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WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

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  • WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

    Name: WWE Legacy
    Writers: WP and PB
    Length Running: 1 Year+
    Show Count: 38
    Fan Fic of the Year 2009
    Best Split of the Year 2009
    Best Character of the Year 2009 [The Brian Kendrick]
    Best Feud of the Year 2009 [The Brian Kendrick v Shawn Michaels]
    #2 PW Fan Fiction Fed - August 2009
    #1 PW Fan Fiction Fed - September 2009
    #3 PW Fan Fiction Fed - October 2009
    #1 PW Fan Fiction Fed - November 2009
    #5 PW Fan Fiction Fed - December 2009

    WWE: Legacy History



    Royal Rumble - WrestleMania XXV

    Chapter I: 'The Backlash'
    RAW: Week One - Backlash PPV
    *Click On A Link To Be Taken To That Particular Show*

    Chapter II: 'Civil War: The Beginning'
    RAW: Week Five - Judgement Day PPV
    *Click On A Link To Be Taken To That Particular Show*

    Chapter III: 'Civil War: Separate Ways'
    Raw: Week Nine - Extreme Rules PPV
    *Click On A Link To Be Taken To That Particular Show*

    Chapter IV: 'Civil War: The Union'
    RAW: Week Twelve - The End
    *Click On A Link To Be Taken To That Particular Show*


    Chapter V: 'A New Era'
    WWE SummerSlam PPV - ???
    *Click On A Link To Be Taken To That Particular Show*

    YouTube Promos


    Originally posted by RT
    "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."

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    Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

    This looks really good so far, and I am glad you had Jeff keep the strap. The layout and everything looks good, I will be reading.

    CM Punk x Best In The World
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    434 Consecutive Days as Champion.
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      Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

      Looks good so far. I like that Orton defeated Cena for the belt.


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        Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

        One thing... I like your results for those shows and wouldn't be opposed to them being reality. That said, good luck and stick with it!


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          Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

          Monday Night RAW
          April 6th 2009

          *Night After WrestleMania XXV*

          The night after the historic WrestleMania XXV was always going to be hard to top, but as RAW rode into the Memorial Coliseum, fans could sense that this wasn't going to be just any ordinary night. As Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler opened the show, a graphic was displayed, showing the new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and John Cena enclosed in a steel cage. Cole barked over the headset that tonight, both men would battle in a rematch from WrestleMania XXV, but this time, it was going to be set inside a fifteen foot high steel cage! Orton versus Cena, World Championship, Steel Cage Match... 'Nuff said!

          The first match of the evening pits Shawn Michaels against the 'Shaman of Sexy' John Morrison! The two men had a hard hitting, exciting match, with plenty of twists and turns. Morrison gained the upper hand, mocking 'HBK' by imitating his actions and mannerisms. In the end however, Shawn picked up the well-deserved victory when Morrison fell prey to Sweet Chin Music! A three-count later, and 'HBK' was declared the victor! The fans erupted in cheers, applauding the efforts of both men.

          However, the 'Heart Break Kid' had no time time to celebrate, as John Bradshaw Layfield appeared on the titantron. JBL began to rip into Shawn Michaels', giving him no credit for his bloody victory in their Street Fight the night before, and began to call him a joke and a has-been. Layfield asked 'What do you do with a dog that's had it's day? You put it down'. JBL then produced a briefcase, and offered up a bounty on the head of Shawn Michaels. 'The man who brings me Shawn Michaels on a silver platter, ready for me to put him out of his misery, will be one million dollars richer!'. Michaels looked visibly concerned, as JBL opened the briefcase, and proved that he wasn't bluffing. JBL laughed that it was now 'open season on HBK', as RAW went to it's first break.

          A limo pulls up in the parking lot when RAW returned, and out stepped the returning Batista! The fans in attendence were thrilled, as 'The Animal' was back! He headed down to the ring, and cut a promo, damning Randy Orton and swearing vengeance after the kick to head that put him on the sidelines. He then began to damn Stephiane McMahon, the boss of Monday Night RAW. Batista said she wanted to terminate his contract because he was 'unable to compete for more then 60 days', but luckily, Shane McMahon over-rode her decision. Stephiane McMahon soon made her way out to the top of the ramp and began dressing down Batista, saying that if it was up to her, Batista would be fired right now. But because she couldn't, Miss McMahon decided to punish Batista instead... The flames of hell rose up on the entrance ramp, and out walked Kane! Kane proceeded to attack Batista, laying him out with a chokeslam. McMahon got the last laugh, as she welcomed 'The Animal' back to RAW, saying the worst was yet to come.

          The second match of the evening saw Matt Hardy go up against CM Punk. In recent weeks, CM Punk had become increasingly angered by WWE management and Stephiane McMahon. She had stripped CM Punk of his Intercontinental Championship the night after he won it at No Way Out, because she didn't deem him a fit champion in the right frame of mind, and gave it back to William Regal. After Matt Hardy picked up a hard fought victory, CM Punk lost it; he brutally assaulted the referee of the match, laying him out with the Go 2 Sleep and locking on the Anaconda Vice! The fans were stunned, as Punk then got on the microphone and began to insult the fans who lied to themselves and to him by cheering him all these years, and all for nothing. Punk argued that the fans support had never got him anywhere, and he didn't need them, and sure as hell didn't need them preaching about 'winning', when they were going to hell for not being 'Straight-Edge'. 'Simply,' Punk shouted, 'you people don't have the balls to do what I do. That's why I'm better than you'. And with that, Punk left the ring, to a chorus of boos...

          Batista quickly cut a promo backstage, saying that this time next week, it'll be Kane laid out and hurting, curtosey of a Batista Bomb! He also said that starting next week, Stephiane McMahons' life will become a living hell!

          We then cut to Stephiane McMahon and Chris Jericho. Jericho was re-hired by Mr McMahon on his brief return after the Royal Rumble, and Stephiane was ordered by her father to protect their invest in 'Y2J'. Stephiane informed Jericho that he would be competing in a match tonight to really showcase his skills. Jericho seemed cocky and arrogant, saying that he'll easily dispose of his opponent. Stephiane then smirked, replying 'Just like you were going to defeat The Undertaker last night?'. Jericho looked furious, as he left the office.

