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  • SEX

    Stephanie McMahon did the unthinkable when she filed for divorce from Triple H in August of 2008. In the wake of the divorce, Stephanie exorcised her frustrations by altering storylines to humiliate Triple H on television. At Unforgiven, Stephanie stripped Triple H of the WWE Championship. Triple H’s subsequent efforts to reclaim the WWE Championship were ultimately fruitless, and he developed an impressive losing streak that he fostered throughout September and October. In November of 2008, Stephanie announced that a draft would take place at Survivor Series. The draft reallocated talent so that Triple H’s losing streak could continue without growing stale. Triple H reached his breaking point in December of 2008, and he entered negotiations to officially terminate his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

    In January of 2009, Shawn Michaels announced his retirement in the wake of Triple H’s departure from World Wrestling Entertainment. Although Shawn attributed it to the re-aggravation of old injuries, many interpreted his sudden retirement as a form of protest against Stephanie McMahon’s treatment of Triple H. John Bradshaw Layfield announced his retirement as well in January of 2009. In an interview, JBL attributed his retirement to an urge to pursue business interests outside World Wrestling Entertainment. Stephanie McMahon responded to the retirements by offering releases to WWE Superstars who opposed her treatment of Triple H. Surprisingly, almost a dozen WWE Superstars took advantage of the offer.

    Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, CM Punk, Brian Kendrick, John Morrison, and The Miz resigned from World Wrestling Entertainment. Unfazed by the wave of resignations, Stephanie McMahon supplemented the depleted rosters of RAW and SmackDown! with talent from Florida Championship Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. World Wrestling Entertainment began to reflect Stephanie’s vision as each brand developed a distinct identity. RAW featured established WWE Superstars, whereas SmackDown! featured younger talent with an emphasis on a revitalized cruiserweight division. ECW became a showcase exclusively for the women’s division. Superstars such as Montel Vontavious Porter, Ken Kennedy, and Umaga were presented as the vanguard of World Wrestling Entertainment.

    In February of 2009, Triple H resurfaced in the world of professional wrestling as the head of a new promotion -- Sports Entertainment Xtreme (SEX) -- based in New York, New York. At a press conference, Triple H revealed that he had successfully contracted the WWE Superstars who had resigned in January. Triple H also revealed that he had successfully contracted free agents Bobby Lashley and Paul London. Shawn Michaels made an appearance to announce that he would be involved with SEX. John Bradshaw Layfield made an appearance as well to announce that we would also be involved with SEX. In the wake of the press conference, Triple H raided Total Non-Stop Action as he contracted Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, and Chris Sabin.

    Stephanie McMahon used World Wrestling Entertainment as a soapbox as she expressed her doubts about SEX on television. In response, Triple H maintained his faith in SEX with a smirk. Triple H announced that a second press conference would take place to reveal four signings that he guaranteed would rock the world of professional wrestling. At the second press conference, Triple H revealed that he had signed Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar made an appearance and spoke briefly about being undefeated as the UFC Heavyweight Champion before being forced to vacate the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Brock Lesnar concluded with a promise to become the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion.

    Triple H then revealed that he had also signed Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena subsequently appeared to confront Brock Lesnar and challenge him. The tension in the room was palpable as John Cena insulted Brock Lesnar in an impromptu rap about becoming the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion. Eventually, security guards had to separate John Cena and Brock Lesnar and escort them from the building to prevent any sort of physical altercation. Batista and Randy Orton remained calm and collect as they stood on opposite sides of Triple H without saying a word throughout the remainder of the second press conference.

    Triple H then explained that SEX would feature a five-month season and a one-month postseason. Triple H explained that the five-month season would feature five special pay-per-view events (Pedigreed, Evolution, King of Kings, Degeneration, and Game Over). Pedigreed will span two nights and will feature a tournament to crown the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion. The one-month postseason will feature a non-televised “SEX Tour.” “SEX Tapes,” however, will be available and will feature highlights from the SEX Tour. Triple H then explained that a weekly show (SEX: LIVE!) would emanate from Madison Square Garden. Triple H concluded the press conference by begging to know: “Who doesn’t love SEX?”
    : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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    Re: SEX

    Originally posted at...
    AJ Styles
    Alex Shelley
    Bobby Lashley
    Brian Kendrick
    Brock Lesnar
    Chris Sabin
    CM Punk
    Jeff Hardy

