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WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

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    Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

    Spreutels' Review

    Man, your fed seems to be going pretty good, I may have written more reviews for you then shows of my own

    Onto raw 4:

    Triple H to earn his title shot, nice touch. I predict he'll just win it easily though, JBL is his opponent. Hmmm I wouldn't want both of them to lose. But HHH will win, Orton vs. JBL looks awfull in comparisation to RKO vs. HHH.

    BOD backstage promo was short but effective. The superstars should be scared of them.

    CM Punk beats Matt Hardy, and Regal was watching it. This makes me think that Hardy will (1) be in the title match only to get pinned or (2) will play a major underdog role and win it. I don't like the fact that the two heels in this match have the advantage.

    Looks like tension in Legacy, butt I don't think they will split already, for two reasons: (1) Legacy is your fed's name, kinda. (2) The title of this weeks raw says the legacy grows.I reckon DiBiase sr. will play the manager role. Orton will have trouble with it though, he kills that sort of people.

    Michaels didn't find a partner? Damn, I was wishing to see Nash in action . Batista comes to the rescue! HBK/Tista win. Kane/Taker where watching and beat them up after the match. I like that they are kinda all over the place, doing damage and stuff. Jeff appears and lays out Taker. I wonder who will get the last laugh on smackdown, good building.

    Nice segment between Orton and Jericho. I like the way Jericho tries to build more tension between Legacy-members.

    The main event was just awesome, and I could see this in real life. Lot's of twists and turns, and definately a mark-out moment! Legacy screws JBL and then Triple H, and beat him down pretty hard. Nobody there to make the save, brutal ending, which I like.

    Overall it was a very good show, I could feel the tension and you are the master of summary shows. Nice little Backlash video btw, I'll give my predictions together with my smackdown review once you get that show posted.


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      Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

      Friday Night Smackdown
      May 1st 2009

      *Last Stop Before Backlash...*

      It was going to be an all-out explosive Smackdown if the start of the show was anything to go by. Jim Ross and Tazz welcomed us to the broadcast, but no sooner had they finished speaking, an enraged and psychotic Edge jumped over the guard rail and grabbed JR! Edge shoved JR into the ring, snatched a microphone from ring announcer Justin Roberts! The fans were in shock, as Edge began screaming at JR to conduct an interview 'with the only star this brand has!' JR went to start numerous times, but was constantly cut off by Edge, who kept asking JR questions, like why wasn't he included in the Backlash card, or why would his wife not return his phone calls etc. Eventually, Edge decided that he wasn't leaving Smackdown after all; not at least until he got his answers. Soon enough, out came Vickie Guerrero. Vickie asked her husband politely to leave the building or he'd be thrown out. Edge said if Vickie wanted to play it 'that way', he'd be forced to take drastic measures... At that point, Edge floored JR with a right hand, then shouting that Smackdown would be left without a commentator to call the action unless Vickie included him in the No1 contenders match at Backlash! Suddenly, the Big Show walked out to the ring! Big Show entered the ring, and soon began a war of words with 'The Ultimate Opportunist'. Big Show said Smackdown didn't need Edge anymore, and told him to 'take a hike'. Vickie wholeheartedly agreed, and this seemed to tip Edge over the, erm, edge. He began muttering to himself, and had a far-away look in his eyes. He left the ring, a broken man...

      As Vickie Guerrero and the Big Show made it backstage, security were seen holding back John Cena! Cena was chomping at the bit to get his hands on Big Show, but Vickie had other ideas. Instead, she booked John Cena one-on-one, against Christian Cage! At that moment, Christian walked by, laughing 'I remember you; the poser who stole all my air time!' Cena look enraged even further, promising Christian he would hurt him so bad that he wouldn't even be able to make it to Backlash.

      John Morrison and The Miz were in for one hell of a tag team match, butting heads with RAW's Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne! The two teams contested one hell of a contest, showcasing their talents for all to see. Bourne seemed to have the match won, until Legacy members Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes hit the ring, attacking with steel chairs! Miz and Morrison looked on as Legacy began to destory their Backlash opponents for this Sunday! However, the save was soon made by Carlito and Primo! Miz, Morrison and Legacy headed up the entrance ramp, the damage seemingly done.

      We were then treated to Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Kevin Nash hanging out backstage. The three made jokes at the expense of Chris Jericho, John Bradshaw Layfield and Randy Orton. Things took a serious turn however when Vickie Guerrero entered the room. Vickie said she only had Triple H back on Smackdown this week for one reason, and that was to showcase D-Generation X for the very last time. Vickie still hated Triple H's guts, as well as any friends of his, including Shawn Michaels. Vickie revealed JBL had personally requested for the two to be at Smackdown this week. When asked why, the Smackdown General Manager took great pleasure in letting the two know that they would be facing The Undertaker and Kane in the Main Event!

      WWE Champion Jeff Hardy was not in attendence this week on Smackdown, with Vickie Guerrero preferring that Jeff stay at home 'for his own good'. An interview conducted via satellite showed Jeff Hardy's desire and emotion to win his match at Backlash against 'The Deadman'. 'I won at Royal Rumble, No Way Out, WrestleMania and Backlash will be no different. At the end of the night, these fans will still have something to cheer for and someone to believe in, because I will walk out the WWE Champion!' Just before the interview wrapped up however, the lights in the arena went out, and when they came back on, Matt Hardy was strapped to a Ministry symbol, high in the air! Fans and Jeff watched on in disbelief, as The Undertaker made a sacrifice live in the ring, and promised that this Sunday, the same fate would befall Jeff Hardy!

      John Cena and Christian Cage fought a fiercely competitive contest, full of twists and turns, both men wanting to gain the upper hand leading into their Number One Contenders Match this Sunday at Backlash. John Cena seemed to have the contest won, when the Big Show made an appearance at ringside. Show did nothing but stand there, but that was enough to infuriate 'The Doctor of Thuganomics'. Cena was distracted for a split second, long enough for Christian to get the roll up and the victory. Christian joined Big Show in celebrating, but all three's attention was soon on the titantron; R-Truth was found out cold on the floor backstage, with one chair under his face and another ontop of his head, Edge standing over him! R-Truth was clearly a victim of a Con-Chair-To, as Edge began to laugh, shouting 'I guess R-Truth won't be going to Backlash... But I will be!'

