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    Re: SEX

    Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
    Evolution: (05/31/2009)

    The first match of the evening features Bobby Lashley versus Shelton Benjamin. Lashley receives a warm welcome from the audience. Benjamin, on the other hand, receives a mixed reaction. Benjamin was impressive in his match last night against Charlie Haas, and he seems determined to impress SEX officials again with a solid performance against Lashley tonight. In turn, Lashley aims to vent his frustrations with not being booked higher on the card.

    The match is a wrestling clinic that proves to be a surprisingly intense thrill ride. Benjamin uses his speed and agility to counter the size and strength of Lashley. The match gradually evolves from an exhibition of chain wrestling to an exchange of various throws and stiff strikes. Benjamin staggers Lashley with a couple of vicious kicks, but Lashley responds with a belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope. Benjamin tweaks his knee as he lands outside of the ring.

    The referee throws the X into the air and calls for the bell. Instead of celebrating, Lashley climbs out of the ring to check on Benjamin and help him to his feet. Meanwhile, medical staff rushes to the ring to tend to Benjamin. After Benjamin has been escorted from ringside, Lashley climbs back into the ring with a microphone. Lashley reminds the fans that he holds the contract for a title shot, which he must use within 30 days. Lashley teases using it tonight.

    The second match of the evening is the six-man scramble match. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin come out first and receive a wild ovation from the audience. The Miz & John Morrison come out second and receive their usual heat. Finally, AJ Styles & Gregory Helms come out. Of the three teams set to participate in the match, Styles & Helms receive the loudest response from the fans. Before the match, HBK appears on the screen above the entrance to explain the rules.

    The six participants will all be in the ring at once, and they will wrestle for twenty minutes. Anyone can score a fall against anyone else, including his partner. There are no count-outs or disqualifications. The last participant to score a fall before the time expires will be declared the winner and earn the right for his team to challenge the SEX Tag Team Champions for their titles tomorrow night on SEX: LIVE! HBK wishes good luck to all three teams.

    Despite the presence of two referees, the match is absolute chaos. The Miz immediately drops to the canvas and allows Morrison to pin him. The Miz & Morrison climb out of the ring, where they cannot be pinned, and challenge the other teams to do something. Their tactic causes Shelley & Sabin to climb out of the ring and chase after them. Shelley & Sabin chase The Miz & Morrison into the crowd, where both teams brawl while Styles & Helms remain in the ring.

    Styles & Helms shrug and shake hands before beginning to wrestle each other in an unofficial rematch from last week. The showdown between Styles and Helms is very competitive. They trade holds without resorting to striking each other. They seem to be wrestling for individual bragging rights as opposed to the right to challenge the SEX Tag Team Champions. Styles finally scores a fall against Helms at the halfway mark to redeem himself from his loss last week.

    The Miz & Morrison and Shelley & Sabin battle back to the ring, where The Miz pins Shelley. However, Sabin pins Morrison. Helms surprises Styles by rolling him up from behind to secure a pinfall. Shelley pins Helms, but Styles pins Sabin in turn. The Miz allows Morrison to pin him again with one minute left on the clock. Shelley & Sabin and Styles & Helms frantically try to score another fall before time expires, but The Miz & Morrison prevent them from doing so.

    After the match, The Miz & Morrison celebrate as if they have already won the SEX Tag Team Championship. Styles & Helms console each other. Despite their loss, they seem to be on good if not better terms than before. Shelley & Sabin stew in the ring for a moment before they finally exit. The Miz & Morrison grab microphones after their little celebration. They promise that they will be winning the SEX Tag Team Championship at this time, tomorrow night.

    The third match of the evening features Edge versus Christian. Edge receives almost unparalleled heat from the audience. In direct comparison to the reaction for Edge, it seems like Christian’s pop could be the biggest pop of the night. Christian offers to shake hands with Edge before their match, but Edge scoffs at the offer. Christian just shrugs in response, but he makes the mistake of turning his back on Edge to play to the fans who are sitting in the front row.

    Edge attacks Christian from behind, clubbing him with a flurry of wild blows. Edge plants Christian with an Inverted Suplex. Christian gradually battles back to a defensive position, but Edge maintains control. Edge is excessively violent as he aims to make a point at Christian’s expense. The excessive violence forces Christian to target Edge’s surgically repaired neck to stop the onslaught. Christian continues to target Edge’s neck to maintain control.

    Christian plants Edge with the Unprettier to secure the pinfall, but Edge gets his foot on the rope. Christian pulls Edge to his feet for another Unprettier, but Edge counters with a Backslide Roll-Up. Unbeknownst to the referee, Edge puts his feet on the ropes for added leverage to secure the pinfall. Christian complains to the referee, but the decision has been made. Edge celebrates his victory and only now offers to shake hands with Christian, but Christian refuses.

    The fourth match of the evening features Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy for the SEX Tag Team Championship. London & Kendrick seem to resent that they must share their entrance. They do not talk to each other on their way to the ring. Matt & Jeff are different, as Matt is very vocal with his lectures for Jeff on their way to the ring. Given the dynamics of each team, the audience is torn and does not know which one to support.

    Communication issues plague each team but make for a dramatic match. Whenever Kendrick is not the legal man, he attempts to steal London’s spotlight yet refuses to rescue London from any potential danger. Across the ring, Matt seems reluctant to ever tag Jeff into the match. When Jeff finally does tag into the match, he is ablaze with energy -- too much energy, in fact. Jeff scales the turnbuckles for a Whisper in the Wind, but Kendrick pushes him off his post.

    Jeff crashes and burns at ringside, smashing his jaw on the guardrail. Instead of tending to Jeff and helping him to get back into the ring, Matt simply watches him struggle to his feet as the referee counts him out. Kendrick seems almost upset that he and London have retained the SEX Tag Team Championship. In fact, when London presents Kendrick with his belt, Kendrick clocks London with it. Kendrick and Matt both exit the ring, leaving their partners behind.

    The fifth match of the evening features CM Punk versus Samoa Joe, and it is an “I Quit” match. Punk receives a wild ovation from the fans as he really connects with them. Joe, on the other hand, receives rather intense heat. The fans immediately begin to chant, “Joe tapped out!” The chants clearly anger Joe, although his anger clearly fuels him to inflict as much pain as possible upon Punk. Punk and Joe begin a vicious exchange of stiff strikes.

    The exchange is brutal, and several wild strikes quickly draw blood from both men. Joe takes control of the match after he counters a kick from Punk with a Capture Suplex. Joe proceeds to brutalize Punk without ever pausing long enough for Punk to quit. Joe sets Punk up on the turnbuckle for a Muscle Buster. Joe halts his offensive to taunt the crowd, which enables Punk to rally with a dropkick to the knee from the second turnbuckle.

    Punk slowly builds his momentum as he targets Joe’s knee. Joe battles back on occasion, stunning Punk with a running enzuigiri at one point and a vicious spin kick at another. Unfortunately for Joe, Punk is too stunned to quit. As Joe’s gas tank drains, Punk catches a second wind and begins to rebuild his momentum. Punk traps Joe in Cena’s STFU in the center of the ring. Joe attempts to resist the pain, but in the end he has no choice but to quit.

    The sixth match of the evening features Batista versus Randy Orton with Triple H as the special referee. The fans welcome Batista back to the ring, but Batista seems unimpressed with the welcome. Orton disregards the heat he receives as his focus is solely on Batista and Triple H. Triple H reminds Batista and Orton that he will be an impartial referee, but Orton is remains clearly displeased with Triple H’s decision to insert himself into their match.

    Batista exhibits minor signs of ring rust as he battles Orton. Instead of targeting Batista’s head to re-aggravate his concussion, Orton targets Batista’s surgically repaired leg to simultaneously play mind games with Batista and Triple H. Just like at Pedigreed, Orton’s psychology proves to be successful as Batista collapses when he attempts the Batista Bomb. Instead of punting Batista like he did at Pedigreed, Orton turns and plants Triple H with an RKO.

    Orton shouts that this match is not about winning or losing as he rolls out of the ring. Orton claims that it is about evolution and the survival of the fittest. Orton claims that Batista is anything but the fittest as he retrieves a sledgehammer from under the ring. Batista struggles back to his feet as Orton slides back into the ring. Orton swings the sledgehammer like a golf club, knocking Batista’s surgically repaired leg out from beneath him with a sickening blow.

    Triple H calls for the disqualification as he crawls toward Batista and Orton. Triple H orders Orton not to continue with the assault on Batista, but Orton ignores Triple H. Batista screams in pain as Orton repeatedly drives the head of the sledgehammer into his kneecap. Orton punctuates the assault with a final blow to Batista’s temple. Triple H struggles to his feet to confront Orton, but Orton merely tosses Triple H the sledgehammer and exits the ring.

    The final match of the evening features John Cena versus Brock Lesnar for the SEX Heavyweight Championship. Like Hulk Hogan with his Hulkamaniacs two decades ago, Cena is fueled by his fans’ adoration of him. Lesnar genuinely seems to despise Cena and the fact that he could not beat him at Pedigreed. Lesnar pounces on Cena as Cena slides into the ring, and the match is underway before Cena can even remove his title belt from his waist.