    John Cena
    John Morrison
    Matt Hardy
    Paul London
    Randy Orton
    Samoa Joe
    The Miz

    Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (Motor City Machine Guns)
    Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy
    Paul London & Brian Kendrick
    The Miz & John Morrison

    Triple H
    Shawn Michaels
    John Bradshaw Layfield
    Michael Cole
    Josh Matthews
    Mondays @ 9:00 PM (EST) ... SEX: LIVE!
    May: Pedigreed
    June: Evolution
    July: King of Kings
    August: Degeneration
    September: Game Over

    Originally posted by SEX Heavyweight Championship History
    • John Cena defeats Randy Orton via pinfall @ Pedigreed in a singles match (05/03/2009).
    • Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena via pinfall @ Evolution in a singles match (05/31/2009).
    • Bobby Lashley defeats Brock Lesnar via pinfall @ Evolution in a singles match (05/31/2009).
    • Brock Lesnar (x2) defeats Bobby Lashley via pinfall @ King of Kings in a singles match (06/28/2009).
    Originally posted by SEX Junior Heavyweight Championship History
    • AJ Styles defeats Chris Sabin via pinfall on SEX: LIVE! in a singles match (06/08/2009).
    • Brian Kendrick defeats AJ Styles, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin on SEX: LIVE! in a Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match (06/29/2009).
    Originally posted by SEX Tag Team Championship History
    • Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeat The Miz & John Morrison and Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin @ Pedigreed in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match (05/03/2009).
    • The Miz & John Morrison defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick on SEX: LIVE! in a tag team match (06/08/2009).
    • Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeat The Miz & John Morrison @ King of Kings in a tag team match (06/28/2009).
    Originally posted by (Win-Loss-Draw)

    +John Cena [9-2-0]
    +Bobby Lashley [7-5-1]
    +Brock Lesnar [7-4-0]
    +Brian Kendrick [6-4-0]
    +Batista [5-4-0]
    +Jeff Hardy [4-3-0]

    -AJ Styles [6-7-0]
    =Samoa Joe [5-5-1]
    =Chris Sabin [5-5-0]
    =John Morrison [4-4-0]

    -Matt Hardy [3-5-0]
    -Paul London [4-5-0]
    -The Miz [3-5-0]
    -Alex Shelley [4-6-0]
    -Edge [5-7-0]
    -Randy Orton [5-7-0]
    -CM Punk [4-7-1]
    -Christian [3-8-0]
    -Gregory Helms [3-9-0]
    : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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      Re: SEX

      This looks interesting and funny at the same time with SEX initials. I really hope you can stay interested in your fed and go the distance with it, keep it up

      When your first show gets up, I might use you as my review-experiment


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        Re: SEX

        Man, that's a good roster dude. Small, but still Really good. Hopefully Cena gets owned in this Fed, but if not, I'm still going to read it because the name of your thread is Sex. Good luck bro, looks good.


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          Re: SEX

          Man, sweet Roster! This looks bloody cool PI, I think I can see what you are aiming at with this Project You've got yourself a reader. Motor City Machine Guns = Win.


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            Re: SEX

            Originally posted at...
            The brackets for the special tournament that will take place at Pedigreed have been posted on the official website for SEX.

            "Pedigreed: NIGHT ONE" will feature the first round, which includes the following matches:
            • Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
            • Batista vs. Edge vs. Christian
            • Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley
            • John Cena vs. Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk

            "Pedigreed: NIGHT TWO" will feature the second round and third round in addition to a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match to crown SEX Tag Team Champions! Also, Shawn Michaels will make a special appearance to dicuss his role in SEX. Watch the pay-per-view on your computer! When you purchase the webcast, you will also receive access to additional matches not available in other offers. Don't miss all the action!
            : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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              Re: SEX

              Goddamn this looks impressive man, VERY impressive...

              You got me hooked, now keep me hooked :tgo:
              Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                Re: SEX

                Most intriguing fed name ever.

                Everything looks sweet so far.


