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    Re: SEX

    Ok here we go, PI is back on the Fan Fic scene and I for one am super excited that he is. Has he been hit with a review from me before? I - DONíT - THINK - SO! So here we go making yet another first with the greatest review around as PI finally gets hit with some ofÖ


    Ok first things first, your back story is great, everyone loves itÖ but it is strangely familiar, sounds a lot like the back-story you had for ESW, hmm. Itís all good, I see a few differences and I suppose this is basically what you had planned for ESW aside from these differences (mainly the roster)?

    I like your writing format, a lot like KJís LSW fed; it is done from a reporterís perspective, which I have also adapted for PW2, but in a longer format. I think this new summary/review style of writing is something that will take PW Fan Fiction by storm really. For years feds have closed because of too much pressure with writing full shows and matchesÖ but this style gives us what we need and lets us also use our imagination at the same timeÖ

    Pedigreed Night One!
    First up I like your little ticks with your fed. Like ordering the webcast gets you extra matches from the event that were not seen on TV. Thatís a great little touch right there man. Also the Triple Threat First Round Match idea is a nice twist on the conventional Tournament to crown a new/first champion.

    I loved your first match; it set up the Kendrick character perfectly. I really liked the finisher, its something very different and shows of style more than punishment in ending a match. Kendrickís after match antics were gold, his ďNever Gonna Give You UpĒ serenade was awesome man! The second match of the night was great too, I would have liked to have seen Helms go over but London is still a great performer.

    TAG TEAM ACTION - I love it! It was great to see you put a small team over a big team even though I love the team of Bernard and Tomko (good to see Bernard being sued in a fed by the way). I look forward to seeing what you so with these two teams, MCMG are a great team and so is Tomko/Bernard. With the right booking they can both become great stand outs in your tag team division.

    I loved your HBK/Miz/Morrison segment. HBK ignoring Morrison, the ďReal Sexy BoyĒ comment and the announcement of the TLC match for the following night were great. HBK as a GM is something new that I may have to get used to, but he can be gold on the stick so he should deliver. Morrison/HBK feud would be a great new generation vs. old generation angle if played out well.

    The Tournament is underway and I have to say seeing these three in the ring together would be awesome! I liked the short descriptions, it gives us the feel of the match and the ending. I really liked how the ending came about, a mistake that Orton capitalizes on, which he does so well I might add. Orton as your first Heavyweight Champion would be great to see.

    Good HBK adds a new team to the TLC Match, so far this is looking amazing, simply amazing!

    Oooooh I liked the atmosphere you created in the Batista/Edge/Christian match. I really look forward to where you go with this man, a Batista win I do not like but I can deal. I like that you got Christian playing the face role with the fans, sorta like a modern day Rock is what I get reading that.

    Another Team to the TLC Match! MCMG, Kendrick and London, Miz and Morrison, HO-LY SHIT!

    I like how Lesnar and Lashley just dominate Styles, it is logical and should go down that way seeing as he is the smaller man. The Lesnar/Lashley pissing contest was a great thing to throw in there. I could really see a Lesnar/Lashley angle working wonders under your booking command. The ending was good, but coulda been better in my eyes, although it was creative.

    The thought of a Cena/Joe/Punk Match is great, Cena/Joe on their own would be awesome too. I knew youíd put Cena over but I didnít like the way you did it, the FU would have been enough. Joe is a submission machine, thatís his gimmick and you make him tap out! Dunno if I like that really, but I suppose I can deal and see where it goes.

    Overall a great first show, a couple of things I didnít really warm to all that much but yeah great start to a fed my manÖ but I am not done yet, Pedigreed Night Two is up next!

    Pedigreed Night Two

    The second night looks like it can totally deliver with Cena/Lesnar and Orton/Batista. My only gripe is that we are gonna get Orton/Batista in a tournament and not with a solid build up to it, but hey this isnít WWE so it isnít a big deal. I really hope that Cena/Lesnar delivers though as these two had a great little match in 2003 at Backlash for the WWE Title. TLC is what I am looking forward to the most, more so than the Heavyweight Championship match and I love the idea of the Second Chance Contract match.

    Great way to start off the show man, I love tag team action! I love the team name for Tomko/Bernard and it is even better to see them get a win here. Keep it up mate, I just feel for poor Helms and Moore, are they the jobbers of your fed or will this actually go somewhere?

    I liked the Edge/Styles match; a match between them two would be awesome to see. The one thing I am really liking about your matches is that you are setting up characters in them even though they are very short match descriptions. Edge with the win who vents his frustration, awesome! One thing, please donít make the Spear his finisher, he has that awesome Edgecution for that, make the Spear a secondary finisher man L

    I loved the Orton/Batista interaction. I take back what I said before, this helped build it up and while it may not be an epic feud yet I can totally see this as the starting point for just that.

    I love what your doing with Matt and Jeff Hardy, it has shades of Chavo and Eddie from way back in the WCW days with their rivalry/angle. Christian is second out, that sucks arse man he should have been the last eliminated or won the match. Punk makes it far but Joe comes out and Lashley unleashes a very Benoit like finish to the end the match, which I liked by the way. Lashley as the second chance getter is great, but who will he get a chance to face?

    The Cena/Lesnar confrontation has my seal of approval man, canít wait to see where it goes and I love how you are building from their last match. Both guys are awesome in the ring in their own way and to see them butt heads as you put it will be great.

    I LOVE YOUR RANDY ORTON! He is cold, callous, calculating and methodical! I love how he worked the leg, taking Batista out with smarts and it worked for him to get the win. Orton is the main event and I hope to god he wins (I havenít checked your title histories yet).

    MAN! I was super hyped up for the Cena/Lesnar confrontation and it ended in a DQ, WTF? Seriously I was soooo let down by that one man. A Cena clean win would have been great giving him that bit more under his belt and evening the score from years ago. Lesnar winning would have boosted him for his comeback, DAMN! Now Cena goes into a Title Match with a DQ win while Orton has pinfalls leading up, I hope Orton winsÖ

    TLC was GREAT! I would have liked a bit more character building with the other teams but now the London/Kendrick situation is really interesting. Men are old team mates who had their troubles with the other, they get back together and it is no easy reunion as Kendrick basically does the smart arse cocky thing and ticks it to London but they also win. I love Kendrick in your fed, he steals the glory after London saved them, classic!

    CENA WINS! BLOODY HELL MAN! You had Orton all primed with a great run to win here. Cena coming in still bloody and winning the title is a disappointment to me. He coming close but failing would have been really great to have seen, actual seeing Cena chase the title would be different but DAMN! Good match, it set up Batista/Orton for a future confrontation and now we have Cena/Lashley to look forward to? Or is there something else you got planned?