    Lesnar mauls Cena, but Cena battles back, and the match quickly becomes an intense and uncontrollable brawl. The action spills out of the ring with Lesnar and Cena brawling around ringside. The referee is lenient with the count, as no one wants this contest to end as the result of a count-out. Seemingly taking a page out of Lesnar’s playbook, Cena repeatedly bounces Lesnar’s head off the ring steps. This only seems to anger Lesnar.

    Lesnar responds in kind by whipping Cena into the ring post. The action returns to the ring, and the pace slows down as Lesnar attempts to wear Cena down with various holds in preparation for the Brock Lock. Cena is resilient and rallies, even trapping Lesnar in the STFU. Lesnar, however, is a freak of nature. Crawling across the ring, Lesnar drags Cena and himself to the ropes to break the hold. Cena aims to put Lesnar away with an FU, but Lesnar escapes.

    Sliding off of Cena’s shoulders and landing behind him, Lesnar dumps Cena over the top rope with a German Suplex. Cena lands on his surgically repaired neck. Lesnar stalks after Cena. Cena attempts to battle back, but the damage has seemingly been done. Lesnar rolls Cena back into the ring, where he plants him with an F5 to secure the pinfall. A hush falls over the audience. The fans seem to be too concerned with Cena’s neck to bother with Lesnar.

    Lesnar celebrates his victory as the referee tends to Cena. Before Lesnar can claim his title, Bobby Lashley marches to the ring. Lashley announces that he is using his contract for a title shot! Lashley then spears Lesnar and plants him with a Dominator to secure the pinfall with Cena still in the ring. The fans are almost too stunned to register what has just transpired. The referee presents Lashley with the SEX Heavyweight Championship at Evolution goes off air.

    • Bobby Lashley versus Shelton Benjamin is declared a no-contest.
    • John Morrison defeats The Miz, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, and Gregory Helms via pinfall.
    • Edge defeats Christian via pinfall.
    • Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeat Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy via count-out.
    • CM Punk defeats Samoa Joe via submission.
    • Batista defeats Randy Orton via disqualification.
    • Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena via pinfall.
    • Bobby Lashley defeats Brock Lesnar via pinfall.

    That's it for Evolution! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
    : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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      Re: SEX

      OH SNAP!!!

      What a freaking show man... seriously, from top to bottom it was solid and I really enjoyed it. Nice to see a PPV without a lot of segments to hold it down...

      The matches come across nice, the Shelton stuff has me interested in where it is going. Edge winning was cool with me, I loved the ending to the Tag Title Match, Punk vs. Joe was a surprise I thought Joe would have nailed it...

      Orton, please PLEASE put the title on him, you are building him up to be most astronomical heel I have ever seen. His attitude towards his match result was just great and really suited him and this whole gimmick you have him playing... I loved it man, IT WAS THE AWESOME!!!

      Lesnar takes down Cena...

      I totally didn't see that coming man, that was a swerve... and LASHLEY waiting in the shadows pulls an Edge (now I know what you mean with 2007) in an act that could win me over on Lashley with your fed... this show was definitely everything I thought it could be and more and the name was fitting because this show evolved your whole fed and shook it up at the same time with certain results, especially the Heavyweight Title Match...

      Keep up the great work man

      100 out of 100 from me, PERFECT SCORE (first of its kind for me too that's how much I loved this show!)
      Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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        Re: SEX

        Ok, here we go:

        I'l start with my predictions as I didn't post them in time.

        SEX Heavyweight Championship Match:
        © John Cena VS Brock Lesnar

        Batista VS Randy Orton
        (w/ "Special Referee" Triple H)

        "I Quit" Match:
        CM Punk VS Samoa Joe

        SEX Tag Team Championship Match:
        © Paul London & Brian Kendrick VS Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy

        Edge VS Christian

        Six-Man Scramble Match:
        AJ Styles VS Gregory Helms VS Alex Shelley VS Chris Sabin VS The Miz VS John Morrison

        And there we have it.

        SEX: Evolution Review

        Lashley vs. Benjamin was a nice opener. I don't care for Lashley but here's hoping you prove me wrong. I don't get how he's so concerned for Shelton one minute, then a badass teasing using his contract later tonight the next. I actually have a feeling he'll be using that contract judging your remarks in fed thread.

        I really loved the scramble match. Miz and Morrison owned. WWE should totally throw a team in the scramble match next year to make it interesting. I really like Helms and AJ as a team. Great match.

        Another really good match. You managed to get across the psychology of the match despite it being in summary style which was rally cool. I loved Edge cheating to win. So far I'm 2-0 on my predictions.

        I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but YOUR HARDY BOYZ ARE FANTASTIC!!! Seriosuly, I can totally picture Matt lecturing Jeff as they go down the ramp. Brilliant stuff. I love how Matt didn't even try to save the match, he's gonna go nuclear on Jeff for messing this up. I'm 3-0 now. This would have been a really interesting match to watch. Loved it.

        I'm pretty certain Punk/Joe would have been match of the night. Great action, especially how it wasn't a weapons fest, but just badass wrestling. Totally loved it. You are awesome. I'm 4-0

        Randy Orton is a badass fo sho. Great way to build him up. Poor Batista has no luck. Really since Orton stood tall I'm 5-0, but technically I'm now 4-1.

        Yuck. Totally yuck. Lesnar get's a win in a hard-fought match then Lashley comes out and ruins it. This is a sneaky heel thing to do, not a way to give Lashley his first world title. Really dissapointing way to end the show. Also, if you want to be shocking, don't open the show teasing the shock ending. It would be like No Way Out beginning with Edge saying he might take out Kofi later tonight. Ruined the shock of it.

        Overall it was great, the ending stopped it from being perfect, but the rest of the show more than made up for it.

        I was 4-2 with my predictions but I'm gonna give myself an extra mark for guessing the Lashley thing. 5-2.

        s u r r e n d e r

        ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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          Re: SEX

          Wow. This show was awesome man, no doubt. Very, Very Impressive... It was even better than your banner you made for it.

          Bobby Lashely vs Benjamin is first, Seems like it would be a good Opener. I loved that Belly to Belly over the top rope! I watched it on Windows, lol.. Anyways... It sucks that the referee called for the bell, but oh well. I guess this means its a no contest? Or does Benjamin win?? (EDIT- saw the quick results) Lashley goes to check on Benjamin outside, and then talks about his Contract. Looks like he'll be going after Lesnar or Cena after tonight, BTW, Lesnar vs Lashley would be awesome.

          The Scramble match is next, with 3 teams of 2. Morrison and Miz own this whole entire match! I didn't really like MCMG and Mizorrison battling in the crowd throughout the whole match, but see why you did it so Helms, AJ could have their action. The ending was good with everybody trying to get the final pin, but of course, Morrison and Miz pinned EACH OTHER to get the win, Golden.

          Edge and Christian seems like a straight up grudge match, which is good to see. I thought Christian had it with the unprettier, but Edge got the foot on the bottom rope, and of course, he cheated to get the win. I loved the beginning were Christian offered the handshake, Edge didn't take it, and after he cheated to win, offered the handshake back to christian...

          Hardys vs London and Kendrick are next, for the Titles. Hmm... Matt seems reluctant to tag Jeff in, not digging that. Jeff ins finally in with the hot tag, and is on fire. BUT, is ruined when Kendrick pushed him off the top rope. BUT if Kendrick wasn't really planning on winning back the belts, why did he push Jeff off of the top rope? Kind of confusing here. Matt doesn't help Jeff, and costs his team the match. Why? I mean, I would understand a reg non title match, but now, they don't have the belts, Oh well... I'll get over it. Kendrick clocks London and leaves with .... Matt??? Matt/Kendrick vs Jeff/London now??? Jeff and Paul would be a cool team, but Matt and Kendrick???? Can't really see that to much. Looks like Miz and Morrison vs Kendrick and London for the titles, looking forward to that in the future.

          Punk vs Joe. Wrestling Fest! Really great back and forth action all through the match. It The match speaks for itself really, nobody seemed better then the other, up until the final victory. Joe is heel is awesome btw... but, I hate CM Punk, and i dont know why. Anyways, Joe Taps!!! AGAIN!!!! And he loses the I quit match. I wanted Punk to get PWned... but, it was a great match, and very fun to read!

          Batista and Orton was THE match of the night for me. I could care less that Batista got the victory, because Orton was the true winner. I love this ending. Orton beating Batista with the Sledge Hammer, and not even caring about anything at all. Does what he came out to do, and that's all the matters. I LOVE Orton Man, He Needs that Strap, Right now!! I hope for Batista to be out of action for a while, because he just sucks. But, I can't wait to see how Orton is used in this fed.

          Lesnar vs Cena. Please God, do NOT let Cena Win. lol. This match was close to being my favorite... Because Cena got PWned. He got more than PWned. Lesnar Killed him man, I can go on and on and on about how Bad Cena go beat, it was incredible my friend. Lesnar picks up with Win, and the Title, with a Huge F-5!! BUT NO!!!! Man, You KILLED IT with Stupid Lashley coming in. After Lesnar beat the balls off of Cena, Lashley comes in, Spear, Dominator, Pin. Makes Lashely looks even stronger than Lesnar. And, that is HUGE comparing to What Brock looked like after he beat Cena so bad. This ruined the match. Still Glad Cena Lost, but, now I'm confused on whether or Not Lashely is a Heel of a face... Is it gonna be Heel vs Heel? Or are you going to Have Cena and Brock cash in the rematch clause and have a Triple threat match? I hope not.