          Evan Bourne ended up being the opponent for Chris Jericho. The fans greeted Bourne with a loud applause as he made his long-awaited return to Monday Night RAW. However, the fans support couldn't will Bourne to a victory, as he soon fell prey to the Codebreaker. After the match, Jericho took his fustrations out on Bourne, locking on the Walls of Jericho. Suddenly, Rey Mysterio sprinted down the ramp, as Jericho scattered. Mysterio tended to his friend Bourne, as Jericho looked out with a grin on his face. Backstage, Chris Jericho challenged Mysterio to a match next week, and laughed that then 'Mysterio can suffer the same fate, as his good friend Evan Bourne'.

          We were then treated to an interview with the new World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Orton cut a scathing promo on John Cena, saying he had his number, and that tonight, he will finish the 'myth' of John Cena once and for all. 'Tonight, the whole world will witness the demise of the 'legend' that is John Cena. A legend in his own mind, but sure as hell not in mine. All John Cena is to me, is a bump in the road. Tonight, I put John Cena down, for good'. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes then wandered on by. They greeted Orton with a pair of handshakes, as Orton wished them luck in their upcoming match. Todd Grisham asked who they were up against, and DiBiase took great delight in telling them that Rey Mysterio was their opponent, and that he was being punished by Stephaine McMahon for interfering in Jericho's match earlier tonight.

          Rey Mysterio fought bravely and against overwhelming odds. He even managed to nail Cody Rhodes with the 619, but was soon halted by a dropkick by Ted DiBiase when he went for a springboard. DiBiase soon his the Dream Crusher, and picked up the victory for The Legacy.

          John Cena then delivered a promo, knowing his Steel Cage Championship match was mere moments away. He gave Randy Orton his due, the better man had won the night before. 'But lightning doesn't strike twice, Randy. I'm comin' with everything that I've got, every drop of blood, sweat and tears will be worth it to regain the most important thing in my life; the World Heavyweight Championship. Cherish these last few moments Orton, while you are still champion. Because by the end of tonight, after it's all set and done, and we're done battling instead the steel cage... The champ will be here'.

          The main event was a brutal and bloody encounter for the World Heavyweight Championship inside the Steel Cage. The fans ate up the action, going wild for every big move and every time there was a near-fall. Orton had help from his Legacy team-mates, but Cena fought them off with a pair of F-U's. In the end however, Cena was nailed with an RKO, and Randy Orton retained the World Heavyweight Championship. As he was joined by DiBiase and Rhodes, Cena attempted to get to his feet. Orton nailed him with one more RKO, before posing with his World Heavyweight Championship. Rhodes and DiBiase raised their World Tag Team titles up high, showing the world who the most dominant force was on Monday Night RAW. The show came to an end, with The Legacy standing on top of the RAW mountain, seemingly unstoppable...

          Quick Results
          Main Event Announcement - Grade B+
          Shawn Michaels vs John Morrison - Grade B-
          JBL Puts Out A Bounty - Grade B-
          Batista Arrives & Promo - B+
          Kane Attacks Batista - B+
          Matt Hardy vs CM Punk - C
          CM Punk Turns Heel - B+
          Batista Interview - B
          Stephaine Books Jericho vs Bourne - C+
          Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne - C
          Rey Mysterio Saves Bourne - B
          Chris Jericho Challenge - B+
          Randy Orton Promo - B+
          Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes Reval Match - C
          Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio - B-
          John Cena Promo - B+
          World Heavyweight Championship Cage Match - B+
          The Legacy Beatdown John Cena - B+
          Overall Show Rating - B

          RAW got a 3.93 in the ratings. Vince McMahon is very happy.
          * There you go, my first show. Read, review, comment, whatever. I'm damn happy with it. A quick thank you to PI, as I used his Revisionist Project results as a base for how my results are written, so thanks PI! Yeah, I'm happy with it, hope you guys enjoy it also. Thanks for the feedback so far maloney, RaVeN* and Ness, much appreciated. *
          Last edited by WP; 02-21-2009, 09:45 AM.


          Originally posted by RT
          "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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            Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

            Friday Night Smackdown
            April 10th 2009

            *5 Days Removed From WrestleMania XXV*

            The aftermath of WrestleMania is considered by many to be somewhat of a down period for WWE; not this year! No, the first Smackdown after a history-making WrestleMania saw a shocking firing, and one hell of a hiring! Smackdown was opened up by 'The Game' Triple H, who admitted that the better man, Christian Cage, won the at the 'Grandest Stage Of Them All'. Before Triple H could continue however, he was interupted by General Manager, Vickie Guerrero! Guerrero told 'The Game' that she was 'fed up with' him, and was exercising her right as General Manager to fire him! The crowd were left reeling, as Vickie revealed that Triple H will have his final match as a Smackdown superstar in the main event. Vickie Guerrero finished up by saying his opponent was going to shock the world.

            The first match of the evening saw The Brian Kenderick battle Jimmy Wang Yang. The match was a hard-fought contest, both men pulled out all the stops to be the victor. In the end however, it all came down to Ezekiel Jackson; when Kenderick had the referee detained, Jackson hit the ring and delivered a devestating spinebuster for Yang! Kenderick followed up with The Kenderick and scored the win.

            'Mr Money In The Bank' MVP then came 'Ballin onto the Smackdown stage. He strolled down to the ring, reminding everyone of his amazing victory the night before and that now, every champion on RAW and Smackdown had better sleep with my eye open. Feeling confident, MVP issued an open challenge, which was soon accepted by Hurricane Helms! The two competed in a high-risk match, which was eventually won by MVP after Helms missed a moonsault and he capitalised by nailing the Drive-By Kick! MVP celebrated, holding onto his briefcase as he walked backstage.

            'The Gold Standard' Shelton Benjamin then took on Chavo Guerrero, one-on-one. Benjamin got a thunderous ovation from the fans in attendence, mainly due to his amazing feats in Money In The Bank, which earnt him the respect of the WWE Universe. Benjamin did not disapoint the fans in attendence either, defeating Guerrero with the Pay Dirt!

            Mr Kennedy then graced us all with his presence, hitting the ring and going off on a huge triade against the fans! He wanted to know where was the apreciation for him and why was he not included on the WrestleMania card? Kennedy blamed the fans, and told them to stick it! He promised to become the biggest star the WWE has ever seen and had no problem going through anyone who got in his way. At that moment, the lights went out, a gong went off, and when the lights came back on, The Undertaker was in the ring! Kennedy scattered, as The Undertaker asked if Kennedy was 'really prepared to go through anyone...' such as 'The Phenom'? Kennedy looked scared as hell (no pun intended!) as he headed backstage.

