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  • Re: KWF IV


    The cameras come back where we see Kurt Angle walking down the hall way, ready for what could be his final match ever in the KWF. He swings his arms from side to side and in a circular motion, trying to stretch himself. He cracks his neck from side to side and he seems pumped up. He continues to walk down the halls and then bumps into....

    .... The Kid.

    Angle stops walking and looks right in the eyes of The Kid.

    Kurt Angle- What?

    The Kid- I just wanted to let you know that I am very proud of everything you ever accomplished and I am very....

    Kurt Angle- Whoa! Stop! What the heck?! I'm not going anywhere tonight, Kid. I'm going out there and I'm going to win. Save your goodbye speech for KENTA, even though he probably wont understand a word you say, but I'm not losing. I put too much into this!

    Kurt points at himself.

    Kurt Angle- I dedicated my life into being where I am now. I risked everything, I lost everything, I lost my wife, my friends, my family.... all for this. I'm not going to go out there and wrestle my last match tonight. No. I've got a long time until I hang up these boots!

    The Kid- I'm just saying that KENTA is a very good wrestler and....

    Kurt Angle- Good? Good?! I've worked my whole life to be better than good! I've spent my whole life training to be the best! Not just good! Heck, I won a gold medal with a....

    The Kid- Broken freeken neck. I know, Kurt. That was then, this is now. Times have changed. I just wish you the best of luck and thank you for everything you've done for us, whether you win or lose. I know that the two of us may not have ever gotten along, but tonight is the last night I'll be in the KWF for a long time. Unfortunately for you, it could be the last night in the KWF for.... ever.

    Kurt Angle- We'll see, Kid, we'll see. I'm going to win. I'm going to break his freeken ankle if I have to! It's true, it's damn true! WOOO!

    Angle lets out a powerful shout, before taking a deep breath and walking away with his eyes wide open, ready for action. The Kid watches Kurt walk away and takes a deep breath, knowing that this could be the last time he ever sees Kurt Angle, again.

    *Scene changes to another area in the arena*

    We see JBL standing alongside KENTA in front of a television set. JBL has a huge smile on his face as he now sees himself. He looks at KENTA and begins to speak.

    JBL- You see, boy, The Kid knows it. I know it. You know it. The world knows it! Tonight will be the end for Kurt Angle.

    JBL laughs as he massages one of KENTA's shoulders with one of his hands. He then stops and begins to speak, some more.

    JBL- All.... because.... of.... ME!

    JBL laughs as KENTA looks very serious, not really knowing what JBL just said.

    JBL- Tonight, they sing good bye to Kurt Angle. Tomorrow night, they'll chant my name. J.... B.... L! J.... B.... L!

    The crowd is heard booing from ring side as JBL smiles, with his eyes closed with his head up facing the ceiling. He then looks down at KENTA and he speaks, again.

    JBL- Now, let's go out there and you can remain.... UNDEFEATED!

    JBL makes a hand motion telling KENTA to follow and KENTA does so as the two start walking down the halls, ready for the Loser Leaves The KWF Match, which could be the end for either Kurt Angle or KENTA!


    • Re: KWF IV


      The crowd is on their feet as they are all pumped up, anticipating this big match, which will mean goodbye for one of the two men, in action. The crowd erupts in cheers as they hear....


      Kurt Angle comes from the back in a red, white and blue outfit and he looks around at the crowd at the top of the ramp, before throwing his arms diagonally into the air simataneously as the pyros erupt from the top of the ramp. Angle quickly makes his way down the ramp, before jogging up the steel steps and entering the ring. Angle gets to the middle of the ring and begins jumping in circles for the cheering crowd. He then stops and awaits his opponent.

      Kurt Angle is in a one piece, two straps, red/white/blue outfit with white wrestling boots.


      The crowd erupts in boos as JBL and KENTA make their way from the back. JBL waves at the crowd with a huge smile on his face as KENTA stands beside him with his eyes straight into the ring, looking fierce. JBL slowly leads his man down the ramp, but KENTA can no longer wait as he charges the rest of the half way walk and slides into the ring and charges at Kurt Angle starting the match off!

      KENTA is in long white and black pants with black boots as JBL is in a blue and white suit with fancy black shoes.

      Loser Leaves The KWF
      Kurt Angle vs KENTA

      The two men are quick at swinging at each other, both trying to knock the other one off of their feet first. Neither man trying to be the first one to blink. KENTA surprises Kurt with a knee to the leg, which sends Angle wobbling a bit. KENTA then charges at Angle, but Angle catches him and flips him over for a big belly to belly suplex! KENTA is quick to his feet and Angle charges at him, but this time KENTA takes Angle down with a drop toe hold, slamming Angle face first into the mat. KENTA quickly moves himself over to the head of Angle and puts him in a head lock. Angle powers himself to his feet and quickly rams KENTA back first into the turnbuckle, forcing KENTA to release the grip. Angle grabs KENTA by the wrist and goes to Irish Whip him into the ropes, but KENTA reverses it and sends Angle flying into the ropes. Angle bounces back to a spinning chop right to the throat from KENTA. Angle stumbles back and KENTA charges at him with a clothesline, but Angle ducks right under it, grabs KENTA from around the waist and flips KENTA over for a German Suplex, but KENTA does a whole back flip and lands on his feet behind Kurt. Angle turns around and both men charge at each other taking each other off of their feet with a double clothesline! Both men quickly roll away from each other and scramble to a bottom rope where they hold onto their necks staring across the ring at their opponent. The crowd erupts in cheers for the fast paced action between the two men, who are fighting for their KWF careers.

      As the match progresses, the two men are still showing a lot of heart. Angle has KENTA backed into the corner and he sits KENTA up on the top turnbuckle. Kurt Angle then climbs to the middle turnbuckle, gets KENTA's head under his arm and goes flying back with a huge superplex off of the top turnbuckle! The crowd erupts in cheers as Angle hooks the leg of KENTA for the pin! One, two, th- NO! KENTA refuses to lose!

      Both men try to outpace each other, but neither man seems to be tricked by the other, as they have familiarized themselves with each other's move-sets throughout their feud.

      Kurt Angle blocks a kick to the rib from KENTA and twists him to the mat and applies the Ankle Lock! KENTA reaches out in pain as Angle twists the ankle with all his strength. JBL seems a little worried from the outside of the ring, but KENTA takes those worries away as he rolls himself inside out and sends Kurt Angle tripping face first into the middle turnbuckle. Angle stumbles back and KENTA quickly rolls Angle up from behind, but Angle pops out on the two!

      Both men are quick to their feet, but KENTA begins striking Angle with a fury of kicks to the legs and follows it with a fury of chops to the face and chest sending Angle stumbling back into the ropes. KENTA takes a step back and then leaps into the air where he drives his knee right into the chin of Kurt Angle! Kurt's head falls back in a whiplash motion, before his legs give out on him and he falls through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring!

      KENTA does not want to lose this opportunity as he quickly scrambles to the outside of the ring and tries to pick up the dead weight body of the out cold Kurt Angle. JBL cheers KENTA on as KENTA uses all his strength trying to pick Angle up, but keeps slipping on the Olympic Heroes sweat. KENTA finally grabs Angle by his straps and pulls him up, but that's when Angle, from out of nowhere, grabs the top of KENTA's pants and pulls him forward sending him face and right shoulder first into the fan barricade! JBL holds his head in disbelief as KENTA bounces off the barricade hard. The crowd goes wild!

      Angle slowly picks himself up and walks over to KENTA before rolling him into the ring. Angle quickly rolls into the ring and stalks KENTA to get to his feet. KENTA slowly pulls himself up, holding onto his right shoulder and turns around, right into the arms of Kurt Angle and Kurt lifts him into the air and connects with the ANGLE SLAM! The crowd erupts in cheers as Angle gets on top of KENTA for the pin! The referee dives to the pinfall and counts, one, two, thre- NO!

      JBL grabbed the loose foot of KENTA and placed it on the bottom rope! JBL points to the foot and Angle stares in disbelief. Angle quickly leaps to his feet and rolls to the outside of the ring where he begins to chase JBL around the outside of the ring. JBL runs around the ring in circles as fast as he can escaping the wrath of the fuming Kurt Angle. JBL slides into the ring to escape Kurt Angle. Kurt follows him in and JBL runs across the ring and quickly goes back to the outside of the ring. Angle goes to escape the ring, but....

      .... KENTA sneaks up behind Kurt Angle and rolls him up from behind for a roll up pin, but Kurt pops out on two! Both men are quick to their feet and Angle charges at KENTA with force and almost knocks KENTA's head off of his shoulders with a powerful clothesline! KENTA collapses onto his back as Angle quickly charges at him, lifting him back up. Angle lifts KENTA up and runs him to the turnbuckle where he sits him up on the top turnbuckle. He begins swinging uppercuts up at the jaw of KENTA as KENTA's head keeps going back from every shot. Angle seems pumped, but through the corner of his eye, he realizes JBL is on the apron!

      Angle angrily charges at JBL and drills him right in the side of the face with a huge right hand knocking JBL off of his feet, bouncing off the apron and to the outside of the ring! The crowd explodes in cheers. Angle then charges at KENTA, who is sitting up on the top turnbuckle and Angle goes to climb up there, going for an Angle Slam off the top turnbuckle, but as soon as he leaps into the air....


      Angle collapses in mid air right onto his back, where he rolls around, holding onto his jaw in agonizing pain. Angle rolls around as KENTA jumps off the turnbuckle. KENTA walks around Angle before stalking him, getting in position for the finishing kick.

      After rolling around a bit, Kurt Angle slowly pushes himself up to his knees and KENTA charges at Angle for the Penalty Kick and....


      Angle quickly swings the foot of KENTA down to the mat and slams KENTA face first into the mat. Angle does not release the right foot of KENTA as he applies the ANKLE LOCK! KENTA screams in agonizing pain and while still in the laying down position, Angle wraps his legs around the leg of KENTA, isolating the ankle in his grip! The crowd is going wild as KENTA is trapped in the middle of the ring, screaming in pain! Angle's face is beat red as he screams in pain, as well trying to force KENTA to tap out! KENTA continues to reach and refuses to tap out, to not only end his undefeated streak, but his career in the KWF!

      Kurt continues with the twisting, pulling, tugging and screaming, but KENTA refuses to tap. KENTA can't even crawl towards the ropes, because of the grip that Angle has locked in. KENTA then begins trying to kick Angle with his free left foot, knowing that his kicks can do a lot to a human being, but Angle lays his head too far back to avoid getting a foot to his face! KENTA is trapped and has nothing to do or nowhere to go!


      JBL gets back on the apron! The referee runs to JBL and begins shouting at JBL to get off the apron. Angle notices this and releases the submission, the crowd boos knowing that this could be the last distraction of Kurt Angle's career! Kurt charges at JBL and grabs him by the collar of his suit and yanks him over the top rope. JBL lands flat on his ass and is now sitting up looking at the unforgiving eyes of Kurt Angle. Kurt pulls down both straps as he begins screaming, "YOU'RE A DEAD MAN" to JBL. Angle picks JBL up and begins drilling him with lefts and rights to the face and ribs. JBL takes a desperation swing with his right fist, but Angle ducks it, gets under the arm of JBL and gives him an Angle Slam over the top rope and to the outside of the ring where JBL crashes very hard!

      KENTA is up to all fours, gritting his teeth as his right ankle seems to be bothering him and....

      .... BAM!


      Kurt Angle kicks KENTA's lights out with the Penalty Kick right to the side of KENTA's head! KENTA flips over onto his back, arms and legs spread out with his eyes shut close. Kurt Angle doesn't hesitate to get on top of KENTA, hook a leg, keep both shoulders down for the one, two, three!
      The crowd erupts in cheers as Kurt Angle rises to his feet and throws his arms high in the air as he stands above the out cold body of KENTA. JBL gets to his knees on the outside of the ring and holds the side of his head in disbelief as he watches KENTA suffer his first AND last loss in the KWF!

      Kurt Angle climbs to the middle turnbuckle where he throws his arms high in the air, pumped up knowing that he will live to fight another day in the KWF with that victory. Kurt Angle leaves the ring and grabs a microphone as he then makes his way up the ramp, back peddling, with his eyes in the ring.

      JBL crawls into the ring and begins to crawl towards his Asian Warrior, KENTA, who lays out cold. JBL looks down at him in disbelief, but his attention is quickly shifted over to Kurt Angle when Kurt begins to speak.

      Kurt Angle- WOOO!

      The crowd "wooo"s with Kurt Angle. JBL looks like tears are about to start flowing from his eyes.


      The crowd begins to chant along with Kurt Angle as JBL could only get out a whisper as he says, "Shut up." The whole arena erupts in singing as Angle drops the microphone at the top of the ramp and throws his arms into the air with a huge smile across his face. He then leaves to the back leaving a teary eyed JBL and an out cold FORMER KWF WRESTLER, KENTA, in the ring with the crowds goodbye tune!


      • Re: KWF IV

        IN LAS VEGAS

        The scene opens up in the back where we see Mean Gene Okerlund standing there in a fancy black tuxedo and a smile across his face.

        Gene Okerlund- Hello everyone. I am Mean Gene Okerlund and I am going to have a very special guest right now. A man that I spent a large portion of my career interviewing. A man that I can proudly call a friend. A man that many know as.... HULK HOGAN!

        The crowd is heard erupting in cheers from ring side as Hulk Hogan walks into the scene with a yellow "Hulkster" bandana with a shredded up yellow "Hulkamania" shirt with long yellow pants and fancy yellow sunglasses. Hulk looks around the halls as he hears the crowd cheering from ring side.