          All in All, PPV was VERY Solid man. Great show, with a LOT of programs started... As others said, the Name matched the show perfectly. Loved Orton, Loved Miz and Morrison, Loved Lesnar killing Cena, Good stuff my friend!


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            Re: SEX


            I was looking forward to this show and boy has it delivered! I loved it from top to bottom. It's stuff like this that really inspires me to be a success in Fan Fiction. Heres my thoughts.

            -The only one nag I have is the ending to Benjamin and Lashley. Lashley wins but only because Benjamin is injured. I can understand you want both men to look strong but Lashley is a top guy in your Fan Fic and should be winning. Still a solid match and Shelton comes out looking good. I hope he returns soon enough. Nice way to end with Lashley teasing that he will use the contract tonight.

            -3 way tag team match and this is a great match. I love that you made this whoever gets the last fall wins. Scramble matches are great. Miz and Morrison are winners which is cool but I was rooting for the Guns. Miz and Morrison are awesome too, however.

            Edge versus Christian. Great ending and as I read it I had a feeling Edge would get the sneaky win. I'm looking forward to where you take it from here. Is it a mini-feud or will it continue? Perhaps a twist in the tale and they become tag partners? Hmm, you have a lot of alternate choices here. I'm excited for both characters progress.

            Tag team title match and this is brilliantly written. Great twist at the end with the Kendrick clocking London with the belt and Matt deserting Jeff. I'd love if you used the idea for London we spoke about but now it may be hard. If London and Kendrick do make up that idea would be awesome and also some interaction with HBK would be gold. From this match I sense a part time Jeff/London vs Kendrick/Matt feud going into the next PPV.

            CM Punk vs Samoa Joe! The match I was looking forward to most. I loved this match. You summed it up perfectly and I could really picture it in my head.The ending is absoulutely brilliant. Punk uses the same move Joe tapped out to recently to make him tap out. Is STFU Joe's achille heel?! This really put Punk over as a wrestling technician and a very smart wrestler who knows his opponents weaknesses.

            Batista versus Orton. Its great how your Orton is so similiar to his WWE persona.Orton goes crazy on Batista's kneecap and smashes the sledgehammer into it repeatedly. Wow, I was kind of looking forward to you using Batista as it looked like he had a new moveset. Nevermind, the Orton/HHH saga continues.

            Cena versus Lesnar. The summary for this match was top notch I have to say. Cena hurts his neck and this show really is becoming a bit of a jinx isn't it. Cena joins the ever growing injury list but I'm confident your shows will still be awesome despite a few injuries to the roster.

            Bobby Lashley takes advantage of the grueling match and uses his contract to win the title! Wow, I was kind of expecting this but still great ending. Quite a heelish thing for him to do but I'm looking forward to seeing where you go from this.

            Overall PI, this show was great just as I had expected.I'm hooked!
            Man of the world.


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              Re: SEX

              The Cool Review

              I’m here to review your Evolution show, man. One of the biggest shows in recent times, I do believe, so lets get started on this review already. Nice way to start the show, Benjamin would carry Lashley to an okay match, I would guess. Not having Lashley win per se was good too. Lashley saying that he might use his contract tonight, was pretty much saying he won’t, I’m hoping at least. I hope when he does use it, he gets destroyed too. This match really confuses me, I’m sure it would be an interesting match to see in real life, however, and you had the right team winning. I think a Christian/Edge feud in real life would be awesome, I’m pretty surprised that Edge won since he has been on a bit of losing streak in SEX. Edge defiantly needed the rub a whole lot more than Christian did, though. So, good decision there, man. I’m not sure if your going to have Edge turn face, or turn Christian heel or just that Christian is pissed off and Edge is being arrogant going for a hand shake? I thought that London & Kendrick would retain, could be interesting to have Kendrick and Matt against Jeff and London, even though Kendrick and London are still tag team champions. I’m surprised that Punk defeated Joe, and you had him lose to Cena’s STFU? The Anaconda Vice would have been a good way for him to beat Joe if you wanted him to lose by submission.

              I absolutely loved Randy Orton playing his part in this match against Batista. Truly awesome, the best part of the show thus far, dude. I hope you continue with Orton like this, similar to how he is being used currently in the real WWE. Maybe, Triple H will come back for a match against him? We’ll see what happens, I for one cannot wait to see what you have planned for Orton, though. I really though that you would have had Cena retain, simply because he only just won it about three shows ago. OH NOOOO! Lashley comes out and beats Lesnar and now is World Championship… I hate it. You know why, simply because I really hate him. It kind of gave it away at the beginning of the show, I actually thought it would have been too obvious to have him come out and battle for the title. So, I guess that’s kind of surprising. All in all, a very good show, dude. I love Orton and the tag team division especially, just get that title back off of Lashley and things will once again be all okay in SEX. Good luck with future shows, man. I’ll be reading and reviewing.

              Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                Re: SEX

                Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                SEX: LIVE! (06/01/2009)

                John Cena comes out. Despite the overwhelming ovation he receives from the audience, Cena does not seem happy at all. Cena admits that he damaged his neck during his match against Brock Lesnar at Evolution. However, Cena still plans to invoke his rematch clause for tonight to reclaim the SEX Heavyweight Championship. HBK comes out and regretfully informs Cena that he cannot invoke his rematch clause unless Lesnar holds the title.

                HBK explains that Cena’s rematch clause contractually applies to a rematch against Lesnar and only Lesnar. This infuriates Cena, who struggles to maintain his composure. HBK reveals that Lesnar has already announced that he will invoke his rematch clause for a rematch against Bobby Lashley at King of Kings. To sweeten the deal for Cena, HBK announces that Cena will be the special referee in the match. However, HBK urges Cena to be impartial.

                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Bobby Lashley about winning the SEX Heavyweight Championship. Lashley explains that he did what he had to do to make a statement. He claims that he is not worried about a rematch against Brock Lesnar. Lashley promises to be a fighting champion and defeat any challenger for his title. Lashley then issues an open challenge for tonight. Lashley tells Lesnar not to worry and promises to retain the title.

                The Miz & John Morrison come out to challenge Paul London & Brian Kendrick for the SEX Tag Team Championship. London comes out alone. He waits for Kendrick in the ring, but there are no signs of him. The Miz & Morrison demand that the referee start the match or force London & Kendrick to forfeit the titles. London begrudgingly begins the match without a partner. Despite London’s valiant efforts, The Miz & Morrison thoroughly dominate him.

                Assuming that their victory is secure, The Miz & Morrison begin to toy with London. Kendrick struts to the ring as he sings the chorus of “One” by Three Dog Night. He tags himself into the match and then exits the ring. The referee counts to ten as Kendrick struts to the back. The Miz & Morrison are livid that London & Kendrick have retained via count-out, and they assault London to vent their frustrations. Kendrick does not return to the ring to save London.

                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk about his plans for the future in the wake of Evolution. Punk admits that re-igniting his feud with Joe also re-ignited a fire within himself. Punk reemphasizes that his only addiction is pushing himself to be the best as he explains his straightedge lifestyle. Edge interrupts the interview before Punk can declare his plans for the future. Edge claims that Punk is exactly that, a punk.

                Edge claims that Punk is actually jealous of him and his straightedge lifestyle is just a defense mechanism. Edge explains his lifestyle and the freedoms that he enjoys as a practitioner of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Edge claims that his lifestyle has kept him in the spotlight for half a decade. Christian interrupts Edge to confront him about their match at Evolution and challenge him to a rematch. Before Edge can respond, Samoa Joe blindsides Christian.

                Joe also attacks Punk, leaving him and Christian in a heap with Edge standing over them. Edge accepts Christian’s challenge and reveals that he has agreed to form a little alliance with Joe for tonight. Edge explains that he and Joe are tired of not receiving the respect that they rightfully deserve. Edge then explains that he is altering Christian’s challenge to include Punk. Tonight, Edge and Joe will compete in a tag team match against Christian and Punk.

                Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy come out to the ring. Matt explains that Jeff’s passion for physical poetry cost them their opportunity to become SEX Tag Team Champions. Matt reminds Jeff that it is mind, body, and soul in that order. Soul comes last. Matt claims that Jeff’s reckless nature is the result of his disregard for mind and body. Matt claims he cannot tag with Jeff anymore because Jeff’s reckless nature in the ring poses a threat to Matt’s mind and body.

                Matt then explains that he has devised a different method to teach Jeff. Matt explains that Jeff will learn vicariously though Matt’s experiences. Matt then answers Lashley’s open challenge for tonight and orders Jeff to remain at ringside to watch the match. Lashley comes out and thoroughly dominates Matt, securing the pinfall after planting him with a Dominator. Jeff offers to help Matt to his feet after the match, but Matt refuses help from his brother.

                HBK summons Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin to his office. HBK explains his plans for them in the wake of Evolution. They have impressed HBK as a tag team, but tonight they will impress him as singles wrestlers. HBK announces that they will be involved in the mini-tournament to crown a first-ever SEX Junior Heavyweight Champion. HBK explains that Shelley and Sabin will wrestle each other tonight to determine who will advance to the finals next week.