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                  Re: SEX

                  Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                  I’ve been having issues with my cable provider, so I had to hijack a neighbor’s wireless network to watch the webcast of the pay-per-view. Am I a loser for spending two nights in front of my computer over the weekend? Maybe, but it was totally worth it. Pedigreed was a solid show from start to finish. I had access to additional matches because I purchased the webcast, and I’ve included them in my report.
                  Pedigreed: NIGHT ONE

                  Triple H comes out and welcomes the audience to Pedigreed: NIGHT ONE. He explains the concepts that underlie SEX. He also explains how the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament will unfold through three rounds of competitive action. He then introduces Michael Cole and JBL, who will provide commentary from a booth above the stage. Triple H exits the ring as Michael Cole and JBL welcome the viewers at home who have purchased the webcast of Pedigreed.

                  The first match of the evening features Brian Kendrick versus Shannon Moore. Kendrick outperforms Moore in the ring, and the match is relatively short as a result. Kendrick traps Moore in the Infinite Playlist before Kendrick secures the pinfall with the Kendrick Roll. After the match, Kendrick explains that Moore has just been “Kendrick-rolled.” Kendrick then proceeds to sing the chorus of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” as Moore exits the ring.

                  The second match of the evening features Paul London versus Gregory Helms. London really connects with the audience as a plucky daredevil. After roughly fifteen minutes of back-and-forth chain wrestling, London plants Helms with a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex. London bridges to secure the pinfall. London and Helms receive a standing ovation for their efforts in the match. London and Helms shake hands after the match as a sign of mutual respect.

                  The third match of the evening features the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) versus the Renegade Wrecking Crew (Giant Bernard & Tyson Tomko). The Motor City Machine Guns use their speed and agility to counter the size and strength of the Renegade Wrecking Crew. The Motor City Machine Guns really connect with the audience as a couple of smug underdogs. The Motor City Machine Guns secure the pinfall after a brutal combination of kicks.

                  HBK comes out and introduces himself as the General Manager of SEX. The Miz & John Morrison confront HBK in the ring to demand an explanation for their exclusion from the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament. HBK explains that only former World Champions are eligible to compete in the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament. Morrison argues that he is a former World Champion, but HBK ignores Morrison.

                  HBK shifts gears to discuss the SEX Tag Team Championship. HBK announces that The Miz & John Morrison will compete in a TLC match tomorrow night to crown the first-ever SEX Tag Team Champions. The Miz is happy with the announcement. Morrison, however, is not. Morrison claims that he has been excluded from the tournament because HBK is jealous of Morrison’s sex appeal. The Miz claims that Morrison is the real "Sexy Boy."

                  The first match of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament features Randy Orton versus Matt Hardy versus Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boyz seem to have settled their differences as they work together to double-team Orton. Jeff aims to end the match with a Whisper in the Wind, but Orton dodges it. Jeff lands on top of Matt, and Orton plants Jeff with an RKO to secure the pinfall. Matt helps Jeff to his feet after the match, but Matt is clearly disappointed with Jeff.

                  HBK summons the Motor City Machine Guns to his makeshift office backstage. HBK expresses how much the Motor City Machine Guns impressed him in their match against the Renegade Wrecking Crew. HBK announces that the Motor City Machine Guns will compete in the TLC match tomorrow night to crown the first-ever SEX Tag Team Champions. The Motor City Machine Guns thank HBK for the opportunity and promise to impress him again in the TLC match.

                  The second match of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament features Batista versus Edge versus Christian. Batista receives a big pop, but Christian’s is bigger, which seemingly irks Batista. Edge receives his usual heat from the audience. The audience is torn during the out-of-control match. Half supports Batista whereas half supports Christian. No one supports Edge. Half of the fans boo when Batista plants Edge with a Batista Bomb to secure the pinfall.

                  HBK summons Paul London and Brian Kendrick to his office backstage. HBK knows that London and Kendrick have had their differences in the past. However, HBK also knows that London and Kendrick make a great tag team. HBK announces that London and Kendrick will compete in the TLC match tomorrow night to crown first-ever SEX Tag Team Champions. HBK says, “You remind me of me. Do me proud,” and then dismisses London or Kendrick.

                  The third match of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament features Brock Lesnar versus AJ Styles versus Bobby Lashley. This match officially marks Lesnar’s return to professional wrestling. Styles and Lashley both receive impressive pops, but their pops pale in comparison to the reaction that Lesnar receives. Lesnar receives a mixed albeit strong reaction from the audience that shakes Madison Square Garden to its foundation.