        Gene Okerlund- Hulk Hogan, it is a pleasure to be standing next to you, once again! Up next, you are about to go into battle with a man who has been making your life miserable the past few weeks, a man who has attacked your close friends and went as far as humiliating your wife. Also, gave a big enemy of yours, "The Macho Man" Randy Savage an opportunity to speak his mind on you. Well, now Hulk, I'm giving you your chance to speak your mind! So go for it, Hogan!

        Hulk Hogan- Well, you know something MEAN GENE!

        The crowd pops for that nostalgia moment.

        Hulk Hogan- It is no secret that MVP has been targeting me. It is no secret that Sylvester Stallone and Muhammad Ali are two great friends of mine! It is no secret that Randy Savage has hatrid towards me! It is also no secret that my ex wife is a.... whore!

        The crowd erupts in cheers and laughter for that. Gene looks at Hogan in shock, with his jaw dropped.

        Gene Okerlund- WHOA! Hulk?!

        Hulk Hogan- Don't be surprised at what I say, Gene. You see, when you push a man harder and harder, he is eventually going to reach inside his soul, into that dark spot where it takes a lot to reach to and make that man explode! You see, that's what MVP did. MVP pushed me so far that I don't care what I say.... or what I do! Tonight, MVP will be face to face with Hulk Hogan. Not the vitamin eating Hulk Hogan. Not the black and white, NWO Hulk Hogan. No! Tonight, MVP will be inside of the ring with a Hulk Hogan who has lost a lot! The Hulk Hogan who lost his wife, the Hulk Hogan who had to go through all the difficulties with his son and jail, the Hulk Hogan who had to watch his best friends get beat on, the Hulk Hogan that will beat the crap out of MVP!

        Hogan looks very pumped as Gene Okerlund seems to be very caught off guard by the comments from The Hulkster.

        Hulk Hogan- So, MVP.... you want to show me no mercy with your attempts at angrying me and humiliating me! Well then brother, Hulk Hogan will show you no mercy inside of that ring, tonight!

        Hogan angrily takes off his sunglasses and just throws them into the floor as his eyes are beat red from all the screaming.

        Hulk Hogan- No matter how much I change, one thing will never change! That one thing is the question I ask everyone who dares to go after me! Oh yeah, that one question I always ask!

        Hogan begins nodding his head, before pointing straight at the camera, indirectly speaking to MVP.


        Hogan looks over at Gene, one more time, before walking away getting ready for his match. Gene stands there pretty stunned by the passion and anger shown by Hulk Hogan, before he speaks.

        Gene Okerlund- Well, up next, Hulk Hogan will be going one on one against Montel Vontavious Porter and boy, I don't want to be MVP right now!


        • Re: KWF IV

          IN LAS VEGAS

          The crowd stands on their feet as they seem very pumped up for this match after the fire and heart shown by Hulk Hogan.


          The crowd leaps to their feet in boos as Elijah Burke comes skipping out and then points behind him, NWO style and out comes a cocky Montel Vontavious Porter. He stands at the top of the ramp with his arms folded as he cockily looks at the crowd. He then does his "BALLIN" hand motion and a whole new pyro erupts flowing in a basketball shot motion. The crowd slightly pop for the original pyro effect, but go back to booing as MVP and Elijah Burke make their way down the ramp. They reach the ring and Burke quickly rolls in as MVP takes his time climbing up the steel steps. He reaches the top and gets into the ring where he cockily makes his way over to the other side of the ring and cockily and eagerly await The Hulkster.

          MVP is wearing a one piece purple and silver outfit, with a purple du-rag with a silver head band over his bandana, with purple and silver wrestling boots. Elijah Burke is in black and white Addidas pants with a black tank top and a black du-rag on his head, as he sports black and white Addidas.

          *I'M A REAL AMERICAN!*

          The crowd erupts in cheers as Hulk Hogan makes his way from the back. He stands at the top of the ramp and angrily looks down the ramp and into the ring at MVP. Hogan begins walking down the ramp, talking trash into the ring at MVP as fans reach over the barricade to touch the legend. Hogan seems to have his mind away from the audience at this time and instead on getting revenge on MVP. Hogan makes his way into the ring and quickly charges at both MVP and Elijah Burke with lefts and rights!

          Hulk Hogan is in a shredded up yellow shirt, with long yellow pants and a yellow bandana.

          Hulk Hogan vs MVP
          Hogan drills MVP in the face with a big right that sends MVP stumbling into the turnbuckle. Elijah charges at Hogan with a right, but Hogan blocks it and drills Burke right in the face with a big left that sends Burke stumbling into the ropes, as well, standing side by side with MVP. Hulk Hogan then charges at both MVP and Elijah Burke with a double clothesline, sending both men over the top rope and to the outside of the ring! Both men crash hard and begin rolling around in pain.

          Inside of the ring, Hogan takes off his yellow bandana and throws it into the crowd, looking very pumped up. He then grabs his shirt and rips it while screaming as the crowd goes wild for The Hulkster. MVP and Elijah Burke slowly get to their feet on the outside of the ring as they angrily look into the ring. MVP begins talking trash to Hogan as Hogan just tells him to get back into the ring. MVP doesn't back down and slides into the ring away from Hulk. Hogan comes at MVP, but MVP surprises him with a quick jab to the mouth that sends Hogan stumbling. MVP quickly attacks Hogan from behind with vicious forearm shots.

          As the match progresses, MVP goes to give Hogan an Irish Whip into the ropes, but Hogan counters it by giving MVP an Irish Whip into the ropes. MVP comes bouncing from the ropes and he walks right into a big boot from the Hulkster! Hogan looks pumped up and he runs to the ropes and....


          Hogan angrily turns around to look at Elijah Burke, but before he could retaliate, the referee jumps in front of Hogan and points at Elijah Burke and then points to the backstage area, throwing Elijah Burke out of the ring side area! The crowd explodes in cheers as Elijah begins cursing at the referee, refusing to leave. Security guards come running from the back and they circle Elijah Burke and force him to leave. Burke does not seem happy with it, but the referee is making sure that this match is fought fear.

          With the referee having his eyes on the security guards escorting Elijah Burke up the ramp and to the back, MVP sneaks an arm in between the legs of Hulk Hogan with a LOW BLOW! Hogan lets out a shout and MVP quickly gets to his feet, runs to the ropes and comes back with a Scissors Kick to the back of Hogan's head! Hogan falls face first into the mat and MVP quickly rolls Hogan over for the pin! One, two, th- NO! Hogan gets his shoulder off of the mat. MVP gets to his feet and adjusts his headband over his du-rag as he just stares a hole through the referee, while the referee holds two fingers up, telling MVP that it was a two count.

          The match moves on and Hogan is pounding away on The Ballin Superstar. Hogan has MVP leaning against the turnbuckle getting a series of body shots. Hogan then pulls MVP away from the turnbuckle and gets him to the middle of the ring, where he gives MVP a powerful kick to the gut, knocking the wind out of MVP as Montel falls to his knees, holding onto his gut. Hogan quickly gets behind MVP and grabs the headband around MVP's head and slides it down his forehead to his throat and twists it from behind and begins pulling it, CHOKING MVP WITH HIS OWN HEADBAND!

          The referee begins going wild telling Hogan to let go of the headband, but Hogan is secure on really injuring MVP tonight. The referee threathens to disqualify Hogan and that's when Hogan releases the headband. MVP falls over to his side as he yanks the headband from around his throat and throws it away from him. MVP lays there gasping for air as he holds onto his throat. Hogan doesn't give MVP any pity as he walks over to MVP and begins stomping away on him.

          The match continues and this time it is MVP showing no mercy on The Hulkster, after taking Hogan down with a jumping knee to the face. Hogan rolls around holding onto his face, in pain as MVP walks over to a corner and pulls the padding off of one of the turnbuckles. The referee tries to stop MVP, but it is too late. MVP throws the padding to the outside of the ring and leaves one turnbuckle completely exposed!

          MVP walks over to Hogan and yanks him up by the hair and charges him towards the exposed turnbuckle and goes to smash Hogan's face against it, but Hogan grabs the ropes stopping himself from going face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Hogan then drills MVP in the gut with an elbow and then grabs MVP by the head and goes to smash his face against the exposed turnbuckle, but MVP gets his foot on the middle turnbuckle, stopping his face from going forward. MVP then drills Hogan with a fury of elbows to the face until Hogan stumbles away.

          MVP then charges at Hogan and grabs him by the back of the head and charges him back into the exposed turnbuckle and this time drills Hogan's face right into the exposed turnbuckle! Hogan's head bounces off the steel and Hogan stumbles back and falls onto his back, holding onto his face. After rolling around in pain for so long, he lets go of his face and looks at his hands to see blood all over! Hulk Hogan has been busted open on his forehead and it is the first sight of blood on tonight's Summerslam!

          MVP doesn't hesitate to get on top of Hogan and lift a leg for the pin! The referee doesn't seem like he wants to make this count, but he does his job! One, two, thre- NO! Hulk Hogan gets his shoulder off of the mat. MVP rolls off of Hogan and punches the mat, in frustration.

          The match continues and MVP swings a right at Hogan with a lot of force, but Hogan ducks. MVP does a spin and Hogan grabs MVP from the back and applies the Sleeper Hold on MVP. Hogan squeezes tight as MVP reaches out. Hogan leans his face into the back of MVP, smudging all his blood all over the back of MVP. Hogan is relentless with the hold, but MVP uses his leg strength to quickly back Hogan up, back first into the exposed turnbuckle! Hogan lets out a scream and releases the hold. MVP stumbles away, holding onto his throat in pain. Hogan leans against the exposed turnbuckle as MVP makes his way across the ring. MVP shouts "Ballin" while doing the hand motion and charges at Hulk Hogan with the running big boot and....

          .... HULK HOGAN MOVES!

          MVP gets his foot caught above the exposed turnbuckle and Hulk Hogan stumbles away, with blood dripping off of his face. MVP slowly, but surely gets his foot off of the top turnbuckle and turns around to a weak Hogan and drills Hogan in the face with a big right. Hogan doesn't budge, but begins to shake his fists. MVP seems confused, but drills Hogan with a second shot. Hogan continues to not budge, but shake his fists. MVP hits Hogan with a third shot to the face. Once again, Hogan doesn't budge, but he is shaking his fists even faster as the crowd goes wild. MVP takes a step back and swings his fourth right with the most force, but this time, Hogan stands still, eyes wide open, face all bloody and he looks right into the eyes of MVP, before pointing and shouting....

          .... YOUUUUUUUUUU!

          The crowd goes wild and MVP swings a fifth right at Hogan, but Hogan blocks it and he drills MVP with a right of his own. MVP stumbles back, but swings another right, again Hogan blocks it and counters with a right of his own. MVP stumbles, but comes back with another swing, but once again, it is blocked and countered by Hulk Hogan. MVP stumbles backwards and then forwards with his arms down into another right from Hogan into the non guarded face of MVP that now sends Montel falling onto his back. MVP slowly picks himself up to his feet and he turns around, right into the arms of Hogan who lifts him into the air and slams him with a powerful body slam right to the middle of the ring.

          The crowd goes wild as Hogan looks over at the crowd, breathing heavily. Hogan goes to each side of the ring doing the hand to ear motion. After doing all four sides of the ring, he runs to the ropes and comes back at MVP with the LEG DROP and....

          .... MVP ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

          Hogan lands flat on both legs on the mat. MVP quickly gets himself to all fours like a dog and just dives on top of Hogan, sending Hogan onto his back. MVP mounds himself over Hogan and begins pounding away on him with a fury of lefts and rights to the bloodied up face. MVP hits Hogan with so many shots that it eventually becomes too hard to keep up with. After awhile of sending Hogan's head swaying from side to side, MVP leaps to his feet. He looks very pumped up as he walks around the ring. He then looks at the crowd and swings his arms to the side, signaling for the end!

          MVP walks over to Hulk Hogan and lifts him to his feet. MVP gives Hogan a kick to the gut and gets Hogan's head in between his legs. MVP holds Hogan's head under his legs as he gets to a corner of the ring. He then does the "Ballin" hand motion, without the shouting. MVP lifts Hulk Hogan up and goes running forward and connects with the BALL OUT! (Running sitdown powerbomb) MVP holds Hogan in that position, with his shoulders on the mat for the pin! The referee dives over to the pin and counts for the one, two, three!
          The whole arena seems to be in shock as MVP swings Hogan's legs off of him. MVP rises to his feet and begins pounding his chest with his own fists as he seems pumped up about the victory. He then walks over to Hulk Hogan, who lays there, completely dazed, with blood covering his face and upper chest area, even some dripping down to his yellow pants.

          MVP, with Hogan's blood on his gear, stands above Hogan, just cockily looking down at him. MVP shouts, "WHAT?!" into the face of Hulk, but Hogan is too out of it to even respond or maybe even make out what MVP just said. MVP then leaves the ring and cockily makes his way up the ramp telling the booing crowd to "Shut up" and "Go Screw Yourself". The hatrid for the Ballin Superstar is known, but it is no secret that MVP stayed true to his words and he destroyed Hulkamania.


          • Re: KWF IV

            IN LAS VEGAS

            The crowd is still standing as they gave Hulk Hogan a standing ovation for the heart he showed in his match as he was helped to the back by KWF officials as his face was a bloody mess. The crowd seems to be enjoying this awesome Summerslam showing so far, but they are eager for more! When they want more, they will get more!