    Overall a good show but not as good as the first night, which for me was stand out stuff man. The second night had its ups but the downs (Cena winning the tournament, Cena/Lesnar DQ mainly) really hit hard for me. I was super excited to see Orton getting such a solid run, he wasnít cheating in the wins, he was merciless and just pure badasrse!

    Pedigreed Night One: 90 out of 100
    Pedigreed Night Two: 80 out of 100
    Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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      Re: SEX

      Originally posted at...
      Last week, Stephanie McMahon announced that another draft will take place to reshape the landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment yet again. While ECW remained an exclusive showcase for the women's division of WWE, RAW and SmackDown! traded Superstars and drafter new talent from a pool of familiar faces. The draft, which spanned across an episode of RAW and an episode of SmackDown!, featured two battle royals. The battle royals featured the talent from each brand in a collective effort to crown a WWE Champion and a World Heavyweight Champion. By the end of the week, Undertaker and Chris Jericho emerged as the WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion respectively. The Intercontinental Championship remained on RAW as it remained around the waist of Kofi Kingston. The United States Championhip remained on SmackDown! as it remained around the waist of Robert Roode. The World Tag Team Championship remained on RAW as it remained around the waists of DH Smith & TJ Wilson, and the WWE Tag Team Championship remained on SmackDown! as it remained around the waists of Chris Harris & James Storm. Stephanie McMahon encouraged fans to continue watching WWE in the wake of the draft as she promised, "Anything can and will happen in WWE!"

      Click on the tab below to see the WWE Roster:
      Originally posted at...
      In other news related to SEX, the Renegade Wrecking Crew (Giant Bernard & Tyson Tomko), who appeared in dark matches at Pedigreed, will not be appearing on future SEX pay-per-view events. Giant Bernard, who made his return to the professional wrestling scene in North America at Pedigreed, was reportedly unhappy with how he was used at Pedigreed. He and Tomko have accepted an invitation to tour in Japan. Despite being unhappy, Giant Bernard left SEX with the door open for his return as he parted on good terms. Triple H, on behalf of SEX, wishes the Renegade Wrecking Crew the best in their future endeavors.
      : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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        Re: SEX

        OH COME ON MAN!!!

        Bernard and Tomko not showing up in the near future?

        That's a shame, I liked their work at Pedigreed and hoped that they would make further appearences in the fed. I thought they'd make a great strong man team, possibles a heel one at that...

        Oh well, it doesn't matter in the long run as you still got me hard for S.E.X man
        Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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          Re: SEX

          The Cool Review

          I fancy some SEX, so here we go. I really quite enjoyed the first show you put out, so here is the review for the second night of Pedigreed. Cena and Lesnar would be a good match to watch, just because how they are so alike, in my opinion. Batista and Orton not so much, but I’m seeing Orton vs. Cena in the World Title match, and then I wouldn’t like to take a guess who will be crowned champion. I like the idea of the four guys getting a second chance, and TLC with the teams that are in it, is sure to be awesome. Glad, Tomko and Giant Bernard win, I saw a lot of potential with them in this fed, but I have read the message that there leaving before reading this show, so that’s bit of a bummer. Edge beats Styles, and not in the very distant future, I see him getting back in the World Title picture. A little bland between Orton and Batista, which wouldn’t have me anymore excited for this match than I would have been without it. I don’t mind Matt Hardy, CM Punk or Christian winning this one, as long as Lashley don’t. Matt and Jeff feud is going to escalate soon enough, seems like a few people are doing a feud between them, as well as the WWE in real life. I knew I had spoken too soon, Lashley is the winner, and sorry but I don’t think anyone could have me interested in this guy. I don’t like moves being mentioned in interviews too much, so Lesnar mentioning “The Brock Lock” wasn’t the best thing to hear for me. Orton beats Batista, and a punt to the head finishes it off, which I like. He promises that he will be crowned World Champion? We’ll see.

          I like Kendrick and London arguing about who Shawn Michaels was speaking to the night before, all this means though is that they’ll either lose and go on a feud or they’ll win and begin to retain a lot without being on good terms. Lesnar gets DQ’d, and I love it personally. Cena looks awful ahead of the final match, but I see him somehow pulling it out now. I also have to say, I love monster Lesnar, that doesn’t care for anyone. Kendrick and London win the titles, I do however think that the Rock, Paper, Scissors before climbing up the ladder was a bit unnecessary, but I can’t wait to see what you have planned for these two. Like I said Cena wins the title, against all the odds, it also means Orton and Batista will probably feud, although I’d love to see a feud for the title between Cena and Orton, but let’s see what you have in store. Good show, man. The matches would have probably been better to watch than the first night, I just preferred reading the first show more so than this one, still a good job though. I’ll be reading the next one.

          Thanks too Fresh Prince


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            Re: SEX

            Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
            SEX: LIVE! (05/04/2009)

            AJ Styles comes out to publicly review footage of Edge spearing him after their match at Pedigreed. In response to Edge’s rant after their match at Pedigreed, Styles claims that Edge will not use him as a springboard to reach the main event of SEX. Styles challenges Edge to a rematch. Edge accepts and promises to embarrass Styles. Styles’ determination to win is quite clear as he outperforms Edge in the match. Styles’ dominance frustrates Edge.

            Edge rolls out of the ring and claims that this match is beneath him as he begins to leave. Unsatisfied with a count-out victory, Styles performs a running flip over the top rope as he launches himself after Edge. Styles drags Edge back to the ring. Edge groggily attempts to spear Styles, but Styles leapfrogs over Edge. Styles plants Edge with the Styles Clash to secure the pinfall. Edge has a temper tantrum as Styles celebrates after the match.

            Backstage, Christian issues a response to Edge’s rant at Pedigreed. Unlike Edge, Christian acknowledges that he must earn his spot in the main event. Christian adds that he will earn his spot. Christian promises to climb from the bottom to the top of the mountain in SEX. Christian promises to eventually win the SEX Heavyweight Championship and become a champion of the peeps, for the peeps, by the peeps because that’s how he rolls.

            Triple H comes out and summarizes the results from Pedigreed. He introduces the first-ever SEX Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. Cena comes out and receives a massive ovation from the audience. The SEX Heavyweight Championship is fastened around Cena’s waist. It’s an impressive piece of gold. It looks like it weighs approximately twenty pounds. Cena thanks Triple H for the introduction and promises to always be at his absolute best as the face of SEX.

