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WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

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  • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

    ECW Under Threat?


    It appears that despite doubling its ratings and becoming a legitimate third brand for the WWE, Vince McMahon still isn't happy with ECW. He feels that he has been forced to sacrifice his 'PG initiative' in order to make it work and is looking for ways to change that. He has been particularly vocal against Paul Heyman, who as well as being on-air owner, is booking the brand. He feels that Heyman 'doesn't get' the direction Vince wants to go in, and is trying to undermime him. Heyman meanwhile is frustrated at Vince's viewpoints and complaining, despite the huge sucess Heyman has achieved. Sucess has not come without a price however, with the WWE having to spend big to get Rob Van Dam, Tazz, Raven and Mick Foley to re-join the compnay, not to mention luring Samoa Joe from TNA. There are no plans at the minute for huge changes, but with Vince's erratic mood changes, anything could happen.

    s u r r e n d e r

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    • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB Report; ECW, Extreme Rules, Brian Kendrick

      - ECW has been under threat recently from Vince McMahon. McMahon seems somewhat frustrated with the booking of the brand thus far. Insiders aren't sure as to why, as many within the WWE think the ECW roster and show has been a source of great entertainment since the Civil War angle begun. With the legends and new faces alike appearing in ECW, the show is no longer looked down upon by fans. It seems however that some within the 'inner circle' of WWE aren't keen on the brand, nor Paul Heyman.

      - Extreme Rules is set to be one hell of a PPV; with the eagerly anticipated Stretcher Match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, and the JBL vs ECW War Games Match, many are predicting a high buy-rate for the show. Throw into the mix the new faces of Samoa Joe and Taz from ECW, as well as the Legacy saga unfolding between DiBiase, Rhodes and Orton, and the massively popular Jeff Hardy - Undertaker rivalry, Extreme Rules could be a strong contender for 'Card of the Year'.

      - Many backstage are very impressed with The Brian Kendrick. His push stopped late last year due to his behavior and marijuana use backstage. Now it seems Kendrick has cleaned up and put himself and his career first. Kendrick is said to be well-liked by his peers, and as a humble guy wanting to crack into the main event scene. With his impending showdown with Shawn Michaels, Brian Kendrick could be the WWE's next top star.


      Originally posted by RT
      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


      • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

        Just here to return some comments like i said i would.

        Your shoot/non kayfabe stuff is slowly growing on me considering i hated it at first. I'm not too big a fan of it on the show but this stuff here adds an extra dimension to your fed. Look forward to War Games and EXtreme Rules .

        (Though i never finished watching the one you sent me on youtube )


        • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

          ECW on SyFy

          Tuesday 2nd April

          *Let The WARGAMES Begin*

          The WWE Universe is still shaking after Judgment Day, especially ECW who crowned a new World Champion – CM Punk. The show opens with the Straight-Edge Superstar coming to the ring to address the ECW faithful. He is accompanied by his new acquaintances, Samoa Joe and Tazz, The Nation of Violence. Punk is wearing his t-shirt and his ring gear, with his ECW Belt strapped around his waist. Tazz is wearing a black suit with an orange shirt and Joe is in his ring gear. The crowd are very vocally against the champion whose grin never leaves his face. Punk grabs a mic to address the crowd.

          “I’m going to tell you all a story, a parable if you will. It’s a story I’ve told many time before and I’m pretty sure it’s one I’ll tell again. It’s the middle of winter and an old man is walking home from the store. A blizzard is beginning, only adding to the thick layer of snow already covering the ground. The old man struggles to stay vertical as he walks through the wind and the snow, but as he’s walking he spots something. He sees a snake, a snake frozen in the ice. The old man, despite struggling to make it home himself takes pity on the snake and breaks off the piece of ice containing the snake and he carries it home with him. He begins to slowly defrost the snake in his house and he nurses the snake back to health. Once the snake is fully recovered the snake bites the old man. The old man is shocked and saddened and as the venom begins to run through his veins he only has one question for the snake. ‘Why?’ The old man couldn’t understand why this snake would bite him after he had nursed him back to health. The snake turned to the old man and replied, ‘You foolish old man, I’m a snake.”

          “On Sunday night at Judgement Day, I ‘earned your respect.’ I battled it out in that ring for over thirty minutes and towards the end of the match-up all of the fans in that arena were on their feet, not just for their poster-boy Christian, but for me as well. Despite the fact that I have made it perfectly clear since coming to ECW that I don’t give a shit about who you weak people ‘respect’ you applauded and cheered me. Then when I used any means necessary to win my match and to become ECW World Heavyweight Champion you all turned your back on me, shocked that I would betray your trust? You all forgot that I am a snake! You see because I’m straight-edge I am better than all of you, and I’m also smarter than all of you. I’m also smarter than Christian. While Christian relaxes away from the road partying with his buds or trying to find some slut to hook-up with, I’m busy strategizing and planning my next attack. I knew from day-one that I was going to come here to ECW and I knew that I would get a place in the six-man match. So I did my research and I recruited the two men you see with me. The Human-Suplex Machine known as Tazz and The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. I gave these guys a call and they answered and now I’m Champion! As if being straight-edge wasn’t enough, I am now a straight-edge World Champion which means that I am definitely better than all of you!”

          Punk then hands the mike to Tazz who explains that for the Nation of Violence only one thing is important, money. When CM Punk contacted them he made them an offer that they couldn’t refuse and so they are here in ECW to back up the champ. He says that although he needs no introduction, his partner may not be known by everybody. He says that that is all about to change and that within weeks Samoa Joe will be a household name. Joe is a formidable opponent with unparallel agility for a man his size, power unrivalled by anyone on the roster, stamina to outlast all opposition and of course- enough submission holds to make anyone tap out. And he’ll be in action next.

