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The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

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    Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

    I seriously like how you pulled ideas from other sources of entertainment for this project, it has really inspired me to I dunno try and use the same idea a little. I wont be able to do it over the top and such as that is not the premise of my fed but all confrontation in movies has a basic source for outdoing an opponent or something to that affect... maybe I can tone it down and see how it goes, who knows!

    Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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      Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

      KJ, you know I love Fight Club with a passion. That is a perfect storyline that'd would've been amazing in every single way. The best thing about it? I know you would've done it justice, because your an amazing, amazing writer.

      This has been fantastic to follow, keep it up. It's interesting and insightful, and proves what a great mind you have. Can't wait for the rest buddy, and can't wait for your new project following this.


      Originally posted by RT
      "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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        Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

        Yeah that fight club angle would've been awesome.

        When is season 3 coming , KJ?


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          Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

          I'm actually going to do a different fed.

          I have a migraine tonight. Tomorrow at work should be a slow day...I think I'll write the next segment there.

          [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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            Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

            The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

            Chapter Four -- Montel Vontavious Porter and Matt Sydel

            MVP and Sydel both joined LSW this season with the sole purpose of this storyline.

            Sydel’s character was to be a young, upstart wrestler (very similar to what his character ended up being in WWE as Evan Bourne). His high-flying moves and exciting pace would captivate crowds.

            MVP would come in as egotistical as ever. A self-proclaimed veteran. But while his charismatic demeanor has always split crowds, his actions towards Sydel would win them over.

            Under the thuggish attitude he portrays, MVP would take the wide-eyed Sydel under his wing. Sydel, understandably, would be cautious. MVP wasn’t necessarily a “good” guy. He would cheat. He would help Sydel out in matches to propel his career. But MVP assured Sydel that this was how things worked at the show. “I have your back, you have mine.”

            Despite MVP’s urgings, Sydel kept it clean. He refused to cheat. But there was a definite bond between the two men…they would become friends. MVP laughed off Sydel’s naïve attitude, but respected it. When Sydel challenged for the Iron Division Championship at the second PPV, MVP accidentally cost him the match. After the match, MVP went to help up Sydel, only to be decked with a right hand. Sydel screamed at him why he shouldn’t destroy MVP, but relented as MVP smoothly calmed him down.

            Things seemed good, and MVP and Sydel even secured a tag title shot for the final PPV of the season when Sydel pinned Homicide in a number one contender‘s match. But rumors shuffled throughout LSW that MVP had been seen having several conversations with LAX, though they were never caught on film together. When Sydel confronted MVP about them, MVP assured him it had nothing to do with them…they were “cool.”

            The show before PPV, LAX beat the hell out of Sydel after they jumped him. As he was being beat, they berated him, asking why they shouldn’t end his career right there. Sydel said they could try and he’d still walk to the ring the next week. For whatever reason, LAX backed off…possibly shocked at the fortitude Sydel displayed.

            True to his word, Sydel showed up at the PPV the next night. MVP was nowhere to be found. Sydel battled valiantly against the tag team champions. When the ref took a bump, MVP showed up out of nowhere and drilled the champs with a chair and then nailed Sydel. He tagged himself in as the ref came to and covered for the win.

            As he grabbed the belts, a groggy Sydel went after MVP, but he was no match after what he’d been through. Suddenly, LAX surrounded the ring and rolled in before MVP could further injure Sydel. MVP looked terrified as LAX slid into the ring. Sydel slowly got to his feet and grabbed his newly won title. MVP stood close to him, almost as if he expected Sydel to be on his side. LAX surrounded the two men. Sydel looked at his belt, stepped towards LAX, and threw the belt at their feet. The members of LAX parted, and Sydel walked out of the ring. As he walked out of the arena, the smile on his face was ever-present as LAX gang-jumped MVP. Sydel never looked back as MVP begged for help. Oddly, no referees or officials helped him out.

            Got the storyline yet?

            MVP is Alonzo and Matt Sydel is Jake. That’s right…Training Day.

            It would come out after the season MVP had guaranteed LAX tag team gold early in the season for undisclosed reasons. His chance to make good was the number one contendership match, but Sydel’s perseverance ruined that for him. So MVP set Sydel up for the fall. The inherent good in Sydel…the never say die, uncompromising attitude…was too much for MVP.

            King Kong ain’t got shit on MVP.

            Next time…The Hooliganz

            Lonestar Wrestling Season I:
            Lonestar Wrestling Season II:

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              Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

              I have a feeling this will without a doubt be Kid's favorite storyline.

              [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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                Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                God I wish you would have continued with this.

                Some of this is so damn inspiring and its only a recap. I'm not one just to unload praise for the hell of it because you are a Moderator and a well-liked poster, but this stuff is truely incredible, not so much the writing, just the ideas and knowing what was behind them. Veyr motivational.

                A true shame this did not come to fruition.


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                  Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                  That would have been a killer angle KJ, these are turning out awesomely and I can't wait to see what else you had up your sleeves.....
                  Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                    Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                    Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoyed.

                    If anything doesn't make sense, or you even think an angle's stupid...tell me. Please.