      MVP hosted the second edition of the VIP Lounge, where his guest was, as last week, Shelton Benjamin. MVP said there were no tricks up his sleeve this time... Well, except for the fact that Umaga was waiting under the ring of course! Umaga entered the ring, looking to dismantle and destroy Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin asked what power did MVP have over Umaga, to which MVP slightly humerously replied 'I bought him off Estrada a few weeks back'. Benjamin said this week he had backup... Suddenly, Charlie Hass walked down to the ring! The fans cheered, as Hass was here to back up his former partner! But... Hass was dressed as Umaga?! The fans in attendance laughed, as Hass made a mockery of both Umaga and MVP, performing a few of MVP's signature taunts in his Umaga get-up. Eventually, the four got down to a fantastic tag team match, where Hass fell prey to Umaga! MVP hit the Drive-By Kick and secured the victory for his team, and had the clear advantage going into their U.S Title match at Backlash.

      It was then Main Event time, and what a knock-down, drag out affair it was; the crowd were hot for the match the entire contest, as four of the biggest stars of the 90's and 2000's did battle. Michaels and Triple H dominated early on, but were soon grounded by The Brothers of Destruction. D-X fought back however, with Triple H hitting a Spinebuster on Kane and Shawn Michaels diving at The Undertaker! Eventually, D-X picked up the victory with Triple H hitting the Pedigree on Kane, thanks to the assistance of pal Batista! Suddenly however, the ring was swarmed by RAW superstars; the entire faction of Legacy, Chris Jericho and John Bradshaw Layfield hit the ring and took apart Triple H and Shawn Michaels. The Brothers of Destruction double chokeslammed Batista and took out Kevin Nash at ringside before leaving to the backstage area. Meanwhile, the heels in the ring destoryed D-X, leaving them a bloody, battered mess. Vickie Guerrero walked out, demanding the RAW superstars leave at once. Legacy started to pound on Triple H at ringside, while Jericho locked on the Walls of Jericho on Shawn Michaels. JBL laughed Vickie Guerrero off, saying she had no idea what was going on. Vickie looked confused, as did the rest of the Smackdown superstars watching backstage. JBL then said he had a major announcement... He went to say it, then stopped, before saying it was far too of an important announcement to be made on Smackdown. Instead, JBL promised to reveal to the world his major announcement at Backlash. He then told Legacy to leave 'The Game', but Orton shrugged 'The Wrestling God' off. Jericho then got in Orton's face, as the crowd all rose to their feet. Both men went nose-to-nose, with Orton begging 'Y2J' to do something... Weeks of frustration had been building between these two men, but they were seperated by JBL and Legacy. Smackdown ended with D-X defeated, and tensions running high in the WWE Universe; with no McMahon around who commanded respect, the WWE was tearing itself apart!

      WWE Backlash 2009
      Final Card

      WWE Championship Match

      Jeff Hardy (c) vs The Undertaker

      World Heavyweight Championship Match
      Randy Orton vs Triple H

      Fatal Four Way Match: Winner Is No1 Contender for WWE Championship
      Big Show vs John Cena vs Christian Cage vs TBA

      Grudge Match
      Chris Jericho w/ JBL vs Shawn Michaels w/ Kevin Nash
      *If Chris Jericho wins, he collects the one million dollar bounty*

      WWE United States Championship
      Shelton Benjamin (c) vs MVP

      Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match
      William Regal (c) vs Matt Hardy vs CM Punk

      No Disqualification Match
      Batista vs Kane

      WWE Tag Team Championship
      Primo and Carlito (c) vs John Morrison and The Miz

      World Tag Team Championship Match
      Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr (c) w/ "MDM" Ted DiBiase vs Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne
      * Four weeks of WWE television written. Next is Backlash. Reviews appreciated as always... Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for something special... *


      Originally posted by RT
      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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        Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

        Increasing Turmoil...

        The Inmates Are Running The Asylum...

        The WWE Universe Is Tearing Itself Apart...

        Civil War Is About To Begin.

        Don't miss out; read and review WP's WWE: Legacy now!


        Originally posted by RT
        "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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          Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

          WWE Legacy: Smackdown Review
          • Well, it's good to see you back buddy, I hope all is well with your family and again, I'm sorry for your loss.
          • Man, what an opening, we all know that psycho Edge is the best EDge and I'm so glad you're going in this direction. I can totally see the JR thing playing out and it would work so well. Edge would play it prefectly. I do think after being so psycho, he get's punked out quite easily, but with his frgile mind it's understandable. Great opener.
          • Nice way to bring up a bit of past for the Cena/Christian match.
          • Great to see an active tag division. It seems you're definitely blurring the lines with the brand split, and that's fair enough considering where you're going.
          • I love having the clique back together. I think calling HHH and HBK D-X and having Nash there is mildly confusing, so a bit of clarification as to whether he is in DX or what would be cool.
          • Great main event.
          • I like your Jeff Hardy, and the interview was good. Sacrificing Matt? Awesome, if only 'Taker was this interesting in real life.
          • Are you giving in to peer pressure and down-playing R-Truth? Nice move by Edge, I like it.
          • I'm loving the MVP/Shelton fued, and adding Umaga/Hass is a very nice touch. This is a great fued and I'm not sure at all who is walking out champion.
          • I have no idea what was going on in the main event but it was badass. It would be a great sight to see this in real life. I cannot wait to see Backlash to see what happens.
          • Another top notch show, I am very excited for Backlash, all of the matches are very well built-up plus we now have the added Civil War thing. This is great and very exciting, I cannot wait to see what happens.

          s u r r e n d e r

          ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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            Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

            I love the opening with Edge... but I'm not sure how I feel about him just wondering off like a bumbling old man at the end. I'm not sure how that effects his strength as a character, but I think it's fine. I think I really liked it.

            I can't remember what happened last time to make Cena so violent, but he almost seems like a heel because he's so bent on violent revenge.

            Solid tag team match. I wish you were doing a fatal fourway at Backlash to unify the titles, but with this alleged Civil War that will be upon us... maybe you have unification plans for all of the titles down the road. That could/would be cool.