            The crowd get to their foot and they boo as Armando Alejandro Estrada makes his way from the back, leading his Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga down the ramp. Armando has a huge grin on his face as Umaga stares into the crowd, possibly looking for another victim. The two men get into the ring and Armando demands a microphone and he is quickly handed one.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada is in a white top hat with a white suit, white all the way down to his white dress shoes. Umaga is in a black and yellow Umaga skirt.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- MY NAME.... ES.... ARMANDO.... ALEJANDRO.... ESTRRRRRRRRADDDDDDAAAAAAAA!

            The Las Vegas crowd boos.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- And standing next to me is the reason we are out here tonight! That is my SHAMOAN BULLDOSIERRR.... UMAGA!

            The crowd boos, again as Umaga lets out an animalistic scream.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- Now, we are in the city where a lot of gambles are taken! The place that we will help keep the slogan alive! Because, whoever accepts the challenge to step into the ring with Umaga will be taking the biggest gamble of their life and what happens in Vegas, will stay in Vegas, because when Umaga is done with you, well, you'll never be able to walk, again!

            The crowd boos as Armando laughs. Umaga just looks around at the booing crowd, looking hungry for flesh and blood.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- We saw Umaga win a ten man battle royal. We see Umaga end Carlito's career! We saw Umaga destroy the Intercontinental champion! Tonight, we will see Umaga continue the trend of domination! So, who will it be? Who wants to take a gamble and step into the ring with the most dominating force in the KWF?!

            Armando smiles as he looks up at the titantron for someone to come out, but nobody does.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- It doesn't have to be a wrestler! Heck, it could be a celebrity in attendance! Umaga would love to destroy a celebrity, he has not done that yet!

            The crowd boos.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- You fans want to get in the ring with Umaga?!

            The crowd erupts in cheers as many stick their arms up, hoping Armando would choose them as they're all making very foolish mistakes.

            Armando Alejandro Estrada- No. Umaga already annihilated two fans in St. Louis. He wants something new! Something fresh! He wants his prey to put up a fight! He wants his prey to....

            *BOOM.... BOOM....*

            Armando and Umaga turn their attention up the ramp as jungles start showing up on the screen. Wild animals are shown running wildly through trees. Wolves are shown destroying sheep, bears are shown destroying seals and a tree with blood stains is the last thing shown before we hear....


            .... PERIOD!

            The crowd erupts in cheers as Monty Brown comes from the back, more jacked then ever before. Monty Brown is back from the Serengeti where Umaga left him for dead at Wrestlemania 2, the place where Umaga made his KWF debut! He stands at the top of the ramp in green and black tights and he lets out a huge scream, before charging down the ramp. Armando quickly scrambles to the outside of the ring as the referee calls for the bell!

            Umaga vs Monty Brown

            Monty slides into the ring, leaps to his feet and the two beasts charge at each other, but Monty Brown catches Umaga in the middle of the ring with a big spear. Monty Brown begins pounding away on the face of Umaga with lefts and rights. Monty Brown leaps off of Umaga and he is very pumped up. Umaga crawls to the ropes and picks himself up, using the ropes. He spins around and Monty Brown runs full speed at Umaga and gives him such a powerful clothesline that both men go flying over the top rope and to the outside of the ring!

            Both men land hard, but neither man lay there to try and restrain their pain. Umaga tries to crawl up the ramp as he tries to pick himself up. Monty Brown reaches his feet and runs at Umaga giving him a big running kick to the rib that sends Umaga back down to all fours. Umaga continues to crawl up the ramp, although Monty Brown continues the assault with big stomps. They reach the top of the ramp and Monty has not stopped with the relentless stomps.

            All of a sudden, Armando Alejandro Estrada shows stupidity as he spins Monty Brown around and smacks him across the face. Monty's eyes nearly bulge out of his head in rage. He goes to swing a right at Armando, but does a 180, to face Umaga who has slowly, but surely reached his feet by the glass Summerslam logo and Monty Brown charges at Umaga and....


            .... RIGHT THROUGH THE GLASS SUMMERSLAM MINI TITANTRON! Both men go crashing through the glass as glass shatters all over the place! The referee calls for the bell ending this match in a no contest as both men are knocked out cold, after crashing through the glass!
            The crowd is loving what they just saw as they chant, "HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!" Armando holds his head in shock as he runs over to check on his Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, who lays out cold on his back with glass all around him. Monty Brown lays flat on his face, but he is slowly moving, but seems to have felt the explosion of going through the glass.

            Both men are definitely out of it, but Monty Brown has returned with a huge BOOM! KWF officials and EMT's start rushing from the back, for what will probably be the first of many times tonight! The Alpha Male IS BACK!


            • Re: KWF IV

              IN LAS VEGAS

              The cameras are in the back where we see The Kid standing by a private TV that shows what's going on by ringside as he watches everyone take care of Monty Brown and Umaga. Kid shakes his head.

              The Kid- Man, am I going to miss this place.

              Kid looks around at famous pictures. He stops by one specific one where it has The Kid & The Undertaker with: (Dead Man Walking Match) written under it. The Kid smiles, but then turns around, where he bumps into the chest of an angry....

              .... JBL!

              The Kid- Yes?

              JBL- Yes?! YES?! Is that all you can say to me right now?! I had to say goodbye to a man who only lost one match in the KWF and was forced to leave because of that psycho, Kurt Angle!

              The Kid- Kurt Angle won fair and square.

              JBL- Do you understand how much money Kurt Angle just cost me?! Do you understand how much profit I was making from the global viewers? Do you understand how much money he just cost your KWF?! It's insane, he's insane, he should not be allowed to wrestle, again! I think we should bring KENTA back and get rid of Kurt Angle!

              The Kid- I think not, Bradshaw.

              JBL- It's J.... B.... L and you will call me that!

              The Kid- I can call you whatever the hell I want! Since tonight is my last night running the show, I guess I can do whatever the hell I want, too! So, since you lost yourself the man you were managing, I guess the only use of you in my KWF for now is.... well.... to wrestle, again!

              JBL- I'm retired!

              The Kid- You were retired.

              JBL- You can't do that!

              The Kid- Then fine, be my guest. Leave, I'll send your ass out of the KWF for good, too!

              JBL seems very steamed up, but calms down.

              JBL- FINE! I'm back to wrestling, but this is just a warning, Kid! You have now released a man I put into retirement mode to give other guys a chance at being the best! You have released a WRESTLING GOD!

              JBL smiles.

              The Kid- Well, good! The KWF is a wrestling program. So, you know what? Although I will not be there, I'll make one final match for a future match and that match will be tomorrow night on RAW! JBL, you will be in action!

              JBL seems caught off guard by that.

              JBL- With all due respect, Kid, I'd like it better if you let me know longer then one day in advance.

              The Kid- Hey, don't worry. You know a lot about your opponent. Actually, you were in the ring with him tonight!

              JBL- KENTA?! You're going to give KENTA another chance?!

              The Kid- Think again! Tomorrow night on RAW, you will go one on one against.... KURT ANGLE!

              JBL's jaw drops open as he looks right into The Kid's eyes. Kid smiles.

              The Kid- I'm glad that you're speechless, because The Kid has spoken!

              The Kid walks away as JBL just stares into blank space, now knowing that he will be in one on one action in his wrestling return tomorrow night on RAW, against Kurt Angle!

              *Scene changes

              *PREVIOUSLY RECORDED- SUNDAY, 1:25pm*

              We see a table in a Las Vegas diner as Jim Ross sits across from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Steve does not look to be in a good mood.

              Jim Ross- Steve Austin. My friend. Later tonight, in just over 6 hours, Summerslam will be under way and the time will be ticking to your Last Man Standing match against the loud mouth, Mr. Kennedy. Now last month at Cyber Sunday, Mr. Kennedy beat you in your own game. A bar room brawl.

              Steve Austin- You know, Stone Cold is getting real sick and tired of getting that bar room brawl fight bought up. We all saw what happened. We were never face to face, he snuck up on me and he attacked like the little punk that he is. The same way he has been attacking me this whole time. Sneak attack, run. Sneak attack, run. It's been a cat and mouse game. Steve Austin would usually prefer not to be the cat since the damn mouse always wins for the feel good story, but tonight, Mr. Kennedy will be the mouse. He can run, but there is nowhere to hide. I'm going to open a can of whoop ass the size of the Las Vegas casinos on Mr. Kennedy tonight and you can bet your lucky dollar on that!

              Jim Ross- Steve, now you know me. You know that I think that you can beat the best of the best. Right now, Mr. Kennedy has been getting the best of you.

              Steve Austin- Like I said, he's been going with the sneak attack, run away. Sneak attack, run away. I never have the chance to keep on chasing him. Tonight, I have all night. Tonight, I will chase Mr. Kennedy all around Las Vegas if I have to, just to beat the crap out of him!

              Jim Ross- What are your thoughts on the words Kennedy said to you last week about him keeping you down for 10 seconds?

              Steve Austin- Now, you know me real well right, JR?

              Jim Ross- Yes. Yes, I do.

              Steve Austin- So you know that I don't lie, right?

              Jim Ross- No, you don't lie.

              Steve Austin- If I see something, I'll admit it right?

              Jim Ross- Yes....?

              Steve Austin- Well, I got something to admit about Mr. Kennedy. He's been running around, running his mouth, letting the crowd know who he is! In fact, the crowd knows very well who he is! He is the dumbest jackass to ever step foot on earths' surface. So, I admit, Kennedy, you are a moron. Kennedy, you dug yourself into a hole that you will not get out of. Tonight seems like a historic night where all the young stars have a chance to end the old stars careers, but will it happen to Stone Cold?! EH, EH!

              Austin looks pumped up as he takes his final sip of beer.

              Steve Austin- The fact of the matter is this. A last man standing match. No sneak attacks from him. It's going to be me and him for a very long time. It's going to be me and him until one of us can no longer get up after the 10 count. So listen right here, tonight I'm going to win. Now when I win, I want to hear you do your famous saying when I win a match!

              Jim Ross- STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE....

              Steve Austin- SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU STUPID LITTLE JACKASS! I said after the match! What the hell is wrong with you?! We're in a diner.

              Jim Ross- I'm sorry.

              Steve Austin- Don't be sorry. Kennedy will be sorry, tonight. I guarantee that and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!


              Steve Austin- CAN A MAN GET A DAMN BEER OVER HERE?!


              • Re: KWF IV

                IN LAS VEGAS

                The crowd is on their feet as Jim Ross tells Jerry "The King" Lawler that this is possibly the biggest match of Steve Austin's career. King says that it could also be his last!

                The crowd has been treated to an awesome show so far and just finished seeing the first blood shed of the night in the hands of Hulk Hogan. They also got to see the big return of The Alpha Male and the first big bang as Monty Brown and Umaga went crashing through glass after the powerful pounce!

                Now the crowd is ready for what should be a huge, brutal fight between Stone Cold Steve Austin & Umaga as they square off in a Last Man Standing match!


                The crowd erupts in boos as Mr. Kennedy comes from the back. He has a smirk on his face as he looks around the arena. He makes his way cockily down the ramp with his head bopping from side to side. He reaches the ring and climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Kennedy walks over to the middle of the ring where he throws an arm up. A microphone comes down being hung on the same thing that the Intercontinental title will be on later tonight in the TLC match. Kennedy grabs the microphone off and lets the thing go back up. He looks around at the booing crowd and begins.

                Mr. Kennedy is in black wrestling shorts with "Kennedy" written in blue in the back, also wearing black and blue wrestling boots.

                Mr. Kennedy- Right now, you all stand up and you boo me. You boo me and you hate me! Right at this moment, you all stand there and you look at me and you are all probably thinking that he is in big trouble! You all think in your dumb, little heads that tonight Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to beat the crap out of me!

                The crowd erupts in cheers.

                Mr. Kennedy- And now you cheer at the thought of it happening! In a moment, your hero, Steve Austin is going to come from the back and your hero is going to look good! He's going to look ready to beat my ass! You will all be pumped up! You will all be standing around cheering for him as soon as that glass shatters. As soon as he hits me for the very first time in this match. As soon as you see his middle fingers go up! Yes. You will all cheer! You will go crazy! You will give high fives to the fan right next to you! You will be oh so happy!

                Kennedy begins shaking his head, looking very disappointed at the fans.

                Mr. Kennedy- And then in a few minutes. Whether it is 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, anywhere up to an hour.... HELL it could be all night! At the end of this match, all those smiles, all that happiness, all that will be gone. Because just like RAW, the last thing you will all see.... is me.... standing above Stone Cold Steve Austin and you will say goodbye to the rattlesnake and you will all rise and look at the future of this company. Your eyes will all be fixated on your new hero! Your eyes will all be on the winner. Your eyes will be on me.... MISTAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KENNNNNNNNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

                The crowd boos as Kennedy walks around with a huge smirk on his face, the microphone still in hand. He then stops, looking up the ramp and he raises his head up.

                Mr. Kennedy- KEN-

                *GLASS SHATTERS!*

                The crowd explodes in cheers as Kennedy is cut short and from the back comes Stone Cold Steve Austin! He seems very pumped up as he makes his way down the ramp, bopping his head from side to side talking trash to the ring at Kennedy.

                Kennedy drops the microphone to the outside of the ring and backs up to the opposite side of the ring.

                Austin doesn't seem like he wants to wait as he takes his vest off half way down the ramp, climbs up the steel steps, gets into the ring, gives both middle fingers to Kennedy and he charges at Kennedy! The referee calls for the bell starting the Last Man Standing match!

                Austin is in his usual black tights with black boots.

