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  • KWF IV


    1- Bret Hart
    2- Brian Kendrick
    3- Carlito
    4- Chris Jericho
    5- CM Punk
    6- Cody Rhodes
    7- Daivari
    8- Finlay
    9- Garrison Cade
    10- Harry Smith
    11- Jeff Hardy
    12- Joey Mercury
    13- John Bradshaw Layfield
    14- John Cena
    15- Johnny Nitro
    16- Kurt Angle
    17- Mick Foley
    18- Mr. Kennedy
    19- Muhammad Hassan
    20- Paul London
    21- Randy Orton
    22- Rene Dupree
    23- Shawn Michaels
    24- Shelton Benjamin
    25- Steve Austin
    26- TJ Wilson
    27- Trevor Murdoch
    28- Triple H
    29- Umaga
    30- Viscera

    Active Tag Teams
    1- MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/ Melina)
    2- The NEW Hart Foundation (Harry Smith & TJ Wilson w/ Nattie Neidhart)
    3- The Money Men (Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak)
    4- The Hooligans (Brian Kendrick & Paul London)

    Injured Reserved
    1- The Undertaker- (Lost for his first time at WM to Randy Orton and was taken away by a group of masked men with their heads covered. The Undertaker has not been seen since.)

    2- Ric Flair- (Lost at WM in the retirement match to Bret "The Hitman" Hart. He is scheduled to have his retirement show and speech at the first ever RAW in the new KWF IV. It will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.)

    3- Matt Hardy- (At WM, he was tossed off stage and off the ladder by Test and was severely injured, breaking his neck, ribs and right shoulder. His career could be over, but Matt Hardy had something to say about that. "The doctors are telling me to retire, to hang up my boots and just move on. But how can I sit here knowing that my career was ended by some guy who is not even a part of the KWF any more? I can't sit here and watch what I love to do on TV and just move on with my life until I die. I will not let that happen. I will fight all I can to get back into that ring and I'm going to do it for all my fans out there. I will NOT die!" The doctors are saying that he should retire, but will he?)

    4- Edge- (At WM, also like Matt Hardy, he was tossed off the stage, but only suffered a mild fracture in his right arm. Edge, unlike Matt, got real lucky by not getting too much of a severe injury. The doctors say that he should be 100% in a month or two, but Edge promises that he'll be back sooner than later.)

    5- Charlie Haas- (Also a part of the MITB match, he tore his shoulder out of place and will be out of action for 4-6 months.)

    6- Mark Jindrak- (On the return of RAW, Jindrak was betrayed by his friend and long time tag team partner, Garrison Cade. Jindrak was assaulted by Cade's new partner, Trevor Murdoch. Jindrak is out with a severe concussion and the doctors say his return should be 1-2 months. The question remains: Will Jindrak return or will he just call it quits after being betrayed by his long time partner and best friend?)


    World Heavyweight Champion
    Chris Jericho

    Intercontinental Champion

    Tag Team Championship

    EDITED- Monday, April 7th
    Last edited by Kid Carter; 04-07-2008, 04:59 AM.

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    Re: KWF IV

    Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!

    Its so fucking fantastic to see the KWF returning, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with IV and continue on from that helluva WM but I'm excited and you should know I'll defiantly be reading.

    What happened to all the invaders though?

    Mess with E.C.3. and you're in for; Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble....



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      Re: KWF IV

      Glad to have this back Kid. Sorry I couldn't get you a banner and everything but the important thing is that you're back writing again.
      Follower of Christ.


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        Re: KWF IV

        Originally posted by The Franchise
        Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!

        Its so fucking fantastic to see the KWF returning, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with IV and continue on from that helluva WM but I'm excited and you should know I'll defiantly be reading.

        What happened to all the invaders though?
        He's trimming the fat.

        I'm stoked as hell for the Flair/Anderson/Hart storyline is it's planned to continue anything like what he last talked about.

        : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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          Re: KWF IV

          Can't wait to see you start this again, Kid.


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            Re: KWF IV

            Now this is what I wanna see when I come back, not Greg man love all over the place... Oh Hell Yeah!
            Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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              Re: KWF IV

              I'm excited, after that wrestlemania, it'll be good to see where you go.

              s u r r e n d e r

              ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                Re: KWF IV

                The Nature Boy Retires
                - On the first RAW back for the KWF, it will be highlighted with the retirement of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair who was forced into retirement after losing the Retirement Match at Wrestlemania to Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The man who will host The Nature Boy's retirement speech will be none other than his old friend, Arn Anderson. Also, the man who threw the towel in for The Nature Boy and helped his old friend to the back after the brutal match with The Hitman. Don't miss it!

                King of the Ring Tournament Begins
                - The first ever KWF King of the Ring tournament will be under way on the first RAW as we will go from eight men to four men on Bracket 1 with the main event match being CM Punk going one on one against The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. Below, is the tournament brackets which were RANDOMLY choosen using

                BRACKET ONE
                Finlay versus Umaga
                Randy Orton versus Mr. Kennedy
                CM Punk versus Shawn Michaels
                Carlito versus Triple H

                BRACKET TWO
                Jeff Hardy versus Kurt Angle
                Steve Austin versus Shelton Benjamin
                Viscera versus Bret Hart
                Rene Dupree versus John Cena

                Mini Tag Team Title Tournament Begins
                - There will be four teams who will be fighting for the Tag Team titles! On the return of RAW, two teams will battle it out where the winner goes to the King of the Ring to fight for the Tag Team titles!

                - This RAW will have: The Money Men facing The Hooligans, Paul London & Brian Kendrick.

                - The next RAW will have MNM facing the debuting NEW Hart Foundation, Harry Smith & TJ Wilson!

                Announcements from JBL & World Champion, Chris Jericho!
                - JBL has a major announcement regarding his wrestling career and The King of the World, World Champion Chris Jericho also has an announcement regarding the number one contender for the World championship at The King of the Ring, Mick Foley!



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                  Re: KWF IV

                  RAW Week One
                  Charlotte, North Carolina

                  *PYROS EXPLODE*


                  King- It’s so great to be back, it feels like we’ve been gone for years!

                  Jim Ross- Well, it’s been a few months, but we are back and just in case you don’t remember us, I am good ol’ JR and I am sitting alongside my long time partner…

                  King- JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER! What a huge night we have in store for everyone and tonight will be the beginning of the King of The Ring tournament! I can not wait!

                  Jim Ross- Also, tonight we will have the farewell of a legend! The Nature Boy, Ric Flair will make his retirement speech! The Nature Boy fought his heart out at the greatest Pay Per View of all time, WRESTLEMANIA! KWF’s second WM and it was a classic. This match was by far the greatest match of the night, it lasted longer then the Iron Man match and this match went over 60 minutes and let’s look back at that unforgettable match.

                  *Footage plays*
                  Bret Hart and Ric Flair are shown making their entrances out, both having their own crowd cheer them on knowing that this could be the last time one of the two men will be wrestling inside of that ring. Jim Neidhart is then shown by ring side cheering on The Hitman and Arn Anderson is shown on The Nature Boy’s corner.

                  The two legends go at it in the ring and the near falls are shown, the pain and exhaustion on each man’s face is shown as neither man will stay down for the three count to end their careers. We then see Bret Hart and The Nature Boy both laying down, exhaustingly looking across the ring into each other’s eyes, neither man wanting to leave wrestling, blood dripping off of The Nature Boy‘s lip.