            I've always wanted to see DX vs. BOD, so I'm glad you're giving it to me. It's definitely a TV main event match (if it's past 1999). I don't know who I'm calling to win, but I wonder if anyone will attempt to take out HBK... or if JBL will make an appearance. No matter what, I'm excited.

            Nice throwback to 1999 again with 'Taker crucifying Matt Hardy... but I don't understand how the sacrifice is supposed to work. Is Matt "dead" now? Will he not be in his match at Backlash? Will be become like a vampire or something an convert to the darkside? Also, I don't think something like this would fly in today's WWE Universe given it's PG/PG-13 image and the network executives.

            Nice match with Cena and Christian, but I'm more of a fan of the aftermath... THANK GOD FOR EDGE! He not only took R-Truth out and out of the match at Backlash (THANK GOD!) but he quelled by doubts about his character strength from before by proving to be a psycho bad ass. Awesomely done, Will.

            That was a cute little segment with Haas backing his partner as Umagaas. I'm glad he suffered the pinfall, as Shelton still looks strong-ish... but I'm also glad that MVP scored the pinfall, as I'm hoping he wins at Backlash. Also, you better have better plans than this up your sleeve for Umaga... especially considering he hasn't been Estrada's boy for a while.

            Wow. The main event was cool... but what a clusterfuck at the end. I guess it was needed to kickstart the Civil War angle, but I'm definitely going to need some explanation of things at Backlash. Definitely a cool ending. I'm hooked, as always. Can't wait for Backlash, Will!

            : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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              Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

              WWE Legacy Recap
              'The Story So Far: An Insiders Look'

              Background Information
              Royal Rumble, No Way Out and WrestleMania XXV Results

              My Thoughts
              This was basically the premise for my 'Fic, and really basic concept in the fact that I built it around what I really wanted to see through the Royal Rumble to WrestleMania XXV period in the WWE. I then started laying the foundations as to where I would personally take things from there, and before you know it, I decided to turn it into a Fan Fiction. I found mysekf enthused with the WWE again (as I always am during January to March/April) and was personally loving where all the characters were going. So, I had a roster I loved and wanted to use, I'd had results done that I would love and built on from there. I nicked PI's format of writing, because I knew that if I stuck to writing full shows, I'd get burnt out as always. Instead, I opted for the review summary format, and hoped it didn't look half-assed; I wanted the review-system type format to not look too lengthy or boring, but also have enough information to keep people interested. That was my main goal.

              Show List
              RAW: Week One - April 6th 2009
              Smackdown: Week One - April 10th 2009
              RAW: Week Two - April 13th 2009
              Smackdown: Week Two - April 17th 2009
              RAW: Week Three - April 20th 2009
              Smackdown: Week Three - April 24th 2009
              RAW: Week Four - April 27th 2009
              Smackdown: Week Four - May 1st 2009

              My Thoughts
              Randy Orton was to be my center-piece of this 'Fic, and to do that, I first had to get rid of Cena. I didn't not want to get rid of him entirely, simply because I like his character and writing him out wouldn't have made much sense; I still wanted to keep this as realistic as possible. So, I wanted him moved to Smackdown, but then realized I couldn't really have Cena and 'The Game' on the same brand; with that, Orton wouldn't really have a big name face to challenge in the post-WM period. So, I had Triple H 'fired' by Vickie Guerrero and had the two swap places. This way, Cena had fresh, exciting new feuds waiting for him on the blue brand, while 'The Game' could kick-start the Legacy stable as being a dominating force by feuding with them. I wrote out Stephanie McMahon and the others because I just didn't want to use them; I feel the McMahon characters have been heavily over-used in the past, and I didn't want to fall into that trap. I then had Triple H installed as the power player in the WWE, being the only McMahon left, and kick started his feud with Orton. Some weren't sure what to make of it, but I was just laying foundations...

              On the blue brand, I wanted to bring psychotic, crazy Edge back; it's that side of his character that I find so much more entertaining and engaging. So, I had him lose to Jeff Hardy (in the process building Jeff up as a credible champion, after retaining the title at the Rumble, NWO and 'Mania) then snap as his championship shot was given to The Undertaker. Ah, The Undertaker; I think in the real-WWE, he will always have a massive fan base, but I believe he's grown stale. So, I turned 'The Deadman' heel, had him align with Kane for some good old fashioned mayhem, and relaxed the brand rules slightly. After all, what better way to further build Jeff Hardy as the man then to have him feud with The Brothers of Destruction? The fans would rally behind Hardy, but there would always be that doubt in their minds as to could he overcome the odds? This is how an underdog champion should be booked; against the odds, but always fighting, even sometimes gaining the upper hand. Will he succeed? Who knows. Some were confused also as to why I wasn't enforcing that 'Taker and Kane remain on one brand, but once again, I was just laying the foundations for something much bigger...

              Then there was JBL versus Shawn Michaels. I was rather disappointed that this feud didn't go the distance till 'Mania in real life, but 'Taker vs HBK should be awesome nonetheless. Anyways, I felt that these two were just made for each other as opponents, their characters being polar opposites. I just couldn't think of a way to continue to feud after Shawn had won his freedom in their Texas Street Fight at WrestleMania. So, I dug through old wrestling tapes for ideas, and Harley Race came to my rescue; I saw his promo on Ric Flair, offering a bounty to anyone who could eliminate 'The Nature Boy'. So, I took this idea, and added layers onto it; JBL had wealth and he had power, plus he was a master manipulator. It suited his gimmick perfectly to put a bounty on Michaels' head and watch his opponent squirm. I was thinking of giving the rub to Morrison and Miz and having them cash in on the bounty, but then thought if the WWE fans would buy into two comedy acts (amazing comedy acts who I love by the way) cashing in on the bounty. I re-considered and decided that Chris Jericho, with his history with Shawn Michaels and character, would probably like nothing more then to end the career of HBK by claiming the bounty. So, I paired JBL and Y2J together for the time being. I had 'Taker and Kane try and cash in, just because their evil, but brought in Kevin Nash as a bodyguard. Hell, I did this because I love Nash, I think him and Michaels work great together, and on some nights, Nash can still wrestle a highly entertaining match. So, I thought it worked and went with it. Though, no-one ever questioned why JBL was so eager to get rid of HBK; sure, he hates Michaels, but would you really go to such lengths, or is there an ulterior motive behind it all? Where has JBL been for weeks while he hasn't been on RAW trying to get rid of HBK, he's hardly been seen? Once again, all part of the master plan...