                  Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley treat Styles like a rag doll. Lesnar and Lashley avoid each other for the majority of the match. Instead, they focus on Styles as they take turns planting him with various slams and suplexes in a bizarre pissing contest. Lesnar ultimately hoists Styles up for an F5. As Lesnar spins Styles around, Styles’ feet hit Lashley in the head. The blow knocks Lashley out of the ring. Lesnar plants Styles with the F5 to secure the pinfall.

                  The fourth match of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament and the final match of the evening features John Cena versus Samoa Joe versus CM Punk. All three receive big pops during their entrances. All three work a very stiff match, and the action is intense. The audience cannot pick a favorite. Joe and Punk seem to renew their old rivalry from ROH during the match. In the end, Cena plants Joe with an FU and applies the STFU for the submission!

                  Samoa Joe has a temper tantrum after the match, and he attacks CM Punk. Joe and Punk brawl to the back, leaving Cena alone in the ring as he celebrates. Cena grabs a microphone and thanks the audience for their support. Cena also thanks the audience for watching the show. Cena then invites the fans in attendance and the viewers at home back for more SEX tomorrow night. Cena promises that he will become the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion tomorrow night.

                  • Brian Kendrick defeats Shannon Moore via pinfall.
                  • Paul London defeats Gregory Helms via pinfall.
                  • Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeat Giant Bernard & Tyson Tomko via pinfall.
                  • Randy Orton defeats Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy via pinfall.
                  • Batista defeats Edge and Christian via pinfall.
                  • Brock Lesnar defeats AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley via pinfall.
                  • John Cena defeats Samoa Joe and CM Punk via submission.
                  That's it for "Pedigreed: NIGHT ONE." I plan to update this with results for "Pedigreed: NIGHT TWO" in the near future.
                  : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                    Re: SEX

                    The 'Busa Oversight.

                    Wow, love the layout, PI. It only rounds up the promo's and matches, but it allows the imagination to run wild.

                    Favourite matchups - Jeff Hardy Vs Matt hardy Vs Randy Orton. Good combination, I love how you have seriously thought these matchups out, worked well. Orton obviously was going to win this, good to see him advancing to the next round. I hope to see the Hardy's playing a major part in the SEX Promotion.

                    Obviously loved the ending to CM Punk Vs Samoa Joe Vs John Cena, having Joe tap out to the STFU. I dont know if you intend to continue the Joe/Punk fued from prior times, but Cena/Joe would make this Puroresu Indy fan's day. Could be an awesome fued, although I dislike Joe's promo skills. Then again, could have just been the random matchup for this Show. I can only hope.

                    Lesnar got the win, I'm glad that you didnt hype your entire Show around him like most do, he advanced to the next round of the Tournament, but I sincerely hope he doesnt go much further. Excess baggage.

                    MCMG in a TLC Match? For the Tag Championship? Win.

                    Kendrick/London against them? Second win of the Show. The only thing I disliked about the Show was HBK saying "You remind me of me, do me proud". If this is the start of a storyline, fair enough. However, if this is just a statement comparing HBK to London/Kendrick, then I cant support it.

                    Amazing layout, amazing Fed name. GREAT first Show, this really was a fantastic way to kick off the Promotion. As pointed out, there are some things I dont quite like, but then again I dont even follow or support any WWE Wrestlers. So I must say PI buddy, this is a very solid foundation for a classic Fed. Cant wait until your next Show, and god damn PPV's should be sweet if you continue with what you've already started.



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                      Re: SEX

                      The Cool Review

                      I like the way your setting it out for starters. Just a questions, all the shows going to be set out like this or the bigger shows going to be written in full? I’m good with either, sure you won’t be complimented on a master piece if it’s written this way, but it sure is a lot easier and fun to read anyway. Anyway, owner comes out, which everyone does so nothing new there. Michael Cole and JBL? Yeah, JBL owns as commentator, but Cole, I don’t particularly like much, but hey, he can be mildly entertaining sometimes. Kendrick beats Shannon Moore, not a match I would particularly like to see, Shannon Moore just doesn’t interest me much at all. Kendrick also despite love seeing him in the ring, isn’t nearly as good as if he was with Paul London. Speaking of Paul London, London and Helms next, sounds like this one was a good one. London wins, just like Kendrick not as interesting as they would be if they were together. Or, if you wouldn’t put them back together, have them feud, would be good.