            Backstage, R-Truth cut a promo on his upcoming opponent, Christian Cage. R-Truth said that he knew Cage had just had his biggest win ever against Triple H at WrestleMania... But wondered if Cage was prepared for his 'biggest loss tonight?'! However, when push came to shove, 'The Instant Classic' Christian Cage got the victory against R-Truth; after a little help from his brother Edge! Are E & C back together?!

            Edge and Christian Cage then cut an interview in the ring, stating that they were back on 'good terms' and were going to watch each others backs from now on. Jeff Hardy made an appearence, challenging Edge to an inproptu match, which Edge gladly accepted. However, minutes into the non-title match, it was clear it was all a set-up, as Christian interfered, and the two brothers began to beat down the WWE Champion! Luckily for Hardy, R-Truth made the save, steel chair in hand! What does the future hold for the WWE Champion, now that Edge and Christian are re-united?

            It was then main event time, as Triple H prepared himself for his last match as a Smackdown superstar. Vickie Guerrero then made her stunning announcement, that her newest signing to Smackdown was John Cena! The roof flew off the Orleans Arena, as out walked 'The Doctor Of Thuganomics'! Triple H and John Cena then put on a twenty-two minute stunner of a match, with John Cena earning the victory after a devestating F-U! The fans then gave both men a standing ovation, as Triple H left Smackdown.

            However, just as the show went off the air, Big Show made a suprise appearence, attacking Smackdown's newest star and hitting a devestating Chokeslam! As Smackdown went off the air, Big Show stood over John Cena, with a massive grin on his face...

            Quick Results
            Vickie Guerrero Fires Triple H - B-
            The Brian Kenderick vs Jimmy Wang Yang - C-
            MVP Open Challenge - B-
            Hurricane Helms Accepts! - C-
            MVP vs Hurricane Helms - D-
            Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero - C-
            Undertaker - Mr Kennedy Altercation - B+
            R-Truth Interview - C
            Christian Cage vs R-Truth - C
            Christian Cage - Edge Interview - B
            Jeff Hardy vs Edge - B-
            John Cena Debuts On Smackdown! - B-
            John Cena vs Triple H - B-
            Big Show Attacks John Cena - B+

            Overall Show Rating -

            Smackdown got a 1.79 in the ratings. Vince McMahon is very happy.
            * Okay, second show through. Don't worry, all will make sense, I promise you. It's just getting past this post-WrestleMania slump till SummerSlam, then attendence and buy-rates and ratings go up. But the boss seems happy, my roster are happy, and all my storylines are beginning to be set in motion. Feedback is appreciated as always, hope you guys enjoy. *
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            Originally posted by RT
            "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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              Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

              WP, I'm going to comment on both of your shows when I say that I am very impressed. I am very impressed. I appreciate the shout out, but even before I made it that far I was thinking about how much better your summaries are written than mine. I should take notes and learn from you, and in fact I plan to do just that. You have a very simple albeit perfectly informative format. I get all of the facts that I need to in order to make this an engaging and compelling read, but I'm not bogged down with any "fat."

              Now, getting onto the actual storylines that you've begun to draw...

              I think that you're a brilliant booker with a mind that could be right at home in the WWE Brain Bank. Having HBK win his freedom only for JBL to put a price on his head in the wake of their Wrestlemania showdown is brilliant and something that I can see actually happening in real life somewhere down the road. I love how dominant your Orton is, and I can see things panning out similarly in real life. Having Cena depart from RAW leaves a big gap that needs to be filled by a big face. I can't tell if your Batista is returning as a face or a tweener. Similarly, I can't tell whether your Stephanie is a face, heel, or tweener. It's sometimes tough to convey in this format, I understand, but work on making such dispositions as clear as possible in future shows. I'm guessing that Triple H might switch back to RAW to fill Cena's place. If so, (I actually hope so) I would love to see HHH reunite with Batista to battle Orton and Legacy in an "Old Boys of Evolution" vs. "The New Evolution" storyline.

              It looks like you might potentially have plans for John Morrison as a singles act. I like that, especially if he feuds with HBK. However, I'm also a fan of Miz/Morrision... so be careful how you handle their split. God, the bounty thing is brilliant. It makes a fed almost as compelling as a "Who Done It?" angle... if not more so. It definitely ramps up the anticipation for the blow-off... and you can always incorporate a "Who Done It?" into this as well, I suppose. Lastly, for RAW, I'm interested to see what you do with Y2J. He's just come off of a monster heel run in real life... What are you plans in respect to that? You don't have to tell me, but show me. Don't squander Y2J like WWE did from 2002 to 2005.

              For SmackDown... The Christian Cage/Edge union is a little shaky. I think it's been acknowledged that they aren't brothers, so seeing you try to force the idea at us again is kind of off-putting. Also, R-Truth getting a rub in the main event scene? I don't know about that. I'd rather see Matt Hardy at his brother's side to set up for the betrayal we're all waiting for. I loved the main event and seeing Triple H "fired." Looks like we'll be getting another Cena/Big Show feud. Hopefully this time it finally fulfills its potential at being this generation's Hogan/Andre. SmackDown beat RAW in my eyes in terms of solid wrestling action. I like that you seem to be gearing up for a face turn for Shelton. He's been getting stale in real life, so this could be interesting. I'll also have my eye on MVP and Ken Kennedy. I think a feud between the two over the U.S. Championship would be the beginning of a beautiful thing... like when Rock and HHH first began to feud over it in '98... but MVP has the ever-so-suitting MITB, so I'm glad that he'll eventually be in the title scene. I still think that him parlaying his success from MITB into a winning U.S. Championship feud before cashing in his MITB would be a nice way to contrast his recent losing streak. I can't say I'm super excited for Kennedy/Undertaker Version 2.0, but I'll reserve judgment for later.

              I understand that you're basing this off of that ridiculous TEW game, but I don't need the grades or the games comments at the end of each show. In fact, I'd rather see quick results just the matches... if that makes sense.

              Anyway, everything is solid. Love everything, and I'll definitely be reading and reviewing!
              : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                Here we go, review time.


