is getting to her feet and she runs at Melina but Melina moves but Michelle manages to stop just short of the table and has a shocked look on her face.

            McCool turns right into a dropkick by Melina that sends Michelle stumbling back against the table. Melina runs at Michelle but Michelle moves and Melina crashes through the table! There is a lot of confusion until the ring announcer is heardand he says the only way to win is to put your opponent through the table and just there Melina basically put herself through the table.

            Melina manages to pull herself from the wreckage of the table and Michelle is complaining that, that should count. She turns around as Melina runs with a crossbody taking down Michelle, she's all fired up and bounces off of the ropes delivering a flying clothesline falling to her knees and then delivering a second one. Melina waits for Michelle and goes for a roundhouse kick but Michelle ducks and lands a backdrop. Michelle rubs her hands together satisfied with her work. She picks up Melina and holds her chin, 'what'cha gonna do Melina, huh?'.

            Melina gets to her feet and uses her arm to throw Michelle's hand away. She pushes Michelle back and Michelle falls through the middle rope right onto a table. Melina then planchas over the ropes but again Michelle moves and Melina crashes through the table.

            Michael Cole: "Melina again misses!"

            Todd Grisham: "There's only so many times you can throw caution to the wind, Michael. Melina must be hurting now, her ribs must be aching, that's twice she's crashed right through those hard tables."

            Michelle is smirking and this time she lifts Melina from the table by the hair and throws her back first into the crowd barricade. Melina holds her back in pain as Michelle grabs Melina by the hair again and throws her this time across the announce table right into the laps of Michael Cole and Todd Grisham who jump up as Michelle rips the top off of the announce table. Michelle lifts Melina up and powerslams her right on the announce table but the table stays intact and Melina has a hard landing. Michelle picks up Melina again and goes for yet another powerslam but Melina fights out and pushes Michelle off of the announce table. Michelle barely lands on her feet and Melina jumps off with a hurricanrana to Michelle as the crowd go crazy for Melina. Melina throws Michelle into the ring and then slides out getting another table and putting it in the ring and set sets it up.

            Melina walks into the ring and title belt to the head by Michelle! She must've picked it up just as Melina threw her in without her noticing. Michelle drops the belt and looks down at Melina who is knocked out. Michelle throws Melina onto the table and climbs up the turnbuckle, taking her time, taunting to boos. Michelle is all set to jump off with a splash but Melina sits up and rolls off the table. Michelle is shocked, Melina pulls herself up with the ropes and Michelle's telling her she better not come up there but Melina showing great heart and determination does so climbing the turnbuckle. She lands a couple of punches trying to stop Michelle. She advances and Melina climbs to the very top turnbuckle, Michelle is dazed following the right hand. Melina wraps her legs around Michelle and she falls back looking for the hurricanrana but Michelle stands up on the second rope and manages, one leg at a time, to get her legs in position... FAITH BREAKER OFF THE TURNBUCKLE THROUGH THE TABLE. THIS ONE IS OVER!

            Winner: Michelle McCool via a Faithbreaker off of the turnbuckle through a table.

            Michelle and Melina lay in a heap in the remains of the table.

            Michael Cole: "OH MY! I can't believe it, Michelle McCool just gave Melina the Faith Breaker off of the turnbuckle through a table to retain her belt."

            Todd Grisham: "Remember, it was at Extreme Rules, Melina lost her belt with a Faithbreaker off of a ladder and now tonight, she's fallen to the Faith Breaker again. What a match, match of the night and definitely worthy of it's main event slot. Michelle McCool, no matter what way you look at it, deservedly still your Women's Champion."

            Michelle has managed to pull herself up and she is handed her title as she raises it in the air to boos but she does have a look in her face of respect as he looks down at Melina.

            Michael Cole: "Michelle McCool has finished the final chapter of this feud with a victory, but so many other chapters have yet to be written in the WWE landscape and many will be this Sunday at the European Bash. From Michael Cole, Todd Grisham, we will see you at the European Bash. Don't you dare miss it, good night everyone."


            OFF AIR

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            • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

              I saw your promotional post in the fed thread and decided I just had to give you a review of just your main event. even if it's not going to do your undercard justice. I know it's frowned on here (and well the business in general), but as a fan of it I have to applaud you for what you did. I'm not sure if it's a big deal in your fed or anything, but to take the main event it must have had some build. I can't see you putting it here "just cuz" unless you really did it due to your recent "why hate man?" post in the fed thread. Anyways...

              A tables match? As in go through to lose or simply legal? We shall see I suppose.

              Two self-inflicted falls, eh? I figured falling through the ropes would break the table, but anyone whos seen botches knows that they have a habit of not breaking a lot. Faithbreaker off a ladder (?), was it? I thought they were just off the top turnbuckle? Anyways pretty big finish there, similar to the ending to the match Laycool had this past week. Obviously there have been bigger table spots (Lita falling off and Mae Young's tumble), but still a big deal here. Cheers for taking a stab with the special main event. Just wanted to give some feedback since you said people tend to skip the Diva stuff.


              • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                Originally posted by Ness
                I saw your promotional post in the fed thread and decided I just had to give you a review of just your main event. even if it's not going to do your undercard justice. I know it's frowned on here (and well the business in general), but as a fan of it I have to applaud you for what you did. I'm not sure if it's a big deal in your fed or anything, but to take the main event it must have had some build. I can't see you putting it here "just cuz" unless you really did it due to your recent "why hate man?" post in the fed thread. Anyways...

                A tables match? As in go through to lose or simply legal? We shall see I suppose.

                Two self-inflicted falls, eh? I figured falling through the ropes would break the table, but anyone whos seen botches knows that they have a habit of not breaking a lot. Faithbreaker off a ladder (?), was it? I thought they were just off the top turnbuckle? Anyways pretty big finish there, similar to the ending to the match Laycool had this past week. Obviously there have been bigger table spots (Lita falling off and Mae Young's tumble), but still a big deal here. Cheers for taking a stab with the special main event. Just wanted to give some feedback since you said people tend to skip the Diva stuff.
                There was a Faithbreaker off of the Ladder at Extreme Rules to beat Melina and this time it was through a table to meet her. Think of that move as her kyrponite if you wish.

                There has been a lot of build for this, was sort of the feud-ender.

                Thanks again, Ness.

                EDIT: Just realized my mistake, I meant turnbuckle instead of ladder.
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                • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything


                  Charlie Haas was released from his WWE contract on May 4th 2009 and now over a month after the release, Charlie Haas has agreed to a tell-all interview with An interview in which Haas shoots on the WWE, the company he worked for. He tells all about the backstage politics, his position, the reason for his release and much more.

                  Below, are Haas' tell-all stories on several topics.

                  ON HIS WWE SIGNING:

                  "It was a great moment for me and I can only thank WWE for that. They brought me and Shelton in and decided to do a lot of stuff with us with Kurt Angle and that's a huge way to debut. We started off so well, we worked hard and we won gold. We got ourselves noticed and we showed what we can do but obviously WWE lost interest in that."


                  "I guess in a way it all went downhill when Shelton was drafted to RAW. I don't understand why they did that, you know, you had me and Shelton having the whole World's Greatest Tag Team thing and we worked hard to solidify that name and then he gets drafted. He went to RAW and really excelled as a face and I got Miss. Jackie, my wife as a valet. I loved working with my wife and I teamed with Rico, so it got off to a good start with the title win but two months later we were title-less and I was put in a love-triangle with my wife and Dawn Marie. That can work for wrestlers, but not for me. I'm a no-nonsense grappler, I'm not a character who should be involved in soppy love triangles. After that I teamed with Hardcore Holly and we did next to nothing and then I got released with my wife. I wasn't too angry about it but I felt they could've done more with me."


                  "WWE called and they were like 'Charlie, do you want your job back? We have this huge angle, you return and defeat Shelton Benjamin. The crowd will go crazy, we felt we were wrong to release you and we think you can become a major player.", I later learned that this was all a load of talk just to make me sign, sweet-talk if you will. I heard they didn't want me signing for TNA who were becoming big so they signed me up. I took it because I believed them and I wanted and needed the money. I have a beautiful wife and beautiful kids to care for. Thing is, I came back and defeated Benjamin and was then on HEAT every week. I wasn't doing anything in a storyline, I was honestly, and I'm not being big-headed, having the best matches on HEAT every single week but Vince chose to ignore me."


                  "For that to take off I actually had to knock Lillian Garcia off of the apron. It was accidental of course, but to me, that's sad that I had to accidentally knock an announcer off of the apron to get a proper storyline and even then, it wasn't proper. I was feuding with Vis, who is a great guy but he wore pjamas to the ring and wrestled in them. Honestly, you know you're going nowhere in that case. I loved when I was told me and Benjamin were getting back together as a team because that's where we excelled and it was obvious WWE didn't see anything in me as a singles wrestler, why I don't know. But we did great, we had heat, we wrestled guys like HBK and Cena and a great Ladder Match at One Night Stand against the Hardys. I was very angry when they drafted Shelton to ECW because we had something good going with our team."


                  "I had this really bad gimmick beforehand were I wore a mask and I was a superhero then I wasn't when I got unmasked, then I got beat. It was ridiculous. Anyway, I got that impersonation gig, again I would've went with another gimmick but it worked. I had a blast in the end performing as Hulk Hogan and many other people and the crowd were into it. For the first time as a singles wrestler, I was given an opportunity, I took the ball and ran with it and then WWE or Vince McMahon screwed it up. Story of my WWE career. I got drafted to SmackDown and I was really frustrated about it."


                  "As I say, I was frustrated because I had to re-connect with a whole different audience. It would've been fine had I kept the impersonation gimmick but I was back to just Charlie Haas and as I say I wanted in the beginning to be a proper wrestler but then the impersonation gimmick took off and they gave me no gimmick. I needed something to work with, me being regular Charlie Haas and walking out, sometimes without a TV entrance, I wasn't gonna connect and then I lost to John Morrison. Myself and Benjamin began working together again but I didn't get my hopes high. I never made my frustrations public because I knew that would only jeporadise my position. I was smart enough to know I had good money coming in. Sure, I would've liked to have been actually earning it by doing something week in and out but a paycheck is a paycheck."


                  "I was waiting you know, for the call to say, you're needed for a taping. Strangely, I didn't expect one about a release like I'd had before. But I'd be sitting around at home, enjoying the spare time with my wife and kids, don't get me wrong but I'd be getting all these promises that I'd get my shot soon, that they were just pushing some new guys. For me, it got to the point that I was saying 'why can't I be the one to promote these guys?' Like, why couldn't I be taking the pinfall losses because I wanted to be doing something but sitting at home and then when I was going to work, I was put in nothing matches. I mean, I wasn't putting anyone over that was new, I was just doing nothing matches and I was unhappy working there and it rubbed off in my home life and that's when I realized I needed to get out. I asked for my release."


                  "Yeah, I met with Vince after telling Johnny Ace that I wanted a release and Vince basically said to me straight to my face that he didn't want me going to TNA so he was giving me a substantial pay-rise. I don't get it though, if you think I'm that much of an assest to someone like TNA why don't you make me a star, why don't you do something with me. I didn't say this to him, I just said that I would take it after he gave me promises that I'd be in a world title match, I knew it wouldn't happen but I have a wife and kids to look after and that money helped but again I was doing nothing and I was unhappy and me and Jackie were having arguments. It wasn't healthy but I didn't ask for my release again because there was always the uncertainty that I'd go somewhere else and get paid poorly and earn less than what I was getting with the pay rise."


                  "I was really angry about the World Tour because I knew I was asked to be a part of it even though I knew I'd likely be doing dark matches and on top of that I had to leave my family and to see them I'd have to fly back from a location on the World Tour to USA every week which I'd have done because I'm a devoted family man. Anyway, we were in Mexico and I was, shockingly, booked for the SmackDown show in Guadalajara. So, I'm all geared-up ready to face The Hurricane and then Johnny Ace comes up to me and says that I'm dropped for the card, they think they'd be better giving Ryan Braddock the re-debut on the show. I lost it, I said to him that he could easily put me in Hurricane's place because I'd been off TV so long I could easily walk back in as a face and then maybe get the Haas Pop and get beaten. My frustrations had reached boiling point, I pushed Johnny and I said I wanted them to do something with me, anything. Ace then told me right to my face that Vince had given them orders not to push me because I was getting the 'Haas Pop' and because I wasn't good enough and this was as far back as my return to WWE. Knowing all these false promises and lies Vince told me, I pushed Johnny Ace to the floor, it wasn't his fault and I have since apologized but I went right up to Vince's office in the arena and Vince was standing outside talking to a creative writer and I got right in Vince's face and told him if he didn't think I had anything to offer his company then why was I on the pay-roll and why was he so keen to keep me.

                  He tried to talk me down so I pushed him back against the wall and a bunch of wrestlers got involved. I knew right then I was fired, in a way I was relived to be fired but those same worries about money crept in."

                  ON WHY HE WASN'T PUSHED:

                  It’s simple, I wasn’t pushed because I wasn’t on steroids, I wasn’t HUGE, I wasn’t a John Cena. Fact of the matter is, I’m a better worker than John Cena, I busted my ass for years to get to the WWE and what does John Cena do? He walks in, muscular physique, there’s the WWE Championship! Heck, they’re pushing some Scottish guy right now just because one of the bookers is Scottish, that’s ridiculous! McIntyre goes out to silence every week yet he’s pushed so hard.