                Last Man Standing Match
                "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Mr. Kennedy

                As Austin charges towards Kennedy, Kennedy quickly escapes the ring. Austin does not care as he exits the ring right after Kennedy chasing him around the ring. Kennedy is out-running Austin as he quickly grabs the bell man and throws him off of his steel chair. Kennedy quickly folds the chair up, but Austin finally reaches him and begins pounding away on the face of Kennedy, forcing Kennedy to drop the steel chair. Austin pounds away on Kennedy on the outside of the ring with lefts and rights. Austin grabs the back of Kennedy's head and slams him face first against the announcers table. Kennedy bounces off and stumbles away. Austin chases him and grabs him from the back of the head and runs him face first into the fan barricade. Kennedy's head bounces off and he stumbles towards the ring, where he slides in. Austin continues following Kennedy and follows him into the ring.

                Austin continues to beat up on Kennedy as he slams him face first against the now unexposed turnbuckle post. Kennedy continues to have his head bounced off of everything. Austin continues to attack like a rattlesnake as he takes the stumbling Kennedy off of his feet with a clothesline!

                Austin is really getting the best of Kennedy as he grabs him by the shorts and throws him through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring. Kennedy crawls over to the announcers table as Austin exits the ring and makes his way towards Kennedy. Kennedy uses the table to pick himself up to his feet and as Austin grabs him, Kennedy drills Austin in the face with a big elbow! Austin stumbles away, holding onto his mouth, but he charges back at Kennedy. Kennedy rips the television set off of the announcers table and....


                Austin stumbles away and falls to his knees, holding onto his forehead in pain. Kennedy quickly uses the chord of the television set and walks over to Austin and wraps it around the throat of the Rattlesnake and begins to choke Stone Cold with it! Austin holds onto his throat trying to use his strength to pull the chord off of his throat. As Austin gets his fingers on it and nearly gets the chord off, Kennedy releases the chord and just strikes Austin in the back of the head with a big elbow. Austin stumbles forward and falls into Jim Ross' and Jerry Lawler's table.

                Kennedy grabs the head of Steve Austin and smacks it against the announcers table. Kennedy then proceeds to yell at Jim Ross, "HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR AUSTIN NOW?!" Jim Ross just angrily looks at Kennedy as Kennedy smacks the face of Austin off of it, again.

                As the match progresses, both men are beating the crap out of each other and neither man is showing any mercy. The two men are inside of the ring as Kennedy brings in the bell man's steel chair that was just laying around outside of the ring and he stalks Steve Austin as Austin slowly gets to his feet. Austin reaches his feet, turns around and Kennedy swings the steel chair right at the head of Austin and....

                .... AUSTIN DUCKS!

                Kennedy turns around with the steel chair in hand, gets the middle fingers, a kick to the gut and the STUNNER! The crowd erupts in cheers as Kennedy falls onto his back, with the chair right next to him. Austin backs away as he begins talking trash to Kennedy. The referee begins to count Kennedy down.

                One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eigh- Kennedy slowly gets to his knees and pulls himself up. That is the first count down of the match and it was so close!

                The match progresses as the two men are going at it on the middle of the ramp as they fight it out on top of the steel walk away. The two men exchange lefts and rights and Kennedy stops the exchanges after getting his foot right in between the legs of Stone Cold with a big low blow! Austin lets out a scream and bends over, holding onto his lower section. Kennedy quickly grabs the head of Austin and puts it under his legs and then lifts him up and sends him down with a big Pile Driver right onto the steel ramp! Austin's head bounces off the walk way and he lays there, as the top of his head gets cut open by the ramp. Blood begins to slowly drip out as it's only a small cut. Kennedy reaches his feet and the referee begins to count The Rattlesnake down.

                One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, ei- Austin rises to his feet. That is the first time Austin has been counted down.

                The match continues and Austin has blood dripping down his face, but is in control. The two men are inside of the ring as Austin has the steel chair. He stalks Kennedy to reach his feet and when Kennedy does, he turns around right into a big chair shoot right to the skull. Kennedy stumbles back and bounces into the ropes, which force him to stumble back forward right into a second steel chair to the head, which now sends him flat onto his back. Kennedy has now been cut open and he is bleeding from his forehead! The crowd is going wild as Austin slams the steel chair onto the mat and flips Kennedy off. The referee gets over to Kennedy and begins to count him down.

                One, two, three, four, five, six, sev- Kennedy gets to his knees and crawls to the ropes and picks himself up.

                Austin doesn't hesitate to pick the steel chair back up as he charges at Kennedy and smacks him right in the back with the steel chair as Kennedy leans against the ropes. Kennedy falls to his knees with his face against the ropes and Austin smacks him in the back with it a second and a third time until Kennedy falls to his side. Austin throws the now dented steel chair to the outside of the ring as he begins stomping down on Kennedy until the stomps finally force Kennedy to fall to the outside of the ring.

                As Kennedy falls to the outside of the ring, he sticks his upper body under the ring. Austin exits the ring and grabs the legs of Kennedy trying not to let him crawl completely under the ring. When Austin pulls Kennedy out, Kennedy has a fire extinguisher in his hand and he sprays it right into the face of Austin! That blinds Austin as Kennedy reaches his feet. When the area clears up, Kennedy drills Austin right in the gut with the fire extinguisher. Austin bends over, holding onto his gut and Kennedy smacks it right into the back of Austin sending Austin down to all fours in pain. Kennedy then raises the fire extinguisher very high and slams it down into the back of Austin, sending Austin flat on his face. The front row crowd begin to boo Kennedy as he looks at them with his eyes wide open and blood dripping down his face.

                Kennedy yells "SHUT UP" to the crowd and SPRAYS THE CROWD WITH THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER!

                That gets huge boos from the crowd as Kennedy drops the extinguisher down and laughs cockily at the all whited up crowd.

                As the match moves on, both men are a bloody mess and Kennedy has another steel chair inside of the ring. He stalks Austin with it and when Austin reaches his feet, he swings it at Austin's head, but Austin ducks. Kennedy quickly drops the chair, turns around and walks into another kick to the gut, Austin goes for the stunner, but Kennedy pushes him off! Austin has his back turned to Kennedy so he turns around and charges at Kennedy and when he reaches Kennedy, Kennedy grabs him from around the waist and quickly lifts him up, flips him upside down and comes crashing down onto the steel chair with a SIT DOWN TOMBSTONE PILE DRIVER ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!

                The same move that once broke Steve Austin's neck is now used by Kennedy right onto the steel chair! Austin lays there, face covered in blood as Kennedy cockily stands up, stumbles into the turnbuckle, exhausted and watches the referee make the count.

                One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ni-ne, te- Austin gets up! RIGHT BEFORE THE TEN!

                Kennedy seems very frustrated as Austin reaches his feet, all dazed. Kennedy charges at Austin and walks right into a boot to the gut and a second STUNNER! The crowd erupts in cheers as Kennedy falls face first into the mat and Austin, so exhausted, just falls right onto the back of Kennedy, laying there breathing.

                The referee wants to count, but can't, since Austin is on top of Kennedy and is "holding him down". Austin is just too tired to get off. He looks at the referee, breathing heavily, but can't even push himself right now to even attempt to get to his feet.

                After sitting there for a little bit longer, finally Austin begins to pull himself to his feet, but now Kennedy is showing some life as he slowly pulls himself to all fours. Austin might have had this match won, but was too exhausted to get off of Kennedy.

                Both men slowly pull themselves to their feet as Kennedy is by the turnbuckle. Austin charges at Kennedy, but Kennedy must have eyes behind his head, because he moves right in time! Austin crashes into the turnbuckle, turns around holding onto his mid section, walks into a kick to the gut, DDT! Kennedy does not release the head of Austin and wraps his legs around the waist of Austin and begins to choke him out with the KENOTINE SHOCK!

                The crowd knows that this could very well be the end of the match as Kennedy continues to choke Austin out with the submission. Austin continues to reach forward, trying whatever he can to get out of this submission. Kennedy is using whatever strength he has left right now to squeeze the breath out of Austin. After Austin's arms get weaker and weaker, Kennedy finally releases the submission and he stands above Austin. The referee is ready to count, but Kennedy tells the referee to "BACK OFF!"

                Kennedy picks up the steel chair he dropped inside of the ring a little while back and opens it up and sticks the lifeless head of Steve Austin through it and shuts it close around the neck of Stone Cold. Austin lays there, flat on his face with the steel chair wrapped around his neck.

                Kennedy backs away from Austin, looks around at the crowd with blood covering his whole face and he smiles wide. Wide enough where we can see blood all over his once white teeth. Kennedy then charges towards Austin and....


                The crowd is in shock as Austin's body bounces around, in a seizuring way after that stomp. Kennedy backs away and smiles with his eyes wide open as he looks down at Austin, who is a bloody mess, eyes shut and lays in the ring with the chair wrapped around his neck. Kennedy yells at the referee to begin the count and the referee is in shock at what he just witnessed. The whole arena is in shock, but the referee counts.

                One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.... T.... E.... N!
                The crowd is silent as Kennedy stands above Austin, who has not moved, at all. Kennedy looks down at Austin, sort of looking stunned at what he just did as he backs away and leaves the ring. Kennedy slowly makes his way up the ramp as EMT's start making their way down the ramp with a stretcher, backboard and collars. Kennedy seems very proud of himself as he leaves to the back the proud survivor of the Last Man Standing match!

                The EMT's slowly and cautiously get the steel chair off from around the neck of Austin and begin doing the procedure of getting him onto the board and collar without doing more damage to his neck. Jim Ross gets into the ring, very worried for his friend as Kennedy is gone in the back.

                They get Austin onto the board with the collar around his neck and strap him into the stretcher that awaits on the outside of the ring and they quickly rush Austin up the ramp, to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. Jim Ross stands inside of the ring in total worry for his best friend. He walks over to the announcers table and Lawler just tells Jim Ross that the show must go on and Jim Ross better just sit down and do his job. JR says that he will sit there and continue for the rest of the night and pray for the Rattlesnake!


                • Re: KWF IV

                  IN LAS VEGAS

                  After things get cleaned up and Austin is in the ambulance and being raced to the hospital, the crowd seems very upset about what happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin, but they are all ready for some more action!

                  Up next is the eight man tag match where every person in each group has some big history with one of their opponents.

                  Harry Smith and TJ Wilson were best friends growing up and they come into the wrestling business together as a team. Then one night on RAW, Harry Smith turned his back on TJ Wilson to join forces with Ric Flair.

                  Teddy Hart was a good friend of Harry and TJ growing up, as well. He was the first to join forces with Ric Flair when he helped The Nature Boy throw his own uncle, Bret Hart, off of the stage. Teddy Hart is now the new partner of Harry Smith, stealing TJ Wilson's old partner.

                  Cody Rhodes is the son of Dusty Rhodes and the 1/2 brother of the deranged, Goldust. The families will unite tonight as Dusty & Goldust team up with Harry Smith. Cody Rhodes is the final man of the Flair's Family as he joins Harry Smith, Teddy Hart & Ric Flair.

                  Arn Anderson spent nearly his whole wrestling career by Flair's side in the Four Horseman. After Flair assaulted Arn Anderson, Arn is back in the ring and he is risking his health, just for revenge as Arn Anderson is the final partner of his team, where he joins Dusty Rhodes, Goldust & TJ Wilson.


                  The crowd erupts in boos as Ric Flair struts out with his children behind them. All three members of Flair's Family look pumped up and very serious. Flair struts with a huge smile on his face. He leads his men down the ramp and into the ring. Teddy Hart jumps onto a turnbuckle and begins shouting trash to the booing crowd. Harry Smith just angrily stares at the crowd. Cody Rhodes is on one turnbuckle as well with his arms up in the air, cockily. Flair struts inside of the ring.

                  Ric Flair is in a purple gown, which he takes off and is now in his wrestling gear. Flair is wearing purple and black tights with black wresting boots. Cody Rhodes is in black tights with "CODY" in the back in gold. Teddy Hart is in red and black wrestling shorts with red wrestling boots. Harry Smith is in black and blue wrestling pants with blue wrestling shoes. All four men await their opponents as they huddle up around Ric Flair.

                  *FOUR HORSEMAN BLASTS*

                  The crowd erupts in cheers as all four men make their way from the back, at the same time. All four men stand at the top of the ramp, with their eyes locked on their opponents inside of the ring. Arn Anderson wears Ric Flair's GOAT title around his waist, showing Flair that his stolen title is around his waist. They all make their way down the ramp, at the same time. They reach the ring and TJ Wilson slides in and leaps to his feet, awaiting his partners. Dusty Rhodes, Goldust and Arn Anderson take their turns climbing up the steel steps and getting into the ring. Goldust is without his long gown. All four men keep their eyes locked on their opponents as they stand in their corner. Arn takes the title off and hands it to the referee who walks it to the announcers table. Flair stares at his title and smiles to know that it's okay. Both teams have their eyes locked on the other.

                  Goldust is in a one piece gold and silver outfit with gold wrestling boots. Arn Anderson is in black tights with "Arn Anderson" written in the back in white with black wrestling boots. Dusty Rhodes is in a white tanktop with black skin pants and black boots. TJ Wilson is in white and red wrestling shorts with white wrestling boots.

                  Eight Man Tag Match
                  Flair's Family vs Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust & TJ Wilson

                  Harry Smith will start the match off for Flair's Family as will TJ Wilson for his team. The two men walk around the ring with their eyes locked on each other until they charge at each other. TJ tries his best to over-power Harry Smith, but Harry uses his size advantage to throw TJ to the mat. TJ shows his heart as he quickly gets to his feet and charges back at Harry with furies of rights. Harry stumbles back, but charges back at him with his own lefts and rights as the two men slug it out. Harry, with his strength wins the slug fest as TJ starts getting too many hard hits until he falls to a knee. Harry then begins using his size to pound away on TJ.