            Randy Orton comes out to interrupt Cena. Orton claims that he should be the SEX Heavyweight Champion. Orton argues that psychological interference from Batista tainted the results of the SEX Heavyweight Championship match at Pedigreed. Orton also argues that he won his semifinal match via pinfall whereas Cena won via disqualification. Orton claims that Cena cannot cleanly defeat either him or Brock Lesnar in the ring.

            Brock Lesnar comes out to argue that he should receive the first title match against John Cena. Lesnar justifies his argument with the fact that Cena did not pin him or make him tap out at Pedigreed. Triple H interjects that both Orton and Lesnar have valid arguments. Before Triple H can continue, Bobby Lashley comes out to remind everyone that he won a contract at Pedigreed for a title match. Lashley contemplates cashing in his contract tonight.

            Cena responds by challenging Orton, Lesnar, and Lashley to a handicap match. Triple H applauds Cena’s fortitude as a fighting champion but claims that there is a better solution to the problem at hand. Triple H announces that Cena will referee a strange bedfellows tag team match tonight where Orton will partner with Batista and Lesnar will partner with Lashley. Triple H announces that whoever scores the pinfall in the match will earn a title shot at Evolution.

            Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews the Hardy Boyz about their recent “differences.” Matt explains that he is a winner by nature whereas Jeff is a loser. Jeff attempts to argue otherwise, but Matt interrupts to explain that it has been this way since childhood. Matt explains that his elimination from the fourway match last night was a fluke. Matt then explains that he has requested a couple of matches tonight to teach Jeff how to be a winner like him.

            Jeff Hardy accompanies Matt Hardy to the ring for the next match. Gregory Helms comes out, accompanied by Shannon Moore. Matt wrestles Helms, expecting to teach Jeff a lesson with an easy win. Helms, however, has different plans as he aims to end his losing streak. Helms plants Matt with a Shining Wizard from behind, but he cannot secure the pinfall. Ultimately, Matt battles back and plants Helms with an Unfortunate Twist of Fate to secure the pinfall.

            Matt tells Jeff that it is his turn and rolls out of the ring. Frustrated with his third consecutive loss, Helms retreats to the back. Matt remains at ringside as Jeff and Moore slide into the ring. The subsequent match features almost ten minutes of back-and-forth, high-flying action. Ultimately, Jeff plants Moore with a Moonsault Slam to secure the pinfall. Matt looks on with a look of disgust on his face as Jeff shakes hands with Moore after the match.

            HBK summons Paul London & Brian Kendrick to office. HBK congratulates London & Kendrick on becoming the first-ever SEX Tag Team Champions, but London & Kendrick bicker about the TLC match. London complains about Kendrick’s actions at the end of the match. Kendrick complains that he had to single-handedly carry the team. HBK suggests that London & Kendrick settle their differences because they must continue to work together.

            The Miz & John Morrison and the Motor City Machine Guns barge into HBK’s office almost as if on cue. Both teams demand a title shot and claim that they deserve one since neither was pinned by London & Kendrick. Both teams claim that London & Kendrick haven’t truly earned the SEX Tag Team Championship. HBK tells all three teams to rest tonight and prepare for next week, as he will think of a way to settle this dispute at that time.

            Samoa Joe comes out and receives heat from the audience. Fans chant, “You tapped out!” Joe delivers a speech about how his character was portrayed in TNA and the differences between “professional wrestling” and “sports entertainment.” Joe complains that he was portrayed as a joke in TNA for the sake of the fans. Joe claims that fans of sports entertainment would not be able to stomach the ruthless nature that made him famous in the independent circuit.

            Joe then targets CM Punk, who Joe claims is a sellout. Joe exhibits signs of jealousy as he claims that Punk allowed his straightedge persona to be altered for commercial purposes. Joe claims that Punk lost his true edge when he signed with WWE and he has never been the same since. This apparently disgusts Joe. Joe’s words spur Punk to come out. Punk receives a pop when he comes out and challenges Joe to an impromptu match.

            Joe accepts and promises to break Punk, but Punk proves to be a hard-to-handle handful for Joe. The impromptu match is best summarized as an out-of control brawl. The action is intense and stiff, and it spills out of the ring almost immediately. The match ends as the result of a double count-out, but Punk and Joe continue to brawl on the outside of the ring. Security guards rush to the ring and struggle to separate Punk and Joe. This clearly isn’t over.

            Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Batista about teaming with Randy Orton tonight. Batista hopes that Orton’s arrogance will not cost him. Batista mentions that his history with Orton and chemistry with Orton from their days as members of Evolution will give them an edge in the match. Orton interrupts to remind Batista that, although they are a tag team tonight, it will still be every man for himself in the match. Orton promises to score the pinfall.

            Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley are in HBK’s office. Lesnar complains about having to partner with Lashley tonight. HBK says that he cannot override a decision made by Triple H. Lesnar fumes for a moment before calming himself. Lesnar promises to reward Lashley if Lashley allows Lesnar to score the pinfall, but Lashley echoes Randy Orton when he reminds Lesnar that it will be every man for himself in the match tonight. Lesnar begins to fume again.

            John Cena comes out to the ring and receives a massive ovation from the audience. Cena quickly informs the audience that he will be an impartial referee because he does not care who he will face at Evolution. Cena promises to take on all challenges and overcome all odds. He reminds everyone that “the Champ is here,” before Randy Orton comes out. Orton receives heat from the audience, but the heat does not seem to faze him.

            Batista comes out and receives a pop from the audience as he joins Orton in the ring. Batista and Orton discuss who will start the match. Bobby Lashley comes out and receives a pop that rivals Batista’s pop. Finally, Brock Lesnar comes out. He receives heat from the audience, but he still has some vocal fans in attendance. Lashley and Lesnar discuss who will start the match as well. Once both teams have made their decisions, Cena calls for the bell.

            The tension in the main event is palpable as both teams struggle to function as a unit in an every-man-for-himself environment. Batista was right as he and Orton have better chemistry in the ring than Lesnar and Lashley. Batista and Orton enjoy an edge in the match as a result. The audience receives a thrill from watching both pairs of rivals save their partners from being pinned on numerous occasions. Cena remains true to his word as he calls the match down the middle.

            In the end, Batista plants Lesnar with a Batista Bomb and covers him for the pinfall. Orton, however, punts Batista’s head to break the pinfall. Lashley clotheslines Orton out of the ring, but the velocity of the clothesline carries both men over the top rope. Lesnar, in the mean time, rolls over and covers Batista to secure the pinfall. After the match, Lesnar groggily returns to his feet to have his hand raised by Cena. Lesnar smiles at Cena, but Cena plants Lesnar with an FU.

            QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (05/04/2009):
            • AJ Styles defeats Edge via pinfall.
            • Matt Hardy defeats Gregory Helms via pinfall.
            • Jeff Hardy defeats Shannon Moore via pinfall.
            • CM Punk and Samoa Joe wrestle to a double count-out.
            • Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley defeat Batista & Randy Orton via pinfall.
            That's it for the first-ever episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
            : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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              Re: SEX

              SEX: Live! Review!
              • I loved the opening match/segment. Edge has to be a whiny bitchy heel. People who try to make him a bad ass just don't get it. Your Edge is spot on. I also like AJ taking no crap and just going for it and winning.
              • Short but sweet promo from Christian. Not much t
              • Not much to note from Christian's promo. Could we be getting an Edge/Christian fued?
              • I had Triple H as owner of my RCW fed and I think he makes a great owner. Cena is of course a great first champion
              • You've nailedOrton's character, full of excuses and still quite cocky.
              • It all starts to heat up as Lesnar and Lashley come out. I'm not a big Lashley fan.
              • Nice tag match. I sense all hell will break lose.
              • Great Hardy Boys stuff. Matt would pull this gimmick off so well it's not funny, and Jeff would be great at just shrugging his shoulders and getting on with it. Great idea, best thing so far.
              • I really hope Londrick split up with someone going through a window. Really enjoying this.
              • By-the-way I love the way you show us moves. Great idea.
              • I knew we'd be getting a Joe/Punk fued and to be honest, there's nothing I'd rather see.
              • Batista bores me at the minute. I dunno why, you're doing nothing to change that fact.
              • The finish of your match was great. The excitement in real life would be off the charts. LEsnar/Cena should be fantastic.
              • Really enjoyed the show. Highlight was Hardys stuff. The Main Event scene was the least entertaining as nobody really had much to work with other than 'grr i want the title.' I will be reading, really good job.

              s u r r e n d e r

              ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                Re: SEX

                Sex Live

                I love the way you’ve designed your fed, really makes it an easy read, and now for the show.

                Begins with AJ Styles dominating Edge, hmm, interesting to see whom your trying to push more as Edge is clearly going to be a centerpoint of your show at some time due to his rant at Pedgreed, but AJ had a great showing, and I can see that a third match will be needed to settle this score.

                Christian comes out and tells the world that he won’t take Edge’s route and will actually earn everything that he gets in SEX, seems that your going with TNA face Christian, which is a character that I think wasn’t used enough, hopefully Christian can become a major player in your fed.

                Triple H comes out to congratulate John Cena for winning and Randy Orton comes out to get his match, then Brock Lesnar comes out to get his, and then Lashley comes out to get his. Strange bedfellows is a solid concept and I bet it will work out well, I can see Lesnar winning it, although I would prefer that you use Orton and Cena as the two biggest people in your fed, create kind of a Rock/Austin feel between the two.

                Matt and Jeff Hardy both see some singles action with Matt embarrassing Helms to get the win, and then Jeff beating Shannon Moore, but showing him a little more respect. I can see that these two have some serious issues.
                London and Kendrick are continuing to have little disputes between each other, I can sense that the two men will have a match at some time to get this out of their system.

                Looks as if your Samoa Joe and your CM Punk are returning to their roots, which is awesome and the two men get into it with a solid brawl that results in a double countout, I can see this getting nasty in a hurry.

                Both Batista/Orton and Lesnar/Lashley try to get some chemistry, but both also realize that it is truly every man for himself.

                Main Event time and after your traditional back and forth action near the end, Lesnar is able to get the win and secure the title shot, only to have John Cena take him down.

                Decent show, I have no complaints at the moment, everything that was done was very solid, good read and I can’t wait for more. Please use more Christian because I think you have a good feel on him. All in all, I Love My SEX!


                • #23
                  Re: SEX

                  The Cool Review

                  I would have had you a review up earlier than this, but I have actually only just realised that you have a new show up, that I need to review. AJ Styles defeats Edge, I found this very interesting how Edge was trying to escape, defiantly going to be a third match. Interesting promo by Christian, mentioning Edge in this, makes me think somewhere soon down the line itís going to be Edge and Christian feuding. A lot happening there in the Cena promo, Iím hoping you have Orton get the pin. But, I have the feeling that your going to have Batista/Orton at Evolution, so Iím gonnaí say Lesnar gets the pin and gets to face Cena. It seems a bit soon to have Matt basically turn on Jeff, calling him a loser, but oh well. Matt beats Helms, which is pretty obvious. Jeff then defeats Shannon Moore, and shakes his hand, like a good face does. Matt doesnít like it, I wonder how long all this is going to go on before we get a proper Jeff/Matt match, because thatís where this is leading too. Iím really liking your tag team division, man. I mean London/Kendrick, Morrison/Miz and MCMG all fighting over the gold, is awesome. Iím hoping Shawn Michaels comes up with something good to solve the problem that all three teams have.

                  Awesome stuff with Joe/Punk, I really like the promo that Joe has going on about how Punk is a sell out, a feud between these two is also bound to be great. I canít wait, for sure. I canít see Batista/Orton or Lashley/Lesnar being able to work together at all. I donít like how Lesnar promises Lashley a reward if he lets him get the pinfall, Lesnar is a bad ass, he should be sure that he will get the pinfall anyway. Yeah, just like I said, Lesnar gets the chance to face Cena. I see Cena carrying the title for quite a while, however, so I donít see him beating him. Anyway, another good show, man. I really am liking your tag team division, Joe/Punk and the World Title scene. Keep up the good work, man.

                  Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                    SEX IS ON FIRE!

                    WaitÖ isnít that like a popular song these days?

                    Oh well, anyway back to itÖ S.E.X is on a hell of a roll lately man and well, it all looks amazing so I am here once again to dish out the dirt like no other can with another edition ofÖ

                    HEAVYíS DELIGHTS!!!

                    The Styles/Edge scenario and match is nice. I thought it was to put Edge over but Styles gains the win here tonight, hmmm Edge going over would have been nice but Styles going over was better. I like Edge when he is a man on the EDGE and will do anything to get something he wants, even it is as simple as kicking the crap out of someone.

                    Oooh I like what I see here. Edge and Christian = two sides of the coin. One the heel the other the face, I like this plan to push Christian as a face. Iíve never really seen it done before and if the writer has what it takes to pull it off, then it could be hugeÖ I think you can pull it off man.