          When we come back from commercial break, DJ Gabriel is in the ring ready to face Joe. Joe makes quick work of Gabriel and squashes him in under two minutes. He finishes him off with a muscle buster before locking in the Coquina Clutch. Gabriel taps straight away but Joe doesn’t release the hold. He keeps it gripped in until Gabriel is out cold. After the match, Joe, Tazz and Punk stand victorious raising each other’s arms. Joey Styles asks if anyone will be able to stop this brutal force in ECW.

          A highlight video plays showcasing Tyson Kidd’s career in ECW so far. Tyson Kidd, although having done little actual talking, has spoken volumes in the ring with his high-impact athletic style. Although fans were lukewarm upon his arrival, he has well and truly won them over simply by doing what he and his family do best: wrestling. Alongside Natalya, this Hart Dungeon trainee is a fast-ring superstar in ECW and surely one big break away from the big time. Later on tonight he faces Paul Burchill in the second match of a best of five series. Kidd leads 1-0 at this stage.

          Backstage a limo pulls up and Raw’s Chris Jericho gets out of it. Tiffany approaches him and asks him what he is doing here on ECW. Jericho explains that Sunday at Judgement Day was the biggest travesty of his career. It took no less than three men in the shape of Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley to screw him out of a win, and tonight he’s here to challenge Rob Van Dam to a re-match – except this time, it’s one-on-one, where Chris Jericho will prove to the entire world why he is the best in the world at what he does. Mick Foley approaches and as Chris looks set to go Foley calms him down. He says that Sunday night was purely business and that really he quite liked Chris Jericho, however, Paul Heyman has hired him as Head of Inter-Brand relations. It’s a big title with a broad scope of duties but it basically means that he’s here to look out for ECW while this whole Civil War fiasco is running. It also means that he gets to hand-pick the four men that will be competing in the WARGAMES match at Extreme Rules. He warns Jericho that this is ECW; he’s been there before so he should know what to expect. If he tries anything tonight, there will be repercussions.

          Umaga’s music fills the arena and The Wild Samoan makes his way to the ring accompanied by his enigmatic manager, Raven. Styles and Striker talk about what occurred during the six-man Extreme Elimination Match when Raven told Umaga to lie down for Jack Swagger, hoping for some explanation tonight. Before the match Raven grabbed the mike and said that all week people have been plaguing him, asking why he had Umaga lie down on Sunday. He then proceeded to tell the fans that right now, it was none of their damn business. As Striker and Styles vented their frustrations, Tony Chimel announced the two local athletes, Drake Gilmore and Hugh Scott that Umaga would face in a 2-on-one handicap match. The Wild Samoan made quick work of both competitors, finishing them both off with a Samoan Spike each for the pin fall. It seems bizarre that such a dominant superstar as Umaga would be willing to lie down and give up a title opportunity.

          Paul Burchill’s music hits and The Ripper makes his way to the ring accompanied by his manager William Regal and his sister Katie Lea. Burchill’s confidence is at an all-time low, having failed to pick up a win in weeks. William Regal recently joined forces with Burchill in an attempt to fix this but has yet to produce any results. Next out is Tyson Kidd to a big ovation from the crowd. This is the second match-up in a best of five series between these two, with Kidd having scored the first win last week. Kidd, accompanied by Natalya is like the polar opposite of Burchill, currently on a great run of wins and with his confidence sky-high.

          The two lock up to begin and Burchill quickly overpowers Kidd and slams him to the mat. Burchill goes to drop an elbow on Kidd, but Kidd rolls out of danger. Quickly to his feet, Burchill wildly swings with a clothesline but Kidd ducks and nails The Ripper with a drop-kick. Paul rolls out of the ring in frustration and tries to re-group with Regal and Katie Lea. Kidd, tired of waiting for Burchill to re-enter the ring, bounds off the ropes and leaps to the outside, taking out all three with a suicide dive as ECW goes to commercial.

          When we come back from commercial Burchill has managed to gain control of the match and he continues to dominate. He works at the neck of Tyson Kidd, looking to set him up for the reverse swinging neck-breaker. The crowd are firmly behind Kidd however, and this seems to be upsetting Burchill. Burchill has a neck scissors applied to Kidd when a thunderous ‘Let’s go Tyson’ chant fills the arena. Burchill starts yelling at the crowd to shut up, but this only drives them to chant louder. Regal shouts for Burchill to ignore them, but as the chants turn to ‘Burchill sucks’ the Englishman loses it and releases the head scissors. He slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, Regal tries to stop him but to no avail. Burchill quickly pounces on Kidd and attacks him relentlessly with the chair. Because only the main event each week is contested under extreme rules, the referee has no choice but to disqualify Paul Burchill. Just as Burchill is about to wrap the chair around Kidd’s arm to apply the same chicken wing that put R-Truth out of action, Regal pulls him away and drags him to the back as medics check on Tyson Kidd.

          The next contest of the evening is a number one contender’s match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. First out, accompanied by Evan Bourne, is the second runner-up of Sunday’s 6-man, The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio. They reply some of Rey’s highlights of the match including his dive from the ring onto Jack Swagger and his elimination of Evan Bourne. It seems that Bourne has no hard feelings however as he accompanies his tag-partner to the ring. Next up is the runner-up from Sunday, who comes out to a huge ovation, Christian. Christian is in pain, and his neck looks to be giving him a lot of discomfort. The match is an even back-and-forth bout, with both men getting their fair share of offence. Christian’s neck bothers him throughout the match and Rey tries to expose this weakness with his hurricaranas. The crowd are torn between the two favourites, with a ‘Let’s Go Christian! 619!’ chant breaking out. The finish comes when towards the end of the match, after a series of reversals, and with the crowd on the edge of their seats, Christian hits the Killswitch for the pin. The two men shake hands after a great match and Christian grabs a mike:

          “You know, I really wish it was gonna be Rey Mysterio vs. Christian at Extreme Rules for the ECW Title, at least then you would know that the best man would win. Unfortunately at Extreme Rules I have to face CM Punk, who, as much as I hate to say it, is ECW World Champion. Now in case you missed Judgment Day, I’d like to remind you all that CM Punk needed assistance from Tazz and Samoa Joe to defeat me. In just under three weeks time I’m facing CM Punk again for the ECW Championship. What I intend to do is to take that ECW Title from that little bastard, and then show what an Extreme Champion really is. You see an Extreme Champion is someone that has honour and respect. An Extreme Champion is a champion that knows what the letters ECW stand for and mean. An Extreme Champion loves competition and does whatever it takes to respect this ring and prove that he is the best. At Extreme Rules I vow to become YOUR Extreme World Heavyweight Champion!”