                  Outside of the ring, we see Neidhart take out Arn Anderson who needs to be helped to the back by medics. Jim Neidhart reminds the world that he is still the beast!

                  The Nature Boy is shown applying The Sharpshooter on the man who made it famous, Bret Hart! Hart tastes his own medicine in agonizing pain, but if he does it best, he knows how to reverse it and does so, reversing the pain and putting Flair in a Figure Four leg lock. Naitch screams with blood pouring off of his lip onto his chest.

                  The match continues and Arn Anderson makes his way from the back with a towel and he gets revenge on Jim Neidhart by nearly breaking his arm against the turnbuckle post. The crowd goes absolutely insane and Arn Anderson has revealed the beast side of him that we haven’t seen in years!

                  Inside the match has now went on for over an hour and finally, Bret Hart gets Ric Flair in the Sharpshooter and the crowd goes insane and Nature Boy fans are shown holding their heads in shock. Flair screams in pain and reaches for the ropes, but he is just too far. You see the desperate look in the eyes of Flair as he knows that he’s trapped in the Sharpshooter and his career is just a second way from being OV-


                  The referee calls for the bell and Bret falls off of Naitch and lays on his chest breathing heavily after the exhausting match and he has picked up the victory. Arn Anderson goes into the ring to help his long time friend, Ric Flair and you can just see the pain, exhaustion, disappointment and you can see that The Nature Boy is so shocked he has no idea where he is and what happened. Bret makes his way to the back and Arn Anderson helps The Nature Boy to the back by holding him on his shoulder as he leans his head against the arm of Arn Anderson looking at the applauding fans as both men get a standing ovation. Sixty seven minutes and twenty five seconds were the final amount of time in the illustrious career of the legend, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair.
                  Jim Ross- Over sixty minutes long and that was by far the greatest match I have ever seen between those two men and that just might be the best match I have ever seen. It had everything. Heart. Pride. Pain. And some more heart!

                  King- And two old men that should’ve both lost!

                  Jim Ross- And I have to sit right next to an old man who is just mad that he can’t step into that ring and do what those guys did!

                  King- Hey, I almost beat Muhammad Hassan for the Intercontinental championship the last time I was in that ring, but I got screwed!

                  Jim Ross- Nonetheless, enough about you. Let’s talk about tonight. This is the first week of the road to The King of The Ring! Tonight, we will have eight of the sixteen men battling it out in singles action! And let’s post the brackets for those who may have forgotten what the brackets look like!

                  BRACKET ONE
                  Finlay versus Umaga
                  Randy Orton versus Mr. Kennedy
                  CM Punk versus Shawn Michaels
                  Carlito versus Triple H

                  BRACKET TWO
                  Jeff Hardy versus Kurt Angle
                  Steve Austin versus Shelton Benjamin
                  Viscera versus Bret Hart
                  Rene Dupree versus John Cena
                  King- And tonight, we will go through the whole first round of the first bracket!

                  Jim Ross- Eight men will fight to get one step closer to becoming the King of the Ring and becoming the Number one contender for the World title at Summerslam!

                  King- I don’t even have a favorite to win this thing! It could be anyone walking out with this, because this is by far the best King of the Ring tournament of all time!

                  Jim Ross- Well, tonight we will end the night with the farewell to the legendary Nature Boy, but the main event match for tonight will be CM Punk going one on one against The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

                  King- And we are going to start the night off quick with the first match of the King of the Ring tournament! It is going to be Triple H going one on one against Carlito!

                  *I spit in the face of people who don‘t want to be cool!*

                  The crowd begins to cheer and making his way to the ring is Carlito! He is in yellow and white shorts with a huge smile on his face as he makes his way down the ramp with an apple in his hand. He is also wearing a white Carlito shirt and the North Carolina fan loves him. He finally reaches the ring where he puts the apple down in the corner of the ring and takes off his shirt and waits for his opponent with a smirk on his face.


                  The crowd erupts in cheers out of their seats and from the back comes The Game, Triple H! The Game comes out in his King of Kings shirt, black and green tights and a water bottle in hand. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks around at the crowd with a snarl on his face. He then takes a sip of the water, splashes his head and throws the bottle off stage and into the crowd before making his way down the ramp. He reaches the ring and climbs up the steel steps and walks on the apron and then faces the crowd. He looks around at the arena and then spit’s the water into the air as he stretches out his arms. The crowd love it and he gets into the ring where he takes off his shirt and throws it outside of the ring. The Game and Mr. Cool look at each other from across the ring and they wait for the referee to call for the bell and when he does, The Game quickly charges at Carlito with a running knee to the gut catching the surprised Carlito with an unexpected attack.

                  King Of The Ring Round One
                  Carlito versus Triple H

                  The Game quickly attacked Carlito with the running knee to the gut and began to assault him against the turnbuckle with punches, chops, kicks and knees all over the body. Carlito was left defenseless. Triple H then grabs Carlito by the wrist and gives him an Irish Whip into the ropes and Carlito comes bouncing back right into a spine buster from The Game! Triple H leaps up to his feet and screams as he looks at the crowd. Carlito lays on his back with cringing his face and Triple H stalks Carlito. Carlito slowly picks himself up to his feet and Hunter charges at him, leaps into the air and gives Carlito a jumping knee right to the face that sends Carlito onto his back, rolling around holding onto his face. The Game doesn’t hesitate any more and he lifts Carlito up to his feet and gives him a kick to the gut and follows it by hooking the arms and connecting with the Pedigree! The crowd goes wild and Triple H rolls Carlito onto his back and hooks the leg taking the pin for the win to advance to the quarter finals of the King of the Ring tournament!
                  The crowd erupts in cheers and The Game leaps up to his feet and looks down at Carlito with a look like the beast was just unleashed from his soul. He then makes his way over to the ropes and demands a microphone and he is quickly handed one. He quickly speaks.

                  Triple H- Now, allow me to remind the whole world who I am! I am the same guy who won at Wrestlemania and dominated my opponent! I dominated CM Punk and have I heard one thing about my victory? No! All I’ve heard while the KWF was under construction was Ric Flair this, Ric Flair that, well Ric Flair can go to hell with each and every single one of you!

                  The crowd seems stunned by this as they were just cheering The Game a second ago.

                  Triple H- That’s right! I am the King of Kings, I am the soon to be King of the Ring and World champion! I am… WRESTLING! And no matter who gets in my way, man, women, animal or God… I am The Game and things are going to be real different around here and I will destroy anything in my way! You saw what I just did to him, now whether it be CM Punk or Shawn Michaels in the next round, it doesn’t matter who it is because I have defeated and destroyed both! I am Triple H… and there is a NEW GAME IN THE KWF! And if anybody got a problem with that, then I dare you to step up and play the game!

                  Triple H drops the microphone and angrily looks around the arena who were once cheering for him and are now booing him. The Game quickly leaves the ring and makes his way up the ramp looking at the crowd in utter disgust.

                  Jim Ross- What got into him?

                  King- He saw the light! He saw that these fans are not going to bring him to gold and he bought himself back to the old Triple H, the man who won so much gold, the man who is now my pick to become the King of the Ring and to become the next World champion!