              Those were on three main feuds. I also had MVP (who I currently think has an amazing character and great in-ring and promo work) feud with Shelton Benjamin for the U.S Title, much like in the real life but the roles reversed; I had John Cena show his angry, aggressive side so the fans can buy into him more and paired him with the Big Show; Christian and R-Truth had a mini-program which only was really served to buy time until Edge took him out (you will all be happy to know that I didn't 'cave into pressure' regarding R-Truth; he was just a tool to begin with!), I had two feuds for the tag team titles on both brands, and CM Punk/Matt Hardy/William Regal feud which should come into it's own when the next chapter begins. Don't worry, that feud is anything but a 'filler' storyline, I have plans for those three! Plus, throw in a returning Batista feuding with Kane, which will lead to some big things down the line, and I was pretty happy with what I had.

              We're now well into a month or so in 'Fan Fiction time', and over two months in real time, seeing as I started this on January 16th of this year. So, I'm sticking with it, still loving every minute of it and hopefully you guys are also. I thought I'd write this just to let you guys know my motivation behind everything. So, without any further ado, I bring to you the next chapter in the 'WWE Legacy' Fan Fiction...

              Civil War Promo #1
              Backlash 2009 Final Card

              My Thoughts
              I'm not giving anything away, but I will say a few matters will be addressed including:

              - Why the lack of McMahon Family members.
              - Why the relaxed brand rules.
              - Why some characters are only appearing to be nothing more than filler at the moment (CM Punk, Matt Hardy, William Regal, Chris Jericho etc.)

              All will make sense (hopefully) at Backlash 2009. A major thanks to everyone who has been supporting me all this time, so very much appreciated and as long as you guys keep enjoying it, I'll keep writing. I think I've finally found my niche. Anyways, expect Backlash up sometime TODAY, so anyone wanting reviews for the latest Smackdown, please get them in. Thanks again guys, keep reading!

              Last edited by WP; 03-26-2009, 05:38 AM.


              Originally posted by RT
              "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                When the big dogs begin to fight...

                And the battle for supremacy takes centre stage...

                Never underestimate the underdog!

                Civil War is about to become EXTREME!

                Don’t miss WP and now PB presenting WWE:Legacy, now including ECW.
                Last edited by PB; 03-26-2009, 09:48 AM.

                s u r r e n d e r

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                  Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                  Fucking. Awesome. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

                  : 04/02/11}:forever&always
                  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


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                    Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                    The Cool Review

                    Well, it’s been a while since we have been graced with one of your shows, so I cannot to read this one. The one before Backlash, I do believe, so should make it all that much better. I absolutely loved the opening promo with Edge, it looks as if I’m not the only one that loves the Edge that doesn’t give a shit about anything. I didn’t like how when Big Show and Vickie come out, that he just disappeared though, doesn’t seem like a thing Edge would have done, if he was in that state of mind. Nice to see Christian bring up he little bit of history they had, I remember really enjoying the mini feud they had before Christian jetted off to TNA. What was the tag team match ruled then? A non contest, or what? Vickie makes one hell of a main event, that’s one main event that would be good to watch. I’m sure all hell is going to break loose in that one. Jeff is staying at home for “his own good”, reminded me a lot of the Right To Censor. I’m sure you didn’t mean it like that, though. However, you are the man that bought it back in your ECW a while back. Anyway, Undertaker crucifies Matt Hardy, absolutely awesome. I know it has been done before, but who cares? I still loved it, dude.

                    Christian beats John Cena, wow, I am shocked. I mean Big Show didn’t even really get involved, so shocked that Cena lost really. Edge bashes R-Truth’s head in with a chair… I love it. This surely means Edge is in the number one contender match, and R-Truth is out? If so, very good idea to have that happen. I don’t care much for R-Truth to be honest. Haas loses the pinfall for his team, which is obviously a good thing, it seems like Umaga and Haas were thrown into this match because you don’t know what the hell to use them for, however. A HUGE clusterfuck to end the show, and for people who don’t like em’ this might have been a turn off, but I personally really like them. It set the scene well for quite a few big matches at the pay per view. I wonder what JBL is on about, though? Maybe he is going to announce he is the new General Manager? A very good show, man. I actually can’t wait for Backlash, one of my favourite feds going at the moment. Also, it was cool to read your thoughts and also good to see PB teaming up with you, dude. Good luck with Backlash.

                    Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                      Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                      Never Underestimate The Underdog...

                      ECW Preview

                      Below is a preview of ECW on SciFi, the newest show to hit WWE: Legacy, written by PB!
                      Civil War is about to begin Fan Fiction; are you prepared for war?


                      Originally posted by RT
                      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                        Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP

                        So, wondering what was going on in the land of the extreme during the last chapter? Well here's a quick summary of the shows that would've happened.

                        Week 1:

                        Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd def. The Miz, John Morrison and Paul Burchill in an exciting match.

                        Natalya def. Katie Lea Burchill with the sharpshooter.

                        In a 20-min match, contested under extreme rules, Mark Henry defeated Finlay with a World's Strongest Slam through a table. Jack Swagger was on commentary.

                        Week 2:

                        Paul & Katie Lea Burchill def. Tyson Kidd and Natalya in a mixed tag match.

                        John Morrison def. DJ Gabriel

                        Ricky Ortiz def. 'Local Talent' Clark Ryan

                        In a 20-min non-title match, contested under extreme rules, Tommy Dreamer defeated Jack Swagger with a piledriver onto a chair. Finlay and Mark Henry were on commentary.

                        Week 3:

                        Evan Bourne def. Ricky Ortiz with a Shooting Star Press

                        Tyson Kidd def. Paul Burchill with a springboard elbow drop.

                        Natalya def. Alica Fox and Katie Lea Burchill in a triple threat match.