                      I really thought that Giant Bernard and Tomko were going to win through against the Motor City Machine Guns, but they don’t. Not disappointed as I love Shelley and Sabin, but I think possibly could have writ more in detail about how the bigger team controlled the match because it looks them look quite weak. Michaels is general manager? So he won’t wrestle then? I like the bit where John Morrison calls himself “The Sexy Boy”, surely Morrison should have been put into the tournament though for the World Title? I wonder what other teams are going to be apart of that TLC match, though? I had a bit of a gap in wrestling, so when has Matt Hardy been a World Champion? I’m confused? Orton wins, good. I’m loving Orton at the moment. So there is a Matt/Jeff feud brewing in this fed? Could be very good indeed. Motor City Machine Guns added to the TLC match, its already looking awesome. I’m a fan of Edge and Christian Cage, so I was hopeful that one of them would win. But, Batista if written right could be interesting, but like I said I would of much rather had Edge or Christian Cage win and advance.

                      Shawn Michaels puts London and Kendrick back together for the TLC match, awesome decision. TLC looks awesome now. Styles looked like a complete loser in that small summary, but Lesnar wins which is good, if Lashley won, I wouldn’t of been happy. True, waste of space. Not much talent at all. Joe/Punk/Cena could be a very good match, and in the small summary we got, it looks like it was exactly that. I had a feeling you would have Cena go over, the WWE guys seem far superior to all of the TNA guys. Joe/Punk feud in the making, very good. I can’t remember to many Joe/Punk feuds in Fan Fic, so it’s fresh. All in all, good opening show man. I like the way you set it out, I just hope for more of what happens during the actual promo’s and matches, it would make it so much better. But, I’ll defiantly be reading night two when you have it up, man.

                      Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                        Re: SEX

                        Spreutels' Review

                        First things first, SEX is a name I would only expect from you, and you lived up to my expectation! So Triple H is the owner, something different. Also HBK probably in a non-wrestling role should be good. I like the roster, It's small and perfectly suited for a five month season. Nice touch with the PPV-names. Out of the four triple threats I like these ones the most:
                        • Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
                        • Batista vs. Edge vs. Christian

                        I don't know any TNA guys as I just watch WWE. I expected Orton, Batista, Lesnar and Cena to win, and they all did. They were expected because I can see something going between Jeff and Matt, and also between Edge and Christian. Lesnar was the one I want to wint his match as I don't really know Styles, and think Lashley is overrated. Cena should win, because he is Cena.

                        On to the show then:

                        Kendrick beats Moore in a quick match. I like this, Kendrick should've won, and he did it in convincing fashion. Nice work. Don't like the singing, makes him look dull...

                        London vs. Helms, tough decision for who I want to win. Both need a win to put them on the map. You went with London, seems fair. Respect for each other is always nice.

                        The tag match didn't really drew me in as I only know Tomko from his WWE run. I'm not going further on this as I can't say what there roles are. Motor City Machine Guns are faces and get the win.

                        HBK as general manager, good choice, he is cool to write with, but too banged up to wrestle M&M want singles title shots... but get inserted into the tag title TLC. First I thought there was tension between M&M but Miz praised Morrison in the end, so I was probably wrong.

                        Orton beats Jeff and Matt who seems a little pissed. Will they keep forgiving each other, who will tell? Good Orton won, he owns!

                        HBK adds the Motor City Machine Guns into the TLC, I need more to know wheter they are any good.

                        Christian outpops Batista, who is angry, just like in real life, AH! Batista wins, by pinning Edge. Christian will be pissed and rant about it, I guess. I hope you keep Edge strong, he owns too.

                        Londrick are in the TLC aswell. Makes it interesting, who will turn on who? I hope they turn, although they form a great tag team.

                        Lesnar pins Styles, while Lashley was out. Possible feud coming? I hope not, Lashley does nothing for me. I'm not Lesnar's biggest fan either.

                        Joe and Punk relive history, while Cena leaves the winner. You made Joe look a little weak there with him tapping to the STFU. I though Joe was a big remorseless guy. Oh well, time will tell.