                  Jim Ross- He definitely dominated in that match, but we haven’t seen all our competitors in action, yet, so we still have no idea who upgraded themselves and got themselves ready for the new KWF!

                  King- Did you not hear him? No man, women, animal or God will get in his way! He will destroy whatever gets in his way.

                  Jim Ross- Well, the night has just begun, but we have to take our first commercial break and we will be back right away!

                  -Commercial Break-


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                    Re: KWF IV

                    We come back from the commercial break and the cameras are in the back where we have Mean Gene Okerlund standing in the back with none other then John Bradshaw Layfield! JBL is in a suit and a cowboy hat and he has a huge smile on his face.

                    Gene Okerlund- I am standing here with John Bradshaw Layfield and you requested this interview and I believe you have a very big announcement you want to make.

                    JBL- Ha, ha, I sure do!

                    Gene Okerlund- But first thing first, the last time we saw you, Money Inc defeated your Cabinet and you went bankrupt. Now, I don’t mean this in a wrong way or anything, but how… are you still…

                    Gene begins pointing at JBL’s outfit and JBL begins to laugh.

                    JBL- Why do I still look like a million bucks? Well, let me explain the business to you, Mean Gene. As a business man, you sometimes make moves that make you poor and broke and most people who fall into that category will just quit and live their lives like losers! But I, JBL am not a loser! I have decided to do something with my career and it has worked to a success!

                    JBL begins to laugh and look around like a proud man.

                    JBL- I, JBL, the WRESTLING GOD, has decided to outshine the retirement of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair! I, JBL, the WRESTLING GOD, have decided to hang up the wrestling boots and become a… MANAGER… GOD!

                    JBL begins laughing to himself.

                    Gene Okerlund- A manager? Well, JBL, that’s very shocking, but who are you going to manage?

                    JBL- Well, that part is a secret. I will not reveal that quite yet. Actually, I spoke to The Kid and he said that I can debut my man at the King of the Ring! This was the perfect man to pick to manage and to bring to the top and hell, Gene, he made me rich, once again! Because, I’m a business man and I am not a… Carlito!

                    Carlito walks by and then stops and he looks very pissed off with an apple in his hand.

                    Carlito- A Carlito? What’s that?

                    JBL- Think about it, use your brain, junior! What did you just go out there and do in front of the whole world on the come back of the KWF? Actually, don’t answer that! I’ll tell you what you didn’t do! You didn’t go out there and win, you didn’t make your return to the KWF and stun the world with an announcement or stun the world by proving to everyone that you are as good as you think you are. No, you went out there and got embarrassed, humiliated, beat down, hell boy, you proved to the whole world that you are a Carlito! And a Carlito is a LOSER! And a loser is not cool in JBL’s book!

                    JBL begins to smile and then turns around to face Mean Gene.

                    JBL- So the lesson of the day is… don’t be a Carlito! If you want to be something, then sit back and admire the great J… B…


                    Carlito spit’s the apple right in the face of JBL and JBL stands there looking humiliated and embarrassed with apple dripping down his face.

                    Carlito- Now… that’s cool!

                    Carlito seems to grow a smirk on his face as he walks away from JBL and Mean Gene Okerlund. JBL brushes the remainders of the apple off of his face and then looks at Mean Gene with a sadistic angry look and begins to speak.

                    JBL- He’s going to pay for that, just watch!

                    JBL angrily walks away from Gene Okerlund and Mean Gene just watches him walk away before looking at the floor at all the spit apple that JBL brushed off of his face.

                    *Scene changes to another area in the arena*

                    The cameras are in the back where we see Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade standing next to each other and Jindrak looks confused as hell as he looks at Garrison Cade. Jindrak is in gold and white tights and Garrison Cade is in blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

                    Mark Jindrak- What the hell is this?!

                    Jindrak points at the outfit of Garrison Cade and Cade looks at him, chewing on something.

                    Mark Jindrak- Are you chewing on tobacco?!

                    Garrison Cade- Yes I am! Do you got a problem with that?

                    Mark Jindrak- You know what? Forget it. Let’s just hope you can still wrestle and that didn’t change about you! We’re going out there to face Paul London and Brian Kendrick and if we win, we face either MNM or The Hart Foundation at The King of the Ring for the Tag Team titles, so let’s go get ourselves a shot at becoming the Tag Team champions, once again! And just take off that disgusting cowboy hat.

                    Jindrak goes to walk away, but Cade just stands there. Jindrak walks up to Cade with his arms out and begins shaking his head.

                    Mark Jindrak- You coming or what?

                    Garrison Cade- No.

                    Mark Jindrak- What do you mean, “no”?!

                    Garrison Cade- You’re not my partner tonight.

                    Mark Jindrak- Of course I am. What the hell are you talking about?! Let’s go. I think you got that hat on too tight.

                    Garrison Cade- I said that you are not my partner tonight, or heck, anymore!

                    Jindrak walks back towards Cade after slowly walking away, again and he shrugs his arms. He opens his mouth ready to ask Garrison Cade, “what”? All of a sudden…

                    … some fat guy comes from behind and ties a bull rope around the throat of Mark Jindrak and begins choking him out. Jindrak falls down to a knee and Garrison Cade begins stomping away on Mark Jindrak. The fat guy gets Jindrak down onto his back and the two men begin stomping away on him. They then both pick him up and run him skull first into the concrete wall. Jindrak bounces off and falls right onto his back where he lays motionless. Cade then looks down at Mark Jindrak and smirks.

                    Garrison Cade- Meet my new tag team partner, Trevor Murdoch!

                    Trevor Murdoch is in a blue jean vest and blue jeans with a hat on and he angrily looks down at the out cold Mark Jindrak. Cade bends over onto the face of Mark Jindrak and spit’s the brown, chewed up tobacco right into the face of Mark Jindrak. They then walk away as Cade has a smirk on his face and Murdoch has a look that can’t even be described. We then head to another…

                    -Commercial Break-


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                      Re: KWF IV

                      Jim Ross- We are back and what a big shock in the back. Now the KWF has been running for over two years now and one of the very first teams in the KWF, The Money Men, have just had a… well, surprising end.

                      King- Well, this new guy Trevor Murdoch just choked Mark Jindrak out and well, I guess we got a new team in the KWF and if they win their match tonight, they will face the winner of The NEW and even lousier Hart Foundation and MNM. It should be a very interesting four team tournament aiming for the Tag Team titles.

                      Jim Ross- Well, let’s see if Garrison Cade can have the same luck with Trevor Murdoch as he did with Mark Jindrak, but they are going to be facing two guys who are former KWF Tag Team champions and have the biggest hearts that you could ask for.

                      King- Well, if you add Paul London and Brian Kendrick, you get yourself Mark Jindrak. And we saw what they just did to Mark Jindrak in the back.

                      *HERE COMES THE BOOM!*

                      The crowd erupts in cheers and coming from the back in matching sky blue pants and vests are Paul London and Brian Kendrick. They jog in place at the top of the ramp, nod at each other and go running down the ramp where they then slide into the ring and both leap up to their feet simultaneously. London hops on one turnbuckle and throws his arms into the air and he got himself a new look with a beard. Brian Kendrick stands in his corner and slaps his chest pumped up. They then hop off the turnbuckles and take their vests off and await for their opponents.