                  WWE refused to push me because I wasn’t there typical muscular wrestler. It seems to make it in WWE, you have to have the look, be super-muscular, the ability to get the fans behind you and absolutely be crap in the ring. Look at it this way, when I was doing those impersonations? The crowd were going crazy every night, I was out-working EVERYONE on the entire card but did I get rewarded? Not a chance. John Cena goes out and gets people screaming for him and he sloppily lands a couple shoulder tackles. Drew McIntyre goes out and he bees’ Scottish and gets pushed.

                  Triple H gets fans going crazy for him but he married Vince’s daughter so he gets pushed. I was never making it in WWE despite the fact I worked harder and was a better worker than the majority of the roster.”

                  ON THE HAAS POP:

                  "I heard Vince coined the phrase because I was, in his mind, a 'boring wrestler'. Apparently it means putting in a tonne of effort but getting no reaction. That was me when they would have me in nothing matches but when I was given the chance, like the impersonation gimmick, I ran with the ball and got the crowd reaction. They created the Haas Pop, not me."


                  "Shelton's good but come on now, he's been in WWE for a decade and he's got so much talent, so much talent but like me, they aren't using him right. He's in a comfort zone though, he's fine, he's making money and he's making more appearances than I ever did. I think he should leave, I was worried to leave but I did and I am making money with ROH. I have the freedom to do whatever I want in my matches and show that I'm one of the best in the world."

                  ON SIGNING WITH ROH:

                  "I was just sitting at home with my wife and kids and I got a call from ROH management, they just said they wanted to offer me a big contract to become THEIR star. I accepted immediately, maybe it was foolish of me because of the false promises I'd had in WWE but I'm excited to make my debut in the main event for the ROH title, that's an amazing debut. I can show ROH what I can give them and show WWE what they missed out on."


                  "I've had no contact from TNA but I wouldn't sign right now, ROH is my deal."

                  ON IF HE WOULD EVER RETURN TO WWE:

                  "Never say never. That sounds weird, right? I've trashed WWE in this interview and then I say that. Thing is, if I do, and I will show WWE what they missed out on by putting on five star classics in ROH, yes, I'm that confident, then they might come calling with a big-money contract. If they do, it's in my and my families best interests to take it to care for my family. Only if it's a big deal, I doubt they could afford to do nothing with me in that instance and seeing exactly what I'm capable of, if giving the chance, they'd be foolish not to. If they come with an offer tomorrow, I'd say no, obviously."

                  2013 TBG Poster of the Year

                  Scotland, Celtic and FC Basel
                  CELTIC (SPFL CHAMPIONS 2013/14)
                  FC BASEL (SSL CHAMPIONS 2013/2014; SWISS CUP FINALISTS)


                  • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                    WWE European Bash
                    Live from Kosice, Slovakia
                    June 28th 2009
                    Steel Arena

                    The ‘We Promised You a Great Main Event’ package begins playing and runs through before stopping. The WWE logo appears on the screen before gently fading away and the European Bash logo comes onto the screen and then we dive into a video package.

                    “Tonight, the WWE Superstars walk into battle…”

                    We see very quick flashing pictures of everyone in a match tonight.

                    “Tonight, there’s gonna be a bash…”

                    We see action shots of everyone in the match tonight.

                    “The only difference is that it won’t be an American Bash.”

                    A large Slovakian flag is now on the screen.

                    “Tonight, that bash is European.”

                    We see John Cena raising his belt in the air.

                    “It won’t be a party, it’ll be a war as superstars try and make an impact.”

                    We see The Brian Kendrick hitting Goldust with The Kendrick.

                    “It’s the European Bash in name, but the WWE Superstars can’t be tamed. It’s gonna’ be a war and you’re invited to this Bash. Tonight, June 28 2009 in Kosice, Slovakia… The European Bash.”

                    Suddenly, Never Surrender by Skillet begins playing and we are told Terminator: Salvation sponsors The European Bash this evening. The compact Steel Arena in Slovakia is lit up by pyrotechnics exploding all over the stage. Finally, the smoke created by the fireworks clear and the set is fully-revealed. A massive HD screen sits at the top and at either side are two Slovakian flags, on the stage are a bunch of flags from Europe and the European Bash logo graphic splashed across them. The camera pans the crowd before finally going to the announce table of Jim Ross andJerry Lawler.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “For the first-time ever, the Bash goes European as we invite you to Kosice, Slovakia and the European Bash. I am Jim Ross alongside Jerry Lawler and this PPV will be extra-special King as it is the last PPV that WWE will present on this World Tour and what a fitting match for RAW to produce, what is sure to be a match that captures fans imagination while being sadistic and brutal at the same time. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy inside the demonic Hell in a Cell.”

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    “This World Tour has been a lot of fun JR, but that fun definitely stops in our main event as John Cena faces Mr. Kennedy with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Right now though, let me cross you over to SmackDown’s, Todd Grisham.”

                    The camera pans over to Todd Grisham, the camera is focused only on him.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the blue side of the European Bash. I am Todd Grisham, as you know tonight Matt Striker, the regular SmackDown commentator, is wrestling Dolph Ziggler and is backstage preparing for that contest which means tonight I am joined for one-night only by the returning Tazz!”

                    “It’s good to be back Todd, this one is gonna’ be off the hook. You know why? Because not only do we have Striker and Ziggler, we have SmackDown’s huge main event. CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE title, it’s a deeply personal feud after CM Punk cashed in Money in the Bank last month to steal Kingston’s first WWE title and Kingston will be itching to get it back. Now though, let’s go over to my ECW buddies in Joey Styles and Josh Matthews to see what’s on paper for ECW this evening.”

                    The camera pans to the aforementioned announce team.

                    Joey Styles:
                    “Thanks Tazz, yes, I am Joey Styles alongside Josh Matthews. We invite you to the ECW brand to let you know what’s in-store from the Land of Extreme tonight. Two huge matches from us, The Brian Kendrick vs. Goldust for the TV title and Edge taking on newcomer Tyler Reks with the Edge’s ECW title on the line.”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “Over the past few weeks, Goldust has had Kendrick’s number and you could say Reks has had Edge’s but what will happen on this night here at the European Bash?”

                    Match 1
                    ECW Television Championship
                    The Brian Kendrick © vs. Goldust

                    The camera focuses back on Joey Styles.

                    Joey Styles:
                    “Before we get started, let’s take you on a trip down memory lane and show you just how we got here to this next match.”

                    ***VIDEO RECAP***
                    • We see The Brian Kendrick talking up his win the previous night at Extreme Rules against Jeff Hardy and then having a match with Goldust that he, surprisingly, loses.
                    • We see Kendrick announcing that Goldust has a match with him at the European Bash as a result of his win the previous week and the backstage brawl that followed.
                    • We see Goldust defeating Kendrick in a six-man tag the week before European Bash.

                    Tony Chimel:
                    “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ECW Television Championship!”

                    SHATTERED DREAMS
                    plays as the crowd go crazy for the Bizarre One, Goldust as he comes onto the stage in all his get-up. Goldust taunts at the top of the ramp before continuing down to the ring and then entering it.

                    Tony Chimel:
                    “Introducing first, the challenger, from Hollywood, California and weighing in at 240lbs… The Bizarre One… GOLDUST!”

                    MAN WITH A PLAN
                    is next to sound and those cheers that were for Goldust turn into boos for Kendrick who cockily struts onto the stage before breaking into one of his trademark dances. He has the ECW Television Championship over his shoulder and he continues down the ramp without his Ruthless Roundtable. He rolls into the ring and holds his title in the air before handing it to the referee.

                    Tony Chimel:
                    “Making his way to the ring from Olympia, Washington weighing in and 184lbs… he is the ECW Television Champion… THE… BRIAN… KENDRICK!”
                    Joey Styles:
                    “This is sure to be an exciting opener right here folks as The Brian Kendrick defends his ECW TV Title against Goldust a man who has now beaten him twice. Kendrick has never defeated Goldust, not good odds tonight for the Man with the Plan, but does that man have a plan, Josh?”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “You never know what’s up the sleeve of The Brian Kendrick. He has that vicious, Ruthless Roundtable by his side and they are certainly conspicuous by their absence at ringside.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    The crowd cheer the beginning of this contest as Kendrick and Goldust circle each other and then lock up. Goldust pushes Kendrick into the ropes and Kendrick breaks off clearly frustrated that Goldust over-powered him. Kendrick walks forward to Goldust defiantly but gets the famous Goldust taunt as he breathes right on Kendrick. Kendrick jumps back but is caught with a right hand too that knocks him down. Kendrick exits the ring and kicks the steel steps clearly disgruntled. Kendrick runs up the stairs and runs across the apron looking to get back in the ring but Goldust hits a clothesline which flips Kendrick upside-down right to the ringmat below. Kendrick hits the mat hard and begins coughing holding his ribs. Goldust exits the ring and waits on the apron for Kendrick and goes for a double axe handle but Kendrick manages to muster a dropkick right to the face as Goldust also hits the ring mats.

                    Kendrick manages to pick himself to his feet, a large visible red mark on his stomach. Kendrick picks up Goldust, some of his facepaint as came off as Kendrick throws him into the ring. Kendrick throws himself, ropes-assisted into the ring but Goldust gets his foot up right into the jaw of Kendrick knocking Kendrick down. Goldust climbs over for a cover but the man with a plan gets the shoulder up. Goldust stands up and bounces off of the ropes just in time for Kendrick getting up and he hits Kendrick with a hard clothesline. Kendrick gets to his feet and walks into a hard suplex but once more Kendrick is able to get the shoulder up.

                    Goldust gets to his feet and begins clapping as the crowd get behind him. He is amped up and Kendrick gets to his feet and stumbles across to Goldust. Goldust throws a right but Kendrick knees him right in the gut and drops him with a DDT. Kendrick signals that this one is about to finish as he lifts Goldust up. He sets up for The Kendrick and runs up the turnbuckle and falls back but Goldust grabs the ropes and Kendrick falls down the back to his feet. Goldust throws an elbow that catches Kendrick in the face. Goldust turns just as Kendrick runs forward and the Bizarre One lands a drop-toe-hold as Kendrick hits the second turnbuckle face-first. Goldust tries a roll-up but Kendrick barely gets out at two.

                    Goldust does his signature taunt and waits for Kendrick, he grabs him from behind looking for the Final Cut but Kendrick fights out and lands a hard kick to the side of Goldust’s face knocking Goldust back into the ropes. Kendrick runs forward but Goldust lands a shoulder block before channeling Hulk Hogan and landing a leg drop, Goldust hooks the leg but Kendrick gets the shoulder up. Goldust climbs up to the turnbuckle trying to get the crowd involved and jumps off with a crossbody right into a dropkick by Kendrick! Kendrick gets up grabbing Goldust who is holding his ribs, he lands The Kendrick and this one is over.

                    Winner: The Brian Kendrick via The Kendrick

                    Kendrick is given his title belt as the crowd boo him. He exits the ring and his Ruthless Roundtable have came out to celebrate with him. Kendrick is smirking as he makes his way up the ramp.

                    Joey Styles:
                    “Well, we expected a highly-physical match-up and that’s exactly what we got but in all honestly, we expected Kendrick to have a trick up his sleeve but although Goldust came close, Kendrick defeated the Bizarre One, one, two, three. No help from his Ruthless Roundtable just like there wasn’t any last month at Extreme Rules.”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “Goldust was moving around that ring like a twenty-year old just getting a big break, that passion and desire is back in the Bizarre One but it wasn’t enough to upstage that cocky upstart, The Brian Kendrick and that man is STILL your ECW Television Champion.”


                    We go backstage with Josh Matthews standing smiling into the camera after a short video package. Matthews must’ve got back there quick. He says at this time he is joined by the undefeated, Drew McIntyre. McIntyre walks into shot to a chorus of boos looking cocky and confident. Matthews says that tonight, Drew McIntyre has the biggest match of his career against Hulk Hogan. In this match, if McIntyre loses, he has to leave Hulk Hogan alone and stop with his obsession to retire him but if Hulk Hogan loses, Hogan does have to retire. Matthews asks McIntyre how he feels.

                    McIntyre says that he feels great because he knows he’s going to end the career of that has been Hulk Hogan. McIntyre says it’s about time all those Hulkamaniacs faced it, Hogan didn’t come back as a General Manager to be a General Manager, he came back so he could worm his way into wrestling again. McIntyre says that Hogan wanted to come back as a wrestler but wasn’t allowed due to how old he is and how poor he is in the ring and how much of a has been he is but only after he and Jericho pleaded with the Board of Directors, is Hogan back in the ring.

                    McIntyre says that he and Jericho were the only one’s that managed to see through Hogan’s ‘General Manager’ position and they gave him what he wanted, a return to the ring but now, tonight, he’s gonna end Hogan’s career forever and see how much Hogan liked his return to the ring. McIntyre walks off to boos…


                    Match 2
                    Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Striker

                    The camera pans to the SmackDown announce booth.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Welcome over to SmackDown, as you know I’m Todd Grisham alongside Tazz who is filling in tonight for Matt Striker who is about to face Dolph Ziggler in a match that came about after weeks of torment from Ziggler to Striker simply because my partner, Striker, gave his honest opinion.”