                  As the match progresses, the two legal men are Teddy Hart and TJ Wilson. Teddy knows that TJ has been weakened by Harry Smith and takes a lot more out of TJ by locking him in a sleeper hold. Teddy holds the sleeper on TJ as he walks him to his corner and tags in Cody Rhodes.

                  Cody then gets into the ring and kicks TJ in the gut, while Teddy holds him. Cody begins to beat on TJ and runs him face first into the turnbuckle and TJ bounces off and falls right onto his back. Cody runs to the ropes and comes back with a knee drop to the face of TJ. Cody takes the first pin of the match on TJ, but TJ gets his shoulder off of the mat on 2.

                  As the two remain in the ring, it's been all Cody. Rhodes takes TJ by the wrist and gives him an Irish Whip into the ropes. As TJ bounces back, Cody goes for a back body drop and when he flips TJ over his head, TJ does a full flip and lands on his feet. The crowd goes crazy for the amazing athleticism shown by TJ Wilson. When TJ hits his feet, he quickly dives towards his corner and tags in Goldust! The crowd erupts in cheers.

                  Cody turns around and watches his 1/2 brother, Goldust, get into the ring and begin to rub his chest as he looks at Cody. Cody's eyes open wide as he slowly backs up towards his corner. Goldust walks over to Cody, but Cody makes the tag on Harry Smith.

                  Harry gets into the ring and charges at Goldust for a clothesline, but Goldust ducks it and he grabs Harry from behind and hits the neck breaker! Goldust quickly covers Harry, but Cody breaks the pin up at one and quickly gets back to his corner to avoid fighting his half brother.

                  As the match moves on, Dusty Rhodes is tagged in and stomps away on Harry Smith. He grabs Harry and throws him to the corner and points to Ric Flair and tells The Nature Boy to get into the ring. The crowd cheers as they want Flair in there with Dusty Rhodes. Flair is ready to make the tag on Harry, but instead, Cody Rhodes reaches over and tags himself in!

                  Cody Rhodes gets into the ring and walks up to his father with a huge smile on his face. Dusty seems frustrated by this and says, "I want Flair." Cody doesn't let his father talk anymore as he slaps his father across the face. Dusty looks at the crowd after the embarassment and he seems to be holding himself back so much. Cody laughs and tells his father to hit him. Cody swings with another slap at the face of his father, but this time, Dusty BLOCKS IT!


                  Cody stumbles back in shock and Dusty follows him and begins pounding on his son with lefts and rights as the crowd erupts in cheers. Dusty then grabs Cody by the wrist and gives him a powerful Irish Whip into the turnbuckle. Cody bounces off and stumbles forward towards his father and Dusty takes Cody off of his feet with a big clothesline! Dusty Rhodes then gets on top of Cody and begins pounding his own son with lefts and rights as Cody lays there defenseless and so caught off guard.

                  Teddy Hart jumps into the ring and runs at Dusty, giving him a stomp to the back of the head forcing him off of Cody. TJ Wilson then climbs to the top turnbuckle and comes flying off with a missile drop kick right into the face of Teddy Hart! Teddy hits the mat hard and quickly rolls to the outside of the ring. Harry Smith jumps into the ring and charges at TJ Wilson and takes him off of his feet with a very powerful clothesline!

                  Dusty Rhodes then gets up behind Harry Smith and grabs him from the back pants and runs him into the ropes and throws him to the outside of the ring. Ric Flair goes to the outside of the ring and grabs his GOAT title and tries to sneak away and leave up the ramp with it.

                  Arn Anderson notices this and grabs Flair from behind and rolls him into the ring with the title. Flair rises to his feet as Arn follows him. Flair swings the title at Arn's head, but Anderson ducks! Arn spins Flair around and begins drilling him with powerful rights to the face as Flair drops the title and stumbles away.

                  The referee is distracted as Goldust slides into the ring and sneaks up behind Cody. Rhodes backs up and bumps right into the chest of his half brother. Cody turns around and tries to quickly back away from Goldust, but Goldust grabs him and gives him an Irish Whip into the ropes. Cody comes bouncing back and Goldust and Dusty hold hands and give Cody a double clothesline, taking Cody off of his feet!

                  Harry Smith charges towards Goldust and gives him a powerful kick to the gut. Harry then grabs Goldust from the back and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. Goldust falls through and bounces to the outside of the ring.

                  Behind Harry Smith, TJ Wilson gets into the ring. Harry turns around and TJ gives Harry Smith a kick to the gut and puts his head under his legs. TJ Wilson then goes flipping over with the CANADIAN DESTROYER! The crowd goes wild as Harry Smith's head bounces off of the mat! Harry rolls to the outside of the ring as TJ Wilson is pumped up.

                  Teddy Hart then sneaks into the ring and gives TJ Wilson a drop kick to the back that sends TJ stumbling right through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring. Teddy begins talking trash to the crowd as they boo him. He doesn't seem to care much, but the crowd begins to cheer and that confuses Teddy a bit. Teddy turns around and he walks right into one right fist to the face from Dusty, a second right fist from Dusty, a third right fist from Dusty, a fourth right fist from Dusty. Dusty does a little dance and then cracks Teddy Hart with a fifth right fist that sends Teddy flying over the top rope and to the outside of the ring.

                  Arn Anderson chases Ric Flair up the ramp as the referee seems to still have his attention on them!

                  Inside of the ring, Cody Rhodes gets to his feet and he picks up the GOAT Title that Flair dropped and stalks his father. Dusty turns around with a huge smile on his face and....


                  The crowd boos as Dusty collapses onto his back. Cody quickly throws the title to the outside of the ring. He then walks over to the referee and spins him around and tells him to pay attention to the match. Cody runs towards his father and drops a cocky elbow right to the face of Dusty and then hooks the leg of his father. One, two, three!
                  The crowd erupts in boos as this highly anticipated match is over, just like that. Cody Rhodes quickly gets off of his father and raises his arms high in the air. Arn Anderson turns his attention off of Ric Flair and quickly runs down the ramp and gets into the ring. Cody quickly escapes the ring and helps up Teddy Hart and Harry Smith. Cody quickly picks up the title and leads his two men up the ramp, where they help up Flair. Cody hands the GOAT title to Flair, who looks all beaten up, but that brings a smile to his face. Flair's Family raises each other's arms high into the air, although all four men look exhausted from the brawl.

                  Inside of the ring, Goldust, TJ Wilson and Arn Anderson check on Dusty Rhodes as Dusty opens his eyes, very dazed. Arn Anderson walks to the ropes and points up the ramp and shouts, "YOU'LL GET YOURS, FLAIR!" That doesn't phase Flair's Family as they stand at the top of the ramp with huge smiles across their faces.


                  • Re: KWF IV

                    IN LAS VEGAS

                    We are in the backstage area where we see The Nature Boy holding his GOAT title with his three men behind him, walking down the halls, happy as ever for their win. Flair begins speaking to his title.

                    Ric Flair- Oh it feels so good to hold you, again! Still hard as anything! Wooo!

                    Flair then turns his attention to his three guys and begins speaking to them.

                    Ric Flair- I am very happy for you three. You guys went out there and won without me even having to get tagged in. You guys made me proud! I want you three to know that. You fought like brothers. You had each other's back. You protected me. Most importantly, you made sure I got this title back by winning the match! That's what this family is all about!

                    His three men nod their heads and Cody speaks.

                    Cody Rhodes- And best of all, I got to beat the crap out of my father, once again.

                    Teddy Hart- Yeah, but next time, we'll make sure we decapitate him.

                    Harry Smith- We still have to worry about Arn Anderson and Goldust who are trying to make you and Cody's life hell, Flair.

                    Ric Flair- Don't worry about them. We'll take care of them.

                    Teddy Hart- Yeah, we also have to take care of TJ Wilson. I say we finish him up tomorrow night on RAW. What do you boys say?

                    ????- ACTUALLY!

                    Flair's Family turns their heads and they are eye to eye with the boss, The Kid. He has a finger raised and a huge smile on his face as he begins to speak to the four men.

                    The Kid- There's one more person you'll have a problem with.

                    Cody Rhodes- Yeah! Who?

                    The Kid- Well, since tonight is going to be my last night here, there's going to be a NEW General Manager of the KWF that will be showing up tomorrow night on RAW. I was on the phone with this person and they told me to let you four know that you four should be inside of that ring to start the night off, because.... this person wants to talk to you four, first.

                    Ric Flair- Is that so, Kid? Well, you call your "person" and you tell that "person" that we'll be in that ring, to open up the night and you make sure that if that "person" did not see what my family just did out there, that they see what'll happen to them if they get in our way! WOOO!

                    Flair leads his Family with him as they walk away. The Kid stands there smiling and shakes his head. He begins walking and then stops with a smile on his face.

                    The Kid- H. B. K!

                    The crowd goes wild as Shawn Michaels is shown walking down the halls. He stops and walks over to The Kid with a smile on his face.

                    Shawn Michaels- What's up, Kid?

                    The Kid- Just walking around, saying goodbye to this kind of atmosphere for awhile.

                    Shawn Michaels- Yeah, it's hard to let go. I don't know how I'll ever walk away from this business.

                    The Kid- It is rough, but I'll eventually be back. I was thinking earlier. Remember the first ever KWF Pay Per View?

                    Shawn Michaels- Of course I do. No Mercy! The Heavyweight title tournament was down to it's final two men. Kane and ME.... Shawn Michaels.

                    The Kid- Yeah! The first ever match for the World Heavyweight championship and it was the monster versus the showstopper.... in a Ladder Match! What a great match, you were hanging on top by the chord as the ladder lost balance under you. You used your heart and strength to hold all your weight up there, rip the title off and then go crashing down with a flying elbow drop right onto Kane and right through the table!

                    HBK smiles.

                    Shawn Michaels- And I held that title for a long, long time.

                    The Kid- That was probably one of my most fondest moments, of all time. That one spot. You showed what the KWF was all about at the very beginning. You showed it was about heart. Passion. Desire. And most importantly, for the gold!

                    ????- Gold? Like this one?

                    The two men turn their heads and we see the World Heavyweight champion, Chris Jericho and the King of the Ring, Randy Orton. Both men look very cocky.

                    Chris Jericho- Yeah, Shawn. Those were the good ol' days. It must feel good to be the first ever KWF World Heavyweight champion. I know a lot about firsts, I was the first ever Undisputed Champion in the wrestling world!

                    Shawn Michaels- Yeah, but this is the KWF. The KWF is the new wrestling world. I held that title for a year. Let's see if you can even get past tonight, Jericho. Now, I'd love to sit here and chit chat with you two, but I got me a title to win, but don't worry, once I'm done becoming the Intercontinental champion, I'll be sure to come for yours, too.... that is if you're still the champion.

                    Shawn Michaels walks away. Jericho cockily rubs his title, smiling.

                    Chris Jericho- This title will never leave my waist. Not tonight. Not ever.

                    Randy Orton- Yeah and while we were on the topic of firsts. I want you to know this, Kid, I'm the first ever KWF Intercontinental champion. I'm the first ever human being to defeat The Undertaker at a Wrestlemania. I'm the first ever KWF King of the Ring. So, the fact of the matter is this, Kid. Before you leave forever, why don't you look back at all the superstars you have ever had in the KWF and think.... think real hard, if you ever had anyone as great as me!

                    Orton points to his chest. Kid just looks.

                    Chris Jericho- Randy, with all due respect, you can't be the greatest KWF superstar of all time without this World Heavyweight championship. Must I remind you, I'm 2-0 in KWF Wrestlemania's. I won a 6 man tag match at Wrestlemania 1 by making some bozo tap. I retained this title at Wrestlemania 2 by defeating that balding ass clown, Shawn Michaels. I'm also the 2nd ever World Heavyweight champion. So if anybody has a great resume here, it's got to be me.... Y.... 2.... J!

                    Jericho cockily smirks.

                    Randy Orton- Chris, if I wanted that World Heavyweight championship, I could take it.

                    Things seem to be getting heated up with The Kings of the World.

                    The Kid- You might just have to. Let me remind you two. It's an elimination triple threat match. If Mick Foley gets eliminated, it's down to you two for that title.

                    Chris Jericho- Let me remind you something, Kid. Randy and I have a plan. We're going to go out there and we're going to show you our plan.

                    Randy Orton- That's right, Kid. Mick Foley made the biggest mistake messing with us two. We don't call ourselves the Kings of the World for nothing. I'm the King of that ring, he's the World Heavyweight champion. Mick Foley is nobody. After tonight, well, actually Kid.... you'll be nobody. You'll own the KWF, but really.... when you're not here, they'll forget about you and you'll be.... NOBODY!

                    Chris Jericho- That's right, but don't worry, we'll make sure to take great care of your KWF, because we'll be at the top running things. And when somebody messes with us, we'll do your firings in a more physical way. We'll beat the holy crap out of them until they leave!

                    Jericho and Orton cockily smile as they walk away from The Kid. Kid just shakes his head and turns around, when he bumps into the Tag Team champions, Rene Dupree & Muhammad Hassan, who are with Daivari.

                    The Kid- Hey guys. Congratulations on your win, I can't say that I'm too happy with the way you did it, but....

                    Rene Dupree- Kid. Ve are not here to chat about zat match. You see, ve are here to zank you. Zank you for everything you did for us. Zank you for giving us a chance in zee wrestling beezness. Ve never were given the opportunity anywhere else, but right in zee here, in zee KWF.