                      *Cowboy baby, with the top let back and the sun shine shining*

                      The crowd gives the new team a mixed reaction and Garrison Cade comes out with a microphone and the Trevor Murdoch looks at the crowd with a vicious look as he pulls off his vest at the top of the ramp. Cade lifts the microphone up to his mouth.

                      Garrison Cade- And just in case ya’ll were wondering. Our name is… THE RED NECK WRECKING CREW!

                      Cade drops the microphone and the Red Neck Wrecking Crew make their way down the ramp as Cade has a smirk on his face and Murdoch has a vicious look on his. They climb up the steel steps and get into the ring where Cade takes his hat off and puts it down in the corner. Murdoch just angrily looks at his opponents and he takes off his hat and throws it to the outside of the ring and he begins grunting like a deranged animal. Cade tells Murdoch to start the match off and Murdoch nods his head seeming to be excited to start off. On the other side, it seems like Paul London will be starting the match off. The referee looks at both men and then calls for the bell.

                      The Hooligans versus The Red Neck Wrecking Crew
                      Murdoch and London circle the ring and London quickly charges at Murdoch and Murdoch goes for a clothesline, but London ducks it. London goes flying into the ropes and comes back at Murdoch and goes for a clothesline, but this time Murdoch ducks it. London doesn’t slow himself down and runs across the ring, to the ropes and comes back going for a cross body, but Murdoch catches him in mid air and gives him a quick slam right onto his back. Murdoch would quickly pick London up and wrap his arms around the waist of London and run him right into the turnbuckle where he’d leave him leaning against and then begin to pound away on the face of London with a fury of lefts and rights until London fell onto his ass. Murdoch would then make the tag on his new partner, Garrison Cade and Cade would look to put more punishment on Paul London.

                      As the match continued, London managed to make the tag on his partner, Kendrick and Brian managed to use his freshness to run all over Cade and Murdoch. Kendrick looked like he was going to put this match away as Murdoch was the legal man. Kendrick would give Murdoch a drop kick and then run an elbow right into the face of Cade as Cade would stumble right into the ropes. Kendrick would then run across the ring, hit the ropes and come back to the now standing Murdoch for a clothesline, but Murdoch would duck it and Kendrick would run right into a monster big boot to the face from Garrison Cade. Kendrick would lay flat on his back and Murdoch would charge right at Paul London who would get into the ring and get his head taken off with a powerful clothesline! London would roll to the outside of the ring holding onto his neck in pain and Murdoch would walk right over to Kendrick and just place his foot right on the chest of Kendrick as he would disgustingly look down at him. The referee would count the pin fall for a three count and The Red Neck Wrecking Crew would pick up the victory in their debut and to move onto The King of the Ring to fight for the Tag Team championships!
                      The crowd erupts in boos and Cade gets his foot off of Kendrick. Murdoch would walk to the outside of the ring and pick up Paul London and aggressively roll him into the ring and follow him in. Murdoch angrily shouts something at Cade and Cade smiles and walks over to the turnbuckle where he climbs to the top. Murdoch then picks London up and drills him in the gut with a vicious boot and then lifts him into the air and gives him a powerful power bomb and Cade comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a leg drop right to the throat of Paul London. London begins to bounce around holding onto his throat in pain. Cade gets to his feet and looks down at London and smirks. Murdoch falls to his knees and begins shouting and spitting down in the face of Paul London. Cade lifts London up to his feet and pats him on the chest. Cade then walks away from Murdoch who stands there looking like a deranged beast. Cade climbs to the middle turnbuckle and motions for the title around his waist as the crowd boos. Cade then jumps off and looks down at the two destroyed opponents and exit’s the ring with Murdoch.

                      King- Wow. Garrison Cade used to work for a business man in Ted Dibiase and John Bradshaw Layfield and I think he learned some things. I think he learned that in order for him to succeed, he needed a new partner and this Trevor Murdoch is a beast! These are my picks to become the Tag Team champions especially after the way they just dismantled their opponents out there.

                      Jim Ross- They sure looked impressive. Paul London and Brian Kendrick are former KWF Tag Team champions and they are not easy to beat.

                      King- Well, next week, we are going to have The Hardy Boyz facing The New Hart Foundation and quite frankly, I don’t see either of those two teams being able to stop these two. Their bigger, stronger and…. I don’t know! They’re just too good!

                      Jim Ross- Well, The Hart Foundation will be making their debuts in the KWF next week so we don’t know what they can do, so don’t count them out without giving them a chance. As for The Hardy Boyz, they’ve faced many tag teams and they looked awesome in the TLC match at our second Wrestlemania, I just wont count them out, either. They have the experience and know how to work together.

                      King- Yeah, whatever. These are my guys and I think they’re going to be our next Tag Team champions! And speaking of them, they have demanded some time to speak to us! Let’s send our cameras to the back where they are standing by a camera!

                      *Scene changes to the back*

                      The Red Neck Wrecking Crew stand in front of a camera and they both look pumped up.

                      Garrison Cade- Tonight will be an unforgettable night because of the retirement of Ric Flair! Tonight, millions and millions of people tuned in for this show! That is why I decided that tonight will be the night that I reveal my new partner and send my old partner back to where I found him. In the gutter. So, this tournament changed a little bit and Murdoch and I were put into the match. And I went from going into my match against London and Kendrick as the underdog to getting myself a new partner and being the favorite! That’s what we’re about!

                      Cade slaps Murdoch in the chest and Murdoch screams.

                      Garrison Cade- So I took advantage of all the viewers tuning in tonight to show the new team! To show the new team in the KWF, the most dominant team in the history of the KWF! The Red Neck Wrecking Crew!

                      Cade smirks and then goes back to having a serious face.

                      Garrison Cade- So Paul London and Brian Kendrick did exactly what they are known to do. They came out knowing they’re not bigger than us, stronger than us or better than us and they fought their hearts out!

                      Cade smirks and claps his hands.

                      Garrison Cade- Congratulations for doing that.

                      Murdoch begins to go insane.


                      Murdoch begins to breath heavily as he looks at the camera and Cade smirks.

                      Garrison Cade- And now… ya’ll know!

                      Cade and Murdoch walk away from the camera as we then head to a…

                      -Commercial Break-


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                        Re: KWF IV

                        Randy Orton appears on the screen and he sits on a chair looking upset.

                        Randy Orton- It’s funny. When I first started watching wrestling and watching my dad and grandfather wrestle, there was one man who always grabbed my attention. The Nature Boy, Ric Flair was always out there doing what I always wanted to do. Be myself. That’s what Ric Flair was always great at. Being himself. The fans either hated it or loved it and he wasn’t going to change for nobody. When I came into the wrestling business, I was honored to be approached by him with an idea of a group, “Evolution.” To be in the same group as The Nature Boy was an honor in itself, but to be with a man that was a part of one of the greatest stables ever in the “Four Horsemen” really made me feel that this guy saw something in me. He managed me when the KWF first started and helped me get my first title win as I became the KWF’s first ever Intercontinental champion. I thank The Nature Boy just as much as I thank my dad and my grand father for getting me into this business and yes, I will miss him. Nature Boy… you were a great superstar. I thank you for always coming out there and entertaining us. Enjoy retirement and never stop being The Nature Boy.