                You got the main event right in my eyes. I really hope that's what actually happens.
                Edge/Triple H is where I'd go for Smackdown, I wanna see Christian/Jeff but whatever.
                I'm really not excited about Takers mania fued, as it's got to the stage now where it's so predictable. I'm sure Jericho would make it fun though.
                JBL/HBK should be awesome.
                I'm really glad you had an ECW title match, looks great.
                MITB is fairly solid. Surely Punk or Kofi or Myterio or Kendrick could've been added?

                • Steel Cage match should be awesome, great first main event
                • Seems like you're going for a Johnny Morrison push which is only a good thing. My plan would be to keep MNM together, but focus them both on singles fueds, dont break them up, kinda like the Hardyz operate.
                • JBL putting a price on HBK's head is awesome and a great way to turn this fued round and keep it going.
                • Steph is a bitch who hates Batisita, fair enough I guess, hopefully Kane doesn't end up looking weak.
                • CM Punk heel turn is cool, I'm sure you'll go to great places with this.
                • I like that Batista is straight back into a fued
                • I love Jericho, dont let him get lost in the shuffle. I'm sure the match with Bourne would've been great.
                • Nice way to continue the push for Rhodes.DiBiase. Make them vicious.
                • Cean promo was very Cena, good job
                • Main Event was great, here's hoping Legacy are that dominating in real life

                • Very random that Vickie just fires Triple H. I know it's an easy way to shake things up, but I'd rather he be screwed in a loser leaves match or something
                • I'm sure Wang/Kendrick would've been great fun to watch, push this man
                • I think MVP as Mr MITB would be so great to watch. Here's hoping he saves that breifcase untill he needs it.
                • I'm not sure how much of an ovation Shelton would get because of one match, I mean he never does, but if you're turning him face I'm all for it as I think he works really well as a face.
                • Mr Kennedy is heel. You're shaking things up a lot. Make sure this fued is done well and isn't another boring Taker fued.
                • So R-Truth didn't even get a match at Mania, but no he's in the main event? Don't rush things. Could be a decent fued but I'd preferto see Matt in R-Truth's place.
                • Good to see Cena back on his show, and great to see his fueding with Big Show. Should be really good.

                So far so good. Both shows have really nice fueds building up and should be good. My only problem is, where are the Diva's. I know they're hard work, but you can't just have them dissapear for no reason.

                s u r r e n d e r

                ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                  Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                  The Cool Review

                  I’m very stoked to read this, man. This is my first review since making a return, so it might be a bit rusty. I remember when I was here last your ECW was awesome, well the little that you did of it. The Mick Foley promo that you did on that show was stuff of greatness. I’ve only got time to write a review for Raw. I might get time some other time for Smackdown, but no promises what so ever. Anyway, onto the show.


                  I notice straight away your doing summaries for your shows. I like it. Easy on the eye. But a question, you doing the same for pay per views, or writing them out fully for pay per views? Rematch for the World Title in a Cage match, great main event for the debut show. Also, a great way to start the show with Shawn Michaels/John Morrison, both are two of my favourites. A bounty of Shawn Michaels’s head? Wow, I can’t remember that being done in Fan Fic, sure it’s been done in real life but not here. I Like it, I wonder who’s possibly going to take it up? Hopefully this all leads to a final BIG match between the two. Stephanie is going to make Batista’s life hell, that could be interesting, surely though Batista put up somewhat of fight against Kane? Another match I’d be very interested in with CM Punk and Matt Hardy, the matches so far are matches I would like for them to show on real live weekly shows. But, that’s just me hoping I guess. CM Punk turns heel. Well that’s good, sure he can play the face okay, but Punk really does own as a heel. His gimmick works so much better as a heel as well, IMO.

                  I don’t like the use of moves in interviews and that’s exactly what Batista just did, can’t expect to much from him on the mic anyway, though. A feud with Batista/Kane? Lets see what you can do with it. After months of not watching wrestling I only got back into it a few weeks ago, then came on here and everyone was raving on about this Evan Bourne. I thought who the hell is he, but I found out in the end its Matt Sydal. It’s funny people are making this big of a deal about Sydal, what would they make of a lot of the other independent talent out there? Well anyway, once again this match is another I would like to see. Mysterio friends with Bourne? Or is this a start of Mysterio/Jericho feud? If it is a feud, should be a good one. I wasn’t a fan of Orton till lately, and now he flat out owns. I liked the details you gave us about his promo, sounds like it was another awesome Randy Orton promo. Mysterio being punished, I guess Stephanie is really unfair authority figure then.

                  Mysterio didn’t really have a chance of winning against the hottest tag team in the WWE, Legacy. Cena interview, I can’t see this match ending cleanly, that’s for sure. Yeah, I was right Legacy did get involved, and Orton catches Cena off guard which leads to his victory. Good stuff, but is this feud over? I doubt it. Well all in all, a good show, man. I like the way your writing shows, the summaries interest me a lot. There was nothing on this show, that I can imagine being bad. So good job, man.
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                  Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                    Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                    The Cool Review


                    Well, I said I would try to review your Smackdown if I could. So, I found the time before Lost comes on, so enjoy.

                    Hmm, well Vicki Guerrero starting off any show would annoy me, I just really can’t stand her. Her saying that Triple H is fired after tonight’s main event seems a bit weird as well, if I was Triple H why the hell would you wrestle the main event match knowing your going to be sacked after anyway? If given time Kendrick and Yang would be a great match, however this is WWE so doubt it would. I also dislike “The Brian Kendrick” gimmick, we’ll see what you can do though. MVP beats Helms, which was a given since he won the money in the bank match at the pay per view. I wonder how long he will take before he uses that though? I reckon you should build up the guy a lot more before he does, however. Since the fans gave Shelton Benjamin a huge ovation, I’m guessing that this means he’s now a face?