                        All-in-all great show, I enjoyed the match-ups, although they were a little predictable. The format makes it very easy to read, which I like too. Looking forward what the next round matches will be for the SEX championship. I hope a life sex celebration will be on your show once we know who's the champ! Nice work, PI!


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                          Re: SEX

                          Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                          Pedigreed: NIGHT TWO

                          HBK comes out and welcomes the fans in attendance to Pedigreed: NIGHT TWO as Michael Cole and JBL welcome the viewers at home. HBK reminds the audience of the results from last night. He then announces the matches for tonight. Randy Orton will wrestle Batista, and John Cena will wrestle Brock Lesnar. The winners of those matches will then meet in a match to crown the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion.

                          HBK announces that Matt Hardy, Christian, Bobby Lashley, and CM Punk will compete in a four-way elimination match tonight. The winner will receive a “second chance contract.” HBK explains that the second chance contract is like money in the bank. HBK also announces that a TLC match will take place tonight to crown first-ever SEX Tag Team Champions. HBK wishes good luck to the three teams that will be involved in the match.

                          The first match of the evening features the Renegade Wrecking Crew (Giant Bernard & Tyson Tomko) versus Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore. All four men seek to redeem themselves from their losses last night. The audience supports Helms & Moore as the underdogs, but the Renegade Wrecking Crew proves that size does matter. Tomko plants Moore with a Tomko Bomb to secure the pinfall for the Renegade Wrecking Crew.

                          The second match of the evening features Edge versus AJ Styles. The audience supports Styles, but Styles cannot overcome Edge’s underhanded tactics. In the end, Edge plants Styles with a spear to secure the pinfall. After the match, Edge complains that he has been disrespected. Edge complains that he belongs in the main event, not in a dark match. Edge then plants Styles with another spear to vent his frustrations after the match.

                          Randy Orton confronts Batista backstage. Orton claims that he was victorious in a two-on-one handicap match against the Hardy Boyz last night. Batista congratulates Orton, but Orton does not want to be patronized. Orton claims that Batista’s victory from the previous night was a fluke. Batista laughs as Orton vows to restore order in the universe by eliminating him from the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament.

                          The third match of the evening features Matt Hardy versus Christian versus Bobby Lashley versus CM Punk. Christian, Punk and Lashley receive huge pops. Jeff Hardy accompanies Matt to the ring and receives a bigger pop than him. Matt orders Jeff to remain to watch him win the match. Ironically, Matt is the first elimination as Christian rolls him up from behind to secure the pinfall. Matt and Jeff argue to the back as the match continues.

                          Christian and CM Punk clothesline Bobby Lashley out of the ring and then energize the audience with a bit of chain wrestling. Punk ultimately plants Christian with the Sleeping Pill to secure the pinfall and eliminate him from the match. Samoa Joe comes out to instigate an argument with Punk from ringside. The distraction enables Lashley to plant Punk with a series of rolling German Suplexes. Lashley bridges after the fourth German Suplex to secure the pinfall.

                          Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews John Cena about his match against Brock Lesnar. Cena claims that he has grown as a wrestler since his last match against Lesnar in WWE. Cena promises that history will not repeat itself tonight. Cena then promises to make Lesnar tap out to the STFU. Lesnar interrupts the interview to argue otherwise. Lesnar promises to make Cena tap out to the Brock Lock. Cena and Lesnar butt heads before being separated.

                          The first match of the second round of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament features Randy Orton versus Batista. Orton targets Batista’s surgically repaired leg during the match. Orton’s psychology ultimately proves to be successful as Batista collapses when he attempts the Batista Bomb. Orton punts Batista’s head to secure the pinfall. After the match, Orton promises to become the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion.

                          Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Paul London and Brian Kendrick about being forced to work together by HBK. London and Kendrick argue with each another instead of responding to Matthews. London and Kendrick both claim to be the “you” that HBK was referring to last night. Kendrick then claims that he is the next Shawn Michaels whereas Paul London is the next Marty Jannetty. In turn, London claims that Kendrick is “Brian Pillman-lite.”

                          The second match of the second round of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament features John Cena versus Brock Lesnar. The audience is rabid and surprisingly torn during the match. The match begins with a bit of chain wrestling. Cena matches Lesnar, hold-for-hold, which frustrates Lesnar. The match briefly deteriorates into a brawl, but Cena continues to holds his own. Lesnar’s frustration grows until Lesnar eventually snaps.