                        Randy Orton would crack a smile and we would then return back to ring side.
                        Jim Ross- The retirement of The Nature Boy is going to bring tears to all of our eyes tonight and it means a lot to everyone in the back. The Nature Boy is a legend and will never be forgotten and everyone in the back looks up to him in some way!

                        King- Yeah, yeah. I can’t wait for the retirement already.

                        Jim Ross- I’m just going to ignore that comment and move on. We are about to have another first round King of the Ring match and it is going to be Mr. Kennedy going one on one against the man we just heard from, Randy Orton. The winner will join Triple H in the second round of the King of the Ring tournament.

                        *… KENNEDY!*

                        The crowd cheers and coming from the back is Mr. Kennedy. He’s in blue and yellow shorts with “Kennedy” written in yellow on the back. He makes his way down the ramp and quickly climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. He gets to the middle of the ring, looks up and then raises his right arm up as the lights turn off and spotlight on him. The microphone from the roof lowers and into the hand of Kennedy. Kennedy holds the microphone to his mouth, takes a deep breath and then begins.

                        Mr. Kennedy- Ladies and gentlemen of North Carolina… the home of the Tar Heels, the home of Michael Jordan, the home of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair… THE HOME OF THE BEGINNING OF THE MISSION FOR A MAN WHO PLANS ON BEING THE KWF’S FIRST EVER… KING OF THE RING… AND THAT MAN IS I…. MISTAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYY!

                        The crowd cheers a bit and then silences as Kennedy takes another deep breath and then shouts at the top of his lungs.

                        Mr. Kennedy- KENNEDYYYYYYYYY!

                        The lights finally go on and Kennedy releases the microphone and it goes up into the air. Kennedy cracks his neck from side to side, stretches his arms and waits for his opponent.

                        *HEY! NOTHING YOU CAN SAY!*

                        The crowd gives a mixed reaction for The Legend Killer, Randy Orton as they don’t know if him trying to help The Undertaker was a sign of being good or if he is still the same ol’ Randy Orton. Orton is in black and silver shorts with “RKO” written in silver on the back of his tights. He climbs up the steel steps and then walks over to the top turnbuckle where he climbs to the middle and throws his arms out to the side. He then jumps off and makes his way over to the middle of the ring where he looks at Kennedy. The two get face to face and Orton extends his arm. Kennedy looks at it and then looks at Orton before shaking it. The referee calls for the bell and the two men separate and begin circling the ring waiting for the other to attack first.

                        King Of The Ring Round One
                        Mr. Kennedy versus Randy Orton

                        They circle the ring and both charge at each other simultaneously and lock up. Kennedy over powers Orton over to the turnbuckle where he slams him and begins firing at his ribs with lefts and rights. Kennedy had the earlier advantage really taking control of The Legend Killer with his quick start.

                        The match moved on and both men have gotten in plenty of offense. Kennedy went for a running clothesline at Orton, but Orton ducked and countered with a neck breaker. Orton has the opportunity to put Kennedy away and he knows it. He leaps to his feet and begins to stalk Kennedy to get to his feet. Kennedy slowly pulls himself up and Orton charges at him going for the RKO, but Kennedy just tosses Orton across the ring. Orton gets quickly to his feet and Kennedy charges at him and gives him a clothesline sending him over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Kennedy is pumped up and he knows that this is his chance to move on to the next round.

                        As the match continues Kennedy gives Orton an Irish whip into the turnbuckle and Orton hits it with impact and leans against it. Kennedy then charges across the ring and goes for a powerful clothesline, but Orton ducks and Kennedy goes arm first into the turnbuckle post! Orton quickly rolls Kennedy up from behind, but Kennedy pops out on the two count. Both men are quickly to their feet and Orton runs right into a boot to the gut. Kennedy hooks the head of Orton under his arm and is set for the Kenotine Shock, but Orton pulls away! Kennedy charges at Orton with a vicious right, but Orton ducks and when Kennedy turns around, he gets hit with the RKO! Orton quickly rolls Kennedy over onto his back, hooks the leg for the pin and the win to move on to the quarter finals of The King of the Ring tournament!
                        Randy Orton gets to his feet and raises his right arm high into the air and stumbles towards the ropes holding his ribs with his free left arm. Orton leans against the ropes with his right arm high in the air as Kennedy rolls over onto his side holding onto his neck.

                        Jim Ross- What a match that was! Randy Orton hit the RKO out of nowhere and that is the same move that ended The Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak! Randy Orton will move on to the next round where he will face the winner of Umaga and Finlay!

                        King- That move is devastating. It took four of those to end The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but to many, it just takes one and that’s all it took to end Kennedy’s road to becoming The King of the Ring!

                        Jim Ross- Orton joins Triple H in the next round, but both men will still have to win three more matches to become the King of the Ring and it’s not going to be an easy road.

                        King- You know what I love about the KWF? Tonight, four guys will move on and four guys will go home! Tonight, the first half of the bracket will go from eight to four! All in one night! I love it!

                        Jim Ross- That is definitely true. Finlay and Umaga will go one on one against each other and the winner will move on to face Randy Orton in the quarter finals. And in the main event match of the night, we will see CM Punk take on The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels where the winner will move on to face Triple H in the quarter finals! Whoever wins either of those two matches will make for a great quarter final!

                        King- Yeah and next week, the second half of the King of the Ring tournament will go from eight to four! We will see Bret Hart go one on one against the biggest guy in the KWF, Viscera who will be making his KWF debut next week and I have a feeling he wants to debut with a huge bang! We will also see Rene Dupree go one on one against John Cena and the winners of those two matches will move on to face each other in the quarter finals! Those are two great matches and it doesn’t matter who wins, because the quarter finals will be amazing either way!

                        Jim Ross- Yeah and the other matches will be Shelton Benjamin going one on one against STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

                        King- Oh boy, it should be great sitting here listening to you talk about Stone Cold next week.

                        Jim Ross- It is going to be a great match, but nonetheless, the main event next week will be Jeff Hardy going one on one against Kurt Angle! Jeff Hardy lost his partner, Matt Hardy, at Wrestlemania and the doctors are saying that his career could very well be over, so next week could very well be the beginning of Jeff Hardy’s singles career. Kurt Angle, well, I don’t think he’s going to be coming in here ready to lose, especially after his amazing performance in the Iron Man match against Rene Dupree. It was a classic and Kurt Angle feels he deserves to be the World champion, especially after that performance.

                        King- Kurt Angle is going to end Jeff Hardy’s singles wrestling career real quick next week! I can’t wait, ha, ha!

                        Jim Ross- Well, we have to take a commercial break, but we will be right back and don’t go away because tonight, The Nature Boy will announce his retirement and it’s going to be in his home town right here in North Carolina! Don’t miss this night!

                        *Scene changes to an empty locker room*

                        All of a sudden, walking into the locker room is the World champion, Chris Jericho.

                        Chris Jericho- As the King of the World sits on his throne with the World title around his waist, he waits to see who will be named the King of the Ring. He waits to see who that man will be that will go into Summerslam and try to win my title. He will see who the man is that will go into that ring and LOSE to the King of the World!

                        Jericho smiles.

                        Chris Jericho- But before I defend the gold at Summerslam, I have to go through one fat, smelly, bum looking, toothless, earless, did I mention fat, Mick Foley!

                        The crowd is heard cheering from ring side.