                    **VIDEO RECAP**
                    • We see Dolph Ziggler come out and play a video of Matt Striker on his show ‘The Classroom’. In the video, Striker says that Dolph Ziggler has potential but he isn’t showing his true potential yet on SmackDown and in WWE. We see Striker receiving a Zig-Zag during that same segment.
                    • We see Dolph Ziggler seemingly try and apologize to Matt Striker the following week before eventually attacking him with a steel chair before proceeding to plant Todd Grisham with a Zig-Zag.
                    • We see Striker accept Ziggler’s challenge for the European Bash only to get whacked by the camera-man as he left the ring. That camera-man of course being Dolph Ziggler.
                    • We see Matt Striker jump Ziggler who was filling in for him as commentator while he ‘stayed home’ from the crowd.
                    • We see Ziggler defeat Santino Marella before Striker confronts him but after a low blow and a Zig-Zag, Ziggler leaves Striker down and out again.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “The following contest is scheduled for one fall.”

                    STRIKING OUT
                    hits as the crowd cheer as Matt Striker comes onto the stage in white wrestling trunks, kneepads and boots. Striker continues down the ramp and claps a few fans hands, he is still in good shape. He enters the ring ready to go.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Introducing first, from Bayside, New York City weighing in at 224lbs… MATT… STRIKER!”

                    plays next and the crowd boo loudly as Dolph Ziggler comes onto the stage, Jenny Cash by his side who is wearing a purple dress. Ziggler is wearing his black shorts. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring not taking his eyes from Striker, he gets a microphone.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Making his way to the ring from Hollywood, Florida weighing 221lbs… he is the Natural… DOLPH ZIGGLER!”

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “This rivalry has been going on for five weeks Tazz and for the vast majority of those weeks, Ziggler has been attacking my broadcast colleague Matt Striker who is definitely ready to go.”

                    Ziggler walks back to the middle of the ring smirking. He says over the past few weeks, he and Striker have had their differences to say the least. Ziggler says this match isn’t just to prove who is better or for Striker to try and get his big return win. Ziggler says he wants to propose something to Matt Striker, Ziggler says if he wins he wants for this Friday on SmackDown for Matt Striker to shake his hand and declare him the better man, declare that he is the future of the WWE and declare that he is perfection as a wrestler. The crowd are booing as Striker snatches the microphone. Striker says he accepts on one condition, if he (Striker) wins then Ziggler will have to apologize in front of the world for his actions. Ziggler tries to yank the microphone back but Striker holds it away from him. Ziggler marches across the ring, quickly grabs another and tells Striker he’s on before throwing it down. He kisses Cash before going to his corner.

                    “Big-time stipulations agreed right there, Todd, if Matt Striker wins then Dolph Ziggler has to publicly apologize for his actions in recent weeks, however, if Ziggler wins then Matt Striker will have to tell the world this Friday that Dolph Ziggler is a future World Champion.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    Ziggler and Striker walk forward and are face-to-face. ‘What’cha gonna do, Matt, huh? You’re washed-up, you can’t go anymore, you can’t wrestle…’ and with that Striker wallops Ziggler with a right hand before delivering a clothesline. Ziggler gets to his feet but walks right into a powerslam but as he is slamming him down, Striker sticks his knee out and the top of Ziggler’s back and head hit Striker’s knee in a sort of powerslam/backbreaker combo. Striker hooks the leg of Ziggler but The Natural shows his natural instincts by getting his shoulder up. Striker grabs Ziggler by the hair and stands him up. He whips Ziggler against the ropes and lands a big back body drop. Striker begins getting momentum and bounces off of the ropes landing a great spinning heel kick to Dolph Ziggler, Striker once more goes for the cover but the Master of the Zig-Zag is able to kick out.

                    Striker waits for Ziggler to get to his feet and runs forward but Ziggler manages to grab Striker’s head in a head-lock and begins applying pressure on the sleeper hold before driving him down to the mat hard. Ziggler gets to his feet and taunts but is clearly frustrated by Matt Striker’s determination. Ziggler waits for Striker to sit up and lands a hard football kick right to his back before throwing him back to the mat and hooking the leg but Striker is able to kick out. Ziggler begins taunting Striker waiting for him to get up but then Striker pulls the ropes down and Ziggler falls right over but he lands on his feet. Striker rolls out but Ziggler hides behind Cash leaving Striker with no option to attack Ziggler without hitting Ziggler’s girlfriend. Striker does advance though and Ziggler throws Cash right into Striker’s arms. Striker gently goes to move her out of the way but she delivers a slap right to his face and Ziggler runs in following it up with a facebuster to the knee and then pushing Striker back hard against the steel steps.

                    The referee however has got Cash’s attention and is sending her to the back. Ziggler is trying to protest to the referee but he can’t argue Cash’s dismissal. He turns to her and embraces her before she angrily heads up the ramp. Ziggler turns and tries to run side and knee-first into Striker against the steps but Striker moves out of the way and Ziggler crashes side-first into the steps and flips over them. Striker looks to capitalize as he holds the back of his head, he grabs Ziggler and throws him in the ring. Striker goes for the cover but it isn’t enough as Ziggler gets out at two. Striker then signals for his signature submission, the Happy Monkey Submission and as Ziggler stumbles to his feet, Striker locks in the Rear Naked Choke. Ziggler falls to his knees as Striker keeps the hold in but just as it looks like he’s about to tap, Striker stops and stands up. He exits the ring and grabs a microphone and re-enters the ring. Striker says that when he was a teacher he always had the one Golden Rule: Don’t mess with Striker and Ziggler is about to learn that. Striker then sets Ziggler up for the Golden Rule but Ziggler manages to fight out. Striker goes for a clothesline but Ziggler ducks and quickly catches him with the Zig-Zag and gets the three count out of nowhere.

                    Winner: Dolph Ziggler via the Zig-Zag

                    Ziggler exits the ring after delivering a final stomp right to Striker’s face. Ziggler meets his girlfriend Jenny Cash outside of the ring and then goes into his shorts. He now has a microphone and he gets down on one knee and proposes to her! The crowd boo loudly as Cash shouts she will into the microphone after Ziggler asks her. They embrace as they continue up the ramp.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Well, Dolph Ziggler defeating Matt Striker tonight in a hard-fought match and now this… Ziggler and Jenny Cash are now engaged to be married.”

                    “I’ll get to that in a minute Todd, but Matt Striker done exceptionally well tonight. He kept up with Ziggler, he maintained Ziggler’s attack and arsenal and he frustrated and surprised Ziggler with his heart and determination. Remember, Striker’s been out of the ring for well over a year now, so to get four weeks notice of a return match and get back into ring shape and back to your best so quickly is an amazing feat and one I’m not sure I could’ve accomplished. Striker just got caught up in the emotion of the beating he was giving Ziggler before the finish and wanted to send that message loud and clear via the microphone, unfortunately, he took too much time and Ziggler finished him off in this match with that dangerous Zig-Zag and now Dolph has proposed to Jenny Cash and they’re getting married I guess, congrats Ziggler but still, I applaud Striker.”

                    Striker gets to his feet looking disappointed as the crowd clap him on. He exits the ring and shakes hands with all the announcers before taking a microphone:

                    ‘I… I can’t thank the WWE Universe enough for all the support over the last four weeks. It’s been amazing to get back into the ring one last time and yes, I didn’t win, yes I was beaten by Dolph Ziggler but to me, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t want to admit it, you don’t want me to admit it but Dolph Ziggler is an amazing talent and he showed me his true potential tonight. I was a loser tonight but this Friday on SmackDown I’ll go back to my announce booth and do what I do best and announce for you every Friday night. I’ll look Ziggler in the eyes this Friday and I’ll tell him he is a future World Champion, maybe with some hesitation but don’t get me wrong, it’s true. I give Ziggler the praise for coming out victor tonight, congratulations Dolph.’

                    Striker walks off to cheers by a slightly confused crowd.


                    We go backstage and AJ Lee is putting on some kneepads in preparation for her match with Maryse later. She begins doing some stretches when Maryse, flanked by Gail Kim, comes into the room. Maryse says that AJ Lee is wasting her time getting ready for the match later because everyone knows the Sexiest of the Sexy will win. Maryse says that AJ Lee might have pinned her on RAW, but it was a fluke, plain and simple and it won’t happen tonight.

                    AJ Lee stops stretching and says it’s funny because on her debut, she took Maryse to the limit and on any other day, she could’ve defeated her one, two, three… two weeks ago, she defeated Gail Kim, one, two, three and then last week she defeated Maryse, one, two, three with the Shining Wizard. AJ Lee says she is gonna go one better tonight when she smashes her knee into Maryse’s jaw and beats her one, two, three to become the Divas Champion. She says one, two, three and that’s it, new champion.

                    Maryse seems worried by these words and walks off angrily with Gail.


                    Match 3
                    Randy Orton vs. Bryan Danielson

                    We return to the announce table of Todd Grisham and Tazz.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Welcome back to the SmackDown side of things as we gear up for Bryan Danielson vs. Randy Orton. For the first time in ten years, it’s Orton and Danielson, what’s your opinion, Tazz?”

                    “I may only be a on a one-night contract tonight Todd, but let me tell you, I keep up with WWE every single week and the past few weeks on SmackDown have been huge. Ten years ago, Bryan Danielson defeated Randy Orton. Orton has never forgotten it, let’s remind you of how this started.”

                    ***VIDEO RECAP***
                    • We see some grainy footage of a young Bryan Danielson and Randy Orton wrestling each other on the independents and Danielson catching Orton with a roll-up.
                    • We see Danielson’s debut on SmackDown, saving Finlay from the punt and attacking Orton.
                    • We see Danielson defeating Legacy in a 2-on-1 handicap match.
                    • The same week, we learn that Danielson pinned Orton ten years ago and Orton hasn’t forgotten it and he lambasts Danielson for thinking he’s a big name for wrestling in bingo halls with 50 fans who call him the Best in the World.
                    • We see Danielson attacking Legacy the following week and getting to Orton who high-tails it into the crowd.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “The following contest is scheduled for one fall.”

                    THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
                    hits and the crowd go crazy as Bryan Danielson comes onto the stage taunting. He continues down the ramp to a huge cheer. Danielson enters the ring ready for action.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Introducing first from Aberdeen, Washington weighing in at 190lbs… he is The American Dragon… BRYAN DANIELSON!”

                    hits and Randy Orton comes onto the stage carrying a microphone as Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes come out by his side. Orton tells them to wait a minute, he’s not having his night end in a defeat because of Rhodes and Swagger and until they can learn to compete as a TEAM then they won’t be accompanying him to the ring. Orton sends them backstage, they protest, but eventually leave. Orton continues down the ramp staring a hole through Danielson. He then enters the ring.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Making his way to the ring from St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 245lbs… he is The Viper… RANDY ORTON!”

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “It’s ten years in the making, Bryan Danielson taking on Randy Orton here. Ten years ago, as we mentioned, Danielson pinned Orton one, two, three and Orton’s looking to return the favour here tonight at the European Bash.”

                    “Danielson is a no-nonsense competitor, according to Orton, the 50 fans Danielson wrestled in front of called him the best in the world, but that’s 50 people calling him the best in the world, unanimously. Danielson’s gonna give Orton a real test here, a scare possibly as I don’t think Orton expects that big of a test. It’ll be real interesting because it’s no secret how these two have improved in the last ten years.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    The bell rings and Orton immediately charges towards Danielson but Danielson lands a quick drop-toe-hold as Orton’s face smashes against the canvas. Orton angrily gets to his feet holding his nose and takes Danielson down with a hard clothesline. Orton begins stomping away at Danielson, furious that this ‘nobody’ to him got the upper-hand early. Orton goes around the torso of Danielson stomping at every limb but then Danielson moves and Orton stomps the ring mat jarring his knee, he falls to one knee holding the other knee and Danielson aims a kick at Orton’s knee taking Orton down. Orton pulls himself up using the ropes, the camera getting a close-up of an angry Orton. Orton turns and is clotheslined right over the top rope. Orton trying to show no sign of weakness gets up quickly and kicks and bangs the crowd barrier with his fist and feet. Orton turns and Danielson does a plancha to the outside but Orton catches him and swings him around toward the crowd barrier but Danielson steadies himself on his feet and kicks Orton right in the face sending Orton stumbling back. Danielson then hits a crossbody from the crowd barrier before throwing Orton into the ring only to get two.

                    Danielson waits for Orton who retreats in the corner and Danielson’s hands a high knee to the chin much like CM Punk but instead of going for a bulldog he lands a quick snap suplex before again going for the cover but much to his angst, Orton kicks out. Danielson stands up and raises his arm trying to get the crowd behind him as an increasingly weary Orton gets to his feet but Danielson runs but Orton catches him in a headlock and then lands the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker. Orton throws Danielson off and then does his arms outstretched taunt to huge boos before dropping into the cover, Danielson raises the shoulder at two.

                    Orton grabs Danielson by the hair and begins delivering closed-fist punches but stops as the referee then warns him. Orton picks up Danielson and delivers a hard right knocking Danielson back into the ropes, he whips Danielson across the ring and as Danielson comes back Orton lands a picture-perfect dropkick to the face of Danielson that brings the best in the world to his knees. Orton picks Danielson up from his knees in a DDT position but Danielson pushes him back into the ropes. Danielson then runs forward but Orton moves as Danielson flies through the middle rope, but he has enough composure to grab the ropes and hang on at the apron. As Danielson pulls himself up though, Orton grabs the American Dragon through the ropes and lands his patented DDT.

                    The kickout from Danielson seemed inevitable and it happened. Orton frustrated gets to his feet looking for the punt, he runs forward but Danielson moves, roll-up but Orton gets out quickly. Orton is on his knees, wide-eyed in shock that he almost got beat again and Danielson lands a hard enziguri to Orton’s head. The cover only gets two though. Danielson signals for his signature diving headbutt and climbs the top rope. He looks around at the crowd but he “ as Orton jumps up, playing possum and brings Danielson down into the RKO! Orton quickly turns Danielson over and gets the three.