          When we return from commercial break, Tiffany is standing by with The Intercontinental Champion – Matt Hardy. Tiffany asks Hardy how he managed to defeat not one, but two monsters at Judgment Day, in Kane and The Big Show. Hardy says that the intercontinental championship is the most important thing to him, and he will do anything to keep this title around his waist. He says that as long as he’s breathing, he will take on any challenger to prove that the IC Title is the most important in the company.

          Smackdown’s MVP is next out into the arena as he continues his mission to be a fighting champion, defending his title on all three brands. The crowd couldn’t care less about whether he’s a fighting champion or not and make it perfectly clear that he isn’t welcome on ECW. MVP waits in the ring to see who from the land of the extreme is going to challenge him. The man to answer his challenge is none other than ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer rallies the crowd up before sliding into the ring and taking the fight straight to MVP. Dreamer nails MVP with right after right, taking MVP by surprise. MVP rolls out of the ring to re-group but Dreamer wastes no time in following him to the outside. Dreamer charges at MVP, but Porter dodges Dreamer, sending him straight into the ring post head first. MVP manages to keep the upper hand from here on in for much of the remainder of the match. HE wears Dreamer down with plenty of high-impact moves and submissions. Every time Dreamer manages to fight off one of MVP’s attacks, MVP is straight back on the offence wearing Dreamer down. The ECW faithful rally behind Dreamer however and the veteran manages to get a string of offensive manoeuvres together. He places MVP’s heads between his legs between his head as if to hit a pile-driver but Porter lifts Dreamer up and over. Dreamer is quickly to his feet but is met with a drive-by kick from MVP followed by the Playmaker for the win. MVP continues to impress with his Title Defences, but who will challenge him next?

          Backstage Jack Swagger barges into Paul Heyman’s office with a smile on his face. Heyman says that for a man who just lost his Championship, Swagger certainly looks pleased with himself. Swagger says that he is on top of the world because losing his ECW Championship means that he is no longer contractually obliged to appear on ECW. He says goodbye to Heyman because he’s going to sign with JBL and get out of this cess-pool known as ECW.

          Raw’s Chris Jericho comes to ring receiving nuclear heat from the fans as he gets set to challenge Rob Van Dam to a re-match from Judgment Day, this time with all acquaintances banned from ringside. Chris Jericho does his best to dodge the reaching arms of the ‘unclean’ ECW fans and is even wearing plastic gloves to protect himself. Rob Van Dam comes out next to a huge ovation from the fans. Mr Tuesday Night seems as confident as ever and has no problem high-fiving his fans on the way to the ring. Once in the ring Jericho stops Van Dam from starting the match as he grabs a mike. He says that just before he begins, JBL has asked him to announce the first two members of team JBL for the WARGAMES match at Extreme Rules. First of course is himself, Chris Jericho, and the second is this man. Jericho points behind Van Dam and when RVD turns round to see who it is he is met with a spear from Edge! Edge and Jericho pounce on RVD, this whole match clearly a set-up to get RVD into the ring on his own. Just as they are really laying in to Van Dam, Mick Foley comes bounding down the aisle with a barbed wire baseball bat in hand to make the save. The show closes as Foley checks on RVD and Edge and Jericho retreat up the ramp, with smiles on their faces.

          *Sorry for the delay. Excited to be posting again, although this show feels a little rusty. Extreme Rules is taking shape nicely, expect more great matches to be added. Reviews always appreciated.*

          s u r r e n d e r

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          • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

            System’s Semantics:


            - Wow I loved that opening story, curious to know what its from (I assume its an old fable or something) but why the fuck did the SNAKE TALK?!
            - Wickedly awesome promo, loving the Tazz/punk/Joe stable, Punk and Joe are two of my favourite wrestlers.
            - Tazz tops it off.

            DJ Vs Joe

            - Squished. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Joe owns.

            Chris Jericho:

            - Very interesting, I can’t wait for War Games. RVD Vs Jericho will own as well.


            - Don’t call Raven Enigmatic. Makes him sound like Jeff hardy!
            - W T Fried chicken? Im oddly intrigued about wtf Raven did that for.
            - Did you make those guys up? Another squish..made its point.


            - Best of five series, gets them over I guess. I’m rooting for Burchill as I know who he is.
            - ARGH! Nein! Would have rathered a beating after the match, was loving the match until the DQ.

            No #1 Contender:

            - I put the title as “no #1 contender” because the bolding confused the shit out of me, as to who was in the match.
            - Christian wins!
            - I love heels, good promo but CM Punk is just simply better, so im rooting for him


            - Why does she have to have blonde hair? .
            - Short and to the point.


            - Aww I wanted to see a piledriver, fun match..and MVP wins! Nice

            Jack Swagger:

            - Swagger leaves Ecw, written well but I honestly don’t care .


            - EDGE~!!!! YAY AWESUM! Forgot about their tag team for a second. Fucking awesome end to the show.


            Very enjoyable show, welcome back.



            • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

     Report; Edge & Jericho in WARGAMES, Foley's role in ECW revealed, ECW Title Match booked for Extreme Rules...

              - It was announced last night on ECW that both Chris Jericho and Edge would be on Team JBL in the WARGAMES Match at Extreme Rules. The duo closed the ECW show by beating down on Rob Van Dam. Expect the other members to be revealed on Smackdown and RAW this coming Friday and next Monday.

              - Mick Foley's role in ECW has been revealed. He introduced himself to Chris Jericho as the 'Head of Inter-Brand relations'. No word of yet to if Foley is planning to return to the ring, but with his age and injuries over the years, don't bank on it.