                AJ Styles & Gregory Helms come out and receive an impressive pop from the audience. Styles reinforces that their partnership is laden with promise and potential for the future. However, Styles claims that he wants to officially redeem himself from his loss to Helms last week. Helms gladly accepts his partner’s challenge but warns Styles that the results may be the same as last week. Styles is willing to take that risk, and he and Helms shake hands.

                Michael Cole and JBL reveal that his match will be a semifinal in the mini-tournament to crown a first-ever SEX Junior Heavyweight Champion. Styles and Helms revive their rivalry from last week with another classic match, which features more chain wrestling and high-flying action than their previous match. Styles dodges a Shining Wizard from Helms and responds with a Pelé Kick. Styles then plants Helms with a Spiral Tap to secure the pinfall.

                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Jeff Hardy about his relationship with Matt Hardy. Jeff appreciates that Matt wants to teach him, but Jeff has an agenda as well. Jeff challenges Bobby Lashley for the SEX Heavyweight Championship next week. Matt interrupts the interview to berate Jeff for lacking moral integrity and wasting valuable time with an undeserved title shot. Matt suspects that Jeff will fail the lesson that he has planned for next week.

                The fourth match of the evening features Alex Shelley versus Chris Sabin. The audience applauds as both men shake hands before the match. It almost seems as if Shelley and Sabin are trying to outperform Styles and Helm to make a statement with their match. Shelley and Sabin know each other so well that the match is a virtual stalemate. Ultimately, Sabin plants Shelley with an Over Easy and secures the pinfall with a quick Oklahoma Roll.

                Brian Kendrick confronts HBK to complain about not being involved in the mini-tournament to crown a SEX Junior Heavyweight Champion. In turn, HBK complains about the dysfunctional tag team division in SEX. HBK claims that Kendrick is the poster boy for the division’s problems and orders him to mend his relationship with Paul London or suffer the consequences. HBK informs Kendrick that The Miz & Morrison will receive another title shot next week.

                Triple H comes out to address the situation with Randy Orton. Triple H prepares to suspend Orton, but Batista, who wears a heavy knee brace, comes out to protest. Batista demands his revenge, which he cannot exact if Orton is suspended. Orton limps to the ring, mocking Batista. Orton claims that Batista is the better man given that he won at Evolution albeit via disqualification. Orton then warns Batista about demanding a rematch against him.

                Orton claims that he will finish the job he started with Batista at Evolution. Despite his bad leg, Batista does not back down. He challenges Orton to a rematch tonight, but Orton declines. Orton claims that he enjoys watching Batista hobble to the ring as a broken man, and he refuses to put Batista out of his misery. Triple H interjects to announce that their rematch will be a “last man standing” match, and it will take place at King of Kings.

                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Brock Lesnar about winning and losing the SEX Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar claims that he is still the champion in his mind. According to Lesnar, Lashley is a coward and the poor man’s version of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar claims that Lashley may attempt to imitate his success, but Lashley will never be able to duplicate it. Lesnar reminds Cena that it will be in his best interest to rule in Lesnar’s favor at King of Kings.

                The main event features Edge and Samoa Joe versus Christian and CM Punk. The match is a chaotic brawl. Between Edge’s underhanded tactics and Joe’s ruthless aggression, Edge and Joe seem to maintain control. However, Christian and Punk have excellent chemistry as a plucky tag team. At one point, Punk even traps Joe in the Anaconda Vice and almost scores another submission against the Samoan Submission Machine before Edge breaks the hold.

                Ultimately, Edge spears Christian out of the ring and Joe plants Punk with a powerbomb to secure the pinfall. After the match, Joe applies a chokehold to Punk. Punk taps out, but Joe refuses to release the hold. Edge stomps on Punk’s exposed midsection as Joe chokes Punk until Punk passes out. Christian groggily rolls back into the ring to rescue Punk from further harm, but the damage has been done. For his trouble, Christian receives an Unprettier from Edge.

                QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (06/01/2009):
                • The Miz & John Morrison defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick via count-out.
                • Bobby Lashley defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall.
                • AJ Styles defeats Gregory Helms via pinfall.
                • Chris Sabin defeats Alex Shelley via pinfall.
                • Edge & Samoa Joe defeat Christian & CM Punk via pinfall.
                That's it for this episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
                : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                  Re: SEX

                  WMS' Review of PI's SEX:LIVE! (06/01/2009)

                  -I thoroughly enjoyed Evolution and I am excited to see where you go from that. Time for the review!

                  -Show opens up with John Cena. Nice to see he gets a good reception and no surprise to see he wants a rematch despite having a bad neck. HBK comes out and explains that he can only have a rematch if Lesnar is champion. Lesnar vs Lashley is booked at King of Kings with Cena as referee. That should be an awesome match, and I love the PPV names you've had so far.

                  -Lashley says he done what he did as a statement. Fair enough I guess. He says he will be a fighting challenge and makes an open challenge for any one tonight. Good job PI, you've really made Lashley look strong here. I'm not the biggest fan of the guy but I love a fighting champion.

                  -Miz and Morrison vs London and Kendrick. Very heelish by Kendrick here. I love this idea. Miz and Morrison must of felt really screwed, when Kendrick tagged himself in then got counted out. I love the character of Kendrick. A cocky and singing character. Has elements of a serious and comedy character so you can use that to write some good stuff with him. London and Kendrick retain again, where do they go from here?

                  -CM Punk interview which leads into a potential feud with Edge. A feud between these guys would be writing gold. They are the complete opposites of one another and could put on a great match too. Samoa Joe blindsides Christian and Joe and Edge put the boots on Punk and Christian. An odd alliance but for storyline purposes I get it. I'd love to see an Edge/Punk feud.

                  -I like the idea of Matt teaching Jeff the way, but Jeff seems too spineless here. I like the character of Matt but I'm hating Jeff. Matt trys to impress Jeff in front of Lashley but ends ip getting ripped apart. I think this would of been a bit better if you had Jeff go up against Lashley and have a bright spell in the match before missing a Swanton Bomb and having Lashley win. Nonetheless I can't wait to see where this Jeff/Matt thing plays out. Hopefully Jeff gets a bit of a spine and starts standing up to Matt.

                  -HBK makes a Junior Heavyweight Mini-Tournament. Nice. Sabin vs Shelley? Sweet. That will deliver for sure.

                  -AJ vs Helms yet again. I'm really liking the respect thing these two have got going on. You give AJ the win, which is good as another loss might have hurt him a little. I think AJ will be your first Junior Heavyweight Champion. I can see an Ultimate X match with him and a jealous Helms in the future.

                  -Josh Matthews interviews Jeff Hardy. Great, Jeff has a chance to speak. Jeff challenges Lashley for a title shot (haha, great minds think alike, perhaps?) but before he can go on Matt interupts him and berates him telling him he doesn't deserve a title shot. Matt has a lesson for him next week? Hmmm, interesting, perhaps a match between the two Hardy Boys next week. I like where this is going.

                  -Shelley vs Sabin! I like how they are trying to out perform Styles and Helms. Thats something they would do in real life. Sabin goes over Shelley. No complaints there, AJ versus Sabin should be a fantastic match. Your Junior Heavyweight Division is looking strong.

                  -Kendrick is unhappy about not being involved in the Junior Heavyweight mini-tournament. HBK says he's not happy with Kendrick and that he is the problem with the dysfunctional Tag Division. Kendrick needs to mend his problems with London or he will face consequences. Tag Title match booked next week. Wow, very interesting. You have wrote Kendrick brilliantly and he is a really strong performer. I think he will begrudginely Tag with London and get the win next week. I'm looking forward to more of your Kendrick.

                  -Batista saves Orton from suspension. No surprise as Batista will want revenge on Orton. Back and forth verbal match between the two and Triple H makes a Last Man Standing match for King of Kings. I think Batista will go over this time.

                  -Brock Lesnar is confident about his match with Lashley at King of Kings and calls him a 'Poor Man's Lesnar' . I don't think Lesnar will win at King of Kings, but he could still play a huge part in SEX.

                  -Main event time. This would be a great match. Good job of summarising here, and its nice to see that Punk and Christian have some good chemistry. Joe wins with a powerbomb on Punk. Edge and Joe attack the two after the match, and Punk could be badly hurt. I can see a feud between these men going for quite a while. Edge uses Christians move on him? Nice.

                  -Overall, another solid show as usual. SEX is great, and you already have some matches lined up for King Of Kings. Can't wait to read more PI. Keep it up. :
                  Man of the world.


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                    Re: SEX

                    PB's reviews SEX.

                    Well you have some work to do ro make me like Lashle tonight. Let's see if you doit.

                    Booo! Cena deserves a re-match. Great stipulation. All of this points to Lashley being a heel, unfortunately he's so bland I can't remember if he is or not. I do think Lesnar/Lashley would be a great spectacle, though they said that about Goldberg/Lesnar. Still, if this was a real match, Cena would save it.

                    And a generic promo from Lashley.

                    Tag match was great. I really love how much of a prick Kendrick is. It's fantastic. JoMo and Miz are sure to be pissed. The eventual fued between Londrick will be great. I love these storylines that are just waiting to burst.

                    The Edge/Joe/Punk/Christian interview was a bit sloppy and hard to follow. This is rare. I do like the idea of the match and the fact that you are continuing these fueds though.