                    Winner: Randy Orton via the RKO

                    Orton quickly exits the ring happy with his victory in this match against Bryan Danielson. He takes one look back at Danielson before storming up the ramp.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Orton happy to win here and not sticking around though, he knows he was run close by Danielson tonight. Many will say Danielson had the better of the match but one RKO from Randy Orton was just enough.”

                    “I think Danielson just had bad luck tonight, he thought he had Orton down and out for his Diving Headbutt, but Orton is very ring-savvy, he’s worked in the world’s biggest wrestling organization for over seven years and he was playing possum. Sure, Danielson’s good but he’s barely even begun in the big-leagues, in the WWE and you need to make sure 100% that your opponent is down and out before you fly high or else you risk them getting up and turning the tables and possibly winning the match, just like Orton did tonight. Bryan, maybe another night kid.”


                    We go backstage once again and this time CM Punk is standing in his locker-room, the WWE Championship over his shoulder, thinking. Punk is wearing a hoodie also, he picks up his WWE title ready to leave the room when he bumps right into Festus. ‘What do you want?’ asks Punk as Festus stares at him blankly. Punk shrugs this off and walks by Festus who isn’t responding one bit.


                    Match 4
                    Retirement Match (if Hulk Hogan loses, he MUST retire)
                    Drew McIntyre vs. Hulk Hogan

                    This time we go to the announce table of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “In mere moments folks, we could be watching the very last match Hulk Hogan will ever wrestle in. The General Manager of Monday Night RAW hasn’t been able to set into that role because of Drew McIntyre and originally, Chris Jericho. It’s led to this tonight, let’s take you back.”

                    **VIDEO PACKAGE**
                    • We see Hulk Hogan being introduced as the new General Manager of Monday Night RAW. We then see Jericho and McIntyre attacking Hogan and hitting their respective finishers.
                    • We see Hogan coming out on RAW only to be attacked from behind by McIntyre and Jericho after Hogan’s refusal to scrap the match he made between the aforementioned duo.
                    • We see Hogan banning McIntyre and Jericho the same week for the following week’s show.
                    • We see Hogan announcing he is coming out of retirement as a wrestler to compete with Jericho and McIntyre. We then see a video of McIntyre and Jericho breaking in to Hulk Hogan’s house and attacking his son, Nick and throwing him through a glass coffee table.
                    • We see Hulk Hogan defeating Jericho to keep his career alive.
                    • We see Hogan accepting one final match this time against McIntyre at European Bash.

                    Lillian Garcia:
                    “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. However, if Hulk Hogan is to lose this contest he will be forced to retire from the WWE.”

                    BROKEN DREAMS
                    hits as the arena descends into boos and the cocky and confident Drew McIntyre steps onto the stage. He continues down the ramp before entering the ring and grabbing a microphone.

                    Lillian Garcia:
                    “Introducing first, from Ayr, Scotland weighing in at 250lbs… The Sinister Scotsman… DREW MCINTYRE!”

                    McIntyre tells everyone to shut up and gets booed for his arrogance. He says in a few minutes the career of Hulk Hogan will be over because, he, Drew McIntyre will pin the legend of Hulkamania, 1, 2, 3 in the middle of the ring tonight. McIntyre says Hogan hasn’t a leg to stand on tonight and one Future Shock is all that will be needed. McIntyre says Hulk Hogan has no chance and everyone wearing red and yellow are wasting their time supporting a washed-up has been.

                    REAL AMERICAN
                    hits interrupting Drew McIntyre and the crowd go insane as the arena lights descend into a red and yellow mass. Hogan comes onto the stage and rips his red and yellow Hulkamania top off. He throws it down and points at an unfazed McIntyre before continuing to the ring.

                    Lillian Garcia:
                    “And his opponent, from Venice Beach, California weighing in at 302lbs… HULK… HOGAN!”

                    Jim Ross:
                    “Say what you want about Drew McIntyre, but he’s essentially forced Hogan into this position, into this match with his constant insults and tormenting of the Hall of Fame legend. Hogan’s fighting for his career tonight, all thanks to McIntyre because Hogan was only coming back to be a General Manager.”

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    “That’s precisely why Jericho and McIntyre started this JR, Hogan wasn’t back to be a GM, he was using that as a way to eventually get back into the ring. He pulled the wool over your eyes just like the WWE Universe.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    Hogan advances towards McIntyre and the Scotsman takes a big step back putting his upper body under the top rope ensuring that the referee will back up Hogan. Hogan is pushed back by the referee but Hogan just nails the referee with a right hand and advances forward but the referee, holding his head, has called for the bell before Hogan can get there! Hogan is disqualified!

                    Winner: Drew McIntyre via disqualification

                    Hogan has stopped in his tracks and is shocked as the crowd go crazy with boos and McIntyre smirks. He immediately exits the ring and grabs a microphone. He tells every brother to wait just a minute. He says that yes he is wrestling tonight but that doesn’t replace the fact that he is STILL contractually obligated to be the General Manager of Monday Night RAW, a position he still holds until it runs out, unless of course McIntyre retires him tonight. Hogan says he is re-starting the match and it will be no disqualification! The crowd go insane as McIntyre is wide-eyed in shock.

                    MATCH RESTARTED
                    BELL RINGS

                    McIntyre angrily runs towards Hogan but eats a big boot as the referee gets to his feet after restarting the match. Hogan cups his ear and bounces off of the ropes going for a leg drop but McIntyre rolls right out of the ring. McIntyre kicks the crowd barrier and seems to give up on the contest and climbs over the crowd barrier. McIntyre throws his hands in the air in a stroppy fashion before walking through the crowd. Hogan isn’t having it, he climbs out of the ring and clambers over the crowd barrier. McIntyre hasn’t looked back and is climbing the steps but Hogan grabs McIntyre by the hair after catching up, turns him and slams a right hand right into his face as the crowd go nuts. McIntyre falls into a sitting position on the stairs and begins throwing right hands over and over again as McIntyre tries to block. McIntyre throws a kick right at the bad knee of Hogan and Hogan steps back down the steps holding his knee.

                    McIntyre again attempts to leave and makes it up another flight of stairs and goes through a set of double-doors. Hogan recovers and soon follows as the camera pans to the announce table.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “A fairly unusual start to this contest King, McIntyre wanting nothing to do with Hulk Hogan who’s moving around like he’s in his prime again and now they have found their way backstage. We need a camera back there, folks, we need to keep up with this exciting action.”

                    Soon enough, a camera finds its way backstage and Hogan has caught up with McIntyre again, they begin trading blows and then Hogan grabs McIntyre and throws him face first into a wall. McIntyre stumbles back, dazed and then Hogan throws him right into a door which flies open. McIntyre begins crawling away as they continue down the corridors. Hogan removes the belt from his trunks and then begins whipping McIntyre as McIntyre groans in pain, bystanders watch this treatment from a distance as Hogan continues whipping McIntyre. McIntyre manages to turn and kicks at Hogan’s knee again bringing the Hulkster down to just one of his knees. McIntyre begins crawling faster before eventually standing and stumbling down the corridor. McIntyre has exited a door and is at the other side of the arena. Holding his back he walks down the steps and climbs the crowd barrier before entering the ring. McIntyre sits against the turnbuckle looking like he wishes this match was over.

                    Hulk Hogan, however, has appeared at the top of the ramp! Hogan points down at McIntyre once more and McIntyre closes his eyes tight and tries to pull himself up. Hogan climbs onto the apron looking ready to lay a beating on the Scotsman. Hogan goes to enter through the middle rope but McIntyre runs forward and grabs Hogan’s head going for the Future Shock through the ropes but Hogan flings himself back taking McIntyre right over the top rope to the floor, McIntyre hits hard right on his back. Hogan drops down from the apron and throws McIntyre into the ring before going for the cover himself but McIntyre is, barely, able to kick out at two.

                    Hogan lifts McIntyre up and slams him to the mat. McIntyre pulls himself to his feet holding his lower back, he is whipped into the turnbuckle and Hogan points to McIntyre. He runs forward with a hard clothesline then lifts McIntyre and sits him on the turnbuckle, Hogan climbs up and hooks McIntyre for a superplex. The crowd go crazy as Hogan signals for it. The camera focuses on Hogan who shouts 'this is for my career' and lands a huge superplex off of the turnbuckle! They bounce off of the mat and both lay motionless.

                    Jim Ross:
                    "Come on Hulk, come on, cover him Hogan!"

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    "JR, you really do get the feeling now that Hogan's doing everything, fighting for his career, doing everything, he's 54-years-old but risked serious injury with that superplex off of the top, especially with his bad back."

                    Hogan crawls slowly but surely over to McIntyre and gets his hand over McIntyre, the crowd count along willing on Hogan. 1...2... but as if in slow-motion, McIntyre gets his shoulder up.
                    The crowd boo loudly and Hogan climbs to his feet one more time, barely having anything left, McIntyre gets up and runs forward right into a big boot! Hogan falls to his knees but manages to pull himself up, he slowly bounces off of the ropes and hits his leg drop! The crowd go insane and Hogan hooks the leg for the cover.


                    The crowd are stunned! Hogan rolls off of McIntyre and puts his face in his hands, maybe he knows it's finished too. Hogan pulls himself to his feet using the ropes but McIntyre is waiting, Future Shock DDT! McIntyre gets the cover and ends the career of Hulk Hogan.

                    Winner: Drew McIntyre via the Future Shock DDT

                    McIntyre, tired, pulls himself up and gets his arm raised as the crowd boo loudly. McIntyre looks down at Hogan then BREAK DOWN THE WALLS and the booing continues as Chris Jericho, fired from RAW after losing to Hogan, comes onto the stage in a suit looking smug. Jericho enters the ring and shakes hands with McIntyre to more boos and they raise each others hands. Jericho then stomps Hogan right on the face busting his nose. The duo leave the ring.

                    Jim Ross:
                    "The legendary career of Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania has come to an end tonight. Hulk Hogan is officially retired. He threw everything he had at Drew McIntyre, everything, all the things that made him a multi time World Champion, that made him a legend but the Sinister Scotsman withstood the barrage and one Future Shock DDT was enough, for the apparent future of the WWE, to end Hogan's career."

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    "When you look back at all Hogan's done in his career, he's done so much but now his career is over. The Hulkamaniacs are still always gonna' support Hogan retired or not."

                    Hogan had climbed to his feet. He looks around at the crowd and grabs a microphone:

                    'Brothers, my professional wrestling career is over. It's been great, I've done so much I couldn't have dreamed of. From Sterling Golden, Terry Boulder and Hulk Hogan, I've gave my all and revolutionized this business, but it was all of you that made me that man, you supported me, the red and yellow legions brother. Tonight, I'll keep it short, tomorrow on RAW, I'll say my piece. Thank you brothers!'

                    Hogan drops the microphone and claps the fans hands before exiting the ring to huge cheers.

                    Match 5
                    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
                    If Rey Mysterio loses, he must leave SmackDown.
                    Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

                    We go to the announce table of Todd Grisham and Tazz.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown with the penultimate match of the SmackDown side of things. This one, an early candidate for feud of the year, between Rey Mysterio and Batista has been boiling for months over Batista’s obsession with Rey’s title belt and becoming a Triple Crown Champion and tonight, one way or another, this feud will end with Rey successfully fending off the challenge of Batista or with Batista sending Rey Mysterio off of SmackDown to RAW or ECW.”

                    “This is going to be a great contest Todd, again, off the hook. This thing all began way back at the first SmackDown after WrestleMania with the return from injury of ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista.”

                    **VIDEO RECAP**
                    • We see Rey Mysterio defeating Randy Orton on SmackDown followed by the return of Batista.
                    • We see Batista on the ECW tri-branded show claiming he will become the World Champion.
                    • We see Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton II with Mysterio closing in on the World title when Batista spears Mysterio and gives Orton the win through disqualification.
                    • We see Batista explaining to Rey that he did what he did because he knew if Rey had beaten Orton, Orton would’ve cashed in his rematch and Batista would’ve had to wait for his shot. After the announcement that Rey and Batista would be forced to team against Orton, Mysterio hit Batista with the 619 and the Droppin’ The Dime.
                    • Before the match, Batista explains that the only way he can prove he is telling the truth is to beat Orton with Rey. He also says he wouldn’t have let the 619 slide if he was lying.
                    • In the main event, Batista goes to lift Rey up to kick Orton in the face but when Rey throws his elbow back to get around Batista’s neck, he accidentally elbows him in the face. Batista quickly throws Rey off into an RKO before falling to his knees holding his eye.
                    • We see Randy Orton retaining at Backlash after Batista injures his knee, Rey is about to win the title when Batista manages to break it up but falls down again holding his knee. Rey claims that Batista did it intentionally just to prevent Rey winning the belt even though Batista couldn’t win it himself.
                    • Batista tries to explain that he prides himself on always trying no matter how hurt he is. Rey says he doesn’t buy it and says Batista’s changed only for Batista to tell him he’s probably right as he hits the spear and says he wants to become a Triple Crown Champion.
                    • We see Jamie Noble shockingly laying out Batista and Mysterio.
                    • We see Mysterio defeating Ziggler to retain his title but only after Batista lifts him for a Batista Bomb and then flips him back into a moonsault onto Ziggler confusing everyone.
                    • We see Noble shockingly defeat Batista and Rey whacking Batista with the title.
                    • We see Noble winning a fatal-four way including Batista and pinning Batista to earn a title shot at Extreme Rules against Mysterio. Mysterio attacks Batista before Noble then lays out Mysterio.
                    • We see Mysterio defeating Batista to deny Batista the chance to enter the scheduled match between Mysterio and Noble.
                    • At Extreme Rules, Mysterio retains against Noble in a Tables Match and then both men are laid out by Batista.
                    • Mysterio loses to CM Punk after a distraction from Batista.
                    • Batista announces it’ll be Loser Leaves SmackDown.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. If Rey Mysterio loses this match, he will be forced to leave SmackDown.”