                        Tommy Dreamer and Finlay def. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger.

                        Week 4:

                        Primo, Carlito, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio def. John Morrison, The Miz, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in a 'great' 20-min match.

                        ECW Championship Match

                        4-Way Dance under extreme rules.

                        Mark Henry eliminated Finlay with a World's Strongest Slam.
                        Tommy Dreamer eliminated Mark Henry with a DDT onto a trash can.
                        Jack Swagger eliminated Tommy Dreamer with a gut-wrench powerbomb to win and succesfully retain his ECW Championship.

                        s u r r e n d e r

                        ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                          Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                          WWE Backlash PPV
                          May 3rd 2009

                          WWE Backlash opened up with a promo, showing all the events that had occurred in the last four weeks on WWE television on RAW, Smackdown and ECW. Every main feud was covered, from Randy Orton and Triple H, to Jeff Hardy and Undertaker, to JBL's bounty on Shawn Michaels. The promo swiftly finished with JBL promising an announcement that would rock the foundations of the WWE and that nothing would ever be the same again...

                          The first match of the evening was for the World Tag Team Championship! Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes had the clear advantage going into this one, as defending champions and also with the newest addition to the Legacy group, 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase at ringside! Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio recieved a huge pop on their way down to the ring, and the action began hot and heavy, with Mysterio and Bourne hitting numerous high flying moves to confuse and attack the champions! However, Ted and Cody soon got things going their way, grounding Bourne and going to work with various double team tactics, all the while the referee being distracted by DiBiase at ringside. However, Bourne managed to fight his way back, dropping both men with a double dropkick and managing to make the hot tag to Rey Mysterio! Rey came in like a house on fire, sending Cody to the outside with a missile dropkick then hitting a crossbody on DiBiase Jr, but only managed a two-count. Bourne and Mysterio continued to pick up steam, but all went sour when Bourne jumped over the top rope to attack Cody, and instead was nailed with the tag team title belt by the 'Million Dollar Man'. Bourne was seemingly knocked out, as Cody then entered the ring, and as the referee was distracted, hit a low blow on Mysterio! Ted then attacked with Dream Street finishing move to pick up the win!

                          As Ted and Cody made their way up the ramp and backstage, they bumped into John Morrison and The Miz! No words were exchanged, instead menacing looks were. Miz and Morrison then made their way to the ring for the WWE Tag Team Championship Match! Primo and Carlito, much like Bourne and Mysterio, were over with the crowd and came out fighting. Primo, being the inexperienced of the two brothers, was soon grounded by Miz and Morrison, who hit many high impact moves for maximum effect. Miz hit his clothesline in the corner, while Morrison hit a devastating elbow drop from the top rope, which nearly secured victory for the team. Primo willed his way back however, and soon made the tag to Carlito! Carlito attacked with fury, going after legal man Miz and sending Morrison off the ring apron! Carlito delivered a flurry of clotheslines and dropkicks, sending The Miz into a daze! Primo scaled to the top rope to hit a missile dropkick, but The Miz managed to duck and instead Primo hit his own brother! Primo made it to his feet, only to be clotheslined over the top rope by Miz. Miz then went for the Reality Check, but Carlito countered into the Backstabber! The fans popped, but suddenly, Morrison nailed Carlito with the Nitro Blast superkick, taking Carlitos head off! Morrison dumped Miz on top of Carlito, and just like that, we had WWE Tag Team Champions! Miz and Morrison celebrated, as all Primo could do was apologize to his brother.

                          It was time for the battle of the giants as Kane went one-on-one with Batista! These two big men did not hold back, with weeks of frustration and attacks boiled down to this one-on-one encounter! The action was back and forth, neither man gaining a clear advantage. Kane hit a top rope clothesline and a big boot to seemingly put down 'The Animal'. But Batista fought back, drilling Kane with a spear, but only getting a two-count. Visibly frustrated, Batista began to 'Batista Up', shaking the ring ropes in anger! Both men then introduced steel chairs and the ring bell into the contest, with it being No DQ, anything went! Kane was rocked by a vicious chair shot by 'The Animal' but Kane retaliated by scoop pressing Batista over the top rope! Kane whipped Batista into the ring steps, and then nailed him with a chokeslam through the Spanish announcers table! Kane dragged Batista back into the ring, but took some much time, he only got a two count! Kane went to lift Batista to his feet, but Batista got in a few desperation shots to the stomach, and then grabbed the ring bell that was on the floor and cracked Kane in the face with it! The fans popped huge, as Batista went for a Batista Bomb, only to be backdropped by the 'Big Red Machine'. Kane hit a chokeslam, but only got a two count, much to the glee of the fans in attendance! Kane signaled for the end with a Tombstone Piledriver, but suddenly, Ric Flair appeared from out of nowhere! The crowd went nuts as 'The Nature Boy' hopped onto the ring apron to get Kane's attention and come to the aid of his friend! Kane swung for the legend, but Flair jumped down off the apron to avoid contact. This distraction was all that was needed, as Kane turned around and Batista kicked the monster in the mid-section and hit a devastating Batista Bomb for the win! Batista went to celebrate with his mentor afterwards; Ric Flair is back in the WWE!

                          We'd heard that due to Matt Hardy not being able to compete in the Triple Threat Match tonight, that the Intercontinental Championship match had been canceled until the following evening on Monday Night RAW. While William Regal was relieved, the same could not be said for CM Punk! Punk went on a rampage backstage, shouting and cursing that it was his time and his championship match, and that the 'Powers That Be' were not going to screw him over again. He promised that vengeance would be his tomorrow night...

                          Shelton Benjamin had plenty to prove at Backlash; MVP had gotten the upper hand in every one of their previous encounters, and so tonight was payback time. Benjamin wasted no time, attacking MVP with seemingly ever move in his arsenal! However, Benjamin took one chance too many, and when going for a dropkick off the top rope, MVP countered into a bodyslam! MVP quickly went on the offensive, drilling Benjamin with elbow drops and his signature Ballin' elbow drop! However, it was MVP's cockiness that led to his downfall, as he went for one signature move too many! When going for the kick in corner, Benjamin quickly moved, geared himself up for the Pay Dirt... But failed! MVP held on tight to the top rope, and instead, Benjamin crashed and burned, smacking his head against the canvas! Benjamin made it to his knees, and MVP took the opportunity, hitting the Drive-By-Kick and picking up the win, becoming the new United States Champion for the second time in his career! MVP smugly held the title high when walking backstage, but the look on Shelton Benjamin's face told the fans that this rivalry was far from over...