                    I liked the segment between Cena/Orton/Lesnar/Lashley, it really put over how much that title means and how many people want it. I still think Orton would have been a better choice of champion because your Orton rocked that tournament better than Cena did but I can deal with it. The only thing I didnít like about this segment was Cena admitting to Lesnar that he didnít beat him clean; I felt it tarnished his big win a little, like I thought it would.

                    I like the way you have the Matt/Jeff Hardy angle playing out. It isnít as blatant and downright dirty in the way WWE are playing their feud, it is more about one thinks he is better than the other, I could see Matt being the star of this angle just by his arrogance. I hope Jeff is able to step it up a little bit in the long run as Matt with this overpowering arrogant attitude might just make him look more insignificant if not booked right.

                    I wont say too much, but I love what you are doing with London/Kendrick and the tag team title scenario, the fact that HBK is in charge in concerns to this is great too considering where he came from., TAG TEAM WRESTLING!

                    The Joe/Punk stuff is gold man. I loved Joe shooting on the way he has been handled and then he goes laying into Punk about being a sellout. The match that followed would have been hella-cool to have seen live and I can only see this feud getting better and better with ageÖ like a MILF, yes the Joe/Punk feud in your fed is a MILF!

                    Again your Orton is great, GIVE HIM THE BELT! Batista I am not sold on yet, but all bets are off in the big main event match tonight? GREAT STUFF! Have Orton Punt Everyoneís Heads In!

                    I like Cena being the referee in the big tag match main event, it puts him into the mix of everything without throwing him in there completely if you get my drift. I like the way you are describing the reaction everyone is getting from the fans, just a small touch but it is still something I like about your writing. The match itself seemed very solid and I loved the ending, why because Orton showed his arrogance and Batista got pinnedÖ BY LASHLEY? I thought Lesnar would have gotten the fall, but it looks like Lashley is getting a major push here, which I Like man.

                    Overall it was a nice show man, it flowed very well and your writing is top notch at the moment. I still donít like your champ but hey I can deal. Things seem to be really taking a life of their own now that the PPVís have ended, I canít wait to see what happens next on everything you showcased in this show, for that I am giving youÖ

                    95 pout of 100 (Cena as champ brings down the score, LOL!)

                    *Edited by jTj per PI's request (merged posts)*


                    You are right about Lesnar winning and t he whole segment...

                    DAMN can't believe I missed that

                    But still that win over at Lesnar come up to sorta bite Cena in the butt like I thought it would.....
                    Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                      Re: SEX

                      Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                      SEX: LIVE! (05/11/2009)

                      Triple H comes out and announces that Batista has suffered a concussion at the hands of Randy Orton and will be out of action. However, Batista will return for a match against Orton at Evolution. Orton comes out to respond. Orton is bitter about the results of the strange bedfellows tag team match last week, and he claims that Batista’s health is the least of his concerns. Orton claims that Bobby Lashley needlessly ruined Orton’s chance to win a title shot.

                      Orton claims that he prevented Batista from pinning Brock Lesnar and could have prevented Brock Lesnar from pinning Batista had Lashley not knocked him out of the ring. For ruining Orton’s chance to win a title shot, Orton demands a match against Lashley with Lashley’s contract for a title match on the line. Triple H agrees to book the match, but he adds a stipulation. If Orton loses to Lashley, Batista will be able to choose the stipulations for their match at Evolution.

                      HBK summons Paul London & Brian Kendrick to his office. HBK announces that tonight will feature the semifinals of a mini-tournament that will crown number one contenders to the SEX Tag Team Championship. HBK also announces that London, Kendrick, and John Cena will compete in a triple threat match to showcase the champions of SEX. HBK claims that he will award a title shot to London or Kendrick if either of them can pin Cena of make him tap out.

                      The first match of the evening features AJ Styles versus Christian. Styles and Christian shake hands before the match. The match features ten minutes of back-and-forth action. Christian attempts to execute an Unprettier, but Styles counters with a Tiger Suplex. Styles bridges, but Edge storms the ring to prevent the pinfall. Edge plants Styles with This Move is Not Yet Rated. Edge berates Styles as Christian pulls himself to his feet. Edge spears Christian before he exits the ring.

                      Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy about their involvement in the mini-tournament that will crown number one contenders to the SEX Tag Team Championship. Matt explains that he plans to hone Jeff’s competitive instinct. Matt explains that Jeff has always lacked discipline and been too much of a free spirit. Matt explains that his methods for teaching Jeff how to be a winner will be more effective if he partners with him in the ring.

                      HBK summons CM Punk and Samoa Joe to his office. HBK claims that he was impressed with their match last week despite its finish. He claims that it is evident that Punk and Joe have issues with each other. HBK then announces that he wants to recreate history. HBK announces that Punk and Joe will compete in an “I Quit” match at Evolution. HBK then announces that Punk and Joe will both be suspended if either of them lays a hand on the other before Evolution.

                      The second match of the evening features Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy versus Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore. Helms does not seem to be happy that he must partner with Moore. Prior to the match, JBL announces that it is his job to streamline SEX financially as its unofficial treasurer. JBL announces that Helms & Moore will face termination next week if they lose tonight. JBL’s announcement lights a fire within Helms & Moore, but the fire is not hot enough to win the match.

                      Matt micromanages Jeff in first semifinal of the mini-tournament to crown number one contenders to the SEX Tag Team Championship. Jeff’s spirits seem to be broken as his performance in the ring is a bit lackluster. Moore attempts to prove himself to Helms by single-handedly carrying their team to victory. However, Moore’s refusal to tag Helms proves to be costly. In the end, Jeff plants Moore with a Twist of Fate to secure the pinfall. Helms is clearly upset with Moore.

                      Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews the Motor City Machine Guns about their involvement in the mini-tournament that will crown number one contenders to the SEX Tag Team Championship. The Miz & John Morrison interrupt the Motor City Machine Guns before they can respond. The Miz & Morrison demand to know why they are not being interviewed, especially considering that they are the sexiest tag team in SEX and they going to win their match tonight.

                      The third match of the evening features John Cena versus Paul London versus Brian Kendrick. Cena receives a massive ovation, London receives a pop that pales in comparison to Cena’s pop, and Kendrick receives a mixed reaction. Cena uses the tension between the SEX Tag Team Champions and his size and strength to his advantage during the match. In the end, Cena sends a message to Brock Lesnar as he plants London with an F5 to secure the pinfall.