                    Best angle in Fan Fiction today? Easily your Hardys one. Each week it gets better and better. I guess Lashley is a face. Dissapointed Lashley dominated Matt so much, but I love the idea of the wholething.

                    Nice wee jr heavyweight division on the way. Two teams facing off is cool. AJ was the right man to win.

                    Jeff is challenging LAshley. I'm guessing that Jeff will be getting the bigger push from this brothers fued, and will put up more of a fight than Matt.

                    I prefer Shelley to Sabin, but both are great.

                    It's a pity match-wise that Londrick aren't in the tournie. But of course, this only makes their fued greater.

                    I cannot wait for an Evolution Triple Threat (if you do it, you better do it) and this whole angle is great. I can see WWE heading in a similar direction soon, and that's a great thing as far as I'm concerned.

                    Killswitch is such a better name than The Unprettier. Nice main event, good to see Edge and Joe pick up some momentum.

                    Overall not your best show yet. Lashley is still dull, but there are some really hot stories going on. Good job.

                    s u r r e n d e r

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                      Re: SEX

                      Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                      SEX: LIVE! (06/08/2009)

                      Backstage, John Cena confronts HBK about Bobby Lashley issuing an open challenge every week until King of Kings. Cena claims that he has found his loophole, and he plans to challenge Lashley next week for the SEX Heavyweight Championship. HBK informs Cena that there are others waiting in line to do the same thing. Without a rematch clause to invoke, Cena has no more right to a title match than they do. HBK urges Cena to rest his neck, but Cena refuses.

                      In turn, HBK explains that tonight’s main event will determine who will challenge Lashley next week. Cena and Brock Lesnar will each captain a four-man team in an 8-man elimination tag team match. Cena’s team will include Batista, CM Punk, and Christian. If Cena’s team wins, Cena will challenge Lashley next week for the title. Lesnar’s team will include Randy Orton, Edge, and Samoa Joe. If Lesnar’s team wins, Lesnar will select Lashley’s opponent for next week.

                      The Miz & John Morrison come out to challenge Paul London & Brian Kendrick for the SEX Tag Team Championship. London comes out ahead of Kendrick. Kendrick follows London, dragging a picture on an easel to the ring with him. The picture is a portrait of the Rockers, but it is cropped to feature HBK and only HBK. London begins the match as Kendrick positions the portrait at ringside so that “HBK” can watch their match.

                      Kendrick chats with “HBK” as The Miz & Morrison isolate and dominate London. Kendrick shows concern for London and turns to “HBK” for counsel. Kendrick slides into the ring with the picture, wielding it as a weapon to defend London against The Miz & Morrison. The Miz & Morrison back off, and Kendrick turns to London to check on him. Before London can respond, Kendrick smashes the portrait of HBK over his head.

                      Kendrick begins to sing “Love Hurts” by Nazareth as he exits the ring, leaving London out cold amid a constellation of shattered glass. The referee is clearly confused, but The Miz & Morrison capitalize without hesitation. The Miz covers London to secure the pinfall and win the SEX Tag Team Championship from his team. After the match, The Miz & Morrison celebrate as if they have just overcome the ultimate challenge.

                      Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Jeff Hardy to confirm that he will be challenging Bobby Lashley for the SEX Heavyweight Championship tonight. Matt interrupts Jeff for the second week in a row to get him to retract his challenge. Jeff refuses as he promises to do what Matt could not do last week. Jeff explains that he needs to do something for himself and on his own for once. Clearly disappointed, Matt just shakes his head.

                      Gregory Helms comes out. He claims that he was at a disadvantage in his match last week because he did not know that it was a semifinal in the mini-tournament to crown a SEX Junior Heavyweight Champion. Helms requests a second chance, but Alex Shelley comes out and interrupts him. Shelley tells Helms to quit making excuses. Shelley claims that he lost his match last week too, but he is not complaining about it this week.

                      HBK comes out to settle the dispute. HBK announces that Helms will wrestle Shelley to determine who will challenge the SEX Junior Heavyweight Champion for his title at King of Kings. The match commences immediately as Helms attempts the secure the pinfall with a sneaky roll-up from behind. Shelley kicks out and battles back, and the resulting match is an extremely competitive affair with plenty of exhilarating chain wrestling.

                      Helms and Styles exchange countless holds to produce an homage to the classic wrestling clinic held by Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III. Shelley plants Helms with the Shellshock, but Helms gets his foot on the ropes. In turn, Helms plants Shelley with the Reversal of Fortune, but Shelley gets his foot on the ropes as well. In the end, Helms plants Shelley with the Vertabreaker to secure the pinfall.

                      Backstage, a cameraman rushes toward a group of people gathered around a body. The group parts to reveal that the body belongs to Matt Hardy. Matt is out cold in a pool of blood. HBK arrives with a team of medics. He demands to know who is responsible for this as the medics begin tending to Matt. HBK questions the group of people gathered around Matt, but no one witnessed anything. The lack of information frustrates HBK.

                      Meanwhile, Josh Matthews interviews John Cena and his teammates about their match tonight. Cena promises that they will be victorious, and Cena promises to be victorious in his match next week against Bobby Lashley for the SEX Heavyweight Championship. Batista promises that he, CM Punk, and Christian will do their best tonight to earn Cena a title shot. However, Batista reminds Cena that he, CM Punk, and Christian are also gunning for the title.

                      Batista reminds Cena that he, Punk, and Christian are not friend. They are rivals and view Cena as competition for the top spot. Batista warns Cena to watch his own back in the ring tonight just in case thing get out of hand. Punk and Christian attempt to ease the tension by claiming that tonight’s match is about bragging rights for them. Punk and Christian remind Batista that they have scores to settle with Edge, Samoa Joe, and Randy Orton.

                      Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring for his match against Bobby Lashley. Jeff seems to be completely unaware of Matt’s condition. Lashley comes out and apologizes to Jeff. In response to Brock Lesnar’s comments from last week, Lashley claims that he will be sending a message to Lesnar through Jeff. Jeff is undaunted and simply offers Lashley a handshake before the match. In turn, Lashley shrugs and accepts.

                      Lashley exerts his dominance against Jeff, who plays the courageous underdog with more fan support than the reigning SEX Heavyweight Champion. Lashley maintains control for the first half of the match, but Jeff creates an opening with a several high-risk moves. Jeff is poised to possibly win the match when Brock Lesnar leads a platoon of security guards to the ring. The security guards flood the ring and detain Jeff.

                      The security guards escort Jeff to the back as Lesnar grabs a microphone. Lesnar informs Lashley that Jeff is wanted for questioning because he is the prime suspect in the investigation of his brother’s assault. Furthermore and more importantly, Lesnar does not want Lashley to lose the SEX Heavyweight Championship before King of Kings because it will invalidate his rematch clause. Lashley is furious as Lesnar exits the ring.

                      Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Brock Lesnar and his teammates about their match tonight. Lesnar informs his teammates that whoever eliminates the most members of Cena’s team will receive a title shot next week. Edge boasts that they have the chemistry that Cena’s team lacks as he refers to his days as a part of Rated RKO with Randy Orton and his dominant performance last week with Samoa Joe. Orton simply asks Batista how his leg feels.

                      Chris Sabin receives a warm welcome from the fans, but they explode with a huge pop for AJ Styles. Sabin and Styles know each other well, and the resulting match for the SEX Junior Heavyweight Championship is a hard fought affair. It almost seems as if Sabin and Styles are trying to outperform their partners’ match to make a statement. The match features plenty of chain wrestling, high-flying action, and several exchanges of stiff kicks.

                      Styles is able to capitalize after Sabin misses with a Leap of Faith to the outside. Styles rolls Sabin into the ring, where he plants Sabin with a body slam before climbing to the top rope for a Spiral Tap. Sabin rolls out of the way at the last second, and Styles crashes and burns. Sabin groggily lifts Styles for a Cradle Shock, but Styles counters with a Crucifix Roll-Up to secure the pinfall. Sabin is frustrated by his loss but shakes hands with Styles nonetheless.

                      Backstage, security detains Jeff Hardy in HBK’s office. HBK questions Jeff about Matt’s assault. Although HBK never accuses Jeff directly, HBK’s suspicion is clear. Jeff denies being involved, and he uses the fact that he and Matt are brothers as a defense. Jeff claims that he could never commit such an act against his own brother, but HBK recalls the story of Cain and Able. Given Jeff’s recent relationship with Matt, HBK suggests that Jeff is not being honest.

                      The main event is an out-of-control brawl, per usual. Edge was right in terms of each team’s chemistry. Brock Lesnar’s team gels relatively well whereas high tension plagues John Cena’s team. Cena attempts to lead his team as its brave hero, seemingly intent on earning his title shot for himself and by himself. However, the condition of Cena’s neck prevents him from putting forth a winning effort. In fact, Cena is the first to be eliminated.

                      Edge plants Cena with an Implant DD to secure the pinfall and eliminate him. Batista is reluctant to continue the match in the wake of Cena’s elimination. However, Orton retrieves a metal crutch from beneath the ring and offers it to Batista in case he needs it for the walk to the back. The gesture infuriates Batista into continuing the match as the de facto captain of his team, leading them back into battle with a newfound resolve to win or at least eliminate Orton.