                          It was then time for the match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho! JBL accompanied his newest client to his cause down to the ring, while HBK's bodyguard and one of his best friends, Kevin Nash was there for support at ringside. Michaels and Jericho contested a superb wrestling match for the first fifteen minutes, going through hold-for-hold and getting many near falls. However, it soon degenerated into a bar fight, with the two attacking one another with punches, chops, kicks and anything they could get their hands on at ringside. Jericho's temper seemed to boil over, as he soon resorted to drilling Michaels with a steel chair to the head. The referee went to call for the bell, but JBL soon announced that the match had been changed to a No Disqualification Match! Fans wondered how JBL could get away with that ruling, and remembered his close friendship with the McMahon family! Soon, Jericho was using the steel chair to wear out HBK, attacking the back with a backbreaker on the chair! This seemed to spell the end, but Michaels willed his way back into the match, fighting back with a flying forearm and hitting the elbow drop from the top rope, all 'vintage Shawn Michaels' as Michael Cole would say! JBL tried to interfere, but was met with a big boot by Kevin Nash, as the fans roared their aproval! Jericho resorted to a low blow, and went for the Codebreaker, but Michaels shoved Jericho off, and locked in a version of the Walls of Jericho! JBL entered the ring, causing HBK to break the hold and send the loud-mouth billionaire flying to the outside with a backdrop! Jericho got to his feet, missed a clothesline and was met with Sweet Chin Music! The referee counted to three and Shawn Michaels once again overcame the bounty of John Bradshaw Layfield and left Backlash victorious!

                          The Number One Contendership Match for the WWE Championship was still a Fatal-Four-Way, with the psychotic Edge being officially named as R-Truth's replacement. Christian, John Cena and Big Show, along with Edge, put forth an outstanding contest, where the outcome was never certain! All four men hit their respective finishers, with each pinfall attempt that followed only getting a two-count! The fans were on the edge of their seats, as John Cena drilled Big Show with an F-U! The crowd roared in approval (much to the joy of WWE officials!), but soon, the Ultimate Oppourtunist struck; Edge first turned his back on his own brother Christian, laying him out with a chair shot! Edge then nailed John Cena with a spear from out of nowhere through a table that had been propped up in the corner, and got the three-count! Edge had struck again, and now the wild-eyed madman was now the Number One Contender!

                          Randy Orton and Triple H tore the house down in their first one-on-one encounter in quite some time. With the World Heavyweight Championship at stake, both men wanted to win in the worst way. Orton started off the aggressor, proving to 'The Game' that this was a different Randy Orton to the man who he was in Evolution with; this Randy Orton was vicious, unforgiving and above all else, did anything to win. Orton attacked with malice, hitting the DDT from the second rope, drilling 'The Game' with his specialized backbreaker and working away at HHH's legs, locking in an Indian Deathlock, longtime a favourite move of Triple H! However, Triple H managed to fight back, even with Legacy being at ringside! 'The Game' sent Ted DiBiase Jr, Cody Rhodes and 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase packing with sledgehammer shots, before continuing on Orton. Triple H hit a spinebuster and even executed a picture-perfect piledriver on his nemesis, but Orton managed to get a shoulder up at the last second! Triple H was slow to pick Orton up, and out of nowhere, Orton hit an RKO! Fans gasped, as Orton hooked the leg, but someway, somehow, Triple H kicked out! Orton then primed himself to hit 'The Game' with The Punt Kick, but Stephanie McMahon made her way down to the ringside area! She jumped on the apron to stop Orton, and then, 'The Viper' set his sights on her! Triple H ran to attack Orton, but he sidestepped, and Triple H instead drilled his wife with a right-hand! The crowd were in shock, as 'The Game' looked devastated! He soon turned around and Orton hit a second RKO for the win! Legacy came to celebrate with their leader, as Randy Orton stood trihumphant over Triple H; at last, Orton had defeated Triple H!

                          It was then time for the Main Event of the evening, as Jeff Hardy defended his WWE Championship against The Undertaker! Jeff attacked and took the fight to 'The Deadman' from the opening bell, revenge for the 'sacrifice' of his brother was all that was on his mind! However, Jeff's blind rage was soon his downfall, as The Undertaker struck back, attacking Jeff with a big boot and a snake eyes, before hitting a side-slam! The Undertaker continued the assault, even applying a Dragon Sleeper, attempting to choke Jeff out! Somehow, Jeff broke free, twisting 'Taker's arms and hitting a Twist of Fate! Jeff hooked the leg but only managed a two count! Undertaker was right back on top of things, even nailing Jeff with a Chokeslam! Not content, Undertaker went for Old School, but Jeff dragged The Undertaker off the ropes and slammed him hard down to the canvas! Jeff scaled to the top rope, and went for a Swanton Bomb... But 'The Deadman' moved! Hardy crashed and burned, as The Undertaker sat up, and signaled for a Last Ride that would surely end the match! 'Taker lifted Hardy up, but Jeff rolled out and got the roll up for the 1...2...3! The fans went crazy, as Jeff Hardy had done it, he had retained his championship against The Undertaker! Jeff soon left the ring, celebrating on the entrance ramp, as The Undertaker looked irate!

                          Just as The Undertaker made it backstage, JBL made his way out to the ring. He asked for every superstar, on RAW, Smackdown and even the 'wasteland that is ECW' to come to the entrance ramp. All the superstars did so and waited to hear JBL's announcement. JBL said the reason he hadn't been seen in matches recently or heard of was because he had been meeting with lawyers and team of his top men to secure a deal that would change the face of WWE. He quickly reminded the world that back in 2000, the WWE became a public company, with stock and shareholders. With the absence of a McMahon present in recent weeks, the WWE had degenerated into chaos, and the Board of Directors were looking for a suitable, permanent replacement to the McMahons; after many years, the McMahon family had been deemed unsuitable to run the billion dollar company. This is where JBL came in; effective and immedietly, John Bradshaw Layfield runs World Wrestling Entertainment! The crowd and superstars alike were in complete shock, as JBL promised that starting on RAW, it will be a new era in the WWE! JBL celebrated with fireworks, pyro and balloons as Backlash faded to black...
                          * Hope you all enjoyed guys, reviews are very much appreciated! Prepare for a new era... *


                          Originally posted by RT
                          "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                            Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                            A quick review (while my girlfriend's in the bathroom)...