                    I WALK ALONE
                    hits immediately after the video package and ‘The Animal’ Batista comes onto the stage looking angry but focused. He taunts to boos as his pyrotechnics go off. He continues down the ramp entering the ring.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Introducing the challenger, from Washington D.C. weighing 290lbs… THE ANIMAL… BATISTA!”

                    BOOYAKA 619
                    breaks the boos and turns them to cheers as Rey Mysterio storms onto the stage, he runs to one side and points as the pyrotechnics go off and he does the same at the other side. Mysterio fixes his mask, taunts with the kids and then enters the ring as both men stare each other down.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Introducing the champion, from San Diego, California weighing 175lbs… he is the Intercontinental Champion… REY… MYSTERIO!”

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Sure to be a fast-paced contest here.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    Both men circle the ring and Batista advances forward but Rey quickly slides through his legs. Batista smirks and turns and dives for Rey again but once more Rey slides under. For the third time, Batista lunges and Rey tries to slide under but Batista finally reacts quicker and grabs Rey lifting him up for the Batista Bomb but Mysterio squirms out around the back and kicks Batista hard right at the back of the knee taking the Animal down to the one knee. Rey hits a dropkick to the back which sends Batista into the ropes for the 619. Mysterio bounces off of the ropes and goes for it but on the way around Batista grabs Rey’s legs and pulls him through the rope, he grabs his legs and falls backwards like a sling-shot sending Rey right into the opposite turnbuckle. Batista runs ramming his shoulder right into Rey’s abdomen four or fives times.

                    Batista grabs Rey, hooking both arms and lands a hard butterfly suplex on Rey. He hooks the leg but the Masked Man and Ultimate Underdog is able to get the shoulder up. Mysterio pulls himself to his feet and Batista slaps him across the head toying with the champion. Rey falls down again and Batista shoves Rey hard out of the ring with his foot. Batista smirks once more and goes to exit the ring. He jumps down off the apron but Rey managed to jump to his feet and hit a hard dropkick right under the chin of Batista knocking Batista down. Mysterio tries to lift Batista up into the ring but is clearly having trouble as Batista recovers and uses his shoulder to run and barge Rey into the side of the announce table. Rey, his arms outstretched, clenches his fists with a pained expression on his face. Batista then lifts Rey up and plants him with a spinebuster right through the RAW announce table. Batista looks crazed.

                    “Oh! Batista just gave Rey Mysterio a hard spinebuster through her co-workers, the RAW brand’s announce table. That’s nuts.”

                    Batista grabs Rey and throws him into the ring before entering himself and hooking the leg but Mysterio manages, barely, to get the shoulder up. Batista picks up Rey again and this time signals for another Batista Bomb but Rey pushes forward as Batista loses his balance. Batista falls back onto the ropes and Rey’s weight takes them both over and again they crash to the outside. Rey gets to his feet first as Batista sits up but he gets a hard kick right to the back. Rey enters the ring again waiting for Batista. Batista climbs onto the apron and Rey runs for a crossbody but Batista catches him and turns him slamming him down into the ring. Batista enters the ring and drops down for the cover but frustration sets in as once again Mysterio kicks out.

                    Batista grabs Rey’s head and mask and just begins delivering right hand after right hand to the masked man before the referee intervenes. Batista then boots Rey right in the face when he sits up leading to a further warning by the official. Rey pulls himself backwards using the ropes and then Batista runs forward, Rey uses the ropes as an assist and raises his feet crashing them right into the face of Batista knocking him back. Rey runs forward and jumps onto Batista and lands a hard DDT. Rey taunts and climbs the turnbuckle, he jumps off as Batista gets up and lands a hurricanrana. Rey continues building momentum and exits the ring. He springboards in with a splash and hooks the leg but the Animal gets out.

                    Rey holds his head in his hands and asks the referee if he’s sure it was two and the referee reiterates this by shouting ‘two’! Mysterio waits for Batista who now has his back to him, Mysterio runs right into a hard elbow. Batista is clearly frustrated and begins stomping away at Rey furiously. Batista picks up Rey in a chokeslam like position but Rey squirms free and on the way down manages a drop-toe-hold sending Batista into the ropes. Rey signals, bouncing off of the ropes, he hits a 619 and Batista stumbles back. Rey springboards into the ring with the West Coast Pop and connects, he goes for the cover but Batista surprisingly gets the shoulder up!

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Oh! I thought Rey had it there.”

                    Rey kicks the ropes in frustration. It takes a while as Batista gets to his feet. Rey waits and then goes for the springboard moonsault but is caught by Batista and driven down with a running powerslam. Batista lifts up Mysterio but Mysterio fights off and kicks Batista on the knee. He bounces off of the ropes and lands a second dropkick to the back of Batista sending him into the ropes again. Mysterio lands the 619 and is ready to springboard in again, the crowd are on their feet anticipating the move. Rey leaps off right onto the shoulders of Batista… but Batista maintains his balance and Batista Bomb! Batista hooks the leg and gets the three.

                    Winner: Batista via the Batista Bomb

                    The crowd boo loudly as Batista grabs his title from the referee. He holds it high in the air, finally becoming a Triple Crown Champion! Batista hugs the belt and exiting the ring.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “What a fight from Rey Mysterio but he has lost his Intercontinental Championship which is now in the hands of the Triple Crown and Intercontinental Champion, Batista. He can add his name to that prestigious list. Mysterio now has to find a new brand to work on.”

                    Mysterio climbs to his feet as the crowd cheer him. He exits the ring and claps a few fans hands disappointed to no longer be champion. He also realizes he has to leave SmackDown. He walks over to a fan who is wearing a RAW shirt, he holds a part of the shirt and points to the logo as the crowd cheer. He continues up the ramp noticing a fan wearing an ECW shirt, he does the same pointing to the logo to cheers. Rey smirks and claps a few more fans hands before heading backstage.

                    Match 6
                    WWE Women’s Championship Match
                    Maryse © vs. AJ Lee

                    We go to the announce table of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for the mandatory pre-match recap.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “RAW or ECW. What’s it gonna be for Rey Mysterio? I guess we’ll find out but right now we have a Women’s title match between the challenger AJ Lee and the Sexiest of the Sexy, the Divas Champion, Maryse.”

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    “Pupp-… er… let’s show you how we got to this point.”

                    **VIDEO RECAP**
                    • We see AJ Lee’s debut against Maryse with AJ taking Maryse right to the limit with only a distraction from Gail Kim preventing AJ defeating Maryse.
                    • We see AJ Lee managing a huge win over Gail Kim the following week.
                    • We then see AJ Lee defeating Maryse with the Shining Wizard in a six-woman tag match.

                    Lillian Garcia:
                    “The following contest is a divas match scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Women’s Championship!”

                    FEELIN YA’
                    hits as the crowd pop for AJ Lee who comes onto the stage all bubbly and excited. She runs down the ramp clapping a few fans hands before entering the ring and climbing up on the apron and taunting.

                    Lillian Garcia:
                    “Making her way to the ring from Union City, New Jersey, the challenger… A… J… LEE!”

                    is next to sound and Maryse, surprisingly not flanked by Gail Kim, saunters onto the stage ignoring the fans and doing her hand taunt. She enters the ring and gets right in AJ’s face and AJ slaps her! Maryse attempts to react but the referee separates them.

                    Lillian Garcia:
                    “Making her way to the ring from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the WWE Women’s Champion… MARYSE!”

                    BELL RINGS

                    They two divas lock up and Maryse just grabs AJ’s hair and begins pulling her over before landing a clothesline, the referee checks Maryse for this. Maryse does her hand taunt right in his face but AJ manages a small package as Maryse bends down, Maryse struggles to escape but gets out at two. Maryse is shocked and gets up looking at AJ who waves at her as the crowd cheer. Maryse runs forward with another clothesline but AJ ducks and hooks Maryse’s arms for a roll-up and Maryse is almost defeated again. Maryse begins to have a temper tantrum and lets out a scream as AJ signals just how close it was with her fingers.

                    Maryse gets right in AJ’s face saying how she will beat her but AJ responds with another hard slap sending Maryse stumbling back. Maryse tries to spear down AJ but AJ fights her off and spears down Maryse as they roll around in the ring having a catfight. They both get up and Maryse flings a punch which AJ blocks. AJ delivers one of her own before whipping Maryse off of the ropes and then landing a, surprising for the divas, back body drop. AJ goes for the cover but Maryse kicks out.

                    AJ Lee is all fired up and bounces off of the ropes taking Maryse down with a clothesline before landing on her knees, she then lands another flying clothesline. AJ taunts as the crowd get behind her but as she runs for the third Maryse is up and knees her in the stomach, winding her and then landing a hard suplex. Maryse, rather than go for the pin, locks in her Camel Clutch. The crowd get behind AJ as she manages to get to her feet with Maryse on her back. She just falls backwards right onto Maryse before hooking the leg but again the French-Canadian kicks out.

                    AJ gets to her feet slapping her knee signaling for the Shining Wizard, she runs forward but Maryse moves and AJ misses. Maryse grabs AJ quickly for the French Kiss but AJ holds the ropes and Maryse hits, whiplashing, against the ring mat. AJ climbs the top rope and lands a beautiful moonsault and hooks the leg but Maryse is able to get the shoulder up. AJ Lee waits for Maryse again and goes for the Shining Wizard but Maryse once more ducks and grabs AJ by the hair, turning her and plants her with the French Kiss DDT. Maryse covers her in her unique way getting the three.

                    Winner: Maryse via the French Kiss

                    Maryse is given her title and she raises it in the air while doing her hair-flick taunt, smiling she does her hand taunt right at AJ’s face before leaving the ring.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “Yes, Maryse defeated AJ Lee and retained her title but let’s remember, let’s remember that AJ Lee is a brand new diva to WWE, WWE’s newest diva. In three weeks she’s pinned Gail Kim and Maryse and earned a title shot on PPV. Yes, on this night Maryse was better but AJ has a bright future if she keeps her work ethic up.”

                    Jerry Lawler: “
                    Be that as it may JR, Maryse is still your Divas Champion.”

                    We go backstage and CM Punk is standing with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. He is standing behind a table which has a beer bottle, a packet of cigarettes and a black bag labeled ‘drugs’. Punk begins saying ‘what you see in front’ but then Kofi Kingston walks into shot, flips over the table smashing the beer bottle, looks at Punk and says ‘see you out there, champ’ before walking off leaving Punk shocked.

                    Match 7
                    WWE Championship
                    CM Punk © vs. Kofi Kingston

                    We go to the SmackDown announce table for the final time this evening with Todd Grisham and Tazz.

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Welcome back to the SmackDown side of things, I am Todd Grisham with Tazz and we bring you the SmackDown main event here live at the European Bash. First of all, let’s thank Skillet, Tazz, for the use of their theme song as the European Bash’s official song, Never Surrender.”

                    “Big props to Skillet for another kick-ass song and big props to CM Punk because weather you like it or not, he’s heading into tonight as WWE Champion, let’s show you how.”

                    **VIDEO RECAP**
                    • We see Kofi Kingston winning the King of the Ring and then successfully winning his title match against Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship.
                    • We then see, seconds later, CM Punk cashing in his Money in the Bank taking Kingston’s title.
                    • We see Punk trying to explain himself earlier in the night before later on hitting Kingston with a GTS.
                    • We see Punk beating Kingston in a one-on-one match. It is announced Orton/Kingston and Punk will compete in a Triple-Threat Stretcher Match.
                    • We see Punk/Orton/Kingston and Legacy brawling.
                    • We see Punk successfully defending his title in the Triple Threat Stretcher Match.
                    • We see Kingston getting a momentum-boosting win against Big Show.
                    • We see Kingston giving Punk a Trouble in Paradise on the second Straight Edge SmackDown.
                    • We see the contract signing last week.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “The following is the final SmackDown contest of this pay-per-view and it is scheduled for one fall and is for the W…W…E CHAMPIONSHIP!”

                    hits and the crowd go crazy as Kofi Kingston energetically comes onto the stage and does his ‘Boom, Boom, Boom’ taunt before heading down the ramp. Kingston enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle doing the Boom, Boom, Boom.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Making his way to the ring, the challenger from Ghana, West Africa weighing 221lbs… KOFI… KINGSTON!”

                    THIS FIRE BURNS
                    plays and CM Punk comes onto the stage looking less than impressed at Kofi Kingston for wrecking his display. Punk has the WWE title wrapped tightly around his waist. He taunts before saying it’s clobberin’ time and entering the ring.

                    Justin Roberts:
                    “Introducing next, from Chicago, Illinois weighing 225lbs… he is the Straight-Edge Superstar and your W…W…E Champion… C… M… PUNK!”