                    The Kid- Rene, you....

                    Muhammad Hassan- And while many people looked at my religion, my color and discriminated against me, you tried your best to not care and you gave me my chance. You gave me a spot in the KWF and I took it and I knew that if I was ever given a chance, I would make sure I succeeded!

                    Rene Dupree- Muhammad, Kid eez not racist against you. He's Muslim, too.

                    Kid chuckles. Hassan looks shocked.

                    Muhammad Hassan- Oh. Salem alekum.

                    Daivari- *Arabic screaming*

                    Kid looks at Daivari in confusion.

                    The Kid- You know I have no idea what you're ever saying.

                    Rene Dupree- He vants to give you a geeft.

                    Daivari nods his head.

                    The Kid- Oh. Okay. Sure.

                    Daivari reaches deep in his pocket and pulls out.... DUPREE KOLOGNE! Daivari has a huge smile on his face as he hands it over to The Kid.

                    Rene Dupree- AH! Eets my Dupree Kologne. You'll love it.

                    Muhammad Hassan- It is disgusting. It smells like camel piss!

                    Dupree gets offended and begins to shout.

                    Rene Dupree- Eet eez zee best fragrance in France mixed with....

                    The Kid- Guys, guys! Thank you. You don't have to thank me. I gave you guys a chance. I give everyone a chance. I put you all inside of that ring and I let you guys do what you're good at. I let you wrestle. I let you be yourself out there. We might never get along, but if you can go out there and get that crowd on their feet, I will give anyone a chance. I really like the gift. I really like this all, but this is it. Just make sure you guys make those Tag Team titles proud. Make sure you always remember what the KWF is about. You earn your respect out here. You earn your name. You earn everything. All I ever did was give you guys a ring. I gave you guys the ring and you guys bought my dream to life. My dream being the KWF. So, I thank you. I thank all the wrestlers in the back. Whether I like you or I hate you. I will be back, but well, until then, I got one final thing to say. The Kid.... HAS.... SPOKEN!

                    The scene ends on the face of The Kid as we head back to ring side as The Kid makes his final appearance in the KWF.


                    • Re: KWF IV

                      IN LAS VEGAS

                      We are by ring side now as we see tables, ladders and chairs all over the place. Tables are set up with steel chairs on them. Ladders are laying down everywhere. The crowd is on their feet as they are ready for this match!


                      The crowd erupts in cheers as The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels comes dancing from the back. He spins in circles at the top of the ramp and he looks pumped up. He dances his way down the ramp, going around a ladder to slap some hands with the fans. He finally passes a bunch of tables, ladders and chairs before he could even reach the steel steps to climb into the ring. He quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He gets to the middle of the ring, does his traditional spin with his arms out and then gets to the middle of the ring, spreads his legs, moves to a side and flexes his arms as the pyros go off behind him. The crowd goes wild as Shawn Michaels stands inside of the ring awaiting his opponent, as he looks up at the Intercontinental title hanging 20 feet in the air.

                      Shawn Michaels is in black, white and red "Heart Break Kid" pants with white wrestling boots.

                      *I'M BETTER THAN YOU!

                      The crowd gives a mixed reaction and coming from the back is the Intercontinental champion, CM Punk. He doesn't have his title around his waist as it is being hung 20 feet above the ring. He stands at the top of the ramp, looks around and then takes off his black CM Punk shirt, throwing it into the fans and then makes his way down the ramp. CM Punk reaches a ladder and grabs it's steps as he looks up, knowing he's going to have to climb a whole ladder, before he could get his Intercontinental championship back. CM Punk then climbs up the steel steps and gets into the ring and stands in his corner, holding his right wrist with his left hand and shaking his right fist around in a circular motion.

                      The referee explains to the two men that they have to retrieve the title to win and that the first person to get it will be the Intercontinental champion. Both men nod their heads understanding what the referee is saying. He then lets them know that tables, ladders and chairs are all legal in this match. This is the second ever TLC match in the KWF, the fourth ever Ladder stipulation match in the KWF. The referee calls for the bell and the match is under way!

                      CM Punk is in black tights with "Straight Edge" on the back of one in yellow, with white outlining. He is also sporting yellow wrestling boots.

                      TLC Match- Intercontinental Championship
                      CM Punk (c) vs HBK Shawn Michaels

                      The two men look at each other from across the ring and slowly make their ways to the middle. Both men go eye to eye with each other as they then look up at the title. CM Punk sees his title and then snaps and cracks Shawn Michaels in the face with a big right sending The Heart Break Kid stumbling back. Michaels charges back at Punk and hits him with a right of his own. The two exchange rights for awhile until Michaels blocks one and strikes with an additional punch to Punk's face. Michaels grabs Punk by the head and runs him to the ropes and tosses him to the outside of the ring! Michaels quickly follows.

                      CM Punk doesn't hesitate to grab a steel chair and as HBK reaches him, he drills Shawn right in the gut with the chair. Michaels bends over and screams and Punk then lifts the chair up over his head and comes down cracking Michaels right on the back with it. Michaels falls down to all fours and Punk cracks him with a third chair shot, this one to the back. Punk tosses the chair down and he is pumped up as the chairs have quickly been used.

                      The fans are behind this match as these two are doing what they do best, stealing the show! Punk brings a ladder into the ring and sets it up in the middle of the ring as Michaels is down on the outside. Punk quickly begins to climb the ladder, but before he could get 1/2 way up, Michaels slides into the ring and charges at the ladder, pushing it to a side. Punk goes flying with the ladder and Punk goes crotch first onto the top rope. Punk lets out a scream as he falls over and to the outside of the ring. Michaels is pumped up and he leaves the ring to beat some more on CM Punk.

                      Both men are really beating the crap out of each other throughout the match. CM Punk has a steel chair and he smacks Shawn Michaels right in the face with it and that splits Shawn Michael's forehead open as he falls onto his back, on the outside of the ring. The first blood shed in the TLC match of the night.

                      As the match continues, the two men are inside of the ring and CM Punk lifts Shawn Michaels in the air for the Go To Sleep and when he shoots Michaels over, Michaels lands on his feet, stumbles back, charges forward and....

                      .... CM PUNK DUCKS THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

                      Michaels turns around and CM Punk charges at him and gives him a clothesline over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Michaels lands hard and rolls around. Punk sets a ladder up in a slanted angle on the ropes. He then walks across the ring, towards the announcers table. He waits for Shawn Michaels to rise to his feet by the entrance ramp and Punk charges across the ring....


                      .... SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

                      Shawn Michaels catches CM Punk in mid-air with the Sweet Chin Music! CM Punk falls right onto his back, on the outside of the ring as Michaels falls to his side, as well. Michaels showing his exhaustion and what the loss of blood is doing to his body.

                      As the match progresses, Michaels uses the ladder to smash it into the gut of CM Punk. Punk falls to his knees and then rolls to his side. Michaels stands above him with the ladder and slams it down into Punk's ribs. Punk screams and bounces around in pain and Michaels lays the ladder down right next to CM Punk. He then rolls Punk over and on top of the laid down ladder. Shawn Michaels quickly makes his way over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Michaels looks around at the cheering crowd and then comes jumping off with the....

                      .... FLYING ELBOW DROP....

                      .... CM PUNK MOVES!

                      Shawn Michaels goes crashing elbow first into the ladder!

                      Michaels bounces around, screaming in pain as CM Punk moves right in time. Punk crawls over to the ropes where he uses the ropes to help him to his feet. Punk makes his way over to the ladder and he picks the ladder up and stands it up against the turnbuckle. CM Punk then slides to the outside of the ring and slides one table into the ring. He then goes and slides a second table into the ring. He then goes and slides a THIRD table into the ring, before finally rolling back in.

                      CM Punk knows that he has time to fix things up inside of the ring as Michaels just landed elbow first into that ladder. Punk sets up all three tables in different spots in the ring, before making his way to Michaels who is using the ladder against the turnbuckle to help himself up with one hand. Punk turns Michaels around and cracks him in the jaw with a big right that sends Michaels into the ladder. Punk pins Michaels against the ladder and then walks across the ring, before charging towards Michaels going for the jumping knee to the jaw and....

                      .... MICHAELS MOVES!

                      CM Punk goes knee first into the ladder as Michaels moves out of the way. Michaels quickly picks up a steel chair and when Punk turns around, Michaels smacks him in the head with it. CM Punk falls back right on top of a table. Michaels makes his way over to the table that Punk is on and he lays Punk on top of it. HBK then makes his way over to the ladder in the corner and he pulls it off it's slant and sets it up. HBK climbs all the way to the top of the ladder, holding his right elbow and he looks around at the crowd, before flying off with the....


                      The crowd erupts in cheers as both men go crashing through the table. They both lay there, out of it for now after that huge moment. Table 1 of 3 inside of the ring has now been destroyed!

                      As the match continues, HBK has left Punk in the table carnage and he goes and grabs the ladder and drags it to the middle of the ring where he begins to climb to the top. CM Punk slowly picks himself up to his feet and he goes and climbs the opposite side of the ladder of Shawn Michaels. Both men are near the top and as Michaels reaches up for the title and gets his finger tips on it, Punk drills Michaels right in the face with a big right. Michaels nearly falls off, but jumps forward and drills Punk with a right of his own. Punk also nearly falls off and then grabs the hair of Michaels and slams his face right against the top of the ladder. Michaels keeps his face on the top step as he lays there exhausted and in tons of pain. Punk then reaches for the title, but Michaels strikes him with a huge uppercut. Punk holds onto the ladder with one arm as he leans back. Punk pulls himself back towards the ladder, leans over the top step, flips himself over Shawn Michaels and....


                      The crowd explodes in cheers as both men go crashing through a table. Michaels head first and Punk leg first, but both men are down and destroyed through that table. The referee checks to make sure both men are alive and still somewhat fit to fight. Both men lay in carnage through a table.

                      While HBK is still down, CM Punk rolls to the outside of the ring and brings in another ladder and he slides it into the ring. Punk follows the ladder in and sets it up right next to the other ladder, having both ladders parallel from each other as they are both right under the Intercontinental championship.

                      CM Punk walks over to Shawn Michaels and runs him face first into the turnbuckle. Michael's head bounces off the turnbuckle and he falls to a knee. CM Punk lifts Michaels to his feet, spins him around and Michaels cracks him with an uppercut. Punk stumbles back, Michaels charges at him and takes him off of his feet with a big clothesline! Punk hits the mat and gets back up. Michaels charges at him with another clothesline, but this time, Punk ducks and he grabs Michaels from the hair from behind and gives him a sit down neck breaker! Michaels lays flat on his back as CM Punk gets to his side, holding onto his jaw.

                      CM Punk looks up at the title and slowly picks himself up to his feet. Shawn Michaels lays down, right on his back behind him. Punk slowly begins to climb the ladder, one step at a time. All of a sudden....

                      .... Shawn Michaels leaps up to his feet, HBK style! The crowd goes wild and Michaels picks up a steel chair and smacks it to the back of CM Punk! Punk falls off the ladder in pain as Michaels stalks Punk and tells him to get up. Punk reaches his feet and Michaels cracks Punk right in the head with a steel chair shot. Punk falls right onto his back as he is cut open and blood begins to drip from his head. Michaels wants more of Punk as he waves his hands telling the Straight Edge Superstar to get to his feet. Punk slowly does and Michaels swings the chair at the head of Punk again and this time, Punk ducks. Michaels turns around, chair in hand and he walks right into the arms of CM Punk, who lifts him into the air and sends him crashing down with the....

                      .... GO TO SLEEP!

                      The crowd goes wild as Michaels gets his lights knocked out and the chair slips out of his hand. Michaels collapses onto his back and CM Punk falls to his face as both men are laid out in the ring. Both men are bleeding from their faces. Both men want to win. Both men still have to climb that ladder and grab the Intercontinental title!

                      Punk is the first to his feet and he walks over to one of the ladders and begins to climb it, with his back to the other ladder. CM Punk is 1/2 way up when HBK slowly gets to his feet and stumbles to the other ladder and he climbs with his back to CM Punk.

                      Punk is all the way up as Michaels is about 3/4 up. Punk reaches for the title, but Michaels turns his body around and drills Punk in the back with a big right. Punk drops his arm and turns his body around. Now both men are on different ladders, facing each other high above. Punk swings a right and drills Michaels in the face. Michaels swings and hits with a right of his own to Punk's face. Punk then raises a foot and cracks HBK in the jaw with a big toe kick. Michaels nearly falls off the ladder after that big kick as he barely hangs on. Punk gives Michaels another kick, this one to the gut, just as vicious as the other one. Michaels bends over, but still reaches backwards holding onto the ladder with one hand. CM Punk then reaches forward and hooks both arms of Shawn Michaels up high on the ladder and....


                      The crowd erupts in cheers as Michaels goes crashing face first through the table with that Pepsi Plunge. The crowd chants, "HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT" as they love that moment. CM Punk lays on top of Shawn Michaels, just as beaten and bloody as The Heart Break Kid.

                      As the two men lay there for a little bit, CM Punk pushes himself up off of the body of Shawn Michaels and slowly stumbles to the ladder he was climbing just moments before. CM Punk slowly begins to climb. One step. Two step. Three step. Four step. Five step.

                      Shawn Michaels is still down, face first through that table with his blood all over the place!