                          Cena hoists Lesnar up for an FU, but Lesnar escapes. Lesnar slides out of the ring to retrieve a chair. Lesnar returns to the ring and blasts Cena with the chair. The referee disqualifies Lesnar, but Lesnar continues to bludgeon Cena with the chair. A flock of security guards rushes to the ring to detain Lesnar and escort him from the ring. Cena is a bloody mess. A flock of trainers rush to the ring to tend to Cena, but Cena refuses to receive any medical attention.

                          The sixth match of the evening is the TLC match to crown first-ever SEX Tag Team Champions. It features Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus The Miz & John Morrison versus the Motor City Machine Guns. Despite their differences, London & Kendrick seem to be on the same page during the match. Ultimately, everyone but London & Kendrick goes through a table. London and Kendrick argue over who will retrieve the suspended title belts.

                          London wins a game of Rock, Paper, Sciccors to resolve the issue. London scales a ladder to retrieve the title belts, but Kendrick “accidentally” knocks the ladder over. Kendrick leaves London hanging in midair as London clings to the title belts. London shouts for help, but Kendrick acts as if he cannot not hear or understand London. The belts unclasp, and London falls to the mat. Instead of checking on London, Kendrick celebrates with both belts.

                          The final match of the evening is the final match of the SEX Heavyweight Championship tournament features. It features Randy Orton versus John Cena. Orton comes out and demands that Cena forfeit the match given his condition, but Cena comes out to a standing ovation from the audience that shakes Madison Square Garden to its foundation. Cena is still a bloody mess, but he is clearly determined to win. The match is an out-of-control brawl.

                          Cena refuses to go down without a fight as Orton pummels him without mercy. Cena’s determination frustrates Orton. Orton retrieves a chair from ringside and aims to finish the job that Brock Lesnar started, but Batista hobbles to the ring to distract Orton. The distraction enables Cena to recover and plant Orton with an FU. Batista looks on as John Cena covers Randy Orton to secure the pinfall and become the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion.

                          QUICK RESULTS FOR PEDIGREED (NIGHT TWO):
                          • Giant Bernard & Tyson Tomko defeat Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore via pinfall.
                          • Edge defeats AJ Styles via pinfall.
                          • Bobby Lashley defeats CM Punk, Christian, and Matt Hardy via pinfall.
                          • Randy Orton defeats Batista via pinfall.
                          • John Cena defeats Brock Lesnar and via disqualification.
                          • Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeat The Miz & John Morrison and Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin by retrieving the suspended title belts.
                          • John Cena defeats Randy Orton via pinfall.
                          That's it for "Pedigreed: NIGHT TWO." I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
                          : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                            Re: SEX

                            alpha |ˈalfə| review
                            1 ē (of animals in a group) the socially dominant individual

                            --As Iíve said before your initial backstory is nothing short of gold. The way you have Hunter set up his own federation is something of itís own.
                            --Hunter goes to recruit building his franchise up with big name superstars like Cena and Orton, both of which Iím fond of.
                            --Catchy federation name, itís undoubtedly going to bring attention.

                            Pedigreed: Night 1

                            --JBL and Cole announcers, fine choices.
                            --London and Kendrick both win unsurprisingly. Both seem to be characters that are going to be built up.
                            --Shelley and Sabin have a ton of potential together. I could definitely see them as title holders this weekend.
                            --I see a foreshadow to a feud between the Miz and Morrison and Morrison and HBK. Those two feuds could both be great and Iím rooting for both of them to happen.
                            --Pretty predictable with Orton taking the first match, this guy needs a push in SEX. Heís my prediction for the first SEX Heavyweight Title winner.
                            --Another feud I can see happening...Hardy vs. Hardy.
                            --Motor City Machine Guns in title match. This intrigues me for sure.
                            --It looks like Christian is a face. I prefer him as a heel, but I guess whatever floats your boat.
                            --Batista getting the push is well deserved, donít think heís going to take home the SEX Championship though.
                            --Now London and Kendrick too!?! It seems that every tag team except for MCMG is fighting.
                            --Lesnerís return to pro wrestling is intriguing as hell. Heís being portrayed as a heel or tweener which is good, I believe because it gives you another strong heel character. And Lesner wins.
                            --Interesting to have Punk and Joe in the same ring again since the old RoH days. I see a potential feud here.
                            --Cena takes the victory ending a very successful show. Captivated my attention.