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                      Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                      The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                      Chapter Five -- The Hooliganz

                      One of the premier tag teams pushed throughout season was the RoH Express…Londrick…The Hooliganz -- Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Personally, I’m huge fans of both of these guys. As a tag team, I’ve dreamed of Hooliganz versus the Murder City Machine guns. That was one of the primary reasons I put these two teams into a big feud in Season I.

                      With Season II entering, I knew London and Kendrick had run their course as a team…it was time to split them up. The challenge was splitting up an established team in some interesting fashion. There’s only so many ways you can do it…even if you try something creative. I decided to reference back to one of my favorite works of art -- Othello -- in a very, very, very loose manner. Really, I just used the motives of petty jealousy.

                      In Season II, London would win a number one contender’s match for the LSW Fusion Division Championship, pinning the man who pinned Kendrick. Kendrick, though visibly upset, would support London.

                      The following week, The Hooliganz would win a tag team gauntlet for a number one contender’s match for the tag titles. This set an interesting situation for the first PPV…London was now booked in two matches. Knowing he would be clearly beated and exhausted in match two, COO Jonathan Carter booked Kendrick versus Alex Shelley at the final show before the PPV. The winner of the match would be able to have their choice of position on the card…if Shelley won, MCMG would face the Hooliganz after the Fusion Title match. If the Kendrick won, the Hooliganz would face MCMG first. Shelley would go on to win.

                      At the PPV, London faced Johnny Jeter and defeated him for the Fusion Division Championship, though he took quite a bit of abuse to his knee. After the match, London was resting with his title with ice on his knee when Kendrick made sure he was OK. London guaranteed he was fine, and assured Kendrick they would win tonight. Of course, the brilliant tag champs isolated London, barely giving Kendrick a chance to get in. In the end, London was pinned and the MCMG retained. Kendrick again was upset, but he helped London to the back.

                      During the weeks building towards London’s Fusion Division defense against AJ Styles, Kendrick pleaded Carter for a tag title shot, but Carter refused saying he wouldn’t sacrifice his champion’s health like that again. London confronted Kendrick, asking if he has his support. Reluctantly, Kendrick said yes.

                      At the second PPV, Styles and London had a brilliant match. Styles attempted to cheat, but Kendrick saved London, allowing him to hit the standing SSP for the pin. Kendrick and London celebrated, when it happened…London was laid out by Kendrick. Kendrick whipped London with the belt, dragged him to the outside, and left him in a pool of his own blood.

                      Rumors swirled London might be out of commission. With Carter’s mandate all titles must be defended at every PPV, if London was out of commission, a new champion would have to be crowned. The match was set to be Kendrick vs. AJ Styles. At the final show before the PPV, London came out unexpectedly attacking Kendrick. With his return, Carter was forced to switch the match to a Triple Threat.

                      At the final PPV, Styles was cutting a promo when London savagely attacked him. London grabbed the bloody Styles by the head, pulled him close, and told him “this is between Brian and me. There’s no room for you,” before throwing Styles into the brick wall with a thud.

                      Carter would confront London, saying if he wants it like this…he’ll get it…and changed the match to a falls count anywhere match.

                      London and Kendrick battled through the entire arena. The match was back and forth, but in the end, London would win when he nailed the SSP from the top of the fan entry-way as Kendrick was sprawled out over a table. EMTs would help London to the back, but it was clear neither man would be the same again.

                      So like I said…very loosely based on one of the best jealousy revenge stories ever told.

                      Looking at the teaser poster for their storyline:


                      It says “It all comes full circle.” This was the tagline to the film “O”, which was loosely based on the play Othello.

                      And the black board:


                      Featured the mathematical equation on the bottom right “London Divided By Gold Equals Kendrick.” I think that one now speaks for itself.

                      Next time…Matt Striker

                      Lonestar Wrestling Season I:
                      Lonestar Wrestling Season II:

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                        Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                        I've never read Othello or watched a cinematic interpretation of it... nor have I ever bothered with the cliffnotes for Othello, so I don't know how loosely (or not) this angle ties to its source material, but I love it regardless. The only things I'm confused about are whether London or Kendrick was the face. I know I'm supposed to be conditioned by the current WWE product to assume that Kendrick is going to be the heel, but at the time... Kendrick was so much of a face in real life that I can't recall how you handled their dispositions in LSW. Personally, I'm not London's biggest fan... so I'm bitter about seeing Kendrick never getting to one-up his ungrateful, selfish partner.

                        Man... This angle takes me back to the days of PIaul London and Brian KJendrick as the Hostile Cahoots.

                        Anyways... Striker is up next, and I recall that everything you've ever had planned for this man is brilliant. He's one talented mo-fo with a lot of potential for really interesting storylines, and I know you didn't disappoint.

                        All I can say to anyone else who is reading is...

                        STAY TUNED!

                        : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                          Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

                          I've not been around a lot lately. I don't have the greatest internet connection, but in a few weeks that should be fixed. Coming back and reading this is fantastic. I've been half-writing my RCW while I've been away but this thread is totally inspiring to stop my run-of-the-mill rubbish and actually spend some time putting together a quality fed.

                          This i a great raed KJ, thanks for posting it. I love the fact that PI picked your roster. This is really great stuff.

                          s u r r e n d e r

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