                        Chris Jericho- At the King of the Ring, I will step into that ring and take away the myth of the hardcore legend, Mick Foley! I will do what everyone has tried to do to Mick Foley by throwing him off cells, smashing his face in with steel chairs, cutting his face open with glass, ripping his hair out… I will rip his heart out and finally put an end to Mick Foley!

                        Jericho smiles.

                        Chris Jericho- So next week, LIVE on RAW, Chris Jericho will be in attendance and he will hold a very special event! Next week, Chris Jericho will bring back the Highlight Reel and his guest will be Mick Foley! And Foley, you better have changed your mind by next week, because at The King of the Ring, there will be no more Foley!

                        Jericho smiles and looks at the World title that is draped over his right shoulder and we then head to a…

                        -Commercial Break-


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                          Re: KWF IV

                          We return and the cameras are in the back where we have CM Punk standing in front of a camera with a smile on his face as the crowd from ring side cheers at the sight of Punk. He is standing alongside his girlfriend and manager, Maria.

                          CM Punk- Tonight, I go out there and I fight in the biggest match of my career! In order to become the King of the Ring and get a shot at that World title, I will have to go out there and win four matches! My first step is Shawn Michaels!

                          The crowd cheers from ring side at the name of HBK. Punk nods his head smiling.

                          CM Punk- And…

                          Before Punk could even finish his sentence, Triple H walks by and looks Punk right in the face. Maria backs away looking frightened and Triple H keeps a vicious look on his face. Punk puts on a serious face as the two go nose to nose.

                          Triple H- The biggest match of your career?! You had the biggest match of your career in the biggest stage of them all at Wrestlemania against the greatest superstar in the company and you lost!

                          CM Punk- You beat me once, Triple H, just once. Not to mention, the only reason you won was because of all the chaos outside of the ring when you bought that he-she out there to attack my girlfriend. I promise you, Triple H, that once I win tonight, I will get my revenge. I will get my victory back on you. You might be the game, but I am CM Punk and I am better…

                          All of a sudden, Shawn Michaels walks into the middle of both CM Punk and Triple H. He has a serious look on his face, as well, mirroring the others guys expressions.

                          Shawn Michaels- First thing first, Punk. If I was you, I would keep your girlfriend off of the shows, because the Heart Break Kid, the sexy boy is here! And if I wanted to, I would take her away from you before you can say Maria.

                          Maria gives Shawn Michaels a disgusted look and Punk keeps a serious face on.

                          Shawn Michaels- And the second thing, the more important thing to me, because I’ve had enough women in my life, but I will never have enough gold. It’s time for me to take away your King of the Ring dreams away. You’re in the big leagues now. Do not come on my show and try and predict the future. Don’t come on my show and foreshadow a match that involves you defeating me. CM Punk, you’ve never faced me one on one and you have no idea what you got coming to you when you step into that ring against me. I care about one thing and one thing only and that is getting my World title back.

                          Triple H- It doesn’t matter who wins your match tonight. I’ve defeated both of you and I will defeat you guys again and again until you stop coming back. I am not going to stop until I become the World champion and there is nothing that can get in my way. If the two of you want to keep on testing your luck against The Game, then be my best! Because it will be the same result it was tonight against Carlito, the same result it has been a bunch of times against you Shawn Michaels! And the same result we all saw at Wrestlemania against you… PUNK! There is absolutely nothing that can stop me from becoming the World champion!

                          Shawn Michaels- Except for some Sweet Chin Music!

                          Triple H- Is that so?

                          Shawn Michaels- Your damn right.

                          CM Punk smiles and puts his hand between the two men and slowly pushes them apart. They both angrily look at Punk. Punk doesn’t lose his smile and begins to speak.

                          CM Punk- Shawn, I want you 100% for tonight so I can beat you fair and square. And Triple H, I want you ready, because in two weeks from tonight, I will avenge my loss to you and you will go… to… sleep. Good night. Good luck. My name is CM Punk and I am…

                          Punk looks at Michaels, then snaps his head back to Triple H and smirks.

                          CM Punk- Better than you!

                          Punk walks away and leaves Triple H and Shawn Michaels standing there pissed the hell off.

                          *Scene changes to another area in the arena*

                          We are in the back where we see Finlay.

                          Finlay- In just a little bit, I will be going out there to go one on one against Umaga in the King of the Ring tournament! Ever since the brackets were made for this, all I’ve been hearing is how Finlay has to step up his game to be prepared for the beast in Umaga. All I’ve heard is how Umaga is the new unstoppable machine in the KWF and you know what? IT’S BEEN PISSING ME OFF!

                          Finlay angrily looks into the camera in his green and black Irish outfit.

                          Finlay- Umaga is stepping into my jungle! The jungle that I cause pain and destruction in! Umaga has no idea what he has coming for him. Umaga, let me introduce myself so you know what you’re getting yourself into! I am a fighting Irish man who feels no pain and feels no mercy when he is beating on his opponents! I am a man who can take a horse and knock it over to his side and choke him out! I fear NO man! If you want to go to war with me, Umaga, then be my guest! Because my name is FINLAY AND I LOVE TO FIGHT!

                          Finlay looks pissed off and Finlay will be going one on one against Umaga… NEXT!

                          -Commercial Break-


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                            Re: KWF IV

                            Jim Ross- Well, we are back and up next is going to the third match of the King of the Ring tournament! It will be Umaga going one on one against a man who will be making his debut in the KWF! The man that just introduced himself, the man is named Finlay and he loves to fight!

                            King- Well, he better be ready to fight because he is stepping into the ring with Umaga. The same man that took out Monty Brown and ended his wrestling career in the Serengeti match! Monty Brown was forced into retirement after having a severe concussion. Umaga ends careers and Finlay’s career in the KWF could end as quick as it began.

                            Jim Ross- Well, I’ve seen Finlay wrestle in the past and he backs down for nobody. This should be a great slug fest!

                            King- Well, the winner of this match will be in for another big match in two weeks as they will have to go one on one against The Legend Killer, Randy Orton who just advanced not too long ago by pinning Mr. Kennedy inside of that ring, one, two, three. He’s been on fire lately as he has also ended The Undertaker’s WM streak and possibly ended his career. I just don’t like the soft man he has become inside, I think that’ll be his downfall in this tournament.

                            *MY NAME IS FINLAY… AND I LOVE TO FIGHT!*

                            The crowd cheers for the debuting Finlay as some may know him from other works he has done in other companies. He makes his way down the ramp with a shillelagh in hand as he seems ready for his KWF debut and he could make his debut in a big way by defeating Umaga and moving on in the King of the Ring tournament. He is in a green and white one piece with a Cloverleaf on his chest. He makes his way down the ramp, climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring and walks over to a corner where he puts his shillelagh down. Finlay begins to stretch out his arms as he awaits his opponent.

                            *GA-GA-MAGA… UMAGA!*

                            All of a sudden from the back, escorted to the ring by Armando Alejandro Estrada is none other than Umaga! He has face paint on and is in black pants. He out walks Armando down the ramp as he has his eyes wide open and his teeth out with arms out on the side. He seems hungry to give someone an ass beating. Finlay doesn’t seem nervous at all inside of the ring. Umaga climbs up the steel steps and gets into the ring and quickly charges across the ring at Finlay for a clothesline, but Finlay connects first with a kick to the gut! The referee calls for the bell and the match is officially under way!