                      CM Punk gains a bit of retribution from last week by eliminating Samoa Joe after planting him with the GTS to secure the pinfall. Punk is drained after performing the GTS and easily eliminated by Edge, who plants him with an Implant DDT to secure the pinfall. Christian gains a bit of retribution as well by eliminating Edge after spearing him and planting him with an Unprettier to secure the pinfall. Orton punts Christian to quickly eliminate him in turn.

                      Batista is left to fend for himself against Orton and Lesnar. Orton pretends to tweak his knee as he backpedals away from Batista with feigned fear of the Animal. Orton tags Lesnar into the match, and the audience explodes with excitement. Batista and Lesnar lock horns in a test of strength. Orton gives Lesnar the advantage by clipping Batista’s bad leg out from beneath him. Lesnar and Orton target Batista’s bag leg as they stomp on it relentlessly.

                      Suddenly, Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he comes out to stand at the top of the entrance ramp. He eyes Lesnar, who eyes him from the ring in return. Assuming that the match is in the bag, Lesnar abandons Orton in the ring to confront Lashley. Lesnar is counted out while he and Lashley butt chests and heads and talk trash at the top of the entrance ramp. Cena comes back out and launches a surprise attack against both Lashley and Lesnar.

                      The commotion at the top of the entrance ramp catches Orton’s attention. The distraction enables Batista to recover and rally against Orton. Batista grits his teeth to fight the pain in his bad leg as he plants Orton with two consecutive Batista Bombs to secure the pinfall, eliminate Orton, and win the match for his team. After dispatching both Lashley and Lesnar, Cena joins Batista in the ring. After an intense staredown, Cena and Batista shake hands.

                      QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (06/08/2009):
                      • The Miz & John Morrison defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick via pinfall.
                      • Gregory Helms defeats Alex Shelley via pinfall.
                      • Bobby Lashley defeats Jeff Hardy via pinfall.
                      • AJ Styles defeats Chris Sabin via pinfall.
                      • John Cena, Batista, CM Punk, and Christian defeat Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Edge, and Samoa Joe via pinfall.
                      That's it for the first-ever episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
                      : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                        Re: SEX

                        SEX Axcess

                        AJ Styles and Gregory Helms as a tag team, that’s one of the great things I am learning about Helms, is that he works so well with just about anyone as a tag team (see Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Matt Sydal in different feds).

                        Solid buildup to the Tag Team Match, with the Motor City Machine Guns and Miz/Morrison coming out and having a *cough* civilized talk with each other.

                        Although little was made of it, great idea with Jeff Hardy giving some face painting to the young fans, really feels like a live event. Benjamin and Haas battle once again, with Benjamin scoring the pinfall, I really want Haas to go over in this damn feud already, would someone please push Haas.

                        Matt and Jeff Hardy get into another little scuffle argument about Jeff’s lack of discipline, I do like this feud and how slowly its developing, your just letting it simmer to perfection, and I can’t wait to see these two lose it at Evolution.

                        The HBK/London & Kendrick segment really didn’t do much for me, which is surprising since I did the exact same story for my Sydal/Helms vs. MCMG feud, but I can understand what your trying to do with it.

                        Solid segment with Edge and Christian, with both men answering basically every question differently, and they are actually answers you can see both men giving, well done.

                        Fantastic segment between Samoa Joe and CM Punk, I can see this feud really taking off, since Joe loves to inflict punishment, and we all know how much punishment Punk can take, could be a very solid feud, since there are few who can promo better than CM Punk.

                        Brock Lesnar comes out and acts like the douche he is, which works well for him. I see Cena retaining at Evolution. HHH, Batista and Randy Orton, all involved at Evolution, who could have possibly saw that coming. I can see Orton winning their match at Evolution.

                        Finally, Cena ends it all with a battle rap on Lesnar, I miss Cena’s old battle raps, I hope he insulted Lesnar’s tattoo again. So far, a very solid event, one of a kind, extremely original and you could see every single segment played out in your head, great work.

                        SEX Evolution

                        Opening match is Benjamin and Lashley and a VERY interesting ending to the match with Benjamin being unable to continue. Lashley gets a title match, that can be used anytime in the next 30 days, hmmm a unique MITB style contract, not bad.

                        Another incredibly unique match here with a scramble match between all six teams, I love how Morrison and Miz used the rules to get the early advantage. Styles and Helms battle each other with Styles scoring a pinfall, then a clusterfuck of pinfalls follow with Miz & Morrison winning the last pinfall and ultimately the match.

                        Next match is Edge vs. Christian (all of your feuds seem so incredibly personal Edge/Christian from WWE, Joe vs. Punk from ROH, Hardy vs. Hardy from WWE) etc, etc. Edge is incredibly violent in the match, but Christian seems determined not to let his “brother” beat him. Edge wins with some underhanded tactics, but I don’t see this feud ending quite yet.

                        Another unique match for the Tag Team Titles, London and Kendrick are constantly trying to out do one another, while Matt and Jeff cant get along either. London and Kendrick retain (by countout, wtf), but that doesn’t seem to make Kendrick happy as he knocks out London.

                        Next is the I Quit Match, and you actually have CM Punk beat Samoa Joe, making Joe tap out, that is kinda unique booking and I would have had him tap to the Anaconda Vice, but this is your fed. Anyways, decent overall match, just surprised that you bitched Joe out like that.

                        Its an Evolution reunion as Randy Orton battles Batista with Triple H as the Special Guest Referee. Orton’s mind games are brilliant and totally within Orton’s playbook, hitting HHH with the RKO was something that I expected, but the vicious sledgehammer attack was not something that I saw coming, Orton fucking kills him as HHH looks on helplessly.

                        Brock Lesnar fulfills his promise and wins the SEX Heavyweight Champion, but that doesn’t last as Lashley comes out and punks him out MITB style, taking the SEX Heavyweight Championship before Lesnar even knows what hit him. This is fantastic, because it opens up Cena vs. Lesnar to continue, it starts Lesnar vs. Lashley, and there is always the chance of Lashley vs. Cena.

                        Very unique show PI, lots of insanity and unique endings to matches (Benjamin can’t continue, Scramble Match, a countout victory, disqualification. Hell the only match that didn’t have a bizarre ending was Punk making Joe tap out, which in a way is bizarre), but still incredibly entertaining, keep up the good work. I cant wait to see where you’re going with Samoa Joe, the Hardy Boyz and Randy Orton.


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                          Re: SEX

                          The Cool Review

                          Sorry I didn’t review your last show, man. I’ve been real busy lately, and for a few days last week I didn’t even have internet access, so here I am ready to review your newest show. Right, so Lashley is issuing an open challenge every week then. Cena doesn’t have a rematch clause in his clause? Bit stupid, every ex champion seems too? I hate Lashley as champion, but gotta’ respect your not letting that bother you and keeping the title on him. Nice main event made, I’m gonna’ take a guess and say Cena’s team wins, though. Man, I gotta’ say I love your Brian Kendrick, he’s so awesome. Definitely acts like the Shawn Michaels of the early years. As well as him being awesome, you have Morrison & Miz win the tag team titles which is even more awesome. Lashley beat Matt last week, and somehow I see Matt trying to help Jeff tonight but failing leading to another Lashley victory, we’ll see. You compare Helms/Shelley to the match between Savage/Steamboat? It surely wouldn’t have been the same kind of match as that. I know you’re a bit of a Helms mark, so it doesn’t surprise me you gave him the victory and the number one Contendership. Matt is beaten down in a pool of his own blood? Now, that’s shocking. I wouldn’t have been so surprised if it was Jeff, but who the hell did that to Matt? Maybe your going to have Jeff be the heel in there upcoming feud, that would be a bit of a shock in itself.

                          I see Cena/Batista/Christian/Punk winning, and maybe Cena retaining his title and then having to defend against all three of them for helping him actually get the opportunity in the first place? Hmm, well since Jeff is prime suspect, it defiantly won’t be him then. Why would they make his brother prime suspect anyway? Orton brings up a good point, I remember him injuring Batista, I think the beating that he laid on him should have kept him out a whole lot longer than this. Styles wins the title, and now has to face his partner Helms at the PPV. Interesting how you’ll build that one up. Helms no doubt gonna’ play more the heel role. Cena’s team win, getting Cena an opportunity at Lashley. I like that, I like that it wasn’t Lesnar and Cena involved in the way the match finished, which I thought it would be. A very nice show, PI. I really liked it actually, it started off really nice and it didn’t let up. Good job, man.

                          Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                            Re: SEX

                            WMS' Review of PI's SEX:LIVE! (06/08/2009)

                            -Nice Cena's found a loophole in the Lashley situation and wants a match. HBK says if he wants one his team will have to win an 8-man tag match tonight. I'm looking forward to this match, you have some big names in this match. Cena not resting his neck may come back to haunt him.

                            -Your Kendrick is fucking brilliant. He has some weird issues. He's like a hybrid of Shawn Michaels. I love how he mixes singing which is quite a comic element and being sadistic. Kendrick screws London by hitting him over the head with the portrait and Miz and Morrison win the titles. Cool, new tag champions and it looks like we have a feud between London and Kendrick.

                            -Jeff is interviewed and Matt interrupts questioning why he would challenge Lashley. Jeff says he needs to do something for himself on his own. Nice, you've gave Jeff a back bone!