                    Last time I watched Smackdown, Kennedy was a face, but now he turns heel? Well, I for one am glad, I’m not the man’s biggest fan but he works a lot better as a heel. A Undertaker/Kennedy feud could also be very good at getting the man over as a major player, even if he lost out in the feud. I’m glad you had Christian beat R-Truth, simply because R-Truth sucks. Hmm, if you have Edge and Christian back together, then I suggest you have them as major players in the singles too, because there way too over just to slot back into the tag team division. Oh wait a second, I didn’t read the next bit until I writ that, you sorted out everything there. Good job. Cena is the new man, which means Orton/Cena won’t be continuing over on Raw. Maybe Triple H will slot into Cena’s position over on Raw, and feud with Randy Orton? Cena/Big Show? It’s been done before, lets hope you can do it better than what they did in real life. A good show again, man. Not on par with Raw, but maybe that’s because of the talent that you have on both Raw and Smackdown, Raw being more talented. But, I will be reading and reviewing when you get the next show up.
                    Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                      Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                      Monday Night RAW
                      April 13th 2009

                      *The Road To Backlash Begins...*

                      Monday Night RAW was left reeling after the events of Friday Night Smackdown just three days previously; John Cena, the former World Heavyweight Champion jumped ship to Smackdown! So it was with great pleasure that Randy Orton, along with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes opened the show. Gloating and clearly proud of himself, Orton said it was he who was responsible for Cena 'tucking his tail between his legs and switching brands'. Orton claimed to have no peers, no-one superior who posed a threat to him or his Legacy team-mates. Before Orton could continue, Stephanie McMahon made an appearence. She laid down the law to the champion and his partners, saying his actions last week were 'inexscuseable' and 'not warranted'. Stephanie continued, blaming Orton for the loss of her top star. This comment sent Orton into a frenzy, shouting that he was the best superstar on RAW and even in the entire WWE. Stephanie ended the segment, warning Orton to watch his behaviour for the rest of the evening.

                      CM Punk was not a man to be played; due to his actions against WWE management, Stephanie had booked Punk one-on-one against Shawn Michaels in the opening contest of the evening. A hard fought match, both men took the battle to one another with something to prove. Punk wanted to prove he didn't need the fans, while 'HBK' was out to prove that the bounty placed on his head by JBL didn't scare him one bit. Michaels gained the upper hand, hitting an elbow drop for the top rope, and looking to deliver Sweet Chin Music. However, before he could do so, John Morrison and The Miz stormed the ring, attacking Michaels! Punk stood and watched, as the two men pounded on HBK, before dragging him to the backstage area. Punk laughed, but his laughter was soon haulted, as Matt Hardy ran in from the crowd, fists flying! Punk managed to escape, but Matt Hardy swore revenge.

                      We caught up with The Miz and Morrison backstage, continuing their assault on Shawn Michaels. The two looked to throw Michaels down a staircase in the backstage area, crippling the legend. However, HBK fought back, throwing The Miz down the stairway and delivering Sweet Chin Music to Morrison! Michaels could be heard saying he needed some back up if things were going to continue like this...

                      Randy Orton was not in the best of moods; not one to be told what to do, Randy Orton wandered around the backstage area, before approaching Chris Jericho. Orton asked why Jericho was getting such preferential treatment from the boss, while Orton was being put on a leash. Jericho smirked, saying he had the 'real' boss in his pocket, Mr McMahon. Jericho then taunted Orton for being a coward and not standing up for himself. Orton restrained himself from attacking Jericho, but was still clearly fuming, about ready to snap.

                      Chris Jericho's match with Rey Mysterio was no walk in the park. Mysterio battled tooth and nail against 'Y2J', trying to avenge the beatdown of his friend Evan Bourne last week. However, 'Y2J' was just too much for Mysterio to handle and was nailed with The Codebreaker, ending the match. However, no sooner had the bell rung, did Evan Bourne make an appearence! Bourne attacked Jericho, as the fans went crazy, cheering this retribution! However, it was short lived, as out stormed Randy Orton...?! Orton nailed Bourne with an RKO, and delivered the Punt Kick to Rey Mysterio! The crowd were in shock, as was Jericho. Orton could be heard screaming at Jericho 'How's that for standing up for myself?!'...

                      We were then treated to an interview with John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL said that he could see Michaels beginning to crack already, and the bounty had only been on his head for a mere 7 days. JBL says he will not rest until Shawn Michaels is out of wrestling for good. JBL finishes by saying he's secured a match for Mr Michaels next week on RAW... Against Kane!

                      Backstage, Stephanie could be seen on the phone to someone. She was asking for 'release papers'... A small smile appeared on her face, before she left her office.

                      It was then Main Event time on RAW, as the returning Batista battled Kane! The match was a slug-fest, full of huge power moves and plenty of brawling, and the fans ate it up! Kane nearly hit a Chokeslam, but Batista battled out, hitting a spear and Batista Bomb to secure a victory in his first match back! The crowd roared in aproval, but suddenly the lights in the arena went out... When they returned, The Undertaker was in the ring! How could he be on RAW, he was a SmackDown contracted superstar?! The Undertaker grabbed Batista and delivered a Tombstone! Kane laughed manically, as the crowd stood in shock.

                      When RAW returned from it's final break, Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton were in the ring. Stephanie said due to Orton's actions, she was stripping him of his World Heavyweight Championship and suspending him! The crowd roared their aproval, as Orton seemed shocked... However, his shock soon turned to madness, and Orton hit a devestating RKO! The crowd were left stunned, as road agents came to tend on Stephanie. Orton looked on, remorseless, clutching his World Heavyweight Championship tightly. Orton grabbed the microphone and stated 'No more McMahon's, no peers... From now on, Monday Night RAW is my show... Next week... The Age of Orton begins again!'
                      - Mr Kennedy has been sidelined with a shoulder injury. He will be out of action for a minimum of four months.

                      * Sorry this show took so damn long guys, school work has been pressing me up against a wall recently, so sorry for the wait. Thanks to Coolstuff, PB~! and PI for your reviews and comments, much appreciated and will be returned with your Fics. Feel free to comment on this RAW, and get ready, as the road to Backlash begins...*


                      Originally posted by RT
                      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                        Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                        Friday Night Smackdown
                        April 17th 2009

                        *The Road To Backlash Will Be A Bumpy One...*

                        It had been a very strange and emotional week for the WWE Universe; with Stephanie McMahon injured at the hands of World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton on RAW, Vickie Guerrero opened up this episode of Friday Night Smackdown with a message for the entire roster; she would not tolerate that sort of behaviour from her superstars. Vickie was then interupted by WWE Champion Jeff Hardy, who came out to a thunderous ovation! Jeff said he would like nothing more then to plant the General Manager with a Twist Of Fate, but didn't want to risk being stripped of his championship. Jeff did however say that he wanted a match with Edge, which Vickie granted; with the WWE Championship on the line! Vickie warned Jeff however that if he lost, he would never recieve a championship match ever again!