              - The Number One Contender for CM Punk's ECW Championship has been revealed, as Christian defeated Rey Mysterio is an incredibly well-recieved match last night on ECW. This means Christian will battle CM Punk for the title in just under three weeks at Extreme Rules.


              Originally posted by RT
              "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


              • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                Looks like Penis Breath has finally returned to Fan Fic and has finally posted his next show. It feels like forever and I have been withdrawing from the awesomeness of the Legacy fed. So, I'm tired of waiting, I need my fix! SHOW NO FEAR, THE KID IS HERE~!

                CM Punk was just amazing in that promo. That is probably the greatest promo I have ever read in Fan Fic and that says a lot coming from me, since I am the promo homo.... or whatever. That whole snake story was just amazing. The whole point of that story was just amazing. He owned the fans, he owned the world, he is the man, he is better than all. Tazz comes on the microphone and bores me, but whatever, CM Punk was awesome enough that I can give a shit about Tazz. I would love to see a Punk/Joe feud sometime down the road, but not anytime soon. Let them dominate long enough and then have them split. It will be perfect.

                Joe squashes Gabriel. Great!

                Kidd promo did it's job. A very special thing, because it hyped the superstar. I do have to say the Kidd/Burchill feud is awesome because of the females with them.

                Jericho/Foley was pretty bleh. Nothing to really talk about. It did it's trick, though.

                Raven doesn't explain why he made Umaga lay down. DAMN IT! I want to know as I am very curious and definitely like where you're going with these two. Umaga destroys two locals. USE FAN FIC'ERS LIKE I DID! It makes it more funnier and stuff. Umaga/Raven is definitely going to be awesome as I want to see where it goes. Raven/Umaga vs Tazz/Joe. Oh my God. That would be fucking insane.

                Burchill/Kidd is next and I predict this being tied up at 1 with this match. Wow. I'm wrong, but I fucking loved it. Burchill needs discipline and that is why William Regal is there. Apparently, the crowd gets to Burchill too much and he can't see the big picture. Absolutely amazing shit, man. I fucking loved it.

                You didn't bold Christian's name for his match! You have under-played him! Anyways, the match ends with Christian winning and that must've been a fun match for the crowd to see. Christian wins, yippy ki-yo-ki-yay! His promo was so corny. I get the whole getting the crowd to love him, the whole baby face thing, but he did nothing. He showed no passion. He said words that could've been passionate, but they weren't. Therefore, I could care less for Christian. Screw him.

                Matt Hardy did his job on the microphone. Showed some passion, a lot more then Christian. I do wonder who will come after his title next. Possibly a MVP/Matt feud to unify the titles? Maybe, we'll see what you guys do.

                MVP/Dreamer and the fans hate MVP which was an awesome thing to state there. ECW fans are choosy and you did a great job pointing that out. A fun match with MVP on top at the end. Awesome. He continues to own. Great job with him.

                Jack Swagger was swaggerific! I love that he came in there smiling and I loved that he just said "Fuck you" to ECW. Definitely awesome. Jack Swagger's cool.

                The main event is next between Jericho & RVD and now Foley shows what he meant when he told Jericho that things are ran differently in ECW and it got extreme after Edge (finally he returned as I thought he was gone after his mini-fun-feud with Ted Dibiase) but it works. As random as it is, it works. Fuck the Dibiase's, let's destroy ECW. Great job with that.

                As for you show, there was a few squashes, but who gives a shit. I don't care for Christian and Christian, only. However, in order, I love: CM Punk, Regal/Burchill, Swagger, Umaga/Raven, Jericho/Edge/Foley/RVD, Samoa Joe, Tyson Kidd & slightly Tazz & Matt Hardy. So your show was above great. It was excellent, I love this fed. 92/100


                • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                  Friday Night Smackdown
                  June 5th 2009

                  *Things Start Getting Extreme...*

                  WWE Smackdown in Madison Square Garden was going to be a historic one, with a huge double main event; Randy Orton and The Undertaker against Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy, with the winning team picking the stipulations for their respective matches at Extreme Rules; and Kevin Nash against Batista in a No Holds Bared Match! The show opened with 'Voices' by Rev Theory blaring over the P.A system, and the boos came showering down on the WWE Undisputed Champion Randy Orton and his Legacy team-mates. Orton walked slow and methodical as always, but wore a hint of a smile on his face, as opposed to his cold, emotionless stare that he usually wears. Orton got in the ring, microphone in hand, and went to explain his actions to the WWE Universe; "It wasn't supposed to be this way," Orton began, as the boos continued to rain down on him. Unfazed, the champion continued. "It was supposed to be my Legacy... Cody, Dustin, Ted and myself, we were to sit on top of the WWE mountain, champions. No-one could stand in our way, we were unbeatable, untouchable, we had no equals... All four of us would rule the WWE for years and years to come, cementing our legacy to ensure that we would NEVER be forgotten. And then, greed took over. Ted DiBiase became hungry for more, he became hungry for the respect of you fans, and the respect of his father. The moment that decrepit Million Dollar Man arrived on the scene, Ted changed his allegiance. Instead of following me and listening to my advise, he put family first. He couldn't follow the example set by Cody and lay waste to the man who was holding him back, no he decided to let his father twist and corrupt his mind, until Ted began dragging ALL of Legacy down. I tried, I TRIED SO HARD to talk some sense into Ted, but he wouldn't listen. So, I had to take matters into my own hands. Call it betrayal, call it tough love, I really don't care... I call it, a lesson. A lesson in life, that no-one is bigger in the WWE than Randy Orton! Not Ted DiBiase, not Shawn Michaels, nobody! I tried to help DiBiase climb the ranks, so when my time had come, he could take my place. But Ted got greedy, wanted it all now. Hopefully, RAW was a simple message that the student NEVER beats the teacher. So now, I've switched my focus... To Cody." The boos came thick and fast as Cody Rhodes beamed with pride, shaking hands with his team-mate and mentor. "Cody Rhodes is the future of this business. He's already made the ultimate commitment by destroying his father Dusty Rhodes, and he made an example out of Ric Flair at Judgement Day. Now, all that there is left to do, is for Cody Rhodes to finish off Ted DiBiase once and for all."