                      CM Punk continues to climb until he finally reaches the top. He reaches one arm up while holding onto his ribs with the other, but he can't pull it off with just one hand. Although in agonizing pain, CM Punk reaches up with both hands to grab the title, pull it off the chord to win the TLC match!
                      The crowd goes wild for the match as Punk hugs his title as he leans against the ladder. Punk raises the title up high with one hand with a bloody face. You can just see the pain, exhaustion and happiness showing in the face of CM Punk, all at once. He slowly climbs down the ladder and drops to his knees, looking down at the Heart Break Kid, who is still flat on his face, through that table.

                      Punk looks at Michaels for a few seconds, before falling to his side and rolling to the outside of the ring. CM Punk slowly walks up the ramp, holding his ribs and holding the Intercontinental championship close to his chest.

                      Inside of the ring, Shawn Michaels finally begins to move as referees and officials come out to check on HBK. They all help the bloody Heart Break Kid to his feet and to the outside of the ring. One man goes under one arm of HBK, another man goes under the other arm of Shawn Michaels and they help walk him up the ramp as you can see that he is absolutely exhausted and might not even know where he is right now. The crowd is on their feet giving both men the deserving standing ovation for that amazing Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.


                      • Re: KWF IV

                        IN LAS VEGAS

                        The scene opens up in the back where we see Mean Gene Okerlund standing alongside Mick Foley! The crowd cheers at the sight of Foley as Foley smiles.

                        Gene Okerlund- Mick, tonight is going to be a very special night for you. Tonight, Foley, you could walk out the NEW KWF World Heavyweight Champion. You want it. The crowd wants it. What are your thoughts heading into this match? There's no more waiting, that match is next!

                        Mick Foley- You know, Gene, I've done things that make people look at me like I'm crazy. Tonight, I will give everyone in the world the reason I do what I do. It's for that moment. It's for that time when you're inside of the ring, with the World title around your waist. It's that moment when the bell rings and the crowd goes wild. It's that moment that lasts a lifetime. Tonight will be the defying moment of my career. Tonight is it. If I walk out the World Heavyweight champion, then I can smile at all the naysayers and say that all those bumps, all those bruises, broken boses, stitches, tables, flames, barbed wire, thumb tacks, cages.... all that was worth it!

                        Gene Okerlund- Yes, but there is a high possibility that tonight could also go to one of your two opponents. You know very well that they are out to get you. They are friends, they will team up to beat you. What are your thoughts on that? Do you have a strategy?

                        Mick Foley- Strategy? Ha. Gene, have you watched any of my matches? The only strategy I ever come into the ring with, is to beat the crap out of my opponents. My strategy is to make sure that my bodies broken, but my opponents body is even more broken! Tonight, I do feel that I am going into a handicap match, but all that means is one thing. It is an elimination match. All I need is for one of them to fall asleep on me for one second and I WILL FINISH THEM!

                        Foley seems to be getting a little deranged with his speaking.

                        Mick Foley- If they blink, I will rip their eyes out. If they flinch, I will break their body in half. If they hit me with a right, I'll hit them with five. Tonight, I'm putting everything on the line. If I win, it was all worth it. If I lose.... well, Mean Gene, if I lose, I'm not going to be a happy man. If I lose, it was all for nothing. If I lose.... well, let's just say that if I lose the world is not going to be too happy of a place for Mick Foley.

                        Foley begins shaking his head, disturbed at the thought of losing.

                        Mick Foley- This is it, Gene. This is my opportunity. This is Mick Foley's defying moment. So the final question really is: Was it worth it?

                        Foley smiles.

                        Mick Foley- And we will find out the answer very soon. Until then, Gene, it's time to go meet the judge and see if all I ever did.... was worth the pain. Until then, Gene.... HAVE A NICE DAY!

                        Foley walks away, ready for his big match. The main event of the night!

                        Gene Okerlund- Well, I got to finally finish an interview with Mick Foley. It's about time.

                        Gene seems proud of himself, but then gets professional.

                        Gene Okerlund- Up next, ladies and gentlemen, is the main event! The match we've all been waiting for. It's for the biggest prize in the KWF. It's for the KWF World Heavyweight Championship!

                        *Scene fades*


                        • Re: KWF IV

                          IN LAS VEGAS

                          The Las Vegas crowd has been on their feet all night and having a great time and it finally comes to this match, the main event of the night. The triple threat elimination match for the World Heavyweight Championship! The fans await to see the participants make their way out.

                          *Car Crashing Blasts*

                          The crowd goes wild as Mick Foley makes his way from the back. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks around at the crowd with a huge smile on his face. Foley makes his way down the ramp, smacking hands with some of the fans until he reaches the ring, where he just rolls in. He gets to his feet and throws an arm up to the cheering crowd. He then waits for his opponents as he seems ready for the biggest match of his career. His defying moment is now!

                          Mick Foley is in a plain, white shirt with black sweatpants. He is also wearing black wrestling boots.

                          *I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD*

                          The crowd erupts in boos as the KWF King Of The Ring, Randy Orton cockily walks from the back. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks around at the booing crowd with an arrogant look on his face. He then throws his arms into the air, turning his head to a side, Orton style and the pyros erupt at the top of the entrance way. Orton then cockily makes his way down the ramp as he has his eyes locked on Mick Foley. Mick just stands inside of the ring, bopping back and forth with his eyes locked on the beady eyes of Randy. Orton makes his way up the ramp and cautiously gets into the ring, his eyes still latched on Foley. He then stands in the corner and cockily looks over at Mick Foley as they all wait for the World Heavyweight champion to come out, the final participant.

                          Randy Orton is in black tights with "RKO" written in the back in gold as he is in black wrestling boots.

                          *BREAK THE WALLS DOWN*

                          The crowd erupts in boos, again as the World Heavyweight Champion appears at the top of the ramp, with his arms high up, his title turned backwards so you can see the face of the title on his back as he does his "Y" sign. He then spins around as the pyros finish erupting, pumping his arm. He fixes his title so you can see the gold on the front of his body. He cockily makes his way down the ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face. He looks at the crowd who begin to curse him out. He just smirks at them and waits to give them the heartbreak. He reaches the ring and climbs up the steel steps. Orton sits on the middle ropes and helps his friend, Chris Jericho enter the ring. Jericho gives Orton a handshake as they smile at each other. Foley just looks at them, still bopping back and forth in anticipation.

                          Chris Jericho takes his World title off of his waist, kisses it and then hands it over to the referee. The referee looks at the title, then shows it to Mick Foley, then Randy Orton, then Chris Jericho and then raises it high into the air for the crowd to see what is on the line. He walks it to the ropes where a KWF employee grabs it and the referee calls for the bell starting the triple threat elimination main event!

                          Chris Jericho is in blue tights with "King Of The World" written in the back in white. He is also sporting white wrestling boots.

                          MAIN EVENT
                          World Heavyweight Championship Match
                          Triple Threat Elimination Match
                          Chris Jericho (c) vs Randy Orton (KOTR) vs Mick Foley

                          The crowd erupts as the bell rings and it doesn't take long for Foley to charge at his two opponents. Unfortunately for the Hardcore Legend, they had the same thing in mind as they attack Foley and begin double teaming on him. Orton and Jericho back Foley up into a corner and begin pounding away on him with punches and kicks until they send Foley down, sitting up against the turnbuckle. They begin stomping away on Mick as he lays there taking the hits.

                          As the match progresses, Orton and Jericho are having fun double teaming on Foley as Jericho holds Foley from behind the arms and Orton has his fun pounding on the face of Foley with lefts and rights. After a few hits, Jericho lets go of the arms of Mick and Foley stumbles forward into a big clothesline from the Legend Killer that sends Foley onto his back.

                          The match continues as Orton gives Jericho an Irish Whip into the ropes. Foley bounces back and Orton and Jericho go for a double clothesline, but Foley ducks. Foley stops himself behind them and when the two turn around, he grabs both of their heads and gives them a DOUBLE DDT! Both men go crashing down head first as the crowd erupts and it seems as if Foley is finally going to be on the offense!

                          Foley takes charge as he takes turns beating on Orton and Jericho sending them face first into the turnbuckle, one by one. Foley grabs Orton by the head and running him shoulder first through the middle turnbuckle, hitting his shoulder into the turnbuckle post. Orton falls through the ropes and bounces to the outside of the ring. Jericho stalks Foley from behind and when Foley reaches his feet, Jericho sends him down with an Enzuguri! Foley falls face first and Jericho gets on top of the Hardcore Legend, rolls him onto his back and hooks the leg for the pin! One, two, th- Foley gets his shoulder off of the mat.

                          Jericho angrily gets to his feet and begins stomping down on the face of Foley as Foley lays flat on his back. Jericho then runs to the ropes, jumps on the middle rope and goes flipping with the LIONSAULT and....

                          .... FOLEY GETS HIS KNEES UP!

                          Jericho goes chest first into the knees of Foley and bounces off. Jericho begins to roll around in pain holding onto his chest. Foley rises to his feet as the crowd cheers for him. Foley walks over to Jericho, picks him up, gives him a kick to the gut, hooks the arms and connects with the DOUBLE ARMED DDT! The crowd goes wild as Foley rolls Jericho over onto his back, hooks the legs and goes to eliminate the World Heavyweight champion! One, two thr-

                          Orton breaks up the pin fall by stomping the head of Foley. Orton angrily bends over and picks up Foley and begins pounding on him with lefts and rights. Orton gives Foley an Irish Whip into the turnbuckle and Foley hits it hard, leaning against it. Orton charges across the ring and goes for a clothesline on Foley, but Foley moves and Orton crashes into the turnbuckle. Orton stumbles backwards, turns around holding onto his chest and....

                          .... MANDIBLE CLAW!

                          Foley locks the claw right into the mouth of Randy. Orton grabs the wrist of Foley and tries to pull him off. Foley screams as he keeps the claw locked in, tight. Orton slowly falls to a knee as he refuses to tap out.

                          All of a sudden, Jericho attacks Foley from behind with a running forearm. Foley releases the submission and stumbles into the ropes. Jericho stalks Foley and when Foley turns around, Jericho catches him with the.... CODE BREAKER! Foley's face goes bouncing off of the knees of Chris. Jericho quickly rolls Foley over and hooks one leg for the pin! One, two, thre- Foley gets one foot on the bottom rope!

                          The crowd erupts as Foley shows no quit. No man has yet to be eliminated and all three men are showing heart. Jericho is very angry as he gets in the referees face, yelling at him. The referee says that the foot got on the bottom rope before the three count and that gets Jericho even more pissed.

                          Jericho and Orton begin their double team on Foley, again, this time angrier because of Foley's heart shown in the match.

                          After assaulting Foley for a bit, Foley slowly rises to his feet by the ropes. Jericho angrily charges at Foley for a clothesline, but Foley ducks and flips Jericho over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Jericho crashes hard and begins to roll around on the outside, in pain.

                          Inside of the ring, Foley turns around and Orton goes for the surprise RKO, but Foley shoves Orton away. Orton turns around and Foley comes charging towards Orton, leaping into the air and on top of Orton sending the Legend Killer onto his back. Foley sits on top of the chest of Orton and begins drilling away with lefts and rights to his face as the crowd goes wild. Foley then rises to his feet and picks Orton up with him. Foley runs Orton face first into all four turnbuckles, before finally spinning Orton around and giving him a kick to the gut and the DOUBLE ARMED DDT! The crowd goes wild as Foley rolls The King Of The Ring over onto his back for the pin! One, two, thre-

                          Jericho comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a MOONSAULT right to the back of Foley, breaking up the pinfall! The crowd actually pops for the moonsault off the top turnbuckle by Jericho, but then boo as they realize Foley almost eliminated Orton.

                          All three men lay on the mat, in pain as Jericho hurt himself with the moonsault landing, as well.

                          The first two men to their feet is Chris Jericho and the resilient Mick Foley. The two begin exchanging punches to the face until Foley blocks one and locks in the MANDIBLE CLAW on Chris Jericho. The crowd erupts in cheers as Jericho's arms go high into the air with the claw in his mouth. Foley has it applied for a bit more, but Jericho breaks it up by giving Foley a powerful kick to the gut. Foley bends over and Jericho leaps up with a second CODE BREAKER right to the face of Mick Foley. Foley bounces off the knees and lays there on his back. The crowd boos, but Chris Jericho doesn't go for the pin!

                          Instead, Chris Jericho grabs the legs of Mick Foley and flips Foley over and applies the WALLS OF JERICHO! The crowd erupts in boos as Foley screams, in a lot of pain and reaches for the ropes. Unfortunately for Foley, he is trapped in the middle of the ring. Foley refuses to tap out or quit as the referee asks him. Jericho realizes this and goes all the way back with the submission turning the Walls into the Lion Tamer. Foley screams some more and continues to reach forward. After screaming, Foley finally puts his face into the mat and lays there, not looking to be up.

                          The referee slowly goes to the head of Mick Foley, gets to his knees and speaks to Foley, but he gets no response. He then grabs one arm of Foley, lifts it off the mat and releases.

                          AND IT DROPS. ONE!

                          The crowd begins to chant Foley's name hoping for him to hear them and get back. The referee, however, does his job and he grabs the arm of Foley, again. He lifts it off the mat and releases it.

                          AND IT DROPS. TWO!

                          The crowds "Foley" chants get louder and louder as they know that this could be the end of Mick Foley. The referee seems to know it, as well. He grabs Foley's arm for what could be the last time and he lifts it. The referee holds it for a second with one hand and seems ready to call for the bell, but before he can call for the bell, he releases the arm of Mick Foley.

                          AND IT DRO- NO! Mick Foley keeps it from dropping and makes his hand a fist and begins to shake it as the crowd goes wild. Foley then pulls his head up and begins screaming, looking like a maniac trying one last time to stay in the match. Foley starts to push himself up with his arms and....