                            -A fun filler match to kick things off. Of course in a fed called "WWE: Legacy" you're not going to have Rhodes & DiBiase job in their first PPV appearance. Rey & Evan were solid opponents, however, and again... this match was fun.
                            -I'm not a huge fan of having like matches back-to-back minus singles matches... but I can deal. I like MnM bumping into Legacy on the ramp, and then winning the titles as well. I wonder/hope this will set up something down the line during the civil war for a title unification feud.
                            -Interesting. Flair is back. Well, so much for his retirement. However, I think Flair can be an interesting character in a fed where Legacy is so big and involved. This was a fun, intense brawl. Very enjoyable.
                            -Hahaha... You punked out Regal, Punk, and Hardy like MnM and the Colons got punked out at WrestleMania. That's hilarious. I wonder if there's a reason for that beyond you just not feeling like writing out their segment.
                            -Yes! I'm glad you had your MVP take the US Title off of Benjamin. I hope you build to something unique and fun with this reign for MVP. Maybe a Champion vs. Champion feud with Cena down the line?
                            -HBK goes over in a match with all sorts of fun spots. I wonder how JBL's indirect loss will affect his announcement later on.
                            -Edge wins the fatal fourway... which I suppose I saw coming. I can live with a fourway feud for the WWE Title with Jeff, Matt, Edge, and Christian as long as I get something new and cool like MVP/Cena and Big Show vs. ???
                            -Your HHH/Orton match was more closely booked to how the real thing at 'Mania 25 should've been booked. Yet another fun match. Less predictable than other matches, but I still had a strong feeling that in a fed called "WWE: Legacy" that Orton wasn't jobbing tonight.
                            -Wow! Jeff gets a clean win over Undertaker with a pretty cool spot. I actually loved it. I have a feeling that this feud might not be over, but with Edge as the Number One Contender... who knows? This was indeed a solid match to end the show with... except you're ending the show with an announcement, which is anti-climactic IMO. I would've had JBL open the show with his announcement or done it immediately in the wake of the JBL/Y2J match.
                            -Yeah, reading this announcement now... which isn't as shocking as I thought it would be, it would've been much better suited to open the show. But that's not bad for being my only complaint. I can see the seeds for the civil war, and I can't wait to see how things grow from here. Keep it up, WP. You KNOW I'll be reading. Fucking love this fed.

                            : 04/02/11}:forever&always
                            ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


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                              Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                              The Cool Review

                              Here you go, man. Here’s a review for your Backlash, which I have eagerly awaited since your last Smackdown that you writ. It took it’s time to be posted, but now its up, here’s your review. Makes sense having Legacy defeat Mysterio and Bourne. Interesting to see Legacy and Morrison & Miz stare each other down at the top of the ramp, it would be an awesome feud, but who would play the faces? Unless you had another team involved, a face team so it’s a three way feud, that would also be great to read. Near the end of that match, I had a feeling you was gonna’ have Carlito & Primo get the duke, glad that you had Morrison & Miz win out, though. Batista beats Kane, and the way it finishes I like, because it keeps Kane looking dominate, being screwed out of the match and all. Flair’s back? I’m cool with that, lets just hope he’s kept in the corner of Batista and not entering the ring again, at least anytime soon. What the hell? That’s a bit disappointing that you knocked a match off the card. Sure, it’s one of the matches that I didn’t think was built to amazingly, but to just throw it off the card in Fan Fic is awful, dude. I’m guessing we’re going to crown a new champion tomorrow on Raw, however. MVP defeats Shelton Benjamin, I can’t actually remember much build up for this match, as I probably didn’t read Smackdown as much as I have Raw. Both men, I kinda’ like, so either way it wouldn’t have bothered me what so ever.

                              I thought near the end of this match also, that you were going to have Jericho win out, but Shawn Michaels defeats him. I wonder who will be able to put Michaels down for JBL. I’m quite intrigued what JBL’s announcement is, as well. I had a feeling that Edge was going to win the fatal four way, after the way he actually got into the match. I love your Edge, so I’m happy about this. I suppose you’ll have Cena work with Big Show for a while now? Orton and Triple H sounded better than what it was in real life, although I don’t think it was as bad as many other people thought it was. There was really hardly any doubt in my mind that Orton was going to win, since this whole thread is called Legacy. I wonder what the hell Triple H hitting Stephanie accidentally is going to lead too? That could be very interesting, indeed. Jeff Hardy defeats The Undertaker with a roll up, somehow I think his days as WWE Champion won’t last too much longer. Edge will knock him from the top, I predict. JBL makes his huge announcement to end the show, and I personally don’t have a problem with this, because if it was made in real life it probably would end the pay per view also. Things are looking extremely interesting with JBL as now the top figure. I can’t wait to see what you have in store in future shows. Good stuff, dude.

                              Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                                Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB


                                By god buddy your WWE: Legacy project has been looking amazing right off the bat. It has been a great take on the WWE Roster Split, something that I am not a huge fan of, but you my friend have made it great… and with PB joining the fray with ECW it is only going to get better. Now here we go with a big BACKLASH themed edition of…

                                HEAVY’S DELIGHTS!!!

                                Ok first match was straight to the point and very fun to read. It put over Priceless great so it was good to see them retain and The Million Dollar Man guiding them as a manager is awesome, I’d love to see Dusty Rhodes added to the mix somehow down the line. Bourne and Mysterio are great but I am sliding in my marking for Mysterio these days so for me it was good to see them lose. I really hope you do something great with Bourne though.