                            King of the Ring Round One
                            Finlay versus Umaga

                            Finlay continues with the kicks and begins to pound on the back of Umaga with vicious lefts and rights. Finlay is merciless on Umaga as Umaga is bent over in front of him. Finlay follows with a wicked uppercut, which seems to be a big mistake as Umaga stands tall and lets out a scream before giving Finlay his own uppercut which sends Finlay onto his back as it caught him by surprise. Finlay is quickly to his feet and Umaga charges at him and gives him a thumb to the throat which sends Finlay through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring. The crowd goes silent as Finlay rolls around outside of the ring holding onto his neck.

                            King- That thumb to the throat could be it! That thumb to the throat is part of the reason why Monty Brown’s career ended oh so soon!

                            Umaga follows Finlay to the outside of the ring and picks Finlay up and runs him head first into the fan barricade. Finlay’s head bounces off with such impact that the barricade actually shakes. Umaga lets out another scream as he looks into the crowd. Umaga crouches over and picks the lifeless Finlay up and gives him a SECOND thumb to the throat which sends Finlay right onto his ass and he leans against the barricade. Umaga walks away and Armando Alejandro Estrada smiles and nods his head. Umaga throws his arms into the air, screams and charges at Finlay driving his rear end right into the face of Finlay sandwiching Finlay’s head right into the barricade. Armando then grabs Umaga as Finlay sits their with his eyes closed and blood dripping out of his nose. Armando points Umaga into the ring and Umaga listens and rolls himself into the ring. The referee begins to count out Finlay and counts all the way to ten counting Finlay out and awarding Umaga with the quick and powerful victory advancing him to the second round where he will meet with The Legend Killer, Randy Orton!
                            King- Wow! Wow! Did you see that?! Umaga just destroyed Finlay!

                            Jim Ross- I can’t believe it. That was one of the most dominating performances I have ever seen. We saw Triple H make quick work of Carlito earlier tonight, but Umaga not only made quick work of Finlay, but destroyed him.

                            King- Destroyed is not the word. He annihilated him!

                            Jim Ross- I’m speechless.

                            King- Well, I did tell you that this was going to be the result. Finlay came in looking for a fight and he got more then he bargained for. He got the biggest beaten an Irish Man has ever received. That was just… wow!

                            Armando quickly climbs up the steel steps and raises his Samoan Bulldozer’s arm high into the air as Umaga stands there with his teeth out and bitten down. Umaga looks like a deranged animal.

                            Jim Ross- Well, we started tonight off with eight men and so far, three have been eliminated and three have advanced. In two weeks, we will see Randy Orton going one on one against that animal inside of the ring, Umaga. And in two weeks, the winner of the main event which is coming up next between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk will be going one on one against The Game, Triple H!

                            King- This tournament is only going to get better! We are getting rid of the trash and we are going to see some real wars inside of that ring! Everyone wants to be the King! And these superstars are going to fight their hearts out to become the King of the Ring and get a World title shot at Summerslam!

                            Jim Ross- Well, up next is the main event match of the night! CM Punk will go one on one against The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels! So you don’t want to go anywhere, because after that match, the legendary Nature Boy will make his retirement speech!

                            King- Yeah! I can’t wait to finally say good bye to him! Seriously, you don’t want to miss it! Ha, ha!

                            -Commercial Break-


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                              Re: KWF IV

                              Jim Ross- And we are back and up next is the main event match of the night which will have HBK Shawn Michaels going one on one against CM Punk in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament. A recap of how the tournament has been so far, we’ve had Randy Orton and Umaga advance to the second round where they will square off against each other in two weeks from tonight. We’ve also had Triple H advance and Triple H will be going one on one against the winner of this match two weeks from tonight, as well.

                              King- And next week, we are going to have ourselves another four matches where eight men will attempt to get to the second round from the other bracket, but only four will advance to the match two weeks from tonight.

                              Jim Ross- We are going to have Jeff Hardy going one on one against Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin will go one on one against Shelton Benjamin, Rene Dupree will be going one on one against John Cena and the main event will pit Bret Hart going one on one against the debuting Big Daddy Viscera. Next week will be just as great as this week and I must say that I am very excited for those upcoming matches. But right now, we are going to have two fan favorites go at it.

                              King- We saw a confrontation with these two men earlier along with Triple H who the winner will face next week and in my opinion, it doesn’t matter who wins this match because two weeks from today, I think Triple H wins.

                              Jim Ross- Well, you should never be sure about that, but first thing first, let’s find out who will be taking on Triple H in two weeks!

                              *I AM BETTER THAN YOU!*

                              The crowd erupts and cheers and coming from the back with his girlfriend, Maria, by his side is CM Punk! Punk seems ready for this match as he walks down the ramp with a smiling girlfriend on his side. Punk slaps hands with the North Carolina fan and reaches the ring where he climbs up using the steel steps. Maria follows him into the ring and CM Punk begins jumping up and down awaiting his opponent to come out.


                              The crowd cheers and coming out from the back jumping and dancing around is The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels! HBK is in red, white and black pants and he seems very pumped up. HBK slaps hands with some of the fans and then quickly climbs up the steel steps and gets into the ring and dances to the middle of the ring, where he splits his legs and flexes his muscles and the pyros erupt. HBK gets to his feet and changes his face and looks over at Punk with a serious look and gestures for the title around his waist. Punk shakes his head and then tells Maria to leave the ring and she does so. Punk begins jumping up and down getting his legs ready and Michaels stands across the ring with his eyes locked across the ring on his opponent. The referee asks both men if they are ready and they both nod their heads and the referee calls for the bell officially beginning the match!

                              MAIN EVENT
                              King of the Ring Round One
                              CM Punk versus “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels

                              The two men begin to circle around the ring with their eyes locked on each other and they charge at each other and lock up. Punk quickly flips Michaels over with an arm drag and both men are quickly to their feet and Punk gives Michaels another arm drag sending him down to the mat. They’re both quick up to their feet and Michaels charges at Punk and runs right into a drop kick from Punk! HBK falls to the mat, quickly gets up to his feet and runs at Punk again and this time gets a heel kick right to the gut and Punk runs to the ropes and comes back with an uppercut kick right to the throat of Michaels sending The Heart Break Kid falling right onto his back. HBK rolls around holding onto his throat.

                              As the match moves on, Michaels goes to give Punk an Irish Whip into the turnbuckle, but Punk counters and gives HBK his own Irish Whip sending Michaels flying into the turnbuckle. Michaels leans against the turnbuckle and Punk goes running across the ring and leaps onto the middle rope and drives his knee right into the jaw of Michaels. Punk hops off of Michaels and Michaels goes stumbling forward and Punk runs at him from behind and gives him a bulldog! Punk rolls Michaels over, hooks the legs for the pin and the…

                              … NO! Michaels gets his shoulder off the mat right before the three count.