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “Tazz, last month, CM Punk shocked the world when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Kofi Kingston essentially stealing Kingston’s first WWE title. Kingston wants his belt back.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    CM Punk immediately grabs a microphone and says he doesn’t feel like he should compete in this match because it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Kofi Kingston is drunk and high right now and that not only endangers his heath, it endangers the WWE Universe’s health and therefore it’s only right that Kingston forfeits… TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Kingston nails Punk and Punk falls but manages to roll out of the ring. Kingston does his ‘boom, boom, boom’ taunt as the referee begins counting. He reaches eight and CM Punk finally begins moving crawling into the ring but no more. Kingston hooks the leg but Punk gets the shoulder up. Kingston picks up Punk and forearms him across the face before whipping him across the ring. Kingston goes for another Trouble in Paradise but Punk stops himself and manages a high kick right to the side of Kingston’s face taking the man from Ghana, West Africa, down. Punk scrambles for the cover but Kingston is able to get out. Punk looks a little disorientated from that earlier Trouble in Paradise.

                    Punk runs his hands through his hair and grabs Kingston. He throws Kingston hard into the turnbuckle and connects with his high knee before planting Kingston with the running bull-dog. Punk isn’t done, he picks up Kingston and sets him at the turnbuckle and lands a second high knee bull-dog combo. Punk goes for it for a third time and connects again right to the jaw with the high knee, he goes for the bulldog but Kingston, having seen it twice has enough to push Kingston off, he grabs Punk, SOS! Punk is able to get out just. Both men lay on the mat for a moment before pulling themselves up and Punk walks right into a beautiful dropkick to the face. Kingston gets to his feet and starts to do the ‘boom, boom, boom’ and then bounces off of the ropes and connects with the leg-drop but the cover manages two.

                    Kingston pulls himself up and goes for his leg-drop again but Punk moves, Punk stands and runs forward flipping while grabbing Kingston’s head and slamming it back, sort of like Cena’s throwback but the other way. Punk then lands a hard kick right to Kingston’s side before dropping two knees right on his stomach. Punk claps his hands together sarcastically and does ‘boom, boom, boom’ to boos. Punk picks up Kingston onto his shoulders for the GTS, Kingston squirms free and kicks Punk in the face sending the Straight-Edge Supremo back into the turnbuckle. Kingston runs and jumps landing on the shoulders of Punk, he lands the ten punches and falls backwards off of Punk landing on his feet. He runs forward and jumps up again for round two of the ten punches but Punk just powerbombs Kingston down, he pushes forward for the cover and puts his legs at the turnbuckle and the ropes. The crowd boo but the referee notices at two and breaks up the count.

                    Punk is extremely angry. He grabs Kingston and just knees him right in the back before hooking the leg again but Kingston is able to get the shoulder up. Punk begins firing rights and lefts to Kingston’s face before stopping and exiting the ring. He grabs his WWE title and re-enters the ring, the referee tries to stop Punk but Punk pushes him away. Punk runs forward but Kingston ducks at the corner, roll-up but Punk is just able to get out. Kingston picks up Punk and signals for the SOS again but Punk connects with a spike DDT. He rolls Kingston over but the former Jamaican makes the crowd crazy by kicking out. Punk seems like he’s had enough and signals for the GTS, he lifts Kingston but Kingston once more scrambles out. Suddenly, Festus has leaped onto the apron and Kingston knocks him down, he turns and Punk tries the GTS again but Kingston falls out again… TROUBLE IN PARADISE!


                    Winner: Kofi Kingston via the Trouble in Paradise

                    Pyrotechnics go off around the arena as Kingston is handed his WWE title, the crowd are going wild as Kingston has finally retained the gold that should never have been taken from him in the first place. Kingston kisses the belt and holds it close to his chest. Kingston takes a worried sort of at the entrance ramp before having his hand raised in victory.

                    “There you go kid! No one in WWE can take that from you, no one is Money in the Bank anymore, kid. Kofi Kingston is your new WWE Champ and yes it might be his second reign but really it’s the big one for Kofi after losing it the first time, congrats kid.”

                    Todd Grisham:
                    “CM Punk was full of confidence and raring to go tonight but so was Kofi Kingston. For the better part of a month, Kofi Kingston has been itching to get his belt back. He failed at Extreme Rules in a Triple Threat but one-on-one he has defeated CM Punk, despite the random interference from Festus. Kingston is your NEW WWE Champion, as you said Tazz, congratulations Kofi Kingston… boom, boom, boom!”


                    Match 8
                    ECW World Heavyweight Championship
                    Edge © vs. Tyler Reks

                    The camera focuses for the second time tonight on the announce table of Joey Styles and Josh Matthews.

                    Joey Styles:
                    “It’s been a long wait for this ECW title match tonight but it’ll sure be worth the wait, Josh.”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “Indeed Joey, Kofi Kingston as you just saw crowned WWE Champion, a new star certainly born here tonight but will there be another one? Will Tyler Reks upset the veteran Edge and become ECW Champion? This all started really on Tyler Reks debut, he ran roughshod through ECW, injuring people and then going for the champion.”

                    **VIDEO RECAP**
                    • We see Reks introducing himself to Tiffany, screaming at her that he is the future.
                    • We see Reks put RVD out of action with the Jumping Piledriver from the turnbuckle on his debut.
                    • The following week Reks puts Tatsu out of action with a piledriver.
                    • We see Reks winning a six-man tag for his team.
                    • We see Reks attacking William Regal and the returning Yoshi Tatsu.
                    • We see Reks winning a six-man battle royal to earn his title shot.
                    • We see Reks defeating Tatsu then giving Edge a con-chair-to.

                    Tony Chimel:
                    “The following is the final ECW contest of this pay-per-view and it is scheduled for one fall and is for the E…C..W World Heavyweight Championship!”

                    hits as we return to the arena and the cocky surfer dude, Tyler Reks comes onto the stage looking as confident as ever. Reks walks down the ramp ignoring the fans before rolling into the ring.

                    Tony Chimel:
                    “Making his way to the ring from Laguna Beach, California, the challenger weighing 249lbs… The Rekker… TYLER… REKS!”

                    is next to sound as the Rated R Superstar emerges from the smoke, a plaster on his head and the ECW title proudly displayed on his shoulder. Edge taunts and pyrotechnics fly up behind him. He runs down the ramp ready to go and slides in the ring.

                    Tony Chimel:
                    “Making his way to the ring next, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 250lbs… he is the Rated R Superstar and your E…C…W World Heavyweight Champion… EDGE!”

                    Joey Styles:
                    “Edge is a complete all-round veteran, he has every tool in his arsenal but Edge has had several career-threatening injures, he’s not as fast as he used to be but he is the Ultimate Opportunist for a reason, you just have to wonder if a younger, faster Tyler Reks, a man with the most dangerous finisher in WWE, can dethrone Edge.”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “I actually read an interview last week with Edge and Edge claimed that he may hang up his boots at WrestleMania 26. Yes, he might be slower than he used to be but I can bet Edge wants to head to the Grandest Stage next March still the ECW World Champion. It’s a tough ask of anyone, that’s just under a year as champion but if anyone can do it, it’s Edge.”

                    BELL RINGS

                    Tyler Reks immediately signals for the Piledriver pointing to the top turnbuckle but Edge, smiling, shakes his head, he’s sure it won’t happen. Edge runs forward for a spear but Reks falls out of the middle rope barely landing on his feet, shocked as the crowd cheer. Edge is now smirking and then he planchas to the outside right onto Reks. Edge grabs Reks and throws him hard back-first into the barricade. Edge is raring to go, he runs forward at Reks but Reks moves and helping Edge by throwing him over the barricade, Edge’s momentum taking him right into the aisle. Reks climbs onto the barricade as Edge gets to his feet, Edge quickly jumps onto an empty seat and dropkicks Rek’s legs, Edge hits the barricade side first and Reks hits it face-first, Edge fell over at ringside as did Reks. The referee is up to eight and it’s a testament to the wherewithal of these men that they are able to get back in the ring.

                    Reks nose is busted open and there is a visible red mark on Edge’s side, he holds his hip in discomfort. Edge grabs Reks dreadlocks and then whips him into the turnbuckle. Edge runs forward with a clothesline before sitting Reks at the top turnbuckle. Edge climbs up and hooks for a superplex but stops, he puts Reks head between his legs for the Jumping Piledriver. Reks swings his head back and Edge goes flying over the turnbuckle in a major fall narrowly missing the steps. Edge is in extreme discomfort holding his back as Reks gets his bearings. Reks gets to his feet on the turnbuckle and waits for Edge, Reks taunts as Edge manages to get to his feet. Reks jumps off towards Edge at the barricade but Edge moves and Reks, for the second time tonight, smashes into the barricade.

                    Both men end up back in the ring, the crowd are into this match now. A fist-fight begins before both men fall in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline, they seem to relax for a moment regaining some energy. Edge pulls himself up and walks over to the turnbuckle, he signals spear but Reks moves and Edge crashes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. The referee checks on Edge while Reks begins removing the opposite turnbuckle pad. The referee notices however and begins lambasting Reks for this cheating move. Reks holds his hands up and the referee begins fixing it but Reks pulls brass knuckles out of his tights and runs forward slamming then right against the head of Edge. He drops then, Edge is busted open from that shot. Reks pulls Edge into the middle of the ring and covers, the referee counts… KICKOUT! Reks is stunned.

                    Reks begins complaining to the referee but gets rolled up and is able to get out just in time. Reks grabs Edge and just throws him out of the ring angrily. Reks follows.

                    Edge pulls himself up and grabs Reks just throwing him nonchalantly into the stairs shoulder first. Reks holds his shoulder as Edge throws the Laguna Beach surfer into the ring. Edge hooks the leg but Reks is able to get out at two. Edge picks up Reks but Reks pushes Edge away and lands a hard clothesline. Reks smirks hooking the leg but Edge is just able to get the shoulder up. Reks picks up Edge, pulling his hair, he whips Edge against the ropes… SPEAR! Just like that, it’s over.

                    Winner: Edge via the Spear

                    Edge is handed his ECW title as he lays on the mat, this energy-sapping match taking it out of the veteran performer.

                    Joey Styles:
                    “What a fast-paced, quick contest that was Josh. The action never let up and Reks gave as good as he got, but we told you how Edge was slower than he used to be and Reks is a newcomer, fast, strong and a favourite for this, but Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist. Reks inexperience to defend himself on when whipping Edge into the ropes, when Edge has a finisher as easy to use as the spear, meant that the Rated R Superstar capitalized on the opportunity and retained his title belt.”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “Tyler Reks is a great athlete, that’s for sure but on this night he just wasn’t ready to upstage Edge.”

                    Suddenly, Reks grabs Edge from behind and takes him down with a hard right. Reks rips off the turnbuckle pad he messed with earlier and throws Edge into it, face-first. Edge is out. Reks grabs Edge, slowly, lifting the unresponsive Edge onto another turnbuckle. He climbs up, crazed and puts Edge’s head between his legs and lands the Jumping Piledriver compressing Edge’s surgically repaired neck! The crowd are shocked as Reks looks at his fallen foe.

                    Joey Styles:
                    “REKS! Reks just gave Edge a piledriver from the top rope right on his surgically repaired neck. Josh, you said Edge had intentions to retire at WrestleMania 26, he may just have been forced to retire tonight. That move put RVD and Yoshi Tatsu out for weeks and that was without past neck problems.”

                    Josh Matthews:
                    “Hold on Joey, I need to check on Edge, that was sick.”

                    Josh Matthews gets into the ring just as Reks is leaving but Reks turns back and drops Josh Matthews with a piledriver. Officials begin getting into the ring but several are given a piledriver. Reks then decides he is finished and leaves the ring as Joey Styles now goes up to check on Edge.

                    We go backstage after a replay of the incident and Jenny Cash is standing with Dolph Ziggler, they are kissing as World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena waits for the interview. Cena asks them if they’re gonna interview him and when Cash is gonna stop kissing some Spirit Squad loser. Ziggler looks annoyed but leaves after another kiss and Cash walks over to Cena. Cash asks Cena if he’s ready for his match tonight inside the Hell in a Cell while flashing her giant engagement ring at the camera.

                    Cena nods, he says that he was born ready for these types of contests. He says it doesn’t help when he’s booked for an interview and the interviewer is all over someone like… Dolph Ziggler but the fact of the matter is, he’s done it all and it doesn’t get him rattled, it doesn’t throw him off his game whereas Mr. Kennedy would be thrown off of his game by that. Cena says tonight he’s gonna bleed but it’ll all be worth it, every drop of blood he spills because he will defeat Mr. Kennedy and remain World Champion.

                    Match 9
                    Main Event
                    World Heavyweight Championship
                    Hell in a Cell Match
                    John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy

                    The camera goes to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “Okay folks, parents if you let your kids stay up to watch tonight, it’s time to send them to bed because up next it’s gonna be brutal, John Cena vs. Mr Kennedy inside a Hell in a Cell. I guess, it’s a fitting place for these two to end their slobberknocker of a feud.”

                    **VIDEO RECAP**
                    • We see John Cena defeating Shawn Michaels to retain his title the night after Backlash only to be attacked and laid out by Mr. Kennedy.
                    • We see Mr. Kennedy pinning John Cena on the following week’s RAW in a six-man tag.
                    • Mr. Kennedy lays out John Cena again.
                    • Mr. Kennedy wins a Triple Threat to become Number One Contender.
                    • Mr. Kennedy beats John Cena after interference to pick their Extreme Rules stipulation. Kennedy picks an Iron Man match.
                    • Cena and Kennedy who are forced to team lose to Terkay and Burke after Kennedy turns on Cena.
                    • John Cena defeats Mr. Kennedy in over-time in their Iron Man match.
                    • Kennedy pleads for one more shot at Cena come the European Bash, Cena accepts only if it’s in Hell and a Cell.
                    • Mr. Kennedy lays out John Cena after a tough match with Tommy Dreamer.
                    • Mr. Kennedy defeats Evan Bourne. Afterwards, Cena races to the ring taking Kennedy down only for Tommy Dreamer to intervene, Cena manages to give Dreamer an Attitude Adjustment but Cena turns into a Mic Check on a barbed wire board introduced by Dreamer.
                    • John Cena is attacked from behind by Kennedy again on RAW.