                          .... Orton slides near the head of Foley and begins drilling the face of Foley with numerous lefts and rights as Jericho keeps the Walls applied! The crowd begins to boo as Orton pounds on the face of Foley. Orton stops with the punches and looks the screaming Foley in the face and begins screaming, "TAP OUT FOLEY!"

                          Foley just continues to scream, in pain, in the face of Orton as Orton gives him little jabs to the face shouting at Foley telling him to "tap out". Foley shows how bad he wants it as he refuses to tap out. As Orton opens his mouth, telling Foley to tap out, Foley does something to shock the fans!


                          The crowd erupts in cheers as Orton has the claw in his mouth. Orton tries to pull the hand out of his mouth, but Foley has it locked in good. All of a sudden, Orton drills Foley in the face with a big right that forces Foley to release the Mandible Claw. The crowd boos and Orton begins jabbing at the face of Foley, some more. Jericho still has the Walls locked and he shows no desire to release it.

                          Orton continues to pound on the face and head of Foley for some more, before finally stopping and shouting at Foley to tap out. Foley reaches out with his hand just tipping the face of the screaming Orton. Foley's eyes seem to get wattery in pain and on how bad he is trying to hold in and....

                          .... MICK FOLEY TAPS OUT!

                          The crowd is in shock as Mick Foley has done the unthinkable and he has tapped out! His first time ever quitting in the KWF! His moment, his chance to see if it was all worth is over. It's over.

                          All of a sudden, before Chris Jericho can even release the submission....


                          .... RKO!

                          The crowd is in even more shock at this as Jericho crashes face first into the mat. The viper's eyes open wide as he seems to be a bit shocked at what he just did, but he wastes no time crawling over to Jericho, rolling him over onto his back and hooking the leg for the pin! One, two, thr-

                          -EE! IT'S OVER!
                          The whole arena is in shock that Randy Orton just hit a sneak RKO on his Kings Of The World friend, Chris Jericho. Randy Orton is the NEW KWF World Heavyweight Champion as he rolls towards the turnbuckle and he sits there with his eyes wide open, in disbelief.

                          The referee is handed the title and he walks it over to Randy Orton. Randy stares at in disbelief for a second, but then grabs it and looks at it. Orton smirks as he looks at the title and then puts it against his chest. Randy Orton rises to his feet and looks down at Chris Jericho on his back and Mick Foley, flat on his face.

                          Randy Orton raises the title high in the air with one arm as the crowd watches in disbelief. Randy Orton is the third ever KWF World Heavyweight champion! Orton climbs up the turnbuckle and raises it up with both hands, grinning at the stunned fans.

                          Pyros start erupting all around the arena as Orton stands on the turnbuckle with his title raised high in the air. The last scene of the hottest even of the summer, Summerslam is of Randy Orton raising the KWF World Heavyweight Championship high in the air, on the turnbuckle, with Chris Jericho and Mick Foley both down, one flat on their face, the other flat on their back, behind him as Summerslam ends!

                          *SHOW ENDS*


                          • Re: KWF IV *Spotlight of the Month*

                            WP Reviews... KWF SummerSlam!

                            Okay, hot of the heels of awesome PPV's in King of the Ring and Cyber Sunday, lets see if SummerSlam delivers...

                            - So, Cena, Jeff and Morrison to start the show. Like I said before, I see Cena walking away from this one the winner, he needs a real feud to sink his teeth into, while this can propel Morrison and Hardy into a feud. Nice little opener, John Cena picks up the victory! Okay, good, lets see where you run with this.

                            - Tag Team Championship next... I can't help but feel Rene Dupree is just being SO wasted in this tag team. I mean, all that effort with that massive feud with Kurt Angle, and now he's in a tag team with Hassan? Granted, their champions, but Dupree should be flying solo man, capitalize on that monster push you gave him. Anyways, fun tag team match here, I was sure Cade and Show were going to win, but the faces cheat them out of a victory. Hmm, okay, they are the kind of 'good guys with bad tactics' type duo, so that seems acceptable enough. Lance Cade is majorly pissed, PLEASE don't have him beat down Show on RAW. Please.

                            - Nice promos with Angle and KENTA, Kids approach with Angle, the whole seriousness, was a good thing, and exactly what the Angle character needed. Relaying how high the stakes are for both men just made this match even more important. Anyways, the match was really well written, the penalty kick spot at the end of the match surprised me a little, and KENTA is gone from the KWF! JBL's meal ticket is gone, and where does this now leave JBL? As for Angle, propel his ass into the main event feuds...

                            - Awesome Hogan promo, spot on chemistry with him and Mean Gene, kudos for that. Okay, well written, well paced match, a typical Hogan bout really with the Hogan comeback and all, but fun nontheless. MVP picks up the victory, shocking, I was CERTAIN Hogan was going to get revenge! Wow, if there is one way for you to turn MVP into a mega-star, this is it, a win over The Hulkster! Run with it! Great job man!

                            - Wow, Monty Brown? Wondered where he went! Nice surprise, kinda forgot about 'The Alpha Male'... Nice big man match, lots of offense, and an insane finish! Awesome, a no contest, and Umaga may have met his match! Can't wait to see how this feud develops, should be damn interesting!

                            - Kid, that promo with JBL was fun to read man. Laying down the law to the 'Wrestling God' booking him against Angle on RAW, great stuff man. I'm just clambering to see JBL get his ass kicked, but something tells me Layfield will have a trick up his sleeve. Time will tell.

                            - Austin/JR promo was solid, a serious undertone with humor thrown in at places so it wasn't all 'doom and gloom' and 'I'm gonna beat you'. You got the balance just right; enough humor to keep me entertained, but enough seriousness so I know the upcoming match will be a brutal one.

                            - Wow, that match was my favourite of the night so far... Last Man Standing, a brutal, brutal match man... Kennedy pulls out all the stops and again beats Austin. That ending looks like a career killer for Austin. Kennedy wins, run with it man, propel Kennedy to the main event feuds! He's just beaten Austin TWICE! Awesome work man.

                            - The Eight Man Tag Match was fun... I don't know why, but I just wasn't feeling it. I really dunno why, maybe there needed to be a gimmick, like Street Fight or something, but it lacked the raw emotion and violence. With that said, still a fun match, Cody heelishly drills his dad with the belt and Flair's Family win.

                            - Fucking amazing promos Kid, Jesus... His interaction with Flair's Family was fun (I'm SO curious to see who the GM will be now!), and his trip down memory lane with Jericho/Orton/HBK was fun to read. Didn't care much for the ending, I think Rene/Hassan weren't needed, but anyways, awesome.

                            - Match of the Night... Easily. Just an insane spotty Ladder Match (and I mean that in a good way!), with both men kicking the living crap out of each other for the gold! Great spots, the tension builds right the way to end, and that finish with the Pepsi Plunge was unreal. Just a seriously kickass match, Punk retains and beats Michaels at his own game. Amazing.

                            - Nice Foley promo, hyped the main event well. As for the main event... I enjoyed it, but it couldn't top the Ladder Match. Fucking surprise ending however, Orton RKO's Jericho for the win?! WHAT THE HELL?! Orton wins the title! Shocker of the night, Randy Orton is the new KWF Champion? Wow man, did not see that one coming!

                            - Overall, another stellar PPV Kid. All the matches kept me entertained, only one or two promos I thought were a little meh or un-necessary, but you made up for it with the promos that were good, and some seriously kick ass matches! Most of the matches on this show ended a few feuds, so I can't wait to see what plans you have in store next! Fantastic work my man, keep it up, this is why your number one!


                            Originally posted by RT
                            "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


                            • Re: KWF IV *Spotlight of the Month*

                              System's Semantics


                              - I voted for this fed as #1 so I’ve obviously read it already, but what the hell I’ll pretend I haven’t.

                              - Absolutely fantastic opener, despite the ending

                              - Insane tag match, The referee doesn’t recognize cologne? The fuck?
                              - Yay Rush Hour win.

                              Kurt Angle Vs Kenta
                              - Kenta loses wise move, and the type of match I would expect, awesome event so far.


                              - How many times did you need to do ___ moves?! Stuff?
                              - MVP wins, impressive victory to say the least..would get him over massively.

                              Umaga Vs Monty Brown:
                              - Monty Brown’s shit but that was a kickass match up, superb ending as well.

                              Stone Cold Vs Kennedy:
                              - Sprays the crowd with a fire extinguisher
                              - Sorry but I laughed my ass of at Stone Cold at the though of Stone Cold rolling around the ring like a fish out of water,
                              - Kennedy wins in a downright brutal matchup.

                              Flairs Family:
                              - Match was hard as fuck to follow, but still a great match

                              CM Punk Vs Shawn Michaels
                              - PUNK WINS~! WHAT A FUCKING TLC! MOTN


                              - Orton wins, KOTW break up which is disappointing, but awesome ending.


                              Light green text looks horrid, especially at 2am but this PPV pretty much sums up why I put this as #1 in my august pick, and is the spotlight of the month.



                              • Re: KWF IV *Spotlight of the Month*

                                Your review, Kid:

                                Bird Kidís SummerSlam Review

                                Triple Threat: Iím sure I will become clichťd by the end of the review because your match writing is superb. The only problem I had with the match is the winner. I like John Cena, donít get me wrong but I think John Morrison or Jeff Hardy would have benefited more if they had been given the Intercontinental Championship match. Other than that, I have no complaints.

                                Tag Match: Another good match and much better than the opening contest, again donít get me wrong, I enjoyed the first match. Anyway, a couple of things I liked in the content of the match was Cade doing the French Tickler. You also played up the strengths of each men very well and I especially liked that you took Showís size into consideration as that is something Iíve failed to do at times. Anyway, I expected Show and Cade to win but they didnít. The end seemed a little hectic and I wasnít to sure of the face side using the cologne but Dupree and Hassan are a good team.

                                Pre-Match Promos: These were decent enough, I didnít get the bit were Kid said ďItís just, Kenta is a very good wrestler.Ē And Kurt went on a tirade about how he (Kurt) worked too hard to be better than good. It came off as if Kid said to Kurt that Kurt was just good. Anyway, the pre-match promos have got me hyped up for the match and Iíll predict the undefeated streak of KENTA comes to an end.

                                Kurt Angle vs. KENTA: Some more good stuff but I mainly had a problem with the ending of this one. You built KENTA up as this unbeatable superstar, he survived minutes of the Ankle Lock and kicked out of an Angle Slam but is then beaten by the penalty kick. Iím sure if I got kicked in the face, Iíd be out of it but in wrestling itís just different. I think it wouldíve worked better if KENTA tapped out. I mean as far as Iím aware, KENTA isnít a KWF superstar anymore so him tapping out wouldnít really hurt his credibility but would do wonders for Kurt.

                                Hulk Hogan Interview: Alright Ė good promo indeed. You had both Hulk and Mean Gene in character. Iím not too sure about Hogan handing out the insults to his wife on TV but itís a fan fic so whatever. It did well to hype up the match so it served itís purpose.

                                Hulk Hogan vs. MVP: Wow, you had everything down to a tee and another great match. You had the whole ďHulkÖ YOU!Ē thing down to a tee too and described it almost perfectly. I expected Hogan to get the win, itís a huge match and itís SummerSlam but you had MVP win and that, my friend, was the right decision and is huge for MVP.

                                Umagaís Open Challenge: That was HUGE, amazing stuff. Monty Brown is back and he made an impact, alright. Them smashing through the mini-tron was genius and I really enjoyed it. You have a potentially awesome feud sitting in the palm of your hands, or the tips of your fingers and I just hope you donít disappoint but Iím sure you wonít.

                                JBL/Kid: It seemed a little quick and rushed with JBL coming straight back. I mean, I understand why he came back so quickly because he was threatened with a firing but it just seemed off to me. Anyway, the JBL/Angle match should be off the charts.

                                Austin/JR: Nice little segment which I enjoyed and as you have done throughout the night, it hyped up for the next match. I was disappointed with Austin insulting JR. Itís just not something Austin would say to JR. Other than that, it was good.

                                Austin vs. Kennedy: This was a brutal, brutal match indeed and for the most part I liked it. Two gripes I had, and I am nit-picking here was Kennedy spraying the crowd with the fire extinguisher and the piledriver as surely Austin wouldnít agree to have that move done again after the first time. As I said, thatís me being nit-picky. I am glad you had Kennedy pick up the much-needed victory though.

                                8 Man Tag: I donít mean to be so abrupt Ė but WP basically echoed my views on this one.

                                Backstage Promos: The content of all the promos was good but I just felt there was a little too many things happening at once. It did itís job to hype up certain things though.

                                TLC Match: Wow, this had everything. As WP said, this was a spotfest but in a good way. It just had everything, you kept Punk and Michaels in routine with their moves (the kip up) and such. The ending was awesome too as was the whole match. I havenít read a whole lot of your thread Kid, but from what I have read this is one of the best matches I have looked at. Great match and nice to see CM Punk retain.

                                Mick Foley Interview: Good job again getting me hyped up for the main event of the evening!

                                Main Event: As anticipated, awesome stuff again. I enjoyed this match more than any other on the card and thatís just after I highly praised the TLC match. I liked how you waited right until the very end to eliminate people and I was going to have a complaint about Foley but in the end it all worked. I wasnít too sure about the Codebreaker and the Walls of Jericho and Foley taking forever to tap but he is the Hardcore Legend and it was necessary for Orton to RKO Jericho quickly so they werenít in there for a long time. Good stuff.

                                Overall: A very long show but it was awesome. Well Done, Kid.

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