                              The match is filled with excitement as it moves on. Punk is in control and he gives HBK an Irish Whip into the ropes, as Michaels bounces back, Punk charges at him for a clothesline, but HBK ducks it. Punk turns around and Shawn Michaels drills Punk right in the jaw with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Punk falls backwards and falls right between the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring. Michaels falls onto his knees, catching his breath. Michaels then goes from his knees to his side and rolls to the outside of the ring where he picks up the lifeless CM Punk and rolls him into the ring. Maria looks like she’s about to cry as she watches her boyfriend laying there looking lifeless. Michaels then hooks the leg of CM Punk for the ONE, TWO, THR- NO! CM Punk gets his shoulder off the mat right on time!

                              The crowd is loving the action and Shawn Michaels gets up on his knees in shock and in disbelief that CM Punk managed to get his shoulder off the mat.

                              Jim Ross- Neither one of these two guys want to lose this match. Both are showing heart and determination as they want to move on and have a chance at becoming the King of the Ring and get that shot at the World title!

                              King- CM Punk got lucky that he fell to the outside of the ring, because that gave him extra time to wake up after getting his lights knocked out.

                              As the match moves on to the end, HBK gives Punk a kick to the gut and lifts him high into the air for a suplex as Punk hangs upside down in the arm of Michaels. Punk manages to squirm out and lands behind HBK and grabs him from the waist and runs him across the ring and chest first into the turnbuckle! Punk then turns Michaels around so his back is to the turnbuckle and Punk begins drilling Michaels with furies of kicks to the ribs and to the legs. Punk then takes a few steps back and charges at Michaels, but Michaels runs forward, lifts Punk from around the waist and falls back sending Punk jaw first off the top turnbuckle! Punk goes stumbling back and falls right onto his back holding onto his jaw in pain.

                              HBK quickly gets to his feet and walks over to the turnbuckle where he climbs to the top. He stands tall on the turnbuckle, looks around the arena and comes flying off connecting with the elbow drop right to the heart of CM Punk! HBK quickly leaps up to his feet and pumps his arms as he makes his way over to the turnbuckle he just hopped off of and grabs hold of the top with one hand. With his outer leg, Shawn Michaels begins to stomp and stalk CM Punk. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Michaels charges at Punk who reaches his feet for the SWEET CHIN MU- NO!

                              CM Punk ducks the Sweet Chin Music! Punk grabs Michaels from behind, lifts him into the air and sends him flying down face into the knee and connects with the GO TO SLEEP! Michaels falls onto his back, lifeless and Punk just drops himself on top of HBK, hooking the leg, for the pin… AND THE WIN! CM Punk advances to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament to take on Triple H!
                              Jim Ross- What a hell of a match that was! CM Punk has won and will advance to the next round to take on Triple H in a Wrestlemania rematch!

                              King- Shawn Michaels is knocked out! CM Punk put The Heart Break Kid to sleep and ended his dreams of winning back that World championship!

                              Maria happily gets into the ring and Punk is in shock holding onto his head and he then grabs Maria and hugs her. They release the hug and Maria raises her boyfriends hand high into the air. The crowd goes from cheers to boos and inside the ring right behind CM Punk is none other than…

                              …. TRIPLE H!

                              He stands behind CM Punk with a sadistic look on his face as he waits for his prey. Punk turns around with a smile and Maria lets out a scream as The Game drills Punk in the gut with a boot and then hooks the arms of CM Punk driving him face first into the mat with the PEDIGREE! The crowd boo their brains out as Triple H leaps up to his feet and looks down at CM Punk. Maria fearing for her life, quickly rolls to the outside of the ring. Triple H stands over CM Punk as Punk lays there flat on his face right beside Shawn Michaels who is still knocked out cold. Triple H looks around the crowd and then throws his arms out into the air and lets out a scream to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

                              King- That man right there is my pick to be the King of the Ring and to possibly even win that World Title! He destroyed Carlito earlier and just now took out his opponent for next week, CM Punk!

                              Jim Ross- I guess Triple H wanted to let CM Punk know what he’s got coming to him in two weeks, but he did it in a very cowardly way. He snuck up on CM Punk from behind after Punk just got finished fighting a grueling match where he pulled off the upset.

                              King- He’s a very smart man and he just wanted to let CM Punk know that he is the king of kings no matter what!

                              Jim Ross- Well, right now he’s standing tall above CM Punk, buy nobody expected Punk to win tonight and he did, so do not be surprised if it’s CM Punk standing over Triple H two weeks from tonight.

                              King- I can’t see it happening. But we did get the first bracket fixed tonight as eight men came in with a dream to be the King of the Ring and only four have advanced. We saw Triple H defeat Carlito at the start of the show and just now we saw CM Punk defeat Shawn Michaels. So in the quarter finals of the King of the Ring tournament, we will see Triple H going one on one against CM Punk.

                              Jim Ross- Yeah and we also saw Randy Orton defeat Mr. Kennedy tonight and he will be facing Umaga, who defeated Finlay in dominating fashion.

                              King- So two weeks from tonight, on RAW, we will see Triple H go one on one against CM Punk and Randy Orton go one on one against Umaga! The winners of those two matches will go to the King of the Ring with a chance of being the king as they will take place in the semi finals and one of those four men will be in the finals that same night! I don’t know about you, JR, but my picks to make it to the semi finals in this bracket are Triple H and Umaga as they were the dominant ones tonight.

                              Jim Ross- Well, you could never be too sure. Up next is the main event of the night, Arn Anderson will come out here and he will introduce The Nature Boy, Ric Flair who will announce his retirement tonight! Let’s go to the back where I think The Nature Boy has finally arrived, right on time!

                              *Scene changes to the back*

                              The cameras are in the back and we see a white limo pulling up and it parks. A few seconds go by when the drivers door opens up and the limo driver walks out. He walks over to the back door where he opens the door and stepping out in a white suit with black shades is none other than The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. You can’t see his eyes through the shades, so who knows if his eyes are teary or not. The home town crowd is heard going, “WOOO!” from ring side and The Nature Boy pulls out a handful of money and slaps it against the drivers chest and the driver grabs it and walks away. The Nature Boy then begins to walk into the building.

                              He opens the door and as soon as he opens the door, claps are heard all over. You see a bunch of KWF stars standing there, clapping their hands for The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. All of a sudden, Dusty Rhodes walks up to The Nature Boy, Ric Flair and he has a young man in front of him.

                              Dusty Rhodes- How ya’ doing, Natcha Boy? You looked great out there at’a Wrestlemania! I just want ya’ to know that I bought my son here tonight who will be making his KWF wrestling debut soonah than latah and I just wanted him to be here tonight to see the man! The man that I always told my son was the hardest son of a bitch to beat inside of that ring! And my son, Cody, over here always told me that he wants to be just like you! From the women stealah to the 16 time World champion! Natcha Boy, I just want to congratulate ya’ on ya’ amazing career! You truly are the best wrestlah to ever lace up his boots! And there will nevah be another Natcha Boy! And if my boy could be half the man that you are inside of that ring, then I think I did my job as a fatha. You helped me throughout my career and I just want to say, thank you for every thing. I love you Natcha Boy.

                              Dusty grabs Flair by the arm and nods his head at The Nature Boy. Ric Flair nods his head back, but doesn’t say anything from all the emotion that Dusty Rhodes just put into the air. Cody smiles at Nature Boy and nods his head. The Nature Boy nods his head at Cody Rhodes, too and he makes his way down the hall where all the KWF wrestlers that are there clap their hands for the legend!

                              Up next, The Nature Boy Ric Flair will have his retirement speech!
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