                        MVP looked like a man with everything to gain and nothing to lose in his Number One Contendership Match for the United States Championship against R-Truth. The match seemed to be going well for R-Truth, who hit some big time moves and looked to have the match won. However, Christian Cage distracted the referee, allowing MVP to nail R-Truth with the MITB briefcase and hit the Drive-By kick for the three count! Christian continued the assault afterwards, until referees broke it up.

                        MVP celebrated backstage, bragging about his victory to road agents and jobbers until Shelton Benjamin confronted him! Benjamin told MVP straight that he cheated his way to victory, but come Backlash, MVP won't be able to cheat his way to the United States Championship. 'At Backlash,' Benjamin warned, 'I will walk out of Backlash the United States Championship and you, MVP, are going to have to PAY up for what you've done'.

                        John Morrison and The Miz both had bruised egos walking out to their match against Carlito and Primo; after all, they were chucked down a staircase and humiliated by Shawn Michaels on RAW. However, Morrison and Miz proved that they were one of the best tag teams in the WWE, defeated Primo and Carlito... But after a low blow and Reality Check from The Miz on Primo! As a result, Morrison and Miz will face Primo and Carlito at Backlash for the WWE Tag Team Championship!

                        Edge was seen frantically planning for his WWE Championship Match against Jeff Hardy with Chavo Guerrero and Christian Cage, plotting for interference. In the process however, Edge ignored his wife Vickie three times! In the end, Vickie lost her cool, screaming at her husband, calling him a 'neglectful, decietful poor excuse for a human being!' Vickie then told Edge the exact same thing she told Jeff Hardy; if Edge doesn't win the title, he won't be getting another title shot, and the championship match at Backlash will go to someone more worthy!

                        John Cena was a man on a mission this week on Smackdown, with only one objective in mind and that was attacking the Big Show! However, Cena had to make do with a match against The Brian Kendrick, as the Big Show was not at Smackdown. Kendrick fought well, dominating the match, but when push came to shove, John Cena fought back, eliminating Ezekiel Jackson from the equation and making Kendrick tap out to the STFU! Cena then got on the microphone, begging the Big Show to appear next week on Smackdown, for 'the beating of a lifetime!'...

                        It was then time for the Main Event of the evening, as Jeff Hardy battled Edge for the WWE Championship! It was a hard fought encounter, going long past the thirty-minute mark, with both men giving everything they had! Chavo Guerrero's interference was rendered useless, as he was seen hurt backstage at the hands of R-Truth! Christian Cage disappeared backstage to tend to his stable-mate and sort out his nemesis. Meanwhile, Edge fell victim to the Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb, and Jeff Hardy retained the WWE Championship! Vickie Guerrero appeared on stage, damning her husband and standing by her word; she also then announced Jeff Hardy's opponent at Backlash... The Undertaker! The lights went out, and when they returned, The Undertaker and Kane were in the ring! 'The Deadman' delivered a chokeslam to his Backlash opponent, before holding the WWE Championship up high! Meanwhile, Edge confronted his wife on the entrance ramp, and without any warning, gave her a Spear! The fans were in shock, as Edge flew into a blind rage, with his brother Christian Cage being the only one able to calm him down! Fans left Smackdown in shock about the developments of the night, and anticipating what the third week following WrestleMania XXV will bring...

                        WWE Backlash 2009
                        Card So Far

                        WWE Championship Match

                        Jeff Hardy (c) vs The Undertaker

                        WWE United States Championship
                        Shelton Benjamin (c) vs MVP

                        WWE Tag Team Championship
                        Primo and Carlito (c) vs John Morrison and The Miz
                        * Right, two weeks Fic time into this thing and I'm enjoying where this is heading. I'm trying to shake things up with the rosters so we don't get a repeat of fueds from 2008 and I don't really want to do a draft so soon after the June 2008 one. I'm building the foundations for both brands, but I see RAW as my 'modern-day sports entertainment brand' while SmackDown is about the 'professional wrestling' aspect, with less gimicky storylines and more focus on the wrestling. That's where I'm heading anyways. So yeah, read, review, hope you enjoy! *
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                        Originally posted by RT
                        "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                          Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                          WP, both shows are solid again. Your format makes this easy and fun to read. I know it's only been two weeks, but you can clearly see what is being set up and where things are planning to go. I remain very intrigued. The bounty on HBK could be played up a bit more, I think... but it's still one of my favorite storylines in terms of its potential. I'm loving your Orton. You can tell you're a fan of the man in real life because of how awesome he is portrayed in your FF. I like how you're taking a 2002/2003 approach to RAW and SD! with sports entertainment vs. pro wrestling. I'm a little confused about which brands Undertaker and Kane are on, Miz & Morrison, and I'm guessing Triple H will be coming to RAW. Also, is Jeff fighting Undertaker and Kane in a handicap or triple threat match at Backlash? Or did I misread something in your show? You seem to contradict yourself.

                          I'm loving everything so far... and again, we're only 2 weeks in. The only things I'm not big on are Shelton Benjamin as US Champ (but it looks like you'll hopefully fix that soon), Matt Hardy not being involved in the Jeff/E&C program, and R-Truth, period. Have R-Truth get injured or something for the love of God. Beyond that, again, I'm loving it all. Keep it up!

                          : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                            Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                            [Spreutels' Review]

                            This is my first ever review, so bare with me here.

                            I'll start from the quick PPV results. The Royal Rumble results are pretty much the same as real life WWE. I'm glad you made Jeff champion for a little longer. Also legacy taking the tag champions make for a nice touch when Randy wins at Wrestlemania. Like evolution winning every belt. No Way out then, you also went with the idea of 2 elimination chambers, but didn't really surprise the crowd like WWE did. John Cena stays champ, this means RKO vs. Cena which is always good. Jeff retains too, wouldn't be upset if someone else would've walked out since it is Wrestlemania 25 and I don't know if Jeff is the kind off star to main event such epic show. Shelton retains and Punk wins the intercontinental title, fair enough. WrestleMania XXV! Orton defeats Cena, I would mark out for sure! TLC match, now I see why you had Jeff retains, would have been a spotfest, with him and Edge. Taker defeats Jericho, wouldn't want to see this in real life, unless the build-up is immense and entertaining. Christian beats Triple H? wow, I don't know what to say. MVP wins the MITB, let's see how he uses it.