                      After the match, Brock Lesnar storms the ring as John Cena celebrates. Lesnar responds to Cena’s message with a message of his own as Lesnar plants Cena with an F5. Lesnar shouts, “That’s how you do my move, and that’s for last week!” Bobby Lashley rushes to the ring and positions himself between Lesnar and Cena. Lashley claims that he will be ready and waiting with his contract for a title shot, no matter who is the SEX Heavyweight Champion after Evolution.

                      Backstage, HBK interviews Batista via satellite. Batista recovers from his concussion at home. Batista admits that he is beginning to feel as old as he is. He also admits that his body is breaking down at an increasingly rapid rate, and it gets worse every time he steps into the ring. However, Batista has retribution on his mind. It is driving Batista to return to the ring at Evolution, where he plans to teach Orton a lesson about what it truly means to be a man.

                      The fourth match of the evening features The Miz & John Morrison versus the Motor City Machine Guns. The Miz & Morrison receive heat from the audience. However, some fans cannot resist cheering the cocky tag team as it exudes coolness. The Motor City Machine Guns receive a solid pop. The match itself is intense and features almost fifteen minutes of back-and-forth action. The Miz & Morrison are barely able to escape from numerous pinfall attempts.

                      The Motor City Machine Guns unload with moves such as the Head Shot and Russian Roulette, but The Miz & Morrison manage to save each other from being pinned. Ultimately, The Miz & Morrison resort to cheating to regain their momentum. Although the Motor City Machine Guns complain, the referee remains oblivious to the underhanded tactics of The Miz & Morrison. In the end, The Miz & Morrison plant Alex Shelley with the Autograph to secure the pinfall.

                      Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Paul London & Brian Kendrick about the health of their relationship and their thoughts on the mini-tournament to determine who will challenge them for their titles at Evolution. London claims that he and Kendrick used to be best friends. However, London claims that they have their differences. Nevertheless, London then claims that he and Kendrick will coexist in the ring as long as they are defending their titles.

                      Kendrick interrupts to “correct” London. Kendrick claims that he -- the Shawn Michaels of their tag team -- will continue to single-handedly carry the tag team until London -- the Marty Jannetty -- ruins their reign as champions. Kendrick uses the fact that London was pinned by Cena tonight to support his argument that London is a loser. The interview concludes with Kendrick claiming that he would have pinned Cena had London not been involved in the match tonight.

                      The final match of the evening features Randy Orton versus Bobby Lashley with Lashley’s contract for a title shot one the line. Orton receives massive heat, and Lashley receives a huge pop. Both men seem equally determined to leave the ring with the contract for the title shot. Lashley uses his size, strength, and background as an amateur wrestler to his advantage. However, Orton uses smart psychology and underhanded tactics to disadvantage Lashley.

                      Brock Lesnar comes out to watch the end of the match. He remains at ringside, but his presence clearly distracts Lashley. With Lashley’s focus on Lesnar at ringside, Orton finds ample time to recover. Orton writhes like a snake on the mat as he cocks himself for in anticipation for an RKO. Lashley finally turns around to receive a sickening, neck-jarring RKO. Orton covers Lashley to secure the pinfall. After the match, Orton collects Lashley’s contract.

                      QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (05/11/2009):
                      • AJ Styles defeats Christian via DQ after Edge interferes.
                      • Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy defeat Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore via pinfall.
                      • John Cena defeats Paul London and Brian Kendrick via pinfall.
                      • The Miz & John Morrison defeat Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin via pinfall.
                      • Randy Orton defeats Bobby Lashley via pinfall.
                      That's it for this episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
                      : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                        Re: SEX

                        The Cool Review

                        I have some free time, so Iíve decided Iíll review you now and write a bit more of my show later on. So, lets get this thing going. So, Batista/Orton is made like I thought it would have been. I still donít like Lashley as one of the main players in any fed. But, Iím loving all these stipulations, if Orton wins or loses should be interesting to see how everything plays out. Will be interesting to see who wins through in the tag tournament. I like your tag division in this fed, one of the best things going for it. Cena/Kendrick/London sounds good, also. I donít see anybody pinning Cena, though. It would be pretty stupid since he just won the title. Edge beats down both Styles and Christian, so now Christian is added into the Edge/Styles feud? I donít believe he was before this show, was he? Iím hoping you carry this Matt/Jeff thing for a little while yet. Donít make Matt or Jeff turn to soon, dude. Punk/Joe made for Evolution. The show is looking already to be a great one. No way, Helms and Moore are gone? I actually like Helms quite a bit. How much power does JBL actually have? Hmm, Miz & Morrison vs. MCMG is GOLD. But, maybe that should have been the final? Iím guessing since The Hardy Boyz are through, that MCMG will meet them in the final, with The Hardyz winning it in the end. Cena wins just like I said. The aftermath confused me though. Lesnar saying ďThatís how you do my moveĒ seemed a bit dumb to me, and if Lesnar had just hit Cena with a F5, how would Lashley position himself between the two?

                        Batista goes on about how he is slowing down? Could this mark the beginning of the end for Batista? With possibly Orton retiring him somehow? Hmm, Iím probably way off, but there yaí go. Sounds like a good match between Miz/Morrison and MCMG, Iím quite surprised that Miz/Morrison won, however. I donít see them beating The Hardyz, maybe MCMG will screw emí for cheating there way to the victory against them? Hmm, Iím quite liking the Kendrick/London feud/tag team you have going on. Iím guessing the little comment from Kendrick bout Cena will lead to some sort of match between the two, with Cena winning and London being able to mouth off to Kendrick. Well, Iím glad you have Orton beating Lashley. You couldnít have ended the show any better, man. All in all, there have been four shows (all of which I have reviewed), and Iím gonnaí say this is probably the second best show. I really enjoyed it. A lot of things are coming together very nicely, ill be reading and reviewing the next addition of SEX, man.

                        Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                          Re: SEX

                          Originally posted by Jack Crist (a.k.a. “The Dave Metzler of SEX”)
                          SEX: LIVE! (05/18/2009)

                          John Cena and Bobby Lashley come out. They both want revenge on Brock Lesnar for his actions from last week. HBK comes out and grants them both the opportunity to exact their revenge in a tag team match against Lesnar. HBK announces that Lesnar will partner with Randy Orton, who now holds the contract for a title shot that was previously held by Lashley. HBK leaves, and Cena and Lashley shake hands in the ring as they begin to discuss strategy for their match.