                  With that, Orton handed the microphone to Cody Rhodes. "Ted, it seems we've taken everything from you, doesn't it? Randy left you and your father laying in the middle of the ring, broken and humbled on RAW. Your spirit is almost broken, and mark my words Ted, I will break it completely come Extreme Rules. I'm going to take the only thing left from you there is to take, and that is the Million $ Championship. Now, to coincide with the theme of the event, JBL was nice enough to allow me to pick the stipulation for our match. I know how you and your father operate Ted, you wouldn't hesitate to run out of the ring like the COWARD that you are as soon as the bell rings. Not only that, but I know your dad, he'd probably interfere on your behalf. So, to make sure you have nowhere to run or hide and so that I can break your spirit completely and take the championship, our match will be contested inside a fifteen-foot high Steel Cage!" The crowd buzzed at that announcement, as Cody grinned from ear to ear. He handed the microphone back to Orton. "Now, I know you are all probably BEGGING for Ted to be here tonight and exact some revenge right?" The crowd went nuts, cheering their lungs out, clearly wanting to see Ted gain a measure of retribution against his former team-mates. "Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that WON'T be happening tonight. Y'see, Ted is at home looking after his father, and has been barred from the arena tonight. Not only that, but I have a restraining order against Ted... If he comes within twenty-five feet of me, he will be sent directly to jail!" The crowd were irate, as Orton soaked in the chants of 'asshole' and the jeers from the sold out Madison Square Garden crowd. Orton smiled a little, finishing up his promo. "It's for his own good. The next time I see Ted DiBiase, I will finish what I started of RAW. Without Ted DiBiase, Legacy can now fulfill their true potential... The Age of Orton... continues". With that, 'Voices' began playing once more and Legacy raised their arms triumphant as Smackdown went to its first commercial break.

                  The first match of the evening saw MVP put his United States Championship up against Kofi Kingston. Kingston seemed incredibly over with the MSG crowd, as MVP was almost booed out of the building, similar to the reception he received on ECW. The two contested a fast-paced, smash-mouth style match full of high risk moves and a number of near-falls that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Kingston came close on numerous occasions to capturing the championship, even hitting the Trouble in Paradise! The crowd went nuts, as Kingston hooked the leg... 1...2... MVP somehow put his foot on the bottom rope! Kingston believed he'd won the title and began celebrating! By the time the referee managed to tell Kingston it was a two count, MVP had recovered enough to hit a Drive By Kick and picked up a three-count! It was Kingstons inexperience that cost him. MVP began mouthing off to Kingston, telling him he never had a chance in hell at being United States Champion! As MVP posed over the fallen challenger, the crowd booed their butts off...

                  Jack Swagger was then seen backstage, walking around the hallways, a huge smile on his face. He entered JBL's office and asked his boss who he was facing this evening. JBL looked less than amused. "Your not on Smackdown tonight Jack. Listen to me and you listen good... You were only worth something to me when you were the ECW Champion. Since you lost the championship at Judgement Day, that makes you a loser! And I refuse to associate myself with losers! You are worthless to me now Jack! You aren't on the show tonight, you won't be on RAW, or probably even the PPV until you prove to me you aren't a loser! Prove to me son that you are a winner, someone who will do whatever it takes to score a victory! Because until you do impress me, you won't be seeing any ring time. If I was you, I'd start as soon as possible. Now get the hell out of my office!" Swagger, clearly humiliated and embarrassed left the locker room, his face telling the entire story. There was no smile, just a look that told the fans watching that JBL's speech may have lit a fire under the All-American American.

                  The Miz and John Morrison had every reason to brag when they entered the arena on Smackdown. They were now the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions after defeating Legacy on RAW. As smug and arrogant as ever, the two walked down to the ring with an aura of confidence we'd never seen before. The two refused to let the fans at ringside come near them nor their new championships. The two told the fans they had beaten the best the WWE had to offer; Carlito and Primo had fallen at their feet, Cryme Tyme came up on the losing end, and just last Monday, they defeated Legacy. Morrison said that they'd even beaten a few flunkies at the Palace of Wisdom, trying to find anyone who was at their level. The Miz then told the MSG crowd and WWE Universe that they'd even offered to wrestle teams from other promotions but they never got any replies. Suddenly, before the two could continue, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass made their way out to the ring. A clearly energized Shelton Benjamin told Miz and Morrison to stop talking crap, which elicited a massive response from the crowd. When Morrison asked "Who in the hell do you think you are?!", Shelton replied that they were the World's Greatest Tag Team! The crowd cheered even louder, as Shelton said Morrison and Miz couldn't lay claim to being the best, until they had beaten the best! "And the best is staring you right in the face right now, punk!" shouted Hass, as the two squared up to the Unified Tag Team Champions. Their confidence seemed to slowly disappear, as The Miz told the WGTT that they had nothing to prove, as they were the ones with the gold. Benjamin they told them to "Put up or shut up... How about you face us at Extreme Rules, with the gold on the line?!" The crowd went into a frenzy, clearly wanting to see the champions dethroned by Benjamin and Hass! Morrison told the fans to shut up, and that the WGTT didn't deserve a title shot. Hass proposed that on RAW, a non-title match should take place... If they won, the title match would be on. But if Miz and Morrison won, then the WGTT would have to disband forever. The crowd seemed stunned at that announcement, but Benjamin and Hass were clearly confident in themselves and their abilities. Miz and Morrison accepted, shaking their challengers hands... But after drilled them with the tag titles, knocking them to the canvas! Morrison and Miz laughed, telling the duo they'd see them on RAW. With that, the champions left the ring, leaving Benjamin and Hass hell bent on revenge.