                            RAW 1
                            Wrestlemania rematch in a steel cage, wow, I have double feelings about it, the match would be cool, but to give it away for free right after wrestlemania?

                            HBK vs. Morrison. Again a great match, I would pay to see. Off course Morrison should win. Pass that torch already, shawn! Damn, HBK wins.

                            Bounty on HBK, interesting, I would want Morrison to get some revenge and take him out! Seems you want to drag the JBL vs. HBK feud a little longer.

                            Stephanie turns heel on Batista, or vice versa, little confused here.

                            Matt beats Punk and he loses it, let's see what a heel Punk can do! HBK maybe?

                            Jericho is protected but had to fight Taker at Wrestlemania? Jericho beats Bourne, Rey saves him and challenges Jericho. Please have Jericho beat the shit out of Mysterio, you can win underdog situation only so many times...

                            Orton's going to kill the legend of John Cena, nice! Legacy vs. Mysterio, 619 to beat up, it must!

                            Rey almost beats the odds, but doesn't! Followed by a typical Cena-promo, Main Event time!

                            Cena FU's the tag champs, only one would've done. At least Cena loses! Is the feud over, who's going to challenge next? Great show, WP!

                            Smackdown 1
                            Triple H has lost his momentum, losing to Christian, and now being fired. Surprise opponent, I'm hooked!

                            Kendricks beats Wang, that's normal I guess, maybe Jackson shouldn't even had to interfere...

                            Cocky MVP's open challenge, Helms! should've been a great match. I like Helms, but he's got some build-up in front of him before he can beat the MITB!

                            Benjamin face turn? Maybe get him a manager cuz the guy needs one! At least, if he's going to talk... He beats Chavo, fair I guess, Chavo has become a joke.

                            Undertaker interrupts Kennedy, haven't we seen this feud already. Hope Kennedy goes over, or the feud is short and Taker beats the shit out of him.

                            Christian beats R-Truth with help from Edge. Why would he need help, he just beat Triple H! I smell an Edge-turns-on-Christian-feud. Or, that's what I would like. They both beat up Jeff. Which one will challenge? Christian can't be Edge puppet, can't he?

                            Triple H's mystery opponent is Cena! Cena is back on smackdown! Well at least now the steel cage match looks right, nice send-off for Cena. Cena beats Triple H with an FU, poor Triple H. Big Show attacks Cena, I've seen this one too. I'm hooked to see how things will plan out!

                            RAW 2

                            Stephanie says it's Orton's fault Cena left. Punt her, Randy! Do it! No? Stephanie is against Batista and against Orton. Hmmm. Am I looking too far?

                            HBK almost beats Punk, jeez, first Morrison, now Punk. HBK is on a roll, M&M interfere and attack HBK, yes! Matt attacks Punk! Double yes! I think those feuds are going to be good, at least the matches will.

                            HBK fights off Miz & Morrison. Damn it. Then who will be able to take him out?

                            Orton and Jericho moment. Hmmm, both are superheels. Jericho vs. Mysterio, *prays for Y2J to win*. Woohoo! Bourne comes out and Orton too? Orton's on a mean streak! What will Stephanie have to say now?

                            HBK vs. Kane next week. Pretty sure HBK will win, he beat M&M and had Punk almost beat too...

                            Oho, Randy to be released, probably not. It's just a swerve. I hope.

                            Batista beats Kane, but the Brothers of Destruction beat him afterwards. Where will you go with this, it's interesting!

                            Orton is stripped! RKO! RKO! RKO! Maybe she wanted to fire Orton, but Orton shut her up! Wait, Triple H is fired from smackdown, will probably end up on Raw, and his wife just stripped Orton from the title. Don't give it to HHH! Orton better punt his ass! Great show again!

                            Smackdown 2
                            Jeff vs. Edge for the title, Jeff must win or he'll never be champion again! Pretty sure Jeff will win then...

                            MVP beats Truth (rightfully!) and will challenge for the US title, while being money in the bank! MVP is going to wear a lot of bling!

                            Benjamin on the microphone, I can't seem to get into him.

                            M&M beat the Colon's and will challenge for the tag titles. Does this mean they are no longer on RAW? Or they appear on both brands, like real life WWE?

                            Woot! Vickie turns on Edge, he can't lose either! Now you made the match very interesting! Alot is at stake!

                            Cena makes Kendrick tap and challenges Big Show. Been there done that, I wish you wouldn't have made Kendrick job to him.

                            Main Event was al over the place, Truth attacks Chavo, Christian goes after Truth. Meanwhile Jeff retains! I see Edge turning on everybody here, he can't challenge again!? Jeff vs. Undertaker! Brothers of Destruction to dominate WWE?

                            Great build-up so far, I am interested in the HBK storyline, as I don't know who will be able to beat him. Randy Orton in a dominating fashion is win-win. Although I don't realy enjoy Cena-Show and Christian-Truth. I will continue to read man, the format is so easy to follow! Keep it up!


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                              Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                              Monday Night RAW
                              April 20th 2009

                              *Time To Play 'The Game'...*

                              'Time To Play The Game' roared over the P.A system as RAW went live on air, and the fans stood on their feet as one for 'The Game' Triple H! Last seen fired by Vickie Guerrero on Smackdown two weeks prior, Triple H made his return to the WWE! 'The Game' wasted no time getting down to business; he said in the absence of all the McMahon's due to Linda, Vince and Shane all tending to Stephanie, it seemed that Triple H, as the only remaining McMahon, was in charge! This was met by a thunderous ovation from the live crowd! Triple H started by saying he was on RAW for one reason, and that was Randy Orton. 'The Game' said that regretfully couldn't touch Orton, as 'The Legend Killer' had filed a lawsuit against the WWE, warning them that if anyone from the McMahon family, even Triple H, assaulted him in a non-wrestling enviroment, that he would sue. As a result, 'The Game' wanted to windle down the competition and see who deserved a shot at Randy Orton at Backlash for the World Heavyweight Championship. 'The Game' made it clear that at press time, he had no choice to give Orton 'one last chance' and let him keep the title, as a lawsuit for 'unfair dismisal' and stripping Orton of the title was not what the McMahon family needed at the time. Triple H ended the promo by promising that by the end of the night, there would be a Number One Contender named!