                          Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews the Motor City Machine Guns -- Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin. Shelley & Sabin complain about The Miz & John Morrison cheating to win their match last week. Shelley & Sabin promise to ensure that The Miz & Morrison will not be able to cheat their way to a match for the SEX Tag Team Championship at Evolution. Shelley & Sabin conclude the interview with a promise to become SEX Tag Team Champions before The Miz & Morrison.

                          The first match of the evening features Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy versus The Miz & John Morrison. Jeff receives a huge pop. Matt, however, receives a mixed reaction. The Miz & Morrison receive more heat than usual as the audience recalls that they cheated to advance this far in the mini-tournament to determine who will challenge Paul London & Brian Kendrick for the SEX Tag Team Championship at Evolution. Matt lectures Jeff about how to win prior to the match.

                          Matt refuses to tag Jeff into the match, and The Miz & Morrison dominate the match as a result. Matt eventually tags Jeff into the match, and Jeff immediately clears the ring. The Miz & Morrison resort to underhanded tactics to regain their momentum, but Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin rush to the ring to prevent them from cheating. Jeff plants The Miz with a Twist of Fate to secure the pinfall. A brawl erupts after the match between The Miz & Morrison and Shelley & Sabin.

                          HBK summons CM Punk, Samoa Joe, and Paul London & Brian Kendrick to his office. HBK announces that Paul London & Brian Kendrick will compete in a non-title tag team match against CM Punk and Samoa Joe to prepare for their match against Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy at Evolution. HBK explains that the match will also give CM Punk and Samoa Joe an opportunity to vent their pent-up aggression and prepare for their match against each other at Evolution as well.

                          The second match of the evening features AJ Styles versus Edge. This match is a rubber match, with Styles and Edge holding a victory over each other. Prior to the match, Edge informs Styles that he will be put in his place as a “loser and a nobody.” Styles lets his actions speak for him in the ring. The third encounter between Styles and Edge is arguably the best. The action is intense, and the fans remain on the edge of their seats throughout the entire match.

                          Styles frustrates Edge with his tenacity and resiliency. As his frustration mounts, Edge loses his composure. Edge retrieves a chair from ringside, but Christian rushes to the ring to prevent Edge from using it. Edge and Christian argue at ringside, which enables Styles to launch a successful air strike. Styles knocks the chair into Edge’s face with a suicide dive through the ropes. Christian rolls Edge into the ring for Styles, and Styles covers Edge to secure the pinfall.

                          The third match of the evening features Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus CM Punk & Samoa Joe. The dynamics of each team generates high tension during the match. All four men are reluctant to tag their partners into the match throughout the bout. Despite their differences, the history between Punk and Joe gives them good chemistry as a tag team. In the end, Kendrick abandons London in the ring. Joe plants London with a Capture Buster to secure the pinfall.

                          Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton about teaming together tonight against John Cena and Bobby Lashley. Lesnar and Orton echo each other as they stroke their egos. Lesnar thanks Cena for keeping his belt warm for him, and he claims that tonight is only a preview of Evolution. Orton displays his contract for a title shot and claims that whoever emerges from Evolution as the SEX Heavyweight Champion should still be on his toes.

                          The fourth match of the evening features Gregory Helms versus Shannon Moore. Both men receive a pop from the audience. No one wants to see either man lose his job, but JBL confirms that is the fate that awaits the loser of this match. The match features ten minutes of back-and-forth action with plenty of chain wrestling. Ultimately, Helms plants Moore with a Reversal of Fortune to secure the pinfall. Despite winning, Helms does not celebrate after the match.

                          Backstage, Edge confronts Christian about interfering in his match against AJ Styles. Edge holds an ice pack against his forehead. Christian claims that he was returning the favor to Edge from last week. Christian also claims that it will always been an eye for an eye because that’s how he rolls. Edge claims that Christian interfered because Christian is jealous of him. Edge claims that Christian will never be able to accomplish half of the things that Edge has in his career.

                          Triple H comes out to introduce a video package. The video package features highlights from Batista’s career. Batista is portrayed as the animal of Evolution. Batista wins the Royal Rumble, defies Triple H, defeats him for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 21, and retains his title in Hell in a Cell. Batista battles Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, JBL, HBK, John Cena, and Edge in the ring. The video package concludes with Batista pinning Orton.

                          The final match of the evening features John Cena & Bobby Lashley versus Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton. Both teams work surprisingly well together. Lesnar & Orton employ a vicious psychology as they work together to inflict as much damage as possible upon Cena & Lashley. In turn, Cena & Lashley focus their efforts on Lesnar to exact their revenge. Ultimately, Lesnar suffers as much as he can handle at the hands of Cena & Lashley.

                          Lesnar abandons Orton just as Kendrick abandoned London earlier in the night. Orton is left to fend for himself. Although he counters the FU and plants Cena with an RKO, Orton cannot secure the pinfall. Lashley plants Orton with a Dominator to secure the pinfall. Lashley begins to celebrate, but Lesnar returns to the ring after the match and plants him with an F5. The show ends with Lesnar standing tall over Orton and Cena & Lashley.

                          QUICK RESULTS FOR SEX: LIVE! (05/18/2009):
                          • Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy defeat The Miz & John Morrison via pinfall.
                          • AJ Styles defeats Edge via pinfall.
                          • CM Punk & Samoa Joe defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick via pinfall.
                          • Gregory Helms defeats Shannon Moore via pinfall.
                          • John Cena & Bobby Lashley defeat Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton via pinfall.
                          That's it for this episode of SEX: LIVE! I hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!
                          : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                            Re: SEX

                            Lethal Injection

                            Alright PI, another SEX(y) review for you, from a long-time fan.

                            Cena/Lashley vs. Lesnar/Orton should be pretty good, I like your use of Tag Team matches as a sample for the main event matches that I assume will come during a PPV.

                            Motor City Machine Guns talk about M&M Version II, you have said this about my tag team division, but I actually think that you have the best tag team division in Fanfiction right now, the competition that you have created is amazing, and I am jealous of your talent.

                            Speaking of which, the Hardy Boyz (note lack of love for Matt, a breakup coming me thinks) vs. Morrison & Miz, this time with the Hardy Boyz getting the upper hand. I don’t want to see it yet, but a TLC Match between Miz/Morrison, Hardy Boyz, London/Kendrick and MCMG would be orgasmic. I just don’t think the feud is ready for it, but I would love to see that direction, in a few months, letting all four teams hate each other.

                            Styles and Edge meet for a third match, and I love this rivalry, it’s simple and something that I am trying to do more and more of in my fed, a feud based simply on who is the better man. Both AJ and Edge have won a match, and now it’s time to get that final win to prove once and for all who the better man is, the interference protects Edge a little too much, but still I can see the need for it, with AJ going over as the better man.