                                I have always liked Carlito, but his teaming with Primo hasn’t sit that well with me. I dunno why it just never has so to see Miz and Morrison win the way they did in this match and take the WWE Tag Team Titles was great, they are an awesome team. Carlito and Primo held their own well but were just good enough in the end which was a shame. It seems like you are heading for a Tag Team Title Unification match down the line by the way Priceless interacted with Miz/Morrison as they made their entrance… could Carlito and Primo be involved in that at all, one thing that would be cool would be seeing Carlito and Primo taking on Priceless while Bourne and Mysterio took on Miz and Morrison… sorta like a swap over, with title challengers.

                                Kane vs. Batista was average for me. I would have loved to have seen Kane win, he and Taker have been dominant lately and to have seen him win woulda made all that work look even better by having him defeat the Animal. It just all seemed very anticlimactic sorry man. Ric Flair is back? Dunno if I like that either, if it is just as a manager role then yeah I can deal but not as a full time roster wrestler… I’d like to see a reformation of Evolution (HHH, Batista and Flair) to combat Legacy (Orton, Rhodes and Dibiase), now that would be kinda awesome!

                                Just because Hardy is out of the IC Title Match, why should it be cancelled? I really disliked that man, Punk vs. Regal would have been just as thrilling than the three of them. The IC Title Match has been built up nicely and to see it fizzle out like this was a huge letdown, come on man you coulda done better with this… did you run outta time or juice or do you just have something Willtastic up your sleeve? Either way I would have liked it to have been handled better, a singles match would have been fine, even a in ring segment maybe or a backstage brawl where all three men take each other out… who knows what’s ticking inside that genius mind of yours all I know is that I wanna see this match take place now more than ever!

                                MVP as US Champion again is good. I think this would have been an awesome match to watch and a possible match of the night contender. I see Shelton is on the losing streak here against MVP, a nice change there to a real life rivalry of sorts. MVP is a awesome talent as is Shelton Benjamin so I would love to see more from them , I hope this reign as US Champion is to help push MVP up the card and towards the main event status because that would be awesome to see.

                                Jericho vs. Michaels was unreal to read and was what I expected it to be. My only grievance with this angle is that you know HBK was going to win going into this match, why? Simple because it was too early for him to lose. I dunno what you have planned with this angle but I sure do hope it lives up to the hype you are surrounding it with and that a worthy opponent collects that bounty… I would have liked to have seen more Kevin Nash in that match, J.B.L made an appearance here and there, Nash would have been great to come in to… the NO D.Q stipulation half way through the match was lame, it should have come at the start but I will talk about that more later…

                                I LOVE, absolutely love the twist you are putting on Edge’s “Ultimate Opportunist” gimmick making him a madman hell bent of being the top dog. His “wide eyed” side of the gimmick has been a treat to read and to see him win that huge match up was awesome man. I can’t wait to see where this goes, I really hope Edge continues on his path and defeats Hardy or Taker, whoever wins tonight for the WWE Championship! Great work here man, Edge in the match instead of R-Truth was a stroke of genius as R-Truth wasn’t getting over in my opinion with the readers and that is what I like about you Will and your style here. You saw something wasn’t working and you changed it up. I dunno if it was intentional or what but it was great to see anyway.

                                Triple H vs. Orton was a good match to read. It sounded like a good match for them both. It had the typical face vs. heel stable vibe to it with all the trimmings. Trips taking out Dibiase, Rhodes and The Million Dollar Man was typical… so was the ending but I liked it because Stephanie got knocked on her arse! Good to see Orton win with the RKO and not the Punt Kick, which is becoming a little overused in recent months, ever since he caved Vince’s head in with it before the Rumble… so nice showing there, I dunno what to expect next, but I am sure it will live up to expectation.

                                The main event, good to see Smackdown getting because to be honest this match has grown on me more and more each week and had become a definite favorite match leading into this PPV event. Well done with the build, I liked how Jeff was booked, not as a underdog but as a fighting champion if you get my drift, no matter what his size was he took the fight to Taker and Kane in this feud and that really made him look much more credible in my eyes, very well done with that. I am a little disappointed that Taker lost because he and Kane were being built up as a massive force in your WWE, seeing them both lose their matches sorta puts a dampener on that which is a shame. Jeff winning means we get Edge taking him on for the WWE Championship which I am glad to see, especially if Edge wins the title at Judgment Day or whatever you have coming next in this Civil War arch coming up… and I just wanna say that is exactly what you got going on here, right now WWE: Legacy is looking a lot like a comic book if you get me. You have had your opening arch and now you are moving onto a cross over event where it looks like all three brands will be scrapping together for ultimate supremacy in the WWE: Legacy universe.

                                Speaking of Civil War and the WWE: Legacy universe the J.B.L announcement while groundbreaking and a great way to kick off this cross over arch would have been better placed before the Jericho/HBK match, why? Simple, the end of the show shouldn’t have been a segment, no matter how big it was. It would have made more sense to have made this a middle of the show segment, that way the stipulation change to the Jericho/HBK match would have been better received than throwing it in there half way through the match. This segment and announcement could have been as groundbreaking during the show, it would have added to the rest of the show in my opinion too, just think about it, the commentary all night would have been great referring to it and a thick air of tension and a major question would fall over the big matches on the show (mostly the main events) and that question would have been “How does an announcement like this effect the most important matches on the card”. See what I am getting at there man, it was a great idea and I love it, J.B.L has taken over the company in typical J.B.L fashion and it is a fresh breath of air into the promotion as a whole, but to place it at the end of the show took away from what woulda been an awesome match between Taker and Hardy… the match would have been thrilling and to see Jeff win woulda made the match all that better and left the show on a high and not what if and a somewhat sour and questionable moment compared to Hardy’s thrilling win and post match celebration.

                                Overall your show was awesome, I had a few complaints and the main one was addressed above, but all in all your fed is evolving more and more each time you post a show or news piece. I have loved your chapter or arch summaries telling us all your ideas going into this first step of the fed, that was a masterstroke of genius there and it let us in on that great creative mind of yours which is always a bonus. I just think a few things coulda been done better with this show, but that doesn’t mean it was crap by all means as it was great to see your first PPV event unfold…

                                Keep Up The Great Work Man!

                                I give you 90 out of 100 for BACKLASH
                                Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!