                            -Helms comes out and claims he did not know last weeks match was a Semi-Final match and claims he was at a disadvantage. That seems something more that a heel would say but nonetheless it sets up a match between him and Alex Shelley who tells Helms to quit moaning. This is a very good match with both men hitting finishers but Helms gets the win. I was rooting for Shelley but I don't mind Helms winning. Your Junior-Division is very strong thus far.

                            -Matt Hardy's found unconcious backstage. I've got a strong feeling where you're going here and if it is I love it. It makes a hell of a lot of sense too and your Matt Hardy will be up their with Kendrick as one of my favorite characters in Fan Fiction.

                            -Jeff and Lashley is a good match and something I wanted to see last week. You've done the right thing here, having Jeff really take Lashley to the limit but to have a team of security guards take him out. You made both men look strong doing it that way, especially Jeff. Lesnar explains his motives for bringing out the security guards and it figures. If Lashley loses the title Lesnar can't have his rematch.

                            -Sabin and Styles sounded a very good match, and Styles wins with a roll-up. We have yet another Helms/Styles match and I expect Styles to win and maybe Helms to turn on him after a handshake. Helms teased being heel a little tonight complaining about a loss.

                            -HBK thinks Jeff is the one who attacked Matt. Poor Jeff. HBK is great here, and I could really imagine this storyline happening.

                            -The Main Event is very good and it was nice to see Punk eliminate Joe, but I didn't like the 3 quick eliminations following this. Other then that I have no complaints and it will be cool to see Cena get his shot next week, however his neck injury will come to thwart him next week I feel.

                            -All in all, great show as usual PI. SEX really is brilliant.
                            Man of the world.


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                              Re: SEX

                              Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                              SEX: LIVE! (06/15/2009)

                              HBK comes out to the ring to address the situation with Matt Hardy and the corresponding investigation. HBK claims that the tapes from the security cameras with footage of Matt’s assault have vanished. HBK also claims that Jeff Hardy is still the prime suspect. HBK announces that Jeff will be suspended indefinitely until Matt returns from his injuries. Security guards chase after Jeff as he comes out to plead his innocence to HBK. Jeff’s suspension nevertheless stands.

                              Infuriated, Jeff struggles to maintain his composure. HBK claims that he can hold his own against Jeff despite no longer being an active competitor. Nonetheless, HBK claims that he does not want to see any more bloodshed. HBK orders the security guards to escort Jeff from the premises. Jeff initially resists, striking several security guards until the rest overpower and detain him. HBK just shakes his head as the security guards drag Jeff from the ring and to the nearest exit.

                              Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews The Miz & John Morrison about winning the SEX Tag Team Championship last week. Morrison informs Matthews that there is no room for him in the Palace of Wisdom, and The Miz grabs Matthews’ microphone before shoving Matthews out of frame. The Miz & Morrison proceed to host an impromptu edition of The Dirt Sheet. No one is safe as The Miz & Morrison mock everyone in SEX, including HBK and HHH, and tell them to be jealous.

                              John Cena comes out to the ring to boast about finding a loophole to challenge Bobby Lashley tonight for the SEX Heavyweight Championship. Cena promises to defeat Lashley in tonight’s main event, but Lashley comes out to argue otherwise. Lashley claims that Cena only had the upper hand last week because Cena attacked Lashley from behind. Brock Lesnar comes out and surprisingly sides with his potential opponent at King of Kings as he claims that Cena is a coward.

                              Lesnar refuses to allow his title shot at King of Kings to be jeopardized, and he threatens to interfere in tonight’s main event. HHH makes a surprise appearance to address the situation. HHH announces that tonight’s main event will still feature Bobby Lashley versus John Cena, and it will still be for the SEX Heavyweight Championship as planned. However, Lesnar will be the special referee. This news infuriates Cena, but Lesnar facetiously promises to be an impartial referee.

                              Edge comes out with something to prove as he challenges Batista to a match. As the first man to score an elimination in last week’s main event, Edge claims that he wants to defeat the last man standing from last week. Batista comes out to accept Edge’s challenge, but he does not seem to be in fighting shape. Having seemingly re-aggravated injuries in his bad leg, Batista wears a heavy knee brace to the ring. Edge simply smiles as he watches Batista hobble to the ring.

                              In the subsequent match, Batista and Edge renew their rivalry from WWE as they wage all-out war with each other. Batista dominates Edge despite Edge’s best efforts to target Batista’s bad leg. Edge spears Batista with a desperate attempt to secure the pinfall, but Batista kicks out. In turn, Batista spears Edge. Batista’s spear shakes the entire ring. Batista plants Edge with an arguably unnecessary Batista Bomb to secure the pinfall and send a message to Randy Orton.

                              HBK summons AJ Styles & Gregory Helms and Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin to his office. HBK claims that all four men have impressed him in the mini-tournament to crown a first-ever SEX Junior Heavyweight Champion, and he wants to reward them all with another chance to win even more gold. HBK announces that the two teams will wrestle each other tonight to determine who will challenge The Miz & John Morrison for the SEX Tag Team Championship at King of Kings.

                              The second match of the evening features Randy Orton versus Christian. Orton aims to send a message to Batista in response, but Christian aims to redeem himself from his elimination at the hands of Orton last week. The match is hard fought with momentum shifting back and forth, but Orton ultimately wins after planting Christian with an RKO to secure the pinfall. After the match, Orton claims that it will be difficult for Batista to be the last man standing on one leg.

                              Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk about his budding feud with Edge. Punk claims that he has formed an alliance with Christian to stand against Edge and Joe. Matthews then asks Punk for his thoughts on Joe because he will be wrestling Joe tonight to conclude their feud. Punk claims that their rivalry is one-sided because their addictions are different. Joe is simply addicted to inflicting pain and punishment, but Punk is addicted to pushing himself to be the best.

                              There is a bit of tension among AJ Styles & Gregory Helms as they wrestle Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin to determine who will challenge The Miz & John Morrison for the SEX Tag Team Championship at King of Kings. Nevertheless, Styles & Helms have excellent chemistry. The match features plenty of chain wrestling and high-flying action. Ultimately, Shelley plants Styles with the Shellshock to secure the pinfall for his team. Helms is visibly disappointed in Styles after the match.

                              HBK summons Brian Kendrick to his office. HBK informs him that Paul London had to receive stitches last week and will be out for at least a week due to injuries that he sustained. HBK claims that he should suspend Kendrick, but HBK also claims to believe in the Golden Rule. HBK then informs Kendrick that London will have a chance to exact his revenge in a match at King of Kings. Kendrick just smiles and sings an altered version of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen:

                              You say I took the name in vain
                              I don't even know the name
                              But if I did, well really, what's it to you?
                              There's a blaze of light
                              In every word
                              It doesn't matter which you heard
                              The holy or the broken Hallelujah

                              I did my best, it wasn't much
                              I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
                              I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you
                              And even though
                              It all went wrong
                              I'll stand before the Lord of Song
                              With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

                              It pleased the Lord
                              But you don't really care for music, do you?

                              The fourth match of the evening features Samoa Joe versus CM Punk. Joe aims to conclude his feud with Punk hopefully once and for all with a decisive win in a one-on-one match. Punk aims to satiate his addiction to pushing himself to be the best. JBL relays a message from HHH as he announces that there will be no disqualifications or count-outs in this match. Joe and Punk are officially expected to settle their rivalry tonight in this match, whether in or out of the ring.

                              The subsequent match is an absolutely brutal bloodbath. Joe mauls Punk without mercy, but Punk absorbs the punishment relatively well. Edge stalks out to the ring as Punk begins to mount momentum. Spotting Edge, Punk dives out of the ring to brawl with him. Joe recovers as Punk and Edge brawl around the ring and into the crowd. When Punk and Edge return to the ring, Joe is ready and waiting for Punk. He plants Punk with the Flowin’ Samoan to secure the pinfall.

                              Instead of celebrating his victory, Joe joins Edge as he hammers Punk with a steel chair. Christian rushes to the ring with a steel chair of his own to rescue Punk from further. Christian blasts Joe with the steel chair, splitting the back of his head open. Edge turns and swings his chair at Christian, but Christian bats Edge’s chair out of Edge’s hands with his own chair. Edge quickly rolls out of the ring and retreats to the back as Christian delivers a brutal one-man Con-chair-to to Joe.

                              Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Christian about his alliance with CM Punk. Christian claims that he has not been at his best in SEX. Christian admits that he has suffered more losses than he cares to count, but he has handled each loss in stride unlike Edge or Samoa Joe. Christian challenges Edge to a rematch from Evolution and promises to expose Edge as an over-hyped loser with an inflated sense of self-importance. Edge appears to accept Christian’s challenge.

                              Bobby Lashley defends the SEX Heavyweight Championship against John Cena in the main event with Brock Lesnar as the special referee. After calling for the bell to start the match, Lesnar climbs out of the ring and sets up a chair to observe the match from ringside. Cena is confused, but Lashley capitalizes and attacks Cena from behind. Lashley dominates Cena, and Lesnar only reluctantly returns to the ring to count Lashley’s various attempts to secure the pinfall.

                              Lashley accuses Lesnar of counting too slowly, and they argue as Cena recovers. Cena returns the favor to Lashley by attacking him from behind as Lashley and Lesnar argue. The attack causes Lashley and Lesnar to bump heads. Cena dominates Lashley and plants him with an FU to secure the pinfall, but Lesnar does not count to three. Instead, Lesnar disqualifies Lashley for “attacking” him. Cena argues with Lesnar about his decision, but Lesnar just plants him with an F5.