                    Lillian Garcia; “
                    The following is the final RAW contest of this pay-per-view inside Hell in a Cell. The only ways to win this match are through pinfall or submission. It is for the World Heavyweight Championship!”

                    TURN UP THE TROUBLE
                    hits as the boos fill the arena and the arrogant loudmouth Mr. Kennedy comes onto the stage. Kennedy signals up to the roof as a microphone lowers itself down. Kennedy grabs a hold of the microphone and says that tonight the winner will be MR. KENNEDY… KENNEDY. Kennedy takes a look at the Cell and then enters it ready to go.

                    Lillian Garcia; “
                    Introducing first, the challenger from Greenbay, Wisconsin weighing 243lbs… MR… KENNEDY!”

                    MY TIME IS NOW
                    plays as the crowd explode with cheers for the World Heavyweight Champion. Cena runs down the ramp after saluting but stops abruptly at the cell door. He shakes his head and then begins climbing it with the title on his shoulder. Kennedy exits the ring and begins kicking from the other side asking Cena what he’s doing. Cena climbs to the very top with his music still playing he raises his title belt above his head at the top of the cell. Mr. Kennedy exits the ring and begins climbing!

                    Lillian Garcia; “
                    Introducing the champion from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 240lbs… he is the World Heavyweight Champion… JOHN… CENA!”

                    Jim Ross:
                    “Woah, wait a minute. This match hasn’t even started yet. Cena’s on the roof of the damn cell and Kennedy’s in pursuit. Get them down from there, ref!”

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    “Oh oh, JR. It looks like Cena wants Kennedy right now regardless of the fact they’re fifteen, twenty feet in the air.”

                    Cena rips off his t-shirt and throws it into the crowd from the top of the cell. He drops his belt as Kennedy reaches the top. Kennedy runs forward but receives a big back body drop for his troubles right on the cell roof. Kennedy sits up holding his back and immediately scrambles to the other side. He tries to climb down but Cena grabs his leg and pulls him back into the middle and locks in the STF! Kennedy is frantically tapping but the bell hasn’t rang yet. Cena releases as Kennedy slowly climbs off the cell. He seeks refuge in the ring yanking the keys off of the referee and locking the cell door. Kennedy throws the key away! Cena looks shocked as Kennedy taunts to the crowd no longer paying attention to Cena.

                    Cena then begins stomping at the cell roof frantically and a part of the roof gives way falling and hitting Kennedy on the head, a large square section lays in the ring. Kennedy bends down holding his head and Cena does his leg drop through the cell roof onto Kennedy crashing to the mat! The large square hole big enough just for him to fit through (think SVR in terms of size of the bit that gave way, maybe a bit bigger).

                    BELL RINGS

                    Jim Ross:
                    “OH MY! John Cena not only stomped a part of that roof off, he went through it with his leg drop right to Kennedy!”

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    “And… that’s the match just starting JR!”

                    Both men lay in a heap in the ring after that hard fall. Cena holds his coccyx/tailbone in a lot of pain. Cena is able to make the cover but Kennedy barely escapes at two. Cena uses the ropes to get to his feet and is hobbling around but falls down at the turnbuckle holding his back. He is obviously in a lot of pain after that and is breathing heavily. Cena screws up his face and pulls himself up enough to give Kennedy a shoulder tackle and then a second one. Cena lands a backdrop and then signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He bounces off of the ropes but stops half-way running across, the ropes affecting his back. Cena tries to do his shuffle but that is causing him discomfort so he just drops his fist on Kennedy.

                    Cena rests up at the ropes hoping the pain will ease. Cena isn’t properly concentrating as Kennedy is up and clotheslines Cena to the outside. Kennedy holds his head and neck after Cena’s leg drop. Kennedy exits the ring as both men are beside the cell wall and the ring itself. Kennedy grabs Cena and throws him face first into the cell wall. He then begins grinding his face against the ropes as Cena tries to prevent him but fails. Kennedy steps back and runs towards Cena but Cena manages to catch Kennedy pushing him up face first hard against the cell wall. Kennedy falls back. Cena kicks the top set of stairs off of the steel steps and manages amazingly to lift the second set sliding it into the ring before falling to his knees holding his back. Cena grabs Kennedy and throws him into the ring but the cover only gets two.

                    Cena grabs Kennedy and then suplexes him right on the flat part of the steel steps. Kennedy sits up holding his back. Kennedy stands stumbling back to behind the part of the stairs again and then Cena lands a throwback face first right onto the steps. Cena uses his foot to push the stairs out of the ring. Cena turns and goes for the cover but again Mr. Kenneth Kennedy is able to kick out.

                    Cena picks up Kennedy but Kennedy throws a punch and Cena stumbles back. Kennedy runs forward and clotheslines Cena right out of the ring and Cena lands awkwardly on the steps outside of the ring. Kennedy taunts to boos from the crowd, Kennedy picks up the part of the cell roof that fell on him earlier and he throws it wildly as it hits off the cell wall. Kennedy exits the ring determined to become World Champion. He throws Cena back in and hooks the leg but Cena is able to get the shoulder up. Kennedy waits for Cena and hits a shoulder tackle, he hits another and then gives Cena a backdrop. It’s obvious now he’s mimicking and mocking Cena.

                    He does the you can’t see me taunt before hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Kennedy waits for Cena before angrily grabbing him up for an Attitude Adjustment but Cena scrambles out, Kennedy turns and Cena hits Kennedy with his own Mic Check. Cena rolls Kennedy over and hooks the leg but surprisingly Kennedy gets out at two.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “Oh, Mr. Kennedy mocking Cena there, got a taste of his own medicine by the World Champion but it wasn’t enough.”

                    Jerry Lawler:
                    “This match is insane, JR!”

                    Cena grabs Kennedy’s leg and looks out at the crowd ready to give the STF but Kennedy spins around and kicks at Cena who falls back out through the middle ropes. Kennedy then, again surprisingly, planchas over the top rope but Cena catches him and puts him on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment. He takes a big side-step and goes for the Attitude Adjustment smashing himself and Kennedy against the cell wall which caves in (think Taker/Edge SS 08) and falls down again the announce table. Both men lie on the fallen bit of cage wall. Cena begins crawling up the wall before rolling onto the RAW announce table. Cena drags Kennedy up the cell wall which is still leaning and lifts him for the Attitude Adjustment right onto that steel wall of the cell. Kennedy bounces off of it and slides down back into the actual cell structure.

                    Cena stands on the announce table and salutes to the crowd. He climbs down off of the table and walks around the cell wall stepping over the corner to get back in the ring. Cena grabs Kennedy and throws him in the ring. Cena climbs the turnbuckle ready to jump off for a move as Kennedy gets to his feet. Cena jumps off right into a Mic Check! Both men, exhausted, are on the mat and after a good 20-30 seconds, Kennedy is able to get his arm over Cena but the World Heavyweight Champion kicks out.

                    Kennedy picks Cena up but Cena lands a right to a mixed reaction and Kennedy lands a shot to some boos. Kennedy gets the upper hand whipping Cena into the ropes but Cena comes back with a hard clothesline. Cena picks up Kennedy but Kennedy knees Cena in the gut and whips Cena hard into the turnbuckle, Kennedy runs forward clotheslining Cena hard into the turnbuckle. Kennedy lifts Cena up onto the top turnbuckle and climbs up looking for a superplex but Cena lifts Kennedy onto his shoulders and stands up on the second rope. Kennedy is reaching out trying to grab the cell wall, he’s scrambling but Cena gives him the Attitude Adjustment off of the top turnbuckle right into the middle of the ring. Cena jumps down and just falls on Kennedy for the three.

                    Winner: John Cena via the Attitude Adjustment

                    MY TIME IS NOW
                    plays around the arena as the crowd cheer on John Cena, the cheers drowning out the boos. Cena is still laying on top of Kennedy absolutely exhausted. After about a minute, Cena begins moving and gingerly pulls himself to his feet using the ropes. He leans back on the ropes and is handed the WWE title but he is hardly moving. Cena stands up and walks over to Kennedy who is still laid out. He actually salutes to Mr. Kennedy before exiting the ring and the cell. Cena leans against the cell wall on the outside taking in the moment before climbing up the cell wall like he did earlier in the night.

                    Cena gets to the top and looks down the hole in the cell at Kennedy before walking to the edge of the Cell and holding his WWE title in the air, he does this at the three other sides as the off air logo appears.

                    Jim Ross:
                    “John Cena, still your WWE Champion and just like earlier tonight, he stood at the top of that cell WWE Champion and after the match he stands on top of that cell still your WWE Champion. Mr. Kennedy put up a fight and Cena salutes that, but you have to salute John Cena for winning a tremendous battle. Good night from Slovakia!”


                    OFF AIR

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                    • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                      Okay, I'm gonna try my hand at some PW Fan fic reviews...

                      -I really like the idea of a European PPV. It's something that WWE, despite claims of being "worldwide" doesn't do enough of.

                      I know they don't do it because of the time differences and all, but the rest of the world has to put up with OUR time differences, so I dont see why it wouldnt hurt to take a chance on everyone else's. I think it'd be cool if The E did like a PPV in Europe, Japan, maybe Australia. Truly make themselves a "worldwide company again.

                      So right off the bat I like this show. Slovakia seems like a weird place to go though. Different though, definitely.

                      -As both a writer and a reader, the first thing that I can say right now is that large blocks of text tend to turn me (and most people I know, I used to be guilty of this myself) off really quickly, and there's alot of that here. I understand the need for it, but personally I'd break them up into smaller paragraphs.

                      -I like the opening 'video package.' I loved doing those for various efeds I've been apart of, and this one's pretty good. Again I can't help feeling like Slovakia is just a really weird place for a WWE PPV though.

                      -Ooh, TV Title! A really underused Title that I miss seeing. (mental note - add TV Title to TEW diary).

                      -Tyler Reks and EDGE for the ECW Title?! Huh.

                      -Now I see what Mike was talking about with his video package comments to me. Not bad.

                      -I notice no time limit for the TV Title... This is just a petty, personal thing but I'd put given the gimmick of the belt, every match should have a time limit. Again, minor petty thing that probably only matters to me.

                      -Another minor thing, I've always hated "The Kendrick." Not the move but the name. Thats got nothing to do with your show though, so, carrying on.

                      -These colors kinda make my eyes hurt.

                      -Wait. McIntyre vs HOGAN?! Thats... :ahh:

                      -Any match that involves Matt Striker getting his ass kicked is a-okay with me.

                      -The Natural... I like it.

                      -Ziggler wins. Good call.

                      -Haha, typical WWE. Dolph PROPOSES to this Jenny Cash chick and Tazz is more interested in talking about the retired wrestler-turned-announcer than a life-altering event that just went down.

                      -The first time in 10 years? Huh. Dont know if I like that setup, but Danielson vs Orton's a pretty swank match idea.

                      -(Re)makings of the Straight Edge Society, looks like...

                      -Hahahaha, right off the bat Hogan gets DQ'ed! Match restart, eh.

                      -WOW! DREW MCINTYRE retires HULK HOGAN. That's... :ahh: I like it though. It's something I could potentially see happening.

                      -I like how even fan fiction brings up how easily Batista gets injured.

                      -Hmm, Rey to ECW...

                      -Taking a few pages from Punk's Title feud with Jeff, eh? Not that I'm complaining.

                      -Kofi vs Punk for the WWE Title is a fantastic idea.

                      -Oh man, I LOVE the start of this match from Punk. Awesome.

                      -Poor Punk. Ha.

                      -And here we go with your ECW Title match, EDGE versus... Tyler Reks. :frog: Odd pairing.

                      -...The Rekker?

                      -GO EDGE!

                      -Cena and Kennedy is a good match, I dunno if HiTC is a good stip for them though.

                      -...I know its Cena and all but, leg drop through the cell early into the match and then he wrestles for another seemingly 10+ minutes and wins... Eh, it's your show, and it "sends the crowd home happy." So kudos.

                      -All in all, as a Wrestling show, I'd watch this card in a heartbeat. As a written work, there's some misplaced words and grammar errors, but overall, it was easy to read (for the most part), and had me interested from the first couple paragraphs, which is a good thing.

                      I'm not gonna give star or number ratings or anything, but I'll just call this 'Pretty Good.'


                      • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                        THE JEW REVIEW
                        I have vaguely been keeping up with some of your feuds since the last time I reviewed one of your shows, so hopefully I won’t feel very lost. I like that you went against the grain with the name of this Pay-Per-View and gave it a flavor of your own. At first, I was like, “What the fuck is this guy thinking?” But then it caught on for me and it’d almost have seemed foolish now not to call it the European Bash.

                        Right away, you kick things off with an ECW Match and it just so happens to involve one of my favorites going up against a guy I don’t care anything about (Kendrick). The feud kind of sells itself on being centered around the title, which (BTW) I’m all for. The match itself was well-paced, kind of short for a pay-per-view, but going with WWE’s scheme, may have been spot on. The one thing that gets me is, I believe a pay-per-view match should be able to stand on its own. What I mean by that is, people should be able to look at every match on a card and say, “If that match was the only match on the card, would I still pay to see it?” And the answer should be yes. Otherwise, it’s not pay worthy, thus not pay-per-view worthy. So when I see a match on a pay-per-view that could have been given away as the main event of ECW on Sci-Fi, it’s somewhat upsetting.