                            Another great tag team match, with Kendrick walking out on London. It seems that the majority of your teams have major issues (Matt/Jeff and London/Kendrick). While I like adding that little flare to the storyline, doing it more than once is a little bit of an overkill, but I trust that you know where your going, and I will let it develop.

                            Helms beats Shannon Moore in the ring, both men have an interesting chemistry and I am glad that Helms is getting the push in your fed, although I hate “Gregory Helms”, just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Shane Helms”, but thats just my opinion.

                            Lesnar throws Orton to the wolves, who eat him alive (like Kendrick earlier) before coming down and ruining Lashley. Very solid main event scene with everyone hating everyone basically, and the Lashley/Lesnar feud was something that I think we all wanted from both men’s time in the WWE (especially Lashley) and only in Fanfic, can something like that happen, so I am glad that you are going with it. I think that Cena/Orton could also be the feud of the future and I am just waiting for a writer to turn them into the next Rock/Austin, something I wanted to do years earlier with my SUPERAW, but never had the drive to, I hope you can with this.

                            All in all, a great read from start to finish, I remain hooked.


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                              Re: SEX

                              • This has been a long time coming. PI, Iím not going to run this in the ground, but you know my thoughts about you. Never the less, it doesnít negate the fact that I should have done this weeks ago. Forgive me old friend.
                              • Iím hoping you can allow your OCD escape you for a few months so that we can finally see some really good quality lengthy work from you.
                              • Where should I start? I guess Iíll just skip the introduction since Iíve read it about ten times over the last couple of months to stay on the up and up.
                              • I really enjoy the format. Itís a combination of how I expect to see something in real life on Pw and a format where you can continue to write without being overburdened.
                              • The Kendrick-Roll is golden. Nice play on pop culture and firm placement of humor into your show. Love it.
                              • Even when youíre endeavors are short (Helms/London), you still add in a quick quirk to make it fantastic, ieÖ ďplucky daredevil.Ē
                              • I love the name ďRenegade Wrecking Crew.Ē In-fact, I love new plays on old names. You can say anything before ďWrecking CrewĒ and itís a new classic name for me.
                              • Only having former Heavyweight Champions in the run is great. Though, Iím starting to notice that in this format you miss a lot. The HBK/In-Crowd interaction is one of those that are missing something. You can only say that something was something without proving it was something for so long before some start longing for the proof.
                              • Miz made up for it by calling his partner ďsexy boy.Ē
                              • Matt and Jeff settle their differences, only to re-open them? I hope you know what youíre doing.
                              • Iím loving former partners going up against each other and another opponent in the opening rounds.
                              • This does not feel rushed, but it feels like Iím missing the love. There is something missing. The stories are brief, but I always tend to find myself wishing that I could see this played out a bit more.
                              • Londrick/MCMG/Mizorrison.. TLC.. should be fun.
                              • The first real satisfaction from your writing comes in the last match of the first night. The entire thing just gave me enough to leave the show happy. Joe having a temper tantrum should be nice. Cena inviting everyone back = great.
                              • Iím going to reiterate that the further I read, the more LSW I feel pulling out of this. Not a bad thing, btw.
                              • See, here is what Iím talking about. When you write like this, itís fun and easy to read, but important details are left out. ďSecond chance contractĒ.. how many people will automatically pick-up that the four who got it, are the four from the first four matches who werenít submitted or pinned by the winners? Details brotha. I needs them.
                              • I really enjoy that everything has a purpose. Every loss, every win, is leading somewhere. Not just into emptiness, which is something that Fan Fiction really has never had.
                              • Jeff and Matt are exploding further, which brings up the point again, why mend their ways in the first place?
                              • So Bobby Lashley is your Second-Chance winner? Of the four people, I would have given it to him last. The other three needed it for their character to be a believable champion. Lashley on the other hand, as you write him, is already on par for championship material, so hopefully you have a plan for him.
                              • The first real mark-out moment for me is the argument Londrick has. I didnít even piece it together that they would argue over who Shawn was referring to. The further explanation of Jannetty/Shawn/Pillman-lite was just awesome. I was proud for you when I read this one.
                              • Another missing point is what drove Lesnar to getting a chair and disqualifying himself from becoming champion. If this is never explained, Iíll feel that I was robbed of Lesnar beating Cena.
                              • Giving the titles to an already feuding Londrick is brilliant. I canít wait to see where you go from there.
                              • John Cena as champ is a mark-out moment for me. No one more deserving. Why would Batista stop Orton from disqualifying himself and thus give Cena the title anyways?
                              • No big shocking moments here. Just pretty much what Iíd expect.
                              • The format is great but still has its flaws. Easy to read, but missing a lot of vital plot points.
                              • The stories are great and reveal a lot for me.
                              • You did a great job with this. You definitely have me as a reader.
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                                Re: SEX

                                SEX LIVE! Review:
                                • Ok, so I can't quite figure out what Cena is so mad about, but never-the-less it sets up a good main event and I'm sure it's just my poor memory. I'm starting to get into the main event scene more, mostly because of Randy Orton and how cool he is. I do still struggle to care about the other three, I think that's the problem with this format, and one that you, WP and myself will need to me weary of. Still, I'm pumped, hopefully there's a badass beat-down tonight.
                                • I really like the MCMG's and I think a fued between them and JoMo and Miz would be off the charts. I'll say it, the two best tag teams in main stream wrestling today.
                                • Man, this Hardyz fued is perfect. This best thing about it is that it would work so well in reality. It's slightly similar to how Matt treated his M'Fer's, but updated and Jeff shrugging it all off is fantastic. When one of them crack, it'll be sooooo sweet.
                                • Thanks forfurthering MGMG/MnM fued.
                                • All hell will break lose in that tag match, nobosy gets along! As I have said before, these two min-fuedds are great and this is a very interesting way to further them.
                                • I think your skills with being able to weave so many storylines together is very impressive. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this whole christian/edge thing is going.
                                • Nice tag match, i'm sure it would've been a great match.
                                • Nice short n sweet promo. I think your main event heels are much more interesting than you faces. Mostly because I don't like Lashley. Sorry
                                • I much prefer Helms to Moore so good choice, this role is perfect for JBL, I love the added touch of Helms not celebrating. Nice.
                                • I love Edge/Christian fueds. Epic.
                                • Nice way to build up Batista. Cool.
                                • Loved the main event, i'm starting to care.
                                • Overall a great show. I think this is my favourite fed, I can't wait for Evolution. Keep it up.

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