                            Peigreed: Night Two

                            --Very engrossing matches HBK announces with the main event being the victor of each of the semifinals.
                            --Both these tag teams lost last night, but tonight Tomko and Bernard gain their respect back.
                            --In the second match it looks like Edge wins fairly easily - and cleanly to boot, but I do wonder if youíre going to give him the main event scene he wants to be in.
                            --Alright it seems Batista acting like the class act backstage while Orton is using his tactics to make Ďtista mad. Good job maximizing Ortonís character.
                            --I can also see forshadowing of a Hardy/Hardy slowly building up after last night.
                            --Christianís my pick for winner of this next match, but a push for Lashley is in store.
                            --Good hype for the Cena/Lesnar match.
                            --Orton topples over Batista, this is shaping up for a Orton/Cena. Lovely, Iíd say.
                            --Cena wins thanks to a cheap victory and a sudden outburst of Lesnar, maybe he forgot the rules.
                            --Very nice, we get to see a three way TLC Match for the gold. Ha, Kendrickís antics at the end of the match are somewhat funny. Their run as champions is probably going to end up with a feud, which is always interesting and different.
                            --The last match of the night is yet another one for the gold. It definitely qualifies as a dream match. Cena recovers after a brutal blow from his previous match and takes the victory. Cena beats the odds once again and does the unthinkable...takes home the SEX Heavyweight Championship.

                            --The Champ is the first champ, the already feuding London and Kendrick are tag team title holders and we have Edge wanting to get back to the main stream. I like the characters of Christian, Lesnar and Orton so far and I canít wait to see what you do with this. This federation has the potential to go far. Keep it up; excellent job!



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                              Re: SEX

                              Spreutels' Review

                              I'm here to be entertained again. HBK comes out and announces the matches. Orton vs. Batista, RKO for the win, he has to, he is a beast. Beside Batista in my eyes is only third in big men in you fed behind Lesnar and Lashley. Cena vs. Lesnar. I can't see Cena losing, but how will he beat Lesnar? I'll see, I guess.

                              The fourway seems random, untill I noticed it are the four men not being pinned in the triple threats. MITB is always good, very unpredictable aspact of a fed. Nice one! Christian or Lashley to win I'm thinking, Hope for Christian, Lashley is ... Lashley.

                              Bernard and Tomko over Helms and Moore, I hope Helms/Moore was a one night only thing. Helms > Moore. I start to like your Wrecking crew. They seem so brutal.

                              Edge beats Styles, and goes on a rant. Typical Edge, very believable. You just love to hate the guy. Styles' on a losing track. Don't know him, so I guess I shouldn't care.

                              Orton gets the better of Batista in that segment, I hope this won't mean Batista will go over in the match.

                              Matt and Jeff having problems = great. Lashley winning MITB = Christian goes out. Punk gets distraced and Lashley beats him. Joe/Punk should be good, just need some more info on Joe, though.

                              Cena will make Lesnar tap out? Don't see that happening; Lesnar to make Cena tap out? Eh? No chance. This will be a brutal brawl. Blood I tell you!

                              Orton outwrestles Batista and punts him to end the match. Yes and No! Yes, Randy needed to win, but with a punt? I hope you don't make that his regular finisher, because it will take away the impact, since he has taken out so many wrestlers with it, Batista better be out of action for a while, or the punt is not that dangerous anymore...

                              Heat between London and Kendrick, one will probably cost them the match, who will it be is my question.

                              Lesnar gets crazy and gets him disqualified, woohoo, Cena goes through but is wounded. Orton for champ! Lesnar + crazy monster = OMG, a man to be watched.

                              Londrick win the titles? Didn't see that one coming. Tag champions who hate each other, could be interesting. Why make them champions? I am hooked. That's good! I can't figure out what will happen next.

                              Nooooooooo! Damn Cena and his superman powers! I guess this leads to Cena/Brock and Orton/Batista feuds. Man, Batista already recovered from the punt. You should've kicked harder Randy! Cena as SEX champ, who wouldn't want to be that, huh?


                              Very solid show, way less predictable then the previous show. I will be looking forward to how everything plans out. Keep it up, PI!