                              QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (06/15/2009):
                              • Batista defeats Edge via pinfall.
                              • Randy Orton defeats Christian via pinfall.
                              • Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeat AJ Styles & Gregory Helms via pinfall.
                              • Samoa Joe defeats CM Punk via pinfall.
                              • John Cena defeats Bobby Lashley via disqualification.
                              That's it for the first-ever episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
                              : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                                Re: SEX

                                Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                                SEX: LIVE! (06/22/2009)

                                John Cena comes out to the ring and raps about Brock Lesnar ruining his opportunity to reclaim the SEX Heavyweight Championship last week. Lesnar interrupts Cena, telling him to quit complaining. Lesnar reminds Cena that Cena won his match last week albeit via disqualification. Lesnar facetiously claims that he ruled in Cena’s favor last week and suggests that Cena remember this at King of Kings if he wants another chance to fight for the SEX Heavyweight Championship.

                                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Bobby Lashley about losing last week and how a loss will affect him as he prepares for his encounter with Brock Lesnar at King of Kings. Lashley claims that the loss does not matter as he reiterates that he has only been pinned once in SEX. Lashley claims that he was only pinned because Lesnar had distracted him. Lashley warns Lesnar that he will not be distracted at King of Kings. Lashley promises that Lesnar will experience total domination.

                                The evening continues with a video package that documents the evolution of Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy. Matt & Jeff perform crazy stunts in their backyard promotion, OMEGA. They continue to perform crazy stunts in groundbreaking ladder matches as one of the most popular tag teams in WWE. The video package ends with highlights of their singles careers as Matt & Jeff seemingly struggle to outperform each other in an extreme pissing contest of assorted high spots.

                                HBK watches the video package from his office and shakes his head. His investigation has clearly been stressful and fruitless so far. HBK then turns his attention to Paul London, who he has summoned to his office. HBK apologizes for Brian Kendrick’s antics as London updates HBK on his condition and plans for King of Kings. Kendrick suddenly attacks London from behind. Kendrick facetiously thanks HBK for helping him to set the perfect trap and leaves London in a heap.

                                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Christian. Christian admits that he has been on a losing streak despite his best efforts in SEX. Christian promises to turn it around in his match against Edge tonight. Samoa Joe interrupts Christian. Joe claims that Christian is “all talk and no walk.” Joe vows to show Christian how to be a man in his match tonight against Batista. Unlike Joe, Christian has wrestled Batista before. Christian predicts that Batista will beat Joe despite a bag leg.

                                Orton hobbles to the ring with a walker, mocking Batista and his bad leg. CM Punk comes out and receives a warm welcome from the audience. Punk is still black and blue from his encounter with Samoa Joe last week. As a result, Punk is not at 100% during his match. Orton targets Punk’s neck with various neckbreakers and headlocks before planting him with an RKO to secure the pinfall. After the match, Orton retrieves the walker from ringside to hobble back to the back.

                                Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Gregory Helms about his match against AJ Styles at King of Kings. Helms insinuates that Styles selfishly sabotaged their match last week to concentrate on his singles career. Helms promises to take Styles’ title and win their official one-on-one rubber match at King of Kings. HBK interrupts Helms to inform him that he will be teaming with Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin against Styles, The Miz & John Morrison in a six-man tag team match tonight.

                                Batista hobbles to the ring, still wearing a heavy knee brace. Samoa Joe rushes out of the back, chasing after Batista and reaching him before Batista reaches the ring. Joe buckles Batista’s bad leg with a running chop block from behind. Joe drags Batista to the ring as Batista struggles to defend himself and his bad leg. Joe relentlessly targets Batista’s bad leg as the match unfolds. The match is hard fought. Despite how it began out of the ring, the match is surprisingly even.

                                Batista battles back and attempts to plant Joe with a Batista Bomb but his bad leg buckles, which causes him to drop Joe. Joe lands awkwardly on his head. Randy Orton sprints to the ring as Batista and Joe struggle to recover. Orton plants Batista with an RKO, earning a victory for Batista via disqualification. Having recovered, Joe crosses the ring to confront Orton. Before Joe can speak, Orton plants Joe with an RKO as well. Orton stomps on Batista’s bad leg before he exits.

                                Edge confronts CM Punk in the locker room and taunts him for being a loser. Edge claims that Punk has been on a losing streak jus like his buddy, Christian, but at least Punk seems to have overcome his short-lived addiction to being the best. Edge suggests that Punk alter his lifestyle to become a winner. Punk vows that he will prevail in the end, and it will be because of his discipline and dedication to his straightedge lifestyle. Edge just laughs in response to Punk’s sincerity.

                                In response to Edge, Punk challenges him to a match at King of Kings. Whoever loses must give up his chosen lifestyle. If Punk wins then Edge must in essence cease to be the Rated R Superstar, as he must cease to be a practitioner of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. If Edge wins then Punk will agree to a night of live sex or whatever Edge deems to be “appropriate.” Edge accepts with a devilish grin and promises to give Punk a glimpse of what to expect at King of Kings.

                                The third match of the evening is billed as a clash of champions and challengers as it features AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison versus Gregory Helms, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin. Styles is clearly uneasy about partnering with The Miz & Morrison, and miscommunications plague their teamwork. Helms, on the other side of the ring, meshes well with Shelley & Sabin. Helms aims to prove a point in anticipation of King of Kings as he specifically targets Styles during the match.

                                The six-man tag team match is a chaotic affair. The challengers use quick tags to confuse the champions and keep them reeling. The action eventually spills out of the ring as The Miz & Morrison brawl with Shelley & Sabin into the audience. Meanwhile, Helms plants Styles with a Shining Wizard from behind to secure the pinfall for the challengers. The Shining Wizard leaves Styles unconscious in the ring. Helms just stares at Styles with contempt in his eyes after the match.

                                HBK summons John Cena and Brock Lesnar to his office. HBK explains that Cena needs to vent his aggression for the sake of his impartiality as a special referee in the title match at King of Kings. HBK announces that Cena will do so in a match against Lesnar in tonight’s main event. A smirk creeps across Cena’s face as he eyes Lesnar, who is livid with the announcement. Lesnar angrily promises to wipe the smirk off Cena’s face before he storms out of HBK’s office.

                                The fourth match of the evening features Christian versus Edge. Edge uses every underhanded tactic in the book to maintain an advantage during the match. Christian prevails despite Edge’s underhanded tactics, which frustrates Edge greatly. After stunning Christian with an elbow smash to the back of the head, Edge rolls out of the ring to retrieve a pair of steel chairs. CM Punk rushes to the ring to save Christian as Edge sets him up for a one-man Con-chair-to.

                                Punk rips the chair out of Edge’s hand just as Edge is poised to smash Christian’s skull. Punk throws the chair out of the ring, and Edge attacks Punk while his back is turned. Christian recovers as Edge clubs Punk, and Christian plants Edge from behind with an Unprettier to secure the pinfall. After the match, Joe rushes to the ring and attacks Christian from behind as Christian celebrates his victory. Punk attempts to help Christian fight off Joe, but Edge recovers and spears Punk.

                                Matt Hardy communicates via satellite from home about his recovery. He claims that he does not care about the missing security tapes because he can identify his attacker without them. Matt then claims that he will be ready to return to the ring at King of Kings, where he will reveal the identity of his attacker and hopefully confront him. Matt plants to enact his own brand of justice. Matt claims that the identity of his attacker will shock everyone as much as it shocked himself.

                                Cena surprisingly dominates Lesnar in the main event, and Cena’s dominance clearly frustrates Lesnar. Like Edge in the previous match and like their match at Pedigreed, Lesnar retrieves a steel chair from ringside with intent to use it against Cena. Cena, however, is prepared for Lesnar. Cena ducks a chair shot from Lesnar, hoists Lesnar onto his shoulders, and plants him on the steel chair with an FU. Cena covers Lesnar to secure the pinfall.

                                Cena’s victory surely creates a strong sense of doubt in Lesnar’s mind. If Lesnar wins the SEX Heavyweight Championship at King of Kings and Cena to invokes his rematch clause in turn, Cena just might have Lesnar’s number. Cena celebrates his victory in the ring before turning to discover Bobby Lashley standing on the stage. Lashley, who had been watching the match from a safe distance, hoists his title over his head to remind everyone that he is the champion.

                                QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (06/22/2009):
                                • Randy Orton defeats CM Punk via pinfall.
                                • Batista defeats Samoa Joe via disqualification.
                                • Gregory Helms, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeat AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison via pinfall.
                                • Christian defeats Edge via pinfall.
                                • John Cena defeats Brock Lesnar via pinfall.

                                That's it for this episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did! Also, this was the last episode before King of Kings. Personally, I can't wait for King of Kings. It looks like it will be a solid show: Lashley vs. Lesnar (w/ Cena @ "Special Referee"), Batista vs. Orton II (LMS), MCMG vs. MnM, Styles vs. Helms, Punk/Edge, and MORE! Plus, Matt Hardy will reveal and possibly confront his attacker! It's bound to be awesome. I'm not sure if there will be another "SEX AXXESS," but I'm sure more information will be posted in the near future. God, I'm so excited for King of Kings!
                                : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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