                  The second match of the evening saw Kane going one-on-one with Big Show. The two giants teared into one another, pounding the crap out of each other. Eventually, the referee lost all control and was floored by Kane! With no referee, the two continued to beat on one another, with security and referees unable to break them up! Eventually, the chaos was stopped by Chris Jericho and Edge! Jericho, the master manipulator, told the giants that instead of fighting with each other, the two should fight against a common enemy; ECW! Jericho told the two that by helping Mr Layfield and entering WARGAMES, the two would be handsomely rewarded... Show and Kane glared at one another, and then shook hands! The crowd were in shock, as Jericho announced the final two members of Team JBL for WARGAMES; Big Show and Kane! The crowd were stunned, and now began to doubt whether ECW stood a chance at Extreme Rules...

                  Cameras then cut backstage, where Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Batista were. Michaels was telling Batista he was sorry for failing on RAW, but Batista promised Michaels that in his upcoming No Holds Barred, he was gonna' cripple Kevin Nash for good! Batista left the room, but no sooner had he gone, The Brian Kendrick sauntered in. He ignored Shawn Michaels completely and focused his attention on Jeff Hardy. "I know what you're thinking... You're thinking 'If I can be half the man Shawn Michaels is, I'll have it made in the world of professional wrestling, right? I mean, it's no secret you look up to him Jeff, everyone knows. But I'm gonna' let you in on a little secret Jeff; this man is a fraud. He doesn't deserve your admiration or your praise. All he deserves is to be cast out of the WWE forever! This mean took my hopes and dreams and crushed them for his own selfish gain!" Michaels went to interupt, but was swiftly shoved back by Kendrick who shouted "I don't recall saying a god-damn thing to you! The days where I speak to you with anything more than dis-respect are long, LONG gone Shawn! You make me sick, do you know that?! You pray on the young and hopeful and you treat them like your slaves! Then, when we're not good enough for you anymore, you cast us aside! Well not me! I refuse to let you forget me Shawn, and mark my words, by the time I'm finished with you, you will NEVER be able to forget me!" Shawn seemed uninterested in what Kendrick was saying, which sent 'The Loose Cannon' into a fit of rage. "Am I boring you Shawn?!" With that, Kendrick slapped the hell out of Michaels! Hardy soon intervened, shoving Kendrick and telling him if he had a problem, how about he settle it in the ring on RAW, with him?! Kendrick laughed, telling Jeff he was clearly brainwashed by Shawn. "Don't worry though Jeff... If it's a match on RAW you want, you've got it. I'm gonna' beat you within an inch of your life Hardy. I promise you that." With that Kendrick shot one last glare at Shawn before leaving. Michaels refused to retaliate himself, perhaps in the hope that there is still some of the old Brian Kendrick left...

                  The No Holds Barred Match between Batista and Kevin Nash was a brutal affair, with the two clobbering one another with everything but the kitchen sink! Batista used a steel chair in the early going to wear out Nash, but 'Big Sexy' battled back, using a steel chair of his own and busting 'The Animal' open with the ring bell! Outside the ring, Batista showed signs of life, cracking Nash in the head with a TV monitor. In an act of desperation, Nash hit a low blow, then almost knocked Batista out with the ring steps! Kevin Nash finished off his rival by hitting the Jackknife Powerbomb, sending Batista crashing through the announcers table! Triumphant, Nash put one foot on his chest and scored the victory. Nash then finished what he started at Judgement Day, crushing Batista's throat with the steel chair! 'Big Sexy' posed in the middle of the ring, when suddenly...

                  Behold The King... The King of Kings...

                  At the end of the promo, it said 'Triple H Returns... This Monday on RAW!' The Madison Square Garden crowd erupted in cheers, as Nash began shaking his head in disbelief... 'The Game' Triple H was coming back this Monday on RAW!

                  It was then time for the Main Event; Randy Orton and The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy! The stakes were incredibly high in this match, with the winning team picking the stipulations for their respective matches at Extreme Rules! The match started off with Orton refusing to fight Michaels, tagging out every time 'HBK' tagged in. Eventually, when The Undertaker grounded Michaels with a vicious big boot, 'The Viper' decided to enter the ring. Orton and 'The Deadman' systematically picked apart Michaels, hitting many big time moves and almost beating him on a number of occasions. Eventually however, The Undertaker slipped up, with Michaels wriggling out of a Last Ride and hitting a backdrop! HBK crawled to his corner and made the hot tag to Jeff Hardy, who burst in like a house on fire! Hardy took the fight to The Undertaker, not letting up, and even tagging Orton on the apron also! Hardy hit the Whisper In The Wind, and hooked the leg for the cover... 1...2... Hardy breaks up the count?! It is soon clear as to why, as Orton JUST misses hitting The Punt Kick! Michaels hits the Lou Thez Press on 'The Viper' pounding the hell out of him all the way to the outside! Orton manages to hit a sneaky low blow on the outside, and as the referee is distracted by Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes, Orton sneaks in and from out of nowhere hits an RKO! He drags The Undertaker over, and 'The Deadman' picks up the three count and the victory!

                  Orton is first to announce his stipulation, as Cody and Dustin hold Michaels in the ring... Orton says he wants to prove to the world he is better than Shawn Michaels, and says their match at Extreme Rules will push 'HBK' to his very limits in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match! The Undertaker is next, telling Jeff Hardy that he will literally bury the myth and the career of Hardy at Extreme Rules... in a Buried Alive Match! The Undertaker then scoops Hardy off of the canvas and goes to hit a Chokeslam for good measures... from out of nowhere Ted DiBiase rushes in through the crowd, steel chair in hand! The fans go absolutely insane, as Ted drills The Undertaker and Dustin with chair shots, as Cody and Randy retreat up the entrance ramp! Orton screams for security and police to lock Ted up, and they soon enter the ring, handcuffing DiBiase! The fans chant and cheer the loudest they have all night for DiBiase, who seems to only have revenge on his mind! He stares out his former Legacy team-mates, who seem to want no part of him! As Smackdown comes to a close, Ted shouts 'You're mine!' to Legacy, as the crowd give him a thunderous ovation. It seems revenge may be DiBiase's after all...