                              Speaking of Number One Contender's, Matt Hardy finally got his hands on CM Punk in a match to determine the Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship held by William Regal. Regal was gracious enough to provide guest commentary, as Punk and Hardy pounded each other up the ramp, through the fans and at ringside. Matt Hardy hit the Twist Of Fate on CM Punk, seemingly securing victory. However, Regal hit the ring, hitting both Matt and CM Punk was shots to the head with the Intercontinental Championship! The referee was deemed a No Contest, much to the delight of William Regal. Backstage however, Triple H took great pleasure in letting Regal know that at Backlash, he would be defending the title against both CM Punk AND Matt Hardy in a Triple Threat Match!

                              Randy Orton was seen backstage with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. The three seemed to be discussing Triple H, when Cryme Tyme walked by. JTG and Shad challenged DiBiase and Rhodes to a Tag Team Championship match tonight! Both declined, saying they had better things to do. When Shad took offense, he got right in Orton's face. Orton said he would like nothing more then to kick Shad's head in, but didn't want to risk losing his World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, Orton suggested Cryme Tyme find themself a tag team partner and that tonight, they too will be defeated as 'The Age of Orton continues!'...

                              John Morrison and The Miz stormed into Triple H's office, demanding a match with Shawn Michaels for tonight. Triple H said Michaels was already booked to face Kane tonight, but offered a solution; next week on RAW, Morrison and Miz could have Shawn Michaels and a partner of his choosing. Morrison laughed, agreeing and warning Triple H that he didn't think it'd be wise to have another D-Generation X reunion next week, as he would hate to have to kick his new boss' ass. With that, the cocky duo left 'The Game' to watch RAW and continue to scout for a Number One Contender.

                              Batista stormed down to the ring, demanding answers about the events of last week involving The Brothers Of Destruction. 'The Animal' didn't have to wait long, as Kane and The Undertaker made their presence known. The Undertaker made it clear that he didn't have to adhere to the 'brand rules' as he was 'The Deadman' and had worked for the WWE for almost two decades, and as a result 'commanded respect'. Batista lunged out, but was soon beaten down by Kane and 'Taker. Kane then issued a challenge to 'The Animal' at Backlash for a No Disqualification Match! Referees came out to break up the chaos... But then Shawn Michaels made his way down to the ring for his scheduled match with Kane! Batista lingered around ringside, not wanting 'HBK' to fall victim to any -2-on-1 attacks! However, The Undertaker planted Batista with a chokeslam on the entrance ramp near the fifteen minute mark of the match, leaving Michaels vunerable. However, Michaels pulled off a major upset, hitting Sweet Chin Music on Kane and securing the victory. The Undertaker dove into the ring and began pounding away on the 'Heartbreak Kid', much to the amusement of JBL who had come to ringside to see if the bounty was going to be claimed! Kane joined in and the two began making short work of Michaels! Suddenly however, a large truck horn was sounded over the P.A system, and music familiar with old WWE fans began to play... Out walked Kevin Nash! The crowd went nuts, as Nash hit the ring and both Kane and The Undertaker opted to fight another day. JBL looked livid at ringside, as Michaels had called on his former-bodyguard and best friend Kevin Nash to even up the odds!

                              Legacy certianly had their hands full with Cryme Tyme, as they chose a revenge-driven Rey Mysterio as their tag team partner. Mysterio, though suffering a concussion from the punt kick at the hands of Randy Orton the week before, was fighting with every fibre in his body, taking the fight to DiBiase, Rhodes and Orton. JTG and Shad proved they deserved a championship shot against DiBiase and Rhodes, impressing with many high impact moves and many near falls. However, as all hell broke loose at the end of the match, as often happens in 6-man tag matches, Orton capitalised, nailing Shad with the RKO and picking up the hard-earned victory!

                              Backstage, JBL was livid; his plan was backfiring and he wasn't sure if Shawn Michaels had lady luck on his side; either way, no-one had collected on the bounty yet. That was then he was greeted by Chris Jericho! Jericho offered his services to take out Shawn Michaels at Backlash; he said he hated that Shawn Michaels had always been held in higher regard then him, despite Jericho defeating Michaels twice in 2008, one occasion in a Ladder Match no less! 'Y2J' said he had something to prove to the world, that he was the best WWE had to offer, and after eliminating Michaels, the World Heavyweight Championship would be his! Jericho ended the promo by proclaiming himself to be the 'king of RAW... and King Of The World!'...

                              Randy Orton was invited out to the ring by Triple H in the last segment of RAW. Triple H said he'd been watching RAW all night, and said that despite some impressive talent, he didn't see anyone who wanted Orton bad enough. 'The Legend Killer' began laughing, telling Trips to go find someone, or he won't bother appearing at Backlash. Triple H smiled, saying he had actually found a suitable opponent for Orton at Backlash. A man who wanted Orton in the worst way, and wanted the World Heavyweight Championship just as much... 'And you're looking at him!'. With that, 'The Game' produced a sledgehammer from under the podium set up in the ring, and dared Orton to advance! 'The Legend Killer' soon high-tailed, meeting Rhodes and DiBiase at the top of the entrance ramp! The crowd cheered on 'The Game', as the RAW main event for Backlash was set; a match driven not only for the World Heavyweight Championship, but also a match driven by revenge. The title wasn't the only important thing; Triple H versus Orton was personal...

                              WWE Backlash 2009
                              Card So Far

                              WWE Championship Match

                              Jeff Hardy (c) vs The Undertaker

                              World Heavyweight Championship Match
                              Randy Orton vs Triple H

                              Grudge Match
                              Chris Jericho w/ JBL vs Shawn Michaels w/ Kevin Nash
                              *If Chris Jericho wins, he collects the one million dollar bounty*

                              WWE United States Championship
                              Shelton Benjamin (c) vs MVP

                              Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match
                              William Regal (c) vs Matt Hardy vs CM Punk

                              No Disqualification Match
                              Batista vs Kane

                              WWE Tag Team Championship
                              Primo and Carlito (c) vs John Morrison and The Miz
                              * Backlash is shaping up well IMO, and I'm enjoying this tremendously. Hope you guys are also! Thanks again for everyone's feedback and support, means the world to me! Don't expect Smackdown: Week 3 till the end of the week, so if anyone wants to review this show, please do so. Thanks once again guys, hope your enjoying as much as I am! *


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