                        I <3 that you messed up by having Matthews talking at the announcer’s booth in one second and the next second he’s in the back, and you even catch it and make note of how “quick” he must have been. It’s like you acknowledged that this segment would have had to of been pre-taped. But wow, that must have been the first time someone wrote McIntyre and made me actually enjoy him. Odd.

                        Matt Striker may be one of the few things about WWE that I’m still enjoying today. Though, as a heel he was his finest. And it looks like you went another route with him. The match itself was just as fun as the first one. You kept it brief (which for me was the best part) but also gave me everything I needed to be satisfied with it. The ending came quick (sort of like the last one) and in the same formulaic process of the guy losing at the end of the match gets a gutshot with his finisher out of nowhere (or close to it). Again, the match was great, but nothing I’d pay money out of my pocket to see. Could have been the top of the first hour main event for Smackdown.

                        The women’s segment was a throw away for me. The promos weren’t horrible, but I still have no idea who AJ Lee is. In-fact, I thought it was a guy at first. Raw is getting all of the promos, while ECW and Smackdown steal all of the matches; seems typically real. =)

                        When did the Orton/Danielson match take place? Was it real, or something you did to help promote your match? (Can you PM me about that, I’m very interested.) The build up to the match is nice, and in fact just on your couple of paragraphs there, I would actually not mind seeing that on a PPV card. I’d actually enjoy watching that. Probably the funnest match you’ve presented all night. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but when I read your writing, you seem like the furthest thing from a fan I’ve ever read. You actually seem like a WWE writer. You don’t give us the end result that I would expect from someone using Bryan Danielson. Your results seem just like what WWE would do to us; make us hate them. LOL. Don’t take that the wrong way, because I’ve never seen anyone be able to put a business logic over their personal preference in Fan Fiction.

                        Finally, a Raw match. Alright, that statement I made just a minute ago about putting business logic over personal preference, maybe not so much after this one. McIntyre beating Hogan made little sense to me, but maybe because I just don’t like McIntyre that much. I guess what killed it was putting Jericho in the middle of the feud. It seems like McIntyre is still not on level with Jericho, so putting Jericho to lose to Hogan, only for Hogan to lose to McIntyre just didn’t seem right. BTW, the second I saw you were using McIntyre and Hogan, I knew that it was for nothing less than to satisfy your urge to push Drewsky. It’s okay, everyone does it. At least with yours, the storyline fit very well against Hogan and made perfect sense.

                        Another backstage attack. Meh. Back outside it’s Rey and Tista. It seems like all of your matches have a stipulation where the winner must do something or the loser must do something. At first, I thought it was cute because you were making unimportant matches seem important. However, now you have two big names fighting and they have one as well. Blah. This one absolutely didn’t need one. BTW, if the match is Loser Leaves Smackdown, why does it only pertain to Mysterio in the rules? Poor Rey Rey, loses his title and his brand all in the same match. I loved the ending though. The match seemed a little odd-paced. Could just be that it’s 3AM here. I’ll try to reread it later and see how I enjoy it.

                        Doesn’t seem to be a real story leading to the women’s match. I still have no idea who AJ Lee is, so it’s hard for me to care about her. Back on track, keeping the title on Maryse. In fact, aside from that McIntyre fiasco, I think you’d be one heckuva WWE writer. The one thing that’s getting me is, I think every single one of your matches have had the same ending of the winner fighting from behind up until the last second for the win.

                        I have to tell you, for the longest I absolutely hated Kofi Kingston, but somewhere along the way the guy started growing on me. I remember seeing that Kofi win his title earlier on only to have Punk cash in on him (IIRC), so it was a blast see Kingston get it back. Kingston is looking like a great wrestler on here, while Punk is playing the chickenshit to the extreme. I hate that Festus is being used in the storyline.

                        Of the three main events, I think this one was the hardest to get into. Reks fighting for the ECW Championship against Edge just doesn’t have the least bit interest for me. I tried a couple of times, but I just couldn’t get into this match. I just don’t find Reks to be a valid contender for this title, or any title at that. Sorry guy.

                        The Raw Main Event looks more promising and probably the one I’ve been most anxious to see. Not to mention it’s a Hell in a Cell. The match was definitely the most entertaining of the night. I thought you could have made more use of the cell, and possibly even tried some new stunts with it that have never been done before. Do some of the things WWE did last year with some of Cena’s gimmick matches (ie duck tape in the last man standing).

                        Wasn’t a bad event at all. In fact, for the most part (aside from Edge/Rekks) I was thoroughly enjoyed. The thing that I disliked the most was having all of your matches (save one/two) end in exactly the same fashion. Also, not all matches need to have a stipulation to make them interesting. I love the hard work you put into this. Keep it up.
                        Follower of Christ.


                        • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything

                          First off, the whole idea of the European Bash is strange to me. I'm older then most and The Great American Bash for me used to be my favorite wrestling event back in the NWA days when it was a summer tour. Also I just think Slovakia is an odd choice but at least it's original.

                          I have to say there has always been something that interests me about both Kendrick and Goldust, so it's good to see them being pushed in this. Kendrick has what it takes to be a top heel but the thing that holds him back is his lack of size but being a strong Television champion is something he could do well. The match itself was solid, but the only thing I had a problem with is the dropkick counter to the Goldust crossbody. I just think Kendrick doesn't have enough power and size to really stop Goldust in the air or at least hurting him.

                          The whole Ziggler/Striker feud is something I have felt I've seen in real life a thousand times. The match was good but I thought the ending was terrible. Striker leaving just seems out of character with the intense feud. After Ziggler's sneak attacks and insults, I don't see Striker just letting him go to grab a microphone to go for a the Golden Rule. If it was Ziggler that did it instead of Striker it would have been great in my opinion. The whole proposal at the end seemed a little overkill as I think it would have been better suited after Striker's apology on Friday Night. It just gets lost in the shuffle of the pay per view. The Striker heart felt speech backs up that the ending was just strange coming from someone that we would have been rooting for to pull off the upset.

                          Nothing special or nothing bad with the AJ Lee and Maryse promo.

                          Orton and Danielson is the best match of the night so far. I had no problems with it whatsoever and the top rople RKO by Orton would bring down the house. The only thing I wonder if Danielson would be booed in Slovakia because he is the "American" Dragon.

                          The Hogan/McIntyre battle was also good as the show is picking up steam. Kinda of shocked that the possible last match of Hogan would be this far down the card. I have no problem at all with McIntyre winning the match but him winning makes the beginning of Hogan restarting the match kind of useless. You could have had Hogan make a No-DQ match at the beginning straight up because that was really the only reason for the restart story telling wise.

                          Don't like that 3 out of the 5 matchs so far has stipulations.Seems overkill, especially with the retirement and loser leaves Smackdown back to back.

                          Nothing wrong at all with Batista and Rey match. It had a good, realistic ending and in my mind the right one. The only thing I had a small problem with was Rey slammed through the announce table. I think that would have been it but still it's alright.

                          Great job with AJ Lee/ Maryse situation. You gave Lee all the momentum in the world and still Maryse comes out on top. You put both on the right track with Lee accomplishing so much in such a short time and Maryse stopping the new upstart. Great job again.

                          A great opening to the Punk/Kingston match with all kinds of action to really get the crowd in it. The match kept it up and Kofi winning is also fantastic. I see the start of the SES happening with Festus's involvement which is a good move. I think this feud will be going on for awhile.

                          I liked the Reks/Edge match but the brass knuckle shot and kick out by Edge was over the top. It just seems minus the Diva Match, that somethiing extradonairy happens. I mean I'm pretty sure McIntyre, Rey, Punk and now Edge has kicked out after a finisher or equally devastating move. They can overshadow each other instead of standing out which I'm pretty sure is your intent by writing it that way. Sometimes less is more.

                          The Kennedy/Cena match already is starting off bad for me. The Cena leg drop to me is just too crazy. I don't see how Kennedy doesn't avoid it and how does Cena risk the leg drop with a piece of steel somewhere in the ring? In the middle of the match it might not bother me so much or even at the end but to start it off, I just didn't like it. Then how does the ropes and the shuffle effect his back greatly but not the backdrop he does to Kennedy before them. I like Kennedy mocking Cena then Cena mocking Kennedy moves, the best thing in the match so far. How does RAW Announce table remarkably heels itself after Batista smashed Rey through it earlier? (I've been waiting to see if you remember and I thought you did when you went back to the Smackdown announce table, ECW table and then when you said RAW it was just back to Ross and Lawler)You have a good finish but once again the Attitude Adjustment runs into the RKO from the top earlier in the night. Cena winning over Kennedy is a solid move and kind of shocked me because I was looking for the Kennedy upset.

                          Overall the show has it parts but I think it was just a little too much over the top. For me all the stipulations, big move kick outs and big moves all kind of cancel each other out as most is forgetten by the end of the read. I was also impressed by the recaps you had to each feud as it made me as a first time reader catch up very easily. On a crazy note what a week for Slovakia, be the host of European Bash and knocking out Italy of the World Cup advancing to the second round.

                          I know you might take this review as a little harsh but looking for problems is my basis for a review is supposed to be. Feel free to total ignore my complaints because in the end this is your BTB and do what you want, not what the readers want.


                          • Re: WWE: The Draft Changes Everything



                            WWE Monday Night RAW Preview
                            Zadar, Croatia
                            Zadar Arena
                            29th June 2009

                            STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION
                            John Cena defeated Mr. Kennedy for a third time in their feud inside the barbaric Hell in a Cell at the European Bash to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. Cena didn’t have it easy by any means as the loudmouth took him to the limit but in the end the champ was still here.

                            Now that Cena has defeated Kennedy in Kennedy’s last chance match, who will Cena’s next challenger be as RAW rolls into Zadar, Croatia?

                            BEATEN AND RETIRED
                            Drew McIntyre shocked the WWE Universe on Sunday night at the European Bash when he defeated Hulk Hogan, the now former General Manager of RAW, retiring the legendary superstar from active competition and wrestling. Chris Jericho returned to the WWE after the victory and congratulated his protégé.

                            This Monday, Hogan will have his retirement ceremony on RAW to officially say goodbye to the WWE Universe. Also, a new General Manager will be announced to replace Hulk Hogan.

                            MORRISON/KANE II
                            Last week on RAW, John Morrison was scheduled to face Kane but the cowardly Morrison attacked Kane with his title beforehand rendering him unconscious and preventing the match from happening. The frustrated Kane then ruined the Number One Contenders Match between Miz and Tajiri later in the night.

                            This week on RAW, Morrison will take on Kane in a No Disqualification Match. What will happen?

                            The WWE Divas Champion, Maryse suggested this headline. doesn’t understand French but no doubt it’s something that boosts Maryse’s ego after she came incredibly close to losing her Divas title to AJ Lee this past week at the European Bash.

                            AJ Lee has told that she will be calling out Maryse on RAW.

                            What will happen on this showing of RAW? Find out live on the USA Network and worldwide as RAW comes to you from Croatia!

                            TRANSLATION: No New Divas Champion. The sexiest of the sexy remains the champion.

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                              Exclusive Breaking News from

                     can shockingly report that World Wrestling Entertainment is involved in another huge drug scandal which has seen fifteen superstars suspended and five others fired from their jobs in the company. The highly-profitable company went into damage limitation yesterday as the news broke.

                              WrestleCircle has obtained a full list of those who are suspended and those who have been released. An announcement on this is expected to be made in the coming days.

                              This isn’t the first time WWE has been involved in such a scandal as ten superstars were suspended in 2007 after being linked with an illegal pharmacy ring. Fifteen superstars in total were involved this time and several were fired including Simon Dean (Mike Bucci) and Eugene (Nick Dinsmore).

                              The New York Daily News, ESPN and Sports Illustrated as well as WrestleCircle reported the following names respectively:

                              SUSPENDED – 30 days
                              WWE Champion – John Cena (John Anthony Felix Cena)
                              John “Bradshaw” Layfield (John Charles Layfield)
                              Sabu (Terry Brunk)
                              Bobby Lashley (Bobby Lashley)
                              The Brian Kendrick (Brian Kendrick)
                              Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels)
                              Finlay (Dave 'Fit' Finlay)
                              Katie Lea Burchill (Katrina Waters)
                              Mike Knox (Michael Hettinga)
                              Big Show (Paul Wight)
                              Josh Matthews (Josh Lomberger)
                              The Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana)
                              R-Truth (Ronald 'Ron' Killings)
                              Chris Masters (Christopher Todd Mordetzky)
                              Chris Jericho (Christopher Irvine)

                              Zack Ryder (Matthew Cardona)
                              Yoshi Tatsu (Naofumi Yanamoto)
                              Shelton Benjamin (Shelton Benjamin)
                              Rosa Mendes (Milena Roucka)
                              Elijah Burke


                              The most shocking suspension perhaps is that of World Champion, John Cena. Cena, who recently stated he could be drug-tested and be clean. This is obviously a breaking story. There is no word on how WWE plans to move forward with it’s storylines with Cena as a major champion in the company.

                              It’s almost certain WWE will be investigated again as many questions are now being asked, especially how this happened considering WWE had a strict drug-testing policy and how TWENTY superstars were caught out.

                              More to follow…
                              The wheels are in motion...

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                                POSTERBOY NO MORE?


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                                CELTIC (SPFL CHAMPIONS 2013/14)
                                FC BASEL (SSL CHAMPIONS 2013/2014; SWISS CUP FINALISTS)