                  Matches/Segments Booked For RAW: Week Ten
                  Jeff Hardy vs The Brian Kendrick
                  John Morrison and The Miz vs World's Greatest Tag Team
                  Triple H RETURNS!

                  Extreme Rules
                  Card So Far

                  WWE Undisputed Championship
                  30 Minute Iron Man Match

                  (c) Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels

                  Buried Alive Match
                  The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy

                  WARGAMES Match
                  Team JBL vs Team ECW

                  Chris Jericho, Edge, Big Show and Kane vs TBA, TBA, TBA and TBA

                  ECW Championship Match
                  (c) CM Punk vs Christian

                  Stretcher Match
                  Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

                  Million $ Championship
                  Steel Cage Match

                  (c) Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes
                  * Smackdown: Week Nine is done and dusted, with Extreme Rules continuing to take shape. Reviews are lovely, as always, hope you enjoy! *


                  Originally posted by RT
                  "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


                  • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                    Is it my favorite fed? You're damn right. Does it make me mark out? You're damn right! Is it time for a review? You're damn right! Is it the man doing it? You're damn right! SHOW NO FEAR, THE KID IS HERE~!

                    The new Legacy makes their way into the ring and they did what I wanted them to do. They turned their backs on Dibiase. Now, let's hear how you come off after that turn and see what they have to say. Orton was pretty good at what he was saying. He basically told the world that he is far more superior then anyone in the fed. Cody then makes the match with Dibiase & him at Extreme Rules in a Steel Cage match. That should be fun. I wonder how you'll end it as it just began so we don't want this feud to end so soon. Randy finishes off the promo and it was a decent end, just basically calls it the Age of Orton, yada yada. In the end, it wasn't that great. Maybe because I had such high expectations, but I am definitely excited to see what you got in store with Dibiase/Cody in that Steel Cage match.

                    MVP vs Kofi Kingston is next and MVP continues to show how awesome he is. I do love MVP in this fed. He is a fighting champion, whether the crowd likes it or not. Kofi's inexperience costing him was an amazing way to end that match. Awesome.

                    Another awesome moment there. Jack Swagger goes to suck up to JBL after leaving ECW and JBL owns him. Now we wait to see what Swagger will do to prove to JBL he is not a loser. We saw with Ziggler did as he went after Cena. Who will Swagger go after? I'm definitely interested.

                    Miz & Morrison are awesome. I love them everywhere I see them. The WGTT comes out and they want the titles. You actually made The WGTT sound great on the microphone and they proved their point. Unfortunately, I don't think those two can ever sound that great on the mic, again as it seemed you wore them out right there. Will they disband forever or get title shots? I honestly have no idea, because you want the titles on the line in the PPV, but maybe they'll disband? I think they win, because it seems to me like they just got back together since Shelton was in a mini feud with MVP earlier. So, WGTT should win and lose at the PPV.

                    Big Show & Kane square off and I love that both men proved to be giants and beasts in this match. Jericho & Edge coming out got me a little excited for a weird, yet exciting tag team feud, but you did a way better thing by getting the monsters to join each other, rather then face each other. Honestly, that was amazing.

                    Wow. You are amazing. HBK apologizing to Batista seemed a bit boring, but it got its point across. THEN, Brian Kendrick comes in and he was just amazing. He was absolutely perfect. That was just perfect. I don't know what else to say. I could try and go into detail, but I am speechless. That was just amazing. I know I said that the CM Punk promo from PB on ECW was the best promo I ever read, well I think we got a tie. Kendrick continues to not only impress, but make me believe that he is amazing. The Loose Cannon is perfect. He is definitely the best character you have built in this fed. He is to you what Rene Dupree was to me, maybe even better. Wow.

                    Kevin Nash vs Batista is next and it was a brutal match. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. Nash wins with a jacknife through the announcers table. Awesome, who needs that table for the real main event? Anyways, Triple H promo is next and he is coming back on RAW. Kevin Nash vs Triple H is going to be a very original feud I have yet to see and I am definitely fucking excited. Nash took out Batista and I expect, at the end, Triple H to do it to Nash. It only makes sense. The only question is what will you do in the feud....?

                    The main event is next. A fun little tag match that ends with a clusterfuck, but Taker/Orton win. I HATE 30 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCHES! THOSE ARE NOT IRON MAN MATCHES, DAMN IT! THOSE ARE FUCKING PATHETIC! That is probably the worst thing I have yet to see in this fed and I am very upset. It will take down the PPV, match and this show down a bit, I'll be honest. The buried alive match, however, has me excited as fuck. That is going to own and I wonder what you have in store.

                    Dibiase being locked up? That was fucking amazing! I loved it! Show some passion and fire and you become a superstar, that's what has happened to Kendrick & Dibiase tonight. Dibiase was always building up, but tonight he became a superstar, along with Kendrick.

                    So it's no secret I marked the fuck out for Kendrick & Dibiase tonight. Show & Kane joining Jericho & Edge with JBL was great. I never got what I expected out of Jack Swagger, maybe he's planning it out and saving it for another show. This was not as great as your last show or ECW, but it was definitely fun to read as you can tell. I love this fed and it reminds me a lot of Phenoms MWF (I forgot the exact name) and it is definitely my favorite fed at the moment. 84/100


                    • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                      Alright, quick little review of WP's Smackdown, as I have a few of these reviews to do.

                      Never been a fan of Legacy using Voices as their theme when they all enter together, but that's just me. I use A New Day to try and "stabilize" them. I'm digging this Randy Orton promo so far. For some reason, I've never been able to capture his element in my fic, but you've captured Orton's element very well. Student never beats the teacher.. Randy's probably alluding to his history with Triple H . Was that handshake really necessary? Seemed weird. Okay, now Cody's talking like a babyface now. A restraining order? Are you kidding? Randy Orton has a little posse with him, and Ted only has his father, and Randy gets a restraining order on DiBiase? Not only does it not really work for Randy's cold calculated serial killer gimmick, but it just seems ridiculous. Good promo, but went downhill near the end.

                      MVP and Kofi Kingston.. MVP on ECW.. this interbrand stuff is so confusing sometimes. Fix it up a little bit, just my recommendation. Kingston's inexperience that cost him, when MVP is a young guy too. Seemed kinda weird to me. Good for what it was though, served it's purpose. The crowd booed their butts off.. kay.

                      JBL is awesome. 'Nuff said.

                      WGTT + MoMiz. This should be good . Although, it's pretty obvious who's gonna win, but it's okay because it sets up a good match for ER.

                      Show/Kane/Edge/Jericho. I like it.

                      Awesome Brian Kendrick promo. Kendrick = Pure Awesomeness.

                      Nash nearly kills Batista, and.. Triple H comeback. Noishe.

                      Very well described main event, had no problems with it, it was fun, fast paced, which I like to see.

                      Enjoyed the ending, too. I hope Ironman has no disqualifications or something, it seems really out of Orton's element to challenge HBK to an Ironman match.

                      Overall, I liked parts, and didn't like parts. Cody talking like a babyface at the beginning, and Orton challenging HBK to an Ironman match just seemed kinda weird, and out of character. The Kendrick promo was fantastic, Nash/Batista was fun, all the promos were enjoyable, but please fix up the brand situation. It's a mess.


                      • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                        Mick Foley announces Team ECW's first participant in WARGAMES!

                        Mick Foley announced exclusively on today, that the first man he's putting into team ECW for WARGAMES is none other than Mr. Tuesday Night, Rob Van Dam. Van Dam has been ECW's number one defender since making his return to the brand just over a month ago, and has impressed so far including a win over Chris Jericho as Judgment Day. Mick Foley says that Rob Van Dam is the embodiment of ECW, both old and new. He was the MVP of the old mainly hardcore style, and he is the veteran leader for this new 'extreme competition' movement. There was no better choice than Rob Van Dam to lead ECW into WARGAMES.

                        This week on ECW will be an inclusive sit-down interview with the number one contender to the ECW World Title Christian. Christian has been back in the WWE since January and has been in the thick of the action including defeating Triple H at Wrestlemania. Why has he chosen to come to ECW? What does he really think of CM Punk? How did his time away from the WWE help him hone his craft? Find out this Tuesday on ECW on SyFy.

                        Also, this Tuesday on ECW on SyFy, the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line as Matt Hardy defends against Mark Henry. How will The never-say-die Hardy, overcome the world's strongest man?
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                        • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                          Matt Hardy vs. Matt Hardy? Intriguing.


                          • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                            Originally posted by G.
                            Matt Hardy vs. Matt Hardy? Intriguing.

                            I don't know what you're talking about.

                            PS: Feel free to review!

                            s u r r e n d e r

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                            • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                              RAW: Week Ten Preview!

                              Tonight, WWE television comes to you from Madison Square Garden, as RAW hits the USA Network with a blockbuster show! With just under three weeks away until Extreme Rules, who knows what might happen in the 'Worlds Most Famous Arena'?

                              It's Time To Play The Game... After being injured on RAW: Week Five by Kevin Nash, Triple H returns to the WWE! Two video packages have played hyping his return, at Judgement Day and last week on Smackdown. With Kevin Nash expected to be in attendance, what will happen when 'The King of Kings' makes his comeback?

                              The stakes can't get any higher for Hass and Benjamin, the World's Greatest Tag Team this week on RAW. If they defeat the Unified Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and The Miz, they will bag themselves a title opportunity at Extreme Rules. However, if they are defeated the two must break up forever. Can the WGTT overcome the cocky champions?

                              It's the biggest test to date for 'The Loose Cannon' as The Brian Kendrick battles Jeff Hardy in the main event on RAW! We've heard through sources that JBL has made this match a No Disqualification Match to ensure there is a clear cut winner. Shawn Michaels is set to be in the corner of Hardy... Will the evil and demonic Undertaker show up to send a message to his Extreme Rules opponent Jeff Hardy?

                              All this and much, MUCH more on RAW: Week Ten! Don't you dare miss it!


                              Originally posted by RT
                              "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


                              • Re: WWE Legacy: A Fan Fic By WP & PB

                                System’s Semantics:


                                - AWESOME Promo, I don’t even like the current Psycho Orton gimmick but that was fantastic. Jail does make more sense but it seems a bit over the top compared to fired or something.

                                MVP VS Kofi Kingston:

                                - The Metal Solid Gear crowd?
                                - Awesome writing there..just shows how well summaries can be done.
                                - MVP wins, yay!
                                - The crowd Boo’d their butts of? Do they yell out their ass ?

                                Jack Swagger

                                - Jack Swagger lost his smile? Heel destroys another heel in a promo and I like it .
                                (Disclaimer; If Swagger isn’t heel then sue me )

                                Tag Teams:

                                Cool segment but WGTT split? I suppose that does a lot for both men. Never seen anyone push Hass yet

                                Kane Vs Big Show:

                                - pounding the crap out of each other
                                - They shook hands! ARGH. Couldn’t they have nodded or something? Kane doesn’t shake hands! (He hugs )
                                - War Games storyline owns man.


                                - Wow Kendrick has gone from someone I despised in this fed to one of my favourites, brilliant.

                                Batista Vs Kevin Nash:

                                - Decent match ..its what you’d expect from those two.

                                - TWIPLE ACHE! Nice!

                                Main Event:

                                - Cool stipulation BTW.
                                - Systematically (H)
                                - How do you hit a backdrop out of a last ride?
                                - And its R K Over! Good tag match got a little lost though.
                                - Dude write a 60 minute Iron Man match and make it 6 pages long (10 mins per page) or I’ll be pissed (H). I hope the match works because im not a fan of the 30 min IM’s either.
                                - Buried alive! Bye Jeff Hardy!
                                - Teddy’s gone crazy! NICE.


                                Very entertaining show.